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Are Women Morally Superior To Men?

Question: We know the majority of criminals and perverts are men. Why? Are women morally superior?
Created by: truthseeker at 02:32:27 PM, Monday, June 14, 2004 PDT


No, women are superior overall, but it has nothing to do with morals.

AnonymousJun 15 2004 10:06am

Which would you trust more in a dark alley, a female stranger or a male stranger? Let's face it, women tend to be more trustworthy and compassionate than men. It has everything to do with morals.

JeanneJun 19 2004 7:02pm
I agree with Jeanne in one important respect. It has everything to do with morals. But are women morally superior to men by nature or is in an environmental issue?

SPLJun 24 2004 10:48am
Women are givers of life, by nature compassionate, generous, nurturing, kind, and protective. Men, on the other hand, are hunters, predators, killers by nature. I think our nature effects our morals.

SeanJun 24 2004 10:48pm
To answer SPL's question, I agree with Sean. Women are superior morally by nature. But it also has to do with experience. Because women have been opressed so long by men, they have a more developed sense of justice and fairness.

AnonymousJul 08 2004 6:22pm
Women are superior in general. I did not believe this at first, but after reading countless articles about the subject, I have become convinced there is more to this than I realized.

DavidJul 11 2004 10:18pm
According to Diane Sawyer, men lie three times more than women. Women are more honest by nature.

BarbAug 12 2004 10:34am
And of course because Diane Sawyer is a woman she wouldn't lie.

AnonymousAug 27 2004 9:58am
There are enough duplicitous, selfish women in the world to make a question like this moot.

AnonymousSep 12 2004 9:28am
There are enough ignorant, pig-headed males in the world to make the answer obvious.

AnonymousSep 15 2004 11:19pm
Ignorance has nothing to do with morals, it has to do with knowledge. You might have used homicidal as an example but to judge somebody's ethics based on their capacity or opportunity to learn, is in and of itself a bit immoral. I don't know if you're a woman or a man but you don't seem very compassionate.

AnonymousOct 06 2004 10:47pm
Females are not morally superior, it is just propoganda intended to destroy the males confidence, as you can see by some of the posts above, some men believe this, and I feel sorry for them, they will never achieve in life, they have been destroyed mentally, women are not morally superior, men are not morally superior, it depends upon the individual. I am fed up of all this bigoted propoganda I see these days.

FenrisOct 07 2004 1:08pm
Fenris is correct, people should be judged by individual merit not en masse.

AnonymousOct 10 2004 8:56am
Women are gentle, kind, and nurturing, naturally endowed to give life. By comparison, the male is primitive, agressive, and simple-minded. To say women are morally superior is an understatement.

SharonOct 30 2004 10:48pm
Men are braver. Women are basically cowards.

Stud StudlyFeb 03 2005 6:22am
While most criminals are men, those still represent a very small and very extreme subset of the the male population. Your average women, on the other hand, will constantly lie, cut people down for the mere satisfaction, and are just all around selfish. I could go on, but what would be the point? Its not as if most women are capable of listening.

AaronMar 16 2005 8:20pm
They should be EQUAL, and it only because we do not treat them as equal that they are not. Inequallity, racism and oppresion was invented as for Capitalistm to reap bigger, more evil profits

afdlkafjlaApr 16 2005 4:02pm
Hello Sharon and all you other female supremacists who believe women are the kinder and gentler sex and can do no wrong. Watch TV lately? I've got a name for. Lorlie M. Gantenbein. Don't know her yet? You will. She and her daughter have been arrested in Idaho for an incident at Walmart. Lorlie deliberately sprayed a two-month-old baby with pepper spray over an arguement. Do you want to know what is equally horrifying to all of you female supremacists? All of the people involved in this were women. Can you believe that? And all this time I thought women weren't capable of such mean things. After all, you read that on likelike all the time.

SteveMay 05 2005 10:09am
And before you mention it, Lorlie is not an exception. Things like this happen all the time.

