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Created by: Senderellabrat at 04:55:40 AM, Saturday, August 23, 2003 PDT



1May 15 2015 11:58am

This one

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:13am
So reply?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:15am
Guy i saw you saying it’s frustrating Y? Are you convinced now

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:15am
I can’t say i am happy but this is my wife

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:16am
Convince of?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:17am
Exactly unfortunately women are much better than for me it’s money and muscles and strength

Hasan Oct 07 2017 7:17am
Sissy what she does when she lifted you From underwear?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:18am
Convinced that your wife should wrestle?? Say it

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:18am
She liftts other men not me

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:19am
Why does she lifted em

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:20am
I have not wife ms Fatima

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:20am
Hasan did you get married

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:20am
Still say it for your future wife that she should wrestle in underwear and naked.

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:21am
Not yet but Ms Fatima wants ASAP

HasanOct 07 2017 7:21am
Wrestling who I will decide I think

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:22am
I don’t know to humiliate them and hurt them she lies to do so

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:22am
Why you will decide she’s the Boss don’t you think?

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 7:23am
Yes we’ll marry soon and he’ll take my last name

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:23am
Why should she wants to be the boss? @sissy she lifts them up and what after?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:24am
Really is it how it works in india men takes wives last name

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:24am
Because as you saw now women are stronger smarter making more money. No Sissy only on our case but more and more now take their wives names

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:25am
You think she can do one hand with me aswell?!

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:25am
It usually happens during wrestling match

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:26am
Well yes you are stronger ms Fatima... happy?!

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:26am
No honey wait we haven’t agreed on this yet!!

HasanOct 07 2017 7:26am
She lifts and hold them crying like this in mid air?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:27am
Noo say my future wife should wrestle men naked and on underwear because she’s the boss and stronger and muscular

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:27am
Hasan What??!!! Do you want me to get mad at you 😡😡?

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:28am
No honey sorry really sorry but it is embarrassing

Hasan Oct 07 2017 7:29am
You are my Will be not

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:29am
No she will all wives will be. Say it now

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:30am
Hasan shut up or I will try the slippers solution

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 7:30am
Okay I will shut up honey Ms Fatima please don’t get mad at me

Hasan Oct 07 2017 7:31am
Yes they will be crying it really hurts

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:31am
So Ms Fatima how do you see your marriage from hasan in the future?

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:32am
And what is the slippers solution

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:33am
She's able to lift me let's say 15 second?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:33am
Sai it what miss Fatima

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:34am
Yes she can lift you for 10 minuets at least

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:34am
What?!!! I will be crying ashamed

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:34am
How powerful is her arms?!!

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:34am
I think probably it will be house husband marriage thing i am stronger bigger making more money not like him. Slippers solution I take from your wife slapping my husband on his ass with my slippers it’s real fun and suitable

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:35am
So powerful like a tank. All men cry between her arms

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:36am
So he will not be working what’s his duties?

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:36am
No he will not just normal husband tasks cleaning the house doing the laundry cooking, massaging me after my gym and boxing classes

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:38am
Is humiliation

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:38am
So do you show off your body Ms Fatima?

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:39am
Sure that’s why I have muscles I always show my biceps calves and thighs 24/7

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 7:39am
Do you flex in public? For people

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:40am
Not in public i flex for family and friends always it’s real fun everyone fears me 💪🏻

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:41am
Good not I. Pubblic please

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:41am
And About wifewoman she should listen my cry and put down not Lough

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:42am
Sorry to ask this but from your names you sounds Muslims I didn’t know that muslim woman are like that muscular and flexing to other it’s confusing me

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:42am
Why good not in public!!

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:43am
Because of me being embarrassed comparing

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:45am
How's possible to lift a guy like me and lough with one single arm strength from underwear

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:47am
Yes you’re right we are muslims and it’s not very common for muslim couples to live like this but I don’t care I have muscular sexy body and I love to let people see it. I wrestle men to show them their real place under my ass and feet. Also I am successful wife why not to marry house husband nothing wrong about that

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 7:48am
I don’t guy this is women new generation it looks like you’re not aware of sex changes

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:49am
No is not normal how can she do easily?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:51am
I am really proud of you Ms Fatima you look amazing woman I cannot find words about you. So how your family react about this ?

