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Hottest Female Celebrity

Question: Hottest Female Celebrity
Created by: balllicker at 12:21:42 AM, Thursday, August 14, 2003 PDT


I used to think Beyonce was hot. Then I heard her speak.

AnonymousJul 24 2004 7:59pm

Mary Hart in the 1980s was the all time best, or close to it. Nothing can compete against those legs.

AnonymousApr 05 2006 10:20pm

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:42pm
I like girls with squishy butts.

stereotypical maleApr 19 2007 8:08am
Britney Spears has a squishy butt, I think.

stereotypical maleApr 19 2007 8:08am
Yes. My butt is big, and it's squishy.

Britney SpearsApr 19 2007 8:09am
Does Hilary Duff have a squishy butt?

stereotypical maleApr 19 2007 8:10am
No. I'm a skinny girl with a firm butt.

Hilary DuffApr 19 2007 8:11am

1Mar 16 2015 1:25pm

AnonymousSep 09 2017 1:34am
No other celeb comes close to sexy celine,shes got what it takes,and she likes to show it off! Her amazing legs and risky little dresses would rouse a dead man!

AnonymousDec 08 2017 1:15am
Not sure I'd call them risky pal.she's far too bloody old to be wearing her skirts up her assessment. If that gets you hot you need treatment.

JmDec 24 2017 9:03am
You gay? If you were checking her out in one of her little dresses and you didnt get serious wood then you are mate.

AnonymousDec 28 2017 3:46am
You want to watch your mouth.I'm just saying she doesn't get me hot yeah? I've looked at a few shots of her in some very short dresses and all I see is some oldie trying to look young.almost any younger woman would have better and sexier legs

JmDec 30 2017 3:43am
Really? Name one gayboy

AnonymousJan 03 2018 12:07am
I will post details for a photo of celine in an eyewateringly short purple dress.if youve got something you reckon can beat that,lets see it,and hopefully people will vote for their favourite

AnonymousJan 03 2018 2:17am
Celine Dion Taking Risks tour photos.The dresses are risky on a 20 yr old! Let alone at her age! Shes seriously fu.kable for a woman of any age,let alone one of 50!! Queen of the cougars,beats the hell out of most if not all the younger celebs

AnonymousFeb 28 2018 6:57am
Lets hear what celeb you think is sexier

AnonymousFeb 28 2018 6:59am
Ellie Goulding for one! Not skinny like Celine.a real woman.her legs are sensational. Emma Watson.And if it's legs you want,Beyonce! For older women,Heidi klum, Jennifer Aniston,Jlo! Getting the point? Almost any celeb between 20 and 60!Go toss yourself off to your pictures of Celine! She does nothing for me

JmMar 03 2018 3:35am contest.the others dont come close.hottest woman in the galaxy. Better legs than any of them.who would rather fu#k ellie goulding or celine!

HiApr 16 2018 5:11pm
Ok Britney is better but ellie goulding has fat legs!beyonce,not near as good ,same with jlo.anistons legs are too short .heidi klum,yeah im beat there,but celine is over 50 and shes got it all going on down there with sexier legs and shorter skirts than all the youngsters,and shed take them in a fight too

AnonymousMay 04 2018 4:27pm
Which under 30 female celeb could take sexy cougar celine in a fight?

AnonymousMay 04 2018 4:30pm
Heidi Klum against Celine.COUGAR FIGHT! Heidi beats fuk out of Celine Well worth watching tho

AnonymousMay 05 2018 1:49am
Heidi would take a beating if she fought queen cougar celine

AnonymousMay 10 2018 3:23am
Coming soon....cougar queen fight story.Heidi Klum,wearing a very short silver dress,fights cougar queen Celine Dion,in an astoundingly short purple dress,over a man.Heidi wants to take Celines place as queen of the cougar women,and have first pick of all the young studs! She makes a point of chatting up Celines very young date,knowing that everyone will realise shes making a public challenge to the miniskirt milf!

AnonymousMay 17 2018 2:58am
Heidi would rip celine a new a$$hole.youre dreaming if you think otherwise.

AnonymousMay 31 2018 11:20am
If heidi and celine met both wearing their usual very short skirts thered be some serious bitching! Talk about cats in an alley! Both are older cougar women famous for their very sexy legs and very proud of them.i can just imagine the catty remarks!

AnonymousJun 09 2018 2:53am
We should have a a catwalk cat-off between them.that would be a real catfight! Both would have to strut their stuff for us guys.each choses their hottest little dress and sashays down the catwalk and we vote on whos bet all ive got that sexy celine wins.her legs are amazing

AnonymousOct 22 2018 1:36am
Celine and Heidi are nothing compared to Polly Harvey.check out 'Dress live at V festival.THAT is the shortest skirt EVER,and many hundreds of comments that say she has the best legs around.Polly Jane is the top girl!

wanderer40Mar 23 2019 4:09am
Polly against Celine it is then.f..... me that dress is short! Theres several videos of her in some criminally short skirts.she sure likes toshow dem legs! Comments for her vids,and celines so many bout their legs.celine has a rival

AnonymousMar 27 2019 7:39am
Celine? Her legs are looking OLD.Dont know why she wears her skirts so short.polly has amazing gams,and wears skirts up to her knickers.Celine is no rival

WANDERER 4OOct 15 2019 1:33am
Well? Thought your celine was up for a leggy catfight.polly is looking forward to tearing her hair out by the roots

AnonymousJun 18 2020 3:39am
Celine will fight her

AnonymousJul 24 2020 7:02am
Checked out p.j. she wears unbelievably short black leather skirt for all her concerts now snd shes 50! I have never seen anything that short in public...ever!! And with bare legs.celine wouldnt dare wear that.polly wins easily

AnonymousAug 26 2020 2:31am
Jessie j has better legs.and dua lipa.dua lipa would beat either of the old women in a fight

AnonymousOct 05 2020 5:27am
Looks like celine just packed up and left the stage.shes accepted polly has her beat

AnonymousDec 08 2020 7:29am
Yep.Celines fan knows shes beat for sure.P.J is the leggiest celebrity hottie around.even Britney wont be wearing a skirt that short.

