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Women lifting and carrying their partners

Question: Dedicated to women who like to lift and carry their partners and man who like to be lifted and carried by this women
Created by: mike555ga at 06:14:49 PM, Monday, August 30, 2004 PDT



GO SOUTHPARK COWS GO!! W()()TAug 31 2004 11:00am

My girlfriend can carry me - it's no big deal

PaulFeb 13 2005 9:11am
my last girlfriend could lift me up no problems......

DanielJun 15 2005 8:06am
My wife is 5'11 and 178 pounds, I am 5'9 and only 145 pounds. We met just a year ago and married very soon after. Coming home after the wedding party I tried to carry her into our house but could just lift her up for a second. She laughed (we were both a bit drunk) and said she probably should be the one that carried stuff in our house. She picked me up and carried me inside and continued up the stairs to our bedroom. After that she has carried me many times, we both enjoy playing around. I often sit in her lap and from that position she just stands up with me in her arms. I have to admit I love being carried by her and she likes to be big and strong.

TomOct 16 2005 10:07pm
Tom, my wife is bigger and stronger than i am. i, too, am turned on by this fact.

MarkOct 29 2005 9:13am
If the wife is bigger and stronger, it is only natural for women to lift and carry her partner, and the man to be swept off his feet. But if she is smaller than he, the idea of attempting to carry her bigger partner is foolish

AnonymousNov 05 2005 7:27am
Anonymous, it is not foolish if she can do it.

RobNov 30 2005 8:30pm
I am taller than my wife at 5?10 to her 5'8 but we are both about 175 pounds. She was a swimmer and gymnast when she was young and has always been athletic and strong. I am in good shape as well. Some time ago she suggested that I should sit in her lap like i used to when we were younger. I enjoyed this back then. After some minutes in her lap she just stood up with me in her arms. She carried me around the appartment for a while and then went to the bedroom where she threw me to our bed. We started to play wrestle and after a while I was pinned. I asked for a rematch but the result was the same. I wanted to arm wrestle her and again I lost. She once again lifted me in her strong arms and asked me who was stronger. She then took me to our bedroom again for another kind of physical contact. Since this evening I have been lifted many times. We love to play around. My wife enjoy being stronger.

RobertDec 03 2005 3:52am
Ludvig, you are not alone but there are a lot of men out there, including me, who are jealous as can be. I figure you must be in Europe or at least outside the US but maybe your new girlfriend has a sister? or is her mother available? etc.

WowserDec 26 2005 6:13pm
Ludvig, the same thing has happened to me. When I met my girlfriend, I was surprised that she was almost as tall as I am. She is 185cm and I am 188cm. She weighs more than I do. I am 70kg and she is 82kg. We are both active but at different things. I run, swim and play tennis. She lifts weights and has a black belt in tae kwon do. When we started to get intimate with each other, I had no idea that she was so much stronger than I. She pinned me down effortlessly. Each time she pinned me I had to remove an article of clothing. Pretty soon, I was left wearing only my swimmer's jockstrap. She then threw me over her shoulder and carried me off to the bedroom to have her way with me. At first I found the experience emasculating; however, it also turned me on. When she called me to go out again, i accepted.

ChadJan 17 2006 4:41am
It seems that quite a few men likes to be carried by girls and women, but after searching the net I have found very few woman that like to carry their men. When I started to date my current husband I first fell for his body, he was and still is very slim and rather short for a man. I am 184 lbs on a 5'11 fram and he is 144lb and 5'9. When we started to date I was very careful not to show that I was stronger than him but all the time I wanted to protect him, to carry him and have him in my lap. We got married and I still let him think he was the stronger, I gave him the tricky jars, let him carry to biggest suitcases (even if they sometimes was almost too heavy for him). One night some years ago we had been drinking with our friends and were rather drunk when we came home. I sat down in our big sofa and dragged my husband with me so he sat down in my lap. He struggled to get off but I held him there while I started to kiss him. After a while he stopped struggling and then I just stood up with him in my arms. He asked me what I was doing and I just said that I was doing something I had wanted to do for years. I carried him around the appartment for a while and then started to take his clothes off, still in my arms. I am very strong and felt I could carry him all night. I then carried him to our bedroom and had the best sex in my life. He was confused about the whole thing but didn't protest. The day after he wondered what happened. I told him about everything, that I was a lot stronger than him, that I wanted to carry him and have him in my lap. I assured him that this was just a thing for him and me. The same evening I patted my knee and asked him to come and sit after dinner. He hesitated for a while, I once again dragged him with mild force and had him on my lap. I once again lifted him up in my arms. Since than this has been an almost daily thing for us. Our relationship has changed a bit, he doesn't have to prove that his is a macho and now let me carry the heavy things. I have proven to him that I am a lot stronger when we have wrestled. I wonder if any other woman have the same decire, to carry their men?

MildredJan 30 2006 11:50pm
can u lift him overhead?

anonFeb 05 2006 11:15am
We have never tried, I am strong enough to lift his weight in the gym but I am afraid to drop him and I am not sure he would like being lifted that way.

MildredFeb 05 2006 12:38pm
Ludvig, Chad and Mildred, tell us more about your relationships. I haven't been in a relationship where my girlfriend has been interested in lifting and carrying, at least I don't think so since it is a rather strange subject to bring up in a new relationship. I am rather sure though that some of the girls could carry me rather easily since I am only 137 lbs. Not a very big man. The only woman that lifts me is my aunt, she is a big strong woman of 57 and she must know that I like to be lifted since she keep me in her arms quite long. But she is my aunt and 30 years older than me, she says that she always have lifted me and since I never grow up physically she will keep on doing it as long as she is strong enough. I am still looking for someone strong enough and interested in lifting me in her arms. Is that weird?

MickeMar 24 2006 12:47am
Your very weird Micke... Ever considered living in the real world?

Freak_FinderMar 24 2006 11:59am
hi, I'm Alessia from Italy, I'd already written in another poll about female strength. I've discovered some times ago that my bf likes to be lifted by women. He said that there are many man who like to be lifted and carried, I thought that it was a very strange thing; but now I've carried him many times, especially in a cradle carry, I begin to understand that it could be exciting for a girl to lift her bf, and to demonstrate that women sometimes are stronger.

alessiaApr 07 2006 8:14am
Alessia, I like to tell you what happened just some weeks ago. I was helping a friend of mine to move. Her new appartment was three stories up in a building withou elevator. After carrying stuff all day I said to her when we just had moved everything but one rather small box, that she had to carry both the box and me since I was totally worn out. To my big surprise she told me to take the box and then she just lifted me up in her arms and carried me and the box all the way up. I knew she was strong but didn't have a clue she was that strong. I am of course only 71 kgs but the box probably was 10 kgs. AND I LOVED being carried! If somebody had asked me before this happened if being carried would turn me on I have just laughed. When we came up I was quite embarrassed but my friend just laughed and said that anytime I need to be carried she could do it. She told me she is proud of her strength and have carried many of her boyfriends. I have known her for many years and never knew anything about that. When I left that evening she lifted me up when she gave me a hug and told me I was light as a feather and then she kissed me. I am in loved!

G?ntherApr 18 2006 11:36pm
My girlfriend can carry me. She is shorter and a bit lighter. But we actually are BOTH very light! (Me: 167cm/59kg, she: 159cm/56kg) She has allways been strong. But I have stronger legs, she has stronger arms (seems to be the other way round as it is the case with most male versus woman?) There is not much difference between us, anyway. During a long period of health problems, the carry games stopped. They did not got restarted really as well. But the main thing I want to tell here is: I am a man who allways loved to be carried, to a very high degree. IF someone lift me up and carry me: I feel like in heaven, I can dream away, I feel sooooooo happy, I feel safe and secure...... Its from the womans side that I lack to see interest to show their gentle strenght. I cannot imagine ANY woman making a date-ad telling that she WANTS to meet a ligh/tiny man to enjoy lifting and carrying him often and intensively.... There is a rock-hard taboo on expressing that kind of wish. That is why the story of Mildred is very very RARE. If any "Mildred type of woman" would ever have expressed her greed to be the strongest partner in ads or meetings or whatever kind of a 'first contact', I would have had no problem to find my mate.... With the taboo existing, it is a real struggle to find.... Would be nice if some women email me about this:

Carry Me :) please...May 04 2006 1:15am

AnonymousJun 07 2006 6:51pm
i dont have a gf, but a good friend of mine, she's 14, im 16, she can easily lift me up. i weigh over 160lbs, she's 5'4 115lbs. I had not seen her in a year, she's toned up a bit. We were goofing in the pool, I lifted her up in my arms and tossed her around. She's realy light in the pool. I put her down, and she did the same to me. A little girl could easily lift you in her arms in the pool provided ur in the water. anyways, my friend walked around the pool, and she went to the shallow end in 3 foot of water, im almost out of the water and yet she's still carrying me. she told me im getting heavier, but it wasn't a problem. She started walking up the steps! boy she was strong, she told me to hold on, and she got to teh 2nd step and she had me in her arms laughing. She held me there for a few more moments before putting me down! She told me she didn't know she was that strong. I was embarassed cuz lots of people just saw a tiny girl carry a much bigger boy around. She told me that there are girls far stronger than her and joked she was stronger than me. I don't know if she is, but to me that's pretty impressive

DarrenJun 10 2006 4:08am
i dont have a gf, but a good friend of mine, she's 14, im 16, she can easily lift me up. i weigh over 160lbs, she's 5'4 115lbs. I had not seen her in a year, she's toned up a bit. We were goofing in the pool, I lifted her up in my arms and tossed her around. She's realy light in the pool. I put her down, and she did the same to me. A little girl could easily lift you in her arms in the pool provided ur in the water. anyways, my friend walked around the pool, and she went to the shallow end in 3 foot of water, im almost out of the water and yet she's still carrying me. she told me im getting heavier, but it wasn't a problem. She started walking up the steps! boy she was strong, she told me to hold on, and she got to teh 2nd step and she had me in her arms laughing. She held me there for a few more moments before putting me down! She told me she didn't know she was that strong. I was embarassed cuz lots of people just saw a tiny girl carry a much bigger boy around. She told me that there are girls far stronger than her and joked she was stronger than me. I don't know if she is, but to me that's pretty impressive

DarrenJun 10 2006 4:08am
I used to fantasize about getting married and having my Wife carry me over the threshold but I was eventually acquired by a smaller(although very firm handed) Wife. Maybe in my next life.

obedient husbandJul 01 2007 7:17pm
My wife is about 25 lbs heavier than me and the same height. When we got married three years ago I succeded to carry her over the threshold but only just, she actually was surprised. She then asked me if I liked to trade places, she lifted me up as I weighed nothing and carried me around for a while before dropping me on our bed. She has frequently been lifting me since and we both like it.

Light weightAug 14 2007 11:52am
Light weight, does your Wife use corporal discipline on you?

obedient husbandOct 13 2007 7:00pm
I have always been attracted to physically strong women and have dated many women that were stronger than me. One gal I knew was a college athlete and was in top shape when we dated. She was 5'6" and 145 lbs. and did a lot of weight training. I was 5'9" and 165 lbs. and I considered myself in decent shape. We were walking in a park one night and she jokingly said that she was getting tired. I laughed and replied that I would carry her if she wanted. She then hopped on me piggy-back style and I proceeded to carry her until I got tired. This was after about 100 yards on a flat surface. I let her down and she said that it was my turn. I got on her back and she actually started to sprint with me holding on the best I could. She slowed down a bit as we started to climb a hill but she still kept up a steady pace for at least another 200 yards. We reached my car at the top of the hill and she set me down. We looked at each other and reflected on what had just occurred. I was 20 lbs. heavier, yet she had carried me three times further and she still had a lot in reserve. As in our other play competitions at the time, she said, "Looks like I beat you." I had to admit she was right and I told her that I loved how strong she was compared to me. We got in the car to leave and I was still very excited by her show of strength over me. I leaned over to kiss her and she held me back and pushed me into my seat. I tried to kiss her again but she held me firm. She looked me in the eyes and told me, "Once again I showed you who is stronger between us. From now on you will ask me permision before you kiss me. Do you understand?" I realized that she was being playful, but I was very turned on by her show of power over me. I told her that I would do as she said. She smiled at me, loosened her grip, and let me kiss her.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 31 2007 8:43am
When we got married more than 25 years ago I was 64 kgs and 178 cms and my wife the same weight on a 170 cm frame. I could carry her over the threshold but only just. Years have passed, my wife got pregnant with 3 lovely children and gained a lot of weight, for a while she was more than 80 kgs. I felt small compared to her. She had enough of being so big so she started to work out a lot, this was perhaps 10-15 year ago. She was very determined to get down to my weight again (around 65) but she couldn't. She worked out more and more and after 3 years of hours in the gym she was down to 75 kgs. But her body was now a lot harder and under a thin layer of fat she had big rock hard muscles. When our younges child moved away 3-4 years ago I was in a car accident and brooke both my legs. This was very difficult since we live on 4th floor without an elevator. I spent 7 weeks in a hospital and actually lost weight and weighed in at 59 kgs the day I came home from the hospital. My wife helped me to walk up the stairs but I really couldn't walk. She just asked me to sit at the stairs, carried the bags up to our apartment and then came back to get me. She just scooped me up in her arms and carried me up as I had weighed nothing (well I almost didn't weigh anything). It really felt strange being carried like a child by your wife. The following weeks she stayed home from work to take care of me, carrying me down and up the stairs and then helped me walk a lot to become stronger. With physical therapy I got stronger and I also gained weight to 64 kgs again. One evening after I had been able to walk the stairs myself my wife told me she missed carrying me and asked me if I would like to sit in her lap. I did as she asked and since that evening I have been sitting in her lap and she has carried me around the apartment many times. This really spiced up our sexlife as well. Kind of funny with two people soon 50 that are playing around like this but we love this. Sorry about this long posting, it has been great reading other postings about his fetish. For us it started very late in life.

