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How embarassed would you be if your wife/girlfriend was stronger than you?

Question: Lately there have been a lot of polls on here where in the comments both men and women describe how they are in a relationship where, even when the guy works out at the gym, their wife or girlfriend is stronger than they are. Guys, how would you feel if you were in a relationship where your lover was demonstrably stronger than you are?
Created by: Thinman001 at 06:01:22 PM, Sunday, January 30, 2005 EST


As a man that recently discovered that my wife was quite a bit stronger than me my answer is that it was tough to take. My wife had her two work out friends, 2 women in their late 40's (my wife is 50), over for dinner: They celebrated that they had been working out for 10 years together. The last years they have hired a personal trainer and they have worked out very hard. I joined the ladies after dinner and they all talked about how strong they had become and after desert they started to armwrestle. My wife said I could take on the looser. I asked why not the winner? The ladies looked at me and laughed, you're too weak. I am a slim man but proud of my lean physique, I am a runner. I was very impressed seeing these ladies armwrestle, they were sleeveless and they all had muscular arms. I was surprised to see my wife's muscles when she forced her friends arms down. She came second loosing only just to the youngest (47) woman. I took on the woman that lost to the others. She destroyed me! They could all see how embarrassed I got and tried to comfort me saying that they all had worked out for a long time and that I did well considering that. This only made things worse. Then I had to armwrestle the other two finishing with a match against my wife. She forced my arm down in on single smooth movement. She later told me that she think she has always been stronger than me, I have always been a lighter than her even if I am an inch taller. I joined a gym after this evening and started to hit the weights but stopped after a few weeks since I didn't enjoy it and I realized that I am a long distance type with long, sinewy muscles. My wife has challanged me several times after this and I sometimes accept, always with the same result, it takes her a second to win. She have taken on several of our friends, just one of our male friends can beat her. I feel better for every man she can beat but I have also lost to some of our female friends.

longdistance runnerJan 31 2005 11:55pm

Just came across this poll. Longdistance runner, you should be proud of your strong wife, not ashamed of being weaker than her. I know that the traditional role of the male is to be the strong and protective. But, I am sure there are many relationships where the man is weaker than his wife. Today many women work out a lot while their men perhaps spend more time with their buddies drinking bear and watching sport instead of participating. I am a strong woman and I know that I am stronger than many men, I just have to look at my gym where I would say half of the men are weaker than me when it comes to upper body strength and most men are weaker when it comes to legs. The gym I go to don't have the biggest of the body builders I must add but I can see that the women that work out seriously are doing as well as the similar sized men. I have beaten several man at armwrestling, I must say I enjoy it but that mainly comes from the attitude that you longdistance runner talk about, you have a tougt time to take it but you just have to, or if you can, become stronger than your wife (it seems like you are to much behind for that).

Lisbeth of DenmarkFeb 01 2005 4:26am
I could never stay with a woman that was stronger than me, it's so against nature. It's up to weak men to find even weaker women.

stay strongerMar 02 2005 1:49pm
As a weak man I would appreciate having a strong woman. Two weak people would have problems sometimes. I don't understand why being in a relationship with a stronger woman would be so special. Of course if she beats you up all the time and humiliate you in different ways but moste women tend to be non-violent. I have never tested my strength against my wife's but I am sure she can kick my ass if she wants to since she has been working out all her life, she is heavier than me and have bigger muscles. She sometimes take heavy boxes from me when she can see I have problems lifting them, it has become natural. So mu answer to this poll is simply that I wouldn't be embarassed at all.

take it as a manMar 02 2005 10:44pm
I love strong women, always have. I dated a woman for some time that was just a little stronger than I was. She could hold me to a draw in arm wrestling but she would wipe me out playing mercy. And as far as her legs were concerned, I stayed away from them, no contest. She was 5'1" and about 140# to my 5'8" 200#. But our competitions always led to great sex with me almost always on the bottom. Embarassed? Not me, I loved it!

Love strong womenMar 14 2005 4:55pm
I just discovered that my girlfriend is stronger than me. I am embarressed but also aroused. She seems to be proud and aroused. I knew women could be strong but I underestimited them. I now know many women are stronger then men since she weights lighter then me.

KarstenMay 16 2005 5:21pm
would not be embarrassed at all. am very content with my own feelings. would be interesting to have a stronger partner......hope i get the chance to find out sometime.

Daniel.Jun 17 2005 4:46am
What are yours and your wifes respective heights and weights longdistancerunner?

AMBOMBJul 05 2005 11:43pm
During a summer camp, i had a summer fling with a very strong girl. I knew she was athletic because she could keep up with me running. I had seen her legs, they were very muscular and defined. She was 17, 5'5 125lbs. I'm 5'8 170lbs. I sprained my ankle severely one day, and she was with me. It was hurting she told me to lean on her as I gimped back to the cabin. I joked she should just carry me back, and she said it was good idea. I told her no way she could do it. I jumped on her back and she piggybacked me all the way back to the cabin. It was about 1000ft feet or so up a small hill. As we got close to the cabin, she wanted to try something new. She let me get down, She got behind me and told me to put my arm around shoulder. In one swift move she lowered arms around my lower body and scooped me up in her arms. She proceeded to carry me with some effort inside my cabin and put me down on a chair. It was a good 50ft. I was aroused and she noticed. She didn't mind, and later that summer we tested our strength, she was stronger than I was. She could outlift me at the gym, beat me in armwrestling and sometimes she could pin me down when we play wrestle. I was intitally embarassed, but she liked it, and eventually had fun especially when she just grab me pick me up and toss me to the ground. It's cool having a girl who could be a little rough.

robertOct 03 2005 4:07am
My wife is stronger than I am - she is very muscular. In addition, she has a black belt in tae kwon do. I am active too: running and badminton. We are both tall: 6'2. She is far more muscular than I am. The differences in are physiques are obvious if we stand next to each other naked. She says that she can benchpress 220 pounds (100kg). That is far more than i could lift! Careerwise she is also the stronger person. She makes 6x more than I make - she is a senior corporate executuve whereas I am in middle management. This has all changed the nature of our marriage. In many ways she has become the traditional, 1950's-style husband and I am assumed the traditionally wifely roles of cooking and cleaning. These were all things that I had to learn to accept and was certainly not comfortable with this when it all first occurred.

PerryOct 14 2005 10:53pm
My girlfriend beat me wrestling. Big surprise because I am heavier. I guess women are stronger then thought.

JackOct 22 2005 7:56pm
Yes I'm embarassed after my wife beat me at armwrestling and that lead to wrestling and she pinned me. She has been going to a gym when I'm at work and has built muscles that are bigger than my own. I do think she is sexy but I have a hard time with her being so strong. We compared muscles in the mirror for the first time and she had to get out a tape measure after that. Strange because it was embarassing and sexy at the same time when I saw how her muscles were bigger. It has only been around a year and a half but she is at the gym for two hours a day.

GeneOct 25 2005 6:45pm
Gene, relax, enjoy and be proud of your wife. To a lot of men, you are extremely lucky to have a wife like that. I am assuming that she is proud to be stronger with bigger muscles and although she may tease you in private it stays private. You already admit that her muscles and strength are sexy, so enjoy them. There is nothing better than having a woman overpower you in bed.

WowserNov 08 2005 10:15pm
As a muscular, hairy armed woman, I wanted to leave a note here to let all you men know that I enjoy all the attention that is paid to me. I'm 27 years old, with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Ever since I was a little girl, boys, men, and even many girls and ladies have asked to touch, and play with my hairy arms. I have never met anyone that was rude or obnoxious about it. They were all just as nice as could be, since it was so special to them. I know full well how some people are just so stimulated by seeing hair on a female's arms. I have had many conversations thru out the years, and trust me; no one should be embarrassed about this harmless little fetish! I always let people touch my arms, and pull on it lightly if they wish to. When I meet a really nice person, and if we are away from other people I'll tell them I like it too, and I'll give them all the time they want. Many ask to kiss my forearms, and that turns me on as well as them. Lesbians seem to really like a strong (I used to do a little bodybuilding), hairy blonde. I get at least one woman a week stop me and ask me about my arms. They always ask to feel the hair, and then ask if I'm bi-sexual (not really interested). They just want to spend time telling me about their fantasies of having a muscular, hairy woman dominate them in bed. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times. Someday I might take one of them up on it! You know the funny part is that my girlfriends get a kick out of being with me, when a guy will walk right up and compliment me on my hairy arms. Sometimes I think the girlfriends get a bit jealous too. They wish they had some feature that drove men and boys wild. Teenage boys are really fun to talk to. They are so shy and afraid of how I might take it. Little do they know that I love to play along, and feed their fantasy. They'll be complimenting me on how hairy my arms are, and out of nowhere, I ask them to put their arm up next to mine. I'll say something like ?look, my arm is much hairier than yours!", and then flex my arm. Then they really are taken aback, a woman harier,AND more muscular than them! I have found that every guy and girl that likes hairy arms, also secretly admires muscles on a woman too. Many want to arm wrestle me, and I have obliged most people who ask. The fun part comes while we are struggling at arm wrestling, they will reach out and play with the long blonde hairs on my forearms. While they are distracted by their sexual desires, I slowly pin their arm! So for any of you who think you are the only ones out there who have a secret fetish for hair, relax. Take it from someone who has become a world class expert on people who like hairy armed women. There are millions of you out in the world. If you are polite, and sweet about it, I'm sure just about any woman will oblige you to some small degree. And if you're sweet and shy, and run into me, just ask, I'll grant just about any request... Which do you want to do? Feel my forearms, run your fingers thru the hair on my arms, or just kiss all the blonde hair all the way up my triceps? Maybe pull the inch long hair on my thighs? Just tell me... Love you all for being so sweet, Debra C. Debra C. Debra Carver

Debra CarverNov 09 2005 9:10pm
My wife has been a gym rat for some time until we moved. At that point we perchased our own gym equipment. Now after two more years of her *hobbie* as she called it, I'm finally having to except the fact that she is far more muscular than I ever have been and physically much stronger than me. I faced this one night in bed realizing that she had become stronger, bigger, and harder muscled in what seemed like a short time. we had never wrestled until not long ago when I was embarrissed to find her much stronger than I was along with such hard muscle tone. Her muscles are bigger now and she looks great but it is embarassing for me to get my ass kicked by her. Believe me she has some genetics tha are all about muscles.

JackNov 26 2005 8:54pm
My wife and I met in high school. She was smart enough to keep her superior strength a secret until our relationship developed into a strong one. She let me win most of our armwrestling matches, until after we were married. Over time, she allowed me to become aware of her physical superiority. Even though I was embarassed by my inability to beat her at any measure of physical strength, my love for her and our great relationship helped me to overcome this embarassment. We are now 49 and 51 years of age and have been married for 30 years. I love having a woman who can use her strength to help take care of me.

MikeFeb 17 2006 9:01pm
I have a similar story to yours Mike. I have been married more than 30 years with my 52 year old wife. About 10 years ago she challanged me to an armwrestling match that she won very easily. I was surprised but she wasn't. When we were younger we often playwrestled and armwrestled and I always won. Ten years ago she told me that she let me win all the time because men could't take loosing to a woman in a strength contest. Being around 40 she told me that I was old and mature enough to know the truth! Well, after that I have never been close to beat her at anything physical. And she was right, I probably would have had really big problems dealing with the fact that my woman was stronger. I can deal with it now.

SteveFeb 18 2006 4:49am
perry, has your wife ever showed you who is the boss?

lelgtMar 23 2006 8:14am
Women getting stronger than men is from Satan.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:59pm
I am a man, and I can't understand how a man could be not upset about having a wife or girlfriend stronger than him. It would drive me crazy, and I would immediately end the relationship or get a divorce.

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:42pm
I am a man, and I can't understand how a man could be not upset about having a wife or girlfriend stronger than him. It would drive me crazy, and I would immediately end the relationship or get a divorce.

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:42pm

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:42pm
Men crush women with their biceps.

AnonymousJun 25 2006 7:45pm
According to the results of this poll with 200 votes, 68% of the men have wives or girlfriends who are stronger than them. Reality check, please?

Kung Fu masterJul 26 2006 8:27pm
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AnonymousAug 01 2006 6:40pm
If there was a family where the two 90-year-old grandmothers looked prettier than their 18-year-old granddaughters, would that be normal? Would that be comparable to women who are stronger than their husbands, since both situations are reversals of normalcy? Would the granddaughters be humiliated if 18-year-old boys told them that their grandmothers are twice as pretty as they are? And would that humiliation be comparable to men who have half the strength of their wives?

Samurai PsychiatristAug 24 2006 6:46pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:01pm
I challenged my bf to an armwrestling match some months ago. It was just for fun really but I have been working out hard the last years and felt strong. We are of similar build, he is a bit taller at 5'10 but I am some pounds heavier at 170 lbs. We were both surprised when I won rather easily with both arms. He wanted rematch after rematch, he was very embarassed about being weaker. For each match I won easier since I had better endurance as well. After about 20 matches with each arm he admitted that he was weaker (stubborn men). The next day he joined a gym and bought a set of weights. For about a week after our armwrestling evening he could hardly use his arm, they ached like he had been beaten up he said. I would say that he is a normal male, perhaps a bit weaker than the normal guy but not weak. We had a rematch last week and he was stronger but I still could beat him without too much effort, I haven't told him but I also increased my workouts. I like to stay stronger than him. We are both in our mid 20s. I have beaten other men armwrestling, won more than I have lost. Against women I have won almost all the matches except for two. My bf has begged me not to tell anyone that I am stronger than him and so far I haven't. I found this board where people have similar experiences. It is really not a big deal that I am stronger but since he couldn't take me being stronger I also got a bit childish and worked out harder to stay stronger.

Strong girlfriendNov 08 2006 11:48pm
Strong girlfriend, if you do not allow your boyfriend to catch up to you, he might not be your boyfriend anymore. How much humiliation to do expect him to endure before he dumps you?

High School GraduateNov 09 2006 8:37pm
Men need to come to grips that there are strong women, why should we hide our strength? If he dumps me for being stronger than he can't really love me, for me it is that simple. But I am sure he wont dump me.

Strong girlfriendNov 10 2006 6:29am
Strong girlfriend: If he dumped you, would you beat him up?

High School GraduateNov 22 2006 2:40pm
I sure wouldn't beat him up if he dumped me, I am a nice person. It is one thing to show that you are stonger and another to beat people up. Since I am stronger it would be wrong to start a fight with my boyfriend, but if he ever would hit me he would regret it, that's for sure.

Strong girlfriendNov 23 2006 1:11am
Strong Girlfriend, if you caught him cheating on you with another girl who is prettier than you, would you beat him up? Beat her up too?

High School GraduateNov 28 2006 3:26pm
I think I would be tempted to beat him up if he cheated on me, the girl I would leave alone in case it was obvious she tried to snare my boyfriend and I could see it, than I might be angry with her as well. But I would probably threw my boyfriend out if I caught him up, not beat him up.

Strong girlfriendNov 29 2006 9:45am
have to clear my last message a bit, I would leave the girl alone if it wasn't obvious that she tried take him away from me at a party or something.

Strong girlfriendNov 29 2006 9:46am
I never thought that I would be turned on by women stronger than myself but everything changed one Christmas: Me and my girlfriend (now wife) visited her parents in the northern part of Finland for Xmas 2 years ago. Sara, my wife, is a beatiful big woman, 184 cm and about 85 kgs, I am 188 cm and 77 kgs. It was the way this big woman carried herself that got me attracted to her. I knew she was strong but we had never tested who was stronger. At her parents place her whole family had gathered to celebrate Xmas together. Her sisters, 16 and 18, and her parents. The women in the family are all big, the mother 188 cm and probably close to 100 kgs, her sisters around 185 cm, the 16 y.o about my weight and the 18 y.o a couple of kilos heavier. The father a tall lanky skinny man of 190 cm. After Xmas dinner the women in the family told me it was time for the yearly armwrestling tournament. The mother 48 years old, was still the champion and defeated her daughters although she had to struggle very hard to beat Sara. I realized I found this competition very sexy, seeing these beatiful women struggle and seeing there muscular arms (I had no idea that my wife to be had such muscular arms until that evening). Sara was second and to everybody's surprise the 16 y.o came third. She then wanted to armwrestle her father. He hesitated and said he wasn't interested. The women said he couldn't chicken out. It took his youngest daughter only a few seconds to pin her fathers arm to the table. I realized that I would be challanged as well. The weakest of the daughters, the 18 y.o than challanged me. Her big hand (bigger than mine) was very strong and her grip painful. Here I was, a 25 year old man fighting with everything I had to beat this young girl, the weakest of the women in the family. She was playing with me and said that I was even weaker than their father. Again I was suprised that I thought the whole thing was rather exciting, I actually liked loosing to this attractive girl. I than had to take on the rest of the family and I lost to them all. I never thought that my girlfriend should be stronger than me but she slammed my arms down in seconds. She than tried to comfort me saying that the women in their family had always been strong and that few men could match them. Since that Xmas Sara and I have wrestled and armwrestled many times and I have never been close to beat her. Last year we went to Sara's parents again, this time Sara was stronger than her mother. I succeded in beating their father but lost to Sara's aunt, another big woman. In a couple of days we will head north again, I have been working out since last years but I don't really fancy my chances agains these strong women.

TapioDec 15 2006 5:53am
back again from the north of Finland with new armwrestling experiences. Since I have been working out quite a lot the last year I didn't have any problem to defeat my girlfriends father anymore, I could also take the second youngest daughter, now 20 years old, with my right hand, I lost badly with my left. I didn't stand a chance against the now 18 year old daughter, or the 50 year old mother, and of course not to the champion, my girlfriend. I also lost to the aunt this year, she is 47 years old. This year the 20 year old sister had her boyfriend with her and he lost to all the women as well. I don't know what the women are made of up here but they are stronger than the average woman for sure, I would say stronger than the average man as well. I will keep on working out for next Christmas and see if I will have a chance next year to beat any of these strong big women.

TapioDec 27 2006 2:48am
My wife is stronger, we've worked out together for some time and she is made of muscle. In public, I'm embarassed if she shows she's stronger but behind closed doors I find her strength and muscle very erotic. It turns me on that she has strong muscles, not sure why and don't care. I love her and that is just part of the reason. She never embarasses me about her being stronger.

JamesJan 02 2007 4:41pm
James, how and when did you find out your wife is stronger? I found out a couple of years ago when we wrestled for the remote control (for fun). I found out she was quite a bit stronger both at wrestling and armwrestling that night. We were both surprised. She told all her girlfriend about it something that made me a bit angry. My wife couldn't understand why I was upset. My wife's female friends have found our role reversal thing quite emusing and most of them have challanged me to armwrestle them. I have won most of these matches but not all of them. Now most of our relatives and friends know who is stronger. Since that experience my wife has started to lift weights and become even stronger. I have to admit that it turns me on as well (she is also turned on being stronger).

JohnJan 04 2007 3:51am
I found out that my wife was stronger than me in a very embarrasing way. We were together with my sister-in-law on a holiday trip by car in Europe. Suddenly we had a flat tire and I had to change the tires. The problems was that I couldn't move the nuts at all. My wife wanted to have a go and to my surprise she didn't have any problems to take the nuts off. Way to go sis said my sister-in-law. I didn't say much but was ashamed of not being able to move that nuts at all. Later on that evening we had some drinks in the apartment we had rented. My wife bragged about being stronger than me and then challanged me to an armwrestling match. This was the first time in our marriage. She smiled when she first pressed my right arm and then may left to the table. She then dragged me to my feet and wanted to wrestle me. I didn't like the idea at all in front of her sister but suddenly I had to fight my wife with everything I had. After perhaps 10 minutes I was lying totally exhausted under my wife and had to admit she was stronger. Then my sister-in-law to my surprise asked my wife if she could wrestle me as well. My wife just smiled and said that I was all hers. Poo, I didn't have anything to say about this. My sister-in-law is a smaller version (5'7 and 142 lbs) of my wife (5?10 and 182 lbs)while I am 5'10 and 162 lbs). I thought that I had a chance to beat her but was soon to find out that she was very strong as well and for the second time that evening I found myself pinned to the floor by a woman. These sister taunted and teased me for the rest of that holiday.

Flat tireJan 31 2007 11:50am
How can u get stronger than your wife physically and emotionaly?

pussywhipedFeb 18 2007 2:57pm
How can u get stronger than your wife physically and emotionaly?

pussywhipedFeb 18 2007 2:58pm
How can u get stronger than your wife physically and emotionaly?

pussywhipedFeb 18 2007 2:59pm
Some guys can't get stronger, they just have to face being weaker or leave the relationship, I personally would like to see more relationship where the woman is not only emotionally stronger (often the case) but also physically. And this will happen since gyms all over the world are packed with serious women that want to get stronger.

MonaFeb 23 2007 4:50am
I've lost lots of wrestling matches to women (on purpose). I've never lost for real. Though I've never messed with a gal who seriously works out. I did tangle with a very strong gal once - and I was surprised that I needed to use some serious effort to win. I didn't want to lose because she was too vicious. I was getting hurt by dirty moves like biting my hair and pinching me really hard. She beat me in an arm-wrestle at a later date. I never was very good at that - till I worked for 8 years at UPS throwing boxes.

DarrenMar 02 2007 7:09pm
Nothing beats being a strong skilled grrl. The biggest kick you can get is beating boys who "know" they are too tough for a girl. I love to watch their faces as they begin to realize that they might lose, and then as they weaken and begin to struggle desperately, and then when I win. Of course I lose some too, but its worth it. Whats happening with you grrls and guys?

lisaMar 16 2007 11:40am
I totally agree with you Lisa. The first time I pinned a boy's arm was when I was about 10 and he was 13, I was a swimmer and very strong, he didn't go to school for a week. I have enjoyed beating men at different games that require physical strength ever since. I get really hot after using my strong body to wrestle a man down and pin him, to have him under me is fantastic. I guess this is not very common for women so I was happy seeing your posting Lisa. I am now together with a man that has problems to take being the weaker partner in our relationship, after I had bested him both at armwrestling and in wrestling he started to work out with weights 3-4 times a week. I think he will never catch up since I work out 4-5 times a week and with heavier weights than him.

Love to be strongMar 17 2007 4:00am
I have dated many women that were physically strong; there were several that were (much) stronger than me. As our respective relationships progressed, I became more open with these women, letting them know that I was especially attracted to physically strong women, "the stronger the better," I would tell them. Each one of these women welcomed the opportunity to explore her newfound position in our relationship, either subtly or overtly taking charge when she wanted. I was a willing mate, doing as I was told, acknowledging that I was weaker, and she could do with me as she pleased. It was enlightening to the women and a tremendous turn on for me (and them).

