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Question: Girls, what do you think about TESTICLES?
Created by: Da Facts iz at 10:49:03 AM, Thursday, March 25, 2004 PST


My boyfriend's scrotum looks like a China man's chin, scraggly lumps of hair and all wrinkly. How do males walk around, sit, and lay on their stomachs without hurting themselves with all that "stuff" crowded between their legs??? I'm sooo glad that I don't have testicles, they're fragile and funny looking things!

AnonymousMar 26 2004 12:57pm

I'm a 12 year old girl and last summer I helped at a local gym. The manager told another girl & me to go into the Men's showers to get towels. After we were in there some men came back in, so we both hid in a janitor closet. We could peek thru the door and see naked males walking around. It was so funny, we could see their male things jiggling about and the wrinkly testicles. It was so funny we had to hold each others mouths shut. It was the fisrt time I saw a penis and testicles (other than some pictures). It's better to be a girl and not have those silly jiggly male things!

No Jiggly ThingsMar 27 2004 12:07pm
The male testicles are such silly looking things! Once on a dare from my girfriends I kicked an annoying male between his legs, and he fell on his side screaming in pain. His friends ran down the street yelling, "She castrated him!" over and over. It was so funny, all my friends and I watched and laughed.

Ball Kicker GirlsApr 09 2004 8:51am
Nuts, Nuts, and more Nuts!!!!

Nutty GalApr 17 2004 11:06pm
I personally find it reassuring to know that men have a place of such vulnerability.In a world where I am constantly getting obscene suggestions made to me, and my breasts & legs ogled at by every man who passes me, it's a comfort to know that those same legs that men would love to get between can also be powerful weapons against the very core of their masculinity. The harrassment of women, and women's fear of men, could be stopped for good by a simple lesson at school to all young teenagers: Simply line up all the girls & boys facing each other, & let each girl kick the boy opposite them in the groin, hard.The agony caused to each boy would teach them to respect girls, & realise that they are not easy prey.The girls would realise that they are not helpless against male aggression, and that actually they have considerable power over them.

annaMay 06 2004 6:39pm
These Nuts, those Nuts, his Nuts -- I just love Nuts!!!!

Nutty GalMay 11 2004 7:40pm
Rocky Mountain Oysters, Dude Eggs, Bullocks! I say good eatin' ya'll!

Cajun CrossMay 25 2004 6:18pm
There is nothing in the world as ugly as a penis!

I hate men!Sep 08 2004 5:00am
Good thinking Anna, that lesson might even be one in which the boys actually learn something and since we give them a good kicking in everything else at school why should their stupid balls be spared

Ordinary girlMar 13 2005 12:00am
My husband has huge ones - the size of extra large eggs! They are in proportion to the size of his c*ck. He is also a tall, very slender man who has almost no upper body strength

LouiseOct 31 2005 7:58pm
So Louise, your man is hung like a horse! I trust he is also as willing and obedient!!!

KarenNov 06 2005 1:33am
Yes, he is willing and obedient. I wear the pants in our house. I tell him so too. I lift his ego by saying that he wears the XXL-sized pouch, super reinforced jockstrap (even if it is pink).

LouNov 12 2005 4:48am
good comment louise!

MaryNov 20 2005 9:52am
Sounds like your man is all balls and no brains....sounds somewhat familiar to me Lou.

ToyahJan 04 2006 8:21am
he is all balls and no brains

LouiseJan 07 2006 9:26am
he is all balls and no brains

LouiseJan 07 2006 9:26am
toyah, what does your man look like?

LouiseJan 23 2006 4:06am
Like the stallion he is Louise

ToyahFeb 17 2006 2:16pm
Testicles are good as you can kick,squeeze,slap and punch them.

Big BrendaJun 09 2006 12:41am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 11:09pm
#023 - Sun. 2/11/07

UpdateFeb 11 2007 1:45pm
They should be removed as soon as possible

AmyMar 02 2007 11:24am
#0025 - (Mon.) 3/19/07

UpdateMar 19 2007 1:14pm
balls are hot!

chelbApr 16 2007 9:41am
balls are the sign of women superiority.. anna is right.. all teenagers need this type an education.. when i make my girlfriend angry, she catches me by the balls and i beg her for mercy.. and she kicks my balls when she wants.. all women should do thet when they want..

cagataykartal@hotmail.comJun 15 2007 3:14pm
Balls are what makes males inferior to women. Girls need to be educated in school this is a males weakness. Kicking a boy in his nuts is acceptable.

LisaDec 22 2007 7:27am
Kicking a boy in his nuts is acceptable, that is true, because morality is a lie.

None of your beeswax.Jan 24 2008 7:34pm
Morality IS a lie. Amy, there is no such thing as mind controlling sex hormones. If there is show me a study, and I mean a reputable scientific study

Someone who does not existJan 24 2008 7:41pm
I'm a guy with really big balls, and know first hand how weak and fragile us males are compared to you girls. My balls belong to my girlfriend, or like she likes to say. "Any of my friends". Once a big balled arrogant male I'm now because of her, a big balled sissy, and I hate having balls and being so weak and wish I could be girl without these stupid balls.

girthtronJan 25 2008 4:02pm
kick her in the c*nt really hard, then.

anonymousJan 26 2008 4:08am
Just glad I do not have them.

KellieFeb 21 2008 3:07pm

KATHYFeb 25 2008 12:01pm
Most males hide as females in these polls. But balls is a male problem, as a female, I do believe balls are the best thing that a woman does not have.

KellieMar 01 2008 12:29pm
Balls are a males weekness and we ladies enjoy cause pain to them. I would love to castrate a man.

KATHYMar 19 2008 5:56am
Why. If you force your man to lose his balls, you would have nothing to hold squeeze, kick or cause pain. He would be almost equal to you, except that castrated men live longer then women. Plus he still will have all his pre castration strength, and will whip your ass for good, and you will not be able to hurt his delicate balls, because you took away your natural female advantage of having no testicles. LOL.

KellieMar 28 2008 12:17pm
testicles and penises are funny looking thgings! i wouldnt like to have all those extra bits and pieces swingling about between my legs lol! i think they would be in the way! i sometimes wonder how do guys sit on bicycle seats without squashing their balls/dick? they are so easily damaged, woudlnt that hurt a lot!

ball free!Apr 03 2008 12:19pm
isnt it ironic, that the bits that make a man feel powerful (his balls + dick ) are really actually his greatest weaknesses!

lucyApr 03 2008 12:22pm
to the person who said "kick ker in the c*nt really hard" id like to say, you are obviosly a male! only someone with balls would think that would hurt her as much as it hurts him! if a guy kicked a girl really hard between her legs, it might hurt her abit, but then she would kick him just as hard in his dangly wobbly bits and he would be nearly paralysed! when it comes to being kicked in the groin, boys are the weak ones, and girls are not because we lack all those sensitve parts!

stacyApr 03 2008 12:30pm
My point is that as girls we do not these sensitive parts. How we females are lucky to be ball-less. But if men did not have them tesicles, we would be at a disadvantage, so lets us always appreciate the fact that men have balls, testicles, to our FEMALE advantage. And we are lucky to be withour those hanging body parts.

AnonymousApr 04 2008 12:12pm
all true medical science research shows that kicking a girl in the c*nt has pretty much the effect if you kick hard, you stupid f*cks

mr. sir.Jul 25 2008 2:06am
#0043 - (Wed.) * 9/24/08

UpdateSep 24 2008 11:17am
Why do u all think there weird looking? I mean they look OK!

annoymousOct 05 2008 4:37pm
I agree i like my husbsnds balls,he is extremly oversized down there,and thats what turns me on!He have them in size of oranges i couldnt believe when i have touch it for firts time through his pants!and his major tool is over 15inch and 3.7inch thick-when we are on it and all that is hanged on his incredibly muscular body.Kind of turns me on and on-too much,jeeeeez!!!

amanda c.Jan 14 2009 8:47pm
I love my BFs bite them off and eat them. I hope I can castrate a lot of men this way

LindaFeb 16 2009 4:57am
Ms. Linda Ma'am, with all due respect, you cannot eat his balls and have them too.

obedient husbandFeb 16 2009 6:47pm
obedient husband I want to castrate him. That is what will happen, I am the boss. Castrate all men!

LindaFeb 20 2009 1:24pm
That is Your privilege Ma'am. Human males are livestock and may be treated in the same way.

obedient husbandMar 01 2009 11:45am
Anna, if you hatemen ogling you, cover the f*ck up!

AnonymousJul 13 2009 3:29pm
Ms I Hate Men, what have men ever done to you?

an intelligent life formJul 13 2009 3:31pm
Louise, why marry a man so mentally bereft?

an intelligent life formJul 13 2009 3:34pm
Women must castrate men because that's their natural born right. All young girls must learn how to perform castration on a man! A woman is always right when she castrates a man! Women should be allowed by law to castrate men. every woman who castrates a man is a female hero. I have bitten the balls off of my BF during a sex game. now he is my clit licking slave. Every man should be castrated by women. Women are far superior to men!

CastratrixAug 14 2009 1:13am

RedneckAug 27 2009 8:48pm

RedneckAug 27 2009 8:50pm
Redneck, please ask your GF to bite off your testicles. Once castrated you will be a better person. Girls! we have to castrate them. Deball them!

Castrate all menSep 10 2009 5:18am
All of u girls who think your superior are insane. If you think your going to take over the world it wud b so funny to watch. all of the worlds armies are run by mainly men. Redneck first off u don't need this name by reading ur comments we can all tell now leave ur little fantasy world of a ball free world and realize that is impossible and it will nvr happen. And if every young girl was taught castration bc its there rite and they cud to it to a boy without his say or choice, then all young boys shud b taught all girls are inferior bitches, every chance u get rape those worthless c*nts however u want its ur rite. Bc we r superior

bitches r inferiorDec 18 2009 12:09pm
I agree that it is a womans right to castrate her male. It would be an honor to be banded by the woman you adore. It would then allow the big head to do a little thinking, and she would get a change purse out of it to remind you of who is in charge.

