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Question: Which do u fit under? Preps, Skaters, Goth, or Grung?
Created by: SATAN666 at 10:03:36 AM, Sunday, May 07, 2000 EDT


hey i'm goth and proud...

sp_gothJul 24 2000 7:20pm

i'm an alien! And damn proud of it!

The Anonymous Anarchist of PollsJul 24 2000 7:20pm
i'm an indervidual/arty type - you know the type.

lollirotJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Skaters rule! I am a chic and my name is Ashley and I am a skater!

punkohioasJul 24 2000 7:20pm
i'm not really skater. but i grew up with them and i kind of lean towards them, i love em and that's all that counts mommy!

susan bJul 24 2000 7:20pm
i'm an alternative girl, I like Indie rock & skater guys, The cute ones not dirty people!! PREPS SUCK ASS!!!

2_die_4Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
well really I dont categorize myself or others because I don't believe in it at all so honestly I think this was a ignorant question and for the girls that said preps suck ass....sweetie little "alternative" girls and "preps" are basically the samething.

elise-karnJul 24 2000 7:20pm
omg, my fav question. SKATERS f*ckIN RULE!! they are the hottest freakin guys around and skater chicks rule!!

karenJul 25 2000 9:29pm
karen i have to say you are one sexy bitch and you are oh so right, SKATERS f*ckING ROCK!!!! P.S I'm going to rape you!

AnonymousJul 26 2000 8:33am
Karen is BITCHEN!!! Skaters f*cking ROCK! I am so a prohoe and proud of it! I'm gonna have to rape you too Karen right after I rape "Anonymous". You prohoes are too sexy for me!

djcjJul 27 2000 9:03pm
i conform to the standards of too many groups to actually belong to one, but i guess im more a rivet head than anything. bugger it why worry.

the rabid squirrelAug 02 2000 3:19pm
what difference does it make one what we're labled...a lable is nothing. we're all the same so get over it.

spookyAug 23 2000 9:10pm
lol, no were not. were so hella different. im a prep and i dont care, but i think skaters r hella cool 2.

abercrombie...... or fitchJul 13 2002 7:34pm

D&L on the DLJan 08 2003 6:56am

D&L on the DLJan 08 2003 6:59am
punks kikk ass!

PUNK ROCK CHICKMay 07 2003 7:32am
preps scare me. my dream iz to kill all of them. i hate limited too and ambercombie! hot topic and pac sun kik @$$ dude

AnonymousMay 31 2003 6:09am
pac sun and abercrombie both kick ass , but i'd rather consider myself just a weirdo. weirdos rule!

FonGJul 21 2003 10:53pm
um i hate thoose god damn prepies and what the f*ck is a grung skaters rock

strange manSep 20 2003 10:39am
IK IK ME2! i hate them so much. how the hell r they in second?!?!?

i am a prep!!

~me~Dec 21 2003 2:14pm
Preps suck Skaters rule!!!!

DisturBeDgrL 086Jan 02 2004 7:57am
Why put a label on yourself?

JamiegirlJan 15 2004 10:57am

PREPPY GIRLApr 05 2004 11:33pm
like i am a total prep ok? im a cheerleader at my skool and ppl hate preps so much but like i so do not care cuz im so totally happy and like yeah. and like jealousy aint sexy.

preppy cheerleaderApr 05 2004 11:36pm
like i am a total prep ok? im a cheerleader at my skool and ppl hate preps so much but like i so do not care cuz im so totally happy and like yeah. and like jealousy aint sexy.

preppy cheerleaderApr 05 2004 11:37pm
Dont hate me because i'm Ditzy *

Preppy mc.prepersonApr 17 2004 6:52pm
i'm a fricken stoner

stonerApr 17 2004 6:53pm
Goth. And screw preps, the suck major jock weenie

Prep KillerMay 11 2004 8:50pm

MURDERJun 22 2004 12:55pm
i dont see why its relevent to label yur self, but i'd say im a punk

~Chaos Rox~Mar 11 2005 9:00pm
what does grung mean

shvontayNov 03 2005 8:18pm
I'm in love with mitchel musso off Life is Ruff and Hannah Montana.That what I am in love

HeatherJun 16 2006 2:49pm

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AnonymousDec 07 2008 5:36pm

a blipMar 29 2010 2:36am
Im just me

Dont believe in labelingDec 24 2010 9:26pm
Duct tape a goths mouth shut and stick em in a trunk. Hahah

