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Girl beats guy in armwrestling

Question: Guys: What would you do if your girlfriend beat you in armwrestling? Girls: What would you do if you beat your boyfriend in armwrestling? If you have ever been on either end of this experience, please feel free to post your comments.
Created by: dkparks at 10:36:27 AM, Monday, July 08, 2002 EDT


dude, why cant a girl beat her bf @ arm wrestling? a lot of girls are stronger anyway

wpolo playaJul 20 2002 4:42pm

Plenty of females are stronger tan guys

AnonymousAug 09 2002 12:56pm
I dated a girl who beat me arm wrestling ..... it was weird knowing she was stronger than me...

meMar 08 2003 11:10pm
Women are the stronger sex, and people are beginning to recognize it. You have nothing to be ashamed of if you are beaten by a superior opponent.

KatherineOct 19 2003 11:45am
Pound for pound, if both are the same weight, girls are stronger than boys, contrary to what people have always been programmed to believe. The girl should be expected to win.

PaulaOct 26 2003 8:16pm
I lost to a girl who looked like britney spears, she said it was all in the wrists. I was pretty embarassed, it was like getting slapped around.

coryNov 08 2003 7:32pm
My girlfriend hangs out with a group of women who have all been into martial arts for several years. They are strong and fit, and they all could beat me. It is an odd feeling being in a room full of females knowing all of them are stronger than me.

BillNov 21 2003 11:02pm
The male is actually the weaker sex, all the latest scientific evidence proves it. Studies are out which show that women are superior in numerous ways.

Cheryl SDec 27 2003 12:54am
Boy is weaker than girl

PeterJan 14 2004 2:31am
Females have just recently began to learn what males have known all along...that females are superior to males.

VickyJan 30 2004 10:42pm
totally ridiculus no girl could beat me armwrestling. They simply don't have the same muscle mass.

JimFeb 01 2004 4:25am
my wife always beats me; and also her little sister did it this Christmas! Paul

AnonymousFeb 01 2004 8:55am
you know this is bullpoo ..girls cant do poo to guys half her size leave alone those bigger to least i am yet to meet someone who beat me.

neoFeb 09 2004 12:02pm
No female would beat me in an arm wrestle

TomFeb 10 2004 6:50am
Girls are getting stronger and more aggressive in conflicts. I never try to test their strenght in real life, but I would like to challenge my female friends to an armwrestling match. They can test my weakness... Even my mom says: "You have NO MUSCLES, some girls have bigger than yours"...

beatmeFeb 10 2004 8:00am
You would be very surprised what a woman can do once her primal instincts are aroused. In a survival situation, most women could beat almost any man. Women have emerged as the stronger sex, and they are here to stay.

VictorFeb 15 2004 9:53pm
Men should normally beat a woman in arm-wrestling with his strong hand if they are around the same weight.But sometimes I have lost to a woman in arm-wrestling when using my wrong hand..i.e. my left hand.

AllanFeb 26 2004 2:03pm
Women can beat men at anything, anytime. Get used to it, boys, we are just getting warmed up.

SarahMar 03 2004 8:17pm
When I was in my mid-twenties, I was like other guys, thinking that no girl or woman could beat me in anything physical, but along comes my friend Susan and proved to me that a woman can beat a man in arm-wrestling and still remain friends. She was stronger than me in that regard, so what, who cares? The sun still came up the next morning and I still had my penis. My life did not end because a woman could beat me in what people regarded as strictly a male activity. We are still friends to this day thank you.

Steven LMar 11 2004 8:19am
There are plenty of females stronger than guys

DougApr 07 2004 9:39pm
I don't know if a women can beat me at armwrestling. I've never tried it. Maybe if the women is about the weight of the man...

AnonymousApr 11 2004 6:21am
Going to bed with a strong, muscular woman is the best thing in the world. They will give you pleasure you have only dreamed about with a prissy girl. They use their muscles to squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste and you will love every minute of it! I love strong women. Wrestling is also very sexual. Most of the time, if you loose, they will sit on your face!

I_love_muscled_up_womenApr 12 2004 8:24am
No female would beat me in an arm wrestle! beat me in an arm wrestle?

serkanApr 13 2004 4:09am
See, I'm a lefty and my girlfriend (about the same height and weight as me) is right-handed. The first few times we armwrestled, she beat me badly right-handed. After some bragging, I decided she had to be taken down a peg and challenged her lefty. She whupped me. No contest. She's four years younger than me and I've been in martial arts forever. Go figure.

AnonymousApr 27 2004 8:11am
I lost to a girl when I was like nine, but after puberty their should be no reason for a normal guy to lose to a woman.

PhilApr 29 2004 10:13pm
I'm in decent shape and I might be old fashioned, but I doubt I could stay with a guy if I could really beat him in arm wrestling. I'm not frail or helpless, but I can't deal with the man I'm with being unable to protect me.

TeresaMay 01 2004 1:47pm
NoWoman can beat me

AnonymousMay 15 2004 7:08am
the last time I armwrestle a girl I beat her and her daughter at the same time there arms against my one arm. the only armwrestling match i lost against a girl was my mom and i was in the 5th grade after that I lifted some weights and I was never beat by a women again in armwrestling any way After I hit puberty in the seventh grade I was putting down people much bigger then my self in school I armwrestled 7 girls and toasted the all So girls stronger them me NOT. But I did see a girl beet a boy in armwrestling before it was weird LOL

muscle ManMay 18 2004 2:42am
At the gym, most of the people serious about strength and endurance training these days are female. The new generation of women is a force to be reckoned with. They are strong, confident, intelligent, assertive, ambitious, and competitive. Most men underestimate women, and they're in for a giant surprise.

Muscle WomanJun 24 2004 10:54pm
Once I was out with my friends celebrating my friend's 23rd birthday (and we're all 23, as we're old friends from school), and he brought out this tall, chunky girl with him who was only 20. After a few pints we started arm-wrestling for a laugh and she beat all 6 of us. I was amazed and it gave me a whopping great boner. Afterwards I felt her biceps and got her to lift me up. She was one big, strong beast of a woman! (by the way, my biceps are 14 inches and I bench 215 lbs, so I'm not a specky chess nerd).

HardpantsJun 29 2004 3:53am
If I ever meet a grl who beats me at arm-wrestling, I'll propose on the spot, because the idea of it makes a solid tent in my pants.

BuffchickloverJul 10 2004 8:09am
With more and more girls/ladies following weight training programmes to build up their muscular strength these days, more and more men are likely to experience losing to a female opponent at armwrestling in the future.

MikeJul 16 2004 1:37pm
If a boy loses to a girl, he gets turned on. No boy could lose to a girl and not get a boner unless he was impotent.

Boy-Beating Buff-BabeJul 21 2004 4:22am
I think that's true. I'm a strong girl and I've beat lots of men at arm-wrestling. Because I'm overweight and have bad skin, men don't normally look twice at me until I've slammed their puny matchstick arms onto the table and then they're all over me, poking their hard little willies into my thigh.

Strong SusanJul 21 2004 6:00am
My girlfriend is stronger than me and I love it. Musclewomen rule!

BenJul 21 2004 6:01am
My girlfriend is stronger than me and I love it. Musclewomen rule!

BenJul 21 2004 6:01am
Since my wife and I started working out together, I can no longer beat her at arm wrestling. Before I always won but now she wins. She has developed muscles faster and has a bicep as big as mine but longer and has bigger triceps now. I admitt I enjoy looking at her muscles. They look sexy! I think arm westling is a good test of strength and to feel her getting stronger was a real surprise because we only did it about once a month.

JimAug 16 2004 10:19am
Jim, you're really lucky. My wife is a real weed and I have to look at muscley women on the internet and in magazines.

SchmooAug 20 2004 1:49am
My wife goes to the gym and has bigger biceps now. She wants to arm wrestle and keeps comparing her muscles to mine. She gets a tape measure out to prove it! Hers is a little bigger about a half inch but real hard. I have just said NO! I'm not going to let a woman do that. It's not right.

SteveSep 07 2004 10:48pm
Hello, Christina from Dutch is writing. I am 19 and finished school this year. In June this year our class did a journey to Metz (France). We joined a youth hostel and met an other class from England. One evening the kids of England did armwrestling and we adjoined. The results of our competition should be very ashamed for you guys where ever you are. English class: 14 boys, 13 girls 1. and 3. place girls within Top Ten 5 girls Our class 11 boys, 13 girls 1.and 2. Place girls within Top Ten 6 girls Also good to know is, that the second placed boy of the english class was beaten by the best three girls of my class. What do you boys and girls think about that!!!

ChristinaSep 10 2004 8:15am
I'll tell you what I think about that. It gives me a hard-on and makes me have to go to bed earlier. And Steve - you don't know how lucky you are.

Muscle-girl fancierSep 13 2004 8:28am
Male ego is much more powerful than male muscle. When my girlfriend and I armwrestled, I thought there was NO WAY she could win. She was reasonably confident, and offended by the way I blew her off, so weeks later I still haven't heard the end of the way she kicked my ass FOUR TIMES.

LennyOct 27 2004 6:07pm
well if so many guys are getting beat by woman they must really be lazy and weak or have far to much of the female genes in them. very strange indeed and about the arwrestling thing Christina Wrote I think that the boys better hit the Iron there is no reason for them to be weaker then the girls mygod thats sad

BoymuscleOct 29 2004 12:55am
An old friend of mine in her thirties has recently started on a fairly intensive weight training programme to build up her upper body strength. She says she notices the difference in everyday things: she feels more power in her body when swimming and jogging; the weekly shopping basket feels lighter; she can push open some heavy doors at work with ease (this used to be a real struggle!). I've suggested by telephone (I live a long way from her now) that she should start challenging some male friends to an armwrestling competition. She laughs at the idea and doesn't believe she could beat a male opponent, but I think she might surprise herself and her male opponents!! Maybe I should challenge her to an armwrestle whenever I see her next.

MIKEOct 31 2004 11:52pm
Some girls/ladies who are very strong might expect to beat men at armwrestling, but I wonder if anyone has a story to tell about an unexpected female victory and the respective reactions? How did the girl react after forcing the guy's arm down for a surprise win? Did it boost her confidence? How did the guy feel at having his arm forced down by a girl? Was he embarrassed? Such stories often make for enjoyable reading.

MikeDec 18 2004 11:56am
I had been working out for some months, light to medium weight training, running and som yoga. 2-3 times a week. I lost weight and got stronger. My wife one day complemented me that the work out had toned my body nicely. I was then 178 cm and weighed in at 72 kg (I had lost about 6 kgs in 6 months). My wife stepped on the scales and we were both a bit surprised that she weighed 76 kgs (she is only 172 cm). She smiled at me and said that muscle weigh more than fat. I asked her where her muscles were hiding. She flexed her arms and she seamed a bit shocked to see that she actually had rather big biceps. My wife has regurarely been taking aerobics classes the last 8 years but never looked toned or muscular. I knew she was strong for a woman though seeing her lifting heavy objects around. I said I could show her who had the strongest muscles in the family. We soon sat down at the kitchen table for an armwrestling match. I started of as hard as I could to show her what male strenght was all about and what the training had done to my muscles. To my surprise very little happened. She just held my arm in an upright position. She told me I shouldn't hold back just because she was my beloved wife. I tried to put even more pressure to get her arm down. By now she started to realize I was giving everything I got and she was shocked about this. Is that all you got, she asked me? I didnt answer just kept on trying. Then she changed position and put her shoulders behind, she had just held my arm with her armstrength. My arm hit the table in a flash. We both looked surprised. I really thought I was a lot stronger than my wife, especially after the work outs the last months. The thing is that she was even more surprised. She said she had no idea she was that strong. She said she wanted to give me a rematch, this time with our left arms. This time she gave all she had directly and there was just no way I could stop her and my arm hit the table in a second. She saw my embarassment and told me let's do it best out of 5 with each arm. Things didn't get better. Since I tried with everything I had and my wife didn't I got more and more tired and she won each match easier and easier. She looked very amused when she said, well, that explains why I am heavier don't you think honey? I have had big difficultied to come to grips with this fact she is so much stronger than me and really worked out harder the last weeks. But so has she, she got a kick out of being stronger and has added weight lifting to her programme.

hit the weightsDec 19 2004 11:13pm
Nice story! I can imagine you were very surprised when your wife's arm stayed in the upright position despite your pressure. Anyway, I hope you have recovered from your embarrassment, and perhaps your wife has been inspired to take on other male opponents?

BarryDec 21 2004 1:04pm
All of you guys loosing to a girl in armwrestling are just pathetic. I don't work out as I should, and still I've never lost to a girl in armwrestling.

papafritaFeb 03 2005 8:42pm
Papafrita, I am sure you should chicken out if you face a woman that might be stronger than you. I am sure there are women that could make sour cream crisps of you.

Big mamaFeb 09 2005 11:25pm
Barry, thanks for you nice comments. The story I told you are 100% true and I am still confused. After the night when we discovered that my wife was quite a bit stronger than me she has changed. She is still nice to me but all the time tell me not to hurt myself lifting too heavy objects, that she could open the jars etc. She sometimes lift me in her arms and carry me around. I don't know how to react to all this to be honest. I know that I should be man enough to accept that she is stronger. I work out as before meaning I get a bit stronger all the time but so is she. The other night we had a bit too much to drink and I slapped her behind when she was picking up something from the floor. She told me I shouldn't have done that and then we started to wrestle. Again I had to admit that I didn't have a chance. She is not only stronger but heavier as well. I got pinned several times that night and had to admit I was weaker before she let me up. She hasn't got a clue that I am writing comments on this board. I just need to let out some of the frustration I feel.

hit the weightsFeb 09 2005 11:33pm
Nice story, hit the weights! I enjoyed reading it. I hope you have recovered from your defeat, and I also hope your wife doesn't start making you agree to really embarrassing things. That can spoil a marriage.

MIKEFeb 12 2005 9:43am
Hello, hit the weights, and thanks for sharing your feelings. Your wife's confidence has obviously been boosted by her armwrestling victories, but it seems she's undermining your confidence somewhat. Perhaps she's overreacting to her new-found strength? I have never heard of a woman objecting to being slapped on her behind by her own husband in the privacy of their own home. In public, or if the bottom slapper was someone else, I could understand her wanting to put the guy in his place. Maybe you should try to share your frustrations with your wife?

