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Best College Town to live in?!

Created by: altaariq at 09:00:34 AM, Saturday, April 19, 2003 EDT


everyone! a freak named ILOVEERIC.NET is rascist and hates black and Jewish people. KILL HIM

AnonymousApr 30 2003 11:53am

what an ass hole!!! dude, these choices suck altaariq! who the hell would put Iowa?

FonGJul 21 2003 10:05pm
Is that all the towns you got? I am from Manhattan originally and I've been to far better.

ucaresJan 18 2004 1:03am
Is this supposed to be a joke?.... worst college towns to live? Your choices blow.

just some dudeJan 23 2005 7:54pm
LcQfvk Thank you ever so for you blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

kOiFSzlBeOWSep 06 2013 7:45pm
q5T31P I appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

BkTbyTGxikHGOct 15 2013 5:17am
RoLNSC Great blog post. Want more.

iygbUDsHJan 15 2014 5:33pm

KenzieNov 04 2014 9:00pm
ok i found it XD

dubNov 04 2014 9:04pm

KenzieNov 04 2014 9:12pm
haha so * brings you closer to me* why dont you think ur pretty?

dubNov 04 2014 9:13pm
sorry had to go feed

KenzieNov 04 2014 9:14pm
Because I feel that way *Looks at u*

KenzieNov 04 2014 9:15pm
your really pretty* hugs yu* dont forget that, guys are lucky to even get to talk to you

dubNov 04 2014 9:17pm
Nhhh *Smiles and hugs you bck* Thanks tho

KenzieNov 04 2014 9:18pm
* kisses ur forehead* i dont care if you dont think that, i want you to know it

dubNov 04 2014 9:20pm
*blushes* awwweee

KenzNov 04 2014 9:21pm
looks at you* sits on the couch* sry i maybe shouldnt have done that

dubNov 04 2014 9:22pm
ur okay :)

KenzNov 04 2014 9:23pm
* lays down* i dunno

dubNov 04 2014 9:24pm
why? * lays next to you* its okay

KenzNov 04 2014 9:25pm
* looks at you* i want you to feel special... but i dont want to go to far

dubNov 04 2014 9:26pm
Lol naahh ur all good hah

KenzNov 04 2014 9:28pm
* kisses ur cheek * then looks at you*

dubNov 04 2014 9:28pm
*smiles,kisses ur cheek back* :)

KenzNov 04 2014 9:30pm
* slides my hand to your shoulder* looks at you again ~ thinking~ i hope i can make her feel special but i dont know how~thinking~

dubNov 04 2014 9:31pm
*Smiles and rubs ur arm* dont worry about it :P

KenzNov 04 2014 9:32pm
* holds your hand*

dubNov 04 2014 9:33pm
*looks down and rubs my thumb against urs*

KenzNov 04 2014 9:34pm
* slowly leans in *

dubNov 04 2014 9:35pm
*Smiles at u*

KenzNov 04 2014 9:37pm
* stands up* lays on the floor* i dunno

dubNov 04 2014 9:39pm
*laughs and sits on u* Haa I got youuu

KenzNov 04 2014 9:40pm
damn* looks at you* watcha you planing there? ;)

dubNov 04 2014 9:41pm
I dunno just sittingon ya ;) *Looks down at you*

KenzoeNov 04 2014 9:44pm
haha alright then* looks at you smiling*

dubNov 04 2014 9:45pm
*Smiles and laughs lays back so im laying across u on my back* :P Im weird ;) lol

KenzNov 04 2014 9:47pm
pshhh no your cute

dubNov 04 2014 9:48pm
Okay watevs :)

KenzNov 04 2014 9:49pm
* sits up and sets you on my lap faceing me, putting ur legs behind my back

dubNov 04 2014 9:50pm
*smiles, looks at you* haha:)

KenzNov 04 2014 9:51pm
so how are you doing* playing with your hair*

dubNov 04 2014 9:52pm
better now not as scared or tense thanks :) *Ruffles ur hair*

