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What does Anthony Shag

Question: ???
Created by: trezzy181 at 09:00:59 PM, Tuesday, January 20, 2004 EST


Hey, AS!

mApr 26 2014 3:08pm

Um im 1.......7 not 1.......6

asApr 27 2014 1:11pm
okay, but can we keep using this post? you seem so far away lately, and just a few weeks you seemed like you were really inside me. i still love you, amanda, if you care.

mApr 27 2014 7:23pm
let's switch to the post above...the one with the 17 after it...since you're 17 (do you forgive me?).

mApr 28 2014 8:06pm
This post is fine lol sry for being gone I dont rly hard much time to myself sry

amandashyMay 01 2014 3:45pm
me too. but we will stay with this post.

mMay 02 2014 8:33pm
Hey sry my Internet turned off

amandashyMay 13 2014 10:36am
sorry I'm so blunt, Amanda, but I miss you so fukin much. can we ever get back to making each other wet and cum?

mMay 20 2014 9:29pm
find me on .... type in the Interests box "Malena", hit Return, then type "Lesbian", then hit Return. find me usually between 3:00p and 5:00p Monday through Friday. Remember, baby, I want you.

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