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Should men prepare themselves for slavery under female rule?

Question: As women take control of the world, should men prepare to be second class citizens, subordinate... even slaves to women?
Created by: research01 at 06:38:17 AM, Saturday, May 29, 2004 PDT


I don't know who made this poll, but this person obviously doesn't like women. Do you think women are so vindictive to make men slaves? The person that made this poll doesn't understand the nature of women. It is not our nature to dominate men, we want strong men for our life partners and not some weak minded male who is into sexual domination fetishes. We create life in our bodies and it doesn't matter if the life is male or female because it is a part of our body, our being. To enslave someone just because he is male is nonesense. Stop disparaging us! Whoever made this poll has never been in a good relationship with a woman and has no sense of well being. Go back to your domination fetishes, porn books, and whatever else people like you do to get off!!!

Kelly C.May 29 2004 7:16pm

I agree with the above comment in the sense that this scenario is unlikely because women are not motivated to oppress. The idea of men enslaved and bound by a ruling female class is typical of submissive fantasy-type thinking, but has little to do with reality. I do believe, however, that women will become the dominant influence in society because they are better suited for the demands of leadership in the modern world. They won't put men in chains and force them to obey. But they will find themselves burdened with the responsibility of decision making and leadership. Men will need to adjust to an increasing amount of female authority figures as time goes on. I don't think this is because women are pushing for it, it is because society is in need of it.

RandyMay 30 2004 10:29am
Though most women will not treat men as slaves, it is possible that as women become more and more powerful, which is a certainty, that there will be an increase in women treating men in degrading ways. There are already many more instances of men being abused by women than in the past. Men are now objects of ridicule for women in more and more ways. So most women will not become dominatrixes, but men will be seen as the inferior sex by women in general.

ymMay 31 2004 11:17am
If women continue to outperform men in colleges all over the world, and businesses owned by women continue to increase in number at the present rate, then more men will become subservient to smarter more economically powerful women. Women will be calling the shots in the future and men will have to do ast theyre told.

AnonymousMay 31 2004 11:23am
If women continue to outperform men in colleges all over the world, and businesses owned by women continue to increase in number at the present rate, then more men will become subservient to smarter more economically powerful women. Women will be calling the shots in the future and men will have to do ast theyre told.

AnonymousMay 31 2004 11:36am
Slavery is a strong word, but yes, I believe as women become more and more powerful, and as female superiority is a commonly accepted fact, men will be second class to say the least. I don't think women will legislate slavery, but men will be under their control for sure.

SamMay 31 2004 6:34pm
I snap my fingers and my husband does what he's told. But I do love him.

DianaJun 01 2004 4:58am
Yo, brilliant anonymous one! You forgot the apostrophe between the y and the r in the word they're.

RIckJun 01 2004 1:20pm
We all make mistakes, Rick. It was a typo. But thanks for the correction. I also accidentally put a 't' at the end of 'as', but you missed that. Anyway, back to the subject; Women will likely continue to become more powerful in society, which means that there will be a lot of women who will be looking for men to help them with menial tasks so they can focus on their careers. Men will be less educated and less able to 'bring home the bacon'. They will have to choose between being alone or being with a woman who is more powerful than they are. Of course most women want men not to be wimps, but they also don't want a man who doesn't respect their power and intelligence. So - - slavery for men is probably not going to be the norm, but the gender roles are changing and men will have to get used to being in women's shadow.

AnonymousJun 01 2004 3:08pm
I will never do what female chauvinists want or tell me to do. I prefer death first to having to obey women who think that they are entitled to the claim superiority over false statistics and studies. You read too many of these idiotic women's magazines.

RickJun 02 2004 4:25am
Rick, when I was growing up I heard the mention that women were superior. They matured sooner or they lived longer, perhaps even that they were smarter, but in my day the girls did well in school but were rather quiet. But frankly I never took it seriously. I dismissed the notiion because the world was full of individuals, each gender having its mixture of skills, traits, positive and negative attributes. But over time I would read studies how women were better. Women had better communication skills. They were better at networking. They could tolerate pain better (mild pain, it equalizes as it becomes more severe). So I researched it more and more and found women were clearly better at more things. They have better senses (taste, touch, smell) to the point where they are FAVORED for tasting wine or smelling certain products. And then we learned they handled colds better then men and were less susceptible to certain diseases. They were showing they were indeed better managers. And that they have better stamina and endurance... on and on. So I then followed the scientific method I learned in high school and accepted the evidence even though I am male and my pride would rather believe we are equal. Studies, even blind studies that are unbiased show that women are better at more things. They fill the colleges and universities while its prisons that are filled mostly by men. Men are more violent and while women CAN be violent, its the majority of men that do violence. So guess what? I now KNOW, not believe, because its a fact, not an opinion, that women are superior to men. - - - Having established this truth, I do see where women are overtaking men in society and are becoming the dominant gender. This is now. I also envision a time when every man, women and child will know and accept the women is superior and is the boss. Going further than that, do where men are slaves is a tad extreme. The word slave is very negative and represents ill treatment. What I do envision is a society where women are more and more in charge but men will still contribute. Men will still become doctors, teachers, scientists, etc. and they will aspire to be the best they can be. But clearly women will rule at home and in many positions in the business world. There will be a major shift, but not a complete turn around. The world will be better balanced because men will have respect for the superior creature we know as women. I love women and have the utmost respect for them. How could anyone not? So Rick, you personally may die before obeying a woman, perhaps in a prison if you are a violent type, but the men of tomorrow will be taking more and more orders from women. This isn't a bad thing, because women are truly superior and in a better position to make decisions. Would you take orders from a groundhog? A lesser creature? Then why should women take orders from men, a lesser creature? As we learn with research women are superior if just about every way, so its they how should be calling the shots. They are now and they will more and more.

Sam.Jun 02 2004 5:16am
Sorry, I was rushing and had several typos in my post. Next time I will do better.

SamJun 02 2004 5:19am
Sam, your post is great. I agree with you that women are superior, and also that it will be better for everyone if it becomes accepted. As for Rick, it has been men who relied on false studies to try to prove that women were inferior. Women were kept out of colleges because men thought that women's brains were not capable of understanding complex intellectual ideas. Now women are in the majority in college and get better grades than males.... Women were kept out of the sports because it was believed that their bodies were too frail to handle the stress of athletic competition. Now some of the most gruelling ultramarathons are being won by women. So it isn't false information that women may be superior. But the belief in male superiority, which was the norm until the last few decades, turns out to be completely based on myths. After so many generations of lies by men about females being inferior, why shouldn't the truth be told?

ymJun 02 2004 1:31pm
Women now outnumber men on U.S. four-year campuses by a wide margin. In 2003, 712,000 women earned a bachelor's degree, compared with 531,000 men. More women than men also received two-year associate degrees. And 274,000 women received master's degrees, compared with 194,000 men

AnonymousJun 02 2004 1:39pm
The educational statistics are the bottom line, because this will enable women to control the economy. So many men try to deny this, they are either uninformed or just stupid.

KarraJun 03 2004 4:38pm
Women will (and do) control more than the economy. It'll be interesting to see how far men fall behind and how far women will rise above them. And yes, many men do deny what is happening. I don't think there is a simple answer to this poll.

AnonymousJun 04 2004 4:54am
When a woman becomes president, then I'll believe in this "trend". Until then, I believe women don't want to be in charge, and would prefer we men continue to run the show. And I'd like to know the gender of the person who created this poll. I suspect it was a man.

AnonymousJun 04 2004 10:05am
I've never heard of a woman who wanted men as their slaves. Do such women exist? I doubt it.

HHJun 04 2004 10:06am
I've asked this on other similar polls, and no man is brave enough to give an answer: Why in hell would you want to be a woman's slave? What's in it for you?

HHJun 04 2004 10:09am
It's very simple (males are very simple) to answer, I want to be a woman's slave to acknowledge her superiority. As a male I'm no match for a woman, and being female she has me totally outclassed: biologically, sexually, intellectually, ect. The female is a superior being, like a Goddess. So therefore, I have the desire to submit and obey this superior being called WOMAN.

J.T.Jun 04 2004 3:35pm
To surrender financial control and pledge one's obedience to a woman is the ultimate way to express love and trust.

AnonymousJun 04 2004 10:13pm
Sounds like a bottom feeder to me!

AnonymousJun 04 2004 10:18pm
A bottom feeder is a man who is too stubborn or ignorant to accept the fact that women are rapidly evolving to a status of superiority in society. They are the ones who will be relegated to an existance with little opportunity to prosper or find happiness.

HowieJun 06 2004 10:10am
J.T., your reasons are stupid. Sorry, no nice way to put it. There are men out there who are superior to you. It's inevitable, because you just can't be the VERY BEST man in the world. So, given that there are many men who are your superior, does that mean you will also be a slave to those men? Use logic, dude.

ShockoJun 07 2004 10:27am
Cheetahs run faster than any human. They are superior at running. I worship cheetahs--I will be their slave, this superior being called CHEETAH.

HHJun 07 2004 10:29am
Don't forget rabbits. Great munchers of veggies. Bowing now to the superior bunnies.

ShockoJun 07 2004 10:30am
J.T. is right to want to worship women. At least he's man enough to admit his weakness and know who's really the bosses of this world.

TammiJun 07 2004 10:32am
JT's answer was lame, and it wasn't really an answer at all.

AnonymousJun 07 2004 12:19pm
Shocko & HH, the question was, "Why do you want to be a WOMAN'S slave?" Not a MAN'S slave, or a CHEETAH, BUNNY, or ANYTHING else... READ closely boys! At least the guy was open and honest with a reply. As Shoko says (lame), "Use logic, dude."

Kelly C.Jun 07 2004 4:20pm
I personally think it would benefit society if the men were the slaves, and the women were the bosses. Why wouldn't women want personal servants? You underestimate what women might really want. And yes, I do want to be in charge, and last time I checked, I am a woman.

AmyJun 08 2004 8:04am
Who are you talking to, Amy?

HHJun 08 2004 8:04am
I want to be a woman's slave. I will be her sissy maid and dressed in frilly lacey panties and lingerie. I will be spanked and eat her left overs from a plate on the floor. When she is "tired" of me, I will be place in the closet. She will write her name on my forehead to show everyone that I am her property, as a woman always writes her name on things that she owns. When she wants another sissy maid I will be traded away for another to one of her friends. Life is great!

sissy maid guyJun 08 2004 11:20am
Sounds good to me.

AmyJun 08 2004 2:28pm
Most relationships fail because the male fails to please the female.In a relationship where the needs of the female are the priority, there is a better chance to avoid this.

AnonymousJun 08 2004 10:26pm
Amy I now know you are a guy, no doubt about it.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 12:16am
This is funny. Some people can't believe a woman would want her man to be her slave. I think the term slave is to harsh because we think of the forced slavery through out history. When a women takes charge of her man, and the man submits to her, its done with love. The relationship is based on love and the male desire to be helpless or under control is well known and undeniable. It adds to the sexual excitement. Extending it outside the bedroom enhances the relationship as the man does what he's told (within reason). I'm not suggesting blind obedience where the woman forces her man to commit crimes or anything. This would represent a weak man. It takes a strong man to admit his woman is superior and better equiped to run the show. Overcoming male pride and accepting the fact that the woman is really boss is the ultimate strength and should be respected.

SamJun 09 2004 4:59am
Yeah, most of the "women" on here are really guys. I'm a guy.

HHJun 09 2004 7:52am
Ha Ha Ha! There is no women posting here because they already know that they are the better sex. They harbor secret thoughts of being superior to males and don't want to squash our silly fragile egos. And they're right because I couldn't accept a woman teasing me that she is better than I am, although I know its true! Besides, women are to smart to be posting the stupid fetish things guys are posting here. Women are right, males are STUPID!!!

STUPID MALESJun 09 2004 12:02pm
The stupid fetishes are really just cracks in male control of society. I really have to worry about our society when some guy says that he wants to be the slave of a woman. That is just no good. All you male submissives pull your selves together and remember what team you are on.

Go TeamJun 10 2004 11:52am
It is all one team, the females just rank higher.

AnonymousJun 10 2004 8:57pm
STUPID MALES has to be female!

SPLJun 11 2004 12:23pm
Women have the upper hand in education, which is the key to economic power in years to come. In a free market economy, women will end up in control.

