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How long can Vince uphold his lenten promise

Created by: anononme at 10:53:28 PM, Thursday, April 03, 2003 PST


Hey, Katelynn. I'm here, baby, waiting just for you.

mApr 26 2014 3:09pm

I'm here I found it finally

KatelynnApr 26 2014 3:29pm

mApr 26 2014 3:33pm
do you know much i fukin want you, baby? your body sounds perfect, and i think i like your dirty mind just as much.

mApr 26 2014 3:33pm
fukin puzzy with a barbie doll is fukin hot, too.

mApr 26 2014 3:34pm
u there, baby????????

mApr 26 2014 3:35pm
I know I want u too

Katelynn Apr 26 2014 3:35pm
I'm here

KatelynnApr 26 2014 3:36pm
since you're bi, i guess we've both already fuked girls and guys, right? how many of each for you, baby?

mApr 26 2014 3:36pm
I don't I lost count you

KatelynnApr 26 2014 3:37pm
ur 14, and you've already lost count? damn, i more than like you. i want to lose count someday, but, so far, i know i have f*cked five guys, and four girls, and, cuz of the way i act and talk around my parents, teachers, and other adults, they still think i'm a virgin.

mApr 26 2014 3:38pm
i'm from new york. hbu?

mApr 26 2014 3:40pm
Wow I'm 14 but my b day is next week I'm gonna put k instead of katelynn

KatelynnApr 26 2014 3:40pm
know what, k?

mApr 26 2014 3:40pm
What I loved to be dom

KApr 26 2014 3:41pm
i love you. i fukin love you, k.

mApr 26 2014 3:41pm
Me too

KatelynnApr 26 2014 3:41pm
i think you're just like LIVE for sex, right? There's nothing you like more, and you can never get enough, right? where do you live, k?

mApr 26 2014 3:42pm
I live in mentor and yes I love for sex!

KApr 26 2014 3:43pm
i've never heard of mentor. when did you first fuk a c*ck? and you really don't know how many c*cks you've had? and your parents think you still a virgin?

mApr 26 2014 3:44pm
Yah i f*ucked 3 c*cks

Katelynn Apr 26 2014 3:46pm
i want to eat you out, and i want to know where your fukin puzzy is right this minute.

mApr 26 2014 3:46pm
god, i love you, k. please love me and lust for me.

mApr 26 2014 3:47pm
I live in mentor ohio

KApr 26 2014 3:47pm
My p*ssy is waiting for u and yes I love u

KApr 26 2014 3:48pm
oh, my family used to live in michigan before we moved here. i wish i could drive, k, i would show up at your front door tonight after your parents were alseep, and you could sneak me up to your room.

mApr 26 2014 3:49pm
That would be awesome do u have a kik

KApr 26 2014 3:50pm
i hope you are a dirty little slut, and talk fukin dirty, too. i like pure innocent girls on the outside, and fukin sluts in bed. is that you, my love?

mApr 26 2014 3:50pm
what do your parents know about their REAL daughter?

mApr 26 2014 3:50pm
oh baby, i hope you won't leave me, but i can't make kik download to my laptop, and i don't have a smartphone.

mApr 26 2014 3:51pm
why did you want to know if i had kik?

mApr 26 2014 3:51pm
Yup that me my parent found out once I had sex and they where find with it

KApr 26 2014 3:51pm
i've even fuked a guy and a girl in my parents bed, and guess how much my parents know about my sex life?

mApr 26 2014 3:52pm
For we can go on their and we don't have to cover out words

KApr 26 2014 3:53pm
hey, have you heard of

mApr 26 2014 3:53pm
Let me guess they no nothing and no I have not heard of it

KApr 26 2014 3:54pm
you're right, my parents don't know FUK about my sex life, and you should go on omegle with me right now. it's a lot hotter than likelike. if you want to try, i'll tell you what to do.

mApr 26 2014 3:55pm
No let's stay on here

KApr 26 2014 3:56pm
don't forget i love you, baby!!!!! and want you even more!!!!!

mApr 26 2014 3:56pm
oh, okay.

mApr 26 2014 3:56pm
Me too I want u

KApr 26 2014 3:56pm
*french kisses you, and sucks your tongue deep into my mouth and plays with it...suck on it so hard you almost gag*

mApr 26 2014 3:57pm
Mmmmmm rubs ur nice t*its and starts sucking them

KApr 26 2014 3:58pm
damn, i love your 34A's, and how we match. *hugs you and crushes our matching nipples into each other*

mApr 26 2014 3:59pm
i'm watching this while i'm talking to you:

mApr 26 2014 3:59pm
Yup we are sex buddy's forever

KApr 26 2014 3:59pm

KApr 26 2014 4:00pm
we will suck on each other's pussies, then french kiss, swirling our juices totally together, and be sex sisters FOREVER!!!! God, i love you, katelynn...your name, your mind, your fukin body, EVERYTHING about you, c*nt.

mApr 26 2014 4:01pm
*looks you straight in the eyes, sticks my hands down your skin tight jeans, and fingers your p*ssy...never taking my eyes off your eyes*

mApr 26 2014 4:02pm
Yup ur mine forever I love to be dominated lets role play and I'm ur b*tch