KenzNov 04 2014 9:53pm
your welcome* smiles*

dubNov 04 2014 9:57pm
yea *licks ur nose* I licked u :P

KenzNov 04 2014 9:58pm
... *nibbles your neck

dubNov 04 2014 9:59pm
Hehe thats my neck;) *bites my bottom lip gently, then kisses ur forhead* :)

KenzNov 04 2014 10:01pm
* kisses you cheek* that pretty cute

dubNov 04 2014 10:03pm
what is :) *Smiles*

KezNov 04 2014 10:04pm
you biting ur lip... its one of my turn ons :/

dubNov 04 2014 10:07pm
oooo :P It is? sorry *bites my lip again, lookin at u,then smiles* haha

KenzNov 04 2014 10:09pm
* strokes your face* unless you want me to f*ck you i sugest you dont do that*looks at you smiling*

dubNov 04 2014 10:11pm
;) hmmmm *smiles and does it again longer this time as if teasing you*

KenzNov 04 2014 10:13pm
* pins you too the ground* stares at you* gets up comb my hair with my hand and lays on the couch*

dubNov 04 2014 10:15pm
*crawlz over and sits on the floor leanin against the couch, looks at you* Im sorry I shouldnt have done tht

KenzNov 04 2014 10:18pm
naw its just id rather not f*ck you right now

dubNov 04 2014 10:19pm
lol nahh im sorry

KenzNov 04 2014 10:19pm
* looks at you* ... what you wanna do?

dubNov 04 2014 10:22pm
*Looks back at u* ehh idk, hbu

KenzNov 04 2014 10:23pm
its up to you*smiles* i hope you relize i dont care if you try and turn me on

dubNov 04 2014 10:25pm
Okay haha, but like I dont turn guys on xD so id be lame at it. And idc whatever haha

KemzNov 04 2014 10:28pm
... try...

dubNov 04 2014 10:29pm
Well now I cant cuz im actually trying haha

KenzNov 04 2014 10:30pm
awee, thats lame , * kisses ur forehead* so you dont want to try?

dubNov 04 2014 10:34pm
*Smiles pokes ur nose* well What turns you on big Guy?:)

KenzNov 04 2014 10:36pm
hmmm you really wanna know?

dubNov 04 2014 10:37pm
you dont wanna try ur self?

dubNov 04 2014 10:38pm
yes I do ;) cant bebad

KenzNov 04 2014 10:39pm
cant be bad?

dubNov 04 2014 10:40pm
nope :P i mean like It cant be tht bad lol

KenzNov 04 2014 10:41pm
awee, ok i love when girls bite there lips, touch the back of my neck, kisses, um other stuff

dubNov 04 2014 10:44pm
other stuff? likeeee

KenzNov 04 2014 10:45pm
corsets, clored hair, sexual stuff

dubNov 04 2014 10:46pm

KenzNov 04 2014 10:47pm
yep... * lays down embarrassed*

dubNov 04 2014 10:48pm
Crawls ontop of you, legs onboth sides of you, looks u in the eyes and kisses ur jawline* why embarrassed?

KenzNov 04 2014 10:51pm
cause not only are you the only person to know that, i feel vunrable,

dubNov 04 2014 10:52pm
Why? Im sorry, *sits next to u but on the floor*

KenzNov 04 2014 10:53pm
cause you can turn me on like a light bulb... dont get off me... stay... stay on top babe

dubNov 04 2014 10:56pm
I can? :) Okay*Gets back ontop of you but puts a leg between urs* I that a bad thig?

KenzNov 04 2014 11:01pm
... ya * looks at you* you can get me sp hard so fast you of no idea*

dubNov 04 2014 11:03pm
Oh;) *Bites my lip and wraps my arms around ur neck rubbing the back of it, presses against you, rubbing my leg into you* But do u like it?