Carried aroundMar 07 2008 2:44am
Sweat story Carried around, apart from the car accident of course. I think many women like to be strong and needed, your children moved out and you needed your wife badly to look after you. When you got well again she realized that she wanted to stay strong and stronger than you. In your case your wife really is bigger and stronger than you, it could be tricky if you had been 6'4 and 220 lbs. I wish you all luck in the future.

Mary SApr 22 2008 2:05am
a good friend of mine is really cute and sexy, stunning unconventional, in the non mainstream sense, figure, fantastic firm breasts, must be a D or more, i liked her alot, and then she was just sitting next to me and her arm looked huge. shes about 5'2 i don't know her weight, but her arms are increadible, and she knows shes strong, i've seen her bicep and it's impressive, she constantly told us that she was younger and stronger than us boys and i would imagine she is, i wish she would lift me, she wouldn't find it hard

egorJul 30 2008 8:58am
Here is my story. 3 years ago me and my wife armwrestled for the first time, and to my surprise (she was rather sure to win) she won without any trouble. She also beat me when we wrestled and pinned me within a few minutes. I felt very embarrassed about the whole thing but I also had to admit I was turned on about her strength. She also wanted to lift me in different ways. Some time after this evening we went to a family dinner where my wife told our relatives about her being stronger than me. She showed everybody that she could lift me in her arms cradle style, over her shoulder, on her hip etc. I protested but she just laughed and kept on showing off. People laughed but also looked in awe at my wife. I was very angry at her when we went home but she just hugged me and told me to get used to it and be proud of my strong wife. She has become even more playful since, wants me to sit in her lap, she bearhugs me when she meets me at the aiport after I have been away for business trips etc. I tell her that she embarrass me but she just laughs at this and tell me to take it like a man. I say to her that she can do this in private as much as she wants but stop lifting me in public. She says that lifting me is a part of her new life as a strong woman and she wants other people to see our role reversal. Since she knows I am turned on about her being stronger she has difficulties to understand that I like this to be between her and me.

B F GSep 01 2008 12:35am hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

AnonymousDec 07 2008 6:24pm
I am 5'4", 135lbs. and very solid with a gymnast trained body. My hubby is 5'10, 170lbs. He too is athletic but I am much harder and stronger than he. Early on in our relationship, we discovered that he loved a strong, dominant woman. He got one! As foreplay, we routinely wrestle, arm wrestle, leg wrestle, or I just flex for him and let him touch and kiss my muscles. When it's time to hit the bed, I place my hands under his arms and lift him up. He then wraps his legs around my waist and I carry him upstairs to the bed room where the sex is incredible,as he loves my strength as much as I love to be worshipped. This has worked for us for over 12yrs.

ChelseaDec 24 2008 8:31pm
I loved your posting Chelsea. Do you lift him in public? Is this something he can deal with without being embarrassed? As you can see from my posting I am also very turned on having a stronger wife, I like to be lifted but I don't want my wife to lift me up or wrestle me down in public.

B F GDec 28 2008 6:12am
Chelsea, how did you find out about your husband's wishes for a strong, dominant woman. I didn't know that I had the same thing for strong women. When I met my wife 30 years ago, I was stronger than her in my arms. I had to struggle to beat her at armwrestling but nevertheless I was stronger. 10 years ago, after three children, my wife's body changed and she became bigger, not only fat but bigger muscles as well. She started to work out several times a week. She weighed more than me (still does). One night we started to fool around and it ended up as a wrestling match. We were both surprised that I couldn't pin my wife, she was just too strong. She just pushed me up from her and then had me down pinned. We had to do it again and this time she came at me 100%. I was down again in a flash, didn't have a chance. She led me to the kitchen table and wanted to armwrestle. She was a lot stronger than me in both arms. Then back to some more wrestling and the living room floor. I was outclassed. She then did something that changed our relationship. She just lifted me up in her arms, in a cradle and carried me upstairs to our bedroom. The day after we had another wrestling match. This time she threw me over her shoulder. She really enjoyed being stronger. And I was turned on as well. After this evening she has become more and more dominant. She lifts me very often and I love it. She decides most things in our family. She works out a lot and I admire her strong body just like your husband loves yours. Just wanted to share.

MillsJan 12 2009 3:44am
i m 23 yrs old , 5'7" n weighing 51 kg n my girlfriend is of 21 yrs , 5'2" n weing 45 kgs but still she used to lift me in her arm & enjoying cradle carry me like i m her little baby.yday only when we were watching lift site on net she got excited, she was sittting on a big sofa, she asked me to sit on her lap like a child i hesitaed but she forcefully pulled me into her lap & stared kissing me .she bent her legs so that i could lying on her lap like a baby, i also got excited & stoped to struggle .then she continuosly kissing me everywhere she can. she was calling me her little baby & I too started to call her my mummy in great excitment. it was a real pleasure. then she stood up with me in her arms & carried me to the bedroom.she was wearing saree & she started to remove my cloths while still holding me in her arms & carrying me & left me in only underwear till we reached to our bed.

luckyboyJan 29 2009 12:13am
i told my girl friend 2'' taller than me to stand near chair on which i was standing cleaning the electric bulbs of my dinning room . when i finshed as iwas about to get down she threw her arms arround and lifted me. she screamen that i am feather light. then she carried me to the bedrrom and got over me and profusedly kissed . now wherever we meet she lifts me in her arms and kisses me.i really feel happy that i have a very strong friend.

princeJan 30 2009 4:06am

BRYAN McCOYMar 12 2009 11:57am
BFG, This is completely private for us. Although I don't think he would be embarassed by public show of strength, this is just a private issue for us.

ChelseaMar 21 2009 10:29pm
Hi Mills, My husband was attracted to me in college where I was a gymnast and majoring in physical therapy. As we began our relationship, I was the dominant, aggressive one and he loved it. The physical attraction just came natural for both of us.

ChelseaMar 21 2009 10:34pm

BRYAN McCOYApr 07 2009 2:17pm
Chelsea, I think that the role reversal has an attraction, it is a bit tough for a man to accept that his wife is physically stronger but once you are ok with it it's a lot of fun. Strangely enough it is quite exciting to be helpless in a woman's arms.

MillsApr 20 2009 8:47am
Hy mildred can you please lift and carry me also i will love to be carried in your stong arms i am 26 yrs old 68 kgs 5 feet 6 inches tall

Apoorva ChoureyApr 22 2009 9:12am
I was midly surprised one afternoon when I came home early and saw my wife with a set of dumbells working out. She had mentioned that she had wanted to use light weights to firm up. She had put them in the bedroom and I thought she had forgotten about them. I said I'm glad to see you are getting a little use out of those. she said yeah once and a while I pull them out. Good for you, she did a playful pose a I saw a bicep had formed, I said nice and gave it a squeeze. Not real big but it was firm. She asked if I minded her having a "muscle", I said of course not they looked nice! we had dinner,watched a little TV, she came out of the bedroom with a tank top and flexed and said are you sure you don't mind these? I said I find them sexy!! Her eyes lit up and said I hoped you would. She asked how strong do you want me? I said not like a body builder but nice and firm. She said you know I am feeling a lot stronger now want to arm wrestle? I said sure I beat her with my right arm but she beat me with her left. Wow I said that was awesome as she got up and flexed. Wanna wrestle? Sure as long as you go easy on me! We wrestled and we got so hot, we had to stop. I said my god you are really strong. She said I saved the best for last, she took off her shorts' lft on her tank top and walked over to me and threw me over her shoulders in a firremans carry. I said this is heaven, she said get used to it cause it's gonna be like this from now on!! Carrying me she said I'm only gonna get stronger!

AnonymousApr 29 2009 2:53pm
You are lucky anonymous that your wife lifted you in a firemen carry can she lift me also my weight is 68 kgs iam an indian boy my height is 5"6" please reply to me

Apoorva ChoureyApr 29 2009 10:26pm
She is 5"8", I am 5'7", she outweighs me by about 15lbs. She has gotten stronger> I can't beat her in armwrestling anymore and she loves to lift and carry me and I love it too 111

AnonymousApr 30 2009 9:53am
Will she be able to lift me please reply me anonymaous

Apoorva ChoureyMay 01 2009 5:50am
Sorry AC, she just does it for me!!!

AnonymousMay 01 2009 8:44am
Can any women please lift and carry me iw eigh 68 kgs my height is 5"6" please please please lift and carry me i will do anything for you

Apoorva ChoureyMay 01 2009 10:00am
Hey apoorva , you look really desperate for getting lifted. Never experienced dude

SandyMay 17 2009 1:12am
yes sandy i am really very desperate to be lifted and carried by a women what is your age weight and gender

Apoorva ChoureyMay 19 2009 6:59pm
I am a male from mumbai 33 years 5 11 and 70 kgs. Difficult to find someone like this in india but can try some massaage parlors of I read some where in sonagachi( Kolkata) all the best and hope u find someone soon

sandyMay 20 2009 3:03am
Sandy actually iam looking for a wife who can easily lift and carry me like a baby will i be able to find such a wife

Apoorva ChoureyMay 20 2009 9:00am
Am not very sure on this Apoorva but keep on looking for such women and am sure you will find someone who will fulfill your fantasy. There are stronger women in India but am not sure whether they would want to lift and carry bcos of the conservative background we come from. All the best mate although i have had this experience a couple of times and it is indeed very exciting

SandyMay 22 2009 1:05am

qwertyMay 23 2009 10:49pm
hey qwerty

sandyMay 24 2009 12:04am
Hey Apoorva did you try any massage parlors

sandyMay 29 2009 8:49am
Actually sandy what happens in these massage parlors are strong women are present there i want to know

Apoorva ChoureyMay 31 2009 3:03am
Have not tried that yet as i am happy with women out of india

SandyJun 01 2009 8:09am
Apporva, you look very desperate man

SandyJun 13 2009 2:13am
ya sandy i want to take this experence at least once in my life

Apoorva ChoureyJun 19 2009 10:18am
apoorva its not hard, just marry a 5.4 ht 60-65 kg weighted girl, she can easily give u a ride, mostly hip carry & front lift with ease for long time, i can say because i know women have very strong hip bones & my wife although 10 kg less give me a ride at will

AnonymousJun 24 2009 9:12am
That's good . But Apoorva. Needs a strong girl who is capable to carry him and if required overpower him also

sandyJun 25 2009 11:04am
That's good . But Apoorva. Needs a strong girl who is capable to carry him and if required overpower him also

sandyJun 25 2009 11:04am
That's good . But Apoorva. Needs a strong girl who is capable to carry him and if required overpower him also

sandyJun 25 2009 11:04am
That's good . But Apoorva. Needs a strong girl who is capable to carry him and if required overpower him also

sandyJun 25 2009 11:05am
f*ckk you all.

HariJul 08 2009 4:02pm
hari hav u any experiance to share

AnonymousJul 12 2009 3:52am
I don't have any experience Anonymous..........Do you have any suggestion?

HariJul 12 2009 9:20pm
Hari sugession to marry a large woman or nearer your size, otherwise take lesson from those guys lifted by their maids, relatives & others as i have no such experiance.

AnonymousJul 13 2009 4:09am
This is a very common suggestion Anonymous.

HariJul 14 2009 6:26pm
Any f*cking lift-carry experience from any f*cking guy?

HariJul 17 2009 3:45pm
i dont think indian girls are strong enough to carry men

AbhiJul 21 2009 7:18am
u r wrong abhi. simply search "indian lift carry" in youtube. u'll get your answer.

HariJul 21 2009 2:23pm
Who is this f*cking Abhi????

AnonymousJul 22 2009 12:05am
wow..u proved me wrong..i agree with u guys now..internally i also dream of being lifted by girls

AbhiJul 22 2009 6:07am
sala suar ka baccha............abhi is not your real name........

