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Aktiviti Lpas Kelas

Question: Ape nak buat lpas summer session?
Created by: wuttaheck at 11:20:10 AM, Wednesday, August 06, 2003 PDT


Fh6FIo Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Much thanks again.

rMNrtIPgYRxAiRlYfSSep 07 2013 2:42pm

This one eguys

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:50am
Here I am

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:54am
I am so glad that you find it. Why how old are you?

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:54am
I sayd that im not used to be so weaker... I THINKi need time to learn

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:55am

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:55am
No, you should learn to it, what if your wife come very similar to me

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:56am
Similar means so much stronger?

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:57am
That is good I am older than you, because the mammy should be older than her baby, but only with two years

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:57am
Yes much stronger and muscular

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:58am
2 years and im sooo much weaker how come

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:58am
I don't know I think I would love to worship her but I'll feel embarased by muscle comparison

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:00am
yes age is not related to strength little baby

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:00am
Or trying to lift something for me too hard and tgan seeing her lifting it with ease. ..I need to get used like with mummy

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:01am
No, you should not be embarrassed with a wife much stronger than her husband many couples are in this situation these days. You should be proud of her and worship her

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:01am
I just know tgat after giving birth and after 40/50s woman's bodyes explodes in muscular mass and strenght more than usual more tgan man im wondering what my mum can become after 40s

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:03am
Do not worry i'll train you, so when your strong wife comes, she'll find an obedient weak husband

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:04am
Some girls are stronger but not tgat much u can lift me for hours or workout with my body. I cannot win Iin armwresling using both my arms you are exceptional mummy

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:05am
How can you train me

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:07am
Yes, this is exactly what i was thinking about, till now i do not have any children and i am only 28. I was telling my husband that after 40 woman have much more testosterone than before so they become more muscular and mannish while men lose their testosterone and become more feminism. I think i might become like Hulk

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:07am
Youll be able to lift me overhead single handed. ..smiling while u keep me there...asking hows the view lil baby?

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:09am
I'll train you to stay at home, and be used to lift all the time between my hands, and to put my arm around you when you sleep to not get scared. You'll be addicted to my feet kissing and massaging them. Plus you'll spend hours worshiping my muscles and looking at my body. Of course i am exeptional woman, but if you want to be married for some one like i can also train her to become greatmammy only if you want my baby, or you can stay at my lap as long as you want.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:12am
What u mean lifted all time how much time ill pass off the ground

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:13am
As long as you want, if you are not worshiping my muscles or kissing my feet you'll be on my lap or i'll be lifting you between my arms and your head on tits so you can feel. and yes i remember something when i come home you should come directly to me take off my shoes bring my slipper and wear it for me, then i might lift you this is how the mammy treat her babies.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:18am
After a full day of job still I have the energy to lift me its incredible. ...I must be a real light for u :)

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:21am
Can I ask mummy to show off her muscles or strength sometimes? ?

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:23am
Yes, of course i can lift you. You are my baby. and i'll play with you like the airplane thing, or lift you and go to the mirror and then i'll wrestle you and get my massage

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:23am
Yes, sure but how exactly do you want from me to show my muscles.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:24am
Asking me to measure them....feel them how hard yhey are...try to move them. ..comparing with my measures. ..wonna see if you can break a shirt sleeve flexing those big guns

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:29am
For example when u flex hard your bicep I can try to put your arm straight wile u try to keep it flexed and see who will win

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:31am
Oh yes, we can do that i like it very much when men compare their tiny muscles with me, and when they touch it and measure it. You sometimes when i am sitting in my home board i order my husband to bring an oil and put on my body, most of the time i sit on my home wearing nothing only an under wear so he put the oil on my muscles, and after that when i flex my muscles it will look like professional competition i like that too.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:33am
You seems so big tgat I yhink I'll really look a baby compared....I think even unflexed your muscles appears to be harder than mine flexed

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:35am
Yes, you are right my legs muscles are much harder and bigger than yours even if they are not flex, the same thing with my tits, and i think same with my arms but i have to check about this.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:37am
or example when u flex hard your bicep I can try to put your arm straight wile u try to keep it flexed and see who will win

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:38am
My thighs are 20 I just measured so your calves are bigger than my tighs omg!!