NadiaJun 13 2004 2:42pm
I think a lot of men dismiss this idea as only a sexual fantasy, and don't take the possibility seriously. The fact that men don't take it seriously could enable it to happen. All indications are that women will control the economy soon, which will give them the power to have things however they wish.

AnonymousJun 14 2004 8:54pm
Looks like some form of slavery under female rule is coming if not already here!

JimJun 15 2004 5:16am
I don't think submissive men choose to be submissive. It's not something they can help. When you're surrounded by a stew of copulins in the air all the time, emitted by confident women, sooner or later you're doomed to accept that you are nothing but a woman's slave.

Tammi (a real woman)Jun 15 2004 9:57am
I don't think being under a women's control or a "slave" is a bad thing for a man. The world is full of women taking charge and the trend is growing. This trend contributes to the growing number of submissive men as well as the growing number of dominant women. I think humanity was designed for the superior female to eventually be recognized as such and to take control. In some cases, the man doesn't have to be submissive, but if he wants to be with a particular woman and she's calling the shots, he'll have no choice but to submit (or find another woman).

Sam (a male)Jun 16 2004 5:10am
To be a slave to a woman would be a much more meaningful existance than what most men would choose for themselves. It is what we call living in harmony with nature.

SarahJun 17 2004 11:07pm
I don't think men can prepare themselves for slavery. They could try, but the male ego just isn't flexible enough for a challenge that great. Any kind of preparation must be administered by women for it to be effective. Men have been duped into thinking they were the stronger sex for so long, teaching them to sincerely accept women as their superiors may not be a simple task. This is not something men will be able to do on their own.

MarcieJun 19 2004 10:46am
Slavery comes in many forms. If women control money, politics and sex, they will effectively control everything. My wife keeps a little book in her purse, every time I break one of her household rules, she makes a note of it, when I am very obiedient toward her, she writes that down to. When merits out number the demerits for a whole month I am given the pleasure of her company.

hubbyJun 21 2004 2:13pm
Well, everyone knows women control sex. They are well on their way to taking control of the money. And since females outnumber and outlive males, women will benefit from majority rule in politics. Slavery does indeed come in many forms. I think we are seeing the signs of a dramatic social change that women are aware of and enjoy being part of.

ReneJun 21 2004 10:04pm
Thank you to everyone who has participated in this poll. I created it because I see the societal changes that have taken place and what I envision as a future with women in control. I love and respect women and am quite aware that women are indeed superior in so many ways. I believe the world will be a much better place with women in charge. I don't apologise for using the word "slavery" even though its a harsh word. What's interesting is how many votes indicated slavery was something men should prepare themselves for... in some form or another. What's interesting to me is how men controlled and dominated women for years under the false premise of male superiority. Now that its been clearly shown without dispute, that women are indeed the superior gender, coupled with female sexual power, it'll be interested to see how women will run the planet and what place men will have in this new world. If you haven't already, please vote and/or leave a comment.

research01Jun 22 2004 8:52am
Yo, Amy! The last time you checked you were still a woman. It doesn't say much for someone who has to keep checking to see if they still have the same equipment!

Rick IJun 24 2004 12:54pm
It is safe to say with all of these posts that the world is doomed no matter who is running it! Women are as full of crap as men are!

ShaneJun 24 2004 1:12pm
Rick l, your comment to Amy demonstrates your inability to understand figures of speech and take things in context. It is a shame that the best comeback you can come up with only illustrates her point even further.

FrankJun 24 2004 10:26pm
You guys who don't take this issue seriously should read the writing on the wall. They have real scientific evidence that women are superior, and that could be the beginning of some changes none of us could have ever imagined. For the 1st time in history women can claim superiority with science to back them up. When you look around and see women in charge of things which were once limited to men, it's not a coincidence. Combine that with the fact that females are turning in higher enrollment and performance statistics in universities and you have everything in place to empower women right to the top. I'm not happy about this, but I've seen it coming for a long time, and I don't think we can change it. We are going to have to deal with it.

GaryJun 24 2004 10:37pm
Frank, no need to defend me. Stupidity cannot hide.

AmyJun 25 2004 10:03am
Gary you exagerrate this issue serverely, women have some strengths men do not but it swings both ways, do some real research and you will see that women are not superior to men, they posses a few superior abilities, but so do men.

BillJun 25 2004 2:10pm
I wish I could agree, but the fact is I have done extensive research, and what I found is pretty frightening. I was hoping to come to your conclusion, but everything I have read indicates they have a pretty solid case for biological superiority. The conditions which exist in society give them ample opportunity to take control, and they are poised to act on it.

GaryJun 25 2004 11:38pm
Men don't need to prepare ourselves for slavery under women, society is doing that already on a subliminal level.

JoshJun 27 2004 10:20pm
Gary, why do you find what you've found "pretty frightening"? What are you scared of?

ShockoJun 28 2004 10:49am
Women aren't poised for anything. You make it sound like there's this big underground movement, Gary. This is reality, not some weird movie you saw last night.

HHJun 28 2004 10:50am
I'm poised all by myself--no underground movement needed, HH. Women don't need to be organized to understand that we're soon going to be ruling this planet.

TammiJun 29 2004 8:31am
Tammi is correct. It's not a deliberate take over.. it's simple evolution and time for change. Once women were considered equals, their natural and very real superiority shined through. I understand what Gary means when he says its frightening. Its not that women will harm us, but when you study the facts and see how much above men they are, you have to 1) respect and admire women's abilities and 2) wonder how the world will shape itself as women continually outclass us men. Its beyond getting better jobs and making more money.. eventually if not already, men will be seen as the inferior second class beings we are. Our place will be to serve the superior female as she sees fit. I believe there will still be love, affection, sex, etc. but clearly the women will be the one in charge. Yes, its a mild form of slavery.

JTTG (male)Jun 30 2004 4:47am
Male submissive behavior might seem weird now, but it's becoming more accepatable in society. Some day it will just be very normal for men to be servile to women, just like women were in the past. I watched an old black and white movie, and the male lead backhanded his female partner to get her to shut up. But times have changed. Even Eddie Murphy commented on it back in the 80s, how common it was to see men smacking women around, and nobody thought anything about it. Do that today and the woman will not only pepper-spray you, she'll take legal action and make your life hell.

paulaJun 30 2004 9:05am
That's the point. What seems like dorky sbumissive behavior today will seem like ordinary good manners tomorrow.

A New WomanJul 01 2004 11:50am
There already is a double standard. It is women who dictate what behaviour is appropriate for males.

HarleyJul 02 2004 11:15am
Women have always been men's slaves (in one way or another), and always will. You can't change basic nature. Men have the sexual power, which translates into social and political power. Classical feminism will tell you that much. And whatever else feminsim will try, it can't change that fundamental biological reality - the sexual superiority of the male. Women can keep up the struggle, but they'll never get out from under men's natural authority.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 8:49pm
I suppose the dinosaurs may have had no idea that their days were numbered. Men who think women are going to remain under men's authority are no less oblivious to the real changes in the world than the dinosaurs were. Things do change. The y chromosome is on the way out.

matriarchyJul 03 2004 8:54am
I have read that the y chromosome deteriorates a little more with each generation, and that it makes each genration of males a little weaker.

CeiloJul 03 2004 11:22pm
It's ironic that male scientists once hoped to use the study of chromosomes to prove male superiority. Instead they discovered that the male is not only inferior to the female, but that the male is actually merely a mutated female. The basic structure of the human organism is Woman. Males are simply modified to produce sperm. The fact that males have nipples is a clear indication of the latent female form embedded within the male. The male genome is missing thousands of genes due to the absence of a second X chromosome. Instead males have a tiny y chromosome which is now known to be on the way to evolutionary oblivion. Perhaps the Female of our species will find another way to reproduce. Human males must now live with the knowledge that they may be an error of Nature. An experiment that Mother Nature has decided to phase out, like the dinosaur. In the meanwhile, intelligent males may as well make themselves useful to the superior sex.

truthJul 04 2004 9:24am
The truth hurts!

AnonymousJul 04 2004 6:21pm
It will soon be possible for two women to combine two eggs and have one child no male needed.

DianeJul 05 2004 10:59am
Of course when two eggs are combined the offspring are always female because eggs have no y chromosomes. With the decline in sperm counts it may eventually be commonplace for women to have children without sperm

truthJul 06 2004 5:59am
there is no better way to view a woman than from your knees

maleJul 09 2004 10:59am
I wonder what a woman's copulins do the a man's sperm count.

AnonymousJul 21 2004 8:40am
They seem to have a hell of an effect on one's ability to put a sentence together.

CogJul 21 2004 6:51pm
Kelly says its demeaning for women to think they want male slaves. I'd like to hear from some other women - WOMEN ONLY! - whether they think so too. If you had a chance to own a male slave, would you?

AnonymousJul 29 2004 8:28pm
A long time friend offer to be my slave. I didn't take him up on it but after a while I thought about it and wished I had. It's an idea that grows on me especially as I know there are men dying to submit to dominant or even "regular" women. I know women are clearly superior, so women taking or making men their slaves will increase more and more.

AnnAug 11 2004 2:50pm
It seems like a lot of men are turned on by being dominated. It is easy for a woman to take advantage of this in a relationship.

KenAug 14 2004 10:15pm
But do women want to dominate?

AnonymousAug 21 2004 10:00am
Given a taste of the advantages of power, it is conceivable that women could develop an appetite for it.

AnonymousSep 08 2004 8:48am
Women of today know of their natural superiority. Coupled with their sexual power over men, I can see more women enjoying the dominant role.

STTGSep 09 2004 5:20am
Men know it too, they just can't deal with it!

AnonymousSep 10 2004 10:44pm
I think more and more men are realizing women are better and are accepting their rule.

SamNov 02 2004 4:36am
And I think a lot of men would feel very fulfilled to be the sexual slave of their women...if they could just convince their women to be the master (mistress?)...

anonNov 14 2004 4:12pm
Anon is absolutely correct. That's exactly why men need not prepare themselves for slavery under women. Most women don't want male slaves. They prefer partners. They prefer input and challenges and intriguing, stimulating conversation. A strong shoulder to cry on once in a while. Being supportive to the point of subordination is one thing (and an unpopular stretch at that) but slavery is ridiculous. You can find women out there who get off on it but they are rare. Far too rare for it to become commonplace.

AnonymousNov 16 2004 4:57pm
A lot of things which would have seemed ridiculous 100 years ago are commonplace today. Don't be too quick to dismiss possibilities for the future.

CherylFeb 03 2005 8:44pm
Slavery? This implies little or no choice. I believe men are/will accept women as their superiors and will allow themselves to be ruled by them. It only makes sense that the superior gender should rule... the opposite is and was quite ridiculous.

DonFeb 16 2005 11:03am
it is mans nature to fight and kill.I am sure some guys will quite easily accept women as leaders,but you only need to check the papers and news to see there are a vast amount of men who will not.There is nothing but war and killings.If men will not make peace between themseleves,then what the hell would make them be slaves of women?

chrisFeb 21 2005 1:57pm
Yes, we have jails for violent offenders, and chemical/medical treatments to subdue those who don't conform. It won't all happen over night, but one relationship at a time, women are taking charge. Their VAST superiority and sexual power are no match for most men. Real power will come from money and they already out-earn most men. Those who do resist will be quite lonely. Those who commit crimes will be dealt with in one way or another. All that's needed is a proper organization and with women in charge, things will change.

