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Embarasing moments happen to all of us

Question: Have you ever .....
Created by: M4 at 02:55:59 AM, Tuesday, August 12, 2003 EDT


One time me and my bf were f*cking in the back of his car then these two guys came up and shinned a light into his back window on us. I screamed hella bad, it scared teh poo out of me and on top of that these strangers seen me f*cking.

AnonymousJan 15 2004 10:40am

thats funny!

AnonymousMar 04 2006 3:16am
My Mother caught me masturbation....

DavidJun 07 2011 1:19pm
hi dosto me apni 13 saal ki bhanji ko jab bhi mauka milta hai usse chodta hu ....wo bahot mast hai ...abhi uske boobs chote hai per bahot maja deti hai....wo lund bhi bahot achha suck karti hai...jab bhi ghar pe koi nahi rehta me usse khub maja leta hu....per wo gaar nahi chodwa rahi uska gar bhi chodna chahta hu plz advise me .....

AnonymousOct 23 2012 10:22pm
I'm a guy and my dad caught me with dog licking peanut butter off my dick

rex Mar 13 2013 11:23am
Im 17 & last night I fell asleep masturbating. My mom came in my room this morning & saw me naked with my PJ pants down. My penis was hard as it gets a lot of mornings. She wanted to know what was the idea of all this? I was like tongue tied as she stared right at my erection. Mom is 35 & hot so I half way liked her seeing it. She went out & at breakfast she only said be more discreet from now on. She did hug & kiss me tho. Im turned on at the way she kept looking.

AnthonyApr 23 2013 10:21am
I was 15 and just on my bed wearing my pajamas. I had been sort of playing with myself but not really masturbating. I got into something on TV and forgot my c*ck was still out laying over to the side soft. My mom came in to tell me something and since my bed faces the door she had a good look at it. I looked her way and saw her staring at it looking very pleased. I quickly realized I was totally hanging out & was afraid to do anything not knowing what she would think. So I acted as if I didn't know my c*ck was out. Mom made an excuse to ask me what I'm watching and keep from going away too fast. I was embarrassed at first but after seeing how she liked it I got very aroused and did jerk off. I've jerked off over that tons of times ever since. Mom is very sexy.

Tommy BApr 26 2013 3:39am
When I was 14 I had a crush on my mom. She was 33 then. I came up with a plan to get her to see me naked and maybe feel my equipment. I got home from school and told her my testicle was hurting after gym class. She said well go to the doctor. I said please don't make me go there. Please look at it yourself. So she had me lay back on the bed with my pants down and she sat up next to me. My penis was still soft and laying over my balls so she had to move it aside. As soon as she had it in her hand it got hard. She thought I was embarrassed so she said don't worry its normal for it to get hard when its touched. I was like OH OK mom. So now she had my erection in her left hand and was feeling my balls checking for lumps or swelling. Asking me if she was hurting me. I said not really. She told me she was palpating for lumps and after some time of that she said no lumps and no swelling. I think you strained your groin in gym and it will be just fine in a day or two. meantime my penis was leaking juice onto her hand. She didn't say a word or act freaked out at all. She just wiped her hands with a tissue and said I can get dressed. You know I had to wank after that. LOL.

Mike Apr 26 2013 7:31am
Mike-I think a lot of boys at your age get into crushes on their younger moms. Its probably the sex hormones running wild at that age. If your mom is under 40 she is still quite young and attractive even to a boy of 14. My son asked me to look at his penis saying he had a little red mark on it. Like your mom I said we can get the doctor to look at it. He definitely didn't want that. I wasn't suspicious at all and said OK if you want Ill see what I think it is. I was already thinking he scratched it playing with it. But OK so I sat on the bed and he came from the bathroom in his shorts and t shirt. I saw that he had a full erection already. But OK Then I pulled down his shorts and saw for the first time he now had hair above his penis and was already about full grown. It was so strange seeing him after several years all developed. I saw the scratch on the underside of it and it didn't look quite right to me. So I took a wet paper towel and washed it gently as I saw him leaking precum because I was holding it and feeling him. To my surprise the scratch was gone. I realized he had used a marker to create it and never did have a real scratch, LOL. I said where did it go? He acted all innocent and said -gee I don't know mom? It was adorable. I didn't tease him at all and felt a little twinge of a sexy feeling over seeing and handling my teen aged sons penis. I'm happy to see he has a nice size going for him and is functioning very well too.