AnonymousJul 23 2009 12:28am
hey no abusive language pls. vid

AnonymousJul 27 2009 5:53pm
f*ck u

AnonymousJul 29 2009 12:09pm
i have fren....she has same height as me...little stronger then me....she likes lift and carry 2...once she make stood on a chair....and took me over her shoulders and gave overhead press ....powerpacked girl mannnn....!!

AnonymousAug 12 2009 9:49pm
upper comment is not by Anonymous...itz by mohit from ahmedabad...forgot 2 write name...!!...sorry

mohitAug 13 2009 12:26am
Thats cool Mohit. How tall r you ? Lucky chap mate

sandyAug 13 2009 3:56am
sandy....i am 5'7...just 14 years...

MohitAug 15 2009 6:00am
luckyboy what about ur girlfrd, just go through the comments and find interest in ur lifting, where are u from,any new exp to say

AnonymousAug 18 2009 7:44pm
dont u have an orkut account rashmi?....why don't u create a fake orkut account if u have problem in privacy....believe me there are many lift-carry lovers and such communities.....if u agree , i can provide u all information.....and there u will find thousands of lift-carry photos.....plz reply rashmi

HariAug 22 2009 10:16am
rashmi ...what is your "profile name" in orkut? can i find u?

HariAug 27 2009 3:42pm
rashmi shin usa

RashmiAug 31 2009 7:24am
rashmi could you lift me jimmy

jimmySep 05 2009 12:20am
i have mail you in your mail id but no response from you i will be waiting jimmy to rashmi

jimmySep 05 2009 12:22am
i am young boy of 21 yrs my weight is 58 kg smart and good looking pls give reply jimmy

jimmySep 05 2009 12:23am
i have mail you in your mail id but no response from you i will be waiting jimmy to rashmi

jimmySep 05 2009 12:23am
rashmi could you lift me jimmy

jimmySep 05 2009 12:24am
very well

BurtonSep 05 2009 11:01am
my wife is 200 pounds and 5" 7 and I am 5" 5 and she loves to put me on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and do the firemans carry. I am 165 and wife can give me any type of lift she desires. Wife likes to carry me around the apartment and then drop me on the bed and then take my clothes off and she feels this turns me on.

burtonSep 05 2009 11:06am
What a turn-on!!!

BernieSep 25 2009 6:59am
threw my husband over my shoulder the other week and carried him three blocks to our home. The reason was that he was too drunk to walk and I was very upset with him. This was the first time I carried him and I was surprised how easy it was. The day after he didn't remember how he got home, I was still upset with him for being so drunk so I told him that I carried him and that all our neighbours could see it. He started to jell at me that he didn't believe me and that I was only trying to make him feel bad. I got really angry dragging him out of bed, threw his naked body over my shoulder and lifted him. I realized that he was in a god position for a spanking so I walked around the house spanking him quite hard until he begged me to let him down and that he should behave. I sat down and had him over my knee and kept on spanking him until he cried and promised to obey me in the future. This has changed our relationship totally. I love being in charge and he seems to accept it.

SarahSep 29 2009 11:52pm
wow, sarah.. what is your weight and height?

RahulOct 01 2009 12:06pm
Sarah can u lift and carry me also please my height is 5"6 and weight is 65 kgs i am from india

rohitOct 04 2009 12:12am
I am 5'10 and 182 lbs, husband is 5'11 and 153 lbs rohit, going to India to carry a person that I don't know at all wold be a bit strange don't you think? You are certainly small enough to get carried by a number of women but sorry, it won't be me.

SarahOct 05 2009 1:01am
ok sarah may be some day i will visit your house and will be carried by u like a baby i would love to be cradle carried by u and will feel like a baby in your arms may be i may even ejaculate on u plese dont mind if i ejaculate

rohitOct 05 2009 7:35am
rohit, I am sure we'll never meet, you won't find any woman if you write or talk about ejaculate before you have even met. Shame on you

SarahOct 06 2009 10:58pm
My girlfriend lift me easiley although she is short and lighter then me

AnonymousOct 06 2009 11:39pm
i am very sorry sarah for my comments plese forgive me but i have this abnormal fetish to be lifted by a women till now i have not found any women who can lift me up i can do anything for that women who lifts me up in a cradle carry me or shoulder carry me again i beg an apology from u

rohitOct 08 2009 10:03am

liftOct 27 2009 2:27am
Hi Sarah, So you knew that you will be able to lift your husban or make him sit on your knnes. Pl s share some more experiences

HiOct 28 2009 12:57am
it all started when I came home one evening from work and had been made redundant. I was extremely sad and was almost in tears. My wife sat in our big sofa and asked me what was wrong. I didn't say a word just walked over to her and sat down in her lap facing her and hugging her. I started to cry for the first time in many years. I stil didn't say a word. My wife was really worried but understood that she had to wait until I could say what bothered me. She then did something she had never done before during our 25 y ears together. She stood up with me in her arms, I automatically wrapped my legs around her and she started to walk around in our house carrying me. I am not a huge man at 5'9 and around 140 lbs. She is 5'8 and perhaps 165 lbs. Strangely enough I felt very comforted in her arms and I stopped crying. While she was carrying me I told her everything about what had happened. After about 15 min I realized that she still carried me like I had weighed nothing. I complemented her on her strength, I knew she was strong, she is fit and works out, but I never could have guessed she could carry me like this. She then surprised me when she moved me in her arms so she was carrying me in a cradle. She told me I was her baby and that she could carry me all night. Once again she surprised me when she carried me upstairs to our bedroom, she undressed me and made love to me. That night changed a lot in our relationship. I still was miserable from being sacked but having a loving wife is a big big help. I started more often to sit in her lap, she quite often lifted me in her arms, over her shoulder or in any way possible except for over her head. About a month after the episode I mentioned we had a wrestling match for the first time our life. My wife is not only heavier than me but a lot stronger as well. She pinned me several times before she once again carried me to our bedroom. It is strange that we after so many years realized that we both got turned on by this role reversal. I really loved her strength and she loves to be the strong one, the protector. I found a job but life never became the same, and I am very happy about that.

Man 52Nov 06 2009 6:15am
Sweet story Man 52. Glad you could cope with having a stronger wife, things can change when you are vulnerable, you were weak and she was strong, she took you in her arms and then you got lost in her strength.

madelaineNov 08 2009 11:53pm
Can anyone give the links of video of a woman lifting carrying fully nude man

anonymousNov 11 2009 9:42am
Hi all, i want to try lift and carry, especially cradle carry by woman. I thing it should be interesting experience to be carried in strong girls hands. I am 30 yeard old / 175 cm and 72 kg (160 lbs) and i believe that many woman can carry me very easily for a long time. I am from Prague and i hope this will read some girl or woman from this city:)

RazorDec 04 2009 5:15am
i am a 78 yr.old male who loves to be lifted and carried by girls 18 to 25 yrs.old. Sometimes paythem for it ,but sometimes they do it cause i am so small. I am 5'4 and weigh 145 lbs.. Every one i have met can carry me easliy like a little boy without fail. I love to piggyback on their strong backs and them to treat me like their little brother or their baby. I also like to smell the young womans hair while she carries me around or massage their breasts when being piggybacked..

youngwomanriderDec 07 2009 12:54pm
any young women think they could carry an old man like me or want to , email me at leave a message.. thanks

youngwomanriderDec 07 2009 12:55pm
I came home from the gym some months ago and felt strong as a horse. I have been working out for some years, the last years 3-4 times a week and the result is that my muscles have grown and I am a lot stronger. My husband hates going to the gym, he jogs a lot and is slim and nice looking but his muscles are not much to brag about. I have added perhaps 20 lbs of muscle the last years, I am 168 cm and 73 kgs, my husband is probably the same weight as me or 2-3 kgs lighter but he is 183 cm tall. I found my husband watching tv, he was actually looking at power lifting women, some kind of championship. He said he was in awe of what these women could lift, he said that he had been to a gym a week ago to see if he liked it (never told me about that before now) and said that he had been able to bench 35 kgs free weights and benching 40 in the machine. I looked at him and told him that I could do more than twice that. He said that I must be joking. I took off my sweater and flexed my muscles, he was shocked, even if he has seen my body every night. I haven't flexed for him. I told him to come over to me, I than put my shoulder in his stomach and just draped him over it. His 70 kgs felt like nothing. I moved him over so I carried him in my arms in a cradle, he was just so surprised about my strength. I then told him to stand straight with his elbows pointing down to the floor with his arms tight to his body. I stooped and took hold of his elbows and than lifted him straight up, a bit tough but I can bench 85 kgs free weights so once he was up I could actually lift him on straight arms. I started to enjoy this more and more. I let him down and once again had him over my shoulders in a fireman carry. I carried him to our bedroom upstairs and told him that I wanted a wrestling match to show him just how strong his wife was, and that he didn't have to look at strong women on TV. Of course I won the wrestling match, I am more than twice as strong as him. I can only say that I enjoy this.

A strong wifeJan 01 2010 11:18am
any women try lift me?im 5'7" and 70kg

AnonymousJan 08 2010 7:41pm
Have girls ever try to carry you by use there legs and lifting you in the air with there feet on your belly ?

AnonymousJan 10 2010 9:00pm
plese can any girl lift and carry me i will do anything for that female who lifts and carry me plese i am begging to any female who can lift and carry me my age is 26 yrs height is 5"6 and weight is 65 kgs

Apoorva ChoureyJan 29 2010 4:29am
i sit in the lap of my girl everytime wen we get personal... she wraps her arms around my waist and gives me a handjob till i ejaculate... its a very sensous feeling and the big turn on for me

AnonymousFeb 13 2010 2:21am
i sit in the lap of my girl everytime wen we get personal... she wraps her arms around my waist and gives me a handjob till i ejaculate... its a very sensous feeling and the big turn on for me

AnonymousFeb 13 2010 2:40am
I hurt my ankle hiking one day with my wife. We were about a quarter of a mile to our car and I hobbled along. My wife had started working out and I had commented that she was starting to build some nice biceps. She asked if she could help me back to the car and I said sure and I leaned on her and she held me and helped me back to the car. By now my ankle had swelled so she drove and we made it back home. She helped me out of the car and over to the stairs. It was dark by now and she said I have to get you up these stairs. She helped me up a couple of stairs and said I have an idea. She put her shoulder to my stomach and I fell over her shoulder. She lifted me and said this is better, you are lighter than I thought! My ankle throbbed but the sensation over dangling over her strong shoulders almost made me forget it. She opened the door and held me with one arm and walked down the hallway. I told her to stop at the mirror I wanted to see how we looked. She said I could get used to this, me too I added. In the bedroom she let me down gently and kissed me. I know you are turned on by what I just did and I think this is the start of some new things in our life. I had to agree, she flexed her arms and I couldn't resist a squeeze. I stood up and fell into her arms she picked me up in a cradle carry and kissed me. She took me in the kitchen and iced down my ankle, she said I'll be right back. I had forgotten about the pain at this point and when she came back in she was wearing her panties only and had a toy strapped around her waist. I almost lost it right there and said what do you think? I could only say fantastic. I stood up and she said need a lift? Yes!! I was again dangling over her shoulders going back to the bedroom we stopped at the mirror and she handed me the lube as I lubed her toy she said don't worry I'll be gentle!!!

AnonymousFeb 25 2010 7:45pm
Guys are also welcome if they have such pics and experienes to share

js_wow@yahoo.inFeb 26 2010 11:40am
I am 16 years old and would love nothing more than to be carried around by a taller, heavier woman. Is that weird, or natural?

Young and confusedMar 02 2010 7:59am
A few years ago I used to visit a chicken farm to purchase bags of chicken mash for my chickens. They used to come in 50kg (112 pound bags) - they've since reduced the size for health and safety reasons. I'd create space in the trunk of my car pay the employee who would open the door to the store and I'd struggle with a bag to my car (they had a trolley but I guess I was trying to be macho). One Saturday afternoon they had a new employee - quite big and sturdy and as it turned out 65 year old (I was 45 year old at the time). As I was opening the trunk after paying her she entered the store and came out not only carrying the bag of mash but looking like it was no struggle. I started going there every Saturday afternoons (and accumulating a lot of mash) when I knew she was on alone and marvelling at how easy she carried the bags. Once I asked her if carrying the bags was as easy for her as she made it look - she said she had previously worked in a garden centre and used to lift heavier bags of gravel as none of the male employees would lift them. I commented that I needed her to come with me to lift the bags out at my place - she smiled at this. I did notice on my visits that she would stand very close to me smiling and was eye to eye with me at about 5'9 1/2. The next week I followed her into the store and asked her how heavy the bags of gravel were in her previous job. She said they were more than 60kg (133 pounds). I told her I was 75kg (167 pounds) and asked could she lift me standing in front of her. She laughed then when she realised I was serious she bent down and picked me up and held me while I wrapped my legs round her waist. I asked her weight and she was 95kg (211 pounds). I wrapped my arms round her big body and lifted her but not for very long. I then had her piggy back me round the store (a shed) - I said I was really enjoying it - she said I can tell - it was that obvious. Unfortunately her boss arrived back (a small male) which was embarassing. The following week I asked whether she had got into trouble and she laughed that it was OK and she thought her boss was intimidated by her size and strength. She asked me to come back at 4.30 when she finished and she would come with me to lift the bag out at my place. That began a three year relationship with lots of lifting, wrestling and indeed loving. I just loved her strength and for a women in her sixties as well.