BarryFeb 12 2005 9:53am
People are always saying how like as soon as the girl gets really mad and her "primal instincts" set in, she can beat almost any man... well what if both the man and woman are that determaned to win? the man will almost always because he can take her out with a few blows, even if its an unclean battle with more punching and blood than a "by the rules" wrestling match.

craigFeb 12 2005 5:04pm
Nice to hear from you guys. I think you are absolutely right, I should talk about my feelings with my wife. I am sure she thinks this is no big deal, her being stronger but at the same time you are totally right Barry that being stronger has been a kick to her confidence. She talks more and more about being stronger than many of the guys at her gym. She has challanged me quite often to different tests of strength. I now thinks she gets a kick sexually of being stronger than me and other men. I am still confused but I am trying to talk to her about the whole thing soon.

hit the weightsFeb 13 2005 3:45am
Well i agree that girls are getting stronger, but MOST are still not stronger than the male. I have arm wrestled 4 girls and never been beaten....but i did have a real strugle to beat one. Girls ARE getting stronger, a little more time and maybe they will be ALL stronger than us males!

MFeb 13 2005 8:58am
I can beat my girlfriend at armwrestling - but she still said I was pretty weak because she was able to put up a good fight. Apparantly her 15 year old sister can beat my girlfriend who's 21 - My girlfriend said I better start working out because she'll get her sister to take me on (im 22) Should I be worried?

The Brit GuyFeb 13 2005 9:08am
These posts are written by a bunch of guys who are pussies. It is a physiological fact that men have 70% more upper body strength on average than women - contrary to all your jerk-off fantasies.

get realFeb 13 2005 11:01am
"girls are getting stronger because they go to the gym?" What kind of illogical comparison is this. So go to the gym as well and you'll be much stronger still. Ever compared the biggest male bodybuilder to the biggest female? There's no comparison, women at the peak of bulk are absolutely dwarved into nothing by the biggest men. Same goes for average woman vs. average man.

get realFeb 13 2005 11:03am
Dear get real, When a guy and a girl decide to armwrestle they don't both become "average," they remain who they are. In my experience its mostly the above average women who compete against guys, and they face a mix of guys -- average, below average, above average. They can win alot because they are stronger and better than the average and below average guys, and sometimes even the above average guys.

Think about itFeb 14 2005 11:36am
Dear get real, When a guy and a girl decide to armwrestle they don't both become "average," they remain who they are. In my experience its mostly the above average women who compete against guys, and they face a mix of guys -- average, below average, above average. They can win alot because they are stronger and better than the average and below average guys, and sometimes even the above average guys.

Think about itFeb 14 2005 11:41am
I agree with get real 100%

KayFeb 14 2005 1:15pm
hit the weights, I agree with the others that you need to voice your frustrations with your wife. You also need to lighten up and enjoy her strength. If she wants to do the heavy lifting, let her. You also need to be aware that there are a lot of men out there that envy your situation.

WowserFeb 15 2005 2:22pm
There are alot of women today who work out and have alot of natural muscle. Most women have more muscle endurance than men. Men have more muscle size and strentgh on average. So when a average woman who works out some and builds her muscle strentgh up, she can beat alot of average men of the same size and weight. Like when I armwrestle Betty or Mary of Betty , They win alot of matches against me,due to the upper-body strentgh they have and better muscle endurance. Our strentgh is about equal, but after about 2 or 3 minutes of holding each other's arm up,my arm will get tired first and go down to the strong woman with the higher pain tolarence level and endurance. You can check out these natural-muscular women who arm wrestle and flex right now at

Kevin of Betty Biceps.netFeb 16 2005 8:40am
My wife is really getting strong. The other day she did a tricep extension while laying on her back with 45lbs! She gets aroused at her strength and we armwrestle. She puts up a good fight but I have 16.5" arms so I win. She can lift me in many ways and I love it! Nothing like having a strong wife with muscular arms!!

Lovin' itFeb 16 2005 11:55am
My ex worked out regulatly. She was 5-6 and 140 and beat me armwwestling without a lot of trouble. I weighed 180 at the time but wasn't into working out. a few years ago I had an assistant who was 20 years younger than me and a lot smaller but she was very strong. She beat me armwrestling on a number of occassions

Randy MFeb 16 2005 8:12pm
My girlfriend and I were a little drunk and debating this very issue a few weeks ago in one of our favorite bars. We armwrestled and I won. Then our bartender, a female Asian woman of about 40 told her she was doing it wrong. She was short (5-3) and slim with a great body. She flexed and showed us great arms -- large, hard biceps and cut triceps. My girl asked her if she could beat me armwrestling. The woman said 'sure'. I took her challenge. My mistake. The woman slammed me in about 5 seconds.

John bishorFeb 16 2005 8:16pm
My ex worked out regulatly. She was 5-6 and 140 and beat me armwwestling without a lot of trouble. I weighed 180 at the time but wasn't into working out. a few years ago I had an assistant who was 20 years younger than me and a lot smaller but she was very strong. She beat me armwrestling on a number of occassions

Randy MFeb 16 2005 8:16pm
i was waiting in a que for anight club,i was a bit drunk and hitting on a stunning girl,her friend suggested she would snog me if i could beat her in a arm i laughed and said ok easy.anyway we got inside and found a table and armwrestled-to my humiliation she beat me easily taunting me in the process.she then said 'still wanna snog me?'as she rolled up her sleeves and revieled big my supprise this turned me on.and i now love stronger women

converted guyFeb 18 2005 4:29pm
I would be so turned on if my girlfriend beat me in armwrestling I get stiff just thinking about it!

stubiliadFeb 18 2005 6:31pm
I admit when I am out in a mall or something I look at a girls face her chest and her arms, I have even followed not stalked just get a closer look, I once saw this women and I was so taken by her nice thick arms I stopped shopping and tried not to be too obvious while checking her out WOW! what a turn on.

the hoookFeb 18 2005 6:35pm
Boys are born stronger than girls. Im with get-real. Unless the girl is a professional bodybuilder and whatnot. and the guy is a total dweeb it wouldnt happen.

King of the ringFeb 19 2005 8:49am
Boys are born stronger than girls. Im with get-real. Unless the girl is a professional bodybuilder and whatnot. and the guy is a total dweeb it wouldnt happen.

King of the ringFeb 19 2005 8:55am
Any guy who gets beat by a girl is a wuss. You guys are lame

strong guyFeb 21 2005 10:08pm
When we were kids, this one girl could beat all of the guys. Her muscles were like steel covered with a layer of soft skin. She was invincible at armwrestling and she even beat up quite a few guys too. I couldn't beat her at armwrestling until we were 16 and it was the biggest victory of my life. I felt like I was finally a man.

a guyFeb 24 2005 5:25pm
There are lots of polls and boards about this subject, man against woman when it comes to tests of strength. In society it seems to be written in stone that the man should be strong and protective while the woman should lean against the mens strong shoulders. If we talk about my relationship it is very obvious that my boyfriend's shoulder is not that strong. Don't take me wrong I just love his slim body but I did not take him because of his physical strength. I have known all the way (5 years now) that I am quite a bit stronger than him. I have been very careful though showing him that all the parts of my body are stronger than his since I know how sensible guys are about this. But about a year ago we started to playwrestle and I pinned him in a minute. He said all this crap about me being lucky and wanted a rematch, and another, and another. After being pinned about 10 times he started to realize that I had the muscles in our relationship. He told me that it was OK but didn't want me to tell anybody. I said that this was rather childish of him, if you see me and my boyfriend together I think most people would guess I am stronger than him, I am just a lot more powerfully built than him. Since this day we have playwrestled a lot more, having a lot of fun. I sometimes let him win but he is very aware of that his girlfriend is stronger. He nowadays come to me with the tricky jars, the impossible wine corks and the heavy boxes and I love him for it. Since that day my darling boyfriend also have been defeated in armwrestling matches against both my mother (she is 50)and sister. I guess the women in my family have good genes, my grandma I am told was a very strong woman as well. My boyfriend is not the weakest of men even if I am sure he is below average strength. I like to end this rather lont post that I think that woman have the same problem as the men with this strength issue, they like to be protected and weaker thant their men. I just want to say that the opposite is more fun, both for me and my boyfriend.

Anette, 29Mar 02 2005 11:04pm
Anette, your boyfriend is a very lucky guy and it sounds like both of you are ok with things as they are. What kind of relationships with men do your mother and sister have?

WowserMar 03 2005 6:57pm
My mother is a widow since my father died 2 years ago. She is living a rather active life and meet men occasionanally but right now likes to stay single. My mother is still a very strong woman, she is working out 3-5 times a week and she is still stronger than me in her left arm (she is a leftie while I am right handed). I never saw her compare her strength with my father but since he was a rather fragile man with lots of physical problems I am sure she was stronger than him. My sister is only 21 and a rather wild girl. She is a gym rat as well as a girl that likes to go dancing and bar hopping. She was not suprised when she could beat my boyfriend armwrestling since she has beaten many of her male friends. My mother tells me about our grandma. She used to be a farmer and could lift and carry very big sacks of grains.

AnetteMar 03 2005 11:01pm
Where is biology? Damnit I'm searching for the biology ... Averaged guys are stronger than girls. Remember: Averaged. No wonder, vide anthropology. Of course you have differentiate. What matters is age, build and above all training. A well trained female can beat an untrained male. So? A tuned VW can beat a regular BMW. So? I would not care. But oh I forgot, women and natural sciences is like women and driving. We here in Germany know a real nice and funny saying: "Frau am Steuer - oh, das wird teuer!" (rough: Women at the wheel - oh, thats gonna be dear!) ;-P

alexMar 04 2005 10:42am
Alex, There is more natural variation among men and among women than among VWs or among BMWs. So, what about a strong untrained female vs. an average guy? How far above average does a woman have to be in order to have greater upper body strength than an average guy? How many women are naturally that strong?

Inquiring mindMar 04 2005 11:40am
I am a woman that never have been working out with weights, I as a caretaker at a graveyard meaning quite a lot of physical work. I have never considered myself very strong but know I am strong enough for the work I am doing. My female friends all work out and want me to join them but I have been afraid to become too big, scaring guys away. The other night we had a small party at on of my friends house. We were 4 girls (in our 30s) and 3 men. We started to armwrestle and I lost to all the girls but surprisingly could beat 2 of the guys. I lost to the biggest guy but he lost to two of the girls. We were all surprised about the result, twe two strongest were women and the two weakest were men. The men didn't work out that often but run rather frequently. I actually got a kick out of proving myself stronger then the men but irritaded that I couldn't beat my girlfriends. I now have joined them the to the gym the last weeks and I am sure I will become stronger rather quickly. I don't know if I am an average girl or if the men that I armwrestled were below average strength, the women that evening proved that they can be stronger then man.

Ursula from K?lnMar 06 2005 3:26am
I have to agree with most of the guys on here. If you lose to a girl in Armwrestling, your just a puss.

bkMar 07 2005 3:10pm
I had this girlfriend once that was a competitive swimmer. One night we were putting together a stereo. She couldn't reach her arm behind the console to plug it in. She looked at me and said here. She passed me the plug and looked at her arm holding it out straight to show her tricep. Then she looked at mine and said maybe you can reach it. I'd always been thin and reached behind and easily plugged in the chord. When I stood back up she had this look in her eyes. I said "What's the matter?" She said let's arm wrestle. I immediately felt a great sense of fear, and said "why?" She said that it's OK I've beaten some guys before. We were both looking into the wall size mirror and sizing each other up. She was 5'6" and I am 6' much taller. She had those wide swimmer shoulders and stocky. She than asked how much I weighed, and I said I'm not sure. She grabbed a scale from the bathroom and said get on. I felt kind of dumb and it said 140. She said I can't believe I'm much bigger than you. She got on the scale and I couldn't believe she weighed 165. She said because of her muscle weight and flexed a huge bicep. I flexed next to her in the mirror and my arm was 1/2 her size. She said I guess we doen't need to armwrestle unless you want to use both hands. Two weeks later after drinking we were messing around and locked our arms. I was surprised I was holding my own, then she looked at me and laughed, then slammed my arm down. She said that when she trained for swimming she could bench 225. three times.

NEED A SWIMMERMar 07 2005 5:41pm
One night I was bartending at a fine dining establishment. The bar had six stools usually people waiting to be seated. In walked this lady about fifty but attractive, wearing a nice dress with a sweater over it. I began conversation with her, she was in town selling health products. Another lady maybe 40 sat down and they were chatting. The elder lady was carrying on how she's been divorced for 4yrs. and how her life has changed so much. She said she's started her own business and has lost fifty pounds. Then she said her new hobby was bodybuilding, which caught my attention. She slid her sweater off and was showing her new friend the results of her hard work. This is when I joined in the conversation. I commented on how well she has come around, when the other lady said that she has bigger arms then you do. So I put my arm on the bar and we locked hands. I was struggling at first and looked at her and she was smiling and gave me an eye-roll. Then she put her all into it and slammed my hand down with ease. She then said how does it feel to lose to someone old enough to be your mother. I said you look like your old enough to date, and she replied I'm 54 and I'm the winner. The other lady was very impressed and felt her arm. For 54 she had about a 15" bicep, a little saggy underneath but amazingly well peaked

barmanMar 09 2005 1:03pm
damn i want to lose to a sexy woman,any women out there wanna armwrestle?shame im strong and hardly any women could beat me

uk boyMar 10 2005 6:37am
Anette, sounds like you have avery active family. I'm sorry about your father and hope I didn't bring up any sad feelings. From your description of your father, it sounds like he might have known what he was doing when he married your mother.

WowserMar 11 2005 3:23pm
Hi my stepdaughter could beat me in armwrestling when she was 14yo, she is only 5'5 tall and her wheight is 14o lbs i am 40 yo male and 5'11tall and my wheight is 190lbs, we measured her biceps it is 13,75 inches mine is 13 inches, i have armwrestled her several times and evry time she is winning

NillerMar 13 2005 3:13am
Niller, I sure hope that young lady is interested in weight lifting, it sounds like you might have a natural on your hands. You said it was your step daughter, so how does her mother stack up against her, or for that matter, against you?

WowserMar 13 2005 5:40pm
I have been reading this website on the subject of girl's strength. I'm male, 15 years old and my dad bought me weights to lift over a year ago but my 13 year old sister has been using the weights. My parents agreed it's OK for her to use MY WEIGHTS & BENCH! She has gone out of her way to spend time doing workouts. My mom kept making coments about her muscles and having her flex. My sister kept asking to compare our arms and all that. She asked that we armwrestle and I just didn't want to back down but I lost each time we did it. All this has me kind of depressed and mom in front of dad went on about my sister having bigger muscles and used a tape measure to show that. My sister has been going on about us wrestling now. She is stronger and her arms and legs have more muscles. My dad just kind of staired at her muscles and didn't say much at all and my sister said we will wrestle soon even if you don't want too. I cant understand how this is because she is a girl and her muscles are bigger. I don't really know what I can do because her arms are more than 14 1/2 inches flexed when mine are less than 13 inches and she is too strong for me to fight with. Should I just admitt to her I can't win and ask that we don't wrestle or go ahead and let her do this? She has muscles almost like in a bodybuilder magazine and says that when we are alone she will show me how strong she is by wrestling me. Any ideas about how to avoid this?

