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Mens role in the new female dominated world

Question: With females well on there way,to taking over western society,what do you feel will be mens role in this new era?
Created by: joesph32 at 04:11:36 AM, Tuesday, May 04, 2004 PDT


Men's role will be to more actively serve women's needs. The age of patriarchy is finished. I don't think women will want slaves, but they will definitely influence men's behaviour from now on. They will select only those men who can satisfy them in all ways. Ironically, I think life will be much better for men in this situation.

admirer of womenMay 04 2004 11:38pm

I think the changes will be subtle and gradual, with men adapting to a subordinant role over time. Women are becoming better educated than men, and will eventually phase out males in positions of leadership, and will be higher wage earners due to superior qualifications. As a result women will gain the majority of economic control. This is the key to power. I don't think it will get as radical as the idea of slavery, but I do think women will be in a position of authority.

EricMay 05 2004 11:13pm
Interesting the number of men who think this way...finally, something women and men can agree on!

admirer of womenMay 06 2004 1:02pm
It does seem inevitable that women will dominate society, and that they are well on their way. There even seems to be evidence that women are superior in many ways. The world is changing, and we must change with it.

BillMay 06 2004 9:28pm
I've always secretely yearned to live in a Feminine Universe, a place where women make ALL the rules, laws, and decide how males should behave. Now this dream is becoming more real each decade. The dreadful 2500 year reign of male dominance and patriarchy is near its end, and women are once again asserting their natural superiority. In the earliest days of humanity it was the image of Woman that was worshipped as a Goddess, the power of creating life awed the more simple male gender. The human male with his large muscles and smaller brain became jealous and envious of woman's ability to make life. With his arrogance and fear of feminine power, he dominated his Goddess and sent the world down a path of destruction for over two millennia. Now women with their Intelligence, Beauty, Charm, and Grace are regaining their natural place as the Goddess. A Feminine Deity to worship, the guidance of women's wisdom, and the awe and respect of Feminine Power will save the world. Only Women can save us.

JMGMay 07 2004 4:24pm
That was entertaining JMG, it really was, however I find non-fiction to be much more enlightening. For example did you now that the male brain is 10% larger than the female brain? Men have never had a smaller brain than women, not 2500 years ago, not now. The brain size doesn't indicate higher intelligence however, but still, misinformation can have such a negative effect on your story. And I also assume the "path of destruction" you speak of includes the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the age of computers, and the new age of biotechnology? i suppose you would be much happier in the Stone Age without Men's contributions?

DanMay 08 2004 9:55pm
The male brain may be bulkier and larger, but the female brain is more efficient and sophistocated. Women's brains have a better connection between the hemispheres. As a result, women can use both sides of the brain simultaniously, while men's brain avtivity is much more limited. There is a physiological difference, and the female brain function is superior.

AnonymousMay 09 2004 9:41am
Women have believed forever that men are brain damaged, and now it turns out that women are absolutely right! Research now shows all men are brain damaged even before they are born! Here is why: testosterone (the essence of maleness) is damaging to the nerve fibers in the corpus callosum in baby boys. The connecting link between both halves of the brain in baby girls remains perfectly fine. Boy babies have less connective nerve fibers between the two sides of the brain because of the damage testosterone does to the male brain as it developes. The fact that girls/women have no brain damage is what causes females to demonstrate superior mental abilities in research studies. It seems that the male brain is cleaved in half even before birth, both brain lobes unable to work in concert. I guess women can really say that men are "Half-wits". (Sorry, just joking.) I do find it amusing that what males highly prize "The Family Jewels" (their testicles)as the source of male power, is also what pumps out the testosterone that causes their brain damage! he he he...

PROUD to be FEMALEMay 09 2004 1:11pm
When it comes to intellegence, no doubt that "Women are BEST!" Many new studies are demonstrating that women have superior cognitive abilities. Women's brains are smaller, but packed more densely with neurons that allow better mental processing. A study that used MRI Scans on Women's brains showed that a they would light up like a Christmas tree when stimulated. The MRI Scans on the male brains was mostly dim when given the same stimulus. Women's brains always show more activity than the male brain; when at rest (sleeping) a woman's brain is more active than a fully active (awake) male brain! Many educators will privately confess that the female brain is much easier to teach, the male brain has a much harder time learing. When it comes to Multi-tasking "Women are BEST". The male brain can handle only one thing at a time, but a woman's brain is constantly bursting with multiple thoughts and ideas. The reason is that women have a much better wired brain than males have. The corpus callosum ( a bundle of nerves connecting both brain lobes) is larger and more developed in women. This gives women untold advantages in Multi-tasking, language, and intuition. Women's brains can transfer data more quickly and more efficiently between both right and left hemispheres. Recent studies have proved that on average women think three times quicker than males, and for some brain functions like memory and information processing, women can think up to twelve times faster than the male brain. When it comes to mental abilities, the male brain is vastly out classed by a Woman's superior cognitive skills. So there it is, just one of the many ways that "Women are BEST!!!"

JMGMay 09 2004 1:19pm
Why would you post the same comments word for word in several different polls on this site? Can't think of anything new to say people?

DanMay 09 2004 5:56pm
There are a lot of submissive men at this site. Or, maybe there are more men who are accepting that women should rule than the public realizes. One day this will all be out in the open instead of something to be embarrassed about.

AnonymousMay 10 2004 3:26pm
More women are using their natural powers than allowing the male dominated society to dictate how to "behave". And I'm a firm believer in using copulins.

HHMay 10 2004 3:56pm
In fact what is happening is women are dictating what is acceptable. Women make up the largest market share, so society must strive to please feminine preferences. Women are destined to rule because they already rule the economy.

AnonymousMay 10 2004 9:55pm
Would women really want men as their slaves instead of their equals?

AnonymousMay 12 2004 8:53am
Probably not at this particular time, but who knows how events might change attitudes in the future?

DeniseMay 12 2004 11:34pm
I can't see all male attitudes changing to WANT to slaves to women. But who knows. If a male was raised from birth to believe he is just a slave to females, it would be difficult for him to question the status quo.

HHMay 14 2004 1:47pm
I'd love society where all males are slaves to the ruling female class.

A girlMay 14 2004 1:48pm
Have faith, it will probably happen in your lifetime.

TimothyMay 15 2004 4:19pm
Women are clearly becoming stronger all the time. No one questions Women's abilities anymore since they have demonstrated over and over that they are equal to or better than men at any task they choose to take on. One only needs to look at the success of Females in school to see they are naturally superior to males. The only way that males were able to maintain their superior position was to exclude Women from schools. Girls and Women now outperform boys and men in almost all subjects worldwide and are steadily improving at a rate that is beyond the reach of males. The future of civilisation will be in Women's hands.

GrantMay 15 2004 4:32pm
The interesting thing is that so many men support this, at least in anonymous polls.

anonMay 16 2004 11:05am
thats such a cop-out, women like zerowoman are getting pathetic in thier attempt to please all the submissive men who come onto this site to jack off. I mean come on women themselves don't even believe all this crap on the inside.

JoeMay 16 2004 8:00pm
The real cop-out comes from the insecure male who can't bring an intelligent comment to the table, so he tries to discredit everyone else's point of view by insulting them. That last post is just one example of the shallow ignorance in men which has opened the door for women to reign supreme. Thanks, Joe. With men like you around, we don't need to struggle for power, it is being handed over to us. You are a good feminist.

SueMay 16 2004 10:16pm
Joe's already showed his low intellect in other polls. There are idiots in every crowd, of course.

A manMay 17 2004 8:57am
Im insecure? I don't think so, I don't care enough about any issue, let alone this one, to be insecure. You and all the other fags on this site can call me whatever you want, in the end your still fags. And yes I am a feminist thank you! Go women!

JoeMay 17 2004 7:48pm
That's "You're", not "Your". Learn.

HHMay 18 2004 8:21am
And notice how men with low intellect consider all men with superior intellect as fags. You see, being a smart man is a feminine quality, so smart men are seen as fags. What this amounts to is that even the imbeciles recognize that intelligence is a feminine quality, and thus women are superior intellectually.

DougMay 18 2004 1:30pm
You win my heart, Doug. I would like to add you to my collection of males.

empress koiMay 18 2004 4:18pm
I called the woman a fag too idiot.

JoeMay 19 2004 12:07am
Since when are Gay men necessarily femine Doug? Are you being sterotypical? Many homosexual males are still as masculin as any man.

Texas TimMay 19 2004 12:12am
No, I'm talking about the stereotype raised by Joe. I'm not talking about reality.

DougMay 19 2004 10:23am
Joe, you can't win an argument. Let's face it, you can't even spell or use proper punctuation. There is no sense in going back to school, because if you had the capacity to learn, you would never have dropped out.

AnonymousMay 20 2004 3:47pm
You can't win an argument if you can't even communicate what points you're arguing. Americans can be lazy and learn just one language--English--and be okay in the world. But most Americans can't even get their one mother tongue right. Heck, most people for whom English is a second language write and speak better English than most Americans. Very sad. Decline and Fall of a civilization starts with decreasing education/intellect.

The MinorityMay 21 2004 8:57am
The sad thing is, most of the young people who talk like that know better, they just think it is cool. There is a lot of subculture, not much different than sticking metal bars in your face.

AnonymousMay 22 2004 1:35pm
The idea of men becoming slave to women is foreign to most women. But the fact is, many men fantasize about being a slave to a women. I think more women will see this as a viable option, one much better than a traditional relationship or marriage. I believe the day will come when a college-age girl will feel out of place if she didn't have a slave because this will be the norm.

SamMay 24 2004 4:10pm
Why do so many men fantasize about being a slave to a woman? Don't say perversion, because it doesn't benefit the male sexually in any way to be obeying, doing chores, slaving away to hand over his paycheck. There's something more than perversion going on here...something deeper in the subconscious that can't be controlled.

BillMay 25 2004 2:03pm
It's called COPULINS, Bill!!! Read the poll on COPULINS, Bill! Hell, I don't know what COPULINS are or what they do, but my wife seems to know all about COPULINS. She has me jumping through hoops all the time because of these dam COPULINS, Bill! Maybe she is just smarter than me, I guess women can't be wrong -- "Men are STUPID!"

COPULINS? whaaa......May 25 2004 6:10pm
My wife don't know anything about copulings, and don't think most women do either. How many women here knew about some mind-control power they always had? I'll bet zero. Let's keep it that way!

BillMay 26 2004 1:56pm
Copulins (not copulings) are real. They used to be thought of as an attractant, like pheromones. You can still buy products like perfume and soap that have copulins. Claims state that the copulins will cause men to think you (if you're a woman) are more attractive than you really are. Yeah, so they proved that's true, but then when they pumped men full of this stuff, they found out that it shuts down the decision/memory part of the male brain, and they become robots for the woman to manipulate. The copulin research at the University of Indiana was SHUT DOWN!!! Good thing, too.

Kevin Canadian BaconMay 26 2004 1:59pm
Yes, Bill...something deeper in the subconscious that can't be controlled. It is deep inside your subconscious, as well. And you can't control it, it will surface when it does, and will control you.

AnonymousMay 26 2004 9:29pm
Men are already slaves to women.. its time they accept it!

SamMay 27 2004 4:51am
Explain, Sam. And explain why men WANT to be the slaves of women. Why, for heaven's sake? And do you think women WANT men as slaves? Women, can you answer this one?

