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Which Bob is best?

Question: We all met Bob as his cute little bat (larval) self -- but waitaminute! He's a...demon now? Which Bob do you like better?
Created by: baazrocks at 12:11:46 AM, Thursday, October 31, 2002 PST


Feel free to leave comments, btw ;)

Phoenix ElementNov 03 2002 6:28pm

Haha! Gladly! So what's this little poll for? Just to talk to the ppl, or to get inspiration for the next few comic pages, or...?

KiyoneNov 08 2002 11:01pm
Some of both, actually. And I'm curious as to reader-hostility over the loss of the strange little bat ;)

Phoenix ElementNov 08 2002 11:08pm
LOL Ahhhh fair enuf, fair enuf! I love Bob... in any form! I'm sure as a demon he'll still have the same personality, or basically the same. But really no one can mess with an artist's vision, am I right? ^___~

KiyoneNov 08 2002 11:16pm
YEEESSSS! Demon BOB! *looks around mischieviously and slinks away*

JujuNov 14 2002 9:17pm
This one guys

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:21am
can you lift your office desk?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:25am
all men around you are weaker and got beated?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:25am
Sure i can

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:27am
wow can you put one of yout colleagues on the desk and lift it?? ahah joking too hard

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:28am
Yes all of them all men when they see me they go to the ground to kiss my feet as signs of respect. When I'm around they don't have eriction because they fear me

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:28am
i suppose all of them are weaker than you then

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:28am
I did but in the house and with couch not desk. With 2 men sitting. Note I don't have colleagues I'm the boss

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:29am
Yes much weaker, soon you'll be one of them kneeling at my feet😍 Baby

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:30am
2 man on the couch and couch lifted?? seriously? ok not colleague if you are the boss they re youur workers i think

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:30am
Yes my workers. Yes 2 men my husbands cousin and a neighbor

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:31am
no one of them was with bigger muscles? someone give you hard time in armwrestilng?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:31am
how it comed in your mind to lift a couch with 2 man over it....ou are one of the strongest personn the world

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:32am
No, I smashed all of them under my feet. Some of them have big muscles but not as mine I beatted them any way

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:32am
Thank you. They were at my house and I wanted to do something to show my husbands my strength so I did it

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:33am
in your neighbour women call you for heavy dutyes not theyr husbands i think

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:33am
Hahaha, sure as I told you all my neighbors were beated by meπŸ’ͺ🏻.

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:34am
i would love to see your husband face or the face of the two guys up in the air

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:34am
so you are notjust stronger but lotstronger than all of them?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:35am
It was priceless he was shaking. I was wearing only underwear so he saw every single muscles at my body

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:35am
everhy single muscle is bigger than his i guess

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:36am
Yes so why do you think they kiss my feet and put above their heads, instead of shaking hands. I think no man like to do this but they have to. Right

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:36am
you think you are50% stronger than him? two times stronger? 4 times?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:36am
Way bigger, and i was sweating as well he was terrified

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:37am
what if they come to shake your hand instead of kissing your feets?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:37am
My husband 4 times normal man 3 times

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:37am
omg telling your friends ,,,guys my wife is 4 times stronger than me and muuuuch more muscular

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:38am

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:38am
What?!! I hate it men place are feet or ass. I'll dragg him to the floor kicking him, beating him smash him with my body, so he doesn't do it again.

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:39am
whydon t you just crush his hand holding it can you?

avaJul 22 2016 9:40am
Sure it's embarrassing. But all his friends know me and I beated them all. All of them kiss my feet and put above their heads

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:40am
Yes I can but actually I just like it when men cries under my feet

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:41am
sorry but i think you are more than 4 times stronger than a normal person so more than 6 to your husband

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:41am
Yes true and his friends are normal men to I'm way stronger than them

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:42am
you know i wouuld love to see you flexing your biceps and asking your husband to hang from it

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:42am
Actually I embarrass my husband in many different issues

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:43am
my size for you is small or normal man or big?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:43am
can you tell me how you embarass him?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:43am
Of course you can as long as you call me mummy

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:43am
can you substain his weigt flexing like that? youve tryed already??

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:44am
ill call you mummy100 times at day aand kiss all your flex muscles if you really can do that

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:45am
Normal to small. I mean beating him, soanking him. Plus I bring many different men to my house as babies slaves they suck my breasts clean my ass. He said its so embarrassing for him what do you think?

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:45am
Yes I can do it, but remember kissing my feet for hours 😈

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:46am
i think the strongest of the house is the boss so i don t think he has choice

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:46am
its hard for you to lift him like this? he s embarassed?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:47am
Exactly but how'd you feel when you'll see other men sucking your wife breats, or clean her ass. Anyway I don't care women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:47am
i wish to have a wife lke you

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:48am
Yes so embarrassed I did it to him and my cousin he's 16 years old guy 60 kg as well

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:48am
your husband one arm and cusin in the other? both lifted?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:49am
Really great. ☺️ You make me shy. I'll bring many men to our house and beat them for you

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:49am
can you show me how you lift your husband for training one arm? will he agree?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:50am
Yes this cousin I like so much. He loves me πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:50am
do you lifthimoften the cousin?