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comJun 12 2007 1:12pm
Well, as long as we're letting it all hang out here. I'm 5'10" and my wife 1" shorter. We both workout when possible and she's more disciplined at exercising. We lift weights and bike ride together. This year on a bike ride I found out that she was becoming stronger than me in the hills. She had challenged me to hill climbing using the same tall gears. This required slow pumping of the pedals. As we progressed she began to pull ahead and as time went by my leg muscles burned, weakened and I slowed as she gained distance. We did this three times and she defeated me every time. Now this has been followed by weight lifting and her legs have proved to be much stronger. Her muscle development is nothing short of superior and this I've found pertains to her whole body. Now her shoulders and arms are a challenge to me as well and her back is more muscular compared to my own. As far as the question to this website, it is embarrassing and I now know it drives her knowing she is becoming stronger than me. Sitting next to her in shorts now the change is evident in her leg muscles that are bigger than mine. She has made comments to me on this and now her arms are the source of comparing which are the same size but show muscles better. I do not know if it's women now in general or her genetics are greater for strength but I'm surprised to say the least at what I can see because I've held the opinion that women are the weaker sex. She knows I've believed this and she just doesn't fit into that long held thinking.

AnonymousJun 13 2007 9:07pm
Not long ago my wife broke the ice with me on the strength issue. I have an old 60s Dodge pick up truck that the starter went out on in our driveway. Anyway my wifes over in her flower bed as I attempt to pushe the truck up the driveway, I released the park brake and leaned into it and after what seemed like about a minute the weight of the truck began to have it's way and I lost some ground. I set the brake slamed the door and made some remark that caught her ear. I headed down the drive way to check on the mail and I heard the squeaky door open and she released the park brake again. My wife goes to the gym all the time but I don't ask her about what she does that often but she is in obviously good shape with nice firm muscle and heart shaped calves. I hear her little grunt and the truck pushes her arms back as she plants one leg back. I've never seen her leg muscle look like what I now was seeing even in high heels! I was stupified and in awe and on top of that she pushed the truck with her arms until her arms were straightened and the truck was moving up the driveway! Her calve muscles looked so big and like they were stretching her skin tight as she pushed that old pick up up the driveway. Her muscles were bulging like I had never ever seen. When I got up to the garage, she made the comment that "I'm stronger than you and that's all there is to it" something she had never voiced before. I'm 6 ft tall and 192 pounds while she is 5 ft 8 inches and about 165 popunds. Since that event I have been confronted with different strength tests with her and I'm at a disadvantage. If we wrestle I can toss her around but once she gets a leg or arm hold I'm slowly tied into a knot! Gradually her strength is increasing more and now for the first time I know she's more muscular compared to me because she's shown me. I was never a fan of women's muscles but it is stimulating but embarrising too. Her legs are bigger than mine but to see her biceps have gotten so big is kind of erotic.

BrianJun 14 2007 9:27pm
I've had an experience with my wife that's embarrising to me concerning exercising together. About three years ago we bought our first gym equipment for our home and we started out together getting in shape. I came to discover that she probably has better genetics. She's more muscular when we compare in the mirror as a result of our workouts. One thing that I can't get over is our biceps. Almost from the start her biceps showed a seperation down the center and I had to actually look up the bicep in charts to figure out what I was seeing. Anyway, as time went on we could both see the difference in our biceps. For example, I never show the seperation while her's became more and more pronounced. In her upper arm it looks like two distinct muscles and when contracted the front part of her bicep is longer than mine reaching almost to her forearm and gets thicker and thicker but not much shorter as she curls and contracts. My own bicep is like oblong, shorter, and really doesn't expand much at all when curled and contracted. It mostly just shortens and stays the same in thickness. My bicep is actually smaller when contracted because it shortens and shows little expansion and a little smaller compared to that part (her front bicep) when we are flexing. Now on the upper back side of her arm, the other part of her bicep shortens somewhat but really expands, in the area I do not have any muscle at all. Her muscle from behind is pushed up very high as she curls and contracts while the front remains lengthy and thickens. Her biceps are completely different compared to mine and now are 1 1/2 inches larger than mine after about three years working out with me. She says she has much more "fast twitch muscle fiber" and I'm built like a distance runner. What ever the reason, she is stronger than I am as well. I'm not kidding, now when we flex the two halves of her bicep can be seen clearly seperated and each appear to be slightly bigger than my one? Bicep? Weird but totally true. She makes fun of the difference and that makes it more embarrising. As far as legs and the rest, she's just bigger although I'm two inches taller at 5'10" and she has more calf muscles.

ChuckJun 15 2007 8:35pm
Me and my wife went to a party a year ago. She is a gym fanatic and muscular. At the party she was challanged to armwrestle a man about the same size as her. He claimed that even if a woman was muscular as my wife she would be weaker since men were made of tougher material. She crushed him, smashing first his right than his left arm to the table. I armwrestled this guy after and he won against me rather easily. Poo, I realized for the first time that my actually was stronger than me. Nowadays she sometimes flexes her biceps and smiles looking at me. We have never armwreslted or wrestled but we both know who is stronger.

BenjaminJun 17 2007 4:53am
For the first time not long agao I read my wife's workout log! Decline Bench: 165 lbs. for 3 to 4 reps, or 70 lb. dumbbells for 3 to 5 reps. Shoulder Press: 45 lb. dumbbells for 4-5 reps Sqauts: 175 lbs for 3 to 4 reps for 4 sets. For biceps (seated at the incline bench) 25 lb. dumbells 8 to 12 for four reps. Deadlifts: 250 lbs. for 3 to 5 reps. There's little doubt about her being stronger than me!

DaveJun 17 2007 10:51am
My wife's a gym rat but too. We finally armwrestled for the first time ever. We stayed locked for what seems like five minutes but probably not that long. My muscles began to burn and both my elbo and wrist started to ache, finally my arm is shaking as she pushes it slowly down to the table. I can tell you that this is the weirdest feeling as you give it all your strength and feel your wife is stronger. As she opened my arm up and curled her arm in, I could see her bicep pushing up! It was my arm that was shaking not hers. Even afterwords my arm was still shaking, I gave it everything once I felt how strong she is. We also tried facing each other at the kitchen counter and try to pull each other's arm open and this was kind of the same. I held her arm for a while and minutes crept by until it was like slow motion, my arm slowly opened up and it seemed like it took about one minute until her arm was completely curled and mine opened. We did this tree times and it took her less time each try. Like I said it's one of the strangest feelings to look across at you wife and feel her slowly out-muscle you and she keeps her eyes looking right into mine! She powers on me and her eyes look into mine like she's searching, the expression in her eyes changes to the same look she gets when I admitt I'm wrong about something during an argument. It's almost arrogant and she tightens her lip and grins right at the point she starts to win every time. That drives me more crazy than the fact that she's stronger! She had never flexed for me until she beat me at this and asked me to admitt she was stronger, I actually hesitated! I couldn't admitt it and that is when she held her arm up and flexed by curling her arm a bunch of times and said "now will you admitt it" and when I looked at her muscles I know I turned red and again her eyes do the same thing like seaching and angry. She stood there waiting for my answer with her arm flexed and she said "well" and I still didn't say it! It wasn't until she asked or "told me" to flex that I did admitt she was stronger. She was starting to get mad, I could tell and for the first time I was sort of afraid of her after what happened with the armwrestling. I had to put my arm next to hers and flex because she would not let it go and seeing her muscles compared to mine her's are a little larger and more visible for sure. I admitted she was stronger and she asked "who has the bigger muscles"? I was embarrassed as she waited for my answer again. She said "FLEX" and straightened her arm again and slowly curled (with lots of effort)and put it next to mine. When her bicep was contracted, it was easy to see it was bigger. Now it was "admitt it, tell me what you see, I can see it can't you?" I don't know why but I had trouble facing it but I just let it out and for the first time I felt relieved and started to get sexually aroused by her muscles, something that never entered my thoughts before. Her muscles are bigger and stronger and I'm now turned on by that? Now I want to see her flex before sex or even during.

LarryJun 17 2007 12:11pm
Robin Norwood wrote "Women Who Love Too Much." Someone should write "Women Who Lift Too Much."

AnonymousJun 19 2007 12:31pm
OK... What is too much? Let us search deep and find out what that really means? Since we all now know a certain percentage of girls obviously can for a fact become stronger than average or otherwise boys through physical exercise, you are suggesting that there is "too much" at some point? Can you share what this Threshold is??? Should a girl stop before she is stronger than boys? Teresa

TeresaJun 19 2007 7:54pm
I think a woman should be as strong or as weak as she wants to be - lifting weights is an honest assessment of who you are in terms of strength, you can either lift the weight or not. And the results are varied and interesting as there are women out there. Some don't appear to be muscular but are really strong, and some are the opposite. Be what you want to be.

Tman001Jun 22 2007 2:39am
(this from another forum) Many years ago after my two children were created, my husband encouraged me to return my 5'10" frame back into the athletic form that I proudly displayed in high school & college. I am by nature and VERY disciplined and competitive woman and the challenge was actually what I needed. It was about a year before I saw the changes I wanted and it became apparant that Hal was excited as well. (literally) It wasn't long before he could stand it no longer and he challenged me to arm wrestling ... rememeber I am so competitive, I loved the opportunity and eagerly took on the task. Yes, I was strong, maybe not stronger, but my stamina withstood his advances and over the next months I could out last him and eventualy pull his arm down. For me I wanted more, I wanted to be stronger than him and be able to totally dominate our matches. Over the next months I worked extra hard, at my college gym where I was taking graduate work, and Hal was unaware that I was taking all this very seriously. He had shown his great pleasure at experiencing my strength in these matches, yet I WAS NOT HAPPY. When I felt right, I made a special effort to show him who was strongest and teased him and forced him to admit I was much stronger than him - I flexed - taunted - and I was totally able to control the match and ended it when I wanted to - no waiting for him to weaken, I simply was now stronger than my husband and partner and I now was happy. In order to keep this alive, I continued to open the window of discovery, and began allowing family members and friends to see I was stronger than my husband - I simply challenged him in controlled meetings with others (c*cktail parties - picnics - pool parties, etc.). At first he was taken back by the outting of our "secret" - yet this is exactly what I needed. I wanted the repsect of others for my physical abilities and for the fact that I did indeed over come my being weaker than my husband and now I was the physically superior partner. All the family, including the kids, and our close friends knew that Hal's wife was something special. Since those days, I enjoy my attention and yet I am sure that Hal may have some thoughts about what he wished for .... there is no turing back now!

AnonymousJun 30 2007 5:49pm
My wife is a workout nut. She exercises with girls on TV and does what they do, thing is they come on at different times for people with different schedules but she follows them and works out. She's become muscular and much more than what would be expected. The other day she did a grueling dumbell workout with her TV girls and again when it was repeated. It was two different kinds of curls with the weights in creasing with each set for eight sets and later she did it again! This is on the weekend and I know she does this during the week as well. In a very short time she's become more muscular than me and her biceps when she finished were much larger than mine and bigger than I've ever seen. I exercise regularly but nothing like she does.

DaleJul 01 2007 10:14am
Dale, I know what you're talking about. Fitness TV and MY WIFE does the biceps & triceps with Cathe Friedrich until her muscles are bulging! The workout they do is designed to eliminate momentum, to allow for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. My wife has bigger biceps and triceps compared to mine and over "15 inches" after her workout! She also does "supersets" with little rest that pumps her muscles way up. I work in construction and when I get home I'm TIRED! I workout sometimes but I'll be damned if I'm going to bust my rear in the evening after 10+ hours! My biceps are 14 1/2 inches and I've seen my wife wrap a measuring tape around her arms and flex and it's 15 1/2 inches tight. She loves to lift weights while I really don't care for it. I do like golf and bike riding and she could care less about golf but enjoys biking. Anyway, you can't underestimate females or their strength ever, it's foolish to do so! I admire my wife and tell her that. She beams with pride and why not? It doesn't really bother me that she is more muscular, believe me it can be very enjoyable.

NealJul 02 2007 6:51pm
My girlfriend and I have been together throughout school and have talked seriously about marriage. I've always been attracted to athletic girls and she is very athletic and attending college on sports scholarships on a rowing team while I work at an electronics outlet store. For the last two years we haven't seen each other that often and during this time she has become very big and muscular. This summer we had the chance to spend some time at a lake with my sister in law and family on a houseboat, along with skiing and fun. The embarrassment started soon enough. My girlfriend now has shoulders that are about 2-3 inches wider than mine and her muscles look enormous compared to mine! I'm 5'10" while she is 5'9" but her legs, back, chest, and arms are so much larger than just two years ago that my thoughts about athletic girls or even marriage is dumbfounded. my sister in law laughed saying " my sister is bigger than you everywhere, she could squash you with her muscles" and I know my face turned red as my girlfriend laughed at the thought of it too. In the late afternoon after skiing she wanted to hike a small distance over to a cove so we did. After skiing my muscles were spent while hers were pumped up and once we got to the cove she started asking me to flex! I did as she felt my arms and legs and sqweezed the muscles hard while making comments about them being mushy. She said now check this out and began flexing and it was shocking at the muscle size! She said "abs of steel, legs of steel, and arms too! She then grabbed me and pulled me into the shallow water and wrestled me into a hold in about a foot of water without saying a word, she just muscled me around for a minute and then stood up and flexed again. All that rowing and gym work has made her into a woman that I'm no where near a match in strength or muscle. She treats me different now too. Her biceps are so much bigger than mine that they must be about 16 inches and look massive just like her legs. We are still on track for marriage but it's changed alot. She spent plenty of time showing me who is stronger or more muscular at every opportunity. After a while it didn't matter in front of family. I'm not so sure she's mature enough for her insane strength. I can without a doubt say she's stronger than most men.

AnonymousJul 29 2007 12:17pm
My wife made the strangest statement the other day after our workout in our home gym. She said your muscles aren't any stronger than your genes and the Y chromosome is srinking and degenerating. I looked it up and it's true, not that her statement was true and within the context of her point about comparing her strength to mine but reading about the male/female chromosomes, the female XX is growing stronger while the male Y is weakening started to bother me. The fact is I've been loosing strength and muscle in our late fourties while she is gaining muscle and strength at a surprising pace. Maybe women have been misunderstood when it comes to physical strength or under-rated, I don't know but one thing is certain, they are becoming stronger, one look around the enternet and you find out the truth. We workout together but she is growing both in strength and muscle when I'm just hanging in there but loosing a little of both as time goes by. It's not funny because she is stronger than me now and developing an much more athletic body than mine even in our fourties! She says she likes how her muscles are filling out and makes the wrinkles vanish, so she works at building them larger as much as possible. Now young men look at her a lot and that kind of gets to me. What ever the reason I'm taken by surprise at her easy muscle building while I struggle to maintain what I do have. Don't get me wrong here I do like her build but I'm trailing her while she out-muscles me like what the heck is happening? She has muscles that are very impressive from every angle, larger, harder, and stronger! This after 23 years with her! For the first time in my life I'm putting my hands on my wife's body and realizing she's stronger than I am. Trying to get used to this.

BillJul 29 2007 4:16pm
Bill I know it is very depressing to lose strength as you age, I understand that. However, your wife being stronger than you are now, you should be happy about that. There is nothing wrong with a woman being stronger than a man, you should be proud of your wife. Good luck to you.

TerryJul 31 2007 12:11pm
Are girls stronger than boys with same muscle mass? I've been wondering about this ever since my girlfriend started woking out with me. At first I could beat her at armwrestling and wrestling but as time went by and workouts that's all changed. She has gained strength faster than I have and continued to gain strength without adding a lot of muscle size until recently when her muscles began to develop more size very fast. I could not have predicted this or the results. Her muscles gained size on mine and developed to the point of being equal while doing the same workouts as I do while actually coming from behind. This is what has such a great quriousity for me. She was stronger than me in all respects at or near that point and that was late last year. Now the most noticeable is her superior leg strength and much more muscle size and her legs were not as large as mine when we started. Her upper body is more muscular and stronger too but not by the precentage as her legs but I can see it. This is not from drugs as we do use good vitamins, protien, and creatine but nothing more than that. While women do not have the testosterone levels of men they have some but as I've read they have greater amounts of growth hormonones, what ever the reason is, she is better at building strength and muscles. Other than that I have little understanding of why girls can and do become so strong other than the fact that they are working out. The only other thing so noticeable is like I've continued to read about is her greater physical endurance. Something that soon showed up while lifting and became clearly felt during wrestling. Wrestling has gone through stages with us from me overpowering her to becoming more difficult to her wearing me down and struggling to beat her to her overpowering me. The exact opposite from when we started to workout together. Now it's becoming embarrisingly easy for her to just plain out muscle me! She thrives on the fact now too. As I read some enternet sites, I know I'm not alone.

AnonymousSep 03 2007 12:54pm
You aren't alone... My wife "works out" when I'm at work. This has been going on for over a year. Her muscles are unbelievably strong! She's stronger then me by a long shot and now gaining size and her muscles are thicker. I've always been thin and enjoy running and she was a bit on the stocky side. She's lost the fat and you can see her muscles. Most of her stocky appearance was muscle to start with and her muscles have become bigger while loosing fat, she's bigger now but solid. This has been maybe just 16 months! She's all muscle! Bad thing is... she asks me to flex and compare to her and then she laughs. I know some don't believe this but take a look at some women now. My wife wants a "myspace" just to show off her huge muscles, I just say "whatever"?

WillSep 05 2007 7:51pm
My wife and I bought some Bowflex SelectTech Dumbells. Anyway she's been using them during the week when I'm gone at work. Her shoulders and arms have grown bigger. It's embarrassing because she's more muscular next to me. In the mirror the other day we were flexing and it became obvious she's out done me. She's been working out with me sometimes when I get home but for some time I wasn't aware she'd been lifting the weights every day. She's also gained about 26 lbs since April. She measure her shoulders around with a tape at 53" and mine at 48" and her biceps over 15 1/2" while mine were 14 1/2". This is after I've worked out three to four days a week this year. Now my wife looks like a bodybuilder next to me. I've found that she's stronger than me now with the dumbells. I haven't arm wrestled her since early in the year and I could barely beat her then. Her legs are bigger and always were but the upper body comparing is really embarrassing! I ecouraged her her to work with the weights but didn't at all think that the results might be her becoming stronger than me. She's big boned and strong and I should have thought about it but this never entered my mind.

FrankSep 29 2007 5:55pm
Frank, please tell us more about you and your wife. What are your respective ages, heights, and weights? Is she aware how much stronger she is compared to you? How does she like this new situation? Thank you.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 19 2007 9:48am
My wife is 5'7" about 175 lb. I'm 5'11" and 180 lb and 37, she's 36. We weigh close to the same but she's bigger everywhere. She's leaner and has abs less than I think 20 percent fat. She has worked out more than I have. Still in a short time her muscles developed a lot. The more results she sees, the more she tries, I was off on her arms, they are 15 3/4 now. She's big next to me even if I'm taller.

FrankOct 25 2007 7:55pm
Frank - Is your wife aware how much stronger she is compared to you? How does she like this new situation? Thank you.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 26 2007 11:31am
Yes she's aware and likes it. Not long after seeing results, she increased her workouts. Within 6 to 8 months I could see big changes and she's bought some other exercise equipment. She will sit in front of the TV and workout with the dumbells in the evening often.

FrankOct 26 2007 6:39pm
Frank - I'd love to chat with you sometime about your wife and other strong women. Please email me. Thanks.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 31 2007 8:38am
Yes things have changed after the knowledge that my wife is stronger. I am married to a very strong woman. About two years ago we had a dinner party for 3 couples, 8 people all together. One of our female friends talked about how strong she was after increasing her workouts from once a week to 3-4 times. She flexed her really big biceps to show us. I stupidly said something like cheescake arms. After dinner she asked me if I wanted to know what her cheesecake arms could do and challanged me to an armwrestling match. She was then 52 y.o. and I was 47. We started with our right arms, my strongest and her weakest. I realized that this woman was strong already from the start, her handgrip told me that she had done this before. I am a quite slim man that haven't gained any weight since I was 18 and I haven't been to a gym since than either. I gave everything I had and she went 3/4 way down but than it was stop. I could see a smile on her face when she understood that this was my full power. She let me take her down even further, about 2-3 cm from the table. She told me to watch her bicep and then she slammed my arm to the table. Cheesecake huh? She asked me if it was any meaning to try with our left arms and I said no. That means 2-0 to me she said smiling. But things got worse after that. My wife said to the strong woman that she wanted to take her husband on to save the family honour. My wife has been doing aerobics 3 times a week for ages and she is strong (we had never armwrestled before that evening but i had of course felt the muscles in her body). Her oponent is a bit like me, slim and fit after many miles running every week. But when it comes to arm strength my wife showed him and the rest around tha table that aerobics beats jogging. This man lost as easy as I just had done. My wife said, it's 4-0 for the women. This of course led to a tournament. I was the youngest and the rest were 50-55 years old. All 4 women worked out regurarely and so did the men. The difference was that the men didn't go to gyms. We were all runners and tennisplayers. I have to say that I lost to all women, except for one match with my right arm against one of the ladies that was a leftie. I won after a long struggle. One of the other men also won against this woman. Apart from that the results was 32-2 to the women! We were all surprised about the result, especially us men. We only had man vs woman matches that night. As you have understood by now I also lost to my then 51 y.o wife, she won rather easily with both arms. When our guests had left she challanged me again and said I could have a handicap. We started with her hand just above the table and from there she could easily force my hand first up and than down. She told me that she had understood a long time ago that she was stronger than me. I foolishly (yes once again) said that armwrestling was mainly technique. We were both a bit drunk and that is perhaps why she suggested a wrestling match, best out of 3 falls. I already knew that my wife's arms were strong but that is nothing compared to her big muscular legs. Her thighs are perhaps 50% bigger than mine, and they are rock hard. She totally outclassed me and within 20-25 minutes she had me to give up first three times but than a few times more since she wanted to go on and on, enjoying the power she had over me. That evening our relationshop changed, she is a bit more bossy and in bed she is more than that, she is dominant and we are doing it her way. She always takes the lead. Our sex life has actually become a lot better and the wrestling matches we still have almost always leads to sex. The men that were at our dinner party including me started to work out together in our home gym to be able to catch up with the women. But after half a year we mainly spent our time in the sauna, drinking bear and watching football. We still run and play tennis. We had a rematch party earlier this year, the only change was that the women now won 32-0. This is an absolutely true story. Never under estimate to power of a 50+ woman that works out hard. I think that the strength gap between the sexes closes when we reach 50, so watch out you men. I am happy with my strong wife I like to end this story saying. Just to clear things the home gym was bought just after the armwrestling evening 2 years ago, it was my wife that wanted to add pumping iron to her already intense work out programme. And she has become a lot stronger since that evening. She is almost 80 kgs on her 174 cm frame, I am 67 kgs and 180 cm.

67 kgs of not so big musclesNov 08 2007 1:23am
67 kgs and 180 cm? You're a shrimp that I could easily beat up with one arm behind my back. I am 176 cm and 82 kgs, I have big muscles, especially in my thighs that could crush a small body like yours. Be nice to your wife that seems to be my size or she will crush you between her muscular legs.

BarbNov 11 2007 4:33am
Barb, my wife is nice and would never hurt me even if you are right, she could really do some demage to my body if she wanted. I can't help being small, I just don't have the body to build some mass. I hope you are not as aggressive as your posting suggests?

