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Pick.. Peanut Butter or Jelly?

Question: which one is better...
Created by: likehoney at 08:07:50 AM, Thursday, January 09, 2003 EST


Holy crap people are actually here besides me. Wow. It seems like the people who made this site have abandoned it except for the fact that the web server this site is on is obviously still running. They should revamp the site and make it popular again. BTW I picked peanut butter.

Crazy GorditaJan 09 2003 9:12pm

i made a poll called HOW SHOULD OSAMA DIE? just search that atszact sentance please vote

MarkJan 11 2003 8:50am
Ah, you mean jam!

Spark of the RealmJul 10 2009 10:13am
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mfwhwoMDUPuUHNcCwZSep 06 2013 6:17pm
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yjTrMbNWZXUvLSjljKYOct 16 2013 7:22am
Kenz where are yiu lol

ZephyrJan 25 2014 6:52pm
Hi <3

AnonymousJan 25 2014 7:06pm
Hi there

ZephyrJan 25 2014 7:07pm
Hello? You there?

ZephyrJan 25 2014 7:11pm
Yes :3

AnonymousJan 25 2014 7:17pm
How are you

ZephyrJan 25 2014 7:34pm

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:08pm
*tackle hugs kenz* I missed you lol

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:11pm
-returns ur hug- haha yeah :3

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:12pm
*spins you around while hugging you* how ya been today

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:13pm
and remember that ? u asked me about if i knew ay girls like me tht needed a bf????

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:13pm
-smiles- great!! i wasnt going to go to my school dance..but my friends tslked me into going with im goin with fwriends

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:14pm
Yes I remeber, do you have a cute friend?!?! Lol and aww well im happy your going, make sure to have extra fun for me

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:16pm
lol i will :3...and yes..she might be on soon..her name is Liz..she is hilarious lol

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:17pm
*hugs tightly* thank you, shes your friend so im sure shes ama-za-zing lol

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:19pm
ok so she is 5'4, skinny, long brown hair, brown eyes..and she has 1 horse named Chance...she boards him at my she is atletic...and the best friend i could ever ask for :3

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:21pm
she is like one of the guys..she plays hockey with guys in our grade all the time

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:22pm
She sounds like a rezl sweetheart. Cant wait to meet her

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:23pm
Thatz actually very attractive to me lol

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:24pm
she isnt like me..except for liking horses

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:25pm
ok he will be here any minuit she is tying to find this poll lmfao

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:26pm
Lol ok, im excited. Is it ok to be nervous

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:28pm
yeah she wont mind... lol

Kenzi:DJan 25 2014 8:29pm
Ok good, im always nervous at first

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:29pm

LizJan 25 2014 8:30pm
Lol its fine...hahah

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:30pm
oh she is here :D haha

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 8:31pm
Hi there liz

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:31pm

LizJan 25 2014 8:32pm
Hey i gtg take a shower sooo you to talk haha :3 see y later maybe..

Kenzie:D 'out'Jan 25 2014 8:33pm
You can call me dj if you want. Thats my real name. Its nice to meet you. ^_^

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:33pm
Ok kenz, see you later

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:33pm
Nice to meet you to :)..and cool thats a cool name Dj ;)

LizJan 25 2014 8:34pm
Thank you very much. Liz is a really cute name too

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:35pm
it is short for, Elizabeth :) haha, thanks

LizJan 25 2014 8:36pm
Well Elizabeth is even better lol and no problem sweetie. So what kind of things do you do for fun?

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:37pm
well like Kenz said i have a horse named Chnce..nd i like to i love to play Hockey,Basketball and i like to swim..i like the Avengers..and im kinda a nerd..nothing like Kenzie...thats for sure...

LizJan 25 2014 8:39pm
Aww well thats ok because im a huge nerd myself a big fan of the avengers, huge iron man fan too. I thinks its awesome you play sports like that, I use to do basketball in school and track

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:41pm
yea i do hurdles in track..and i like captain america...haha

LizJan 25 2014 8:42pm
Well thats pretty cool. How high are your hurdles?

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:46pm
umm not sure they r normlly a little past my i like to jump them..the fist year my leg got caught and i faceplanted onto the track...

LizJan 25 2014 8:48pm
Oh no, im sorry to hear that, were you ok?

ZephyrJan 25 2014 8:53pm
lol im embaraced now...

LizJan 25 2014 8:53pm
yes i finished the course..i never give up :3

LizJan 25 2014 8:54pm
Aww dont be embarrassed, we all make mistakes. Im just happu you were ok and youre very tough for finishing

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:00pm
Lol...soo -sits next to you-

LizJan 25 2014 9:01pm
Kenzie isnt gonna come back :/ lol she just txted me

LizJan 25 2014 9:02pm
maybe i should go...

LizJan 25 2014 9:07pm
No please domt go

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:08pm
*scoots next to you* thats ok, I like talking to you alot so its all good

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:09pm

LizJan 25 2014 9:10pm
*blushes and looks at u rests my hand on ur leg scoots next to u* soo tell me bout urself..wat do you look like

LizJan 25 2014 9:11pm
*smiles down at you and rubs your arm gently* well im in shape but im no jock lol. I have real long black hair and a black beard, like the pirate lol. Umm my eyes change colors

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:13pm
cool hahaha arg ..wats ur faveorite roller coaster

LizJan 25 2014 9:14pm
Hmmm roller coastr, man its been a long time since ive been on a roller coaster. Does the dropzone at kings dominion count? Lol

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:16pm
idunno.. and i love them!!!!! my fave wooden coaster is The Beast at kings island..then i love the Batman at six flags great amrica..then i love top thrill dragster, and illenium force at cedar piont

LizJan 25 2014 9:19pm
i gtg...i might be on in a few mins tho...

LizJan 25 2014 9:20pm
Lol so youre kind of a thrillseeker huh? I havent been on half of those coasters unfortunately

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:21pm

RawrzJan 25 2014 9:26pm
Hey, im sad to sah that I have to go for the night. Can I talk to you tomorrow?

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:27pm
Hi rawrz lmao

ZephyrJan 25 2014 9:28pm
yes u 2 hit it off lol

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 9:40pm
im ried ima go to bed talk to ya 2morrow Rawrz..and Zeph

Kenzie:DJan 25 2014 9:46pm
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