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Beach or Mountain ???

Created by: Rolf at 12:49:08 AM, Monday, July 03, 2000 EDT


i like the beach with all the hotties!!!!!!!!

cute_sublime_gurlJul 24 2000 7:21pm

You can't get a good tan in the mountains! Well, I guess people that like the mountains better don't care about tans. well, if you are white and you don't care if you are pail or not, then you are CRAZY!! While talking about 'em, i'm headin' for the hills tomorrow! Bye-bye my beautiful beach!

tanned girlJul 24 2000 7:21pm
hell yeah! the beach is soooo like the home of the hotties! mountains r 4 losers!

BeachBAbeJun 14 2002 10:33pm
whatever baby, california has it all, that's one of the many reasons why we kick so much ass! p.s. f*ck florida (the wannabe state)

FonGJul 21 2003 10:03pm
I like it up in the mountains at the lake beaches eating ice cream all summer. Then in the winter you can ice skate (the ice skating rink across the street if youre worried about falling through the ice) and sled and ski.

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NB3Sep 16 2015 1:54pm

DioxSep 16 2015 2:17pm
Heyyo ^-^

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:19pm
We should never be found here I hope. So we can do anything :D Ive been meaning to ask, do you think Internet relationships work?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:22pm
Idk depends how close the ppl are, I think :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:24pm
Do you think we could work?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:25pm

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:26pm
Maybe? Even if its on the internet I would never cheat on you or go behind your back at all :3

DioxSep 16 2015 2:27pm
Srly like I would but if we did get together I wouldn't wanna tell anyone irl.. specialy Sophie :/ and it would be awkward in parties

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:30pm
Same here lol :3 But when we meet irl would it change?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:30pm
Maybe :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:31pm
Aha :p What if someone irl asks you out? o.o

DioxSep 16 2015 2:32pm
Then I would say no xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:32pm
And if they asked a reason?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:34pm
I would say I wanna stay single for a while.. even if it's that hot Brazilian guy in all my classes xDD

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:35pm
I will hurt? Him? Yes?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:37pm
No xD you'll ruin his pretty face xD I don't have a crush on him, he's just hot xP

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:39pm
See how hot he is with no nose... Do you really love me then?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:40pm
I do love you :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:42pm
Do you really? You really make me happy :)

DioxSep 16 2015 2:42pm
Of course I do :>

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:44pm
I really do love you, I hope :) I really want to be with you.

DioxSep 16 2015 2:45pm
Dating or meeting?? :D

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:46pm
Both :) At the same time :) Any.

DioxSep 16 2015 2:47pm
Aww ^-^ btw why do you wanna talk on here?? I don't mind just curious :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:49pm
What do you mean talk on here? On this psot on LikeLike in general?

DioxSep 16 2015 2:50pm
Yea on this post

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:50pm
Because I want us both to be honest with each other, I dont want people faking, making stuff up, or just bothering us. I want to tell you stuff about myself I dont want others to know.

DioxSep 16 2015 2:52pm
Yea.. I understand :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:54pm
So I think you should ask me some questions, about the real me. I will answer with only the truth. Ask me anything.

DioxSep 16 2015 2:54pm
I find asking stuff difficult xD I never know what to ask

NB3Sep 16 2015 2:56pm
Well try :p Like my age or name or something XD

DioxSep 16 2015 2:57pm
Idk xD just tell me stuff xD I'm sorry. I'm bad at this

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:00pm
Well my real name isnt Diox, its a fake identiy I have and have used for a long long time. Diox Salvirus :) My real name is Louis Allery, hence the nickname Allery, which I earned through sheer respect and a bit of fear. I have been diagnosed with minor Asperger syndrome but nothing is really different about me exepct that I have a higher than average IQ :D Im also left handed O.o

DioxSep 16 2015 3:02pm
Left handed?? my left hand is so bad xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:04pm
Aha, seriously ask me anything :)

