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Created by: DIESLOWFORFUN at 09:06:18 AM, Sunday, December 29, 2002 PST


The worst way to die is with regrets

SlachJul 04 2004 8:35pm

The worst way to die is to be locked in a room with Jesus Freaks who refuse to stop talking about their religion.

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:54pm

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:54pm
peeps r going to 4get me if some hott 7th grade girl thats single email me or call me 558 329 9810

izaac/fakerFeb 09 2014 11:57pm

izaac/fakerFeb 09 2014 11:57pm

MayDec 15 2014 5:24pm

DισχDec 15 2014 5:24pm
Oh well -kisses you-

DισχDec 15 2014 5:26pm
Mmm good baby

MayDec 15 2014 5:31pm
Is that you?

DισχDec 15 2014 5:33pm

MayDec 15 2014 5:34pm
Ok i gtg now sorry </3 but should we date?

DισχDec 15 2014 5:35pm
Yeah we should if you can text me on here later but first on the other one bye

MayDec 15 2014 5:38pm
I'll be back on tomorrow love you bye <3 I'll make a post then we meet here :p

DισχDec 15 2014 5:39pm
Ok love you *Kisses you goodbye*

May( Gone)Dec 15 2014 5:41pm

DισχDec 19 2014 6:23pm
Pew pew pew ^-^

DισχDec 20 2014 6:24pm

May 😍😘💏Dec 20 2014 6:25pm
Hello baby :3 How are you?!

DισχDec 20 2014 6:26pm
I'm good and you I just needed a break from this site and plus my internet wasn't working

MayDec 20 2014 6:26pm

MayDec 20 2014 6:27pm
Ok don't worry. Not that good i think i pulled something in my arm, it hurts bad. You look very cute btw your adorable :3

DισχDec 20 2014 6:28pm
Aww thx and ohh must hurt babe

MayDec 20 2014 6:30pm
I dont know why i had a strange urge to want to adopt you xD I dunno why.

DισχDec 20 2014 6:31pm
Oh ok but then we wouldn't be able to date 😢😔

May😍Dec 20 2014 6:32pm
Well we cannot in real life anyways. But you are really cute i wanna hug you :3 Even if it means kneeling :p

DισχDec 20 2014 6:34pm
True lol where were we the last time we talked oh yeah we were rp

MayDec 20 2014 6:34pm
Yep about what would happen if we met irl. We just got in bed together.

DισχDec 20 2014 6:35pm
Wanna finish what we started

MayDec 20 2014 6:36pm
Sure why not?

DισχDec 20 2014 6:37pm
Ok you start

MayDec 20 2014 6:39pm
-pulls sheets over us and snuggles next to you-

DισχDec 20 2014 6:39pm
*kisses you and pushes your hands down to my hips*

MayDec 20 2014 6:40pm
-feels around and slides your pants off-

DισχDec 20 2014 6:41pm
*oh feisty I like it keep going*

MayDec 20 2014 6:45pm
-Moves my hand over your panties and gently teases you round the edge of your vagina-

DισχDec 20 2014 6:46pm
*touches you d*ck then looks at you*kisses your lips*

MayDec 20 2014 6:48pm
-smiles and slides my tongue imto your mouth whilst starting to rub slightly on your clit-

DισχDec 20 2014 6:49pm
*plays with your tongue on my tongue *gets up and says wanna go to the beach we can do dirty things over there*picks up my keys twirls them around coming *teasing you*

MayDec 20 2014 6:51pm
Sure :) -gets up and puts on jacket- (night/day?

DισχDec 20 2014 6:52pm
It's night time btw ok puts booty shorts on with a half shirt *like it or do I change*

MayDec 20 2014 6:53pm
Its just fine baby you look good in anything

DισχDec 20 2014 6:54pm
Oh ok thx baby -walks to door- lets go who's driving?-

MayDec 20 2014 6:56pm
I dunno. Depends if you want to practice on the gear stick if you get my drift ;)

DισχDec 20 2014 6:58pm
Oh ok you drive and I'll do what I gotta do kisses you -closes hotel door-

MayDec 20 2014 7:00pm
Ok -gets in mustang- Gotta love the classics right babe? -puts foot on the clutch and revs the engine-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:03pm
Yes baby -stares right into your eyes-

MayDec 20 2014 7:04pm
-puts the car into gear- Are you ready?

DισχDec 20 2014 7:06pm
Yes I am -lets go-💋💍

MayDec 20 2014 7:07pm
-lets off clutch and accelerates- So its about 10 minutes to the beach you wanna have some fun?

DισχDec 20 2014 7:09pm
Yes I do 👙

MayDec 20 2014 7:10pm
Ok but you have to do most of the work im afraid

DισχDec 20 2014 7:11pm
Why? All we are gonna do is go to the beach and have fun lol 😘

MayDec 20 2014 7:12pm
Are you sure? Then ok -speeds up-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:14pm
Never one babe slow down

MayDec 20 2014 7:14pm
Mind not one

MayDec 20 2014 7:15pm
-slows down- Yes?

