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should you pay more for less

Question: hi im here to ask a important question should you pay more for a i mac and get less features than you would get im lets say a hewlett packard 8650c the packard has a wrewritable cd drive and a seprate drive for playing dvd s and the fact that you canuse the dvd drive for playing games and to copy from disk to disk. all the i-mac has is a regular drive no dvd no cd recorder ill leave the choise up to you
Created by: KoRn kid00 at 11:48:50 PM, Wednesday, June 21, 2000 PDT


It all depends on the quality of the product in question.

an intelligent life formNov 13 2009 9:19am

This one

Woman Aug 21 2016 3:38pm
Dear Maria, I'm not talking to Iz until he gives you chocolate, foot massage kissing pedicure, and dinner for a week

Woman Aug 21 2016 3:40pm

izmaelAug 21 2016 3:47pm
No don't talk to me, until you do what i say. I don't have men who refuse my orders. Every night go to her place kissing her feet, giving her pedicure, massaging her feet, prepare dinner and wait for any other orders from her

Woman Aug 21 2016 3:49pm
Bit now she's sleeping

IzmaelAug 21 2016 3:51pm
I don't care. So don't chat until you go tomorrow to her place, or beg her now to allow you to come to her place

Woman Aug 21 2016 3:52pm
Last question

mariaAug 21 2016 4:06pm
Hi Maria

Woman Aug 22 2016 12:23am
Maria, Izmael should come to your house tonight otherwise I'm not going to marry him

Woman Aug 22 2016 10:58am
Hi I'm back from my first gym day

mariaAug 22 2016 4:14pm
Really how was it darling? Did Izmael visited you? Or told you that he'll come?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:16pm
He will come later because now my bf is here

mariaAug 22 2016 4:19pm
It was hard but I'm pushing myself from my first day, I saw my bf training with me and I asked him to try his max with biceps and he did one with 15 kg

mariaAug 22 2016 4:20pm
Okay tell me when he comes, and tell how his massage and worship is?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:20pm
15, pfff he's just another whimp man. Train for few months and you'll be able to lift much more than this.

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:21pm
Really you think so? 15 isn't much for you I guess

mariaAug 22 2016 4:24pm
Yes I'm pretty sure you're a woman πŸ’ͺ🏻 not a useless man, trust yourself. Sure it's nothing i warm up with 40

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:25pm
I trust your suggestions! 40 warm up oh wow you are a beast my friend

mariaAug 22 2016 4:26pm
What type of training did you do?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:26pm
I used all body warm up and weights couch teaches me how to use weights and machines for a month i need to keep tge same program

mariaAug 22 2016 4:28pm
Yes you should trust your strength and ability, and be so sure that in few months your boyfriend and Izmael would be like babies comparing to you. Thank you I know I'm a real monster πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:28pm
Did what's the best part of being so strong in practical things in everyday life?

mariaAug 22 2016 4:29pm
Good that's great, nice start. You told the couch that you're planning to build muscles right?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:29pm
Yes but I don't want to tell my bf yet, I want him to discover it when is too late

mariaAug 22 2016 4:30pm
1- men are so scared from meπŸ˜‚ 2- I control my husband and many other men, I can have sex with as much as I want from different men. 3- I'm independent woman I don't ask for help people ask me for help

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:31pm
Good plan. He'll be so surprised that you're stronger than him, can't wait until this happen. Make sure stupid Izmael not tell him.

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:32pm
People ask you for help?

mariaAug 22 2016 4:32pm
Iz is very afraid of you i guess

mariaAug 22 2016 4:33pm
Not people (husband, friends etc..) like I lifted my fridge to my apartment, i lift heavy things rtc..

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:33pm
He should be, as long as he hasn't showed up at your place he should be so scared. I told him he should serve you for entire week to be forgiven

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:34pm
Why don't you ask your husband to do it for you first and see him fail than u lift or move this heavy stuff for him

mariaAug 22 2016 4:35pm
Entire week? Uh I'm a lucky girl:)

mariaAug 22 2016 4:35pm
I'm so bored of such things. I've been married for 6 years when I want to humiliate a man now I do it in a direct way.

