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Male Castration?

Question: Some women's groups advocate laws for mandatory castration of any males convicted of violent sexual assault crimes against women and/or children. In some situations, a convicted male can voluntarily choose castration as part of his punishment. Do you think mandatory castration would be a positive change for women and society?
Created by: maurice2004 at 03:12:35 PM, Wednesday, March 24, 2004 PST


BALLS OFF!!! I'm sick and tired of hearing and reading about violent males the attack women and children. Testicles and the testosterone they pump out washes the male brain with so much aggression and violence. Removing the testicles is a good start to solving many of the problems in the World. It's time for Women to take the lead and "fix" the problem of male aggression and sexual violence. I hate testicles!

Angry!Mar 25 2004 7:25am

If sexually violent males are castrated, it will also send a signal to those who might think they could get away with crimes of violence against women or children.

questioning...Mar 25 2004 12:44pm
This will likely become reality, especially as women are gaining the majority of power in society.

chrisMar 25 2004 11:01pm
I agree with Angry's post. Women today are so fed up with male attitudes. Males think they have some kind of "entitlement" or "special power" just because they have a penis and gonads flopping about between their legs. Its such a false male lie and women aren't going to put up with propagated male myths anymore. Males that cause violet crime and sexual assualt against women or children should have their testicles lopped off! It sounds harsh and I don't hate men, but women get angry with male indifference towards rape. I think most women feel this way. How would men feel if groups of women roamed the streets at night castrating males for fun. They wouldn't like it having to live in fear and being distrustful of women everywhere. Likewise, women don't like having to be fearful of strange men they meet in public.

AnonymousMar 26 2004 1:44pm
It would be cheaper for the taxpayers than the way they deal with it now.

BarbMar 26 2004 2:04pm
Angry's post is right. Testosterone is what makes males agressive and sometimes violent. If a male is convicted of rape lets correct the problem and snip their balls off. Forget any chemicals that "castrate" these types of males, just take away their prized testicles and throw them in prison!

EmilyMar 31 2004 12:31pm
It wouldn't be a bad idea to use this to discourage any form of violent crime. It might make a lot of men re-think their behavior.

AnnApr 03 2004 9:49pm
Off, off, off with their balls!!!

Lady CastratrixApr 26 2004 9:06pm
I hate testicles! Before males reach maturity, we should have them lopped off. This would cure many of the worlds problems. The male brain is poisoned by testosterone!

AnonymousMay 01 2004 1:16pm
So then you women would have no problem with female circumcision for the females who commit sex crimes? And yes they are out there.

danMay 05 2004 2:21pm's not the same thing. I suppose by "female circumcision" you mean removal of the clitoris. That would be (and is) cruel punishment and wouldn't necessarily stop sadism. On the other hand, castration of a male removes testosterone. This would remove the sex drive and aggressiveness, likely reduce the chances of committing an illegal act. Most domesticated male animals are castrated, and it doesn't seem to affect them much. They are calmer and easier to get along with!

anonMay 06 2004 1:29pm
what if your son husband or father are wrongfully acused with such a crime and they are castrated.this is a problem with our justice system.also must police try to slve and find easy solutions to a case.this hurts society and all crimes either against women children or men.but yes as a man i'm for castration.only if we can get the guilty and not an inocent wouldn't want to be wrongfully accused and some part of your body removed because of a misstake.

Tony (winter Garden,floridaMay 07 2004 12:07pm
If forced castration becomes acceptable as punishment, how long before future legislation designates this for other crimes? It is disturbing that a punishment is being considered which is only applicable to males. It sounds like female supremacy to me.

RalphMay 07 2004 8:58pm
This entirley fantasized idea will never be put into action, so it is simply not worth disscussion.

DanMay 08 2004 9:45pm
Dan, I wouldn't assume so. More women are becoming lawyers than ever, more are involved in politics, business, etc. Sooner or later, the question will come up, and there will be a majority of feminine voices to answer.

AnonymousMay 10 2004 11:02pm
I agree. Men don't have any idea how much influence women have in this day and age. And they are tired of having their children threatened by men who function as animals. The time is coming when they will be treated as animals.

SueMay 11 2004 11:23am
Snip, snip, snip.... Snip, snip, snip! The sounds of emasculation!

AnonymousMay 23 2004 8:25pm
Music to my ears!

AnotheronymousMay 23 2004 9:15pm
Snip, Snip, snip... Another pair gone!

AnonymousMay 27 2004 11:05am
A symphony!

AnotheronymousMay 30 2004 11:05pm
i am not a criminal but i would love to have my nuts cut out. I would like to see them in a jar

love to loose my nutsJun 01 2004 9:35am
When I was 14 years old I got in a fight with an older girl (she was 16 I think), and she kicked me so hard in the groin it ruptured my left testicle. I was in the hospital for three days and my damaged testicle was removed. So I guess I know what it's like to be "castrated" by a female, very painful. I have alot of respect for women now and I never get into fights with them, I only have one nut left and I keep it safe! Guys, don't get into fights with the gals and if it happens, cover your balls and run for your life!!!

SlingNutJun 05 2004 10:16am
Chemical castration is in the near future. Aggresive behavior of all kinds will be modified with medication that renders the testicles useless. Think how much better society would be if male sperm was frozen and then the male was chemically castrated. Sperm production would be preserved but aggression would be drastically reduced. I think that many women would welcome an estrogen-rich unisex future where they were no longer threatened by testosterone poisoned males

AliceJun 05 2004 10:51am
Alice, I think you're a male posting with a female name.

HHJun 08 2004 7:55am
Why do you think that, HH?

TammiJun 08 2004 7:56am
I am a White Man!

White ManJun 08 2004 11:49am
Slingnut you should be ashamed for getting your testicle damaged by a girl. Any normal man should be able to knock a woman's block off before she even gets a shot in. Not that you should go around hitting women because they are weaker and could seriously get hurt.

JoeJun 09 2004 12:00am
He thinks that because I am familiar with the technical terminology of endocrinology. Actually, I am a female physican, I specialize in Women's Health and have seen too much of the damage that testosterone poisoned males can do. HH really makes me laugh, he seems to suppose that a woman would not be capable of having opinions like mine. HH, that's Dr. Alice to you...

AliceJun 09 2004 5:14pm
You should pay attention because she is right. Women will control the drug industry, and marketing to the needs of women will be the priority. This is a lot closer to actuality than some may think.

Concerned MaleJun 11 2004 6:50am
I think it is a bad thing to do because i'm 11 years old and i want to grow up normal. if my nuts get taken i wont be able to get muscels and grow a beard so it is not a good idea to do for boys.

AlexJun 15 2004 3:31pm
So sorry young Alex, but if the coming Matriarchal Society states that males need to be snipped, young lads like you will have to submit and obey feminine authority. You shouldn't worry as you really don't need your "nuts" to survive, and you'll probably live a longer and more healthy life.

empress koiJun 16 2004 3:19pm
Hopefully it will be done humanely with medication as previously stated. If done early enough in life, the subject would have no problem adjusting to it. It would become what you know to be normal.

SallyJun 17 2004 10:53pm
Quantitative personality inventories reveal that the average woman is more trusting, nurturing, and outgoing than the average man. The average eighth-grade girl has a command of language and writing skills equal to that of the average eleventh-grade boy. The sperm count of the average American or European man has declined continuously over the past four decades, to the point where today it is less than 50 percent of what it was forty years ago. Male genitals are becoming smaller and less functional. Commercially successful movies now often feature women who are physically aggressive, who dominate or at least upstage the men. This description applies to movies as diverse as Charlie's Angels and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In today's cinema, to paraphrase Garrison Keillor, all the leading women are strong and all the leading men are good-looking.

Notes from the WebJun 18 2004 10:11am
Maybe that is why erectile disfunction has become such a big business.

AnonymousJun 18 2004 10:37am
Pretty soon, there will be a pill for erectile function. The only way to get some action will be to have a prescription filled.

a manJun 21 2004 2:15pm
Poor Alex, Empress Koi, if "she" is a "woman" is probably a 450 pound transvestite.

AnonymousJun 24 2004 4:25pm
Empress Koi stinks.

AnonymousJun 25 2004 1:53pm
Empress Koi is entitled to express her opinion. At least she is decent enough to respect others and refrain from personal attacks.

AnonymousJun 25 2004 11:10pm
From what I understand, the Amazons were pretty harsh rulers. So it is conceivable that women are quite capable of inflicting cruelty if given the power. If this is ever legislated, it will strip men of equal status under the law. If this keeps happening a little at a time, women are going to have too much power, and the future will be bleak for men.

GregJun 27 2004 10:01pm
Mandatory castration, being mandatory would be fair. Sperm could be banked before the procedure and then the male would know that the possibility of his sperm being used would depend on how obedient he was to the women around him. It would be highly effective. It would slash crime and it would change the world for the better.

FGJun 30 2004 10:37am
If you castrate a man, then a woman's copulins can't affect him. That would be taking away one more tool to change him for the better.

AnonymousJul 21 2004 8:34am
The question pertained to convicted sex offenders not mass castration! Some people are wrongfully convicted but as long as there is overwhelming evidence, then castration isn't a bad idea. If the person raped AND murdered the woman, then he should be left to bleed to death after removal of the testicles.

AnonymousJul 24 2004 6:18am
you stupid determinists, it is the head that is malfunctioning, not the balls, with you and rapist and murderers

Ayyahh!Sep 21 2004 5:45pm
Should all women have labotomies? Oh sorry, nature beat science again.

AnonymousSep 25 2004 7:16am
By the way ladies; you may kiss my balls reverently but only after the magic word. After that I'll let you suck my c*ck and fall in love.

AnonymousSep 25 2004 7:17am
One thing is for sure. There is nothing a man fears more than being emasculated. This could be a great way to level the playing field between men and women. Hmmmm.........

SueOct 03 2004 6:59pm
How much more level do you want it Sue? Women already do better academically, managerially, as far as banks are concerned you're better financial risks.

AnonymousOct 04 2004 9:37am
Maybe Sue doesn't really want a level playing field.

anonymousOct 23 2004 3:11pm
Why settle for a level playing field if things can be slanted in our favor so easily? Face it, women have it all over you guys!

SueOct 25 2004 9:19pm
I didn't realize women felt this strongly about castration until I read the first few posts. They've convinced me that castration is a good deterent. Maybe if schools taught this lesson as sternly as these postings boys would be more aware of this defect and they would cope a little better.