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:53am
Guy it’s normal for women believe I don’t know how but something has changed

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 7:54am
Thanks Sissy male members hate it but can do nothing about it im the stronngest and his family knows that his only option to marry woman like ne but i tease them by showing them off my muscles in every single opportunity

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:56am
Tell us example About this occasion when you show off

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:57am
So when i am with my friends and family now i go and wear my shortest short with short t- shirt showing my stomach muscles and heels with 25 cm so Indian men look so small comparing to me and i keep flexing

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 7:58am
That's embarrassing How talk are you with hills

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 7:59am
With the heels i will be 2.15 cm.

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 8:01am
f*ck i though you girls were small and weak and now is me the small weak one?!@

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:02am
The last day we had big invitations I challenged everyone to flex or arm wrestle me everyone lose was forced to kiss my feet

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 8:02am
How many

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:04am
What honey!! You didn’t tell me that you did this it’s inappropriate to married women to do so coneon please darling don’t do this to me

Hasan Oct 07 2017 8:04am
O challenged like 30 men all were so weak and small the biggest your size

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:05am
Well I am a big guy I may have given you some challenges

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:06am
Hasan I told you to shut up what is the inappropriate? And call me Ms Fatima

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 8:06am
You’re a small guy you’re only 84 I squat with 250 kg. You can give me laughs only

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:08am
Ms Fatima come on I thought we agreed why to make men kissing you?!!

Hasan Oct 07 2017 8:08am
So better avoid challenge like this I should pretend not to come close your armwrewtling table

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:08am
Hasan are you ideot they aren’t kissing me they’re kissing my feet to show me respect after I beat them

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:10am
Exactly avoid me otherwise i will make say wives should wrestle while you are under my feet

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:11am
I know Ms Fatima but it’s still a kissing and you’re married and you shouldn’t do that. What do you think Guy88

HasanOct 07 2017 8:12am
Under what?

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:13am
Come on don’t be super ideot it’s not sexual it’s a sign of my physical power over men they only took off my shoes kiss my feet put it above their heads same thing with the other foot that’s all

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:14am
Under my feet Guy88

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:15am
Not possible

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:16am
Please please Ms Fatima don’t do this plus this is a thing was made so many years by men to women I cannot believe the role have reversed 100% it’s embarrassing and not appropriate for married women

HasanOct 07 2017 8:16am
It is possible I am professional wrestler you’ll do same what these men did

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:18am
Shut up I will do it nothing wrong with this except humiliating weak small men which i super love

Ms FatimqOct 07 2017 8:19am
You talk like is peqc of cake for you

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:19am
Guy88 please try to convince her that no married women let men kissing her feet pleaaaase

HasanOct 07 2017 8:19am

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:20am
Understand it’s not sexual so nothing wrong I love how role reversed in India and now men kissing women feet. I’ll keep doing it with all men i face. Go and shut up otherwise slippers are ready. Yez it is peace of cake for me

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:22am
Agreed on what Guy88

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 8:22am
so now you saying that I have 0 possible to beat you at anything phisical?!

Guy88kgOct 07 2017 8:23am
Exactly 0 you’re avarage small guy

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 8:26am

Ms Fatima Oct 07 2017 8:56am
Ms Fatima you are amazing I think what you did is so normal and any strong woman should be doing this

Sissy husband Oct 07 2017 9:31am
Thanks Sissy husband. We new the generation of Indian women have the advantage on power, strength, muscles smart and size over our men this happened because our dedicated work and some weird change in genetics and we like to use this advantages we deserve it. Now we make much more money we lead our families we are financially responsible on our money we have the physical power to protect our families, and I think this situation is going worldwide and no one can denies it. So, what I really don’t understand why men hate to admit that it is the fact and the new trend in the world. I like to show off my muscles and my body to anyone I meet with especially to men who are smaller and weaker than me it’s our time I will do this to my family to my friends at the house or the gym or the beach. I will make it a rule from now on to any man I beat in any strength competition to come and kiss my feet and muscles as a sign of my control over him. I know that is weird especially that I’m supposed to be conservative and I know my family hates it but I will keep doing it especially after I got married to show everyone that married women will do anything she wants and you Hasan and Guy i hope you can agree with me or have sufficient to this idea and not just being stupid male brain.

