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What is the best place in the United States?

Question: it is any u.s. city
Created by: clifford at 04:20:32 PM, Saturday, January 10, 2004 EST


Las Vegas!It is great!

wesleyJan 11 2004 8:41pm

Nashville is best for me cause my family lives there

for always angelic 2 my hartJan 11 2004 8:43pm
Nashville c*ntry music rocks

ertJan 11 2004 8:44pm
Is there one ?.

Rod StewartNov 29 2005 3:38am
VEGAS is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

liliMar 05 2013 11:47am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:29pm
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GHROCJQTaFDec 21 2014 3:42pm
This one?

DioxSep 20 2015 9:11am
Yea :D

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:33pm
SO yeah :D Hey :3 I love you :) You should not be scared of planes :) Dont be scared of anything when Im with you.

DioxSep 21 2015 2:34pm
I won't :3 <3

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:35pm
One time I was on a plane and I was next to a stranger and Im not lying she had the softest breasts I had ever felt ;-;

DioxSep 21 2015 2:36pm
I think I can beat her B)

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:38pm
I hope you can XD She was pretty cool tbh she woke up when I touched them and was super cool about it I just said I couldnt help it XD She was a cool chick were still friends :)

DioxSep 21 2015 2:39pm

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:40pm
I know yours will be better :p I will probably come in my pants as soon as we touch XD

DioxSep 21 2015 2:43pm
They probably won't xD I doubt that very much xD

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:45pm
Woman I am an expert on these things and your seem perfect :p

DioxSep 21 2015 2:45pm
I'm not perfect :3 I'm okay xD

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:46pm
I dont care if your body is perfect (it is) I love YOU not your body YOU.

DioxSep 21 2015 2:47pm
That's good ^-^

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:50pm
Yeah I know :) So ive been wondering, what do you use to go on here?

DioxSep 21 2015 2:50pm
My 2DS cuz I'm a nerd o.o

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:51pm

DioxSep 21 2015 2:52pm

NB3Sep 21 2015 2:56pm

DioxSep 21 2015 2:57pm

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:00pm
Oh ok :p Interesting... SO what yo up to?

DioxSep 21 2015 3:01pm
Laying in bed talking to you cx wbu??

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:02pm
Same XD But Im listening to music as well :3 Why do I love you this much? It feels so good.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:03pm
I'm not the best xD but I love you so much :3

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:04pm
You are the best :) You are just so wonderful :) You literally saved my life I told you I was going to kill myself at the end of this month didnt I? Now It looks like Im staying so I can be with you <3

DioxSep 21 2015 3:07pm
Why were you gonna kill yourself?! at the end of this month?! :'o I'm glad I got to know you so well!! I love you <3

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:09pm
I lost the girl I love. Im glad as well :) Life doesnt mean much to something like me but I have found you :) You are a prime example of beauty itself <3

DioxSep 21 2015 3:11pm
I know you say you don't have much of a heart but I know you do :3

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:14pm
I dont have much of a heart, I have done terrible things and I laugh at pain and suffering, you know a different me.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:15pm
I don't care. I know you do but you don't know that.

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:16pm
I love you :) Thank you for thinking the way you do about me, but the things I did were terrible.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:17pm
I love you with all my boobs <3 I would say heart but my boobs are bigger xD I'm so romantic

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:19pm
Oh no I think your heart is a lot bigger :) You love me after all :) I mean why? Aha, I just want to find someone to settle down with for ever <3

DioxSep 21 2015 3:20pm
And that's me?? hopefully c:

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:21pm
I hope so to :) I cant afford another break it would probably kill me. I want to live with you in some nice place work my ass off for our family and love you for ever.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:22pm
You should move schools o.o jkjk but srly I would love to move into house with you and have kids :3

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:25pm
I cant :p Maybe collage, but I aint got the moneys lol. I think we would be a happy family :) I would be the sort of dad to give them toy guns your would be the mom saying they cant XD jk.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:26pm
The thing is I still wanna be quite young when I have kids like 20 because I still wanna be young enough to jump around and play with them without breaking something xDD

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:29pm
Yeah sure just not too young XD I dont want kids till we have the money :)

DioxSep 21 2015 3:31pm
Yea obviously xD We could be that couple that have cute arguments about nothing then we don't like eachother for like 5 minutes xDD

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:33pm
I dont think I could be like that :p I would always like you <3 It would be dangerous, if someone bullied our kid I would slap there dad out mate XD

DioxSep 21 2015 3:36pm
If we do have a child and it's disabled in some way can westill keep it?? o.o

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:38pm
It depends how it is disabled...

