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When a woman lifts a man

Question: If you have been lifted from woman, what has been your first impression about this
Created by: giobic at 09:55:12 PM, Sunday, March 20, 2005 PST


The last time I was lifted from a woman, I was 19 and weighed about 70 kg. I was lifted from my aunt that was 38 years old and weighed less than 60. She said It wasn't difficult. Then She flexed her bicep and It was hard and big like a lemon

GioMar 27 2005 6:47am

Unfortunately, I weigh too much and I don't believe a woman can lift me. But i'd like it.

too weighMar 29 2005 4:18am
Even though I am 19, I am frequently carried by my mother. I just hug her and then wrap my legs around her waist.

AnonymousMar 30 2005 12:14am
Anonymous, I want to meet your mother.

AnonymousApr 06 2005 8:35pm
Yesterday morning, i have been lifted over her shoulder from my sister. She is 13, and i'm 16 and weigh about 65 kg. For me has been a shock. She says it's easy. My sister weighs about 50 kg, but she is a gymnast and she is quite strong.

Brother surpriseApr 30 2005 12:52pm
I'm concerned that my younger sister uses steroids after I read this online article saying many girls are using them. She lifts weights every day for sports and has become much more muscular than me. I'm 16 and she is 15. She has lifted me above her head and has compared arm muscles to mine and that hers are way bigger and she is stronger by arm wrestling with me. I ask her about drugs and she says don't be stupid. Still Her muscles are bigger than mine or other boys that I know. I don't play sports that much but I can't believe weight lifting can make her muscles grow big as that when she's a girl. Her shoulders have become wider than mine and it's an embarisment. I don't think girls should build bigger muscles than boys and teachers should'nt be teaching them to weight lift every day. Now she gets bossy and wants to wrestle but I says no and that's when she picked me up over her head and lifted with her arms until she could hold them straight with my weight to prove she is strong.

BroMay 08 2005 12:42am
Just wanted to say that i have been lifted up by various strong women. Its great! Enjoy it if you ever get the chance.

Daniel.Jun 16 2005 6:56am
check this poll out: "How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?"

AnonymousJun 27 2005 9:06am
I have been lifted by several bodybuilders and it is an incredible feeling. I was also lifted unexpectedly by a female co-worker. That was a real surprise and turn-on. I asked her to carry me away and marry me but, alas, she was already married, as was I.

WowserJun 27 2005 10:01am
I am 17 and so is my girlfriend. Although I am tall and 6'1 I weigh only 138 pounds. She is the same height but weighs more from her weighlifting. I am a x-country runner. Recently she lifted me over her head without any effort! Since then she has started to take over the relationship. She says that she likes that she is stronger than I am and that i have a big bulge in my pants, which gets even bigger when she shows off her muscles!

ChadOct 17 2005 6:31pm
Chad, I am in a similar situation. I am 6'1 and weigh about 145. The wife is also the same height and also lifts at the gym. She is alot stronger than me and controls our house. If I disobey she will squeeze my bicep (very painful) or my balls (no description of that pain is needed)!

JordanOct 26 2005 7:31pm
I`m 5`5 120 lbs, and I`m always unintentionally lifted everytime a woman hugs me. My feet just go airborn.

JerryNov 02 2005 7:03am
Jordan ---- at least i know that i am not the only man who is weaker that his girl. Mine will squeeze my balls too so no explanation of that pain is needed here.

ChadNov 12 2005 4:52am
Im 42, 5'7 and about 145 lbs, I was easily overhead pressed by my friends 20 yr old daughter. She is 5'10 about 215 lbs. She did it so easily, I felt almost weightless. She must have held me overhead for 2 minutes at least. While holding me up she was commenting on how light I was and kept calling me little man. She said that her 14 yr od sister was almost as strong as her and could probably do the same to me. Her sister is 5'6 and about 180 lbs. A 14 yr old girl outweighs me by 35 lbs! I'm not sure if I can stand the embarrassment if a 14 yr old could press me overhead. Has anything like this happened to any of you??

AnonymousDec 06 2005 2:56pm
Anonymous, I wish!

RobDec 06 2005 5:46pm
In a game of testing strength with my wife, we had grasped hands while on the floor on our knees. I tried pushing up as she pushed down and I lost as she continued to push down. When we switched and she pushed up I used all my strength but she lifted me off the ground and above her. I was totally taken by surprise. She was a swimmer in school but I had no idea about such strength.