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:40am
trust me you can not do it. you are allowed to use your both arms and your entire body but you'll get tired before me. Remember one thing is we can play and do any thing, but at the end you have duties you should do, so you should save a part of your energy for my massages.

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:41am
Loool, and you want to challenge me i'll break you. My poor little baby with chicken legs

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:43am
Im starting to be scared to disappoint mummy that for her punishment that yes of course ill do my dutyes...still I wished to test my strenght vs yoir flexed arm

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:44am
Theyre not ;)

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:45am
No you should practice more or i'll punish i am strict mammy. you said you are good at massage do you usually massage other woman or other woman feet

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:46am
How can u punish me? Yes I do and they all get crazy they love my massages

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:48am
I can beat you, slap you in the face, or in the ass with my slipper really men said it hurts a lot. make you sleep on the floor, wrestle you and give scissors, and of course i'll not feed you

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:51am
Forbidden spanks and slaps for me

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:53am
In case you refused to give a massage or you give me very bad one, or you said something about my lifestyle

Woman Jul 07 2014 9:55am
I love your life style especially if it brongs mommy to do morning push ups with me on her wider back

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:57am
But you are not allowded to spank or slap I will defend myself ;)

curious87Jul 07 2014 9:57am
It is good that you like my lifestyle you should convince my husband with that. About you slap if yo'll not be good baby i should punish you, and let's see how you'll defend your self.

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:00am
Well ill try to grab you by the wrists and youll be blocked and stop worst case I'll try torun

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:03am
Maybe u can grab ure husband arms and force him to slap himself with his own hands...will be funny

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:05am
Hhhh, funny thinking let's see my dreamy little baby. Be a good baby and your mammy will be very good and protective to you

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:05am
Why dreamy?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:07am
Because, you want to stop me, but do not worry you can try

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:09am
I think u like seeing someone trying annd failing

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:10am
That's why you allow me to try

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:11am
Hhhh, actually no i like men around me to be submissive to me, and fear me to death. I have a rule at my house who resist will be beated for much longer time.

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:12am
So I jyst need to accept it? No reactions? If I try to run away?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:14am
Yes, this how i like my men & babies, but if you want you can learn from your own experience like the other men. If you ran i'll catch do not worry i like men when they run away from me

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:16am
I just need to take it if not I take more and worst? U run fast too?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:20am
So it's not the first time than a man run away scared? Was it sall muscled like me?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:21am
Correction I'm NOT small muscled

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:22am
if you resist i'll punish you more. If you run away i'll give you the same thing. Yes i run fast in general

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:22am
You mean if I TRY to resist eheheh mommy

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:24am
No it is not many men ran away from me, and they ran away and they are screaming at the same time, when i caught them they'll be shivering. it depends some of the had bigger muscles others had smaller ones

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:24am
Yes do not try to resist or mammy will be upset. Usually men do not care a lot about me slapping them in my slipper, they care more about me not feeding them, you are the opposite of them. That is new thing you do not like big tits

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:27am
You felt powerful in that moment seeing a man shivering in front of you. ...was tgat big strength and muscular gap?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:27am
I love all big...but titts and in ure case muscles too

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:29am
Butt tits and muscles

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:30am
Yes i felt extremely powerful, yes two of them were muscular guys. in my university time the guys were running away from my room. So you like big tits but you do not like muscular one, what baby are afraid that they'll hurt you face because they are so strong

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:31am
Mummy titts are stronger. ..what does it mean?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:34am
I mean are you afraid that if i put your head between my boobs it will hurt because they are muscular as well.

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:36am
Can hurt? U have also bigger pecs muscles than me ?

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:38am
Hhhhh, what is the matter are you afraid? Did you think that woman do not have muscles in their breasts?