DioxSep 21 2015 3:39pm
You're so mean!! :o xD I would keep it no matter what

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:41pm
WHY?! I dont care >_< If you put it in a bath with a toaster its almost instant.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:42pm
Stahp! xDD

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:44pm
Why would you want to keep it? -_- It means I have to beat up more kids when they pick on it.

DioxSep 21 2015 3:45pm
Because it's mine -.- it came outta me.

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:47pm
Cant we just adopt a kid? ;-;

DioxSep 21 2015 3:49pm
I'm gonna go to bed c: I'm really tired. I'll speak tomorrow :3 love you and sleep well.. when you do :3 goodnight

NB3Sep 21 2015 3:50pm
I love you so much <3 Night I will watch over you :3

DioxSep 21 2015 3:51pm
Heyy o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 10:51am
Hey sorry I kinda ran out of charge XD

DioxSep 22 2015 11:22am

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:26am
Hey babe :) YOU LEFT ME

DioxSep 22 2015 11:26am
Not on purpose .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:28am
What happened?

DioxSep 22 2015 11:32am
I got disconnected ;-;

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:33am
Well eff xbox ;-; What you up to?

DioxSep 22 2015 11:35am
Watching Vanoss o.o wbu??

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:36am
Prpareing for pain XD

AnonymousSep 22 2015 11:37am
Preparing* I love you :D

Diox Sep 22 2015 11:37am
Why?? o.o I love you too :3

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:42am
Playing Osu XD Cant wait to hit my wall and desk lol. So you changed your mind about meeting at all?

DioxSep 22 2015 11:42am
Noo why??

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:43am
Just wondering :p Still gonna steal you U_U

DioxSep 22 2015 11:46am
Sorry I left ;-; you're not gonna steal me xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 11:58am
Yes I am :D Im going to keep you with me <3

DioxSep 22 2015 12:00pm
You can keep me for a day xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:05pm
I dont think I could leave you after we meet :(

DioxSep 22 2015 12:06pm
Me neither >.<

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:07pm
So live with me.

DioxSep 22 2015 12:09pm
When I'm older

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:10pm
How old?

DioxSep 22 2015 12:11pm
I don't know :/

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:13pm
What If I moved where you live? :o

DioxSep 22 2015 12:14pm
You would have nowhere to sleep xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:14pm
I could get a house or something.

DioxSep 22 2015 12:17pm
OOHHHH xDD Yea you could do that :3

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:18pm
When Im older as well XD I still want you for just one night at least :3

DioxSep 22 2015 12:23pm
Me too :D

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:25pm
Cant you sneak out xD

DioxSep 22 2015 12:26pm
No xD I'm too much of a good girl to do that xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:28pm
Nerd :3 If your such a good girl why would you let me touch you sexualy o.o

DioxSep 22 2015 12:29pm
Good point.. o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:30pm
XD Were still doing it -_-

DioxSep 22 2015 12:32pm
Okayy xDD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:33pm
I love you so much <3

DioxSep 22 2015 12:34pm
I love you more <3

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:34pm
I love you more than everything times pi takeaway 2 squared times 1 0 0 :D

DioxSep 22 2015 12:36pm
I can't Math xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:37pm
Me either XD We need that asian girl lol

DioxSep 22 2015 12:38pm
Ikr xDD

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:38pm
God I love you XD Were both the bestest people <3 We will live happily for ever together.

DioxSep 22 2015 12:39pm
I know we will :D

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:42pm
I really want to <3

DioxSep 22 2015 12:43pm
Me too c:

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:44pm
We would be the perfect family :D

DioxSep 22 2015 12:45pm
We would <3

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:46pm
DO you really think that It could work? Like you and me?