AnonymousJul 22 2016 9:51am
He can't argue otherwise I'll slap him

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:51am
boobslap eheh

avalonJul 22 2016 9:51am
Yes, since he's 17 every time he comes to my house he have big eriction πŸ˜‚ It's so funny he actually love me

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:52am
i think your slap is paiful

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:52am
Sorry spank him with my slippers

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:53am
what do0 you do to him?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:53am
So painful. You still wanna marry me πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:53am
Lift him, wrestle him, barehug him. Makes him kiss my feet. Naked him so i can see his erection

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:54am
seems easym for you

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:55am
i bet you can lift a front of a car

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:56am
Yes so easy. I told you strict mother πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:56am
how manhy slaps you need to put ko a guy? or to let him cry?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:56am
Sure and I can drag a car. Are u scared? Still want wife and mum like me

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:56am
even more than before you are soooo strong

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:57am
3 to cry. 2 punches to ko

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:57am
Really thank baby

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:58am
no not drag but lift weels of the caroff the ground

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:58am
Yes sure. I did to hammer

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:58am
please tllme which kind of strenght test you want to show me mum

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:59am
what with hummer?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:59am
Everything lifting wrestling boxing flexing. But i gtg now can we chat after6 hours

Woman Jul 22 2016 10:00am
just tell me first test describe it than i go aswell, pleeeeasee

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:00am

avJul 22 2016 10:02am
As I said lftiyin carddle way, and above my head, above my shoulders while squating.

Woman Jul 22 2016 10:03am
can you lift me above your head???

avaJul 22 2016 10:03am
You can touch all my muscles during this

Woman Jul 22 2016 10:04am
i wish you to be able to hold me there a bit and joke at me how light and weak i am and that i cannot go down

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:04am
Yes sure, but don't ejacuting. Haha

Woman Jul 22 2016 10:05am
can you hold me up there?

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:05am
for maybe (hope is not too much ) 10 min?

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:06am

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:07am
wow too much updates. mum why the pampers

Phill Jul 22 2016 10:09am
phil what you think abt her strenght and muscles

AvalonJul 22 2016 10:14am
Alvon yes of course i can lift for at least 1 hour

Woman Jul 22 2016 3:35pm
Phill I want you to wea pampers because I love to humiliate men and destroy them. Men look redicouls in the pampers πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 22 2016 3:39pm
Sorry for not responding before, but my cousin came to visit me. I was spending some time with him. Immediately when I came home he ran to me kneeled on the floor and started kissing my feet. Then I ordered him to take off his clothes, so I can laugh at his erection. Of course my husband "the silly man" was upset πŸ˜‚, but I don't care about this scum opinion. However I decided to tease him and punish him later. After he became totally naked I ordered him to start massaging and kissing my feet. I love this young man because he makes feel like I'm the queen of the world, the way he kisses worships my feet is absolutely great. He kisses me like I'm the only woman in the world. Later, I decided to start playing with him, so I lift him over my shoulder and start squad infornt the mirror. Then I carried him in one hand from his neck and squeezed his face between my breasts. His dick here was about to explode , so i let him down and start trampling him, at this point he finally ejacuated. At the end I lift him on one shoulder while my useless husband on the other shoulder, and start flexing my muscles. I ordered him to start cleaning my ass, while I force my husband to watch it. Before we go to bed, my husband prepared my dinner meal. After I finish eating it, I put my husband on my knees gave him hard spank by my slippers, as a punishment for saying that what I do is bitchy and inappropriate. Mean while my cousin was sucking my toes, he ejacuted another time πŸ˜‚. Now we're all at the bed hugging my cousin and my husband is punished sleeping near my feet.

Woman Jul 22 2016 4:16pm
@Avalon, her strength and muscles are unbelievable I like but really scared of it as well. I think 4 avarage men can't beat her that's scary

Phill Jul 22 2016 4:39pm
@Mummy, but wearing pampers is really embarrassing for man my age I'm 26. What you've done with your cousin is absolutely great I wish i was him. Can I ask you question if that's alright why are you calling your husband scum, and stupid?

Phill Jul 22 2016 4:41pm
I mean it's really embarrassing for a husband to be soanked from his wife when others are watching. Maybe he's a little right to be jealous. Sorry for asking but for me this's really awkward, so I just want to know

Phill Jul 22 2016 4:44pm
Phill first you'll wear pampers that's order from your mumπŸ˜‚. Second that's alright you can ask anything you want. But what are you saying my husband is right to be jealous. Why? From what? All men stay topless all the time. So you're saying men can stay topless, but women can't 😑. Plus he's a cousin he's a family member so that's so normal, and he's younger than me in 11 years, he's only 18. What the big deal if I played with my cousin while we're nude or topless, nothing wrong about it. Because he's a teenager he ejecte a lot. It's not my mistake. What do you think tell me I love to hear men stupid opinions like you

Woman Jul 22 2016 4:53pm
You know what when I hear these ideas I become so angry. But that's good i might breastfeeded him now, just to tease my husband and prove my point

Woman Jul 22 2016 4:55pm
Sorry mum, I didn't want to upset you. I was just asking. Maybe you're right about your cousin he shouldn't say anything, but I think you do this to other men as well. I really admire you, but I only think it's not normal for a married woman to lift and wrestle men like this. I have mix feelings for your husband i envy him and feel sorry for him

Phill Jul 22 2016 4:58pm
You'll breastfeeded your cousin?! Will you breastfeeded me too

Phill Jul 22 2016 4:59pm
Yes I'll. I do with many many men. I won't do it for you. Because your close mind ideas about marriage. If you change your ideas I might think about it. So till now I don't understand the problem it's 2016, what's the big deal if men see topless? I have nice body and muscles and I love when men see it.