STTGFeb 26 2005 4:45am
you really believe that STTG.Just how would women deal with the current terroist situation then for example.Would they try and be nice,and let them run all over them,or be hard like men,and look were that has got us.Cannot see how a change of sex would make any difference,just look at how maggie thatcher got on,harder then most men,and in my opinion a total disaster for the country(uk).Unfortuntly we are all in the end just human beings,and we all come in different styles and types,no way is one sex superior to another.Another thing then,is woukld a old or fat female,or disabled woman hold the same sexual power over men,the answer is obviously no,so i guess only fit and good looking women should rule then?

peteMar 11 2005 12:16pm
Pete has touched on a few points: Sexual Power, Gender Superiority and Who Should Rule. First Sexual Power: Women and men come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, young, fit women are generally considered more attractive and therefore have more power over men. But an older woman can also be very attractive. Her greater experience and confidence can be a turn on...she too has sexual power. And many men are attracted to heavier women, not everyone wants thin. In society we find most couples pair with someone of relatively similar attraction level. (In other words, really hot women go with really hot men, and so on down the scale). Even fat women find men to love and in many case rule. And I apologize to anyone offended or annoyed by the word "fat". I would say adult women of all shapes, sizes and age have sexual power over men. Why deny it? Gender Superiority: Anyone who researches it must conclude women are superior. The gender of the researcher shouldn't be a factor, this is why both men and women are concluding women are superior. Women have better brains, memory, stamina, senses of touch and smell. They mature faster, live longer, make better managers, have better communication and multi-tasking skills. They even do better in facial recognition tests. Tests after tests, evidence in every country shows women are better. Just because men and women are of the sames species doesn't mean we must be equal. While it might seem nice, there is no scientific requirement for gender equality. Just accept the fact that women are better because denying it won't change the truth. Who should Rule: Well, first you have to accept the fact that 1) Women have power over men (sexual power). This isn't justification to rule over them, but it certainly helps! 2) Women ARE superior. This IS justification for women ruling over men. Why should an inferior being rule over a superior? THis is ass backwards and just because its been like this for a long time doesn't make it right. If there is to be one boss or ruler, it should be the one who is better equiped to make the best decisions. It should be the one who has the superior brain, judgement, etc. While there are some very intelligent men out there, in most cases women have the advantage and coupled with their sexual power, they should be in control. And its nice to see women taking control more and more. It's also nice to see most men accepting this change. Final point: Women dealing with crime, terrorism, etc. Women are not weak creatures that can't deal with criminals. Once women rule the country and the world, violent crimes can be eliminated if women put their minds to do so. Women are not weak and afraid to punish.. in fact, women are stronger than men and those in government will have the inner strength to deal appropriately with criminals. The world won't be perfect, but when women take their rightful place, it'll be better.

STTGMar 18 2005 5:54am
what a pile of poo STTG,you are so f*cking funny,if women are so superior then,they would have ruled from the beginning,and not at the end. also my boss is male,and a great leader,quick thinking and very clever,the previous uni educated female boss,was awful,even the female workers hated her.

AnonymousMar 19 2005 4:47pm
yes, there are still male bosses and not every women makes a good boss. But overall, women are superior and make better bosses, even though there are exceptions. And that "uni educated female boss" you mentioned. Understand this: even though she was not a good boss, she is superior to every male on the planet because every women is superior. Women have superior senses, memory, multitasking skills, and so one. Just because this one women didn't apply herself as a boss, she is still your superior if you're male. It's a very VERY difficult concept for most men to accept, but open your mind and research the facts. Women are superior. This implies men are inferior.. and its true. And I as a male except this truth.

STTGMar 27 2005 10:52am
yeah right sttg,so she was so superior she lost the company money,mm great leader i dont think.

AnonymousMar 28 2005 2:19pm
They are already being prepared for it. Just look at some of the programs on TV!

sissyboyJun 18 2005 4:58pm
It is time for men to take their proper place underneath the authority of the SUPERIOR SEX sex: women. I don't know about slavery but women could now enslave men if neccessary--to break thier will. Men surely are becoming softer, weaker, quieter. Men are learning more and more to be meek, quiet and submissive as thier wills erode under the superior strength of the feminine power that is now coming over all of us. Boys are learning to cower before girls, becoming more and more afraid of them because girls ARE getting stronger than them in body, mind and spirit. Thier is a conditioning process underway. You see it in the movies all the time where the men are unconfident and afraid and where the women beat them up and then dominate them. The boys are being raised the way we used to raise girls; to be weak, passive, compliant, unassertive, unconfident powerless. Little girls are being raised to be strong, confident, aggresive.They are taught to dominate the boys, to take charge and have strong assertive wills. Witness how many more girls are beating boys on the football field and pinning them to the ground in wrestling meets! The model of manhood now is to be soft, and gentle, weak and unassertive, compliant, submissive and obedient to the rule of women. Girls now believe men are supposed to obey them. To believe even grown men are supposed to obey a little girls authority over them. And, as the ruling sex, young girls DO have authority--even over grown men. More and more now, men are being exposed to the authority of women and are being reconditioned into submission. As a result, we have become more and more feminine in our clothing. We like pink and light pastel colors. Each year it seems we have more and more make up to apply and our clothes are softer and more feminine. Men are conscious about how they look and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. As todays' children grow up, more and more, they realize that men are supposed to be compliant and submissive as the women run things and the men take thier proper place beneath the women.

dennisJul 03 2005 12:44pm
Well said Dennis. Yes, many girls DO believe men are supposed to obey them and they will accept nothing less. And they are and will get nothing less.

SamJul 06 2005 3:53pm
men are slaves to Women!

slaveJul 23 2005 6:06pm
I am the boss in our house right now. My Wifes not home!

billAug 21 2005 3:24pm
It bothers me to hear that women will "soon" be ruling this planet. First of all, rulers make bad leaders, and second of all, I think the people who make these assertions should learn more about the rest of the world before staking a claim to immediate worldwide female supremacy. Is female domination the future of this planet? Who knows? We may blow it up before that happens, but if not, there are places in this world where women are still considered property. Don't think that the rest of the world is becoming feminized as quickly America is. I believe a feminine touch is always needed in our lives, but women are far from totally ruling the planet any time in the near future.

SteveAug 21 2005 9:30pm
well steve the uk is going like the us,so is most of europe

chrisAug 26 2005 6:34pm
Thsy already are!

a slaveAug 30 2005 10:57am
Men should recognize the fact that the female is his superior and males if smart should be eager to serve and pleasure the female in any way she desires for as long as the female will have us. Females are the center of the universe whereas males are their servants, their inferiors, their foot kissing/toe sucking play things here to serve and amuse the superior female.

another slaveSep 07 2005 10:35am
I'm getting on the job training at home courtesy of my wife.

richOct 02 2005 11:24am
Yes we are and most of us know it.

herslaveOct 08 2005 2:42pm
You bet. Heck I've already been a slave to about 7 women.

maleslaveOct 15 2005 9:00am
The point made about how things have changed for Women in the past 100 years is well taken. Who would have thought back then that Women would have made the progress they have today. The superiority of the Female of the species is without question and the fact that Women are gaining control of society is undeniable. Who knows what the future holds for males 100 or 200 years from now. Slavery might be a harsh term, but to assure that males do not rise to power again, Women may have to enforce some form of servitude. I do see taking away the right to vote from males and prohibiting males from owning property or assets in their name as a good possibility, but unfortunatly this will not happen for many years to come. Women, especially younger women know of their superiority to males and in time they wil demand that all males be under a Woman's control, whether we call it slavery or not. To resist this future is futile. Female Supremacy is the natural order of life from the beginning of time. In the natural course of things we will see continued development of a Female Dominated, servile male society. My only regret is that I may not be around to enjoy it. The Future is FEMALE!!

JRNov 04 2005 12:38pm
men shoul be subserviant to Women.

samNov 05 2005 2:48pm
Every man should have a Queen to rule over him. Men in general should submit to women and honor the ladies in every way.

HERboyJan 21 2006 6:25pm
The way things are going, I can certainly foresee husbands being slaves to their wives in marriage. give it 50 years and men will have to swear to "love, honour and obey" their wives at the altar.

anonFeb 01 2006 2:51pm
How about 50 hours? It's happening more and more now.

STTGFeb 12 2006 12:28pm
In the future the husband will promise to serve and obey his wife, the ceremony being sealed with him kissing his superiors feet. Best to start how you mean to go on eh!

KarenApr 01 2006 2:34am
Women stronger than men seems exciting now because it is still new. When the newness fades, men are going to become very weary of stronger women, and women will feel unsatisfied by weak wimpy men.

Anonymous 101Apr 03 2006 10:44pm
Since women are so superior, let THEM fight the wars while us weak and stupid men stay home and enjoy life without women. Contrary to popular belief, us men can be very happy without sex. Being away from women helps us males to focus our minds and find true meaning. And save lots of money.

Kung Fu MasterApr 15 2006 10:07pm
Actually, in more advanced societies, war doesn't exist and when women advance our society, NO ONE will need fight in wars.

STTGApr 23 2006 10:09am
Women should be wearing miniskirts as often as possible: At work, school, shopping, public events, etc. And get rid of those irritating SLEEVES! Women should be showing arms, shoulders and back. This business of women wearing sleeves and long pants that cover knees is GARBAGE !!

He ManMay 01 2006 10:20pm
f*ck you all

DaveMay 03 2006 8:52pm
Or they will kiss the wifes bottom Karen.

Lou RollsJun 08 2006 12:31am
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:47am

AnonymousJul 16 2006 6:53pm
As women advance in society and gain ever greater independence from men, I think we will see men having no choice but having to end up effectively as slaves to women. This is because of the sexual power women hold over men. More and more women are realising this power and seem to be using it to manipulate men into behaving in ways that suit women. In 10-15 years I think the pendulum will have swung so far in favour of women that we will see the first signs of boyfriends/husbands being slaves to their women. We will see girls slapping men in public for minor infractions and unwanted behaviour, men will be apologising and grovelling to their women on an almost daily basis and male chastity belts will be common place as women discover the real power of controlling a man's orgasms and his sex drive. In 30-40 years time I think we will see male criminals castrated , husbands required to take the wifes surname and vowing to 'love, hnour and obey' in marriage. The slippery slope has already started guys...

AndyJul 19 2006 2:00pm
My best friend (female) already has a slave.

STTGJul 25 2006 1:39pm
Oh don't you poor male dears worry about being "slaves".... most of you will only turn out to find you'll have long forgotten any of your false masculine pretenses and your ONLY use in life will be obedient docile feminized maidservants to your Female Masters

OmphaleAug 16 2006 10:48am
Men need to be feminized for their own good. Those that cannot accept the docile life of the feminized maidservant will suffer the worst of consequences.

AnonymousAug 31 2006 1:52pm
It is up to Womyn to decide how best to use us in the future.If that is as a feminized male then so be it.

Lou RollsSep 02 2006 12:14pm
I'd be your slave too Ann.

submissive maleSep 04 2006 2:14pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:53am
"obedient docile feminized maidservants to your Female Masters" Obedience is the product of a voluntary choice the penalty for disobedience is known, the odds of reciving that penalty are high and the obedient one chooses to submit. Docility is the opposite of aggression. Agression by males toward females had already been criminalized and soon, I think, even aggressive words or body posture will be criminalized as well. Feminized males are actually placed into a hyper feminine role. This role limits the body with restrictive and confining clothing, limits the mind by demanding full acceptance of whatever the dominant gender chooses to require. In the future, there will be three genders. Female, feminized submissive male and Male. The males will, by and large be confined to correctional facilties for the own good and the good of the community.

AnonymousOct 10 2006 5:30pm
Anonymous you are right up to a point.The definition of what it is to be male will be redefined in a Female Supremacist future.The point about posturing and agrressive word usage is brilliant.If males wer controlled at this level they would never progress to physical violence against their superiors.

Big BrendaOct 12 2006 4:14am
When Mistress married me I took a vow to "love honor and obey"and we were pronounced "Woman and husband". I kiss Her behind on command and I bare mine to take Her cane or paddle.

Obedient husbandNov 27 2006 7:01pm
A mature adult nowadays is someone who is comfortable talking about her inner conflicts, someone who values personal relationships above abstract goals, someone who isn't afraid to cry. In other words: a mature adult is a woman. It is now the men who are thought to be stuck halfway between childhood and adulthood, incapable of articulating their inner selves. Whereas psychologists fifty years ago amused themselves by cataloging women's (supposed) deficiencies, psychologists today devote themselves to demonstrating "the natural superiority of women."3 Psychologists report that women are better able to understand nonverbal communication and are more expressive of emotion.4 ,5Quantitative personality inventories reveal that the average woman is more trusting, nurturing, and outgoing than the average man.6 The average eighth-grade girl has a command of language and writing skills equal to that of the average eleventh-grade boy.

AnonymousDec 13 2006 5:45pm
Commercially successful movies now often feature women who are physically aggressive, who dominate or at least upstage the men. This description applies to movies as diverse as Charlie's Angels and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In today's cinema, to paraphrase Garrison Keillor, all the leading women are strong and all the leading men are good-looking.