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:39am
I thought your peccs are my size? Thats impressive

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:41am
Sorry i did not understand. what do you mean by Peccs

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:43am
Im more afrqid abt your strength and difference in size

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:44am
Pectoral muscles...pecs

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:45am
yes, you should be now more afraid. Yes and my Pectoral muscles are so huge, you'll be shocked when you'll see them. Many men lost their erection when the saw my tits instead of have bigger one. So do you still now from me to feed you or no?

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:48am
So your pectoral are bigger than mine?? Of course I wonna be feeded be my mun

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:50am
Yes, they are so huge, as i told you many men were so scared when they saw it on real. Good for you because mammy like to feed her babies while she is lifting them or while we are sleeping

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:53am
If I punch them not so hard youll resist? Wonna see how hard yyour pectoral can be

curious87Jul 07 2014 10:55am
Yes, we can do that i will flex them and you'll punch. I have very strong ones. i want to see the look on your face when you'll see them

Woman Jul 07 2014 10:57am
I saw bodybuilders having striations in the middle of pecs in the sternum area you have something like that? Theyre hard? So I can use a shot 50% my strenght on my mummy pecs?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:00am
Do u think ycan bench press me for reps?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:02am
I have it, but only in the very top because then and due the size they'll be almost linked. I'll tell something your mammy is very strong person you can punch on your full power.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:03am
Yes, of course i bench more than your weight in the gym. My little baby,

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:04am
I can't punch u full power I'll hurt you and you'll be upset and hurt me

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:05am
Once I put 60 kg to press I almost kill myself I needed acstrong mummy to save me in tgat moment

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:07am
Hhhh, no do you think that when i fight or wrestle with men they do not hit on full power, of course they did sometimes it hurts, but i continue and kick their asses. if we were doing this as challenge to how strong are my tits i'll not be mad.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:08am
Really only 60, and then some stupid men said women can not grow muscles on their tits. I use between 85- 100

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:10am
So if you flex them my shot will not make u cry? Or hurt u a lot?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:10am
make me cry, you are kidding right. Who do you think your self is. it might hurt a little.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:11am
Well if u can do push ups with me on the back u can lift 160 at least

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:11am
and you still think you can make cry. I am your strong Mammy the weakest part of me is stronger than the strongest part of you little baby.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:14am
Thats it? Thats tge max damage I can create on that body? Hurt u a little my strong shot without filters bamm on youre chest and noyhing?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:14am
Omg....u are huge

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:16am
My little baby you and my husband and my neighbor you are so weak comparing to your mammy. So accept that and be my good babies and obedient slaves

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:16am
I don't want to image the power of your handshake

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:17am
Hhhh, my handshake is tremendous, my advice do not think in my hug

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:18am
I feel powerless against you

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:19am
You should my baby. you should

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:20am
I wish to have your huge bicep flexing in front of me now I wonna kiss it I wish to try to put my both hands around it to see if I can encircle it and to feel if its harder than mine

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:23am
Or that u grab me from the kitchen. ..lift me up with the chair I'm sitted in and ask me to measure mummy muscles and mine too cuz you wonna compare...and or course I can't refuse cuz im midair

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:26am
Of course it is harder than yours. You should wish to kiss my calves they are the pure muscles. Now i told my husband a friend of mine will come to visit me, then i told him that i promised you that you'll sleep with me in the bed. He looked at me and said where he is going to sleep the neighbor already sleep with us. I told him yes you are right maybe you'll sleep at the floor or the living room. He was so shocked and afraid to say any thing

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:28am
Or i can lift you, and force you to kiss my biceps, then i can put you on the floor and put on feet on you while you are kissing my calves

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:38am
how can u lift me and make me kiss ure b iceps at the same time...wich position?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:49am
I can lift you from your neck with one and flex the other one and force you to kiss it.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:50am
so u do not want me to measure and compare? or list me from one room with chair included and bring me in one other ?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:51am
u gonna kick even your friend tonight can u stand a chanse against all 3 guys in ure house?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:53am
No, i want to compare, and for sure i want from you to measure my muscles specially if you'll start telling me how great they are and powerful.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:53am
how big is youre forearm?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:54am
No, i was telling my husband about you, and i told him that if you come you'll sleep with me in the bed, so i might put you in the bed on his place or in my neighbor place. BTW you can read a previous story i told the guys about how i beat my husband and his both friends at the same time.