Crack is kool drop outa schoolFeb 14 2012 11:18pm
im goth and im f*cking proud preps suck ass but skater dudes are super cute....and hot topic rulez

emo4lifeMar 04 2012 9:35pm
admin:Yes, there are rexers today, but most of them are a bit older. Sadly, reixng is becoming a lost art. One of the classes that will be offered at Lulu's will be reixng. It's so cool to watch really good rexers and I know young kids today would love to learn it. This is the way I compare artistic dance skaters to rexers .ballroom waltzers to jitter buggers! Both are difficult, both are fun!

nPjXKhZvHDec 01 2012 12:51am

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:03pm

CarterDec 27 2013 12:05pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:06pm
I need a friend

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:06pm
Any one want to sext

AnonymousDec 27 2013 12:07pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:08pm
:/im sad

CarterDec 27 2013 12:08pm
i will sext ;)

KatieDec 27 2013 12:08pm
Im not ok but yea anon y not?C;

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:09pm
Im alone

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:09pm
im a Surfer girl and Skater girl. my name is Kat and iv been surfing and skateboarding ever since i was 6

kat☆Dec 27 2013 12:09pm
gabby u anna sext with me?

CarterDec 27 2013 12:09pm
Um...hi ._.

LãylãDec 27 2013 12:10pm
I was looking for a boy

stardra aka anonDec 27 2013 12:10pm
I'll sext

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:10pm
Ehm.....idk carter i just want logan to be honest!

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:11pm
I sometimes sext when i need something to relax me make me feelbetter

CarterDec 27 2013 12:11pm

CarterDec 27 2013 12:12pm
I sext to make me feel not alone

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:12pm
awe :( well im bi @stardra

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:12pm
ur ignooring me :( @Gabby

CarterDec 27 2013 12:13pm
Ok thats fine with me@gabby kisses u@gabby

stardraDec 27 2013 12:13pm
i'll sext ya Stardra ;)

CarterDec 27 2013 12:14pm

CarterDec 27 2013 12:14pm
I'll sext u carter

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:15pm
Actually nvm i don't think this is gunna help me i think i'll just go actually have sex with my friends bf bye!i'll be on in like a hour.

GabbyDec 27 2013 12:15pm
Im a girl

peppermintDec 27 2013 12:15pm
hi Carter. u know how u said u wanted a gal....i wish i could be her.

kat☆Dec 27 2013 12:15pm
Ok well ill sext with anyone

stardraDec 27 2013 12:16pm
ohhh..i need to sext i justiidk

CarterDec 27 2013 12:16pm
-kisses Stardra deeply pushes u against a wall-

CarterDec 27 2013 12:17pm
Mmm- kisses u deeply -

stardraDec 27 2013 12:18pm
-grabs ur boobs squeezes them

CarterDec 27 2013 12:19pm

kat☆-gone crying cause of Carter-Dec 27 2013 12:20pm
Mm moans in a sexy way -

stardraDec 27 2013 12:20pm

CarterDec 27 2013 12:21pm
O.o I don't want a friend who sext

MarthaDec 27 2013 12:22pm
i really like u Carter

kat☆Dec 27 2013 1:05pm
*Grabs ur c*ck* awe.. but..

kat☆Dec 27 2013 1:53pm

really Kat☆Dec 27 2013 5:32pm
haha ignore that ^ xD

DracoDec 28 2013 10:16pm
hey gabby r u here

BenDec 28 2013 10:16pm
did tht last poll stop u guys from did me

BrookDec 28 2013 10:17pm
yea it stops ppl at 307 308

DracoDec 28 2013 10:19pm
Lol yea ben im here!;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:19pm
Yay haha :P

BenDec 28 2013 10:20pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:23pm
at ur last comment @ gabby *elvis voice* thank u thank u very much

DracoDec 28 2013 10:23pm
XD ehehehe!;P wow thats soo f*ckin idiotic @Draco ;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:25pm

BenDec 28 2013 10:25pm
haha xD

Draco weirdDec 28 2013 10:25pm
ok lol

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:26pm
XDDD LMFAO LOGAN NEEDS TO LIKE CALM HIS MAN TÍTTÍES!!!! like fr. cuz he gettin on my nerves!-.-

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:28pm

BenDec 28 2013 10:28pm
i thot it dsnt effect u *rubs ur shoulders * n yea idk y it dos that brook

Draco being kind igDec 28 2013 10:29pm
>_< i dropped my f*ckin icecream! =C

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:29pm
Hey im sorry @GabbyWabby

BenDec 28 2013 10:30pm

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:30pm
Mmmm!;P hehe =) n ima just get more icecream later!=PPP

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:32pm
u like that? *gos down to ur back* @gabby yea lol brooke

DracoDec 28 2013 10:33pm
nooim sorry for wt happened cuz of me...