AnonymousDec 13 2006 5:47pm
A mature adult nowadays is someone who is comfortable talking about her inner conflicts, someone who values personal relationships above abstract goals, someone who isn't afraid to cry. In other words: a mature adult is a woman. It is now the men who are thought to be stuck halfway between childhood and adulthood, incapable of articulating their inner selves. Whereas psychologists fifty years ago amused themselves by cataloging women's (supposed) deficiencies, psychologists today devote themselves to demonstrating "the natural superiority of women."3 Psychologists report that women are better able to understand nonverbal communication and are more expressive of emotion.4 ,5Quantitative personality inventories reveal that the average woman is more trusting, nurturing, and outgoing than the average man.6 The average eighth-grade girl has a command of language and writing skills equal to that of the average eleventh-grade boy.

AnonymousDec 13 2006 5:59pm
I don't think it will get to the point of actual slavery in the forseeable future.Things will be under female rule, at least to a point.There is a strong liberal surge happening now in American politics which is putting women on top. Combine that with the rate at which females are dominating the educational system, and it is clear women are in a position to take firm control. I think the changes will be subtle, but will continue to take place. So people won't really notice little changes here & there, then one day they suddenly realize wow, women have taken over everything, and nobody was even paying attention.

Dr. HewettJan 28 2007 11:05pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 9:59pm

#Feb 06 2007 2:52pm
#0140 - (Sun.) 4/1/07

UpdateMar 31 2007 5:13pm
So let me get this straight...womyn want to de-humanize men into slaves. Slaves like the jew & the negro? Will the white womyn whatch over feild /w a whip in her hand? Will she care as little for us as Hitler for a jew, or the white man for his negro? Will we sleep in the barn & be left to tend to our wounds by ourselves? When we run away, will they hunt us down? "And the slaves looked into the farmers window during dinner. They saw her laughing w/ another man...continued

A very sad, very lost & lonely guy.Jun 21 2007 2:28pm
The two where talking about the business of farming. They were sharing thier favorite ways to punish thier sudjects. The man was explaining effective gassing, starvation & religious squelching techniques. & the slaves(animals) looked from womyn 2 man & from man 2 womyn, but niether of them could tell which...was which. The next day the womyn was seen heading into the house /w a box full of firearms that she'd bought in town. One of the male slaves recalled something about firearms being agianst - continued

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 21 2007 2:54pm
The two where talking about the business of farming. They were sharing thier favorite ways to punish thier sudjects. The man was explaining effective gassing, starvation & religious squelching techniques. & the slaves(animals) looked from womyn 2 man & from man 2 womyn, but niether of them could tell which...was which. The next day the womyn was seen heading into the house /w a box full of firearms that she'd bought in town. One of the male slaves recalled something about firearms being agianst - continued

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 21 2007 2:56pm
The ten rules of Matriarchy. But upon inspection the slaves where suprised to see that the sign had changed. Instead of reading, 'No human shall bear firearms' it now read 'No slave shall bear firearms'. Also, there seemed to be another rule that they had falsely remembered. Instead of reading 'All humans must be naked(honest)' like they recalled, the sign now read 'Only slaves must be naked(honest)'. The next day, as the male slaves tended the feild, the farmer stepped out of the house. - continued

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 21 2007 3:11pm
The male slaves were astounded. She came out full clothed(consealing, dishonest) and holding a shotgun(cold,caring more for her crops than her slaves) which she pet softly. She walked slowly amongst them. Observing them /w her finger on the trigger; ready to kill anyone who showed signs of slacking off." End of, The Womyn's Farm.

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 21 2007 3:24pm
Look I don't mean 2 be picky but I mean, hell I wanna be loved. Just cus I'm a slave doesn't mean I don't have FEELINGS.

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 21 2007 3:27pm
You are not going to be loved by ripping off Orwell's "Animal Farm". If you belong to a Woman you must work your behind off for Her, submit to Her discipline and maybe She'll love you.

obedient husbandJun 23 2007 8:20pm
"submit to her discipline and maybe She'll love you" really doesn't make me feel any better :|. Besides if She doesn't love me to begin with than why would I be /w Her. PS Always nice to meet from another Orwell fan :) PPS I feel like poo now for that spin off :(

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyJun 24 2007 7:12pm
You have to start somewhere. My then future Wife kept me as a slave for 13 years with no status and no rights. She beat me when She wished, loaned me out to other Women, worked my ass off scrubbing Her floors and washing Her clothes and exercised totally peremptory authority over me. My acceptance of same, my obedience, and my submission to Her cane eventually won Her over and She permitted me to vow to love, honor and obey and we became Woman and husband. It can happen to you.

obedient husbandJun 29 2007 7:49pm
#0150 - (Wed.) 7/11/07

UpdateJul 11 2007 9:35pm
Hopefuly not like that...that sounds miserable :| Besides I have my own life to live :) Well, whatever makes you happy I Besides, on cheap forum like this, how do we know anything anyone types is true?! My guess is that all these posters r guys & they're all full of fetish Well, back to my video games! ;)

a very sad, very lost & lonely guyJul 14 2007 11:16am
Miserable? Hardly. It is absolute ecstasy to have a purpose in life, that of giving Her unconditional love and unconditonal obedience. However, I freely concede it is not for everyone. I have known some Master-slavegirl couples in my time and some of them were happy too.

obedient husbandJul 28 2007 10:14am
The only goddam problem I have with this is seeing all people as a steryotype of their gender. I am male, but I am actually a person you know. Am Steryotyping all men under a female ruled society would be something smart women wouldnt do.

FNOLAug 10 2007 4:53am
I wouldn't call it a stereotype, but a trend toward female controlled relationships and a female controlled society.. Come back in twenty years and you'll see a greater majority of the free world run by Women. In 50-100 years, it will be understood by all that women are superior and better equiped to rule. I think by then both Women and men will accept their place (Women on top, men accepting their place as second class inferior beings made to be controlled by their better half). Cheers.

STTGAug 17 2007 1:53pm
#0150 - (Mon.) * 8/20/07

UpdateAug 19 2007 10:22pm
WOOPs!!! #0155 - (Mon.) * 8/20/07

UpdateAug 19 2007 10:24pm
Us men? Sterotyped & enslaved? If woman truly are superior, shouldn't they also have a greater capacity for love/forgivness? If they truly love a man, I doubt they'd enslave him or treat him like poo. Unless all women manage to get hearts of stone overnight.

A very sad, very lost & lonely guyAug 23 2007 11:53am
At least Kelly.c has some sense,but even she should realise that men are becoming marginalised and because of that,society is going to become much more violent.The usa and uk have a lot to fear from islamics who have even more chance of taking over if you belittle your men.What sickens me is the sucking up to the alpha male or rich and influential these so called feminists do.

mike sAug 29 2007 10:38am
Actually the first post is one of the more sensible on this 'fetish site'. Not without it's faults but then so is everything else.

FNOLOct 27 2007 9:43pm
I maybe out of line on a board dedicated to female superiority, but I just wanted to make a comment made a while ago by someone named Amy who apparently believes in female superiority. She said that "the last time I checked I was still a woman." Well, if you were really superior, you wouldn't have to keep checking to see if you were still a woman.

Spanked You But GoodNov 13 2007 11:14am
There will be no rule in such a society: Males(except for reproduction and pleasure)will be snuffed out and boys will be beaten to death and eaten.

kellyNov 14 2007 2:33am
"There will be no rule in such a society: Males(except for reproduction and pleasure)will be snuffed out and boys will be beaten to death and eaten." Forgive Kelly, she has a rare case of rectal-cranial inversion.

FNOLNov 14 2007 2:53am
kelly says "boys will be beaten to death and eaten"... ------------------------------------------ I say COME AND GET ME BABY!!!

Big BoyNov 16 2007 1:28am
Kelly is not like all women. I believe women are superior but we would not enslave so much as encourage. men are simpler and are meant for simpler things. Not slavery and suffering.

JessicaDec 11 2007 6:13pm
I agree with Jessica. Most women are not as violent or agressive as men. Female rule is here and will grow over time. The word "slavery" is not the best choice of words because it implies the man has no choice. I believe most men will choose to accept their place with the woman in charge. Many have already, but they don't consider themselves slaves. To me, male "slavery" is within the confines of a loving relationship. Many women who control their man, as they should, will consider him as her slave but I think most do not. They steer away from that term because of its negative historical meaning.

STTGJan 07 2008 11:10am
STTG and Jessica are both right on this one. We men will gradually be moving toward more of a supporting role while Women take the lead. Much of the change will look like a reversal of roles from the 1950s but done with a feminine touch to make it more friendly and less violent than in those times. But make no mistake, Women will be the ones who are in charge.

thomasJan 21 2008 1:54pm
I believe that we males shall choose ourselves how much enslaved we want to be. First only a minority will choose a kind of slavery for themselves, then more and more males will join.

Nick NApr 18 2008 5:32am
Cripes. STTG and Jessica join "the list". Like a good quality sweet, they have a sumptious smooth centre of supressed desire for supeority, coated with a thick layer of the finest "matter of fact" benevolent facade. But myself I do prefer the Cadburys version, especially the 'fruit n nut;, mmmm.

FNOLApr 18 2008 6:05am
FNOL, you seem to be not against that along with a kind of propaganda of this lifestyle through popular movies, more and more males will be inclined to accept this lifestyle quite voluntarily? Surely, I'd like to live in the time when it's usual and common throughout society... Anyhow, personally I don't see any other purport in our male's life than to serve Women.

Nick NApr 18 2008 10:46pm
FNOL add me to any list you like Because I mean no harm and I have no problems to admit that you are probably clever and are offering good arguements. I have never said I had any desire to be superior just that females in general are more mentally complex than their male counterparts. What is the problem with the truth that is supported by all Science?.

JessicaApr 20 2008 3:07am
Kelly has a point. AS females continue 2 evolve higher and dominate the human specie. At some point, they will evolve high enough that they cant communicate with male, and instead deem them as lower animals.Well they can use some for reproduction, but what do they do with the rest? Use them for medical experiments maybe. And who knows maybe converting the male body as a source of food? In the mega matriarchy, anything is possible.

AnonymousJun 09 2008 4:50pm
Or you will attend basic primary school classes and learn science before embarrasing you'reself more....

AnonymousJun 11 2008 5:19am
Actually, it is now evident that women are not only more intelligent, but physically stronger than men pound for pound. Plus they have more endurance and stamina. Men are past their prime after 24 years of age, while women seem to age more gracefully.

DanAug 30 2008 8:31pm
i think Jessica's view is just common sense...although the kind of common sense a male wouldn't have, to be sure. She is only talking about obvious and well-known facts, not speculating... and yet she obviously knows what should be done!

simple boyOct 29 2008 2:45am
I think you can talk yourself into anything if you want to--but let's hope people can talk themselves into worthwhile things. This site is garbage.

A guyNov 03 2008 10:35pm
This site is the only place where the debate is fair and balanced. The truth prevails here.

GinaNov 18 2008 7:31pm
I agree with Ms Gina: here all people say everything what they think about this or that thing (according to the subject). Many of us inferior males disagree with FedDom ideas supported here by the majority. But at least now they know about these ideas and how widespread they are, so let's hope that sooner or later they'll change their mind. As for the subject of this branch, I can clear my position another time: we inferior gender ought to serve our Superior Women, and whether the form of this serving will be slavery or something milder depends only on our Nistresses' will and our ability to accept the fact of our inferiority.

Nick NDec 21 2008 5:47am
I think there is a big difference between what you want in a mate and what actually exists in Society now. The problem now is that women's abilities have started to really show as surpassing men's in a lot of areas. Thus why many more of us report to women in the work setting. But many women's personal tastes have not yet caught up to their abilities...many women are still seeking the alpha male as a mate. I am more of a beta male, so I have a hard time dating. But, that doesn't mean I find a shortage of women who take advantage and push me around. It happens a lot. I just haven't found many that want to date...and when I do, it usually doesn't last because they are still looking for the alpha. I was actually told by one of my exes that she wanted me to continue to clean her apartment and do errands for her but we just were no longer boyfriend/girlfriend. Who knows though if women will eventually like have the power in the relationship like they have outside of it. I would suspect the eventual reality of men making less than them and generally being in subordinate positions in all walks of life will make women start to adjust to liking men as husbands who are more subservient. Maybe it won't be widespread in our lifetime.

