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Created by: sillytorture4u at 11:47:12 AM, Sunday, December 29, 2002 EST


Umm, are you raelly just giving this info out for nothing?

JZKiTiFAltMay 15 2013 9:20am

I DID NOT CARE IF CAIN WON OR LOST. But you IGNORED this fact and plowed on. and dunrig your commentary you attacked and finally started NAMECALLING, depicting the Republicans as a pack of fools kissing Cain's feet. Frankly, sir I have dealt with your ilk before. If that big blue ribbon had not been posted on my comment you'd have found someone else's post to attack and attempt to change the conversation around on. We have a serious n----- problem in this country (and worldwide). Your attempt to masquerade as either someone who is seriously looking for a solution to the n----- question or someone who is so flummoxed he needs an outlet are riddiculously transparent. The points on which you atttempt to show that you agree with the premises of this blog are so obviously taken from some handbook about the way we supposedly think as to be clownish.Now, I might be wrong, and perhaps the proprietor of the blog could set me straight. But the what-about-the-mess-Bush-left-Obama business was all the confirmation I personally needed to confirm that you, sir are an Obama apologist and a f*cking mole/troll. NOTE TO INTOLERANT: If you find this response to be wrong, unjustified, etc. then it is your blog, delete it. If you know something which tells you that this person is one of us and just as dedicated to solving the n----- Question (or, in the alternative finding adequate ways to manage it) then please extend my apologies to the Brother. IF, that is, he IS one. JQW

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