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Hoe beoordeelt u het nieuwe seniorengedeelte van de website van Proxis?

Created by: jeewee00 at 12:16:15 AM, Tuesday, October 29, 2002 PST


This on guys

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:57am

well if i keep dieting and not training ill be so thin and weak than youll look 3 times bigger than me too

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:59am
Ohhh, poor baby. come to me, and i'll take care of you baby. I told you men should not lift heavy stuff, they should leave it for their mammies To be three times smaller this so great. i'll love you even more and more

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:04am
you till appear like a mountain of muscles and me soooo tiny

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:07am
we will niot need a moving company if we need to change house omg

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:09am
Hhhhh, yes this would be great. Do not you want your mammy to be bigger and stronger. To lift you and feed you and sleep with you. My little baby

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:11am
yes but in this way i will look like a children next to u

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:12am
No, you are not children, you are my baby you should look so small and helpless and weak. I'll protect you and feed you

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:13am
if i get weaker and u 3 times bigger than me u literally can lift me overhead singlehanded and keep me there very a baby :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:17am
i can immage the morning when i brush my teeths on the bathroom mirror you'll appear behind me much larger then me everywhere....come behind me so closee holding the sink with both hands so youre arm are around me and you ask me to get free and i cannot even move or push you away

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:18am
Yes, that would be great, my baby. you'll be so small comparing to me.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:21am
u like this way? you will ask me to compare with you every day?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:24am
Hhhhh, the problem that the mirror in my bathroom is small one, so all what you'll see is my body from my tits, to above my pussy will cover the whole mirror, and the i'll lock your hand, and you'll not be able to move unless if i let you.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:24am
what u gonna ask me to do once youll lock my hands in yur grip

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:25am
I do not know, if i was happy i might hug you and start kissing you on your cheek. If i was angry i may lift you and threw you out of the bathroom, or i may lift you and we both brush our teeth together. Actually it depends on my tits sucking and foot massage if they were good while i am sleeping.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:29am
what u mean throw me out of the bathroom

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:30am
for a sec i thought u hold me still in your hand grop and ask me to get free or to move...knowing that is impossible for me....just to show your suoperior strenght

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:31am
I mean if you gave me bad tits sucking or bad feet massage while i am sleeping, i'll lift you and threw out of the bathroom, or under my feet to wait for me until i am done, because i'll be angry from you

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:32am
im your baby of course ill do a good titt sucking! and how you throw me out?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:34am
i wonder what your husband think abt you being 3 times bigger and who knows how many times stronger

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:39am
Well you better do. If i'll throw you i'll lift you from behind i might lift very high and then threw you. It depends where i want to throw you out the bath room or under my feet. When i want to show my superior over men i lift them throw them beat them, not play games with them

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:40am
My husband fear me a lot these, even if i am not beating him. He said that i am the strongest person he ever met. Sometime when he sleep beside he is afraid that i might crush him, and he'll be dead.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:42am
well i think you already are one of the strongest woman in the world

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:44am
our size difference for me will be quite humiliating i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:44am
what games youll like to play with me so? if im a good boy

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:45am
Thank you my little baby. Yes, but i like this to humiliate men ob the difference on power and size. This is how your mammy treat men

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:47am
how u think to humiliate me in power and size?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:47am
Lift you and challenge you to go down by yourself. wrestling between my one leg of me and your whole body. See who can push the other to the wall, i put my arms behind my back and you can use your entire body, and i'll only have my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:50am
well going down by myself its easy i have to jump :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:51am
how can u wrestle just with one leg i dont understand? what are the rule to beat you

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:52am
Hhhhh, you think so, i'll be wearing my 25 heels shoe. and i'll hold you'll not be able to move.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:52am
It is just like arm wrestling, you have to push my leg to the floor using every you have, and i have to push you to the floor using only my leg.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:54am
you will be more than 2 meters high!! well if you hold me its very difficult forme i just can use the tactic of the patience and whait till youre arm muscles are tired and than get free :) im a smart baby

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:55am
omg you think you can put me down if i use all my body vs single leg?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:56am
hhhh, you are a dreamy baby, my holding will hurt you, and you'll beg me to end the game.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:56am
and youll stop if i ask or i have to say something more?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:58am
Yes i'll e 2, 10 meters. Yes my leg is much stronger than your body. 22 inches calves and 30 inches thighs full of muscles,

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:58am
btw if u push with your boobs can i touch them to push back?

curious87Jul 08 2014 7:58am
To stop, you have to beg me, and tell me how strong i am, and how useless weak man you are, then you to go on the floor kissing my feet, because i am so nice to you.