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:36pm
What is the feeling when someone come to you to lift or move heavy things

mariaAug 22 2016 4:37pm
Yes honey you're. You'll have a proper dinner, foot massage foot worship every night for a week plus anything you wish

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:37pm
I love it. It gives great feeling of being superior to men, they will so humiliated

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:38pm
Which examples can you share regarding you being in charge of moving heavy things?

mariaAug 22 2016 4:40pm
I want you to humiliate Iz, when he comes to you. I want to make sure that he's a submissve man to women. So make sure to kick him in the face say somethings bad about him, makes him clean places of your body, makes him take off and put on your shoes for you etc..

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:42pm
As I talked like a thousand times, I lifted my house furniture and fridgrs, I change my four wheel car teir every time with one hand. That's the only heavy things I have around me, not much heavy things, in the world these days don't you agree??

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:44pm
I don't agree they are all super heavy

mariaAug 22 2016 4:45pm
Al will have to copy from you to have bit of strength

mariaAug 22 2016 4:46pm
I meant what other heavy things I should left?? And there's no much experience when you lift somethings you just lifted from a place put it in another place that's it.!!!!

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:47pm
No you should have from my strength darling. Would you do to Izmael what I said??

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:48pm
For you is very easy but for me all this lifting is crazy

mariaAug 22 2016 4:49pm
You are my teacher i do to him what you ask

mariaAug 22 2016 4:49pm
I know soon after you train you'll have the strength to do it.

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:50pm
Great Maria, call him see if he's coming tonight?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:50pm
I want to lift my bf from a point to one other

mariaAug 22 2016 4:51pm
Yes sure what's your bf weight??

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:52pm
He's working now

mariaAug 22 2016 4:52pm
Around 80

mariaAug 22 2016 4:52pm
Tell him to come when he finish? Honey I remember you should eat more much more after the gym especially chicken and meet alright?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:53pm
Okay that's nothing. He's like a child πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:53pm
Much more? I hope my titts will grow as well eh eh.

mariaAug 22 2016 4:54pm
What do you mean he's like a child

mariaAug 22 2016 4:54pm
Ya they will. You should be heavier than your bf. What's your weight??

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:54pm
I mean I can lift 200 or more so 80 is a kidπŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:55pm

mariaAug 22 2016 4:55pm
I really want to see him in your arms

mariaAug 22 2016 4:56pm
70 that's perfect so only 10 kg differences that's nothing. Soon you'll be a musclar woman with 90 kg all muscles and tits not fat πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:56pm
Yes just bring him to me, I'll make him our real baby πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:57pm
That's a very good idea i just don't want to disturb you asking for lift my bf

mariaAug 22 2016 4:58pm
Don't worry I love carrying adult men naked. What's the good idea?

Woman Aug 22 2016 4:59pm
To hold him up treating him like a baby

mariaAug 22 2016 5:00pm
Ya it's great thing. It's so exciting. When you gain muscles he'll be your baby too, he might start calling you mummy πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:01pm
Many men around me calling me mum although I'm younger than them and don't have any child πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:02pm
Al go to mum woman and ask her to candle you and feed you

mariaAug 22 2016 5:03pm
Why do they call you mum

mariaAug 22 2016 5:04pm
Haha, exactly. He'll come to me helpless to feed him, while you will be having foot massage by IzπŸ˜‚. This's the strong women nice life πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:05pm
Because i lift them cardle them, breastfeeding them. Protect them, responsible for their expenses so almost I'm their mumπŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:06pm
Poor Al i guess watching your muscles size is always humiliating for him

mariaAug 22 2016 5:06pm
Breastfeeding? Protection from what?

mariaAug 22 2016 5:07pm
Haha, sure after a while he'll be totally convinced that women are the strongest sexπŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:07pm
Protection by letting them at the house responsible for nothing. Yes I give them my breast so they can feel safe, and sleep well.

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:09pm
After the example you gave me yesterday when you don't let him down i understand why he can be tired

mariaAug 22 2016 5:09pm

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:09pm
I thought you defend them by bullies

mariaAug 22 2016 5:09pm
Tired of fighting to get down because your arms are too strong

AnonymousAug 22 2016 5:10pm
I do, if that necessary, but when people see them with me no one dare to do anything. And they're not allowed to go alone

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:10pm
Haha exactly

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:11pm
I think you get so used to win that now is boring lifting a guy

mariaAug 22 2016 5:12pm
Btw now i just have a handsome guy doing me feet massage ( iz is here!)