DanJan 08 2010 10:56am
All womens are welcome to castrate me.

albertJan 31 2010 8:58pm
All people commenting here are old creepy men imo.

AnonymousFeb 07 2010 9:56pm
What a colection of losers and freaks. For the record, men have one week spot. But women have five, yes (5). The last time a woman was stupid enough to beleave she had an advantage over me and tried to kick me. She learned all about (one) of a womans week spots. It looked like it was a Vary Painful experience.

spokane guyFeb 09 2010 12:21am
KATHY I have a poll called "Castrate me ladies" so I'm interested. I just ask how you will remove my balls...That shouldn't be too much to ask.

GeneSimFeb 19 2010 3:51pm
my woman casrtrated me by stamping her stiletto through my balls .wiked bitch

richFeb 21 2010 3:14pm

AnonymousFeb 25 2010 12:50pm
Damn rich! I wish she'd try driving her stiletto heels through my balls. Mine are tuff as hell and it might make them tingle.

Bad BastardFeb 28 2010 1:21pm
ahhhh randomest set of comments ever seen in a lifetime.why cant women and men get along without laugh at each other gentils. if all "mankind" are castrated then the "womenrace" will soon die out

random kid on the streetMar 20 2010 11:04am
My wife injects me with depo provera. Her feminist female doctor friend and her decided that chemicaly cartrating me will be beneficial. And truthfully i am happy and relaxed. All men should be chemicaly castrated by their WOMAN

Castrated hubbyMar 31 2010 4:53pm
You should refuse those shots. Be a man and tell your wife and her"feminist"friends to go f*** them selves

Feminist haterApr 04 2010 11:57am
You are such a good boy taking your depoprovera shots. You know it's good for you. My hubby is on premarin and depoprovera and becoming more femenine after i give him her shots and pills

Naughty nurseApr 26 2010 3:54pm
for the people suggest doing this in school. thats disgusting! kicking children in the testicles. wow....

jacobMay 04 2010 4:26pm
Anna and any other feminazi c*nt only hates balls because they have mouldy vaginas. shall we stick dynamite in their vaginas and then see how superior they are? Anna needs to be executed, the sick bitch

anonymousMay 05 2010 12:38pm
Men hating women are the detritus of the human race. I'm so delighted they hate men, because that way they can't breed and spread their scummy filth. UNCLEAN!

Helvetica BoldMay 05 2010 12:46pm
i like to shear of womens clitorises with scissors. i either make them watch me eat it or flush it down the toilet with the rest of the poo. take that girls

women can be castrated tooMay 06 2010 1:49pm
My wife,a nurse,caught me in bed with a man. I was the bottom(fem). She was furious. Later that day she got a lesbian doctor to proscribe premarin and depo-provera for me. She injects me 2x150mg depo and gives 2mg premarin dayly. I have no sexdrive and no desire to be sodomized any more. She uses a vibrator and sometimes her lesbian doctor friend and her has sex after they inject depo-provera into my testes. It's my fourth year on this treatment and i am 100% feminised and serve the 2 mistrisses in our home.

MoffieMay 20 2010 3:20pm
I caught my boyfreind nude ass up jacking off smelling my sisters panties and I kicked his bare nuts 5 or 6 times he screamed and pissed right in his face and mouth not to mention pooting on the floor. I told him if I ever caught him doing that again I'd castrate him.

ColleenMay 22 2010 3:26pm
It would be great to cut his balls off but also to have them mounted as a trophy.

ColleenMay 28 2010 12:00pm
What a sick world this is! All we think about is destroying each others crotches! Squeezing and kicking! There are some very good people on this planet! Why hurt them and become a heartless monster!

XenaJun 02 2010 12:01pm
Do any of you know how to use the burdizzo clamp? I'll be ready for it next year! Maybe! I want to know how you would do it! I want it to be a spectical! Maybe a group of women to watch, just to make it a little more humiliating!

teriJun 07 2010 7:33pm
My wife has taken great pleasure for 25 years of keeping me in my place by kicking punching or sqeezing my balls to the point of my submission to her.Now she gives me pain in the nuts anytime it suits her and I greatfully accept her punishment in honor of her dominance and superiority. I gladly spread my legs and bend over to receive a swift kick to my balls where ever we may be.She has threatened to force me to do this with her women friends present and I would gladly do this for her to show my submission to her.

chaserJun 08 2010 9:05am
i searche woman for castrate me

childericJun 11 2010 9:17am

fuck all bitches constantlyJun 14 2010 10:37pm

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fuck all bitches constantlyJun 14 2010 10:38pm

fuck all bitches constantlyJun 14 2010 10:38pm

fuck all bitches constantlyJun 14 2010 10:38pm
If a woman would castrate me for no reason other than she just wanted to. she had better kill me because she will experience a double mastsectomy

road runnerJul 01 2010 7:31am
hmmm... I'd like to be castrated... but i think I'd miss them after a while... It would make it even hornier if the women made me her sex slave with me still owning my balls, but not allowed any release... ultimate blue balls

BallsinblueJul 09 2010 12:57pm
all girls are f*cked up

lisaAug 04 2010 1:33am
All you people, I thought i am a little bit nutz because I feel it arousing that a woman may play with and hit my testicles, but in any way I don't think is it normal if one wants to be castrated. Nature created us what we are, including all parts of the body! And it should be this way. What a benefit is to a woman to castrate her man ? And all these words about INFERIORITY, why should women or men be inferior to each other ???? Please, rational explanation by a woman ?

just young manAug 09 2010 8:42am
LOL all you women try to rationalise period pains and childbirth, and are STILL vulnerable to kicks to the groin and breasts, by assuming you have an 'advantage' over men (which you do not). If your insecure about your body, write a stongly worded letter to god, don't complain to us sane individuals!!

cassavaAug 14 2010 4:55pm
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SubcdAug 17 2010 8:30am
Beging kathy coleen linda castrate me Subcd

SubcdAug 17 2010 4:21pm
The girls are right.they are so beautiful without dick and balls that I am going to cut my dick and balls off so I will look like them..girls are nice

JOHN DOEAug 18 2010 2:18pm
How can i make contact kathy anygirl want avery longterm reletionship wth a nice lady marrage mined Vsingle +want castrated vgen anybody vsub xdresser

SubcdAug 19 2010 7:56pm
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SubcdAug 19 2010 8:00pm
Kathy love please castrateme XXXX

VsubcdAug 19 2010 8:10pm
At secondary school, how about at that line up (mentioned earlier), when the girls think they're about to assault the boys by kicking their genitals, the guys use their superior strength to pin the girls down and rape them? That way the girls would learn that when respect is not shown (for example by kicking someone between the legs) life is unpleasant. Just a thought.

Someone with respect.Sep 02 2010 8:55am
control the balls control the man. I use tease and denial as well as a little ball pain to my husband. Hes my b#$%& and we both know it. If i want to rub his balls and stroke him to the edge he will do anything I want just to get that orgasm. Too bad for him he doesnt always get it. I also enjoy squeezing them once in a while, letting him know how easily and with little effort I can physically control him. Again, he will do whatever I ask. Best part is, he loves both of those and loves being submissive to me so its a lot of fun for us. I just love the power and control I have over him, and he loves that I am so powerful over him. Girl power baby!!!

ChristiSep 03 2010 2:39am
I believe all women should be in full control, if that means castrating a man then so be it. But if you are gonna castrate a man, then you should carry his child before castration. I respect women, and if a women asked me to be castrated by her hands, I would be happy to loose my balls to her because I respect her.

I agree with you womenSep 06 2010 9:53pm
I believe all women should be in full control, if that means castrating a man then so be it. But if you are gonna castrate a man, then you should carry his child before castration. I respect women, and if a women asked me to be castrated by her hands, I would be happy to loose my balls to her because I respect her.

I agree with you womenSep 06 2010 9:54pm
I believe all women should be in full control, if that means castrating a man then so be it. But if you are gonna castrate a man, then you should carry his child before castration. I respect women, and if a women asked me to be castrated by her hands, I would be happy to loose my balls to her because I respect her.

I agree with you womenSep 06 2010 9:55pm
'why is everyone so f*cking stupid? why aren't more people interrigent, rike me?' You crazy men hating loonies enjoy living in your fantasy land, because one day you'll get cancer and then you'll be put in your place

so ronerySep 13 2010 10:36am
for those who are concerned for the future of the human race, fear not. the moronic feminist moulds, that have nothing better to do than make stupid comments on a pathetic topic, are a small minority

old mrs poodle topSep 13 2010 10:39am
You people are a bunch of sickos.

MarkSep 14 2010 11:20pm
Don't know about you, but all these girls talking about balls got my dick hard as a rock!!!

TinyDickSep 15 2010 7:46am
This is a webb site for erotic fairy tale narrators.To all females who demand castration, do you have any idea how difficult it is for a man to get a voluntary castration? One needs a " letter of sanity" and you pay horrendous fees for a simple orchiectomy, normaly 750-1500$ if the reason is cancer. So if someone of you now a female surgeon performing an oechiectomy for a reasonable fee and without other preconditions let me know at Otherwise keep dreaming.