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:56am
have you ever showed some of your friends how bigger and stronger than husband you are?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:56am
can i use ure big bicep as pillow? or ure titts?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:57am
Yes, everybody knows i beat him and his friends at the same time, i also wrestled him and his brother in the same time, i beat him in front my cousins

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:57am
is not that your husband try to kick me cuz he is jealous?

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:58am
No, i think your face will be between my tits because i like to put something between them when i sleep. So i think it will be my tits

Woman Jul 07 2014 11:58am
do i will have enough oxigen there? u will hug me on the night? can i suck them on the night?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:00pm
Yes, he is jealous, but i want train him to accept the idea of me being naked and topless in front other men, this why i am making this. He knows that if he says a ward i might beat him to death, and divorce him and kick him out of the house. I am the boss in my house

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:01pm
so u will be topless in front of me? ill get lifted with u without dresses ?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:02pm
Yes, you have to suck them, this is one of your duties. I do not if you'll have enough oxygen, but you'll survive. you'll suffer from lack of the air but you can make it. like my husband and neighbor

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:02pm
how big is your forearm?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:03pm
i love this duty

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:04pm
I do not know how big is it. Of course i'll be topless, and maybe naked i do not know. Usually inside my house i only wear a short or a thong. due the big size of my tits i hate to wear bra or any shirts. and i sleep naked as well

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:05pm
seems that theyre veeery huge!! i bet ure forearm uis bigger than husband bicep....but its ggood to sleep with mummy naked/??

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:06pm
i can worship your biceps titts and pecs wile husband and neighbour massage and kiss your feets and huge calves>?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:09pm
Yes, for sure they bigger than my husband biceps i think they around 14- 15. Thanks i hate to wear any thing most of the time specially when i sleep. It is good that you like it, you should prepare your self to see my entire muscular body a lot. My little weak baby.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:09pm
I like your ideas its great this what we'll do for sure

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:11pm
15 inches???!!?? theyre bigger thn my biceps too!! my forearm is dye to see than huge body flexung for me topless

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:11pm
i think i can stay hours sucking your titts and touching your huge hard muscles when u flex them

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:13pm
Do not worry i flex a lot of times topless. My husband and my neighbor now are board from it right now.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:13pm
theyre dwarfed from it maybe

AnonymousJul 07 2014 12:14pm
Really that would be so great. Plus you have to kiss and massage my feet for hours.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:14pm
now i wonna compare my tighs with ure calves and my biceps with ure forearms

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:15pm
Yes, and i will still winning. You strong mammies always win

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:17pm
thats the impressive things your forearm is more muscular than my bicepand my thighs flexed ande not as hard and as big as my mum calves.....feel a bit dwarfed

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:20pm
i think if i measure my thighs togetther theyre thinner than youre single flexed

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:21pm
Thanks baby. I know and actually i like this about my self very much. that i am much stronger and bigger than my men thats why i want to call you babies and you call me mammy

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:23pm
cuz we seems small as a children and as weak for you?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:23pm
I do not my thigh is 30 inches. actually i have not met any person man or woman who has bigger thighs

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:24pm
exactly so your mammy will take care of you, feed you, play with you, because you are so weak and helpless without me.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:25pm
seems so...i thought i was very strong before talking with u

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:28pm
btw if your calves are so powerful u think if i sit on your knee you can do calf rises with all my weight just on one leg?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:30pm
my leghs together are 29-30 inches diameter

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:31pm
Do not worry baby. that is happen with all the men .The important thing to practice on the massage and the worship, and how to suck from huge tits like mine, because i do not think that you've ever suck from tits like them before.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:31pm
i will need two hands to grab one single of ure titts i think...and you will grab me in the mean time