KenzNov 04 2014 11:06pm
mnaaaa * pushes my crotch down* pshh you could to better

dubNov 04 2014 11:07pm
Ik I could maybee *Pushes my leg up harder* butt thatd be a challenge:)

KenzNov 04 2014 11:09pm
* kisses you*

dubNov 04 2014 11:10pm

dubNov 04 2014 11:10pm
*Smiles and kisses you back*

KenzNov 04 2014 11:11pm
*rubs my crotch* kisses you some more*

dubNov 04 2014 11:12pm
*Keeps kissing you, slides my hand down and rubs ur D through ur pants* Wouldnt it feel better if I did it? ;)

kenzNov 04 2014 11:15pm
oh gawd yes* kisses you*plays with ur shirt*

dubNov 04 2014 11:17pm
Thought so ;) *Rubs it harder,then grinds against you a little before sliding my hand just inside ur pants tothe waist band of ur underwear, loks up at you.. Slips an arm out of the sleeve of my shirt*

KenzNov 04 2014 11:20pm
* slides my hand underneath ur shirt* kisses you*

dubNov 04 2014 11:22pm
*kisses u back and slides my hand down a little bit farther

KenzNov 04 2014 11:23pm
* slowly takes off your shirt* kisses your neck

dubNov 04 2014 11:24pm
Mm my shirt ;) *slide my hand all the way in and grabs ur dick and starts rubbing it*

KenzNov 04 2014 11:27pm
*makes out with you* slides my hand to you breasts starts massageing them softly*

dubNov 04 2014 11:29pm
ooo *Smiles and rubsur dick harder, slides ur pants down

KenzeNov 04 2014 11:31pm
* kisses your stomach*

dubNov 04 2014 11:32pm
that feels real good

dubNov 04 2014 11:34pm
*Smiles, runs my other and down to massage ur balls while rubing u*

KenzeNov 04 2014 11:34pm
Does it? Never done this b4 tbh

KenzNov 04 2014 11:35pm
*slides my hand down to your pants, slowly slides them down* moans* thats really good for a beginner

dubNov 04 2014 11:37pm
*Smiles, leans down and licks the tip of ur dick still rubbing it* It is? Is tht agood thing haa

KenzNov 04 2014 11:41pm
i love that dont stop babe* ( im so hard, you masterbating)

dubNov 04 2014 11:44pm
*Smiles and sucks the tip into my mouth sucking hard, swirling my tongue around the head* I dont masterbate but I am Hott

KenzNov 04 2014 11:46pm
hmmm sooo good ( why dont you masterbate, for me?)

dubNov 04 2014 11:47pm
Mm because if I do then, it gets walk around at school all day.. *Sucks harder bobing my head*

KenzNov 04 2014 11:53pm
alright then, :( that feels pretty good

dubNov 04 2014 11:55pm
you sure you havent done this before?

dubNov 05 2014 12:01am

KenzNov 05 2014 12:38am

KenzNov 05 2014 12:49pm
jeez you naughty girl

dubNov 05 2014 4:13pm
who me?`

KenzNov 05 2014 6:56pm
psh yay

dubNov 05 2014 7:24pm
psh nawww

KenzNov 05 2014 8:48pm
haha well then * sits down* how is that sexy beautiful women in the room with me?

dubNov 05 2014 8:49pm
*sits beside you puts my legs up on ur lap stretchingout. Winks and smiles* im good just a bit tired n hbu

KenzNov 05 2014 8:53pm
awweee, do not fall asleep on meee. * winks at you*

dubNov 05 2014 8:54pm
*Smiles, bites my lip* I will try ;)

KenzNov 05 2014 8:56pm
*stares at you* o.o * places my hand on ur leg* please try

dubNov 05 2014 9:00pm
I will *Smiles ans runs my hand along ur chest* can i tell/ask u something

KenzNov 05 2014 9:02pm
yes you can tell and ask me anything

dubNov 05 2014 9:06pm
you there?

dubNov 05 2014 9:14pm

KenzNov 05 2014 10:59pm
I lost my wifi

KaitlynNov 05 2014 11:00pm
its fine

dubNov 05 2014 11:03pm
i never left you

dubNov 05 2014 11:03pm
awwweee :)