GerrySep 20 2010 11:38am
I get so angry of all this ONE i get damn angry about tha women who are hating TWO the f****** sissy males who agree to it! You have no respect at all anymore! Probably you have had one misexperience in youre life and began hating or any other reason but i don't care... This just goes to far! And let me be clear, kicking a men in the nuts doesn't let you win a fight against one. I fight alot in real in the hoods of paris and i have been kicked in the nuts. The first reaction is that you bow to the front first. After that you can stand back up and fight directly after. And stupid sissy males that fall to the ground to do silly letted everyone believe that it hurts so much that youre paralized. Guess what it doesn't do that. I love women and respect them! You send hateposts and then want people to respect you. Gues what i respect females ALOT and i consider them to be equal because in my eyes thats normal. But i don't see them as higher then me, because they are not higher and not lower. In places in the world thats not the case but don't go flame around, cause i didn't invented the other sh**. I don't see the humanrace like all you haters, 'women and men'. I see them as one race and respect them as one. Anyway i respect lesbians and straight women but i don't respect lesbian women sending hatemails cause they don't know yet they are lesbian. Heh, after thats all been sed just two more things: Love women, so i respect them And if youre a real respectfull man or woman and understand this, then just say the word: 'RESPECT' and let us show that even in this hatefull tread, we can be heard! FROM TODAY, let us show them, that we are still here as respectfull humans and let THEM see that they are the ones who makes hate! RESPECT

The OneSep 25 2010 3:03pm
These comments are thoughtless. The testicles are an essential organ for reproduction. All boys and girls are born from their fathers' testes. They are not to be kicked, as the eyes are not to be burned. Love to honour the human body. We should have good sense.

SreedharSep 28 2010 3:48am
Ok I no it sis girls only but I had to check it out and I agree with all u girls I wish I was born a girl

IwishiwasagirlOct 07 2010 2:03am
Have any of u ever castrated a guy like I have it's fun ecpeshaly win u do it slow

NastygirlOct 07 2010 2:09am
Ok I no it sis girls only but I had to check it out and I agree with all u girls I wish I was born a girl

IwishiwasagirlOct 07 2010 2:11am
Nastygirl wer do u live?

IwishiwasagirlOct 07 2010 2:12am

NastygirlOct 07 2010 2:13am
cool do u think u can castrate me and like get rid of all my male orgones in retern u can do what ever u want with thim

IwishiwasagirlOct 07 2010 2:16am
Ok I can ad that to my colecktion

NastygirlOct 07 2010 2:17am
do any of the girls on here know how to castrate and live in abingdon oxfodshir uk i hate having testicals

carlosOct 15 2010 2:47am
What a bunch of slaptarts!

Kick Her CrutchOct 23 2010 7:33am
I Think Testicles Can Be Fun For Bdsm (pronounced as one word) Play. I Enjoy Smashing My Boy-Friend's (pronounced as one word) Ball-Sack (pronounced as one word) With A Large Frying-Pan (pronounced as one word)

Sharice TurnipseedOct 26 2010 6:35pm
I like it when he moans. :)

JesusOct 26 2010 7:21pm
When I punt her c*nt she don't half cry!

Kick Her CrutchOct 27 2010 3:38pm
When I kicked her crutch it was ALL OVER for her ovaries!

Kick Her CrutchOct 29 2010 1:58pm
Sick! Your all sick! You ladies who think hat your some god over all men or that you can't fight a guy with out kicking them. All that shows is how egotistic your all freaking are! I'm 14 but even I understand that boy or girl that everyone is equal. And all of you who think that if you kick a guy he can't do anything about it. Or you who think that you can get away with castrating a guy. Eeeh! Wrong answer. It hurts but we won't stop fighting. And what makes you think your so invincible. A guy can't come back for you. And for some of you that think it should be done because they might rape you, you do realise some of them have mental problems or even doing it BECAUSE of you people. EVERYONE IS EQUAL. So stop doing this and get lives, before you accidently kill, ruin a life or do something you regret. And you guys who agree are a WHOLE 'nother story I don't even want to get into. Just get it straight!

Pitty UOct 30 2010 7:42pm
Dear Ladies, Thank God He made Eve! I was born a pathetic sissy male but I wish I had a vagina and breasts every day of my life. I was once married to a lovely girl but became so jelous of her clothes and lingerie we split up. Please if you would be so kind, CASTRATE ME NOW and help me achieve the sissy state of no return... Love Ashleymarie. xoxo

Ashley MarieOct 31 2010 10:14am
y'all are crazy...i love my boyfriends balls

;)Nov 05 2010 5:59pm
DAN! ur f*cked up i dont care if youed rather be a bitch than a guy im keeping my balls

bitch haterNov 07 2010 6:05am
but pitty u has a point

bitch haterNov 07 2010 6:09am
Met some young slapper on the way home from a club the other night.She started burbling some pooe about ballbusting so I gave her c*nt a punt.The good news is she went down like a sack of f*cking spuds holding her crutch.The bad news is I lost one of my ultra expensive Gucci's.Well worth the limp home though.

Kick Her CrutchNov 19 2010 2:46pm
Can someone castrate me now too I hate my manhood

njcamps@aol.comNov 19 2010 4:41pm
All females on here just got owned by men and are trying to rage on the internet Get back to the kitchen.

TrollDec 10 2010 6:48pm
I think if a guy rapes, or attempts to rape, a female, his testicles' future should be completely up to her, after all, her fate was once in his hands. Only she knows the impact on her & thus knows what like-for-like justice is. So, if she wants his balls sliced off, ripped off, or crushed, that should be completely up to her. She can either do it herself or have someone do it for her. She might want him hung by his nuts. I'm serious! He would ruin her for life, so anything goes in the way of payback & it should legally be in her hands to decide.

NicoleDec 26 2010 6:50pm

xfghnjhx]Dec 30 2010 8:09am
Wow, you women are amazing! It turns me on SO much to hear you talk about castration. HUNG BY HIS NUTS?! (I would do that for any of you ladies) My balls are oversized and cause me to pre-cum 20 times a day. (and cum about 5 times) I hurt them all the time by accident and I LONG for a woman to squeeze them, kick them, pull them, etc. I'm obsessed with ballbusting by women. It drives me CRAZY to hear how you enjoy NOT having testicles! Mine are here for you!!!

kickmyballs4me@yahoo.caJan 23 2011 6:55pm
P.S. All men SHOULD be castrated. I can tell that when my balls are very full, I seek something exciting to cum to. I feel like a different person. I am the ultimate gentleman yet when my testicles are full and soar, I think of crazy things like flashing a group of girls, cumming on some random woman, or intentionally be "caught" masturbating by a cute jogger at the park. (All of which would very likely end up in a kick to the balls - possibly a sub-conscience DESIRE to have my testicles punished, broken, or even removed.) In my experience, balls cause anxiety and lustful decisions -even if they're emptied 5 times a day and even if they're attached to a really nice guy with high morals. Maybe I don't even have to lose them completely, but they definitely need to be kicked or hurt every now and then (I'm actively trying to find a girl near me that would punish my balls on occasion, no luck yet after 2 years.)

kickmyballs4me@yahoo.caJan 23 2011 7:12pm
haha,u know wat balls r funny looking but tasted yummy i first time i saw one i asked wat were those then some one replayed said those go a womens private i was like huh because i was a rastafarian u can see me on face book immram izee jasiah gay dudes we can play i am even horny when i am writting these ....

immram jasiahJan 24 2011 4:41am
please see me on face book gays lesbians and bi plez even straights we can make love i am 17

immram jasiahJan 24 2011 4:45am
Are there any girls out there in northern Ontario that would like to punish my balls? I'm a good looking, well hung, 30 yr old guy who needs it bad. I would love to try some ballbusting in a role playing game and I would return the favor in whatever way you would like. (I'm in Minden, ON)

kickmyballs4me@yahoo.caJan 24 2011 3:47pm
Are there any girls out there in northern Ontario that would like to punish my balls? I'm a good looking, well hung, 30 yr old guy who needs it bad. I would love to try some ballbusting in a role playing game and I would return the favor in whatever way you would like. (I'm in Minden, ON)

kickmyballs4me@yahoo.caJan 24 2011 3:48pm
Guys have all become sissies and slaves to girls, and this balls-talk just doesn't sound right, I never been kicked in my balls guess why.. because each time I grab that leg and strike a kick back where it hurts; I never hit women thou and what school education should be is how to be not so crazy about it. penis and c*nt isn't important. what can you do with it is the important.. and pretty much :S none of you can do anything with any part of your bodies not lives than type, eat and grow fat balls-talking.. (PS: only 4 girls posted here )

Some DigimonFeb 03 2011 4:09pm
Some cheeky slapper asked me for a dance in a club at the weekend.So I kicked her in the c*nt & wished her Happy New Year & f*cked off & had a kebab!

Kick Her CrutchFeb 18 2011 4:34pm
i for one would gladly allow a strong dominant woman to remove my testicles surgically. hopefully ill find a lady oneday who will be willing to take these things from me. all guys look at this as a bad thing but without my testicles i would become more docile and calm. i wouldnt have nearly the risk of prostate issues later in life either. i wouldnt have to worry about getting anyone pregnant because not only would i be unable to produce seed, i wouldnt be able to penetrate anyone with a permanently flacid member either.

ctwillingApr 18 2011 8:33am
kick me in the balls, girls! I'm a male and I deserved it.

Mad MaleApr 20 2011 6:32pm
Are you really girls or are you guys in disguise?

Dr.HammersteinApr 24 2011 3:16am
Girls, would you really castrate a man given the chance? Honest answer please

KristofferApr 24 2011 4:46am
Ha! No replies. Theretofore, you are all manginas!

Dr. Von HammersteinApr 25 2011 12:29pm
myballs r big

tedApr 25 2011 3:50pm
Ted. This is a discussion on castration, not how big your balls are, the least you can hope from a reply is a girl ( or guy pretending to be one ) that would love to slice them off

Dr. Von HammersteinApr 26 2011 12:36am
Silence! All of you! I'll protect my balls to the bitter end!