HHJun 02 2004 11:42am
I'm a male and I would love to be a woman's slave, but only for a couple of hours and during a hot sexual encounter. Come on guys, wouldn't you just love to be slapped around a little, have her sit on your back and be told to grunt like a male chauvinist pig. Oink, Oink, Oink! After that kiss her leather boots and get a spanking. Come on guys, most of us dream about that stuff and you know its true! After the sexual domination I'm quite happy to go back to "wearing the pants", well only if my mistress lets me put them back on....

Mr. Ima ManJun 02 2004 3:14pm
Although that was just freakin retarded, most men do have a sexual desire to sumbit on some level. During the couple seconds a day men are not horny, women have no effect on them at all!

AnonymousJun 02 2004 9:59pm
Couple of seconds each day? Are you F'n impotent? Guys are horny 59 minutes on each hour, stats show that the average male has a sexual thought every two minutes. Hell, when I was younger all my buddies called me "Machine Gun" cause I could...err, well you know what I'm talking about! I still polish my bayonet daily, at least three times daily. And if you tell me your not "waxing the lizard" at least once daily, I'll say you're filthy lying cheat. You cheater!

Polished -N- ReadyJun 02 2004 11:04pm
I think HH must be a woman trying to understand the male desire to submit to the female gender. If not, then HH may be a young man, because the desire to submit increases with age as men learn to respect woman more and more. As a man, I can tell you female power is probably the strongest and most powerful force in the world but most women don't use a fraction of their power. If women made a conscious effort to make men their slaves, it would take less than a month for the entire planet to be female dominated and men as total slaves. This is a measure of the magnitude of female sexual power. I've discussed the idea of men becoming slaves to women with some lady friends and while its not on the top of their list, the idea does excite some of them. When you add the male desire to be a woman's slave to the equation, more and more women are making men their slaves. And guess what? After a while the women love it and WILL NEVER GO BACK to a "vanilla" relationship. And as they spread the word to their female friends, more and more will accept this type of relationship. Women will see themselves as superior and will accept the male desire to submit to them. And in some cases, even if a man doesn't desire this, the woman may choose it anyway. WHY do men desire this? Not sure. I'd say its sexual for most. I'd also say knowing women are truly superior is also a factor.

SamJun 03 2004 5:21am
hey polished READ the words before you comment, I said the couple of seconds a day men are NOT horny.

AnonymousJun 03 2004 10:02am
I can assure you that I am male. I just wanted to know your take on this matter. What drives people has always fascinated me.

HHJun 03 2004 10:21am
I think deep inside we all know women have a nurturing spirit and superior wisdom. We long to submit because we seek the approval of our superiors. We feel safe under their domain, and we trust them unconditionally. A total commitment of uninhibited love.

AnonymousJun 05 2004 1:44pm
I think it is a Fraudian mother/power/love thing deep inside every man's mind.

BarbJun 06 2004 9:34am
WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloria SteinamJun 06 2004 1:39pm
Men Rule!

Valerie SolainisJun 06 2004 1:40pm
Funny fake names... did you mis-spell them on purpose or out of ignorance.

R.Jun 06 2004 1:54pm
Angry boys! I must have hit a nerve. Hee hee hee!

BarbJun 06 2004 5:19pm
Fraudian! Ha!

Sharla TonJun 07 2004 8:43am
Men rule. I think George Bush is male. So was Clinton. And Bush, and Reagan, and Carter, and Ford, and Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt......Washington. There are more women than men in the U.S., yet men continue to rule this country. Why? Because women know that men are better leaders. If this weren't the case, women would vote women into power.

HHJun 07 2004 8:46am
Women have fought so hard for EQUAL rights, how are they going to explain when they have the advantage in UNEQUAL rights? I don't think it's going to happen.

JobJun 07 2004 12:20pm
Equal rights for men and Women gives Women the advantage. That's why Women have been discriminated against by male institutions. So Women won't have to take away men's rights, only exert their natural superiority. The real reason women haven't voted women into power is because the institutions of power have made it impossible. Women know that one Woman in power surrounded by men is not necessarily a good idea because She will not have the support of the male power structure. We will see more Women being voted into power as the structure of power changes. Women are occupying more and more positions in the mid-level. Cabinet positions, management. Once they have established that foothold, there will be a major shift which will lead to large numbers of Women being voted into office. It is just a matter of time. Women have a longer perspective than men and are changing things in subtle ways all the time. When the final phase happens, men who aren't ready for it will find themselves totally blown away by what Women can do.

ymJun 07 2004 8:46pm
That was posibly the most unrealistic portrayl of politics I've ever heard.

AnonymousJun 08 2004 12:42am
It's unrealistic if you use it as a model for the past. But it sounds correct for now and in the future.

TammiJun 08 2004 7:52am
I am a White Man!

White ManJun 08 2004 11:04am
The Y chromosome is crumbling. Men are doomed to second place.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 8:29pm
Life won't be very much different than it is now except men won't get in trouble as much and relationships will last longer.

TheresaJun 19 2004 6:21pm
Locally, there is a woman whose husband left her with three small kids. The man ran off with the wife of a local dentist. My wife, who is something of a female supremacist, said that he got away with it because the wife did not do what she should have done and acted the role of a dominant woman dealing with a naughty boy (which is exactly the way he was acting). My wife says that if that woman had given him the wifely discipline he needed the marriage never would have ended like that. Interestingly, both the husband and the wife were big-time Catholics and the Priest, in essence sided with the man in a boys will be boys kind of way... Lots of small town drama and a pretty clear indication that patriarchy will always look after its own.

hubbyJun 21 2004 1:56pm
I doubt women will take care of its own the way men do. I hear many women say they don't trust a woman president, and don't trust the motives of other women. I think this is absurd. The only thing holding women back is women themselves.

HHJun 28 2004 10:37am
HH, I think I understand you now. I've read many of your posts and thought you were against matriarchy. I see now that you're for it, but think there's a lot more that needs to happen to make it a reality. I agree (if I'm right about you). The fact that so few women know about copulins, won't use their power, and continue to vote for males in politics goes to show that we've still got a long way to go to really take total control.

AmyJun 30 2004 8:52am
Will society really change that uch. There will always be "alpha" males who are in charge at work and at home. There will be a rise in alpha females who will also be in charge at work and at home. There will also be "beta" males and females who are in charge at work and need to be subordinate elsewhere. And, there will be men who will become the nurturer, homemaker, male secretary, etc. because that will be their role. And, it is o.k. and proper.

Beta, submissive maleJul 04 2004 9:13pm
Amy, you are correct.

HHJul 06 2004 8:28am
More and more husbands are becoming slaves to their wives.

AnonymousJul 20 2004 8:52am

AnonymousJul 26 2004 10:43pm
Because they want to! Which I say, "to each their own"

RandyAug 03 2004 1:19pm
Einstein was a man

EinsteinAug 25 2004 8:04pm
Alexander the Great was a man

Alexander the GreatAug 25 2004 8:05pm
Leonardo da Vinci was a man

Leonardo da VinciAug 25 2004 8:05pm
Mozart was a man

MozartAug 25 2004 8:05pm
Alan Turing was a man

Alan TuringAug 25 2004 8:06pm
Shakespeare was a man

ShakespeareAug 25 2004 8:06pm
Plato was a man

PlatoAug 25 2004 8:06pm
Michelangelo was a man

MichelangeloAug 25 2004 8:07pm
Aristotle was a man

AristotleAug 25 2004 8:07pm
Sir Isaac Newton was a man

Sir Isaac NewtonAug 25 2004 8:08pm
Galileo Galilei was a man

Galileo GalileiAug 25 2004 8:09pm
Voltaire was a man

VoltaireAug 25 2004 8:09pm
Immanuel Kant was a man

Immanuel KantAug 25 2004 8:10pm
John Milton was a man

John MiltonAug 25 2004 8:10pm
John Nash was a man

John NashAug 25 2004 8:12pm
John Lennon was a man

John LennonAug 25 2004 8:12pm
Picasso was a man

PicassoAug 25 2004 8:17pm

AnonymousAug 30 2004 1:21pm
And the new leaders of tomorrow will be female.I am a 50 yr old male teacher at a university in the uk,and am amazed at how since i started there in the late 80s, how well girls have done.The ratio of boys to girls in there then was around 65-35% to boys and they gained all the top grades.But since then less and less boys,and a huge amount of females have changed this to what now is a critical 70-30% to the girls.They have also got the better grades and are beginning to move into previous male only subjects,as there are to few males left.Also the teaching staff from half men and half female is now nearly 80% female.And some of the female teachers are very pushy to the young girls,and many time i have heard them use terms like,"useless men","redundent males" in front of me and other men,which we try to laugh off.We have for the last 4-5 years tried to recruit more male students,but cannot find them.It is a worrying posistion to be in as i believe we need both sexs to achieve a balanced society,but i fear we are going to get a femdominated one.Unless boys and men wake up to this fact,and try to compete with this new breed of females then i fear for what the future could hold.

jjSep 01 2004 12:00pm
jj seems to have left quite a few messages throughout these polls and they're rife with grade school spelling errors. Such as 'there' when you meant 'their'. What kind of school do you teach at, Canine U? Are you teaching pet obedience? You're no prof!

AnonymousSep 06 2004 4:01pm
weird is it not,that as soon as the growing power of females is mentioned,all they get is abuse,i dont care if the spellings wrong,what he says is correct.And next time leave your bloody name,or are you another "superior male" who will not face up to the truth.And no i dont think he is a teacher,but then i bet half of the people on this poo board have posted under a number of names.

PETERSep 06 2004 5:11pm
I didn't say I was opposed to his argument or that he's wrong, I said he's not a professor.

AnonymousSep 07 2004 9:14am
ok then ,cool i doubt he is to.But i still go with what he said.

PETERSep 08 2004 11:16am
So do I. And to answer the original question, I don't think the roll of the majority of men will change much at all. Our roll will probably improve. Women are proving to be more intelligent in almost every single way, it doesn't mean that we will become slaves. We will still ask girls out and we will still get dates and we will still get all dizzy when she likes us and we will still settle down and try to make her happy. The only difference will be that she will be the big earner and we won't feel embarrassed about it.

anonymous againSep 09 2004 1:09am
Oh, one more thing, she will still want me to be happy too.

AnonymousSep 09 2004 1:11am
I know what my roll will be. It will be to keep my independence in tact by any means necessary.

Rick ISep 11 2004 2:30pm
So you're either determined to be lonely or you're afraid of women.

AnonymousSep 12 2004 8:25am
So what if he is determined to be alone? You got a problem with that booger-face?

ArnoldSep 14 2004 10:25pm
If anybody else is old enough to remember 'Percy's Progress' they will be old enough to know what a man's role will be in a female dominated society. Pretty much the same as it is today. Tell her what to do and how to do it and when she finishes to your satisfaction, let her kneel before you and suckle on what she wishes she had. "Say please and open wide bitch!" Women will swallow anything. Ha

AnonymousSep 25 2004 7:01am
Our role won't change much. Most of the top jobs will be held by women but most men never had a top job anyway. Most men will earn less than their girlfriend or wife but so what.