GregFeb 21 2009 11:41am
So Greg,if you are really submissive, why did you not follow the orders of your Ex? After all, does not the Female have the right to define the relationship for Her own use? Many years ago a Woman picked me up and took me to dinner. Over dinner She explained that She needed a younger male servant, She would expect obedience both in and out of bed, she would administer pain to me as She saw fit and She would send for me when She needed me. She also claimed dominion and control over all my money and property. I had no rights in this relationship and no say over what She did with me or what She did when I was not around. There were times She would order me into Her presence, strip me naked, beat me and/or climb on top of me but there were many other times She would order me to appear, do Her laundry and She would then dismiss me. She would go months without permitting me to touch Her and then use me for sex several days in a row. She dated other men and for that matter occasionally other Women. One year I spent my entire vacation as a slave at Her apartment scrubbing it and cleaning it out. She left me on New Year's Eve cleaning and scrubbing while She went to a party. She was not without a sense of justice so occasionally, to balance things out, She would loan me out to other Women, giving them certain limits, but within those limits They could do whatever they wished to me and it was not up to me. Sometimes, She would order me to appear in Her presence and when I showed, She would answer the bell with a smirk and say, "Oh I changed my mind, you are dismissed!" She began to use me as an errand boy and house slave for Her Mother. She would give me hard orders in public often accompanied with hand gestures and stamps of Her foot. Once as a punishment, She made me sleep completely naked on a wood floor. She would often get on top of me and when She was satisfied She would get up and say "ok, we're done!" irrespective of my own status or needs. She kept me as a slave for thirteen years and then one day She ordered me to marry Her. We had a ceremony officiated by a huge Woman who asked me if I would vow to "love, honor, and obey" my Bride. I answered Yes and we were pronounced Woman and husband. Wife then caned me on my bare behind on our wedding night and gives me a severe caning every anniversary. My point is a true slave can earn love through unconditional submission. It does happen.

obedient husbandFeb 23 2009 6:05pm
Obedient husband, you are really a perfect example of a true modern male slave! I envy you tremendously! (with a white envy, of course) I'll never be able to reach your level of true submission :(

Nick NMar 16 2009 5:38am
Years ago I used to read accounts of S's Female Dominant marriage with Her slave husband b and I thought I would never be as fortunate as b but eventually I was! Maybe it will happen for you too Nick.

obedient husbandMar 16 2009 5:26pm

AnonymousNov 21 2009 10:39am
Obedient husband is an abused husband.

Rick INov 21 2009 10:41am
absolutely NOT. There is nothing that makes me feel so safe as the feel of Wife's firm hand on my behind.

obedient husbandNov 22 2009 6:18pm
I've never heard so much poo in all my life Jesus you all come out with some bullpoo this is just fantasy land, why are you all living in a fantasy?

Donkey ballsJan 03 2010 12:18am
i wouldnt call it fantasy as im sure many feminists wouldnt mind some revenge when it seems inevitable that woman will rule the world as more and more and woman like my wife bring in the money, and i stay at home and do the housework ,ironing etc for her and many married woman will also choose who there future lovers will be, eg the robinsons of ireland , so i believe it is a womans world and they will rule men more and more in time to come, and make stricter laws for us ref rape, abuse , and even minor domestic issues , as its soon to be there world . i believe they will take revenge on past injustices with strict punishments being given to thoose who break the strict rules woman will oneday set out for men , so that us men are in line with future womans policies

bernJan 11 2010 8:33am
If you rread this and eplace the word "men" with "Jews" a lot of these comments are reminiscent of a certain German leader...

AnonymousMar 05 2010 11:50am
If you read this and replace the word "men" with "Jews" a lot of these comments are reminiscent of a certain German leader...

AnonymousMar 05 2010 11:50am
men will dominate 4 more years 2 come, 6,000 yeras men have ruled the world. the diffrence is men can start from no were an become the masters nad men belive in themsleves women are easily deminated. also women worry over simple things are not beatiful enough, am 2 old men the older will become the stronger we become women lose thier valus as they age. simpy because they dont belive in themslves. another things is men are more creative than women which works more in mans favour

aaaApr 30 2010 2:16am
(1) North Carolina, with a student body that is nearly 60 percent female, is just one of many large universities that at times feel eerily like women?s colleges. (2) Almost a third of working women nationwide now out-earn their husbands. It was inevitable, really. (3) Today's question is simple. Who are better sports: boys or girls? According to a new study by the Character Counts Coalition, the answer is girls. And it's not even close. Male and female roles are changing. Females are destined to dominate society. Males are destined to adopt a subservient role in relationships and society. As women gain power they will increasingly demand the following. (1) Zero tolerance for male violence. In the future, all forms of male aggression will be criminalized and punished. (2) The old markers of extreme femininity will be transferred to the male domain and women will expect males to adopt them in order to function in a female dominated culture. This is already happening the following is a news story that reported on a husband being required, by his wife, to exercise in a skirt. The husband reports being pleased that "Nothing was rubbing between my legs. The skirt hung on my skinny male hips very comfortably." His wife objected that he had a problem of "package poking." This conversation ensued: Wife: You have to do something with that. Husband: What do you mean - do something? WIfe: You have to hide it somehow. Husband: And how am I supposed to do that? Wife: Strap it down, you will look ridiculous if you don't. Husband: You want me to try to hide it in this pink skirt? WIfe: You will hide it in your skirt. I'll make sure of it. The following scenario will become increasingly common in a female dominated society. I keep my husband strictly corseted, and it is something I recommend to all women. Strict corseting does wonders for a man?s attitude, not to mention his posture, his gut, his manners and his fidelity. Getting started is the most difficult issue for both parties, especially if he resists the idea. However a woman can be very persuasive. Once you have your man in a corset, the rest is easy. Very often they have an erotic curiosity about corsets that can be exploited. In my case, I nagged at him about his posture until he reluctantly agreed to wear a corset. We began just for ?dress? occasions. That was five years ago. I gradually increased his corset time and he now is laced 24/7 and wears a much more rigorous corset than the one with which he began. Initially I would simply refuse to unlace him for several hours --- oh my, you should have heard the wailing --- and I gradually increased the hours he wore it. Sex, either giving it or withholding it, can be an effective tactic.

AnonymousJul 20 2010 1:45pm
men are under control these days buy women ad they seem to enjoy having the slipper and other things to many to mention i am in favour with some comments but not others. But there is a huge majority for men under womens power

shirley reesJul 20 2010 5:32pm
I have always known that women are "superior" to men, but "slavery"? Come on! But, 40-50 years from now all the higher positions will be held by women, and both men and women will acknoledge without doubt that the female gender is superior. It will seem som natural. But there will never be slavery. A loving female dominated world is what we can look forward to.

a realist femaleJul 26 2010 2:28pm
Personally I think the term "slavery" should be replaced by "voluntary slavery". Men will still have rights in the new female dominated world but for the most part, women will rule and men will accept their role as obedient partner in a loving relationship. This differs from the men-being-property extremist views. But the results will be very similar. For a man to be in a relationship with a woman, he must acknowledge her superiority and authority to rule over him. Women of the future will accept nothing less because that will be the norm.

STTGJul 27 2010 3:24pm
The male may initially volunteer to become the Women's property but once She owns him he should obey all commands, including ones that may not match his fantasies. Wife will discuss things with me but once She puts Her foot down and makes a decision I obey.

obedient husbandAug 01 2010 2:31pm
Women have certain superior qualities as men possess unique qualities. As women become more educated and involved in all aspects of society, these feminine qualities will begin to assert themselves, not in order to quelch masculine qualities, but create a balance in the world's activities so that both, women and men, may advance a better civilisation and enjoy the benefits together.

DinoSep 05 2010 5:29pm
women rights to own male slaves, there are some errors which we will put right when the male sex are slaves, and that is that they are the weak sex, and women will prove this point by giving them the knickers that is well overdue to them. But serious issues that must be put into place when we take power is to legalised slavery for the male sex, and the second issues on the agenda is make the male slaves work has cleaners, male maids and any sort of work that is for an inferior sex. There must not no education of the male sex or any voting rights given to them, but their punishment will be slavery and they will not be paid for the work they do. There are other issues that must put into place such punishment for disobeying any female will be a good spanking on their backsides, and the male slave must be locked up in proper slave quarters where there are individual cell for every slave in the household with bed and a toilet inside the cell. The lock must secure that it can not be picked by any instrument. The male slave must wear female clothes that excludes any form of trousers even it the former female kind, skirts, dresses, petticoats, panty girdles, and knickers are ample for the male slave and when they go to bed nightdresses are to be worn with their knickers 0n underneath their nightdresses. So ladies the future must and will be our and the only thing a male slave must hear last thing before being locked is time slave to go to your cell with key in your hand ready to lock the cell door, and the last word you say to your male slave is have a good night sleep, because you got work in the morning and be quiet or I give your backside a good spanking slave

women right to own male slavesSep 07 2010 6:05pm
No one may control you without your consent.

an intelligent life formSep 12 2010 9:03pm
Women thrive better in middle management as they present a more professional attitude to working relationships. In these roles men will become used to reporting to a female boss. They also thrive in proffessions such as legal, medical, politics & business but will never dominate male collegues here whilst men are prepared to work longer hours. However men are natural innovaters and inventers so they will always become the entrepreneurs and self made businesmen. The key to women really dominating men in the work field will be whether they can dominate and lead the professions and in particular business & finance and then changing working conditions to better suit women than men.

sidharthaSep 20 2010 3:58am
Women thrive better in middle management as they present a more professional attitude to working relationships. In these roles men will become used to reporting to a female boss. They also thrive in proffessions such as legal, medical, politics & business but will never dominate male collegues here whilst men are prepared to work longer hours. However men are natural innovaters and inventers so they will always become the entrepreneurs and self made businesmen. The key to women really dominating men in the work field will be whether they can dominate and lead the professions and in particular business & finance and then changing working conditions to better suit women than men.

sidharthaSep 20 2010 4:23am
slave its time to be locked up, and when you get into your cell get into your nightdress and go to bed. Because you are now a male slave learning your true fate. There is no more privilages, but just a good night sleep, as old saying is women work is never done and similar can be said about the male slave. No pity will be given, and you said your final goodbye to your trousers and other male clothing that now belong to women, and now you say hello to skirt,petticoats and knickers that all male slaves will where in future. Women are now in control and male slaves will no longer have any say or decided their future at all, their future has been decided for your sex and slavery is a very kind way of keeping the male sex in control. and us women are entitled to best thing in life, and a male slaves serving their better is definitly a very pleaing pleasure. Justice will finally be served by the male sex being slaves and seeing the skirt and knickers being part of the punishment is also justice well served. So slave when you lock up in the night you know that you will never be free to drink with the boys or be free to watch sport or even play any sporting activity the reality is that you will being a working slave who must obey all women and the hash truth you will be given good hiding legally by women who own you and one certain and sure thing your night out will be permanently cancelled by a cell door being locked by key by female owner who will showed no mercy to her male slave. You can say women win game set and match on a permant basis and the male slave is a loser totally with knowledge that bars to their cell door will be open the following day for more hard work to be done has slaves get used to punished by their female owners.

justice by shirleyOct 21 2010 12:59pm
i would love to find a women to submit to fully, but their are so many "Wanna be's" that it is so pathetic to say, women want to be the boss's or wear the pants in the family let her (i was a stay home dad until my children had grown up) and know i'm div, i'm domesticated and do window.. but i'm not a wimp.. i just like and love a women to be in command some of the time.

ara or ssubslv4u@yahoo.comNov 05 2010 5:23pm
Women are catching up to where they should be EQUAL to men. I have worked with many women & thats what you do work WITH them .

anon with a braidNov 15 2010 2:46pm
!. there are many powerful , affluent womyn who want to be spanked , butt plugged , enslaved , dominated & now they are economically independent & free to explore all their options with the top dollars they are earning ---so in a female led world economy i would like to be the Male "Madam/Pimp" of a Gigolo Bordello fully legal ,Tax-paying & promising bruising Spankings , Paddlings , Whippings discreetly delivered by burly , macho Males to Powerful Females who want to escape into a Role-Reversal Fantasy world 2. Non-Islamic Couples on an average are producing 0 to 1 kid due to their higher educatio , emancipation etc. whereas Islamic couples are having on an average 8 kids so the future is Islamic NOT Matriarchal [pl. note I'm a Hindu NOT Muslim]