Crossed legsApr 27 2011 3:44pm
Stupid girls have boobs punch them it hurts them or for that matter shot them with a gun a male invention which of course almost all things are and guess what you come from balls so haha butch of sexist bitches up in this place getting kicked in the balls doesnt even hurt that bad iv been kicked plenty of times I just get up and pop the bitch in the boob or throat and she goes down hit me I hit back don't mess with a wolf if you don't want to get bite f*ck sexism femdom nazis

AnonymousMay 01 2011 12:51am
All of you women are psychotic, sadistic, pathetic human beings yammering on about female superiority and s*it like that. Grow the f*ck up and realize no sex is either superior or inferior to the other. But hey, believe what you want because ultimately, your beliefs/opinions don't change reality.

VoiceOfLogicMay 12 2011 12:54am
Wow. Sorry, but I only got about half of the way down this, before I stopped reading. So, if women are superior, and men should be feminized, why are you all with men? If you don't want testicles around you, date a female. But, I guess that doesn't occur to you, because all you're living your life around is basic instinct. You're animals. Crude, mindless, juvenile animals. The only thing that's occurring in your tiny thought process is, "I don't like my life. Blame it on whomever is closest." I fear for the children you raise. They might actually get the idea that the noise in your head, is some reflection of the reality around them. P.S. The last female that tried to kick me in the balls, got a swift boot to the twat. Guess who was laying on the ground. :)

Has a PairMay 18 2011 12:50am
Also, rape is not equal to castration. A woman would openly allow a man to rape her, to prevent other things. Many men would go to death, to keep their balls. A woman wouldn't be tortured but maybe an hour, before allowing rape. A man would take torture for hours, days, or even weeks, to prevent castration. I realize that rape is traumatic, but it's not equal to castration, nor is it a fair punishment.

Has a PairMay 18 2011 12:59am
what girls in joy castration

AnonymousMay 18 2011 11:33am
i was castrated, and due to that i have lost alot of body hair. And breast have started to form. I got castrated about 2yrs ago

de-balled maleMay 21 2011 2:03pm
Im a boy, i have no testicles. So kick me girls? It wont hurt :D

AnnonaymousMay 30 2011 2:51pm
Im a boy, i have no testicles. So kick me girls? It wont hurt :D

AnnonaymousMay 30 2011 2:53pm
I would love to have a group of young girls rape and then castrate me.

frkJun 15 2011 7:20pm
Im so shy about my balls,they hang down about six inches,my girlfriend loves holding them in her hand when im in bed. She also loves hitting them and says she will cut them off if i touch another girl. That turns me on cause i know she would do it,she naughty but nice lol

PaulJun 19 2011 4:38am
They are Awsome to have I love them the are fun to have sag

TacoJul 17 2011 1:31pm
All Men Should donate sperm then be casterated or if wemon wint to like clamp their balls like a colar on a dog and walk them by it than that would be ok to.

WTFJul 22 2011 9:36pm
wint=want srry

WTFJul 22 2011 9:36pm
wint=want srry

WTFJul 22 2011 9:36pm
What in the name of santa claus is going on here!??

KJJYukjhgfr43edfghnJul 23 2011 9:00am
The GIRLS are right,,they should cut the balls out as soon as they can.. Ijust read where a woman wanted to cut her sons balls out and he is 18 months old,,now thats cool

John DoeJul 26 2011 1:02pm
A 5 year old girl taking a shower has nothing to look at ,,,top or bottom

John DoeJul 28 2011 9:13am
womens who think of kicking a man in the balls is fun and is their righs..are mentally sick & are no better dan men who sees women as a toy... there are alot of good sweet n smart boys and girls in this world too unlike you bitches and bastards

have some senseJul 29 2011 7:32pm
the fact is & women are nothing widout each other..even if dey dnt agree......i mean who wud u den fight for,or make up for and spend hours in front of the mirrors

a guyJul 29 2011 7:36pm
i'd rather still be a boy in nxt life atleast i wont leak and have many issues

:)Jul 30 2011 11:01pm
you realize its weird guys arent supposed to hit women but girls are practicly tought to hit men its not very even i mean I have honestly never heard of anyone who would want to cause this much pain on someone else

?Aug 03 2011 9:35pm
I spelt words wrong so someone will say I spelt something wrong I can tell

?Aug 03 2011 9:37pm
As said above,,women should know how to castrate.Type in castration and watch it done to a horse.On the farm we would catch the male pig ,,put him on his bach squeeze the ball sack and drag a razor blade accrose it and pop the ball out.I think that women would get a kick out of watching a man get castrated, seeing those balls pop out is something

John DoeAug 14 2011 1:47pm

AnonymousAug 16 2011 9:29pm
I what to be castrated

CipAug 24 2011 3:12am
I what to be castrated

CipAug 24 2011 3:15am
I what to be castrated

CipAug 24 2011 3:15am
I what to be castrated

CipAug 24 2011 3:16am
i am a young man and my girl-friend wants to castrate me, squeezing my balls untill they explode. i fear it but am so hard also, i think most men deserve to be castrated on a cruel way as punishment for their enormous lust

badboySep 08 2011 2:30am

hey girls castrate me please i want squeezing popped etc etc at last u cut my balls ready to do means girls send to my mail id

i want castration by girlsSep 14 2011 11:22pm I would like to thank my sister for letting me F*ck her, I have a phobia about my small dick and she helped me overcome my phobia

psycoOct 07 2011 7:00am My name is Kevin, I live in Sarnia, I have a scrotum 2.

truthseeker222@gmail.comOct 07 2011 7:02am I would like to thank my sister for letting me F*ck her, I have a phobia about my small dick and she helped me overcome my phobia

psycoOct 07 2011 7:03am
God,I cant wait for the day we (Men)! get to play rainbow 6, on these,fat,gelatines,umpa lumpa,purulent c*nts,that we call women.

womens brains are written with shit on shitOct 10 2011 3:19pm
i hate my balls

Fat TEEN IN LOS ANGELESOct 21 2011 5:14pm
Girls...I am a 6 ft 120 lb loser who has been screwing girls for my own satisfaction, then dumping them and not caring remotely about the kind of emotional turmoil I'm putting them through. Will any of you girls chain me up and castrate me? I need to made an example off for all my sins against women. Please chop off my balls and hang them on your wall as a trophy showing how weak men really are. Also cut off my penis and feed it to your dog, then use my disgraced body as a worthless slave to do chores around the house while you women humiliate me and castrate other men to add them to the collective of a better people and society.

skinny loserOct 26 2011 10:44pm
at the top ( Im a 12 year old girl) You are lucky to be a girl

JohnOct 29 2011 12:35pm
You guys are the most immature people I have ever had the displeasure to type to. Honestly, I probably younger than most of you and I am more mature. Girls and Boys, Women and Men are all equal and you are all foolish to think that either one is superior or inferior. So shut up about your kicking people where it hurts and enjoy life. Men should respect women and realize they exist for more than just sexual intercourse and women should respect men and not kick them!! I feel ashamed to be a part of a world that is too stupid to see that everyone is equal.

HiNov 02 2011 7:11pm
hi girls im from a nother siet called laides how wulde you castrat you man commet. and i have on nut and have bad problems with it and dont no wute to do

js jakson smithNov 17 2011 10:10am
hi girls it js agen and about my one and only nut it has pain and preser and i cum daly off and on i dont havet to be horny it makes its self come up in the other web wich i describ up a buve this on thell waer to go pleas respond bake thakyou

jsNov 17 2011 10:15am
dear castratix i thick that how you did youer husben was the best way about the sex game if only more women will come forwerd about this subject it wulde make it easyer to exsplan wuet happin to me sex games you have no way nowing wute culde happin you have to trust the other person and hope for the best that that will not happin that it just a game

js jacson smithNov 17 2011 10:22am
hi girls i no this web is for girls only but im onist about being a man yes im a man and 21 of age iv dried to go to my docter and thay will not help me becuss im hafe castrated female docters wont help the man docters just lafe and make mean comments and it makes me uncumterble about this subejet so docters cant hlep but mabe you can

js JsNov 17 2011 10:30am
hi girls i havet tald you wute happin to me i feal off a play groud and the bars you clim upon i fell on the bar and popt one of my testicals ond lost one i dont remaber a sergery being prfomed or being in a hospitel

jsNov 17 2011 10:46am
hi girls my lost testical was a acsdent but enny way about testicals i now if a girl cut off my ball or balls remaber i only have one nut so i dont know wute it like haveing two but back to were i was whit this cut it off i guess she wude wunt it that way. i dont wunt wuet you cunfeused im a littel so ill true to copp with you

jsNov 17 2011 10:54am
hi girls iv got persnol problem in perticelerum win i cum some and go pee i get mostly cum and then sort bref minet i go pee i dont no vere good way to tell a bout it so pleas read not all the time thier days im ok but i get interrested and wunt a girlfiende im sigel just me i like porn and it helps to wache femals do thim selfs i like lesbean and strat girls if i was not cut one nut it wulde be easyer to get a girlfraind.

js js js jsNov 17 2011 11:13am
hi girls it js and wute i like to say is if girls like you self love castrating men for real houe come thiers no girls that out of the blue and start asking men if thier castrated and ask if you wunt to go out.thiers a lot in the internet a bout girls wunting the husbens cut in a ful castratin and for ther resins a lot are y not wuse thies web page talk to one onother i no that men are scruwing this web up by rieting ager notes back.

jsNov 17 2011 11:28am
hi girls back to were i was with this agery notes back thire problem is that thy cant handel a womens perspectiv.the fack are to me is if a girl or women or even if a female person that the oppiset sex only castrat a man thin that the way it should be for the cupel some girls love nut and some downt and fiend a way to get a round that by cuting the balls off so you have no say or way you miet leav her but we no later will come back

jsNov 17 2011 11:35am

FaggotNov 17 2011 3:12pm
hi girls ok wtf you seem to be stell talking on this web page so im going to ask you how can i conterl my cum im not trying to be stuped or dumm or sexy or funny im for real

jsNov 20 2011 10:53am
hi girls ok for real i cant c*nterl my testicals i somehow go cuming and not no im doing that im not horny or intereasted win i do it