RoyDec 11 2005 6:18pm
Roy, now that we are in the new year, any updates on your wife?

RobJan 06 2006 9:04pm
My wife can lift me with her legs or in her arms. I weight about 230 lbs, so she's a pretty strong woman. We always joke that she should have carried me over the threshold!

MikeFeb 11 2006 11:05pm
She must be a bruiser. How big is she.

TomFeb 18 2006 1:59pm
She's about 5'7" and a bit heavier than me, Tom. She has always been very strong.

MikeFeb 18 2006 2:00pm
She must be a bruiser. How big is she.

TomFeb 18 2006 2:05pm
I am making an open invitation to strong wives/girlfriends to tell their stories and for the husbands/boyfriends to respond. I am researching for a possible feature documentary on the way women are becoming physically stronger and fitter and being more the dominant partner. I need couples or singles to be honest and open about their relationships and possibly appear on film recounting their stories. Would be nice to hear from any interested parties. I and the film company are based in the UK but will look to source any stories or experiences in Europe, USA or elsewhere. My email address is - look forward to hearing from anyone with an interesting story. Thank you for your attention.

Daniel (21/04/06)Apr 21 2006 11:59pm
#023 - Fri. 2/9/07

UpdateFeb 08 2007 11:06pm
No Man should ever be lifted by a woman, the man should carry her or be cowering on the floor at her feet.

Little DebbieFeb 19 2007 2:11pm
#0025 - (Sun.) 4/1/07

UpdateApr 01 2007 11:26pm
my first impression would be that the woman is stronger

AnonymousAug 03 2007 7:36am
I weigh 74 kgs and am 5.6" my wife is 5.2" and weighs around 69 kgs. I used to see lift and cary sites and when I told her she never believed that a woman can lift a man. When I asked her she told she can't but yesterday she lifted me when I casually asked in a front-lift and held me for almost 10 seconds. I was very turned on due to this and told her. Now she has told she will regularly lift me like that as we both feel good about that, but she says she can't carry me in shoulder or other lifts, lets see if this can also be done in coming days.

RahulNov 21 2007 12:15am
If you are lifting that person off the ground, no matter how slight, you are overpowering that person. That means you are stronger. maybe the woman worksout and is physically active. But whatever face it, she is stronger than you.

AnonymousMar 13 2008 7:40am
A woman has lifted me off the ground, usually in a hug. My feet are in midair or my toes are barely touching the surface.That woman is usually bigger(broader torso)and heavier. SO the first thing that comes to mind, she is stronger. Then I think about something else and forget about it.

AnonymousMar 13 2008 7:47am
i think if when a woman lifts a man over her head its a huge turn on. but ive never had the pleasure of it happening to me, i and dieing for it to happen!

AnonymousMay 13 2008 10:58pm
Suggest me a woman who can lift me and hold for 30 seconds. I am a man with weight of. 63 kgs. i want to take an experience of it. so many guys are being lifted, i want to take a joy of the same.

PankajMay 21 2008 5:06am
i m just 48 kg. from bombay. i lifting my husband he is 66 kg. 1day he saw me lift&carry site then after i can do easy

parul patelJun 24 2008 11:02am
i would really love to see these lifts. if anyone has videos that would be sweet.

AnonymousJun 24 2008 12:26pm
Hi I am from kolkata I am lifted by by wife easily.She is 70 kgs and I am 60 kgs. she lift me on her leg on shoulder even she can lift me by one hand.I never win in arm wrestling even using my my both hands against her one hand. 28 2008 1:36pm
Well I have seen girls who can front cradle carry me and I'm 80kgs and weigh 5' 11". One of the women at Sonaganchi just lifted me as if she is lifting her child, I pissed immediately and had a great sex for 30 minutes while continuously she was carrying me

DebrajJul 08 2008 7:27am
My 18 year old sister beats me up then cradles me then forces me to suck her boobs. The milk is terrible.

anoymousJul 24 2008 8:27pm
I am 210 lbs. My wife is 125lbs. She can easily lift me in a bear hug, piggyback , and cradle. Also she can lift me with one leg. A very strong small woman with very hard muscles