AnonymousNov 12 2004 2:34pm
News... Chemical castration for Kenyan rapists Katherine Arms, United Press International, Oct. 29 Nairobi, Kenya?Violent crime in Kenya is escalating, and these days when there is a robbery or a carjacking often, tragically, there is someone raped as well. Stories of children attacked and raped appear in the country?s newspapers every day. Sickened by what has become the norm in violent crime here, a group of women lawyers, members of Parliament and advocates for the protection of women and children have come together in support of a proposed bill for the chemical castration of sex offenders. (cont'd)

anonNov 17 2004 7:12pm
How about we leave them just one nut. That way they are still men, can do what ever is physically necessary in society, can still father a child but their agression is greatly reduced and they only get it up occassionaly

SueNov 21 2004 10:38pm
Sounds like a great compromise.

AnonymousNov 22 2004 8:59pm
There is nothing a man fears more than this. It would be a very effective method of influencing their behaviour.

AnonymousDec 06 2004 10:56am
Exactly. When some form of castration of males as punishment or deterrant for criminal acts becomes law, we'll know that its truly a woman's world.

another anonymousDec 19 2004 4:30pm
You c*nts are all sick! It's disgusting what you tell! All of you should be killed quick!

MisterXJan 05 2005 2:59pm
I spent the first 30 odd years of my life trying to learn how to behave and failed miserably. Eventually I entered a relationship with a woman who although initially opposed to the idea, gradually took control of every aspect of my life. Today I am happier than I have ever been. I still have both balls - the "castration" is in my mind and her confidence in her own ability and my willingness to obey. To the other men posting here, how well would you rate your own control over your life? Are you happy, successful and a productive member of society? If not, why not at least consider that a woman might do a better job of running your life??? I don't think it's necessary to remove the testes to acheive better behavior in men. To illustrate me point, I know absolutely that if my wife scheduled the appointment to have mine removed, I would go without question.

MikeJan 10 2005 10:04am
You were right the first time Sue, why compromise off with the offending articles and be done with it. Might even be useful for a novelty earring industry!

EmasculatrixMar 09 2005 1:20am
you should be locked up,like the poo you are.Bet your some kind of fat freak,who wears his mothers clothes and wanks to eastenders.

patMar 11 2005 12:09pm
You got it pat!!!!

AnonymousMar 13 2005 12:09am
this forum is retarded

this forum is retardedApr 27 2005 2:47pm
Sue's got the right idea!

AnonymousJun 26 2005 11:48am
Sue and the rest of the retard broads are just proof that women cannot be trusted out of the kitchen!

RandyJul 26 2005 9:51pm
In marriage, a wife should have the right to have her husband castrated if she wishes.

anonAug 22 2005 1:03am
Hi, I have been searching for more than 10 years to be castrated by a woman. Any females out there want to practise on my balls?

amm_uk at hotmailAug 26 2005 1:47am
I'm aree with anon. Every wife should decide.

jordi129Sep 07 2005 10:29am
One time a girl kicked me in the ball so hard they turned one is real small and I'm afraid I'm infertile. Haven't had sex in a long time. I'm afraid of women now.

one nutOct 01 2005 10:46pm
In marriage I'll do anything that my wife says, but I still want to keep my testicles. Besides, my wife won't have something to squeeze if they are cut off.

yesdearOct 08 2005 2:39pm
Mandatory castration of some men would probably be a positive step forward for society. I would like to see a system introduced where men are assessed every two years to see whether they should have the right to keep their testicles. From the age of 18, males would have to attend a clinic once every two years where women medics would examine whether they have committed rape, any acts of violence, disrespect for women, attitude and laziness. Men would be castrated if they failed on any of these factors. This new law may seem extreme but it sure would be good fun to see the change in men's attitudes towards women and it might just produce a safer society for us all. Give it 50-100 years I wouldn't bet against it!

anonOct 09 2005 3:21am
Why would any sensible female want men castrated when it is the very balls that would be removed by such a policy that guarantee the males willing subservience and acceptance of the superior sex... WOMAN!!!!!

LeanneNov 10 2005 9:26am
I agree Leanne, the castration should be figurative and not literal. This would guarantee that the male subservience.

yesdearNov 26 2005 9:48am
I am agree with anon again!

jordi_129Dec 05 2005 8:25am
I certainly think in the future we'll see politicians consider castration as a punishment for rape or violent crime. Some men need controlling just like we control male dogs and horses. This could be a positive step forward, however mandatory castration of all males seems a bit too harsh if they are well behaved.

LBDec 31 2005 3:20am
to me testicles represent male weakness and vulnerability...why cut them off? just hit them there, girls!

jessicaJan 09 2006 6:33pm
I got kicked in the balls, and one nut split in half.

halfnutJan 27 2006 1:10am
....and they say that women are the more nurturing and caring??? Judging by the majority of posts, I'd say that they are pretty sick and twisted. What sort of mothers will they make for their sons ?

level headed maleFeb 28 2006 2:28am
agree with the above apart from one thing. I'd say most of the above women are probably butt ugly, fat and have never scored a root in their life. Now they are all bitter and twisted because no self respecting male woud go near them. Anyway, it'll never happen so I'm off to have a wank in the bathroom. So ta ta to the hairy legged lesbo brigade.

harry hard-onMar 02 2006 3:26am
if we geld male horses to make them more docile and obedient to the needs of their mistresses, surely the same logic dictates that the castration of the human male in the interest of behavioural conditioning would be similarly desireable. I know that the wholesale castration of men at the present time would be viewed as an infringement of their human rights, but in the future changes in the law and social customs could make the removal of the testicles for the purpose of social conditioning an accepted part of the growing up process in boys. The consequent establishing of a less agressive less competitive and more compliant male population benefit all human kind.

A womanMar 29 2006 8:14am
With reference to the points made by 'A woman' I acknowledge that we may well see castration of young males as a way of ensuring peace in the future. But surely wholesale castration would be going to far? Would it not be more appropriate to have some sort of screening mechanism to determine which boys could keep their testicles? Boys which show adequate respect for women through chivalry and are non-violent would at least be given the chance to mature as men. Any ideas?

A manApr 03 2006 1:31am
If men who commit crimes against women deserve to be castrated, then what punishment should we inflict on wives who publicly humiliate their husbands? I say, beat the Hell out them!!

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:49pm
The male who commits rape and violence against Women needs his brain castrated not his balls.If males are properly educated in subservience humility and obedience to Females the incidence of violence towards Women would drastically go down.After all males who are in comas or have sever mental disability or brain damage don't comit crimes.Though they still have balls it is the mind that is the determinant.I agree with Sue and Empress Koi however that male testosterone does poison the male mind and if we could in some way reduce this by pumping them with more oestrogen etc I would prefer this.In any respect the males penis should be locked up and his sexuality and ability to orgasm should be closely controlled.Why cut of the very things which are Goddess given to A.contol by chastity and thus promote longing and B provide a wonderfull oppertunity to give pain by squeezing,biting Well for some but I can never bring myself to put my mouth near any male genitalia),pinching,scratching,smacking,kicking his little globes.

Big BrendaApr 28 2006 7:15pm
Sex drive and aggression are driven by testosterone, and the balls are the source. So for sexual crime, it is a good punishment. For general violent crime, also maybe. This process is underway. Certianly physical is cheaper than chemical castration. The girls above are unfortunately right that removing our balls will make society less agressive. The argument here is really human rights and the waying up of risk. What is more important the male's sex life or the female's sexual safety? As women take more power in society, males may have a violent backlash against this. If so we will be doomed to being castrated en masse. If we learn out new place compliently we will have a fair chance of keeping them. I hope men of the future can keep them and can enjoy a sex life as we do. An alternative maybe "male chastity devices" see CB2000 and CB3000. These are already available and in use by many already female dominated relationships. These no doubt will increase too.

Male but hopefulMay 06 2006 3:23pm
The male chastity devices wont curb male agression so they are not a solution. (Though I lock my husband in one! hehe) Long term, the boys will have to loose their balls.

JanetMay 07 2006 1:38pm
Pathetic times for men, just the fact that this whole discussion is about castrating them either as boys or men, and either just the criminals or all of us. We have really messed up to even be put in the position of this being a discussion. We guys have to get our act together fast or we are in big trouble for the entire future. Unfortunately I don't place much hope in us as a group fixing things, most of us are still such frigging cavemen with blinders on about our faults. So if we don't fix things ourselves, we are probably going to get "fixed", literally or figuratively or both, either by women one on one or by the coming society run by women. There is the strong possibility that a US female president and Congress of 51% women (maybe by mid-century?) could legislate ANYTHING they want to control rapists and other male problems. Did you know that there was actually a special tax on being male almost put up for vote in Sweden (for real- not kidding)? And the women run that country already.

Mark, embarrased by this allMay 09 2006 12:49pm
Mark, Once they have been removed you wont worry anymore. You know its for the best! :-)

JanetMay 09 2006 3:07pm
I think it's inevitable that we will see mass obigatory castration of men in the future. It will become accepted as a way of creating a more peaceful society. Balls and testosterone are already politically incorrect!

StuartMay 11 2006 3:04pm
Janet I will defer to your superior Womans intelect but may you please graciously here an inferior males reasoning.If the future is a female governed society then you will be able to educate us from birth to submit,worship,respect and obey Women.Why castrate us after all don't you want to be able to sqeeze or kick our balls if we disobey.With my balls resting on the toe of your shoe Lou

LourollsMay 12 2006 9:34pm
It is important not to forget that if the routine castration of male is to achieve the desired effect it would have to be conducted prior to puberty, say at the age of no more than thirteen. This would curtail the phsical development of boys and ensure that not only would girls enjoy their present intellectual superiority but also be able to develop physical superiority. This would enable the male to be fully and effectively subjugated into a secondary and subservient role.

KarenMay 21 2006 11:59pm
Karen, I appreciate female superiority. I already where a male chastity device 24/7 for my woman and havent used my penis for over 1 year. I doubt I will ever use it again. But removing our balls before puberty is too far. If we dont reach puberty there will be no sperm.

TomMay 23 2006 1:47pm
I aplogise Karen you are right.Removing our balls before puberty is an eminently sensible thing.After all i know myself what a terrible boy i became once testosterone poisoning kicked in.We would have to be drained of suffecient sperm perhaps say for a month twice a day to provide for fertilisation.After that we could be castrated.The result.A harmonious world with no wars and no male violence.But what about the tremendous frustration male would feel not having a sexual outlet.I would be most gratefull for your wisdom on this Karen.Yours in admiration and awe your inferior

Lou RollsMay 28 2006 3:50pm
Without balls you wont have a sexual desire. They control your libido. No balls, no sex drive, no problems there either! However you look at it it makes sense!