AnonymousNov 20 2011 10:56am
sorry mideal one is js i forgot to put js will any way it hard to get a hold of it and stop doing it i have one nut and need a girl friend so plaes till if you are a girl or boy im not asking to go out just if you culde give a vise if youer a girls must be female thakyou

js js js js jsNov 20 2011 11:02am
hi girls i wunt to say i dont juage you for you real answers given here i like how onisiest you are and that im not botherd by you answers i respeact all given detells thakyou js dont fell a finded at all if the men wulde stop a but the angery note it wulde be nices

jsNov 20 2011 11:12am
hay hi girls im still wateing for and answer about me ill tell you a bout my one nut or any thing ills you wulde like to now im vere oniest as you are.

js JsNov 20 2011 11:18am
hi girls hi kathy im not looking for a castration im areready had hafe of a castration wean i was 4 i just wuteing to ask if you culde help with my problems i dont wute you to thing i need to get fix all the way.

jsNov 20 2011 11:31am
all the way my problem is my testical and my dick from the start of my balls to my ass hole it like ok my dick it has pain it hard for me to exsplan it. it like an eaking pain i get disy and some time quesy and my brain is hard and herts it happins like 3-4 time a moth not a lot i cum a lot and just have ball pints every so days.

JS JSNov 20 2011 11:38am
every so days iv tryed finding ways to make the pain like uesing a vibrater for a minet or 2 it gos a way for a sacent but comes back and woers so i try rubbing it and sort of helps but doesnt for long so how can i help my self

jsNov 20 2011 11:43am
hi girl i have a better way to exsplan the dick pain i have take youer hands from the top of a mans dick and go to the balls have a gay stand up and grab back behind is testicals and go more down and form beind the balls down to the butt is waer it herts bad best way to exsplan it.

jsjsjsNov 20 2011 11:55am
hi girls hi kellie im needing pisical help and seeing if you can tell me pleas reit back if you read all of my js you can get info on me

jsNov 20 2011 12:01pm
hi girls ok you prtty much no on wute iv exspland if i coulde go to the docter for help i wulde.becuss im sort of one the docter refuse to help just with my ball earyha.the dont cear for testicals or enlles you have both balls.

jsNov 20 2011 12:20pm
let me strat with my new girl friands i have been looking for a video of men geting thier balls cut off by femals but thiers no sighs of you girls do such thing i have a boyfriend and he needs his balls cut so he cant have kids im holding off on his balls.i wunt to see other women do thier husbens first so he will not be they only one on video i wunt it to be my best i have kids and he do to so befor it done i need others to do the same to the bouyfrinds.

stasyNov 20 2011 12:54pm
hi girls that a good point stasy y cant i find some thing like that ether and can you till me how to take caer of my self

jsNov 20 2011 12:57pm
hay js im not a castratx or a doc but stay here and some other girls can help with the problem you see to have in my relasinsihps i never ever here one time a man tell me his harts as describ but i can cut you and finish you off i force men to lose them i have not cut castrat a man wean the time comes i do you to if you give youer address zipcode and city i will do you free you say one ball a. heres wunt i will do play with it f*ck you and mishogg it and relax you calm you make youer pain go away like you need if it dont go away. i will force you under sugery with the girls yp on the page.

stasyNov 20 2011 1:08pm
stasy thats not wuat i wunt i like to keep my one nut im scard of peopel nowing were i live so this deal is not good for me i love to have sex with you but to give up my last is bad im not suer of this and you never done a man you seid sorry its good i wunt to bad to give my nut is a mush more biger problem.

jsNov 20 2011 1:14pm
js im doing my husben to niget so i now khow for you last to go thats you problem you testical is bad if it herts that long some body got to do it i was going to give you sex mastrbations to drain you last pre cum and help but if you cant be castrated all the way i cant hlep youer problems you loss youer ball will be my property i love all kinds of men and castrating is hard and thats wute is taking so long for my husben i dont know how to prfom on a guy im going for it be my guess and lose youers to im going to make real videos so peopel can see wute the real deal is reality is beliveing not hiering it you can be a gilding star in my live and in ather girls to thik of it and tell wunt we need for you get back with me if you wunt real and for real help

stasyNov 20 2011 1:25pm
hi stasy you seid to git in toch i will deal with the pain becuss thers other girls that will help me for how i am are rety thakyou for you ofer and for wunting wunt you thogth best i respct you in all ways to i will go back to the porn videos for wute help i can get i realy dont wunt to lose this ofer but all of it sound great but geting last nut cut it was a accident not on prpis the sex is wunt is makeing it hard to refues iv allways wish one day i cold but not like that you wunt sorry i just need help this offer is good but bad to can you help with out loseing my ball and can i play with you without geting castrated all over a gine

jsNov 20 2011 1:35pm
js my husben is now nuterd he sad upset and scard for life and hes going to recaver form it remaber this is a force castration i will cut you by supris you will fill it for a 3 days taotl and swill up and in two weeks it will be over the video will not come out in till hes ready to acapt to wute i did it is my trofey on my bed so i can suve it in my pussy and pee it out i realy wunde love you last one my husbens gone he left me for ever he mit come back and be my man.if you take

stasyNov 20 2011 1:43pm
if you take my offer you can be my new man iwll let you keep for a hour and cut you up down ther just betwen you and me iv done it been thier it a easy puseger give iv exsperints a lot from wunt i done i cried for days over it but realised that is wunt i wunt ror alls man kind i wuchs the video over and over i will give you a copy if you dont belive take this offer you miet regrat but i will keep you done for life and give sex every day 2 time a day all you desier give me you nut not you sexdrive you nut you will still get off with precumm gooing and droosing precum and also still get horny and stell be a man not a girls a real man with no testicals give em to me i need them love staty stasy love you and duse wunt to help honey.i will take you soon give it up snap one i hear about now girl is going to wunt you no girl get it theruo you head you fixst no sperm no kids you usless and dick less but with me you have the hole world just give in and lets take caer of youer onwen problem

jsNov 20 2011 1:57pm
js im so sorry i say tose thing but but but thats how it is with females you are never gonau have some or get some ether im trying trying to help you realisa youer done fix men cant have kids after i castrated my husbed he tryed to get me prenet i love you be cusess you hafe cut how meney girls will till you that i cunsiter you a better will behave man just give me youer testical that all im asking for it just a peas of meat haging in thear you call me baby in ill fix you up and make it all go a way come and be my new husben ill now how you are if you change youer mind you arready hafe done it will fell just like it is with geting a girlfriend love you my out ther some were hafe gilding cut men better then studes you can have lot of sex sex sex sex sex sex you no you need sex you no you need girlfrind you no need love so wuet are you wating for give the nut up im runing out of pasints with you so im going to hunt you down and froce youer castration i no now that you cut in hafe a man so ill find you that way you gave a clue were you are

stasyNov 20 2011 2:13pm
stays iv cunfuse with you it herts to here you say tose thing i talde you i dont wunt cut i just have desprit needs and need a gintel girls to were i can have a ragaler live and move on if the docters wolde of helpt i wude not be here may i ask wute do you need my nut for anyway and it a just pesua meat it still works i cum cuum and cumm i just need sex so it will stop jacking off is ronga i dont do that it the girls or womens job to take caer of it i are ready belive in you but i need theis meat to be love by others i dident wunt to be this way i had a accsident at a play ground and haret it bad and some how lost it momm and dad dont talk a bout it sorry i need it to if it culde be a ragaler relasinsip i devinet lee wult say yes can we shier it in my scrotim were it be longs

jsNov 20 2011 2:25pm
no you ball last one will go cut out the scrotum you can keep you scrotum and i can in plant faek balls and you can exspierins haveing to like you old time and no wunt it like have two balls my jineris offer to you stear a stier is wute you ar you for breeding women in all ageis stears are hlaf cut men like you you cant be a stear with me sorry they have got to go just let me do this one thing that all it will be you last chanes

stasyNov 20 2011 2:31pm
remaber just two peas of meat you ask for my help this is hole i help come on jacson smith let do it ill cut y we mate in bed you will be tie and cut cut cucucucu cut and all over ill give you a 1 yaer to get nuderd by my hands bare handed ill scalp you like diesexting a frog and pull you wicth will be mine testical and fix youup cut castrat youup and put two faek balls for you and sowe you up and in to weeks it will be all over and sex as rewerd for life or in less you run a way like my cawerd girl husben

stasyNov 20 2011 2:38pm
stasy ill pass it not just a peas of meat i reath hart and be lonly i respect you desishin if you fine me and do it to me i will shrinder to you power and be wunt you wunt from thier on in but it will not happin you dont now wier i am

jsNov 20 2011 3:29pm
i found love but i hate sometimes

MarielNov 28 2011 3:03am
hi girls it js and iny one eles whit help on my subject in seking help me pleas

jssssssssssNov 28 2011 9:24am
hi girls wane are yall going to get real with this comment page

jjjjjjjssssss jakson smithNov 28 2011 9:26am

FAT TEEN IN LOS ANGELESDec 04 2011 2:45am
That early suggestion about kicking the boys in the balls is a good idea however they should all be naked to ensure that they aren't wearing protective stuff

unknownDec 14 2011 5:50am
hey girls castrat if u do it for mr means send to my mail

girls all rape by meJan 23 2012 2:53am
castrate me girls

girls all rape by meJan 23 2012 2:54am
hi girls im back to see if you wiiling or not to hlep give sex so put youer cell number if youer real a bout it im 21 years now

jjjjjjjssssssFeb 06 2012 3:39pm
Seriously you guys need to get arrested or something it is A SEXUAL OFFENCE to rip someones nutsack off and it's cruel you people are sickminded 12 year olds who are gonna end up in prison.. Seriously you have an obession with hurting penis' people need to seek medical attention