RodneyMar 05 2010 6:26pm
I am a 47 year old woman that recently met a new man in my life. My ex-husband was a big burly man, even if I am rather big at 178 cm and more than 80 kgs he was more than 20 kgs heavier and 7-8 cm taller. We were together for almost 30 years and had two children. My new man is quite the opposite physically, he is 174 cm but he is less than 60 kgs, 58-59 normally. Very thin but also very good looking, his got the some type of body as the singer Prince. The first night we went back to my place it was quite strange to hug this skinny man, he almost dissappeared in my arms. I felt an enormous affection for this man, I felt strong and I felt like the protector for the first time in my life. Without really thinking I just scooped him up in my arms in a cradle carry. He was laughing and wondering what I was doing, I said that I didn't really know but it seemed like I was carrying him to bed. It was a fantastic feeling to be bigger than my new lower. I lifted him in many ways, I am quite strong and he was so light so I could lift him in most ways and he didn't object. He said that he was kind of used to it, being such a light weight most women could lift him and since I was so much bigger he was sure he couldn't lift me. It is strange how my preferance for men changed so quickly, perhaps I had always secretelyt wanted to be the stronger but being with a big man since my teens didn't really allow me to be the big strong woman I really am. I can bench 80 kgs so lifting my new man is a piece of cake. I think that many women like to be the stronger and the protector, mother earth type of women. After meeting this man I quite often see smaller men with rather big women. I work in the suburbs of a big city where you have many nationalities living together. I quite often see really small, thin men from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries hand in hand with big, buxom, strong looking girls. I know that many men like to be with bigger, stronger women but it is more rare to hear women admitting they like to be with a smaller and perhaps weaker man. It is not socially accepted with the role reversal. I have a Nigerian female friend, she is 184 cm and more than 100 kgs, her husnand is a white man, 10 cm shorter and perhaps 35 kgs lighter. They are very happy, she is almost mothering this skinny man and he often sits in her lap. So far me and my new man haven't heard any comments except that my girl friends have commented that I have changed from a big man to a beautiful thin one. Long posting sorry, but this subject interest me since I have sort of come out of the closet and like to show the world that a woman can live with a smaller and weaker man.

AndreaMar 16 2010 11:58pm
i am a married woman and i often carry my hubby. However most of the tym he carries me but sumtyms specially night in he loves me to carry him to bed. However being a woman i would have loved had he carried me to bed. But its ok, sumtyms i shud also him a lift and carry pleasure. Acyually he has told that wen ever we hav sex in nyt, i will carry him to bed and rest of the tym he will carry me.Let me tell u i nm not a good lifter coz he is a bit heavier for me. But he helps me in doing this. i cant lift in cradle style so he stands on a higher place like table and put his body on my shoulder and i carry him like a potato sack. Isnt stupid for him gettin carried by his wife. Lol Divya

AnonymousMar 29 2010 7:53pm
o divya can u plese lift and carry me also i am 27 yrs old 60 kgs is my weight and i am 5"6 tall plese reply

GauravApr 03 2010 5:58pm
all gals pls upload your pics and videos and send it to any of orkut lift carry account and let us know

HiApr 13 2010 9:11am
My friend liked LaC, most OTS. He was 16 when his 35 year old mom discovered it. They talked about LaC sometimes, his mom took it as a game. One day I was on visit, I had dinner in the kitchen, while my friend with his mom were watching tv in the living room. At one moment a laugh was heard from there and few seconds after that my friend entered kitchen - hanging upside down over his moms shoulder like a sack of potatoes! She carried him from living room through kitchen into his room where she put him down. He enjoyed it, but he said, his mom did it never again, cause he got hard on while he was over her shoulder.

Ots loveMay 01 2010 10:26am
My wife carries me every night before we have sex

temperJun 14 2010 3:55am
Though my wife never lifted or carried me, but one afternoon about a month ago my sister in law has lifted me twice, second time she had carried me also while lifting me from front

KunalJun 16 2010 2:07am
I like to piggyback ride on my granddaughter and her friends, it is very fun,

strongyounggirlriderJun 18 2010 2:00am
hi i also enjoy L&C and i'm from canada. but i'm in the 50's & near 200 pounds. so i think i'm a little old and overweight for you young ladies. i had my uplifting experiences too few years ago

big manJun 28 2010 11:12pm
I'm 17 years old, last summer I was lifted off the ground, tossed over the shoulder and abducted by my own grandmother. She's 58 years old, big fat woman with broad shoulders big breasts big belly and large round arse. I enjoyed looking touching and sniffing it while I was upside down, before shf carried me home and threw me on my bed. I love her smile her kisses her muscles and the smell of her butt. I wished she never puts me down, I wished to be her prey, her helpless youg boy, caught and kidnapped by own granny.

Ots loverJul 02 2010 6:55pm
I'm six feet two inches tall but only about 165 pounds. I live in north east PA. If any of you are in the area and I could meat you and have you lift and carry me, I'd love it. Thanks. Joe.

JoeJul 04 2010 10:18pm
@ joe gook luck in your research. i would also enjoy meet some woman in my area (mtl canada) to L&C me in any ways.

big manJul 05 2010 12:19am
Can any body tell me that how to make a woman ready to lift a man

Lift effortlessJul 06 2010 3:32am
I m only 5'4 and weighs 50 kg i m very short so as i am indian i have to marry a woman near about 5'5 5'6 5'4 so any body thinks the woman can lift me. And if she can lift me how to make her strong enough to carry me.

Lift effortlessJul 06 2010 4:17am
My wife and I are in late forties. In ten years of marriage up until recently she never demonstrated how strong she is. I am 5'9 she 5'7 1/2. I lostweight as I got older while she gained weight. I am now 160 pounds and she is 195 pounds. We took our son to the park and we were fooling around kicking ball. I had my bacj turned to her as our boy ran to retrieve the ball. She grabbed me from behind and put her arms round my waist. I struggled to get free but soon realized to my surprise I couldn't break her grip. She began to tickle me until I dropped to my knees. When I got up I made to tickle her but she ran of laughing. I chased her, caught up and threw my arms round her waist but she gripped my wrists tightly and I couldn't move my arms. That night she was in bed reading and I tried to surprise her (I was standing) by throwing of the cover and making to tickle her but again she just gripped my wrists and held me smiling. Then she pulled me onto the bed and tickled me until I rolled off the bed. So began our reversal of roles which haspersistedto thisday.

RamonJul 11 2010 6:59pm
Lift effortless - your wife will soon practice LaC with your son. Instead of football she buys rubber miniskirt, fishnets, tight red shirt and knee high boots, than your son instead of running on field will be hanging upside down over her shoulder, tied up by rope, like a sack of potatoes and later he becomes new LaC fan.

Mommys boyJul 24 2010 10:58pm
I'd like to be lift&carried by a girl but I don't think they would,it sure be nice.

Bryan McCoyJul 29 2010 8:24pm
the other day i was watching mtv . it was about friendship between a girl and a boy. the girl was fat and well built and the boy was thin . at the end about their discusion on friendship the anchor asked the boy to lift the girl. the poor boy could lift the girl on his second attempt. the girl was asked to lift the boy and she just lifted him without any effort . the girl laughed and said he is just like a feather.

princeAug 03 2010 10:21am

ROLF FOSTERAug 19 2010 2:04am
Siobhan who works in the office where i work , does nt like me very well andwell one day we had disagreement,in front of of her feamle boss sh put me across her kne e pulled down my pants and under pants and gave me six of the best. It was so embarressed.When i complained to her boss she just ai arragh sure it will do you no harm and was laughing to her self. Is nt that aform of bulling what siobhan done to me.Ever sice im scared of her and do exactly what she says, all she has to do is point to palm of her hand and i panic

Tobias ButtoneAug 19 2010 2:27am
I think what that girl done to you was horrible and so embarresing for otu especially in front of your boss. What kind of boss is she to allow that to happen and then laughy to herself when you complain. Cant understan that at all. Just not acceptable and why are you afraid of Siobhan.Why cant you stand up for yoZurself,they are making little of you,can you not see that?

JaneAug 26 2010 4:31am
I am Indian boy & in search of woman who can lift & carry me.If any Indian woman reading this please contact me on m 5.8" and 75 Kg.

AmolSep 18 2010 9:22am
send woman lifting man stories to my id.

AnonymousSep 24 2010 7:50am
Im a very small person(male) but my sisters best friend Stella can lift me over her head no problem. I just adore Stella she is great with me, she has been all over the world as an air hostess, she also does bodybuilding and if and when she decides i can play with her strong arms,thats Stella my bodybuilder as i call her

johnOct 07 2010 10:23am
you lucky thing john

bernieOct 07 2010 10:25am
stella also lets me play with her strong big fingers

annonymousOct 09 2010 12:54pm
No one as strong as Stella my hero

AnonymousOct 10 2010 12:37pm
I got married,love marriage after marriage one day we came to home after a party we both are tried,she told that she can't walk,so i carried her but i dint ablt to carry he laughed and carried me,i tried to come out from her hand but i cant able to do that,she carried me like a baby in her hip,i enjoyed tat moment,in bedroom she off my clothes and trown me in bedroom and kiss me like anything i cant escape from her hand

AnandOct 15 2010 4:18am
Now when siobhan clicks her fingers , babe just hops to it if i know whats good for me

tobiasOct 19 2010 3:19am
i can carry all you women with only my penis

kaliNov 01 2010 3:57am
It was my experience I want to share with all women who don?t fill themselves strong. I was happily married with my Hubby and Daughter. We married around 16 years ago. I never dreamt to lift or carry my Husband. But on 40th birthday party my daughter, then she was 14 years old, wear in sarri lifts me with arms and set on her waist, carried me near the cake to cut, wear in a skirt I easily sit on her lap, cut the cake and distributed to the guest. All were astonished with my daughter?s strength and motherly behavior. But it was preplanned. After the party was over, my husband exclaimed with the matter, he was very much excited and told me that he never thought that a girl or woman can lift like that. Suddenly I thought to take a challenge and lift my husband with my arms; initially he was not ready for such action, after a few second he start co operating with me and scissored his legs around my waist. He was wondered and starts laughing. I stretched my legs and place his body over my hand parallel to the ground. Leaning over him I start kissing on his face. Initially the action I made just to show my strength, later I start fondling with him. Then I raised his body and place it on my front and set him on my waist. He then wrapped his hand on my neck place his head over my shoulder and told me that I am a strong woman. I carried him to the balcony and returned to the bed room. That was our first experience. After that day we enjoyed a lot, but not publicly. Now when we are in good mood, I simply stretch my hand towards him to show that I am willing to carry him. When I carry him he behaves like a little baby and calls me ?mom?.

MANULANov 20 2010 1:49am
With continuation to my previous posting I want to share another day, returning home from office my husband was restless, when I asked me he told nothing. At night after dinner and my daughter went to her room and I lift my husband with arms to cradle, but he was so casual that I was not getting any charm on that. So scooped and took him to our room with a kiss to his forehead asked ?anything wrong??, but he keeps himself mum. We both then went to bed and myself fall asleep. At midnight I awake up and observed my husband sitting on the balcony. I went there and asked again. He explained some office problem to me. I understood his mental instability and my motherly approach increases. So sit on her lap and tried to convince him. But he was still casual. So I took a chance to improve the situation and cradled him on my arms and sit on the chair to rock him. He put his head between my two boobs and start rubbing as if he wants something, it was my feeling that a little baby is on my lap. On the position he started crying. My feeling was my little baby crying for hunger. So I opened the button of my top, and without delay he starts sucking! After about 15 minutes he falls asleep. I carried him to the bed and lay him with my arms

MANULANov 21 2010 5:04am
Manula i would love to be your weak baby,sit o your knee an play with your powerful arms, can it be arranged?