Ms FatimaOct 07 2017 6:39pm
But why you like to show off

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 1:05am
What do you mean by why? I am strong and in control and mean around me are small and weak so I have to show off and I have to humiliate them. I work so hard to get my muscles so why not make them fear my muscles and body

Ms Fatima Oct 08 2017 3:57am
Is unfair

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:05am
What you want to do lift me every day at office just because you can and I can't stop you?

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:05am
Yes I’m like that. You at the office and Hasan at the house. Don’t forget Ms Fatima

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:10am
It is fair women are the stronger sex these days

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:12am
What is the pleasure of see me with feet hanging in the air lifted by strong arms?

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:15am
Ms Fatima

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:19am
The pleasure to me is to feel the weekness of men around me

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:21am
I will feel powerless and humiliated and weak

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:26am
Exactly that’s the point. You men are so weak so hope you can marry someone like me

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:28am
Weak? I thought I was big strong

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:31am
You’re stupid sorry to say that men are weaker sex

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:34am
Well compared to you I am very weak apparently. Even armwrewtling is easy

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:38am
Yes what should i do if you’re so weak.

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:44am
Let me try

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 4:55am
Today we have another invitation around a poole so i am planning to have show them off again.

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 4:59am

Guy88kgOct 08 2017 5:05am
I don’t know challenge them again and humiliate them

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 5:07am
Maybe wearing a swimming suit to show them my muscles what do you think

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 5:08am
Ms Fatima How you gonna do it? How your swim suit looks like

Sissy husband Oct 08 2017 5:31am
Probably I will be challenged the in wrestling push ups and other things. I am thinking to wear my swimsuit which is a bikini white and red coloured hope it can show my muscles properly

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 6:50am
I think it will work you’re amazing let us know how it’s going on

Sissy husband Oct 08 2017 8:10am
We had big gathering in my house as I told you earlier I planned to show off my muscles and strength again and again so i put on my swimsuit and went out in front all the guests they were amazed of my body and muscles. After the dinner I invited to of my relatives to a challenge I beated them and ordered them to take off my higgh heels and kiss my feet it was great to do it again. I won more than 12 men

Ms FatimaOct 08 2017 3:09pm
Won in which challenges?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 1:26am
Muscles comparing, arm wrestling push- ups, lifting and carrying

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 1:55am
Tell me some examples

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 1:57am
Your muscles were biggest in the party?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 1:58am
What push up competition?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 1:58am
Yes my muscles are the biggest and strongest. Although there were 2 women bigger but not muscular. Normal push- ups competition but i did double the men so at the end i put Hasan on my back and did push- ups competition against the men and won with 25 mors push- ups

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:01am
25 Total with him on the back?!

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:03am
How about luft and carry?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:03am
Noo 25 more than the best man , he did 35 so i did 60 with Hasan above my back

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:04am
Do you have big boobs?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:04am
He was with somebody in his back aswell?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:05am
Who can lift the other we did it by cardle style I lifted all men easily while non was able to lift me for more than 10 second. Funny some of them claim they won’t look lift me because i’m not putting clothes on and they’re so shy to do so 😂😂

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:06am
And you carry for long?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:07am
No the man was without any man on his back. Why you are asking about my boobs

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:07am
Because usually if you can do so many push ups the pectoral muscles must be huge and the boobs get smaller

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:08am
I can do Max 20 Push up without extra weight

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:08am
So you are officially the strongest in your family?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:09am
Yes I am officially the strongest. Okay that is right but i did a surgery to keep my boobs big so I have big boobs

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:11am
How big? And your pectoral are bigger than men?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:12am
Yes they’re DD size and my pectoral are huge as well. Do you like this or not?

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:14am
Very but I feel I want to touch your pectoral and feel if they're hard

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:16am
Can I punch it?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:20am
Really you like it I thought men don’t like hard muscular women

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:20am
You want to touch and punch my boobs?

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:21am
Touch boobs and punch pectoral to see their hardnesses

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:24am
Yes I think so why not, but usually men ask me to touch my thighs

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:25am
If you beat me I'll kiss your biceps

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:27am
Hey honey relax what are you doing you’re my wife no boobs no boobs

Hasan Oct 09 2017 2:27am
But hopefully they're hard to stand the hit

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:27am
No not only my biceps but feet as well. Agreed?