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:32pm
Yes i can do this very easy i do it with my husband and my neighbor each one in a leg, and start practicing they look exactly like babies

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:33pm
how much is theyr combined weight? u use one leg?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:34pm
i'll grab your head into my tits then you change to the other one, when i order yoi to.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:34pm
husband 65, neighbor 72, each one of them in one leg, but at the same time

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:35pm
no is impossible!!one of ure calves lisf more weight than bith my legs together

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:36pm
Hhhhh, i think so. I told you my calves are very strong and that makes sence because my calves is bigger than your thighs.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:38pm
if u extend one leg out of the chair u can actually substain my reight if i sit on uoure ankle?!

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:40pm
for you all this is normal for me is extraordinary

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:41pm
To sit only on my ankle, i do not know, but if i am able to this, this will be so humiliated. that i can lift a grown up man using only my foot not my leg muscles

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:42pm
u ever tryed to put your forearm in the middle of the legs of ure husband from behind and lift him like this off the ground?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:42pm
well u use your quad like leg extention

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:43pm
i did not understand

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:44pm

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:44pm
what do you mean by use your quad like leg extention

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:45pm
u can extend your leg straight...i will sit on the leg and u can sustain my weight>? basicly is your quadriceps working and sustaining the weight

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:46pm
Ahh, all right i got it

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:47pm
it possible?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:47pm
Yes, i think it is. Im gonna try it

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:49pm
and how abt your forearm to lift your husband from between his legs

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:49pm
will be amazing u need such a lot of strenght its unreal

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:49pm
I think i can do it, i have all the power i need specially in my legs.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:50pm
i was the size i think so too...all those mass bring some strenght too i think

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:52pm
i think im envuoius or your muscular body mummy

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:52pm
i wish to be able to flex my bicep and break a shirt i think u can do it

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:53pm
Hhhh, you why? You should not be because you should not compare your self to me. you are my baby.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:54pm
but my genetic is not helping me so i need to enjoy the hardness and the size of yours

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:54pm
ahahah you mean that there is no comparison between us?

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:55pm
Exactly you have my power enjoy it, I told i have the genetics for a huge man. and now you should concern about your slim and weakness. In addtion to your worship, massage, and sucking tits.

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:56pm
slim and weakness? explane me plz

curious87Jul 07 2014 12:57pm
I already told you, I like weak slim men. the smaller the better so we can have fun much more. I want a man when i put my tits in front of him my tits looks bigger than his head and his shoulder, i want someone his feet is much smaller than mine, if i step on his back my feet will remain a stamp on his entire back

Woman Jul 07 2014 12:59pm
you want me to help you to increase the huge strenght gap we have? what happens if i step on your back mummy?

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:02pm
I do not need your help. I am just telling you what i like. If you step on me i have very strong back muscles, so it does not matter, but i do not let any one step at my back

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:04pm
u will have forearms bigger than my calves and biceps larger than my thights

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:04pm
i wonna become the baby u like

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:05pm
Hhhhh, yes i like that. I like it when i see the fear on men eyes because i am much bigger than them or when they touch my thighs or see mt tits. It gives a feeling of ultimate power

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:06pm
you are already bigger you will look enormous or i will look scrawny next to u

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:07pm
Yes, this is what i exactly like. you be the baby I want and i'll give you any thing you want.

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:09pm
so if i get lighter and weaker i willsleep withn u and get often lifted...or strenght wise challenged?

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:12pm
r u thinking all things u can do to me mum ? eheh

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:15pm
If you get much thinner i'll do any thing to you. and i'll sleep with you, but you'll not f*ck me. So if you will be my perfect baby. Any thing for you is available

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:23pm
i really wish umake me prove every day strenght difference between us

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:24pm
any idea how to do it?

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:25pm
Yes, many ideas from comparing muscles. To lifting you and wrestle you to know who is the boss in the home. If you make it to my home i'll show you a lot of things.