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:59am
my two legs basicly are the same size of just one of yours and theyre pretty soft when i flex i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:01am
i can try any way to get free? like punching your forearms?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:02am
My little baby i am very liberated woman, so yes you can touch them, you can hold them if you want, and i'll be topless. Actually being topless for me is not a big deal, i am topless most of the time my whole family and my husband family all of them see me naked, all our friend as well, i go to the beach topless, and many men touching my tits to see how strong they are.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:02am
so even if they are so big they dont need bra theyre firm and stay high without sustains?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:04am
so to stop u i can push with one hand on each boob to stop you :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:05am
Yes, because they are muscular. This is why i do not wear a bra, and i like to keep them exposed all the time. Actually if you want to be my baby you should get used the idea of me being naked or topless, because if you have problem with that like other men, you'll not be able to be my baby.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:06am
Yes, i think that, but your hands will not be successful to stop my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:07am
i like to see them exposed especally if they are so big and muscular....but i will ask often to taste them

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:08am
well will be all my body pushing through my hands not just my hands

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:08am
i can try any way to get free? like punching your forearms?my two legs basicly are the same size of just one of yours and theyre pretty soft when i flex i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:09am
That is great, i hate people who do not like topless or naked people. You can taste them when we wrestle and i force you to. when i am feeding you. when we are sleeping together and it is you turn to suck my tits.

Woman ]Jul 08 2014 8:10am
they seems to be as big as my head wow

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:11am
Your entire body an push, and i'll be only using mt tits

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:11am
No, both of them is for sure bigger than your head. They are so huge. when i put mens head between them they disappear

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:13am
if u grab my head and smash it against your boobs i think it'll be not so pleasent but can be painfull a bit if they are so strong too

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:13am
i mean one of them can be as big ass my head

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:14am
No, men do not like when i do this. They said it hurts and they can not breath as well. But i do it any way. My tits are very strong and scary i told a lot of men fear them do not get excited on them.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:15am
Yes one of them is similar to your head both of them they'll smash it.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:16am
of course u do it anyways is not that theyre able to stop u i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:16am
omg so why you want me to sleep with my face between them if ill be smashed?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:17am
No, this a game for our fun baby. Do not you want to play with mammy.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:17am
wich game

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:18am
i really wonna play with mummy

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:19am
Because i like to feel something between of them, and i like to feel men breath inside them. It is going to be painful for you, this is why now for example my husband do it a one night while my neighbour will be sleeping beside my feet kissing them. The next night they change the places, so i'll change your place as well every night.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:22am
play with mummy make me very close to her amazing body muscular and titts so i want to play...even if then i see the huge difference in our strenght and muscles especially...i can notice and if i keep keakening it will be more clear how your forearm can be much huger than my flexed small bicep for example so i think even if its exciting i need to win the disconfort :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:22am
but maybe when u sleep i can turn my body away :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:23am
Your mammy muscles and tits will be available always to you to remind you with your weakness and her power. Try hard so you'll know how weak you are comparing to me. little baby.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:25am
Hhhh, i told you are dreamy. Your legs will be between mine i'll grab your head and put it between my tits and locked them on you. you little weak hands will not be able to go any thing.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:26am
so im aloowded to punch your forearms? no result iu think just you asking me to try more .harder.better

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:27am
so in the night i can try to pull your biceps away trom my head

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:28am
No. i do not like you try, but when you'll try you'll discover how strong i am. Yes you can try, but as always you'll fail and after a while you'll be so tired because there is no oxygen. so you'll surrounded and sleep. This is only in the night when you'll sleep between my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:30am
well if i fail the punches ill ask you pleasemum putme down i cannot get free are too strong for me...look our muscle difference please put me down

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:33am
Yes, and you have to say that i am so strong and you are so weak man. Do not forget you should go on the floor kiss my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:35am
why do i have to kiss your feet we were oplaying not a punishment

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:36am
plus holding your wrist with my hands i can see my 11 inches forearms close to your 15 inches my feets well above the ground...of course i start to feel helpless...i will tell you im soo weak compared to all theese muscles

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:37am
you like a man compared to you look like a stick?!

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:38am
yes, but this is my game and you should be happy because i'll let you to kiss my feet. Listen to me baby i'll tell you a secret your key to me is my feet if you kiss my feet and flatter with them and spend hours beside them, they'll give you access to my entire body any part you want it does not matter. For me my feet is more important than my muscles and my tits, You should take care of them massage them kiss them wash them paint them bring my slippers and take them off when i order you. Do this and you'll have full access to me.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:40am
Yes, stick specially from the lower body. I like to look around me and find tens of weak them helpless men.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:41am
so if i massage good i can worship your biceps and taste his strenght as much as i wish fr exampkle?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:42am
well even my upper body look sceawny compared to u actually

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:42am
Yes, the more you were involve in serving my feet the more i'll give you access to my body. Now my best man ever is my neighbor because he has a foot fetish, and when he is around all what he talks and looks at is my feet he does every thing for them, even with out asking him too, so he is my favorite one while my husband these days does not like my feet a lot so, he is number two. Men to me equals my feet to the men.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:46am
so i need to worship and massage your feet, dieting, and become so weak to not to be able to cur 2 kilos correct?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:48am
asking cuz i wonna become a good baby for you and number one:)

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:50am
For me spending your day beside my feet kissing them worshiping them massaging them washing them, is much more important to me from losing few kilos, and become weaker, because you are already much weaker from you mammy. You want mammy to give it all focus on my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:51am
all u ask mummy...but im not that much weaker

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:53am
i just told you that i got some problem to lift the 38 kilos dunmbell its normal

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:54am
Hhhh, ok baby you are not that weak. I am very strong. Remember focus on the feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:54am
Yes you struggle in 38 and i train in 75. you are not weak i am strong

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:56am
if i please your feet mum will please me so ok i can do it....