Ashesh GhoseJan 16 2011 7:22am
I have to say that just because a man has domination fetishes in no way at all makes him weak! Both genders have fetishists who enjoy power exchange play. Let me explain like this. Men have supressed women from the dawn of society. There is a reason this has happened. Men can be big and strong ect ect and physically over power a women (usually, obviously there are exceptions LOL). However men have a weakness. Just as superman has a weakness.....kryptonite. out of all the things superman is capable of doing one thing can crash him to the ground. Men build strong muscles and are larger but our kryptonite?...........Women! The fact is women have a natural "power" over men that could ruin even the greatest of men. You women posses somthing we "NEED". IN fact I would dare say that unless a man is a homosexual or eunich the average man would not have reason to live without women. Virtually everything a man does in life is subtlly and subconciously geared to get women. We can not live with out them. The fact is you women posses the ability to deny us of what is on our minds dailey. This is an extreamly powerful powerful force on us men. Used skillfully this power can break a man and I dare say could even lure even the strongest of men to his death. Now u may say that this is not in your naature to do this but the fact remains you do posses that ability. Do you not think men through out history have not recognized this? men through out history have done their damndest through religion and laws to brain wash you into this ideah of "wives submit to your husbands" Bullpoo. What you have intimidates us and threatens us. Not to the point that we even recognize it. I dont think any man intentionally gives this any thought. the male life revolves around sex, and YOU have the power to deny us of that. Look how the average man treats women, Obviously there are very very good guys. But even these good guys deep down still want to have that little edge over their girl. I hate it when women immediatly dimiss guys who have domination fetishes as a simple perversion that automatically deams them as weak. This is so so not the case (however exception to every rule). I beleive that these fetishes come from a deeper part of our beeing. Being that we are by far motivated sexually more so then women that much of our character and much of what makes us plays out sexually. Is a king or queen more powerful then his army? Is the army weak because they choose to submit? I say that their submission is an act of loyalty and deep respect. Could this not be the case of a man who wishes to willingly submit to a women? Of course being our sexual nature these feeling can play out in us sexuallly thus the springing forth of sexual domination fetishes. I think it is totally erroneous to call a man weak because he wishes to submit himself to a women. I beleive that this sort of desire comes deep inside as a respect and loyalty to women on a level that is far beyond what the average man is willing to admit. Personally Id see it ladies as a form of flattery. If you take a close look at histories rapists and serial murderers who have murdered out of sexual lust have done so as an act of domination over the female victim. In a happy and perfect world men need no guidance and the perfect relationship that women seek would be the norm. However it is not the norm. Men have run wild. We are like wild horses that need tammed. Dont get me wrong there are some great guys out there many many great guys. The fact is they are not the norm. Look at society and tell me Iam wrong. We have have women shelters all across this country, single mothers whose children barely get by because of a dead beat father who is no where to be found, women in countries sold as sex slaves. And some of you women dare call us men with domination fetishes weak! Just as the stallion is not weak because of his submission to his master, neither is the man who is submissive to his women.

KCMar 27 2011 10:51am
Women have a naturally dominant side. (This comes as a surprise to a few people!) Problem is, the only side many females ever explore in their sexual life is their submissive side. (Similarly, and for the same reasons, the only side many males ever explore in their sexual life is their dominant side.) The reason for this has nothing to do with genetics or one's assigned sex. Due to social mores still burdening us in this day and age, it seems many women are literally embarrassed to explore their blossoming dominant side. Many women feel that they actually might be betraying their very femininity! After years of coddling to the "submissive" role they are raised to portray, many women fear that their feelings drawing them to explore their dominant side might be, well, a "bad" thing. (But, of course, a deliciously bad thing!) Well, I say, if you're going to be bad, be good at it!

jMar 30 2011 7:27am
You are some very confused individuals--each and every one here. Where to even begin??? I'll make it simple. Society does not, and never has, existed. There are many different means for many different ends. We have a culture (say that word cuuulture) of all types of complex peoples. Inevitable war is a for sure in any culture, a constant the same as death, and nobody dominates like a dude thinking he's that unstoppable force. History should show you that men have always, and very probably shall continue to resort to war when he feels beleaguered under any instance. The answer to this overly serious question is a resounding "NO" and it's war, in general, you should be preparing for.

GeniusApr 22 2011 3:06am
Those who make slaves, make slaves of themselves.

donMay 24 2011 12:21pm
I have not read this entire thread, so forgive me if somone has mentioned this already. The question of whether one gender is superior to another, and therefore entitled to dominate the other, is a false arguement. Women and men have inherent differences that make any such comparison between them an apples to oranges comparison, and therefore a meaningless wasts of time for consideration. A better question would be, is one type of living, male led or female led, superior to the other. I see the self-empowerment of women in the modern age as a positive thing, but by and large, it is the individual woman who is excelling in the most visible ways. Many woman still seem to be choosing to be the more passive partner, and it that is their choice, it should be respected. No doubt many wan will have to adapt to societal change, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. As for out and out malicious enslavement of the male gender, that does not seem likely. One thing most poeple agree on is that if there is a genuine necessity for justified violent force, men are more naturally inclined to excel at it. I am not trying to say that an individual female cannot excel as a soldier, because they clearly can. In a one on one bloody brawl between the average man and the average woman, of idnetical fighting skill, the man has an inherent advantage. That alone is succifient reason for both genders to avoid the kind of slaver that is expressed in the opening question.

IanMay 30 2011 8:20pm
Please pardon all the typos.

IanMay 30 2011 8:22pm
A lot of people in this thread talk about women eventually taking over throgh economic power. So what? The ability to express power through money is clear, but does nothing to diminish men from exercising said power as well. In fact, if womean end up the major wage earnes in society, we will likely see some men becoming 'trophy husbands' who spend all their free time spending their spouse's excess income. Good gig if you can get it!

IanMay 30 2011 8:54pm
Sorry, that was supposed to be 'if women end up the major wage earners'

IanMay 30 2011 8:55pm
The true question should be what else can we do as men but to recognize where the power lies...a Womans comfort and approval not to mention direction has been the inspiration behind most fortunes its time for men to step aside and let the women rule in the light,serve and worship them as our superiors

enlightened maleAug 09 2011 8:43pm
Wow you people are way off there was a study does last year that named men superior?

johnSep 25 2011 2:58pm
A woman can easily dominate and control a male. So I believe that a female dominated world is inevitible. Marriage should become slavery for the male. The woman should also punish her male-slave with a whip or paddle whenever he displeases her in any way. Also, since giving the woman sexual pleasure would be the male's most important duty, only the best-looking, strongest males with the biggest penises should be allowed to breed. The role of the male should be srtictly servile.

FemSupremeDec 04 2011 7:48pm
I deserve to be enslaved by women. I'm small in stature, not strong, small penis, wimpy. I should be kept hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded, stashed in a trunk until the woman wants to abuse and humilliate me. When she wants to do away with me, she can throw me away in a garbage dumpster and watch me be taken away to my (smelly)fate.

JeffDec 22 2011 3:52pm
Total crap. Where are you getting these confused minds from. Jezebel spirit all over. Wake up, this cannot happen

AnonymousFeb 10 2012 4:30am
FemSupreme duct tape your mouth shut!

A young manFeb 14 2012 7:25pm
Should women spread their ass cheeks &bend over to be Sodomized under Macho rule ??

Ash-9Mar 25 2012 1:01pm
I think women will probably one day rule. They are superior and I don't really think slavery will completely happen but it might happen

AnonymousMay 01 2012 8:08am
Women will not be able to set up a matriarchal society. Men will rebel and put women in their place. Men will re-establish patriarchy.

No matriarchyMay 25 2012 10:12am
FemSupreme is a little bit joking. Women can only dominate men, because they let it be. It is called "topping from the bottem." If a man don't want to be dominated, women can do nothing, only can cry.

AnonymousJun 01 2012 6:34am
men should be slaves to wemon

bobJul 03 2012 8:45am
men should be slaves to wemon

bobJul 03 2012 8:45am
men should be slaves to wemon

bobJul 03 2012 8:45am
men should be slaves to wemon

bobJul 03 2012 8:45am
They have to dummy down everything little women do. they have to be banked to succeed . with all this help, they're still lagging behind. just be satisfied girls being incubators for vaginas. quit hitching about everything. ladies, you are pathetic.

AnonymousJul 18 2012 4:53pm
Women aren't 'excelling' . The bar has merely been lowered, which is fine... Count all those liberal art degree as 'woman outperforming men at college' If you wish. But you won't get anywhere without us, and we're already getting fed up with all the men-bashing and man-hating going on. You're probably not aware what is happening right now in western society, but there's definitely resentment towards you for this attitude of superiority. Luckily, the intelligent women you feminists claim to 'represent' with your degree in women's studies have a bit more sense, and they agree feminism is garbage.

JasonSep 02 2012 5:10am
Women may become the superior sex, but they will never feminise men, becsuse they love skirts, dresses and high-heels to much and don't want to see men in them. And most men don't want to wear women clothes. Force feminisation will never work, men are to strong for most all women.

AnonymousOct 08 2012 7:30am
As a man I would love women to have the Right to put a man in stocks whenever she feels like it ,it would consist of a large room with rows of stocks,there would be no need for air conditioning or heating, in the summer the man would sweat and swelter, in the winter he would freeze, there would be no time limit ,he would be at her mercy when he is released so she can do things at a leisurely pace ,it could be a hot sunny day in summer she can go for a swim to keep cool ,leaving him sweating in the stocks ,wherever this happens would be a trouble free zone as the woman would be keeping him line while enjoying the benefits of a man free area,they would all be securely locked in stocks under the womans complete and total control

BogeyOct 16 2012 9:27am
If she looses the key he would have to pay a fine plus wait 2 extra hours to be released

TrashOct 17 2012 7:59am
I have a leash and collar rarely do I wear clothes aside from having eyebrows I have no other hair I sleep beside my mistresses bed I am at her beck And call she has no need to beat me as I am as pliant as her favorite pet dog. I have not heard a word in years about my behavior I am hers buy my own submission I dine from a bowl at her feet I was trained from birth to do this as was my father and his father my son will follow me and will hopefully be given to a good mistress whom he will obey and love without question this is the fate of all men learn and serve mankind for your mistress will reward you

The faithful oneOct 20 2012 7:42pm
Sunday morning it's my time I spend the first hour making myself presentable I spend time with my hobbies then awake mistress with breakfast then wash and dress her for the day today is loincloth day for me after an hour of exercise I glisten in the sun after a short rest she beckons me to assist with suntan oil so she may tan I use my body to remove the excess she appreciates my method and massage. as the Sun falls I prepare supper I take my place beside her chair. I am rewarded with a full bowl. we watch the sunset as she teases me with drops of wine I finish my chores and prepare her for bed. on this occasion she invites me to her bed. another good day . men serve you mistress , woman treat your male with kindness. women are our future leaders obey them.

the faithful oneOct 21 2012 12:39pm
At the beach men should have their hands tied behind their back and buried up to their neck in the sand for fun women could kick his face with her bare foot

BogeyNov 02 2012 8:27am
I agree with bob as women are superior to men and female supremacy is now here, then men should serve women,women can wrap me around their little toe ,put me through my paces for their amusement ,then smugly reject me ,because I don't impress ,women are very good at swatting men away ,I,m a strong believer in large areas of society being women only ,men just get in the way and cause trouble we need to be kept at bay,and in line

BogeyNov 16 2012 7:46am
i am already a slave i'm 25 and my boss women 47 she dominate me for 2 jears now, i am completly shaved for always and completly circumsiced. i am always nude also by visits of friends. Pictures of me can be taken free and she foresees to tatooing my pubby and body my nipples are already ringed.She told me last on a party with a lot of her girlfriend invited the she will b-let me gelding at the age of 30.

CireNov 17 2012 9:09pm
I am a man who thinks Women should have unconditional obedience from men this is the best way to do it by making them slaves its the next step ,women have established themselves as the superior sex ,and they have won the battle of the sexes ,men are now slugs a complete waste of space

BogeyNov 24 2012 1:13am
The future may have a time where females are superior but it may not happen. Either way what's the big deal. If you can't handle it and your male then just think about this. A world where you are less stressful you come home earlier and you have more time for your self. During this time your wife is working and has a lot of stress. Don't deny this just think about your wife and don't feel jealous but feel bad because your the one who MAY be able to lift heavier objects and do the more hands on jobs but she would be the one sitting at the office firing people and dealing with stress that you won't have to deal with. And I don't want to see the day where women are too stressed to stay awake because I'm not heartless. Even if papers say they are better or because somebody says that women are better doesn't mean they are. You can't say a sex is more superior because a sex isn't a person. It's a group of people. They are and forever will be equal. You cant blame a sex for some people in jail because I'm not in jail and I'm not a bad person and there are males that do go to jail but that doesn't mean I'm worse than every female. If you don't understand the fact that we are qual than you might as well not have read this comment.