TobiasNov 22 2010 4:34am
Very Sorry, Tobias, It is between me and my husband, no third person allowed. I can understand your feelings, because to be carried for adult is very thrilling and lucrative. Even I myself like to sit on my daughter's lap or carried by her. she do it publicly in presence of our family members or friends. They do enjoy this and laugh, she also carry her aunts, elder cousin sisters, but never to any boy or men. so....... thanks for the request but sorry. find a strong girlfriend or ask your wife to do and enjoy. goodluck

MANULANov 26 2010 1:14am
I have read all your conversation that some of you want to be carried by women. My experience is that a girl can carry a man easily like a baby. I can carry my husband on side hip, with one arm, and on that position I can open door, carry small objects like laptop, small boxes with other hand. We very much enjoy this, but not publicly, even not near our children or family members. One day it was a Sunday, my children were out of home and my maidservant was absent I was doing some kitchen job, just before I should start washing the utensils on the sink, my sweet old baby (7 yrs elder, 5 kg heavier and 3 inch taller to me) jumped on my back. I piggy backed him, and make a round for two or three minutes. I told him to get down, but he answered nothing and places his head on my shoulder. I have to do lot of works, but he was suspended on my back. Then I took a bed cover and tide him with that on my back, like the tribal women do. I experienced on that because I used to do that with my children when they were baby. I wash the entire utensil. It was around 20minutes. My baby child was simply hanged on my back with his head on my shoulder. But at night I faced a little backache. To carry your partner is a very useful before foreplay. My husband also carries me. But being heavier than me he can?t carry like me I can carry more easily. Believe it or not women are mother by borne, to her own child, parents and obviously her hubby. They can do anything they like. I have done all things to my husband, , normally a mother do for her son other than gave birth. I have observed some motherly attitude to my daughter also. Frankly speaking I have three children, two of them (15 yo Son and 11 yo daughter) from my own womb. And the most cute baby ( 48 yo) from my Mom in laws.

AngelaNov 26 2010 2:47am

TobiasNov 29 2010 4:35am
My sister Bernie is a tall beautiful blonde and im the opposite im only 80 cms and she can lift me like a baby and when her boyfriend Charlie calls over she puts me into my cot which is specially made because i need sides on it an she wont take me up till morning

SylNov 29 2010 9:44am
Charlie aways tunts me about being treaed tha way he says cot is safest place for babes and also he says he would nt like to have to sapnk my botty if i was naughty, so i hop to it when Charlie says time for cotsy

SylNov 29 2010 9:46am
Tobias, I feel that you are lap hunger, don,t you. (me too). I like to carry them who are older to me. I like carried by Junior. I found a family where we can observe it. it is so pity that you have not got it. I like it when my daughter carries me. Sometimes we play a game, with a music we start dancing carrying each other and count the time. It is obvious I must win. But I lost intentionally, to increase her interest. But my 14 yo daughter can easily carry me on her waist to up stair. Once, my mom visited our place. Off to school my daughter lifts me up to have a kiss on her forehead, looking that my mom?s eyes like become a tennis ball. And was asked me about her strength!!!! On return home I described my mom?s act to my daughter. She laughed on the matter and lifted her like a doll. She was so scared like anything and call me to save. Then I took her in my arm from my daughter?s and carried away. She was feeling a little safer on my arms. After a few times she was accustomed on my daughter?s lap. Sitting on a couch my daughter cradles my mom or me like a baby and we enjoy that. But behind the curtain (bed room) I am the carrier and my sweet old babe sleeps on my knee. So dear Tobias, It will be great pleasure for me if I could fondle you on my cradles and you play, suck with my double hemisphere. First let you sleep on my lap, I am sitting on a sofa. Then I cradle you with my arms and kissed on your forehead, you start giggling. I fondle your full body with my arms, with you on my arms then I will move to the balcony. Oh the door is closed. How to open? I put you on my left hip, and holding you with my left arm, I can open the door. Oh! So, beautiful breeze on the balcony. You are sleepy. Let you place your head on my shoulder. Oh it going to be midnight!! Come on baby to the bed room. I stretched my legs straight, placing a pillow on my toe you are sleeping on my legs, I am jerking a little, and you fall asleep. Lifting you with my arms I place you over me, my belly is the bed and boooobs are pillow. This is not a fantasy, dear. I observed this with my big babe. But how come, possible with you

MANULANov 30 2010 10:56am
Manula i would just squirm with excitment just at hte idea of being taken up in your arms and cradeld like a babe,while i play with your strong arms and you tease me about my baby strenght

TobiasDec 01 2010 7:44am
Angela, Thanks for your posting. Yesterday my sweet hubby saw your posting. and he start nagging to lift him like yours. I took him on my back and tied with a cloth. after a while I feel his erection. so I front carry him, and tied with a cloth. but in a standing position foreplay is very difficult, so pressed him against the wall and.........

MANULADec 01 2010 10:50am
Manula, all bogus, embarrassing me.

dickDec 01 2010 10:51am
Dick, my sweety, all bogus! let have a wrestling to night

MANULADec 01 2010 10:54am
If all bogus then why are sitting on my lap now?

MANULADec 01 2010 10:56am
No. That's separate thing. don't explain so elaborately, make it private

dickDec 01 2010 10:58am
Ok dick. I am sorry

MANULADec 01 2010 10:59am
Tobias, my li'l babe, i am praying to God, so that you may get a strong woman as your partner. with luv. Good night

MANULADec 01 2010 11:02am
Please read amazed Asians poll.

Aunties LifterDec 02 2010 2:23am
Syl, some more experience please. Is your sis junior or elder

AnonymousDec 03 2010 3:16am
Hi Angela.. Wht is your age? How often do you piggyback your husband? Can you explain how do you normally give a piggyback ride to your hubby? I love piggyback rides and would like to know how to get on a girl's back..

AnonymousDec 03 2010 10:22am
The previous post was by me. Pls reply Angela.

piggyback riderDec 03 2010 10:22am
My stepmom has been carrying my dad around since they got married a few years back. He's 53 stands about 5'4" & weighs about 125 lbs. She's 26 & stands around 5'11" & I'm guessing she weighs around 215 to 220 range. I read in several of the previous posts that a bigger & stronger woman loves to dominate & mother her husband. I can tell from what I've observed she does this quite well even though he's old enough to be her dad. She says do something....he does it. She tells everyone that she has 3 children. Two that are 2 & 5 that are her & dad's plus one that's 53. Her sister & mom told me that she's spanked his rear a few times for coming home intoxicated. Nevertheless she adores him & he adores her. It's unusual to say the least.....but to each is own.

bobbyboyDec 03 2010 12:56pm
piggyback rider, Hi Dear, you can calculate my age, it is there on the post. Normally I don't like piggyback. I like side carry. because it helps us to share our feelings. hugging with one arm I can do some other jobs on that position, like carry dishes, or rub his body, play with his arm etc. Once, he was working on his lap top after dinner, I impatiently ask him to go bed, but...... Then I put the lap top in the bag, lift him from the couch placed him on my on my left hip, wrapping him with my left hand, took the laptop with right hand carried him to the bed room. We normally do the lap carry activity at night after our kids went to bed. It helps us better foreplay. normally I like watching TV after dinner, then he lies on my lap, I cradle him. but the best position is hip carry. Find one Strong girl, younger to you, make friendship and request to lift you, if he can fulfill your requirement, then fulfill your dream by marrying her. Good luck, with luv.

AngelaDec 03 2010 10:20pm
Thank you angela... calculated your age too.. anybody who likes piggyback ride and has stories lifted by females, pls post...

piggyback riderDec 04 2010 5:27am
Angela i would love to be carried on your hip and brought to beddy by byes jus adore strong women,alo sit on your hip and paly with your strong arms

TobiasDec 06 2010 2:06am
My dear Tobias Buttone, It may possible, my babbe, before you asleep, you think about me deeply. and fall asleep, at mid night you will find yourself on my lap, my left hand bellow your shoulder, your hip over my pussy, your feet over my knee. my other hand holding my left boob me feeding you. you are suckling like a small kid, I will carry you to the balcony. the moon is on the sky, I will show you the same, you will hide your face between my two boobs. scooping you up I will through u on the air, you will start laughing and giggling, poke my boobs with your nose. I shall feel you are hungry, my lil. kid, I shall insert my teets on your mouth, you will suck and i shall sing a songs, for gods sac u wll fail asleep, but I will kiss on your forehead, and lay you on the bed, on the morning you will find yourself on the bed with wet diaper and thumb inside your mouth,. Condition only that no erection or foreplay, because I am the mother, Sweet dream my honey good night

angelaDec 06 2010 11:26am
my girl is a mere 100 pounds soaking wet, i weight around 180. she is 19 and smoking hot and in highschool she was a very good pole vaulter and went to state several times. i am in awe and pure euphoria when she demonstrates her strength for such a young girl. i was always fascinated with it even when i was younger and i think she knows i am by now. i dont always ask for a lift, but i never turn one down.

t to the l to the cDec 06 2010 8:03pm
This is an awesome story of female strength. I am 6'3", 245 lbs, and played college football so it is very hard for me to find very strong women at all. Well I met a lady on the internet and it led to a relationship. She was 6'1", 265 lbs, former athlete and in her late 30's. I found out she really downplayed her power and strength. She was always made fun of as a girl because of her height and strength. We would go out and I would play around with her but she would still be very self restrained and I had no idea how strong or powerful she was because she never would talk about it. One day she had on heels and then she became 6'4" and i was in heaven. I backed her against the wall and started kissing her and kissing her very passionately. We started to undress and as all I clothes were gone I said it is about time to show me what you got. Before I knew what had happened she had me over her shoulder and off to the bedroom. She made it look like I was just a sack of potato's. I asked her if it was as easy as it looked and she said much easier. She loved turning loose after that experience. After that we would wrestle and she was the most powerful woman I have ever met and it was a huge turn-on. How can a woman be stronger than me? She eventually loved showing off her strength and knew I liked it as well. She has some problems with an ex so it ended but I guess that was my once in a lifetime experience with pure female strength and power. Simply awesome.

toddDec 08 2010 10:21am
Manula Stella lets me play with her strong fingers as well

Tobias buttoneDec 13 2010 2:05am
Hi, Tobias buttone a lots of Hug and kiss for you. why you want to play with my fingers, rather I shall be very much happy if you play with my boobs, (obviously when you had your stomach after suckling that. it is not possible to play with my finger, as one arm would be under your body ( to scoop you), and the other will be engaged to change your diaper. Don,t cry baby, if my daughter can help me to change the diaper than you can play.

ManulaDec 15 2010 10:47am
You mean you and your daughter would change my nappy. I just like playinh with strong girls strong fingers,like a baby playing with ladies fingers. What would your daughter be saying to babe when changing his nappy

TobiasDec 15 2010 11:46am
The opposite, younger man carrying older women

meDec 17 2010 9:05am
The opposite, younger man carrying older women

meDec 17 2010 9:06am
Manula i would love you and your daughter to cradle me in your powerful arms and both of you tease me about my baby strenght while you change my nappy. Big weights only for strong men and strong ladies like you Manula and maybe your daughter not for weak babies like me

Tobias ButtoneJan 04 2011 12:03pm
It?s me and my wife Natsa, we met in our college reunion, studying with my sis, 5 yrs jnr to me. I was started my job then. Since I myself was very much demoralized then due my short height and skinny figure. After meeting her my agony increased three times, because of her nearly 7 ft height and guessed her wt not less then 120 kg. wher me only 4?11? with 52 kg wt. My sister observed it and me what?s the matter, I explained my complex. Then she told the same to Natsa and after that Natsa met me and explained her complex about abnormal figure, for which she teased by her friends. The same thing happened to me. We bonded together and got married. Dear friends, you believe it or not, we are very much happy couple now, and the main criteria that I am writing in this forum is that maximum time, I being carried by her. She carry me just like a baby. We both enjoy the lift carry, In the morning she took me on her lap directly from the bed and led me to the toilet. After giving a bath wrapping with a towel, I being carried to the dressing room, and dressed up by her, on the dining table she put me on her one thigh and fed me. She can easily carry me on her hip with one arm. I can fit easily on her lap, when she sits on the coach. After foreplay, sometimes I sleep on her lap. She act as if I am her lil kid (I call her as my second mom) . my most charming time is after dinner, when she carry me the verandah and sing a song, I just put my head on her shoulder she loiter on the verandah like a mother used to do with her baby. Sometimes she made sling to hang me on that. No I never wear nappy but I nursed by her (dry obviously)). I am proud now, because of my tiny figure

jamesJan 06 2011 10:48am
I got a nieghbor girl who is like 3 inches shorter than me and only 11 . She can piggyback me easily . I am 138 lbs

PonyguyJan 07 2011 8:25am
Ponyguy, how old are you, other than you whom she carry? please share in details

AnonymousJan 08 2011 10:48am
can any girls lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 186 cm tall and i weigh 56 kg...

tallbutslimJan 12 2011 3:37am
Angela i would love to be cradled in your powerful strong arms. love to be your weak babe

Tobias ButtoneJan 12 2011 1:58pm
Dear, Tobias Buttone, What about Siobhan, why you are not make friendship wth her? or your lady boss? with your previous post, it seems that they are strong lady. If possible it'll be my great pleasure to carry you. With your posting it seems you are an L&C hunger. and one thing I want to share that my boob is very firm and big, which my husband use as pillow, when I cradle him.

