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Worst US State

Question: Which state would be the last you would choose to live in?
Created by: LikeLike at 10:09:47 AM, Friday, May 05, 2000 PDT


What's wrong with Tennesee?

G. Rodney MillicentJul 24 2000 7:21pm

ya, i like Tennesee... i don't live there, but i still think it's a nice place...

boybandbumJul 24 2000 7:21pm
boybandbum, I told you to stop adding comments or da SWC was going to regulate, however, I like Tennessee, and whoever voted on texas should have their ass kicked because it is the greatest state, and the people who voted against it must have never been h

Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
ere before and are just ignorant. You guys suck ass. New York should be the worst state. You yankees blow!

Killa D.T.Jul 24 2000 7:21pm

marvJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I am a Texan and proud of it. If you'ver never been here, then you don't know what your missing. We've got the beaches of South Padre, the hills of Austin, the Mountains of Big Bend and the Deserts of ElPaso. I'm proud to be a Texan!

Aggie_JilJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Let's face it, New York is the best state in this country. Maine is really nice too......Actually the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States are the best in general.

A Damn YankeeJul 24 2000 7:21pm
i am surprised that alabama isn't ranked #1!! it is sooooo boring!!

blissJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Dude Washington needs to be ranked #1 Dude it sucks ass! for reals!

MEJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I'm sure we all can find good points about our home states. We should not put down others. I have great pride in New York State. From Niagara Falls to the Great Adirondack Mountains to the diversity of New York City. Don't forget the Erie Canal, Rochester on the Genesee to Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, Catskills, big cities, small towns. Whatever you're looking for you can find it in New York!

Jason V.Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
I don't get why Tennessee got the most vote why she is soo bad???

MandyIvyJul 24 2000 7:21pm
heyyy to the smarty who wrote this...washington d.c. isn't a state :) and besides...ohio blows the most of 'em all :)

NeyJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Ohio sucks!!! It is the most boring and retarded state of all of the 50. And besides TN rules because that's where Justin Timberlake was born!!!!

Someone who lives in stupid OhioJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Hello!!! Duh! Texas is da bomb! Galveston is awsome! Do you guys think we are hicks or something think again you really weird people! Have you actually been there? It's So cool! I don't like Lousy-Anna! HAHA!! LOUSYANNA!!! Ok, I'm done see what you get when you me and my state!!

A Proud TexanJul 24 2000 7:21pm
'A Pround Texan' - was that an argument for or against Texas?

Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
Texas is the best state in the union damn it. we're home to the Cowboys, only team to win 3 superbowls in 4 years and the Stars, so y'all can kiss my ass

Tex daddyJul 24 2000 7:21pm
The most 'normal' people in Texas are the stuck-up elitist upper class, and calling them normal is a big stretch.

mrs. kraboppleJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Boybandbum, shut your f*cking mouth. no one wants to hear your worthless opinions on anything! You are a genuine piece of poo and if i ever meet you, i swear to god on all things holy, i will end you. And who the f*ck is this raging homosexual that keeps putting up pictures of himself along with his f*cking retarded commentary. Shut the f*ck up whoever you think you are. and button your goddamn shirt you f*cking reject.

SWC in the hizzouseJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Ohio Does suck!! Tennessee is cool cuz thats where Justin is from!! I agree with you "someone who lives in stupid ohio" And whos that old dude alwayswearin the special shirt, hes everywhere!!

kelJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Maine sucks! No one should live here there is nothing to do and people here are wicked stupid you should live in the city not in a stupid state like maine where i live~!

kateJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I'll vote for Texas so that we're #1 at something, is that alright with you all?

The Dancing Panda.... paid off by Yankees.Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
ok...i haven't lived or been to alot of the states above....but I do live in Alabama.And I know for a damn fact it sucks!!!!To many inbreading,illiterate,poo-kicking mother phuckers!!!also known as rednecks.

raineJul 24 2000 7:21pm
florida is the best f*cking state in the country, and swc, you guys are so f*cking gay, you claim to be all big and bad but i always see you guys voting on polls on the internet so i think your just a bunch on wannabes

mattJul 24 2000 7:21pm

WILDCHICKENJul 24 2000 7:21pm

RAINEJul 24 2000 7:21pm
The south is the best place to live!!!! We got the guys, we got the girls, we got the tans!!! No offense to anyone one else though!

southern girlJul 24 2000 7:21pm

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
That's because people in the South look that much better than people in the North! I've lived in New England... no comparison!

The Dancing Panda: Judging Books by their cover? Naaaah...Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
miami is the best place to live

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I dont know what you are talking about matt! You can Shut the hell up floria SUCKS ASS! and you sound like a stupid ass anyway! Your probably From Ohio anyway and everyone knows that Ohio is ine of the worst places in the USA! Comment!Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
Alabama is GREAT! I Love It here!

UnderTowJul 24 2000 7:21pm
South Dakota is highly underrated. We have both corn and recycling plants.

George FishJul 28 2000 5:18am
actually i live in miami, not ohio

mattAug 12 2000 7:15pm
all states suck expect CALIFORNIA baby!

ragnusSep 14 2000 5:19pm
South Dakota is the best state there is it isn't noise and you can get away with things that you could get in trouble with the law.

south dakota girlNov 22 2000 2:35pm
rough, what did Texas ever do to y'all?

samboFeb 07 2001 3:56pm

AnonymousMar 12 2001 4:00pm
Maine is great if you can tolerate all the damn rednecks and the hoards of tourists in the summer. Note: If you want to live here you must first take a vow of poverty. The median income is apprx. $20K. We often ask ourselves why we put up with this - but something about Maine keeps us here. Sailing, skiing, mountains, wildlife, only 3 hrs from Boston... Our only regret is spending our precious 2.5 months of warm weather stuck behind brake-happy tourists. ("Ooh - is that a schooner?" Pull over, dammit!) Kudos to Jason V. for your intelligence & maturity!

MelissaApr 21 2001 8:03pm
Ok first of all I can't believe Florida isn't #1. I hate it here. If you are white trash and you have a trailer it's good though. And Texas sucks too. I've been there and it's a whole lot of nothing! California is by far the best. Wish I was there right now.

trappedinorlandoJun 27 2001 1:25pm
South Dakota....Im going insane in this town(Lost Cabin). The population is 14 and the thing i do for fun is watch the growth of pot holes in the only paved road in my town.

South Dakota makes normal people crazyJul 13 2001 4:34pm
Oklahoma is the worst. Of all the states I have lived in this is THE worst. The weather is horrible... way hot in the summer and friggin cold as hell in the winter.. can change in a matter of seconds...The people... oh man dont get me started... not all of em are like this... but I have met more racists here than any other state... of all different races... it seems everyone hates one another here... they cant drive for sh*t...and there are more skunks here than Pepe LePew can handle. Also... you think the police are bad in Louisiana? Come here and speed..the tickets aint cheap at all and youll be lucky to get out of the state without getting pulled over more than once..esp if you are a minority driving an expensive car (They are notorious for racial profiling down here). The only thing cool about this state is the fact that they have a rich Native American culture....and it is a great place to educate yourself on that... otherwise take a detour through Kansas or Texas.