Susan SmithMay 05 2005 10:11am
I have another name for you. Michelle Johnson from Oklahoma has just been charged in the decapitation of her daughter who was only four-years-old. Women and men are not morally superior to each other. All people are capable of the same horrible things. Those are facts that people need to digest.

SteveMay 05 2005 10:24am
Women are not more honest by nature. Susan Smith lied about a black man kidnapping her children and it turned out she buried her two sons alive in a car at the bottom of a lake so long ago.

SteveMay 05 2005 10:25am
My point being if you look to find women doing wrong, you'll find it and if you have the courage of not hiding behind excuses and rationalizations for these women, then the truth shall set us all free.

SteveMay 05 2005 10:26am
Women are stupid, cowardly walking wombs whose sole purpose is to get laid and pregnant and men are idiots who worship these stupid vaginas

MarceloJul 15 2005 5:00pm
Women are superior in these (partial list): Longer lifespan Better senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, eyesight . Brain functions are better integrated - more communication between left and right. Stronger heart Better language skills Better at communicating Better at reading body language and facial expressions Better at solving problems without violence Mature faster Retain mental powers later in life Better memory Better flexibility More endurance Better fine motor skills, manual dexterity Better balance (lower center of gravity) More bouyant, better long distance swimmers. More intense sexual response - multiple orgasms. Ablility to give birth and nurse. Males are superior in these (complete list); Bigger muscles

AnonymousJul 25 2005 12:45am
actually, a lot of men also suffer from bigger egos. It's the ego that hinders his acceptance of female superiority. But more and more, myself included are seeing the truth.

JimDec 10 2005 3:55am
Women may be morally superior but they are definitely more rational and they tend to use their brains before acting out of pent up rage or whatever.

AnonymousDec 14 2005 8:29pm
I agree with Sharon

MakoFeb 25 2006 11:26pm
When women get the power, their cruelty equals that of men, or even exceeds the cruelty of men.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 11:03pm
Anonymous and Sharon you are so right Women are superior in all things apart from muscles.The arguement of someone I know that their countries army was stronger physically and better trained and was bigger than our (British) army was thwarted by a simple statement.If we dropped one nuclear device on your phsically strong army what good would all the muscles be.Likewise when faced with superior male muscles 9on average) what good are they against Womens superio intelligence etc.

AnonymousJun 02 2006 12:55am

AnonymousJun 07 2006 12:54pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:39am
Police Hunt 4 Women In Beating Death Of Bingo Winner April 11, 2006 Police in Toronto are searching for four women suspected of beating a man to death over a $1,000 jackpot he had just won in a bingo hall, according to Local 6 News. Police said Yousif Youkhana, 58, was walking outside the Country Bingo Hall over the weekend with his $1,000 winnings when he was approached by the women. When Youkhana refused to hand over the jackpot, the women kicked and punched him, the report said. Witnesses said the man stumbled back into the bingo hall after the attack and later died from his injuries. The women fled on foot after the beating, according to witnesses.

AnonymousJul 30 2006 4:17pm
Shut up Marcelo you big pig-headed sexist! Who do you think you are saying horrible stuff like that! Men and women are equals, I don't understand how anyone could be so sexist- I could never grow up thinking my life was forever going to end up with me on my knees scrubbing the floor. You are a twisted bastard and you should be ashmed of yourself. Your Mother was a woman! She was the one that gave you life!

Kurai-GakaAug 13 2006 8:05am
Hey, Marcelo, are you a gay sexist? I know I stand up for Homosexuality but when it's based on spite and hatred towards the opposite sex, I just can't stand it. Wht makes us women cowardly? I've known girls who have gone through poo but they're braver than me because they get through it and get on wioth their life. You, however, are a scumbag! BURN IN HELL YOU PIECE OF RECTUM!

Kurai-GakaAug 13 2006 8:10am
Um..if women are superior in morals then why are they cheating at nearly equal freqency as men these days? It seems that given the chance, women can be just as much fuk ups as men can be. So don't believe the hype. Women aren't morally superior they just think they are because they tend to have self righteous attitudes (even when wrong...yall tend to justify why you did something wrong and therefore claim you were in the right). But this kind of bullpoo doesn't fly no matter what your gender is. Don't believe the hype.