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:56am
o m g its almost my weight....i cant even lift it one mm from the ground i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:58am
Yes, of course kissing, massaging, washing, worshiping, painting. taking off and putting on my shoes and slippers. and i'll please you

Woman Jul 08 2014 8:58am
how can u pleasseme?

curious87Jul 08 2014 8:59am
Hhhh, I told you to pleasure yourself in my house is not allowed. I'll help you doing this with my feet hands biceps and tits. If my feet were happy.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:01am
o m g its almost my weight....i cant even lift it one mm from the ground i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:01am
titts and iceps too? how can do with titts? in the air?!!

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:03am
Yes, i know, so how do you think i'll lift you for hours between my arms laying your head on my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:03am
i think its fine and ill not be preoccupied abt u being tired about my weight i think

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:05am
No, you'll be laying on the bed, and i'll come and put it between my tits, and rub it with them. You should be careful your small dick could be hurt between my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:05am
its not small actually....i will make them bit dirty :)

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:07am
Hhhh, do not get upset, we'll see. See how my feet could give you great things.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:08am
i am thinking i wake i can look to you if im barely able to lift with 2 hands a weight that is half of what you use in a single arm for training

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:08am
and how abt with your biceps

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:10am
Yes, you'll feel so weak comparing to me. Actually when you'll wake you see my tits or my feet. ;)

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:10am
when we are on bed i can put for you between my biceps and my forearm and rub it. while my husband watching us.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:11am
and how do u feel when u can lift 38 kilos for me i think easily ...what are your feelings and your thoughts

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:11am
if is not so hard biceps i think i will enjoy but ill be wquick its so exciting and all your muntain of muscle will be dirty...maybe not all its too big...but it will be dirty,,,,thanks mummy

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:13am
It is so hard biceps, and i think you will be very fast. and you know you have to clean me after that.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:16am
I feel nothing i lift 40 kilos from more than 8 years i do not think about it.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:17am
im telling iif u lift it singlehanded not both

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:18am
yes single handed 40 KG from 8 years.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:19am
im sure irs hard bicep...much harder than my erection i think....have u ever tryed to crush one apple flexxing your bicep?

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:20am
No, i do not crush things in my muscles, but dicks with erection was crushed their.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:21am
omgwhen i was in my best of shape i lifted 16 couple of question was what u think in that moment abt your power showed over me

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:22am
why now u are 75 if u lifted always "JUST" 40 KG

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:23am
baby i swear i do think in any thing. Actually i do not give a shot about it because i over power men every single day. It is my daily life i like to see men scared from me, and i like to humiliate them that is all what i care about. but being stronger than men i've been destroying men since my university.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:25am

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:26am
but i like it means that u are strong enough to lift me and i love it

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:27am
Because it is right that now i go to the gym, but i am so busy in my marriage my work and many other things, so i do not focus on the gym as before. but i am getting stronger every day

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:27am
omg i cant image stronger than this

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:28am
for 1000000000000000000 times of course i can lift you, i can lift you with one arm with tow arms with one leg or with two, soon i'll be able to lift men like you with my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:29am
i know i know dont get upset or i have to spank u :P

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:31am
Yes, i'll spank you. Sorry i am a little angry because of my boss.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:32am
Did you know why mammy should strong, because sometimes you make her angry?

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:37am
sorry to hear that....why u wonna spank me ahah

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:37am
i'll tell you the truth. Now in my mind three things: how a grown up man is going to suck my tits to eat i like this idea a lot. The second one how i am going to force you to serve my feet and humiliate him. Third how me and you we are going to tease my husband when i'll pleasure and you pleasure me. This is what i want to talk about.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:42am
lets do it

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:45am
Sorry, but i have been talking with men about muscles for years sometimes i need something new

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:46am
such as?

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:48am
As i told you i am so excited about lifting you like a baby, and makes you eat from my tits. I do not do this with my neighbor. You'll feel like exact baby.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:51am
When my husband will see me at the bed with two men each one of them pleasure me and suck from different places then i pleasure them, and i took one of them with me to the shower to clean me, and he is watching, and can not pleasure him self.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:53am
Or if i told you the most man kissed my feet will pleasure him today, It is great how three grown up males will run to my feet to make them happy. you will be so humiliated.

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:55am
ok tell me where u wonna meet me to try

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:55am
Why are you in Turkey?

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:56am
i will be in ankara in 30 days

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:56am
That is Great come to Istanbul

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:57am
ok but how can i find u

curious87Jul 08 2014 9:58am
Send me your flight number and i'll meet you at the airport

Woman Jul 08 2014 9:58am
Ohhh, my god i am so excited my husband will be so surprised. That is great

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:00am
ok deal... wich airport

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:00am
how much time i can stay in ure place

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:01am
Little baby, It depends on your flight. Is it the first time you travel?

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:01am
in turkey yes

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:01am
It does not matter for as long as you want. You should know that we'll be 4 persons. Me, you, husbands and neighbor

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:03am
but im, the one feeded?what u gonna do with me

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:03am
Have you issued a visa? and booked a ticket?

