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Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales?

Question: Who do you prefer:
Created by: drjimmylove at 03:30:57 PM, Wednesday, August 06, 2003 PDT


England of course, the largest, most powerful, most beautiful, energetic country in the UK...

a frenchmanAug 14 2003 3:34am

America could crush England

George W. BushMar 14 2004 12:44pm
Re last comment, America might crush England by itself , but we have many secret weapons - the Scottish, the Welsh, and Millwall fans. USA would'nt have a hope.

Lennox LewisNov 29 2005 3:37am
you probably would crush us america is full of fat mother f* point mentioning millwall though lewis....

stu r .BrightonMar 13 2006 11:13am
Scotland I hate and the people in it. Hafe of those people have their head up their ass and so full of themselfs

JPApr 16 2007 5:40am
Lennox Lewis your full ofself we have stuff and people to back us up to I mean in war war 2 who did England call US the good OLD USA. Thats why we are number one you guys are behide us

JPApr 16 2007 5:41am
England the other three were only english colonies after all.

AnonymousMay 07 2011 3:13pm
Going to put this airctle to good use now.

NwaUmWegrsrOZWJhOct 01 2011 7:42pm
This does look pmroising. I'll keep coming back for more.

aAMoxDvcmDdzSnaOJXOct 01 2011 7:42pm
Anonymous Scotland was never an english colonies. Elizabeth the beheaded Mary Queen of Scots. Marys son James the v became the first king of England and Scotland.Thats how they became one.

DonSep 14 2012 1:56pm
English people are big headed c*cky twats

AnonymousMar 06 2013 6:00am

AndyMar 29 2014 4:53pm
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AflothrBxyGlYMlzwlfAug 05 2014 3:03am
i am from northern ireland do you like us i was born under the union jack flag not the southern tri colour the republicans in the northern ireland agovernment do not want any thing to do with the uk yet the take the uks money they tried to bomb and shoot us to become a united ireland for nearly 40 years but they did not

discustedSep 21 2014 2:41pm
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hLMdulqFmXJan 15 2015 5:55pm
Hey baby

NateAug 22 2015 5:47pm
hey ^//.//^

YangAug 22 2015 5:52pm
Finally hey baby *kisses you gently*

NateAug 22 2015 5:54pm
And also go along with what I said in the other post

NateAug 22 2015 5:56pm
*kisses gently* sorry, i might be in one of 'those' moods. ya know? XD

YangAug 22 2015 5:56pm
wait what? XD

YangAug 22 2015 5:57pm
okay XD i found it

YangAug 22 2015 6:00pm

NateAug 22 2015 6:01pm
Cheer up be happy now because guess what you were found.

AnonymousAug 22 2015 6:02pm
*kisses you back* ;3

YangAug 22 2015 6:02pm
*kisses more*

NateAug 22 2015 6:05pm
*kisses you a bit deeper* I love you, Nate :3

YangAug 22 2015 6:08pm
*kisses deeper* mmm you too

NateAug 22 2015 6:09pm
Hey go on the love section and check out Makes face " I love my dad - y2j" I feel bad for him

NateAug 22 2015 6:10pm
Jake's face*

NateAug 22 2015 6:10pm
*sits on your lap and carries on kissing you* mmm..

YangAug 22 2015 6:11pm
I saw XD

YangAug 22 2015 6:12pm
*holds you around your waist* *kissing*

NateAug 22 2015 6:13pm
And I said!! T E E N A G E R S S C A R E T H E L I V I N G S H I T O U T O F M E

AnonymousAug 22 2015 6:15pm
*kisses your neck softly*

YangAug 22 2015 6:18pm
*closes my eyes*

NateAug 22 2015 6:18pm
*kisses your neck more while playing with your hair*

YangAug 22 2015 6:22pm

NateAug 22 2015 6:24pm
mmm.. *runs my hand up your chest*

YangAug 22 2015 6:28pm
*still enjoying*

NateAug 22 2015 6:32pm
*goes back to kissing your lips*

YangAug 22 2015 6:35pm
*French kisses*

NateAug 22 2015 6:40pm
Wow you guys are making me H O R N Y

Keep going!Aug 22 2015 6:42pm
*french kisses back* mmm..