mariaAug 22 2016 5:13pm
Actually it's so so boring to me, this's why I focus on ways to humiliate them. Because nothing new about beating them and they don't feel ashamed if i win against them because it's so obvious I'm way stronger

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:14pm
Ohh really that's great. How's he doing your feet massage? Did he use water were you wearing socks or shoes make him kiss your feet

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:15pm
Wow beating mam is so easy that is boring now...azimg

mariaAug 22 2016 5:15pm
Actually yes so boring give me specific details about my future cucklod husband πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:16pm
Have you ever slapped someone in the face?

mariaAug 22 2016 5:16pm
Yes many times and in the ass. You should try it with Iz now

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:17pm
He's using hot water and some perfumed salts. ..its amazing he is soooo good

mariaAug 22 2016 5:18pm
Also slap in the face? What did the guy did after

mariaAug 22 2016 5:18pm
Really I'm so glad that you're liking it. As I told you he should kiss suck your toes you should slap or kick him, makes him clean some of your body parts, and cook you nice heavy dinner.

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:19pm
He cried πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:19pm
I will but now I'm enjoying his feet massage it's amazing

mariaAug 22 2016 5:20pm
Do you feel mummy when a guy cry after a slap?

mariaAug 22 2016 5:20pm
Sure enjoy it to the max. That's great news. Can I ask you questions what's your foot size?

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:21pm
Yes so so much it's absolutely great feeling hope you can try it some day

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:22pm
37 you should try him

IzmaelAug 22 2016 5:22pm
Iz absolutely he'll spend half his life by my feetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The only problem my foot size is 48 so he'll be chocked with my feet when I'll give it to him to suck itπŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:23pm
It's crazy you are not just stronger but so f*cking strong that a normal guy looks like a toy for you

mariaAug 22 2016 5:23pm
48 is bigger than his own 42

mariaAug 22 2016 5:24pm
Thank you. Yes that's very good description they're toys, don't know what to do with them. Hahaha

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:24pm
I know he told his 41, I like that I'm much bigger than him. Let's see if he struggles with your 38 that means I'll have so much fun with him. πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:26pm
Ok please answer without lies...imagine i let you meet my bf and I leave you guys alone for some hours, what would you do to hin!??

mariaAug 22 2016 5:26pm
Without lies, first thing I'll naked him then lift him and cardle him, and we'll compare muscles together I'll make fun of him. If I like him honestly I'll rape him ( if you're fine with that) if I don't like him I'll put him on my thighs and slap him then he'll spend the rest of the time kissing my feet and cleaning my ass.

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:29pm
How's Iz going on??

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:30pm
Hey Honey where did you go? You still having your foot massage?

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:34pm
Anyway honey you look like you're having a good time with your new slave. As I told you, foot worship, toes suck, slapping him on his with your feet and hand. Makes him clean your ass below me it's absolutely great feeling. Just consider him your Absloute toyπŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:42pm
I want tomorrow a detailed information of how he spent his night? Alright women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻 Enjoy

Woman Aug 22 2016 5:43pm
Wow sorry massage was so amazing I fell asleep, this mmorning I woke up with good food on fridge and Al thinks I have prepared for him and eated almost all of it without asking :(

mariaAug 23 2016 1:18am
How rude is he? So you didn't humiliated him or did any of my advice. :((

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:30am
I was slapping his face with my feet. ..but he is a professional massaging so it was too awesome. ..

mariaAug 23 2016 1:33am
Yes very rude i bet he'll never do again if I had muscles like yours i bet you flex and guys start to be afraid

mariaAug 23 2016 1:34am
Would be so funny to go on the sofa he's sleeping now and lift him up with the sofa to wake him up any ask why he stole my food

mariaAug 23 2016 1:37am
Woman&maria hi! Was it good the mass age than?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 1:40am
Haha ya it would be so funny he'll wake up terrified. Good girl always men place are either our feet or asses. You should do all the humiliation things we agree on tonight for Iz.

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:41am
Iz😑 Not Maria Boss Maria you ideot.

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:42am
I can't always do because Al is around and my free time I'm trying to train

mariaAug 23 2016 1:43am
Boss Maria sorry again

IzmaelAug 23 2016 1:44am
What the things that you can't always do honey?