AngelaJan 13 2011 3:20am
Hi angelina i am 19 years 170cm 59kg egyption and my only hope in life is to be lifted like ababy by asexy tall woman

Egyption loverJan 13 2011 5:47am
Angela im not that friendly with my lady boss or siobhan that i could ask to be taken up in their strtng arms. Hope you can understand thar But is it possible we could meet Angela and you take me up on your knee and let me play with your powerful arms, can that be arranged Angela

Tobias ButtoneJan 13 2011 12:44pm
Yes it can be and in i can understand this

Egyptian loverJan 14 2011 10:05am
Angela where can we meet

Tobias ButtoneJan 14 2011 2:09pm
hiii angela.. can u lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 186 cm and i weigh 56 kg...

tallbutslimJan 16 2011 5:07am
Angel i was talking to Sobhan Friday evaning and i was so much wanting to ask could she take me up in her strong arms but could nt bring myself to do it.

Tobias ButtoneJan 16 2011 10:01am
Hi angela i am egyptian lover u remmember me i am extremly sorry to ask such a foollish question and i think i will not be lifted by awoman ever ever never at the end i am so sorry and i hope to have a long happy life and still astrong woman to full fill your husband life

Egyption loverJan 16 2011 3:19pm
Hi angela i am egyptian lover u remmember me i am extremly sorry for asking such a foollish question and i think i will not be lifted by awoman in my life ever ever never at the end i am so sorry again and i am hopping u a long happy life and still astrong woman to full fill your husband life

Egyption loverJan 16 2011 3:22pm
Hi angela i am egyptian lover u remmember me i am extremly sorry for asking such a foollish question and i think i will not be lifted by awoman in my life ever ever never at the end i am so sorry again and i am hopping u a long happy life and still astrong woman to full fill your husband life good bye

Egyption loverJan 16 2011 3:22pm
It is called a giantess complex in Psychology but Manjula & all Indians on this board pl. remember the beautiful Mother -Son relationship embodied by Baby Gopala - Mother Yashodha ---your lift & carry stories carries the sweet divine flavour of such Mother-Son relationship as opposed to Father -Daughter relationship where the female is swept off her feet & carried over the threshold by her Captain , Commander & Husband as she swoons in girlish delight !!!! to each his own fulfilment both ways are sublime & acceptable ---more power to you folks !!!

Ashesh GhoseJan 18 2011 10:32am
Dear Egyption lover, we are friends in this forum, no sorry, excuse me etc, come between friends. since all women can't lift their partner, also same with the men, Even I have seen a little kid can lift a matured person, that depends on strength, OK, with a deep hug and luv

AngelaJan 19 2011 5:05am
Dear Egyption lover, we are friends in this forum, no sorry, excuse me etc, come between friends. since all women can't lift their partner, also same with the men, Even I have seen a little kid can lift a matured person, that depends on strength, OK, with a deep hug and luv

AngelaJan 19 2011 5:06am
hiii angela.. js asking can u lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 186 cm and i weigh 56 kg...

tallbutslimJan 21 2011 3:37am
I have had many women give me shoulderrides and I am no lightweight. What a turn-on! I am 188lbs and 5'11". Anyone else ever get a shoulderride from your woman!

WomanriderJan 28 2011 8:32pm
have never had a woman lift and carry me...but I have a woman that has the most incredible dancers legs...when she gets me in a scisor hold I feel totaly helpless as a baby...but at the same time I am so excited!!!..I often think about her lifting me on her shoulder and carrying me to the hands on her hips watching her round firm but and those muscular sexi legs.....

skipFeb 01 2011 4:38am
I love it when my wife lifts me

AnonymousFeb 07 2011 9:18am
Last year I had a work injury and had to go to phsyical therapy for my back. The therapist suggested I go to a gym after I got back to work. My wife said that was a good idea and she would go with me. We were both a little out of shape,but since the injury she had been lifting more of the heavy items in the house. We started and she insisted that I lift light weight and she lifted a little heavier. It was OK since my back was still weak. After a couple of months we started to lose weight and tone up. She was still lifting a little heavier than me but didn't make a big deal out of it. after a shower one day she was brushing her hair and I noticed that her arm had definition and a nice bicep had formed, I said honey looks like you are getting a muscle!!!! She laughed a said I guess so and flexed. I laughed and left it alone, but thought wow I not sure I want to armwrestle her! About a week later after our workout she asked do my muscles bother you. I said no I like them. Would you be mad if I was stronger than you? She asked. I said I think you are stronger than me and no it doesn't bother me. She said good I was worried and hugged me. I kissed her and said in fact I find it sexy and gave her arm a squeeze. She laughed and made a muscle for me and hugged me again lifting me for a second. Wow I said I guess you are strong. She is about a inch taller than me and weighs a little more. That night we were watching TV and she asked how my back was feeling these days. I said better not 100% but not too bad. Want to have a little fun she asked I said sure wahat did you have in mind. How about a little wrestling match? Sure. Lets go to the garage. She laid down an old mat we had, stripped down to bra and panties and I to my underwear. We had a mirror in there and I must admit she looked a lot stronger than me. We began and it didn't take too long for her to over power me. She pinned me and said you didn't even try. I repied oh yes I did you are just a lot stronger! We wrestled a little more and agin she pretty much did what she wanted to me. I kissed her arm and said i give. This really turned her on and we ended up making love right there! It was incredible with her atrength and my excitement. When we recovered she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me. I said help me up. She did, now bend over and throw me over your shoulders. Easily she lifted me across her shoulders and took me to the mirror. I watched as she carried me out of the room and through the house lightly spanking me. After we got to the bedroom she introduced me to a new way of lovemaking which involved my total submission to her. She now lifts and carries me frequently and I am no match for her in strength and yes her biceps are huge now.

AnonymousFeb 07 2011 10:10am
@ Angela With my 200 pounds, i don't think u could carry me, but would enjoy an answer of u

big manFeb 09 2011 5:17am
If any woman in this forum thinkd she could lift or carry me easily, send me an answer, I would enjoy a french answer, would be more easy for me to read. But i can read english also

big manFeb 09 2011 5:25am
i would like to experience a woman lifting me above her head i live in kuwait if u can contact me email: skater, :)

AnonymousFeb 18 2011 2:25pm
Hi, I am Raj, 23 yrs of age, 169 cms of height and 54 kgs. of weight. I love to being lifted and carried by my girlfriend in her arms. But it has not happened yet bcoz i don't have a girl friend like this. If any girl like it please reply me on

RajMar 07 2011 2:46am
Hi, I am Raj, 23 yrs of age, 169 cms of height and 54 kgs. of weight. I love to being lifted and carried by my girlfriend in her arms. But it has not happened yet bcoz i don't have a girl friend like this. If any girl like it please reply me on

RajMar 07 2011 2:47am
Hi, I am Raj, 23 yrs of age, 169 cms of ht & 53 kgs of wt. I love to be lifted and carried by the girls who are younger to me nearly in between 12 to 20 yrs of age. I desperately need an indian girl like this who will love me, kiss me, lift me & carry me throughout my life. Please reply on

Raj SekharMar 08 2011 9:03pm
Hey Angela, do you have a facebook a/c or anywebsite of yours shhwing your strength? pls let us know

AnonymousMar 09 2011 3:09pm
all guys n girls who have pics of lifting pleases send it to

AnonymousMar 09 2011 3:24pm
I'm 20 yr old. I hv a good lookng girlfrd. She is 18. we are also neighbrs. I love the idea of women liftng & carying men. I usd to watch such vdeos in utube when i'm alone in the home. One day my gf came home during i was watchng a strng girl carying a man. She saw the vdeo. I was very embarased said nothing. She asked me whethr i liked to b carried by a girl like that. I said that i would love it but dnt think that i can fulfil my wish as i'm about 68 kg and she's only abt 59. She is 2 cm shortr than me. She smiled and went back and lockd the door. She told that she think she can carry me. I loughd and said to hav a try. To my surprise she leaned and grabed me below my buttuck and front liftd me easily. It was a very erotic fealing. She told me that she also likes to carry a man from her childhood and she's happy to get a bf who likes to be carried by the partnr. I told her i'm excitd to see her strength. Then she liftd me in many ways. The most erotic momdnt was that, we wer kissing in a standing position, she lifted me and stil kept on kissing for nearly 2 minutes as she carried me, till i ijaculated...awesme.

AjithMar 10 2011 9:39am
i m 5'6" and 52kg wt i want big girl to carry me

ankiMar 11 2011 3:23am
any girl is there to carry me... my id -

zatak aliMar 13 2011 7:05am
I'm girl who often lift and carry may boy friend

ChristinaMar 16 2011 5:28pm
what is the heigth & weight of u both christina. i'm near 85 kg, around 185 pounds, do u think u could lift & carry a guy like me. And the question, would u do it.

JamesMar 18 2011 2:55am
i am chanllenging any girl can lift me id is

AnonymousMar 28 2011 12:43pm
My wife is 5' and 42 kg and i m 5'11" and 73 kg, still she can lift me, like piggyback, lapsitting, hipcarry, shoulderride...

AnonymousApr 13 2011 1:22pm
can any girl lift and carry me away? in what ways? i am 22 male 186 cm tall and i weigh 52-56 kg/115-123 lbs...

tallbutslimApr 23 2011 5:13am
if there is any woman or girl interested in a little man write! my email is !!!!! I am tall 5.6 and weight 122 pounds.

AnonymousApr 24 2011 3:51pm
This holi i was lifted and carried for some distance by my sister in law, i got erected and felt embarassed

saileshMay 03 2011 11:05am
im 15 and are attracted to woman who carry me around i firt experianced tis erlier thi year. i was baby sitting a friend i have known since i was 6 she is 2 years younger and ha been taller sine i was 9 (she was 7). when i went to "look after" her one evening (about a month ago) her dogs toy wa stuck in a tree i told herto sit on my shoulders to reach it i couldnt lift it. she told me to sit on her shoulders i protested. anyway eventully i did and she lifted me with ease I WAS SHOCKED I WAS 15 she was 1 month befor 13. when it was time for her bed she said ok i will make a deal if i out llift you i can stay up and have the money ( meaning the money i got for babysiting her) if not i go to bed without protest. i laughed and accepted NOT A GOOD IDEA. she could lift me in every way including over her head. i could only front carry and piggy back ( I COULDNT BELIVE A GIRL " and a half years younger WAS STRINGER THAN ME ) i said ha i was only joking and the deal was off she argued and eventuly said ok if you sit on my shoulders i will go to bed her parents ( would be home in half an hour) so i accepted HUGE MISTAKE as soon as she stood up and i couldnt get down unless she allowed me she said deals off. she waqlked around and then stood there for the 30 mins she was 2 years younger and A LOT STRONGER i was erect and VERY EMBARRESSED (i couldnt get down without hurting my self) when her parents car pulled up he THREW me on the sofa and ran upstairs i was so embrased no ever time i dont do what she sas in public she grabbs my groin and my wrist and picks me over her shoulders IN PUBLIC i still get erect and embaressed its horrible she knows what she is doing she also boasts she has finished puberty and i havent ( YEAH SHE IS NO 13 AND FINISHED PUBERTY ... I STARTED AT 13)

carried and embaressedMay 12 2011 7:05am
One week ago, i was lifted naked by a sex worker in front lift, i cummed on her

avinashMay 17 2011 11:24pm
Ihad to take a taxi to my apartment from the Doctors office, and I was heaveily sudated in semi-recoverery. The nurse said all I really needed was good nights sleep. They helpped me to the taxi. I was still feeling a little lite headed by the time we got to my apartment. I knew that would probably need a little to get up to my apaartment. I was taken back unpon arriving to discover that the driver was an African American College girl. I wasn't sure what to do, but she offered to help me to my apartment abd so I accepted her offer. She put her arm around my shoulder to steady me. It was a couple hundred feet to the building. There was a point when I knew I wasn't going to make without help. It was at that point, that she asked for my keys, which I gave her. The next thing I knew, she carrying up the stairs abd over the landing to my door. Somehow while still holding me in her arms, she unlocked the and carried me in and to the bedroom.