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:02pm
The main point is all men came to my house I beat them wrestle them humiliate them. And at the end I force them to pleasure me. It's not romantic thing, it's dominating thing. As I said before all men around me don't have erection even if I'm naked all the time infront of them

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:05pm
Why how they don't have erection?

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:06pm
Because they fear me. When they see my breasts they remember how many times I chocked them with my boobs, or how many times I force them to clean my ass, or how many hours they spent kissing worshipping my feet. So there's no need to be jealous at all, most men now run away from my boobs. They feel sorry for my husband

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:10pm
Why they feel sorry for your husband?

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:10pm
Because he spent his days under my ass, feet. I spank him beat him wrestle him. So, most men don't want to be with woman like me, they fear me to death. So what do you think now? Ideot

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:12pm
I think you're right I'm sorry mummy. Your husband should say nothing to you. Will you forgive me

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:13pm
Good baby. So will you encourage your wife to go topless nude lift and wrestle other men?

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:14pm
If my wife will be like you. Yes, I'll have no choice mummy.

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:15pm
No that's not good. You should encourage her to do so, even if she's not like me. And you should be happy to see her wrestling lifting breastfeeding others. You men should have no say about us women. Women's rule πŸ’ͺ🏻, men are only here to serve us. Do you understand you should admit it, that all wives have the right to play wrestle lift as much as they want men, it's natural thing and you should be happy to watching her doing that. Do you understand?

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:18pm
Yes mum I do understand. I was so stupid to say such a thing. I'll be happy to see my wife wrestling lifting breastfeeding other men, and I'll encourage her also. Will you forgive me now?

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:20pm
Good boy now I might think about breastfeeding you. Now go because I want to breastfeed my cousin. Avalon, I want to hear your opinion about your relationship with your future wife. First thing tomorrow. Read what we were talking about and give me your thoughts. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:22pm
How lucky is your cousin I wish i was him. Good night mummy

Phill Jul 22 2016 5:23pm
Hi mummy I was dreaming about you all night

Phill Jul 23 2016 1:50am
Hi Phill, hope you changed your stupid ideas. I had a dream as well about having new babies kneels on my feet, taking bath with me, and changing their pampers, and breastfeeding them

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:35am
@woman does your cousin often sit on your lap as well? Thanks for the stories. I want to sit on your lap and also to suck your breast

SuganJul 23 2016 8:10am
woman I think you have one insane strength and insane body

AvalonJul 23 2016 9:45am
Sugan, Yes he sits on my lap a lot almost anytime we're not doing other things. You can if you become my baby. You're welcome. Avalon, thanks but you didn't tell me your opinion about marriage as I asked you to do.

Woman Jul 23 2016 11:02am
@woman your cousin is very lucky? Do you usually make or ask your cousin and other men sit on your lap or do they ask to? When did you start taking men on your lap? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for invite to sit on your lap :)

SuganJul 23 2016 11:52am
Usually I ask them. I'm leader woman in everything. I start doing in it, when i was 20, 9 years ago. You're welcome and please ask me anything

Woman Jul 23 2016 11:59am
By the way I'm serious about the invitation any man accept my condition can sit at my lap, and breastfeeded by me as much as he wants. I love doing this

Woman Jul 23 2016 12:03pm
@woman thanks. I'm curious how do you tell men to sit on your lap and what was the first man you had sit in your lap? If I sit in your lap how you like to hold me?

SuganJul 23 2016 12:27pm
@woman wow you are amazing I love to sit on your lap and suck at your large breasts. If I can ask do you have a large but too?

SuganJul 23 2016 12:35pm
Which questions about marriage?

avalonJul 23 2016 2:14pm
@Avalon my discussion with phill about women's rights in having other men.

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:30pm
@Sugan thanks yes I have big but too. Unfortunately it's too too big πŸ˜‚ Like my breasts. I'd love to make men suck my breasts as babies it gives me great feeling of motherhood. Usually the men who I invite to sit in my lap will be small nice men. Most of the time I would invite them after beating in a wrestling so I'd say come come on my little sweet helpless baby sit at your mummy lap. I really don't remember but probably back in university days

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:34pm
You want to be a boss on the marriage

avalonJul 23 2016 2:52pm
U must do whatever makes you happy in your wedding. ..does lifting and scare man makes u happy?

avalonJul 23 2016 2:54pm
Yes, Simply the discussion was if my husband is right to get jealous because I wrestle other men topless.