KarenMay 30 2006 3:15pm
You are convincing me more and more Karen but would you not be happy just to keep my genitals in a chastity device.My mind would be under your control and I would be very obedient.Just think of the power you would wield deciding when i or any other male would have permision to orgasm.We would do anything for you for that privelage.Womyn have the right to orgasm but males could be granted a privalage if they perfom well in manner of things in daily life not just in bed.Yours looking up from my knees into your wisdom filled eyes

Lou RollsJun 01 2006 6:21am
The future will tell! If they work, all males will be in chastity. If they dont they will be castrated

KarenJun 01 2006 3:30pm
Can you please specify Madam what work will be appropriate for us males in the future.

Lou RollsJun 08 2006 12:36am
Dear Ms. Dr. Alice, Thanks for your contribution. Yes, HH makes a lot of us laugh. I for one encourage all women to take control of their men and am proud when a personal friend tells me she is fully in charge. Whether its castration, chastity or whatever means the woman deems appropriate. All the best,

STTGJun 11 2006 6:44am
Regarding Ms. Big Brenda's comment about male brain castration. I would like to expand on this idea.

We need more research but the goal would be to wipe the male criminal's brain clean and then initialize it such that it would then be controlled by a woman. This form of male would be more than a slave to the woman (indeed a puppet) doing whatever instructions the superior female brain provided. It may sound totally science fiction now.. but with more advances it may become a reality....

STTGJun 13 2006 4:10pm
Very interesting idea STTG I would however prefer it remained Sci Fi.I would much rather a willing submissive male utilizes his admittedly inferior mind in submitting to the superior gender.I find it far more exciting to make a male submit and to control a former independant being.The surender of a males will is a very satisfying thing to receive.The Marquise has a very beautiful take on this.Look up Her website.

Big BrendaJun 19 2006 12:44pm
Dear Ms. Big Brenda, yes, I certainly see your point and over time more men will be submitting to the superior gender. This idea was for male criminals who rape or assault women. I believe over time more women will demand nothing less than complete submission from men and those few who resist will find it increasingly difficult to find a willing partner. Its those pathetic creatures who dare assault their superiors who would be so controlled. And as I give it more thought, I'd prefer the male criminal have retain some memory of his crime so he would understand why he was turned into a drone.. under control of his victim's brain (or some other designated female).

STTGJun 20 2006 3:05pm
A better refinement of your ideas STTG.Well done!If more males spent their time considering how they might change their ways and improve society for both sexes we would alll live in a better world.However I prefer behaviour modification by use of corporal punishment,orgasm denial,curtailment of privelages etc.To me if males do not conform to a Matriarchal society they need to be re-educated in a Male Re-education Centre.A six week stint of hard work,study of why Females should rule and frequent strappings should all help those recalcitrant males learn their new position in society.Of course in the future children would be brought up in matriarchal families, in schools teaching matriarchy and in a society run by Womyn.Male criminals who rape or assault Womyn should be placed in a Punishment Centre.These would be harsher than the Male Re-education Centres.If every male over 16 was spanked by a Womyn daily we would not have the problems we have today.Once again STTG good boy and carry on with your Female Supremacist studies.Elise Sutton is a must as is Barbara Wright Abernathy and Paige Harrison.

Big BrendaJun 22 2006 12:57am
Dear Ms. Big Brenda: Thank you very much for the comments and resources. I encourage everyone reading this to look up the Female Supremacist topics mentioned in the above message.

STTGJun 22 2006 3:05pm
It's really only a matter of time before we see some sort of castration punishment for men. The threat of castration will improve male behaviour and reduce crime. With women taking an increasingly dominant role in society, who whould bet against the following laws being passed in 20years time:mandatory castration for rape, adultery and violence towards women.50 years time:mandatory castration for disobeying your wife, arguing with a woman, disrespecting women. We are about to see the tables turn so much that young boys will regret being born as a male.

realmanJun 24 2006 12:05am
I'll never regret the honor of being born and privileged to serve that which we call women. Powerful, intelligent, strong, superior, beautiful inside and out WOMEN!

STTGJun 24 2006 9:22am
Well done STTG i too think it is great that i have been created to serve my primary purpose in life to work for the better life of Womyn and to obey them in thier infinite wisdom.But i do sometimes feel sad that i had to be born an inferior sex.Just in the field of sexuality with Womyns superior clitoris makes me feel inadequate. Realman what you say is exciting but only as a fantasy.Males should in the future be punished for disrespecting Womyn but it is not their balls but their brains that need modifying. If i show disrepect to my wife i fully expect to be beaten or my length of chastity increased.Besides to loose my balls would take away a great pleasure my Wife has in huring them for fun or pinishemnt.

Lou RollsJun 30 2006 4:36pm
What about violent women? Maybe they should be subjected to the same thing on their level. If that were the case, I'd wager there would be a different outlook. There are as many women sexual predators as there are men, but men tend not to report their encounters with women as much because of ridicule and lack of protection - especially teenage boys at the hands of fully grown women.

TedJul 12 2006 1:16pm
I think that in the future men will have the following options. (1) Keep themselves undercontrol and mind the missus at all times. (2) Be kept in a chastity device until the feminine has a desire for male attention, (3) Be chemically castrated for periods of a year or more as a consequence of misbehavior, (4) Be physically castrated as punishment for violence and crime. Take your pick...

thumperJul 13 2006 8:59am
All of the above are good and would be considered by an all Female court presiding over the conviction of a male.

Big BrendaJul 16 2006 1:05am
Testosterone is know to be the primary factor of male aggression. Rape is not necessarily a sexual act; it is usually a act of violent aggression. Hence, a chastiy device will prevent intercourse, but will not prevent the violent act. I vote for castration and monitoring of the offender.

StefJul 19 2006 3:02pm
Stef then when they are castrated they will still perform violent acts particularly since they will become sexually frustrated.

The real worldJul 19 2006 5:36pm
The reality is, the female hormone testosterone is linked to the aggressive behavior. Fact two, sexual predators still have their sick fantasies, even after being castrated. The people wanting men to be castrated are generally just taking out their own personal hate toward the male sex, and in my opinion are in need of serious psychological help. What i really want to know is, when did rape become a more serious crime than murder, and why do women spend all their waking moments thinking about it?

A Good PersonJul 28 2006 10:53am
Rape happens for 3 main reasons. 1) For power reasons. 2) Oppurtunistic 3) Sexual deviancy. Most rapists do not wish to be murders and castration would certainly deter reasons 1 and 2. What man would risk his balls to feel temporary powerful over a woman? What man would risk his balls to try and get away with oppurtunistic sex against a woman's wishes. And the 3rd case, these people will rape anyway, but they wont rape after their balls have been removed. Males with no balls have no interest in sex. yes, this is the best solution. And in the future will be the solution!

sheilaAug 01 2006 3:06pm
Sheila, since you favor castration for rapists, then you must also favor cutting off the hands of thieves. Which leaves us with the criminal justice system of SAUDI ARABIA, the country that gave birth to most of the terrorist murderers who destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City on 09/11/2001.

Use Your BrainAug 02 2006 12:58pm
"Use your brain" - how ironic. No, I am not in favour of Sharia Law. Sharia Law is not in favour of castrating rapists either. So where does that leave your argument!? I consider rape to be more serious crime than theft. One that destroys the sex life of the victim.

sheilaAug 03 2006 2:52pm
Sheila good comments.Did anyone see that program about that poor orphaned 16 year old that was executed in Iran for "crimes against chastity".The males got off (if you can call it that for just enjoying sex) with 90 lashes. This demonstrates what a mishapen society the medieval government of Iran has produced. Any county in this world wich supresses its Womyn is backward not just socially but economically. That is why a Matrirchy will liberate both men and Womyn to fulfill their full potential in their respective rolls.That of guidence and control by Womyn and subservience and obedience by males. Once all males over 16 spend the majority of their life in chastity belts and devices all Womyn will be safer.Not only will the dangerous genitals of the male be under a Womyns lock and key but by accepting his need to be locked away his mind as well.

Lou RollsAug 03 2006 9:18pm
So then what should happen to women who commit violence against men, children, and other women? Should they have their ovaries removed? Have their right to reproduce taken away? They should be spaded as well, right?

AliAug 07 2006 2:50pm
cut off their balls i would love have mine cut off

ranickAug 07 2006 4:17pm
are there any women out there who actually like testicles?

davrosSep 03 2006 4:06pm
I believe in castration for sex offenders and that castration be done by male Physicians so that they perceive it as being done by society for their egregious acts. Additionally i also believe in castration for the truly submissive males who are psychologically fit for it. Dominant Females who enjoy castration fantasy should do those castrations. And yes, any Woman that wants to fanaticize castrating me is welcome to E-mail me at

submissive maleSep 05 2006 8:12am
Castration can involve much more than the removal of the testicles. I think that progressive shrinkiage of the penis could have a powerful effecft as well.

The MissusSep 13 2006 8:12pm
Rape is the crime, the penis and the balls are thr weapons. If you take the rapist's weapons he'll find other ones, because he is MENTALLY sick.

Thinking MindSep 16 2006 12:05pm
Yes Davros there are. I particularly like them fried in butter and served with a light salad!

Hungry HayleySep 29 2006 9:06am
I would never rape a woman and for that reason I would be willing to make the punishment for rape be castration. Also I would be willing but reluctant to lose mine even if wrongly convicted. A few wrongly cut men is a small price to pay for women's safety.

richOct 06 2006 3:35pm
I lost one in an accident years ago, before that my drive was such that although no violent sex offender I could not control my urges towards sex. With one gone, and the reduction in urges that comes with it I now have a far greater level of self control. Less testostorone equals better human being. Its a combination of brain and balls, without balls the vast majority of offenders libidos would be controled.

SteveNov 10 2006 2:06am
I agree with Thumper. In the western world masculinity is already being demonised for causing everything wrong with the world and male traits, such as agression and sexual advances, are becoming politically incorrect. Can you imagine the attitude in 100years time, when there will inevitably be more female presidents and rulers of countries? Mandatory castration of all males at adolescence, except for a few selected for breeding, may well happen. Be careful what you wish for!

