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Created by: TOOTOO at 08:19:19 AM, Sunday, February 20, 2005 EST


hey u here gabby

DracoDec 31 2013 10:27am


GabbyDec 31 2013 10:27am
lol heyy

DracoDec 31 2013 10:29am
I bet you smell yummy!;DD

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:29am
i do :D

DracoDec 31 2013 10:30am
Lmfao hahahaXD I'm wearing my daddys shirt! n highwaisted shorts idk....n my J's!XDDD

Gabby really just put whatevea on n looks sexy in it!;PDec 31 2013 10:33am
mm i bet u do look sexy in thos ;D

DracoDec 31 2013 10:33am
Ha yea i do n ONCE YA MINE THERES NO GOING BACK!!!;D Its true what ya hear ima freak so come and give me ur worst!!!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:38am
so im urs then? ;p

DracoDec 31 2013 10:40am
hi cutie :D

loganDec 31 2013 10:40am
hey logan!XDDDD I own you! just bc i can n i claim you mine!!!-Grabs ur balls n dick n squeeze them- SEE MINE!!!-kisses draco deeply-@draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:43am
ohhh mmm fck own me *kisses back deeply*

DracoDec 31 2013 10:44am
so uh wats up beside grabin his junk

loganDec 31 2013 10:45am
-wraps my arms around ur neck and looks at you in the eyes- mmm yea baby thats what I thought!!!!!!!>=D

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:47am
im urs do wat ever ya want with me

pet DracoDec 31 2013 10:48am
lmfao yea nm just with my baby cousin!XD wby?;P @logan

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:48am
totally not rubbing my balls o.o

loganDec 31 2013 10:49am
lmfao hehe;PPP *pokes draco's tummy*

GabbywabbyDec 31 2013 10:50am
haha xD *pokes ur tummy back*

DracoDec 31 2013 10:51am
*giggles and sucks on draco's cheek*mmmm...hehehe!=///3 See this is how I own half of the guys on here!;)

Gabby thinks logan is horny!Dec 31 2013 10:53am
lol ok well you own me my turn to own u *grabs ur pusy* MINE!!!

DracoDec 31 2013 10:54am
no my balls iched so like im rubbin them

loganDec 31 2013 10:55am

Gabby is like damn now she owned!!XDDDec 31 2013 11:01am
Hahaha ok-ok-ok logan I really want to suck someones c*ck!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:02am
mmmm now let go of my cck n balls xD *lets go of ur pusy*

DracoDec 31 2013 11:03am
then go gabby

loganDec 31 2013 11:03am
Haha! ok!;) *lets go of draco's c*ck and balls*mmmm ha xD

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:05am
ahh thank u

DracoDec 31 2013 11:05am
Nahhhh.....I'm not gunna suck no ones c*ck!!!C;

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:06am
lol u said u wanted to xD so ok

loganDec 31 2013 11:06am
Your welcome daddy!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:06am
u had a good grip on them like u didnt wana lose them XD ;)

DracoDec 31 2013 11:07am
Hahaha!C: spongebob just fell!!xDD IDK WHY BUT MY COUSIN NAMED HER DOG SPONGEBOB!!!!.-. like wtf ^o^

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:08am
lol -walks to the bathroom and shuts the door gets undressed n hops in the shower-

logan will be in the showerDec 31 2013 11:09am
Lmfao yea I don't wanna lose the c*ck dat i love!XD ;) @Draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:10am
mmm gabby ur getting my hard c;

DracoDec 31 2013 11:11am
Mmm If only I could be right there with you baby.. I would be riding ur hard long c*ck!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:14am
hi sweet heart

DaddyDec 31 2013 11:14am
mmmm yea i would be deep inside u

DracoDec 31 2013 11:15am
Hey!;P @Daddy

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:15am
-kisses you on the lips- how have you been

DaddyDec 31 2013 11:16am
XD Mmmm yea baby!;) Idk but like my boobs hurt!!! like theyy're already DD's....i don't want them bigger!=D@Draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:18am
i wana see u naked again so badly gabby lets trade pics again

DracoDec 31 2013 11:19am
-kisses daddy back- hehe i've been great!;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:19am
show daddy a good tim sweet heart -takes off your shirt-

DaddyDec 31 2013 11:20am
*giggles*^_^ your funny and silly!={) @draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:21am
gabby i actually serious i do wana see u naked

DracoDec 31 2013 11:21am

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:30am
im sorry but its the truth i miss u

DracoDec 31 2013 11:32am
O.O wow!