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:32pm
where do u live? what if i really join

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:34pm
well if u keep growing and i get weakerv ios nit wrestling ...for me is beat uo and for you warmup :)

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:35pm
i mean beat up and for you warm up

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:42pm
you forget about me ?? :(

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:43pm
No baby sure not. I was having my dinner while my neighbour massaging my feet

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:48pm
oooh ok sorry u think abt something for me>?

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:49pm
If you really join me. I'll treat you like a real baby i do not why, but i am very excited about putting you on bed while i feed you from my tits, and my neighbour giving me foot kisses

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:50pm
I will probably take you with me at gym to use you in my push ups warm up

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:51pm
poor your back a real baby never walk alone mum bring him everywere

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:53pm
how can u use me for warm up

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:54pm
I'll but not to my work. I'll bring you with me to the beach were you should put the oil on me, and giving me a foot massage, but in the beach you'll not be allowed to suck from tits, even though i'll be topless

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:55pm
I'll put on my back for push ups, and i'll do squds with you. My ass will be much bigger you want your mammies ass to be much bigger right

Woman Jul 07 2014 1:57pm
?ass bigger for muscles u mean? you use me as warmup?? omg

curious87Jul 07 2014 1:59pm
Yes, i use you as warm up for my ass training. I'll do any thing for you except clear sex. little baby

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:00pm
im alowded to masturbate myself or mum must teach me how t do it

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:01pm
big ass means heavy and strong ass so i like

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:03pm
No, you are not allowed unless i allowed you. No matter how erection you have. If you were very good baby i might help you with my feet. men in my house do not do any thing unless i approved

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:03pm
Yes very big very strong very muscular ass. your head will be lost inside it.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:04pm
not with your hands? or biceps?or mouth?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:05pm
No, of course not with my mouth. I think the only thing the men deserve from my body is feet.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:06pm
I consider you just like my husband these days. I do not have sex with him and the only thing touch his dick is my feet.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:08pm
u told me that u try to lift and give an aerial bj to ure husband but maybe he dont deserve

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:10pm
No, he does not deserve it. any way my husband does not have this huge erection since 2-3 years

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:11pm
but sucking those big titts and being dominated by that huge muscles can make me cum even without touching myself

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:12pm
why not

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:13pm
Yes, that is Ok if it happened. That happened to men all the time. specially when they sucking my tits or kissing my ass

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:13pm
hope u dont get upset because of that

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:14pm
I think first because he fears and erection do not come with fear. Second he so weak third since we have huge difference in the size that makes him unable to satisfy me maybe this makes him frustrated

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:15pm
u like to scare him?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:17pm
Yes, i like to scare all the men. I like very much when there two or three men in my house all of them fear me.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:18pm
all three sit in the coach and u arrive for fun lifting easily one side of it with all them on top?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:19pm
actually i do not do this, but i wrestle the three of them, and i flex my muscles so they'll be extremely afraid. then force them to massage my feet, and the other one my body and the last one my tits.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:22pm
u cannot? ure flexed muscles are scary?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:23pm
I said i do not do the couch thing because it is not funny. Yes men will be so afraid when i expose my entire body and they can see how muscles do i have. They'll be scared to death

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:25pm
i think its a great show of almost afreaid abt yiure arms too now that i know the size

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:27pm
You should be afraid. If you want come to me you should know two things: your mammy can do every thing. I am the only person who decide what we should do. Do you understand

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:30pm
i dont think i have any option...

AnonymousJul 07 2014 2:31pm
im too weak to discuss right now

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:33pm
Thats great with me men do not have option. They just do what i want. I like you my little baby this is why i am promising you to do any thing you want, not because i treat every one like this

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:33pm
I told i am excited about you sucking my tits, i do not know why, and excited for your massage because you have experience. Ok little baby focus on these two things

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:35pm
really? wow thnks!!! u know i was thinking you are too strongfor me anyways quit with gym to get weaker is ok

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:35pm
i will never had muscles like u anyways

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:37pm
Sure gyms should for woman only. You should stay at home waiting for your mammy to come to feed you lift you, and put you on bed