AndrewNov 16 2006 10:17am
womyn will be making the law in future and it will be up to them to decide in the fate of our balls whether we are criminals or just males.

Lou RollsNov 20 2006 11:24pm
its good, i love cstration 2

blackmastermale@yahoo.caDec 05 2006 4:03am
I'd love to lose my sex drive. If a Castratrix is interested, write me.

male4her2cutDec 06 2006 9:54am
funny forum , thats all i can say. well it seems there are 3 groups - a. brainless females who thinks castration is the ultimate solution of this world and b. some sad and phycho males who loves dominatrix and c. some males who just love to argue with females on a topic which will never exist. lol rite, i am a genetic guy (with balls) and recent work has proved that rape and all kinds of crime are not caused by balls , its in the gene , many men like to play sex acts like raping their partner in bed (trust me most females like that in bed, even mine do) but they dont go out in public to rape rather they are very respectful to other women. stoping of sexual crimes needs a proper system and gene therapy. in europe i hear most sexual crimes are now being commited by mature women. so what you say , sew their vagina up or chop their ovaries? the answer is : certainly NOT. castration (male an female) exists in thse countries which are under developed countries because its a cheap solution to a problem, but its bad cause it violates human rights. and ow for the groups here: a. group a - well if all males are castrated then firstly u wouldnt be here and secondly u will never be sexually satisfied unless u r a lesbian. b. group b - enjoy guys its ur lucky day c. group c - guys its not always funny to fight with kidos (females), love them and they will love u a lot. and finally love wins it all.......... haha

aJan 01 2007 8:37am
Hey.I've just had a thought.How about lopping off the arms for theft,feet if you drive too fast,have a pole stuck up your ass if you don't agree with all things homosexual,hair removed if you have an affair,stoning for adultery,lobotomy for anyone not compliant with govt.opinion. Rape is not the worst crime.False accusation is.There are,have been and always will be people in prison having done nothing at all.Would any of you women who want to castrate some men be prepared to go to prison for 10years if you are wrong? On another blog some women admit to beating their partners up,to sticking dildoes up the asses of non consensual victims and having a great laugh about it.What should they suffer? Do I see women as caring nurturing people dedicated to improving humanity? when they think like this. So called Dr Alice should have been in practice at Buchenwald. You are all supposed to be in the forefront of civilisation,you are supposed to be fighting "with your mens' blood"evil tyrannies but if you are examples of an enlightened gynocracy then sharia law would definitely be an improvement. For the record-women are the most violent of the 2? sexes.52%of dv in homes against their partner and over 70% of child related violence is initiated by a female. Pity women haven't got any balls.

mike savellJan 01 2007 11:07am
i say whack them off!! They are responsible for making men smell the way they do. You can't even reuse a bath towel after it has testicle on it. And in NC, a woman ripped a guy's nads off with her bare hands because he was wearing her sweatpants and got them all fuggy. It wont come out even with OxyCkean.

ball snifferJan 05 2007 6:05pm
I think all women should start castating any man who trys to rape.If all women started castrating rapist there would be no more rape.

castraterapistJan 05 2007 6:13pm
girls if a guy trys to rape you just grab his balls pull and crush.this should keep him from raping again.

jenJan 06 2007 10:38am
you know, in my home of Jamaica, the hoodoo say that the esssence of the man can make any spell IRIE!!!! So, if you gets the goods, stir them in a pot for 36 hoursa and the power be all yours, jah.

mistress santeriaJan 06 2007 10:41am
The thought of a woman castrating me actually turns me on in a sadistic way. However, if men are castrated men wont need woman for anything and then the human race will die out completely. Sex is the motivation for everything, money, power etc. Most woman only achieve high positions in the professional world cause men with sex drives put them there. How about, making it mandatory that all men at 18 get married so they wont stray!

A manJan 21 2007 1:10am
Saying women will gain control of society in the future is the same of saying in the 60's and 70's that communism would gain the world

!Jan 23 2007 11:50am
I understand what you say 'A man' but why would the human race die out if men were castrated? Mandatory castration by appointment of males at, say, the age of 18 could have a huge impact on reducing male agression and therefore crime. A sample of each man's sperm could effectively be banked for possible future use. Men would date women as they do now, however, women could decide, depending on if she felt comfortable that he was the right man for her, whether to use a man's sperm to create a family.

NGWJan 29 2007 12:59pm
I would like to say that a lot of you are delusional. Or idiots. Take your pick. The occasional poster makes sense but most of you can take your feminazi masochistic fantasies of lopping a guy's balls off and shove it up your weak-walled pu$$ies. Oh yeah and while you're at it go wash your mouth out with horse semen and gargle.

FuckYallJan 29 2007 8:21pm
we should start cutting the hands off of thiefs.

IronyFeb 03 2007 5:05pm
Sat. 2/3/07

/date /updateFeb 03 2007 10:16pm

#Feb 07 2007 11:58pm
I think this thread is generally ridiculous. Castration should be an effective deterrent for most males, except that it turns out most crimes, especially passionate crimes, are not much influenced by consequences. As a preventative measure, castration clearly has profound effects upon male behavior. Human castration has been widely practiced throughout history and principally upon peoples vanquished or otherwise subjugated. Castration of slaves has been common and practiced even in the USA. I think that castration cannot be separated from subjugation, and it's implementation in any broad spectrum is tantamount to a revival of some aspect of slavery. I think this is a backward step for humanity, and our efforts would be better spent on more loving and nurturing activities. Indeed, castration for violent criminals might curb their violent tendencies, but it should be immplemented in a most judicious manner. Sadly, the criminal justice system in the US favors the wealthy and is well known to ensnare unlucky innocents. Lady justice has herself been castrated by mandatory sentencing laws, and we now have overloaded prisons filled with non-violent people. Legislators hail this as a success in the "fight against crime," but it is only a diversion from the truth. Money would be better spent on a helping hand to those in need than on more and more prisons for the wayward and unlucky. Civilized society should be protected from violent criminals, and maybe castrating them will help. But the whole gender war of the above discussion is just bullpoo. Men and women deserve to live in loving harmony. That would be a far greater goal than simply mutilating people out of fear or some perversion of decency.

Enlit N. MentorFeb 13 2007 8:18am
Female prisons are just as full as those for males. What's the solution to female crime? Mothers molesting their sons? Or is it different because they are boys/males? Women are coming to power only in contries where it is safe to be in power, where this safety guaranteed and fought for by men. The only women who can claim to be equal to men are therefore Israeli women. Women mature sooner but not further. Women like to excuse their inadequacy and always blame it on men. Historians claim that there was time when whomen dominated in certain tribes. What happened to these tribes? Did they perish because evil men conspired against their more intelligent mistresses or did they fall due to the overrated and non-existent female intelligence, skill and dedication. Truly intelligent women learn to use men to their advantage rather than fight them. Most aggressive feminists in my experience are not very intelligent and not very good looking, which they are perfectly aware of. Hence their hatred for men. Some of them do suffer from execessive testosterone levels (you can tell that from the bad smell) and get off on castration fantasies. Here I see a lot of similarity between them and rapists - both are pathetic, sad and hypocritical, both draw pleasure from something deviant: rape and castration.

zJKLFeb 20 2007 6:54am
Interesting thread and many sound/unsound responses. First of all, castration should not be looked at as a punishment or a deterrant. It is more correctly a treatment. Throughout my marriage, I have always been the one in charge. My husband was (and is) submissive to me in virtually everything. This has suited us well. Before chastity devices became practical for men, he was still required to be abstinant, but since the late 1970's he has been in one form of device or another as improvements evolved. In 1986, we became aware of a Dr. Felix Spector in Philadelphia who offered no-questions-asked orchiectomy (castration) for a rather reasonable fee. Since our marriage now did not include sexual pleasure for my husband "Edward", he eventually saw the benefit of undergoing the procedure, i.e., no more sexual frustration. He was castrated in the summer of 1986 at age of 42, and the results have been generally positive. He became much more relaxed and at ease with himself. Within a month, his libido had nearly disappeared and within five months, his ability to get or maintain an erection pretty much vanished as well. For a while, he experienced hot flushes/flashes similar to those of menopausal women, and went through a period of mild depression. He also has to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, exercise regularly and watch his diet to prevent weight gain and maintain muscle tone. But, these are good things in themselves. Yes, he still serves me sexually, but no woman has ever required a man's erect penis for that. My personal opinion, incorporating suggestions from previous posters is that all males at the onset of puberty be fitted with a chastity device that prevents both erections and masturbation (which quickly becomes a habit). The idea being to eliminate or at least prevent as much as possible a boy's sexual experience. When tests show that puberty has progressed to the point he is producing health, viable sperm, sufficient samples should be taken and frozen for possible future use. Then, he should undergo castration. Universal castration would go a long way to ensuring a rape and male- violence-free society for all. This is just my own opinion and I know it will never be implemented, at least in my lifetime.

Ms. Z.Feb 27 2007 9:03am
i am 100% in favour of a MATRIARCHIAL society. Men are inferior to WOMYN and need to be controlled. i basically agree in principle with most of the WOMYN's comments and opinions made concerning this enlightening and necessary topic. i am deeply impressed by Dr Alice and especially by Sues idea of taking just one testi (the WOMYN who controls my climaxes is also in favour of removing just one)so that i still have a libido and lust for HER and thus want still retain the ability to the pleasure of tasting HER VAGINA/WOMB. Sally has the right idea that it should be done humanely especially if the male willingly submits to the procedure as a cerimonial coming out so to speak. SHE actually wants to encapsulate it in acrylic and wear it on HER belt. That would make me proud. If a half castrated male ever disobeys or becomes violent then a full castration is completely justified and thus the male is deprived of ever enjoying sex again as a natural but inferior man. My WOMYN master has been wanting to do me (half castrate )for awhile and wants it to be witnessed by other WOMYN of like mind in the format of a bonding/marking ceremony. WOMYN please please advise if this thread is still active by responding to thank all of YOU in advance randyron

tantra123@hotmail.comMar 01 2007 9:18am
Take a pony and ten boys and give a girl the following choice. Unless you castrate these ten boys with this blunt knife I will shoot this pony. Oh dear she's really going to agonise over that one isn't she? Well that's girls for you!

dreamerMar 01 2007 1:50pm
As a female with four brothers, I know the weakness of balls. But to say that castration is the end of male power, maybe, but then we are going against all religion, that says males and females are equal. Why not just seperate the sperm to get the super X and then the super Y and to create the child of the desired sex. But then the advantage of females may come to an end. Cause all our manual labor is done by males. In the furture I see females dominating the world, doing very little dirty work such as construction, but us gals must realease that we need the weeker male to build houses, cars, roads that has made our lifesyle great. So in short we need the male, must control his balls, that is our power, and don't you gals for get it.