DioxSep 16 2015 3:05pm
Omg I don't know xD I'm sorry

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:07pm
-_- Woman useless -_- Favorite food is bacon (pls) If it aint crunchy then get out of my face :) Um I go to an all boys school which is funny because half the kids have crushes on the same teacher XD I got a dog named Lilly and a cat named Bastard (my own ingenious name) I have never broken any bones either. :p Is there ANYTHING you want to know?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:12pm
Do you wanna ask me anything?? o.o aww Lily and Bastard.. adorable :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:15pm
Yeah or should I do a you and ask you to just say stuff? :p How long have you loved or like me alot for?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:17pm
Up to you :3 Umm maybe when we started talking about meeting. hbu?? oo I asked a question xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:18pm
Really? I felt like I loved you about a week or two ago :) But I wasnt sure yet :p Would you ever do anything sеxual with me at all if we meet?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:21pm
Depends how old I am when we meet tbh xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:22pm
Probably this year or early next year

DioxSep 16 2015 3:23pm
You'll have to buy me flowers first xD jk but I dunno. What kinda sexual you on about?? like kissing orr.. yea..??

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:24pm
I would buy more than that :p Lol no one will see this just be open. Im not sure about actual sеx because of your age but I might show you some pleasure at least :p Like I always say Im not forcing you :)

DioxSep 16 2015 3:26pm
I know you're not :3 just kiss my neck or something and I'll be happy xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:29pm
Just kiss it? No no no it wont just be a kiss on your neck :3

DioxSep 16 2015 3:30pm
What will it be then?? o.o

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:31pm
Well more passionate kissing :p And what about your boobs? Mine? :')

DioxSep 16 2015 3:32pm
Their still mine xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:34pm
Can I at least play with them?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:35pm
Maybe.. if I'm feeling in the mood xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:36pm
I can get you in that mood :p

DioxSep 16 2015 3:38pm
No you can't xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:39pm
Really? :p

DioxSep 16 2015 3:40pm
Mmhm xP

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:42pm
You mean the sеxual mood?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:44pm
Yea xP

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:45pm
I could :p

DioxSep 16 2015 3:46pm
You can try xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:47pm
Really? Have you ever done anything sеxual with yourself?

DioxSep 16 2015 3:48pm
Not that I can remember xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:50pm
Wow, Im going to show you so many things then :p If you want.

DioxSep 16 2015 3:50pm
I do want you to show me xP but da fauq where?! xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:52pm
Well I will probably stay in a hotel so just come into my room :p

DioxSep 16 2015 3:53pm
Oo fancy ;3 xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 3:56pm
Lol :p If we did end up having sеx I would use protection just in case XD Not like you can go to your mom like "hey I want to test for STDs" XD

DSep 16 2015 3:58pm
Just in a daily convosation xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:00pm
Ikr :p Plus I really hate kids >_< When I bust a year 7s lip with a dumbell "by mistake" sure I was saying sorry a lot but inside I was laughin XD

DioxSep 16 2015 4:02pm
I'm a kid xD you're so mean xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:05pm
I meant to knock his teeth out -_- Getting gobby with me mate -_- Your a cute kid :p

DioxSep 16 2015 4:06pm
I'm not cute xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:09pm
Yes you are :p You look so pretty in the pics :3

DioxSep 16 2015 4:09pm
I like second one more though xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:11pm
Same :3 Like an angel

DioxSep 16 2015 4:12pm
I'm not xD I just look innocent in the second one

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:14pm
Exactly :D

DioxSep 16 2015 4:14pm
What do think of both pics?? what do you like about them both?? o.o

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:17pm
I think there both awesome appart from the filter :p In the first I like that it has your body in it :p Second you just look amazing and your smile is so cute ;3

DioxSep 16 2015 4:18pm
I can't smile xD I find it so difficult

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:21pm
You as well? XD When I smile it makes me look like a killer- nvm I always do

DioxSep 16 2015 4:22pm
I know right! xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:23pm
You should make an email or something :p I need your help >_<

DioxSep 16 2015 4:25pm
What's wrong?? :o

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:25pm
I need to know what way my hair looks better >_>

DioxSep 16 2015 4:27pm
Oh my.. xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:28pm
This is life or death here!!!

DioxSep 16 2015 4:29pm
It's 1 in the morning and you care about your hair -.-

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:30pm
Woman its half 1 2 -_- And yes I do >_< I like the crow feathers look :D But its effort and flat hair is meh

DioxSep 16 2015 4:32pm
Why ask me?! xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:34pm
Because I care about your opinion :( Eff the guys at school.

DioxSep 16 2015 4:35pm
I know :3

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:38pm
Your so wonderful <3 Are you not tired?