BenDec 28 2013 10:33pm
-sits on the couch-

BrookDec 28 2013 10:34pm
=( OWWW my Brother justpushed me down the wood stairs :`/ my face is bleeding and my back fukin hurts.....ima kill him in his sleep :/

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:36pm
Ehehe no stop it get away!;P@draco n no ben its ok V is just jealous trust me he'll be back.....they always do!=p

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:37pm
-smiles- hahaha ok

BenDec 28 2013 10:37pm
ok :) @ gabby u ok brooke*helps u up*

DracoDec 28 2013 10:38pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:39pm idk my backhurts im like almost in tears dad said to go beat the crap outta Carson :3

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:40pm
then what ya waitin for kick thw sht out of him

DracoDec 28 2013 10:40pm
:( noooo ima really cry now=/ my mum said tht the cut on my 4head is really deep..she is taking me to the hospital for stitches..i no want stitches :(...... not by my eye anyway

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:42pm
it is right above my eye ....r stitches gonna hurt...

Brooke- is nervous and afraidDec 28 2013 10:42pm
lol @ gabby y itll make a beast ass scar

DracoDec 28 2013 10:43pm
Lmfao cuz i back it up cuz i don't give a f*ck if you a lame thats ashame ya can't hang with us

GabbyXDDDec 28 2013 10:43pm
gabby ur weird :P

DracoDec 28 2013 10:43pm
lol@Gabby i havent had stitches b4 thts why:/ lol

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:44pm
they dont hurt i got some on my forhead to

DracoDec 28 2013 10:44pm
oh..ok :/ im still nervous lol:/ ...ok i gtg brb..were going into the hospital nw :/

Brook-brb-Dec 28 2013 10:45pm

DracoDec 28 2013 10:46pm
lol i know im weird bítch but dat da way meh like it!;P@Draco n everything gunna be fine!!=)@ brooke

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:46pm
lol Brooke im sorry but the thought of someone faling down the stairs is funny..not u specifically but yeah watching impractical jokers lol and lughin my ass off

BenDec 28 2013 10:47pm
haha so now what *lays down*

DracoDec 28 2013 10:47pm
idk nìgga wtf do ya wanna do?!? n don't say me -.- @Draco

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:49pm
XD gabby hahahahahah.....

BenDec 28 2013 10:50pm
haha no eww um idk

DracoDec 28 2013 10:50pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:50pm
u would say that slut

DracoDec 28 2013 10:51pm
hey dont fake me -_-

DracoDec 28 2013 10:51pm
XD tht one car comercial were the girls get in the car and change all their clothes, and in the end there is a boy sitting i the middle of them when they get out and their clothes are all ova..hes like..OH YEAH I SEEN ME SOME TITIEZ XD little perve hahaha

BenDec 28 2013 10:52pm
woops ment to put my name :P

loganDec 28 2013 10:52pm
OOH YA SAYIN EEW TA MEH OR TO SEXT???o.o >=D betta answer this shít carefully cuz i might just hurt you if ya answer it wrong.

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:52pm
haha u cant hurt me >:)