RichardMay 29 2011 6:27pm
had a West Indian nurse when I was at hospital after a traffic accident. Normally there were two nurses lifting me from bed to wheel chair and when I had a shower but this woman, around 40 easily carried me alone. It felt great being carried in her strong arms against her big breasts I have to admit. Never thought about being carried by women before that. Despite the age difference, 10 years, I have asked this nurse out after I left hospital and she agreed. On every date we have had she has lifted me in different ways. She says it suits her maternal personality to be the lifter. I am in loved

LeeMay 30 2011 1:45pm
I had an uplifting experience few years ago when i met a girl who was working with my wife. With my 5f6 and my 135 pounds, we were same height and weight. My wife told me that her friend could lift any guy at her job. I made a bet with the girl she couldn't lift me. We became friends and one day at my home, the girl told me she was ready to take the bet. It begins in my room when she bent down and lifted me across her shoulders like a puppet. Se carried me away in the appartment, made some squats and then return in my room. Before she putted me down, my c*ck was very hard and i was nearly to cum in my pants. She looked at me knowing that. Now i'm near 200 pounds, and i can take a bet with any girl here that i'm too heavy to be carried like that. If any woman here think she could lift and carry me, please make a post. I live

jamesJul 11 2011 4:38am
I live in montreal canada

jamesJul 11 2011 4:40am
i want to be lifted by n wrestle any indian girl or lady m a 18 year old guy..6 ft n 68 kgs can any girl lift me n beat me in wrestling...with due respect i dont think so plz reply n let me know if anyones intrested

dAug 22 2011 12:29pm
i want to be lifted by n wrestle any indian girl or lady m a 18 year old guy..6 ft n 68 kgs can any girl lift me n beat me in wrestling...with due respect i dont think so plz reply n let me know if anyones intrested and in pune indore or arnd in india

dAug 22 2011 12:34pm
Ihave session with this European female bodybulder. She takes me up on her knee lets me play with her strenght and calls me her baby

AlphonsiusAug 22 2011 1:01pm

AnonymousSep 12 2011 8:33pm
Even though my wife weighs half what I do, she can lift me. She's 5'3", 105 lbs, I'm 5'10", 210 lbs. She can piggyback me a long time and cradle me for a few seconds.

AnonymousSep 14 2011 9:08pm
My wife, who is 5-11 and weighs 200 pounds compared to my 5-9 and 150, once lifted me up just by accident when we were kissing each other. I told her I liked it and she has been lifting me up and kissing me for quite sometime, particularly when I come home from work and she greets me.

RonOct 06 2011 3:22am
i would like to share my experience about lift and carry other gender. one day me and my wife and my friend and his wife were just met to my home for dinner. we were watching a wrestling on tv where we found that two girls beating up two boys in a tag team match. so both of the girls start laughing. my wife said "look at the men,they can't defeat women in real". so there was an arguement. my friend said "no u'r wrong women are made to do something in kitchen,they are made to do make up". so we decided a tag team match between 2 girls and 2 boys on weekend. we gave "BATTLE OF SEXES" to that match. so on weekend we met in my home's basement. we arranged a ring there. my servant was the refree for that match. both girls wore a mini skirt and blouse in. both were looking so hot and sexy.first my friend(nix) and his wife(petric) start fighting.that was almost one sided he was easily handling her. once she just kick him in his leg but after that he lifted her and said "you really wanna fight with us??" and throw her to the mat. she was trying badly to tag her partner but he was not in mood. he again lifted her from front. but she than slaps on his face so he made her free from his grip.but on the next min that was really an incredable scene she just lifted him on her shoulder my wife was clapping. petric said "its so high or what honey,look u'r on a girl's shoulder,u like to be beaten by a girl honey?" she walked with him to the center of the ring throw him badly to the mat. he was shouting and trying to tag me.finally he passed a tag to me. as i entered in the ring she gimme a kick to my face and i was blank for 2-3 secs after some kicks and slaps i tried to lift her but omg she was tough to me she lifted me easily on her one shoulder and walked to my wife and tag her when she entered she passed me to her craddle than she throw me. i was tired almost.nix was trying to cheat he entered to the ring but his wife also comes in and after some fight they both lifted us on their shoulder my wife lifted nix and patric lifted me on her shoulder. after some comments they throw us together and than pinned me out.when my wife lifted nix in bearhug position he farted at that time that moment was so funny. that was really an emberessing match where two sexy girls beat us up altough we got muscles but they lifted us easily.two girls won the battle of sexes.

big matchOct 08 2011 12:24pm
MY name is Mike that was fantastic. iwas married to a woman that was much stronger than I. Got divorced, looking for another to hookup with contact me. I live on long island or call me at 727-457-6418.

Mike GOct 30 2011 9:07am
Strong women are the best

AnonymousNov 08 2011 11:11am
I was recently very ill and went from about 165 lbs. to about 135 lbs. I had been ill for about six months and during that time I found out that my wife was stronger than me. I was unable to do much of anything and she had to take care of the yardwork and much of the housework around the house. She didn't mind and she understood that for awhile I wasn't able to help much. She weighs about 170 and although she didn't work out she was fairly strong. She would help me up the stairs and would lean on her as we went up. She had remarked that she needed to gain some strength as she didn't know how long I would be not able to do things like move furniture or lift heavy items. I suggested she get a workout video. She did and also brought home a set of dumbells to help. For a few months she worked out and went from 3 lbs on the dumbells to 15 lbs. I noticed she was starting to get a little definition in her arms and told her that it was looking nice. When she flexed you could tell she had a muscle!! She teased that she was going to become an amazon, I laughed and said it did't bother me. I was being helped up the stairs and I could feel how much stronger she had become. My arms around her broad shoulders it felt good. One night we were watching TV in the living room and I nodded out on the couch. She woke me after the show was over and asked if I was ready for bed. I said yes and she pulled me from the couch and instead of putting my arm around her shoulder she put them under my legs and lifted me in a cradle carry!! I smiled and she said you are so light! I kissed her neck as she carried me up the stairs. The next morning she asked if had bothered me to be picked up and carried. I said no it's probably easier for you to do that instead of me leaning on your shoulder and you dragging me. I remarked how strong she was and I really like it. She walked over and gave me a hug and lifted me. She said she was getting even stronger and she flexed in the mirror and she looked great. Her biceps were firm. She gave me a piggyback later in the day and she could tell it turned me on but didn't say anything. That night we were ready to go upstairs and she asked if I needed a ride I laughed and said OK. I got ready for another cradle but this time she bent down and put her arm between my legs and I fell over her shoulders in a firemans carry. I said Wow I didn't realise you could do this! Oh yes and you are so light now I could carry you like this for awhile! She carried me upstairs with no problem. I said I love this. She said I will carry you back downstairs and back up if you want. I could only mumble that would be nice. We went to bed and it was a fantastic night. I have recovered and she is still lifting me and carrying me. I love being hoisted across her shoulders and carried to bed!

johhnyNov 08 2011 11:47am
Mikey nothing fake about it!!

johnnyNov 30 2011 5:17am
I am married to a big man, bigger, heavier and stronger than me. He is a nice man that never been violent. I have a secret that I will share with you here since I am pretty sure that my husband wouldn't check these polls out. I have a fantasy of role reversals, that is situations where I am the big and strong and my husband is smaller, lighter and weaker than me. Since my husband is 6'5 and 260 lbs and I am 5'11 and 175 lbs it is difficult. So what is the secret? I had a day off from work that I spent in the common place where you do the laundry in our house. We live in an apartment. When I came down in the morning to put my laundry in the machine this 20 year something young man was using the machines, on my time! He was very attractive and cute, about 5'9 and very slim. I talked to him sternly that he had taken the machines from me and I was upset. He looked at me and actually looked scared. Compared to this youngster I am big and I suddenly felt excited. I had a man, 20 years younger, smaller in front of me. I walked very close to him and he shrank in front of me, intimidated. I asked him what we should do now when he had delayed my day. He said he would do anything to help me. I told him that he could clean my apartment while we waited for the machines to get ready. He stammered a yeas. When we came up to the apartment I gave him the vaccum cleaner and he started to clean. I changed clothes from training trousers to a rather short sleeveless dress. The young man looked even more intimidated now seeing my full figured, quite powerful body (compared to his I was a lot bigger). I suddenly just let everyting loose. I turned of the cleaner, I took hold of this guy and lifted him up in my arms. He started to protest and struggle being very embarrassed. I carried him into our guest room where I laid him down, took off his clothes and then pinned him. I told him that if he ever told anybody about what was about to happen I would kill him. He really looked scared and I was in another world, full of excitement and adrenaline. I made love to the guy and it was the most thrilling thing I had ever done before. We showered and took care of the laundry and then I went back to my apartment. I really started to feel guilty, first of all this was the first time I was unfaithful to my husband but also what I had done to the young man. It wasn't rape but pretty close. After this incident I have taken this young man home some more times to have my way with him. He is enjoying it although he is a bit scared of me still and I anjoy the power I have over him. I don't want to leave my husband since I love him very much but I cannot stop taking this man to my lover now and than. And if he is moving away I will probably find another young man to overpower. I am ashamed but cannot control this.

Partly dominantDec 19 2011 7:20am
@partly .dominant where do u live, i'm 5'6" & near 200 pounds. u think u could lift & carry me.

JamesJan 09 2012 1:27pm
y males r going fetish day by day. My gf likes strong broad chest wih little hair,brave hearted,strong arms nd thighs. In majority indian males r weaker.

sher khanJan 16 2012 8:43am
To Partly dominant, what you describe would be considered rape if a man did that to a smaller younger woman. Since this young man was weaker than you and you actually forced him to bed...? I think you should work out like hell, learn how to wrestle and fight and then gete your husband to submit to you, that would be something but leave the young men alone...

CitizenJan 18 2012 6:48am
Hi Partly dominant,i understand the mixture of enjoyment and guilt that you must be having and feeling but,i tell you, you should tell your hobby about this fetish of yours relating to prefer being the domineering one,should he like it,he might allow you to dominate even he being much stronger,but if he doesn?t like it ,this in him should be respected.Amanda?s sister is bigger and stronger than her hubby and once dominated and forced him in bed,after what happened, the next day he sternly warned her that if she repeated it again that he would leave her.She never repeated it and today they are happy together even after 10years.John?s brother tried to do the same to his smaller wife and she almost left him but they are together even after more than 9 years,he never tried it again.Amanda?s distant male cousin who can bench press 160kg never again tried it becos his wife prefers the gentle man ,while his sister that can benchpress 95kg respects her weaker hubby as she knows he doesn?t accept such a situation.Both couples are happy and still together even after years. If your hubby rejects this kind of fetish,this should be respected and you should make the balance of if you still want to stay with him.Do not mention your present victim/lover as he might run the risk of suffering a retaliation if not from your hubby,his friend(s). We know of a couple whose hubby even being much stronger sits on her lap,rides on her back even lies for his bom to receive a spank and always allows her to win the wrestling bouts ,but once in a while dominates her to leave it clear that he is much stronger.But if he rejects such a situation,respect it as his wish and wellbeing should also be respected.And goodluck.

Amanda and John Everton (married couple )Feb 06 2012 10:32pm
My wife started a running program awhile ago and I came to find out how strong she was. She had been running for about 3 months and her legs were toning up and looking good. I had some dumbells in the basement and I brought them up and said why don't you use these after your run. She said I never thought about it but sure! She put 5 lbs on the barbells and said I'll will start out with this. She took them to the basement. After that after her run she would go down to use them for about 20 mins. One afternoon I was downstairs and notice she had now put 15 lbs on the barbells. I did about 5 curls and put them down thinking she was really progressing after a short time. After a run she was downstairs and I had to get a tool from downstairs I went down and she was doing bicep curls pretty easily. I also notice her arms were firm and had definition. I went upstairs thinking how good she looked and at this point stronger than me. She came up stairs and went to change. We hadn't really said anything about her progress and that night I confessed to her that she was looking great and I couldn't resist squeezing her arm. She kissed me and asked if I thought she was now stronger than me. Yes you are and you know I don't mind at all! We made love and she managed to flex a few times and I kissed her arms. After her run a few days later she was downstairs and called to me. I went down and she asked if I wanted to watch her. Sure I said. She had 20lbs on the barbells and her biceps got pumped quickly. She made a double bicep pose in the mirror and I walked over and put my arms around her and said I know who the stronger sex is now! We kissed and I said maybe I should get a weight bench for you. She said I have a better idea! She then lifted me in a cradle carry and said who needs weights as she curled me a few times. Looking in the mirror I was amazed it looked so easy for her. After a minute she put me down. How about some squats she asked. What do you mean I said. She then bent down and to my amazement slowly raised up with me over her broad shoulders fireman carry. I could only moan with pleasure as she squatted me a few times. Over her shoulders she carried me for a while and I told her this was great. She gave me a piggy back and cradle carry. A front lift and kiss that lasted a few minutes ended our session. She asked if I would mind being used instead of weights for her workouts. I said why not that was a lot of fun. Our session last night was memorable because she added shoulder ride and is working on pressing me above her head. She ends our session with me over her shoulder which is my favorite and carried up to bed. She has taken total control with our sex life and I love it.

fredFeb 14 2012 9:30am
Can indian women of 22 or 23 years can lift me 2 or 3 minutes.... My weight is 60 kg and age is 23

RahulMar 15 2012 7:30pm
i can

deepaApr 27 2012 11:57am
i am strong woman.6ft tall and a weight lifter

deepaApr 27 2012 12:01pm
I would love to meet and actually be in a relationship with a woman who in addition to being a great person, would be strong enough and would enjoy lifting and carrying me. Love physically stronger women. I you are a strong women looking for an appreciative guy email me

Chris P really_4@yahoo.comApr 27 2012 5:05pm
I was 6 feet, 200 lbs, my wife is 5'7 and 170 lbs. She is powerfully built and has been working out for a long time, boxercize and weight training. I am over weight and should be weighing at the most as my wife. About a year ago she surprised me one night when she just stooped and dragged me over one of her strong shoulders, she started to walk around with me while slapping my butt, she then let me down but didn't let go of one of my arms, she twisted it so I had to go down on my knees. She pressed me to her legs and took my head in standing scissors and asked me if I thought I had a chance against her. I was really surprised since we hadn't done anything similar ever. When I didn't say anything she just lifted my body up with my head still between her strong thighs. She squeezed hard and I had to give up. She let me down on the floor where she pinned me and undressed me. She said that it was time to show how was in charge. When she had me undressed she lifted my 200 lbs up in a cradle carry and carried me to bed. I was shocked but also very excited about my new wife. After this evening she dominates our sex life completely. I have lost 15 lbs since so it is even easier for my wife to lift me around at her will.