67 kgsNov 11 2007 4:35am
To me it sounds like the small 67 kgs man is rather happy being with his strong wife, not embarrased at all. I am a strong woman that has always been stronger and bigger than my husband. He is 5'7 and 137 lbs whila I am 5'9 and 179 lbs, OK, some fat on my body but also big muscles, partly I was born that way and partly I have always been working out. My husband can cope with me being stronger at home, like lifting him, wrestle him down etc. but he really hates when I do things like that in public. I think he should be proud of his strong wife (I am stronger than many men, most of our male friends actually) and get used to this situation, I like to show the world that I am strong, but he has difficulties with the whole situation. We love each other but this can sometimes be an issue. Our friends tell me that I need to stop carry my husband around in public, and stop wrestle him down at the beach, and also stop beating our male friends at armwrestling since the male egos are too fragile to cope with all this. I refuse though, does this make me a bad woman?

-Nov 15 2007 6:02am
yes, you are a mean bitch

male 56Nov 18 2007 3:23am
Well, I guess I am not too uncomfortable with the role reversal in our relationship. The women that was armwrestling us men at the dinner parties are teasing us quite a bit, my wife quite often tells me about women that are stronger than her meaning that they are way stronger than me. I don't want to confront a woman like you Barb, if you are 15 kgs heavier than me and strong I am sure you could beat me up, but why? Just because you can? The last woman to comment "-" is right in one way, you have the right to be proud of your strength but I also think you should respect you husband enough to stop embarrass him in public. I get rather mean comments sometimes from men and women that I am not a real man loosing tests of strength to women. I guess it will take some time before socieaty accepts that women can be stronger. I have read that women outnumber men in the gyms in the US and in many European countries. The number of fit and strong women will increase and like the women I have written about here they are not scared of showing that they are strong and have muscles. Just on my way to work the other day I overheard a conversation between two women on the bus. One said that she are way too muscular and is tired to get comments about her big muscles. She had been a gymnast and now worked out frequentaly. The other woman said that she was very envious of her friends muscular body. For me being a man quite a bit smaller than average I now understand that most women my size and bigger are stronger than me.

67 kgs of not so big musclesNov 19 2007 11:25pm
I am a big woman and I have often wondered if men my size are a lot stronger than I am. I am 6'1 and almost 200 lbs, I have been working out with weights and been doing aerobics for years and I consider myself a lot stronger than the average woman. Some time ago a female co-worker complemented me for having big muscles at a coffee break, she said that I was probably stronger than the guys at the office. The men in the room looked a bit uneasy when they heard that, most of them are smaller than me. I put my arm up on the table and said I can take on any of them. The other women laughed and said that the men looked scared. The biggest of the guys, he is 5'11 and perhaps 175 lbs, said OK, I'm on. He looked worried thoough when he looked at my wide shoulders and buff arms. My hands are big and I felt from the start that I was stronger than this guy. I decided to play with him. He was soon giving everything he had and I just held him. I started to fix my hair with my other hand and said that it probably would take two of the men to beat me. Then I slammed his arm down. The other 4 guys in the room couldn't take it so they just had to try me as well. I was so much stronger than them it was rediculous. The other women wanted to try as well and I wasn't the only woman that could beat the guys. The women at my office all work out and the guys are not as busy in the gym as we are. Some of the have started to work out now, they feel ashamed of loosing to some of us women. I doubt though that they will ever become as strong as me.

Office AmazonNov 25 2007 2:36am
Office Amazon, I think I love you!

AnonymousNov 28 2007 7:46am
My wife went in the gym to loose weight and did for awhile, now she gained it back but she's lost the fat and is replaced with muscles. I was shocked when I found out she weighs more than me! Her muscles are hard as rock.

MarcDec 08 2007 8:27am
Another true story that starts in an office. My husband it the MD of a company. He is 37 years old, slim and good locking, I am 6 years older, heavier and a bit taller than him. We both keep ourselves in shape, he is playing tennis 3 times a week and I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Some months ago he was working very late almost every night together with his secretary and accountant. The night they finished the work they had some wine and food at the office. The accountant, a man the same age and size as my husband complemented the 53 year old secretary about her muscular arms and asked her if she was strong. That led to armwrestling matches with both hands where the woman surprised the both 30+ men that a woman almost old to be their mother could be a lot stronger. She dominated first the accountant and than my husband, almost slamming their arms to the table. My husband came home that evening and told me about what had happened. I said that this was no surprise to me since I had met the secretary many times, both at the office and at the gym. She is strong looking. I than challanged my husband and could beat him almost as easy. So don't underestimate older women, we can be strong as hell.

NormaDec 11 2007 11:00pm
I must add that my husband was a bit shocked loosing to two older women, as many other men he thought that just being a man gives him the advantage to be stronger than most women. I got interested in the subject, male and female strength after that. I have checked how the well trained women do against similar sized men at my gym, and even if most men have stronger upper bodies many of the women are stronger than men their size and age. When it comes to lower bodies I would say that women are stronger. I have alos noticed that the strength gap closes when women and men reaches 50. We have a 63 year old woman at my gym that can outlift some men that are in their 30's.

NormaDec 12 2007 2:38am
I would like to add my two cents... I had no idea what my wife was doing at the gym for some time. She played basketball in school and growing up she was a competition swimmer so she is very athletic. Things I began to notice was that her legs became so large after water skiing or bike riding that sitting next to me I began to see her muscles (pumped) were bigger than mine. She's been in the gym for some time and the fact is she's bigger than me now. Her muscles are much larger than mine and in such a short time this has happened. Looking back at such things as her legs after we go water skiing and all I just didn't think about it except that I could see what happened. You just get it in your mind that women are some how always weaker until you get blind sided by this. She's just more muscular everywhere and bigger than me now. So it's a new deal for me and interesting for sure.

DanDec 13 2007 9:57pm
Have you ever tested your strength agains hers? It sounds to me that she is quite a bit stronger.

NormaDec 14 2007 2:14am
Well she beats me at armwrestling or wrestling but not in a gym or with weights. One interesting thing is that we had grasped hands while facing each other and close while one pushes down when the other tries to push up and she will push my hands down to my shoulders and keep them there. When she pushes up I was lifted off the ground and actually while I tried to push her arms down I was doing a pull-up, she just lifted me off the ground!

DanDec 14 2007 4:31pm
What I ment about weight lifting is I don't know but I would assume she would be stronger in the gym. I don't go to the gym with her but I run & bike ride and such things to stay active.

DanDec 14 2007 4:35pm
My wife has beccome stronger than me and we bought home gym equipment only two years ago. Her biceps are larger than baseballs, she's thicker and harder everywhere. I would never have thought this would or even could happen. She can beat me at anything in the weight room and came from behind, I was stronger than her. She has 1" more on her biceps and more muscle on her back and shoulders next to me. Her legs are huge and no comparison next to my thin legs. Just better genes I guess.

RickDec 23 2007 7:11am
of course She has better genes. She's a Woman

AnonymousDec 25 2007 1:27am
When armwrestling my wife and loosing, I pulled a muscles in my bicep. we could here it. Anyway the doctor told me that I had "micro tears" in the muscle which are hundreds of fiber tears! He asked what I was doing and I told him something else out of sheer embarresment. He said if I had continued I could have torn the muscle completely. My wife, not even sore. She lifts weights and is smaller than me but hard as rock. Now she wants to wrestle and we haven't wrestled in years. I'm thinking she is much stronger than me now and what she'll be able to do if we do wrestle? Imagine that, her muscles ripping mine! Damn!

BradDec 27 2007 4:28pm
WOW! Post what happens if you do wrestle your wife Brad. Go for it, I want to know what she does to you! Sorry.

AnonymousDec 27 2007 4:32pm
Man... you realize what happened? Muscle against muscle and her's are strong enough to pull the fibers of your muscles apart! Be careful! That's a lot of strength! How much bigger is your arms?

AnonymousDec 27 2007 4:40pm

AnonymousJan 02 2008 10:30pm
At a party on new years eve I found out have embarrasing it can be to find out in front of other people that you ar not the strong one in your relationship. Late at night when the four couples that were at the dinner party started to talk about promises for the new year. The four women already worked out together and us men wore not very active physically at all. I have been watching this poll for a while since I have suspected that my wife actually is stronger than me. She is heavier and her arms, shoulders, thighs and calves are bigger than mine. She is still very feminine but I can feel hard muscles under her soft curves. The women said that they were now stronger than many men at the gym, especially leg strength. My wife said that she was sure that she was stronger than me and that shw probably always had been stronger. I objected of course and then we had our first real arm wrestling match. I started with most of my power to get a surprise start but my wife could match me rather easily. Soon I gave everything I had and then she slowly pushed my arm to the table. This was easier than I thought was her comment. She then got challanged by one of the other women, a rather big girl (45 years old). To my surprise she could beat my wife pretty easy. This of course meant that there was at least two women in the room stronger than me. The big woman than challanged her husband and she won again. My wife could beat her husband as well. After this we went home. Yesterday my wife came from the gym saying that the other two women at the party were almost equally strong as she was and that several other women at the gym also could beat me when it comes to upper body strength. She added that when it came to leg strength the women were totally out of my league. My wife seems to enjoy talking about me and other men being weaker than her and other women.Any other men or women with similar stories? I will start to work out soon...

WillyJan 03 2008 1:53pm
I've lived next door to the same couple for five years. She has become so much bigger than her husband in the last two years and her muscles are massive. We have a gym at our apartments that she uses along with other muscular "housewives" in our apartments. When you go by the workout room, it's almost always the women pumping iron. Wade

AnonymousJan 09 2008 7:28am
Every day it seems that more and more Women are getting stronger. At the same time, men are becoming softer, more emotional, and focusing on their appearance. Recently, i ran into a guy who was excited because he was dating a Woman doctor. He mentioned that she was not only making way more money than he was but also that she was stronger. This is happening all the time now, and in growing numbers. Sounds like the Women Wade sees working out are finding their future househusbands to me. Keep up the good work Ladies. thomas

AnonymousJan 09 2008 7:29am
My wife points almost daily out women that she thinks are physically stronger than me. "Look at that big women over there, she could make you give in less than a minute", "Today I saw a 60 year old woman at the gym that was twice as strong as you" are typical comments from her. My wife has always been stronger than me, she makes more money, she is 5 years older and she is considerably heavier than me, I am an inch taller than her. She has told everybody we know how much stronger she is than me (ok, I am not the strongest of men but I have male friends I can beat when it comes to armwrestling). I guess that I am attracted to strong women and I think that might be because I lived with my aunt as a child, a very big and strong woman. She babied me even when I was around 20 years old, she said that I could move to my own apartment the day that I could beat her at armwrestling. I never could beat her and lived with her until the day that I met my wife.

BillJan 10 2008 7:21am
Sheesh BILL! So how did you meet your wife? I had a cousin who would put me on her shoulders and lift me over her head when I was almost a teenager! A very good looking blonde who has broad shoulders and big legs. I've seen girls who are unusually strong more now than ever though.

GarrettJan 11 2008 8:12pm
I work rotation shifts of 10 to 12 hours and I've tried to workout but it's very difficult. Our apartment gym facility is only about 80 ft by 24 ft but has some good equipment. When I come home from nights there is about 6 to 12 women in there and only sometimes 1 to 3 men. About the same other times or evenings. I've seen women flexing in the mirror and some have biceps and shoulders that most men would have to train consitantly for as these women are far more muscular than men who don't workout. By the end of summer my neighbor was bigger and more muscular than her husband and me for that matter and I began to notice that he wasn't wearing shorts as often when at the pool or outside to cover his thinner next to his wives legs and would wear a shirt because of his lack of muscle and soft belly. Mean while she had become quite a hard body and big next to her husband. At the pool he seemed mesmerized by her muscles and if she sees me looking at her, she will reach back and play with her hair and show off her shoulders and arms or lean back and flex her triceps or put lotion on her legs making sure to give a slight flex. Now I don't think my apartment complex is any differant than thousands plus the internet is full of sites with people discribing simaler observations. A sign of changing times? It seems obvious that some women want to be stronger then men and clearly are. Some are even widening the strength gap between them and their man and from what I see they are making sure the situation is not likely to reverse direction.

WadeJan 12 2008 12:10pm
My aunt wanted me to have a woman that could take care of me, somebody that was mature, big and strong just like herself. My future wife was a friends little sister and this friend actually came over with her sister one night for dinner. I immidiately fell for this big nice girl, even if she was 26 to my 21 years old and a hell of a lot bigger. We started to date and then moved together. We had a rather equal relationship except for the love making that was totally dominated by my wife (still is) and whenever my wife thought I was out of line she made me do as I was told (when I was too drunk, betting and loosing money etc.) That is the short version of the story of my life.

BillJan 13 2008 2:29am
The more my wife works out the more I realize women are way under rated in strength. It has gotten to the point now that her muscles are larger than mine and as you can imagine, she is stronger. I admitt to being lazy but didn't think this would happen if I didn't work out. I used to but slacked off. She always had very strong legs but her shoulders and arms are what I didn't think could become that muscular and powerful. She could now wrestle me into a position and literally crush me, fortunately she knows when to back off. I don't fight or argue with her any more. It's not that difficult for this to happen! She's a workout nut and is out to get as strong as she can. I've never had muscles like her's and doubt I ever will. I don't have the desire or time for that matter. She can do four pushups with me sitting on her back! I'm a little embarrassed by this. She looks great though.

CarlJan 19 2008 3:56pm
Did anyone from another blog read this? We are STRONGER when we are equal to you men in size. In studies carried out at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, for example, 10 male and nine female strength athletes (powerlifters and body-builders) performed 20 maximal squat lifts, with three minutes of recovery between each lift. After the 20 lifts, the fatigued leg muscles of both males and females had lost about 20-24% of their maximal strength. However, various indicators of muscular power favoured the females. For one thing, the force-time curve  an indicator of muscles ability to contract powerfully and quickly  changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females. Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong. Why was the fatigue greater and recovery slower in males? Part of the problem seemed to be that the male lifters nervous systems became less responsive over the course of the workout. From the first to the 20 lift, activation of leg muscles by nerve cells fell by 20-25% in males but held fairly steady in females. While its not clear why male nerve activation should deteriorate more quickly, it is clear that females lose less of their muscular power during heavy-duty resistance training and seem to recover more rapidly once a tough session is over. (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993)

LindaJan 19 2008 4:25pm
Linda, it's such a thrill that Females are discovering Their strength. It's amazing that science is proving Females are stronger. Interesting that the male nervous sytem is actually the weak link. I guess you could say that males are just not as well constructed as Females. Women's endurance seems to come from a combination of things, better muscle quality and better wiring. Males are really second rate physiologically

AnonymousJan 29 2008 1:50am
So I'm not alone! I mean to live with a wife that is physically stronger than you. A few months ago my wife came home after a weekend with her coworkers, team building kind of thing. She was a bit drunk but her eyes glowed. She told me about that the team building had been very physical, where men and women competed against each other, sometimes individually and sometimes in groups. One thing the did was having an armwrestling contest. 7 women and 5 men were in my wife's group. It started with an hour where everbody learnt the basics in armwrestling, hand grips, wrists, how to use your body etc. They had a number of armwrestling tables set up and then they had a serious of matches. They then paired people after weight, not sex witch meant that several men and women met in the first 6 matches. It was matches with both arms so sometimes it took several matches to core a winner. Many women are very physically active where my wife works and so is she. When the first round was over 4 of the 6 remaining people were women. This shocked the men but the women were not that surprised. My wife had beaten her male opponent (her boss actually) with both arms rather easily she said. The 6 remaining contestants teamed up so that the biggest man met the biggest woman (not my wife) and my wife were up against the other man, if similar size as my wife (176 cm and 80 kgs). And two women met as well. The match between the big man and big woman was very tough. The man won rather easily with his right hand being right handed and the woman with her left. It took a lot of matches to get the winner and the woman won because she had better stamina. My wife also won meaning that the three strongest persons out of 12 were women. The three remaining contestants met in a series of matches where the biggest woman won and my wife was second. She also told that in the othrer three groups (there were three groups with 12 people in each)many women had beaten men). I am sorry that this is rather long but this is where my part of the story begins. After my wife had told her story I said something about that the men at her company must be rather small and weak. My wife got upset about that and she said that the two men she had beaten were both more muscular than me and that she was sure she could beat me easily if we armwrestled. I took that as a challange but before we started I wanted my wife to teach me what she had learnt from the instructors so I could compete with her fair and square. I soon got the basics but already when my wife showed me how to wrestle I understood that she was strong, very strong. We had never armwrestled before, just been fooling around so I didn't really know how strong she was. She is bigger than me (I'm 71 kgs and as tall as her) but I thought that being a man should give me the advantage. We should go 3 matches with each arm to see who was the champion. After the first match where my wife almost slammed my strong right arm with her weakest arm I understood that this was a stupid idea to compete with my wife. She destroyed me 6-0 and ended the whole thing saying that I probably should have problem beating even the weakes woman at her office (a woman that is not weak at all since she is a gym rat). This evening changed our relationship a lot. My wife started to domoinate our sex life in a way she never done before, she wanted to match her strength with mine all the time in every possible way and just loved to show who was stronger. She started to challange our male friends to armwrestling matches and enjoyed every scapl she took. And she also enjoyed seeing other strong women showing that they could beat men at something physical. I have started to work out at my company gym, but only have time for one visit a week. My wife is starting almost every morning at the gym and has also joined a local armwrestling team. I am not sure I totally like the new situation where my wife is more bossy, on the other hand we have sex very often since all these physical competitions makes her hot, that is if she wins and against me she always dos. By the way, we are both approaching 50. This is the story of my new life with an amazon wife.

R.L.SmithFeb 04 2008 12:44am
I forgot to add if somebody is interested that the armwrestling contest I described caused many challenges to be thrown between the comapanies coworkers. Many women were successfull against the men perhaps even more so when the men started to drink. Of course there where some men that were stronger than most women but only because they were bigger. This side of my story interest me since it was a complete surprise for me that so many women could match the men and even win. Any other here on this board have a similar experience?

R.L.SmithFeb 04 2008 12:51am
I think that many women have both hided their strength when competing against men and they haven't really used all their power. I remember when I was at University. One of the female students were rather big with wide shoulders and big arms and legs, but still very feminine. She also worked out quite often. We had a party and the guys wanted to try how strong this big girl really was after some drinks. They all had big problems to beat her but she lost after some struggling to all four guys. I talked to her in the kitchen when we were alone and asked her if she really had given everything. Of course she said. I asked her if she wanted to try me. I felt strength in her big hand but when I thought she was about to put me down she slowed down enough for me to get back to the upright position. I told her that something that was worse than loosing to a woman in this classical test of strength was to win because the women let you win. She then smiled and said, then be ready boy and slammed my hand down so it was black and blue for a week after. I told her to challange the boys again and she went out to the others and told the guys that she had been joking with them. Well, she destroyed their evening but I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't mind loosing to somebody that is stronger, even if it is "just a girl".

TommieFeb 04 2008 2:20pm
Tommie, I know what you mean. I am a strong woman and have always been strong. When I was a kid I used to be able to beat up the guys. But as a teenager I started to realize that teenage boys are fragile and when I could beat them at armwrestling they gor very embarrassed. Sp I hided my strength for a long time. When I was in my 30's I started to work out very hard to get in shape after my kids and my body responded very well, I got big muscles and got a lot stronger. My husband commented on my new muscles and said that I better stop or he would be in trouble. This somewhat got me angry, why should I stop working out just because I might get stronger than him. I just said it's too late for that my little husband, I am already stronger than you and I probably always has. He got almost shocked about this comment. Of course we had to see who was stronger and of course I was the one with the muscles, he never been to a gym, just been running, he is lighter than me and still he thought he should be stronger. We also wrestled and I had him even more outclasses since my lower body is very very strong. It took my husband a long time to accept being weaker than his wife. Our relationship changed a bit, he let me take more initiative or rather I took more of it and he accepted that. I think this is the way with men, you either accept being weaker and than you treat the stronger with more respect or you dont accept it and then leave. Men are delicate creatures but I love my husband anyway.

RhondaFeb 04 2008 11:21pm
I forgot to mention the armwrestling part of "the night of the truth". He actually couldn't beat my stronger left arm with both his. I was a bit shocked that I was so much stronger than him but than again, I was born strong and working out hard did the trick.

RhondaFeb 04 2008 11:24pm
The answer to the question of this poll is YES, I was very embarrassed when me wife proved to be stronger. This all happened about a year ago, we went to a dinner with 3 more couples. The host, a big man, complemented my wife on her muscular arms (she was sleeveless) and asked her if she was as strong as she looked. She is 5'9 and with a strong build with wide shoulders and gym sculpted arms. The host is a big burly man 6'2 and more than 200 lbs. He smiled when my wife put her arm up at the dinner table for an armwrestling match. Of course she didn't have a chance against this big strong man that I am sure is more than twice as strong as me (I am 5'10 and slim). BUT he really had to fight to get her down and use most of his power. He said my god, you are stronger than most of my male friends (looking at me). My wife told me that I had to save the honor of the family beeting the hostess, the wife of the big guy. Well, she is smaller than her husband but still bigger than me almost 6 feet and big all over. She didn't have any problems beating me with both arms, she said that since my wife did a lot better armwrestling her husband than she usually did I surely must be weaker than my wife. Poo, I had to face my own wife in an armrwestling match in front of our friends. My wife smiled, be ready to loose dear. She played with me and just held me while I spent my power quickly givin all I had to get her down. She was just way stronger than me. I felt a bit better when she could beat the other 2 men as well (and so did the hostess). I refused to try the other ladies when they challanged me, loosing to two women the same evening, especially to my wife that has teased my quite a bit after this, was hard to bear. It occupied my mind all the time after this, I looked at women in a different way. Could that woman be stronger than me? Could our female friends beat me as well? I started to check the net and was surprised how many men and women that had experienced the same thing on different forums. I have armwrestled and wrestled my wife several times after that evening and never been close to beat her. I today understand more that there in fact are quite a few strong women out there and many men that aren't that strong. I have beaten most of our female friends and several of the men as well but also lost to at least 5 other women.

RickFeb 06 2008 3:17am
My wife's upper body has reached the level of mine. She was a swimmer and her shoulders are wide. The thing is my legs can't match her's! Her quads and calves are ENORMOUS! She came from behind in both areas yet her legs passed mine up in size and strength during workouts. Any time we wreslte now she gets her legs wraped around mine and then is able to ware my upper body out until she wins or she just wraps her legs around me and squeezes and wins. This has all happened because she works out with me! I used to believe that women were the weaker sex but I now have my doubts about any of that. She told me that as we continue to workout, she will be stronger than me and I laughed at her. By late last year she was just as strong and as big as me in her shoulders and arms. She said because of her bigger hips and legs she'd be stronger than me in no time. Yes I'm embarrassed! Now it's her cord or mid section that's improving very fast, out powering me in weighted situps and leg raises. In the mirror it's her with more well built muscles and she wants to wrestle me more often and that's well in her favor. I knew she had good potential from swimming but NOT LIKE THIS! She's a powerhouse now. She said the other day while showing me her thighs "look at this, your legs are scrawny, I told you I could beat you at this!" Now that's her whole point and is driving her during workouts. Look out guys, don't under estimate your woman espesually if you see potential.