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:04am
you and my neighbor will suck my tits each night one of you. You'll be the one who i'll feeded because you are my baby. we'll sleep all at the bed except my husband at floor, but in the same room .

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:06am
yesss.... i cant wait....train hard and eat a lot i wish u stronger and bigger....bigger boobs too

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:08am
You'll spend the day with my husband inside the house, and wait for me until i come.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:08am
Do not worry i am big enough, my boobs will crush you. You train in seeing muscular naked, and taking care of my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:09am
i will..... but ull pick me up fromthe airpot? ahahha literally pick me up haha

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:12am
Yes, i will and i will hug you really tight, then take you directly to my home introduce you, to the other two men, Take off my clothes to start worshiping me.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:15am
u do not waist time uh? how abt my heavy bag?

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:16am
No, i do not always my dream was to live with three weak men. Hhhhh i'll lift it with you Baby.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:18am
in the airport in front of everyone??

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:19am
Yes, you are my little baby. If it was allowed i would feed you there, but it is not.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:20am
so u will lift me in front of all the airport in one hand and the other my heavy bags?? omg pretty embarassing

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:24am

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:31am
Yes, i will do this, and i embarrass you a lot in the airport, in the gym, in the beach, so get used for it.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:41am
in the gym? im not going in the gym!

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:44am
I'll take you with me to massage my muscles between every training.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:47am
oh your gym you mean!! ok glad that u dont wonna use me like a weight even there in front of the others

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:49am
btw you are i suppose the strongest in your gym cuz u told me you have never met a man stronger correct?

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:50am
Yes, i am the strongest. And i want to take you with me to the beach to put the oil on me, and massage my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:52am
u like to show off? your body and sttrenght in pubblic i mean

curious87Jul 08 2014 10:52am
Yes I like to show my body, ,y strength not much. I like it very much when i expose my entire legs and the men staring at my thighs and calves, or when i go topless and they get surprised like they've never seen one before.

Woman Jul 08 2014 10:55am
sure they staring at them they are enormus

curious87Jul 08 2014 11:00am
ill be baCK IN 2 H KISS

curious87Jul 08 2014 11:06am
Woman: how big your boss? height and weight

HenryJul 08 2014 2:02pm
He is around 170 and 85 kg, but it is all fat

Woman Jul 08 2014 2:43pm
So you much taller than him. Why don't you tease him by push your tit on his face by accident when go pass him.

HenryJul 08 2014 2:47pm
Yes, that is an idea. The only thing i'm concern about that things might be weired in the work. I think he likes big muscular woman as well

Woman Jul 08 2014 2:53pm
you can wear 12cm high shoes, when talking with him, you come close to him, he can not see your face because your tits block his sight. It will be more fun if his back agaist wall.

HenryJul 08 2014 3:02pm
Hhhh, that is a good one if i choose to humiliated him. I'll do that he'll look so short

Woman Jul 08 2014 3:04pm
I'm back are you there?

curious87Jul 08 2014 3:16pm
It will be very fun if you pretend not recognize him stuck under your tits, and continue talk with him until your tits mash on his face and his voice was stuffed by your tits

henryJul 08 2014 3:20pm
Hhhh, oh my god, actually this is why i am so confused how the work will be after this. Imagine if i made him kiss my feet.

Woman Jul 08 2014 3:26pm
You can do it by accident, and you can let him go right after that and say sorry for not seeing him under your tits

henryJul 08 2014 3:29pm
Yes, i am here. Henry yes in this way it might make more sense. Tomorrow i'll do it

Woman Jul 08 2014 3:31pm
Woman: Let me know the result, and his action after that

HenryJul 08 2014 3:33pm
Oh, yes sure i'll post here directly

Woman Jul 08 2014 3:34pm
You can tease him that he is so short for you to recognize him under your tits

HenryJul 08 2014 3:35pm
u wonna dothis to your boss? if he is in love of muscle girls why not giving him a sight of your strenglt too?

curious87Jul 08 2014 3:36pm
so even you have a boss ...eheh joking

curious87Jul 08 2014 3:42pm
Henry that'll be so humiliated. Curious. Yes he is my boss this is why i am hesitated in doing it. I mean at end he is my boss how i am going to tease him and humiliate him.

Woman Jul 08 2014 3:59pm
well casually lift something too heavy for him....orn wear a tight shirt and casually stretching yout muscles u flex them and maybe the shirt will break a bit....his eyes will pop out

curious87Jul 08 2014 4:01pm
Youre spanking your husband? ? Why you are so alow answering

curious87Jul 08 2014 4:13pm
Hhhh, no i am not slapping him. I was wrestling him and my neighbor, and now they are massaging me.

Woman Jul 08 2014 4:35pm
I told my husband, that another man will visit me, and he'll be sleeping on the floor, because you'll sleep between my arms sucking my tits.