AliAug 13 2006 11:43pm
It seems that the media propaganda against men never stops. Today I saw a TV program which empatically said that ALL of the world's problems are caused by men, and women would be much happier in a world with NO MEN. If somebody made a TV program claiming that the world would be better if there were no negros or no Muslims or no Chinese or no women, there would be outrage directed against that TV station. Yet men are targeted by the media every day, and nobody protests.

2006/08/19Aug 19 2006 10:21pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:06pm
It's about time men in the us and uk made a stand.The western male has become an object of derision all over the world even in gynocracies like australia and new zealand.

mike sSep 23 2006 10:28am
It is not enough to visit the new poll called THE WAR AGAINST BOYS. You should also read the book that bears that title.

AnonymousSep 26 2006 8:38pm
"By age 13...girls become more adept than boys at artful aggressive tactics like ostracism, vicious gossip, and indirect vendettas..." (Chapter 3, page 87 of: The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers)

AnonymousOct 01 2006 9:10am
"But as Paley looked more carefully, she saw that there was, in fact, a great deal of conflict, discord and antisocial behavior in girls' fantasies." (Chapter 3, page 97 of: The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers)

AnonymousOct 01 2006 9:24am
The War Against Boys is over. The girls won so easily, they did not even know they were in a war. And when this generation of girls becomes the next generation of women, they will be more confident and assertive than anyone could imagine.

SalNov 26 2006 3:38pm
Court: Child-Renting Sentence Too Short POSTED: 1:17 p.m. EST, December 19, 2006 ST. LOUIS, Missouri (AP) A federal appeals court threw out the 10 year prison sentence of a woman who rented her 9 year old daughter to a pedophile more than 200 times, saying the punishment was too lenient. The woman often held the girl down in their home while Joe J. Champion molested her, according to court documents. Champion typically paid the mother $20. The Associated Press is not naming the woman, to protect her daughter's identity. 21 2006 5:36pm
If there was a web site with 50 polls about white people being superior to blacks, that web site would be quickly shut down. I want to see all of permanently shut down and removed from the internet. If that is not possible, then I would like to see all polls on this web site erased and all new polls.

AnonymousOct 21 2007 3:09pm
The war on boys was a success. The girls won, the boys are mostly wimps now. Most women I know make $100,000 a year, the men about a third of that. I drove a school bus last year, on the last two weeks of school I told the kids that the group (boys or girls) who controlled the other group would get bags of candy bars. In one week, the girls had the boys riding home in their underwear..very quietly. On the three days, the boys were nude. Case closed. I told my girlfriend, she laughed and made me wear girls underwear for a month. That was the bet.

pink panties foreverFeb 17 2009 4:48pm
Not the case at all, Stud. There are many historical referances to cultures, tribes, and nations where women not only held sway, but were in fact physically stronger than their men! for example, the Dahomey believed men to be weak anb cowardly. (How very dare thay!!) When admonishing each other for weakness and/or cowardice, a Dahomey woman would say of another "you're a man!"

an intelligent life formAug 04 2009 4:00pm
Thank you, Susan Smith! You are a breath of fresh air!

an intelligent life formAug 04 2009 4:04pm
Women excell men in wisdom, but not in intellect.

AnonymousAug 04 2009 4:08pm
Ali is very intelligent, for a muslim.