KELLYMar 01 2007 3:13pm
#0147 - Mon. 3/5/07

UpdateMar 05 2007 11:40am
KELLY makes an excellent point (controlling mens balls)! The sooner WOMYN realize this must be the future reality the better off the world and civilization will be and i welcome the paradigm and wish to be part of the new order. I do however believe that submissive men who volunteer for the procedure should be spared the pain. The procedure could be a global weekly ceremony and celebrated accordingly until it became as common as circumcision is today.

randyronMar 05 2007 11:44am
In the UK there is a website linked to Number 10 Downing Street where you can post polls. Would anyone be willing to set up a poll calling for the castration of men who commit rape or domestic violence? It's a start and such a law is a long way off but it's probably coming in the future.

JHMar 08 2007 10:07am
JH, I thought that what this poll ask basically?

???????????????Mar 09 2007 12:40pm
As a victim of a violent rape by a 'man', i reported it, heard the guy admit it only to see him released for 8 months until sentencing. What would really make me feel safe until then? Nothing, but im sure knowing the guy had no balls would help ease my pain a bit.

emilyMar 14 2007 8:39pm
I`m male and I had (and I still have) problem to manage myself for not being violent... I`d like to snip my testicles and penis off. I think it would be much easer for me and everybody else. Also I`m looking for a private clinic to do that.

P.C. from ItalyMar 15 2007 10:20am
I`m male and I had (and I still have) problem to manage myself for not being violent... I`d like to snip my testicles and penis off. I think it would be much easer for me and everybody else. Also I`m looking for a private clinic to do that.

P.C. from ItalyMar 15 2007 10:27am
For me as a man is Ms. Z. absolutely right. I`m really willing to do that procedure, but I`m afraid of not finding a partner, because I won`t be able to fullfil her...

P.C.Mar 15 2007 10:31am
For me as a man is Ms. Z. absolutely right. I`m really willing to do that procedure, but I`m afraid of not finding a partner, because I won`t be able to fullfil her...

P.C.Mar 15 2007 10:36am
For me as a man is Ms. Z. absolutely right. I`m really willing to do that procedure, but I`m afraid of not finding a partner, because I won`t be able to fullfil her...

P.C.Mar 15 2007 10:56am
#0156 - (Sun) 3/18/07

UpdateMar 18 2007 12:16pm
I stumbled on to this site quite by accident. I have been thinking about male castration for awhile because my husband is quite content to just perform oral sex for me to satisfy my urges and half of the time he is content without his climax as a reward. The only problem is that when he does want sex he gets very agressive and rambunctious and this is annoying. I have jokingly told him that i was going to have him snipped so as to curb his aggressivness and he didnt seem to object to the idea. We have been discussing it a lot of late and I look forward to comments by other women that have considered having their husbands castrated. I feel guilty talking about it but if he agrees then I dont think its such an odd idea. Are there other women that share my views and have any suggestions? LP

LPMar 23 2007 8:39am
I very much like randyrons idea Doris

DorisMar 25 2007 5:47am
We have enough sperm in storage to last virtually forever and apparently it is already possible for women to become pregnant using cells from another part of a mans body, not just his sperm. So i say chop them off, they're not even needed anymore. Castrate men on a massive scale and preferably all adolescent males before their brains are overdosed with testosterone.

AnonymousApr 03 2007 12:13pm
I am a little disappointed. I was hoping there were more WOMYN out there who could let me know about the pros and cons of castrating my hubbie. I have him talked into the procedure and I want to persue it armed with knowledge and know my options. I believe its in my best interest to have him done as it will calm him down and thus I will be in complete control of his erections by using testosterone patches if I decide to allow him gratification. I venture to call it gratification after castration.

LPApr 05 2007 8:06am
#0062 - (Tue.) 4/10/07

UpdateApr 10 2007 11:40am
why would someone send in a number a date and sign it as "Update"?

very curiousApr 12 2007 6:52am
I believe that the loss of tetosterone would greatly benefit society as a whole and would make the world a much happier place. All men (including myself) should have thier balls cut off as soon as possible.

DwightApr 15 2007 3:54am
very curious, If I told you to go back look at post #103, cause it was a very hotly worded post, you would have to count the full #103 post to find out what I was talking about. How if someone would have added the kind of post that your having such a hard time figuring out that it is, every 05,10 or 15 posts you would have zeroed in on the #103 posts in seconds with little effort, and you would have also known the close proximally of the date it was posted. That why I'm sure that all of those who sign as a FEMALE on this site, or really males. A FEMALE would have had brains enough to do this from the very beginning. (Leave it a male to F@#K it up, and years later still not figure out how dumb they were.)

JudyApr 15 2007 10:41pm
I don't now why but I'm LOL

JudyApr 15 2007 10:46pm
#0167 - (Mon.)4/16/07

UpdateApr 15 2007 11:45pm
And of course she's right, women always are. Especially the bit in brackets.

Unfortunately maleApr 16 2007 12:02am
Is it just me, or are the women advocating violence toward all men acting just like the violent sociopaths they claim to be against? Funny how all these 'womyn' claim to be after a level playing field, yet they advocate the same treatment that they feel they receive. Prejudice is fine, so long as you're not on the receiving end, huh? Funny how every time the idea of women in power comes up, it turns into the image of a militaristic matriarchal theocracy. Way to go, ladies. Make yourselves look more insane, why don't you? How you can expect anyone to act like civilized human beings while you advocate mutilation, torture, and repression is beyond me. Last I checked, revenge was one of those baser urges that needed to be done away with...but I suppose we can overlook that if it's convenient.

EricApr 16 2007 2:21am
It maybe a answer to chemically castrate rapist. Although reading the posts obviously women are far more violent then men.

...Apr 16 2007 3:28am
hahaha *shakes head * women! lol

AnonymousApr 16 2007 3:41am
some women here wants to be superior! this is not the tight view.. The matter we are discussing here is making our world a better place for all of us.. The source of most of wars, fights, violence etc is testosterone.. The best way is cutting balls off when boys are 15 years old.. so they can grow up, but they can't become agressive male animals! and we can save their sperms for their reproduction rights.. This method would really make world a better and peaceful place to live.. this would not only decrease the crime rates against women and children, but also decrease the crime rates between males.. but please ladies.. please dont tell your some fantasies about superiority and male serving you themselves.. this may be a fantasy of yours.. but, if you tell this here, this would become a patheti thought i think..

cagataykartal at hotmail dot comApr 16 2007 11:42am
Sorry Judy I cannot find post #103. I would be very appreciative if you could direct me to #103 or repost it. Thank YOU in advance. I am a very curious submissive male and i am becoming more intrigued by the day with this blog.

very curiousApr 16 2007 1:03pm
you can't castrate EVERY man or everyone would become s woman. And the world would be truely doomed.

mother natureApr 16 2007 5:02pm
you can't castrate EVERY man or everyone would become a woman. And the world would be truely doomed.

mother natureApr 16 2007 5:03pm
Castrate all those with an IQ below average.

Do ItApr 16 2007 5:44pm
but testosterone makes a man. And men are more are more intelligent, have more self control and reasonable than woman could ever be. So ofcourse it is a bad idea to castrate all men but this poll is about sexual assault crimes.

intelligentApr 16 2007 7:40pm
ok for all you women out there that say "cut off their balls so they aren't violent!!!!" well isn't that a little hypocritical of yourself, being... aggressive and violent towards others? oo wait that darn double standard gets in the way.

DanielApr 18 2007 8:29pm
#0179 - (Sat.) 4/21/07

UpdateApr 21 2007 10:37pm
#180....very curious, My point exactly. had someone # these posts you could have 0 in on #0103 in seconds for instance, I'm answer your comment from post #0173 *****P.S. Why I was LOL in post #0166 is because without a number system...#0103 is a pain in the butt to find. (#0103 was nothing special, just a # I brought in here to show how hard it is to find a comment or post without some kind of numbering system placed every few comment or posts.

Judy 4/21/07Apr 21 2007 11:26pm
Absolutely! If a male is found guilty of rape, than there is no doubt in my mind that he deserves to be castrated. Personally though, I think it would be better to non-sugrically remove his wiener. Take away the weapon. There is also the added bonus of a lifetime of sexual frustration. This may however lead to further acts of aggression, so maybe his wiener should be removed followed by a prison sentence. I think this would be especially ideal for males who rape children. I am sick of little or no sentences for rapists. If males who were found guilty had their wieners and/or nuts removed, surely it would be a deterrent to would-be rapists.

TeresaApr 26 2007 9:05am
Cut their nuts AND their filthy dicks off!!!

JessicaApr 27 2007 5:37pm
Please get help Jessica

JackApr 27 2007 8:37pm
Hey Jack. She's entitled to her opinion. Why does it come as such a surprise that some of us women are sick and tired, and outraged with men who rape, and the sickeningly short sentences they often receive (if any) for these crimes? I have a hard time disagreeing with Jessica.

EmilyApr 28 2007 9:38pm
My MASTER, MARY has instructed me to write this comment. We are naturally both very disappointed that more WOMYN on this blog do not share our vision of the future MATRIARCHIAL society. It would make MOTHER earth a better place for all concerned.

randyronApr 29 2007 8:12am
I know of a case where rats were used to remove the penis of a man who brutally raped and tortured a very young girl. While I don't agree with vigilantism, the courts failed to sentence him, and so the mother and aunt of the little girl sought revenge. I won't condemn what they did.

RebeccaApr 29 2007 11:57am
This is crazy. Women or just as bad as men yet only men are affected physically. If there is a punishment, it should be one that affects both genders. Sure testosterone may cause aggression, but women are just as aggresseive as we have seen in this topic. So they is obviously other factors in play. I'm a man, and I would never hurt my girlfriend okay. I would rather die than harm her. I'm sick and tired of your propaganda about how men are evil. I don't think you realize how many relationships you ruin with this. You people need to get off your high horse and put you complaining to something like world hunger and green house effects. Stop trying to blame men for all your problems. Like you always say, behind a man is always a women. So really, it seems you are the root cause of our societies degradation. Of course you will say no, because you are all hypocrites who can't own up to anything.