AnonymousOct 07 2004 7:58am
Men are only good for kissing the leather clad female posterior.

maleJan 28 2005 11:35am
or kicking one

AnonymousFeb 21 2005 1:41pm
"kicking one" is not right !!! Actually all us inferior males are good for is "(somthing that rhymes with kicking) one"

same male as aboveFeb 28 2005 8:14am
Women should and will gain dominance because that seems clearly to be the current direction and will (of sorts) of cultural evolution and cultural evolution is the essential natural authority or mechanism drawing and driving the human species to adapt to change in deference to species survival. There is no question women are better students and that their current momentum is stripping the snake skin of phalocentrism which upholds patriarchy. Men are floundering. Truth is a shape shifter blowing as a wind. It appears that now and for ages to come to assume female superiority will be, to ride the winds of truth with the powerful backing of cultural evolution. The deepest meaning of being a man or woman has never referred to some phyical or mental ability but to strength of character and integrity. Integrity in one instance may mean figting for right, in another surrendering to it. What it means to be a man today is to surrender to the ascendance of the feminine and to do so takes a hell of a lot more guts than some mindless stand for phalocentrism. The surrender is not just to a woman but to the personal feminine within - the personal result is internal balance. Phalocentrism is the mythical notion that personification of the eternal or unknowable as a god with a penis endows penis bearers with natural superiority and inherent privelege. In more enlightened circles, the lie has been given to this notion. Women have the right and duty, for the sake of past and current grievances, to apply their reclaimed sexual prowess to strip the socially inculcated notions of phallocentrism from themselves and from men. Men and women alike should celebrate male submissin to the spiritually erotic prowess of women which was suppressed by patriarchy. This means that women are free to negotiate superior rights in their relatioships with men based on their natural power to do so. One of PT Barnum's rationales for unbridled capitalism was " You can't cheat an honest man". His logic, though perhaps misapplied, was sound. Where no man or woman has the natural right to impose her personal will on another, she may very well have the right to strip the offender of his brutalizing lie. This is more like divesting a repeat felon of his Saturday night special. In other words She may humiliate men with exposure of the 'big lie' and any personally related weakness. 'Size Matters' for example is the most effective campaign slogan since "Jesus Saves" ; not because of its factuality, or lack thereof, but because it hits phallocentrism where it lives. It reveals the emotional vulnerability of men and celebrates the exercise of a woman's right to compare men sexually. Past suppression of that right has been part of the clitoral circumcision of the psyche which mankind performed on womankind. The woman takes the man - not the other way around! In fact the mental image of a woman three states away actually has the power to decrease the distance between a man's ejaculate and his ceiling. If a man doesn't like a little humility. He can always walk away, but more and more good men sensing the lie inculcated within them are greatful to be freed of it and appreciative of the unique ability of women to tear it from them. Many men are gladly accepting female authority. In, other words ladies, if you have not yet noticed, men are lining up to submit to loving female dominance. In the assertion of female superiority, there is a natural balancing of the books but how has patriarchy been able to prevail for so long? The answer is slightly more complex than that men are just a bunch of oppressive bastards with muscles. The history of Civilization is a picture of adaption toward species survival by cultural evolution. Cultural evolution is concerned with fairness only in the more mechanical sense of its relationship to balance - think black widow - that system is a balanced survival system though a human sense of unfairness may be meaninglessly projected upon it. For the past couple of thousand years the task before the human species was one of reaching outward and taming the elements. This period has been dubbed The Monumental Age. These tasks were well served by male mental and physical propensities. It's no secret that that men are often drawn to physical competion (including combat) and technology. Coalitioning of units of people like cultural monads enables a cultural arms race capable producing the most effective social sytems for survival. This is in natural emulation of the biological arms race which has produced the worlds current mix of species with their unique approaches to survival. But the scene has now changed to that of a world made smaller by the technologies of transportion and communication. The task before us now, in this time which has been dubbed The Global Age, is that of coalescence. The survival of our species depends on it. Any child can see that, in the years before us, great power struggles must advance as if against their will toward some level of power sharing or fairness - much like that suggested by the fairness ideal still glowing (albeit faintly) at the heart of the U.S. constitution. That ideal, so expressed, is a harbinger of a time for world coalescence; for turning within and becoming a just family of cultures and nations. Without further explanation, let me say that the sciences, comparative mythology and cultural evolution all support the idea that such coming together is strongly ruled by the feminine and best promoted by the general propensities of women. Now back to the original point. On a more foundational level the debate over which sex is superior is absurd. Too many people have died in their strivings for equality to just toss it off. Newton prooved there was no absolute space and Einstein that there is no absolute time. In other words everything really is relative. Our myths (religions) are made up to support some social agenda or another fitting to the times, yet the metaphorically reflect truths of the human psyche and spirit and therefore have the capacity to inspire. Those myths adapt in deference to species survival needs at the behest of cultural evolution. Phalocentrism was a very effective spin or myth because it served an evolutionary purpose. Female supremacy is also a spin or myth but it is one well suited to the current colescing aims of cultural evolution. Its time has come and it's gonna fly whether we like it or not. In summation, if you are a man and a woman decides to assert her natual prowess by kicking your balls, it might be a good idea to say thank you and celebrate the event for the inescapable advent of female supremacy is upon you.

RossMar 09 2005 7:24pm
man you are so full of poo.I do not doubt women in the world have made great strides,but just take a look to the east and africa,to see womens lot,and combine that with reports,of women in the west now saying they want to be mums,and stay at home then i guess it may well take another centuary to see any real change. And by the way if a woman kicks you in the balls,do her for assult,because they bloody would if a man did it.

CHRISMar 11 2005 11:45am
Man ross you on dope fella,never heard of some of them words,but yeah chris is right full of poo mate,doubt the world will make it to this so called matriarchy,be dead and destroyed by then. See a report the other day,of less women in goverment posistions,then 5 years ago,gotta tell you something,they want kids and will not go that extra mile,simple as that.

jjMar 11 2005 11:49am
I want to make a comment that some "brave" soul called Anonymous made in response to my statement that I wanted to keep my independence by any means necessary. I don't know if Anonymous is male or female, but think of it this way. If I have to give up my independence just to be with some domineering, insecure woman, then it seems to me that I would rather be alone than someone like that. And where do you get off calling me a woman-hater just because I want to keep my independence?

Rick IJun 10 2005 5:32am
Wake up Ladies, its yours for the taking!

male slaveJun 18 2005 4:49pm
Men will be subordinate to Women. Women will head the households and hold the most important jobs, because they will have more education than men. I take orders from my Wife.

billAug 21 2005 3:19pm
slaves to women.

erikSep 24 2005 2:29pm
Mens' role will be as nature intended. Women will make decisions using the superior intellect given to them by nature. Men will comply with those decisions and use the muscular strength given to them by mother nature to perform physical labor. If the laws of nature and biology apply, there is no question about it.

AnonymousOct 02 2005 11:49am
As it was before, so shall it be again. Female rule has returned and is a snowball becoming an avalanche of power. Before long (and in many cases already) every women, man and child will know (not simply believe) that women are truly superior and better equipped to rule. I accept this truth today. Do you?

STTGOct 06 2005 7:10am
Kissing her ass both figuratively and literally.

garyOct 08 2005 2:23pm
Women will never dominate society, since they are coward, weak and are good only as f*ck toys. Women power is a LIE women are unable to take care of themselves, so they seek males for protection. The human female is good only to bear children.

MarceloOct 14 2005 5:19pm
Female Supremacy is the Natural order of life. Males may not be slaves to Women, but the Female will be the dominant gender. We are now seeing the beginning of a new age, one of Female priorities, and only time will tell how long before the transformation to a Female Ruled society will be complete. Males will serve the Female in any way she deems fit, using her superior intellect to find the best way to use the males her her life. It is the choice of the Female to deem what role males will play in their world.

JRNNov 07 2005 1:42pm
I think that we will simply see more role reversals in male/female relationships in the future. As women become more dominant, men will assume the more submissive role in the relationship. More women will be the family bread winner and decision maker, and more men will have the domestic chores. It's a simple case of the strongest person rules.

MikeFeb 18 2006 1:53pm
men are in charge because we are stronger and because women want it to be like this.

lelgtFeb 27 2006 7:39am
What women want may change as they see what the can have. Women who have decided they want a male slave, have a male slave. It's simply a matter of choice. Her choice.

SamMar 20 2006 7:31pm
Hey lelgt mate,i doubt being a 19 stone powerlifter will do you much good in the boardroom or office.Pushing a keyboard button takes no strength at all if fact,and im afraid womens superior education will soon pay vast rewards for them,its already something like 60-40% in degrees to females and getting larger every decade,the same with every type of exam result all the way through schooling,girls are winning. I as a young father of a son,who is currently really finding school hard,and wanting to drop out as soon as he can to any job he can,am really worried about how boys are seeminly folding up under pressure,and instead of fighting,just throwing in the towel instead.And a lot of women ive seen,really dont seem to want men to be in charge of them,if they did then tell me,why are women more likely then ever now to stay single and get a good carear instead.

DizzyDaveMar 24 2006 4:23pm
What matters most is what women want. You give the lady anything she wants, because she is the boss, and you as a man, you are just her slave. I thoroughtly enjoy serving women and jump at the chance to do it. I sure can't wait till you ladies take over completely. It will be a better world.

manslaveApr 01 2006 3:51pm
The generation of younger women (11-19) reading this will see that having a male slave is a viable option. Her sexual power and superiority are on her side. If she doesn't consider it weird, but actually normal, she will have a wonderful life with many males slaves. The day will come when a woman who doesn't have a slave will feel out of place.

STTGApr 08 2006 10:21am
Since women are so superior, let THEM fight the wars while us weak and stupid men stay home and enjoy life without women. Contrary to popular belief, us men can be very happy without sex. Being away from women helps us males to focus our minds and find true meaning. And save lots of money.

Kung Fu MasterApr 15 2006 10:01pm
When women take over there won't be any wars. There will be arguments and quarrels, but there won't be any wars. I would say that is a better altenative. Men can them become servants to the women.

HERslaveApr 22 2006 4:15pm
Empress Koi and Sue are correct the hysterical and intelectually inferior ramblings of Joe and others just go to show how superior Female minds are.The day when women have complete economic, political, physical,mental,sexual supremacy is not far off if those ramblings of the scared knee jerk males are anything to go by.Then again our current male physical strenghth should be put to good use.As beasts of burden we would be perfect to complement womens greater minds.Their superior intelect is just right for giving us orders in order for both sexes to strive for that better female dominated world.

lourollsApr 28 2006 6:34pm
Women should be wearing miniskirts as often as possible: At work, school, shopping, public events, etc. And get rid of those irritating SLEEVES! Women should be showing arms, shoulders and back. This business of women wearing sleeves and long pants that cover knees is GARBAGE !!

He ManMay 01 2006 10:18pm
Role? Why to kneel down and kiss the woman's feet, of course

AnonymousMay 21 2006 4:39pm
Yes, kissing their feet, serving them, obeying them and worshipping them.

AnonymousMay 24 2006 11:20pm
Mens' role in the new female dominated world can be summed up in 3 words: unemployment, humilation and unhappiness. Ironically, there are feminist activists who have grandsons who will suffer from the feminism of their grandmothers.

www.nomarriage.comJul 09 2006 2:04pm
Ironically there have been millions of granddaughters who have suffered from the male dominated world for thousands of years, without their grandfathers bothering in the least about the unemployment, humiliation, unhappiness, abuse, rape, slavery and degradation that their grandaughters were sure to receive in the male dominated world that they perpetuated.

A. NewmanJul 09 2006 6:53pm
problem is though mate,that humiliate girls,and they tend not to form gangs and create havoc in are streets.Thats what is happening as the new male under class emerges,violent,disfranchised,and they care little for law and order,laugh at them if you like,but beware they are very very dangerous,and will cause complete mayhem.Love to see how female leaders,who no doubt will try compassion with them.Males hit out when they have know hope,and to the men here who kep using the terms male slaves etc,just hope to hell you never run into any of them in the future,as the female elite live in large secure areas,with the less well off,exposed to them.