MarkJul 24 2008 10:14pm
my stepsister is incredibly strong, both of them are, one is currently 18 and the other 15. They have both picked me up numerous times. The youngest has great strength for her size, about 5'5 and 110lb, she has had me in a front lift for a long time and has a fantastic figure and the greatest breasts. The elder is about 130lb and 5'4. She is incredibly strong, when we where 11, she beat ever single person in the class at an arm wrestle which was stunning and she can pick me up, i'm the same age, slightly lighter and about 5'10, whilst sitting down, she also could pick up her dad at the age of 15 and he is 250lbs, she is amazingly strong, her legs are beautifully tones and muscular as well

EgorJul 30 2008 8:45am
When i was 12 years my neighbour who was just used to come at my house . One day she lifted me in piggyback and cradle carry

Dak jamshedpurAug 15 2008 9:52am
recently my wife lifted me for about 30 seconds.she is about 55 kg while i am was one of my biggest fantasies.but i will feel real pleasure when she carries me all over the house.i always fantasise about women carrying me in their laps.if anyone in delhi is there ,can contact through this website

anonymousAug 19 2008 1:09pm
I worship the strong women, who can lift me (62kg, 169cm, 23yrs). Actually females have the power to life us without any prob. if any is in DELHI, can contact me for exercise.

jugalpakistan@gmail.comAug 24 2008 11:33pm
I depise women, and I depise men who try to be women.

guess whoAug 27 2008 8:47pm
is there any woman who wish to lift me either on her shoulder or arms or front lift whatever.... i want to enjoy... i am from mumbai. My weight is 63 kgs... i am 34 years young man so want a lift by a young girl or woman... is anybody interested?

PankajAug 28 2008 2:12am
is there any woman who wish to lift me either on her shoulder or arms or front lift whatever.... i want to enjoy... i am from mumbai. My weight is 63 kgs... i am 34 years young man so want a lift by a young girl or woman... is anybody interested? pls contact me at

PankajAug 28 2008 2:19am
Parul I think if you can lift your husband who is 66 kg, then you can lift anybody who is even lesser weight than your husband. Are you interested to do so? if yes.. feel free and let me know. I am just 63 kgs.

PankajAug 28 2008 2:29am
Hi parul, if you are interested, then Jugal , 23years, 169cm, 61kg, is here for doing exercise. If you wish, then you can mail me at i really worship females, having strength.

jugalpakistan@gmail.comAug 28 2008 3:36am
Hey Rahul, who is this super woman who has carried you? is she in Mumbai? i want ta take such experience. Can you please help me out. I am 5' 3" and 63 kgs. Please respond.. thanks

PankajAug 28 2008 4:09am
Hi Debraj Fantastic experience you had.. very lucky guy. Do you know any girl who will lift me. I am in Mumbai... 5'3" and 63 kgs.... please let me know...thanks

PankajAug 28 2008 4:11am
No woman/girl in Mumbai who can lift me on her shoulders? surprising! i am just 63 kgs..want to take a joy of girls/woman lifting me on their shoulders. Please respond asap

pankajAug 28 2008 11:43pm
Hey guys, i haven't recd any feedback from anyone of you?? no young girl/woman to lift me in Mumbai?????

PankajAug 31 2008 11:20pm
dude, relax.

AnonymousSep 03 2008 1:44pm
what relax man?? i want to take a fun of girl/woman lifting me...

AnonymousSep 03 2008 10:23pm
uve sent like 10 messages. i think ur taking it a bit overboad.

AnonymousSep 07 2008 9:19am

AnonymousSep 10 2008 1:01pm
is any woman is in calgary and wants to lift me, let me know on the comment board. i weigh 140 pounds.

AnonymousSep 12 2008 8:40pm
I love womans strong !!!!my girlfriend carryme always , piggyback, shoulders ,front lift ,enjoy much this, now i'm 38 years and weight 80kg ,my little cousin 16 yrs piggyback me for a 15 minutes !!! she is very very strong teen, unbelieve !!! i love her. another girlfriend piggyback me easely she 25yrs an 1,70 tall and strong too . Im search more girls to lift and carryme in Argentina please contactme thanks !!