AnonymousDec 21 2020 10:16am
Youre right,i admit defeat,celine cant win against p.j. polly is on a completely different level of hotness.celine has met her match.although a bit short,her legs are unbelievable

AnonymousDec 28 2020 7:53am
Mind you a catfight between celine and polly would be very sexy to watch.very leggy and girly.polly would best celine

AnonymousJan 12 2021 11:51am
Polly is very leggy but not as strong as celine.celine would tear her apart in a fight

AnonymousFeb 25 2021 2:22am
So,the worm turns.finally sticking up for your favourite.polly will fight your celine.girlie fight.slapping hair pulling and scratching

AnonymousMar 03 2021 4:22am
Heres how i think it would go....add to it when u want.....polly comes òff stage,shes wearing the miniscule black leather skirt ,bare legged,black ankle boots,thin sleeveless black t shirt that shes wearing in the ytube video of River,live at metropolis.check it out.insanely hot. Shes said some cruel things about her rival celine in a recent interview,and the two have been tearing strips off each other on facebook.knowing polly will be apearing there tonight,celine has come to have it out with her

AnonymousMar 05 2021 7:02am
Polly will kick celines ass.cmon lets set the girls on each other.or is celine a wimp?

AnonymousMar 12 2021 8:14am
You say celine is stronger than polly and would tear her apart.time to prove it.put your money where your mouth is.polly has taken celines title as miniskirt queen from shes calling your favourite a ÇOWARD.

AnonymousMar 13 2021 12:07am
Where are you celine? Run away? Looks like your no1 fan knows youre a loser

AnonymousMar 17 2021 7:01am
Run away? Things to do thats all.Celine will definitely fight your bitch.she'll beat her till she pisses herself.ill be on here tomorrow and we'll fight them against each other.

AnonymousMar 18 2021 4:28am
Celine has had all shes gonna take from upstart Polly Jean.she sneaks backstage after pollys gig and waits for her in her dressing room.shes wearing a mauve and silver tube dress.very short,but not as short as her rival would wear by a few centimetres.Celine ,around the same age as her enemy,has long been famous for her fine long legs and revealing costumes,but considers Pollys constant public knicker show frankly common and demeaning for a woman in her fifties.she refuses to be drawn into a battle of the hemlines with the bitch

AnonymousMar 19 2021 10:30am
But the row between the two,tame enough in public,but vicious in private,was bound to end in a catfight,and its plain both females are hungry for battle.Celine is shaking with anticipation as she waits in the dressingroom for Polly

AnonymousMar 19 2021 10:41am
Celine hears polly in the corridor outside.the door opens,and a shocked polly finds celine waiting for her.she instantly realises what she wants.she locks the door from the inside,and tells celine to help her barricade it from the inside too so they wont be disturbed.they wedge it shut using a heavy wooden table.then theyre trapped in alone together.they back off from each gonna f.ckin kill you you celine spits,kicking out at pollys shin and they are straight at each other

AnonymousMar 19 2021 11:23am
Celine is wearing a purple and silver dress finishing near the top of her thighs.her shoulders and arms bare.the two females look each other over,sneering and spitting insults.they kick their high heel shoes off and go straight for each other,longing to fight.these two are 100% bitch and as vicious as minks.the loser in this bloody battle will undoubtedly have her looks ruined.the winner hopefully will heal up after a while. Both have sworn to ruin their rivals legs,since their public row is over who has the hottest legs and who wears the shortest skirts.celine has always been the top miniskirter,but lately polly has stolen her crown.

AnonymousMar 23 2021 12:47pm
Polly kicks out at celine.her legs are thinner than celines and less powerful than her enemys and she needs to keep her off her.celine kicks back and they slam kicks into each other again and again

AnonymousMar 23 2021 12:53pm
Celine is laying into skinny pollys legs and beginning to do damage.she throws herself at celine to try and save her poor legs from further harm,and the two furies set to in a desperate hand to hand brawl,claws out,teeth bared.neither woman is strong or a fighter,but nonetheless they fight viciously.thrashing over and over on the floor like rabid dogs

AnonymousMar 26 2021 1:44pm
Celine is much fitter than polly and is on top,laying into the elfin miniskirter.then polly sinks her teeth into celines shoulder,tearing at it

AnonymousApr 20 2021 2:37am
Celine desperately hits out at polly again and again till shes forced to let go.they both set to fighting over and over, their tiny skirts up round their waists

AnonymousJul 17 4:17am
Since pollys no1 fan hasnt had the guts to fight on her behalf he cant complain if my celine beats the cr@p outta her.also i reckon just wearing the shortest skirt in.the world doesnt mean she got the best legs

AnonymousAug 04 4:31am

AnonymousAug 09 8:52am
Wearing the shortest skirt ever seen in public does make her the miniskirt queen.also the shortest ever dress on Dress live at v festival.celines dont come close

AnonymousOct 07 3:19am
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