Woman Jul 08 2014 4:37pm
I wrestle my husband and my neighbor for a long time, i forced to give pleasure twice:)) at first my husband was eating my pussy while my neighbour sucking my tits, then my neighbour ate my pussy while husband suck the tits

Woman Jul 08 2014 4:51pm
You wrestred Both at the the same time?

curious87Jul 09 2014 5:15am
Woman: any update for your teasing your boss

HenryJul 09 2014 7:07am
Today and as we expected my boss came to my office. The good thing and as we discussed yesterday I was prepared I brought with me a shoe with more than 20 cm of heels. Immediately I took off my slipper and put on my high heels shoe, so I was about 2, 10. When he entered into my office I pretend that I am busy in a phone call, so I did not stand up, and just handshake him. We started talking about the business and the new projects that I should be responsible for. After a while I told him that there is something not clear in the charts, and I need him to explain it for me in the projector. He stood up in front the projector and start explaining it. While he was busy in the explanation, he was facing the projector I stood up, and walked towards him, and became directly behind him. When he turned his face back I was totally blocking his vision, and his face was almost going to hit with my body, but he move it back. I pretend that I did not notice any of these things and kept moving towards him and surround him between the wall and my body. His head was under my tits, and I kept discussing the ideas like nothing happened. I was hearing his breath voice it was very loud, but he did not say a word. When I finished and he did not say a word I looked down to him and said “Ohh, I am so sorry. I did not notice that I am blocking you, and smiled at him. He said “No, no that is all right. Actually I have another meeting, and I got to go”. He left my office immediately after that. About 45 min later, he called me on my office, and told me to go out to have lunch and discuss the business. We went out and order the food, and I started telling him about the projects, he said enough with works and that he does not want to talk about work ;). He started asking me personal questions about my life and my marriage. He was staring at my legs all the time, he did not remove his eyes away from them, and I was flexing it for him once in a while, I was wearing extremely white short short and a sweater expose all my muscles in the back and the arms. He kept asking me many questions about my personal life, and then he asked while he is laughing to make look like a joke “I suppose that your husband is a big man like you?” I said “No actually he is a small man, he is shorter than me and much thinner, he was shocked and start asking me about the huge difference between me and my husband. Later, and after we finish eating I was extending my legs and flexing them, he said “Oh my god, your legs is unbelievably big and muscular, I know that I told you this before but I think they are the strongest thing I’ve ever seen”, and he start flirting with them, then he asked me if he can touch them another time, I told him that we should not do it in public place since we work together. Immediately he paid the bill, and we went to his car. He was apologizing from me all the time saying that he is only doing this because he is so fascinated about muscles. When we were in the car he started to feel them, then he asked me if I can extend my legs on his lap to be able to touch my calves. I did it, and he took off my shoes and start touching my feet, calves and thighs, in this moment his dick was going to explode from the huge erection he had. While he was doing this he asked me if I use my thighs on any one, I told him yes I use it on many men and I destroy them with my legs, and I told him that I am very good wrestler, his mouth was opened, and his face became red as a tomato, and he start breathing like he had a heart attack. Later he looked at my legs and said do you allow me? I did not know what he wants to do but i said yes, so he starts kissing my feet and my calves, when he was near from kissing my thighs I pulled my legs back. On our way back he told me about his experience in mix wrestling when he was young, and I told him about few of mine. Before we reach the office he told me that we should wrestle sometimes, I just laughed I did not say yes or no. later he send me an email to remind me in our trip together. I think now it is very obvious what he wants. I am so confused about what should I do, things in the office will be extremely awkward if I wrestle him.

womanJul 09 2014 7:09am
Yes,curious i wrestle both of them at the same time. If you go back to the previous posts, you'll see that i always wrestle two men at the same time, and beat them badly, and once i wrestled three of them.

Woman Jul 09 2014 7:11am
so when i come i will have all the help i need from your husband and neighbour!! you do not wrestle just one cuz is too easy?

curious87Jul 09 2014 7:47am
Woman: great start with your boss, looking forward to your trip with him. When you block him in the wall, how far from top of his head to your tit

HenryJul 09 2014 7:50am
Yes, for sure i can wrestle the three of you at the same time, but for me i would like to wrestle only two men at the same time, i did not like it when i wrestle three of them.

Woman Jul 09 2014 7:53am
Thanks, Henry. I think he was far from his head few cm. I am really stressed about our trip. Do you imagine if i wrestle and tease him and force him how things gonne be weird in the work

Woman Jul 09 2014 7:55am
im talking abt wrestling and defeating of course....maybe im still not totally aware abt your strenght!! wow....why you like 2 at the time? i suppose its easy

curious87Jul 09 2014 7:56am
Yes, of course defeating. You can go back to see how i wrestle three men. Actually i liked when i wrestle only two because in this way i can focus on making these two men give me pleasure while i can not do this with three men.

Woman Jul 09 2014 7:59am
and still you are not fully developed when youll become 3 times bigger than me will be absolutely ridiculus....u wish like this? i think i will obey you and massage your feets just cuz ill be so scared only looking at yoou

curious87Jul 09 2014 8:02am
Yes, exactly for me this is how i love men around me bot able to compare with me, and spend their days by my feet, just mot to smash thenm.

Woman Jul 09 2014 8:04am
Woman: you can tease him during the trip, try to mash he face by you tit by accident as much as you can, and flex your leg near his face when he is seatting, after that you can wrestle him down and make him kiss your tits and pussy

HenryJul 09 2014 8:06am
Henry, i think this is what is going to happen, because he wants that too much, and i can not resist beating and wrestling men ;). I am just saying how i'll work with him as my boss if he was the other night kissing my ass, pussy, and feet and beg me to release him.