AnonymousFeb 10 2008 1:06pm
My husband was very embarrassed the day he found out that hiw wife was the one with the muscles in the family. He had been working out for a year, 2 times a week and lost a lof of weight. He felt stronger than ever before. I have been working out a lot longer doing aerobics for years. What my husband didn't know was that I took double passes since a couple of years back meaning I first did an hour of aerobics and than an hour in the gym. One evening he stood in front of the mirror flexing his biceps that now were more visible since he lost most of the fat on his body. I said that he had cute muscles and teased him that if he kept on he might have bigger muscles than me one day. The thing is that my biceps are bigger than his, I still have a layer of fat over my rather big muscles, something that I am OK with since it keeps me looking more feminine. Anyway he couldn't take my comment and wanted to armwrestle me, something we had not done since we were young (now in our 40's). My husband doesn't have the robust physique that I do. The hours in the gym has done good to his body though that is now slim with a slight muscular look. I am right handed so we started with my strong arm. You could see he believed that he would beat me easily but that he started to look worried when nothing happened. I matched his strength all the way and soon he was giving everything he had. I started to change position, squeezed his hand harder and put my shoulder in the match and this was all the I needed. I slammed his arm down. He looked shocked but soon said that it was OK, since I worked out as well and since this was my strongest arm against his weakest. The left handed match started. I was a bit surprised that it was almost easier for me to beat his strongest arm, perhaps he lost his steam in the first match. My husband did not take this well at all. After the progress at the gym the last year he rally thought that he was a lot stronger than me. I am 174 cm and 78 kgs he is 181 cm and after his work out year was down to 70 kgs. He must have thought that my bigger body was mainly fat even if he must have felt that I had muscles when we were making love. I had to comfort him that evening, he almost cried. I said that he looked great and that he was probably stronger now than many of his male friends, I told him about my double passes at the gym. He still thought that loosing a strength contest to his wife was hard to take. This started to irritate me, he should be proud of his strong wife. I said he could get even if he could beat me in a wrestling match. I knew there was no way he could win this, I had just proven to be stronger in my upper body but I knew I was a lot stronger than him in my legs and hips. He agreed to go best out of three falls. My extra weight and greater strength made this a very uneven match indeed. I didn't really have to use more than let's say 75% of my power to outclass him. I had him pinned in less than a minute the first fall and in seconds the second. I rather enjoyed this but he was so embarrassed. I comforted him in bed later on that evening. After this evening he goes three times a week to his gym and he is getting stronger. I also go three times a week and unfortunate for my husband I have better genes for gaining strength and muscles so he is today even more behind when it comes to raw strength. It has been nice to read all the posts here, this was my story, women should be proud of their strength.

Lady from FinlandFeb 10 2008 11:27pm
Your right Lady from Finland. Women should be proud of their strength. We men should be proud of our wives strength as well. Keep up the good work!!!

thomasFeb 16 2008 6:44pm
I had a lot of trouble believing in any of this stuff until around late last year after my wife been in a gym for little over one year. I can't believe how strong she's become! Wreslting and armwreslting isn't so easy anymore and If I don't beat her right away, she will beat me. Her muscles are just about the same size as mine. kind of embarrassing but interesting. Yes I'm proud of her but concerned as she spends more time at the gym now and appears to make sure I see her flex in the mirror.

AnonymousFeb 23 2008 5:25pm
When you read the posts here you can get the impression that women are stronger than men BUT most of what is written here are exceptions. I believe though that there will be huge changes in the future, it is a fact that women out number men at the gyms AND that their work outs have gone from toning to building muscle and to get strength.Some of my female collegues at work started to work out together 5 years ago and the difference in their bodies are fantastic! The oldest lady (she is around 50) now has big visible biceps that jumps up from her arm every time she is fixing her hair and other things. This bicep is for sure bigger than mine and I am a 30 plus man. The other women have become more muscular as well. I have never been to the company gym but some of my other collegues that do have told me that these ladies are really strong, stronger than many of the men at the gym. I have never been to a gym so I will avoid challengnig these ladiesin any kind of contest. My girlfriend is a lot smaller than me and I think I can take her in an armwrestling match but I am not sure, she is an ex-gymnast (many years ago) and she is doing some kind of power yoga a couple of times a week.

ManfredFeb 25 2008 11:29pm
MYTH BUSTERS! The age-old myth of women having less muscular strength than men do is just thata myth. This excerpt from Shameless Magazine puts it best: Many people believe that all men, as some sort of single unit, are stronger than women. And reason says that simply isnt true. Mens strength is just as variable as womens. Men, on average, are bigger than women, with a higher lean body mass-to-fat ratio. But women generate the same force per unit of muscle as men. That is, muscle pound to muscle pound, women and men are similar in strength. A strong woman is strong, full stop. This observation was confirmed by a study from the US National Strength and Conditioning Foundation, which adds that although women and men have the same muscle strength, the reason many men appear stronger on the surface is because they have more muscle mass from being bigger (as opposed to muscle strength), have a higher lean body mass-to-fat ratio, and have different fat distribution in the body than women do. Wait a minute (I can hear someone say), arent we just picking nits now? What does it matter if technically womens muscles produce the same amount of power, if due to the other factors mentioned above, a womans body altogether still produces less power, on average, than a mans body altogether? And if this is true, whats wrong with saying so? First, this distinction is important to make because its actually a pretty big one, with implications and consequences depending on whether one makes it or not. Stating without qualification that women have less strength than men, period, is inaccurate and suggests that this is an inherent trait in women, something that cant be changed. As mentioned though, womens muscles have the exact same strength as men do, and it is in fat distribution and lean body mass where they differfactors which are variable and can be changed through training or exercise. Moreover, even though muscle mass is cited as a contributing factor of mens strength, the same studies have shown that women build strength the same way men do yet without building as much muscle masswhich is interesting, because if both men and women build strength equally, but only mens muscles build much mass to go with it, to me that suggests that in the end,WOMEN'S MUSCLES WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE MORE POWER PER INCH/POUND THAN MEN'S, to do the calculations! And as Shameless said, if a strong woman were matched with a man with less muscle (or lesser built muscles), more fat, and less lean body mass, she would in that case definitely not be the weaker sex. Second, making this distinction is important because it affects how people approach this and related topics, and this ties in to the last question above. There is nothing wrong with explaining why many women have less net strength output than many men. After all, a fact is a fact, right? The problem arises when people start making unqualified statements like the ones at the beginning of this post, and making them frequently and thoughtlessly. Although clearly I was kidding when I said I feel weaker already, can you imagine what the effects of reading or hearing statements like that over and over again would be on someones mindset, whether consciously or subconsciously? If you imagined the logical, youre right: other studies have shown that women significantly underestimate their own strength, compared to men. Because were told were weaker, we think we have even less strength than we have to begin with. This affects everything from whether or not a woman will reach her full potential while weight training, to whether or not shell choose to fight off a man who attacks her in the street, or just let it happen because to fight back would make it worse (according to another disastrous, popular myth). Its all woven into one more narrative about what women are or arent or should be or shouldnt be, whether its a young Mestra Ednas relatives telling her martial arts arent for girls, or todays average female capoeira student only able to find articles reiterating how weak she is compared to all the male capoeira students in her classwhich may be true, but also just as well may not, and whos the articles author to say? So mulhers i meninas, remember this the next time you aim for that macaco/s-dobrado/bananeira/cool upper-body strength-requiring move!

AnonymousFeb 27 2008 4:40pm
Female muscle is of better quality and it's being proven over and over. For example in what was stated earlier, "Moreover, even though muscle mass is cited as a contributing factor of men's strength, the same studies have shown that women build strength the same way men do yet without building as much muscle mass, which is interesting, because if both men and women build strength equally, but only men's muscles build much mass to go with it, to me that suggests that in the end,WOMEN'S MUSCLES WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE MORE POWER PER INCH/POUND THAN MEN'S, to do the calculations"! The other thing is that more and more studies show that women actually gain more strength than men do while doing the same exercise. So while men are on average larger, women are on average "pound for pound" of muscle, physically stronger espesually in muscular endurance. This whole subject interests me because of my wife's results from weight workouts. We sometimes workout together but not always. Over time she changed from an aerobics based exercise to strength training and now focusing on muscle building. I realize that body type has a lot to do with results. She has gone from gaining on me to matching me in strength in little more than a year after changing her workouts. Since that point I've become the one who is attempting to "catch up" and not really doing very good at it. I'm 5'10" and she's 5'8" so we're close in size. She is just as broad in the shoulders and bigger boned in her legs. Her legs have become a lot bigger than mine, more muscular, and stronger. That didn't surprise me as much as her upper body, as I said her upper body is about the same size. She is I would guess about 75 percent stronger in her legs and what does now embarrass me is that her upper body is stronger in what is about 15 percent. This is based on what we can lift for a single or two. Her muscular endurance is well ahead of mine and I believe is really contributing to her brute strength and muscle size because she can and will out-work me and as matter of fact she enjoys this fact and will do so often enough. No joke, she will push until my point of burnout, strength drop off or muscle failure and then with that satisfied gleem in her eyes, she will continue and make sure I stay and watch. Sometimes to "spot" her yet never having to help. She seems to make sure I can see her muscles "get closer and spot me, I'm not done" and drive home the fact that she has out-muscled me. I have only to conclude that women have been way under-estimated and most likely are stronger when equal in size. The thing is it's changing as so many women are not just equal but more muscular than men now days and out number men in the gym.

AnonymousMar 10 2008 12:45pm
I let my wife join a gym two years ago and now she's more muscular and stronger than me. Something I didn't consider or even thought could happen. So I'm not alone I see. She now spends more time weight training than before now that she's discovered that she's getting stronger still. I asked her what her goal was by doing this? She says "to be as strong as possible" scarry huh?

BGMar 16 2008 12:31pm
BG, no I am as surprised as you are of all the comments on the issue women getting more muscular than their men. Of course I have a similar story. Me and my wife are both 40+ and a year ago started to work out together at a gym. The first month we had a personal trainer. We first worked out twice a week but after some months my wife wanted us to go three times a week. She loved to work out. Like many other couples I was stronger in my arms to start with and my wife quite a bit stronger in her legs. But it only took my wife about 2 months to lift the same weights as me with her upper body and she could do more reps. After half a year she was considerably stronger than me in her upper body and her muscles had grown. She added about 15 lbs ouf muscle and I lost about the same amount. Kind of strange really. She bulked up and I slimmed down from doing almost the same kind of work outs. I am 178 cm and today I am weighing in at 71 kgs, my wife is 174 cm and 78 kgs. I can bench 65 kgs with free weights and 75 kgs with the machine. My wife's records are 75 kgs and 90 kgs. She is really strong and stronger than many of the men where we work out. I am a lot stronger today than when we started so it is a bit strange that I am not the one with the muscles in our family. I have decided to just go to the gym once a week and jog a lot more, my wife has added kick boxing to her routines. And yes, she can kick my ass in all kinds of strength tests but I am rather OK with that since none of our male friends or relatives are stronger than her.

MGBMar 17 2008 3:49am
My wife's younger sister, 32 years old, is actually the only one among our friends and relatives that is stronger than my wife, and I need to see more and more women at our gym that are stronger than me, even if I have been working out a lot the last year. The world is changing.

MGBMar 17 2008 3:56am

AnonymousApr 09 2008 7:57pm
My wife and I went to a gym for about two years, after we moved we dicided on a home gym. From there on we focused on strength training and muscle. Over the course of one year at home I found myself struggling to keep pace with her. First off she has greater muscle endurance as I found myself failing to match her reps at times and somewhat of an embarrisment for me. Now when we compare muscles, she has me beat. Lately we've set up a camera and taken pictures of us together flexing so it's become obvious she's more muscular. While it's embarrising for me as a man it's also very interesting to compete with my wife. I didn't expect it to be like this or her to laugh about it. She now claims that I won't be able to close the gap because fo the results so far favor her.

DonMay 09 2008 12:47pm
I read on "webMD" that women lose less muscle as they age compared to men. Something to consider when you are middle aged or older and weight training with your wife? Probibly one of the reasons men find themselves in a challange with their wives when it comes to muscle.

AnonymousMay 10 2008 11:04am
From the start of a workout men & women show equal strength per volume of muscle. women showed 12 percent more muscle strength than men near the end of a workout. Activation of muscle fibers fall off by 25 percent in men during exercise but change very little in female muscle. Overall women do have stronger muscles. (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993)

AnonymousMay 10 2008 11:24am
i was at first shocked to discover my wife is stronger - we are both in our forties and i am 5'9 and she is 5'7 but she has a bigger build weighing 88 kg to my 75 kg. it was a shock but that was four years ago - i've got used to it now and find it a real turn on.

bolgerMay 12 2008 6:39am
Here is a similar post I did few months ago - since then we have checked height measurements and I had got her height wrong. It could be true that middle aged women retain their strength better than men. I used to be marginally stronger than my wife of 20 years (or at least I think I was unless she wasn't really trying) and was also heavier. In last twenty years she has put on a bit of weight and I have lost weight. I'm 5'9 an inch more than she is but at 195 pounds she now outweighs me by nearly 30 pounds. Last year we took our young son to a museum with a sports section with two strength tests for hand grip strength and leg/body strength and my wife encouraged me to demonstrate to our boy. Later on she had a go and outscored me in both tests by about fifteen percent. I tried again but couldn't get near her and every time I beat my previous best she would have another go and beat her previous best by about the same amount. She didn't think this was surprising as she is heavier and also I have a sedentary office job while she maintains our little farm which involves alot of manual work. The great thing is that this discovery has revitalised our sex life which was flat since birth of our boy. We ply wrestle (and she wins) but our favourite game is she'll wrap her arms around me from behind and I have to pull against her and try to escape but after a few seconds of me straining and making no impact she'll ask me to tell her when I'm ready to begin. I find it sexually arousing.

BOLGERMay 12 2008 10:01pm
BOLGER, more and more we men are experiencing these things. I have yet to hear from any man who says when something like this happens he does not like it. Seems to be hardwired into our mind to appreciate the power of Women.

thomasMay 13 2008 1:33pm
Thomas - I think you may be right.

BOLGERMay 14 2008 1:05am

AnonymousMay 21 2008 10:52pm
In America, I've noticed that women are slowly feminizing men. In the 1970's it was considered "manly" or "macho" for men to have a hairy chest. Now a hairy chest seems to provoke snickers and sneers and comments like "he needs to get his chest waxed". Manicures, facials, waxing, dieting, all these things that only women used to do, men are now doing at the encouragement of women. The next step is for women to demand and only choose men who are softer and more slender than they are.

AnonymousMay 29 2008 7:07am
Don't worry. Even a weak male of age 15 or more is stronger than any girl or woman who does not work out. Some women do work out and they can become much stronger than the average man, but most women still choose to be either plump, weak couch potatoes or skinny, weak stick figures with too much make-up and padded bras.

alexJun 01 2008 8:36am
My wife has the ability to build musle much better than I expected. We have a home gym set up and started about a year and a half ago. She loves it and is at it almost every day. Now when I come home from work she's already done a workout and will do it again with me. Her legs are very strong and stronger than mine now, as for upper body she about the same as me in size but more muscular because of her size at 5'6" to my 5'10" and yes it is becoming embarrassing.

DaveJun 09 2008 7:44pm
Dave, What are your ages? Does she use any protien of creatine drinks?

AnonymousJun 09 2008 10:20pm
or creatine

AnonymousJun 10 2008 7:24am
We are both 36 and yes she has her supplements, protien and creatine. She has a workout log book and after looking at it I realized how much more workouts she has done than me. I added up the total weights moved per week and it sometimes comes to twice or more of the weight I moved. Because she's doing it when I'm at work. I now see how she's done this 4-5 times a week sometimes twice to my 2-3 times. She says her strength is now her hobbie.

DaveJun 14 2008 1:08pm
---------------------- I'm a 22y old girl from sweden, and it have been interesting to read all the stories here. I think here is sweden it's heading the same trend as in Japan, the girl ideal is sporty, strong and incharge and the girls wants the guys to be slim, cute and not having too much muscles. I remebered when the swedish gladiators show was on, everybody on my school thought the male gladiators was gross and having too much muscles, but it was cool with the female gladiators muscle. I know everyone in our little "girlgang" prefer slim bodies on guys and not the buff gymguys. Nowdays when we go out on nighclubs we always chase the cute and "weak" guys, i think they are sexier somehow. The last two guys i had been to bed with, have been slim musician in my age, with slim arms and legs. I was clearly stronger phyicly than both of them, and i could easily take control of them and be in "charge", and i think both me and them loved it. I talked to my best frinds about it, and they thinks it cool and also prefer their guys to be weaker, or at least not much stronger then themself. They say it's both safer and you can have more fun with them (i'm not telling what they like to do to cute guys ;-0 ) I also notice that the guys with big muscles are getting jelous at smaller guys, since they seems to get girls much easier. I talked to an ex. classfriend of mine, and he said he had stopped training at gym a year ago, since girls had told him he had too much muscle. I told him of course he looked better now then he was smaller (of course ;-) ). I dont say everyone in sweden prefer smaller guys, but it's definatly an big trend among girls in my age. And then i get a serious boyfriend, i'm pretty sure he will be weaker than me. PS. I lift more than 2 of three guys in my bodypump-class, and they are around 30 years. Not bad, huh? (if they wasn't engaged both of them (grrr), i would invite them home, hehe ;-) )

/KattisJun 17 2008 2:08am
To /Kattis - PS. I lift more than 2 of three guys in my bodypump-class, and they are around 30 years. Not bad, huh? (if they wasn't engaged both of them (grrr), i would invite them home, hehe ;-) ) Are they engaged to each other?

AnonymousJun 20 2008 7:27am
No silly. They have girlfriends both of them. The first one is funny, he and his girlfriend always train bodypump together, and they always stand next to each other and ALWAYS have the exact same weights on the bar in all exercises. They have also the same colour on their clothes, LOL.--------------- The other guy is really good looking, but I have heard he have a girlfriend. I usually place myself behind him in our bodypump-class, so I have a good view on him while training. I don't know why, but I enjoy watching him struggling with lesser weights than I use. When I do good reps with heavier weights, it's a confirmation of my girl body is stronger than his male body, even if he is an handsome adult guy 10 years older than me, and I enjoy the feeling. I have tried to talk to him after the class, but he seems to be a bit shy. I told him he had a slim and fit body, and he laughed and said thank you, and seemed to like my compliment, as loosen up towards me and the last weeks he is always saying hello and do some small talk to me before the class. Maybe I?m getting somewhere ;-)

/Kattis 2008-06-23Jun 23 2008 3:16am
My girfriend said the some months ago that the aerobics passes she took was really tough and that she thought that me and my football team couldn't last even half the pass she took. We made an arrangement where me and my football buddies joined the aerobics pass. My girlfriend was wrong, we didn't even last half the pass. After abvout 20 minutes (of an hour) all us guys were dead meat on the floor, totally exhausted. We could watch the girls go for another 40 minutes. And we could also see that many of these girls actually were more muscular than many of us guys. My girlfriend has taken this aerobics clas 3 times a week for several years but I have always thought that I was in good shape after football practice and matches. When we came home I had to admit that the women were in better shape. Later on that evening I was still sore and my girfriend started to play wrestle with me. She toyed with me she was just so much stronger and got me in hold after hold that I couldn't get out of. I am now lookin at her in a totally different way. Our football team have hired their aerobics leader to get us all in better shape. She tells us that we will never be as fit as the girls but the truth is that our team has improved after our new work out routines. And my girlfriend has now added weight lifting to her programme so I doubt I will catch up on her.

BruceJun 24 2008 12:53am
Hi all. I have promised my friend kattis to write something here on topic, so here we go. I can describe myself first, I?m 21 y old, and have always been the "bad girl" among my girlfriends, doing crazy stuff, love to party late, having tattoos, some piercing, love kinky stuff, getting boyfriends very early and so on. Despite this I have a steady boyfriend since almost 4 years now, and I am actually the only girl with a steady boyfriend in our "girlgang". My boyfriend is same age as me, are also some kind of bad boy, with long hair and many tattoos. I must say I share Kattis taste in guy, I like guys who are slim, "boyish" and not too muscular. I must say my boyfriend fit that description pretty good, pretty light with slim arm and legs. He was still stronger than me, course I wasn't very strong and didn't train anything except guitar... Anyway, two years ago I moved to this town to study, and met Kattis and the other girls. They where climbing and I started also, and soon found out I was pretty good at it. It seems like I have some natural talent for it, and I was very fun to climb also. The first months my arms where screaming in pain after my climb training, but after a while my arms developed so I could handle it better. I also trained some bodypump with Kattis to help build strength to make me a better climber. I was surprised to see I could develop muscles pretty quick, since I never had any muscles before and didn't think I could ever be athletic. My boyfriend noticed this too, and he was amazed that after just a few month climbing weak little me was pretty even with him in armstrengh. We tied at armwrestling, but he was cool with it and wanted to feel my new muscle and so on. As I continued to climb, my strength and muscles continued to develop good, and I am now clearly stronger and have more muscles than my cute bad boy. I didn't like my body much before, but now I?m proud of my fit body and thinks my new stronger body fits my "bad ass" personality much better, and I feel I can put some physical force behind my brave word and demands now. And i feel more confident also. But even if i have trained pretty hard, i was very surprised how quick a girl like me could pass his male strengh. My boyfriend thinks my new strength is cool, and likes when I get physical with him. When among his friends, he doesn't want me to show off, and I respect that, but among my girlfriends I love to show off, winning over him in strength contests like armwrestling (it's often Kattis who egg us on after a few beers ;-) I want to tell more, but this is all for now. / Ps I'm not surprised of Bruces story. Many guys are not as strong as they belive themself

TessJun 26 2008 1:56am
Tess, can you beat other guys at armwrestling as well and can your girlfriends beat your boyfriend?