ToddMar 17 2005 6:54pm
Todd, it is better that you allow her to do it at home or she might decide to do it in front of your friends. After your match and assuming she wins, you should talk to her about not being a bully or making fun of you in front of others. You are her brother and will be for the rest of your lives. There is nothing worse than belittling family and possibly ruining your sibling relationship forever.

AnonymousMar 17 2005 9:37pm
Todd, just accept it and be proud of your sister and her muscles and maybe she will eventually leave you alone.

WowserMar 17 2005 9:41pm
This forum is comparable to the poll on 'The stronger sex physically', and a lot of the 'evidence' put forward is not really valid. This is true for two main reasons: 1)It is largely anecdotal (eg. stories of ladies beating men at armwrestling, which, incidentally, I usually enjoy reading), but does not prove anything. 2)The so called scientific research needs further careful analysis - the so called 'truths' of science are notoriously fickle and liable to enforced revision in a later generation. And what presuppositions underlie the research? A desire to maintain traditional views? A feminist agenda? Or ...? True objectivity and a true commitment to real science are seldom to be found.

MikeMar 18 2005 4:19am
Coverted guy - great story. Really turned me on. What did you say when the musclegirl said "Still wanna snog me?" Did you say yes? You'd have been an idiot not to. Did it give you a bone in your pants?

We're all schmoosMar 22 2005 5:51am
There are a lot of women stronger than men and there is nothing wrong with it. Losing to a woman in an armwrestling match is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. If I had a girlfriend that could beat me at armwrestling I would really be turned on.

TerryMar 24 2005 8:37am
My college roommate dated a girl who was on the Swim Team, compted in triathalons, and worked out in the gym all the time. My roommate was a skinny guy, and I commented on how his girlfriend had bigger legs. She replied that all her muscles are bigger than his and they compared arms. He had some defenition, but her arm looked bigger (no defenition). She challenged him to armwrestling and I was shocked when she won. Then she wanted to armwrestle me, but I declined to protect my ego. I'm definately stronger than my rommate, but this chick was about 5' 10" and my bodyweight. I probably could have beat her, but I definately questioned my ability aftere seeing how easy she took my roommate down!!!!

AlexMar 24 2005 3:47pm
I used to date a swimmer as well. This happened when I was in my late teens. Her name was Anne and she was very beatiful, and very strong as I was to find out. She was a tease in many ways and tried to challange me in different ways. She was very competative. After about ten dates we spent a weekend at her parents house (alone). She teased my about most things, me being skinny, me being weak, stupid etc. At the end I got a bit angry and tried to force her down in some kind of attempt to wrestle. This was exactly what she had been waiting for. That day she showed me how strong swimmers are, and how much stronger she was then me, a skinny 19 year old. I am sure she was twice my strength. We dated for about 3 years and then moved away for studies abroad, both of us. 20 years later I met her again in our home town. She was as beatiful as ever. It happened that we were both recovering from divorces and started to date again. Already at the second of these dates her teasing started again. She asked me if I was still weak as a kitten? She had kept on working out and was in excellent shape, quite a bit heavier than in her teens but nevertheless looking good. I was almost as skinny as when I was 19. Of course this led to wrestling and armwrestling and I would say that I was even more outclassed. As you can imagine she didn't have any problem being with a weaker man and I for sure enjoyed being with her. We are now married and very happy even if she still teases me about being a weak little man.

KeesMay 11 2005 12:02am
Very nice story Kees. Men have nothing to be ashamed of losing to a girl. Girls can be plenty strong. It is very sexy.

DennisJun 01 2005 7:37am
Absolutely nothing wrong in losing to a woman / girl in armwrestling. Have dated a rower/swimmer in the past who had no trouble in lifting me up and carrying me around but couldnt beat me at armwrestling though. Strange but true. I am 5ft 11ins and weight 85 kilos and am actively sporty.....and she was trying to win!!!!!!

DanielJun 15 2005 5:31am
I agree with you Daniel. If the woman has put her time and effort into working out then she should have the rewards. It doesn't mean someone is less of a man

MikeJun 16 2005 7:24am
Girls/ladies who work out regularly with weights are likely to increase their strength by about 30% in six months. This inevitably means that at some point they will become stronger than an average inactive male and be able to beat him easily and regularly at armwrestling. However, guys who work out regularly themselves are much less likely to be overtaken by ladies who lift weights.

MikeJun 20 2005 3:00pm
the avreage thin guy is stronger than to built women at the same folks are in make believe land

lelgtJun 23 2005 5:17pm
Not long ago I watched a high school girl beat four boys in a row at armwrestling and show off a bicep that was considerably larger. She like many girls now days are weight lifting and into sports.

DaleJun 25 2005 9:38am
Dale - was this in england or usa?

Daniel.Jun 26 2005 11:33am
check this poll out:"How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?"

AnonymousJun 26 2005 3:31pm
check this poll out: "How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?" poll id 2334

AnonymousJun 26 2005 3:32pm
Daniel, USA.

DaleJun 27 2005 7:23pm
check this poll out: "How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?" poll id 2334

AnonymousJul 05 2005 7:33am
I'm a 16 year old male and both my sister who is a year younger and I are involved in sports. We both workout and not long ago we compared biceps and found her's to be more than an inch bigger at 15 inches. This led to arm wrestling and her beating me. Has anyonoe else had this happen?

LewisJul 09 2005 12:02pm
so whats your story, Janis?

Daniel.Jul 12 2005 5:25am
I'm fifteen years old. I play sports and workout in the school gym. My mom bought me a weight set last year that I use and she asked my older brother to armwrestle me and he lost every time and that embarised both him and dad. Mom measured my arm and it's fifteen inches and measured his too and it was only thirteen. My mom measured her's at fourteen and my dad's is fourteen and a half inches so I have more muscle! Mom has started to lift weights with me. I would also like to armwestle my dad but as yet I haven't. I asked mom about armwrestling dad and she said she will when the time is right and wants me to try to beat him so I'll ask in a way that he will have to do it. I have harder muscles than boys and would like to try bodybuilding competition some day. Boys like to squeeze my arms and I always find their muscles are softer when I compare even if they are the same size.

JanisJul 16 2005 3:24pm
Hey that's cool Janis. Congrats on your hard work. I've been at this awhile, and my arms are fifteen inches, so your're doing well.What's the reason you mom dhelps you so much? Does she like the look? Best of luck to you both.

MikeJul 17 2005 5:01pm
I use my brother's weights and he's 16 years old. I'm 13 years old and a girl and he used to beat me at arm wrestling. Now I finally beat him but it was a long battle until he became tired. I have 14 inch arms that are barely just bigger than his. They were thirteen last year so I think I'm getting stronger than my brother. It took about five minutes to push his arm down. He is taller but my wrist is bigger so I must be bigger boned. I'm hoping that being bigger boned will give me more muscles as a natural advantage but I'm not sure if it works that way. I have built muscles better than my brother I think.

AnonymousJul 17 2005 6:19pm
Can beat my husband at an arm wrestle and he hates it!!!! Does not even like me wearing strappy tops as my arms are bigger than his.....

Grrrr WomanJul 22 2005 11:15am
Damn that's crazy, I'd love to find a woman like you. Something's not right here. All the nurturing, and messaging, that girls like you are missing. It's a shame ;^)

AnonymousJul 23 2005 5:27pm
Why thanks Anonymous. Don't worry am in touch with a guy whose helping with the nuturing and stuff. Who knows if husband moans too much I may leave him!!!!

Grrrr WomanJul 25 2005 11:20am
My mom likes women's sports and dad has made some remarks that got mom a bit mad. Dad favors my brother and boys sports and I guess I understand. I beat my dad at arm wrestling and showed him that my muscles are bigger. Mom didn't say anything, she just watched me push his arm down and then asked to see us both flex our biceps. My muscle is bigger! My mom's muscles are already showing also.

JanisJul 31 2005 7:36pm
Wow Janis - how old are you, and what's your height and weight? That's pretty impressive!

AnonymousJul 31 2005 9:46pm
I already said what my age is. It's 15. I'm 5'10" and I'm 170 pounds and that's not unusual at all. The girls on my softball team all workout with weights. The guys baseball team aren't any bigger and most are skinny like my brother. My mom says girls are bigger and stronger now. I tried to fit into my grandpa's military uniform and my shoulders, chest, and arms are way too large. My shoulders are wider than my brother and mom says we girls are becoming stronger very fast within a generation. I can see what she is saying because some girls play volleyball are more than 6' tall and strong. Mom says girls were not so large or strong in her day. My girlfriend can bench press 225 pounds and I'm only able to press 175 pounds and I also have 20 pound weights that I use to curl with pushups before I go to sleep. I like to flex in the mirror with my brother and now he looks skinny and he gauwks at my muscles and tries to sqweeze my muscle but can't and says "sick, that's way hard" I laugh at his soft mushy biceps! He now agrees with me that I have better muscles! He can't push his fingers into mine like his own if we flex. I really can't say why but it's easy to see I'm stronger with muscles that are different. I don't mind it, I like it and I like that my brother admitted that I'm sronger and gave in to what is a fact.

JanisAug 01 2005 6:45pm
Hi Janis, where in the usa are you from? Are all the girls naturally your size from that area or are you an exception to the rule?

Daniel (uk)Aug 02 2005 3:06am
Wow Janis benching 175 at 15! Very good. How much do you weigh if you don't mind

AnonymousAug 02 2005 3:07pm
Polls like this one usually produce some amusing anecdotes about shocked guys and delighted girls after a female has defeated a male in a contest of strength like armwrestling. Such stories are often funny to read, but they should not be used to try to claim that women are the stronger sex. To do a real comparison, you would have to have a series of armwrestling contests between an 'average' female and an 'average' male, and even then you have to consider the question: is armwrestling more a question of strength or technique?

MikeAug 03 2005 12:46am
Although I am a strong woman I would have to agree with Mike that the "average woman" is not as strong as the "average man". I have always been strong and even without working out at the gym could beat my husband at an armwrestle. I would not put myself in the category of an "average woman" because like for like I am not one.

Grrrr WomanAug 03 2005 5:00am
janis you rule

AnonymousAug 03 2005 12:07pm
janis you should get a site and make some money there is a huge market for muscle girls, just from membership fees and pics-ide love to see a pic

AnonymousAug 03 2005 12:09pm
Grrr Woman, you are one sexy creature and your husband is one lucky dog!

GirlMuscleFeelerAug 03 2005 12:51pm
GirlMuscleFeeler, Thanks for comment, pity Hubby does not realise how lucky he is, thinks muscles are "unfeminine". Perhaps we'll meet up one day so I can flex for you....... xx

Grrrr WomanAug 04 2005 4:44am
Muscles accent the womans shape. Your husband doesn't realize how lucky he is. Grrrr Woman, put me on your flex list !

MikeAug 04 2005 2:26pm
Will do Mike, looking forward to it.. xx

Grrrr WomanAug 05 2005 4:52am
I firmly believe that men, on average, are the stronger sex, but there is no doubt that there are some women who are much stronger than the average man. If a lady works hard at weight training and builds up enough muscle power to beat male opponents at armwrestling, she deserves to be congratulated. The defeated male opponents should firstly be gracious enough to accept defeat and, secondly, be prepared to work just as hard in the gym if they hope to beat the same female opponent in the future. revenge.

BarryAug 09 2005 7:43am
Janis you definitely rule

DennisAug 09 2005 11:12am
Thank you Dennis! I use my dumbells almost every night and in the morning. My brother was watching me do curls off my bed when I mentioned how he used to pin me down and tease alot. He looked scared even when I was just making a joke! I said "I could put your kneck in there as I curled and I laughed" It seemed funny to me at least. Anyway my muscles are pretty big and I'm also cheerleading so I can also lift other smaller girls over my head. I lifted my brother over my head in front of the mirror and it wasn't easy! It took about ten seconds to press him up because I almost couldn't but I knew I had overhead pressed so many girls. He looked in the mirror like he had just seen a ghost!

JanisAug 13 2005 3:36pm
janis,i bet that you cant handle more than 25lbs dumbell

kentxAug 13 2005 5:59pm
All right Janis!

jimAug 15 2005 2:15pm
kentx, I can and do handle 25 lb dumbells for sets at gym strength training class. The dumbells under my bed are just 20 lb. but when you pump them for high reps they get very heavy!

JanisAug 15 2005 7:03pm
Janis , WOW! I am so impressed with your strength. How much does your brother weigh?? I curl 25lb dumbbells...I am amazed how powerful you are. So, I take it now your brother understands that you are the stronger and more powerful one? That's pretty sexy :-)

DennisAug 16 2005 6:58am
And I also wish I could see your "pretty big " muscles Janis. You are two inches taller than me, so they would look even bigger from my view :-)

DennisAug 18 2005 5:20pm
That's very impressive Janis. I have two strong female friends, but they are not as strong as you. They are the only 2 girls ever to beat me in armwrestling, all other girls I know are quite weak. One of them is 5'8 155. I've been to the gym with her. She benchpresses 125 7 times, she does 500 pounds on the leg machine. I can only bench 105 7 times. She's doesn't look buff, but she's toned big girl. the other girl is actually 2 years older than us, but she's 5'1 115lbs. She can bench 125lbs a couple of times, but she can out do my bigger friend on the leg machine and bicep curls. She does 20lbs weights 3 sets of 15, she has noticible biceps, calves, quads, triceps. Both girls have beaten me in armwrestling and like being stronger than me. In fact many times to show their strength, they pick me up. They pick me up on their shoulders squat me or walk around with me up there like it's nothing to them. I struggle to do the same with them. Sometimes we've play wrestled, all they do is get down drive me off my feet and slam me back down. Once they have me off my feet they normally can pin me down. Oddly, only 2 out of my 50+ female friends are strong. I beleive girls can be strong, but generaly I think they are weaker sex.

jakeAug 22 2005 3:19am
Janis? are you there...please come back.

DennisAug 25 2005 9:45am
check this poll out "Could a woman ko a man with a single punch?"