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:45am
But I love if you do it i want to see how those muscles flex lifting him :)

mariaAug 23 2016 1:45am
Dominate him because i have not much privacy

mariaAug 23 2016 1:45am
Absolutely I'll do it to him when I'll meet you. It's so easy to lift a man on the couch πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:46am
I want him to live a fat when not even a sec his feet go to the floor and he cries for desperation realising how weak his compared to you

mariaAug 23 2016 1:48am
So Al doesn't know that Iz is worshipping your feet?? Iz is a nice guy he can come when you have free time or you can go to his place and dominated him there. Right Iz 😈πŸ’ͺ🏻. Maria this's so important for you to become independent strong woman

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:48am
No Al doesn't know i want him to know at this dominant thing when I will get much stronger than him

mariaAug 23 2016 1:49am
Well sure he'll be begging just for letting him touch the floor. You'll have the decision when he should go on the floor eat sleep and any other thing. And I'll make him obey you πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:50am
Okay but you should dominate a male that's the most important step to become the woman you want. So you'll dominate Iz at his house. Right my future husband 😈

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:52am
Woman you think he can hold your arm in 2hands or they're too big? And boobs?

mariaAug 23 2016 1:52am
You want one other person to dominate me?!

IzmaelAug 23 2016 1:52am
Actually he might be able to hold my arms but boobs, not in a million years. They're cow boobs πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:53am
You like when a guy pray you and you keep easy lift up? Is a psychological break down

mariaAug 23 2016 1:53am
Until you become my husband, Maria will be your boss and responsible for you. Do you understand? Men shouldn't be without a woman

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:54am
Yes this sometimes happen. They start crying like a babies and shaking from their fears

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:55am
But I must do heavy lifting still

IzmaelAug 23 2016 1:55am
Will you laugh or become mummy or tease when they cry from frustration?

mariaAug 23 2016 1:56am
After all having strong wife isn't bad if she likes to do hard work, gardening for example

IzmaelAug 23 2016 1:58am
Izmael your way to me go throw your boss Maria, maria actually it depends on my mood πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 1:59am
I guess 23 inches of muscles are impossible to encircling with just two hands

mariaAug 23 2016 2:00am
Ya I think you're right but you kept telling me that your boyfriend is a big guy, so I thought he might do it. Anyway honey I got to go you should meet with Iz tonight do all the things we agreed on. Talk to you later.

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:02am
He's big but for me for you is a child I d love to see him crying and hide his face between your enormous titts

mariaAug 23 2016 2:03am
I will go to his place, any ideas what to do to him?

mariaAug 23 2016 2:04am
Nobody even cares for answering me???!

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:06am
Izmael what do you want?? Maria is responsible for you until I marry(own) you. Do you understand? Maria go to his place he'll be waiting for you on the door, he'll immediately take off your shoes, kiss your feet. Then, you'll go to his room he'll bring the salt and the hot water then, he'll start the massage after a while you'll order him to start kissing and sucking your toes.

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:22am
Then I suggest that he should clean your ass by licking your *sshole πŸ˜‚. You later kicking slapping consider him as a toy you'll train at. Imagine him your bf and start training πŸ˜‚. I need to ask you so important while you're doing these things so don't forget to text me when you're in his house alright??

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:24am
If course i will. ..;)

mariaAug 23 2016 2:28am
Will you like to do the same with Al please?

mariaAug 23 2016 2:28am
You know he's a very sport passionate and every Friday he must go see football with friends at the bar ill love to see you holding him for one arm and forbidd him to go he'll get sooooo mad

mariaAug 23 2016 2:30am
I said that having a strong wife can be useful in gardening because I'm lazy to move things in the back yard

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:31am
Plus boss Maria you can't stop Al that's his passion eheh

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:32am
Good girl. Did you listen Iz your boss Maria is coming to you 😈? Sure I do this with all men I know, all of them know the taste of my feet and assπŸ˜‚. I'll prevent him from leaving without a permission from his girlfriend how's that sounds?

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:33am
Well of course i cannot now, but woman will help me and we will both gonna tease him, he cannot compete with her

mariaAug 23 2016 2:33am
Izmael you'll have this wife, all men are lazy so they need such wives. First you have to satisfy your boss Maria. And Al will soon stop the bar I promise

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:34am
I know is very hard but promise one day you will lift him overhead as high as you can and start to tease him while he's up there (he is very scared about heights)

mariaAug 23 2016 2:35am
He fears hight, that's so perfect. I'll wear high heels, 15 cm, so I'll be 2.10 and I'll lift him above my head he'll be terrified πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:38am
But you would not be upset if you have to do the heavy work because your husband is weak or lazy? What neighbours will think!