TheStormChaserJul 29 2001 12:00pm
Why does everyone hate Texas. We made it the United states but fighting back the mexcicans.(no hard fellings). We have the best cowboys evey. We give oil to evey one. Hell Goerge bush lived here. I mean come on show some respect for your 25 state of america.

pappaAug 20 2001 6:24pm
Ohio is a great state. It can get really boring, but still, all my friends are here so it is obviuosly the best state to live in. Anyplace with my friends would be the best.

AnonymousFeb 20 2002 11:24am

mooJun 25 2002 11:53am
Maine sucks!! I lived there for eight years. It is nine months of winter and three months of fog. The people though, are worse than the weather. Nie out of ten Mainers are rednecks, hicks, drug addicts or anti-socials. I managed to find a few nice people, but eventually they moved away and then so did I. My favorite states that I have been to or lived in are Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. I'd like to visit some others states too.

DanAug 05 2002 4:43pm
I think Utah should be number 1 because its the only state beginning with the letter U, but all states suck because they are in America and so full of f*cking Americans. At least Alaska has a few bears and a few Alaskans who are Alaskan first and American last. People who love the plannet and people should go to Alaska, particularly to get away from f*cking Americans

A Lass KanSep 05 2002 8:32pm
Maine is culturally inept, and the people are unable to handle anything remotely different or exciting. I really would live anywhere. I love travel, and I've lived in scores of places, but EVEN I think this place is a bad attitude-laden crap-pit, where the Mullet hairdo is still commonly asked-for in salons. Eekh!

KevinNov 14 2002 12:10pm
I live in western Pennsylvania and hate it!!! Pennsylvania is prove that hillbillies indeed exist above the Mason Dixon Line. The roads are horrible, the towns are old and backward, the people have stained or no teeth...and the worst part, they have that western PA accent...uuughhh

Penn haterNov 16 2002 7:04am
Alabama has to be the worst state. Along with Kansas. Alabama should be turned into a land fill.

54Jan 07 2003 9:54pm
If you want to live in Maine, it's true that you must take a vow of poverty. It's the worst place I've ever been to, and had the misfortune of having to get stuck there. Yes, I mean stuck! Because anyone who makes a mistake of moving there will never be able to accumulate enough money to move out. You freeze your kiester off 10 months out of every year, and maybe for 2 weeks between July and August can you turn your furnace off completely. The people are as awful as the weather - stupid, antisocial, alcoholic, drug addicted know-it-all's. That's because most of them are a bunch of clueless, inbred hicks. There is nothing to do there. Nobody wants to pay workers a living wage, and our kids (those that want to make something of themselves) are moving out to other states in droves. Living in Maine is like being buried alive. Maybe it's a step above living in a Third World Country. It's a cold, dark, filthy, dirty state. I think of it as a black hole that if you happen to be unlucky enough to wander into it, it sucks you in, and keeps you there, unrelentingly.

IH8MaineJan 15 2003 8:28pm
I am a native texas and it really SUCKS. I went to work in colorado and new mexico and as soon as I get back I get pulled over by DPS!! i should have stayed where I was but me being a " proud" texas...look what it got me?? The taxes and insurance are ridiculous here, its a joke. All these scenic and beautiful places are paid by the tourists, why are they choosing to tax the crap out of us. The way I see it, if Im going to to pay the state that Ive lived in all my life, "more" to live here, Ill go live somewhere else. By the way I think Maine is a pretty place. Whats the cost of liveing like? Or better yet whats the best place to live?

Totally pissed at texasFeb 06 2003 1:31pm
I agress about Maine, we earn low wages, pay high taxes and it is cold. I am saving to get out...but I am afraid it may not happen soon, everyone is losing their jobs. My family actually apoligized for not moving when we where kids because life can be so hard here.

Maine SucksFeb 08 2003 10:06pm
f*cking Illinois is the worst!It majorly sucks ass. Up north in the state the cost of living is VERY VERY high ( like 200 k for a little slum house and 1200 month for a tiny apartment, not including the f*cking 200 dollar electric bill to heat 450 sq. feet of living space). Southern Illinois is cheaper, a lot cheaper. That's because nobody wants to live there and the wages are very low ( 4 years of college earns you an average of 26,000 a year- WOW!). It's very hot and very sticky in the summer and so frigging cold and nasty in the winter. The land is flat and boring, there's nothing to do, and the people are a bunch of f*cking trailer living, country music listening, inbred hicks. I live in the Du Quoin area. The people that aren't rednecks are snobs. There's not a lot of nice, normal people here. And people are dumber than poo. They can't speak proper English, they don't know how to bathe or keep their houses clean, and lots of them speak like f*cking hillbillies. They spin around in the mud with their ATVs or drag race them up and down the street for fun. I could go on. Plus the taxes are high. Yea you may be able to buy a house for 30 k but the taxes are 1200 a year and the utilities are enough to make you scream. My dad has a business, a 3000 sq. foot building. He keeps it around 60 degrees in the winter yet still gets 400 dollar heating bills!

IL SucksFeb 19 2003 9:18pm
Maine has got to be the worst. I've never met so many stupid, arrogant, ignorant people as I have in the few years I've lived here. So many are inbred rednecks and proud of it. Lots of grown men live with their parents their whole life and think nothing of it. If you live near one of these people they and their buddies will harass you forever. If you move here from out of town you are considered to be "from away" and are discriminated against by the locals. They screw you on business transactions and lie to your face with a stupid grin. Everyone with any brains leaves this place. The scenery at the coast is beautiful, the old houses are cool, but is it worth it? I've just about had it with this state.

FROMAWAYMar 12 2003 7:25pm
In response to the above comment. Of course you're FROMAWAY. It sounds like you're a human being. Those idiots that you're talking about sound like they're from OUTERSPACE, maybe worse. I know how you feel. I don't live in Maine ( Thank God)but I do live in a crap pit known as Illinois. I live in the southern part of the state. Have you ever been there? It's white trash heaven. You'd hate it! People are also stupid, ignorant, inbred rednecks!!! And if you're not from here originally people shun you. People here are filthy, uneducated, and look like they've climbed out of the trash can. Half the men are dumber than bricks, stink, and don't know what a razor or a bar of soap is. Yea, like the people in Maine, they are quite proud and have no intention of ever bettering themselves. In my town the redneck kids wear camouflage and love to ride fourwheelers. Well atleast you have pretty scenery. We have nothing to look at but flat stuff like corn fields. People also think country music is the only music that exists and they hate minorities. People will screw you here. They will sell a house to somebody from out of town for more than twice than what it's worth. I could go on. It's interesting that I don't have any pissed off Southern Illinoisians post here. I guess they can't argue against things they KNOW are true.