AnonymousAug 31 2005 9:24am
Going to armwrestle my friend Kate today. We have been on about it for ages. She is 38 and i am 42. She weighs approx 150lbs and is 5ft 6ins. she does yoga, cycling, swims in the sea and was a rower for years so has great broad shoulders and decent upper arm strength. I am 5ft 10ins 180lbs and play squash and raquetball regularly. I think i should win but whether i do will be the question.......this is just a friendly match as i am not worried either way but we are both intrigued to see what happens....will try left (my worst!) and right handed and will let you know the results.....

Daniel (uk)Sep 10 2005 6:12am
p.s. she is able to pick me up and carry me very easily in various ways but cant quite get me over her shoulders yet....probably technique isnt quite right yet....

Daniel (uk)Sep 10 2005 6:13am
Maybe my strength is mainly in my legs...though my shoulders are still pretty strong... we haven't managed that arm wrestle yet Daniel, been too busy carrying you around, but given you beat me whenever we wrestle, I don't fancy my chances. Any techniques I should consider girls? (Apart from doing it topless to distract him?!)

Kate (Dan's friend)Sep 12 2005 4:31am
I hope you beat him Kate when you armwrestle. Just try to hold him as long as possible, as a woman you have more andurance. When he starts to get tired you put your body behind and just force him down. Please tell us about it.

LeneSep 15 2005 1:33am
Hi there Lene - myself and Kate armwrestled last night both arms (left & right) and i found her to be strong in both arms but i was able to win both times. we are not particularly armwrestling experts so not much tecnique was used just raw strength. But if she was shown proper skills then i think she could possibly take me down. Anyway it was a lovely experience.

Daniel (uk)Sep 21 2005 3:00am
Congratulations Daniel (uk). I have to say that I had hoped for a female victory but that might come later. Why don't you try something that women are good at, thigh wrestling? You sit opposite each other, you put your legs outside your opponent and then try to press his/her legs together. Then the other do the same to you. You can also start with your knees together and then try to open your opponent legs. I have never lost to a man doing this. Good luck with your games.

LeneSep 21 2005 1:55pm
Thanks for the encouragement Lene! I tried the endurance approach but he was still too strong... perhaps with more practice I could win! It was fun though - and I reckon I might be more successful at thigh wrestling, as my legs are very strong.

KateSep 22 2005 3:27am
Lene, have you ever beaten any male opponents at armwrestling by applying your own advice? You suggested that the girl/lady should try to hold the guy's arm in place, wait for him to lose his strength, and then put her body weight behind. Have you used this method a lot? And does this suggest that armwrestling is actually about technique, not strength?

MikeSep 22 2005 6:55am
I have won quite a few armwrestling matches against boys/men, mainly because I have been able to lock my arm. Since most men are rather sure from the start that they will win against a woman they are surprised when they can't move my arm straight away to the table. When they start to weaken I start to use more power and then most men start to panic, they start to think that it might be possible to loose, even if I am just a woman. When I feel they are starting to tremble a bit I know it's time for me to give everything I have and normally I win. I have of course lost to quite a few men (and women)as well. Armwrestling is a lot about technique but you need to be strong as well. I have strong arms and very strong legs. Undefeated as I said in thigh wrestling against men but I have lost to several women. If anybody else have tried thigh wrestling I would be interested to know about that. I have a theory that women have a big advantage here, because of their strong legs but also because of wider hips that gives a better angle for this kind of game. I went to a party once where women and men competed in thigh wrestling, no man could beat a woman. Indian wrestling is also good for women, once again because of strong legs but also because women more often are more limber than men. You can test strength in many ways, men seem to prefer arm wrestling where they are "sure" to beat the women. Sometimes they are in for a surprise!

LeneSep 23 2005 12:43am
I have tried thigh wrestling once with my wife. She absolutely killed me, it was no competition at all. She had no problem pressing my legs together where I couldn't move hers at all. She could pry my legs apart with hers inside me trying to have them pressed together. She could trap my legs together easily. I have also lost to my oldest daughter (18 years old) so I think your theory Lene is right. I win against my wife when it comes to armwrestling but I am not sure I could take her in a real wrestling match because of her strong legs.

Fun to playSep 23 2005 12:50am
Lene - Thanks for reply. I will have a go at Thigh wrestling with Kate. She has very strong legs and this might be very difficult to beat her at but i am sure it will be fun trying. When we were armwrestling i actually used your advice and held her until she was a lttle tired and then moved her arms down. Where are you from? Kate and i live in East Sussex, England. 23/09/05.

Daniel (uk)Sep 23 2005 1:49am
I am from Norway

LeneSep 23 2005 7:42am
Lene, you say that when you armwrestle men, they are usually surprised when you 'lock' your arm and they panic as they tire. How do most of them react after you have forced their arm down on to the table? Are they usually embarrassed or do they take their defeats with good grace?

MikeSep 24 2005 2:04pm
Most of them are embarrassed and trying to explain that they lost because of many different reasons, being sick, had hurt their arms, armwrestling is just about technique etc. etc. Some can take it and are impressed by my strength. Women can react very differently when they see me win against their husbands/boyfriends. They are normally embarrassed to see their men going down against a woman, but some think it is great and want to try to wrestle their husbands as well. On more than one occation I have seen women defeating their men after seeing me winning, and this is the first time they ever tried. As I have mentioned the thigh wrestling has become very popular among the women since they most of the times can match the strength of men and even win. Some women think less of men that are weaker than themselves but most seem to think it is great to be stronger.

LeneSep 25 2005 7:16am
Lene, it sounds like you've encouraged quite a few women to take up strength events like armwrestling and thigh wrestling. No doubt some of them surprised both themselves (and their partners!) when they beat their husbands/boyfriends at armwrestling!! Are you naturally powerful or have you worked a lot with weights to build up your strength?

MikeSep 26 2005 7:03am
I am naturally strong and have even become stronger working out. Yes, I have encouraged many of my female friends not to be afraid to challange each other or their male friends. It's a lot of fun.

LeneSep 26 2005 9:49pm
Lene - are there many naturally strong women like yourself in your part of Norway?

Daniel (uk)Sep 27 2005 12:36am
lene - what is your height and size compared to your boyfriend?

Daniel (uk)Sep 27 2005 12:40am
Many Norwegian women are big and strong. More and more women are working out as well as doing the traditional skiing in the winter. I am almost 180 cm and 78 kgs, my current boyfriend is taller but lighter. Have you tried to beat Kate in a thigh wrestling match. I am sorry to say this Daniel but my money is on her. For you Kate I will say, show him some female leg power, work out with your arms and let him know that women are stronger.

LeneSep 27 2005 3:22pm
Lene, I hope you have recovered from answering all the questions! You obviously know a lot about the mechanics of armwrestling, so a poll like 'Girl beats guy in armwrestling' suits you.

MikeSep 28 2005 2:04am
lene - i know i have strong legs and thighs from lots of sport, but i also know that kate's are very strong too as she does yoga and cycling every week. So this will be much more difficult than the armwrestling and play wrestling we do. There is a real chance she will beat me when we do this. Probably this saturday - will let you know. Very nice to chat with you. 28/09/05

Daniel (uk)Sep 28 2005 10:53am
Good luck Daniel (UK), you will need it. Thigh wrestling is dominated by women. Nice talking to you as well. Mike, I have had a good time chatting here. I will follow further discussions about Girls beat guys in armwrestling (I guess there is nothing wrong with a little leg wrestling as well?)

LeneSep 28 2005 3:06pm
Lene and Daniel (UK), I once "thigh wrestled" a woman I was dating who had legs that were very strong. She killed me every way. We also determined that her legs were a little longer as well as being bigger and stronger. She was 5'1" to my 5'8" and I outweighed her by over 40 pounds. She could hold me even in armwrestling and beat me easily in Mercy. She was a great find but moved to a new job and I lost touch with her.

WowserSep 28 2005 9:08pm
Yesterday I challenged my boyfriend to a thigh wrestling match after reading about it here. We were both surprised how easy it was for me to win. I think it might be like you say Lene, women have an advantage over men in this game. I smashed his legs together in no time while he fought like crazy to press mine together. After a minute I started to pry his legs out. He was totally spent after that. Unfortunately he can take me when it comes to armwrestling. But if I keep on working out he will have problems to beat me lefthanded. I think these small games is fun. My boyfriend doesn't want me to tell our friends about his loss to my superior leg power. We?ll see about that.

SueSep 30 2005 12:41am
thanks for the good luck wishes Lene - I'd like to think I can beat Daniel with my legs. We'll let you know. And I may even start working out and beat him armwrestling one day too! It's good to read messages in praise of female strength - before meeting Daniel I'd always felt being strong was not an appropriate female characteristic - am beginning to change my views now!

KateSep 30 2005 1:55am
Well done Sue, I keep on hearing stories about women defeating men with their superiour leg power. Lene, I wish you the best to beat Daniel with your thigh power. If you give everything you have I can't see how you can loose. If you start to work out hard I am sure you can beat many men in various tests of strength. I have a friend that can beat her husband rather easily when it comes to armwrestling, for their kids it is natural that mommy is stronger, 2 girls that from the start will see that women can be strong, even stronger than men, will make a change from kids that will see daddy doing all the heavy work. I know that a majority of men are stonger then women but I also know that a woman that work out harder will be stronger than a man that doesn't, that a big woman most likely are stronger than a smaller man. Good luck Kate. And to Daniel I will say, good luck again as you might face the fact that Kate is stronger than you.

LeneOct 02 2005 10:53pm
A friend of mine told me about this poll. We talked about female strength as I told my friend about what happened between me and my boyfriend some time ago. We had been dating for 7 months when we one night started to playwrestle. I have been brought up believing that men are always stonger then women and that only the weakest of men would have difficulties beating a woman in tests of strength. After some minutes of grappling with my boyfriend he started to get all red in his face and really had to struggle. I was just fooling around. When I caught him in a leg scissor he just couldn't get out. He stopped fighting and started to say he needed to go to the bathroom. I started to think, could my boyfriend be weaker than me? I didn't like the thought, I wanted my man to be stronger than me as I had learned since childhood. A few weeks after that my boyfriend was helping me carrying some heavy boxes with books 3 stories to my flat (no elevator). After carrying two boxes up he was winded while I felt fresh. I could also see that he had difficulties lifting the boxes to pile them on top. After this hard work we shared a bottle of wine at my kitchen table. He told me he was tired from all that carrying. I joked and said that was he was just a weak man, to carry heavy objects was nothing for a strong woman. He looked at me and put his arm up for an armwrestling match. I was game and suddenly I was for the first time in my life armwrestling a man. He didn't give his best but neither did I so nothing happened. I could see that his face got redder and redder and understood that he was putting in more force, I still didn't do my best and could hold him still. Good damn it your strong was his comment. I never really thought that I was especially strong even if I have kept myself in good physical shape by different activities. I decided it was time to give everything I had and almost got a shock when I slammed his arm down. He said he wanted a rematch with our left arms. I won even more easily! I was now sure I was quite a bit stronger than my boyfriend. Nothing more happened that night. The weekend after again after sharing a bottle of wine we started to playwrestle again. This time I gave everything I had from the start to really test who was stronger. I had him pinned in no time. I even got him to admit I was stronger. To my surprise these wrestling matches has tightened the bond between us. He is taller than me at 178 cm to my 173 but I am a couple of kilos heavier at 74 kg. When I told my girlfriend about this she thought it was cool and she wished she could be stronger than her boyfriend as well. Sorry about this long post, my English is not the best, I am from Germany.

BrigitteOct 02 2005 11:38pm
To Lene and Brigitte, congratulations on your victories over male opponents! This helps to ensure that ladies are treated with respect by men, irrespective of who is the stronger sex. Another comment to Brigitte: leg scissors are a lethal hold - if a lady has mastered the technique, very few men will escape. To Sue and Kate, you should keep working out with weights if you want to build some more upper arm strength to help you beat male opponents at armwrestling. Daniel, as a fellow male, I give you the encouragement to keep up your strength - if Kate wants to beat you at armwrestling, at least make her work hard for it! Regards to you all!

MikeOct 03 2005 1:31am
Well guys, i lost! I am not too sure that we were doing it particularly correctly but Kate's thighs were much more powerful than mine and i know i am not that weak. I think most men would struggle in this game - women have stronger hips and thighs generally. But as ever i loved the competition and doesnt worry me in the least. Trying to get Kate to get better with her arm strength and technique and then that would be good.....Shout it loud and proud.......Love strong women!

Daniel (uk)Oct 03 2005 2:24am
And I really enjoyed beating Daniel! Suprising how easy it was despite how strong his legs are... thanks for the encouragement Lene and Mike (and Daniel..)

KateOct 03 2005 5:04am
Brigitte - Are there a lot of naturally strong girls like yourself where you live?

Daniel (uk)Oct 03 2005 8:47am
Congratulations Kate, I told you that men are inferiout when it comes to this game. If you did it right you can do it best out of 4 matches. Something like this: MATCH 1 Daniel starts sitting on a chair with his legs parted about 75-80 degrees angle. Kats puts her legs outside Daniels and try to press his legs together. I am sure you won that one Kate. MATCH 2 You switch places, even here I guess that Daniel will have problems to press Kates legs together MATCH 3 Daniel starts with his knees pressed together with Kates outside his. Daniel tries to force Kates knees apart. To make this game a bit more excited you can put a coint between Daneils legs and see if he can press Kates knees apart so that can will fall to the floor. Even with this little advantage I think it might be difficult for Daniel to win. MATCH 4 Switch places but skip the coin, I think Kate alreadu has an advantage being a woman. As Daniel mention women have very strong hips, thighs and buttocks. And they are more limber. Just think about the power that is needed to give birth to a child. Keep on playing, you seem like a nice couple

LeneOct 03 2005 10:24am
and to you Daniel (UK), you are a good looser, not very many can take loosing a strength contest to a woman.

LeneOct 03 2005 10:32am
To Daniel and Kate I can now say that I have also challanged my boyfriend to thigh wrestling matches (thank you Lene for telling how it should be done properly). After beating him both at armwrestling and playwrestling I felt confident I could beat him. My boyfriend is now quite aware of my strength but anyway thought he could give me a good match since he is playing football (soccer) and have strong legs. We have thigh wrestled several times this weekend and I have won all the matches. I am sure that some of you that have posted here are right, this is a woman's game. I just feel so powerful when I smash my boyfriends legs together or prevent him doing the same with mine. I must admit that I more and more like being the stronger part in my relationship. My boyfriend is a bit confused about the hole thing but anyway all this playing have given us some good laughs and we are very much inloved. To Daniel (UK) I can say that I guess there are plenty of strong girls around where I live in Germany. Many German girls/women are bigboned. I didn't really think I was very strong until I found out I was so much powerful than my boyfriend. I don't think he is the strongest of men but he is no wimp either.