KenzNov 06 2014 4:28am
hey ill be on later than usual i think

dubNov 06 2014 2:43pm
Okay well I might be here I will try

KaitlynNov 06 2014 7:00pm

dubNov 06 2014 8:10pm
i hope you can make it here tonight

dubNov 06 2014 9:49pm
... so ronery

dubNov 07 2014 2:27pm

KenzeNov 07 2014 3:04pm
Um yeah your no diff. -.- like really

Kenz-feels ashamed-Nov 07 2014 3:10pm
you know what.....dont fuking reply ik u

AnonymousNov 07 2014 3:19pm
Wtf man

KenzNov 07 2014 4:11pm
hey, you there?

dubNov 07 2014 5:34pm
look im really sorry, i didnt want you to find out. i was actually going to break it to you tonight, im really sorry kenzie

dubNov 07 2014 5:44pm
lol you think im upset im not the nasty cheater am I

KenzNov 07 2014 6:44pm
you just used me for your on pleasure you dik... I already have an awful life... You have a gf, you know how lucky u are to be loved... yeah an ur trash to cheat....

KenzNov 07 2014 6:45pm
Just made me feel worse bout myself you selfish like that though huh? And I bet ur gf doesnt even know. U disgust me u pathetic excuse for a man

KenzieNov 07 2014 6:47pm
im sorry, i told her today. im sorry if my judgement gets terrible when your drunk, im sorry

dubNov 07 2014 6:52pm
your a nice girl you should find somebody amazing, dont be afriad to put your self out there

dubNov 07 2014 6:52pm
Dont lie you idiot......I am not stupid

KenzieNov 07 2014 6:56pm
I int drunk and Igurantee u werent for 3 4 days

AnonymousNov 07 2014 6:57pm
dude im drinking a bottle of vodka right now, so im not exactly offended by ur shít

dubNov 07 2014 6:58pm
My Shìt? Hey At least Im not dumb enough to sneak around hun.Ur a Shìtty person Im not trying to iffend you...That girl deserves better thn you she deserves someone real

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:00pm
how im i sneaking around?!?

dubNov 07 2014 7:01pm
Oh so your gf just knew u were messing around withsome gay dumbf*ck girl?

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:06pm
i havnt talked to her in 3 days, im trying my best

dubNov 07 2014 7:07pm
A girl who is just A toy for you? shes just too ugly, and stupid for anyon else she believes that someone cares only to find out he was using her like a toy.... Just some girl who doesnt matter.... Do me a favor and just go...

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:08pm
Ik im a ugly asss bitch whos worthless and pathetic, so just f*cking go away im done anyway

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:09pm
... look id love to be your friend, and im sry you feel like that

dubNov 07 2014 7:09pm
No. U dont.... I live like this....everyday...WHY in the hell would you do that to a girl, a highly suicidal girl....

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:13pm
cause im like you

dubNov 07 2014 7:14pm
no ur not..... Ur a liar. Ur not anything like me you dont know what this is like

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:15pm
And even if u did what the hell made u do it.....

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:16pm
do what make you feel good for awhile. make you feel like sombody gave a danm about you! ya oh ya im a terrible person for doing that

dubNov 07 2014 7:17pm
you are terrible because it was a lie! honestly that is what bothers me....When aguy does it out of feeling bad for her....

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:20pm
AND IK NOBODY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT ME! Then I thought u did a little.. Well I was stupid because it was out of pitty...

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:22pm
it wasnt out of pitty kenzie

dubNov 07 2014 7:23pm
Bye.... Im tired of this

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:26pm
then lets stop and restart this

dubNov 07 2014 7:28pm
No...I dont want u to love me..I never had feelings fr u...I dont wsnt u to touch me or anything....I wantto just stop talking to you damn

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:29pm
i dont want that eather i ment lets restart our friendship ok?

dubNov 07 2014 7:31pm
Why in the hell would I do that.....I dont want to

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:32pm
but i think you do, look i want you as a friend

dubNov 07 2014 7:33pm

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:35pm
cause yourkenzie. whats not to like

dubNov 07 2014 7:37pm

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:39pm
no thats a lie

dubNov 07 2014 7:40pm
No. Everything u said was.. Not what I said Everything i said about myself...