DracoDec 28 2013 10:53pm
XD >=D

Gabby Dec 28 2013 10:54pm
she cant own me ether but apparently she does xD

BenDec 28 2013 10:54pm
yea me either xD and gabby u can try ill let u >:D

DracoDec 28 2013 10:56pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:56pm
yea like dick

loganDec 28 2013 10:56pm
lol i let her own me XD

BenDec 28 2013 10:57pm
STFU LOGAN LIKE GTFO!!!!! like fr. -_-

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:58pm
haha it dsnt bother u ;D

loganDec 28 2013 10:59pm
HUH LOGAN DA ONLY REASON YA CALLING ME NAMES N SHÍT IS CUZ YA STILL GOT FEELINGS FOR MEH.....HUH? huh? yea logan don't lie ta yaself ya know you still love meh.....just stfu nígga cuz everything ya say is a lie like fr.!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:01pm
haha bye slut and no im over u i get over sluts whores ect

logan goneDec 28 2013 11:02pm
gabby ignore him *stands infront of u*

DracoDec 28 2013 11:02pm
Nahhh i know he just a douch!!!!!!!!!!!!! look awe hes leaving why??? cuz he can't fight fo his self he a stupid pussy f*ck dat punk ass nígga!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:05pm
*hugs u* gabby shut up

DracoDec 28 2013 11:06pm
ur just mad caus u no ur a slut

loganDec 28 2013 11:06pm
*hugs you back* ok ima shut up he ain't worth my time!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:07pm
see *looks at u* that wasnt hard now just ignor him

DracoDec 28 2013 11:07pm
*looks back at you* ok i will =)

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:09pm
:) see if u just focus on me then he will leave

DracoDec 28 2013 11:09pm
Ehehe!#^_^# *licks ur lips*

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:10pm
lol ur to adorable :)

DracoDec 28 2013 11:11pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:11pm
its ur day wht do we do gabby :D

DracoDec 28 2013 11:12pm
*giggles* ummm....i just wanna cuddle n talk!=))

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 11:14pm
ok :)

DracoDec 28 2013 11:14pm
u said u didnt like gabby like tht

AnonymousDec 28 2013 11:15pm
Im telling Brooke you lied to her 0_e liar liar ur a liar @Draco..u could at least be nicer to Brooke she rlly likes u and then when she is here u go off and so this $hit with gabby?!?!

AnonymousDec 28 2013 11:17pm
Huh?!? o.o anon wtf!?!?

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:18pm
and gabby u just ditch Ben like that i mea wtf...u lead him on.and wen this douch got here u just ignoored Ben

AnonymousDec 28 2013 11:19pm
-_- anon leave

DracoDec 28 2013 11:20pm
lol yup i lead them on than i just say or do something else anon like -_- ain't ya got somethin better ta do!!!!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:21pm
NOPE BROOKES BACK ON TIME TO GO BREAK HER HEART BY TELLING HER U LIED TO HER ;) if ur a real friend u'd be nice..and Gabby do u even like Ben as a friend?!?!?!

AnonymousDec 28 2013 11:23pm
Yea ben is a friend but nothin more!lmao n i feel sorry if dat nígga though somethin else was gunna happen! such a tease!;PPP

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:25pm
ok brooke

DracoDec 28 2013 11:26pm
Nope im not brooke im Marina :D

MarinaDec 28 2013 11:27pm
Lmfao i think i should go to sleep!XD

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:27pm
ok @ gabby -_- can peopke get off my back

DracoDec 28 2013 11:28pm
But nahhhh.....i ain't tired!!!;PPP

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:29pm
lol well ok then

DracoDec 28 2013 11:29pm
No cuz ur a liar...

AnonymousDec 28 2013 11:30pm
lol yup!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:31pm
ok so talk! right?

DracoDec 28 2013 11:32pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:32pm
hha yea

DracoDec 28 2013 11:37pm
Ugh im sooooo f*ckin bored!

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:37pm
imma boing person

DracoDec 28 2013 11:38pm
Ha yea ya are XD...well sometimes. C; .-. ...I sleep naked!!!!!;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:41pm
lol thats some nice info xD eh wtf i do to well sometimes

DracoDec 28 2013 11:41pm
My bed is sooo f*ckin huge or maybe im just toooo small humm? who knows XD

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:44pm
haha wait i wana :o *gos up stairs and looks at ur bed* yea ur small ;P

DracoDec 28 2013 11:44pm
wana see^

DracoDec 28 2013 11:45pm
Lol ehehehe!#^_^# o;P

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 11:46pm
i tired to *lays on ur bed* imma sleep on ur bed ;D

DracoDec 28 2013 11:47pm
Whats long and hard???;)....... my daddy's c*ck thats whats long n hard!;o

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:49pm
it sure is

DaddyDec 28 2013 11:49pm
dont go al hrny on me now

DracoDec 28 2013 11:50pm
o.o@ daddy

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:50pm
hi sweet heart u wana see?