BrigitteOct 09 2005 10:39pm
Lene. It sounds like you have had a lot of armwrestling matches against women and men. I was wondering. Are these matches against friends or strangers? Where do they take place and what are the events that take place that lead to the actual match. I enjoy reading your responses. M.B.

M.B.Oct 17 2005 9:11am
I simply challange friends, relatives and sometimes co-workers. Since many people now know that I am into this I get challanged quite often. I can be a tease about it but it is never really that serious from my side, but some guys can be really agressive about the whole thing. For me it is good fun.

LeneOct 18 2005 1:19am
I have red the comments here for a while. I have since I married my husband thought I was stronger than him but never tried to find out. He is rather skinny, 5'9 and only 137 pounds while I am 5'9 and 173 pounds. Anyway I challanged him yesterday to both arm and legwrestling. I was almost shocked how easy it was for me to beat him. He was even morf shocked, he thought he was stronger than me because he is a man. A bit stupid since I am quite a bit bigger than him. Anyway he couldn't even beat me with both his hands against my weakest arm. When I leg wrestled him (indian type) it was like an adult person against a child, I am so much stronger than him in my legs, hips and back. I rather enjoy being stronger than him. I guess he is below average strength for a man and I am clearly stronger than the average woman (I have armwrestled several of my female friends). My husband is today rather quite, he asked me this morning not to tell anybody about the outcome of our matches. I told him that I am not sure if I can keep that. So here I am telling everybody on this board. I am sure that I will tell me friends about it sooner or later. I suspect that one or two of my female friends are stronger than their hubbies as well, they work out a lot and their men are not working out at all.

BetsyOct 22 2005 7:35am
Betsy, can you lift your husband over your head? If you haven't tried it yet, you should. It is the ultimate show of strength over a person to be able to press them far overhead.

crismossOct 24 2005 6:47am
My wife always beat me at armwrestling. It never bthered me because she was a half a head taller and 40 lbs heavier. It would bother me more if she were some petite little thing

PaulOct 24 2005 8:18am
I never tried to lift my husband over my head, I might try that some time but not for the moment, I am sure he would object. He is still a bit upset about the outcome of our arm and leg restling matches.

BetsyOct 24 2005 11:02am
Betsy, You gave your's and your husband's respective weights, how do your other measurements compare? Such as biceps, thighs, waist, chest etc. Are you much bigger than him all around? Do you know how much you can each benchpress? Have you ever lifte him at all? If you have, was it easy for you? If you did try the overhead lift, do you think you'd be able to do it? Sorry for all the questions, it's just that I'm very interested. Thanks.

CrismossOct 24 2005 1:59pm
Chrismoss, I don't know about the other measurements. You can see when looking at us that I am bigger all over, more powerfully built. I am sure I can lift him in different ways, he is only 137 pounds, but so far I have just lifted him once, when I was hugging him. I don't know how much I can benchpress. I don't know if my husband has ever lifted a weight, it is not his cup of tea. I work out, mainly aerobics, body pump etc. I work out once a week with weights. I might test sometime how much I can lift. I do 3x30 pushups every morning and 3x100 situps. I can do 3x40 pushups. I can do 3x30 pushups with my feet up on a chair. Not to bad. Never seen my husband do a pushup, don't think he is too good at it. I must give him that he is a better runner than me.

BetsyOct 24 2005 11:22pm
ld personally love it and Im sure most on this board would too. Another thing you could do is to lift one of your friends who is about the same size as your husband. Then you would know if you could press him over your head.

crismossOct 25 2005 8:06am
I've got to say that after nearly two years in a gym that I began to notice that my muscles looked more developed compared to my husband. I finally got up the courage to ask him to flex and let me measure his biceps and I measured mine. I kind of shocked him with that because I had about an inch more at over 15 inches. I was still thinking he should win at armwrestling because he is a man but when we finally did he was nowhere near as strong as I thought and it was easy to beat him over & over. I also found that my muscles are harder than his and much more visible. It's wrestling next!

MalindaOct 25 2005 5:45pm
Malinda, go for it! How has he reacted to your larger muscles and superior strength?

WowserOct 25 2005 8:49pm
Well done, Malinda! A nice reward for all your hard work in the gym. I hope your husband has come to terms with his defeat and that your relationship doesn't suffer.

MikeOct 26 2005 5:27am
Malinda, what are you and your husbands respective ages, heights and weights?

crismoss80Oct 26 2005 6:19am
I've been flexing my muscles in front of him and telling him that I'm stronger and that he will have to wrestle me. I'm 5'7" 175 pounds. He is 5'11" and maybe 170. we are both in our early thirties. We have armwrestled again with the same results. So we wrestled and I discovered he didn't have the upper body strength to do much about it and I could pin his arms. I also held his arms with my knees and showed him my arm muscles for awhile! He had to give up when he was pinned. I showed him my muscles and watched his expression as I pushed my knees into his biceps I'd flex mine in front of him and his eyes just stayed fixed on what I was showing him. There's such a difference between our muscles now plus his face is right there watching my muscles flex as I tell him the difference. He now wants me to flex so he can look at my body and asked me to wrestle him again! I've also taken measurement everywhere and I'm bigger then he is when it comes to muscles. He's in a state of shock about this because I've never really challenged him until now. He now knows I'm much stronger than before.

MalindaOct 30 2005 5:30pm
Malinda,can you lift your husband over your head? If you havent tried it, you should

crismossOct 31 2005 9:22am
Malinda, great job. A really great description of your wrestling match. It sounds like your husband might be a closet fan or has just learned that he likes female muscle. Ask him about it and tell us more about your superior muscles and strength.

WowserNov 02 2005 7:58am
I lost at armwrestling to Julie, a young lady friend of mine many years ago. I had noticed when I helped her to move house that she was very strong (she seemed to lift and push heavy items with ease), so on one of my visits shortly afterwards when we were alone together I turned the conversation to the subject of female strength. I asked Julie how she came to be so strong, referring to some of her exploits of strength which I had seen. She seemed quite surprised by my question, but she explained she was quite used to carrying heavy bags around. Eventually, I hesitantly dared to ask her for an armwrestle, and she agreed. I felt quite confident of victory, but doubts were sown in my mind as Julie confidently said she thought she could beat me. Anyway, we moved into her kitchen where she had a large table, and we started. I tried to go all out for a quick victory, but, to my surprise, I found I couldn't move Julie's arm which seemed 'locked' in the horizontal position. Eventually, after several seconds, I had to settle for trying to hold her arm in place. I tried again to gain ground, and failed once again. By now, I was beginning to feel desperate as I felt my arm starting to tire, whilst Julie still looked quite strong and comfortable. She began to apply more pressure and I felt her gaining ground. After another few seconds, my strength gave way and she forced my arm down onto the table. I was shocked and she was delighted! She was a really good friend and she never teased me about our armwrestling match in a nasty way, but, I must admit, I was rather embarrassed!!

MichaelNov 07 2005 4:33pm
As a muscular, hairy armed woman, I wanted to leave a note here to let all you men know that I enjoy all the attention that is paid to me. I'm 27 years old, with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Ever since I was a little girl, boys, men, and even many girls and ladies have asked to touch, and play with my hairy arms. I have never met anyone that was rude or obnoxious about it. They were all just as nice as could be, since it was so special to them. I know full well how some people are just so stimulated by seeing hair on a female's arms. I have had many conversations thru out the years, and trust me; no one should be embarrassed about this harmless little fetish! I always let people touch my arms, and pull on it lightly if they wish to. When I meet a really nice person, and if we are away from other people I'll tell them I like it too, and I'll give them all the time they want. Many ask to kiss my forearms, and that turns me on as well as them. Lesbians seem to really like a strong (I used to do a little bodybuilding), hairy blonde. I get at least one woman a week stop me and ask me about my arms. They always ask to feel the hair, and then ask if I'm bi-sexual (not really interested). They just want to spend time telling me about their fantasies of having a muscular, hairy woman dominate them in bed. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times. Someday I might take one of them up on it! You know the funny part is that my girlfriends get a kick out of being with me, when a guy will walk right up and compliment me on my hairy arms. Sometimes I think the girlfriends get a bit jealous too. They wish they had some feature that drove men and boys wild. Teenage boys are really fun to talk to. They are so shy and afraid of how I might take it. Little do they know that I love to play along, and feed their fantasy. They'll be complimenting me on how hairy my arms are, and out of nowhere, I ask them to put their arm up next to mine. I'll say something like ?look, my arm is much hairier than yours!", and then flex my arm. Then they really are taken aback, a woman harier,AND more muscular than them! I have found that every guy and girl that likes hairy arms, also secretly admires muscles on a woman too. Many want to arm wrestle me, and I have obliged most people who ask. The fun part comes while we are struggling at arm wrestling, they will reach out and play with the long blonde hairs on my forearms. While they are distracted by their sexual desires, I slowly pin their arm! So for any of you who think you are the only ones out there who have a secret fetish for hair, relax. Take it from someone who has become a world class expert on people who like hairy armed women. There are millions of you out in the world. If you are polite, and sweet about it, I'm sure just about any woman will oblige you to some small degree. And if you're sweet and shy, and run into me, just ask, I'll grant just about any request... Which do you want to do? Feel my forearms, run your fingers thru the hair on my arms, or just kiss all the blonde hair all the way up my triceps? Maybe pull the inch long hair on my thighs? Just tell me... Love you all for being so sweet, Debra C. Debra C. Debra Carver

Debra CarverNov 09 2005 9:17pm
My wife has always been stonger than me, she didn't tell anybody in the beginning, it was our little secret. But then she started to work out to build even more strength and to build muscle. She is very proud of her strength but I really don't like her telling everybody about her being stronger than me. She quite often flexes her impressive muscles and saying things like she is the one with the brawn in our family and that I need to come to her to lift heavy things, do impossible wine corks etc. I wish she stopped that, I have talked to her about it but she thinks I am childish. She just tells me that I can start to work out to become stronger than her anytime I want (not that she thinks this is possible).

ArvidNov 12 2005 12:48am
i would love to find a girl who is stronger than me, being quite strong myself doesnt help. i go to the gym and sometimes see some muscular women who probably are.i wish i wasnt so shy and could approach them to ask them out! my thoughts are that a trong woman would rather an even stronger man, so why would they want me. it's nice to haer that some women do like weaker men!

dave(uk)Nov 12 2005 4:20am
debra - where are you from?

Daniel (uk)Nov 13 2005 5:21am
Anonymous, it seems to me that your assertions contain far too many generalisations. Some girls, of course, are stronger than boys, and girls may, in fact, generally be stronger around the age of 12 or 13, but boys generally overtake girls in physical strength from the age of about 16. After that, girls/ladies have to start working out seriously with weights in order to narrow the gap and/or overtake their male counterparts. Some ladies manage to achieve this (e.g. plenty of accounts on this board about wives who go to the gym and end up stronger than their husbands), but is this a ground for saying that women are the stronger sex? This seems to me very debatable, at the very least.

MikeNov 24 2005 8:52am
My sister beat me at armwrestling the other day. I had never done this with her before and had no idea she was strong. I was also taken by surprise by the fact that she has a bigger bicep and never noticed until we were armwresling and after loosing she flexed and I realized she has more muscle. I'm 16 and she's 15. It's embarrasing but I can't stop thinking about what happened and why girls seem to be getting stronger. Her girlfriends are strong also.

ThomasNov 25 2005 7:05pm
Good Lord Debra! Hairy arms and a muscular woman? Jow canImeet you to armwrestle and stare at your arms? Do you have any stories you can share with us about how people respond to your beautiful arm?

JeffDec 19 2005 10:51pm
Because this topic is titled girl beats guy in armwrestling I was wondering if there are any older women who beat their grown sons in an armwrestling match and if there are what was the sons reaction to losing to his mother

J.T.Dec 26 2005 8:57am
If my girlfriend beat me armwrestling I'd be so humiliated I could never look at her again. Or anyone else. I'd probably join the Merchant Marine - get shipped to Africa and jump ship, change my identity and hide.

Macho ManDec 26 2005 7:19pm
Go to and you?ll see a women that can BEAT men in armwrestling. Watch the video-clips

AndersDec 27 2005 1:19am
ok I give, when are you strong and powerful women going to start dating and marrying us weaker guys? after all every strong woman I have met only wanted stronger guys!

billDec 27 2005 9:05am
when i was at a pool at 14, i was beaten by a very sporty girl in armwrestling, this partially got my mail ego into working out, now, 15 years later, when we see each other, she always squeezes my arms, and says that i wouldn't have those biceps if she had not emberrassed me back then with a friendly smile. research were done not too long ago on this issue, result was that if you take a man and women of average build, give them equal training, and they have the equal talent for muscular development, on average the female average reaches a maximum of 91 percent of the male's. My girlfriend can beat all her coworkers and her brothers and their friends in armwrestling or any other strength test, and i can beat her nearly effortlessly. the fact is that she really works out, while others just go "visit" a gym. while an average guy, who never touched a weight in his life, would struggle benching 100 pounds once, she does reps with 160 pounds, this came through training alone, not through some evolutionairy miracle. it is not that girls are getting stronger, men are getting weaker because the lack of physical labour. women are more insecure of their body so try to do more sports.

mike2Dec 28 2005 9:40am
Well well well, this is a sad corner of the internet. Eventually, guys, you'll learn to view women as equals. When everyone's amazed and astounded at one suddenly surpassing a guy in something, the whole world gets on it's feet. And women...are you REALLY that desperate for attention? Yes, you beat a guy in armwrestling. YOU ARE GOD. None of you seem to know what true strength really is. It's all big biceps with you. I've been in shaolin kung fu for some time, and a small child can beat a male or female bodybuilder WITH EASE. Sure, they're much stronger than the kid, but that doesn't mean a thing if you know how to use what you have. Internal energy and linking: two things us Americans can't seem to grasp. But hey, I appreciate strong girls as much as the next perverted 56 year old. Though I just see them as competition, and I love it. If anyone wants to talk/yell at me, send me a message at Maybe I can teach you some self respect. Because honestly, if I had the same view of being doomed to a life of weakness as you people did, I'd be a sad sad little man. Don't take things so seriously. And if you do want to, take up shaolin kung fu. ; )

JoeyDec 28 2005 8:03pm
Oh, and I'm like, what, sixteen? And I have all of this wisdom? Crazyness, no?