ArnoldSep 22 2008 10:12pm
if any woman in west bengal wants to lift me contact at 09434752128 or

adityaSep 25 2008 11:51pm
if any woman want to wrestle me contact

AnonymousSep 25 2008 11:52pm
all of you R gays

stronmanSep 26 2008 5:17am
arecion. sextual excitement

unanomusOct 11 2008 1:08pm
It doesn't seem to be so much action here so I will tell about the first time I was carried by a girl. It was in high school. I was a very skinny 5'10 tall guy. There was this big girl in my class that seemed to have a crush on me. She wasn't very attractive but she was into sports (shot putter, javelin etc) and had a big, strong body that wasn't too bad to look at. Her name was Anne. Now I happened to hurt my foot on my way to class, this happened as far as you can get from where I was supposed to be and I realized I could never make it in time with my bad foot. Liza suddenly showed up and asked me if I needed help. I was about to say no when I realized I really needed help since my foot couldn't support my weight at all and there were just thousands of stairs to pass. She took my arm and put it over her wide shoulder and then tried to help me walk that way. When we entered the stairs we understood that this was hopeless. Then Anne just surprised me when she scooped me up in her arms in a cradle and carried me all the way to class, through the whole school so everybody could see us. I was so embarrassed. I know how stupid this sounds but a popular guy like me shouldn't have anything to do with Anne that was considered butch and probably a lesbian because of her strength and build. Now there I was in her arms like a child. She smiled all the way and I didn't say a word. The weirdest thing was that I kind of liked being carried by this girl. I could feel her muscular arms support my weight and at the same time feel her soft big breasts against my body. She carried me all the way into class and sat me down at my desk. Everybody was laughing. Our teacher asked what was wrong and looked at my foot. She told me to go and see the nurse straight away. Anne just smiled and said she could carry me there. I tried to protest but our teacher, a woman, smiled and said that she seemed to be able to carry me so why not. There I was again in this big girls arms. The nurse smiled when we got there. I had sprained my foot and the teacher told me to rest my foot for a few days. Anne said she could carry me back to class and then help me home. Again I tried to protest but this time the nurse smiled and said that I was lucky to have a girl friend like Anne. So once again I was carried up a lot of stairs in her arms, then she carried met to her car and drove me home, carried me into our house and then to bed. When we were alone I thanked her for helping me and complemented her on her strength. She said that I was very light and that she could carry me a whole day without breaking sweat. Nothing happened between us then but after this incident we talked and became friends. A few years passed and then I met Anne again in a bar in our home town when we were both visiting our parents. We had a good time and Anne asked me if I remembered the day that she carried me. I told her that I had enjoyed every minute of it (I was now a bit drunk). When we left the bar and were heading home she asked me to hold her hand bag, then she just scooped me up in her arms again and told me she should carry me home to her house and there was just nothing I could do about it. I pretened to be a bit upset and asked her to put me down straight away. She just told me to try to stop her. She carried me about 2 km, she had to stop a few times but I was still amazed how strong she was. Since her parents were away she carried me straight to her bed and just said that this was what she intended to do that day when she carried me the fist time. We became a couple after this and was together for a few years. I still remember Anne, how great it was to be in her arms. I haven't found anybody after her that could carry me as easy as she could. Sweet memory. I have been carried since though, but the first time was for sure the best.

Miss being carriedOct 15 2008 11:38pm

RAMANAOct 17 2008 12:58pm
wow! I wish a woman should lift me on her shoulders. I am 68kgs,34yrs,5'5.

pdOct 21 2008 3:37am
You are not a big guy pd, I think that most women could lift you on their shoulders. If you have any female friends make a bet that they can't lift you over their shoulders. Or if you are strong enough, start lifting one of the on your shoulders and say that they could never do this since they are "just women". That trick worked for me. One of my male friends was in a playful mood and lifted me up in his arms in a cradle. He than put me down and threw me over one shoulder and carried me around but he got rather tired after a minute. He than told me that I could never do the same with him. Now I am a bit heavier than him at 72 kgs to his 69 kgs. I took him over my shoulders in a fireman carry and was surprised how light he was. I could run around with him for a while. Instead of letting him down I let him slide down in my arms where I could cradle carry him. Again I was surprised how easy this was. And so was he and the people around us. They looked at me in awe. I told the other women that it wasn't hard at all. Soon everybody was lifting everybody and I can say that the women did very well especially with the shoulder carries where the strong legs of us women take the most of the weight. But all women could cradle carry all men, even if some had problems because of big weight differences. So just do things in a playfyl mood pd. Sooner or later you will be lifted.