IL SucksMar 22 2003 2:38pm
TEXAS is the best, period. NO COMPARISON. It used to be its own country, has the right to divide into as many as 5 states whenever it wants, is the only state that can fly its flag at the same heigth as the US flag, and its capitol building is taller than the nations captiol.

TaraMar 22 2003 5:49pm
Maine has the highest taxes in the nation. As I sit here on April 5th, we have just received 10" of snow. When the snow melts, the black flies come out. It really can snow any month of the year. There is no reason to live here unless you have the misfortune of being born here. Cold, dark, miserable, depressing, mosquito-infested, bumpy-road, high-tax hell. Maine sucks.

Too stupid to leave Me.Apr 05 2003 1:22pm
Maine has the highest taxes in the nation. As I sit here on April 5th, we have just received 10" of snow. When the snow melts, the black flies come out. It really can snow any month of the year. There is no reason to live here unless you have the misfortune of being born here. Cold, dark, miserable, depressing, mosquito-infested, bumpy-road, high-tax hell. Maine sucks.

Too stupid to leave Me.Apr 05 2003 1:23pm
Every place in Texas sucks. The Nazi Yankee Republicans have taken over everything down here once again, Civil War II. There's no South anymore. Texas is fool of either mid class snobs, druggies, gothics. The poor folks are the nicest down here. But stay away from the small towns, you can get shot and stabbed and no one will report it. Our roads usually have 3 foot pot holes and continious cleechy no pavement. The best food is Taco Bell. There was a decapitated horse on the side of the road recently. The girls are fat and slutty. The guys are gay and clique happy. If you dont play football you are a radical outcast. And lets not forget Republicans, George Bush wasnt born in Texas nor raised by Texans, he was born in Conneticut and raised by his Massachussests born parents and relatives, they're family mansion is in Maine. Colin Powel was born in NY. Cheney is from Nebraska. Whatever happen to the Southern Democrats!!! Bush and his little so called "moral majority" need to get the hell out of Dixie and go back to new england and continue his love affair with tony blair and the gay english who after watching "the Patriot" doesnt exactly makeme wanna be pro-brit. And how can any Southener vote Republican, Lincoln and the Republican Party was only created to kill Southern Politics and Culture from taking over, look it up. They said they were ending slavery. Only 300,000 out of 8,000,000 Southerners owned a slave. Only a few abused them. Screw all Republicans, they killed our ancestors, and now were voting for them like were deaf and blind to our past!! Lets not lose this war!!

Reverend C. Watts of North TexasApr 13 2003 5:05pm
^^^^^^^Obviously this man does not know the definition of "Democrat" someone who is a democrat ,"just because" his friends or family is a democrat,even his race. Actually being a democrat is so bad, being run by democrats is usally for the worse. Im not saying they are all bad, like mister judge all by their covers here^^^^, but hey if being a democrat means being blown by an intern and getting paid to blow other peoples money, hey where do i sign up. Be a little more open minded and stop using the im being abused crap buddy, you do know the civil war is over...right Reverend....and what church is that again?????not too brave the way Texas does suck in alot of ways

Minority republicanApr 14 2003 9:30pm
ARIZONA sucks! I have never seen a place where people can be so f*cking uncivilized! I mean, they actually make U-turns in the middle of the intersection and I have never seen a state with so many ignorant, uneducated people as in Arizona. Please, dont ever move to this f*cking state, the people SUCK, they are ignorant, stuck up and intolerant.

altaariqApr 19 2003 1:04pm
Now, on a different note, if any of you ignorant f*cks are willing to get out of your inbred ignorance and maybe get to know a good place other than f*cking Texas or Tennessee(you call these places good? Thats because you have not been anywhere!), I mean, a truly civilized place, try Minnesota. I used to live in Minnesota and to me, thats a kick ass place, people are cool, civilized, friendly and YES, it is damn cold, but there aint no perfect place on Earth. Minnesota has been named the most livable state in the nation for many years and it is indeed great. People are civilized, mostly educated, there is plenty of jobs and it is not expensive to live there..other than the brutally cold weather, MINNESOTA ROCKS!

altaariqApr 19 2003 1:12pm
ARIZONA sucks! I have never seen a place where people can be so f*cking uncivilized! I mean, they actually make U-turns in the middle of the intersection and I have never seen a state with so many ignorant, uneducated people as in Arizona. Please, dont ever move to this f*cking state, the people SUCK, they are ignorant, stuck up and intolerant.

altaariqApr 19 2003 1:15pm
Funny thing is I haven't had any pissed off Southern Illinoisians argue against things I've posted here. How can they? I bet the dumb inbred f*cks can't read or write. ( Note: I'm from someplace else originally). Ha Ha Ha.

IL SucksMay 07 2003 8:32pm
ohio is the worst f*cking state in the country.

mattMay 25 2003 3:23pm
America sucks. Bottom line.

IL SucksJun 18 2003 5:48am
Maine Sucks its a black hole we give 1/2 of our pay check to the government no jobs its suck the life blood out of you any good states around vacation land because their is no jobs

walterJul 10 2003 3:02pm
Arkansas sucks ass, I've lived here for seven years and it is god-awful. Low wages, terrible health care, bad highways, a state tax that goes for nothing that I've see yet, rude ass stupid people and lousy schools. Yeah Arkansas sucks

sithvolJul 16 2003 11:06am
Holy poo mark r. ferran bsee scl jd mcl!!!!!!!!! you need to get a life man! death to the south!

thecheeseJul 21 2003 9:24pm
I don't have enough time in one day to read that let alone type it.

Busy BeeJul 28 2003 12:49am
Louisiana has the market cornered on ignorant rednecks!!!!

YankeeAug 04 2003 4:09pm
Man I can't wait till this time next year... I'm leaving this poohole and moving to Tacoma, Wa where the people are civilized, there is plenty of scenery, and Seattle nearby! Anyone want to join me?

IL sucks ass!Aug 16 2003 5:29pm
Arizona still sucks ASS. The wages are so low and there is so many poor people here. I really regret ever moving here

lukeAug 21 2003 3:37pm
new jersey gets a lot of bad publicity but it really is the grea....what the hell am i talking about it does suck.

jersey crackhouseSep 17 2003 7:38pm
No michigan sucks ass. Where i live is a racist hell hole. theres no clubs here in saginaw and if there is then they are boring as hell dude. The only thing i see keeping michigan alive is Detroit other than that its just a useless state with an upper peninsula, wtf does michigan need an upper peninsula for?

DanteSep 23 2003 6:50pm
I would have to say that Mississippi, Illinois, Florida or Alabama would be some of the worst places to live.