DioxSep 16 2015 4:40pm
Aww thank you ^-^ I'm a little tired. You??

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:41pm
Im going to go to sleep in 1 8 mins :P

DioxSep 16 2015 4:42pm
Okay :3 me too

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:43pm
Awesome :p Mate got me energy drink set :D

DioxSep 16 2015 4:45pm
Woww xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:47pm
What? Im set....probably.

DioxSep 16 2015 4:49pm
Nothing xP

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:50pm
Fight me then :3

DioxSep 16 2015 4:50pm
Ah come on then >:3

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:52pm
Fight me in bed though ;)

DioxSep 16 2015 4:52pm
Sure ;3 xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:54pm
I want you to try something for me tomorrow ;)

DioxSep 16 2015 4:55pm
What is it??

NB3Sep 16 2015 4:57pm
I want to see how far you have matured/gone through puberty, just a few questions and stuff.

DioxSep 16 2015 4:58pm
Fell asleep lol xD

NB3Sep 16 2015 11:42pm
Hiya :D

DioxSep 17 2015 8:12am
Heyyy :D

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:15am
No school today?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:17am
Im went to school xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:18am
How were you on here at 11 pm?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:18am
I wasn't o.o I was on before school

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:19am
Oh nvm lol sorry its 'Murican time XD So uh what you up to?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:20am
Destiny o.o wbu??

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:21am
Work XD So about them questions, feel like answering them or nah?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:23am
Sure I guess xP

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:24am
Ok so have you not ever felt anything sexual in your body at all?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:24am
I have .-.

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:26am
Like what?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:27am
Well.. ya'know..

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:28am
Just say it :p

DioxSep 17 2015 8:28am
I don't want to >.<

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:29am
Why not? I want to know what I would be able to do to you :p

DioxSep 17 2015 8:30am
Cuz it's not me

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:31am
What do you mean by that?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:32am
I mean I feel a bit weird when I say stuff like this

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:33am
Don't feel weird :) Your with me, if you feel weird talking about it on the internet it will be insane in real life.

DioxSep 17 2015 8:34am
Okay fine v.v

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:35am
So what have you felt??

DioxSep 17 2015 8:36am
H0rney.. I guess.. v.v ..maybe idk

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:38am
And you havent done anything with yourself?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:39am

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:40am
Whys that? Do you feel wrong? Or dirty if you do?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:41am

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:41am
Ah ok :3 You really should not :p Would you feel dirty if I did it to you?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:42am
I don't know. Probably not xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:45am
Ah ok thats good :) I will be very gentle with you though :p

DioxSep 17 2015 8:46am
If we even do it xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:49am
We will :3 We are going to meet for sure :) Im going to love you so much.

DioxSep 17 2015 8:50am
You don't know that we will xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:51am
That we will what? Meet? We will.

DioxSep 17 2015 8:52am
I know we'll meet

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:52am
So what dont you know?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:53am
You're saying you'll be gentle with me but we probably won't do it

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:55am
What wont we do? Dont you want to? :o Its fine :)

DioxSep 17 2015 8:56am
I ain't saying I don't want to xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:58am
SO what?

DioxSep 17 2015 8:58am
Nothing xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 8:59am
Tell me :p Please.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:03am
No it's nothing

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:04am
It is! I want to know so please tell me.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:05am
I forgot ._.

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:06am
Useless. Seriously I would start to do things with you and at any point it starts to go to far just say stop.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:08am
I know :3 and I will

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:10am
Good :) I want you to have absolute trust in me :)

DioxSep 17 2015 9:11am
I do :D

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:13am
Are you sure?

DioxSep 17 2015 9:13am

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:17am
I love you so much :) Thank you for feeling this way <3 I really would like if we could be together.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:17am
Me too :3

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:18am
Do you think we would work?

DioxSep 17 2015 9:19am

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:23am
PROBABLY? What do you mean by that? I want to know if you think we could both live happily together, its a yes or a no.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:25am
Okayy xD Yes

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:25am
You do? Wow I cant help smiling X) I really do want to be with you.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:26am
Me too :D :3

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:27am
I really am starting to love you :) Im surprised at myself for feeling this way :)

DioxSep 17 2015 9:28am
I hope it's a good thing that you're starting to love me xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:31am
It is :) I only love 3 people, you are the 3rd :) But your different :/

DioxSep 17 2015 9:32am
Good diffrent?? xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:33am
VERY good.