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:54pm
I mean would you get jealous if your wife for example breastfeeded, wrestle spank others men?

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:55pm
Yes scaring, lifting humiliating men makes me so so so happy

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:57pm
@woman dont say that! I'm sure your breasts and butt are perfect. I will show you by worshipping them and thensit on your lap and suck on your breast. How do most men feel about sitting on your lap? Have you ever had a man you dont know sit on your lap?

SuganJul 23 2016 2:58pm
Today was the second day of my cousin visit. First when we woke up in the morning. After having our breakfast, I took him and went to the gym. It's a private gym for our building, so it was empty only two of us. We start to train, we had a challenge, that I should lift 4 times what he lift and for double times. For example he used for biceps 8-9 for 12 times, I did 45 kg for 30 times and so on. I was able to lift more than 4 of his weight in every single challenge. Then we went to the swimming pool, of course we had a race and i won all of it. Then I tried a new thing I put him on my back, and swam my numbers were still much faster than his. Off course he wasn't so happy because all what he was thinking that he wants to go back to my flat, so he can see me topless again πŸ˜‚ such a lose teenager. Can you believe that?

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:58pm
Ohh Sugan that's so sweet you make me shy ☺️. They feel so small, but protected by their mummy πŸ’ͺ🏻. No never had a stranger man in my lap before

Woman Jul 23 2016 2:59pm
He didn't win any competition? !

avalonJul 23 2016 3:00pm
I will not complain about wife beating other men topless. .If my wife is so much stronger than me. ..

avalonJul 23 2016 3:01pm
No not even a single one. I told you such a loser teenager all what he thinks about is my breasts πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:02pm
How much can he bench press? Was he humiliate? How do you think he was feeling

avalonJul 23 2016 3:03pm
Good boy. You should encourage her as well. What about breastfeeding? If I like your ideas I can give you award of hours of breastfeeding

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:03pm
How you come up with this type of challenges?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:04pm
No he wasn't humiliated because he knows how much stronger I am. I think he was excited πŸ˜‚, I think 120 kg

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:04pm
I have no wife but I meant if I had one as strong as you i would not say no to her

avalonJul 23 2016 3:05pm
The gym I challenge I do it always. The swimming pool one was his idea

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:05pm
So you think you are faster than me even carrying a guy during the run?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:07pm
Good boy, the more open minded the man is the more I can give him. Your ideas are much better than phill. So you'd watch your wife breastfeeded other right?

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:07pm
Yes no problem but she should save something for me as well

avalonJul 23 2016 3:08pm
Yes faster in running and swimming. Because i was crying my cousin 63 kg, and 10 kg we brought from the gym

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:08pm
Hahaha, what do you mean by save something for you?

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:09pm
If you carry 4 times the weight he is lifting for twice the amount it means that your arm is 8 times stronger than his omg

avalonJul 23 2016 3:10pm
@woman Im glad you see me as being sweet :) Do you want me to come sit in your lap and I can tell you how nice it feels and what amazing body you have and I can also suck your breasts?

SuganJul 23 2016 3:10pm
Still energy to lift, compare and breastfeed me, do you really have milk ?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:11pm
Haha, yes but i lift more than this. He used 9 kg, I used 45 kg, and I can do more by the way

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:11pm
So you are saying that 45 kg isn't hard?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:12pm
Really Sugan you seem really nice guy. It so rare when men compliment me. Really thank you. I'd love to do it.

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:12pm
Avalon, yes still lots of energy. Unfortunately I don't have milk, but I breastfeeded my babies so they feel safe. No 45 isn't my best mine is almost 70kg

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:14pm
Mum I changed my mind I love to see my wife do what ever she wants with other men are you happy now

Phill Jul 23 2016 3:15pm
Having milk with the size of your breasts you could easily make me full

avalonJul 23 2016 3:15pm
70 kg for single arm? I cannot bench press 50 kg wow

avalonJul 23 2016 3:16pm
Phill that's good. Now you might deserve my gifts. What about your wife breastfeeded others? AvalonπŸ˜‚ Ya I know hopefully someday you can actually test. Would you really like to taste it?

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:17pm
Would be too much gfor me

avalonJul 23 2016 3:18pm
What you can't bench 50πŸ˜‚ You're kidding right. That's alright baby mum is here to protect you πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:18pm
@woman thanks. You seem so nice too. That doesn't make sense. You sound unbelievable. I want so much to sit on you lap with my pants off and you in underwear and your arms wrapped around me. I can feel your skin and we can compare my thighs to your big wonderful thighs and see how big your breast is next to my head! I will compliment you the whole time while I sit. I so glad you will love to do it. It sounds like so much fun right!

SuganJul 23 2016 3:19pm
I can 50 kg for 2/3 repetition max...

avalonJul 23 2016 3:19pm
Really you want to have real milk from my breasts that's so great. Yes sure. My breasts is so so so big, like a cow πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:19pm
I think they're bigger than my head

avalonJul 23 2016 3:21pm
Thanks Sugan. Unfortunately it's the truth with men around me 😒. I know so much fun, I love to do it with lots of people.