VerucaSep 28 2003 7:38pm
Baltimore Maryland Gets Ass!!! california should of being #1 bc we all know the fags and weird-o's live there

the hate you gave lil infants fucks everybody!Nov 18 2003 3:15pm
After reading all the above comments, I am so grateful to be a Philadelphian and not be among the rest of you rednecks.

A hottie.Dec 23 2003 1:56pm
Maine is the worst state to live in.We pay the highest taxes.There are no jobs here.All the f*cking outerstaters bought up the land and posted it.Our winter are long and cold-that sucks.

KISS MY ASSDec 26 2003 2:25pm
I don't care what anybody says, New Jersey is the best state in the union.We have the highest per capita income in the entire country. We have some of the best schools in the nation.We never get bored because we have so many amusement parks, state parks,malls, and cities with resorts such as Atlantic City. If someone does get bored, theres NYC, Philly, and D.C. right around the corner. Everyone who leaves N.J. has to come back because here is where the money is. Katching! New Jersey Rocks!

A proud New Jersey nativeJan 19 2004 5:46pm
Its true Jersey native. I have a aunt who lives in a 5 million dollar beach house on the Jersey shore. Its beautiful there. I have the misfortune of living in Pennsylvania. It really sucks here.

Pennsylvania sucks!Jan 20 2004 12:00pm
I have inly one thing to say: New England and the mid-atlantic states rule(except Maine)

A proud northernerJan 20 2004 12:08pm
I have family who lives in Jersey.Its pretty cool except that the people are so high-tech there. Your considered poor if you don't have a television in every room in the house,don't have more than one computer,or if you don't own a new car. Everybody there owns a new car!

A Deleware girlJan 20 2004 1:40pm
Damn Yankee-West Coast bullpoo media portrays anything in the middle as backward. You know what? You can live in the country and be a farmer and not be a redneck, you pricks. Texas has its problems, it has its stains on its past, but it is far and away the finest state in the Union, and there's nothing that anyone can say or do that will convince me otherwise. Unlike Californians, we know our past and know that some of our ancestors have done wrong. It seems that people forget that yes, New England had slavery, and California had organized pogroms to kill Chinese laborers. In contrast, both the Anglo and the Mexican descended Tejano fought against the Mexican government in Texas. One day, yall'll realize the lies that the Yankee/West Coasters are just that lies. Till then, we'll remain proud of our Nation.

TexanFeb 09 2004 1:24am
The best states to live in are: New York,California,Florida,New Jersey, Connecticut,Nevada,Arizona,Texas,Hawaii, and Maryland.

The Ten Best StatesFeb 18 2004 5:38pm
hard to say what state is best. Florida sucks because I felt like bug food. NY sucks because taxes are too high and gun laws favor the bad guys. like they are gonna abide by new tougher laws. pretty soon only crooks can afford the guns here in ny. The good guys wont be able to afford to protect them selfs. BEST PLACE TO LIVE? WHO KNOWS!

NEW YORKERFeb 24 2004 12:17pm
I am glad someone agrees with me. Illinois IS one of the worst states to live in. The weather is pooty almost all of the time ( either too hot, too humid, too cold, raining too much. As a matter of fact, Chicago ACTUALLY GETS MORE RAIN THAN SEATTLE! It is true!)Up north the cost of living is high, utilities are outrageous,( Expect a $ 350 plus heating bill every f*cking month it is too cold or too f*cking hot!). The people suck ass. Illinois people are very unfriendly and not very accepting and there is a lot of crime. Illinois also has the three biggest arm pits in the midwest, two of them are called Rockford and Peoria. Detroit got a higher rating than these two hell holes in money magazine. So you can imagine a place EVEN worst than Detroit! Oh my god! Oh let's not forget the beautiful f*cking town called East St. Louis. I'd rather get run over by a f*cking train than live in that poo hole! Go further south and you will think you have died and gone to hick heaven. We have so many bigoted, arrogant, inbred motherf*ckers here! Narrow minded f*ckers who are anti social. The women are butt ugly and grossly fat. I have never been anywhere where there were so many retarded people, either. ( Must be from all the inbreeding!)Oh my god people here live in trailers and all we have is a f*cking wal-mart and they don't sell crap there. No porno or anything! The wages here are ridiculous. If you want to go to college and expect a good salary after you get out, f*cking forget it! Unless you think taking home 300 a week is great pay! I hate this f*cking place. I am getting out as soon as I get enough f*cking money! Oh yea, Illinois is COMPLETELY surrounded by other sucky states, too.

Illinois, the world's biggest shit holeFeb 29 2004 7:12pm
Oh my, I don't think anybody hates where they live more than I do. Unless you live in Southern Illinois, you have NO RIGHT to complain. This place is the armpit of the entire United States. If you love poverty, white trash, annoying accents ( people talk loud and with a semi southern accent here and too many use double negatives), no jobs, bad weather most of the year, ignorant, inbred people,trailers, stupidity, terrible health care, nothing to do, then this is the place to go! Close to where I live is a town called Hurst. It is a real poo hole, a poverty stricken dump! The average "home" price is $ 30,000! Lots of junky trailers and rundown old houses are there. There are plenty of other towns like this here! Only 75% of the adult population here has a high school education and only 7 % ( age 25 and over) have a college degree! Just because I live here does not mean I am a redneck. If I were I would be in heaven! There is nothing to do but hunt, fish, and get drunk!The people are REDNECKS!!! BIG TIME!!! They are dirty and poor looking, wear camouflage, and they ride fourwheelers. People can do stuff like make as much noise as they want and the police do nothing! Here is an application to live in Southern Illinois. Enjoy! Permission to Live in Southern Illinois *************************************** Name: Billy Bob ______ Bubba ____ Sissy _____ Jim Bob _____ Billy Mack ____ Betty Lou ____ Grannie ___ Jed __ Jethro ___ Other ( Please explain) Name of father ( If you don't know who daddy is, list three suspects): ______________________________________ Type of home: Trailer _____ Run down old shack ____ Starter home ____ Van _____ Public Housing ______ Hovel ____ Do you own or rent your mobile home?: ___________ Number of baths per month: 1-2 ____ 3-4 ____ Not applicable ______ Have you ever taken more than one bath in a week? _________ Things you own that are camouflaged ( check all that apply): Truck _____ Shirt ____ Shoes ___ Jacket _____ Coveralls _____ Mouse pad ______ Favorite fashions ( check all that apply): Mullet ____ Skin head _____ Flannel ____ Camouflage _____ Baseball cap ____ Giant belt buckle _____ Blue jeans _____ Overalls _____ long beard ____ Number of children: ______ Number that are yours: _______ Favorite activities:( Check all that apply) Fishing ____ Hunting ____ Fourwheeling ______ Drinking _____ Nascar _____ Pool _____ Cow tipping _____ Gettin drunk ______ License plates: Honk if you're horny _____ Proud member of the KKK _____ My husband is an honor roll student at Hicksville elementary school ______I brake for minorities _____ I love to hunt and fish ______ Cap emblems ( check all that apply): Nascar ___ Marlboro ____ John Deere _____ Redman chewing tobacco Number of major appliances on porch: _______ How attractive is your wife? Ugly ______ Very ugly _____ Hideous ______ Number of dog pins: ______ Number of dogs per pin: ____ Occupation: Farmer _____ Mechanic ____ Fast food employee _____ Welfare recipient ______ IQ: Below average _____ Well below average _____ retarded ____ Relationship to spouse: Aunt ____ Uncle _______ First cousin ____ Second cousin _______ Grand ma ____ Grand pa ____ Brother _____ Sister _____ Pet ____ Population of town: 20-50 ____ 50-100 ____ 100-500 ______ Over 500, please explain ______ Number of bars you have in your town _______ THING YOUR STATE SUCKS MORE THAN MINE! Where I live is a poohole in the middle of nowhere. I am moving this summer. I haven't decided where. I want to go someplace with nice people who are intelligent and open-minded. A place that is hilly with beautiful scenery where there is things to do! Any suggestions?