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:38am
Wow 2.10 meters his face will look straight at your mountains titts, have you tried already to lift someone on high hills overhead?

mariaAug 23 2016 2:40am
Neighbors, they all know who am i. They have been stepped by my feet before. They know that my husband poo his pants when I'm around πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:41am
They'll think you are a lazy ass iz!

mariaAug 23 2016 2:41am
Yes I did. Maria they'll think Iz my new bride πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:42am
I'm not lazy I'm just not very happy to move benches, rocks, trees around

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:42am
Why bride?

mariaAug 23 2016 2:43am
Izmael you're a man and men are useless weak and lazy. I meant as I'm the man and he's the woman πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:44am
Iz i think for woman moving benches isn't soo hard you can sit that bench and still she'll move it

mariaAug 23 2016 2:44am
If wasn't for your enormous titts and someone shows me just an arm muscle picture i would say that you are the groom for sure

mariaAug 23 2016 2:46am
I don't think i would like to be in that bench will be very embarrassing

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:46am
Haha exactly Maria good I have tits, because arms legs calves shoulders all bigger than men πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:47am
They are not bigger they are more than twice. ...i bet harder too

mariaAug 23 2016 2:48am
Iz you'll be in the bench I need extra weight. My advice get prepared for your boss tonight because she'll be coming to you after her gym I supposed

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:48am
Yes she texted me I know she'll come...what extra weight, why?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:49am
Haha, yes they're. Many people also think I'm a man when I talk to them πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:49am
Not possible how they can miss those titt...yes they're what?

mariaAug 23 2016 2:50am
Extra weight when I lift the bench to feel a bit of challenge. Be careful she'll be tired and smelly after the gym πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:50am
My muscles are twice the men muscles. I meant over the phone because my voice is tough as well. How's Iz voice??

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:51am
Thath bench i have is concrete at least 50kilos I guess is already great for me to lift from the floor u don't need extra challenge, you want to treat me as gym weight?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:51am
You enjoy flexing comparing and watching men bein ashamed? ! What do you say to them

mariaAug 23 2016 2:53am
Iz aren't you listening? She can lift that bench overhead with a single arm! She's a monster! Now since you don't learn you'll also kiss my feat before I have shower after gym

mariaAug 23 2016 2:54am
Exactly Iz, your boss answered you.

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:56am
So u need me to stay sit there?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:56am
Maria great attitude towards Iz keep like this. Absolutely you should go to his place before you have shower and after your gym men only deserve women dirt. Go girl you're doing perfect

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:57am
I'll send also Al to have a bench ride so 2friemds humiliating at once

mariaAug 23 2016 2:58am
Two guys in a heavy bench we aren't helping but stopping her to fix the garden

IzmaelAug 23 2016 2:58am
Haha, ya sure. Don't send him alone come with him, so you can laugh at both of them πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 2:59am
Ah ah can i have a ride as well? :)

mariaAug 23 2016 3:00am
Yes 2 guys don't worry about the garden it'll will be fixed and you'll be humiliated. You should care how to clean your boss dirty feet and body πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:01am
You!! Yes sure but I wanted you to laugh at them

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:02am
I'll start looking Al and try to ask politely to put us down my wife

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:02am
I want to sit with them and asl them if they are enjoying the strength of my monster friend

mariaAug 23 2016 3:03am
Haha, you and your friend will be so humiliated by your wife πŸ’ͺ🏻 are you embarrassed?

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:03am
We can also do some games on the garden woman vs 2guys and ill assist to the show and be a referee

mariaAug 23 2016 3:03am
Of course my wife is lifting me and my best friend around my garden and all neighbours ca see us

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:04am
Woman vs 2men. Honey I challenge 12 men in the beach on rope pulling game and won πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:05am
See how huge you are and how easy you're doing this lifts and how scared me and Al we are. ..I'll ask to put us down for sure

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:05am
Not only we'll be all naked so everyone can see the difference πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:06am
12 man vs just you? What do you have as leg muscles? Titanium? !

mariaAug 23 2016 3:06am
What do you mean?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:07am
I'll let Maria decid when you going down??