Man from SwedenMay 02 2012 12:08pm
this is madness girls are weak

truthMay 11 2012 10:53am
Deepa you are a weight lifter but yau are a professional lifter thats why you can lift rahul no normal girl can lift rahul.

truthMay 11 2012 10:55am
IF any girl can lift boy. Send me your name at

truthMay 11 2012 11:05am
I've never been lifted by a girl and want to experience this erotic feeling. Could any girl pls carry me in her arms? I want to get lifted by a girl in various lifts. I'm 27 years, 5'7" and weigh 60 kgs.

SaurabhMay 26 2012 12:48pm
I've never been lifted by a girl and want to experience this erotic feeling. Could any girl pls carry me in her arms? I want to get lifted by a girl in various lifts. I'm 27 years, 5'7" and weigh 60 kgs.

SaurabhMay 26 2012 1:16pm
I've never been lifted by a girl and want to experience this erotic feeling. Could any girl pls carry me in her arms? I want to get lifted by a girl in various lifts. I'm 27 years, 5'7" and weigh 60 kgs.

SaurabhMay 26 2012 1:32pm
Are there any girls in sydney, australia who could lift me? I am 82 kg

DaveJun 03 2012 11:08pm
Deepa i am 5"6 tall and 68 kgs my weight can you plese lift me up ?waiting desperately for your reply

AkashJun 03 2012 11:41pm
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 10 2012 5:52pm
Indian girls are strong and heavy

servo900c@gmail.comSep 08 2012 1:16am
I want to know average indian women weight

AnonymousSep 08 2012 1:20am
one night i was on the floor my hubby came crying from office.... i really dint knoe wat to do..... he himself cryimg frm past 1 hr i jus asked him wat happened he started crying more..... i jus pulled him on to my lap n placed him on sofa n got a glass of milk fr him but he did not drink it....i felt more lik a baby..... n then made him sit on my lap.... he was looking my boobs... so opened my button n fed him milk frm my boobs... then he stopped crying ... nw he said he cant wrk anymore... nw he ll b at hme always .... i go fr wrk.... v decided v don want children.... bcoz he s my child nw...... ll never allow him outside .... he s diaprred going out also ill oly take him.... ill always carry him.... nw v r not couples .... he s my sweet baby......

alison tylerOct 04 2012 10:24pm
Does n e one of you guys like to get a shoulder ride by a woman? There is it but it is difficult for a woman to do such a lift..

biggnickOct 09 2012 2:17am
The true test of a woman' strength is if she can carry her guy on her shoulders. shoulder sit style!! She has to have strong legs and shoulders. i have had a few such rides by women and there is nothing more errotic. i am like a sex crazed escaped convict after the shoulder ride and my goal is to bring woman to sexual ecstacy!!!

biggnickOct 09 2012 11:08am
Alison Tyler is a beautiful amazon. Could you also lift me Alison?

Wanna be lifted !!Oct 29 2012 12:27pm
any new update?

rajuOct 31 2012 11:36am
I'm a guy and i'm 17 almost 18 but i stand 4'4" tall barefoot. One time i was in a Walmart and a girl came up to me from behind and said "Hey Lil Boy" i turned around and looked up and said "i'm not a Lil Boy" She said really how old are you? i told her i'm 17 why? She stood straight up and started laughing she then asked how tall i was i told her 4'4" She laughed even harder and said guess what she said i just turned 13 and i stand 6'0 tall she then bent down and picked me up i said put me down she said make me and damn your really lite and said i never picked up a guy 17 that i thought was a lil boy. i yelled put me down she said i will when i want to and this is too much fun so behave she carried me around the store for a half hour then put me down outside and said your tiny i was so mad and embarrassed

2ShortNov 01 2012 7:08am
Please dont judge me by age. Im a girl 16 and like piggyback people. i want to see how heavy i can carry. how do i ask a bigger or older person. my brothers friends are not a challange.

saraNov 24 2012 8:20pm
I was overweight after years of inactivity, only office work. My wife was at the same time working out more and more at a gym getting more and more firm and toned. She one day told me I needed to loose weight and I tried but couldn't. But then I was in an accident, 3 months at the hospital. I lost a lot of weight, first the fat and then the muscles. When I came home my wife helped me the first month. The first evening home I was so tired that I told my wife I liked to sleep on the couch in the living room. She said that she could help me up to our bedroom. She sat down beside me in the sofa, then surprised me lifint me up in her lap and then surprised me even more standing up carrying me liked I weighed nothing. She smiled at me and told me to relax, she wouldn't drop me. She also said that all the hours in the gym now paid off. I actually weighed less then her now and was skinny. I had to buy new clothes etc. The following weeks she carried me to bed the same way. I kind of liked it at even if it felt strange to be carried lika a babt in your wife's arms. After a week I could walk with my wife's support. I had a physical therapist coming to the house three times a week and slowly got better. After a year I could start jogging and I stayed slim. About two years after the night that my wife had carried me to bed we were siting at our couch drinking wine. I felt very tired and jokingly said that I should sleep on the couch that night. My wife just smiled, lifted me up in her lap and then stood up and carried me to bed where we had great sex. She told me she missed carried me, she also told me that feeling strong and being stronger than me had added something to her love for me. After this night she has carried me a lot. We also started to play wrestle and I didn't have a chance against her gym trained powerful body. Same thing with arm wrestling. My wife really enjoys being strong and especially stronger than me. She douesn't humiliate me in public showing off but sometimes she challanges friends and family to arm wrestle her and she quite often wins. After she had won she is extra hot when we go to bed and wrestles me down and "takes" me. I am perfectly ok with this. I like to be slim and I can cope with being weaker than my wife.

RonaldNov 28 2012 1:03am
This website is great. I like it.(

-Jan 02 2013 11:18pm
hey any sexy girl can give me a lift.i m 17 yrs 40 kgs....please reply girls

nikzJan 03 2013 8:24am
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm and weight solo55 kg! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl!

mick73Feb 08 2013 4:49pm
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mick73Feb 10 2013 2:19pm
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lc prosFeb 20 2013 11:59pm
hey lc pros give ur email id first...

ajayFeb 25 2013 8:44am GF Piggybacks me..its really fun..and she carries me in various Ways.

AnonymousMar 08 2013 11:54am
The most sexy thing is when a young girl(15,16) would be strong enough to lift her dad over her head.

gethewilMar 09 2013 2:54am
Last week i was front lifted by my sister in law, i ejaculated in my shorts

rohanMar 14 2013 12:15pm
sara, did u find someone to lift? I am 18 and i would love to be caried by u...

AlexMar 20 2013 5:49am
Hi............. Do one interested in lifting me?

RoshanMar 31 2013 2:14am
I love lifting by ladies

RoshanMar 31 2013 2:15am
Any girl plzz plzz lift me.I m feeling very shy to be lifted by girls. But I really want aliftfrom a girl

sagar Apr 21 2013 2:36am

Raj Sekhar MishraApr 21 2013 9:21pm
I love to be lifted by younger girls. I am 25, 5'6" & 55 Kgs. In evening I go to someone's home where I give tuition to a 12-13 year girl. She is 2" taller than me & also little healthier than me. One day her parents are not in home. In tuition time I had to pick a book from a height which was not reachable for my hand. As she is little high than me she tried but failed. Then I jokingly said to lift her on my soldier. She agreed, but I could not lift as she was so heavy for me. Then she said "Sir, let me to lift you". I said Ok. Then I sat on her soldier and she easily lifted me. I was little surprised as she is half of my age. But after that it is our regular practice. She is lifting carrying me in all ways and feeding me her breast milk when nobody at home. She says I am so light and she loves to carry me and kiss me. It is erotic & embarrassing, but we both enjoy.

Raj Sekhar MishraApr 21 2013 9:56pm
I love being carried piggyback by my girlfriend especially after our team soccer games from the soccer field to the university gym, the distance of which is just over 500 yards. We very regularly take turns carrying each other piggyback alot. She carries me effortlessly as though I were as light as a feather.We often take turns weighing each other in the gym locker room and she is 5'5" tall and a surprisingly rock solid muscular 169 lbs while I tower over her at 6'2" tall and yet weigh only 138 lbs. Whenever I carry her piggyback she feels solidly heavy and muscular especially around her thickly built thighs. We both carry each other about almost the same distance but it takes a noticeably much longer time for me to carry her than it does for her to carry me.

JoshMay 04 2013 12:53am
Hi I to would loved to be carried and lifted by girls. I'am 5'7 and weigh 150 pounds. Please lift me up.

NeilMay 05 2013 8:09am
It was three years ago. I weighed and still do weigh 130 pounds. My friend she weigh around 155-160 pounds and an inch or two taller then me. I just went over to her house to hang out. Then she took me to her room, and we got bored after a while. Then she said she could lift me and I said no way lifting is only for men. She didn't listen and put her arms around me and to my surprise I couldn't escape and get her grip off me and she was just laughing. I was on her lap and she still held a ferm grip on me. Then she cradled me around the room for 3-4 minutes and I actually started to like it. And this girl was a type with nice thick thighs and a huge butt lol. And she seemed in pretty good shape but I didn't think she would carry me with such ease. So everytime we get together the first thing she likes doing is lifting me and we both enjoy it.:)

LoveLiftsMay 12 2013 7:47am
My wife is 5'7" and 80 Kg whereas I am 5'6" and 65 Kg. She can easily pick me and can hold me in one hand.During sex she is on top and I can only move my hand over her broad shoulder, large buttocks and thunder thighs and enjoy her masterly strokes.

AbrahamMay 31 2013 10:54am
I am a Vietnam man with girlfriend in Vietnam, contact me. I would love to be like in the story above. You can contact me by email as Thank you so much!

Man_VietNamJul 24 2013 2:09am
There are girls who are living in Vietnam that can lift carry the man. Please contact me by email

Man_VietNamJul 30 2013 12:56am
my dream was also carried by girl

a ditya Aug 07 2013 12:58pm
Greetings to all Lift'nCarry real-life couples : would you like to also do some Erotic Penile-Vaginal Chastity Chokehold !?!? It leads to indescribable Pleasurable Sensations in Penis & Vagina & indefinitely continuous Pre-Orgasmic Arousal without shooting off or loss or ejaculation of precious semen !!

AG9Aug 09 2013 7:00am
in this Erotic Chastity Penile-Vaginal Chokehold just the Tip of Penis is inserted in the Lip of Vagina : then both partners Inhale Deeply & squeeze the base of their Penis ? Vagina respectively in a strong Muscular choke ----the Erotic Stimulation is Out'ta the World & can be indefinitely maintained kept aroused as long as breath control & Muscular /chokehold is maintained !! They can silently repeat Mystical Mantra "Victory Sir Penis ! Victory Lady Vagina !" ...then Exhale ...Relax musclelock ....Rest ...& Repeat cycle ...indefinitely !!! remember no thrusting ...rubbing ....ejaculating ....!!!

AG9Aug 09 2013 7:07am
Anyone is there in bangalore who can lift, carry and fight with me. My me.shashi12345@rediffmail.comm

shashiAug 26 2013 8:20am

shashiAug 26 2013 8:21am
Any women is there in Bangalore who is ready to lift & fight with me. Mail id:

shashiAug 26 2013 8:25am
Any women is there in bangalore who is ready lift & fight with me. Mail id:

shashiAug 26 2013 8:29am
To all of you who like your woman stronger than you. There will come a time when she will look for a real man to take her in bed. Also when that time comes she may push it to the limit and have you wear woman's lingerie and skirt and dresses. Because women never sure of what they want, but by that time you'll have been hooked. Good luck ladies!

DavidAug 30 2013 2:20pm
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