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:28am
She has hard pectoral Hasan?

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:28am
Ok but 3 challenges you choose

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:28am
What’s wrong with you Hasan? I’m talking here just shut up nothing wrong about it

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:29am
Yes so hard but come on man she’s my wife her boobs shouldn’t be tough by strangers

Hasan Oct 09 2017 2:30am
I said pectoral muscles not boobs

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:30am
Push- ups, lifting, muscles comparison

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:30am
Lifting what

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:31am
Muscles comparison and Push ups is already lost from me :(

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:31am
I don't think I have ever met someone so big or strong

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:34am
Yes but honey this so sexual

HasanOct 09 2017 2:36am
How can punching muscles is sexual

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:37am
Thanks Guy yes lifting see who can lift the other for longer time

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:37am
Oh camon you can keep me up for hours

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:37am
What is the difference between portcal and boobs? Not punching touching as well

HasanOct 09 2017 2:38am
You should touch your wife muscles to see the difference

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:39am
Yes absolutely I can so prepare yourself self to kiss my biceps and feet. Hasan you’re stupid

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:42am
U can't all day

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:42am
Please tell me the difference, not only touching my wife kissing her as well that’s not fair. You said you think this is wrong

HasanOct 09 2017 2:43am
At least for 2 hours I can

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:43am
Is wrong but I have no strength to win I need to accept

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:44am
Ok after you pass my time you can put me down no need to hold me for hours

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:44am
If it’s wrong why you’re doing it. What’s the difference pleaase

Hasan Oct 09 2017 2:46am
Boobs are boobs pectoral is the muscles below it

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:46am
Guy what do you mean it wrong?? Explain yourself 😡😡

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:46am
Wrong being humiliated so much by such a strength gap

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:47am
Okay are you going to touch her boobs

Hassn Oct 09 2017 2:47am
Noo it is wrong for married women right guy??

Hassn Oct 09 2017 2:48am
Ask her

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 2:50am
Ask her what? Why you changed your thoughts? Will you let me touch your wife

HasanOct 09 2017 2:52am
See he is laying I told you men think women who do this is not respicted woman

Hasan Oct 09 2017 3:00am
Hasan just shut up I will show you my other face tonight. Him or other men can touch my body I am strong woman and want to show off and make men fear me and then humiliating them by kissing my feet and muscles. Guy88 I don’t like your silence you should say your opinion in a clear way I don’t want a man to touch my body and boobs who thinks if married women do so that means she’s a slut

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:23am
Looks like Hasan is going to know who’s the boss in the marriage today. Feel sorry for him, you should know your place when you’re married to women like Ms Fatima. Ms Fatima what you did was absolutely great you’re so strong and big. If i may ask you said some men refuse to lift you because you weren’t putting any clothes on. Where you naked? Can you tell me more about what happened here

Sissy husband Oct 09 2017 4:25am
Thanks sissy husband. No I wasn’t naked I’m not there yet. I was wearing a bikini swimsuit to show my stomach muscles, it was white and red but it also was exposing my ass. Lots of men were so confused and didn’t how to act when they saw me it was kind of funny probably they were embarrassed to touch my ass 😂. Thanks for the compliment sissy you’re nice guy and you’re kind of a man with whom I can talk to and let him touch me while I’m comfortable

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 5:18am
Ms Fatima I think you were looking sexy were you? What do you mean you’re not there yet to be naked? It’s weird how men are embarrassed to touch women while women are confident and asking them to touch. Are all men in your country are shy from women or only your family and friends. How did they feel after losing to you and kissing your bicep and feet. Thanks Ms Fatima yes you can trust me 100% I have very strong wife and she makes behave well I totally believe in women superiority strength and their needs and rights

Sissy husband Oct 09 2017 5:40am
I meant that i’ve never been naked around too many different men to challenge and wrestle them of course I have been naked in front men boyfriend some friends but not with group of men although it looks nice idea sometimes I don’t know if I should try it or not. What do you think? Yes in general it’s not common in my country for men to touch women’s ass but probably my family is bit conservative. After they lost they only kissed my foot not my biceps that’s the attitude in india, but they were so embarrassed because they removing my high heels kiss my feet lick it and put it above their heads and then put it back. I wish Hasan will be like you soon i’m inviting you to visit me you’re unique guy