KathyApr 27 2013 10:18am
14 seems to be the age boys get some type of attraction to their moms. I'm 36. My son does a few things he never did before. Like wanting to watch me clean the house. I usually don't get showered & dressed until I tidy up. So I usually wear an old shirt of my husbands. Its big on me and covers me fairly well. But when I bend over I realize he was seeing all the way up to my panties. I wear briefs so some ass does show. I glanced over my shoulder & saw him looking right up under the shirt tail. I guess he has been seeing my ass for months now. I began wearing old cut off jeans after that. One day he was still in his PJs & we were watching TV & I looked over at him next to me on the sofa & his fly was wide open & his entire penis was showing except the very tip. He was obviously semi hard. Like another mom said I was taken by the size he is now at 14. Its very different from seeing him at age 9,lol. For his fly to be open so wide his snapper was undone. I'm sure he wanted me to see it. I was going to tell him but decided to let it go. I have to admit I took a lot of glances at it. Its a funny feeling having a certain attraction to your own son.

YolandaApr 28 2013 6:47am
My dad caught me. I'm 15 & after school I was in my room & the only one home. So I didn't close my door. I got into playing with myself naked on the bed. Somehow dad came home early & I never heard him. I was at a intense moment with my eyes closed & just opened them in time to see dad at my door. My bed faces that way so he was able top see right up from my legs on up & my legs were wide open. So dad seen me from the most intimate view & seen everything I own. He said OH baby I'm so sorry & left the doorway but he could have been looking for a few seconds at least. Now he seems all wanting to hug me & kiss me & stuff & I think he's turned on.

Tina GApr 29 2013 8:42am
Tina I had the exact same experience with my daughter 17 years old. I got home early and went to my room but I heard something and went back out to her room door, and she was naked with her legs wide open and she was using a very big dildo. Her eyes were closed so I stood back but kept peeking. I had about a full minute before she saw me and I acted like I saw almost nothing. She wasn't happy-y and said you had to have seen me daddy! I said it was an accident and am sorry baby. She said OH its OK dad don't feel bad. I still cant get over the size of that dildo. She had that thing fully buried. Amazing.

Jim WMay 01 2013 2:58pm
Yolanda don't worry. Boys do get a rush of hormones at that age. My son tried everything to see me undressed. If I sat around in a short skirt he was so obvious trying to see if anything was showing. I caught him taking pictures from behind while I was kneeling over my gardens in short cutoff jeans. More of my ass cheeks were showing than I thought. I had to be understanding with him. I made him know its not good to see his mom as a sex object but I understand boys his age go thru a stage of that type of thing. It will pass.

StacyMay 02 2013 3:58pm
I am 18 and was in the pool with daddy. He had new trunks. Totally sexy. Not speedos but sort of like briefs which are tight. I hated those knee length baggy poos he used to wear. I saw his penis shape really showing big time when he got out of the water. OMG! I could even see the ridge around his tip where they circumcised him. I forgot myself totally & kept looking. Dad said they babe see something you like? I realized he knew so I didn't act all innocent. I said Hey daddy I'm liking your new trunks. You look very happy to see me too? I said it seductively. Dad liked that and now we are teasing each other a lot. He's very sexy for a guy over 40.

Janetta OrtizMay 05 2013 7:33pm
I am 16 & have a love for my mom lately that's getting me hot over her. She wears shorts and always did but now I am seeing how hot her legs are. I mean totally amazing legs and ass. Some shorts are tight and some are not which those let me peek at her ass cheeks as she moves or sits. I cant see panties when I get a look up her shorts. I'm thinking she goes commando or wears thong undies. Yesterday I accidently left my room door open as I changed. I knew she can see me from the den and saw her taking a good look. My c*ck got soooo hard and she stared and smiled. After like 5 minutes she called to me to say she was in her den and could see me. She said it like sexy tho. OMG! I am turned on.