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:21pm
Ya probably bigger than your head πŸ˜‚. And i use 250 for 15 rep

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:22pm
@woman can you tell me what you want to do with me please? And you are still beautiful :)

SuganJul 23 2016 3:23pm
250 wooow my body weight for you is a warmup

avalonJul 23 2016 3:23pm
Ohh stop it I'm not that beautiful. Can I ask you questions do you like to give women foot massage? And worship their feet

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:24pm
Hahaha, i warm up with 90 kg, what is your weight?

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:25pm

avalonJul 23 2016 3:25pm
Lool not useful as warm up as well. You're only a baby with cute pampers πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:26pm
Can't always wear them i need to go out sometime!

avalonJul 23 2016 3:28pm
&Sugan I prefer to make men as my babies. Breastfeeded them, change pampers for them, lift them put them on my lap, also humiliate them sometimes

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:28pm
I bet you are able to lift me while I'm benching 50 plus the bench and the 50 km. .scqry

avalonJul 23 2016 3:29pm
No no no, going out only with your mummy, and you'll be wearing them under the pants. I'm so excited to see you wearing pampers

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:29pm
Yes absolutely it's so easy. 78+ 50 128 half the weight I use. It's peace of cake

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:30pm
I don't know which floor you live but I think stairs with pampers aren't not too comfortable to wear

avalonJul 23 2016 3:30pm
Don't worry I'll be carrying you. Plus most of your time will be only inside the house. Men aren't allowed to go outside

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:32pm
What do you mean by :don't worry I'll Carry you?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:33pm
On the stairs in the house in the office you'll be lifted all the time

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:35pm
It looks like Sugan got scared and run away πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:36pm
So example. ..We go out buying groceries . We go home and first you lift me upstairs than back to Brig shopping as well?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:36pm
No I can throw you over my shoulder and throw the other baby on the other shoulder and lift the grocery

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:37pm
I would feel guilty to let you do all the hard work

avalonJul 23 2016 3:37pm
Mum there's no man who wants to run away from you you're so perfect

Phill Jul 23 2016 3:38pm
Hahaha, feel guilty darling I'll be breastfeeding you, changing your pampers you're a baby to me. You shouldn't feel these things at all

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:39pm
I bet while getting spanked many man wish to run away

avalonJul 23 2016 3:39pm
Phill thank you that's sweet. But trust me many many men run away from me

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:39pm
Exactly Avalon, first one is my husband. Then the stupid get jealous seriously so stupid

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:40pm
Mummy you must be extremely strong so they run away from yoy

Phill Jul 23 2016 3:41pm
@woman I love to massage and worship your feet. I;m good at it too ;) You can ask me anything

SuganJul 23 2016 3:42pm
If you see her upset just run and lock yourself in a safe room of the house

avalonJul 23 2016 3:42pm
Yes now for example all men when they see me taking off my slippers they literally start to run away like cats. I'm the only one who has the house key, so they try to hide any where. My slippers is there nightmare πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:43pm
Must be very hard spank

avalonJul 23 2016 3:45pm
Oh good that's absolutely great Sugan. I'm addicted to foot massage. I love men who knows how to massage feet 😍. I order men in my house to kneel to my feet when I come home kiss it, and then lift it and put on their heads as a sign of respect. Do u have problem with that? Avalon you're training how to hide from me πŸ˜‚ Good one I like it

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:46pm
Yes it's really really hard spank. Most men cry from it. Wanna try itπŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:47pm
You like if I try to hide? Why ?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:47pm
No I like that you fear me πŸ’ͺ🏻. Anyway if you hide I can find you dragg you as a bag, and naked you then start my spank. So u can start dreaming about my slippers like other menπŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:48pm
I think you have more strength in your arm than many average men in the yr bodies. no, I don'twwant to try your spanks and cry from it

avalonJul 23 2016 3:49pm
Drag me as a bag? How

avalonJul 23 2016 3:50pm
Haha, wise boy. So, encourage your future wife to wrestle others and breastfeeded them. And love my feet, wear pampers to avoid my slippers

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:51pm
Let's say you're under the bed. I can pull from your feet as a bag orba cat πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:51pm
By the way you should all know my foot size is 47 so my slippers and feet are extremely huge and wide be aware πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:52pm
Ah ah from belt ...One arm?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:53pm
Never saw a man hiding from a woman. ..

avalonJul 23 2016 3:54pm
Mum your foot size is 47 mine is 43 and it's avarage for men you're huge

Phill Jul 23 2016 3:54pm
Sure one arm. Haha at my home you'll see it a lot a lot. Not only that and the woman chasing more than one at the same time πŸ˜‚ World is changing women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:56pm
Hahaha, yes I know phill. It's not only 47 it wider than the average feet. I'm sure it's much bigger than your face πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 3:57pm
Can you tell me exactly and with all the particular what you would do to me once you grab me from the belt from below the bed?

avalonJul 23 2016 3:58pm
I think you can actually kill a man using your feet only, that's humiliating