AnonymousMar 17 2004 7:42pm
Arkansas sucks!!! The schools suck, the food sucks, and most of all...THE PEOPLE SUCK!!!

AR sucksApr 01 2004 5:54pm
Arkansas sucks!!! The schools suck, the food sucks, and most of all...THE PEOPLE SUCK!!!

AR sucksApr 01 2004 5:54pm
Arkansas sucks!!! The schools suck, the food sucks, and most of all...THE PEOPLE SUCK!!!

AR sucksApr 01 2004 5:55pm
new york sucks

justinApr 05 2004 9:03pm
high taxes, dumb smoking laws, no fireworks, stupid gun laws, taxes on tires, high property taxes, pooty weather, it's winter here 6 months a year.. it's april 5th and it snowed! 3rd highest gas prices in the country, no jobs, low paying jobs.. this place is hell.. i'm heading to the south.. VA, NC or, SC.. FU ny.. looks like you're going to lose even more people you *ssholes in albany and new york city..!! NYC smells like piss also..

justinApr 05 2004 9:05pm
high taxes, dumb smoking laws, no fireworks, stupid gun laws, taxes on tires, high property taxes, pooty weather, it's winter here 6 months a year.. it's april 5th and it snowed! 3rd highest gas prices in the country, no jobs, low paying jobs.. this place is hell.. i'm heading to the south.. VA, NC or, SC.. FU ny.. looks like you're going to lose even more people you *ssholes in albany and new york city..!! NYC smells like piss also..

justinApr 05 2004 9:10pm
oh yeah, there is a 70 dollar deposit on kegs of beer and the bastards expect you to return it in thirty days.. good ol new york.. luckily i live near PA, i just go there.. you can't smoke in bars, i also go out there... let's drive more business away from ny... BINGHAMTON SUCKS!!

AnonymousApr 05 2004 9:12pm

AnonymousApr 07 2004 2:17pm

AnonymousApr 18 2004 6:26pm
What do you call a Mexican who got lost on his way to Oklahoma? A Texan. _______________________________________ Why does the wind blow east in Arizona? Texas sucks. _______ What do you call a *Texan* who got lost on his way to Oklahoma? An Arkansas Razorback.

Proud descendant of a REAL Cowboy.Apr 23 2004 3:21pm
I vote Tennessee the worst state of the Union

Calofornia dudeApr 23 2004 3:22pm
well, I would least wanna live there, at least

California dudeApr 23 2004 3:23pm
California is damned weak, there are so many cops everywhere and the people suck. The people think they are cool, and the parties are boring. Too many damned elitist. Nothern Cali is too cold. Texas rocks!!!!!

Stuck in CaliApr 25 2004 4:42am
The worst state if deffinately Nevada. There's nothing to do besides gambling and get drunk. And the landscape is desert, desert, desert, desert and desert. The best state is undoubtely New Hampshire.

AnonymousApr 25 2004 9:23am

Californian stuck in texasMay 18 2004 8:22pm
Californians are so much warmer and more open.

Californian stuck in texasMay 18 2004 8:22pm
LOL.. That one person thats complaining about their redneck town.. it sounds about like mine! And I'm in heaven.. so i guess they jus classified me as a redneck.. Anyway, the best state would be Tennessee or Texas! They are jus so awesome! East TN is the best.

Whiskey~GirlJul 15 2004 6:10am
TEXAS IS AWESOME!!!! there are only two state i really hate.. Illinois and Kansas.. Texas is so awesome!! the guys are REAL men.. by that i mean.. they hunt and play football.. thats sexy.. the girls are down to earth and cool.. our accents ARNT bad.. and whoever says Forwheelers, hunting, and going mudding are redneck.. has never lived! nothin like goin down to austin texas and chillin to a good concert at Stubbs bbq, or relaxing at the beaches of padre island.. Not to mention.. texans are the farthest away from canada. THANK GOD IM A TEXAN! Hook'em!!! I LOVE MY TEXAS LONGHORNS! why will texas never fall into the ocean? BECAUSE OKLAHOMA SUCKS!

God Blessed TexasAug 07 2004 12:02am

AZHOTTIE567Aug 08 2004 1:26am
hey, whoever does not like texas needs to be beat like a dog. Texas is and always be the best state in the U.S. The only downside is all the mexicans

Import_KillerAug 10 2004 12:57pm
oh, and i vote california as the worst state, bunch of damn stuck ups and queers

Import_KillerAug 10 2004 12:59pm
Pennsylvania sucks, especially the Pocono's. Strange mountain people, nasty rednecks and hicks, stupid laws, and ignorance is everywhere. Definitely a state that has to go...straight to hell

DrimmieAug 13 2004 9:46am
Forget Texas! New Mexico sucks! I've lived here for seven years now and I still hate it!!!! It's ugly, people are poor, mean and old, and is as boring as hell. And I thought Nebraska was bad!

DustinAug 18 2004 9:00am
I won?t call it the worst state, but Washington is the most overrated state. The people here have a snobbish arrogance- they think their $#!+ doesn?t stink, they think they?re the best at everything- especially people in Seattle, who make fun of blue-collar towns like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. If you?re from Seattle, answer this question- if Seattle is so great, why have Las Vegas and Phoenix been the fastest-growing cities the last 15 years? Why aren?t you number one? Also, if you like constant rain and high taxes (no income tax but the government will hit you in other ways), Washington is for you.