DioxSep 22 2015 12:47pm
I hope so

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:48pm

DioxSep 22 2015 12:52pm
We will if we keep in touch :3

NB3Sep 22 2015 12:54pm
Well what if we lose touch?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:10pm
Then.. Idk .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:12pm
Do you want to give me your address? In case?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:14pm
Umm o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:14pm
Eh well Im gonna need it anyway for meeting you :p What is Christchurch? town?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:21pm
Yea I guess o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:23pm
Big area?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:25pm
Kind of xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:26pm
KInd of?! How big? ;-;

DioxSep 22 2015 1:29pm
I don't know xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:31pm
Well would he be hard to meet?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:32pm
Depends what day o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:33pm
Whys that?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:36pm
Idk I guess it might be busy on some days .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:41pm
I suppose :/ Couldn't we just meet at yours or somewhere easy?

DioxSep 22 2015 1:43pm
A park?? .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:46pm
Yeah sure :D Come alone... e.o

DioxSep 22 2015 1:48pm

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:48pm
I'll give you free candy :D

DioxSep 22 2015 1:49pm
I don't want it 0.0 xDD

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:50pm
But its tasty ;-;

DioxSep 22 2015 1:51pm
No.. o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:53pm
Fine >_> Just come alone though

DioxSep 22 2015 1:54pm
Why?? <.<

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:55pm
So no one sees what happens...

DioxSep 22 2015 1:56pm
What are you gonna do?? o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 1:59pm
Hug you for like 1 0 mins straight <3

DioxSep 22 2015 2:01pm
Why would anyone care if you did that?? <3

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:02pm
They might look at us O.o I dont mind <3 If anyone starts anything Ill deck them

DioxSep 22 2015 2:03pm
It's not their business anyway >_>

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:06pm
Like I said if anyone disrespects you I might get arested XD

DioxSep 22 2015 2:07pm
Yeaa.. try not to get in prison xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:09pm

DioxSep 22 2015 2:10pm

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:11pm
You know my Dutch friend? Well a guy in his class right,he is the most super shill guy and has never lost his nerver or got mad or anything. Well his girlfriend whos in a diff class comes in to the room with a mark on her cheek and said a guy hit her, this guy just stood up calmly and left the room, he came back with blood on his knuckles. People from the other class said he just walked in and beat the crap out the guy and even hit a few teeth out. Just a normal day in the Netherlands XD

DioxSep 22 2015 2:14pm
I'm speechless.. :o

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:17pm
I wasnt XD I was laughing so hard and said "damn right"

DioxSep 22 2015 2:17pm
Well it's you xDD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:20pm
Yeah its me XD I was planning to bring a deck of cards I have that have razors on one of the edges :D But I would rather use fists

DioxSep 22 2015 2:21pm
Okayyy.. xDD I'll probably just be on the swings or something .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:23pm
Ill push you :D

DioxSep 22 2015 2:24pm
I ment while I'm waiting for you but okay xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:25pm
Well you push me then :p

AnonymousSep 22 2015 2:25pm
If Im strong enough xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:26pm

DioxSep 22 2015 2:28pm

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:29pm
Am I slim as slim? -_-

DioxSep 22 2015 2:30pm
Idk are you?? xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:31pm
NOPE lost a lot of weight though :D

DioxSep 22 2015 2:32pm
Don't rub it in -.-

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:33pm
Im not :p

DioSep 22 2015 2:34pm
You are xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:35pm
What ever midget <3 You tired?

DioxSep 22 2015 2:36pm
Imma go to bed in like and hour.. if I remember xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:37pm
Fall asleep on me I dare you -.-

DioxSep 22 2015 2:38pm
If you want xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:42pm
NO. I mean fall asleep on me ;) But not when we talking :p

DioxSep 22 2015 2:43pm
That's would have been cuter if you didn't le winky face xDD

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:45pm
Pft im not cute >_< Man is manly.

DioxSep 22 2015 2:46pm
You say cute things -.-

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:47pm
Do I?!

DioxSep 22 2015 2:48pm
Yes!! :o

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:48pm
Only to you :3

DioxSep 22 2015 2:50pm
Aww ^-^

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:53pm
God I love you so much you almost made me cry XD

DioxSep 22 2015 2:54pm
When?? :'3

NB3Sep 22 2015 2:58pm
"I can't stop smiling :3 I love you so much and I don't know what I'd do without you <3 you've changed me a bit but in a good way :3 and don't thank me. Even if we ever breakup I'll still be here for you to try and make you as happy as I am now <3 Sleep well :D" This made me smile so much

DioxSep 22 2015 3:00pm
But it's true :3

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:02pm
I never want to lose you ;-;

DioxSep 22 2015 3:04pm
Me neither >.< I love you too much

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:07pm
I love you more than you can ever know :) Its hard to explain what I really am X( I will tell you another time when im not like this.