Joey...yeah, the same Joey.Dec 28 2005 8:05pm
Well well well, this is a sad corner of the internet. Eventually, guys, you'll learn to view women as equals. When everyone's amazed and astounded at one suddenly surpassing a guy in something, the whole world gets on it's feet. And women...are you REALLY that desperate for attention? Yes, you beat a guy in armwrestling. YOU ARE GOD. None of you seem to know what true strength really is. It's all big biceps with you. I've been in shaolin kung fu for some time, and a small child can beat a male or female bodybuilder WITH EASE. Sure, they're much stronger than the kid, but that doesn't mean a thing if you know how to use what you have. Internal energy and linking: two things us Americans can't seem to grasp. But hey, I appreciate strong girls as much as the next perverted 56 year old. Though I just see them as competition, and I love it. If anyone wants to talk/yell at me, send me a message at Maybe I can teach you some self respect. Because honestly, if I had the same view of being doomed to a life of weakness as you people did, I'd be a sad sad little man. Don't take things so seriously. And if you do want to, take up shaolin kung fu. ; )

JoeyDec 28 2005 8:05pm
Joey, grab this pebble from my hand, there is no interlink between kung fu and physical strength differences between the sexes, or the fantasies of people who get off on stronger women.

mike2Dec 30 2005 7:19am
no girl can beat a guy at armwrestling unless she's on roids

andyJan 04 2006 1:46pm
Im 17 years old bodybuilder my boyfriend 20 years old and we find out I m really stronger than him.I beating him in arm wrestling. We don?t have problem with this , anyway he likes me that way and our sex life is more exciting .I don?t think that boys need to be stronger than his girlfriend , more than this many boys like strong girl .

AnonymousJan 04 2006 2:57pm
Several years back when I was in high-school, a girl broke a boy's arm while armwrestling. She was a fast pitch softball pitcher with muscular arms.

KarenJan 07 2006 1:55pm
Hey Karen, too bad we can't match mike2 and andy up with her. Ha! That would make them believers.

WowserJan 07 2006 2:09pm
JT, I lost to an older woman when I was a senior in High School. It was my girlfriend's mother and we were sitting at the table and an armwrestling match took place. I can' remember the details as this was 20+ years ago but I think my girlfriend started it. Anyway, her mother beat me pretty easily as I remember. Like maybe 10 seconds. I would imagine she was probably 40 or older at the time. I was about 190 and the starting halfback on my high school football team.

CharlieJan 16 2006 10:44am

JOHNJan 16 2006 11:26am
Don?t want to offend anybody. But I cant understand what you are talking about. At the age of 40 I have never seen a woman beating a man in armwrestling or overpowering a man in a physical way. At 1.73 I am not the biggest man on earth and I know a lot woman being taller than me, but they are not stronger than me. I think any story at this page of a woman defeating a man is fantasy. Sure, a bodybuilding woman can be stronger than a weak male. But anything like this is unusual. In normal live the woman has about 60% of male body-strength.

non-fictionJan 22 2006 10:16am
My girlfriend has become a workout nut. We've been to gether for three years and it was embarrising not long ago when she asked to see my bicep and showed me that her's was bigger. After seeing that she wanted to armwrestle, I lost four times. Her flexed arm measured more than fifteen inches while mine is fourteen and her legs have become bigger than mine. I'm four inches taller but now she weighes ten pounds more than me. She once claimed that she had better bodybuilding muscles and that my muscles were for distance running and I guess now she is right. This change took about two years for her to add inches of muscle size over me. I have worked out and with her as well but she gained muscle faster. She has her own weight room at her home and out works me in the hours she puts in.

BillJan 28 2006 3:22pm
My wife and I met in high school. She was much stronger than me, but she chose to hide this fact for awhile. She let me win armwrestling until our relationship developed into a strong one. When she made me aware of her superior strength by beating me easily in several consecutive armwrestling matches, I was very embarassed. If our relationship hadn't already developed, maybe I would have been scared away by her superiority. But, since I had already fallen in love with her, my feelings for her were too strong to ever let her go. So, I pushed my embarrassment aside and we married. I have learned that living with a physically strong woman can be a great experience. She can handle so many things that other women cannot. In fact, since she is stronger than me, she sometimes does things for me that I am unable to do myself. She's a wonderful person and I have loved every minute I have spent with her. My advice for you strong girls, show your boyfriend your superior strength slowly so as not to bruise his ego. Let him get to know the entire you before beating him every time at armwrestling. Let him win a few times first. Advice for the boyfriends, don't be embarassed by strong girls. They can take better care of you better than the little prissy ones in the long run. I know from experience.

MikeFeb 19 2006 8:59am
My girlfriend and I have been dating for four years now and sex is getting better everyday because she is a bodybuilder and is constantly working out with heavy weights and exercising. Every night when I get home from my desk job she immediately attacks me and has her way with me. She jumps on my bones until I am forced to give up and cry "auntie". Then she undresses me and forces me to either make her cum or have sex her way. She is always on top and dictates how long we have sex. When she sees that I'm tiring, she teases me and forces me to lick her breasts. Then she twists my arm behind my back and wraps her steely muscular legs around my neck until I give again. Then when I'm worn out, she gives me a blow job to try to stimulate me again. I'm exhasuted but my go, what a way to end virtually each day. Who cares about dinner?

DonaldMar 10 2006 6:38pm
Girls'S muscles are slowly fatigue... I'm a young teacher. I armwrestled with some of my pupil a short time ago. One of the girls gave me a big suprise. I'm thin and I never done sports. My weights are 152 lbs.(my biceps size: 12,5 inches. But this girl is only 110 lbs.(her biceps size: about 11 inches, but harder then mine). Her built is thinner then mine but well-toned (she was a national skipping-rope champion. In the right-handed match we both gave all of the powers! I managed to won during 25 seconds. In the left-handed match she resisted just a little that I wasn't able to move her arm from the start-position. When she felt my tiredness she brought down her strength a little. So I could move her arm to 10 degrees position (but it was a very hard fight for me but not for her). Then the shock hit me! I began to felt that the girl's biceps just had been relax for that time, and she have started to flex her muscles really omly from this moment. She stopped my hand easily and pull back to the start position. She said: "I will crush your resistance, my little teacher!!!" She played her game with me -down and up- at fifth time. And I was absolutely unable to resist against her power.She had the same power the during our first match, but I lost all of my backups. After 2 minutes the girl pinned down my arm with a big smile in her face and I was absolutely humilitied. My fortune was that she was more persistent than bright. Bexause she believed me that I just left her to win... (She believe it too, because only two, bigger and athletic boys could beat me in armwrestling in her class.)

molnargyulaMar 11 2006 4:07pm
To be honest...I dont know if I could even be with a girl that is not good at armwrestling (she does not have to beat anyone or be as big as a crane, but just "talented")...I like strong girl, especialy those who doesn't look strong ;-)

AW AdmirerMar 11 2006 5:17pm
Charlie.. I realize this happened over twenty years ago but can you remember thinking if you had a chance of winning. When you lost were you surprised. Did your girlfriends mother look strong. This is interesting. Thanks. J.T.

J.T.Mar 16 2006 4:38am
I love women with anorexic super-weakling arms.

Single ManMar 28 2006 10:59pm
Single Man, you need to find a forum about weak helpless skinny women and people that like women that way... if you can.

AnonymousApr 04 2006 8:27pm
to be honest power has nothing to do with your sex, its to do with genetics, thoguh what iam going to say is a little girl would have the advantage on a little boy coz the female sex matures alot faster, Girls stop growing at 16, men stop at 22... girls are 2 years ahead of boys before 16 but when a guy reachs 18 it could go either way, though men have 4 more years to become stronger...

MADRICKApr 06 2006 3:33am

GRYFOLIONApr 06 2006 3:42am
Despite the "stellar" preceding post, I would like to say it is quite common for women to be stronger than comparably sized men. I have seen it over the last eleven years working here at L.A. Fitness Center's Wilshire Blvd. Gym. I know personally of at least ten women that can bench press 275 pounds, or more. This is unheard of for boys in high school, and very rare in Men's collegiate athletics. Sure, the biggest football players can do it, but not in baseball, volleyball, or swimmers! Many of these macho guys are put in their place here by women that have a moderately muscular physique, but have tremendous power for their size. Our best example is a stunt women that works out here, five days a week. She is about 5'10", and weighs about 175 lbs. She can do 21 pull ups, I watch her bench press 300 lbs, and do over 1000 in the leg press. If you saw her, you'd think she was an aerobics teacher, not a power lifter. Sheer genetics, and training have made her stronger than 85% of the men her size. It does happen!

Jan PickensApr 10 2006 12:50pm
Jan, you are soooo right!! Every school has a girl, stronger than most of the boys. Our school had a girl that beat almost every boy at arm wrestling and pull ups. Just think one girl per school, per year, over forty years means there are hundreds of super strong women of all ages out there!!!!! Don't listen to people like Gryfolion, jeez he can't even spell, how can he be an intelligent observer?

Lynda V.Apr 10 2006 12:56pm
I remember when I was in school, 9th grade (Swedish school). Our teacher said we should compare the strength between the girls and boys, not by armwrestling or anything like that but by pulling a string that was attached to some kind of scale. You should stand up and pull the string upwards with your shoulder and armstrength. He wanted the strongest girl to start. She pulled the scale as hard as she could and she than became that day's unit. We should all be compared to her. Then the strongest boy should do the same. Everybody in the class should guess how hard the boy (Lennart) could pull the string compared to the strong girl (Viveka). Everbody guessed that he should be stronger. The average guess was 1,25 Viveka (that days unit remember?). Well, Lennart didn't do that well, he could pull the string 0,8 Viveka. He was extremely embarrased about this and wanted another go. This time he could only pull the scale to 0,78 Viveka. Than the whole class should pull this string. I could only pull the scale to 0,65 Viveka. And the surprising thing was that the girls had a better average than the boys. I hope this was understandable. By the way I am married to Viveka today, and I think that I have about 0.65% of her strength. Her shoulders are very strong and a long life of gym work outs has helped her stay strong.

OlleApr 11 2006 12:10am
I'm in highschool and play baseball. My sister is playing softball and is a year younger. Has anyone else noticed the girls muscles are getting big because of gym workouts and sports? I have lost at armwrestling to my sister every time since about the first of the year and now noticed her muscles are bigger than mine! She's not the most developed on her team. One of the girls has more muscles than most guys and her calves are larger than my thighs and my mid thigh is 20 inches but I can see that her calves are larger when she sits next to me. I'm shure she has the biggest leg muscles at our school but I don't know how much she could lift with her legs. She isn't fat. I can see that girls are getting way stronger and often stronger than boys all from sports.

RickApr 11 2006 3:47pm
I am making an open invitation to strong wives/girlfriends to tell their stories and for the husbands/boyfriends to respond. I am researching for a possible feature documentary on the way women are becoming physically stronger and fitter and being more the dominant partner. I need couples or singles to be honest and open about their relationships and possibly appear on film recounting their stories. Would be nice to hear from any interested parties. I and the film company are based in the UK but will look to source any stories or experiences in Europe, USA or elsewhere. My email address is - look forward to hearing from anyone with an interesting story. Thank you for your attention.

Daniel uk (21/04/06)Apr 22 2006 12:12am
check out this poll:

AnonymousMay 11 2006 9:47am
I am a man, and I can't understand how any man could be not upset about losing in armwresting to his wife or girlfriend. It would just freak me out totally.

2006/05/25May 25 2006 12:43pm

AnonymousMay 26 2006 2:18pm
"I am a man, and I can't understand how any man could be not upset about losing in armwresting to his wife or girlfriend. It would just freak me out totally." Why? Does your wife get freaked out when she loses to you? I lost to my girlfrind and we both think it's pretty cool.

deep @ 06-06-26Jun 26 2006 8:19am
Deep, when a man armwrestles a woman, the only NORMAL result is that the man wins effortlessly. It is ** NOT NORMAL ** for a man to lose when he armwrestles a woman. Also, even if the man won at armwrestling against a woman, it is NOT NORMAL if it was difficult for him to win. You say that losing to your girlfriend is cool, but most women will lose respect for men when they realize that they are stronger. WHY did you lose at armwrestling to a woman, and how old are you and your girlfriend? And if you got into an arguement with your girlfriend and she beat you up, would also think that was cool?

Angry ManJul 07 2006 12:13pm
Yes you are an angry man.Deep is saying that his gf and himself are cool with it. To them it's not a big issue. Where then is the problem? Well along you come with your rules of "NORMAL" and try to stir the pot. If you want to get bent out a shape about it, go ahead. This is probably why women leave because some macho guys gets bent out of shape about something that she doesn't really see as being that big. Chill

MikeJul 10 2006 3:01pm
Hey angry man, lighten up... Take it from a lady that gets asked to arm wrestle almost every single day.... When I beat the guy, he is never angry, he wants to try again and again! He likes that a woman is stronger than himself. These guys always ask me to flex over and over. They wish they had my arms. Trust me, most guys are turned on by, and worship a stronger woman!

Debra CarverJul 15 2006 1:29am
Debra, have to admit... I would be one of those guys who would ask you to flex over and over again.

StevenJul 16 2006 9:32am

WowserJul 23 2006 4:25pm
Yes, it happened! I could beat my boyfriend at armwrestling the other night. We have been seeing each other for a couple of years, we have always been playfighting (we are both athletic and physically active)and armwrestling. My bf has always been able to beat me when we armwrestle, he have had difficulties especially with left hand (I am a leftie) and it hasn't been easy with his right hand either but I have to say he has been stronger. I have won perhaps 40% of our wrestling matches since I am much better to use my legs than he is. Some months ago I decided to become stronger and started to go to the gym 5 times a week instead of three and also worked out to build muscle. And it happened, my body responded very well to the work out and my muscles started to grow. I have also worked out the way some armwrestlers do, climbing ropes using only my arms, using a hand strengthener to get a better grip. Some nights ago I decided that it was about time to show my bf what his gf was made of. And I won, I won easily with my left arm and it took my perhaps 40-50 seconds to pin his right arm. He wasn't that cool about it straight after his losses but I told him that many girlfriends can beat their boyfriends. I have had a wish to be stronger than my boyfriend since we first met. He is still stronger than his male friends. And I am stronger...than all of them.

LeneJul 26 2006 12:14am
Good work Lene! I hope he has accepted his position as the weaker one. I think it's cool that you are now stronger than him and his friends. How do you compare size-wise?