MattOct 24 2004 3:20pm
Massachusetts is one of the worst states to live. We have a great deal of culture and the Red Sox and Patriots but the cost of living is way to high. You need to be a dr or lawyer to afford a decent house. I wnt to Tennesee 2 years ago and loved it. the people are friendly and helpfull even to us nothern yanks. Virginia and Delaware were also nice. Also in tenn it seems you cn buy a really nice home which would cost you double up here. We are thinking of moving there but I do not know if people would accept us or not. My husband and I are your typical democratic types so we are not sure.

red sox fanOct 31 2004 1:37pm
wouldn't want to live in Texas or anywhere sex toys are illegal. poo. I love Maine and Vermont. New York is great, except for the f*cking state government. Connecticut is terrible. no youth culture at all. I like Arizona but Phoenix is a hell hole.

TugNov 17 2004 5:50pm
To the person who commented on Washington State being overrated I agree. The state amuses me; Seattle is a bubble with rain, so-called smart coffee drinkers, and liberal groups. Washington State is the complete opposite. Anyways, there are a lot of bad states to live in. By far, the worst is Pennsylvania. Idiotic traffic laws, backwards people, and urban decay all around.

AnonymousDec 05 2004 9:24pm
Whoa..I am surprised New Jersey isn't the worst state. All they have is landfill and the NJ Turnpike and rude drivers! I grew up in California (too many people and expensive), DC (too segregated, blacks hate whites, and rude people), Maryland (not too bad unless you're near DC), West Virginia (beautiful but too many inbreds and hicks), Texas (too hot and plenty of hicks), New York (taxes too high, Rochester is full of ghettos and blacks who hate whites), finally Washington State which I think is the best so far! The mountains are beautiful here and people are friendly....but its a disappointment as people are moving up here from Southern California and the East Coast bringing their f*cking driving habits!!!!!!!!!!

JCromerFeb 09 2005 3:15pm
Whoa..I am surprised New Jersey isn't the worst state. All they have is landfill and the NJ Turnpike and rude drivers! I grew up in California (too many people and expensive), DC (too segregated, blacks hate whites, and rude people), Maryland (not too bad unless you're near DC), West Virginia (beautiful but too many inbreds and hicks), Texas (too hot and plenty of hicks), New York (taxes too high, Rochester is full of ghettos and blacks who hate whites), finally Washington State which I think is the best so far! The mountains are beautiful here and people are friendly....but its a disappointment as people are moving up here from Southern California and the East Coast bringing their f*cking driving habits!!!!!!!!!!

JCromerFeb 09 2005 3:16pm
All of them

AnonymousFeb 25 2005 12:37pm
The worst state is a selfish state of mind. Choose ethics, or drop dead.

ohyoApr 02 2005 11:20pm
The worst state is a selfish state of mind. Choose ethics, or drop dead.

ohyoApr 02 2005 11:29pm
I live in Ohio on the border of Pennsylvania and West Virgina. This area sucks. Full of unemployment and economic decay. Not to mention a prime example of the rustbelt. However I love my home and hope things will get better.

HioApr 09 2005 11:02pm
New Jersey, New York, California and Pennsylvania are the worst states. Big hint: Never move to a place that appears to be overpopluated. A lame Six months in Sacramento to my surprised turned out to be the equalivent of four lame years in Fargo!

bored_as_hellMay 05 2005 9:08pm
My Aunt lives in New Jersey, and I have to say, its a very rich state. Teens there wear expensive clothes like Von Dutch and Diesel and get BMW's for their 17th birthdays. Although some parts are a little ugly, most places are very nice and full of expensive mansions. New Jersey also has the highest per capita income in the nation and one of the best education systems in the country. One out of four New Jerseyites are either in college or college graduates. Their malls also rock! My cousins live twenty minutes from a Saks Fifth Avenue! I woudn't call a state which has all of these qualities the worst state, I'd call it the best!

A girl who wishes she were from NJAug 16 2005 2:27pm
I went to NJ two years ago. I was surprised to see so many brand-new cars driving on the roads, especially expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Acura, Cadillac,etc. Also, the first Ferrari that I ever saw in my entire life was in New Jersey. The only people who say NJ is the worst state are those who have never been there or those who are jeolous of its wealth.

Tennessee BoyAug 16 2005 2:36pm
I love Maine, except for the lack of public transportation. Worst state ever...Massachusettes. The people/drivers suck. The only thing that rules is the Red Sox.

KayleeSep 07 2005 5:08pm
Ohio sucks ya LOL

someoneNov 24 2005 7:25pm
I live in New Jersey and I think that its an awesome state. But one thing ruins it, the cost of living! It is so expensive to live here. A regular home in a middle class neighborhood can cost as much as $550,000, with property taxes as high as $12,000 a year! Even an old and crappy home in the worst New Jersey ghetto sells for $195,000. Car insurance prices are outrageous as well. Now you know why people here earn so much money.

AnonymousDec 22 2005 5:29pm
are hillbillies really like on the films.scary live in places witch arn;t on maps anymore and terrorise visitors or everyone in an erea in on it

stu London EnglandMar 13 2006 7:03am
New York City has high taxes, rent for apartments to live in is very expensive and jobs are scarce. It is very hard to live here.

Angry in NYCApr 05 2006 10:15pm
don't be dissing texas and louisiana

louisiana liver and texas luverMay 25 2006 4:33pm

AnonymousMay 26 2006 2:23pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:22pm
Alot of people said alot of negative things about Illinois. I have to disagree. Chicago is an awesome city and the surrounding suburbs (like the North Shore) are amazing.

AnonymousNov 16 2006 3:41pm
What is the best state for men who like to see in-shape women walking around in mini skirts and sleeveless shirts?

0000Nov 27 2006 12:44pm
who would list UT being the wrost state to live in because that mess up UT is a great place to live.

JPApr 16 2007 5:37am
I didnt know washington d.c. was a state?

AnonymousApr 29 2007 6:36pm
I used to think New Yorkers were the rudest people, and while a lot of them are, at least most of them have brains. If you haven't lived in the south, then you have no idea. Florida is the biggest toilet on the face of the Earth and the people there make New Yorker's seem mild in comparison. Floridians are all a bunch of uneducated pussies who whine about the snow. They don't like snow, so they move to a place where hurricanes rip their houses to shreds, where criminals and pedophiles abound, where mosquitoes, gnats and fire ants eat you alive, where the heat and humidity make 6 months of the year a living hell, where the people can't figure out something as simple as a 4-way stop, where everyone parks their cars all over the lawn, and where the people sit in their air conditioned houses and do nothing so they get fat. The south is full of uneducated losers who are an embarrasement to America. I'd take New York over Floriduh any day. Colorado, North Carolina, and California Rock! If you like Florida, then stay there because people like you pollute the Earth and we don't need you messing up the good states!

AnonymousJul 11 2007 8:01pm
idk about what state. I'm not really sure.