Slimmer than mostJun 26 2008 2:11am
Good news about the bodypump-guy. We smalltalked before the pass and I asked him about his girlfriend. He was surprised by the question, but anwsered that they broke up a few month ago and he was single now. A said that a guy like him must have many girls chasing him now, and he almost blushed and laughed, and said he dind't know anything about that. Then tha pass started a placed myself in front of him this time, and everytime i looked at him in the mirrors i could see he was studying me. Everytime we changed wheights during pass, i turned back to him and we both smiled. One time he told me "Damn, you are really good att this." I had heavier wheights during all excersices, and one time i saw him put on my wheight on one excercise, but he failed after just a few bad reps and had to put off some wheights. I flirted with him openly during pass, and he seemed to get nevous about it even of i could see he enjoyed it also. I'm a bit surprised i can get him nevous like this since he is almost 10 years older than me. After the pass, i had changed and saw him talking to another guy, I told him bye Peter and see you here on friday again, and he was very friendly against me and said we will meet on friday here. I could see how he followed me when i went away on my bike. LOL, i think his interesed. I have to plan my next move. Your suggestion Amina may be good, but the only problem is i dont work out in the gym myself, i only do bodypump, climbing and use some free weight at home (this gym is expensive for me right now). We'll see what will happen, i'll keep you updated ;-) PS. To "Slimmer than most" I hope Tess won't get mad at me for answer your question, but i can tell i can beat both Tess and her boyfriend at armwrestling. Among us 5 girlfriends, i think he only can take one now. But we like him anyway ;-) We joke about Tess having to guard him now during our parties ;-)

/KattisJun 26 2008 5:33am
Hi, "Slimmer than most". "Tess, can you beat other guys at armwrestling as well and can your girlfriends beat your boyfriend? ------------------------- Well, i haven't tried many actually. But it was relly fun to find out beat my older brother. He is two years older than me, and be where both pretty skinny growing up. But he was always bullying my physicly while we lived at our parents house, and i couldn't do anything to stop it more than running to mommy and complain. Well, we are both still pretty skinny, but i have put on some muscles lately even if i don't think he's notice it. A few month ago a challange him at armwrestling, and he was in total chock when i won pretty easy. It was so much fun to see the expression on his face. I have teased him about how i should bully him back now and he seems very nervous everytime i see him now ;-) About my boyfriend armwrestling my girlfiends, he have won over one and lost to two, but they are very strong girls. PS Kattis, oh, you just like to boast about your win. I'll get you sometime. And yes, i know you are jealous for me having a hot boyfriend. Good luck with your new flirt, the bodypump-guy BTW. Funny to read about it here. Hope you nail him so i can get my boyfriend alone ;-)

TessJun 26 2008 5:49am
I really like to read about how open minded you Swedish girls seem to be about role reversal when it comes to physical strength. And to be honest, it is not such a big deal, as long as you like each other and have respect, it doesn't matter who is stronger. But I am interested to hear more from strong women that actually enjoy being the stronger

Slimmer than mostJun 26 2008 2:21pm
I think women have stronger muscles then men, they're usually not as large though. Now days it's becoming common to see women with bigger muscles. I see it all the time. The other day at the store, I saw more women with bigger leg muscles than the men the were with.

AnonymousJul 05 2008 11:30am
I am sure about older women keeping their strength longer than men. Where I am working there are about 65% women, many of them over 60 y.o. Surprisingly many of them are physically active and they are in great shape. Some of them are stronger than their 10 year younger female collegues and some are stronger than their equally old male collegues. My wife is 62, 4 years older than me. When we met more than 35 years ago I was clearly stronger than her and had bigger muscles. Now her muscles are bigger and I have to admit quite a bit stronger. I work out as well as her but she is more devoted and is going to the gym at least 3 times a week. She really enjoys being stronger and quite often teases me that she is older but stronger. But it's all done with humour and love and I can take it, and even enjoy it.

marcusAug 04 2008 11:44pm
To answer the question of this poll, I was quite ebarrassed but soon came over it. Our kids moved out when me and my wife were about 50, I got the chance to work far away in Sidney Australia. This meant I had to be away from my family and friends for 6 months before my wife could visit me. We met when we were in our 20's, she was then 175 cm and around 70 kgs and I was 174 and 10 kgs lighter. We were quite equal in strength back then with her stronger than me in the lower body and I was stronger in my arms. Years passed and we put on weight. I got up to 70 kgs (not muscles I am afraid) and my wife was almost 80 kgs for a while, even if she worked out once a week and bicycled to work every day. When I moved to Australia I decided to start jogging every morning. The result was that I rather quickly got down to the same weight as when I was 20, around 60 kgs. My wife told me that she had started to work out with weights for first 2 times a week but soon she was at it 3 times a week. She wrote me that her body had changed dramatically to the better. After 6 months away from each other I met my wife at the Sideny airport. When we hugged I first thought she had lost a lot of weight but she falt rather hard and strong, she got a shock seeing my slim body. She actually lifted me up a bit when we hugged. When we got naked at my flat I was shocked to see how muscular my wife was, not like a body builder but she had beefed up quite a lot with wide shoulders, strong muscular arms and the rest of her the same way. She as now weighing in at 75 kgs but looked lighter with her clothes on. After doing what a couple that had been separated for a long time she started to show me how strong she was, lifting me any possible way, armwrestling me and wrestling me to make me understand how much stronger she was. I was not totally comfortable with this to be honest. And the followind days when we walked at the beaches people looked at us, seeing this 50+ couple with a muscular woman and a very slim man. She went back to Sweden where we come from and then we were separated almost 6 months again before I moved back home. When I came back she was even more muscular and now our relationship had changed a bit. She liked to show her physical dominance over me, not in a violent way but just showing me she was stronger. And the best thing that our sex life is better than ever. I know, this became a bit long but it's my story and it is a true one.

Super slimAug 31 2008 11:59pm
My wife has been working out for over a year. While it was obvious she was becoming more muscular, she had never ever flexed in front of me. The other day she did for the first time and I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I am completely taken by surprise as her muscles looked so big! Minutes later she asked me to flex in the mirror next to her. This was embarrassing to say the least. My biceps looked oval and thin while her's were not just larger and round but expanded more as she flexed and even from behind they push up so high as to make mine from behind look flat. All of her muscles are thicker than mine and she started out at the gym to loose some weight! Is she stronger then me? Take a guess. We haven't tried any real comparison there except an armwrestling match and that was impossible for me to beat her. The most amazing thing is that she can flex her bicep and pump it up even more as I watch. She continued flexing and rolled her wrist several times making the bicep pump thicker and thicker and then hold the flex again as the muscle becomes like rope and no longer smooth. She did this until the viens in the muscle pushed to the surface! The viens were everywhere! Her muscles look huge when she did this and I honestly had no idea this would be the result of her joining a gym. She is absolutely hard as rock. When this finally happened, we must have spent an hour comparing muscles and me becoming embarrassed more as she continued to show me up with more muscle. This is all true and the shocker for me is it didn't take her very long to change her build so dramatically. She even now says that her muscles are far superior to mine and wanted me to admitt this, part of why she continued flexing and comparing no doubt. This "superior muscle" statement has been going through my mind ever since.

AnonymousSep 06 2008 6:35am
China Daily Updated: 2008-08-16 09:20 Novel training methods, unprecedented scientific insight, or simply hard work and a talent pool of 1.3 billion people? Weightlifting experts from around the world are striving to uncover the secret behind the success of China, which was expected to win one-third of the 15 Olympic weightlifting gold medals on offer but has already beaten that target. Chinese coaches and athletes say there is no secret - just a tough training routine and the determination to win. Cao Lei of China sets an Olympic record of 128kg in the women's 75kg Group A weightlifting snatch competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 15, 2008. "Weightlifting depends on strength and so our women weightlifters have fully understood the importance of strength and pick up gold medals," said Olympic champion Cao Lei. Cao brought home China's seventh weightlifting gold of the Games in the 75kg class Friday. Hours later, in the men's 85kg contest, Lu Yong won the eighth. China's female lifters have been especially impressive, not only because they have won every competition they entered but also because of their style. Cao and her compatriot Chen Xiexia appeared to lift the barbell with astonishing ease and assurance that contrasted with their groaning, straining challengers. At the Olympics, Chen lifted 13kg more, Cao 16kg more, and gold medalist Liu Chunhong, 31kg more than their closest rival - this in a sport where there is often just a single kilogram between gold and silver. Some speculate that China has unlocked a new technique which allows women in particular to achieve unprecedented results. Andrew Charniga, an international weightlifting federation official, has watched the Chinese women train and suspects the secret could be in a long warm-up. While a long warm-up can exhaust men, it possibly has the opposite effect on women, allowing them to take on higher and higher loads. "It's a training method that is unique. They think women can do more loading than a man," he said.

AnonymousSep 06 2008 8:31am
My Ex-wife happened to stronger than the average man and I happened to be weaker. I am your classic nerdy looking guy with thin bones and almost no muscle on them. I spent my life doing non-physical hobbies and activities. So I didn’t have either genetics or athletics to shore me up. She is a husky gal who did gymnastics and cheerleading in her younger days, softball and weight lifting after collage. Her Dad is a hulk of man with arms like tree trunks and her mother is no little gal either. My Ex also grew up looking after horses so she has functional strength as well. I tutored her in collage and we fell in love, got married despite being an unlikely couple. We had a few good years, or so I thought. I guess my eclectic charm wore thin on her over the years and with age I looked even more myopic to her. She is in great shape and looks over ten years younger than her age and I look like Bill Gates without the money, of course. I discovered that she was cheating on me with multiple men she met at the gym. I was laid off and I was in a doubly vulnerable position. When I could stand it no longer, I confronted her--- All pretences were off and she admitted to affairs all along the marriage and ridiculed my physique and weakness- She was trying to provoke a physical confrontation and I ended up backing down and leaving with my tail between my legs. I cannot see my kids because she is living with this big jerk Cop. He intimidated me several times in front of the kids whenever I tried to see them. She makes a point to humiliate me in front of them and call me names to ridicule my weakness and she shoves me away whenever I try to leave a present for them. The kids lost all respect for me and I no longer try to see them. I am forced to work 2 near minimum wage jobs to keep up with child support after not being able to find another job in my profession. Between having no time, being of ill health and all the stress, I cannot work out. Even if I did, can a skin and bones man in his 40’s gain much ground. I am so ashamed and heart broken, I could die. Weak men should not mate and if they do they should stay away from stronger women.

weak broken manSep 08 2008 8:34pm
Women are merciless. They hate weaker men at a genetic level- Do not let anyone tell you any different. I was a happy go lucky guy. I always knew I was weak- Weaker than many of the girls that I dated. I never had a problem with that. I wish I have- May be I could have loaded up on steroids in my teens and worked out with a qualified trainer. I thought that is the way I am and I should concentrate on my technical and artistic gifts- big mistake! We are not as evolved as we think. Strong women marry weaker men all the time. After all, their bulky physiques turns off many guys as well as the fact that many female jocks are a somewhat tomboyish in manor and dress. The male jock and the average guys may pass on a tomboy leaving her with the option of a lesbian relationship or finding a weaker guy that she can control. My Ex was not thin and her country ways turned off most of the preppy boys. And since she was a racist girl from a White trash family, a black guy that wouldn’t have minded her big rump or her strapping biceps was off the table. I did not mind her strength. After all, she was an immense help on moving day… She did most of the heavy physical shores that I couldn’t or didn’t want to do. Their a price you pay for switching roles with your wife due to your own inadequacies… I paid a heavy one. I repeat… Stay away from stronger women.

weak broken manSep 08 2008 9:12pm
I am 5'9 and 165 pounds. My wife 5'7 and about 195 pounds. We are both in our forties. Yesterday evening at a party a group of us were fooling around drunkenly and I was pestering the hostess and a girlfriend who were trying to have a heart to heart. My wife came up behind me and applied a full-nelson and effortlessly dragged me away. Try as I might I could not break her hold. She seemed to find this amusing.

ArthurSep 10 2008 5:12pm
Is this the first time she is physical with you in this way Arthur? Have you ever armwrestled her or wrestled before this evening?

??Sep 10 2008 11:26pm
Tess, Kattis, any news from Sweden? training season has started and it would be great to hear how you are doing.

Slimmer than mostSep 11 2008 11:07pm
To ?? - Yes it was - we talked about it afterwards and she said she hasn't overpowered me physically up to now as she was worried about my male ego. Turns out she can beat me at armwrestling with both arms (though I give her a good contest) and she slaughters me at wrestling as her legs are twice the size of and twice as strong as mine. If I try to catch her by surprise by climbing on her in bed and try to hold her down she curls her lower legs round mine and after teasing me for a while spreads mine apart forcing me flat against her - she then wraps her legs round me and either rolls me over or squeezes me till I submit - there's nothing I can do to stop her. She now calls me Beta Dog and I have to call her Alpha Dog.

ArthurSep 14 2008 10:07pm
I have a similar situation to yours Arthur. My wife is bigger and stronger than me, it's been a fact since we met. I can't even win a wrestling match against her if I start on top of her sitting with my knees on her arms. She lifts me up quickly and then gets her very strong legs around me and start to squeeze, at the same time she forces my arms to the sides so I am laying on top of her trapped between her legs and with no chance to move my arms. She then forces my arms behind my back and then just role over so she end up on top. Two months ago me and my brother tried to throw my wife into the water when we were at the beach. We tried as hard as we could to overpower her, two men against one women. She just let us use all our power and then started to be the agressor instead of the defender. We ended up with my wife pinning me in the sand and my brother was caught in a head lock. We struggled as hell since this was very embarrassing, people could watch us and the laughed at us men. This made us even more tired and after about 20 minutes of wrestling us two men were totally spent. My wife then marched us both down to the water, one brother under each arm in painful head locks. She got us wet and dominated us completely. She is 6'1 and 205 lbs, me and my brother are about 5,9 and 145 lbs. We are all in our 40's. My wife used to be a shotputter and have been working out with weights all her life. But we really thought we could overpower her two against one. We have asked for a rematch next summer. I will end this saying that I love my strong wife and we are happy, even if she is so much stronger and heavier than me. My brother just recently met a woman bigger than him so it seems to run in the family to have with a role reversal type of relationship. Our parents died when we were small kids and we were raised by an aunt, yes, you might have guessed, that was a big and strong woman.

Alan BSep 14 2008 11:31pm
Hi Alan - How big is/was your aunt? Sounds like she made a big impression on you. Is she still alive?

Roger BallSep 15 2008 1:20am
To Alan B - I don't think my wife could compete with yours - I know she couldn't beat two of me. Not that this is much help to me. Sounds like your wife is Alpha +++ Dog

ArthurSep 15 2008 1:59am
My aunt is around 6 feet, still a strong woman close to 70 years old. She is of course not the same powerhouse as she was when we were younger. I guesses she then weighed around 190 lbs, now probably 20 lbs less. To Arthur, yes I think you can say that my wife is a Alpha+++Dog, she is strong and likes to play, she is dominant when we play but believes in equality between the sexes apart from that, luckily for me since I don't want to be a slave.

Alan BSep 15 2008 11:20pm
A year and a half ago I got my wife to start working out with me. A week ago she beat me at armwrestling and her biceps are 1/2 inch bigger than mine and they were about 1/2 smaller when we started. She already had bigger legs but now they're even bigger and stronger then mine. This has been a coplete and total shock to me and a delite and driving force for her as she gained on me and now she works out a lot harder than she did months ago and is all about comparing herself to me on a weekly basis that shows she's increasing muscle and strength better than I have.

AnonymousSep 27 2008 11:44am

LISAOct 05 2008 1:51am

lisaOct 05 2008 1:57am

anonymousNov 25 2008 10:24pm
For the fact my gf is a weekling.We armwrestled and i crushed her.

whatsoevaNov 25 2008 10:25pm
My wife has always been stocky and gained weight when having kids. About three years ago she joined a gym to lose the weight. Now get this, she lost the fat but at 5'9" she nows weighs 190 lbs! She's solid though! She's much stronger then I am and her legs are huge. She always had big legs but now they are so big I can't believe it. Unreal with 19 inch calves! We started wrestling and I can't escape her legs that she always ends up pining me with. She could crush me if she wanted and there would be nothing I could do about it. She is capable of pining my arms as she has plenty of upper body strength now and easily wrapes her legs around me. She can squeeze the air right out of my lungs and has a lot of power left, enough to crush me. I'm from the old school that women can't become stronger then men just because they workout. That doesn't seem to be true any more. In the mirror she is more muscular compared to me and bigger, I'm only one inch taller and thin next to her. I know it might seem exaggerated but her leg muscles look twice as large as mine, her muscles are longer such as her calves are two or three inches longer stretching to two thirds the length of her lower leg compared to mine maybe half way that makes her's even bigger than mine in length and about four inches bigger around. My quads stop about four or five inches above my knees, hers are thick at her knees and about six or seven inches bigger around. She has pined my legs with her's in a grapevine hold with me having no chance of breaking free. Believe me I've tried! My legs are wrapped in her muscles and she tightens until I can't move a muscle and the thing is as she tightens and I fight back, I find my leg strength is nothing compared to her's. I came to the realization that she could break my legs, I'm not joking here. Her muscles are so big that if she used full power my legs would be forced to bend around her muscles and most likely snap the bones! That's the truth. I don't know if any of you guys have been put in a grapevine hold but with her muscles being that much bigger than mine there's nowhere for my legs to go exept to be bent around her muscles when her ankles are locked around mine. So I'm very convinced that she could easily break my legs because I can feel her muscles push my muscles out of the way and my muscles aren't hard enough so her's squeeze mine flat until I can feel her muscles pushing into my bones and she's not using her full strength.

AnonymousNov 27 2008 10:41am
Be careful with your wife, she sounds dangerous to me.

AnonymousNov 30 2008 10:05am
My wife has always had pretty strong legs and they have always been very easy for her to gain muscle and strength. She has been working out steadily for the past 10 months and the results are amazing. I don't doubt for a minute that her legs are much stronger than mine. Though I am still stronger in the upper body there have been noticeable changes there for her as well. She is lifted things and done things that show me that her upper body is getting stronger probably the strongest I have seen her in our 15 years together. So even though I may be stronger in the upper body, she is gaining quickly. Her legs, which were already stronger than mine are now widening the gap between us. So all in all I would have to say overall, my wife is stronger than me. We have had a few wrestling matches. I have found several things that affect the outcome. Though I have been unable to force a submission. and she has secured 3 submissions. She is very smart and good with her legs, she gets me trapped, wears me down and then lets her superior conditioning finish me. I find her strength, especially her legs, very sexy and yes it is was a little embarrassing at first to lose to her and admit that her legs are so much stronger than mine, but I think men have underestimated the ability and strength of a woman when she puts her mind to it.

DaveDec 01 2008 3:29am
Dave, I have wrestled with my husband as well with similar results. He has never defeated me and I have won 5 matches against him. I am 5'4 140lbs and losing weight turning it into muscle and he is 5'6 170lbs. my legs are definately much stronger than his and I am gaining in my upper body. But what it comes down to with wrestling, he just cannot last as long. Where his upper body maybe stronger in short bursts, the endurace his muscles have is weak compared to mine. While he is tiring down, I am just getting warmed up. I think it is great to hear other stories of couples finding that the woman is stronger or in better shape and can defeat men at a male dominated sport. I think my husband was embarraseed at first but has come to accept it.

ChristyDec 01 2008 5:00am
My wife and I have worked out together for a few years now. What I've found interesting is that she gained on me from the start. The most noticable difference between us is her better endurance because we now just use the same weight or resistance together. If we "compete" she will beat me at reps. I was aware of this for a long time but not the competitive nature she now has. I can only see this as an advantage she has. I've thought about this and realized she is stronger then me. She knows it too and has become more agressive at workouts and "doing more than I can" is something that happens more often unlike six months ago. She now finds it amusing to armwrestle after we workout and she will beat me. Before a workout I can beat her sometimes and at times she wins but it's at least close. So I'm wondering where it goes from here? This is what I'm facing now, what about in another year?

AnonymousDec 02 2008 11:03pm
Hi Christy, I actually think it is more common that admitted that the woman in a relationship is in better shape. Your comments on muscle endurance is very true. My wife has the ability to use a muscle group for an extended period much more so than me. Like a scissor hold, its like she never loses any strength while containing me there. I have read that female muscles are more efficient tha a mans giving them that superior endurance. I too was embarassed at first but now I respect her ability and strength and I am proud of her.

DaveDec 03 2008 2:56am
Hello Dave, I am glad that you grew up and stopped being embarassed and accept that your wife is or possible is stronger than you. There is nothing wrong with it and both you and her should be proud of of her dedication to getting in shape. I have to admit that it makes me very horny to defeat my husband in wrestling. it doesnt make me love him any less, I am just stronger in some areas, quicker and have superior endurance. We did a little wrestling just the other day, i loved it and noticed its getting easier for me to defeat him. I think after t he sessions I had with a trainer has really pushed me to a new level and i love it. Christy

AnonymousDec 04 2008 2:40am
I am in a very similar situation to Dave's. When me and my wife started to wrestle for fun some years ago she won most of our matches because of her endurance, she just wore me out. Since than she has started to work out quite often and she is now stronger than me as well, even in her arms. We are in our 50's today. We armwrestled and wrestled when we were in our 20's as well but I can't recall that I had any problems winning then. Just as you Christy and Dave and others we have discovered that wrestlint is a great foreplay, even if I don't win anymore. Being totally exhausted and not being able to defend myself against my wife's powerful body is very erotic I can say now. 20 yeas ago I had thought this was very embarrassing and not erotic at all.

JohanDec 04 2008 7:59am
I find it very exciting to see so many men like Dave and Johan and many others here that can finally see that we women deserve respect physically and have been underestimated. Yes it is a fun foreplay and as much as i love being able to overpower or wear down my husband and enjoy seeing that look on his face, he also has told me he enjoys it immensely. Johan, you made me think of something that i have wondered... As women and men get older i have always suspected that a womans body maintains its strength and endurace much better in older ages than men. Perhaps that is part of why you had success in your younger years but not so in your older years. That and of course years of working out and learning to wrestle.. Johan, Dave, are you and your wives far off in size difference? I find it very exciting that so many men are accepting their wives to be physically equal, if not physically superior than themselves.

ChristyDec 05 2008 4:28am
I am sure that men loose their strenght quicker then women. I know more couples the same age as me and my wife where the woman now is equally strong or even stronger then her husband. I am not totally sure that my wife gave everything she had in the tussles we had in our youth, if I ask her now she just laughs and asks me why I need to know that now. I am 178 cm and 69 kgs, my wife 171 cm and 75 kgs so she is heaveier and more compactly built than me. 6ks difference is 13-14 lbs if i remeber it right. I think as a young man it is really hard to accept to have a stronger woman, the man SHALL be bigger, stronger, make more money and never cry. Many women feel the same, many girls/women have difficulties to be with a shorter, lighter, weaker man. So ready the posts here is rather refreshing I think. I like to read comments Christy.

JohanDec 05 2008 7:03am
I had my first experience where my wife proved to be stronger. I made a joke about women do not become stronger then men just because they weight lift. She bought a pair of 15 lb. dumbells at Walmart and asked me to try and do one of her workouts from her strength training class. She started curling them both for a moderate speed for five reps and then slow for five with stopping half way, she continued with that faster & slower routine until she reached fourty! She said "your turn" so I thought well that's not too heavy! I started and did the same medium pace for five and slow with stopping half way and back, when I got to 24 I could barely continue and it was slow even though it was near the end of five faster curls and I managed two more to 26. The next one I couldn't lift the weights. My wife had done 14 more or almost 50 percent. I was embarrised but at the same time stunned at her strength or endurane. Now I'm fascinated with it! We have not armwrestled or ever wrestled before other than playful. She told me she does 30 to 40 curls like that but has done fifty before and that she wants to compare us on afew of her other workouts soon and will buy the weights just to do it! I would argue now that superior endurance does make someone stronger and never realized it until now.