a.i.l.f.Aug 04 2009 4:10pm
Most all murders are done by MALES but there is one good thing...most of the time they kill other males. Even woemn who kill most often kill males which is better than killing women. As far as I am concernee, if males want to kill other males that is fine but leave women and children out of it and just kill the males

kimApr 12 2010 3:53pm
Womyn's moral superiority to men has been recognized for literaly centuries. The first acknowledgement of this was in the book entitled ''Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex'' by Cornelis Agrippa. The book was first published in 1529! Women are inherently more peaceful, caring, compassionate and empathic. men have an inherent tendency to aggression and violence. They are also unable to control their sexual urges leading to crimes like peodophilia, rape and incest. Overall these are predominantly social problems involving men. Its undeniable that the mass of criminals are male. You only need to check out Prison statistics for that. The fact that 95% of prisoners are men proves this. Moreover, these kinds of percentages repeat across the planet. Its nothing to do with the legal system of just one country. Naturally, there are some female criminals. Noone is denying that. However, they are an aberration to the norm. Anyone who who looks at this objectively has to acknowledge the moral superiority of women. This is just one of a variety of reasons why women are better suited to run society in general.

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 8:59pm
Correction: The author from 1529 is Cornelius Agrippa. a man of course. Demonstrating most men have long recognized the moral superiority of Womyn over them.

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 9:02pm
i don't know about morally superior but some women in here obviously can't spell for

jacob..single mommy killahOct 05 2010 7:29pm
Women were for centuries, considered more peaceful because they had no ability to directly make war it was the men who fought other men and protected the women. And that long list of things women are said to be so superior in, like sense of smell and manual dexterity etc... where is the proof for all those claims? Amazing how something is said and everyone just blindly accepts it without the slightest questioning. Yes the women won but not because of their own superiority but because far too many men simply betrayed the rest of the men and gave the power over to the women. Women get more money and better positions because of affirmative action for women, not because they have better skills to get the job done.

Wo,men won through male treason and by cheating.May 01 2011 8:05pm
It's not reasonable to judge the morality of a group when morality is essentially a personal character trait. From a common sense standpoint, however, and women are supposed to be better at that than men, it just seems correct that the deviation from the moral norm is less for women than for men. I open myself for criticism on this, because it is strictly an opinion.

David2Jun 02 2011 9:42pm
Women=womb men. Any half intelligent individual who looks 1 cm past their own nose can see that there are women who are deceitful, lying, manipulative and downright nasty, just as men can be. So all you female supremacists can suck my fat c*ck, your all Jews go die

kill female supremacists, specially the fat troll varietyJun 14 2011 12:02pm
that is true the ( only ) superiority of women is : " women always win simpathy in public , in family , at school , at work place , any HELL it could be " . now ask your self the reason WHY they always get simpathy ? , because women really have superior morality ?, NO LOL , it is simply because : 1. the men ALWAYS BETRAY other men all the history of the time ( men always tend to give more simpathy first for women no matter if the women are not entitled to this treatment , 2. the women in their DNA hardwired for thousand years in their ecolution path to develop well their " political manipulative and conspiracy capability " . that is trully true to say : THE BEST EVER POLITICIANS OF THE TIME ARE WOMEN " , women are manipulating / cheating / twisting / benefiting the best way the imaginator of the story scriptor could do EVER . MEN ARE NAIVE that is trully true 1000 % and easily brainwashed

DNAhistoryAug 17 2011 3:04pm
O.K., here's the truth. Nethier men nor women are superior. They are equal. The only difference is that women were created for men. They are to be submissive to men, if it does not interfere with their faith. The reason men appear more in history is because women, in history, were treated like cows. They have never been given the chance to show their natures. If the roles had been reversed, women would have backstabbed just as much as men. And men are not confined to being naive. Nor women are confined to being manipulative. They are better at it, for they can appeal to men's sexual desires, for the main populous of men is attracted to women by their looks. Women are not so easily swayed, primarily because they are wary of men, because history has shown men to lie and cheat. The problem lies in the judgemental stereotypes that have fallen down on our shoulders, and most people accept these stereotypes as truth. tell me, is white man better than black man? No.

The EqualityFeb 14 2012 7:27pm
And what of the female teenager who murdered two children just to see how it felt?