RosieOct 28 2008 4:37am
thanks Rosie, then why can't I try with u? if u don't mind, we will catch up & first I will try to lift u & then u pls lift me on ur shoulders. I stay in mumbai. thanks PD

PDOct 28 2008 6:35pm
Rosie,waiting for ur feedback. r u able to lift me on the shoulders? if yes when? pls don't disappoint me.thanks

pdOct 30 2008 7:00am
what relax man?? i want to take a fun of girl/woman

bimaliuttam@gmail.comNov 02 2008 2:23am
i would love to meet a women that can press me over her head. i weigh 170 175.please contact me

guitarslng@aol.comNov 12 2008 7:05pm
pd, I don't think I will go to Mumbai to lift a person I have never met. There must be plenty of strong women in India to lift you.

RosieNov 17 2008 7:47am
any girl or young woman ready to lift me on the shoulders? i am 65kgs. 34yrs. iwant to take such good experience. girls or young woman in mumbai pls espnd positively .

AnonymousNov 24 2008 8:48pm
i am in ahmedabad 25 year 65kg if any woman intrest lift carry me contect 9824087181

manojNov 27 2008 3:27am
plz send some story when woman lift carry man my email mp_loveu2007

AnonymousDec 04 2008 3:31am
my wife carry me easy when we do sex my wife piggyback me and walk all over house very easy she is lighter than me but she is very powerful woman she carry me like ababy

AnonymousDec 04 2008 3:33am
Hi Anonymous, you said ur wife is so strong. Would she be able to lift me piggyback ( 5'7, 59kg)? If u r saying TRUTH.

TaranjitDec 10 2008 5:09am
what is your wifes weight and whats yours

AnonymousDec 11 2008 12:30pm
i am 79 and my wife 54

AnonymousDec 12 2008 9:44pm
hello every body if any one has an interesting story please told us

AnonymousDec 14 2008 1:30pm
my sister lift vme i am 56 she is 60 when we do sex

AnonymousDec 14 2008 11:27pm
u do sex with ur sister?????

AnonymousDec 15 2008 2:24pm
yes i do

AnonymousDec 16 2008 1:43am
i want to f*ck my littele sister when she lift carry me

AnonymousDec 16 2008 1:46am
if you like to carried by a girl that mean you are not man

aliDec 19 2008 9:59pm
I,ve been lifted and carried by 4 different woman all lighter than me. There is no sexier foreplay in my book I,m 73 kg.

BrianDec 26 2008 9:55am
im looking for a woman who can lift me overhead, anyone?

AnonymousJan 04 2009 1:22am
im looking for a woman to lift me im 6ft 9inches and 36 stone

big manJan 04 2009 8:54am
im looking for woman who can lift my 12 inch c*ck

big boyJan 04 2009 8:54am
im looking for woman who can lift my 12 inch c*ck

big boyJan 04 2009 8:55am
im looking for woman who can lift my 12 inch c*ck

big boyJan 04 2009 8:56am
woman naturaly have stronger legs than a man on average,weight of my body is 58kg weight of my husband is 130kg and i can lift him up and carry him even sitting on my shoulders arround the house for longer time than he is able to carry me!i never work out but i have very strong legs,so i can carry almost triple times of my weight,while he have problem to carry me more then half less then his body weight-im able to even lift and push his body up to the air and hold him there for a while only with one of my legs!

stronglegged nancyJan 08 2009 10:56am
respond to big boy-are u serious with the size of your have never seen something like that my ex has a big one but not that thick it is?

lisaJan 08 2009 11:03am
if any woman interesting lift carry me plz email me my e mail is plz send me some comments plz plz plz

AnonymousJan 16 2009 10:11pm
if any woman interesting lift carry me plz email me my e mail is plz send me some comments plz plz plz

AnonymousJan 16 2009 10:12pm
i love my little sister when she lift carry me and piggyback

AnonymousJan 16 2009 10:14pm
how old are you and your sister and your weights?does she have a muscular legs or bigger legs than you?

nancyJan 18 2009 7:53pm
I have been pressed over head by my Aunty, was an amazing feeling!