Jimmy LMay 15 2013 8:15am
I am a single mom. Im 38 and have a 18 year old son at home. We have a very private yard with a pool. I do real estate sales and one hot day last summer I had a slow day and took off at noon. I got home and went around to the rear gate and there was my son totally naked on the lounge chair. He was asleep and I saw his penis for the first time since he was maybe 10 or 11. It was soft but hanging across his leg and quite impressively long. I know as his mom I should not have a reaction but I really did. I couldn't stop looking. I actually had wet panties. Im trying not to get seductive toward him ever since but OMG he is soooo sexy.

Susan F------sMay 17 2013 12:15pm
My 21 year old son came home drunk. He got undressed & forgot to close his door. He was laying across his bed when I went in to see if he was going to work. I got the shock of my life seeing his penis totally erect as he slept. I hadn't seen my son nude since he was about 9. His legs were parted & the view was bottom up. Like Susan I had a very improper reaction. I stood looking for a while. Finally I had to feel it. I was afraid of waking him but he was out cold. I had a good feel of his entire c*ck. I had the wettest panties ever. I cant stop thinking about it. I'm surprised at myself.

Pat HMay 23 2013 8:25am
Pat / I get it that your surprised you liked seeing him. I think a lot of women might get somthing out of seeing an older son naked or whatever. I was into my mom as a teenager. I think only because she was attractive and I was at an age where your constantly erect and playing with it. One night I was in my PJs but still watching TV with my mom. She was wearing a short robe which showed her legs off. I saw a chance to open my PJs fly enough to make the shaft of my penis show really good. Just the shaft. It looked way more innocent that way. She came back to the sofa & I saw her look. She never said a thing. She kept turning to me to say stuff & her eyes went down to see it. That's what she did for like 2 hours. I saw her expression and it was like she was exited over seeing it. I did more stuff after that but mom was not into stopping me.

KennyJun 05 2013 9:31am
I was naked in my own room. I didn't know my little sifter was home. I was walking around and after a while I looked out my doorway and saw my sis in HER dresser mirror. She was sitting on her bed watching me so way down low hardly more than her top of her head to her eyes were showing. I then knew she was peeking at my naked body. I liked that. It seems sexy to me. My sis is 13 and very hot. I let her keep peeking for like 20 minutes. I never told her I saw her. She has been like more kissy huggy lately. Maybe she wants to get more in with me.

EvanJun 14 2013 9:16am
I'm 15 and I heard my little sister age 10 walk down to my room. I was just waking up with a morning erection. I don't know what got into me but I took my erect penis out of my pajama fly so she would see it. I let my eyes open a small slit, and saw her looking. She stood at my door and stared at it with a cute smile on her face. I didn't know what she was going to do but it was very big turn on to see her liking it so much. I got so turned on as she kept looking I felt my c*ck throbbing. After that I tried being in a towel after a shower & sitting in a chair so she would see everything as I made it seem careless how I sat. She was totally peeking then too. L:ast few days she has been giving me peeks up her nighties with no panties on. Even though she's only 10 its really sexy.

DonJun 22 2013 10:50am
I used to be curious over my dads body and penis especially. I guess it got started around 8 or 9. I went to stay with him every Saturday and sleep over. He set up a sleeping bag but I always ended up sleeping with him. I could see his penis shape in his undies and if he was asleep I felt it. Then one day I got the big lucky day. He slept in a night shirt with nothing underneath. I don't know why he changed his habits. I peeked under the covers in the morning to see his big erection. It was thrilling to see his naked penis. I took the chance to feel it. OH man it felt soooo nice. I still get hot memorizing that.

AmberJul 10 2013 7:59am
My dad was working on his car stereo one hot day. He had on running shorts. Me and my GF were sitting on the lawn playing. We were about 10. I looked up and saw dad with one leg out of the car as he was leaning under to work on it. That made his shorts leg open wider and his penis fell out. It is sort of long. He had no undies on. I never saw his penis before and I liked it. It wasn't pretty but like sexy. My GF saw me looking and she turned to look and got the shock of her life. She didn't know what to say. I didn't say a word and acted like so what. It was better that way. I wish she didn't look but it happened. I saw dad naked one time after that by accident but by then I was 14. I still liked seeing him tho. He's got a nice body.