WowserJul 26 2006 9:21pm
I'm 174 cm 76 kg and he is 178cm 73 kg so we are about the same size. We haven't measured our muscles but my thigh, calve- and shoulder muscles are bigger than his and biceps would be about the same but mine are harder. It's cool to be strong, more and more girls/women realize that.

LeneJul 27 2006 3:13am
Well Lene, there are a lot of guys that really envy your bf and certainly appreciate your attitude. Keep us posted on your progress.

WowserJul 27 2006 8:21pm
Wow, lene, you sound like a cool girl. How old are you two? Are you from scandinavia?

deep 2006-07-29Jul 29 2006 9:01am
Hi Angry Man. "You say that losing to your girlfriend is cool, but most women will lose respect for men when they realize that they are stronger." I think that's a myth. My girl loves me even more after her win. She says it has make us come closer somehow. She thinks its great i'm cool with it and her strengh. " WHY did you lose at armwrestling to a woman, and how old are you and your girlfriend? " Ehh, she won course her arms are stronger (and bigger) than mine. She has alittle more fat so my muscle are more visible, but when she flexes she is really hard and bigger size. Her body is really curvy and feminine, still stronger than mine. i'm 32, she is 30y. "And if you got into an arguement with your girlfriend and she beat you up, would also think that was cool?" That was the most stupid i heard. We don't beat each other up. Do you beat up your girlfriend just becourse you are stronger?

deep 2006-07-29Jul 29 2006 9:25am
Deep, you don't understand me. I never lost armwrestling to a woman, and I never beat up a woman. Period. You said your girl loves you even more after her armwrestling win over you? Well, that's great for you, but not all women would react that way. Some women would just lose respect for you and insult you.

Angry ManJul 29 2006 7:36pm
Police Hunt 4 Women In Beating Death Of Bingo Winner April 11, 2006 Police in Toronto are searching for four women suspected of beating a man to death over a $1,000 jackpot he had just won in a bingo hall, according to Local 6 News. Police said Yousif Youkhana, 58, was walking outside the Country Bingo Hall over the weekend with his $1,000 winnings when he was approached by the women. When Youkhana refused to hand over the jackpot, the women kicked and punched him, the report said. Witnesses said the man stumbled back into the bingo hall after the attack and later died from his injuries. The women fled on foot after the beating, according to witnesses.

curious1Jul 29 2006 7:37pm
Way to go Debra, I'm one of those guys who not only admit that Women are superior to men, I'm glad you Women are stronger and better. You go Girl!

benSep 10 2006 10:42am

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:03pm
I've never actually seen a girl beat a guy at armwrestling, but I imagine it causes most surprise when both participants (and onlookers) expect the guy to win. I can imagine the changing reactions during the contest: they lock arms for some time; the girl realises she is competing well and senses that her boyfriend is struggling; this encourages her to try harder; the guy is struggling to move his girlfriend's arm; he starts to feel desperate as he feels his arm weakening; onlookers begin to sense a 'shock' result and cheer the girl on. Then, it happens! The guy's strength gives way and the girl forces his hand down onto the table. The onlookers cheer a female victory, she's thrilled with herself, and he is completely bewildered. Hopefully, their relationship will survive, but no doubt some of these elements will sound familiar.

BarryOct 17 2006 3:58pm
I work close to a university. I have seen many times, I would say 30-40 times, students of both sexes armwrestling each other in the caf?s and bars. In about 10 of these matches I have seen the female coming out as winners. What's in it for the guys you may ask? If a woman challanges a man she is probably stronger than the average woman and the guy might be smaller than the average man. Anyway I have been surprised to see the female victories when I first saw it but not anymore. There is another game that I really don't know the name for (it is perhaps not for this board since it is not armwrestling). You sit opposite each other and try to force your opponent legs together with your legs outside and vice versa. I can say that so far I have only seen one or two men winning this against the women. It might have something to do with women having a wider angle from their hips that make them superiour in this sport, it is interesting anyway.

ObserverNov 13 2006 12:15am
I think that the name of the game you observed could be called thigh wrestling, but I am not sure. I have seen this as well and when you mention it, the women seem to have an advantage here. Women often have strong legs and wide hips, clearly something positive for doing this thigh wrestling thing. I remember testing this against a girl when I was about 17 years old (more than 60 years ago). I remember her laugh pressing my legs together. And I think she was 2 or 3 years younger than me.

Now old manNov 16 2006 11:53pm
Two days ago during dinner with some friends at home I told them about this poll and similar others, I am interested in this issue and have to admit that strong women turn me on as well. Anyway the women (we were 3 women and 4 men, 3 couples and me)got interested as well, they could tell several stories about women being able to beat men at strength oriented games and tests. One of the ladies was a nurse and she told us that she about 10 years ago had worked as a nurse where young men go drafted for military service. They tested the young men's physical abilities and health. She did the same tests and to her surprise her results were above avarage for 18 year old men when it came to upper body strength and quite a bit more above average when it came to leg strength. She was almost 40 then. She is a gym rat and said she had won several arm wrestling matches at work (she is still a nurse) against both sexes. Challanges were thrown over the table from the other two ladies and they quickly learned that the powerful nurse was indeed strong. I told them about the type of leg wrestling I described in my last posting (thigh wrestling? thank you Now old man for telling)and the three ladies soon were trying this as well. The nurse again won. So far us men had only watched the ladies testing their strength. One of the ladies asked the nurse if she was stronger than her husband? The nurse laughed and looked at her husband, yes who is stronger? He looked embarrassed and said to us men, well try to beat her, she is strong. I was game, A couple of minutes later I was soundly beaten with both arms, as easy as the other ladies. I just had to try the thigh wrestling as well. When I tried to force the nurse legs together I realized I couldn't budge her legs at all while she was able to smash mine together. The other men lost to the women as well thigh wrestling. But two of the men won against their wives when it came to armwrestling. I think if you break the ice both men and women are curious to pit their strength against each other even if men have everything to loose really since they "should" be the stronger sex. Comments?

ObserverNov 23 2006 12:27am

slorpNov 24 2006 4:55pm

prolsNov 25 2006 4:23am
There is surely a psychological element to mixed armwrestling. If a lady challenges a man to an armwrestle, it is probably a sign that she is quite strong and confident in her chances of winning. This show of confidence could, in turn, be quite unnerving for the candidate male opponent who is faced with a choice. He could refuse to armwrestle the lady, but then she may claim a 'moral' victory or accuse him of being scared of losing to a female. If, on the other hand, he accepts the challenge, he half expects to be confronted by a strong and confident female opponent and may not relish the challenge. Moreover, if the contest is in public (quite likely?) he knows that it will attract attention and most people present will expect him to win. In this situation, it seems to me that the lady starts with a huge psychological advantage!

MichaelNov 27 2006 12:35am
November 27, 2006

AnonymousNov 27 2006 11:02am
I armwrestled my cousins on xmas and they both beat me badly. I am 20 and in college but have not worked out since hs. Both of my cousins who are 14 and 16 lift weights in school for sports and when I was at my aunts house in the basement she has a weight room. The girls were very strong and lifted alot of weight and when we armwrestled they put my arm right down, I weigh 155 one girl weights 125 and the other 135 it was amazing...12-26-06

a weak male I guessDec 26 2006 3:38pm
Don't feel bad. Its only natural that a guy who doesn't work out should lose to a girl who does.

AnonymousDec 29 2006 8:14am
My own little sister has almost 15" biceps from weight training for HS sports. My arms measure 14" and I'm a year older and 2" taller. Her muscles are hard, it's not fat! I've thought about armwrestling with her but haven't yet. Ya, I wouldn't feel bad about loosing to a girl as I'm doubting that I can beat my own sister.

BlaineJan 07 2007 9:41am
January 7, 2007

AnonymousJan 07 2007 9:45am
I can tell you that I was extremely frustrated the night when my wife showed me she was stronger than me. Some years ago my wife started to work out seriously, she has always been working out in some ways but when she reached 40 she wanted to change the way she looked and also wanted to become stronger. Very soon she was working out 3 times a week at a gym and also started a work out routine at home doing pushups, situps etc. One evening when I came home from work she had just finished her evening work outs (she is doing morning ones as well), she had a sports bra and lycra tights on. I realized how good she was looking but also how buff! Her shoulder and arm musles were all pumped up after many pushups. I told her she looked great and that she looked strong. She smiled and flexed her biceps. I was stunned, she had really big biceps. She kept on smiling and told me that I could perhaps get muscles like her if I started to work out. She wanted me to take my t-shirt off and compare. I have a very lean and slim physique with wiry but strong muscles. Standing beside my wife I for the first time realized she was more muscular than me, of course I had to say that I was stronger even if she was bigger. Next minute we were sitting at our kitchen table with our hands looked for an armwrestling match. I couldn't budge her one bit, she kept me sweating for a while and then just pushed me down, dead easy. She teased me quite a bit after that and I had really big difficulties taking that. I started to work out more but so did she. Now 6 years later I have come to grips with the situation that my wife is quite a bit stronger than me, she has beaten some male friends of ours to "make me feel better". She totally dominated my best friend slamming his hand down in seconds when they armwrestled some time ago. This made my friends new girlfriend very angry and she actually left my buddy since he was such a weakling that couldn't pin a woman's arm at armwrestling. So it is a tough issue for both men and women, I think women in general want their men to be physically stronger, to be the one that protects. And the same goes for men, it is really embarrassing to be weaker than a woman, especially if that woman is your girlfriend or wife.

Armstrong?Jan 16 2007 12:04am
Hi Blaine. 15 inches is very impressive for a girl, she must be strong. How old are you and your sister? What sports do she do? How do you know her armsize, have she measured them herself?

DeepkickJan 16 2007 10:02am
Deepkick, my sister is a softball pitcher and has daily weight lifting workouts I'm 17 and she's one year younger. We compared our biceps flexing with a tape measure. I workout too and her muscles have become even bigger from weight training. I did armwrestle her and lost and that made her day. I'm not embarrised by it but we kept it to ourselves.

BlaineJan 28 2007 10:24am
February 1 , 2007

AnonymousJan 31 2007 3:45pm
My 15 year old son came home the other day and looked really miserable. I asked him what happened and after a while he told me that they had an armwrestling tournament at school and that he had been beaten by many girls (he had actually just won against oneout of 10 girls)and so had a lot of the other boys. My son's school have for many years been famous for their girl athletes, the girl's basketball, volleyball and gymnastic teams are a lot more successfull than the boys from the same school. My son is still rather small and I can understand that it's tough for a boy to be badly beaten at armwrestling by a girl his age. I think that my son will have to learn to live with this since I don't think he will be a big sturdy man, he looks more like his father (my ex-husband), a rather skinny man, than me since I am big boned and rather muscular. I have told my son to start working out if he can't take being with girls that are stronger than him but I don't think he will do this since he rather will play guitar. I have armwrestled him and he is really weak, I just have to use 30-40% of my strenght to beat him.

Strong motherFeb 01 2007 11:40am
Blaine, my girlfriend's biceps are almost fifteen inches now. This is because of sports training and she has built her muscles up very easy compared to me. My biceps are thirteen and a half inches. We were about the same about two years ago and were very close at armwrestling, now she will beat me in less than a few seconds. My girlfriends strength doesn't really bother me but just kind of stuns me that she could become this strong. I've measured her bicep at fourteen and three quarter inches not long ago and this wasn't after a workout when you can see her muscles look even bigger. That's the only time I've measured her bicep but I could tell her's were bigger some time back when she flexed and my hand and fingers were able to wrap around my own bicep farther and we compared by sqeezing each other's muscles. I knew she had more muscle at that point. It was still a month or more before I gut the guts up to measure her's and mine. We hadn't even armwrestled in over a year and it was her that started asking to armwrestle after we both could see a difference in our muscles.

DaveFeb 03 2007 11:17am
Fantasies fantasies fantasies. I love the idea of losing to a woman I really do. However It doesn't do anything for me to be beaten by a bodybuider. The only videos I see on Youtube are fakes, or they are of bodybuilders. The only way an average girl will beat a guy is if he has no muscles and weighs less than 110. I am 5'4 138, and have armwrestled 6foot girls who work out, and I won easily. you guys that lose to average girls, are giving in or you have no muscle and are weak as.

arnieFeb 03 2007 2:51pm
arnie's in denial.

DebraFeb 04 2007 9:52am
Hi Strong Mother. Our son just turned sixteen years old and having his first steady girlfriend since a few month. She's at our place almost daily since he have a big house and a pool. Our son is slim and not very athletic, and when they fool around by the pool I can't help notice she has much bigger muscles than him in both her legs and arms. He have almost no visible muscle. When they playfight, and they seems to like that, she easily lifts him, pins him and is clearly stronger than him. And she's not a butch girl but more of a girlygirl with long blonde hair and popular at school. She is involved in sports at schools where their coach have them working out at the gym regulary, and our son is more interested in videogames and music. I'm a bit surprised by her strenght, but they both seems to be cool about it. She says most girls in her team are stronger than the boys in the school and she can take most of the guys in her class in armwrestling. Things have really changes since i was in school. My son says almost all girl in his school trains sports regulary and most guys don't, they are more inte motors and computers and so on. Last sunday he where having his friends over, 3 girls and 3 guys in his age and i notice that all three guys seemed skinnier then the girls. This site has been interesting to read.

Another Mom 2007-02-05Feb 05 2007 10:44am
Nice to see another mom here. Things are changing since we were young. Of course there were girls stronger than boys when I was at school as well, I know that I was stronger then some of the boys when we were in our teens but I didn't show it since this was considered unfeminine. The girls at my boys school seem to be proud of their strength and many of the boys have stopped competing with them, the girls are just better athletes. Perhaps I have done wrong in showing my son that me, his mother is a lot stronger than him as well but I don't think that young men need to be ashamed of being weaker than a strong girl or woman. It would be nice to hear your opinions about that Another Mom. Have you ever armwrestled your son or any of his friends?

Strong mother 2007-02-13Feb 12 2007 10:59pm
Nothing beats being a strong skilled grrl. The biggest kick you can get is beating boys who "know" they are too tough for a girl. I love to watch their faces as they begin to realize that they might lose, and then as they weaken and begin to struggle desperately, and then when I win. Of course I lose some too, but its worth it. Whats happening with you grrls and guys?

lisaMar 16 2007 11:38am
I watched a girl beat a guy at armwrestling at school. It's true that so many girls are involved in sports. They are in the gym lifting weights every day. When I saw the girl's bicep as she armwrestled, I was really surprised because it was so big and bigger than that boy's. she just held him for a while until he was tired and than just beat him. All the while he was holding the table with his left arm a struggling while she held her left arm out to her side in a girlish way while she watched her right bicep. She also slowly tisted his hand as she curled her wrist it made her bicep get bigger. As the boy lost he was looking at her bicep too, from the backside her muscle bulged up higher than his. When at rest her muscles were not so noticeable but once they started to armwrestle you could see her muscles were bigger than his. Plus the look on his face when he saw this was really something. I mean I even staired at her muscle as it got bigger as they struggled even though she didn't seem to really struggle like he did! The boys got quite while the girls started to chuckle. Some of the girls in sports are getting bigger than most boys and they all lift weights. The girl that sits next to me in science has bigger arms than I do now and last year she didn't. She plays softball and now I can see her muscles in her shoulders and arms when she writes. they're all visible in her forearm and big.