DaddyDec 28 2013 11:51pm
Ehehe lol #^_^# ;* @Draco

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:51pm
O.O...ummmmm....idk daddy..

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:52pm
*closes my eyes and laughs*

DracoDec 28 2013 11:53pm
call me if you need anything

DaddyDec 28 2013 11:54pm
XD *jumps on my bed* woo-hoo

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:55pm
hey! im tryin to sleep here xD *bounces on the bed layin down*

DracoDec 28 2013 11:55pm
ehehe!:D *stops jumping and lays beside you n lays my head on ur tummy*i wuv you!:3

GabbyDec 28 2013 11:59pm
lol ur so cute this one time i sleep in the same bed with u ok? just this once :)

DracoDec 29 2013 12:00am
*giggles* ok!;) *kisses ur tummy*

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:03am
hehe that tickled :D

DracoDec 29 2013 12:03am
hehe!;) *licks ur tummy n kisses it*

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 12:05am
haha *laughs* stop stop xD

DracoDec 29 2013 12:06am
XD *stops n kisses ur neck*

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:07am
-comes running into ur room, sits- Bark

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:08am
mmm ok when do u wana sleep? (not irl caus im not tired only i rp)

DracoDec 29 2013 12:08am
-walks closer to the bed puts one paw on it- Bark bark bark

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:11am
hi puppy

DracoDec 29 2013 12:12am
*Wraps my arms around u n falls asleep*

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:12am
*falls asleep till its mornin*

DracoDec 29 2013 12:13am
-wags tail at Draco, tries to jump up on the bed but fall back, whines- whines, barks a sad little puppy bark

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:13am
*picks u up and puts u on the bed*

DracoDec 29 2013 12:15am
-walks on u licks ur face wags tail happily- woof

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:15am
lol hi there

DracoDec 29 2013 12:16am
-yawns lick ur face again barks playfully, bites ur nose plyfully- grrrrr gruff wruf bark -barks a loud puppy bark...(is a little German Shepard puppy)

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:18am
lmfao ima go to the party lol its midnight sooooo more beer for mehhhhhh!!Woo-hoo ttyl!

Gabby went to party!Dec 29 2013 12:19am
lol ur a playful one rnt u gabby u still here

DracoDec 29 2013 12:19am
ok nvm

DracoDec 29 2013 12:20am
-gets in pounce position leaps at u but misses and falls of the bed..Yelps loudly over and over- Whines softly

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:21am
*picks u up* u ok puppy

DracoDec 29 2013 12:22am
-whines, licks ur face then my paw cuz it hurts-

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:23am
its ok *lays u dont on the pillow on the bed*

DracoDec 29 2013 12:23am

DracoDec 29 2013 12:24am
-lick paw, the lays head in my paws, sneezes-

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:25am
uh bless u

DracoDec 29 2013 12:25am
-walks in the doorway- hey..cute puppy :)

KendraDec 29 2013 12:25am
thxs he just walked in here

DracoDec 29 2013 12:26am
-rolls over onto my back paws the air with my legs- wroawf (:P pants)

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:27am
haha, hey can i come in -still stands in the doorway to the bedroom-

KendraDec 29 2013 12:27am
yea and to cute puppy

DracoDec 29 2013 12:29am
-Climbs in Dracos lap Curls up falls asleep-

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:29am
-walks in sits next to you two on the bed- Ha Yea cute..can i pet him???

KendraDec 29 2013 12:30am

DracoDec 29 2013 12:31am
-pets puppy- hehehe

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:32am i was thinking about puppy..and i typed in puppy :3 silly me :P

KendraDec 29 2013 12:32am

DracoDec 29 2013 12:33am
-growls softly at Kendra- grrrr

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:33am
be nice puppy

DracoDec 29 2013 12:33am
-whines, licks Kendra as an appology- wruff -wags tail

PuppyDec 29 2013 12:35am
hahah too cute...r u gonna kep him :P

KendraDec 29 2013 12:35am

DracoDec 29 2013 12:35am
i think u should...wat would u name him

KendraDec 29 2013 12:36am
idk if hes a guy or girl

DracoDec 29 2013 12:38am

DracoDec 29 2013 12:43am
ill be back later

DracoDec 29 2013 12:44am

Aphrodite:3Dec 30 2013 12:22pm
Hello? 0.0

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