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Are you a Boy or a Girl?

Created by: Marv at 06:41:49 AM, Sunday, June 18, 2000 PDT


ummm ya. this would be a survey thank you

fongOct 04 2002 11:08pm

I am a girl. Do you want to screw me or somethin?

sexy girlJun 16 2006 3:06pm
Yeah, Why are you asking do you want screw me orsomethin? FAGOTS.

AnonymousJun 28 2006 1:42pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:12pm
No, we're just determining how biased the likelike gender war is. So far it seems women have power in numbers once again. Men have intellectual values, so we can keep up on our own without have to have thirty others back us up to get a point across. :D

Mach 3Jun 27 2007 10:46am
Just wait, I have to look down below!

KellieMar 28 2008 12:06pm
Or should I check my chest!

KellieMar 28 2008 12:07pm hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

efua_wanita2@yahoo.comDec 07 2008 5:38pm
i want to be a girl now will some girl please cut my willie off

paulMay 10 2009 6:13am
I kidnap bitchs they are weak

BobFeb 14 2012 11:25pm
Girl Kik me- CD1998

AnonymousJan 04 2013 1:18pm
I need a b.f my b.f just broke up with me.someone who is age is lower than 18 txt me at 512-294-6388

single :cFeb 09 2013 9:34am
Who would've knew....XD

U mad? Ye u madOct 19 2013 5:15pm

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:35pm
Heyyy xD wassup :3

JakeJan 04 2014 2:38pm
Jake! *Hugs you* i missed ya!

Lilli:3 dont know if it my ex, JakeJan 04 2014 2:40pm
I missed you too :) *hugs you back* sorry for trying to sext with you...*looks away*

JakeJan 04 2014 2:42pm

JakeJan 04 2014 2:48pm
Sorry, i was eating :b *Kisses ur cheek*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 3:19pm

DvfAug 20 2014 11:51pm
Hello my slave. Go to Jasons new poll when he makes it.

MissAeAug 20 2014 11:52pm
Yes mistress

DvfAug 20 2014 11:53pm
Come here potential slaves.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:05am
hello Mistress

JasonAug 21 2014 12:06am
I'm here mistress

SzAug 21 2014 12:06am
Hello Jason. What does it mean to be a slave?

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:06am
Hello Sz. What does it mean to be a slave?

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:07am
to eternally serve and to follow and to please my Mistress

JasonAug 21 2014 12:07am
Very good Jason. I will take you in as a potential.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:09am
thank you Mistress. What now?

JasonAug 21 2014 12:09am
It means to serve my mistress and have her use me for her pleasure. My mistresses pleasure is my pleasure and I'm nothing more than a tool for her to achieve it

SzAug 21 2014 12:10am
Very well for you aswell Sz. You will now prove your willingness. You will now pleasure me by stripping for me.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:13am
*immediately strips off my shirt and I undo my belt and pull my pants down, then my boxers, letting my member fall between my thighs* as you wish mistress

SzAug 21 2014 12:16am
*I stand close to my Mistress and teasingly take off my t-shirt, slowly revealing my abs. I then lustfully slide out of my jeans and move sexily. I slide off my boxers in a swift but plesurable motion, so that i am standing before my Mistress completely naked.

JasonAug 21 2014 12:17am
Very good. How about playing with yourself? *smirks* @Sz

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:17am
Trying to get me in a mood? @Jason -wraps my hand around you dck and pulls making you scream in pain- Now play with yourself also. @Jason

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:19am
I slowly move my hand along my huge c*ck in a swift and smooth motion. I speed up the pace until I am f**king my hand with full force, all the way down my throbbing c*ck.

JasonAug 21 2014 12:19am
*blushes and nods obediently as I slide he shaft of my thick member into my palm and I begin stroking it gingerly as my other hand carefully explores my balls*

SzAug 21 2014 12:19am
yes Mistress, Im sorry Mistress

JasonAug 21 2014 12:20am
-smiles- great my slaves. Now, tell me who you are thinking of as you continue. Also tell me your ages and your desires (strait, bi, or gay)

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:21am
I am thinking of my Mistress and pleasing her. I am 16 and mostly straight.

JasonAug 21 2014 12:23am
Good @Jason.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:23am
Mistress I'm thinking of you riding me like a tool as you degrade me and call me rubbish and say I'm only good for being your tool. I'm also thinking of my next door neighbor because she likes to walk around outside naked. I'm also 18 and bi

SzAug 21 2014 12:24am
Ok. You may enjoy this then @Sz

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:25am
I wish for you too masterbate each other and cum on each others dcks. Then you will clean each other with your mouths.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:26am
*I gently take jasons member in my hand and I start to stroke it eagerly* its been so long since I've done this

SzAug 21 2014 12:27am
Very good @Sz. You impress me. Most men wont do this.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:28am
*I start passionately rubbing Sz's c*ck faster and faster, enjoying the sight of my hand pumping and milking it. When he moans in pleasure, I only continue and pull harder. I make his cum squirt all over my c*ck, and my cum is now squirting all over his, and I bend down to suck my cum off his c*ck and lick it clean of the sweet juice. he does the same to my throbbing c*ck

JasonAug 21 2014 12:29am
*blushes slightly as I start to stroke jasons big member more* I serve you mistress, you ask and I do.

SzAug 21 2014 12:30am
Wow Jason. As a straight man, you looked like you had the time of your life. Ill now accept both of you as my slaves.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:30am
*looks kinda sad* I was going to take some time with it..

SzAug 21 2014 12:31am
Thank you Mistress. I am here only to serve. What now Mistress?

JasonAug 21 2014 12:32am
Yes, I understand Sz. But now, you can both be happier. I wish to be n@ked, I want you two to strip me

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:33am
I slowly slide off your top, careful not to disturb or annoy my Mistress. I then undo her bra with my mouth and gracefully shake it off of her huge breasts. I slide her pants off of her and then remove her panties with my mouth.

JasonAug 21 2014 12:34am
*nods and starts to remove your shirt slowly, making sure to admire my mistresses exquisite body. My enthusiasm grows with each passing second as I feel as if I'm uncovering the body of a true goddess- I've never seen such beauty as you my mistress

SzAug 21 2014 12:37am
Your leaving no fun for Sz @Jason. For that I shall let Sz fรบck me in his way of choice as long as I agree.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:37am
Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress

JasonAug 21 2014 12:38am
*blushes deeply and bows* I'm honored mistress, thank you

SzAug 21 2014 12:39am
Choose anyway to fรบck me my slave @Sz.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:40am
May I f*ck my mistress in missonary? I long to be able to admire your beauty while I please my mistress

SzAug 21 2014 12:41am
You may my slave. -lays on my back-

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:44am
*eagerly crawls over my mistress and I gently glide the tip of my member around your pus lips* mistress, may I kiss you and your body?

SzAug 21 2014 12:46am
As you wish my slave. You did obediently and you shall be rewarded.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:48am
*blushes and nods* thank you mistress, its an honor to serve *I start to slowly glide my member inside of your pus as not ti hurt you then I start to kiss your neck eagerly*

SzAug 21 2014 12:50am
Im sorry My slave. I must go.

MissAeAug 21 2014 12:53am
when will we meet again?

JasonAug 21 2014 12:53am
Yes mistress. Thank you for taking me in. I'm honored and humbled

SzAug 21 2014 12:54am
aqVxLS You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren't afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

CJAJzDKvawgwPCVbDec 20 2014 3:09pm

1Jul 03 2015 10:44am
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