HBNov 25 2012 11:00pm
All. Men are born to be sissy slaves

by kgNov 27 2012 7:48am
I am a slave to my wife and her sister it works for us

RHDec 02 2012 2:42am
I as a male who accepts that men are a waste of space ,women only areas are the way of the future , there's nothing more enjoyable for a woman than to have a man free area we are just irritants to the superior sex ,ideally men should be placed in small cells by women the door is locked the key is placed on the woman's ankle bracelet she then has the joy and benefits of a man free day and a man free area

BogeyDec 17 2012 7:28am
Sam, that is probably the most elequent & truthfull explanation regarding Female superiority. As a male, understanding that my ego is the largest obsticale, still see Women controlling government, business, & personal relationships, marriage or otherwise. Bravo, it's been too long coming! Looking at the pathetic state of the world, the blame can only rest upon the inability of men governing & managing our futures. Thank God, undoubtly Female, She created Women in Her own image with the natural ability needed for running the world successfully, with men as the most critical situation needing Female guidance. Women will rule this world & men are lucky they have the natural ability we obviously lack. Men will continue to contribute to society as you stated before, some even as professionals, but even those will still respect the authority & power Women have so honestly earned & deserve.

tm from TexasDec 23 2012 2:16pm

AnonymousJan 01 2013 1:50pm
There are a few comments on here I've seen stating that men are physically stronger than women, but have any of these people ever heard of a small invention called a GUN? The gun has made physical domination by men obsolete. I also used to teach self defense for women. Women can own a man by one swift kick to the balls, a punch to the throat, or poke to the eyes. A woman can bite down on a guys dick during a forced sexual assault. They have apps on iphones now created if a woman is in danger she can push a button, the authorities will be contacted and are able to view her location through her phone GPS. There is also a bra many women use while jogging that is used like Life Alert, she can press a button if she is in danger and authorities are notified and can track her location. There's also stun guns and pepper spray. As for their brain structure, women have a larger frontal lobe in the brain, this enables them to communicate and assess risks better. Men are more likely to die in car crashes and freak accidents due to their inability to assess outcomes correctly. Women are more able to view the entire outcome and future consequences. Due to the levels of testosterone and smaller frontal lobes men have, many men get a false sense of invincibility, which is merely a trick of the mind. A Harvard study was done that showed men view themselves as way more attractive than they actually are. The women viewed them as unattractive or average. The study showed that when women joined men in a simple conversation, the men tended to view it completely incorrectly and assumed the woman was interested in them, but the women viewed them as any other person they'd talked to throughout the day. As seen throughout history, men cause their own demise through greed, pride, lust, hatred, and a false sense of being "god like". Teenage drug and alcohol use in boys has skyrocketed throughout the years which also causes their brains to not form correctly, leading to more foolish and dangerous behavior for themselves. It is also well known that women who make poor life choices such as substance abuse, prostitution, porn, or are incarcerated have been abused by desperate weak minded men when they were children. Women are by far superior just for the fact that they contain more love for humans, and animals, and the world as a whole. We should be grateful that they even find any of us attractive or worthy enough to be given love by them.

EricJan 24 2013 8:24pm
The fantasy is cute and everything, but there's nothing to suggest females will rule to such extent we'll go back to slavery times, no matter how educated they are or if they start taking control of power positions and mass media the cultural shift will hardly make such impact. I doubt we'll even see househusbands as a common thing in a long long time.

saJan 27 2013 2:50pm
Slave trade was illegal back in the old days when life was so bad you could get your hand cut off forstealing. So slavery is a very serious topic. A man who gives his services to another willingly is better described as submissive than a slave. I believe in the future it will be more common for men to be submissive to their female partner. But as far as slavery goes I would hope that remains infrequent. A slave is someone who is forced to serve, like a female sex slave aquired by purchase from a human trafficking business. Obviously we don't want things like this to become mire frequent in the future, I mean what if it was your son or daughter that got sold to some rich foreigner for sexual abuse and slavery. Nobody wants that for our future.

haichJan 30 2013 3:01pm
There are some women who enjoy overt dominance for a season, and a few who really do take it beyond sensual role play, but overall, women seem to serve and support much better than they lead and I don't think that natural tendency will depart us any time soon, regardless of the feminist/female supremacist mirror house of social engineering at play.

HumbledFemales.netFeb 08 2013 8:01am
The Real Man would never become anyone's slave under any circumstances. You Female domination fetishes should watch the movie "the Barbarian Queen" where lana clarkson says that She will never become anyone's slave or Whore. If she could show that much courage then what happened to your self respect. Are that much helpless. Are gay or eunuch. or Maybe you deserve the life of a slave because your own thinking. Women never likes a weak, submissive man ; She filters him out. She likes strong man who can take responsibilities. If you are thinking your life will be better under slavery then you are definitely the Dumbest person in this world. life of slavery has never benefited to anyone. Women feels completely sexually satisfied only when the MAN (THE REAL MAN not eunuch like you) Takes her complete charge and make her surrender.

Vaibhav PanchalFeb 19 2013 11:30am
If women were really superior than men why the f*ck did they let allowed us to rule them for thousands of years.

VaibhavFeb 19 2013 11:32am
And if women are smarter than men, why are they victims; why do women usually try to get men to do things for them before trying to do it themselves? As long as women think of themselves as princesses men are going to have a harder time respecting women.

GlennMar 19 2013 11:07pm
women are indeed superior guyzz.. me exprncd.. me a true tym slave to a woman and its soooo pleasing serving the superior breed

male slaveApr 18 2013 6:01am
This whole WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR is BULL. The reality is there were FAR less problems in society when Men TOTALLY ruled and women didn't have rights. Why? Because there was ONE ruler in the household. The household has been totally turned on its head because Women are now equal. And women are running out of Relationships simply because they get into a stupid argument one too many times or they get tired of being with the same guy or whatever other stupid reason they choose. Women are FAR less concerned about staying with a guy they LOSE EMOTION over and will leave the relationship quickly because they feel they DESERVE someone to treat them better when the reality is they were treating the guy like crap either because he wasn't sexually pleasing her. Or she has a talk with her friends and they told her she needs to try more guys out before she settles. So many things a woman is swayed by. They don't take life seriously when it comes to relationships and men really want to be in a relationship with one great woman and HIS CHILDREN. Whoever said men are not going to be needed for procreation is an idiot. REALLY. It is PROVEN that genetics are far more passed through MALE COPULATION then Female EGG. You people are NOT basing anything on science. Just your emotions. And whoever said women wouldn't enslave men are idiots because they are already doing it. Just look up terms like Female Superiority, D/s relationships. Hell a few years ago when you looked up STRAPON you got a bunch of women using strap ons on each other. Now its a bunch of sites when women using them on MEN!! DONT TELL ME THEY DONT FANTISIZE ABOUT THIS. I KNOW IT! The ONLY thing that pisses me off about the whole thing is women who think they can just run out and screw all sorts of guys and come home to their CUCKOLD and make him clean her. GET REAL. I would Never in my life put up with women cuckolding men.

meJun 07 2013 8:29pm
Everyone with their HARVARD Studies and all this NONSENSE. Women cannot STAND the fact that men ruled over them. NOW they want Equality and soon they will want DOMINANCE. You see, its the same thing with Black people. They wanted Equality, They got it! And as soon as OBAMA Was elected you don't know how many started saying, "WE RUN THIS SHIZ NOW AND YO AXE GON HAVE TA DEAL WITH IT!" Most problems in society right now are because WOMEN want to be head of Household PERIOD. There is no other reason! Back before Womens Lib men were the head of household and there were no problems. I know I know someone will talk about how women were beaten... BULLCRAP! Sure there were some who were abused but NOT like so many women now try to pretend they know. Its nonsense. Someone has to be head of household and that has been a fight and has led in the past years to our society being turned on its head. Put that in your Harvard pipe and smoke it!

MEMEMEMEJun 07 2013 8:35pm READ THIS because it is ABSOLUTELY how most of you people get your info. From reading CRAP!

MEMEJun 07 2013 8:39pm
matriarchy is coming and the men will first be marginalized, then dominated and then enslaved.

AnneJun 08 2013 10:35am
Women should prepare men for slavery--its justified and inevitable if we choose.

SaranJun 14 2013 10:33am
I do think women will control society. The majority of the women in my school are smarter than the guys and I've noticed that quite a few of the women are stronger than some of the guys. This had led to me believing that women will control society and might have complete dominance.

DanJun 23 2013 7:35pm
the really is: what will be the arrangements between men and women? Will men be eased out of the professions? Will many become househusbands? In relationships, will women become the presumptive leader? Will men be disenfranchised?

SarahJun 25 2013 9:23am

wwwJul 07 2013 6:34pm
Women are without doubt the superior sex, they are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, wiser, cleverer, more articulate, better educated, better informed, better manipulators, are so much more attractive than men, have lovely silky smooth skin, beautiful hair, their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours, their clothing is far better than ours. I other words they are “Perfection”, and therefore, deserve to be kept continually in a state of idle luxury, at our expense. We males should realize that we are only here to be used by women for their pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement. To do all the housework, cleaning cooking, shopping excreta, and thereby enable our owners to enjoy a life of comparative ease, whilst at the same time exercising complete and total authority over a member of the inferior sex. Any male who a woman chooses to use as her slave should consider it an honour to have been selected by her. In fact he should worship her as the Goddess she is. We males are so abysmal that we are not worthy to lick the dirt off their boots. When however, one of us is chosen to be used by a woman. Then he knows that he has been considered worthy to lick the dirt off her boots.

Faceunder1Jul 15 2013 10:31am
Sarah men are being eased out of the professions. Women are already the majority of professionals. Many men are going to have to take on the role of househusband. Women will be the leaders because they are more educated, organized and qualified. Eventually men will find themselves totally dependent with no economic power. They will look up to women By the time they are enslaved they will accept it because they'll have been gradually trained to obedience. They'll realize that they have no other option.

KarenJul 21 2013 5:00pm
Karen, when do you think men be enslaved? By the end of this century? Sooner? Later? And what would be the form of enslavement?

JohnJul 21 2013 6:41pm
@Karen, I've seen some very good posts by someone named "karen" dating back from 2004, is that you?

BillAug 04 2013 4:05pm
Alright, alright... ok everyone that comments in here about this question, both boys and girls, I really think you all need to know something about this, and what I am about to tell you is 100% true and unavoidable. Really it is. And 50% of you in here will totally agree with me on this, but also half of you will not. But whatever you believe I respect it, but there is evidence all around us right now that proves this point. And it is an answer to this question, yes.

Reed Aug 10 2013 8:22pm
And the answer to this question in which if men will becomes enslaved by all women and becomes servants of girls is a YES. Most if not all men will someday be under women and becomes slaves as lots of girls have dreamed of for a very long time.

ReedAug 10 2013 8:25pm
Again lots of you here will seriously get mad at me and say are you f**king insane. And yes, I might be crazy but I'm just saying that one day in the future man will be slaves to women as women were once slaves to men in the past. There are many sites that you can go to that prove that this is true. And actually there are some places in the world today like in china and India where female rule has started. I also just found a place near the Dominican Republic where the entire city in under women supremacy and men are just servants to all ladies. It's under a matriarchy ruling.

AnonymousAug 10 2013 8:29pm
So believe me or call me crazy for this, but IT WILL SOMEDAY BE TRUE!! Right now both women and men are equal in everything or pretty darn close, but as time goes by, women power will keep increasing until men are just slaves, only existing to serve and please girls and women. Thanks for putting this on here! Girls rule!

AnonymousAug 10 2013 8:31pm
Of course women are superior.Men will come to consider it a privalege to serve his,but respectful,obedient,servants.Men will be disenfranchised,not allowed to own property,or have bank accounts.The sooner it happens the better for the world's survival.

an inferiorAug 16 2013 2:00am
thank you sarah for that post.