Riley MFeb 13 2012 9:17pm
Seriously you guys need to get arrested or something it is A SEXUAL OFFENCE to rip someones nutsack off and it's cruel you people are sickminded 12 year olds who are gonna end up in prison.. Seriously you have an obession with hurting penis' people need to seek medical attention

Riley MFeb 13 2012 9:17pm
all you gires are bichis

radome pesonMar 08 2012 8:09am
why are you ggrls such asses

a boyMar 08 2012 8:11am
if youtake off a boys bolls thay tern into gires dumasses

a boyMar 08 2012 8:15am
by poo heads

a boyMar 08 2012 8:19am
ok girls lets get real with the subject wute about testicals or balls and sprem

mmmmmmmmmmmmmMar 28 2012 8:59am
I emasculated a guy once, it became very docile, I had it pumped full of female hormones are it grew breasts, it also started to lactate and was a good slave, by the way, I live in America

meApr 15 2012 12:46pm
most men should be emasculated with the naturally docile ones being the village whores, I am male

meApr 15 2012 12:51pm
sweet christ there's a lot of hate on here. misogynists shut up and move into the future. misandrists just plain shut up.

diello kaneApr 19 2012 4:27pm
I was 8 when i kicked my brothers friend 16 years old in the balls. He was paralyzed and on the ground. I rubbed his stomach for him and then worked down to his stuff. he was wearing gym shorts so i slid my hand in to see what i hurt. I was surprised to find two large balls in a skin sac !!? ha ha. Anyway i rubbed his tender balls and enjoyed it. I was also shocked when his dick got so big. I rubbed it too and he had his first sperm shooting event. It went everywhere and he told me all about it. After that every encounter i had with other boys even ones with little balls that were my age started with a kick to the balls to put them down. It gave me an excuse to feel theirs and make them feel better then i caused other eruptions out of them too. Except for the little guys, they just got off but nothing came out.

Judy WillisJun 16 2012 9:31am
Guys are stronger than girls and we they can defeat us any time they want. If I get lucky i can drop them. But if they want to hurt me i don't have a chance. I find the best way is to trick them into me feeling them then i squeeze a ball until they beg for mercy. I could easily kill any man once i have at least one ball. But women are weaker than men.

janeJun 16 2012 9:34am
I got my brother by a ball when we were teen agers, it was my first ball feel. He was throwing me around and had his underwear on. I was under him and could see his balls hanging down under the leg of his underwear. I reached up and grabbed them, i got one. It slipped out then i regrabbed and got it trapped. I squeezed as hard as I could and he yelled and shot to my feet. I continued to squeeze he held his right side of his belly. Later he let me feel them and i rubbed his right one.

magJun 16 2012 9:36am
my step dads friend stayed with us once and i saw him get out of the shower through the mirror. He was about 35 years old. I was 12. I went in amazed at his stuff. He stood there and said hi, I said i wondered what a man looked like now i know. He asked me if i wanted to know anything else and smiled. I reached out and held his dick and felt it and then i moved his balls around, it was all so big. His dick stuck straight out and i swear it was huge. Anyway he moaned when i felt his balls and I wanted to know how much pressure one could take and took one in each hand. I started squeezing and watched his face. he tried to ignore it and show me how tough he was but i put him on his knees then he begged me to stop while holding my wrists. I said I need to find out something and squeezed as hard as I could. He dropped and curled up. I could not believe that I could do that to a big man. Anyway it was so cool.

jenJun 16 2012 9:44am
I am not sure why everyone is talking about castrating a man? This is weird, I don't have a clue how this could be done since boys are so strong. Sure you can hurt a boy by kicking him between his legs but i saw to boys fighting and one kicked the other one hard. The boy reacted but finished his fight, later he doubled over for about 20 minutes. But he was dangerous until he was done fighting.

susieJun 17 2012 6:22am
i think it depends on the boy on what he can take. I walked up behind this man when I was 14 and just to be funny I kicked him in the but from behind with the toe of my shoe, not hard but real fast. (he was my friends dad) He turned and looked at me then bent over some then slowly went down and curled up for 30 minutes. I thought oh no I did not know that the butt would hurt so bad if you kicked it. But he told me that i hit his balls. I did not know that the balls could get back there. He was sick and coughed and held his stomach, this was confusing to me. Later when i was at a river swimming naked with a boyfriend he turned and I was laying down sunning and I could see his balls hanging down then I understood.

kathyJun 17 2012 6:27am
Yes, I saw that! My brother was wrestling with me in his underwear and when i got under him I could see his hanging down, they looked so cool and swung from side to side. He saw me looking at him and kept over me, I think he liked it. I just could not resist I had to know what they felt like so I reached up and grabbed them, he did not stop me but could have. I was facinated. I moved them around and felt the shape of them and then got one and squeezed it to see how it felt and what happened. As I squeezed harder he sunk down until he was curled up completely. I did not want to hurt him to bad but i did squeeze real hard to see what would happen, he yelled and stayed curled up for a long time. I don't think any man can take a squeeze?

megJun 17 2012 6:33am
I don't know about that. My boyfriend likes it when i squeeze them. I do it nearly every day until they get squishy and much smaller. He likes the way it feels, it hurts him but he deals with it. But one day i wondered if he could take a shot there by surprise so I backhanded him hard with my closed hand (real hard) and he hit the ground. He could hardly breathe but got back up. He said that i got him good. Its funny he did not let me squeeze them after that, and when we had sex doggie style, he slowed down after his balls swung up and hit me, he was super tender.

francisJun 17 2012 6:39am
ha ha ha thats so funny. Men are much more superior to women physically and I am glad that they have balls so I have a small chance to hurt them somehow if i need to. But if i hit them there and made them mad they might kill me. I would be scared to find out. Has anyone had any luck hurting a man when he was fighting you for real??

francisJun 17 2012 6:42am
I was real young when i kicked this 16 year old there. I was only 8 and real small. But i got him wide open with the top of my foot, he buckled down. He was completely unable to move at all and gasping for air. He explained about why his stomach hurt and he could not move until I gave him first aide. I am 17 now and I think I could kill a man with a kick now. He was surprised when I slid my hand into his gym shorts and rubbed his belly down to his crotch. I saw a baby boy before but I had no idea how big a grown boy would be. His balls were huge and felt really cool, very slippery and weak, tender. He said that it helped a lot when i rolled them around real quick. I had so much fun but learned how tender balls are. I also found out how to find out if they still work!! i think it was his first time because i swear I rubbed his dick for just a few minutes and it shot out. His balls still hurt after that though.

judyJun 17 2012 6:53am
When I was 11 I was so curious that I asked my brother 13 if I could stay with him one night. After he went to sleep I reached down and felt him. His dick was soft and I got into playing with his testicles. I squeezed a little and nothing happened so I squeezed harder and he groaned and started to move so I let off. I continued to play with his testicles for over an hour and his dick got super hard so i spend some time on it. My friend kinda showed me how she thought I should shake one. I did it for a while and then he suddenly woke up and said oh poo... I was busted. He went to the bathroom then came back and I noticed the sheets were super wet. I thought I made him pee the bed. I apologized and he explained what i did to him. It was so cool, he asked me what i did. My heart was beating so fast, but i showed him while he was awake and i got excited as hell. he was my step brother so i thought it would be ok. He suggested that i suck on him and I did, he did it again and this time in my mouth. It tasted weird but i liked it and learned about guys. He said i was his first experience.

christineJun 17 2012 7:03am
I continued to sneak into his room for months and months. I was 12 when I asked him to put just the end of it in me, he did and it hurt some at first. Then I moved towards him until about 1/4 of it was in me and he shot sperm out immediately after he moved a few times. I was pissed because he got soft but I played with his balls and he got hard again in a few minutes. This went on for 4 times until he said his balls hurt so we stopped. I was mad because i wanted more. I was a mess, it was all over. After a few days he got so that he could stay in me longer and I took almost the whole thing in, then i got my first orgasm a huge one. After that I got used to him and he would do me so hard and fast, it was amazing. The hardest part was being quiet while doing it. Now and then we would go out in the yard so we could make more noise. When he did it hard it made a real loud slapping noise when his testicles hit me over and over. I guess it was because I was soft that it did not hurt them?? I don't know why everyone is talking about hurting balls so much because i love to suck on them, ha ha.

christineJun 17 2012 7:14am
I wanted to see what balls were all about so I felt my horses. They are big, real big. I saw his belly tighten up when i squeezed one as hard as i could but thats it, I think it hurt him. But his yo yo comes out every single time when i play with his balls. I know what comes out because i have seen him screw female horses, its a mess and looks white, i can see it pouring out of the female when he is done. Soooo I grabbed his yo yo and pulled up and down on it for a while and it shot out on the ground, a lot, a whole lot. He groans and I can see his balls contracting up and down when its coming out, probably pumping it out of them. My dads friend drove up and caught me doing it one day when everyone was gone. He laughed and said i was doing it right and asked me if i had ever done it to a man, i said no but would like too. I was 13, he took me in the barn and lowered his pants and I said its not as big as my horses, he laughed. I played with his stuff just like i did with the horse, played with his nuts but when i squeezed his, he bent over and i did not even squeeze that hard, I think i could easily have ruptured them at 13 years old. Anyway i shook his and it took a long time to make it come out, but just a little came out. I asked him how many times he could do it and he said a bunch of times and asked me to find out. So I learned about how to get it hard over and over but I noticed that less and less came out each time but it seemed to feel better each time to him. The second time he laid down because he said his legs were getting weak???? On other meetings with him he let me kick his and one time I punched his nuts while he got it out, that was super cool. He liked it when i did the horse while he watched and he rubbed and squeezed the horses balls while i shook the yo yo. He could make the horse groan when he squeezed a nut and the horses legs would bend. So horses have weak balls too. My dad said a female horse kicked one of his old stud horses and ruptured one of his nuts one time and the horse got real sick and could hardly move. So i guess a female horse could hurt or kill a male horse if she kicked him just as he was mounting her and got his nuts??? I could totally immobilize this grown man when i squeezed my fingernails into one of his nuts.