DioxSep 17 2015 9:34am
Yay! :D

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:35am
So you getting Taken Kinng?

DioxSep 17 2015 9:35am
I got it but I'm doing it with my sister first xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:36am
What do you mean!?

DioxSep 17 2015 9:37am
Haha!! xP

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:37am

DioxSep 17 2015 9:38am

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:39am
What you mean your doing it with your sister first?

DioxSep 17 2015 9:40am
I mean.. I'm doing it with my sister first ._.

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:41am
WHYYYYY Im like the bestest ;-;

DioxSep 17 2015 9:43am
I'll do it with you after -.-

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:44am
But you have one character ;-; Did you get the free exotic?!

DioxSep 17 2015 9:45am
I have 3 Characters .-. their all bad xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:46am
Well you can get one to 25 instantly :p So if you do that Ill play through it with you :3

DioxSep 17 2015 9:47am
I'll do another time xD

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:48am
Fine >_< But what char? :P

DioxSep 17 2015 9:48am
I gtg for a while ttyl

NB3Sep 17 2015 9:51am
Ok :(

DioxSep 17 2015 9:52am
I'm sowwy. Hai c:

NB3Sep 17 2015 2:44pm
Hey woman :D If you see this.

DioxSep 17 2015 3:17pm
Hai :D

NB3Sep 18 2015 9:53am
Hi :D

DioxSep 18 2015 9:54am
Omg you're on?! xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 9:55am
ON what?

DioxSep 18 2015 9:55am
The site .-. xD I'm watching Untill Dawn with my sis so I might comment quite late :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 9:56am
Lol I checked back at the perfect time XD And yeah sure :p OMG PLEASE SACRE YOUR SISTER FOR ME xXDDDD

DioxSep 18 2015 9:57am
Noo.. xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 9:58am
Awww your lame <3 I missed you :p

DioxSep 18 2015 9:59am
I know I am xD <3 really?? you missed me?? when?? :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:00am
Yeah I missed you ever since we last spoke :) I love talking to you.

DioxSep 18 2015 10:00am
Aww ^-^ I love talking to you too

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:02am
Nah you dont <3 I love you

DioxSep 18 2015 10:03am
Yes I do <3 I love you more

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:04am
I love you more than b-bacon... I SAID IT

DioxSep 18 2015 10:05am
0_0 omfg give this guy a trophy.. filled with Bacon!

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:07am
No dont I will love it more XP Jk I will always love you the most <3

DioxSep 18 2015 10:08am
Really?? :3 <3

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:09am
Really <3 Why would I lie?

DioxSep 18 2015 10:11am
I don't know <3 I got so annoyed at last lesson today xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:13am
Why what was it?

DioxSep 18 2015 10:14am
Because me and Ash were going around the class for work and we found Molly's drawing book -Warning: di16ck move ahead- I said to Ash "write Linda and Gail was here" as a joke -btw Linda and Gail, I'll talk about that later- and she wrote it xD then our friend Nick drew a di16ck which Ash tried to scribble out. So I hid it with my friend Grace's pens. Umm more stuff happened that I'll talk about later aswell.. just remind me to xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:20am
Pft I would do a lot worse :p You guys are diсks xD

DioxSep 18 2015 10:22am
Is good if I talk later?? on Destiny o.o like while I have dinner o.o

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:27am
Its fine :) Enjoy your food.

DioxSep 18 2015 10:31am
I ment I'll talk to you when I have dinner xD but ttyl <3 love you

NB3Sep 18 2015 10:33am
Just talk to me when ever :p

DioxSep 18 2015 10:37am
Herro :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:04am
Hey :D

DioxSep 18 2015 11:14am
I'm back :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:34am
Hi :D Sorry was eating/

DioxSep 18 2015 11:43am
What was you eating?? o.o

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:44am
Indian >_< What about you?

DioxSep 18 2015 11:45am
Food .-.

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:46am
What kind ;-;

DioxSep 18 2015 11:46am
The edible kind .-.

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:47am
Woman pls ;-; Food is important to me

DioxSep 18 2015 11:48am
Me too xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:48am

DioxSep 18 2015 11:49am
Chinese .-.