BILLJul 15 2006 4:17pm

AnonymousJul 16 2006 6:31pm
There has never been a time in history when there hasn't been violence, and there has never been a time in history when there hasn't been an underclass. Also there has never been a time when the opponents of an emerging new order have used the threat of violence to try to stop it. Frankly it's rather pathetic to think you can stem the tide of inevitable female rule by conjuring images of violent males making women quake with fear. Yeah, right! It's exactly this kind of underestimation of women, combined with the traditional male belief in the power of fear and violence to get their way, that has created the environment for and a desire for female rule.

A. NewmanJul 16 2006 6:44pm
No, I want equality. That's what I fought for, that's what I'll get!

Kurai-GakaAug 13 2006 8:43am
I think that some of the people who visit these forums might be interested in research that is being done by Glaxo right now. I am a PhD pharmacologist and know a number of my peers who are working there. As everybody knows, Viagra and its competitors have been global smash hits. They make billions in profits off these drugs. So Glaxo is going flat out to come up with a Viagra for women. This is where is gets interesting. It turns out that early trials on these drugs show that female sex drive can be increased but there seems to be a pretty huge side effect. The women taking the drug experience profound changes in their attitude toward sex and the opposite sex. No lesbians in the early studies. The women adopt an aggressive/dominant style that the (male) researchers are calling an "negative side effect." The guys would like a Barbie Doll drug that makes women want sex on mens' terms instead they are getting what they call the dominatrix drug. The women in the study like it but the men running the study are pretty freaked out. Release of a drug like this could change society. Imagine being a woman who chooses not to take it-- she would be at a huge disadvantage relative to all the women on the drug. Finding a partner would be like trying to win the Tour de France drug free. The pressure to take the drug would explode. The drug won't be out till 2009 (if it doesn't get shelved) so there is some time left for us guys.

Pharm DAug 31 2006 8:58am
Just as the pill changed society from 1960 onwards so will this viagra type drug for Womyn.i fervently hope this drug does bring about the Female Supremacist changes to society that are so badly needed.

Lou RollsSep 01 2006 12:44am
Pharm D made that BS up. If he did work for them, he wouldn't be posting that BS here of all places, let alone; anywhere else at this time.

FoolsSep 08 2006 9:54pm
I am 70 years old from the UK.I can tell you that in my lifetime I have never met a woman who would go out with a guy who earned less than her.Having said that, I have never known a woman who was not dominant,not in the way that some guys here would like her to be,but in getting her own way in just about everything.Dominant sex is a total turn off for women after a while and what happens when you guys get kicked out of your homes to live on the street with nobody's ass to kiss.I tell the truth when I say that I know of no relationship in the whole of my life that had a proud male dom at it's head. Sure,I have known a couple of rich guys who had bimbos but even then the girls were not pushovers.Women have never been subservient.Even as housewives they always ran the household,even after world war 2. I guess my point is that women have always run things even if men have been the front men,why now change things and risk creating a terrible backlash which could happen if these wars your country and mine finish up as either lost or us having to make reparations to stop them in the form of renegotiating a new way of life with the muslim world.The way things are going this is very possible. Nobody,and you ought to know that my country tried for centuries was able to defeat these people on their own ground. We needed to be strong together but it looks as if there will remain division Women rule,boys get killed.

AnonymousSep 21 2006 3:25pm
The difference in the male and female corpus callosum makes no difference in the magnitude of brain process, only the nature of it. Men and women do think differently, women having the inability to separate emotions from any thought process, and men able to abstract remarkably do to specialization of their cognition.

Nearly every assertion on this page is flawed. No worries mates, the future will be beautiful for all. There is enough wisdom in the world, despite the remarkable folly of our fear-bound culture today.

SCSep 26 2006 10:08pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:52am
At first I was the dominant one in the relationship with my girlfriend. It started to slowly change from then on. At one time she took over and kept the power. In the end it happened in a natural way. We accept the fact that she is in control mostly. She likes it and is convinced that the female is taking over. A female dominated society can be fun.

FredDec 19 2006 7:38pm
Men will become accessories whose sole purpose is to provide sperm. The only way men will be acceptable is to conform to women's rules, menaing that the male sex will effectively become the modern day slave.

GPDec 23 2006 7:58am
In the future, men will need to be licensed for sperm production. Only those males deemed fit by women will be entitled to produce semen. All others will be locked permanently in chastity belts.

The Future is NowJan 02 2007 9:16pm
To observe men in their new role as subordinates to women, just watch the House Of Representatives. The battle of the sexes is over.

AnonymousJan 28 2007 12:51pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 9:49pm

#Feb 06 2007 10:36pm
The way things are going, men's role will be as slaves. As The Future is Now points out, who would be against a female-run licensing system to determine whether a man is fit for fatherhood being in place in 100years?

ACFeb 13 2007 12:39pm
#150 (Wed.) 2/28/07

UpdateFeb 28 2007 10:50pm
Sorry boys, but at the current rate of feminization, in 100 years virtually all males will be infertile. We will be using stored sperm, or more likely by then, somatic cell division enabling a woman to become pregnant by another woman and only produce a girl.

NicolaApr 03 2007 10:40am
OK Nicola, So what will us guys be doing, There a good chance that technology will give us just enough steam to keep thing going quite well in the males department, And be quite successful THANK YOU.

Todd... #152 - 4-3-07Apr 03 2007 2:39pm
Doubtful, the words extinct and male spring to mind. Although, i guess you are right, there will always be holes to dig and dustbins to empty.

NicolaApr 16 2007 7:41am
With females like Nicola around, there will be plenty of s.h.i.t to shovel. So there no way you females could afford to ever think about getting rid of us males.

AnonymousApr 22 2007 10:22am
#0055 - (Sun.) 4/22/07

UpdateApr 22 2007 10:26am
Nicola, Are males going to kind a be pushed into extinction by female, or are you going to help us survive?

BenMay 03 2007 10:06pm
If we behave and submit to Womyn I think there could very well be a roll for us

Lou RollsMay 12 2007 7:42pm
Most respectfully, Ms. Nicola, do you use males in your personal life and how do you discipline them?

obedient husbandMay 24 2007 7:47pm
Nicola, does not answer guys questions, so give it up, it not going to happen.

AnonymousJun 13 2007 11:24am
#0160 - (Wed.) 6/13/07

UpdateJun 13 2007 11:29am
If Ms. Nicola chooses not to answer my question that is Her right as a member of the Superior sex and it is an honor to even post on the same site with Her.

obedient husbandJun 14 2007 6:29pm
I my be a male. But I'm also a human & I want to be loved just like most people. "do that...stupid bitch...serve me while I'm /w my lover...sleep in the dog house while I sleep /w my lover...dont whine bitch" Sorry femdoms but that just doesn't work for me. "I love u, u love me". Besides, I always respected women for thier maternial love & wisdom of the heart. A VERY LOVING fem auth is OK /w me though ;). I OK /w a fem head of the household if there's love in it. But I'm only 18. What do I know?

A very sad, very lost & very lonely guy.Jun 15 2007 10:39pm
Suicidally depressed mental patients need not apply.

Femdom Dating ServiceJun 28 2007 5:16pm
Wait, if we're going to be infertile that means men don't have to be married. This rocks! I can just adopt a baby from a baby-maker. Seeing as that will be the role of women in the always male-dominated world. That means the law won't be biased anymore and I can punch women!

Mach 3Jul 06 2007 1:25pm
Wait, if women will lock men in chambers for being deemed unfit by the women, who will be the ones to force men into the chambers? Men could easily take women in a match of brute strength, so how are you going to manage that one?

Mach 3Jul 06 2007 1:27pm
#0166 - (Tue.) 7/17/07

UpdateJul 17 2007 12:49am
Get real mach 3,there will be a legion of men who will back the women,the people in power men or women,always make the others do what thye want them to do.they weill just deny you basic right if you fail.

calJul 19 2007 8:22pm
This whole female domination speculation sucks. Do really expect me to believe that ALL women want to dominate men? f*ck ya right! Do really expect me to believe that ALL men are macho in the muscles and could take a women in brute force (snort) I can't (I can fix computers though...not that that's useful). I'm sure my talents as a CGI artist and computer repairmen/programmer would go COMPLETELY UNNOTICED as I serve drinks to my superior female master, whatever. (Sigh) Okay aside from the fact that your probable all a bunch of guyz with a million femdom in leather what if women are superior. I believe they're superior...biologically that is. Besides how does being slightly biologically superior justify human slaver. Do you REALLY think that women all around the globe harbor fetishes & kinks of torturing males slaves? LOL! If anything they probably just dream of men who are romantic and good at spending more time at home with their family. Women have jobs you know...that can't spend 24/7 catering to your kinks. Most of them probably aren't even interested in having a slave. I'm sure a lot of women feel that they are totally capable of getting up from their lawn chairs, walking over a little ways & pouring their own f*cking glass of scotch. & If you really are one of those creepy people that expects me to believe that all men harbor fantasies of laying around the house...jobless, spending 24/7 serving your mistress with little or no reward...f*ck off. I'm an independent guy who can take damn good care of himself...I'd marry for love though. Most people get turned on by affection and intimacy...not by slaves or domination. Well better get off my soapbox and let the next freak get on. I'm sure the next poster (or a later one at least) will rant on about how people like me ought to be burned at the stake, all just cus I don't see the point in being a slave. They'll post about how independent men like me who just want to be left alone will all be rounded up and shot by the female SS. And then more guyz (pretending to be girls) will get on here and talk about how they don't care for intimacy in their relationships and how they get turned on by making boyz cry...sure uh huh, torture - very feminine. I duno...maybe I'm the only guy that finds intimacy to be a big turn on...which is why cold slavery is so unattractive to me (Oh looks like someone needs to be looked in chamber)! Well that's my rant (srry if I offended anybody).

A very sad, very lost & very lonely guy.Aug 03 2007 12:55am
Women do not like weak men,A.Newman and thats a fact.Women have never been the most oppressed groups,mans' inhumanity to man has seen to that,the only groups to have prospered are the rich and powerful of both sexes,ask anybody who knows about slavery in the USA,who made the cruellest masters,if you guessed women you'd be right but I doubt you did.

mike.sAug 06 2007 11:31am
Define cruel Also, who's to say all the cruelest masters were concentrated in the US? I still believe that Femdom extremism isn't ever likely to become wide spread thought it may become more accepted. I doubt the naturally cold nature that such a lifestyle inspires will appeal to romantic, or intimate types or people. Honestly for people like me...dealing with a female ruled world. I think an ANR/ABR type of lifestyle is the way to go (& before you call me a sick-o be aware that, with your little ass sticking out of a leather suit and an apple in your mouth, someone could just as well say the same of you).

A very sad, very lost & very lonely guyAug 09 2007 1:49am
The other side of debate says so what?. If Women are superior does it give them the right to act cruelly to a lesser race ? . A truly enlightened and intelligent race would treat other groups with respect.

BexelyAug 22 2007 4:24am
You guys keep forgetting, the women on this site are MALES. In fact the last female name was Nicola back in about May 07, and not a single word since. Sounds like She/He Nicola was not really committed to the cause???