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:44pm
stop saying that your a wonderful person

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:50pm
Stop sying that Because its a sin to li

AnonymousNov 07 2014 7:54pm
then ur the sinner

dubNov 07 2014 8:04pm
oh rlly cheater

AnonymousNov 07 2014 8:26pm
im not fúcking marryed

dubNov 07 2014 8:36pm
You dont have to be married to be a cheater dumbf*ck. You have a girlfriend you cheated on her then lied to her about it then kept cheating..... hmmm I think I win this.. leave me alone

AnonymousNov 08 2014 9:22am
check your email

AnonymousNov 08 2014 10:41pm

dubstepingNov 11 2014 8:50pm

dubNov 11 2014 8:51pm
UQ82nb I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the excellent works guys I've included you guys to blogroll.

JFWEoXLIwHikyqQLKfDec 21 2014 2:38pm
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cTPlsqusINqDec 21 2014 2:38pm

1Aug 19 2015 1:06am

-1'Aug 19 2015 1:06am
I would do so much :D

DioxSep 26 2015 3:28pm
Like.. o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:32pm
Touching and feeling o.o

DioxSep 26 2015 3:32pm
Where though.. o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:35pm
Your places o.o

DioxSep 26 2015 3:38pm
My girly places?? o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:40pm
Yeah :p

DioxSep 26 2015 3:43pm
Oh okay :3 fine with me :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:45pm
I love you <3

DioxSep 26 2015 3:46pm
I love you too <3

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:46pm
Thats so sweet :) You will always be mine.

DioxSep 26 2015 3:48pm
I promise I will :3 btw you should work as a TA in all my classes at school xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:51pm
Why? :p

DioxSep 26 2015 3:52pm
Cuz then you can see what I'm like at school xP

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:53pm
XP And I would get arrested for child abused :p

dSep 26 2015 3:54pm
Why?! xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:55pm
I would touch you o.o

dSep 26 2015 3:56pm
I wouldn't let you c:

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:57pm
Why? >_< Try stop me.

DioxSep 26 2015 3:58pm
Cuz it would be at school -.- class. Ooo you should be a TA in my dance class :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:00pm

DioxSep 26 2015 4:00pm
Cuz it's fun .-. but my dance is all girls so nvm xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:01pm
So cant I do it?

DioxSep 26 2015 4:02pm
Do what?? o.o my blonde is kicking in..

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:03pm
Cant be a TA?

DioxSep 26 2015 4:04pm
Not in my Dance or PE cuz that's all girls but my other classes are fine :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:06pm
Why would being all girls matter?

DioxSep 26 2015 4:07pm
I don't know xD We used to do Dance with boys but now boys do PE when girls do Dance .-.

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:10pm
So why could I not be a TA with just girls -_-

DioxSep 26 2015 4:11pm
I don't know, I was guessing!! xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:12pm
Ask at school next your there ;p

dSep 26 2015 4:12pm
Nah xD what would you do if you were the TA in some of my classes though?? like would you do your job?? xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:13pm
Yeah for sure :p I love helping out :D

DioxSep 26 2015 4:14pm
If you ever do get a job as a TA at my school you should be in my English xDD all da giggles in that one! xD phew

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:17pm
Oh god I would have to tell you guys off ;-;

DioxSep 26 2015 4:18pm
I know xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:19pm
I would use a shouty voice :P

DioxSep 26 2015 4:20pm
I wouldn't be able to take you seriously xP

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:21pm
Tell you what next time you talk to me and parents are not around Ill shout.

DioxSep 26 2015 4:23pm
Sure! :D but irl I would give direct eye contact for like 3 or 5 seconds then start laughing again xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:25pm
Then I would poke you.