Woman Jul 09 2014 8:09am
i think no one already is able to compare withu mummy

curious87Jul 09 2014 8:10am
well if something like that happens youll have him on your controll and u can become unofficially the boss there cuz u can actually owe your real boss

curious87Jul 09 2014 8:11am
Hhhh, yes this the spirit i want it from you baby. I am much stronger than all of you, all you have to do is to serve me.

Woman Jul 09 2014 8:12am
the fact that u appear so sure to beat all 3 of us all together make me think how damn strong can u im still thinking how puny i can appear to you after my demonstration of luck of strenght with that dumbell and this gap i think is increasing everyday

curious87Jul 09 2014 8:14am
Yes, but the other people in the company may feel it as well, and they'll think that i am sleeping with my boss to reach the new position. and how i'm going to look at him and i know that he was under my ass few hours ago.

Woman Jul 09 2014 8:16am
Ok, guys sorry but i got to go i'll be back with 45 min

Woman Jul 09 2014 8:17am
me too in 2 h ....text when you back

curious87Jul 09 2014 8:18am
nothing worry Woman, you will have full control of him and the company, whenever you have argument with your boss, you just push him down and seat your pussy on his mouth until he submit and do anything you want

HenryJul 09 2014 8:30am
Hhhh, Henry this will be so humilited for him, but if i was caught that i'm doing that, i'll be under big responsibility. Even you if this ever happen i'll the most powerful person in the company even that i am the only woman in the manager position and the youngest one. And it is so obvious what that my boss can be very submissive man he is flirting with my muscles, kissing my feet, and wants to me to wrestle him

Woman Jul 09 2014 10:49am
yes but that's what u like no? u need to have a deal with him,,,,or just tease him flexing

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:09am
i got one question you will feed me correct? can iask you abt your nipples describe to me please

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:11am
by the way i was in the gym today and the biggest guy there was trainng with 20 kg biceps and i manage to overhead lift 10 kilos omg,,,,what you think mummy

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:15am
Yes, this is what i like, but i am just saying that it would be awkward for me to beat my boss in my house, and the other day go to my work and pretend that he is my boss. My nipples i do not know they are just nipples, of course they are red and big to fir my tits size.

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:16am
Good for you, you men should keep training with this weights. It is your limits baby

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:17am
i love when theyre big i will be more hungry and more happy to suck mummy :)

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:19am
this man seem very big and was using 20 i think its your are incredible....what you mean it is your limit? we men should keep trainig with this weights?

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:20am
Wow, that is great, but you should be careful if your mouth is small one, you could be chucked by them

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:21am
it seems they are as big as my thom

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:22am
Hhhh, you never know they might be bigger, and i mean you men should tran with weights between 10-20 because you are much weaker to reach mine

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:29am
well i wish to be able to lift 20 or ten in some exercize....i never ever 20 singlehanded

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:30am
omg i can fell asleep sucking them...the bigger the better

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:31am
Hhhhh, and why you wish to do it. I think the weaker and thinner the man is, the sexier he would be.

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:32am
and how much is your warmup weight for biceps for example

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:32am
well wghat if i say that today i was not able to lift 12 kilos so?

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:33am
Well, that is a thing i like you to do it. About my warm up it depends my warm up before i start any training is 15, my biceps warm up is 25

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:34am
I'll see you more and more sexy if you are not able to lift 10 kilos

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:35am
your warmup is 25 kilos singlehanded? omh i can use your warmup as exercize dublehanded....maybe ahahha

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:35am
well at the beginning i was able to lift 4/6 maximum with my arms

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:36am
Hhhhh, yes i know. You my boss called me and said he wants me to attend a business dinner with him tonight. I think he start creating things to see me;)

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:38am
if met me when i never used a gym in my life u find me sexy for sure cuz i was able to lift just 4 kilos ahaha

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:39am
Ohhh, my god i am so excited about meeting grown up men like that. Struggling with 4 kilos that is so sweat. I want men like that

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:41am
i can be like this in max 2 months if u want ahahah

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:42am
Really, you can that would be awesome, my god you should be very thin, after two months

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:43am
yes u can pick me up in one hand at the end i think

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:51am
Yes, i can, but the thinner the better.If you were 55 that would be great, because i'll be working to reach 11o. So you'll be exactly my half.

Woman Jul 09 2014 11:54am
Proper size from mum and boy no?

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:59am
What? I did not understand

Woman Jul 09 2014 12:00pm
If I have to be your baby this size diffetence it's appropriate I think

curious87Jul 09 2014 12:06pm
Hhhh, yes exactly you'l be laterally my baby.

Woman Jul 09 2014 12:10pm
Omg even now I'm so inferior I can't image the feeling if u were duble my weight.... u can reach 19 inches biceps and I can be back to 10/11

curious87Jul 09 2014 12:16pm
Yes, would not this be great. You can lay your head while i am lifting you on my biceps or on my tits, both of them can hold your head.