Gabby is shockedDec 31 2013 11:35am
do u even miss me at all?

DracoDec 31 2013 11:36am
Yes I do miss you.

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:37am
gabby dont think that all i want is sex and pics no i want u back i want my friend back :( i rly miss u

DracoDec 31 2013 11:38am

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:38am
-trys to sneek past with a towl on me-

loganDec 31 2013 11:40am
NOOOO!!!!!-Pulls off logans towl- mine!!! -jumps on logan n kisses him-

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:41am
hey! my towl -kisses back- um im nude and ur on me

loganDec 31 2013 11:42am
is it hard for u to focus gabby like in a serious moment or u just dont wana talk bout the past?

DracoDec 31 2013 11:43am
F*CK ME LOGAN!!!!!!-sucks and kisses ur neck-mmmm!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:44am
mmm gabby

logan ok strip thenDec 31 2013 11:45am
I just don't wanna talk bout the past!.-. but I could focus If i wanted to!=) but i don't wanna talk bout the past

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:46am
then why cant i like ya no get ur number or fb or sometin

DracoDec 31 2013 11:47am
Ha im just bustin yo f*ckin balls bitch!!!!!>=DDDD Im not horny! -gets off of logan n hands him his towl- sowwy just wanted to see how ya reacted!c;D lmfao

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:49am
Haha just cuz!!....C= @Draco

GabbywabbyDec 31 2013 11:50am
haha :) thxs -puts my towl back on-

loganDec 31 2013 11:50am

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:51am

DracoDec 31 2013 11:52am
ya scared me gabby xD haha but if u wanted to see it that bad i could of droped the towl for u

loganDec 31 2013 11:53am
no anyways i changed everything!!@Draco Hehehe!;) How bad do you wanna f*ck me?;D @Logan

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:55am
what u mean u changed everything?

DracoDec 31 2013 11:56am
its to long to put in the space ;)

loganDec 31 2013 11:57am
like i changed my number n yea!;PPP Lol how bad do you wanna see me naked again??? O.O ;) @draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:59am
ummm idk like i missed u so much i cant describe how bad

DracoDec 31 2013 12:01pm
Haha I like to tease guys!!!;) I swear when I go back to school ima go up to the hottest guy I see and Ima tell him ur hot now f*ck me than give im a blowjob!!!XD ←works everytime

GabbyDec 31 2013 12:04pm
:( yea

loganDec 31 2013 12:05pm
Ha why the sad face logan???O.o

GabbyDec 31 2013 12:07pm
because i love u

loganDec 31 2013 12:08pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 12:11pm
its true cutie

loganDec 31 2013 12:12pm
Hehehe so you want me back???

GabbyDec 31 2013 12:13pm

loganDec 31 2013 12:14pm
XDD WHY??? Ha like 6 guys on here say they love me!!!=))))) ;///3

Gabby don't know whyDec 31 2013 12:17pm
if u dont want me i can leave :(

loganDec 31 2013 12:17pm
I do want you back but I just don't wanna hurt you!

Gabby is a crazy bitch!!!!;ppppDec 31 2013 12:20pm
i want u but i dont want u to cheat

loganDec 31 2013 12:22pm
Exactly .-. =C

Gabby is gunna end up screwing things up again!!!!!!!!!Dec 31 2013 12:24pm
gabby if we go out all u have to do is not sext with anyone but me ok?

loganDec 31 2013 12:25pm
sowwy im cleaning my room n okay.....thats the thing I sext cuz i wanna n im bored!.-.

GabbyDec 31 2013 12:29pm
then ig we cant :(

logan bout to leave for lunchDec 31 2013 12:30pm
ok we can talk about this later bye:/

Gabby has to go somewhereDec 31 2013 12:34pm
bye :/

loganDec 31 2013 12:34pm
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