AnonymousAug 24 2007 2:58pm
#0175 - (Fri.) * 8/24/07

UpdateAug 24 2007 3:00pm
Wow, this is all very amusing. I never cease to be amazed at how people with an axe to grind will invent grand theories and employ a partiality of facts to support their imagined predominance. What nonsense. "Men are brain-damaged from birth." "Evidence shows that women are cognitively superior." Give me a break. History shows that there have been superior men and women. All you that cast aspersions on an entire gender, see your sense of inferiority for what it is, personal and petty. Leave the theorizing for those that the capacity, will, and integrity.

scottOct 18 2007 7:01am
Nothing wrong with you're comments Scott. But the people on this site fall into of three types (1) self absorbed fetishists who are deluded (2) All of the previous as well as an extra helping of self righteousness (3) Twits like me who stir the pot to extract fascinating examples of mutilated psychology. You can do nothing right on this site , Scott, because they need something to fill the un-fillable hole in their confidence and personality. It's a hunger that comes only to the most deluded of beings. So rest easy !. Take the chance to piss off some folk. FUn fun fun !.

FNOLOct 28 2007 12:58am
I just farted

AnonymousDec 01 2007 9:46pm

AnonymousDec 01 2007 9:47pm
As Women gain more and more power in society, by definition, men will hold less and less power. Thus, we men will be forced to look for ways to help those in power. We will be forced to make ourselves attractive to the modern Woman in ways they find appealing. What those ways will be, i do not know. But we will find out and begin to learn what it feels like to be the subordinate gender.

thomasFeb 12 2008 7:33pm
Do women really want men to be their slaves????

TKBMar 16 2008 10:27pm
Women will control the world. men will be circumcised, castrated,then executed. men can"t even be decent slaves. male population is over. All because they have balls.

JennyMar 18 2008 11:37am
Dear Jenny, i still hope that males will be useful to do dirty and/or heavy work. And to repair some mechanisms. Let's imagine that the motor in Your car works in a wrong way. To repair it, somebody must dismantle it, doing it in dirt and engine oil. Should a Woman do it? This repair person must find the right spanner to unscrew a screw-nut. The place may be quite inconvenient and the repair person may damage Her/his hand. Should it be a Woman? No, i believe that this kind of work is too low for Ladies!

Nick NMar 18 2008 11:38pm
nick, in the future females will have found a "green" way for transportation.Yes there maybe heavy, dirty work that is only fit for a useless male. Providing once they are circumcised, castrated, and will remain naked to do this unfit work. Once they reach a certain age, they become a burdon on society. Public execution will be carried out, by means of the state. nick how would you feel on a society like this?

JennyMar 19 2008 5:37am
Dear Jenny, I cannot lie You -- I would feel a bit insecure in the society You have just described. On the other hand, if in the future the Super gender will be able to do without us males, I'll have to submit it. But until this future comes, I would like to serve You, Mistress Jenny (along with all other Women) and to receive the punishments You assign for my poor behind.

Nick NMar 23 2008 12:22pm
I'm pretty sure you'll take offense at me butting in "Jenny", after all why would you want to hear someone who disagrees with you, after all you can't be wrong , I mean geeze! what a question !?!. Anyway technology such as nanotech and genetic engineering is freeing us all from the constraints of the human body and gender will be absolutely irrelevant with regards to competition. The only casualties will be people who cannot adjust to the idea that they are somehow not "superior" and have a right to rule. That doesn't scare me one bit, but you on the other hand might not like it so much.

FNOLMar 26 2008 1:53am
FNOL, if you say that it was I who took offence, you are wrong. I can't even find a place in this branch of the forum where you argue with Ms Jenny. As for new technologies... Well... The only difficult place I can see so far is transgender Ladies. How should we deal with them -- especially with ones who didn't surgically change their male privates? I believe that we ought to deal with any person according to Her/his (hmm... maybe the Spanish gender-neutral possessive pronoun "su" would be best in this case?) And what about those people who don't want to belong to any gender at all? I'm sure that neutral attitude toward them would be the best. The only possible difficulty I foresee is that many guys will want to belong to the Super gender and will become transsexuals/transvestits (like they do it in Thailand) but, remaining still males in their core with all our dirty features and arrogance, they will take pleasure of humiliating us "true" males. But I'm sure this problem will be solved in a way.

Nick NMar 31 2008 10:30pm
My comment had nothing to do with you Nick N. It was intended for Jenny. Thanks for you're answer though. Personally I don't think there is such thing as a true male or female soul, odd as that sounds. We are all just "us" for better....or worse .Cheers.

FNOLApr 07 2008 1:28am
my boyfriend and the second guy i like both worship the ground i walk on. i love it!!! they treat me like a queen! all men should worship women!!!!

RavenMay 10 2008 9:37pm
Men's roles will be to dominate the women who all end up with the "bad boy" types in the end because they are bored with abusing their "slaves". If women are allowed to rule the planet, then the Earth is doomed.

Valerie SolanisMay 14 2008 6:09pm
Dear Valerie Solanis, pls compare (at least mentally) a hostel where Girls/young Women (or at least married pairs) live and one where alone men live. Do you need any further explanation? :)

Nick NMay 17 2008 7:54am
Raven, you are so right. We men need to get used to worshipping women as that is where the future is taking us.

thomasMay 25 2008 7:24pm
Women are the superior sex, so it makes sense for men to obey them. A marriage is a partnership but the wife is the senior partner.

StaveMay 26 2008 11:32am
When Wife married me I was required to take a vow to "love honor and obey" and Wife caned my behind on our wedding night.

obedient husbandMay 26 2008 5:33pm
#0195 - (Fri.) * 6/20/08

UpdateJun 20 2008 6:27am

phyuck yuJul 29 2008 6:21pm
Faggots are generally homosexuals, or so I'm told. I believe most of these guys are actually turned on by women, probably to a larger degree than you are. When a guy puts men on a pedestal, like you...well, that is a different story.

DirkJul 31 2008 10:55am
obedient husband, I wish the custom of caning males in their wedding nights spread ASAP as widely as possible. Surely such inferior creatures as you and me and other males must know our place from the very beginning!

Nick NNov 14 2008 12:51pm
I suppose it would be up to each Bride to determine if She was going to cane Her male.

obedient husbandNov 14 2008 5:31pm
PS Nck if it makes you feel better generally on each anniversary She gives me a severe caning. Last night She beat my behind with a wooden spatula.

obedient husbandNov 14 2008 5:32pm
Thanks, obedient husband, now I really feel much better! :) Since today you will be a good example for me myself and in discussions about today's FemDom (if your Wife is not against, of course - an an inferior and stupid creature i ought to ask Her permission).

Nick NDec 13 2008 10:18pm
You know Guys, instead of 'quarelling' over this silly matter of who is the superior sex, or who will be...why don't you all believe in a future where man and woman can walk together as equals??? This can happen if we want it to, then no one will be called inferior! Besides, who says women want to rule over men or make them slaves?? The only thing women want is to rule over men's hearts and what they want is to be equally respected and no longer looked down upon!!! God made us equal, so we're working it out!

AcyJan 31 2009 7:22am

1001Feb 02 2009 2:26pm
I'll pass out the beer

Miller L IteMar 09 2009 6:48pm
Acy, I'd rather be whipped by Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

Biggus DickusMar 09 2009 6:50pm
I'd like to beat the poo out of Obedient Husband and Nick N.

The PopeMar 09 2009 6:51pm
The women on these boards are mean.

AnonymousMar 09 2009 6:57pm
The Pope, you can make an attempt, of course, but you seriously risk to lose several teeth. Now I have a bruise under my left eye - I received it last week when a black belt (Shotokan karate) took revenge on me after I make a strong punch to the left side of his lower jaw. I haven't got my black belt yet (maybe in several years it'll be real) but I'm sure I'll be able to cope with you :)

Nick NMar 16 2009 5:15am
Another lame jerkoff survey

anonJun 19 2009 4:18am

Jack-The-RipperSep 18 2009 3:06pm
Hm... Looks like this Jack-the-Ripper has fled from a mental hospital. Poor guy indeed...

Nick NOct 01 2009 4:37am
I personally do not believe that women will become bigger it will be the men who will become not shorter but lighter in weight. So that instead of him being as it is now 10% heavier than her he will lose maybe 15% to 20% of that weight. Also that most of that weight loss would be in muscle he would in effect become the weaker sex with out her needing to increase her weight at all. So that instead men lifting and carrying women about it will be the other way round.

hymatOct 02 2009 6:53am
hymat, this already happened to me and my husband. When we met 30 years ago he was 182 cm and 82 kgs, I was 171 cm and 65 kgs. He was more muscular than me and clearly stronger in his upper body. I had stronger legs. 15 years later when I had given birth to three children I was 73 kgs and he was still 82 kgs, but some of his muscles had turned into fat. My muscles had grown. We armwrestled one night at that time and he had to fight to win with his right arm and it was a draw with the left arms. 15 years earlier he won comfortably. I started to work out to firm up after the kids, first once a week and then three to four times. My husband wanted to firm up and started to jog to work every day. After a year or two he was down to 74 kgs, he lost the flab but never came back to his earlier muscular build. I lost three kgs and was down to 70 kg. 5 years ago I started to lift free weights 3 times a week and had body pump once a week. I started to grow, my muscles became bigger and bigger. I was suddenly 75 kgs. Shoulders bigger, biceps a lot bigger, thighs bigger and firmed, calves bigger etc. My husband was now 69 kgs, very slim in a way that I find attractive, never liked big muscles on men. A year ago my husband commented on my muscular body and said honey, soon you are stronger then me with all those muscles. I said that I was probalby a lot stronger than him, we just had to look at our bodies. Of course we had another armwrestling match and now I could toy with him. I was just so much stronger it was like pinning a child. He never liked to lift weights but loved the jogging. With age my muscles grow easier and my husband seemed to lose muscle. Since that night when I crushed him in both armwrestling and wrestling I have often lifted my husband in my arms. I love to be stronger and he seems to enjoy being carried. At least he hasn't protested. Not much he can do about it anyway. I have a friend that has the same experience. Suddenly her muscles became bigger after giving birth to two children. And the work outs after the children made her muscles grow like never before. Her husband has also lost his youtful muscles and is slim and weaker than her. Anybody with similar experiences?

MuscleinaOct 15 2009 6:11am
Among the early Teutons, the women must have been well grown, for in ancient Teuton tombs female skeletons have been found ranging up to seven feet in length. Ammian[3] writes that among the Gauls the women were stronger than the men. In this case, too, a reversed division of labour seems to have obtained between the sexes. Strabo moreover says that the Gaulish women were taller than the men. We have reports as to the women being stronger and taller in the case of quite a number of primitive tribes. Joseph Thomson states this concerning the Wateita, an East African people. Writing of the Bosjesmans, Fritsch says that the women were on the average about 4 centimetres (more than 1 ? inches) taller than the men. Ellis tells us that among the Andombis of the Congo the women are stronger and better developed than the men. They have a splendid physique. It is they who do all the more arduous work. Among the Papuans, likewise, the women are stronger than the men. A parenthetical reference may be made to the amazing strength of the Tahitian queen Oberea. Jaeckel quotes Captain Wallis as saying that she could carry him about as if he had been a child." The Dominant Sex, Chapter 7

weakerNov 19 2009 7:12am
No, Doug, the ibeciles accuse intelligent men of being homosexual because A: they are intensly jealous of their superior intellect, and wish they posessed likewise, and B: because intelligent men go against the antiintellectual macho grain, even the relatively intelligent members of that grain must 'dumb down' in order to fit in. This inevitably leads to the erroneous assertion that intelligence is a female trait.

an intelligent life formNov 19 2009 10:15am
Jack the Ripper is a great thinker. How are you doing Nick N?