peggyJun 17 2012 7:33am
This man tried to rape me when i was 19 and in college. He pulled me into the bushes and I could see the outline of his legs so i took a real hard kick. I hit him right in the middle and he paused then kept fighting and pulling me. I had never seen or felt a mans testicles at that time but I know i got him right between the legs with the toe of my shoe. I was a gymnast and had super strong legs, it was a very very hard kick. Eventually he just let go and i ran away. I told security and I took them back there and he was still there, I got him because he was curled up on the ground 30 minutes later. The had an ambulance come pick him up, they said I ruptured both his testicles. I don't know why there was a delay in him reacting to the pain????? Anyway later that year i felt my boyfriends balls and thought oh my god, i kicked those that hard !!!! That guy must have totally died from the pain, oh my god. It drops my boyfriend when i gently squeeze his balls, they are so tender. I am glad i crushed the rapists testicles, but i will never kick another man there for any reason after finding out how tender they are. My friend taps boys there all the time and she laughs, they hit the ground every time, but i told her that she is going to rupture them of she does not stop. She said good..its not my fault that guys have a weak spot. She is a bitch. I rubbed this one boys abdomin after she hit him and checked his testicles out, he was ok but in terrible pain, and one was swollen a lot after a while i got the swelling to go down, at least on his testicle anyway..ha ha.

rachalJun 17 2012 7:48am
I know what you mean. I work in a clinic and guys come in all the time that have been hit or kicked there. I watch as the doctor checks them and I have seen some unbelievable swelling. There are more injuries from woman or girls kicking guys than anything. There are a few guys that i liked that came through and they asked me if i could give them some first aide so i would go to their place after work and rub their balls for them. I did not have to worry about them raping me against my will because they were the ones with tender balls, know what i mean? This one guy let me suck on his swollen ball gently and he said it felt so good because it was so tender. I was thinking that it would be so easy to kill him with one little bite, ha ha. But it was so hot !!!!

rebeccaJun 17 2012 7:54am
Ha Ha Ha Ha, You are brave rebecca. I don't know how girls can enjoy hurting guys in their tender spot. They have such beautiful bodies and are so magnificent looking when they are standing there naked. I only date gymnasts mostly and i always make them stand in front of me naked, such fantastic muscles and the crotch...oh my god..!!!! I love to crawl up to them and suck a testicle into my mouth and feel their legs give in when i suck and put a little pressure on it !!! It is so super cool. Then to drain them while they try to stand there posing and they have to collapse on the ground as they come, is too much. Guys are so magnificent and their weakness is so powerful if you know what i mean. Its like superman and his balls is his kryptonite, its so so so so so so hot. I love guys balls and love to service them, its a passion with me. To see them rise up when the sperm comes out is awesome.

rachalJun 17 2012 8:01am
Right you are, I can not imagine a world with only women. I treasure my first experience feeling a guy and what he did to me. I love testicles more than anything. I have control over my boyfriend when i have his balls in my hand or mouth. He gets weak and you can tell he loves it but is also in a vulnerable spot for sure. I can make him come by manipulating his balls or make him not come by squeezing them firmly. I can increase his pleasure x10 by quickly moving them around or by gently squeezing in pulses. I can escape if a guy tries to rape me by hurting his testicles, completely paralyzing him. So why would i want the testicles missing on a man and why would i miss out on all the fun i have with them??? I can get anything i want from a guy just by making him think that i will even play with his testicles !! If guys did not have testicles women would not have any control over them at all, life would suck. I won every fight with my two brothers by nailing them in the testicles, I would'nt have had a chance without them.

peggyJun 17 2012 8:09am
Ha Ha. I had this one man that came into the clinic where i worked and had swollen testicles. He said a guy kicked him. When he was leaving he asked me out, so i went out with him, he had a huge c*ck. When i got to his house i wanted it in me so bad and could not imagine how big it would be hard. I found out that he was into S&M. That was my first time trying that out. Anyway i am not very big and have very small hands. We got naked and he sat down on a couch and asked me to punch his balls ?! So he jacked off some while i punched these very swollen balls, hard.. I realized that he probably had swollen testicles from this stuff. Anyway he kept saying harder, so i just went ahead and punched the more swollen one real hard. He doubled over and curled up tight. He had a surprised look on his face and his eyes were real big. He did not know how hard i could hit and I aimed for the super tender one. His ball swelled twice its size and he was in bad shape gasping for air. I knew that he liked it rough and was probably enjoying it. I jacked him off and told him that it might ease the pain. I could see him jump every time i went on the down stroke and my hand smacked into his balls. ha ha so i put my other hand under the tender ball (so big!!) and supported it so that when my hand came down it hit it the hardest. He said his stomach was in so much pain and so cramped that he could hardly stand it. When he got close i sat on him and he came in me immediately, I reached back and squeezed his tender ball hard as he came. I learned something interesting though. He curled some but did not react to the squeeze as much as he did after he came, then he curled up and could not get up, I said bye and walked out. I had so much fun that I went back to see him many times. Each time punching his balls while he jacked off and it was so much fun. I could always curl him up when i wanted and he was tough and could deal with pain very well. If I wanted to I could paralyze him with pain any time i wanted too. One time when he opened the door i kicked him with pointy shoes, he hit the floor and started coughing and i walked off. He said it was so cool later and a wonderful fantasy fullfilled???? I nearly ruptured one of his balls that time. He could make me come by putting it in me all the way while he moved this huge thing in and out a little while i tried to squeeze his balls to make him "NOT" move at all, it was a game. I always came and i never failed to make him freeze from a hard squeeze, then curl up for about 20 minutes.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 8:29am
Rebecca, do you think all guys secretly want us to hurt them some???? I would hurt my boyfriend if he wanted me to.

rachalJun 17 2012 8:33am
I think so. Try sucking on him after playing gently with his balls. Then trap them in your hand and squeeze them firmly and tell him that you are going to squeeze harder and harder until he comes. Do it and watch him collapse to the floor then wiggle around and beg you to stop. But don't stop, give him a squeeze as hard as you can then more gentle, then start playing super gentle while you suck and watch how fast he comes.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 8:36am
I want to make him happy. Ok I'll try it. He will be surprised.

rachalJun 17 2012 8:38am
Yeah, i've done this for a while. If a guy is super tender (from a hit,kick or squeeze) it will feel twice as good when you ever so gently roll his testicles through your fingers or suck on them. They come almost right away. But afterwards don't be surprised if they curl up for a while. The only way to help them then is to rub their stomach area and do it in little circles working your way down to the testicles. There are nerves that go from the testicles up into the body and it really does hurt their belly very badly causing cramps. If you squeeze hard and don't stop you can stop their breathing until they pass out. Sometimes guys will pass out when you kick them. Guys can die from this.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 8:42am
Ok, i did not know that. I ruptured a guys testicles once and he did not die or pass out but he could not move at all and did have trouble breathing. I noticed that when i play with them that sometimes i have to push one back down that goes up inside their body??? One time i pushed my finger up inside to see how far i could push the ball up into him, ha ha. He bent over cause my fingernail crushed his ball and he said it hurt real bad. So i asked him if i could experiment with my fingernails, he said sure. I trapped a ball and pushed my fingernail into it from all sides and it was tender everywhere. BUT, I found out that the end of the testicle is much more tender (the back side on the end). If you kicked a guy from behind it would hit that part. I talked to my doctor and asked him about it. He said I have to be very careful with this part because it is very tender and showed me on his chart. I asked him if he could show me more later and I snuck out with him to his car after work. He pulled his balls out (very very loose sac) and let me probe his one of his testicles and find it, I pinched it just a little and he jerked in pain, he was right.

RachalJun 17 2012 8:49am
thats so funny !!!! I kicked this guy in the sac that i mess around with for the fun of it with my bare foot. It felt like i kicked a sponge. I snapped my foot real fast and he shot to the ground. I did not crush his balls just snapped them firmly. Even though his dick was in there too it still dropped him. Then I asked him to hold his dick up while i did it and he stayed down even longer. I noticed that each time you hit them they get more tender and it takes less and less to hurt them. So i was thinking that if you thought that a guy was going to force himself on you, it might make sense to tenderize him with little squeezes and fingernail action. Then if he makes the wrong move even an easy kick would mess him up.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 8:55am
I don't really have to worry about that much. My legs are super strong from gymnastics. I ruptured a man before (both testicles) when he attacked me. He was incapacitated completely. I think he lost them both.

rachalJun 17 2012 8:58am
rebecca, yeah i read that. I am not that strong at kicking but if i wear pointed shoes it won't take much power.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 8:59am
true. I ruptured this guy with blunt a square toed shoe. How can you hit a testicle with a pointed shoe, seems like a slim chance of crushing it against the body.