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:51am
Oh you are lucky ;-; I love Asian food ;-;

DioxSep 18 2015 11:51am
Haha! xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:52am
Wheres that Asian girl when you need her? XD SO whhat you up to?

DioxSep 18 2015 11:52am
Ikr xD watching Untill Dawn again xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:53am
Is it fun? :p

DioxSep 18 2015 11:54am
Yea! :D

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:55am
Lol fair enough :p I love you <3 You feel like doing any Destiny later?

DioxSep 18 2015 11:56am
With my sister.. o.o I love you more <3

NB3Sep 18 2015 11:57am
Your sister sounds cool :p She the one who would not approve of me? XD And no I love you more than anything :) Without you my life would suck :)

DioxSep 18 2015 11:58am
She is cool :D I love you alot :3 I wonder how we would both be like if we never met o.o

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:01pm
Well I probably would have killed myself :D You would probably have hurt yourself again. Thats the basics :D

DioxSep 18 2015 12:05pm
No don't kill yourself o.o I have to ask btw. What made you.. love me??

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:07pm
Im not going to as long as I have you :) Im not too sure myself, I just sort of really liked how cute and innocent you always seemed to be :) Then after I got to know you better I started to care about you, that In itself is special I don't even care about my family anymore. After a bit more I noticed I looked forward to talking to you and that when I spoke to you I felt happy and full of life again :)

DioxSep 18 2015 12:10pm
And besides who could not love you?

DioxSep 18 2015 12:10pm
That makes me so happy! <3 :D Grace doesn't like me.. and she was one of the funniest ppl I met ;-; xD oh well

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:13pm
?Grace who? She was stupid >_< I aim to make you happy :) I love you so much lol.

DioxSep 18 2015 12:14pm
You don't know her but when me, Ash and Nick did the writing thing she stuck her nose into something that had nothing to do with her -.- she'll probably come back to me xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:17pm
She will :3 He nose is probably big (Jewish) You should like play Destiny :p Going to run through Taken Kind on new character

DioxSep 18 2015 12:18pm
Not atm :3 She'll miss me xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:20pm
Whyyy Until Dawn cant be that good XD

DioxSep 18 2015 12:21pm
I'm on Destiny with someone xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:22pm

DioxSep 18 2015 12:23pm
My friend xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:23pm
Pft you know that I am like a million times better than any of your friends XD

DioxSep 18 2015 12:24pm
So?? xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:25pm
So like if you need help with ANYTHING, im your guy <3 But Im only reviving you <3

DioxSep 18 2015 12:27pm
I die alot .-.

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:28pm
I revive a lot :D I want to know something about you.

DioxSep 18 2015 12:29pm
Sure :D

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:31pm
Would you cheat on me? Even if this stuff is on the internet I wont do anything with girls irl Just you :)

DioxSep 18 2015 12:32pm
Never! :o

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:36pm
That is great to hear :) I would love to live a life together :)

DioxSep 18 2015 12:37pm
Me too <3

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:41pm
I really love you sooo much <3 Please always be mine

DioxSep 18 2015 12:42pm
I'll always be yours ;3 <3

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:43pm
For ever? :D

DioxSep 18 2015 12:44pm
Hopefully C:

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:45pm

DioxSep 18 2015 12:46pm
We might fall out :c but we won't :D

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:49pm
How would we? :3 I never want to upset you :(

DioxSep 18 2015 12:50pm
I love you <3 :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:51pm
I love you more than you know <3

DioxSep 18 2015 12:51pm
It's the other way around ;3

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:56pm
No its not :p

DioxSep 18 2015 12:56pm
How?? o.o

NB3Sep 18 2015 12:57pm
You wont ever know how much I love you.

DioxSep 18 2015 12:58pm
Aww :3

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:00pm
I really really love you :) its more than the others :)

DioxSep 18 2015 1:01pm
Others?? o.o

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:03pm
The other girls I used to love.

DioxSep 18 2015 1:04pm
I love you so much

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:06pm
I love you so much more :D

DioxSep 18 2015 1:07pm
Can't wait to meet you :D

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:09pm
I cant wait to meet you :) To touch you :) To love you :) You are so amazing.

DioxSep 18 2015 1:10pm
Where you be touching?? xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:12pm
All of you :)

DioxSep 18 2015 1:13pm
Oo kinky xD

NB3Sep 18 2015 1:14pm
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