Your Paul, PaulNov 21 2009 10:32am
Incorrect, doug. Intelligence is very much an overall Human quality, the true defficiency is mostly found in the anti-intellectual macho culture.

an intelligent life formJan 26 2010 3:59pm
To Your Paul, Paul: No, he doesn't look so. But maybe after several months in a mental hospital he will.

Nick NFeb 18 2010 6:47am
As a real woman (yes there are some here!) I feel that males inevitable status as slaves or mere property is beyond debate or serious discussion. True the male animal has the advantage of greater physical strength. But though so do other beasts like the Bull which ends up as food on our dinner plate. I dont suggest a Femal Supremacist state will take its full extent overnight. Its will be a gradual process of males moving from simply subordinate, to child like dependent, then slave and finally their true destiny of sub-human beast. Still, even as he animals they are males ( I prefer the term 'manimals') will still have utility for the divine Female. Here are a few recommended suggestions: -Domestic Male-serving a Womyn in her household. -Drone Male-A worker male required for heavy or menial labour outside -Breeder/Genitor Male-serving the reproductive needs of the Gynarchy. -Pony Male-A low carbon method of short distance travel for Womyn -Laboratory/Donor Male-For medical experimentation and donation of organs required by Womyn. -Guide Male-A talking dog for blind Womyn -Pleasure Male-To be used by heterosexual Womyn with no domestic. -Circus/Zoo Male-For the entertainment of Womyn -Retired Males-Male who had passed their useful service due to age or illness. These would be humanely put to sleep. -Bull /Livestock Male-Reared for Womyn wishing to eat male animals. -Prey Male-For Womyn wanting to hunt males on Horseback with hunting dogs.

Goddess AmandaMar 27 2010 1:07pm
So called "Goddess" Amanda is obviously not even clever enough to be a dunce, if those comments prove a reliable enough yardstick.

an intelligent life formMar 28 2010 2:35pm
An intelligent life form indeed! More like good material for fertiliser.

Goddess AmandaMar 28 2010 3:41pm
You will find much to your cost, my dear Mandy, that my desire to live will far exceed your will to convert me into plant food.

an intelligent life formMar 30 2010 3:16pm
Besides, Dear Mandy, what leads you to believe I am male? I may be female, for all you know.

an intelligent life formMar 30 2010 3:26pm
You consistently belittle naturally dominant Womyn on these forums so I have no doubt that you are an inferior arrogant male. The fact you have a modicum of intelligence does not mitigate against this. As for your desire to resist me and my sisters being quaint. When will you males learn that your wishes and desires are irrelevant? The tide of history is moving inexorably towards Female Supremacy and your puny arguments are not going to stop this. If you continue to mock and abuse Womyn in the coming Gynarchy your fate will not be enviable. I urge all males to work hard to serve and please their innate superiors. This is the only way you can expect mercy and consideration from your Female owners.

Goddess AmandaApr 02 2010 5:30pm
Dear Goddess Amanda, All that you say is so true. We males are a lower form of life and should be guided by Superior Females like yourself in all things. I would love to kiss your Divine feet and worship you.

a lower male life formApr 05 2010 2:24pm
That kind of respectful attitude is what I demand from my males. You show promise that you could be worthy of training in the Gynarchy. Work hard to serve and please all Womyn. As for the stubbornly disrespectful males here it is clear that a great cull will be required to purify society of their presence.

Goddess AmandaApr 05 2010 2:33pm
Thank you Goddess Amanda, I do as you command.

a lower male life formApr 05 2010 2:37pm
Thats a good manimal! One day all males will think as you do now. Anything less will be unacceptable!

Goddess AmandaApr 05 2010 2:40pm
Amanda I also want please sexy women. Only with my dick and balls... And nobody will ever "own" me because women are lazy and brainless.

AnonymousApr 06 2010 1:18am
Anonymous you are sadly typical of the inferior gender today. Driven by his own selfish notion of pleasure and fear of its innate superior. You can argue, abuse and try to demain your superiors on these boards as much as you like. Enjoy your pathetic deviance while you still can. Like a Tsunami Female Supremacy is coming whether you like it or not. The simple reality beast is that the future of men will be decided by Womyn whether you like it or not. Womyn are lazy and brainless! I would be insulted if that comment wasn't so hilarious!!! Look in the mirror little man. Its yourself you are describing perfectly.

Goddess AmandaApr 07 2010 2:17pm
I have no desire to resist anybody's efforts to better themselves, yet the kind of tyranny which you cite will be opposed by all good PERSONS unto their final, dying breath. DO. YOU. STILL. NOT. UNDERSTAND. WHAT. THIS. MEANS?! It is irrelevant what form this tyranny assumes, be it Matriarchy, Patriarchy, Communism Facsism, Nazism, Islam or what ever, tyranny will always fall before the sword of Justice. Please read and digest, Amanda.

an intelligent life formApr 09 2010 6:03pm
Why are some of you MALES refering to us as...females? We are WOMEN. Refer to us as women because we are so much more than our parts. It is not our fault you males are only as good as your precious c*ck and balls and do not earn the respect of being called men except for a possible few. Also why should a far superior woman even care what a dumb male thinks? Your only purpose should be to serve us and make us happy even if it makes you miserable. That is your tough luck for being born with BALLS.

GingerApr 13 2010 8:50am
It is very good that more women are "womaning" up, but please try to refrain from letting it go to your heads as most men did.

an intelligent life formApr 13 2010 3:31pm
I am not going to take lectures from males on ?tyranny?. Womyn have slaved under male oppression for millennia. Maybe you think you show intellect by using lots of big words for a male like Fascism , Communism or Islam? Actually, these patriarchal systems are synonymous to each other while being fundamentally different from Female supremacy. Why? Because Female supremacy is an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary movement. Patriarchal tyrants such as Nazis, Marxists or Jihadists all seek to impose their will through changing society from on top by a violent seizure of power. Female Supremacy does not require this because it can occur in a gradual way peaceful way from the ground up. As the old Feminist saying goes ?politics is personal?. Womyn do not need to exert their Superiority by violence. All we require is a level playing field. Give us that and the innate inferiority of males is plain to see. You may regard this as misandry or prejudice but if you take the time to study the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence you will see that Female superiority is an established fact not a dogma. If you disagree about that I have happy to direct you where you can educate yourself better. Look at the world around you and the violence that pervades it. Its coming almost universally from males. Look at violent crime. Its coming overwhelmingly from males. I believe a Gynarchy would be more peaceful and that most males would be overwhelmingly content to accede full authority of Womyn. Womyn on the whole are more humane, compassionate, and intelligent than males. Ultimately, Female Supremacy will benefit males and their Female superiors. You shouldn?t take every dark fantasy expressed on this board as a literal political manifesto. If you do you are clearly not half as intelligent as you claim to be.

Goddess AmandaApr 14 2010 11:06am
About a hundred years ago, a German couple wrote a very fascinating and informative book about the power swing between the sexes through the ages, it's called the dominant sex. It is available free to read online, just google it, it can be found on the first Google results page. Oh, by the way, the co-authors are Mathilde and Mathias Vaerting. Go read it, Amanda, I look forward to your feedback.

an intelligent life formApr 14 2010 2:33pm
And in answer to your question Ginger, you ARE females. But you are also women, just as males are also men.

AnonymousApr 14 2010 2:39pm
Typical arrogance. Rather than take up my invitation to offer you a reading list you feel the compulsion to jump in with a your own recommendation. So like a male to turn this into a competition and ego game. There is a Zen saying that you cannot fill a vessel that is already full. You have no interest in learning anything. Only sniping at others with your wise cracks and presenting yourself as some kind of sage.

Goddess AmandaApr 14 2010 3:45pm
The housewifes did still not came too me to enslave me? Why not? Because females are our slaves! And Amanda is still thinking females are superior. There are too few females who think that because they know we are undefeatable.

AnonymousApr 15 2010 6:07am
Amanda, what are you talking about? I comment here to inform and be informed. I therefore accept your invitation to offer me a reading list, if you would be so kind as to post said list. By the way, I'm all for sporting and friendly competition, but I do not do ego nor games thereof.

an intelligent life formApr 15 2010 2:21pm
Who's that silly anonymous fool?!?! Is it any wonder that women like Amanda feel the need to slate men.

an intelligent life formApr 15 2010 2:24pm
Thanks Anonymous. You are a shining example of the typical male inferiority I have been discussing.

Goddess AmandaApr 23 2010 2:19pm
For once, Amanda, we are in agreement. Unfortunately, there is no dearth of shining examples of female inferiority either.

an intelligent life formApr 23 2010 3:21pm
Amanda you can't find defend yourself anymore so you ignore it? Smart move to let see I am the "WINNER"of this discussion.

AnonymousApr 27 2010 6:08am
Anonymous, please identify yourself.

an intelligent life formApr 30 2010 4:04pm
what new female dominated world, haven't seen anything of that so far

AnonymousMay 25 2010 11:52pm
Goddess Amanda, when I read your words it starts to sink in a little more every time that men are destined to be enslaved. It feels very humbling to come to that realization. I would appreciate a reading list, as you referred to earlier to educate myself about the coming gynarchy.

bowing at her feetJun 11 2010 7:02am
Goddess Amanda its so refreshing to see a fellow Womyn Female Supremacist on this board.What you haev said is a basic tenet of what real Female Supremacy is about.Its beneficial to both males and Womyn.In a society and world run by Womyn we will have peace.With no war and far less crime all the money energy and lives lost to war and crime will dwindle to almost nothing. I think most males would be prepared to give up certain privelages and take on the propsect of a more properous peaceful world.

Big BrendaJun 20 2010 8:02pm
It is always a thrill to be permitted to read a conversation between Big Brenda and another Female Supremacist. I would love to be physically present at such a conversation, perhaps as a naked serving boy bringing the Wymyn drinks and snacks. Of course I do not know if I would worthy of serving such august Wymyn.

obedient husbandJun 27 2010 3:24pm
Big Brenda I will always defend my freedom, silly bitch.

AnonymousJul 04 2010 5:53am
Women are not taking over society...they already have. I have no problem with female superiority, as it is the natural thing to occur anyway. My wife, a very liberated woman, has taught me correctly, that females are just born superior and get better as they grow older. But it is also easier for me, as a liberated, modern and dominated man, to go through life, knowing the "brains and boss", my wife, has everything from sex to money to happiness under control.

jojoJul 08 2010 5:13am
Jojo, does She use corporal discipline on you?

obedient husbandJul 10 2010 5:25pm
No. She doesn't have to..I know my place, right behind her. And when we send mail, the return is now: Ms & Mr. Why fight a losing battle? I tried that in a boxing match with her, and got knocked too. But I have to accept her dominance, and it's not bad.

ttJul 13 2010 5:36am
tt signed for jojo...broken hand

jojoJul 13 2010 5:37am
Hello Big Brenda. Its lovely to have a fellow Sister in the cause of Global Female Supremacy to chat to! I have admired your posts here for a long time. I totally agree that a Gynocracy would offer a much more peaceful, sane and rational organization of society with Womyn at the helm. In reply to my critics I am not seriously proposing the mass extermination of all men! Its a common stereotype to label Female Supremacists as Femi-Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually think men are adorable creatures once they have been properly trained and have learned to be suitably obedient in the presence of their superiors. With society free of agendas based on male ego and aggression resources can be put into issues like world hunger, poverty and environmental damage. Its true I do think certain changes need to occur. Men would be required to renounce certain inappropriate rights such as voting, holding public office, management roles, or receiving tertiary education. In return Womyn would be caring and compassionate Guardians ensuring the best decisions were made for all. men that are willing to work hard in serving and pleasing Womyn have to fear.