DioxSep 26 2015 4:26pm
I'll poke you back :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 4:27pm
I'll restrain you for hitting a member f staff >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 4:29pm
I could touch you in worse places -.-

NB3Sep 26 2015 10:58pm
Like where? :o

DioxSep 27 2015 3:59am
Places o.o

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:08am

DioxSep 27 2015 4:09am
Nowhere xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:11am
Wow I feel so loved -_- JK MORNING BABE

DioxSep 27 2015 4:12am

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:14am
How do you feel?

DioxSep 27 2015 4:14am
Great :D wbu??

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:15am
Im tired af and now have to do the new raid >_>

DioxSep 27 2015 4:16am
Oh okay ;-;

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:16am
Ok? What? Im still gonna talk to you just some of my replies will be late :(

DioxSep 27 2015 4:17am
Okayy c:

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:18am
So what cha watching?

DioxSep 27 2015 4:20am
Listening to music and singing :3

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:21am
;-; I want to hear you but I cant leave the raid party >_>

DioxSep 27 2015 4:21am
Ha! you're lucky xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:22am
No im not >_<

DioxSep 27 2015 4:24am
Yes you are xP

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:24am
No im not :p I love you and your voice so anything with you would be amazing <3

DioxSep 27 2015 4:31am
Aww thank you :D <3

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:34am
Your welcome :D And you know its true.

DioxSep 27 2015 4:36am
I love you >.<

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:40am
I love you so much :) Im going to make sure I give you a happy life

DioxSep 27 2015 4:40am
Thank you <3 I'll try best as well

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:41am
You dont need to try :3

DioxSep 27 2015 4:42am
You sure?? :3

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:42am
Yeah just be with me <3

DioxSep 27 2015 4:44am
Aww <3

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:46am
You better never leave me :3

DioxSep 27 2015 4:47am
I won't :D

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:47am
Promise for ever?

DioxSep 27 2015 4:48am
I promise

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:48am
I love you so much <3 Be with me right now.

DioxSep 27 2015 4:49am
I love you too <3 I want to be next to you

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:50am
I want you next to me to :3

DioxSep 27 2015 4:51am
Goody :3

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:52am
WHY you not here?! WOMAN!

DioxSep 27 2015 4:53am
Why YOU not here?! xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:56am
Because you wont let me ;-;

DioxSep 27 2015 4:57am
Oh ;-;

NB3Sep 27 2015 4:58am
Yep :(

DioxSep 27 2015 4:59am
Well I'll come to you o.o maybe xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:00am
WOuld you be aloud? XD

DioSep 27 2015 5:01am
No xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:01am
See? Nerd

DioxSep 27 2015 5:02am
We'll meet in the middle :D

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:04am
Pft Ill come to you :p

DioxSep 27 2015 5:05am
I'll just be in the park that's close to me .-.

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:07am
On the swing :D

DioxSep 27 2015 5:08am
Yea :3 until you get to me :3

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:09am
Then we will will have sex in the bushes o.o

DioxSep 27 2015 5:10am
Umm no o.o

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:12am
Fine >_> THreesome

DioxSep 27 2015 5:12am
No .-.

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:14am
I love you

DioxSep 27 2015 5:16am
I love you too xD

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:16am
I love you more.

DioxSep 27 2015 5:18am
I want you with me >.<

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:20am
I want you more <3

DioxSep 27 2015 5:20am
No you don't <3

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:22am
Yes I do :p

DioxSep 27 2015 5:22am
I want you more though c:

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:24am
I want you so I can touch and love you.

DioxSep 27 2015 5:25am
I love you so much

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:27am
I love you way more :p Hey can we talk later? Im getting yelled at in the raid XD

DioxSep 27 2015 5:29am
Haha yea okay :3

NB3Sep 27 2015 5:29am
Hey :)

DioxSep 27 2015 9:09am

NB3Sep 27 2015 9:13am
Same lol

DioxSep 27 2015 9:15am
Go on the post above :3 301

NB3Sep 27 2015 9:16am
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