JackApr 29 2007 12:45pm
This is crazy. Women or just as bad as men yet only men are affected physically. If there is a punishment, it should be one that affects both genders. Sure testosterone may cause aggression, but women are just as aggresseive as we have seen in this topic. So they is obviously other factors in play. I'm a man, and I would never hurt my girlfriend okay. I would rather die than harm her. I'm sick and tired of your propaganda about how men are evil. I don't think you realize how many relationships you ruin with this. You people need to get off your high horse and put you complaining to something like world hunger and green house effects. Stop trying to blame men for all your problems. Like you always say, behind a man is always a women. So really, it seems you are the root cause of our societies degradation. Of course you will say no, because you are all hypocrites who can't own up to anything.

JackApr 29 2007 12:46pm
Some of you are just stupid. The wife should have the right to choose castration in a marriage? Did you fail grade 2? If the wife can decide the fate of a husbands testicles than a man should have the right to rip off her arms. Fair trade.

RobbyApr 29 2007 9:01pm
You say have a test every couple years to see if a guy is aggressive. How about a test to see if a woman is aggressive. Look how many women have expressed there joy for hurting a man like this. Women.

AnonymousApr 29 2007 9:02pm
Testosterone isn't the cause of evil and bad things. All wars have been fought over religion and have been caused by some women who did something stupid. Maybe you should think about that.

AnonymousApr 29 2007 9:35pm
wow, seems like women are more aggressive than men. besides, they act like they don't do anything bad. women are the true root cause of all evil but they have so much societal protection its a joke.

AnonymousApr 29 2007 9:36pm
I love how when a guy asks what the punishment for a women who rapes a guy and child, no women has an answer. hypocrites!

AnonymousApr 29 2007 9:37pm
its scientifically proven that aggression is not at all caused by testicles. It's caused by the brain, which is why men AND WOMEN are aggressive and mean.

EdApr 29 2007 9:39pm
The obvious solution to any gender relation problem is forceful removal of a woman's sex hormone production facilities. Women suffer from estrogen poisoning--their judgment is quite obviously impaired. They all need to be sent to classes dealing in emotional stability, after being branded and having their ovaries removed. Rape is punishment for your collective stupidity, women. You are less than human.

lol, turnaboutApr 30 2007 3:50am
Castration is already a practice in other countries and they still have sex offenders. Also, the ones who are castrated usually turn from sex offending to murders. So this will just create a bigger problem. You'll then want the death penalty for anyone and then you'll want to just kill boys when they are born or even still in the fetal stage. You women have to realize it isn't testosterone that causes the aggression, it is poor up bringing and societal influences.

AnonymousApr 30 2007 4:56pm
Then let's just kill them for RAPE!!! Right after Castration them with a very dull knife.

BenApr 30 2007 9:49pm
#0200 - (Tue.) 5/1/07

UpdateApr 30 2007 9:51pm
I agreed, all men needs a catration. wi wil love to start a site with real castration so the rong male me see it. yes i am a male and seeks the first castration on my self soon. if i me have help from the real female,she must male me to get some thing real goin on. thanks

mensenlief@yahoo.comMay 01 2007 6:40am
It is strange to read how people want to have men castrated and yet as someone who would love to have them removed I find it impossible to have it done. You cant simply turn up to a doctor and ask him to do the honours. If you do he's more likely to lock you up in an asylum. If women want men to be castrated (for what ever reason) then the first thing they should do is make sure that there are opportunities and facilities to have it done

AnonMay 14 2007 1:26am
It is strange to read how people want to have men castrated and yet as someone who would love to have them removed I find it impossible to have it done. You cant simply turn up to a doctor and ask him to do the honours. If you do he's more likely to lock you up in an asylum. If women want men to be castrated (for what ever reason) then the first thing they should do is make sure that there are opportunities and facilities to have it done

AnonMay 14 2007 1:55am
I agree with Anon completely. I want to be castrated by a women but there is not a womens group that I am aware of that has the balls (so to speak)to come forth publically for fear of prosecution. That is sad. If a male wants it done by a women then it is his right, just as its a womens right to have an abortion. I feel betrayed by society.

wanting them offMay 16 2007 8:25am
Hasnt anyone learnt anything... torture, pain, revenge, power... these are all evil... you are trying to put fire out with fire... it doesnt work... only positive actions will create positive results ! notice how your so focused on rape and the castration of men that you do not mention any thoughts on positive actions to reduce rape.... You are just going to create more and bigger problems... just look at history... just think about it... thanks

AJKMay 18 2007 2:28pm
Just as women are taught in the art of deceit at an early age, by their mothers and other women folk, they are also taught the art of sexual predation. Think about it girls, you don't spend all that money on looking good for nothing and just for your husbands alone, if you're married. Rape should never be condoned in any form, but me thinks women do cause some of it.

TWDMay 20 2007 5:55am
Hang on folks. This is all about education in a civilised society. The sexes need to learn tolerance and understanding, and this is happening and improving all the time. Rape should never be condoned, but castration of males is not the answer. We must, as civilised people, think of less brutal solutions to problems.

AdeleMay 20 2007 12:47pm
#0208 - (Sun.) 5/20/07

UpdateMay 20 2007 12:51pm
So what would be your policy on female child molesters? You complain about sexism, you are the biggest sexists in society.

JamesMay 25 2007 9:46am
You women think you are so superior and smarter, but have you seen the way most of them type? Some of them can't even spell castrate and women correctly! Are we going to trust people who can't spell what they want?! They should all see a bloody Psychiatrist! We're supposed to be equal! You're trying to tip the balance over to women! And in case you people are too dumb to know this, the ancient ancestors of Humans lived in an equal society! Men and women did the same thing! So I'll take being called a caveman as a compliment thank you.

Striving for an EQUAL worldMay 26 2007 6:01am
i was castrated at seventeen and i dont think it is a big deal

balll lesMay 27 2007 8:03am
All of you bitches need a thick dick stuffed down your 'women as victims' throats. Only white males cede power to women because they all want to be dominated by them. A bitch is only good for f*cking and sucking a big dick.

fucking bitches in the assMay 29 2007 9:44am
I don't think that last comment is very helpful. I don't support castration. It would be extremely cruel and vindictive. Prison rehabilitation needs to more effective.

Helen JMay 29 2007 11:17am
I don't get why these same women complan about sexism when they replies like this. I'm really dumbfounded. I have no sympathy for rapists, but I read some people talking about castrating children before puberty. Are you out of your f*cking mind? That is just ridiculous and absurd.

AnonymousMay 31 2007 12:19am
I don't get why these same women complan about sexism when they replies like this. I'm really dumbfounded. I have no sympathy for rapists, but I read some people talking about castrating children before puberty. Are you out of your f*cking mind? That is just ridiculous and absurd.

AnonymousMay 31 2007 12:20am
Here's a thought. What about estrogen? It makes you bitchy and vulnerable to stress, it stunts your growth, and about 80% of breast cancers eat it up like candy. It effectively gives you all of the traits which make you vulnerable to sex offenders, so why not do away with it too? That seems fair. Men give up their sex hormone, women give up theirs. Or are we afraid to live in a flowery "girl power" world where we can't be all dainty and have breasts? Like it or not, your sexual identity is a hard thing to part with. You're all ready to tear down the patriarchal system, but no one's ready to completely let go of it. When you're honestly ready to live in a world where you are no longer an object of desire for men and the girl on the cover of Vogue looks like Hanson, then we can talk.

AnnMay 31 2007 12:47pm
whoops, omit the "flowery" and "girl power" bits from that last post. so to speak.

AnnMay 31 2007 12:50pm
Ann .. who is Hanson? Please stop being so esoteric not everyone in tuned to your channel.

a passerbyJun 01 2007 1:04pm
Lady Castratrix where are you? Let us strong WOMYN form a club and give the weak men what they want. If they want them off then lets do it and put them out of their misery. Not in a mean way just doing them a favour. Besides I saw a horse getting castrated recently and it really calmed him down. We would be doing some men a favour.

Doris CJun 02 2007 8:09pm
Doris C, You had me going until you said "put them out of there misery" Every time I hear those six little word put together it ends up not being a good thing for THEM. is there a secret you women are not telling us?

AnonymousJun 02 2007 9:47pm
0220 - (Sun.) 6/3/07

UpdateJun 02 2007 9:49pm
#0222 - (Sun.) 6/3/07....Anonymous beat me by 1 sec. to #0220 So the comment above this one should read #0221

UpdateJun 02 2007 10:18pm
#0223 I agree completely with Doris C and I for one would also welcome a fraternity of WOMEN who share and believe in the castration concept. I would consider joining the group providing it met certain humane criteria. Really when one thinks about it at length (and I have told my husband many times about this and he does not get too upset) male castration is the solution to a some of the planets problems. Yes we would be doing them a favour by calming some men down. WOMEN unite and join the "fight". If after the castration we wanted our husbands (or any man for that matter)to enjoy the privilege of sex with a WOMEN then we could give them a testosterone patch to enhance their greatly deminished libido.

RITA FJun 03 2007 5:39am
No anonymous "we" have no secrets. I firmly believe that there are other WOMEN around that share this/my belief. It would help the frustrated male cope with women in general and realize that loving a WOMEN is a privilge and privilieges are given not entitled. A content, thankfull and appreciative man should not think twice about offering them to a WOMEN he truly loves.

Doris CJun 03 2007 8:43am
Loving a man is a privilege as well. Women who love their man should not even think of such things. A loving relationship shouldn't be judge on what one person gives up physically. Besides, if you really feel you need to change your man with the reasons you've listed above, than you don't actually love him, you love the idea of controlling him.

AnonymousJun 03 2007 2:11pm
Loving a man is a privilege as well. Women who love their man should not even think of such things. A loving relationship shouldn't be judge on what one person gives up physically. Besides, if you really feel you need to change your man with the reasons you've listed above, than you don't actually love him, you love the idea of controlling him.