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:07am
So 2 man will be a good fun for you:D

mariaAug 23 2016 3:07am
I meant we'll be all naked in the garden. Haha thanks honey no but that's women leg muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:08am
If I decided than you stay up for at least one h if women van do it also walking and show in you to neighbours

mariaAug 23 2016 3:08am
No not so good we should add to them my husband and neighbor so I need 4 or 5 for fun

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:09am
4guys? Are you married? !

mariaAug 23 2016 3:09am
Absolutely I'll do it Maria. Iz you and your f*cked with Maria decision πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:09am
I also want you guys to thank woman about the amazing ride she's giving to you and while she lifts the bench you need to kiss her boobs and nipples

mariaAug 23 2016 3:11am
I can't go naked on the garden

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:12am
I had one idea you thin you can lift a kayak with two guys on board?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:13am
Yes 4 and yes I'm married

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:14am
Iz sorry but I think you can decide whether you are able to lift half of what your wife lifts, until that time no decisional power for you

mariaAug 23 2016 3:15am
Good idea Maria, you'll go naked and kiss my boobs do you understand?

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:15am
Wow what your husband thinks when you order him to touch your muscles? !

mariaAug 23 2016 3:15am
Maria you're improving so fast in being dominated woman your bf will be surprised. I want you to make Iz cry tonight

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:16am
So i should kiss left and Al right boob while naked and lifted? !

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:17am
Cry? How?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:17am
He fears me to death. I'm married from 6 years he's thinner weaker shorter than you Maria

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:17am
Was always weaker or you got stronger with years?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:18am
Yes exactly Iz. Maria you choose kicking him slapping him naked him kicking his balls do whatever you want πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:18am
No was always much weaker he's 50 kg and 150 cm πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:19am
Is he so small? He is crying when compare to youI guess poor man pride

mariaAug 23 2016 3:19am
50 kilos? Omg you can lift him all day I guess

mariaAug 23 2016 3:20am
Ya exactly. As you said he's man pride. He doesn't have any erection anymore πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:21am
You train with weights heavier than your husband! !!!

mariaAug 23 2016 3:21am
Yes he's not useful at anything even as weight

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:22am
I guess he hopes to have your muscles does he is jealous about them?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:22am
I guess you can almost lift him overhead with single arm

mariaAug 23 2016 3:23am
You can handcuff him to your weight for bicep and he'll not be able to move a hah punished at home

mariaAug 23 2016 3:24am
Yes I can. No he's jealous because I have other men than him πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:24am
Well what can he do to stop you eheh

mariaAug 23 2016 3:25am
He's a house husband he doesn't leave the house, only to bring men to meπŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:25am
Exactly nothing πŸ˜‚I even make him watch me with them.πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:25am
What was the most humiliating thin you did to him

mariaAug 23 2016 3:25am
Your boobs may be stronger than him eheh

mariaAug 23 2016 3:26am
I think slapping him and his friend at the same time each on one of my thighs it was so humiliated πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:27am
I guess he's very cute when he tries to win at armrest for example ,)

mariaAug 23 2016 3:27am
Sure my boobs weight are 15 kg so 1/3 his weight πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:27am
Haha, literally I can't feel his arms

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:28am
What? How what happened and why you spanked both at same time

mariaAug 23 2016 3:28am
You can't feel him pushing at all?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:29am
15 kilos boobs? !!!!! They're enormous

mariaAug 23 2016 3:29am
Just for fun after I beated in a wrestling match. I naked them of course they kissed my feet and ass for a while then I got bored. So put each in a thigh and start slapping their asses with my slippers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:30am
You cry for a boob slap but I guess you feel like a baby sacking them probably just one is bigger than ur face

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:31am
Not at all the only time I feel anything if he puts his entire arm into my pussy

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:31am
Izmael do you want to taste my boobs?

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:32am
Oh poor husband i bet you lough at him

mariaAug 23 2016 3:32am
Yes please

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:32am
Sure I laugh a lot soon Al will be like him

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:33am
You'll but first tonight you have to taste Maria's feet and Ass before shower after gym πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:34am
Yes it makes me wet thinking about Al fighting with your single arm and listening you telling him how not strong he is

mariaAug 23 2016 3:34am
Of course all you comand

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:35am
I told you being stronger will give you many orgasems 😍

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:35am
Good submissve husband. Maria make your feet and ass ready. No shower Iz will clean you πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:36am
When you armrest Al can i sit on your legs and sick your boob?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:36am
Yes of course if you obey me about Maria, you got my boobs

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:37am
You are giving me ideas i want him to be totally submit at your muscles

mariaAug 23 2016 3:37am
I want to take pics of you compare to him so I can put them at home

mariaAug 23 2016 3:38am
I'm thinking with those massive titts you can feed at least two adults if you had milk

mariaAug 23 2016 3:40am
You mean milking a guy like adult with child breastfeeding? !