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 11:12am
lol! A slight correction. Last line should have read : men that are willing to work hard in serving and pleasing womyn have nothing to fear.

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 11:16am
I was perfectly fine with Amanda's proposal,even including executing the elderly, until she mentioned eating men and hunting them as game

MasonAug 13 2010 12:11pm
Well, that's politics for ya' I guess

an intelligent life formAug 13 2010 4:56pm
Ah, Intelligent Life form. You seem to have been involved in these Discussions for a while. do these women actually believe what they write, or is this just some mass (Successful) trolling attempt?

Mason.Aug 14 2010 3:54am
Amanda you made one misstake. You are right most women are no Femi-Nazis. But on this "forum" there is a big difference. 99,99 see men as chauvanistic swines and want to punish them? How? Bust every day his balls, put them in a cage and make him a slave! I hate to use the word "Nazi" So I call these females bitches.

AnonymousAug 14 2010 8:56am
Mason, these creatures you speak of truly do bellieve what they write, and they disseminate their impropaganda via mass trolling, blogging and other such media.

an intelligent life formAug 14 2010 4:31pm
Just for the record I am not really a cannibal or a supporter of enforced eusthanasia! Sometimes Womyn like to indulge a bit of dark humour!!!! Amazing so many males fell for that. I suppose its close to some of their fantasies. However, my belief in Female superiority and the need for Womyn to be the exclusive decision makers is quite serious. I do not need to argue this out with anyone here. Its coming closer day by day. Still, I am a compassionate person. I dont believe in senseless cruelty and support animal rights. That includes males too. I am a vegetarian Mason so you can relax! However, I believe in firm discipline.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 8:42am
Haha, all right, Amanda. It's just in these discussions it's easy to take even the most ridiculous statements from you women to us Men as being serious. Can you explain to me the intentional misspelling of "Woman" that you all use, though?

Mason.Aug 15 2010 1:01pm
Your are rather disrespectful of Womyn Mason. However, I would accept some comments from Womyn here are at times more humorous than a serious poltical agenda. Sometimes Womyn just enjoy teasing men! Plus keep in mind anyone can be Female imposter here. Some of these comments could be from submissive men. To answer your question the term ''Womyn'' or alternatively ''Wimmin'' is a Gynocentric alternative to the patriarchal term "Woman". The word is used mainly by Radical Feminists and Female Supremacists who find it offensive to have the word "man" in the term ?Woman?. The problem with the everyday term ''Women'' or ''Woman'' is that is implies Womyn are just an appendage to men. This probably reflects the Judeao-Christian myth of Adam donating a rib to create Eve. As we now know from science the Female is the actual default template of humanity. maleness a genetic mutation that is dying out in the long term. The term Womyn restores the Female gender to its primacy in the cycle of life.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 2:09pm
To ''an intelligent life form'' The main troll here appears to be you!Why else would you hang out on discussion boards where the basic premise is Female Supremacy? I suspect you are sexually submissive male but are resisting your impulses with a torrent of rationalized arguments. I assure you once you take the path to submission you will see life quite differently. Let go of that fear and anger and embrace the Goddess!

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 2:17pm
I understand now,thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I don't, however, believe I was being terribly disrespectful, and least not nearly as much as others. If I was, however, it was unintentional and should be ignored.

MasonAug 15 2010 2:25pm
Might I contact you via E-mail? I have some questions and concerns for you, and I'd rather not rely upon this as a means of communication if it can be helped.

MasonAug 15 2010 3:18pm
Oh come now, Amanda, I'm no troller! One of the reasons I "hang out on discussion boards" is to promote egalitarchy. Patriarchy has proven itself to be unworkable, as did Matriarchy before it. If both sexes held power equally, men and women may keep an eye on each other, and be in a position for one to correct any errant behavior in the other. Under monosexual dominance, however, no such counterbalance exists. Consequentially, abuse of power tends to proliferate, eventually triggering a rebellion giving rise to a reversal in power dynamics that has been going on since who knows when. As for your speculation on my sex/gender and sexual proclivities, that's for me to know and you to cogitate upon. Now, let's consider your preoccupation with submission. It seems that the only ones expected to submit in your "novus ordo seclorum" is men, to women, the total opposite of the former situation! For a true New World Order, embrace Egalitarchy, the ultimate facilitator of TRUE progress. By the way, I beleive in a gender transcendant Divine immeasurably more powerful than any of your pitiful tribal idols. My submission is to the Divine law of goodness and righteousness, Eloheim is the only authority I will answer to, no other!

an intelligent life formAug 15 2010 4:32pm

Anon E. MooreAug 15 2010 4:33pm
To: Mason. As you must be aware my ideas are regretably not mainstream in our society yet. To offer my email here publicly here would open me up to various spam and males trolls. So I will have to decline your request.

Goddess AmandaAug 16 2010 1:09pm
To: ''an intelligent life form'' By the term troll I was referring to your arguments vs Female superiority which clearly go against the ethos of these threads. The votes are often above 90% in favour of such views. The audience here is therefore self selecting. Do you see yourself as some kind Lone Ranger or ''the last best hope for masculimity''? Your views are very conventional and pedestrian. They offer nothing not found in mainstream debate. People that come here are well aware of the equalitarian ideas you trot out. The reason they are here is that they have rejected this view and want to learn more about Female Supremacist ideas. In that respect your contribution here is redundant. If you want to post its your choice. However, dont delude yourself you are contributing anything of serious value.

Goddess AmandaAug 16 2010 1:20pm
Amanda, if I were arguing in favour of maledom and against femaledom, I would obviously not be furthering an Egalitarian agenda. If you would care to take the time to review my previous posts on these threads, you would understand that my arguments are vs male and female superiority.

an intelligent life formAug 16 2010 2:26pm
I understand. well, I humbly request That you address some of my concerns about an absolute matriarchy on here, I suppose. Be aware that I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely questioning you for educational purposes. Firstly: While I'll concede that women are on average more intelligent/superior/what i

MasonAug 16 2010 2:49pm
Have you, history has proven the top percentage of males to be capable of almost supernatural intellect. What makes a low-tier female superior to him?

MasonAug 16 2010 2:53pm
Have you, history has proven the top percentage of males to be capable of almost supernatural intellect. What makes a low-tier female superior to him?

MasonAug 16 2010 2:56pm
It would be foolish to claim there are no highly intelligent males. Or that there are no unintelligent Womyn. However, neither are especially common. Indeed those of the ''supernatural'' intellect you describe are exceptionally rare in any time and place. The Female Supremacist focuses on the mass experience of the individual genders rather than just a few exceptional individuals. So the argument for Female Superiority is based on comparing genders as a whole rather than picking out individual exceptions. Moreover, Female superiority is not just suggested on the higher intellectual or cognitive abilities that Womyn on average possess. In fact some Gynocracists dont raise this point at all. One powerful argument for Female superiority is Womyn's moral superiority. Womyn generally demonstrate more compassion, and empathy. men have a greater propensity for violence over others. As a student of history I can cite you innumerable examples to support this assertion. men also show an almost obsessive interest in sex. To be fair you cant help it. The release of Testosterone in the womb destroys other cognitive centres in the male brain to make place for the larger sex centres of in the male brain. The male greater tendency to violence and the constant distraction of compulsive sexual desire make males poorer decision makers. At it worst this leads to behaviour like murder, rape, and peodophilia. Womyn's primacy is also based in our role as the givers and nourishers of life. Its no doubt this role as Mothers that contributes to us being more caring and compassionate than men on average. Genetically, we now know the male genetic profile is literally a mutation of a female template. The male Xy genes are able to store considerably less information than the Female XX genes. As a result of only having one copy of the X gene males are more liable to disease and genetic disorders and. The primacy of the Female form is demonstrated by the fact that all babies in the womb are female for the first 8 weeks before the potential male child's brain is flooded by Testosterone poisoning. So perhaps a better to way to understand Female Supremacy is that it focuses on the primacy of Womyn in nature. In all societies throughout history Womyn and children have been protected while the men worked tirelessly or were sacrificed to protect them. men often willingly did this feeling their loss was in a higher cause. What was that? Essentially, the continuation of the species. While a society can still continue after most of the male population are killed in warfare or disease no society can sustain the elimation of most of its Womyn. Sorry guys but nature has decreed you are more expendable than Womyn. Look at animal farming. It only take one bull to imprenate hundreds of cows. Thus human society could go on quite well with a fraction of the male population we currently have. Moreover, there are now methods of artificial production of semen that will allow Womyn to reproduce without men at all.................... I am not adviocating the extermination of men. However, in terms of human life they are clearly more peripheral than Womyn. men were created by Womyn to be our workers, protectors and to provide breeding stock for us to reproduce. This way of presenting the facts may be too prosaic for some but it reflects the truths of nature.

Goddess AmandaAug 19 2010 3:42pm
I hope this reply answers most of your questions Mason. I was rather tired while typing this up so there are quite a few typos.

Goddess AmandaAug 19 2010 4:08pm
That's fine, I've been on the internet long enough that I'm more concerned about the spelling/grammar of myself than that of others. Yes, thank you for the lengthy reply, in fact that answers to some concerns that I haven't even thought of. All right. Well, if society ends up being taken over by a strict, albeit caring female regime, and if that ends up fixing up the of the problems left behind by men, when a more peaceful world is reached. Could some of the rights be returned to men at that point, just, to a lesser extent than is present now, obviously?

MasonAug 20 2010 10:37am
How far men's rights are taken away or restored will be decided by the future. I cannot guarantee a full Gynarchy will develop although a more matriarchal society is almost upon us. It might be good to clarify here the difference between Matriarchy and Gynocracy or Gynarchy? The former represents a society where the interests of Mothers and their children are central while the latter represents an exclusive government of Womyn. While patriarchy has defined our society for millenia there are undeniably existing trends taking us to a more matriarchal society. The legal system and Courts in many systems across the World tend to favour Womyn over men already. Womyn's growing ascendancy in the workplace favours this feminization of society. Womyn already have more consuming power and wealth than men and the Media is increasingly seeking to woo Womyn as the main drivers of market demand. The developing feminization of society can be seen in other ways such men adopting a more feminine physical look and the current trend away from masculine body hair. Womyn's growing economic independence means they are no longer dependent on men and can dictate the pace of their relationships more. Indeed with Womyn replacing men as the ''breadwinner'' in many relationships men are having to fit around their partners in a more supportive, traditionally Female role. Looking back at ancient pre-patriarchal societies ways in with Womyn were more central to society was through the sole rights to land/property holding and the matrilineal tradition of Royalty. The ancient Picts in Scotland practised these traditions. Even in patriarchal societies today such as Thailand we find the remnants of matriarchal traditions. For example in rural Thailand it is normally the daughter of the family that inherents property. Why might this be? I suspect this relates to Goddess worship in both these ancient cultures and Womyn being identified with the land. In modern societies clear ways to favour a matriarchal society would be for men to adopt the name of their partner so that that the Female line takes primacy. Equally, property rights would pass to Womyn exclusively. However, not all supporters of a matriarchal society would agree with this. Gynarchy on the ther hand refers to rule by Womyn. This could be either exclusively or in effective terms with Womyn making up the vast majority of the Government.