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 6:05am
Hi Fatima you look like type of women I like good for you girl you’re doing great I know about india I went there once and kicked the poo out of two weak small men. You’re strong determined and dominant abd that’s how women should be. I can highly recommend to you to try flexing naked in front of other men. But i own my husband and no woman other than me can have him so just keep it chatting

Wife Woman Oct 09 2017 7:07am
Absolutely understood Wife. I wish i was here when you beated these two indian men. You’re a role model for many women and hope I can become like you someday

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 7:40am
Hi I just want to apologise on my behaviour with my lovely wife in the last couple of days i was so stupid and I should never criticise any of her attitude. Women are the stronger sex and wives have the right to own their husbands my wife has the right to let anyone touch her or playing with her body sorry my muscular wife

Hasan Oct 09 2017 12:47pm
Good boy

FreddyOct 09 2017 1:02pm
Who are you?

HasanOct 09 2017 1:08pm
He is a good boy, but are you a good boy Freddy

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:10pm
Oh yea i'm a wonderful boy

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:24pm
So you believe in wife superiority over her husband? How old are you kid

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:26pm
Of course i do strong wives rule 💪. Im 28 btw

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:27pm
Good boy good boy. Are you married? Where are you from?

Ms Fatima Oct 09 2017 2:28pm
No ma'am I'm single 😊 from iran

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:30pm
Ohh not so far we’re indian. I’m 25 and you should call me Ms Fatima . If you’re single why you believe wife should rule

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:31pm
Only wife who is physically stronger should rule i like women who are big and strong and also active in sports. Like you and wife woman

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:34pm
Ms Fatima

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:34pm
Thanks, it’s rare for a man to love strong and muscular wife. So I don’t know if you read previous messages but if you do what do you think of me if men want to touch my breasts muscles

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:36pm
Where is guy88kg he challenged wife woman a few months ago i came back to see what happened he promised me to tell me all about his match with her afterwards

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:37pm
And after I win them they should kiss my feet and muscles. Do you think this is wrong?

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:37pm
Yes iv read commentsI think your muscles must be so strong and sexy and all men want to touch them

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:38pm
I don’t know he just disappeared . Probably he couldn’t handle being much weaker than women

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:38pm
No i think its right it shows them your strong and dominant mind

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:39pm
Yes I know. But do you think Hasan “my future husband “ have the right to object about men touching my boobs

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:40pm
Good boy good boy. You will be great husband.

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:40pm
Why couldnt he handdle it its a great feeling to be much smaller and weaker than. Sexy woman

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:41pm
Sexy!! I don’t think all men see us sexy. Anyway maybe he’s scared to be humiliating

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:42pm
Hasan is already to lucky to have you as his wife he shouldnt object anything you are an adult wan you know better what is right and what is wrong

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:42pm
Well i think strong women are sexy a lot of men do

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:43pm
See Hasan that is someone opinion who close to us. He makes today beat him to shut him up

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:44pm
Really in Iran do you love stronger women

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:45pm
Freddy but it’s embarrassing to see other men kissing your wife muscles and feet!!

HasanOct 09 2017 2:45pm
Yes some men do but not all of them. You mean you wanna beat hassan now?

AnonymousOct 09 2017 2:46pm
Yes i agree it is embarrasing for them to kiss her feet and muscle. It show they admit Ms fatima's superiority

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:47pm
What is the percentage? How the women in iran strong big muscular? Ni I already beated earlier today

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:48pm
You don’t think it’s embarrassing for her husband? Even if she was flexing for them wearing bikini

HasanOct 09 2017 2:49pm
Thanks Freddy it’s embarrassing for them. They hate it it’s not sexual. It’s about who’s the dominant sex

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:50pm
I cant give a percentage but its still a traditional society most people still like the classic relation between wife and husband what qbout india?

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:50pm
In India things changed dramatically I don’t know why but suddenly women start getting taller heavier and muscular while men getting shorter and thinner no one knows why

HasanOct 09 2017 2:52pm
No hassan i dont think its embarrassing for her husband what can they do to her? Shes strong enough to protect herself against all of them

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:52pm
So women are also more active in sports there?