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:37pm
so ill not be your warmupanymore?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:38pm
It depends, if you were good in massaging snd sucking

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:40pm
i was thinking why dont u put some hangerb at your home and when u go out and your lil guys made mess you hung them hight from theyr belts and they stay there for hopurs and just a mnuscle woman can make then come down when they learn the lesson

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:41pm
im awesome

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:41pm
Actually, sometimes i tied them up to the bed or the floor, and keep them there for hours, and go for a bear with my friends

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:43pm
so u dont like my idea?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:45pm
I think if i hang them in a high place they might move, and release them selves. Plus i do not gave any hangs that could handle two men with 130 KG

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:47pm
i hthinking how small i can appear close to a huge girl like u

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:47pm
actually if u wonna reach some high places to grab some good is awesome to be as strong as u ,you can lift me to reach it:)

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:49pm
Yes, baby you'll look too small. If we meet i'll wear shoes with 20 cm heels so your head will be under my tits, and to see my face i have to lift you, or you'll stuck under my tits.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:49pm
taller and i think wider too

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:52pm
I am so big for you baby. I should be careful when we'll sleep together not to crush you.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:54pm
after u told me you can lift me overhead or lifting a washing machine with ease im nost surprised abt what ure body can do

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:55pm
and starting to weakening i will look even weaker and hopeless versus can i do

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:56pm
Yes, i can do to you what ever i want my little baby. From the moment you enter my home i'll be owning you, but your mammy will own you in a good way.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:56pm
what will happen when ill knok at ure door can u describe?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:57pm
The more weaker and helpless you are, the more mammy will do for you stuff.

Woman Jul 07 2014 2:58pm
if i become weak i will have problem even to move a heavy chair what can i do?

curious87Jul 07 2014 2:59pm
Yes, i'll be wearing my 20 heels shoes and a thong that's all. I'll open the door for you lift you to see my face, give you a kiss, and hold you very tight, i am sure you'll scream here. The first thing i'll do flexing my muscles to you and let you touch it, then i have to wrestle yoy i'll give you a lot scissors, breast smoother, face sitting, and when i feel that you have enough i'll let you free. You'll start with my feet massage then tits massage then body massages, after that i'll lift you like a baby feed you. at the end i'll put you on bed and your head between my tits to suck them.

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:04pm
Your strong mammy will move it for you, my little weak baby.

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:06pm
just your hug will make scream omg of course my feet leave the ground

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:06pm
Yes sure because your head will be much shorter than my tits.

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:07pm
i will call you and u find me sitting in a heavy (for me) chair that i cannot move ans i ask you help

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:08pm
No, you'll still sitting until i come. Men at my house are not allowed to call me only in emergency

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:09pm
ok ill wait for u to come and what gonna happen than...

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:10pm
I'll move you and the chair. maybe with one arm.

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:11pm
ull find me sad cuz i realize im loosing my strenght and im not able animore to bring a single heavy chair upstairs....

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:12pm
so u make me stand up and take the chair usptairs?

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:13pm
Hhhh, yes but your mammy will make you happy, she'll lift you feed you, play with you sleep with you, show off her body for you. How about all these things they deserve to be a little weaker for me

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:15pm
and ill say sorry that i have to make u do the hard work

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:15pm
play with me how?one of her huge muscles vs all my body to see who win? aehehhe

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:16pm
for a second i thought u grab me upstairs with the chiair just to hu,miliate me :P

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:17pm
Noo, this is the right thing women should do the hard work, men should stay at home prepare their selves for the women. I'll lift you and lift the chair in the other hand.

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:17pm
Nothing humiliated for you this how men should be treated. Yes maybe my feet against your entire body, sure i'll win but just for fun

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:19pm
i have to sleep now ill text u tomorrow mommy

curious87Jul 07 2014 3:21pm
Ok, but now i have a last thought i wish if i really have a milk in my tits, so i can literally feed my men (babies).