Mm hmmNov 18 2007 8:02am

asKoipNygFDraXMay 02 2008 9:15am
I think you are all idiots. Arizona sucks the most, Texas is second. New Yorkers and New Englanders are the dumbest though. How are your taxes? Still voting for the same politicians every polling day and wondering why your taxes keep going up. By the way; why do you Easterners keep moving west, while the westerners never move east? Lol,lol,lol,lol

Ron Paul fanApr 25 2009 3:09pm
EAST KOAST 4 Lyfe, never leavin my state MASSACHUSETTS!!

East Koast NiGGaMay 20 2009 5:15am
Maine sucks, the summers are way too short, the winters are way too long and cold and Jobs are scarce and the prices on Houses and apartments are way too high. I'm planning on moving out of Maine.

unknownMay 25 2009 9:54am

CHOCOLATEJun 11 2009 4:13pm
ok in the past three years ive lived in arizona hawaii texas and arkansas and by far the worst is arkansas the ppl are realy stupid there is not health care no jobs... im from az and i thought that the was the worst sate but i was sooooo wrong.... arkansas sux get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss azJun 25 2009 5:57pm
Wyoming is the worst place on earth, NO SOUL. nothing to do, no mall, no beach, no amusement parks, no nothing. Just think of living in Wyoming.

AnonymousJul 02 2009 12:25am
New Hampshire is slowly becoming the new Massachusetts and Massachusetts is completely soulless and void of any humanity. You have to pay to park your car everywhere, if they could find a way to tax every breath you take they will, and there is no road maintenance at all. And Mitt Romney nearly scared me to death when he tried to run for President back in '04. Down with MA and down with government!!

crusader of hopeAug 24 2009 12:41am
Whew ... there is a LOT of anger here ... I don't know anything, I live in BC (Canada). The stereotypes are awesome and hilarious, but surely they can't be true. . You seemed to list all 48 continental states. If that's true I could just say your whole country must have issues, but I think all countries do this to themselves. No Canadian stereotypes are true at all, yet Torontonians are cast as snobs, Quebecois as all seperatist, Vancouverites as Bohemian potheads, and to fill in the gaping holes Maritimers and those in the Prairie provinces are said to be friendly yet mildly retarded folks.

Ben B. of Langley (no, not the Pentagon)Sep 07 2009 12:53pm
arkansas SUCKS ASS

beauDec 15 2009 10:18pm
I say Pennsylvania, the kids I went to school with was snotty & mean spirited, & the schools wasnt too good. Georgia too nobody mention Georgia. Nobody cares much about the envirnoment, & there isnt many jobs opportunities. We have a high unemployment rate here. There isnt any unemployment services. They suck here. I filled out a application for one unemployment service &they never got back at me, & the other service didnt either

HannahJan 08 2010 1:06pm
Alaska can be the worst states to live too. I feel so sorry for the people there haveing Sarah Palin for governer, & her slut daughter slutting the whole state up. Im so proud to see a governer with a daughter who got knocked up represent the state. Palin gaves Alaska a bad name. We should called it Slutty Alaska now. It would of been undesirable enough without her running. Atleast she quite. She probadly screwed the state up enough.

hannahJan 09 2010 7:39pm
I live on Long Island, New York, and love it. The weather is nice (A little cold sometimes, but thats alrite) Yeah, its expensive, but if you can afford it theres no reason not to live here.

qwertyApr 19 2010 4:19pm
Ok, there was one vote for Nevada. That person obviously did nothing but sit on their butt. Yeah out here in Nevada you have to find something to do. A true Nevada raised person can show you places to go. I was born, raised, and will be buried here in the state of Nevada. I like California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. Yes, I haven't been to the southern states but I'm discouraged from going there due to uppity attitudes, (there are way better states than Texas, it's not the best) and white supremists.

VegasraisedMay 13 2010 3:02am

AnonymousMay 14 2010 11:48am
Mississippi has a progressive educational system. In Kindergarten they teach how to make a hangman's noose, and by the 3rd grade they're teaching how to tie shoelaces.

AnonymousMay 14 2010 11:53am
California and minnesota are best states.....New york has a bunch of crimes n stuff.

A PERSONJun 26 2010 12:54pm
From the bottom of my heart i HATE Pennsylvania and i deeply and sincerly wish it would burn to the ground and i hope and pray and astroid hits it and it never ever becomes nothing more than dust

I Hate PA With A PassionJul 02 2010 6:39pm

FaustJul 06 2010 9:01am
Maine sucks worst job rate then any state not much to do if you like drinking beer and just boring over all your biggest citys are Portland Bangor and Lewiston whice all suck portland is the best by far its on the cost and has beachers but thats it if you could make sourthen maine is own state it would be good north of Portland it gos down hill more cows then people dont live hear vist all you want yes its a nice place but dont be thanking of movieing less you want be poor

cmxAug 02 2010 11:47am
new york has to the worst..they always vote democrat..and they always have a mess...though california is catching up to new york...

factsAug 24 2010 3:27pm
Montana rocks. small population. skiing in the winter. hiking, camping, and swimming in the summer. The yellowstone river is awesome. wildlife and amazing mountains. friendly people. I want to move back. Texas sucks. i live here now and it is just hot, flat, and boring. I live by the coast, but the ocean gets boring. and everything somewhat fun is 100s of miles away.

tsimpsonSep 05 2010 8:48am
Alabama does suck and the proof is in it's history, jobs, wages, schools, health and ignorance. Only South Dakota is worst, but at least SD is quiet and you are not awaken 2-3 times a night by the sound of police sirens

TravellerOct 10 2010 1:47pm
Oh yea CMX judge the quality of life by other peoples opinions. Let others dictate your level of happiness.

Travelling CynicOct 10 2010 1:51pm

the dead oneOct 13 2010 7:31pm
I am from baton rouge louisiana and I want out so bad it has buy far has the most ignorant unmoralistic rude ass scummy people youd ever want to meet. I am a sales rep and cover the whole state. The only descent place to live in louisiana is lafayette. The saying about southern hospitality is a myth only 10 percent are nice here. New york has nicer people

AnonymousOct 18 2010 11:29pm
EVERYTHING is better in Oregon

Sasquatch ManDec 20 2010 12:13am
Pennsylvania. I hate this state. It's the stereotype of Alabama, but in the North. Philly is almost all completely run down and filthy, as is Pittsburgh. In-between you have more hick towns, bars, state stores, and jerks than you know what to do with. The people are obsessed with sports, terrible slang, mostly conservative and if they aren't-- they won't openly admit to it! My family is from NJ and I don't like it there much either, but at least they lack the hicks and have good eats! The polka and pierogies here get old REAL fast. I've been to lots of states as well, I even liked Georgia over these ones and I hate the damn sticky heat. PA summers are some of the worst you can encounter.