AnonymousJun 03 2007 2:12pm
Anonymous, obviosly you do not understand my feelings and belief system. WOMEN are truly superior in all respects however my husband does have qualities that i love and respect him for and thus my stance on tough love for him. He really gets irrational, high strung and disrespectful when he does not have his regular sexual relief. I am not always in the mood as I have a very demanding position that requires me to care for quite a few people and their bare necessities of life (food and shelter). My vocation is demanding but I still find time and make time for my husband who really appreciates my free time. He is so calm and relaxed after I allow him to make love to me. He is considerate and always cares about my needs (mental needs and sexual needs)first and foremost. He will patiently wait for me to arrive home on the day I tell him he is going to pleasure me and has dinner prepared and waiting. I give him his reward and he is calm and relaxed for another week. Its when he demands sex more often than once a week that I very seriously think about having him done. Its a good job that males cannot be done at a local vet quickly and conveniently else I might have had him done already. I am very serious about this operation lately and thus my contribution to this thread. I hope there are other WOMEN facing the same dilema that can honestly help me decide where to go to get him done and help him cope. I would want it done humanely so that he would not feel any pain whatsoever. It will probably have to be done by a WOMEN or a women doctor as most males or male doctors shy away from this operation on principle. Yet male doctors will give a women a hysterectomy at the drop of a hat. This I cannot understand,.. that is the double standard. Removing a WOMENS ovaries are OK but removing even one testicle is considered a crime against nature?

Doris CJun 03 2007 3:01pm
Doris, I am in a marriage where I vowed to love honor and obey my Wife. I am a Goddess Worshipper and a committed Female Supremacist and I believe that in theory, a Wife has the right to have her husband gelded if She so wishes. However, most respectfully Ma'am, are not ovaries generally removed because of cancer? Male testicles are also removed if the male develops testicular cancer. Doctors generally sterilize both sexes upon request. So most respectfully Ma'am this mere male confesses to not getting your point.

obedient husbandJun 03 2007 3:39pm
Hello!!! Odedient husband. Have you ever read a book? Hysterectomies were and still are being performed for many reasons other than cancer. I would list them them but comprehension seems beyond your grasp.

Doris CJun 04 2007 7:06am
I understand where you are coming from and if you and your husband think it is best, then by all means. I was merely addressing the general topic who think it should be mandatory. My wife says she'd rather die than see that happen to me. I wouldn't be the man she fell in love with if that changed. Also, you are right, hysterectomies are more widely accepted, so don't fret about people who try to down play it. Castration is just a touchy subject because when people bring it up, it is usually partnered with "mandatory" or "forced". If it's a mutual consent then go ahead. No one should be forced into an irreversible situation is all I'm saying.

AnonymousJun 04 2007 1:11pm
#0231 - (Mon.) 6/4/07

UpdateJun 04 2007 1:39pm
obedient husband, why did you sign your last comment #230 Anonymous???????

Still AnonymousJun 04 2007 9:46pm
Wow, hot debate...where do I stand. 1)Castration for rapists...a big YES. 2)For men who show signs of too much agression and are a threat to society...YES. 3)For men in femdom relationships where the male agrees...YES. 4)For the rest of us...NO I am in a femdom marriage and wear a CB-3000 24/7...At times I may even fit into category (3), and if my wife manages to persuade me, I think she should have the right to have me done. Generally it would certainly be better for society though I dont wish to lose mine.

Rich.Jun 07 2007 5:06pm
#0236 - (Fri.) 6/8/07

UpdateJun 07 2007 11:42pm
Because it wasn't my comment. Someone else signed it anonymous, the person who made it. However, if I belonged to Doris C., She would have the right to castrate me if She wished. With all due respect to Her I have never heard of a forced hysterectomy. I know there are forced clitorectomies that usually occur in third world countries. It is a shame that the Amazons did not conquer these countries 3,000 years ago and impose Female rule but there is nothing I can do about that.

obedient husbandJun 09 2007 7:23pm
PS Ms. Doris, most respectfully isn't the closest analogy to a hysterectomy, not castration, but a vasectomy. Women with hysterectomies can still participate in sex.

obedient husbandJun 09 2007 8:00pm
i am a male and iam looking to have my penais and balls cut of by a woman call me at 917 414 3551

by ryanJun 11 2007 12:33am
Has anyone heard of a tool called a Burdizzo. Well I have been using one on bulls and rams on our farm since I was fifteen. One squeeze of this instrument on each side of their ballbags and suddenly no more hard penises. Ideal for the nuts of rapists.

CarolJun 12 2007 4:23am
#0241 - (Tue.) 6/12/07

UpdateJun 12 2007 10:23am
Thank you Carol, I will look into the Burdizzo method. Sounds easier than cutting open his scrotum. Is there anyone in the Buffalo NY area that has experience using the Burdizzo tool on men?

Doris CJun 12 2007 10:46am
You have to go through psychiatry Doris. Not in a bad way. It is similar to when some is having a sex change. When castrating a man you have to have written doctor approval that the man is well aware and prepared for the aftermath. Without the right documents you could be prosecuted if anyone ever found out even if your husband said it was okay. It is a weird system I know, but it is better to be safe than sorry right?

Jack H,Jun 12 2007 1:44pm
i been without my testicals for three years and it has been the best thing that could have happened my girlfriend and me get along great

AnonymousJun 12 2007 8:17pm
the last comment was by bal les

bal lesJun 12 2007 8:19pm
#0246 - (Wed.) 6/13/07

UpdateJun 12 2007 9:46pm
i agree with male castration for wayward males and to take it further all males past reasonable breeding age should also be castrated they dont need them anyway past 30 ish

the badgerJun 14 2007 1:26pm
surgical castration should be mandatory for all rape and attempted rape and for all sexual assaults on a woman or child as a deterrant again male agression

JCJun 15 2007 1:00pm
Yes Carol, i know burdizzo.. and i totally agree with you about the method of castration.. it is acheap and easy would cause a lot of pain.. you dont need surgical sterilisation conditions etc.. and if the woman whom is raped, could use the burdizzo to castrate him.. but routin castration of all men would make the world more peaceful..

cagataykartal@hotmail.comJun 15 2007 3:02pm
if a court finds a man guilty of rape or any kind of sexual assault on a woman as well as a prison sentence the woman should be allowed to ask for him to be castrated. The court should then be required to order him to be castrated - this would establish a proper redress for the crime by empowering the victim

PatJun 15 2007 4:17pm
In the uk this week,they are thinking of offering pedos chemical castration,asking for volunteers at first,but this could be the start of it really,imagine in another few decadew with women firmly in power.

chrisMJun 15 2007 6:06pm
chrisM -it might be a start but we need to make sure that its taken much further -looks like men are being allowed too much choice Pat

AnonymousJun 16 2007 1:12am
Doris C should be our next prime minister the way she talks and her desires would def mean a proper start to us males being castrated roll on Doris

badgerJun 16 2007 2:19am
there are some really great women on here with proper ideas come on girls get this happening to pat/doris c/ms z/big brenda /karen / a woman /Emasculatrix you got to go for it girls surely you know now most men will submit

badgerJun 16 2007 2:26am
#0256 - (Sat.) 6/16/07

UpdateJun 16 2007 11:14am
Click on the blue if you want the BLUES If you want a VIRUS or SPYWARE?

AnonymousJun 16 2007 11:25am
Having castration available could help a woman's recovery from an assault. Where a man has been convicted of any form of sexual abuse he should go to prison. The woman should be able at any time before his release to have him surgically castrated. This would act as a punishment, deterrant and treatment but most important being empowered in this way could help the woman regain her confidence and sense of security. First step will be to get voluntary castration into law and then get the choice transferred from the offender to the woman whose interests should always override those of the man.

PatJun 16 2007 3:20pm
I have the feeling that some of your female contributers have little interest in finding a solution to the horror of rape but seem rather excited at the idea of men being castrated. Rather than addressing the solutions to this crime they seem to have more in common with the ancient ruler Theodora who ordered the castration of slaves so that she could watch and masturbate while they were being cut. I suspect that some of these contributers are sexually aroused by the thought of a man having his testicles cut out.

AnnettaJun 16 2007 4:37pm
#0260 - (Sat.) 6/16/07

UpdateJun 16 2007 8:47pm
yes pat youre spot on but it will take all you women to get it through and so you should

badgerJun 17 2007 1:58am
When women who are married hit menopause there husband should be castrated. They don't need them anymore after that.

JeffJun 17 2007 11:14am
Not really to do with castration, but when my gf has her period I always feel sorry for her. Sadly the effects usually last a couple days. Since I can't do anything to take her pain away, I let her squeeze my testicles whenever she wants during that time. She says its the next best thing to help release the pain. Just thought I'd throw that out there to the women who think testicles have no use. Think about it.

Alan B.Jun 17 2007 11:17am
How about taking just one testicle. That way, everything is lowered tremendously and they can still have children. I say this in response to people who say all men should be castrated. Also, a neuticle could be placed to keep equilibrium. Those of you who don't know, a neuticle is a fake testicle after castration. This seems like a good bet. Apparently two testicles is too much for a man to handle, so we should at least try with just one for a little bit. Just see how it goes. If not, maybe a further discussion is in order. Frankly, if mandatory castration occurs, I would lie and say my boyfriend is castrated. He is too good of a person to be hurt so much. He never pressures me, never attacks me, never hurts me and he has always been there for me. The least thing I could do for him is fight for his right to have testicles. Thats just my opinion though.

MirandaJun 17 2007 11:22am
I don't think removing one testicle is right from the point of view of the woman who has been assaulted. If that is what she wants that is OK but full castration (including removal of the offender's penis) should be available if that would help the woman. Receiving confirmation that the man who assaulted her would spend the rest of his life as a eunuch at her choice could enable her to recover. Not all women would want this but giving the woman the right to have her assailant undergo surgery could be of great comfort and redress the unequal power balance.

PatJun 17 2007 12:33pm
Pat again you are so right as a male if i raped a woman i would expect to be castrated as it is i havent but even so am now past breeding age so dont need them now anyway they just cause me to masturbate which in a way is also degrading for women so as i say males need to be castrated after a certain time

badgerJun 17 2007 1:26pm
I don't think removing one testicle is right from the point of view of the woman who has been assaulted. If that is what she wants that is OK but full castration (including removal of the offender's penis) should be available if that would help the woman. Receiving confirmation that the man who assaulted her would spend the rest of his life as a eunuch at her choice could enable her to recover. Not all women would want this but giving the woman the right to have her assailant undergo surgery could be of great comfort and redress the unequal power balance.

PatJun 17 2007 2:21pm
Annetta, you may be on to something. I must admit it excites me from a power point of view to see a man get cut. Maybe the Theodora concept is ready for prime time. To have that much control over a man and know that other WOMEN would enjoy seeing a cutting excites me. My hubby often whines and begs for the pleasures of MY body and it is a wonderful, powerful, controlling feeling having him grovel at my feet. When I do allow him the pleasures he goes nuts (no pun). He bursts into tears when he comes and thanks me prfusely!!!