MartinJan 21 2009 1:24pm
ya its great pleasure if girl lift a boy i feel very cum.........

jamesJan 25 2009 1:30pm
my girlfriend likes to lift & carry me. when we do sex she lifts me in her arm & cradles me to the bed like i am her baby.i like it & i gets exicited. she calls me her little baby & call her mummy

luckyboyJan 26 2009 10:17pm
my girlfriend likes to lift & carry me. when we do sex she lifts me in her arm & cradles me to the bed like i am her baby.i like it & i gets exicited. she calls me her little baby & call her mummy

luckyboyJan 26 2009 10:17pm
please comments on it

luckyboyJan 26 2009 10:18pm
my weight is 50 kg & her is around 43 kg still she easily lift me in her arms like i am her little baby, she kisses me while continously cradle carrying me.i m 23 yrs & she is 21 yrs old.its a great feeling to be carried by her & being in beutiful arm.

luckyboyJan 26 2009 10:24pm
well luckyboy she has to be very strong if she is only 43kg!she have probably very strong legs ist she?

AnonymousFeb 01 2009 6:24pm
me lift my husband like a baby i am 65kg i will lift any man like a baby i am very powerful woman any man contact my email mp_loveu2007

AnonymousFeb 02 2009 9:58pm
loveu2007-whats the most muscular part of your body?

AnonymousFeb 04 2009 3:08am
my sexy leg

AnonymousFeb 04 2009 11:46pm
ur emai @ what?

AnonymousFeb 05 2009 2:32pm
loveu2007 are you in Mumbai? can you lift me.. i am 65kgs...

AnonymousFeb 07 2009 5:01am
mp_loveu2007@yahoo.complz contect me to lift

AnonymousFeb 08 2009 11:16pm
loveu2007 i added u but i think u didnt accept me im plz add me

AnonymousFeb 12 2009 2:08pm

RSFeb 15 2009 4:27pm
I challenge all women in kolkata to lift me over head.I m me9804121339.

BicFeb 15 2009 4:34pm
i saw one thin man lift by his wile like baby i surprised

shrmaFeb 17 2009 2:59am
iam a woman 6.2. i can carry my husband and can carry any man easily. my hsbnd is a small baby forme.

adrineFeb 21 2009 4:29am
one of my friend married in 18 .so his wife only 15 years old.after marriage they plan do not sex at least 3 years.after 3 years situation is his wife more taller and stronger than he feel like small children against his wife.beiween 3 years she got nice 6.a ft height with 72 kg weight.and my friend get 4.5ft height and also 42 kg day my friend drunk wine heavily.and fighting on street with his wife.first his wife calm .but some time after she lift him in her arm and carry him at home.2nd day my friend meet me.i asked about that incidence.he say i nit remember.i tell him that incidence.he laugh and say,(this is happen offenliy.i am really small guy.ieasily lifted by any woman.even my 15 years younger sister lift me on her shoulder and carry me.also my wife .in night time she lift me in her one arm ,craddle lift,shoulder lift,side lift.i fel like baby against her.when we both are alone in home she never keep me down .she lift and carry me like baby.give me more kiss.i enjoyed all that i am lucky man.)after his conversation i feel jealousy against him .are you feel?

golvinFeb 24 2009 2:23am
my girlfriend is 21 yrr 5'3" & 48 kg n i am 23 yrs 55 kg & 5'8" yday my gf told me to sit on her lap while she was sitting on sofa , i sit there then she put her arms under my legs n back and she just stood up with me on her arms.she cradle carried me to the bed. she was kissing me continuously by this incidence i turned on n got an organsm while in her arms only. i was feeling like a little baby in her arms,also tried to suck her nipples like a baby that time. if you are interested then reply.

kingFeb 24 2009 4:18am
king, can your girlfriend lift me like a baby? itoo want to suck her nipples n feel like a baby of ur girlfriend???????

manishFeb 24 2009 4:21am
adrine, can you lift me?? i am 65 kgs 5.5"... i am staying in Mumbai. pls tell me so that i will meet you.

AnonymousFeb 28 2009 9:41pm
plz send story when woman lift carry man send me my email is plz send me

monikaMar 03 2009 10:04pm
do u want to lift man monika? i am ready.... my weight is 63 kgs. i stay in Mumbai.

AnonymousMar 04 2009 5:01pm

AnonymousMar 04 2009 10:33pm
Is it the truth that there are women who do or can do this in India

sandeepMar 05 2009 1:32am
yes i want lift any men contect my email

monicaMar 05 2009 2:57am
hi monika i already adde u from weeks and u r always offline so if there r a problem u can add me

AnonymousMar 05 2009 2:12pm
i want to lift carry man come on baby i am waiting for u

monicaMar 08 2009 10:54pm
i looking for a woman all over the world to carry me

joshuaMar 10 2009 6:53am
Monica, are you in Mumbai? i want to come so that you can lift me.. I am 35 yrs, 65 kgs and 5'5" man. please lift me on your shoulders.