AnonymousFeb 14 2012 7:29pm
@Anonymous (the last one): OK so one female teenager murdered two children. That proves nothing. You've got to look at the overall statistics -- not singular incidents. The question is: Who committs the most murders, women or men? Answer: Men. Who makes up the majority of our criminals in prision? Answer: Men. Who commits most of the violent crimes? Answer Men. Who commits most of the child abuse crimes? Answer: Men. How many women were there flying the planes into the twin towers on 9/1l? Answer: none -- all men. Which sex is overwhelmingly more likely to be a sucide terrorist bomber? Answer: Men. Who are most of the serial killers? Answer: Men. Who commits most of the mass murders (Columbine, Viginia Tech killings, etc.)? Answer: Men. Who commits most of the crimes of sexually fondling pre-pubescent children -- girls or boys? Answer: Men. And who commits most of the forcible rapes? Answer: Men. And men don't stop at raping women; in prision they rape each other. I would not be surprised to find that most incidents of rape are male on male because most raped women are raped once or a few times in her lifetime but a small man in prision might get raped evry day of his twenty-year jail time (thats 365 by 20 or 7,300 times.) Which sex is more likely to try to swing at someone in a bar? Answer: Men. Who are most muggers? Answer: Men. Who is most likely to break into your house -- a woman or a man? Answer: a man. Who commits most of the home invasions? Answer: Men. Jeanne asked: "Which would you trust more in a dark alley, a female stranger or a male stranger?" Answer: a female stranger.

NMJun 08 2012 1:37pm
@David2. You wrote, "It's not reasonable to judge the morality of a group when morality is essentially a personal character trait." I disgree. It's a matter of statistics. A matter of measuring. For statistical point of view, what's the difference between a personal physical trait and a personal character trait if you can measure either? None. In my reply above to Anonymous (the last one), I provide a host of statistical facts that collectively clearly point to women being the more moral sex in involving one person physically violating another person. Other kinds of moral acts are important but no so much as those involving one person physically violating anther person. I could tolerate much more easily being lied to than being beaten to a pulp, raped, or killed. In any case, it is reasonable to judge the morality of a group. All you have to do is count.

NMJun 08 2012 1:37pm
?Women are superior in these (partial list): Longer lifespan Better senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, eyesight . Brain functions are better integrated - more communication between left and right. Stronger heart Better language skills Better at communicating Better at reading body language and facial expressions Better at solving problems without violence Mature faster Retain mental powers later in life Better memory Better flexibility More endurance Better fine motor skills, manual dexterity Better balance (lower center of gravity) More bouyant, better long distance swimmers. More intense sexual response - multiple orgasms. Ablility to give birth and nurse.? Ok Im pretty sure you?re a girl but it?s of no consequence. I?m going to just break down your statement here: Longer lifespan; Depends on the human being but generally yes. Better sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, eyesight; again Depends on the human being. Brain functions are better integrated; Riddle me this. How come in all of history there have been no world recognized women genius?s? And once again depends on the person but generally it?s been men. More communication between left and right.; lolwut? Ok moving on. Stronger heart? See above for the last 5 statements. Better language skills; I?m pretty sure, I don?t know but I am almost 100% sure, that men have the upper hand here. I don?t know many women who speak multiple languages. Better at communicating; Alright I don?t deny that my girlfriend tends to send a message across better than me sometimes. Better at reading body language in general; Negative. It really depends on who you are. Better at solving problems without violence; Technically this is not true. Depends on the situation. Mature faster; This is genetic and an invalid point. Retain mental powers later in life; Umm well this eh??fact? is very generalized and immaterial. Better memory; Depends on the person. Typically men have the better or eidetic memory. Better flexibility; True but doesn?t make women superior to men. More endurance; Lol nope. Why do you reckon women are not allowed in infantry positions besides for psychological reasons? Because they can?t lug around and carry the equipment necessary. Better fine motor skills; Umm well really depends on the person. Manual dexterity; This takes time and practice to develop no matter who you are. Better balance; That?s sort of true. More buoyant; No generally men are more buoyant because there is generally more mass on a man?s body. Better long distance swimmers; Sorry no. This goes hand in hand with endurance. You don?t see many (if any) women on the coast guard do you? No, because most women who apply for CG can?t tread water for more than 45 minutes. Multiple orgasms; Why does this make you superior? Ability to give birth and nurse; Once again, why does this make you superior? In conclusion many of the points you have made are very general and are invalid to proving your misguided theory of superior women. That?s not to say men aren?t a problem. With the right people (not necessarily men or women) in power the world would be a better place. This has nothing to do with men?s genitalia.