RITA FJun 17 2007 3:31pm
It is important that control of the situation where a man is convicted of rape or sexual assault passes to the woman involved. Whether he is to be castrated should be her choice - We should support moves that would make voluntary castration an accepted norm. Once this happens it will be easier to move on to allow the woman involved (not the offender or a court) to decide whether her assailant has his testicles removed. The issue is the woman's right to decide and the fact that she should have this power. This is not fantasy or man hating it is a practical approach to enabling a woman who has suffered to overcome feeings of helplessness and low self esteem.

PatJun 17 2007 5:49pm
#0270 - (Sun.) 6/17/07

UpdateJun 17 2007 9:13pm
I completely agree with Pat's (above)remarks and beliefs! I welcome this paradigm. The sooner the better for the sake of all women, children, men and the planet. Society will be civil and peaceful under a Matriarchial rule.

RITA FJun 18 2007 5:45am
Matriarchial rule will fall quick due to the fact that women simply hate eachother when you boil it down. Emotion will be the highest drive in that society and thus will cause the collapse. As for Pat's comment about giving the women the right to have him castrated or not is bogus. Then why not give a victims family the right to chose the death penalty of a murderer. Either way it isn't going to help the family and it isn't going to help the woman either. She is still going to fear men for a long time and fear of being alone on the streets. It's not nice to say, but rape is just a small price. At least a woman is still alive afterwards. Men get stabbed, shot, burned and beaten to death all the time and women don't bat an eye about it because they are the minority in that situation. Frankly speaking, women in North America and Europe take for granted how good they have it. Some of you should try living in underprivileged countries and then you will realize there are bigger problems at hand.

Jessica SmithJun 18 2007 1:35pm
i dont think it will women will become stronger and stronger and i think more than half if not more support the castration of the violent and abusive male

badgerJun 18 2007 2:46pm
Thanks Rita - I hope that we can all work together to ensure that the castration of men who sexually assault women becomes a reality. Not all women would want to have their assailant castrated, but simply giving the woman the power to require castration will mean that the offender knows that whether he is to keep his genitals depends on a woman. This will help to ensure that ALL men learn to respect women and that ALL women finally recognise that they can achieve their proper status in society as the key decision makers. The vast majority of people, both men and women, know that a female directed society would be better for everyone.

PatJun 18 2007 2:47pm
Jessica appears to misunderstand that rape IS different from murder in that the perpetrator intends to dominate his victim mentally - what I have suggested would redress the mental balance and help defeat the whole purpose of the crime.

PatJun 18 2007 2:57pm
#0276 - (Mon.) 6/18/07 16:04 EST.

Update 16:02Jun 18 2007 3:05pm
Jessica appears to misunderstand that rape IS different from murder in that the perpetrator intends to dominate his victim mentally - what I have suggested would redress the mental balance and help defeat the whole purpose of the crime.

PatJun 18 2007 3:41pm
I can understand if a comment is posted two or more time in a roll as a technical glitch. Yours are not in a roll? So Why do come back and repeat yourself later? Do you have a mental problem or something?

AnonymousJun 18 2007 5:48pm
Jessica appears to misunderstand that rape IS different from murder in that the perpetrator intends to dominate his victim mentally - what I have suggested would redress the mental balance and help defeat the whole purpose of the crime.

PatJun 18 2007 6:05pm
technical glitch no need to be offensive

PatJun 18 2007 6:30pm
Well silly, I now it a technical glitch. I was just wondering what mental condition do you have that cause it to happen so often?

AnonymousJun 18 2007 9:27pm
I know

AJun 19 2007 12:31am
Your welcome Pat. In whatever way we can work together to bring about our sensible beliefs I am in favour. You can count on my support in this quest to Matriarchism! WOMEN must unite in this noble cause. Women deciding the castration option is a good first start in the new world order. I welcome comments and support from other women of similar mind.

RITA FJun 19 2007 7:38am
I am elated that RITA F and Pat are on the same page and I would be very interested in being involved.

Doris CJun 19 2007 9:50am
we as men who agree also welcome RITA F and Pat and Doris C COME ON LADIES GRASP THE OPPORTUNITY we males do need this at least most of us do

badgerJun 19 2007 2:21pm
i would also like to ask all the women on here IF the law gets changed would you as women like or think you should be there when the male gets castrated if you are the victim of the offense or should it be done behind closed doors ?

badgerJun 19 2007 2:24pm
Yes.I think the woman should be invited as a witness. It might be a good idea for her to be accompanied by a friend or relative of her choice for added support.

PatJun 19 2007 3:06pm
i am now very seriously thinking that maybe i will castrate my husband myself (and bypass all the legal and psychological hurdles)and have it witnessed by other WOMYN who may want to learn the technique. He has agreed to it now, especially since all of the current discussion on this blog. i am researching the topic and looking into vetinarinian books on animal husbandry. A close friend of mine is an OR nurse and tells me it is not that complicated an operation. She said it is very similar to a vasectomy. She would help me. Maybe Doris C is interested in attending if I study up and I go through with the procedure? I like Pat's idea of witnesses as it is a very significant event, especially for my hubby!

RITA FJun 19 2007 3:43pm
it can be done easily with a burdizzo RITA F it is the safest and easilly done. there are sites to show you

badgerJun 19 2007 3:58pm
#0291 - (Tue.) 6/19/07 23:24est.

UpdateJun 19 2007 9:27pm
I am glad I am came back here to read. It certainly appears lately that the topic is getting very interesting. I am all for a pro active, discrete group of WOMYN that would be willing to take matters into THEIR own hands so to speak.

LPJun 20 2007 8:15am
Castration sucks , whoever thinks about this thing is retarded or feminist , God decided that men should have 2 balls , so men must have 2 balls that give them STRENGTH INTELLIGENCE and other male qualitees , so f*ck off and leave the killers and rapists alone , they're people 2 god dammit

MisterKabalJun 21 2007 7:52am
God also decided that males could be castrated and women could take thier balls as they have done throughout history and i for one hope they get together and do it more frequently

badgerJun 21 2007 1:46pm
Being a feminist is not a form of insult as MisterKabal seems to think. His belief that intelligence is a 'male' quality is rather pathetic and dated (clearly an ability to spell is not one of MisterKabal's qualities!). Girls now outperform boys at school and women make far better managers than men. MisterKabal has yet to learn what most intelligent men already know- that they should support feminist views. However, many men still need to accept female authority and men who abuse women should be punished in a way that puts the woman involved in control and teaches ALL men to be respectful and obedient to women. A female directed society is the true path to a better future for all -both men and women!

PatJun 21 2007 5:19pm
I disagree with a female directed society. It should be an even society with men and women on equal playing field. Neither gender deserves more power than the other. End of story. As for castration. Men should be castrated sure, women should be castrated as well as women abuse children more then men do. It may not be sexual abuse, but it is still abuse.

Yours TrulyJun 21 2007 5:46pm
I know exactly what rape is Pat. I was merely making an example or how arrogant you sound. The example I gave was bang on but sadly it was to sophisticated for you to comprehend. Here is a question for you. You want to castrated male sexual predators. What is your female sexual predators?

Jessica SmithJun 21 2007 6:03pm
I know exactly what rape is Pat. I was merely making an example or how arrogant you sound. The example I gave was bang on but sadly it was to sophisticated for you to comprehend. Here is a question for you. You want to castrated male sexual predators. What is your female sexual predators?

Jessica SmithJun 21 2007 6:04pm
I know exactly what rape is Pat. I was merely making an example or how arrogant you sound. The example I gave was bang on but sadly it was to sophisticated for you to comprehend. Here is a question for you. You want to castrated male sexual predators. What is your female sexual predators?

Jessica SmithJun 21 2007 6:04pm
Jessica it is hardly a very sophisticated argument to say that someone with whom you disagree is arrogant. You used the example of murder to suggest that it is analogous to rape. That is true, but only to the extent that it is a crime of violence. A difference between rape and murder is the very fact that the victim is still alive and suffering. If you wish to draw an analogy with rape you might have considered grievous bodily harm which can have some of the same characteristics as rape. As to your point that women do not care about the suffering of men this is patent nonsense given the prominent role of women in the caring professions. You suggest that women disagree more than men without evidence - I do not recall women taking the lead in initiating two world wars. Also the fact that worse crimes are committed elsewhere makes rape less important must be questioned. Finally please state you evidence that sexual abuse by women is at anywhere near the level for males.

PatJun 21 2007 6:58pm
It doesn't matter what level it is at, women still do it and it should have the same consequences. By the way, both world wars you are taking about were fought over religious beliefs that men and women both believed in. The other stuff you have to wait for jessica to come answer.

AnonymousJun 21 2007 7:23pm
The World Wars were NOT fought solely or even primarily over religious beliefs - they were fought due to nationalism, territorial ambition,racism and the ramifications of complex alliances in the case of the first war. There were people on all sides with the same religious beliefs. I implied that the wars were INSTIGATED by men - women were excluded from political leadership. The point I was making was to counter the silly stereotype that only women fight each other. In criminal justice matters the point is that deterrance is a major factor -if a certain section of society is more likely to commit a certain type of offence the law will be determined accordingly. I have no problem with severe sentences for women but that was not the question posed.

PatJun 21 2007 7:55pm
enough with the world wars ,let's focus on starting an organization of MEN that want to kill the women who decide that castration should be mandatory , it would be a good ideea , i wouldn't mind doing 30 -40 years in prison for that

MisterKabalJun 22 2007 12:19am
I don't want to kill them, just want them to realize that this isn't the solution. It won't give the women anymore sense of security or help them ease back into society.

KaneJun 22 2007 9:42am
This is why women can't be in full power. Watching Jessica and Pat argue here is perfect evidence as to why. Women will never cease in an argument and will keep complaining and debating in hopes of making the other person believe what they believe. Women can't be in power because nothing will ever get done. It's just a whimsical fantasy and you all need to wake up and smell the coffee.

JackJun 22 2007 11:28am
Of course we all know Jack that men never argue with each other and always get along famously! What a wonderfully simple world of stereotypes you live in. What Jessica and I are doing is having a debate - I do not disrespect her views.

PatJun 22 2007 12:53pm
Jessica - didn't spot your comment earlier - I accept that women abuse and don't think it should be ignored. Thanks for the references at least we might raise the level of debate on this above the purile fantacy stuff which is dominating this string.

PatJun 22 2007 1:04pm
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