RobMar 17 2007 11:44am

AnonymousMar 26 2007 7:42am
Get used to it Rob! But it won't be so fun to beat boys when they stop getting shocked to meet a stronger girl - lol!

lisaApr 01 2007 8:24am
When I was in school there were definitely girls in my class who were more athletic than me, and some were stronger and tougher than me. One girl in particular liked to push me around a lot. She beat me up a couple of times in elementary school playground fights. I had no chance against her at armwrestling. By the time we got to high school, she was a still more athletic than me -- and she was an athlete who worked out for sports. But even with all of her athleticism and strength training, our roles were reversed. I could easily beat her at armwrestling. And a fight would have been a joke. There wasn't a girl in my high school who could hope to match the boys in upper body strength, or who could hope to outfight a boy. The girls' high school PE teacher was in a different league though. She was 5'10" of chisled granite, with a face like a horse. I never saw her armwrestle a boy, but I have no doubt that she would have beaten all but the very strongest. Very few of the boys would have had the wherewithal to cope with her brute strength and athleticism. Maybe after a few more years many of us caught up with her too.

average joeApr 12 2007 5:36am
I must admit all my girlfriends that I've been attracted to the most were stronger than I. Many times it has been an issue since my thin physique has made the girls feel fat. I've always been insecure about my atraction towards girls that are more muscular, but when a pretty girl flexes it really makes my blood boil with an increased heart beat. This winter when I visited my mother in Florida she said she was working out all winter and flexed her muscle. I recall when I was young she was strong and feel that this is why I like what I like. i DO HOWEVER FEEL SCREWED because not many girls can be attracted to a weaker man. As thin as I am I get hit on quite a bit, just not by beautiful buff girls.

tough cardsApr 21 2007 5:45pm
Thats a bummer. Women, even more then men, buy into the idea that the guy has to be bigger and stronger.

AnonymousApr 22 2007 10:48am
Are you kidding? If any guy ever loses to a girl in arm wrestling, God should take his weiner away from him.

meApr 29 2007 6:27pm
Prepare to lose your weiner. There are hundreds of girls who could beat you.

AnonymousMay 04 2007 2:43pm
I remember hearing about a study carried out on male and female recruits in the US army. It was discovered that the female recruits doubled their strength during basic training so that they were stronger than raw untrained male recruits. I guess those lady soldiers were capable of beating lots of male opponents in an armwrestling match, but I wanted to ask: does anyone have any more informatino about this research? Is there a web site with all the details? I would like to read more about it.

RobMay 05 2007 3:03pm
young women yes can be muscular women over 50? no way lol

strong-19May 09 2007 9:58am
Rob, it was in Time Magazine several years ago, I don't recall the date. After six months of strength training the girls were on avarage stronger than new male recruits.

AnonymousMay 13 2007 10:19am
My girlfriend works out. I can't believe how big her muscles have gotten in what seems like a short time and I would have doubted she could become stronger than me but I now have my doubts that I'm stronger than her! I have yet to armwrestle her though.

DanMay 13 2007 10:29am
Dan, Good luck. It sounds like you might need it. Let us know how it works out.

AnonymousMay 14 2007 11:48pm

AnonymousMay 27 2007 6:10pm
We armwrestled, I lost. She's too strong and I'm embarrised about loosing. I'm turned on by her muscles but feel like she thinks I'm weak. I'm not because I've beat four of six MALE friends at armwrestling. I just hope it doesn't wreck our attraction.

DanMay 29 2007 7:47pm
Dan, how long has your girlfriend been working out and how many times a week does she lift weights? It has obviously benefitted her a lot and she is now very strong. I hope your relationship survives! Best wishes!

MikeMay 30 2007 2:37pm
She's worked out for about 19 months now. Five days a week. last night she showed me how big her bicep gets when she uses it by pulling up on my kitchen counter. Her muscles are big and about when her viens started to show everywhere, she broke the top counter loose with one arm! She thought I'd get mad but I was to stunned by what I was seeing, screw the counter I can fix that! Her bicep was getting bigger when she broke it. She doesn't even realize her own strength! She's a powerhouse.

DanMay 31 2007 9:01pm
Dan, Do NOT be embarrassed, be happy for her and proud of her for what she has accomplished. Also, be up front with her and make sure she knows that you are way turned on by her strength and that you are very okay with it. By that I mean, that her greater strength doesn't make you feel less of a person and even if you are not as strong as her, you are still stronger than others. I hope that when she broke the counter that you told her the same thing you have written about how amazing her strength was and that the counter can be fixed. Maybe get her to break something else, preferably something that is easy to fix or replace. Ha! She sounds wonderful and I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have a man who appreciates her muscles. Best wishes to you both!

AnonymousJun 01 2007 3:53pm
Last week I was dropping off some clothes to my niece and as I was walking through the front door I heard her and a friend of hers discussing something. As I walked into the room my niece asked me if I still worked out. I said yes, about 4 days a week but at my age (49) I was not as into it as I used to be. She then proceed to ask me to "make a muscle" for a test. I asked "what kind of test". She replied that her friend said that her muscle was as hard as any mans muscle because she has been working out for about 6 months and she was rock hard. I looked at her friend who I've known for many years and said you look the same to me (but she had a jacket on). Her friend proceeded to remove her jacket which revealed a very muscular set of shoulders and arms(she was wearing a cut-off shirt). Her friend said "go ahead and flex your arm".I flexed my right arm very hard and she then grabbed a book bag and began to curl it to pump up her bicep. After about 15 reps she put down the bag and flexed her right arm; I almost passed out. It was lets say about 13-14" and it looked split. Her arm reminded me of Gina Farnsworth's arm. She then told my niece to feel her arm and mine at the same time to see who's was harder. I've been lifting for about 15 years but this 17 year olds arm was unbelievable. My niece said that it was about a tie (probably not trying to offend me). Her friend said "no way". She then felt her bicep and then mine. She said "his is hard, but not as hard as mine". So I said let me feel yours. She said "5 bucks". I said why? She said that her 14 year old guy friend who lives next door to her pays her to feel her right arm because he is in awe of the size of the muscle and its hardness. So i took out a 5 dollar bill and gave it to her. She said "wait" and proceeded to grab the book bag again and curled it about 15 times and then flexed her bicep, felt it herself and said go ahead you've got 30 seconds. It was like a piece of iron and after the second pumping I would say atleast 14-14.5 inches and full, peaked and split. I was trying not to shake as I squeezed it hard; It did not dent at all, and it was harder than mine. I asked her how she got so muscular and she repied that her older brother went off to college leaving behind a weight set which she proceeded to play around with and noticed that her arms grew after only 2 weeks of lifting and she liked the look and works out everyday and does arms 3 times a week. I then proceeded to ask if she would arm wrestle and she said "thats ten bucks". I said why? She said that her boy cousin cannot believe how strong she is and after his first loss to her, has to pay because she knows he is captivated by her muscular arms. So I gave her the ten and put my arm on the table. She asked me to "make a muscle for her again" so she could see what she was up against. I obliged and she gave it a good feel and said "not bad for and guy my age" and locked hands. She said we go on 3. I was shocked at her strength and was pushing her down; she then tried to twist my wrist but I was waiting for that and pushed her further down and in about 5 seconds beat her but it was not easy. She said that we should go again when I noticed how pumped her arm was and asked my niece for a tape measure. Her arm was tired; I could tell from all the flexing so she agreed to the measurement which was 14.75" and harder than before. We talked a little more about working out and she said to come back in a few weeks for a re-match. This is a true story. 6-7-07

AnonymousJun 06 2007 8:59pm
June 25, 2007

AnonymousJun 25 2007 6:31am
(This from another forum) Many years ago after my two children were created, my husband encouraged me to return my 5'10" frame back into the athletic form that I proudly displayed in high school & college. I am by nature and VERY disciplined and competitive woman and the challenge was actually what I needed. It was about a year before I saw the changes I wanted and it became apparant that Hal was excited as well. (literally) It wasn't long before he could stand it no longer and he challenged me to arm wrestling ... rememeber I am so competitive, I loved the opportunity and eagerly took on the task. Yes, I was strong, maybe not stronger, but my stamina withstood his advances and over the next months I could out last him and eventualy pull his arm down. For me I wanted more, I wanted to be stronger than him and be able to totally dominate our matches. Over the next months I worked extra hard, at my college gym where I was taking graduate work, and Hal was unaware that I was taking all this very seriously. He had shown his great pleasure at experiencing my strength in these matches, yet I WAS NOT HAPPY. When I felt right, I made a special effort to show him who was strongest and teased him and forced him to admit I was much stronger than him - I flexed - taunted - and I was totally able to control the match and ended it when I wanted to - no waiting for him to weaken, I simply was now stronger than my husband and partner and I now was happy. In order to keep this alive, I continued to open the window of discovery, and began allowing family members and friends to see I was stronger than my husband - I simply challenged him in controlled meetings with others (c*cktail parties - picnics - pool parties, etc.). At first he was taken back by the outting of our "secret" - yet this is exactly what I needed. I wanted the repsect of others for my physical abilities and for the fact that I did indeed over come my being weaker than my husband and now I was the physically superior partner. All the family, including the kids, and our close friends knew that Hal's wife was something special. Since those days, I enjoy my attention and yet I am sure that Hal may have some thoughts about what he wished for .... there is no turing back now!

AnonymousJun 30 2007 5:51pm
iam aguy when i was 17 my sister was 14 she could beat in arm wrestling .she had more muscle. i accept the fact women can be stronger than men.

AnonymousJul 17 2007 6:50pm
How much I'd like to believe all of these stories, I just can't. I hope someday I can tell one of these stories myself. In Belgium there aren't any 15"-bicep girls who are 17 years old... or they're hiding theirselves darn good.

AphexJul 18 2007 12:41pm
The school i work in is a rather small school in sweden, grade 1-9, with less than 200 students. There have been a few incidents the last year about strong girls. In one grade 8 class, a girl can beat all the boys in armwrestling. She have also challange three male teachers and won over two of them. The one who won is a very big guy, the two who lost have avarage build. And we had a fight in the middle of the schoolyard, with ended with a 8-grade girl (not the same girl as above) pinning down and slapping an humiliated 9-grade guy who couldn't get loose. And this spring, the grade 9 girls won aver the boys on both football and brannball (baseball) in their annual battle before they end school. It's the first time the girls have won the footballmatch, before the guys always won easily, but the last few years it have been more close, and this year the girls actually won. I would also say that almost every girl on school is involved in some sort of sport, football, riding, judo, track and field and so on. And i would say less than half of the guys do the same. Many of the guys are just sitting in front of a computer or videogame when the school ends, and are clearly more unfit or skinny than boys where few years ago. I have also notice the girls are more confident and bossy around the boys than before. The footballs girls are not shy about their stong legs, as they often where before, and often compare them next to skinny guys and tease them about it. This spring i also saw a few girls compare arm to a few "cool" guys and the girls was about even with them. I would say there has been an definitive change in power between the girls and boys over the last few years in this school. The girls are not afraid anymore to train their strengh or show off their strengh. I have more example, but it would take too long...

blue nunJul 20 2007 12:52pm
"I have more example, but it would take too long... " Please tell more examples, I've got time!

AnonymousJul 24 2007 8:39am

AnonymousJul 30 2007 1:46am
to lisa that feeling you get from beating guys that are to confident-i have experienced the other side of that, iwas on a date with this girl,i knew she did judo and was quite strong(i knew if we had a fight i would get mangled lol),we had pizza and we both wanted the last slice,she suggested we armwrestle for it-i laughed it off but she insisted,i didnt wanna armwrestle her with evryone watching even tho i know i would easily beat her and told her this.she said fine you can have a headstart,she was really pushing the issue so i said ok.i wouldnt let her give me the headstart tho,anyway we started armwrestling and i put everything into it and her arm didnt budge an inch,my face must have dropped when i looked up to see her smiling and then smack she slammed my hand down.never been so embarassed but ever since i have fancied strong muscular women

boy from walesAug 16 2007 3:50am
In Junior High School, as well as High School, I beat many guys at arm wrestling. I was 5' 10" tall, and weighed about 170 lbs. I was strong from years of track and basketball, and just being a tomboy. I set the girl's pull up record that lasted over twelve years, doing 16 strict pull ups. After that news went out, many boys wanted to arm wrestle me, and I beat all but one guy that was a football player. For three years, guys wanted to feel my muscles, and armwrestle me. I loved the attention, and messed with several guys heads. HAH! The guys were humiliated when girls would tease them, and I loved seeing guys stand up, trying to hide their hardons. Why do guys get so horny around a stronger girl? I still see it today, many years later. I can still make a nice muscle, and at least once a week, some guy wants to feel my muscle. You guys get so jealous! Deal with it!

JanSep 23 2007 8:54pm
In Junior High School, as well as High School, I beat many guys at arm wrestling. I was 5' 10" tall, and weighed about 170 lbs. I was strong from years of track and basketball, and just being a tomboy. I set the girl's pull up record that lasted over twelve years, doing 16 strict pull ups. After that news went out, many boys wanted to arm wrestle me, and I beat all but one guy that was a football player. For three years, guys wanted to feel my muscles, and armwrestle me. I loved the attention, and messed with several guys heads. HAH! The guys were humiliated when girls would tease them, and I loved seeing guys stand up, trying to hide their hardons. Why do guys get so horny around a stronger girl? I still see it today, many years later. I can still make a nice muscle, and at least once a week, some guy wants to feel my muscle. You guys get so jealous! Deal with it!

JanSep 23 2007 8:54pm
Damn Jan you are right, I got a hardon thinking about your story. I'd love to feel a womans muscle, especially one that is stronger than me! I woulod not get jealous, I would kiss your muscles for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David R.Sep 23 2007 8:57pm
Jan, Sounds like guys must think your muscles are sexy. Enjoy.

AnonymousSep 26 2007 6:58am
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