rachalJun 17 2012 9:00am
Well this guy explained it like this. The pointed shoe might hit a testicle but it will slip off, but its the slipping off real fast that hurts them so bad. If you miss the testicle you kick the base of his penis which can sterilyze him and also puts him on the ground in pain.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 9:02am
Well this guy explained it like this. The pointed shoe might hit a testicle but it will slip off, but its the slipping off real fast that hurts them so bad. If you miss the testicle you kick the base of his penis which can sterilyze him and also puts him on the ground in pain.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 9:02am
You are right because when i squeeze a testicle and it pops out of my grip he always jerks and bends over. Imagine what a kick with a pointed shoe would feel like??? ouch.. But i watched mexican guys rupture black guys testicles with pointed shoes back in high school. They hit the ground and stayed there until an ambulance came for them. Us girls watched and learned. plus they say that black guys have large balls so its an easy target.

rachalJun 17 2012 9:05am
I watched this white guy beat a mexicans ass on the ground then the mexican guy gave up. The white guy let him up and as he got up he snuck in a real quick easy pointed shoe kick. The white guy bent over with his hands on his knees, the mexican guy walked off. The white guy eventually collapsed on the ground holding his balls. His girlfriend rubbed his crotch until an ambulance came and took him off. He had a ruptured testicle. Wow what a great aim this guy had he got a ball with a pointed shoe. I was amazed. The fixed it somehow, which i did not know they could do. His girlfriend said that later on she kicked that mexican guy from behind when he was bending over to get in his locker and ruptured one of his, he lost it. he did not even know who did it. he passed out from it immediately.

rebeccaJun 17 2012 9:11am
i saw another fight. This black guy owned this little white guy and was winning the fight. Out of the blue this little guy got a kick in to the balls. The big black guy hit the ground and the little guy kicked him in the face a few times. The black guy did not even take his two hands off his balls while he was being kicked in the face. He laid there holding himself for almost an hour then went home sick. His friend said that his balls swelled up 3 times normal size. The little white guy went to him and apologized and the black guy stood there sideways and kept one hand on his sac in fear. The white guy said well this is a good time to settle it because if he wants some more now is a good time for another kick. ha ha

rachalJun 17 2012 9:16am
I saw this girl in grade school kick this boy in the balls. He hit the ground and could not get up for a long time. He literally staggered off. The girl knew at 6-7 years old how to take him down. This friend of mine said that a girl dropped him in grade school just to see what would happen. he said that his belly hurt so bad and he was sore for two weeks from it?????

rebeccaJun 17 2012 9:19am
yeah my brother told me about the pain and how tender they are when i was about 8 years old. Later i learned it is all true.

rachalJun 17 2012 9:20am
I put this grown man on the ground at my feet when i was "little" by squeezing one of his. My hand was not big enough to get both and one filled my hand up. But i remember it giving in a little when i squeezed it then after it would not move in any more he started falling and the pain in his face was obvious. I screwed up one day and bit it with my teeth to see how much it could take. He was a grown man and he yelled and curled up and could not move "at all". I felt it squish some and slightly slip out when i did it. He said i pinched the epiditimus??? and was terrible and froze him. I had to know how tough the ball was and i did not care about this man at all. He taught me all about guys balls and dick and what they like and how to both please them and mess them up. It was an amazing time.

peggyJun 17 2012 9:28am
My first experience was cool. This young guy felt me up every night for weeks and i came over and over. Then I just could not stand it anymore i slid my hand over to check out those lumps in his pants, i felt them and tried to figure out what was what, then one lump swelled huge (i knew what that was) so the rest must be balls. He unbuttoned his pants and told me to pull it all out??? I thought oh crap i'm going to rip it off??? Anyway he put his hand in and pulled everything over the top of his partially down pants. I just sat and stared at it all for a while. He knew i was afraid and pulled my hand onto his balls. I felt them gently and he expained how to play with them, i had such a great time and my heart was beating out of my chest. The cool part was when he pulled my head down, i did not know what to do. I naturally opened my mouth and sucked on the end of this huge c*ck. He pulled me down until i had about 1/2 of it in my mouth and i sucked hard. I sucked for a few minutes while i played with his testicles. He said he wanted me to see it come out so he pulled my head up and i watched his sperm shoot out, it hit the roof of the car and then bubbled out in bursts. I could feel his balls pull in as he did this. I was bug eyed and amazed and started smiling at him. He said that would be tough to swallow wouldn't it? I said I thought i could do it if I blocked it some from shooting down my throat with my tongue and asked him to let me try. I tasted it and it was not so bad then i sucked on him for a while, he got harder and harder and then i knew it was coming out again because of his balls pulling in against my grip on them. I had so much fun and he reacted in such a big way when i sucked it out. There was not as much this time I guess his balls did not have time to make much more?? The next time we went out i went to his place, i sucked it out then played with him and he did it to me doggie style (i bled of course) and it hurt a lot. The next time after that it did not hurt as much but stretched me bigtime, he was so big. It took me time to get used to him but i came hard every single time even if it did hurt some. I developed a passion for his sex and care for his dick and balls like my family jewels, ha ha. I keep him on empty and we are married now.

jenniferJun 17 2012 9:48am
my first time was in a tree house, I was 9 years old and this boy was 11. I played with him and he played with me then we got naked and he put his underdeveloped (but hard) dick in me. I could barely see his balls, his sac was small and his balls were little. We both got off bigtime, big bigtime. it was fun to screw him over and over in the tree house until his stuff grew huge and sperm started coming out. That tree house is coated with sperm... ha ha.

bessJun 17 2012 9:52am
i learned the same way, i was about 8 and this boy was 9. He did me every day several times and we had dry orgasms galor. Then it seemed like over night his balls got big and hung down and his dick got bigger and harder. I had a hard time cleaning up all the sperm in my room all the time. It was worth it. What would I have done without testicles, ha ha. I was amazed at how much they could produce constantly and how far it shot out. I must have drank a gallon of this guys stuff. He is still my best friend.....

jillJun 17 2012 9:56am
I felt my dogs balls to see what they were all about. He likes it and my friend says they are just as big as a mans. I squeezed his ball and he reacts right away, it hurts him bad. Then i just make them feel better. Its good practice for when i get a boyfriend.

sueJun 17 2012 3:10pm
When i was 9 this boy was staying the night with my brother, he was 13. Anyway after my brother went to sleep i snuck in and asked him if he could come to my room. He said ok, i had such a huge crush on him. He was wearing pajama's. I asked him if i could feel him, he said ok. I reached in the front of his pajama's and the first thing i ran into was his dick. I put my hand on it and moved it a little and it started getting real hard and stuck straight out. My brother told me about balls and i felt around and found them !! They were so nice and soft and hung down. Anyway he asked me if I knew anything to do to him and I said that I had seen a movie and i got on my knees in front of him and held his balls so i sucked on him and he shot stuff all over me and the room, god i never seen so much stuff come out.

annJun 19 2012 4:10pm
Yes i saw something real similar the first time I saw it come out of a real young guy (his first time), its gross but amazing how much comes out and how far it shoots. You can tell that this stuff needed to come out real bad and its no wonder that boys that age act crazy for sex, they must be in pain from it.

rachalJun 21 2012 6:08am
here tropic is about castration should be done or not but you people are posting unnecessary stuffs.

frankJun 22 2012 5:21am
You women are the reason I can f*ck girls and ditch them the next day feeling no remorse. The day a girl tried getting brave on my nuts is the day she decides she doesn't want a fully functional face anymore. Get real c*nts this poos not funny.

Cho'gath.Jul 25 2012 1:21pm
Hi Cho'gath, it's been a while since you've seen my bear, hasn't it?

AnnieJul 28 2012 11:05am
Hi Cho'gath, it's been a while since you've seen my bear, hasn't it?

AnnieJul 28 2012 11:08am
Hi Cho'gath, it's been a while since you've seen my bear, hasn't it?

AnnieJul 28 2012 11:20am
I think this thread shows the deep misandry (hatred of men) and lack of respect that many women have for men these days. If the question had been what do men think about breasts, I doubt that that the thread would have reached the sick and depraved depths that this thread has reached. I think most men would say how much they love a woman's breasts, love to look at them, feel them kiss them and caress them. Do all you women really hate us men that much?

MarkJul 29 2012 4:24am
All the women on this blog that hate dicks and balls are all to f*cking ugly to get a man hard.

Kill ugly bitchesAug 08 2012 11:49pm
I understand that people hate. The facts are that I am a man that loves woman! I am married and have 2 daughters. I find myself awake at 1am of another sleepless night wondering why woman feel this way. I don't hate woman but I do know that the fear of men (or anything for that matter) can drive any one to do or desire extreme actions. That is the loss of control that this commentary shows. To elaborate, I had a early girlfriend leave high school to go to college and comeback a "man hater" for lack of better terms. Prior to her leaving for college we dated for 3 years and never had a fight, argument, problem of any sort. First trip back home, she calls me asking to go out. That night we were walking through a field when I reached out to hold her hand and she tripped and pushed me over causing me to land on a small stump fracturing 2 of my ribs. The point is that this woman I will always love but "woman?s studies" has made her afraid of men who comprise 50% (+/-2%) of the population she interacts with on a daily basis. she was never touched inappropriately by me or anyone else. So what caused this? If I was raped by a woman should I feel inclined to start cutting off tits, clits, and whatever else I want to hang on my wall as a ?trophy?! As you all seem to want to do.

eBomb (A Guy)Aug 21 2012 10:43pm
I dont know what to say anymore! I am 20 years old male and thinking about it this is crazy. WOMAN have NO RIGHT to castrate or kick male in his balls, just as male cant attack or rape woman. You girls do know that if not for males you would not exist, and i am sure you fater is not happy about saying this mad idea. Woman is not superior, what did woman done better then man. MEN created today civilization its a FACT. Man allowed woman to have free will and voting powers and looking on you girls that was a big mistake.

MaleWithBrainAndBallsSep 12 2012 10:12am
Anyone want to castrate me? I have the tools and I'd like to be awake and feel the pain. You can do whatever you want with them after.

fuzzballs Sep 18 2012 5:06am
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