AnonymousAug 17 2013 11:01am
Prepare themselves for slavery? The male sex should find obedience PERFECTLY NATURAL as part of their inferior. : : : The only things they had better prepare are our dinner, cleaning our home and prettying their newly feminized selves up to be as amusing to us while they serve... as they so foolishly once tricked us into doing. : : Run along, young lady, fix your makeup, my women friends are visiting tonight and you had better serve and behave PERFECTLY. : : DON'T give me THAT look, Young Lady!

Ascendant FemaleAug 23 2013 12:10pm
Of course women should dominate men because there is to match violance,especially there sexs drive must be controled. Chastity devise would be de norm,masturbating has to be forbidden completly.And if they not obey sipping must be done.Men who do what they must do don't have to be afraid.

tuckyAug 24 2013 2:24am
The only trouble for women is the awful thing between men's leggs.

francis from franceAug 24 2013 2:27am
z72f9c I truly appreciate this blog. Will read on...

YPExIuqWDVfnSep 13 2013 10:20am
I think so. Women have taken over in education and are rapidly becoming the breadwinners. Women recently surpassed men in IQ levels. Our penises which were once our source of strength and power have been exposed as our greatest weakness. Soon our main role in society will be to serve and obey women.

descending maleSep 14 2013 6:43pm
I completely agree with woman being superior in every way. Smarter by far and stronger. Just recently I have been under the control of a woman who has made me obey and give up control to not only her but my room mate and ex. And I have never been happier. The one thing is that they require me to be locked in a chastity device so I only think of them rather than spending time playing. Whici after a week I feel that this is a good change for me, and I hope to continue this for the distant future as well as continue to be locked for as long as they wish. A world controlled by woman would be an amazing one to live in!

Slave4GirlsSep 16 2013 2:19am
By my accounting, with all the mistreatment women have received form men over the centuries, the male gender owes centuries of gender-based reparations - i.e. hard labor and oral servitude to benefit all females. On your knees boys!!!

HeidiSep 16 2013 4:26am
I completely agree Heidi! imagine a world run my woman? no ego of men, controlled order. put men to work as oral servitude, i believe itss what we deserve after the many years of mistreatment to woman... Should bow and kiss their feet rather than a handshake whenever met to show our true place! And if it was mandatory for chastity belts to be worn and for woman to hold the key I bet crime and rape statistics would plummet!

Slave4GilrsSep 19 2013 4:55pm
Slave4Girls - I look forward to it.

HeidiSep 23 2013 1:39am
Oh Heidi *blush* - you really know how to sweet talk a boi...

Fantasy Polls R' UsSep 23 2013 11:15am
How would you like to start now Heidi? Id be more than willing to give up my chastity lock number to any woman here to help begin this female led society. If you have yahoo chat add me at so i may give you the code and then clear my chat history :) What other woman out there believe men should be locked until a woman tells him he may have sexual release if any? I do believe it would solve many issues in todays society, but one can only hope that females will one day rule us...

Slave4GirlsSep 23 2013 2:50pm
I was looking for statistics on the growth of women in leading positions in the workplace when I ran across this site. All I can think of to say is, “WOW!” This topic went from amazingly impractical to totally weird in about 2.5 minutes flat! The concept of slavery being legislated under our constitution is thoroughly ridiculous! I do understand someone who is the product of millennia of oppression saying, “Screw equality, I WANNA GET EVEN!” But, it isn’t going to happen in this country; ever. Still, to be fair, open-minded and honest… It does sound like it would make for a fun weekend!

OverwhelmedSep 24 2013 6:00pm
Yes!!!! Female supremacy is inevitable and will happen sometime soon!!!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 24 2013 8:22pm
im usually all for equal rights but all the woman here saying men are lower only deserve to be treated as they want to treat men. Those woman who think the above should also look at it from another perspective. Maybe YOU are the ones who should be getting down on your knees to men! You can serve us orally when we need it and then you wont have to worry about us thinking with our dicks because your mouths will have already served their purpose in satisfying us... Now that's what I think of the woman after this much power, not ones who believe in equal rights!

Other GuySep 26 2013 3:36am
Wow, women will take over. Men are just puny playthings that are meant to serve as grunts and undeayd servants. Soon men will have little or no education.

Elvis, can't wait for that day, I want to serve womenSep 30 2013 7:54pm
Some enterprising women at Dream Lover Laboratories have created the perfect device - the DL2000. It is an electrified add on to a standard male chastity device. Married to a Latowski chastity device, it is virtually inescapable. Once a male is locked in, his female owner can command whatever behavior she desires from him. He obeys or she presses one button on the remote and ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! An electrical pulse is delivered to the males testicles. It also has a "leash mode" that keeps him from going outside the perimeter you set - anywhere from 30 feet to 1 foot - making sure that your "kept man" stays kept. If he goes outside the set perimeter he gets a warning and if he does not stop - ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! The pulse continues until he returns to where he belongs. The device also has a "canine" mode that forces the male to stay on all fours. If he tries to stand - ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! The pulse continues until he gets back down on all fours for your amusement. This makes complete control of one male or multiple males practical and very possible. The device is very pricey but you can't put a price on male ownership!

HeidiOct 09 2013 3:05pm
If you are the Heidi I am thinking of, I would gladly become one of your obedient doggies.

BroverOct 12 2013 1:12am
Me to! I would love to wear that device above for any woman! All men should

Slave4GirlsOct 12 2013 6:49am
DL2000 an idea whose time has come!

AnneOct 15 2013 7:34am
Yes, Mistress Anne - you will shock me and I will obey.

BroverOct 16 2013 1:01am
Men should be enslaved--every last one of them

SarahOct 21 2013 4:48am
Yes, Mistress Sarah - you will shock me and i will lick you like a good doggy.

BroverOct 21 2013 8:55am
DNo1NC Thanks for the blog. Awesome.

feixcXTNrGCRLmOct 26 2013 12:42am
Once women have taken control and men have been knocked down the evolutionary ladder, then becoming slaves for women might be the best option that men have.

AnonymousOct 27 2013 11:34am
Anonymous, Exactly. I really don't care how we do it or whether they see it in their self interest (if they do that is easier) but I want to see every last one tagged, trapped and collared

SarahOct 31 2013 11:41am
Anonymous, I don't give a rats ass whether men are happy in their new condition.

AnnieOct 31 2013 1:44pm
Sarah, you are a real visionary because these ideas you have given us are the most humane and practical solution for a society focused on the protection and prosperity of women and girls. Once such a society is established then the threat of male crime and violence will have to be dealt with. All the other solutions seem much more cruel and un rewarding to both genders. Solutions such as castration of all males, reduction or destruction of the male population or pushing me outside of society to live on reservations and to become low wage labor with little contact with women all seem far more severe and cruel.

AnonymousNov 01 2013 11:40am
When society reaches this point and is debating it's options then most men will be glad to take on the role of slavery with possible reward of sex, love, female praise and affection. Most men will accept the evidence that women are higher beings and that service and obedience to women is the best way to happiness. Those that don't will have to be dealt with. Proper restraint, control and training of males will be a practical necessity.

AnonymousNov 01 2013 11:46am
Anonymous, Thank you for you compliment and obviously I do agree with you--to a point. Most men are realists but most are not bright enough, as their hormones impede their reasoning. Some surely will recognize the superiority of women, but most will not. Among the later, most will still be realistic--with the kind of technology we have these days for tracking and controlling males, it will not be difficult to keep them all in a chattel state. Some will rebel, and even women will be uncomfortable. Appropriate means will be used to compel the compliance of both groups.

SarahNov 02 2013 7:34am
once laws are passed requiring all males to be fitted with remote controlled chastity devices which deliver an electric shock to the penis the battle of the sexes will be won. as the losers, we males will need to obey any female's immediate command in hopes of avoiding punishment. our life will be one of constant humiliation but we will be under such strict control we won't have any choice but to obey our superiors. realizing resistance is impossible, the male gender will come to accept it's slave status. our strong sex drives will be used against us as women will keep us in a constant state of sexual frustration without release as this will make us more obedient. orgasm for males will be a very rare event and will only take place as a reward for outstanding obedience and servitude over long time periods but some women will decided to keep their slaves permanently denied. public displays of obedience will become a sport among women as they will force their slaves to obey commands, wear painful chastity devices and endure ruined orgasms/whippings in public to show other women how much their slave is under their control (all while being pulled along by his master on a testicle leash, as leash laws will be enacted as well as laws forbidding males from wearing any sort of clothing). in addition, laws will be passed requiring all males to be euthanized at age 40 as being a slave will be physically demanding and only younger males will be in the right physical shape for the task. only women will be allowed to live the entire duration of their natural lifespan. slaves can be traded or new ones bought at a slave auction. these slave auctions will be dreaded by males, as current owners will put for-sale slaves through humiliating displays of obedience on stage (responding quickly to commands, vocally expressing his belief in female superiority, receiving painful punishment, etc) in order to show the audience of potential buyers how obedient the slave is as obedience will be a desired trait and will increase his price. a slave's erection during this spectacle is desired, as it shows bidders his willingness to obey (slaves will be handcuffed to prevent self-touching). this will make males more obedient to their masters as they will not want to displease her and give her any incentive to want to sell him forcing him to endure the humiliation of the slave auction. however, most males will experience it multiple times until they're euthanized as most women get bored of their slaves within a few years and will view males as objects to be controlled preventing women from becoming emotionally attached to them. women will pride themselves on exercising female superiority over the males they encounter. young girls will learn about the science of female superiority in school in order to understand how their gender was able to win the battle of the sexes and enslave boys. they'll learn about how the female brain is more intelligent, how males are controlled by their constant thoughts of sex, how females live longer and healthier, etc. once understanding why males are inferior to them, classes on how to train, control, and punish males will educate them on how to be in complete control of them at all times. girls will each be assigned a boy of their age to use during the learning process and will not graduate until she has demonstrated she can completely control him. this will allow girls to be familiar with the inferior male body and the various control devices installed on males and why they should never be removed in order to keep them enslaved. males will not be taught other subjects such as math, science and english reserved only for girls. graduation for males means a trip to the slave auction in search of a buyer. graduation for females means buying a slave and living a life of luxury at the expense of males. being taught only to obey females and seeing all other men leashed and under the complete control of a woman, boys will see it as only natural to obey girls. over generations, being male will come to mean accepting you're a slave until you're euthanized.

AdamNov 02 2013 1:01pm
Adam, What you describe could happen but is extreme and unlikley. Men will be reduced to a chattel state, much like women in the early 19th Century. Whether it goes beyond that is uncertain.

SarahNov 03 2013 6:56am
as soon males being slaves is accepted and the norm, it likely will develop into that. i see your version of the future as female superiority in its infancy. a future resembling yours will likely come first and last a generation or two, but as time goes on the enslavement of males will become more extreme. women will demand more obedience and control as time goes on. however, you are incorrect about women ever being chattel. they were taught to submit and obey to their husbands, but they were never enslaved as strictly as the male will be in the future. lets not forget in the 19th century it was the wealthy class that ruled over all the other classes--not gender. many poor and middle class men were treated as chattel and were slaves and "surfs" in the 19th century. feminists of today love to push that idea of women historically being treated like dirt by all men in order to gain sympathy for their causes, but in reality anyone without money and power (male or female) had a rough time in this age. just a thought.

AdamNov 03 2013 9:35am
Adam, while I agree with some of your views, you must understand that the male intellect is clouded these days. Our thinking seems to be obstructed, by fear, anger, envy , greed, jealousy and most of all by our male hormones. We are not the ones who are going to decide how the future will play out. Women like Sarah are. Her thinking is much more logical and uncluttered. We men have to understand that in today's world the female brain is superior.

AndrewNov 03 2013 4:30pm
Andrew, You are right: women will decide you status what freedoms you enjoy. I suspect Adam is frightened, angry and not very skilled, intellectually--as leat as women see those things. He is the sort that will be relegated to menial work and require close supervision and contrained freedom of movement. Well adjusted men, such as yourself, will likely have opportunities for education and productive work--but only at the discretion of their wives, mothers and so forth. If men evolve into a chattel state, I do see the more intelligent ones rented out for profit, and offered decent circumstances in exchange for good, productive conduct.

SarahNov 04 2013 3:43am
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