AnonymousMar 10 2009 9:06am
i m in ahmedabad i want to lift man

monicaMar 12 2009 9:18pm
ok. so whenever you will come in mumbai pls share the same with me. I will come so that you can lift me.

AnonymousMar 13 2009 7:00pm
Monica i want to be lifted by you .what is ur weight and hight age? Can u give ur yahoo id?

LuckyboyMar 14 2009 7:00pm
once my GF was watching a movie sitting on the floor, teasing i sat on her shoulder, she didnt complaint and i sat for about 3 min, gues wat she ask me if i wanted a shoulder ride, yup! i said and wow she walked around the room for about two min with me sitting on her shoulders...........

slxMar 15 2009 12:41am
in pune on of my female coworker rides a bike, one day she gave me a lift home and i invited her over for cofee, she seem pretty strong so i asked her if she could lift me up so that i can fix a bulb n yes she did, first a front lift which didnt quite make so i had do sit on her shoulders my goodness that was an amazing exprience!!!!

ropMar 15 2009 3:42am
in a pool party we had a chicken fight, jimmy had maggi on his shoulder and i had my gal on mine however when we lost 3 rounds in a row my gal blamd me and we changed we went another 3 round this time with me or her shoulders...we managed to win a round. but i just could get over the feeling of her head between my legs my fella on her neck and my legs running down her this ride is a regular affair and she doesnt seem to mind thankfully !

klinkMar 17 2009 10:07am
hey rop, which company do you work for? which bike does she ride? n last but definitely not the least, is she attractive?

vikMar 18 2009 6:14am
Once i was front lifted by my maid, i was in her lap for almost two minutes, i got so turned on that i wetted my pant

AnonymousMar 19 2009 1:10am
vik i cant give the informations cos she may object. neways lemme share another expirience. she seems to like carrying me. she has done it a couple of time last month. lol she rides a PULSAR. she aint my GF but indeed a very close friend. she doesnt mind me climbing on to her shoulder for a ride as long as i agree to take her out. mostly for movies

ropMar 21 2009 12:20am
Man, are you lucky!!! Enjoy :)

vikMar 21 2009 7:42pm
Last month my sister-in-law visited our place, one day when my wife has gone out for some marketing, we are just casually discussing that who is stronger, she told me to stand up, when i stand she grabs me and lifted me up, i tried to free myself but couldn't do so as she was holding me very firmly, she kept me lifted for more than 3 minutes, i couldn't resist that and cummed at her lap. seeing my condition she put me down and laughed at me

anonymousMar 22 2009 2:32am
Monica plz lift me like a baby whats ur age n weight? Ur id?

LuckyboyMar 24 2009 10:30am
my email

monicaMar 24 2009 10:03pm
hey ... i'm 5'9 and weigh 115 lbs (52 kg) do u think it would be easy for any girl to lift me?

oh my goodnessMar 25 2009 5:57am
this is my e-mail (

oh my goodnessMar 25 2009 5:58am
I stayed single at my rented flat, this is a incident of one sunday afternoon three months ago, my house maid came for regular washing and cleaning chores, I was watching an Indian movie in which a woman lifts and carries a man.. we both watched that scene and she said to me that she also can lift me, I just laughed at her. During commercial break between the film , I went to kitchen to have some water, she also came there and suddenly grabbed me from behind and lifted me up and carried me to the room, there she puts me down, just as I turned to her and gaining my composure, she again lifted me up from front, she was holding me so tightly that I felt her strong arms wrapped around my butt , I also felt her large breast, I begged her to put me down but she refused, At that time I got so turned on that I cummed at her lap, she then grounded me . Seeing my wetted pant ( I was wearing light coloured shorts), she laughed and said ? go and change your pant? . After that incident she frequently lift and carries me and every time she does I wet my underwear.

SumitMar 25 2009 8:45am
hey sumit, which city was this in?

vikMar 25 2009 11:08am
It is in kolkata, actually i stayed in first floor and my owner occupies ground floor,,she works at both of our houses

SumitMar 25 2009 12:05pm
Hi Sumit, just two months back i also had similar experience like you, Actually i was lifted by my sister-in-law, she is in college...she kept me lifted for about a minute...I immediately ejaculated on her body..she burst into laugh ...i was very embarassed as she is 8 yrs younger to me.