DonDec 05 2008 10:40pm
Well i am certainly happy for all of you that have accepted that your wife is your physical equal or superior. It shows your maturity and I find that such a quality trait in a man. It does seem to becomming more and more common that the woman is excelling past the men in their lives. We are definately starting to prove that we are not the fairer sex. To be honest, if my husband and I were to do the same workout, I do not beleive he could handle 50% of what I do. He admitted to me the other day that my legs are much stronger than his, but now my upper body strength is as well. Perhaps not in bursts of strength, but the endurance. He then wanted to make sure that I was ok with us knowing the fact I am stronger than him. I assured him thta I love him no less. He has in many cases told me how amazing it is thta I look feminine and do not have the appearance of being stronger than him until I start doing something physical, and even then he wouldn't have admitted if he didnt see and feel it first hand. What he doesnt understand is, I love knowing I am stronger and it just propels me to do more. And the fact that I am a little smaller than him, and do not look like a body builder is exciting to me, because i keep what i wanted, looking and feeling like a woman. Not that eing a female body builder is a bad thing, its just not what I want.

ChristyDec 06 2008 4:24am
I read a couple of posts here on likelike where couples have competed in some kind of endurance tests. Armwrestle, than do 15 pushups, armwrestle again, then another 15 pushups etc. The outcome was that even if the woman lost the first or oven first two armwrestling matches she won at the end because of better quality of the muscles and of course endurance. A comment to you Christy, I think more women will show that they are strong and sometimes stronger then their men. I overheard a conversation on the tube the other day where one women almost bragged about her lifting 50 kgs free weights for 8 reps in three sets. I could never do that. The strong woman's friend said that she was only up to 40 kgs. They looked at me and smiled but didn't say anything, almost like they were challanging me.

JohanDec 06 2008 5:35am
yes there is little doubt in my mind that our muscles havef superior endurance and qaulity. Hubby and i have done best of 3 wrestling matches, the first one is usually pretty long as we battle it out, but the second is usually much shorter in comparison. He just cannot maintain that length of strain and use of muscles like i can. I recently saw a video on tv or the internet, or maybe it was both, i dont know... but anyway, it was about the workout of these 3 women, and they had 3 men who were in excellant physical shape, whether it was cardio or weights or both. All 3 men thought they wouild blow through the workout of these 3 women and prove they are physically better. Well the complete opposite happened, the men were all shown that is not the case.

ChristyDec 06 2008 6:24am
Christy, you are my fantasy woman ;)

MikeDec 06 2008 6:28am
I have run smack into a simalar situation. I hadn't wrestled my wife in ages. My wife does lift weights and changed her routine to bulding strength from previously doing mostly cardio endurance. When we wrestled she started to get the best of me, I was on the defence constantly trying to keep from being pined. When she managed to get me down and her on top she locked her legs around mine and had my wrists with her hands. First of all her grip was so strong that my wrests were in pain and I discovered her upper body strength was overpowering me. She was controling my arms and slowly folded my arms across my chest. This took her about a minute but as I said slowly she pulled my arms over my chest as I tried to stop her. I was totally amazed by her power and that I couldn't do a thing about what she was doing. I ended up pined with her continuing to tighten her hold and pressing down until she had my wrists so far down my sides I couldn't move and had difficulty breathing and could only take short shallow breaths plus I was already winded. I was so weakened that she released me and continued to just pin me any way she wanted, it wasn't even a match any more, I was totally overpowered and along for the ride. It might seem like a joke but I really became scared because I had no control and could feel how strong she is and facing it was hard to handle mentally that she had this much muscle to be able to just smash me right here on the floor. I can see her muscles and it's a strange thing to go through for a man.

AnonymousDec 06 2008 12:53pm
I love hearing these stories about other couples where the woman wins, thank you... I thought I would tell you about my saturday night once we got the kids asleep. Last night i gave hubby a challenge he couldnt refuse. I told him I wanted t o wrestle, best of 3. To be sure he was motiveated there was a prize for the winner. If he won, i would give him a blowjob everyday for the next week. If I won he would worship my ass everyday for a week. (i have really become a lover of having my ass licked). Hubby of course jumped at this opportunity. I set a timer so we could have an idea of how long each match was. The first match went back and forth and it was one of the more competitive matches we have had in recent times, my motivation for both of us really worked. There were alot of holds used and of course I did damage to get him with my legs at any chance I got. I knew my legs were my best weapon to wear him down. Though for much of the match he avoided being trapped in my legs as time went by he was getting tired and using my legs was becomming easier and finally trapped him in a body scissor restricting his airflow of his already tiring body. He managed to get out of that but as soon as he did i trapped his head with my lethal legs. He did finally free himself but not before the damage w as done. we backed away from each other to regroup and he was red faced, breathing heavy and i could see the exhaustion in his face, I was feeling great though and now became the aggressor. after strugeling around, I finally got him wrapped up in my legs again but this time was the final one. I got behind him, wrapped my bulging calf muscle under his chin and then hooked my foot with my other leg. I told him to say uncle if he submits the match to me. Being a stubborn male he wouldnt at first, but finally realized I had him and had him good. After 28 minutes and 12 seconds, I claimed the first match. We took a break, got some water and rested a bit before continuing. He needed it, bad!.. I smiled at him, knowing I had this and would be getting my ass pleasured for a week. The second match started and he came at me full speed, but started to lose steam right away. It did not take me long to get my legs into action, i got him in a scissor hold, his face looking at me as i really poored on the crushing. Feeling the strength in my legs, he gave up rather quickly and after 4 minutes and 45 seconds, I had won. I accepted his submission but kept him like that for my enjoyment and so i could reaffirm our agreement and let him know that I fully expect my prize every day this week and he can start tonights session as soon as i was done here. He nodded in agreement and we, especially I, really enjoyed the rest of our night together. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed conquoring h im and my rewards :).

ChristyDec 07 2008 3:48am
Wow Christy, that is hot.. and the fact you gave him such a motivating reward and you proved you can still defeat him, wear him down be victorious

DaveDec 07 2008 5:47am
So glad that you enjoyed it Dave. Hubby has kept his end of the bargain up so far, hehehe much to my delight. I do find it interesting at how much power this gives me in our relatinship. Its almost as if he is becomming submnissive to me, and each time he is defeated it just seems like there is new found respect he has towards me. I am actually learning that i love that and it makes me feel closer to him and love him more. Weird huh.

ChristyDec 08 2008 7:10am
I am not sure I am with you all the way Christy but you sure spiced up the wrestling. Since I am not close to win anymore I would be stupid to accept something I don't want to do, but my wife has threatened me to wrestle me down in public if I don't agree to what she wants then and there. I have to do what she says since I am not that comfortable to be weaker than her that I want the rest of the world to see.

JohanDec 08 2008 11:25am
Hi Johan, That is an interesting position she puts you in and I guess I can see why you would do what she wants to keep that hidden from the public. I guess some women are much sadistic than I, i would not do that unless hubby wanted to wrestle in public. And though i don't know your relationship to judge either of you, I can't condemn her for doing that. I do hope that you are not offended if what you said made me smile, and even turned me on a little, hehehe. I guess since I have been working out so hard and found that I can defeat hubby, I love hearing about other women doing the same, encourage more to step up, get in shape and do it.

ChristyDec 08 2008 11:39am
Hi Johan, That is an interesting position she puts you in and I guess I can see why you would do what she wants to keep that hidden from the public. I guess some women are much sadistic than I, i would not do that unless hubby wanted to wrestle in public. And though i don't know your relationship to judge either of you, I can't condemn her for doing that. I do hope that you are not offended if what you said made me smile, and even turned me on a little, hehehe. I guess since I have been working out so hard and found that I can defeat hubby, I love hearing about other women doing the same, encourage more to step up, get in shape and do it.

ChristyDec 08 2008 11:43am
Hi Johan, That is an interesting position she puts you in and I guess I can see why you would do what she wants to keep that hidden from the public. I guess some women are much sadistic than I, i would not do that unless hubby wanted to wrestle in public. And though i don't know your relationship to judge either of you, I can't condemn her for doing that. I do hope that you are not offended if what you said made me smile, and even turned me on a little, hehehe. I guess since I have been working out so hard and found that I can defeat hubby, I love hearing about other women doing the same, encourage more to step up, get in shape and do it.

ChristyDec 08 2008 12:21pm
Johan, I know what you mean. I can easily admit to my wife that she is stronger, and beats me at wrestling, Nut i always fear if one night she is having a few drinks and starts saying stuff about it to her girlfriends

DaveDec 08 2008 12:32pm
My wife is most of the time kidding when she threatens me to wrestle me down in public but she has actually done it a couple of times. She pinned me on the beach last summer when I wanted to head back home and she didn't. She had me in a headlock and took me down and then ended up on top of me in a schooboy pin. She sat on my for quite some time, people around us were laughing. Luckily most people thought I let her but seeing how strong she looks I guess that quite a few realized that I was weaker. When we came home I was very upset with her, she asked me if I wanted to get even with her in a new match but I turned down this challenge. I ended up with her on top anyway. She thinks I am childish not to accept that she is stronger but I am accepting it, just don't want everybody else to know. I know she has told some of her friends about her physical dominance. Enough complaining, I most of the time admire my strong wife and I also have to admit that being weaker than her turns me on.

JohanDec 08 2008 11:12pm
I find it kind of maddening that men cannot accept women being stronger. I put alot of work into my body, doing weights, cardio exercise, walking, running and on and on. I am proud of the way i look and the strength I have. My husband does not workout and though he is much bigger i hold my own against him. Both of us being rather competitive and athetlic in our days we do compete alot. There are many things that I defeat him at and some he still wins. Though, usually once i get a feel for what i am doing I quickly excel past him. We have wrestled, I have won many of our matches and lost some as well. It goes back to what Christy was saying. His muscles get tired while mine are just getting warmed up. So most of my loses are in the first match of the set and after that, I am just too much for him. He has told me that not only is my endurance superior to his, but I am quicker, can hold painful holds longer and though my legs are very very strong, my upper body has become difficult to deal with. He loves me and my strength and though i am not a body builder, I do look in shape so it is easy for people to understand that I can out muscle and out wrestle alot of men. I find it insulting that you men cannot admit defeat and are afraid for others to know the TRUTH.

TinaDec 09 2008 5:03am

DeepDec 09 2008 12:26pm
I get your point Tina but women can be as bad as men when you loose to a woman in a typical "male" test of who is stronger. I have heard everything from "I thought you were a real man", to "your such a sissy" and other comments from women when I have lost for instance an armwrestling match against a stronger woman. I have actually lost a girlfriend that didn't want me anymore when she realized she could kick my butt in a wrestling match. I am a very slim man with difficulties to get muscles, I am a good runner/jogger, am good at badminton and tennis but I have lost more than I have won when it comes to armwrestling, wrestling, legwrestling etc. against women. So I would say I am weaker than the average woman and quite a bit weaker than the average man. When you say a thing like that you always get the comments, go to a gym, you should be ashamed of yourself etc. Both from women and men. I can admit defeat to a stronger woman but I have difficulties to cope with the comments and behaviour of women that either watch me loose or prove themselves stronger. There are acceptions to this, I have been with a girlfriend that was both bigger and stronger but she was almost motherly in her behaviour to me, protective is perhaps the word. I didn't like that either.

Jogging manDec 10 2008 2:16am
I can understand that Jogging man. It would not sit well with me if i heard or saw a woman treating a man such as you described, unless he deserved it of course. I have defeated bfs of my past at wrestling and some of them i really liked and it was not me that broke it off because of that, it was they that did so. I guess they just couldnt take the fact that i can defeat them. I think what you say and what I am referring to is why so many women in the past have held back to avoid this confrontation within themselves as well as in their relationships. It does seem to me t hat more and more are not holding back, and more and more men are finding out that women can compete if they put their mind to it. Its a changing world and we all need to change with it. Women are wanting more than ever to prove we are a strong force, and that is not just in athletics, but the professional world, relationships and everday life. These are good changes.

TinaDec 11 2008 2:33am
I agree that some changes are for the best. Why shouldn't you accept a physically stronger woman? I know that in the past when 75% of the population were farmers, a physical strong woman was something you really wanted. I know that many women in for instance some countries in Africa that I have visited are stronger than their men since they work a lot harder. Carrying stuff all the time, water, wood, children. I stayed with a widow in Ghana for a week, when we were going to the train station she insisted to carry my suitcase since it was natural that she could carry heavy loads better than a "weak man". She didn't say that to tease me, it was just a fact. But I still have difficulties with women that cannot understand that a man can be weaker than them, they insist that I am a lazy no good weakling. Among men it is easier to get an understanding since men that are stronger think it is natural to be stronger than me, a very slim non-muscular man.

Jogging manDec 12 2008 12:06am
Well I don't think you should feel bad about yourself. I know my husband was a little down on himself in the beginning when I defeated him. I did give him words of encourgement. And its not that he is weak, he is pretty strong. But regardless of how weak or strong and if i can still defeat him, I still love him and I must admit, it turns me on defeat him. some of the looks on his face have been priceless but not taken in a humiliation way just a fun, sexy way for me. My training sessions have really begun to show better results lately. Even though you may not be able to tell between hubby and I by looking at me, I think the in recent weeks that the strength gap is showing. He has already admitted that my legs are at the very least as strong as his, I beleive they have been stronger and in recent weeks, much stronger. He has not admitted that my upper body strength is matching his, but I am feeling that at the very least, we are equal, actually me slightly stronger than him now. I do not think any less of him, in fact i love how he has been so accepting of my new strength.

ChristyDec 13 2008 3:39am
I hope that the world see more and more of your attitude Christy and Tina. It would be great to hear how your female friends feel about men that are physically weaker. I am quite sure that many women will say that they have nothing against men that are smaller and weaker but that they could never be with a man like that.

Jogging manDec 13 2008 5:07am
I know a couple where both the husband and wife are pretty tall people. He is 6'2 about 275lbs, she is 5"10 and I would guess about 160. She works out, he does not. They have had altercations in the past and it was he who would end up in the hospital. I don't condone that behavior, but it is clear that even though he is not week and smaller, she is in better shape. I have known these people for many years, and though her and I never really got along well, i have always been intimidated by her. She is taller and close in weight to myself and the fact that she can do that to her husband who is so much larger is definately a factor of my intimidation. Her and I have had some heart to heart talks and we get along better but that is mostly because I guess I decided to accept what she she says with little to no resistance. The weirdest thing for me is, though i find this womans size and abilities to be intimidating, i also feel that she is the sexiest woman i have ever met.

JoeDec 13 2008 1:00pm
I am 5'9 and 167. My ex-wife (divorced three years ago) was 5'8 and 202. She was clearly much stockier and was also stronger the gap widening as we got older - she was able to beat me in a wrestle. My current wife is 6'0 and same wight as me. She used to work in my dept and I was her boss. There was chemistry between us and my the wife accused me of having an affair with her although we never did and didn't get together until the period between our separation and divorce. About eight nine months after the divorce my wife came round unexpectedly (I kept the house and had already bought her out)and found us together she flew into a rage. I was convinced she would make mincemeat out of both of us so imagine my surprise when my gf (now wife) easily overpowered her and sent her packing (ex- wife has never came near me again). My now wife doesn't look strong and not particularly muscular but yet can do squats with me on her shoulder or even pressups with me lying on her back.

WilfredDec 15 2008 12:15am
well you obviously attract and enjoy strong women, and its a good thing your present wife was there to protect you. It sounds as if your ex would have had her way with you

DaveDec 15 2008 7:45am
She probaly would have - she didn't look too happy which was ridiculous since it was she who ended the marriage

WilfredDec 15 2008 11:44am
What would happen to you if you met youre ex-wife in a dark alley, not having your new wife to protect you? Kind of sweet to be dependent on your strong wife to protect you from your strong ex-wife. I don't laugh at you just think it is kind of a new situation. I believe I am stronger than my boyfriend but I am afraid he would look for another girlfriend if I showed him just how strong I am.

MilenaDec 15 2008 11:11pm
Hi Milena - I suppose out of principle I try to keep out of dark alleyways - he He!! I think by now my ex has probably moved on and is over it.

WilfredDec 16 2008 11:28am
Milena, Can you tell us yours and your boyfriends stats?

DaveDec 16 2008 6:07pm
I am 174 cm, 76 kgs he is 182 cm 72 kgs. I have a rather robust constitution he is slim and sinewy. I have bigger muscles than him, biceps are perhaps of simuilar size but apart from that I am bigger.

MilenaDec 17 2008 8:35am
yes I can see where you maybe stronger than him. I would say just let things play out, he maybe with you because he likes strong women. I know for me, to look at my wife no one would suspect she is stronger than me, but reality is she is. I respect her, and appreciate her more now. I also find it pretty hot that she is strong and you have to think about the other person too. I know for me, i have wondered sometimes if my wife will lose respect for me being that she is stronger and find someone that is "more man". So communication with each other is key, along with trust and love.

DaveDec 18 2008 2:41am
Milena, i can see the situation you describe of a man being worried about his ex g/f or wife physically hurting him if he didn't have a g/f or wife with him for protection. It is new to modern society but no doubt it is happening.

thomasDec 18 2008 2:11pm
I am finding it amazing how common it seems to be that women are defeating men in so many aspects of life. I started researching a little after a sort of battle of the sexes erputed between me and some friends and their girlfriends. It started off so innocent and minor and turned into a full blown battle. A night of bowling turned competitive between the sexes, the women defeated us in every game. That led to them bragging and being c*cky which led to more competitions. Over the course of a couple of weeks us guys won a couple of things like pool and darts but barely won. then we lost several in a row including getting our butts kicked at tennis, long distance swimming, bike riding and running. All of us guys were shocked at not only losing but losing bad and the fact that we would be exhausted and winded and the girls still seemed so refreshed in comparison. In an attempt to save our egos we said who cares, its not like you can beat us at real sports like wrestling. This of course led to wrestling matches and to our amazement, the girls won 3 matches to 1. The 1 lose was very close and while watching, my friend was wearing down and if he didnt win at that point, I don't know that he would have. Now that the women have proved something, they want to prove more and have challenged us to another wrestling match where all the guys wrestle all the girls. We couldn't not accept the challenge but all of us are feeling intimidated of losing to them again. I have learned alot and will never underestimate women again. Hats off to those of you who have taken the challenges. At least in my relationship with my gf, i feel this has changed it for the better. She is ovbiosuly more confident, and stronger willed and I must admit, it humbled me and though i feel i have lost power and equlity in my relationship, i dont mind it and have accepted it. It doesn't hurt that my gf is a grascious winner and i do respect her well toned sexy body more now ;)

JayDec 19 2008 7:49am
Thank you for the compliment Jay. It is happening more and more, but think about how long women "were not suppose" to do certain sports and since we have, we have proven to be not only worthy opponents but vivtorious in many cases. Please let us know of the outcome when all of the gals wrestle the guys. I find it exciting. As far as losing power and i assume you meant "equality" well i think that is kind of a natural thing though hopefully your gf will continue to treat you with respect even though she may have the upper hand in your relationship. I know that is the state of our marriage and its actually working out better for us with me being more "in control and in charge"

ChristyDec 19 2008 8:45am

DeepDec 21 2008 2:04am
We got together this weekend and had the battle of the sexes wrestling tournament. We started out with each of the couples wresting each other first. This time us guys went in with a new strategy, move in fast and take them down quick. We scored 2 really quick victories and we were definately a bit relieved. The girls quickly caught on to our stragegy and began to avoid our quick and strong starts, made the last 2 matches last much longer and were able to tie the tournament up 2-2. Now we started wrestling the others and the matches proved to much longer in round 2 and you could see the exhaustion on the part of us guys but the girls seemed to be energized by their victories. Total score was now 6-2 the women. Round 3 started with the biggest mismatch as far as size and though it was a very long match the smallest girl did lose to the largest guy, but not without him having to spend alot of energy trying to control her. The other 3 matches didnt go as well for us and the girls scored 3 more victories to make the score 9-3. The final round pitted the most even sized matches where the biggest gal wrestled the biggest guy and the smallest gal wrestled the smallest guy. These were the shortest matches of all, us guys were exhausted and just didnt have much left in us after the much longer previous matches. The girls finished strong and celebrated their dominance of us 13 - 3. And to answer your questions, the girls height ranged from 5'4 to 5'8 with weight ranging from 115lbs - 145lbs. The guys height were 5'7 - 5'10, 150lbs - 190lbs. I guess all the working out our girlfriends do really made a big difference and I think this will definately motivate us guys to start working out. So once again, humbled by our women.

JayDec 22 2008 3:56am
I love it! Thanks for the update. It does go to show you that average men that may not work out vs average women that do, the tables can be turned even if the women are smaller

ChristyDec 22 2008 8:26am
I met my wife a year ago, a beautiful 6'1 and 180 lbs woman. I am 5'11 and around 155 lbs. So the size difference was there for sure. Until this autumn, September, we had never matched who was stronger. We had (and still have) a lovely relationship. But of course I could feel the strength in my new wife's body. She has been very active physically all her life. We are now in our late 30's. In September we visited my wife's sister, living in the country side. My new sister-in-law turned out to be even bigger than my wife at 6'2 and more than 200 lbs. I really felt small beside these amazon sized women. The second evening after dinner and with wine the two sisters started to armwrestle. I thought that my wife shouldn't stand a chance against her almost 10 year older sister but it took several minutes before my wife's hand was pinned to the table. Then the winner looked at me, well little man are you in for a match was her words. I couldn't chicken out so I was game. Already when I felt the strength in my sister-in-law's much bigger hand I realized that I was outmatched. She played with me and I was soon pinned to the table. Then of course I had to armwrestle my wife. She won almost as easy. I can't say I was surprised and neither were the two women. Their bigger size and athletic backgrounds was of course too much for my slimmer body. The week we were there we also wrestled a couple of times, all of us. A bit weird I thought at first but the sister are very playful so we had a good time. I realized for the first time in my life that wrestling a woman and loose was a great sexual thrill. After this visit to my sister-in-law we have wrestled frequently. I always loose but it is a great foreplay. By the way, I am no wimp, I stay in a decent shape and I work out regularely. I don't have the body type that my wife and her sister have and not the athletic background. This just proves that women can be stronger than men and it is nothing strange really about that.

PierreDec 23 2008 3:29am

AnonymousDec 23 2008 2:20pm
Nothing stange about it at all Pierre. It is nice to see so many men admit to this. I don't think its the norm, but it is growing as more women workout, perform jobs and enter sports that were predominately male. Men do continue to underestimate us, but i also beleive that is changeing.

christyDec 24 2008 4:15am
My wife decided to give me a Christmas gift of a wrestling match. She came out in a very sexy thong and bra set on. It was a great gift, and it is becomming increasingly obvious that i am no match for her legs and her conditioning. She was able to trap me in several different scissor holds that really wore me down. We wrestled best of 3 and she won the first 2 matches. her legs are so sexy and strong and at times it felt as if she could really do damage to me with them. She had me in head scissors a few times and i thought my head would be crushed. After te match, i pleaesd her ass with my tongue. When we were all done, i asked her if she was using full force in her legs, and she chuckled and said no, not even close to full power. That really is kind of intimidating. Damn her legs are so sexy and strong, but they dont look like they could possibly be that strong.