DioxSep 22 2015 3:10pm
Um okay :3

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:11pm
WOMAN. I did it, I got A on your song, I messed up the end >_<

DioxSep 22 2015 3:13pm

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:15pm
>_< I even wrote Nb3 In the song :D

DioxSep 22 2015 3:19pm
Why didn't you write Colleen?? o.o xDD nvm that's awesome anyway >:3 btw I'm kinda tired so I might fall asleep on you again ;-;

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:22pm
I didnt have time XD The song got kinda fast lol. Im gonna record it for you :3

DioxSep 22 2015 3:25pm
Oh okayy! xD sounds like fun though :D

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:27pm
It was kinda lol, I did a really fast song :3

DioxSep 22 2015 3:29pm
Kinda xD

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:31pm
Pft the game is fun and all just gives me bad wrist pains.

DioxSep 22 2015 3:32pm
I can't stretch my arm out completely .-.

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:35pm

DioxSep 22 2015 3:36pm
Idk xD I said I had a bruise on it but I don't think that's why o.o

NB3Sep 22 2015 3:36pm
Does it hurt?

DioxSep 22 2015 3:40pm
Hey :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 9:28am
Hey brb gonna go out to get some food :p

DioxSep 23 2015 9:38am
Okayy :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 9:44am
Back :D

DioxSep 23 2015 10:03am
Haii!! :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:05am
So are you like hitting refresh every second? <3

DioxSep 23 2015 10:06am
No xD why??

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:08am
Just surprised you replied fast :p

DioxSep 23 2015 10:13am
I don't have a life so.. that's probably why o.o

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:14am
Even if you dont have a life you have me <3

DioxSep 23 2015 10:15am
I know <3

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:16am
SO story time :D What you get up to today?

DioxSep 23 2015 10:18am
Slept mainly xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:19am
No school?

DioxSep 23 2015 10:20am

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:21am

DioxSep 23 2015 10:22am
I was sick ;-;

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:24am
Awww :( Whats up?

DioxSep 23 2015 10:25am
I had really painful headache and I felt sick ;-; but I'm fine atm

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:26am
Oh Im glad your ok now :) Shame I wasnt there to keep you company :3

DioxSep 23 2015 10:27am
Oh well :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:30am
Yeah :( So what you up to now?

DioxSep 23 2015 10:31am
My sister is forcing me to play Monopoly so I'll be off for a few hours ;-;

NB3Sep 23 2015 10:34am
Awwww ill miss you ;-;

DioxSep 23 2015 10:35am

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:07pm
HEEEYEYYE <3 I love you so much <3 <3 <3

DioxSep 23 2015 12:13pm
<3 <3 I love you too <3 <3

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:18pm
So who won?

DioxSep 23 2015 12:18pm
Idk I'm out so I'm watching o.o

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:19pm
XD WHos winning?

DioxSep 23 2015 12:21pm
My sister probably xD she always wins xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:21pm
Cheater then >_> What piece did she use?

DioxSep 23 2015 12:22pm
An RV .-. It's The Walking Dead version.. that's why I don't like it xP

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:23pm

DioxSep 23 2015 12:26pm
There's a Cowboy Hat .-.

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:27pm
NO. Its not as good ;-; Tophat always win ;)

DioxSep 23 2015 12:28pm
I know xD they made me a bit upset earlier though but I'm kinda over it xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:30pm

DioxSep 23 2015 12:31pm
Nothing that bad but it still made me upset .-.

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:32pm

AnonymousSep 23 2015 12:33pm
Fine. They just accused me for skipping school by me pretending to ill when I wasn't. I think they said it cuz in Year7 I didn't go to school, for like 2 weeks cuz of my eye(s). One of the other reasons it made me upset is because my sisters friend said it as well and he doesn't even live here and he has autism so he doesn't know what's wrong anyway. The only reason this made me sad cuz like I said I'm a sensitive person and small things like this upset me.