Phill Jul 23 2016 3:58pm
I'll grab you lift you throw you over my shoulder, start soanking you at your ass. Then put you on my knees naked you take off my slippers and the punishment begin 😈

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:00pm
Yes Phill it's so easy just put my foot on his mouth. And the other one on his chest, and he's done. I know it's so humiliating that men can't beat my feet πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:01pm
Wow I'm really scared you sounds the strongest person on earth

Phill Jul 23 2016 4:03pm
Keep it in mind phill all men are required to kiss, lick and worship my feet everyday

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:06pm
Why mummy? That looks humiliated and dangerous

Phill Jul 23 2016 4:08pm
Exactly that's the point I love to humiliate men😈, but don't worry I won't kill you, I can give you access between my toes so you can breathe πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:09pm
Hey guys where did you go? Did you run away? Come on you're 3 men and I'm one woman. Is my foot and slipper is that scary πŸ˜‚? Anyway that's alright I told you before men fear me don't like me, but that's alright women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:16pm
Sorry mummy but I think your strength is really scary

Phill Jul 23 2016 4:37pm
No that's alright I love when men fear me. I want you to be really scared from your mum. But my cousin isn't sleeping with me tonight and I'm really bored sitting with my husband only

Woman Jul 23 2016 4:45pm
You can lift him wrestle him

Phill Jul 23 2016 4:47pm
I already did and slapped him twice already πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 23 2016 5:00pm
After you all left and runaway because you were so scared of my huge feet and big slippers πŸ˜‚ "pussy men". I was so bored, and I did everything I beated my husband spanked him, but still so bored. So I went downstairs to my gym, I decided to go for the swimming pool so I can have some relaxation. While i was swimming I've noticed that someone is watching me, I looked and found big muscular black guy staring at me. He looks bit drunk, I was drunk as well. He said "you lady what're you doing here? You should ask me before going to the swimming pool at this time." I said "why who the hell are you?" He said that he's the responsible man on maintaining the swimming pool, and the rules of the swimming pool. I was leaving the swimming pool, when he noticed that I'm in topless, he shouted "you're topless, you shouldn't be, it's not allowed" I replied "okay I was alone, so I thought it would be fine". He said "no it's not okay you stupid bitch". What a big mistake to him. I went to him and said you know the only stupid bitch here is you. However we argued, and things ended up challenging each other. We went up to my apartment, I asked him how do you prefer to be defeated, he said let's have a fight or are you afraid. I said know that's absolutely fine. He took off his shirt and his pants, so we were both wearing our underwears only. Honestly it's been a while haven't seen a sporty man like this one. He has a muscle in every inch in his body, 6 packs, huge leg muscles, which most men have chicken legs. However all these things didn't scare me, I was so confident that'll destroy him. We started the match, he was very violent from the beginning. He ran to me and tried to hold me, but I was able to break his hold. Then immediately lifted him above my shoulder and threw him on the floor, before he realised what's going on, I blocked his arms between my legs and start to scissor. It was so obvious that he was under pain, but hiding it. I didn't give him a chance, I kept turning his arms so he should be laying on his stomach to take take the pain. Then i sat on his back holding both his arms with one of my arm. While I'm locking his neck, and cut his breath with the other arm. He was trying so hard to move his body and threw away. So, I decided to take advantage of my free legs, and heavy weight, so I laid over his back "like me f*cking him", placed my legs between his, and start to separate it from each other. At this point he started to scream, and cry. He was under huge pain, I'm chocking him with arm, and locking his both arms with the other, and separating his legs away from each other. So, I knew now it's the right turn over off the match. I found a bra near me, take it, and tied his arms with it, behind his back. He was trying to untied himself, but as you know your mum is an expert in material artsπŸ’ͺ🏻. I made him lay on his back so he can't untied himself. Then sat with my full weight and ass on his face cutting all the air out from him, while giving him very hard powerful punches on his stomach. Off course he couldn't take it anymore and fainted. So, I gave him a break. Took off his underwear πŸ˜‚. And tied his arms with another rope "my underwear". I started to give him small kicks on his face, at the end finally he woke up. When he walk up, I was standing on his chest, so he was still struggling to breathe, and the other feet was on his face, so he started begging me to let him breathe normally. He start saying I'm so sorry miss, It was my mistake, please forgive me please forgive and let me go. I told him no still too early not now. I lifted him, and threw him many many times. He was so exhausted to take it. However, when he realised that we both become naked he was terrified. He said "why we're naked, what do you want to do to me" he thought that'll rape himπŸ˜‚. Then put him on my knees and gave him the hardest spank I've ever done. My slipper print is so so red and clear on his ass. The funny thing is that my husband was watching from behind the door and he's terrified, he said how you can make this man cry like babies, you're a monster. However at the he gave a foot massage and worship, apologies from me, admitted that I'm his boss, and the women are the stronger sex then I let him free.

Woman Jul 23 2016 7:36pm
Sorry for writing too much. Hope the story is clear.

Woman Jul 23 2016 7:36pm
How heavy was this guy? Was he bigger than me mum?

avalonJul 24 2016 1:20am
Yes slightly bigger about 115 kg

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:30am
Did you like what i do to him? Or you think I was so soft with him?