Goddess AmandaAug 20 2010 1:06pm
Eh, all right then. Forgive me if I don't understand all these terms. I'm still a rather young guy, (18) and haven't taken it upon myself to do any of my own research on the matter.

MasonAug 20 2010 1:33pm
To: Mason. As a male I dont really expect you to take all this in. I have learned not to overestimate the cognitive capacity of most males. All you really need to understand is that your role in life is to serve and obey Womyn. As a starting point start showing suitable respect. If you wish to address me in future I will expect you to address me as Ma'am or Goddess Amanda. If you are not ready to demonstrate that minimum level of respect for your Female superiors in future we have nothing further to discuss.

Goddess AmandaAug 30 2010 11:01am
You mean the truths of nature according to your mysandronistic female chauvanist agenda. In effect, you are little different from the likes of Charles darwin and his ilk citing examples from nature proving the "inferiority" of women. As for your claims of "male" violence, that was, and is intimately connected to the extant monosexual dominance. If you research into female dominance in the ancient past, you will find that 1) the women are no less combative than men in patriarchal cultures, 2) in female dominated cultures, the women mere/are actually PHYSICALLY BIGGER AND STRONGER than the men! You see, my friends, the afore mentioned physical differences between the sexes are not secondary sexual characteristics, as we have been lead to believe, but products of monosexual dominance, which are intimately connected to the lop-sided division of labour.

an intelligent life formSep 02 2010 4:17pm
That's true, Intelligent Life Form. Misogynist attitudes have prevailed in some areas of science in the past. I was shocked to read Darwin's theory about women being less evolved beings than men. But modern gynofascist arguments are simply those arguments redirected towards men. Most of the facts Darwin presented were true, as far as the science of his day were concerned, but facts are just inert information. It was his interpretation of what the facts mean, that put women in the inferior position, in his theory. It's a point I've been trying to hammer home on these forums when people bring up the "facts" of female biological superiority. Women have a higher tolerance for pain. Women recover quicker from illness. The one I love - women have two X chromosomes and therefore, a more complete set of genes, more information. We can accept all of these as facts. So what? What does it MEAN? The gynofascists say that it means women should rule over men. Men should serve women. Men should have their rights taken away. Men are less human. Maybe I'm a bit thick, but how do these conclusions follow from the biological facts? The truth is they don't. They're irrelevant to their conclusions. I've challenged Amanda to prove this connection several times. Of course, she side steps it and calls me an inferior male, not worthy of training. Classic propaganda tactic. Attack your opponent, not the argument. Your claims about female dominated cultures are interesting. I don't doubt the propensity for cruelty and violence, as that is a human trait, not an inherently male trait. However, I'm not aware of any societies in particular, female dominated societies that were excessively violent, in general. Certainly, there will be some violence though. Could you provide references where I could find this information? Secondly, about women being bigger and stronger than men in these societies, I find that hard to believe. Unless the men were artificially kept sedentary, to the point that their muscles atrophied, I find it highly unlikely. You mentioned the division of labor accounting for this, but even men who do little physical work, on average, will grow bigger than a woman in our society. Even a woman who works out regularly has to work her way up to be as big as the average man. We can't ignore the natural effects of testosterone. If you have documented evidence of this, I'd be interested to read it.

PatSep 04 2010 12:59pm
Okay, Pat, just google "The Dominant Sex" by Mathilde and Mathias Vaerting. You will find it on the first page of search results. Enjoy!

an intelligent life formSep 04 2010 3:26pm
P.S. After reading, please pass it on, Pat. Thank you.

an intelligent life formSep 04 2010 3:28pm
Pat incorrectly states he has challenged me to defend the case for Female superiority on numerous occasions. Incorrect. He has instead attacked in rather emotive terms the notion of Female Supremacy. The two are different although related. One is based on arguments for Female superiority while the other takes various forms of proposed poltical and economic paradigm based on Female primacy. I have never claimed that the genetic differences between men and Womyn are sufficient in themselves to justify a full Gynarchy. They are simply part of a cluster of factors that cumulatively make the case for Female superiority. It seems to me its utterly pointless discussing Gynarchic philosophy with sceptics here who challenge the basic proposition of Female superiority. So lets discuuss this notion itself. Throwing insulting labels around like 'gynofascist' is cheap and easy but not really conducive to the serious debate Pat claims to want. Incidentally, I am not aware of Womyn ever being Physically larger in any human society. This sounds more like the fantasy of a sexually submissve male to me. A Matriarchal society doesn't require Womyn to be physically bigger and stronger.

Goddess AmandaSep 05 2010 10:45am
Thanks, Intelligent Life Form, I'll check it out. I'm not sure I want to read an entire book on the internet though. I'm going to see if I can find it at the library.

PatSep 05 2010 11:28am
No, Amanda, check out the book. It's fact!

an intelligent life formSep 05 2010 3:23pm
Indeed, Amanda. The vaertings were many years ahead of their time. You will find that as you read through the book, that they did their research rather thouroughly.

an intelligent life formSep 07 2010 3:36pm
I am never opposed to studying any book.However, my previous experience of reading older books in this kind of area has taught me that many of the older sources used by academics are no longer regarded as reliable. Its not necessarily a criticism of these authors. The book might have been good for its time. However, the issue is whether its conclusions hold up to modern scholarship. It would also be difficult to check out many of the sources cited without a knowedge of German.

Goddess AmandaSep 08 2010 4:42pm
Well said Goddess Amanda you put things so beautifully and succinctly and really demonstrate your intelligence.Love your clarification of the difference between Womyns superiority and Womyns supremacy

Lou RollsSep 08 2010 8:33pm
It is quite obvious that the book's conclusions do hold up to modern scholarship standards, otherwise Virginia Uni would not have continued to stock it. The best way to find out for sure is to read it, as I have.

an intelligent life formSep 10 2010 4:20pm
I really cannot follow your logic here. The fact an old book is republished proves nothing regarding its academic reliability or the veracity of its conclusions. Mein Kampf is still published but noone would suggest its conclusions are valid. The book would certainly be of historic interest to students of Anthropology and Sociology. That doesn't prove your point that its conclusions are sound. Can you cite any modern books that reach similar conclusions? Your devotion to this one book is touching but rather one sided. Surely, a well informed person reaches a conclusion from a wide variety of sources rather than defending one source vs all others? Certainly, the former approach is the way I was trained academically.

Goddess AmandaSep 11 2010 5:59am
As many of the polls on this site allude to women supplanting men as the alpha gender in society, I find this book to be appropriate material for the subject at hand. In many cultures in various stages of civilization, women have occupied the dominant position, and in those cultures, the women's behaviour were very similar to that of men in male dominated cultures. Many of us, even now, still beleive that average greater male size and strength are naturally determined secondary sex characteristics, but consider the different lifestyles the sexes tend to live under monosexual dominance. In the formative years, the alpha children are better nourished than their beta brothers or sisters. This is caused by the prevailing beleif that, as the allegedly "stronger" sex, the alpha children need more food than the betas. Also, the alphas are encouraged to enjoy a far greater degree of exercise, physical activity and afforded far greater freedom of movement. When you consider the effect that such cultural imperatives have on bodily development, the effect upon bodily growth is considerable. Later in adult life, the alphas find their avocations outside the home, winning the bread and bringing home the bacon, and the betas staying at home, cooking, cleaning and washing. In short, it's the high impact lifestyle of the alpha gender that keeps them stronger, and the low impact lifestyle enforced upon the betas by the alphas that keeps the betas enfeebled. You make a good point on citing any modern books that reach similar conclusions, yet such material is hard to come by, I had enough trouble finding this book, yet still I percevere. As for Mein Kampf, I have often wondered with incredulity why the works of such an evil creature are still published, but as you say, such works are of interest to anthropologists and sociologists besides serving as warnings from history. And you are indeed correct in saying that a well informed person reaches (a) conclusion(s) from a wide variety of sources, but on subjects where other sources are somewhat thin on the ground, to say the least, one must do the best with what one has at hand while striving to find other relevant material.

an intelligent life formSep 11 2010 5:01pm
The problem with Mein Kampf is that Hitler couldn't write. I have tried to read it (in English translation) but stopped after 40 pages or so. I did read The Communist Manifesto (the other arc of 19th-20th century statism) and did make it all the way through if for no other reason that Marx could write better than Hitler (or maybe the translation was better). As a Libertarian Free Market person I suggest books are still published because people want to read them. A book usually goes out of print when there is no longer a demand for them. Obviously if Professors teach classes about the philosophy of the 20th century totalitarians (Marx wrote in the 19th but Lenin and Stalin lived in the 20th) their reading lists will fuel demands. As to the book written by the Germanic couple, the only place I have heard of it is on these boards and I do not know if one could walk into Barnes & Noble and just buy it.

obedient husbandSep 13 2010 8:04pm
You don't have to, o.h. simply type "The Dominant Sex" into the Google engine, you'll find it at the top of the first search results page.

an intelligent life formSep 14 2010 3:21pm
298 10/4/10

AnonymousOct 04 2010 12:55pm
umm how are they taking over? and what western society are you referring to? why don't you take a minute to get off the crackpipe and think a little more dude. they ain't takin over jackpoo, and they never will.fuc female supremacy...AND f*ck WOMENS RIGHTS. YOU CUNTSTAINS HAVE NO RIGHTS.

jacobOct 05 2010 6:39pm

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jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 6:38pm
Well obviously this is some kind of degenerate sick retards gathering on this poll. With rare exceptions. First, women have achieved this level of influence only because man LET them so. Second areas where women dominate (only by quantity and not by quality) are exclusively non-productive and mostly complete parasitic like law, politics, media, bureucraty and even so called business (unpoduictive ones) "social" based "education system". Higher "level of education" among women compared to men is consequence of opening and inventing completely unneccessary and unproductive quasi-sciences and studies so called "humanistic" or "social" "sciences" where women make large majority of students and employees. This complete parasitic "social" structure dominated by women is living and surviving only by taking from man made and operated productive branches of economy like industry, natural sciences, agriculture and similar. Constant grow of this female dominanted parasitic social burden will off course one day (and quite soon) bring complete western economy and society to it's collaps. Third, women didn't become stronger. They are naturally not capable of competing men either phisycally either intellectually. What this sick society does is not strenghtening of women but weakening of men. Making them soft (they call it "emancipated") and easy to manipulate sissyes using feminism, homosexuality and other deviant social movements. In areas like army, police, science (real, natural sciences), sports we are whitnesses of drastic lowering of standards only to enable naturaly inferior women to step into them. Well, can we really rely on army or police force dominated by women to protect our countries. Woow, that would be the day. There are two possible scenarios. If we men don't wake up, accept our natural leading role and responsibilities, become real man once again, like our forefathers were and put women where they belong - in the kitchen and with children, our society is doomed. Both men and women and their children will be overruned by primitive but much more vital islamic, east asian or other foreign civilisations. Female dominated society has absolutely no chance to survive because women are simly not capable to run things. This process is allready going on right in front of our very noses. Second scenario is much more likely to be. Women will gain even more political and economic power in western society and this will make this society weak and defensless. And when this female obsessed, soft and weak society confronts with islamic or some other culture, women will finaly realise their obvious limitations and run back to their man for protection. But question is will this soft, degenerated "emancipated" western men be able to give any protection?

RealistNov 02 2010 1:20am
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