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:38pm
No biggy.

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:39pm
This might sound weird but just agree with them, use it as a shield.

DioxSep 23 2015 12:40pm
Nah xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:41pm
Then let me hurt them, seriously why would you skip school in the first place? Its stupid.

DioxSep 23 2015 12:42pm
I know xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:44pm
God I love you :D I feel so cozy talking to you :3

DioxSep 23 2015 12:45pm
Oo cozyy >.< I love you more <3 this might be weird question but what's your favourite word?? o.o

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:46pm
My favorite word? Um depends I have a few in different languages XD My favorite English word is probably Bastard XD What about you? :p

DioxSep 23 2015 12:47pm
Mine's Bubble cuz you can't say it angerily.. is angerily a word??.. now it is xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:49pm
I probably could... Going to prove you wrong now :D I love you :3

DioxSep 23 2015 12:49pm
You can't xD even if you try it just sounds cute xD I love you too :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:51pm
Now Im shouting the word XD And you sound cute :3 Seriously you are the best thing to happen to me, I always felt something for you but I didnt think it was love and tried to avoid it now Im glad that I love you because you make me whole :)

DioxSep 23 2015 12:54pm
I sound like a 8 year old boy with a cold o.o xD when did you start feeling feels for me that wasn't love?? :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 12:57pm
Uh yeah baby I love that voice XD Um ever since I first started properly talking to you.

DioxSep 23 2015 12:57pm
Yea we're the only ones who actually talk on here I think xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:00pm
Yeah we own this site :D

DioxSep 23 2015 1:02pm
Like a baws :3

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:03pm
Yep XD And I literally have the account XD

DioxSep 23 2015 1:04pm
Yuup xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:08pm
So what you up to now? :p

DioxSep 23 2015 1:12pm
Still watching them play xDD and on YT o.o

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:12pm
Whos winning?

DioxSep 23 2015 1:13pm
Nvm my sister won xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:15pm
She cheated >_<

DioxSep 23 2015 1:16pm
No she didn't xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:18pm
SHe probably did XD

DioxSep 23 2015 1:19pm
I know xP

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:24pm
I love you :3

DioxSep 23 2015 1:26pm
I love you too ^-^

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:34pm
I love you more :3 So you tried "anything" since last time?

DioxSep 23 2015 1:35pm
No not really o.o

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:36pm
Eh think you might wanna try some time soon?

DioxSep 23 2015 1:38pm
Maybe why??

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:39pm
I want to teach you bit more :p

DioxSep 23 2015 1:45pm

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:48pm
More pleasure :p

DioxSep 23 2015 1:51pm
Oh okay xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:53pm
I want you to tell me what parts feel best though :p

DioxSep 23 2015 1:54pm
Umm no xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:54pm
What why?

DioxSep 23 2015 1:55pm
I don't want to xD

NB3Sep 23 2015 1:58pm
But then I have to find out myself

DioxSep 23 2015 2:01pm
Good xD ya lazy

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:03pm
Means I might hurt you </3

DioxSep 23 2015 2:05pm
Oh well

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:06pm
Please dont say that

DioxSep 23 2015 2:07pm

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:07pm
I dont want you to be hurt :'(

DioxSep 23 2015 2:10pm
I know c: but I'll be fine plz.

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:12pm
But will it?

DioxSep 23 2015 2:21pm
Yes. I trust you.

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:26pm
Really? <3

DioxSep 23 2015 2:32pm
Yes <3

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:37pm
I love you so much <3 SOrry kinda doing a strike XD

DioxSep 23 2015 2:49pm
I love you more <3 it's fine xD I'm probably gonna go to bed now so goodnight ^-^ talk to you soon <3

NB3Sep 23 2015 2:58pm
Night <3

DioxSep 23 2015 3:00pm
Hey c:

NB3Sep 24 2015 9:22am
Yeah wanna talk?

DioxSep 24 2015 9:27am

NB3Sep 24 2015 9:35am
Hey then :D

dSep 24 2015 9:43am
WOW not even 3 posts in and I mess up ;-;

DioxSep 24 2015 9:43am
Ya silly xD

NB3Sep 24 2015 9:44am
Ya beautiful :3

DioxSep 24 2015 9:45am
Thank you :3

NB3Sep 24 2015 9:47am
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