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best nba TEAM

Question: which team has the best teamwork? (they pass it more, no one hogs the ball, etc.)
Created by: BlondLady16 at 01:42:48 AM, Monday, June 24, 2002 PDT


They are not the most talented team at this stage, but the Utah Jazz work together very well. John Stockton is the alltime assist leader and the consumate team player. The Kings are good as well.

BradleyJun 25 2002 11:56am

i agree. well, i think the kings are the best, but the jazz really are a good team too. who the hell would put the Lakers? i mean, they get in fist fights for christ sake!

Caliblonde16Jun 29 2002 3:18am
f*ck u lakers go do us a faver and f*ck urselves, the kings and timberwolves and i guess jazz r ten times better

mooJul 07 2002 4:01pm
ya, lakers suck dick! they cant even pass the ball! kings r gonna kick their asses!

fongJul 18 2002 8:34am
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