Woman Jul 07 2014 3:22pm
U can literally feed me like a full breakfast I bet that I cannot even finish cyz they're so big that will be too much milk for me

curious87Jul 07 2014 11:22pm
Btw I just tried to do morning push ups like mummy just to see how many I can do and with 10 kilos on my back...I did 8 !!! My arms were shaking already

curious87Jul 08 2014 12:43am
woman are you still there?

curious87Jul 08 2014 3:58am
this is full of bullpoo how weak can you be if you cannot do 11 push ups? there is no way that a woman can beat a man unless he do not like this way and he allows her to do it!! i'm not sure i can lift a washing machine off the ground i have never tryed but i'm sure i can defeat all woman are stronger, exept pussyes like curious87 or the hsband of this fake woman

strongerJul 08 2014 4:14am
stronger...before to talk try for example to lift that washing machine im a big man and i cannot manage it so trust me you can be weaker

curious87Jul 08 2014 5:01am
as far as i red she can lift it over her head i think it's exagerated

strongerJul 08 2014 5:29am
she never sayd so....btw i'm not sure che could overhead....but she can lift it off the ground for sure!! try the same big mouth

curious87Jul 08 2014 5:32am
i can kick both your asses togeher i think ihihihihi

strongerJul 08 2014 5:41am
you see?!?!? she even didn't reply!

strongerJul 08 2014 6:09am
Stronger if you think this is full of Poo and i am a fake woman and cannot do any of the things i said, so what are you writing? Why are you discussing with us? Do not you feel so stupid to chat with layer fake woman?

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:30am
Curious87, i think your body and power is a little bit than my husband. You need to reduce it :))

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:32am
actually i thouught i was stronger than that

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:34am
so do you really think that you can lift a guy over your head or a washing machine?

strongerJul 08 2014 6:36am
Hhhh, as i told you, you do not have to be more than that. When you are around big strong woman the weaker the better

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:36am
I do not lift a washing machine over my head, read with concentration, and yes i lifted men over my head. But you did not answer me why are you discussing with some one who you think she is a fake woman? Do not u feel stupid to do that?

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:39am
ok so i'll correct my think you are strong enough to lift a washing machine over your head? can you prove this strenght you have somehow?

strongerJul 08 2014 6:42am
i just did a weight plus the extre 10 is 90 kg lifted 8 times it 720 and your husband on your back lifted 75 times it is 12000 kilos....OMG

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:44am
i don't think that even if i get twice as strong as i am now i can compare

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:47am
No, i can not lift washing machine over my head. I need to use my both arms to lift a washing machine, but i can do it. I am still waiting your answer why are you discussing fake woman? And if you are not intersted in this what are you doing in this website? And how did you reach this poll?

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:47am
don't bother abt him

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:50am
Yes, you have to double your strength, but i am telling you i'll grow more muscles so you'll never catch me. Little baby

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:50am
more muscle than now?!

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:51am
omg you will be able to lift me and your husband on each of your shoulders and flex in front of the mirror with no much trouble

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:52am
Yes, sure i told i will not stop. I want to have the bigger muscles on a woman. I'll be three times bigger than my husband

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:53am
Wow, this is great idea lifting i'll do it some day and soon.

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:55am
you know my ankle is still hurting i think i have to ask you to bring me around the city mummy

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:56am
When this poll reach 300 we'll go to the one directly after it the link:

Woman Jul 08 2014 6:56am
well if i keep dieting and not training ill be so thin and weak than youll look 3 times bigger than me too

curious87Jul 08 2014 6:58am
Ohhh, poor baby. come to me, and i'll take care of you baby. To be three times smaller this so great. i'll love you even more and more

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:00am
The poll of the title is we'll move to it is: Hoe beoordeelt u het nieuwe seniorengedeelte van de website van Proxis?

Woman Jul 08 2014 7:01am
X8Pv3r I truly appreciate this blog article.Really thank you! Will read on...

CNmJTLVNpauRYAug 03 2014 9:42pm
hey woman are you still here?

curious87Dec 17 2014 8:51am
i think the poll has been closed women might have killed someone under her ass and is absconding. RIP :)

suckerNov 13 2015 12:55am
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