DaveDec 26 2008 3:58am
Sounds like the 2 of you had a fun christmas!!

ChristyDec 27 2008 6:22am
Christy, any suggestions for forfeits? My wife and her sister have announced that they will be wrestling me and my borther-in-law sometime over this weekend. They won't say what forfeits they have in mind if for us if they you think it will automatically change the balance of power in our relationships?

barryDec 27 2008 9:43am
Christy, any suggestions for forfeits? My wife and her sister have announced that they will be wrestling me and my borther-in-law sometime over this weekend. They won't say what forfeits they have in mind if for us if they you think it will automatically change the balance of power in our relationships?

barryDec 27 2008 9:45am
forfeits? Wouldn't that mean one side gives in before you wrestle?

ChristyDec 27 2008 11:54am
I think they have in mind that the losing side would have to do whatever the winning side says - should my bro-in-law and I worry they will want to wear the pants in our marriages -or might they think of other things for us ot do to acknowledge their superiority (IF they win!)??

barryDec 27 2008 12:50pm
well to me it sounds as if they have some sort of submission of the losers to the winners. Perhaps a weekend of servitude? I hope you will share what happens with all of us

ChristyDec 28 2008 3:45am
Christy, we had a fascianting time. My wife Tori and her sister Joanna against me and Jo's husband Alan. We talked beforehand and agreed that the losers would be the slaves of the winners for a day. Alan and I were so confident that we added that the winners would choose a costume for the losers to wear - thinking we would put our wives in minskirts and high heels. Joanna , who runs marathons , suggested we all warm up by running rund the block. The girls beat us home and to tell the truth we were rather tired by the time we started wrestling. Jo wrestled Alan first and quickly pinned him and then folded his legs over his head in some kind of wrestling hold.Alan submitted (but told me afterwards he found it very arousing that his wife could hold him like that). Then Tori and I tussled. A closer match but eventually I had to submit to a leg scissors. Before she would let me go she made me say out loud that men were the weaker sex. She then wrestled Alan and it was over very quickly- Alan's confidence had gone after Jo's beating of him. So 3-0. Finally Jo wrestled me and I was simply amazed at how strong she was. She has a slim runers body but her muscles are amazing. so, the wives proved to be srtonger. Tomorrow is to be our day as their slaves- and we have yet to hear what they will make us wear! We asked for a rematch. The girls initially said there was no point and they had shown who was going to be in control for the future but we will see..

barryDec 28 2008 10:37pm
Good for the women! I love that she made you admit that men were the weaker sex, hehehe..It really makes me wonder how much wrestling competition happens between other couples and what the outcomes are. We have had several encounters told and the women in the relationships seem to be dominating even though we are smaller. I am sure you will find that control has been changed and the future will show your wives are in power.

ChristyDec 29 2008 2:54am
I am happy to see this board. I have known for many years that I am physically stronger than my husband but I also know that he thinks he is stronger than me and that is the way he likes it. I have increased my work outs the last years and gotten more muscular. My husband has given me complements about my looks but still believes that he is the one with the brawn in our family. We are both in our late 40's, our two kids have moved out and I feel it is a bit empty and that my relationship with my husbands has gone the wrong way. That is up to a some months ago. We were watching the Bond movie where this lady Onatop killed men between her strong legs. My husband said something about that a woman with slim legs like Onatop could never cause any damage to a man. While we were watching I suddenly wrapped my legs around my husband and started to squeeze. He laughed at first but then started to free himself. As hard as he tried he couldn't get out of my body scissors. I then got his head in a strangle hold pressing him with his back against me at the same time increasing the pressure around his waist. He was now struggling with everything he had. I whispered in his ear if he still didn't believe that a woman could harm a man with her legs. I then pressed almost 100% and he screamed out his submission. I guess I almost popped one of his ribs. I kissed him and told him he could get a rematch whenver he wanted. He was a bit upset and said he wasn't prepared the first time which was true. We stripped down to our underwear and started to wrestle for the first time in our lives. Hand to hand he didn't have a chance against my gym trained arms. I had him on his knees within seconds. I felt very powerful. Here I was showing my husband my strength. I got him on his back and pinned him with my knees on his shoulders. He couldn't get loose. I asked him if he wanted to have a go again. This time he flew at me taking me down with him and tried to pin me. He sat on my stomach but as hard as he could he was too weak to press my arms down. I slowly bent his arms behind his back and rolled over to once again end up on top of him. Very easy to pin this time since he was totally spent. I then wanted him to say I was stronger, and he did after about 10 minutes. We later on that evening arm wrestled as well and I didn't have any problems to beat him. I am a bit lighter than him at 74 kgs, 170 cm and he is 183 cm and 76 kgs. After showing him who was stronger we had the most fantastic sex ever. We have kept on wrestling, he is frustrating loosing but at the same time seem to enjoy the closeness and fight and of course the sex after. I think that Onatop actully helped me and my husband to imprive our relationship.

Onatop IIDec 29 2008 5:20am
Hi Christy, this is Tori- Barry's wife. As we talked about he felt after losing he told me that he posted on this board and suggested Jo and I read it. Wow!! really does seem like we women are taking charge of our relationships. anyway, for Barry and Alan's day of serving us we had some T-shirts made that said on the front "women are the stronger sex" and on the back " I obey my wife" Alan and Jo stayed over and the boys brought us breakfast in bed, cleaned the house and did all the cooking and ironing for the day. We had thought about embrassing them by sending them to the shopping mall but allowed them to stay home. However our next door neighbour Sarah called round. She rang me later to find out what had been going on and I think her husband Scott may be in for a surprise tonight... in the couples you know does the woman stay in control once she has taken it or can men fight back? I only wonder because both Barry and Alan seem to have enjoyed being bossed around today. Could it be forever now...??

ToriDec 29 2008 11:22am
Onatop II, that is such a common beleive among men, especially older ones. Funny thing is, it seems to me that men get weaker as they get older much quicker than women. I am happy for you and your husband, maybe the knowledge that you are not a weak submissive woman and stronger has finally come out and your relationship is better because this is the natural way for you 2?

ChristyDec 30 2008 2:07am
Hi Tori, Congrats on yours and Jos win. That is great how you took control and becmae the boss. I suspect that if the women in the relastionships such as these want that control and be in charge and the man in their life can live with it then yes the woman will remain that way. Even if not, i beleive that because of your victory, you have not only proven to be equal but possibly superior, physically. This in itself will be in the minds of the 4 individuals. Most of the couples i know, the woman is definately more in control, perhaps not because of a test of strength but just because it seems to be the norm these days. And yes men will fight back, you just have to resist it and fight back if that is what you want. Please keep us informed of any new matches and give us details.

ChristyDec 30 2008 2:11am
Tori, since I am a man I believe that the men you have defeated will accept to be #2, we learn the pecking order at an early age. Many men let their wives decide even if they are stronger like most men are. If the women turn out to be stronger I think it is very difficult for a man to take the leading role back. He either split or stay as #2. Men are often as simple as that.

#2Dec 30 2008 3:02am
Thanks Christy - day 1 and the boys tried to foght back and tell us to go to the market but Jo and I jut gave them a hard look and flexed our muscles and they agreed to do as asked. So i suspect yoyu are right and that we will ow be the bosses in our marriages. we promised them a rematch tonight and because they read Dave's post we ahev agreed to do it in bra and thong - provaded theyw ear thongs too...lets see... next door we saw Scott came home two hours ago. Usually we see him park his car but I jnotice that Sarah parked it tonight. also she has called me - we will se what happened.. by theay i have given Barry permission to post but not until he has heard from SCott next door..

toriDec 30 2008 9:09am
Onattopp, whihc was the film?? i need to get it to watch with my husband! would it be good to watch it with my 16 year old daughter and son do you think?

toriDec 30 2008 9:10am
Oh my goodness Christy what have you started with your postings! Scott just rang me from next door. He came home to find that Sarah had put their children to bed early. She told him to get into some gym gear - he quickly did so thinking he was in for a night of happy sex but found that Sarah had other things in mind. She leg-wrestled him (whatever that is) and then pinned him to the floor ending with making him kiss her butt. Then she told him that we were having a rematch tonight at my house and that Tori and Jo planned to humiliate us and then insist on a week of butt-worship to ensure Alan and I know our place. All happens in one hours time....

barryDec 30 2008 11:52am
MMMM Tori, I do beleive that you and Jo have the upper hand in your relationships and it does seem the men are willing to accept their place. And i love how you " gave barry permssion to post" that is great! lol your a natural!

ChristyDec 30 2008 4:46pm
Barry, The leg wrestling dominance by Sarah does not surprise me at all. Even a woman that does not work out would be able to stand her own at that. This is so exciting for me to hear all these other women coming forth. Also Barry,with permission from Tori as I do not want to over step my boundaries, Please give a detailed description of all the matches tonight.

ChristyDec 30 2008 4:49pm
Tori, I love how you have taken control. I think from a mans perspective, that losing to a woman does break his confidence in the beginning. This in turn does make us want to regain our control and i think for awhile at least they will continue to test you, resist your control and power. I know I did until I realized that its not only not so bad for the woman to be in charge but also, i keep losing. Now i have accepted it and lucky for me have a wife that does not abuse it. I can only imagine that that you, and jo and sarah as well now, will continue to feel the pressure of them challenging you.

DaveDec 31 2008 4:14am
It is awesome to see so many women that enjoy seeing men lose to women and have the ability to do so.

DaveDec 31 2008 6:11am
Thanks Onatop. I have ordered the film from Amazon and will look forward to watching it wiht husband and the children.I wonder what you or Christy have done with your children. Do you tell them that their mother is now wearing the pants or do they find out from observation? advice welcome please

toriDec 31 2008 6:45am
Dave, your comments were abolutely right. Jo and I had been told by a friend that if we wanted to continue to be the head of the household then we should break our boys'confidence but that they would fight back initially as you suggest. So we decided to play tough. Jo and I wore black bras and thongs and although we are smaller than our husbands i think we looked pretty intimidating, especially since we had made Barry and Alan put on red/pink thongs we had bought for them especially. Barry started out fighting very well against Jo and I thought she was going to lose but after about 10 minutes he began to get tired and she just wrapped him up in a headscissors until he submitted. Alan seemed to want to lose to me and that only took a few minutes before he tapped the floor to submit. Jo and I then fought our husbands at the same time. We did what we had agreed and once we had pinned them we told them we would only let them up if they agreed to be spanked. They pleaded wiht us but we insisted so...would you believe it that once we were seated in opposite chairs they both draped themselves over our knees and accepted being spanked. Jo and I were so surprised to have our larger and heavier husbands at our mercy ! We hardly dared to believe it but both Alan and Barry acted as if it was pefectly natural for them to submit to us as their superiors. I have instructed barry to write how he felt during the fight once he has tidied my clothes cupboard.

toriDec 31 2008 6:57am
WOW, you and Jo have r eally changed your relationships. I find that many men will bow down from a woman that has chosen to take control. I know i have and it does seem perfectly natural for me to "subit to my superiors" as you put it. I do think that they will test you as time goes on, but ultimately they will respect you. Men are thick headed and i can say that periodic lessons of defeat are good reminders for us. Congrats on your wins. I definately know what it is like to wrestle a woman and start off like i would win, but tire and wear down. What amazes me is women seem to get started slower but have such a higher stamina and endurance that it is tough for us to keep up with you. Which is why Jo was able to finally win. And the fact that she used her legs in a head scissor is good. First he probably would not have escaped them when he was fresh, no doubt that her legs put some fear in him after he was tired.

DaveDec 31 2008 7:40am
I know there are some women out there that are stronger than some men, body builders, gym rat type women but come on.. I have never wrestled a woman before but i really cannot buy that a smaller woman can so easily defeat a larger man as common as you people are talking. sure I can imagine in some cases it could happen. I think of my gf and myself, She is 5'5 120lbs, works out, is in good shape, but i am 5'10 185lbs and also work out. We have never wrestled before but I cannot see where her sexy body could contain and control me.

DonDec 31 2008 8:06am
I know there are some women out there that are stronger than some men, body builders, gym rat type women but come on.. I have never wrestled a woman before but i really cannot buy that a smaller woman can so easily defeat a larger man as common as you people are talking. sure I can imagine in some cases it could happen. I think of my gf and myself, She is 5'5 120lbs, works out, is in good shape, but i am 5'10 185lbs and also work out. We have never wrestled before but I cannot see where her sexy body could contain and control me.

DonDec 31 2008 8:08am
Don, you may or may not be right. I guess the only way for you to know for sure is for you and your girlfriend to wrestle. Maybe make it the best out of 3 or 5 matches so it can be fair, and definative. Just a thought.

ChristyDec 31 2008 8:10am
OK. So when Tori and Jo agreed to wrestle Alan and myself again we had no doubt that we would be able to reassert ourselves and keep Tori and Jo in their rightful place. We know they are fitter than we are and are strong runners but surely as men we would be able to outmuscle them. We were slightly taken aback when the girls gave us our fighting clothes- to be frank they had chosen some pretty girly thongs for us to annoy us I think. I threw myself into the battle with Jo. Every time I thought I had her pinned or under control she would throw me off or move so quickly I lost her. Then I began to tire and I dont quite know how but found myself inside a terrfic head scissors. If I am honest I was pretty scared about what she might do so after a bit of struggling I submitted. I thought Jo was teasing too much in insisting I said " pretty please let me go, strong Jo" before she let me free. Alan had reckoned on me beating Jo so I think he was pretty nervous aboput facing Tori who looked magnificent in her outfit. He didnt last long. Alan and I took five minutes to prepare for the simultaneous batle of the sexes and agreed that this was a crucial match. As we stood to begin fighting both the girls threw themselves onto the floor and tripped us up. Very quickly indeed they had us both pinned and then came up with this carzy idea that they would only let us up if we agreed to be spanked. Well we werent going to agree to this. I pointed out to Tori that our children might be home soon, to play for time, but she told me that she had told Andrea to make sure she kept her brother and herelf out for another hour. We must have lain on the groudn for fifteen minuted before we submitted to Tori and Jo's demands. The strangest thing was that once we had said we would do it, it seemed pefectly natural to follow their orders. its pretty clear that Tori and Jo have taken control - and |I think that might be happening with Sarah next door as well what do we do- do we try and fight back or just accept that men have actually become the weaker sex??

barryDec 31 2008 8:12am
Christy, this is Jo- Tori's sister. I know you said earlier that you and your husband have a family so woudl like your advice. I will go home tomorrow with Alan - my mother has been looking after our children while we have been staying with Tori. I am wondering whether to tell my mother (who has a good sense of humour) what has happened in the last few days? I know Tori is thinking of telling their children that she is now the boss but i reckon our two will simply notice if I just take charge a little more openly. What has been your experience?

JoDec 31 2008 8:18am
Don, I would be very careful. I thought exactly like you but in fact my wife turned out to have far more endurance than I had. Her muscles seemed to get stronger the longer we went on whilst mine got weaker. As Christy says just try it- but be careful

barryDec 31 2008 8:32am
Don, you may or may not be right. I guess the only way for you to know for sure is for you and your girlfriend to wrestle. Maybe make it the best out of 3 or 5 matches so it can be fair, and definative. Just a thought.

ChristyDec 31 2008 8:46am
I dont see any issues of telling your mother if you are ok with it. We keep it between us, not shown to family and friends especially the kids. but that is our choice.

ChristyDec 31 2008 8:58am
Well i guess there is nothing wrong with proving you guys wrong. I will tell my girlfriend about these posts, see her reaction and ask her if she is willing to try it. I am sure that i will easily pin Rachel in each match.

DonDec 31 2008 9:01am
Well i guess there is nothing wrong with proving you guys wrong. I will tell my girlfriend about these posts, see her reaction and ask her if she is willing to try it. I am sure that i will easily pin Rachel in each match.

DonDec 31 2008 9:02am
Well i guess there is nothing wrong with proving you guys wrong. I will tell my girlfriend about these posts, see her reaction and ask her if she is willing to try it. I am sure that i will easily pin Rachel in each match.

DonDec 31 2008 9:02am
Thanks Christy. I think I will tell my mother -not the details but just that I have become stronger. She has always wondered when she looked at the family together on the beach for example. I think the kids just work out who's the boss wihtout being told dont you?

JoDec 31 2008 9:02am
Make sure you tell us what happens Don. not too many posts here from guys that win....

barryDec 31 2008 9:07am
Last night after the kids were in bed, hubby and I were having a few drinks, both of us feeling restless as it was new years eve. I got up, went to the bedroom and then came out wearing a thong, no bra and light robe. I stepped into the living room holding a pair of hubbys silk boxers and said put these on and asked him, ready for a rematch? he of course jumped at the idea and immediately put on the shorts. I told him it would be the best of 5 matches and of course our last set of stakes would be on the table again, i enjoyed how competitive it made it. So If he won, a BJ everyday, if I won, he was my little A#$ Slave for the week. The first match started and I was really surprised at how aggressive he was wrestling me and I found myself in a couple of very bad positions right off the bat. Frusrtated at myself and a little surprised, i continued to resist and try to reverse the holds. Finally after about 7 minutes into it, I submitted to him. I was mad on the inside but did not let these emotions control me. I hadnt lost a match to him in I don't know how long. So we took a 5 min break with him leading 0-1. The second match started and he again came out just as agressive but with the same damn moves. I dont think men get creative enough, thinking i had success with this, i will do it again.. Well his mis fortune as i easily and quickly avoided getting trapped again and put him on the defensive. No i start letting my legs work him over. I got him in a scissor hold around his neck and was able to keep this hold for several minutes while he stuggled with everything he had. He finally got out but his face was red, breathing heavy and windeded. I quickly wrapped my legs around his sides and started putting on the pressure and as i did, i moaned and let out a loud "NOOO" but it was too late. I was behind him, wrapped my arms around his throat and his stuggles subsided and after about 8 minutes he submitted. It was not even 1-1. We took another 5 min break. I was feeling so good, like my workout was just beginning, my legs were just starting to get pumped up, my blood flowing. Hubby was red faced, breathing heavy and i smiled.. this time when we started i figured i would try to not use my legs and just plain out muscle him which turned out to be rather easy as he was getting so tired right after the 3rd match started. I had him pinned and his legs grapevinned he submitted in less than 5 minutes. Now it was 2-1 my favor. The next match started and it didnt take long for me to relaize that he gave in quick in the last match to reserve his strength and he was kind of playing it up that he was worse than he actually was.. He came out me strong and fast, and we rolled around struggling for the superior position. After several minutes of struggle his body was just failing him and he slowed down, lost strength but i was still feeling fresh. I was beneath him but wrapped my legs around his waist and started squeezing.. i heard him grunt as air was not restricted, then i wrapped my arms arond his head, shoved his face in my ample breasts and tightened my legs. I smiled as i damn well knew he was not getting out of this, it was just a matter of time before he would submit his final match to me. I kept my grip and hold on him, enjoying the feeling and didnt notice right off that he was trying to submit but couldnt. I lossened up my grip around his head, pulled his head up and he gasped deeply for air, his eyes were kind of watering, i looked nervously at him but wanted to make sure this was not some ploy, i finally said, do you submit.. he nodded his head, i gave him a hard tight jolt with my legs and said SAY IT!. He was barely able toget it out and begged me to let him go, he submitted.. i let him go and he rolled over and layed on his back trying to recover... finally after catching his breath he crawled over to me, kissed my thighs and said damn baby, you almost knocked me out. I was surprised at this but the realized he was right and i hadnt realized it. Damn i thought.. So we talked more and i told him that I really didnt know it, and surely didnt want to go that far. He accepted my appologies and then we layed together in bed, talking. It was a really fun and exciting way to bring in the new year. Christy, once again coming out on top 3-1 but i wsa not happy about losing that first match.

ChristyJan 01 2009 3:59am
Got home today. My mother had done a great job of looking after the children and had set the table for lunch for us all. Alan went to sit at the head of the the table and then turned to me and said he thought I should sit there now..once the children were in bed my mother asked me what he had meant. I didnt tell her w ehad wrestledbut did say that I had decided to take charge of the family and that Alan would now be doing as he was told. My mother was thrileed. She said she always thpought I hwas stronegr than Alan and that out family would now be much better run! She said that in her generation women never had the nerve to say out loud that they wanted to be the boss even if they ruled their husbands behind closed doors. She said that our daughter had asked her why muumy was now sitting at the head of the table and she looked forward to telling her. I hope she understands..

JoJan 01 2009 9:25am
Christu, what an amazing story! I clearly have a lot to learn. Once my mother goes home tonight I will see if Alan is up for a freshc hallenge- perhaps with ass kissing/bj as the reward like you.

JoJan 01 2009 9:27am
Rachael and I went out to dinner, then to a small get together for new years. We had a great time together with each other and friends. I was feeling pretty buzzed and just havng a good time. Today, while sitting around recovering I brought up the things I have read and what we talked about on this site. I told her about all the reports of these smaller women defeating the men in their lives. She was actually a little taken back by my attitude and said just because your men and your bigger doesnt mean you are in better shape. she started saying that she can definately see where women, even if smaller could defeat men. I kind of chuckled at this, but admitted to her that sure it could happen in some relationships but certainly not in ours and others like us. I said, do you really think you could defeat me? Rachellooked at me and said," i dont know, i never really thought about until now. I am in pretty good shape, more flexible, than you, do more cardio than you, lift weights, erobics, eat healthier, drink much less alcohol and take care of myself better than you, maybe I can kick your butt". With my male ego challenged i started to get irratated that my beautiful girlfriend can actually think she can defeat me. Then she said, lets find out, right now. I was taken back by this, feeling irratated, a little hung over, i finally said, fine, lets get this over with so i can out this to rest. It was Rachelthat said we should do the best of 5 matches to make all fair and I agreed to it. She then stripped down to her thong and bra, damn she looked good, and I have to admit, her body looked strong. We started off, neither of us really knowing what to do as wrestling the other sex is new to us, but shortly into the match we were rolling around struggeling for superior position. I was thinking, damn she is pretty strong. We didnt keep time but the first match finally ended after about 11 minutes of intense stuggle with me pinning her beneath me. we took a short break and she was up and ready to go before me, but i agreed and we started again. This time she came at me pretty quick. She started really picking up on moves and what to avoid. This match was about twice as long and i was beginning to feel it. But in the end I again pinned her down and made her submit to me. During our break i knew i needed to just end this quick and then lets move on. Again, quicker than i was really ready she was up and saying lets go. I got up and moved towards her. She again came at me full steam like this was our first match and I found myself really struggeling against her, she started using her legs more, trapped me in them and i began to feel the power in them. I managed to get out of the scissor hold but as soon as i did, she had me trapped in her legs with another hold, this went back and forth severa ltimes and i was getting tired and weaker. This match went was the longest yet and finally after 24 minutes, my body was beginning to wear down, her legs were causing so much fatique i finally submitted a match to her after she she once again scissored me. We took a break and again, after just a short break she was up and boucning on her feet saying lets go. I looked up at her and where she was breathing a little heavy, she looked as if we just started and i was physically getting worn down. The 4th match went very much like the 3rd, but shorter. I submitted after only 13 minutes. Again between matches she jumped up and ready to go, i finally said, i need a few more minutes. She smiled at me and turned showing me her amazing ass as she took a seat and for the first time i felt that i may not win this. How can that beauty do this? Again she stood up and said, ok enough, we said 5 minute breaks its been much longer. lets go. I got up and we started again. but this time she has this confidence in her, making comments that she is loving this and having fun and so excited about winning the last 2. Then she made comments to me about how tired i look and she was about to really pour it on. we started rolling around and i honestly felt like her upper body was as strong as mine now, if not stronger. My body was just plain tired from fending her off, her legs off. It did not take lng for me to loes all steam and the last match being the shortest and most humiliating. She was on top of me, wrapped her feet in with mine and spread my legs. her hands had a hold of my wrists, pinning my arms down.. I struggled but her legs had min espread so far it hurt, i couldnt stop her legs or budge them back. I started to realize that her legs may just be stronger than mine. My body completly and totally spent ,i couldnt push her arms off me. She won and we both knew it, i just had to admit it and finally did. Christy, Tori, Jo and all the othe rwomen out there, especially my Racheal, I appogize for my arrogant make ego remarks. And if any of you are wondering, Rachel knows told me as part of losing to her that I will post the results.

defeated DonJan 01 2009 3:01pm
Go for it Tori, tell us what happens... Don, your appology accepted. When I have more time I would be happy to respond to your detailed post, I just cannot right now.

