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Do Women Have The Advantage When Negotiating With Men?

Question: It sometimes seems men are intimidated by competitive women. Do women have the advantage over men when negotiating in business?
Created by: truthseeker at 03:34:43 PM, Thursday, May 06, 2004 PDT


Get the JOB done right the first time, Hire a Woman!" Today its clear that the new symbol of competence, capability, endurance, confidence, and INTELLIGENCE is a young WOMAN! Competence because women learn faster and have superior memory. Capability because women are better educated than ever before in history. Endurance because women are proving they can do anything longer, harder, faster, and better than males ever could. Confidence because women openly know they are the SUPERIOR gender and aren't sorry to boast about it! Intelligence because science now proves that women have the better brain, something that women have always known!

ZeroWomanMay 07 2004 1:32pm

Men will always be dominant; they have been since recorded history. It?s in men?s nature, if they can?t win at first they will win later, especially the white male.

who?@hotmail.comMay 07 2004 9:30pm
Nonsense. Women have the upper hand all the way. Men experience more anxiety when competing against a woman because they fear the humiliation of losing to a female. This anxiety is a distraction and gives the female the advantage. If anything, the tables have been turned on white males more than any others.

MichelleMay 08 2004 7:53pm
Since recorded history? You ain't been reading your ancient history books. All societies started as matriarchies. Read more.

AnonymousMay 10 2004 3:27pm
Men will always win against other men. Yes, it's in their nature to compete with each other. But do men compete with women? I don't think so--it's not in their nature. I think who? is way off base here.

Kevin Canadian BaconMay 11 2004 11:36am
Canadian Bacon is right, men are comfortable competing against one another, but not against women. Its like there is no honor in beating the weaker sex, because the man is supposed to win, and you are taking advantage of a helpless woman. Women, on the other hand, rally around the challenge to beat a man at his own game. They have nothing to lose, and that gives women a big advantage.

FrankMay 11 2004 11:27pm
Women don't have the advantage when negotiating with a rock. Why do you thik its so easy for us guy to string your pathetic emotions around and then leave you crying?

JoeMay 16 2004 8:03pm
Joe, you are probably attracted to weak women (which are becoming an endangered species). I don't see women like the ones you describe, and I have little respect for weak women. You, however, need them, I would suspect--the way a bully needs a little twerp in the neighborhood.

A manMay 17 2004 8:59am
A man apart, just like that Vin Diesel movie! no dude I don't need em there everywhere, women get all emotional about everything.

JoeMay 17 2004 7:55pm
Do you mean "They're everywhere"?

AnonymousMay 18 2004 9:59am
Heh, why is it that men who acknowledge that women are at least their equals, if not superior, can write intelligently? On the flip side, the fellows here who think males are superior write worse than 2nd graders. Duh.

HHMay 18 2004 10:13am
Because smart men have learned how to set aside ego and fear. Smart men analyze objectively. Stupid, uneducated men allow ego and fear to dictate their answers.

DougMay 18 2004 10:15am
As Joe said, "...women get all emotional about everything...." Well, is anger an emotion? Do men get angry? Do they commit crimes because of anger? Roadrage? Yes, anger lands more men in jail than women. Women may be more in touch with their emotions, but they can control their actions instead of letting emotions take control.

TammiMay 18 2004 1:34pm
Dude what the hell? I think women are better and I can't spell worth a crap, but at Least I admit it.

JoeMay 19 2004 12:16am
and yeah anger is an emotion but its not a weak one, and lots of people don't get angry. Women should run the world though because we will be less violent, color cordinated, and we can all cry all the time whether we are sad, happy, angry, bored, running on a treadmill.

JoeMay 19 2004 12:19am
Joe you are priceless.

DanMay 19 2004 12:20am
No need to put a price tag on something that's worthless. Yes, priceless.

TammiMay 19 2004 11:48am
Well, love Joe or hate him, you gotta give it up for the man that makes you remember the days you cried while running on a

BrianMay 19 2004 6:23pm
I hate to say it, but when it comes to whining and complaining, men do it more than women do.

HHMay 20 2004 12:04pm
I think Joe could use a hefty dose of copulins....

TammiMay 26 2004 2:00pm
I'm sooo horny and I desperately need a copulins fix, but (weep, weep) I ain't got no woman to love me... Its so depressing being male.

depressedMay 27 2004 8:46pm
Most men melt on the inside when confronted by an attractive woman. She can have things any way she wants at that point.

CarrieMay 31 2004 6:57pm
Not just attractive women, but those women with powerful pheromones or copulins can quickly take control of a situation involving men.

AnonymousJun 02 2004 10:18am
yeah, ok, sure.

AnonymousJun 02 2004 10:08pm
Used car dealers would say that women do not have an advantage.

Auto ZoneJun 09 2004 5:27pm
Used car dealers would say anything. Besides, women don't buy used cars, they get men to buy them new ones.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 10:16pm
Women are more appropriate for today's business world. The female advantage is obvious.

ValJun 14 2004 8:44pm
I left a white collar job to work in the building trades for this exact reason. I found myself unable to have the ruthless instinct it takes for success when negotiating with females. They seem to have intuition beyond what we can understand. There is something about the way a woman sizes you up and that piercing eye contact a she gives you, and you just know she can read you like a book. I could feel myself coming apart on the inside every time.