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:34am
You did a lot you're so strong I just would love to feel my body lifted often and high

avalonJul 24 2016 1:41am
But seriously where did you disappear all of you 3 men yesterday? Were you upset because I said men are required to kneel on my feet every time i come home kiss and put on their heads? Or you were afraid of my large feet and huge slippers

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:44am
Mum, can I ask you question why did you naked him

Phill Jul 24 2016 1:45am
I'm scared about the strength you can put on your slippers not about slippers itself

avalonJul 24 2016 1:47am
Avalon just come to my house and be your baby and I'll lift you and hug you all all the time. I'm so willing to put my arms around your small body and call you my little cute son. Phill just to make fun of him and humiliate him, but to be honest it was the longest dick I've ever seen πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:49am
Cool so you're afraid of getting spank now. I love this type of men. By the strength is incredible

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:50am
I love to see the look on your husbands face when he saw you spanking this big guy? How long

Phill Jul 24 2016 1:51am
My husband was terrified, he was hiding behind the doorπŸ˜‚, watching me, how I'm spanking this guy. I don't know exactly how tall, but when I lift at the end above my shoulder, it was laying on all my biceps, even though it wasn't excited

Woman Jul 24 2016 1:55am
Why did you spank your husband yesterday

Phill Jul 24 2016 1:59am
You want to call me son? What are you going to do with me*

avalonJul 24 2016 1:59am
No reason just for fun.πŸ˜‚ I was so boand by myself in the house, what should I do I searched for other men but couldn't find any even you left me. So I was forced to beat someone and he was the only man on my face?

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:01am
Do you think my 2hands are big enough to hold one of your breasts?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:01am
By the way guys tell me about yourself how old are you? Do you work or study? Where do you live

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:02am
Mum can you lift your husband overhead now andask him how he ffeels?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:02am
I'm 28 study and work out from Romania and you?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:03am
Yes son, or baby. I'll lift you, over my shoulder and on my shoulder, and in cardle style. I'll give a bath, I'll change your pampers, I'll breastfeeded you, I'll protect you. And I'll make you sleep on my lap

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:04am
Yes just a second he's cleaning my ass now. I'm 29 I'm older than you from Turkey . I finished studying 7 years ago. I work in construction company the manager of the company. I'm married from 4 years ago

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:07am
You become stronger after wedding? Bigger?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:08am
I'm from Spain, 27 still studying. Mum you're incredible only 29 and the manager of the company

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:08am
Sure, but I was already much stronger and bigger. I lifted him over the threshold on our wedding πŸ’ͺ🏻. Thanks Phill, I told you women rule now. So just come to your mummy

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:10am
Good I'm older than my babies in 1 year and two years πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:11am
Now i think you can lift 2gyys on the threshold during wedding eh eh one each arm

avalonJul 24 2016 2:11am
Hahaha, actually I'm eh eh eh. But I can't marry two men. I wish I can 😒. My husband wants to meet 3 of you very much

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:13am
You trying to lift your husband mum? Eheh

avalonJul 24 2016 2:13am
Mum you're so strong I'm actually scared. How does your husband cleaning your ass now

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:14am
You can Marry as many man as you can lift that's the rule

avalonJul 24 2016 2:16am
I'm laying on my stomach texting you, while he's laying behind me, licking and cleaning my big ass. He almost finished but you know my ass is so so big

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:16am
Wow if that's the rule I'll marry 4 men. Maybe the 3 of you and the big guy from yesterday 😍😍😍. The luckiest women on earth 4 husbands really wish 😍😍

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:18am
Is your ass hard as well? Can you flex it and ask your husband to punch it as hard as he can?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:20am
I wish I can clean your ass mum. I love to be inside this big butt.

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:20am
I'd love to lick each part of that body

avalonJul 24 2016 2:22am
Phill, you'll do it a lot don't worry. Avalon, sure it's so hard I train it like a bull. My husband is suffering to massage it without flexing because it's so big and hard for his hands

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:22am
Have you flexed for him sometimes asking if he wishes to be that strong and big?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:24am
I'm lifting my husband now. He's saying he feels small useless, and scared as well. But I'll tell you secrets guys. Yesterday when I was lifting the black guy after naked him I was able to feel his dick on my body. My husband is naked now and couldn't find his dick πŸ˜‚. Avalon i love to do as well. Will you lick every part even my 47 feet

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:25am
How can you lift him overhead and text with us?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:26am
I always flex for him and tell him that one muscle of my body, is stronger than his entire body. And if he works out for years he won't have my body. And if he brought all his friends he won't be able to beat me. This why his confidence is destroyed now πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:27am
mum it seems you like the other guy from yesterday

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:29am
Is scary having a such confident huge wife

avalonJul 24 2016 2:29am
It's easy he's on my shoulder I'm walking around the house and texting you. Phill no but the difference between the dick size is so big

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:30am
For it's scary. What do you think?