ChristyJan 01 2009 3:38pm
It excites me that my wife is stronger than me with a huge weight advantage - I'm 5'9 and 167 while she's 5'8 1/2 and 265 - our friends all know she is stronger - she often states when the subject of marital faithfulness comes up that if I were ever unfaithful she would kill me with her bare hands - I have to admit that she could without too much trouble - I still love her and nope I've never been unfaithful

Big AlJan 01 2009 8:36pm
Don, I know how your feeling and it is a humiliating place at least for now. So how did Rachel act and feel about all of this? Obviously she was probably thrilled that she defeated you in what sounds like one tough battle of matches. Did she rub it in your face? What happened after she won?

DaveJan 01 2009 9:09pm
To Big Al How come you call yourself Big Al? You don't sound particularly big. I bet your wife doesn't call you Big Al.

EdgarJan 01 2009 9:26pm
Hi Edgar - well my name is Alex and hers is Alice and she insists on calling me Big Al and me calling her Little Al - when people ask us about it she says its her sense of irony. She even calles me Big Al when we're wrestling and she is overpowering me.

Big AlJan 01 2009 9:28pm
Don, I finally have a little time to respond. I think that what you are going through, many men go through. Its tough for a man to think about losing to a woman because that is what society brain washes in us. Trust me I do beleive that most men are stronger than their gf's or wives, but I also tend to agree that we have a much higher endurance level than men. As with your matches of 5, you won the 2, though I sense that it was not nearly aws easy as you thought it would be. As time went on, your stronger muscles tired out quicker and not only was Rachel feeling as if she was just starting her workout, she knew you were tiring which pushed her to go at it harder. I do hope you learned a lesson here and I hope that Rachel will join us. There is a growing number of women finding all this out and I beleive it important for us to support each other as well as realize that this is not that uncommon of a thing.

ChristyJan 02 2009 7:27am
Christy, you are so right! After my mother went home last night I told Alan that I thought he hadnt been respectful enough and needed to be reminded who wa snow in charge. I offered him your choice of prizes for winning - bj/ass- and he accepted. I stripped to bra and thong and he choose some exercise shorts. He flew at me hoping to win quickly and we tussled back and forwards for ages. Initially the shorts were on top but slowly slowly the thong began to take the dominant position and I pinned him after about ten minutes. The second bout took about 8 minutes before he submitted to a headscissors. The third and final bout took almost no time at all and I ended up sitting on his shoulders/face but facing away from him. I asked him to sublit but all that happended was he started kissing my butt....he was a very chastened man and begged me not to tell Tori and Barry what he had done..of course I did tell Tori and she is planning a similar contest when barry gets home tonight. I will ask her to post what happens. You are an inspiration!

JoJan 02 2009 7:42am
Jo, that is wonderful. You seem to be happy where this is taking you and it does seem that Barry is learning who the stronger person both mentally and physically is in your relationship. Congrats on what seemed like a very dominant win over Alan. I am sure t hat as long as Alan is ok with this dynamic you 2 will have a much better bond and relationship. A word of advice that you seem to have already picked up on, men wil lcome out strogn and fast, and it may seem like you will lose, as i did in the first match(even though it was mad). But deep down i knew that he couldnt maintain the same level of physical combat as i can. As far as Tori and barry, i fully expect similar out comes and its amazing the number of us women that are figuring this out. Females muscles may not be bigger, but they are more efficient and higher endurance which in the end, makes them superior. Just think of your small circle that has come to challenge their men and win, you, tori and sarah.. Several men have spoke up on this site about their wives, Dave, Big Al, and now Don has learned a lesson.

ChristyJan 02 2009 8:08am
Christy, I wonder if you have seen your husband change his attitude generally to women and especially to you. I overheard Alan saying to a friend yesterday that he now thinks women are the stronger sex and that men have to learn to obey rather better - he never would have said this before. Do you see this happening more?

JoJan 02 2009 8:25am
Christy, You have been so right about so much of this. Rachel and I talked about it and she didnt think she would be able to win, but she was willing to give it her all just to prove to me that she would not just roll over and be easily pinned. She said, even though she lost the first 2 matches, it seemed to her that they were not so one sided and in each win she felt she was just getting warmed up and that i was starting to feel fatigue. That is what pushed her further and then after she won the 3rd match, not only did it give her confidence, but it validated what she felt she knew for a fact, that she was actually getting stronger as as strong as the beginning and i would get weaker. For me, it was weird, I did win the first 2 matches but I was surprised at how strong she really was and how damn difficult it was to contain her. her speed, conditioning and determination were too much. She was worried that my broken ego would damage our relationship. I don't know for sure, but for me, its like i have this new respect for her, women in general. one of equlity and more actually. here she is the one that is suppose to be the fairer sex, smaller than me and won a 1 on 1 physical challenge. The win didnt seem to change her too much, though she said she wants to do more of it as its fun, erotic and a good foreplay. Perhaps she has a little more confidence and feels more control than before. I have told her about this site and she told me to send her a link, so i think she will join when she has time.

DonJan 02 2009 8:33am
Jo, It has definately changed his attitude towards me and all women for the better i might add. I do see this happening more and more in all areas of life. We have been held down for so long and now that we are able to show what we can do, our abilities in every arena, sports, business, home, what have you. These changes have been happening for years. Look at colleges, we have more women in college and more graduatign for college. More and more women are taking higher management positions in business. Men have been hanging on to the physical superioness they still possessed as the others were being taken away. Now we are taking that from them in many areas of sports. This is just the most damaging as it pits one man on one woman.

ChristyJan 02 2009 8:38am
Don, Wow you are growing up! I picture you as an arrogant womanize before this that thought his s@#$ didnt stink and was a gods gift to women. Now you are humbled and at least admitting your loss like a man. You are much more attractive person this w ay. I do look forward to seeing messages from Rachel, i hope she joins.

ChristyJan 02 2009 8:40am
Christy, I am sure you are right. If we can begin to defeat men one on one then they will have to accept us as their bosses. How did they ever persaude us in the past that we were the weaker sex??

JoJan 02 2009 8:42am
Jo, you seem more into dominating, humiliating and being in charge of your husband more so than Christy. Do you think this will cause you to lose respect for him? Do you think you can remain a faithful wife through this? I mean, it just seems to me that you have been learnign this much less time yet you seem to have grabbed total control and enjoy it, where Christy knows she has total control, enjoys it, but seems more loyal ot her husband.

DonJan 02 2009 8:47am
Don, I don't think that I am in any way losing respect for him. I love him very much. it is early days for us in wrestling terms but what both Alan and I are enjoying is recognising what seems really right ie the woman wearing the pants. All our married life we have known that I am more intelligent and better organised than he is (he would say so too!)but we have tried to act as if the husband was the head of the household. Both he and I are feeling liberated in acknowledging who is runnng the show. Interestingly my daughter asked me what had happened to daddy that he seemed so happy in the last few days...

JoJan 02 2009 8:52am
Jo, thank you for responding and clearing that up. I re-read what i posted and certainly didnt mean to come across in a negative way, i am glad you didnt take it that way. I guess a part of me is concerned if Rachel and I will experience and develope in a similar manner. And it does seem t hat more and more women are wearing the pants in relationships t hese days. Rachel seems to have always just bowed down to what I wanted, but i do wonder if that will change now

DonJan 02 2009 8:57am
Don, would you mind if she decided to wear the pants in your relationship?

JoJan 02 2009 8:59am
I don't know. I have never been in a relationship like that and when I met Rachel she was much different. The chase to get her was very difficult, but after I caught her, She kind of mellowed out. I really liked the Rachel i first met and the one now. But she was much more controlling then or in control i should say t hen and I recall that is what attracted me

DonJan 02 2009 9:02am
I don't know. I have never been in a relationship like that and when I met Rachel she was much different. The chase to get her was very difficult, but after I caught her, She kind of mellowed out. I really liked the Rachel i first met and the one now. But she was much more controlling then or in control i should say t hen and I recall that is what attracted me

DonJan 02 2009 9:04am
If I look at my friends then I would say that the happiest families are th ones where the woman is in charge. When women wear the pants they tend to be very efficient in getting things done but also very concerned for the men in their lives. You might find things changing for you but Rachel will only want to lead you to being a better you. And for what it is worth Alan is finding obeying me a real turn-on...!

JoJan 02 2009 9:05am
Interesting and insightful. I can't argue as you points have validity to them. Whats weird for me is I enjoyed the wrestling matches with her and I want a rematch badly., I am not sure if that is to save my ego or what it is. But the fact She beat me best of 5 is lingering in my head and will for a long time.

DonJan 02 2009 9:09am
Then ask her for a rematch. If she is anythign like me she would welcome the chance to try again. I wasn't sure if Alan had given in - could it really be that my endurancewas better than his?? Certainly my beating him the second time helped him think girl-power was a really good idea- hence his spending ten minutes kissing that part of my anatomy..!!

JoJan 02 2009 9:12am
I do w ant a rematch, i was hung over that day. So maybe I will prove to defeat her. I can t ell you, either way, I have learned that I was an A@$ before and now have a new respect for women.

DonJan 02 2009 9:16am
you sound like you still want to win...good luck. Can you be happy if you lose and she does take charge? you need maybe to mentally prepare your answer to that. Barry tried hard to win ina rematch wiht Tori- I will get one of them to post about it

JoJan 02 2009 9:20am
Of course I still want to win.. As far as can i be happyf if i lose, t hats a tough one and not really sure how i would feel if she won and took charge.

DonJan 02 2009 9:23am
Let us all know how you get on. But honestly, Don, many men find their lives are sweet once their wives/girlfriends take charge. I don't kow many men who would go back to being responsible for everything (even if they could !!!)

JoJan 02 2009 9:25am
I will, I am trying to let my confidence build back up before the rematch. I will definately post what happens. Hell for the men of t his forums sake, i hope i can win.

DonJan 02 2009 9:32am
As a woman I probably should tell you this - but you will probbaly do better to make the rematch pretty soon. Us girls get to feel stronger day by day once we have won a match - or at least that goes for me,Tori and Sarah... go for it today say I

JoJan 02 2009 9:35am
Thanks for the advice. I think i will then... will be talking with Rachel shortly, i will mention it then

DonJan 02 2009 9:40am
Good luck Don. Rachel is clearly a lucky girl to have you. See if you can her to post her view too

JoJan 02 2009 9:41am
Wouldn't it be cool if we all could have mixed gender matches this weekend, or even if Jo and Tori could wrestle both the men in their lives and we can add up the talley for a battle of the sexes? Think it can be done on such short notice? Jay and his friends could all have another tournament style.. Unfortunately we only have a handfull of active posters but I think it would be interesting and fun ;)

DaveJan 02 2009 10:31am
Tori and I are new to all this and think of Christy as our role model - so if she is up for this then I am sure we can do it. I know from Alan that Scott is planning a rematch with Sarah anyway so w ecan count them in. Christy, what do you think?

JoJan 02 2009 11:05am
Jo, I think you sell yourself short, you may be new to this, but you have reached levels it took me a long time to reach. Thank you for the nice compliment though. Dave, I think that would be a neat and fun idea. Anyone who comes to this forum from now through the weekend please join. It looks like we already have 6 couples with 3 couples possibly having a tournament. Please keep track of all fights, maybe a brief description of what happened and either post or have someone post. It seems Don will be having a rematch, curious to see what happens there!!Thanks for the great idea Dave.

ChristyJan 02 2009 11:11am
Great a battle of the sexes weekend and reports of matches and won/losses back on this forum.

DaveJan 02 2009 12:38pm
I asked my wife for a match last night and she readily agreed and decided it would be this evening and maybe again on Sat and maybe Sunday if we were up to it. Wife was wearing a very sexy boy shorts style panties that really make her look athletic, yet hot, and a bra, and I must admit, not only was she looking so damn sexy, but with all the working out, shes looking rather intimidating. We decided to go best of 3 matches submission only. The first match was pretty long, I came out agressive and early on it looked as if I would score an early submission. However, though I had her pinned, I couldnt secure a submission, I think she figured I would slip up, which I ultimately did and she wrapped her legs around my waist. The grip was tight, I think her legs are getting stronger regarding scissoring me with the all the matches we have had. suddenly I was no longer on top, but laying on my side with her thighs tightly wrapped around my waist, reducing my airflow. then she wrapped her arms around my head, crushing my face into her breasts.. Now my air was totally controlled by her and within 30-40 seconds of struggeling I tapped her, she pulled my head out and asked me if that was a submission, I gasped out YES. After about a 10 minute match, she had won. The second match started after a 5 minute break and some water. My wife had a smile of confidence after turning the tables on me in the previous match. I on the other hand was nervous as i knew i had to win this match. We started off with again me being more aggressive, i managed a take down by moving in low, grabbing her leg and forcing her to the ground. This time she immediately got her legs involved getting them around my head and then swinging them to the side. My body hit the floor pretty hard stunning me. With the impact of me and her thigh hitting the ground her grip loosened up, but with me being stunned she was able to grab my hair, pull my head in closer and trap my head again, this time barried in her sex. This caused me to frantically thrash around knowing if i dont get out of her legs i was done. during my thrashing around, she clamped down harder at the same time securing one of my arms bending it behind my back. my struggles slowed down.. trapped in those amazing legs again. I resisted tapping out, enjoying the place i was in :), but as she was starting to get frustrated with me for not submitting, she wrenched up my arm, tightened her legs and said, SUBMIT, your trapped. I finally tapped her, she again pulled my head away to confirm i was subimtting, i responded, I submit. The winner of the second match in less than 5 minutes, and winner of the set, my wife. Women 1 Men 0 Women 2 matches, Men 0

DaveJan 03 2009 4:50am
Been there hundreds of times Dave. When me and my wife started to wrestle years ago my arms were stronger then hers but she rather quickly learnt how to use her very strong legs. Once she got the grips of that she won more than 50% of our bouts. She worked out more than me and got stronger even in her upper body making our matches very uneven. We still wrestle now and then, I try to avoid it to be honest since it is tough to always loose. I am proud of my strong wife and love her, but I want to have the days back when I won my share of the matches. We are now in our mid 50's.

Tired of loosingJan 03 2009 2:16pm
I know how you feel, but respect that she is a stronger woman than you and join in our battle of the sexes weekend and wrestle your wife this weekend. I dont know about you, but its hot for us to do so, its a great foreplay

DaveJan 03 2009 3:46pm
Wow, the board is buzzling with great stories. Very interesting to read all. / Deep

2009-01-04Jan 04 2009 1:37am
The difference in strength between me and my wife wasn't that big when we met many years ago. She was a lot stronger and more muscular in her lower body and I had an advantage in the upper body. When I think of it I am no longer sure my wife tried her best when we tested our strength back then. Anyway her ambitious work outs and the years have made her stronger than me all over. It takes her seconds to beat me when we armwreste and like I already described she wins our wrestling matches as easy. She really enjoys being stronger and of course I like the wrestling as foreplay but I don't like the teasing, that she has taken her physical dominance as a reciept for taking over and decide everything in our relationship. She always has the last word nowadays. I have started to work out more to perhaps have a chance to become stronger than her but my body doesn't respond to the work outs that well. My wife's body is something different. Now at 54 years old she is stronger and more muscular than ever. I am not a fat, couch potato, just not very muscular. I won't join in Dave, in the battle of the sexes weekend, I will do the opposite, try to stay away from wrestling my wife. And I will never show her this board. It has helped me though to see that there are many couples in a similar situation as ours.

Tired of loosingJan 04 2009 3:27am
Tired of losing, I don't think you should be embarrassed by any of this, It is not uncommon for a woman in her later years to be more active in working out and in doing so become stronger than her husband. Dave, thanks for getting us started and i must say I am happy that your wife was able to keep her winning ways over you and add to the scores of the women. I wanted to comment to the both of you prior to adding my own information of the matches hubby and i had yesterday. More to come shortly....

ChristyJan 04 2009 4:49am
I told hubby of "the battle of the sexes" we had planned on through this forum and he readily agreed to wrestle the bets of 5 matches. I was for sure it would be a big mistake on his part as his endurance and stamina has been his weakness but none the less he agreed. I chose to wear something that not only excited hubby but also let him be intimidated and I do beleive I accomplished both my goals. I wore a thong bikini while hubby wrestled in boxer breifs. The first match was a bit different than we have experienced in recent times, hubby was not as aggressive, maybe the intimidation factor i was looking for worked. It was a pretty short match with me secureing a pin resulting in his submission in less than 6 minutes. I was of course thinking that this is going to be a fast set of matches. The second match was completly different and my over confidence wore on me in a negative way and found that he had me on the defensive and in bad positions throughout the match. The match lasted about 13 minutes and hubby secured a convincing submission from me. Now the matches were tied 1-1 and i was concerned at how hes been able to get some wins from me in the last few sessions we have had. Prior to this, it was very one sided, maybe its the stakes I have been putting on the table and he wants those bjs.. The third match started and something unfortunate happened, somehow I damaged my left arm. With the pain shooting through my left arm i screamed another submission because I knew that the pulled muscle or whatever it was wrong with my arm would prevent me from getting out of the hold. So after a 4 min match hubby now had a 2-1 advantage over me and I had an injury. Hubby did offer to contine this another time but I insisted we continue, though I did ask him to give me an extended break to see if I could work out the pain in my arm. He agreed and we took a break. When we returned later, my arm feelign a bit better but still in pain, I knew I had to compensate for my arm and figured that hubby would exploit my weakness. With the match at stake and me possibly losing to him I was determined.. We started wrestling and i could feel the weakness in my arm but continued on waiting for him to make a mistake, which he did and i trapped him in my legs around his waist while laying across him, I know had some leverage, i grabbed his arm and bent it back, perhaps with too much force as I heard hubby let out a moan of pain right before he screamed, practically begging his submission. I also noticed my thighs were really pouring it on while i was wrenching his arm back. I accepted his submission and we were now tied 2-2 with the final match approaching. I gave him an extended time to recouperate as he did me before we entered this last match. When we returned, for the first time we had given each other injuries, my left arm, his right arm. We started and i could see he was really favoring his right arm yet I was able to push the pain in my left arm aside and move at him fast and furious. With him retreating from my attack instead of attacking, i was finally able to secure a head scissor and immediately started pouring the pressure on... he was barely resisting but also not submitting. It turned out he was unable to say his submission, my leg hold was too strong and perfectly positioned. Also, I had trapped him in a manner that he could not tap out. But not knowing any of this at the time, I kept the hold and added pressure.. Finally as I noticed he was not fighting back at all, i loosened up my hold to ask him if he submits, after looking at his face, i realized that he was unable to submit as he was on the edge of passing out. He began coughing and noding his head yes, but i wanted to hear him and told him if he doesnt say he submits I would wrap my legs around him again.. I couldnt get his submission out quick enough. I won the set, giving hte women 2-0 advantage over sets, but ladies I appologize for allowing him to secure 2 wins in our set. good luck to the rest of you ladies.. Go Girl Power!

ChristyJan 04 2009 5:20am
Well it looks like the women are off to a strong start. Christy, I find it amazing that you and most women, can fight through such pains and continue. though your husband took 2 wins, you still proved to be stronger mentally and physically. I don't think either of the results of your match and my match come to a surprise to me. I fully suspected my wife to win, as I expected you to. After reading the posts of Tori and Jo, I would expect that they will win as well. Their friend Sarah is an unknown as is some of the other people we have not heard from.

DaveJan 04 2009 6:05am
This is Scott- Sarah's husband. I can tell you that my wife has been playing games with me today. When I brought her coffee in bed this morning she gave me a honey to-do list and said if I did them all then I would have her in her underwear on the floor of the bedroom. I just worked through the first five things (simple stuff like ironing,cooking,cleaning) and the sixth was to read this I see what she has in mind. And I see why Jo and Alan have just turned up at Tori's house. I am going to do my best to put Sarah over my knee to do my best for us guys and remind her just which is the stronger and dominant sex, Wish me luck and I will report later

ScottJan 04 2009 7:44am
Christy, as always you are inspiring. I hope your arm is ok. Jo and I are just getting ready for the battle of the sexes later. The boys are putting the children to bed and then we begin. Thanks for your confidence Dave - I am actually feeling a bit nervous now we have labelled it a girl-power tournament but aftre all we are the strongers ex so lets prove it! reports later

ToriJan 04 2009 9:33am
sorry guys but its another victory for the girls. I was so cross with Sarah for having teased me all day that I thought I would take her easily but my energy was no match for her subtlety and strength. I decided to make a point early on and suggested we just linked hands to see who was stronger. To my amazement we battled for a minute or two and then my wrists bent backwards and I was kneeling before her. She said to me that this was the result of her gym work whereas i had been getting weaker just being a couch potato. We stood up for the second match and she said she woudl make it easier for me to see her muscles. So she took off her athletic top followed by her bra. I was so turned on that I didnt really notice what was happening until she had me in a reverse headscissors with my face in her thong. Then she folded my legs back over my head and I felt so dominated I cant tell you. Worse still, it felt just right and natural. The third bout went a different way. I avoided her legs but ended up on my stomach on the floor whereupon she just pulled my head and shoulders back until I amost started crying. Boy, did I submit quickly. So, 3-0 to the women. And she told me to write that I do now believe men have become the weaker sex. And that wives rule ok !! I hope Alan and Barry do better next door with Tori and Sarah but now I am not sure...

scottJan 04 2009 11:03am
Tori, I felt i was a bit of a let down. But I am happy to see other women stepping up and having less of a problem than I have in the last couple of matches. Good job Sarah!! Scott seems to have quickly found out how tough his wife is. Dave, your right the women do seem to have started off strong. Good luck Tori and Jo and all the other women that will join this battle of the sexes.

ChristyJan 04 2009 12:16pm
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