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Iraqi Prisoner Abuse: Genuine Outrage Or Political Opportunity?

Question: Is the outrage genuine, or is this just a political opportunity? Do people feel obligated to express outrage because they fear what others might think?
Created by: MSV at 09:53:11 AM, Tuesday, May 11, 2004 PDT


The Dems are just jumping on this because none of the other strategies against Bush have been effective. With the help of Congress, they've been trying to create any kind of conspiracy scandal they can manufacture for months. What is ironic is Kerry is falling in the polls in spite of the effort.

Bruce WilkinsMay 12 2004 11:45pm

There has never been any outrage over any of the atrocities against Americans, and yet they're acting like the end of the world is here because a few terrorists had their picture taken with panties over their heads. Let's get serious! This wouldn't even be an issue if this wasn't an election year.

AnonymousMay 14 2004 12:09am
It turns out some of the photos are fakes. I'm starting to think maybe it is just politicians trying to create an issue.

AnonymousMay 14 2004 12:00pm
The Democratic party in the United States are the best allies a terrorist organization could ever have. The attention the scandal has gotten is obviously being generated by people who want the present administration out of office. The problem is they are weakening their own country for a stab at re-gaining power.

BillMay 16 2004 10:55pm
The soldiers in Iraq who are now being prosecuted had the right idea. The best way to exact revenge from an Arab is through sexual humiliation. Brutality has no effect, as that is what they are used to. They should give those guards medals, not put them in jail. Hopefully, it won't take them nuking one of our cities for the U.S. to stop all this phoney political correctness.

AnonymousMay 22 2004 1:11pm
One of the charges was that prisoners were sexually fondled by female guards. I really wonder how many got erections. That is the real test.

CHANMay 30 2004 11:41pm
John Kerry has no business commenting on this issue because he admittedly committed war crimes himself. The same goes for any liberal who supports him.

RandyMay 31 2004 10:11pm
I don't know if the prisoners got erections, but I sure did!

AnonymousJun 14 2004 9:18pm
That England babe looked pretty kinky. Where do I sign up?

BillyJun 27 2004 10:49pm
I don't like Bush, I think he's a short sighted fool but the prison atrocities are a joke. What kind of treatment do people expect to find in a place like that? Blow jobs and swedish massage? 72 virgins? Besides, how well are Iraqis treated in their own federal prisons? I'm with Billy, that England Babe might not be as pretty but she looks like more fun than Jessica Lynch. Having said all that though, the Republicans would jump all over it just as much as the Democrats.

AnonymousJul 21 2004 9:50pm
Oh god! I havent been laid in a year, I guess I will become an Iraqi prisoner! lol

AnonymousFeb 11 2006 1:11am
I do not condone the torture and abuse of the American soldiers but I did get a twinge of excitement to see so many males many of them probably very sexist and supporters of the patriarchy get humiliated and punished by Womyn.The pain both physical and mental these men have probably given to their Womyn folk has in some way been repaid.

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