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What celeb. is the hotttest!

Question: What celebrity on tv radio cds movies or anything is the hottest!
Created by: 88 at 03:51:05 AM, Friday, March 19, 2004 PST


Celine dion is such a slutty woman no one could find her hot shes over fifty and she shows herself off in skirts that a teenager would be afraid to wear.she was on a talk show recently and it was just embarassing to watch her trying to sit without showing the meat definitely mutton dressed as lamb

patDec 09 2013 8:02am

Actually celine is forty five,and every inch of her is guessing youre female.women hate older chicks dressing sexy.shes justly proud of her long long legs and what you hate is that your guy is watching that and wanting her and not you.

nickyApr 22 2014 8:28am
Thoughtful of her to wear a dress you dont even have to lift to take her!

leftfootJun 30 2014 3:32am
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