Ron J.Jun 25 2004 11:26pm
I can bullpoo my male manager, but not my female director. I'm terrified if I have to give unpleasant news to any female superior at this large company, but if I have to do the same with a male superior, I'm much more relaxed because I can bluff my way through it.

Kevin Canadian BaconJun 28 2004 10:43am
We used to have a male supervisor in our department, and we all got away with whatever we wanted for a long time. No one paid attention to tardiness or other productivity issues and it was real casual. Then they demoted him and hired a female supervisor from outside the company. Now there are strict rules and we have to document and account for every minute of our time. She is like an efficiency expert and has completely changed the envirnment at work. The guys can't stand working for her because she watches everything we do. If we finish our work, she creates more. The problem is production has gone way up since she has been there and the company loves her. Women are definitely harder to get anything over on. It's like they have something to prove, so it's not enough to be equal, they have to be better. So they push you to make them look better.

VinceJul 02 2004 11:04am
Yes, it's ironic that the over-achieving females are that way because they still have something to prove. They're still insecure. What does that tell you? Even competent women aren't sure they can make it in a man's world. It's better if they stick with the kind of management that it's already proven women are good at - cooking, cleaning, and childcare.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 8:27pm
It means they are perfectionists driven by ambition. They enjoy competition.

AnonymousJul 03 2004 12:13am
Perfectionists driven by ambition, thats what I think every time they give me a blowjob.

AnonymousJul 13 2004 7:51pm
Any woman who would give a man a blowjob has no respect for herself.

AnonymousJul 21 2004 8:39am
Thats a crapload of women their, bub.

AnonymousJul 30 2004 8:06pm
Respect for herself? A woman doesn't need to respect herself, she needs to respect her man.

AnonymousAug 14 2004 8:07pm
Females definitely have the edge these days because everything is slanted in their favor. They are taking over and it is politically correct to step aside and let them have everything their way.

Concerned maleAug 21 2004 9:12pm
Women "have the advantage" because they are superior. If you do your own unbiased research, you'll reach the same conclusion. Just search for "women are better" and who'll see they have better stamina, memory, senses(smell, taste, touch), they are better learners, their brains are better, even their chromosomes. And then search for the reverse (men are better). This search won't take very long but you will find a few jokes sites. There is no reason to assume they men and women are equal, just different. It's a nice idea, but the facts show clearly that women are superior and in most every way except for brute strength. So yes, they have the advantage because they are superior AND they have sexual power over men. Deny it, argue it if you want, but that won't change the truth.

STTGSep 13 2004 5:13am
For years I have been seeing articles and books illustrating the superiority of women. It used to upset me because I did not want to concede that it might be true. Now I am getting used to the idea, and there are so many scientists claiming this that I have become convinced.

AnonymousJan 01 2005 10:52pm
I'm horny.

AnonymousJan 27 2005 5:50am
As a woman I always have a big advantage when negotiating with my's called my knee!!!!

ShelleyFeb 17 2006 1:56pm
Women have the advantage, because they can convince us to do anything they want. How many times do you win an argument with you girl friend? Exactly... we end up saying we're sorry, and do whatever it takes to make them happy.

SethFeb 28 2006 6:52pm
Right on Shelly. That's the only thing some males understand.

ballbreakerMar 02 2006 12:30am
Shelley you are so right.A male who continues to argue when he has heard a superior aguement presented by a Womyn should be kneed in the balls or at the very least slapped round the face very hard.Tammi you are also right males should be fed copulins till they come out thire ears.

Big BrendaJun 06 2006 5:30pm
I don't understand Shelley's comment. What is she trying to say?

HSG (High School Graduate)Aug 06 2006 9:31pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 12:00pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 10:57pm
#049 - Mon. 3/5/07

UpdateMar 05 2007 12:11pm
#0050 - (Mon.) 4/2/07

AnonymousApr 01 2007 10:54pm
HSG must have been at the bottom of the class?

AnonymousApr 09 2007 11:08am
They have always had the bigger mouths, that's for sure,pity they don't use them for the right purpose

mike sJul 25 2007 3:34pm
My brother is ovulating

King KongDec 01 2007 10:16pm
Yes because a vagina is the biggest bargaining chip. Without a vagina, there are no negotiations.

A man who, of course, is without a vaginaMar 29 2010 2:44am
I hate negotiating with an attractive woman that knows how to use her assets. Short skirts and a cleavage can make you loose your focus totally. It has happened to me a couple of times. The worst thing happened when I had to deal with a youn, very attractive woman. When she showed up she first shocked me when she had the firmest handshake I had ever experienced from a woman, it actually hurt. She also held my hand a little big longer than normal. She had already there established an advantage. When she was sitting down she showed a lot of her muscular yet attractive legs, I had to focuse a lot not to look to much. 2-0 to her. And then she in the middle of the negotiation took off her jacked showing a big cleavage and big breasts and very muscular arms for a woman. This was too much and I lost almost all my concentration. She did a fanastic negotiation and I nearly lost my job for doing so badly. And I think many men are the same as me.

FoolSep 29 2010 12:27am
in the Kali Yug [the current Age, we are living in ] "O Yudhisthir in the Kali Yug Men will behave like women & women like men ,Might will prevail , Justice will be denied ,Love will be ridiculed ,ethical behaviour will die a natural death ,Greed will maximize & the human race will inexorably move towards annhilation "! Lord Krishna ---it seems the signs are ominous & pointing to Armageddon !!!!

Ashesh GhoseFeb 16 2011 8:06am
Big Brenda is crazy and stupid.

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