Woman Jul 09 2014 12:21pm
I yhink o can jusy hung from your flex bicep

curious87Jul 09 2014 12:23pm
Basicly you will be able to put your arm out and flex hard I can just wrap my hands around it and mlift my feets from the floor making your bicep sustain all my weight

AnonymousJul 09 2014 12:39pm
Last message was from me

curious87Jul 09 2014 1:03pm
I'm with my boss at the dinner, as i told you

Woman Jul 09 2014 1:07pm
Let me know what happen in the dinner with your boss

HenryJul 09 2014 1:14pm
I don't think I can reach 55 but 70 or 65 yes but I'll be soop weak

curious87Jul 09 2014 1:45pm
lucky him i wwonder how much are you teasing him and how much you are concerned abt all situation poor mummy

curious87Jul 09 2014 3:24pm
Woman: How long did you trap your boss under your tit and the wall? Did your body contact with him? and did he try to escape. If you wear 20cm shoes, bottom of your tit will 10cm higher than top of my head. You have to pick me up 20cm to tit smother me. I wonder if your tit strong enough to trap me in the wall with my feet off the ground (without using your hand)

HenryJul 09 2014 4:20pm
Curious, if you can not reach 55, i think i'll reach 130. Of course not in two month, but i'll reach it even though so hard to reach 130 with muscle. Henry he stayed under my tits about 3-4 minutes. No i did not contact with him, because i was pretending that i do not see him every time he tried to escape. Yes when i wear shoes with heels, you'll be much shorter than me, i think if i lift you and put on you the wall i can hold you only with my tits because they are really strong.

Woman Jul 09 2014 4:43pm
Did your boss try to push you to escape? It will be very funny if my face is trapped by your tit and the wall and my feet off ground 20 cm

HenryJul 09 2014 4:56pm
Was it anything happen during the dinner with your boss

HenryJul 09 2014 4:57pm
No, he did not, he was just trying to escape. Yes if'll do this to you some day it'll be so funny, but i really think i can do it. Actually it was a business dinner, so in the dinner there were nothing, but in our way back the same thing happened he parcked his car under my house, and start flirting with my muscles because i was also wearing a really short dress with high heel shoes, then he asked to touch them and kiss them. At the end he mentioned the mix wrestling we should have, and i said sure why not we can arrange it.

Woman Jul 09 2014 5:04pm
Looking forward to your wrestling match with your boss soon.

HenryJul 09 2014 5:08pm
Hhhhh, yea i think we'll have it in our trip soon. i am sure i'll beat him easily, but i do not know if i should humiliate him or notv

Woman Jul 09 2014 5:12pm
You can humiliate him step by step, begin of wrestling you just tease how weak him is, just use your tit to push him until his back againt the wall, or standing head sicssor him and take the pucture his head between your thigh by your phone. Or armwrestling with both his hand again one of you

HenryJul 09 2014 5:56pm
You can bet with during the match, the loser have to go though the winner groin. You can go down your knee when he try to go though your groin, and clamp your thigh to his head and facesit him by accident

HenryJul 09 2014 6:01pm
Oh yes, this is great idea to take a picture of him while i wrestle him. In this he'll be like the ring on my toe, he can not refuse any thing i order him to do. Usually when i wrestle i force the loser man to give a feet massage and kissing them this'll be so embarrassing to him. Recently When i wrestle men sometimes i got too excited so i took off my clothes and force them to give me pleasure, this is what i'm concern that if it happened it'll ve so weird

Woman Jul 09 2014 6:09pm
You can press your pussy to his mouth by accident during the match, y can wear thong for more mumiliate

HenryJul 09 2014 6:18pm
Yes, actually i think this is what is going to happened. It's been a while and i wrestle wearing only a thong or totally naked. Actually i do not know if i'll start my wrestling with him like this or i'll take them off during the wrestling

Woman Jul 09 2014 6:22pm
I know that he will suffer some pain but I'm jealous. ..he can be close to your powerful body and huge titts

curious87Jul 09 2014 11:03pm
Woman: you can start with full clothes, during tge match you can take off one by one, and finish the match naked or only thong, with pussy in his mouth. After that you will become queen in your company.

HenryJul 10 2014 12:05am
Woman damn girl you are results in weight lifting make you lough I squat 20 kilos and bicep curl with 8 when its a good day

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 1:47am
Curious, yes for sure he'll suffer, and he'll suffer a lot. I do not think you should be jealous because he'll not be enjoing near my tits, he'll be suffering. By the way i hate any man that say he is jealous on me especially when it comes to mix wrestling so avoid it, or i'll treat you like my husband.

Woman Jul 10 2014 6:10am
Henry, yes i think in this way it would be better to start my wrestling with my boss wearing something, and when i'll be naked i can force him to eat my pussy.

Woman Jul 10 2014 6:12am
Sosmall, oh my god what is that you squat 20 kg i do not think you can lift one of my legs. You are so cute how much do you weight?

Woman Jul 10 2014 6:14am
I weight 63

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 6:49am
Wow, that is pretty thin, you are thinner than my husband and weaker i like that

Woman Jul 10 2014 7:00am
I mean that during the squat I take the bar (10kg) plus 5 kilos disk each of course my bodyweight

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 7:01am
Well I always been small plus office job and no activity doesn't helped me to become buff lets say

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 7:03am
What abt you woman. ..what are youre actual stats?

