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the Comics: Color or B&W?

Question: Well, you've seen the Comics in both color and blck and white and I've heard good things either way. Now the question is...which do you prefer? Again, the mini-forum is open for comments ^_^
Created by: grandmasterofall at 11:36:11 PM, Saturday, November 23, 2002 PST


*cough* way would b faster to get done and upload?? heh...

meNov 25 2002 6:51pm

I'm all for the Line Art, 'cause it'd get done faster than having to get on the compy and color/grey-scale it. There NEED to be MORE comics! O__O I LIIIVVVEEE off the comics! (Along with various other things ... like sugar)

A Very Happy PersonNov 25 2002 7:32pm
Ah yes, sugar is a much needed part of my diet... yep... HAHA! Vampires need blood, I need sugar... yes, sugar is good! HAHA I've had way too much tonite, as we can all see! Anyway, any way you wanna do the comics is fine by me, cuz I'm having serious withdrawl! ^___~ I like it no matter how you choose to color or not color it. Tho I do think that the varied shades of grey has a certain amount of character to it. ^___^ But if you wanna take the easy way out, like myself, feel free! LOL! Who needs shading... or backgrounds, for that matter?! XD

KiyoneNov 25 2002 10:46pm
I hear ya!!! I haaaate hate hate drawing backgrounds! ^_^

Phoenix ElementNov 26 2002 8:29am
I love it when you do color, but I know that you'd probably get it out faster with line art or even grey shading.

WillowNov 26 2002 4:35pm
I'm liking the way it's going right now. Just use color once in a while as a treat to the viewers, if you will... other than that lineart OR greyscale is fine! ^___^ That's just my opinion tho. Oh... btw... just updated mah comic! YAY SKIN! haha!

KiyoneNov 26 2002 11:07pm
O.o color's winning! it's a scam I'm tellin' ya! *pokes poll* -.-

The Happy PersonNov 30 2002 9:39pm
Yay! B&W! I'm a Happy Person! (O.o am I commenting too much? .. 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. ne!)

The Very Happy PersonDec 03 2002 3:44pm
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