This guyJul 26 2012 2:11am
i love females!!they are superior to us in various ways.they speak morally better than men.

feministAug 16 2012 8:48am

daniel u ..Nov 12 2012 3:53am
I find this thread extremely misandrist.

GuestJul 20 2013 5:58pm
25Xeuv Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

bomYwxPNVbcmIboxOct 26 2013 3:28pm
Lol so this is the shet that goes on on this side of the Internet................haha

Just passing on byNov 13 2013 1:09am
I think we're all equal. There's a lot of bad in the world. But don't think about the gender, think about why they did it... Maybe more males have been hurt mentally or physically.

lizzzNov 24 2013 11:04pm
Women and men are in no way superior to each other. More men commit crimes because there are more men on earth. A woman could commit crimes a dozen times worse than some men and vice-versa. If you answered "Yes" you are sexist.

AnonymousDec 05 2013 2:44pm
ywN0oo Im obliged for the blog. Want more.

ldbHoWQpmdnouujMar 22 2014 5:17am
oh, please, why are all people here soo ignorant Feminism has brainwashed all of them. God I am going to say something here which is against all the things mentioned here. I am a man (a male chauvinistic pig) according to maybe your definition. Some thing I like to mention here, before (the people I love the most are my mother and my wife who are women) But, People (especially men) who have been brainwashed by feminism, please listen to this MEN ARE PHYSICALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, AND EVEN MORALLY SUPERIOR TO WOMEN. This is the real truth. You do not need to be a chauvinist to realise this (even I was believed for a long time that women were morally superior to men) But I have recently found out evidence from both science and religion that the opposite is actually what is true) Regarding domestic violence, I would like to tell something. Men commit violence against women, but women commit even more domestic violence than men. Surprised yes, it is true. Even I was not able to believe this Women commit violence (emotional violence, and verbal violance ) almost univerally. sad thing is they themselves do not regognise it, including the men. Men are one step ahead of women in evolution in everything, physically, intellectually, and morally. This is where both religion (all religions) and science (charles darwin and sigmond freud ) both accept. Women are what freud (forgive my spelling mistake) describes by "penis envy theory" subconsciously, women completely believe men are superior to women in all aspects. So they fear men, become jealous, and become angry. Consciously, they develop an opposite idea. see examples around the world where women excel men and start to believe women are superior to men. But both seem not to satisfy, so they seek evidence outside for it. this is the mindset of a feminist. she talks about equality but in fact a person who has inferiorty complex with a superiority ego. Remember one thing, men are more rational, and women are more emotional. Morality requires more rationalism than emotionalism. I can talk more and more but time is limited

a male with wisdomJun 29 2014 8:42am

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tAug 20 2014 7:16am
I really hate to read this garbage! Because it really disturbs my life views on all women and the one around me , I know that these hateful creatures all have their reasons and opinions on guys for what ever but go rent a boat to an island already! I become so depressed that I hate all women and see only nasty greed and jealousy in all words they speak. The positive words I no longer believe as there truth. Im a 37 year old childless man and I give up ! Its not worth the pain, insults or time to even condront a stupid female creature about anything much less a common gesture . I dont believe its possible for a female to be content with herself muchless a man or anyone else. They all will exist only for themselfs and lie to themselves to do or get what they think they want! The nasty creatures on here will parrish from their own sin and its for the better. I wish I had not read this evil vile discusting forum .

A real guyAug 22 2014 7:53pm
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TQLkPNDtSFeb 04 2015 10:17am
Nobody in here has even the slightest idea of how morality and intelligence works. Retards.

AnonymousFeb 19 2015 11:55pm
I have many female slaves

anonymousMar 21 2015 9:17am

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