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:53pm
I meant they’re kissing her feet, and they see her in bikini shouldn’t i be upset i’m not sure to be honest

HasanOct 09 2017 2:54pm
I love you Freddy great ideas can’t believe you live in Iran

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:55pm
If she is comfortable with it its ok i think. No body forced her to wear bikini but she likes it herself

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:55pm
Yes now women tend to join gym lifting weights going into material arts don’t know why like something changed in their genetics

HasanOct 09 2017 2:56pm
So is it true ms fatima can you beat 2 or 3 men at the same time in a real fight?

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:57pm
So you think I shouldn’t be mad or jealous right

HasanOct 09 2017 2:57pm
Yes it is true. I beated my Ex boyfriend and his 2 friend at the same time

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 2:58pm
No hassan i dont think so

FreddyOct 09 2017 2:58pm
Thanks Freddy that’s really helped me

Hasan Oct 09 2017 2:58pm
Do you have fighting skills Ms Fatima or you just have built big and strong muscle to use mere power

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:00pm
Now Indian women are much stronger than men it’s a fact

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:00pm
Your welcome hassan

AnonymousOct 09 2017 3:00pm
I am a professional boxer and wrestler. I am 192 cm and 96 kg with 18 inches biceps

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:02pm
See Hasan I was right men respect women who force them to kiss her feet

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:03pm
You are absolutely right Ms Fatima. You wives are always right I will admit it to the rest of my life I will follow you

HasanOct 09 2017 3:04pm
Good to know it ms fatima i didnt know it at least indian movies shows it a patriarchy society and women arent strong in them. Wow you got a great stats and background 18 inches is so powerful you must have big strong legs too

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:05pm
Good boy my future husband starting from now you should come and start kissing my feet

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:06pm
Yes you’re right our movies aren’t realistic at all. Maybe in the future it will reflect who’s stronger in India

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:07pm
At your order honey anything you want i’m not able to argue you must be right starting from now your feet will be kissed by me . My big muscular wife

HasanOct 09 2017 3:08pm
Do you have any stronger female friends Freddy?

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:11pm
Hassan are you so scared of ms Farima's beating how does she usually punish you. Has she ever beat you so hard that you needed medical care?

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:12pm
Not really Ms Fatima im so shy i couldnt find anyone yet

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:13pm
Yes I am scared of her. We’re not married yet. I think she wants to marry very soon. Till now she punished me twice once she lifted me with one arm from my neck and punched my on my stomach. The other time she did everything she kicked me stand on me and finally she spank me on my ass. I don’t feel well but still no need for hospital thanks to god

HasanOct 09 2017 3:15pm
Your lucky you only got beaten twice. She must have a lot of moves to try on you after your married

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:18pm
I know she was living in the US and just came back so basically I got beaten twice within 10 days really scared what will happen after marriage

HasanOct 09 2017 3:20pm
Are you scared that you might marry someone who can beat you and spank you

Hasan Oct 09 2017 3:21pm
No big strong women are usually so kind to me if i marry someone like ms fatima i may get beaten sometimes but ill try to be nice and obidient to her so she wont hurt me

FreddyOct 09 2017 3:26pm
What’s your experience with big strong women you said they’re nice to you? I’m planning to do the same with my wife Ms Fatima because spanking from the wife is very embarrassing and hurting

Hasan Oct 09 2017 3:29pm
Well interesting Freddy to woman like how her husband should pleased her all the time? Remember Hassn will be House husband

Ms FatimaOct 09 2017 3:36pm

Guy88kgOct 09 2017 4:36pm
I didn't report my challenge with wife woman because she disappeared!

Guy88kgOct 10 2017 12:20am
Why what Guy??

Ms Fatima Oct 10 2017 12:30am
Why he has to be a house husband and not working normally what's the problem with that

Guy88kgOct 10 2017 1:01am
Guy I keep asking you for ages if you want to come and visit my wife in the house. You ignored me anyway my wife can have time for you from Sunday evening till Monday morning. Are you ready?