YangAug 22 2015 6:47pm
*kisses deeper* mmmm *kissing more* *picks you up*

NateAug 22 2015 6:48pm
*wraps my legs around your waist* *kisses more*

YangAug 22 2015 6:53pm
*kissing more*

NateAug 22 2015 6:57pm
Hey what kind of device are you using?

NateAug 22 2015 6:58pm
dont judge though XD but im kinda nerdy so a 3ds lol *kisses*

YangAug 22 2015 6:59pm
I have a 3DS too lol but I use my tablet

NateAug 22 2015 7:01pm
Prob is I lost my 3DS in my room :/

NateAug 22 2015 7:02pm
yeahh!! :D

YangAug 22 2015 7:03pm
I use to play Street Fighter 4 on that bitch :(

NateAug 22 2015 7:04pm
i play like Professor Layton and stuff XD

YangAug 22 2015 7:08pm
Sweet ^-^ lol I have f*cking idea where it is :/

NateAug 22 2015 7:10pm
Hey does your 3DS deal with Gmail?

NateAug 22 2015 7:11pm
*sits on the bed* *wraps myself up in the cover* XD

YangAug 22 2015 7:16pm
I dont think so :/

YangAug 22 2015 7:17pm
Okay *hugs you* *sits next to you*

NateAug 22 2015 7:21pm
3DS Handles it fine, this stuff is so cringe lol.

AnonymousAug 22 2015 7:22pm
*hugs you and kisses your cheek*

YangAug 22 2015 7:23pm
it does? oh XD

YangAug 22 2015 7:26pm
Thanks @Anon | so wanna try it out?

NateAug 22 2015 7:28pm
Yeah :) You love birds should email. That nerds gonna keep finding your secret posts :/

Diox SAug 22 2015 7:28pm
I can make you a Gmail account t

NateAug 22 2015 7:28pm
Diox! Brother man

NateAug 22 2015 7:28pm
Never told me you had email babe </3 jk i hate you :p

Diox SAug 22 2015 7:29pm
nahh dont xD

YangAug 22 2015 7:30pm
Okay @F | lol I told you I had Gmail allot man @Diox

NateAug 22 2015 7:32pm
Should email me bro. Be like the... 3rd person from likelike to see my face Xp Only Hailey nd beautiful Alaina have seen it. Not just because Lainas my wife x) But seriously this site gives me 3 types of cancer. Please.

DioxAug 22 2015 7:33pm
You think I liten to people... Also if you keep using polls you might find one I was on...

DioxAug 22 2015 7:34pm

DioxAug 22 2015 7:34pm
My Gmail is

NateAug 22 2015 7:35pm
<163 does this work?

NateAug 22 2015 7:38pm

NateAug 22 2015 7:38pm

NateAug 22 2015 7:39pm
Ah okay

NateAug 22 2015 7:39pm
Im so sorry x)

DioxAug 22 2015 7:40pm
Sure Virgin Badass lol

NateAug 22 2015 7:42pm
Dude your girlfriend ditched you

BruhAug 22 2015 8:26pm
Nah she fell asleep

NateAug 22 2015 8:49pm
Hey babe so sorry I haven't been on I got my computer taken away.

YangSep 05 2015 12:13pm
Wtf hahha it's funny to me how I come back like in the future ._. (Few months) lol anyway it's all good.

NateOct 24 2015 3:09pm
I know this is late or some sh17it, but I have feelings for you still. I still have feelings deep inside in me.

NateOct 28 2015 6:20pm

NateOct 28 2015 6:21pm

NateOct 28 2015 6:21pm
*slaps the old me* Fu16ck off mate you don't anyore

NateApr 10 2016 3:41pm
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