KApr 26 2014 4:02pm
*oh, what a naughty panties under those jeans?*

mApr 26 2014 4:02pm
Yup ur gonna have to punish me big sis

KApr 26 2014 4:03pm
i love to role play, but i'm kinda new at dominating. maybe you will be disappointed, and i fukin don't want you to ever be anyting less than in total lust with me...certainly not disappointed.

mApr 26 2014 4:04pm
I won't be disappointed

KApr 26 2014 4:04pm
Just what were you thiking going without underwear today, young lady?

mApr 26 2014 4:05pm
Answer me, young lady!

mApr 26 2014 4:05pm
I don't sis pls don't hurt me I'm just h*rny

KApr 26 2014 4:06pm
If you were walking around in public all day today without underwear, were you hoping to pick up a new c*nt somewhere? Is my c*nt not enough for you, bitch?

mApr 26 2014 4:07pm
No sister I'm just h*orny pls don't hurt me

AnonymousApr 26 2014 4:08pm
How young girls did you tell about your having any underwear on? Maybe worse, did any girls stick their hand down your pants like this, and discover it for themselves?

mApr 26 2014 4:08pm
Yes sis about 2 other girls we had a threesome

KApr 26 2014 4:10pm
Well, you need to be punished, little girl. I think you forgot that your c*nt belongs to me. Say that five times right NOW!

mApr 26 2014 4:10pm
You had a THREESOME???????? Where the fuk did you do that? Why? I was jus as horny as you all day, and what did I get?

mApr 26 2014 4:11pm
I belong to u I belong to u I belong to u I belong to u I belong to u

KApr 26 2014 4:11pm
i was sitting here at home masturbating all day to thoughts of your p*ssy, assuming you were missing me real bad, and here you were out there fuking behind my back.

mApr 26 2014 4:12pm
What are u gonna do about it

KApr 26 2014 4:12pm
fukin say "my c*nt belongs to you". say those words, bitch. god, i've got just the punishment for you, you little c*nt.

mApr 26 2014 4:13pm
My c*unt belongs to u

KApr 26 2014 4:14pm
well, it sure sounds nice to my ears, but i don't for a second believe you...especially after what you did today.

mApr 26 2014 4:15pm
*ties your wrists together behind your back*

mApr 26 2014 4:15pm
fukin lie down on the kitchen floor there, bitch.

mApr 26 2014 4:16pm
Leave me alone sis pls don't hurt me with a huge strapon

KApr 26 2014 4:16pm
stop arguing with me. i still love you, more than you probably remember, and am going to punish out of my total love for you.

mApr 26 2014 4:16pm

KApr 26 2014 4:17pm
Pls don't hurt me

KApr 26 2014 4:18pm
*squats my shaved p*ssy like six inches above your face, my strapon stick straight out, spreads my p*ssy lips with my fingers, and power sprays a load of pee all over your face and in your hair. open your mouth, katelynn, take it. i love you and hate you all at the same time. take my piss, and love me.

mApr 26 2014 4:18pm
No I won't take it get of of me HELP

KApr 26 2014 4:20pm
after i've peed all over your face and hair, you look up at my ears filling with tears, and ask "why are you crying, malena". cuz i love you so very much, every ounce of me loves every ounce of you. i'm not mad that you had a threesome today; i'm fukin jealous. will you promise me on the Bible that you include me next time...and everytime from now on?*

mApr 26 2014 4:21pm
No why should I include u punish me I don't care

KApr 26 2014 4:22pm
role playing aside, my ears actually did fill with tears...that is how much i love you, katelynn, and bad i want to show you. i can't really keep the punishment r-p going, cuz i just want to fuk your bedroom while your mother is downstairs fixing your parents your dad's favorite tv chair...

mApr 26 2014 4:24pm
i want to walk around in a crowded mall with you, holding hands, stopping to french kiss whenever we fukin feel like it, wearing our shortest mini skirts with no underwear

mApr 26 2014 4:25pm
Ok babe I got to go

KApr 26 2014 4:25pm
going into a department store dressing to try on clothes, and eating each other out behind closed doors.

mApr 26 2014 4:26pm
Me too but I gtg

KApr 26 2014 4:26pm
why are you leaving me, k?

mApr 26 2014 4:26pm
why, baby? just cuz i couldn't keep the r-p going?

mApr 26 2014 4:26pm
i thought you loved me? was this just a fake? a game? were you pulling my leg this whole time?

mApr 26 2014 4:27pm
No I'm going out to eat with my family

KApr 26 2014 4:27pm
please don't wear any underwear. PLEASE????????????/

mApr 26 2014 4:28pm
No I love u

KApr 26 2014 4:28pm
can you wear a mini skirt, too? can you go to the restroom at the restaurant, and finger a cum for us, too??????????/

mApr 26 2014 4:28pm
Yes bye baby

KApr 26 2014 4:29pm
i love you more, katelynn, i REALLY do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mApr 26 2014 4:29pm
will you cum back to this post in the future? please???????????? i want to sext some more.

mApr 26 2014 4:29pm
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SrBPmAXsnIzZQMqJDec 21 2014 6:40am

1Apr 28 2015 1:31am
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