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What do you Weigh

Question: Women: Be honest, What do you really weigh?
Created by: blondie443 at 10:02:07 PM, Thursday, October 28, 2004 PDT



AnonymousJun 25 2005 2:27am

ahhh I`m 5`5 195 and very athletic all my life. I love the way I am.

LoriOct 30 2005 8:26pm
yea so far most women weigh in between 160 to 180, BUT how much of it is muscle? Women arent just getting fatter, but STRONGER!

LillianFeb 17 2006 5:09pm
Men in the past have used dieting to make Women weak.A big strong fat Woman is in addition to being superior mentally is stronger physically. Thin may be in but fats where its at.

Lou RollsApr 29 2006 1:45pm
My girlfriend is 5'10 and 172 lbs, so at least her weight seems to be pretty average. But and she has only 15 % body fat, which means she still looks female but she is kind of strong. I just love strong girls.

2thin4uNov 12 2006 8:38am
You are all super FAT PIGS and very Unhealthy at that, except for the one who wrote the first comment. Your either a little kid, telling us your weight... or your stuck on STUPID.

Thewayitis 2-10-07Feb 10 2007 10:26am
#0007 - (Sun.) 5/7/07

UpdateMay 06 2007 10:09pm
Actually they all sound like powerfully built Amazons who could put us in our place.

obedient husbandJul 09 2007 6:55pm
172 lb woman means to me she is bigger and stronger
Physical Superiority

AnonymousApr 06 2008 9:03am
its really sad when people cant accept the facts.women can be stronger and smarter than what if she is 180 all muscle and still looks female are people that intimadated.sorrey i love women like that .

AnonymousMay 28 2008 5:31pm
it takes a real man to accept women like that.i guese it makes them real women.

AnonymousMay 28 2008 5:33pm
I am a very slim guy who is six feet tall and to me, a short female is a sexy female. And a short fat girl who is healthy, reasonably attractive, at least several inches shorter than I am, weighs more than I do and is physically stronger than I am will win me over any day of the week. Because I am so skinny even though I am tall, I've had short fat girlfriends who have beaten me at armwrestling, taken me down and then pinned me in a wrestling match, outlifted me in weightlifting and, on one occasion, lifted me overhead. I tower over all of those luscious ladies by no less than several inches and by as much as a foot and even more but they all are physically stronger than I am and they all weigh more than I do. For me, there is nothing more sexy than being physically overpowered, taken down, conquered and then loved by a short big lady and then making love to her afterward. There is just nothing else like it!!!

A tall, very thin guy who loves short big ladies.Mar 05 2009 9:05pm
Many "macho" guys will never admit that a woman could be physically stronger than they are. I have no trouble at all admitting that many, if not most, women are physically stronger than I am and most women weigh more than I do even though I am so tall that I am actually taller than almost all of them. Yes, I am tall but I am also very thin so I am not physically strong at all. All of my large former girlfriends, even the shortest among them, outweighed me and they were all physically stronger than I am even though I proudly towered over every last one of them!!!

A guy just stating the facts!!!Mar 06 2009 7:16pm
It is obvious that most large women will never reveal their true weight except here on the poll where they know they are anonymous. I am a guy with a very strong preference for large ladies. I just can't help it. I must be a reincarnated Rubens!!! However, her physical characteristics are not the only ingredient in the mix. I dated a heavy lady for quite awhile who never revealed her true weight to me during the entire time she and I were together. What does that say about her self-esteem? It ain't no big deal to me what she weighs as long as she is good to me. So what if people criticize. You ladies are adults. You are not kids. You should be above all of that by now.

AnonymousMay 28 2009 12:34pm
the average woman is getting bigger.In fact in america, the average woman is 5`5 165 lbs. The women are looking pretty big, but it looks more muscle than fat.

AnonymousJun 17 2009 6:54am
That means if I messed with an average sized American woman (5'5", 165 lbs), I WOULD GET MY ASS BUSTED!!!

Tall and lanky (6'1", 135-lb) guySep 03 2009 11:09pm
I believe a fat girl prides herself in being physically big enough and physically strong enough to easily overpower a skinny guy. I especially believe a short fat girl prides herself even more in being physically big enough and physically strong enough to easily overpower a tall skinny guy who is way taller than she is. I know the latter from firsthand experience because it felt really funny as a tall skinny guy being way taller than a short fat girl who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am and who effortlessly overpowered me with her big strong arms while she and I were standing in front of each other on the floor while I was looking way down at her as she was looking way up at me. I also know how it feels to be lifted overhead by a short fat girl because I am way taller than a short fat girl who easily lifted me over her head. In fact, I know one short fat girl in particular who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am who is not only physically capable of easily lifting a tall tiny twig like me over her head, she is also physically capable of easily picking me up and throwing me even though I tower over her by more than a foot. I am glad I knew enough not to pick a fight with her!!!

AnonymousMay 23 2010 1:16pm
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IfsdONFmiMTZFnkrTsLDec 21 2014 8:53am
i was with my gf one night. she told me she wanted to test our strength. i said ok even though i knew i would lose. we both stood up. i was 6 ft 1 at the time but i weighed 47 kgs and she was 4ft 11 but weighed about 102 kgs. we started by measuring our muscles. her flexed bicep was much bigger than mine at 18 inches to about 9. then we had a submission wrestling match. she grabbed me by the arm and put me into a tight bearhug. she squeezed my skinny body so hard i nearly cried and i tapped out. after the match, she didnt put me down but loosened her grip. she was gently wrapping me in her massive arms and huge body. i cummed on her shirt so she put me down and sat me on her knee. she absolutely dominated me and for the rest of our life we will always know that she is stronger than me.

noahJul 16 2016 6:14pm
Noah, my girlfriend is not short and fat but in reason of her workouts for years shes pretty big, all full of muscles. I followed the trend for men to keep slim and thin. When we compared ourself together we noticed that my muscles are much smaller than hers. She‘s much stronger than me and can defeat me within seconds in any kind of strength test.

Henni Feb 13 2020 4:39am
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