DισχDec 20 2014 7:17pm
Thx you almost gave me a heart attack lets just go to the beach we there yet?😙

MayDec 20 2014 7:18pm
Almost -takes a left-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:19pm
Ok Says -I love you-

MayDec 20 2014 7:21pm
Ok here we are -pulls into carpark-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:22pm
Ok gets off can you pull down my shorts a little in the back there to up plzz

MayDec 20 2014 7:25pm
Sure thing -fixes them-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:27pm
Thx babe -runs to the sand beat you there ☺️

MayDec 20 2014 7:28pm
Cheater -_- -runs after you-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:29pm
Haha it's ok you get to have me later on anyways -slips and falls then you fall on me-whoa fun lol so how you doing down here jk

MayDec 20 2014 7:31pm
-Takes the opportunity to squeeze your breasts-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:32pm
Ohh good but catch me if you can then you can have me -gets up first come and get me-

MayDec 20 2014 7:33pm
-sighs- I'll get you don't worry. -runs after you-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:34pm
Yeah ok -try-runnin out of breath still runs slowing down a little-

MayDec 20 2014 7:36pm
I have incredible stamina and endurance i dont tire easy or maybe your getting fat :p -catches up to you-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:37pm
No im not getting fat lol slows down

MayDec 20 2014 7:39pm
-grabs your arm and pulls you into a hug-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:40pm
Oh warm too lies down near the water

MayDec 20 2014 7:42pm
-lays next to you-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:43pm
I'm hot like really hot takes of shorts and shirt left in bra and panties -runs in water-

MayDec 20 2014 7:44pm
Your hot? Jesus i live in North Dakota this is boiling. -walks after you taking off my jacket and shirt as well as my jeans and follows you in-

DισχDec 20 2014 7:46pm
Splashes water on you-moves closer to you-

MayDec 20 2014 7:47pm
-goes under water and come back and sprays you with water- Hey i had idea what if i make you an email?

DισχDec 20 2014 7:49pm
Has a water fight with you then moves closer to you and French kisses you

MayDec 20 2014 7:51pm
-hugs you close- I don't want to lose you.

DισχDec 20 2014 7:52pm
Me either goes deeper in the water holding your hand

MayDec 20 2014 7:52pm
-walks with you- Tallness xD

DισχDec 20 2014 7:53pm
Ugh I'm short lol I hate being short😂

MayDec 20 2014 7:54pm
Its better though :)

DισχDec 20 2014 7:56pm
True what you wanna do now bby?

MayDec 20 2014 7:56pm
Honestly? I want to give you the time of your life :)

DισχDec 20 2014 7:58pm
Ok do it

MayDec 20 2014 7:59pm
It would be better to get to land first :p

DισχDec 20 2014 8:00pm
True carry me?

MayDec 20 2014 8:00pm
Sure -picks you up easily and walks out the water-

DισχDec 20 2014 8:01pm
Thx bby

May Dec 20 2014 8:02pm
I have to go to work soon :(

DισχDec 20 2014 8:03pm
Oh ok

May Dec 20 2014 8:04pm
So do you want me to make you an email?

DισχDec 20 2014 8:05pm
Nah I'm good thx for asking tho

MayDec 20 2014 8:07pm
Why are you against them?

DισχDec 20 2014 8:07pm
Cause personal reasons

May Dec 20 2014 8:09pm
What do you mean?

DισχDec 20 2014 8:09pm
Just stuff happened

May Dec 20 2014 8:11pm
Bad things? Like what? You can trust me :l

DισχDec 20 2014 8:12pm
I rather not speak of it if you don't mind -gets dressed-starts to walk away-

May Dec 20 2014 8:13pm
Ok if you wish. Is it the thing about your bff? -follows-

DισχDec 20 2014 8:14pm

May Dec 20 2014 8:15pm
Ok as long as you didn't get hurt. Im sorry for pressing i don't want to lose you. I had another friend just like you called Skylar id kill to talk to her one more time.

DισχDec 20 2014 8:18pm
Ok -takes your jacket and runs with it-

MayDec 20 2014 8:19pm
-runs after you- I need to go in 5. What time you be on tomorrow PST?

DισχDec 20 2014 8:21pm
Um like 8:00 ok stops pulls you in for a hug and kiss -like that?-

MayDec 20 2014 8:22pm
Pm? -kisses you back- Yes

DισχDec 20 2014 8:23pm
No am mm I like it

MayDec 20 2014 8:24pm
Yeah sorry i really have to go. Bye i love you :3 See you tomorrow babe.

DισχDec 20 2014 8:26pm
Bye bby love you 😍😘💏💘💞💖💕❤️💗💓💍💘💞👠💘💞💖💕💖💞💘💞💍

May Dec 20 2014 8:26pm

MayDec 22 2014 4:07pm
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