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:41am
Haha, yes sure wish if I had milk. We can take pictures you and me beating Al, so you put on your living room where everyone see it

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:41am
Yes like feeding you milk from my breasts

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:42am
Can you do it?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:43am
Maybe walking around with me while I suck and sing nice song until I sleep suckin and protect by your big arms?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:44am
I'll do it when I'm pregnant so I have milk inside but now I don't have milk yet.

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:44am
Will you keep lifting weight if you get pregnant?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:45am
Ya I always do this to my adult male babies they feel so safe and protected 😍

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:45am
You do it? Isn't it hard? You like?

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:45am
Sure, it's healthy anyway. I will be so so big. My tits might explode

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:46am
No not hard at all. It's one of the best thing I've ever do hope to do it with all men in the world

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:46am
You know that estrogen and testosterone during pregnancy increases? So your strength and size may increase?

mariaAug 23 2016 3:47am
I want to fell asleep like this

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:47am
Ya I know. I don't what might happen, because my doctor said that already the testosterone in my body is almost double what avarage man have !!!!!!

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:49am
You'll honey just be good slave to Maria this week

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:49am
Really? That's why you are so hulk eh eh. ..I'll say everyone that my bf got kicked by a pregnant defenseless women eheg

mariaAug 23 2016 3:50am
I promise i will do everything to make her happy so I can touch your body

IzmaelAug 23 2016 3:51am
During labour when your baby is birth you'll crush bed and make doctor fly away eheh

mariaAug 23 2016 3:53am
Haha, I can't imagine what would i do while I'm pregnant. Maria do you hear you have a slave for a week be creative πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 3:56am
I will eheh

mariaAug 23 2016 3:58am
I'll send Al to you to help to drain too much milk so you force him to suck

mariaAug 23 2016 3:59am
Good girl. Really thank I need so much help with this type of tits πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 4:00am
I want to do summer olimpics with you at the beach. ...boyfriend long throw, how far away in the water we can shoot our bf or husband ahah

mariaAug 23 2016 4:00am
Haha, wow a great idea honey. Iz Al my husband neighbors and husband friends

Woman Aug 23 2016 4:01am
Which type of titts

mariaAug 23 2016 4:01am
My big tits I meant. I need Al to drain milk πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 4:02am
How fa you think it can go

mariaAug 23 2016 4:02am
Sorry no idea I'm really bad at numbers

Woman Aug 23 2016 4:02am
Oh yes big isn enough they are enormous. ..Make him full to explode ehej

mariaAug 23 2016 4:03am
And if you still have milk left push him on the wall with one hand and with the other squuze your boob so you make him dirty of milk

mariaAug 23 2016 4:04am
Have you ever boobslapp someone?

mariaAug 23 2016 4:07am
You are probably busy lifting husband eh eh I'll chat later goobye

mariaAug 23 2016 4:09am
Ya actually I'm a bit busy at work. Yes I always boobsslap men during wrestling always it hurts them a lot πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 23 2016 5:22am
Ah ah spanking your clients? Just joke

mariaAug 23 2016 6:19am
Haha, now I'm CEO of my company. When are you going to the gym?

Woman Aug 23 2016 6:25am
I'm going this afternoon, wow ceo many compliment

mariaAug 23 2016 6:27am
Thank you yes I'm CEO, i run companies of 5000 employees. Don't forget to text me when you reach Iz house okay

Woman Aug 23 2016 6:28am
Wow so you are also pretty rich? You saw all youremployees?

mariaAug 23 2016 6:36am
You think out of this 5000 someone is stronger than you?

mariaAug 23 2016 6:39am
Yes I'm. I told you i give money for two men they both house husband. They don't work, so I'm responsible on them. Yes i saw them all

Woman Aug 23 2016 6:40am
No not even one of them. Maria Iz this pool will close after 2 comments we should move to the one two polls below this one. The link

Woman Aug 23 2016 6:41am

mariaAug 23 2016 6:48am
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