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If elected, will John Kerry raise taxes and slow down economic recovery?

Question: John Kerry promises to raise taxes and spending. Will this undo the progress made by the Bush tax cuts?
Created by: dion at 04:04:01 PM, Thursday, June 24, 2004 PDT


At this time in history, electing Kerry would be very dangerous for America.

PatJun 24 2004 11:05pm

Yeah, we need Bush because he's helping America be loved all over the world.

Smarter than Pat.Jun 25 2004 10:10am
The problem with liberals is they are so concerned about being loved by foriegn countries that they are willing to compromise everything for it. Bad news, girlfriend: NOTHING YOU DO IS GOING TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHEN THE PURPOSE OF THEIR EXISTANCE IS TO KILL YOU! This is the point liberals are not capable of understanding. No matter how much you kiss ass, they are never going to be your friends. This is why bush MUST be re-elected.

AnonymousJun 25 2004 10:27am
Dumb reasons to re-elected Bush, Anonymous. And typing in caps doesn't make you look any smarter, either. Also, you might want to learn more about the English language. It's your mother tongue, I'm assuming--learn it. Oh wait, you probably got a Bush edumacation.

Smarter than AnonymousJun 25 2004 10:30am
I'm not a liberal, but I sure as hell ain't voting for Bush. This is not a conservative vs. liberal issue. There are smart people, and then there are dumb people. I vote for the best choice, and have voted for both Republicans and Democrats. This time around, I will be voting the idiot out of office

smart enough to vote KerryJun 25 2004 11:03am
People who need to tell others how smart they are generally are not smart at all. It is a liberal issue all the way. But you can't admit to being a liberal because you know it undermines your credibility, since the Democratic party is so far to the left that you look like raving lunatics. A pseudo intellectual like yourself with such a condesending attitude couldn't hide your liberal colors to save your life. I don't expect you to agree with me. I expect you to keep fanning your blind rage against our president right up until the last day of his second term.

Smart enough to smell a liberalJun 25 2004 3:36pm
And your post is condescending???

Liberal dose of smartsJun 25 2004 8:42pm
I'm a liberal and damned proud of it!

Smart AleckJun 25 2004 8:47pm
Unfortunately, he probably will not be elected. The DNC was a dud, the party is a sellout. We're stuck with Bush for another term.

BrownlieAug 09 2004 6:27am
Look on the bright side...with Bush in office you may be safe for another 4 years. At least you will be alive so you can complain about your president.

AnonymousSep 20 2004 9:37pm
Kerry is definitely planning to raise taxes. The only thing he cares about is getting elected. He will say anything. They even claimed people will get up out of wheelchairs and walk because John Kerry is President. I don't think the American people can be serious about electing someone with character that shallow.

AnonymousOct 13 2004 10:56am
conservative plan too lower taxes on the rich only helps the super rich 1% or 2%.ohh i forgot it also helps the new servants of those 2% because now they have new jobs cleaning up after the super rich.someone has clean tho new 200 room houses the rich have been able too afford with those great low tax rates.its good too see reagans trickle down at work.

AnonymousMay 10 2011 5:49am
economic recovery will never happen under the conservatives.since reagan the economy is twice as big.but only the top 2% did well.everyone else did very bad.i remember reagan saying not the answer.thats funny because for the conservative rich it was the answer.the economy will only grow if banks make loans and the govt.forces those banks too give loans too everyone not just the rich.

AnonymousMay 10 2011 5:59am
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