Louisa dJul 12 2013 6:03am
My daughter is 14 and looks 17. One day last week I got home early. I heard some noises from her room like moaning. I was a bad guy I guess but I had to see if I could catch a peek. I snuck along the hall to her room and her door wasn't closed all the way. Her bed has the foot facing the door. There she was masturbating and her eyes were closed. It was dark enough in the hall for me to peek into the crack. Her legs were wide open facing me. I saw my daughters pussy and ass for the first time as a grown up teen. Honestly I never saw anything so beautiful. I had an erection that was pulsating and dripping. She finally orgasmic and her sounds were like sweet music. I have been fantasizing over her all week. Her body is flawless.

Joseph FJul 12 2013 11:25am
I am a single mom with a 19 year old son. I never had any sexual thoughts about my son. Last weekend changed that. He had been out with his buddies drinking. Luckily he called me to come for him & didn't get into any cars. I asked him to do that. I saw him to his room & thought he would just fall on his bed & sleep. Much later I saw the light from his TV & his door was still open. I went to his room to turn it off. I found him totally naked laying across his bed asleep. I could see even in the TV light. I hadn't seen my son naked since he was s mall boy. His penis was hanging there as his legs were hanging over the side of his bed. I admit it was the sexiest view of a male I saw in some time. I was amazed at his size even soft. I was beside myself & actually went over & risked feeling him up. His c*ck was soft but over a hand width in length. His balls are big too. I loved how he felt. I saw him starting to wake up & got out of there. Now I am acting seductively around him. I see he is responding & looking when I give him some up skirt views of my legs. I can see he is getting hot over me. I think something will happen soon & I hope it turns out OK. I'm 42 & haven't been involved with a man in a long time. This has me so hot.

Barbara MJul 13 2013 2:26pm
My mom is 37 but she is soooo frisking hot to me. We were hanging around the pool a lot last weeks as she was off work. I was totally hot over her body & ass in her suit. Its cut so some of her ass shows. Friday I went out with running shorts on and no undershorts. I checked out myself in a mirror & knew I could exposé everything I own in the right positions. She was in the pool & I sat on the deck letting it all hang out, LOL. Sure enough mom hung around where she was able to see & was checking me out big time. Her face said it all. She was loving it. Now I know. I don't know what to do next.

Andy PAug 07 2013 9:21am
I have my 24 year old son staying over while he is searching for new apartment. He sleeps on my sofa and wears pajamas. I was walking past him last night to go get a glass of water and my bedroom light was enough to see my way. I noticed his pajama fly was stretched wide open by an his erect penis. I saw the entire shaft but not the very tip. I hadn't seen my sons penis as an adult before this. I hate to admit it but I was very turned on by it. I actually stopped next to the sofa and took a good look. I'm surprised at myself never thinking I would react that way.

CindyAug 14 2013 7:17am
Cindy my son is 19 and I went in to wake him and found him naked and not covered. I let out a yeek which woke him. I said I was sorry but he should use a cover. He seemed pleased about it and said O mom its nothing you didn't see before. Now he sits around in the towel after his shower exposing himself. He is obviously aroused too. Im too timid to say anything. I too admit I am getting sexual feelings seeing so much of him.

Debbie RSep 11 2013 2:25pm
Cindy and Debbie. I'm 22 now but when I was around 15 to 18 I had a desire for showing off to my mother. I don't know why but she seemed very sexy to me then. I was very inventive at exposing my penis and ball's and ass to her without her knowing I was aware of it. I can tell you my mom took a lot of advantage to look. Her attitude was even sweeter and she was more kissy huggy than ever. One time I drove her to see this abandoned farm. It was all overgrown and I knew the shed was falling down and walls were half broken out. So I said mom I have to park and go to pee. Just wait in the car. She said OK. I had parked in sight of the shed. past bushes knowing she could see there. I walked around the bushes to the shed and unzipped while I could see her from a window and the wall was out right in line with my c*ck area. I saw her watching me as my penis got half hard as I shook it around for her to have a long look. She was watching and smiles were on her face. She really did like seeing it. Finally one morning she sat on my bed and felt my c*ck as I was waking up. She said nothing. She just smiled and kept feeling it until I was leaking bad. Then she jerked me off. It was my best day. We did have sex after that but she met a guy and stopped it. I loved it while it lasted.