Sissy husband Oct 10 2017 1:22am
He has to be house husband because I am already a manager at my company while he still unemployed he couldn’t find a job till now. I do much more money than any junior job he can have now. I own the house while he doesn’t, I work for long hours to we will need someone to take care with the house cleaning washing etc... So of course not the strong wife with good job will clean the house it will be the task of the poor weak unemployed husband. Don’t you think

Ms FatimaOct 10 2017 4:16am
Still if u do more he doesn't have to work? And sissy I wanted to know from her as I said before I have many questions and if I do a trip to Turkey I must be sure

Guy88kgOct 10 2017 7:50am
Yes sure i am doing more money and he’s already unemployed that gives you indication who’s better in work and career. If he works who will cook, clean and take care with children?

Ms FatimaOct 10 2017 8:03am

Guy88kgOct 10 2017 8:17am
What?!! It looks like you’re one of those old fashion men. Why ?!!! I am doing more money I train everyday. So simple answer is the Husband

Ms FatimaOct 10 2017 8:30am
Guy88 my wife will be available to you after exactly 5 hours she will answer your questions but she’s not going to chatt. You have to decide whether you’re coming or not at the end of your question

Sissy husband Oct 10 2017 9:00am
I agree with you guy88 you cant arrange a meeting just on likelike if you wanna travel there she should contact you personally for more details

FreddyOct 10 2017 11:14am
Freddy you didn’t answer my question how do you think a husband can be good and submissive to his wife. Remember Hasan will be House husband

Ms Fatima Oct 10 2017 11:26am
Yes sorry Ms Fatima i fell asleep last night since you are much stronger than him and your also the one who make money and you provide food and home for him he should be grateful and do whatever you ask him

FreddyOct 10 2017 11:41am
Yes but any suggestions how I should show my superiority over him through our daily life

Ms Fatima Oct 10 2017 11:47am
You should know better i dont know much about relationship between yous but you can always physically dominate him and make him feel your strength like lifting him or scissoring him

FreddyOct 10 2017 12:10pm
I’m looking for ideas about wife and husband daily life

Ms FatimaOct 10 2017 12:46pm
Maybe a more experience couple like wife woman and sissy husband can give you better ideas

FreddyOct 10 2017 1:04pm
I am here. Where are you Guy?

Wife Woman Oct 10 2017 1:49pm
Guy my husband told you before 7 hours. Where’re you? As using men just runaway and disappear

Wife Woman Oct 10 2017 2:48pm
I am so disappointed that I tried my best to answer your questions but no one showed up

Wife Woman Oct 10 2017 3:06pm
I am here just landed

Guy88kgOct 10 2017 4:20pm
i havnt understood your husband propositions

guy84kgOct 10 2017 4:45pm
Ready for my questions?

Guy88kgOct 11 2017 5:15am
I think you are right Freddy I need to ask other couples now I am searching for couples in India

Ms FatimaOct 11 2017 6:37am
Well you're plenty to ask apparently

Guy88kgOct 11 2017 6:52am
What do you mean “you’re plenty “?

Ms FatimaOct 11 2017 7:04am
Plenty of strong woman to ask

Guy88kgOct 11 2017 8:30am
I know there’re lots. I’m looking for creative ideas I love Wife Woman ideas but she looks so busy these days.

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 4:55am
Why you need new ideas

Guy88kgOct 12 2017 5:39am
It’s not that I need new ideas, but I’m marrying Hasan soon, I liked how Wife Woman was treating her husband. But I cannot remember a lot I applied some of them like spanking him, but I want more details from her about how wives should treat husbands

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 6:11am
i want those too but wife woman is busy apparently

guy88kgOct 12 2017 7:55am
That’s so unfortunate I’m marrying Hasan this weekend

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:08am
what will u wear?

guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:22am
You meant at the wedding?

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:25am

Guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:27am
I don’t know usually we have traditional dress that exposes one shoulder a part of the stomach but I am looking for something shows my biceps and thighs any ideas

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:29am
Shoulders should be huge aswell

Guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:37am
Absolutely huge. Do you like huge shoulders? I’m huge woman overall

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:38am
such as?

guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:40am
Everything shoulder, ass, biceps arms, legs, thighs calves feet, hand, waist etc..

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:41am
how big is your forearm and hands?

guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:43am
Forearm I think 18’.5 inches hands don’t know

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 8:47am
Bicep is 18.5 forearm is the other parts of the arm

Guy88kgOct 12 2017 8:53am
Yes I know last time i check it it was about 19.

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 9:02am
I noticed we should move to the one directly above this one

Ms FatimaOct 12 2017 9:03am
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