JBRApr 11 2011 2:28pm
Maine, ah god I wish I could say good things, I really do. Just check our SAT scores, we rank among the highest in participation (but the lowest in actual scores). Jobs are on the decline and Taxes are on the way up, thank god i'm not old enough to pay most of them. The legislator is an unrelenting battle of conflicting ideologies that seem to only be the extreme of both parties, debt is outrageous, and the weather sucks during the transition months (winter to summer) The geographical diversity and endless shoreline helps as a counter-weight, but inevitably we are failing. Our new governor is a coarse speaker, but has good ideas. Despite all this criticism, he still bears strong potential. Maine is ranked in Forbes magazine as one of the worst states to do business in, and he made it his duty to make us "Open for Business". I honestly do not care what he does in the state house, as long as civil rights are still respected. We need change from the change that we initially needed, heck, we need a fiscally responsibly yet prosperous nation. Our reign as a global super-power is dwindling down to new, economically bursting nations like China. We need jobs, reduction of debt (without increasing taxes, the ones we have now are more then sufficient)and to export more. China has us beat on majority of products, and as much as we may try the U.S cannot compete with such low production cost. What we need to do is assign more revenue towards education and scientific development/allow corporate development(while protecting civil rights)and be on the "cutting edge". Why? so America will be pioneers in newly created markets, and this market will stay here (not overseas). Yet all this rambling depends on 1 thing-money. We need money to do this, money we don't have. So honestly, I dont know how we are going to get out of this. Im just a 16 year old with great aspirations of a future in politics. I just hope I keep learning/deliberating over these next few years so hopefully i will have an answer. RSB 6/6/2011

Ryan BJun 06 2011 7:26pm
wow kid i would vote for you

GeorgeJun 06 2011 7:28pm
looll me 2. Talk about venting.

KimeJun 06 2011 7:29pm
Maine is one of the worst states in the United States. It's the 2nd worst state to make a living in. The weather sucks 10 months of the year, either being gloomy with rain or snow and the cost of living is expensive. The people are very rude as well. I hate living in Maine with a severe passion and I can't wait to move out of Maine.

unknown.Jul 18 2011 3:24pm
Living in Alabama for 65 years now I have to say it is the most dysfunctional, improvised, undereducated, laziest and unhealthiest state I have ever witnessed. Even claims as being good people is questionable as folks continue their closed -door racism. The new HB 56 sends a terrible message to the rest of America and it should. Then when I see the local police ticketing a motorist 90% it only makes the problem a reality. While the residents rarely express any public expressions of racism what I hear in confidence tells me racism is still s serious shortcoming. Not only have I witnessed this, I also see how the wealthy exploits the poor. Title loans shops where interest rates can be up to 300% are concentrated in low income areas. Professionals and businesses exploit workers with hourly rates as low as $7.50/hour, employer benefits and health insurance is non-existent or if they are available, employees must contribute a large portion of they pay for plans with high deductibles. The number of HS dropouts is high while the state makes it a priority to cut education spending. The Doctors do not understand the principal of preventive medicine often waiting until a person?s life style has resulted in terminal illnesses. So many people are morbidly obese, smoke cigarettes, eat unhealthy foods and the Doctors just do not care. Folks are forced to go to the ER for illnesses that should be handled by a primary care doctor. Medications are seen as bad and rarely prescribed whether controlled or un-controlled. Only when I person become seriously ill will a Doctor intervene, but by then the lifespan and health of that person has been undermined. If America wants to see what the Washington republican agenda is, any what all of America can expect all one needs to do is spend a few months in Alabama. There are few laws that protect consumers, and little they can do when big business comes down on them. To say, screw you we do things the way we want in Alabama folks need to realize that in the end it will be the American people and their taxes that pour into states like Alabama. If the American people need to carry the burden of states like Alabama then the interste commerce act including applying it to healthcare is the right of Washington and all American People. Curse me all you want, but actions speak louder than words. It's 2011 and time for this state to move into the 21st century.

Moderate AmericanAug 06 2011 11:05am
is there anything in the dakotas?

catherineOct 02 2011 3:41pm
I think Florida is the worst state of the whole US. The people here are nothing but absolute ghetto talking trash. Slutty girls, and to be more specific, I live in Tampa and the schools in Tampa has the most racist teachers I have ever met. Also the land is very flat and there are also no mountains, very seldom snow, wrong forcast weather, schools filled with mean ass children, the land is extremely flat and the drivers there are the worst, from what i have heard Florida has the worst drivers in the country. The schools here are very boring, the school lunches in FL schools taste like s**** and most of the time it is very hot in Florida. When I get out of High School, which is a few years away, I want to be able to move to Michigan. I f*ckING HATE FLORIDA, which I have lived in all my life. And the state is very poor. Dont live in Florida at all. # 1 most boring state in my opinion.

JordanDec 09 2011 7:51pm
Talking about stupid up in New England, try living in Florida and go to school down here. You will meet some of most clueless and straight up stupid ass children and teachers you will ever meet. Some of the teachers in FL schools do not even teach at all and have a hard time controlling children in Florida schools. Filled with children who like to skip class, skip school often. Everyday while I go to school I see a handfull of groups of children who skip school everyday. And there are lots of school suspensions on a regular basis in FL. So come down here and you will really meet some really DUMB, f*ing BIG MORANS ever ! Florida Sucks !!!

ananomous.Dec 09 2011 7:57pm
MAINE 1. rated it one of the top 10 worst places for drivers (more specifically Bangor Maine has bad drivers). 2. It's always cold and when it's not cold it's too humid. 3. No jobs. 4. Too many alcoholics. 5. Too many drug dealers. 5. Low test scores. 6. Forbes magazine ranked it one of the worst places to do business. 7. There is nothing to do in Maine. 8. People act real ignorant, even if they are nice to your face they'll stab you in the back or mooch money off you that they will never pay back. 9. It has one of THE highest asbestos positioning rates in the nation. 10. It's one of the states hardest hit by bath salt use.

MillicentDec 16 2011 12:14pm
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:07am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Pennsylvania HAS to be the worst state. The weather sucks. We have sizzling hot summers, and f*cking freezing cold winters, and get about 5 inches of mother f*ckin snow a day. The majority of the people here are rude, selfish, vulgar, and just down right dumb. They can't drive worth poo. There's just about a wreck every damn day because there's a bunch of people who don't deserve a license driving around. There always getting drunk, partying, smoking, getting high. Kids drop out of High School just so they can get laid and mess up their lives. Pennsylvania SUCKS! The upside: we got Kennywood, bitches. ;)

Lord VoldemortDec 17 2011 12:08am
Hmmm... New england has the dumbest states? Your a f*cking idiot homie. Massachusetts has more med schools than anywhere. Kids never even heard of harvard.

Mass-hole.Jan 26 2012 5:50am
Hmmm... New england has the dumbest states? Your a f*cking idiot homie. Massachusetts has more med schools than anywhere. Kids never even heard of harvard.

Mass-hole.Jan 26 2012 6:01am
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