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 7:04am
I just started a bit of gym because I noticed my wife has bit bigger calves than me now

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 7:13am
Oh my god you are so small, i am about 100 kg most of it pure muscles. What about your wife is she bogger than you? By the way it is very normal for a woman to have bigger legs muscles than a man

Woman Jul 10 2014 8:16am
Her legs are getting bigger ... 100 kilos? ?!! Of muscles? Damn I suppose you've bigger than mine ..many compliments

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 8:23am
Many thanks, is your wife now going to gym to get bigger muscles? Yes my legs are very big my thighs are 30 inches calves 22

Woman Jul 10 2014 3:24pm
She turned 40 and kind of exploding in energy andmmuscles. ..she started couple of months ago and she is already growing

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 3:52pm
Calves 22 inches? You are a tank wow

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 3:55pm
Hhhh, yes i know i am so huge. This is what every body say that when women turns 40 the become mych stronger and muscular and more mannish i think the only choice you have is to accept being weaker than her.

Woman Jul 10 2014 3:59pm
Well that's why I started going to the make things even

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 5:10pm
Yes, you may be successful with that. Even that from what i know many wives become stronger than their husbands when they become 40, i think you should accept it and enjoy it. Does she tease you about having small muscles? Does she train her upper part as well?

Woman Jul 10 2014 5:14pm
She doesn't tease me yet...her muscles are growing for sure. ..still I'm stronger I think

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 5:20pm
You do not look like a man who likes to be weaker than his wife, even i think since the wife starts working out in this age she'll stronger than him. You should see the difference between me and my husband i am much stronger than him he is like a kid comparing to me.

Woman Jul 10 2014 5:23pm
Woman: looking forward to your wrestling match with your boss. let me know your relationship with your boss after wrestling match

HenryJul 10 2014 10:58pm
You are strong than your husband? What you mean that it's like a kid compared to you. ..can you give me some examples?

sosmallcomparedJul 10 2014 11:55pm
Hey I'm back...sorry I was injured don't lough but I was moving the fringe at home and my back get in pain

curious87Jul 11 2014 4:32am
Woman: all men here their wright more than 63 and U can do what U need with them, i'm only 58 i can't imagine what U can do with me

Man from EgyptJul 11 2014 5:05am
U can lift me with one hand, kill me with one leg, f*ck me in any way U want, ur tits is half my weight ur ass is more than my weight, i can use ur bra as shirt to me, my two thighs smaller than one thigh from u, ur wrist bigger than my arm, WOoOoOoO woman u r awesome

Man from EgyptJul 11 2014 5:10am
Henry,yes of course. It'll be very soon hope everything will go as i planned. So Small, my husband is very weak little man i can lift him, beat him, and he can not beat me in arm using his both arms, sometimes when we wrestle he cries. Curious little weak baby, didn't i told to stay away from the heavy things, because you are so weak to move. I am so sorry, and I hope that you'll learn your lesson and know that you are not as strong as women especially me. Yes, Man from Egypt you are the smallest one that is great i love your size, you know very soon i'll be your double weight can you imagine that you'll be literally weight my half. I can do with you many things. I like being with men from your size , but maybe man like you probably will not be able to handle tits, so you could die under them. Plus you are married if your wife is not an open minded woman she might f*ck you, but in different meaning.

Woman Jul 11 2014 10:02am
Why he cryes? You mean tgat both his arms against one of your he cannot win?

sosmallcomparedJul 11 2014 11:56am
yes, he cries, and actually not only him when i wrestle other men many of them cries. And yes he uses both his arms and he can not win.

Woman Jul 11 2014 12:15pm
no my wife is only 47 kg so she can't doing anything to me.. i will do my best to handle ur tits i will do my best to lift ur tits and u must help me to do, two fingers from u bigger than my dick so i need my thigh to f*ck u in ur Pussy

Man from EgyptJul 11 2014 12:15pm
well i think my tits will still so hard for you. I suppose you have very small dick specially for woman like me, Actually i do not think a man from your size can ever satisfy a woman like me no matter what does he use to f*ck me, any way in these i do not have sex with any one just wrestling.

Woman Jul 11 2014 12:27pm
u very big woman especially if my wife stand beside U, there is a huge difference between U

Man from EgyptJul 11 2014 12:31pm
Yes, i am a big a woman for men bigger than you. I think your wife is open minded other wise if you are planing to meet other women without she know, i'll f*ck you on my own way for doing this.

Woman Jul 11 2014 12:34pm
what is ur own way ??

Man from EgyptJul 11 2014 12:35pm
Wow must be very tiring for you to beat him with only one hand you a really strong woman....and to make one adult man cry wow I can't image a women so strong

sosmallcomparedJul 11 2014 12:35pm
guys when this one reach 300 we'll move to the other Poll for short legged girls and here is the link:

Woman Jul 11 2014 12:36pm
Yes, i am so strong woman, not only that i wrestle both men together and beat them easily, my husband and his friend, and my husband and my neighbor so my husband fear me a lot. Men from Egypt why are you asking do you want me to do it? your scream will reach the sky.

Woman Jul 11 2014 12:38pm
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