KevinSep 12 2013 6:47am
I am very into my 10 year old daughter. I cant explain why but she gets to me. I always had a urge to expose myself so that same old urge kicked in with her. Knowing she would be home from school I got naked & laid on my bed. I acted like I was napping & hoping she wouldn't wonder why I had no covers over me. I heard her as she came in & walked to the bedrooms. Unfortunately I couldn't avoid getting an erection. I was peeking a little thru mu eyelids. It was surprising to me she didn't get all afraid. She did step back looking shocked but so recovered & wow she was looking me over for a long while. Her expression was pure joy. Finally she did go away & I got up acting as if I just woke up & had my robe on. She didn't say a word about it. She was slightly nervous but not that bad. I was amazed a girl that young was so willing to look & enjoy looking.

Paul CSep 13 2013 2:27pm
My daughter loved to come to my bed to watch TV when her mom worked nights. She was 9 then. I wore shorts or PJs either one. One night I saw her staring at my fly & realized the PJs fly was wide open. I had forgotten to snap the middle snap. The fly on those loose PJs was big so my penis was partly showing. She looked as if she was enjoying it. It actually got me hot that my little honey liked it. So I didn't correct my situation and when she went to the bathroom I took my penis out all the way. I also acted as if I fell asleep. As she walked back in the room she saw it hanging out. She gently got back into bed and was staring which made me get an erection. That's didn't seem to bother her at all. She just kept looking. After a few minutes she reached out and very lightly felt it. It was so light a touch it tickled me. I never imagined anything like that could happen.

JamesSep 21 2013 8:31am
I saw my 16 yr old brothers penis hanging out over to the side from his PJs. He was asleep in his room. I was 12. I knew it was soft but it was long & sexy looking. His was the first one I seen besides kids. It was so sexy I just stood & admired it for a while.

LoriOct 18 2013 12:47pm
I am 14 & my brother is 16. I have tom do the dishes after school. I was doing that a few days ago when my brother came up behind me and lifted my skirt to feel my ass. I told him stop it. He didn't. He kissed me on my neck as he put his hands up into my panties. I got into liking how it felt and giving into him. He took my panties off and then his pants. I saw his erection for the first time. Hew put my hand onto it and said feel this. OMG it felt sooo nice. He leaned me over the sink and put his c*ck inside me. It hurt but also felt amazing too. I coundt resist it was ooo good. He was doing me from behind and he made some noises as he came inside me. I was like that was soooo good but I can be pregnant and I wont know for a few weeks. Now he wants me all the time so we are doing anal sex. Its a nice feeling too and I cant get prggers this way.

CindyNov 13 2013 11:35am
My 22 year old son decided to move back home for a while. Its so good to have him here to talk to and cook for. He finally got a job and asked me to be sure to wake him up every day. Yesterday I went into him and he was wearing only PJs bottoms. He had not snapped the snapper on his fly. his fly was wide open. His penis had slipped out and was standing up fully hard. I would not have expected it but I actually got a very turned on feeling as I looked at it. It reminded me of when my husband was still there. I wanted to reach out and play with it so much. I can't feel right about my behavior but I'm getting seductive in how I dress now. I'm showing a lot of boobbies and legs and my son is obviously enjoying it. If it goes into incest I wont complain.

Lisa GJan 15 2014 10:41am
My son left an envelope of pictures someone took of him nude. I'm sure his GF did it. I was cleaning and he left it on his night table. I got curious and had to look. Once I saw him nude and especially with a hard penis in a few of them I couldn't stop looking. he's a very good looking boy and very nicely endowed. Sorry if offends anyone but I'm human.

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