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:30am
Ok but I would like you to ask him when he's overhead you;) you think you can lift that guy and make him cum between your enormous boobs?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:31am
Mum I wish I was your husband now lifted naked by you so lucky

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:32am
Because you can do everything with me with no effort and I can't stop you

avalonJul 24 2016 2:33am
Avalon with other guy, it can be done easily with my husband no. 😒 His dick is useless. Phill thanks you'll but remember my husband spanked a lot as well πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:34am
How do you think you can do it easily? Sane with me?

avalonJul 24 2016 2:35am
Sure you can't stop me, but as mum and baby relationship I don't think it's appropriate to make you cum

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:35am
Please once a month. ..I'll be a good baby

avalonJul 24 2016 2:36am
If his dick is tall i can catch it, and start mastributing him, while he's on my back. Until he cum. But he should give me a great bath after this to clean me from this poo. But I only do it if I really like the guy

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:37am
I promise to make your nipples very happy

avalonJul 24 2016 2:38am
Let's see, it depends how good you're in foot massage. I'm imagining you, with big erection every time I'm changing your pampers I love when this happens πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:39am
You love? What do you do in this case

avalonJul 24 2016 2:40am
I don't know you're my baby. You should be breastfeeded by me not pleasure me. I just want to put your head between my boobs while you're sucking because my poor baby is really hungry

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:41am
I'll have erected every time you flex or lift or compare with me

avalonJul 24 2016 2:41am
You'll be laying on a table. I'll take off your pampers to change it. I'll find your dick, and a lot of pee, and poo. I'll clean you first. Then I'll lift you naked as mum do to their babies before putting the new pampers. I'll hold you so tight to my shoulder so your dick will be on my breasts, if you cum here that's fine. Do your like the pampers idea now

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:44am
Mum I'll spend all my time by your feet do you like me now

Phill Jul 24 2016 2:45am
Good boy phill. If my huge feet are happy I'll be so happy and I might give you lots of things

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:47am
Avalon, you don't want me to see your dick while changing your pampers. 😐 I thought you'll like.

Woman Jul 24 2016 2:55am
Mum What things can you do to me if I give you good foot massage

Phill Jul 24 2016 3:08am
Phill, my feet are my weak point. Any man who knows how to massage my feet, suck my toes, smell it, and kissing my feet bottom, I can literally tell you, he can wins my heart. I just can't resist a man with magical hands around my feet. I can't stop dreaming of men spending hours taking care of my feet. Unfortunately my husband hates my feet😭, and he prefers to be spanked with my slippers than spending time by my feet. This's why I force every man in my house to kiss lick suck my feet. So if you know how to pleasure my feet. I'll definitely make you cum, every night while I'm breastfeeding you

Woman Jul 24 2016 3:20am
Hey guys, where're you? Where do you disappear? I've been thinking since you all at school or university. I should start visiting you at schools and check with your teachers about your performance. Hi Miss meet my mum she's one year older than me. πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 24 2016 4:16am
Mum wow, that would be so humiliating. Can I ask you question how you become a manager and you're only 29

Phill Jul 24 2016 4:42am
You offer to do everything you say if he massage your feet, but he didn't accept because he doesn't like your feet

Phill Jul 24 2016 4:44am
Phill yes my husband hates my feet too too too muchπŸ˜‚. But thanks to myπŸ’ͺ🏻 he spent every day hours and hours kissing worshipping my feet. I graduated from uni at 21, became senior at 23, and finished my masters degree. At 25 I became a manager thanks to my leadership skills, at 26 I got my PhD, and at 27 I became the Branch manager and Vice President because of my ability to control workers physically and mentally. The president was so stupid he fall in love with mehe was old man, I went to his house twice times wrestle him, breastfeeded him, and then made a complain to the bored, that he wanted to do a sexual relationship with me. He couldn't deny it. They kicked him out of the company, and then I convinced the border that I'm the most capable person to run this company. However since I became the president the company made its best profits, and now the bored beg me to stay. They said I was the first woman to become the company president but I'm the most successful one πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 24 2016 5:01am
@woman wow good for you! You sound like an amazing woman. I promise to massage and kiss your feet and clean your butt. I want to kiss your butt too if its ok. I want so much you to hold me on your lap. Sorry for long reply, was not near phone or computer

SuganJul 24 2016 7:40am
Ohh Sugan you really sound like a real gentleman. What do you think about my reaction to this black big guy? Was i too gentle with him? I have 2 questions for you can I ask

Woman Jul 24 2016 7:43am
@Sugan off course you can kiss my ass. I love it if you'll do it, but you should know my ass is too too too big.

Woman Jul 24 2016 7:45am
@woman Im 19 year old student in the uk

SuganJul 24 2016 7:46am
Thanks Sugan. Please note this poll will close at 300 comments. So we'll move to the one directly below this one The link:

Woman Jul 24 2016 7:48am
OMG, You're so young, I'm 10 years older than you. I should really visit your teachers. πŸ˜‚.

Woman Jul 24 2016 7:49am
@woman please visit my teachers. We can meet with them while I sit on your big lap!

SuganJul 24 2016 7:51am
Really I would love to do it. I visit the UK alot. Now please we should move to the poll below this one

Woman Jul 24 2016 7:52am
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