AjayMar 25 2009 12:31pm
To oh my goodness I lift my 20 year old brother in a cradle every day for 20 minutes easily. He weighs 180 ibs. I could throw you over my head for an hour

rebeccaMar 25 2009 1:40pm
i envy your brother's position! so rebecca, do you get a kick out of it? especially after reading the posts here. how old are you? n what's your height n weight?

vikMar 25 2009 11:26pm
I found these comments about personal experiences very interesting, i m a 31 yr old man, Few days ago during Holi (festival of colours in india) I was front lifted by a punjabi woman in my house, i was shocked, ashamed and got erected..

KaushikMar 26 2009 1:46am
i was love one girl but she was hurt me what i will do.i m depressd my e-id

deepakMar 27 2009 12:38am
Hi Ajay, how did you feel after your sister-in-law lifted you? can u explain in detail how did it actually happened? also what is the age, height and weight of you both

anonymousMar 27 2009 1:10am
To Anonymous?.Actually my sister-in-law visited our place during her college vacation?she is in final year studying arts?she is 22 yrs , 5?6? tall and weighs 68 kg ?.she has got a solid but toned body as she has been regularly doing yoga for the last 6 yrs? I am 30 yrs , 5?4? and weighs 60 kg?.That day my wife has gone to a neighbour?s house to attend a birthday party ?.we are discussing about health and fitness and she told me to join a gym to have a toned and a bit muscular body?I just casually told her ? without doing any exercise I am much stronger than you??.she challenged me and before I could think much she wrapped her hands around me and lifted me up in the air?I was just stunned ?.i tried hard to free myself but her grip was very firm?.she was laughing at me and kept me lifted for almost a minute until I ejaculate on her lap and wetted my shorts?.i felt ashamed but she told me that she will not tell anybody of this..after that day, i started to feel erotic about her strength..

AjayMar 27 2009 12:36pm
i m from surat i m 6" toller my girlfriend 1day challenge me she say we girl stronger then guy. i just laght c lift me

rohitMar 28 2009 5:21am
Hi Rohit..whats the weight and height of your does she feel after lifting you

anonymousMar 28 2009 8:50am
To Sumit?.u are a very lucky guy to have such a strong house maid?what was her feeling after lifting u?.whats the weight, height and age both of u?.do u ever lifted and carried her?

SanjayMar 28 2009 8:56am

BICMar 30 2009 3:18pm
Hi adrine,where do u live?iIf enjoy lifting men,then u must lift me,because I M THE WRITE CHOICE BABY....CONTACT ME 9804121339.

RSMar 30 2009 3:24pm
HI SUMIT, I live in guwahati, i was also lifted by my our maid when my parents were out , she is a nepali girl, we both enjoy that moment, she frequently lifts me.

ManojMar 30 2009 6:16pm
Once i was lifted by a sex worker, she lifted me very easily, she puts me to shame but at the same time i felt erotic to be lifted by a woman.

anonymousMar 30 2009 6:37pm
Hi Sanjay, My house maid is indeed a strong woman .She is 27 yr old , she is of my height but weighs more than me. She is a bit dark complexioned and always wear salwaar kameej. I m 30 yr, 5?4?and weighs 57 kg. After that incident , she used to lift me almost every other day. She said she enjoy to see me ejaculate while being lifted. Sometimes I also tried to lift her but cannot hold her for more than few seconds as she is heavy for me . Three days ago she has lifted me in a bearhug twice, my semen gushed out immediately . I started to feel erotic in her arms and she also enjoys it.

SumitMar 31 2009 12:50am
Hi Manoj, could u please explain your happenings with your maid lifting u? whats the weight & height of u both

SanjayMar 31 2009 10:09am
Is there a man who has been publicly lifted by a woman in a party or on road specially by his wife or girlfriend.

saurabhApr 06 2009 12:11pm
wow wow what a good messages i was also observe i was when 14 years height 5.1 52 kg and one girl 10 years old height-4.6 weigh 35 kg she easily lifted me cradle & fornt lift & piggyback and she can also lift my sister who is 5.4 and weigh 50 kg.

perfectApr 07 2009 7:40am
Hi Saurabh, I was lifted by my friend's wife in the last new year's party, she lifted me from front. i got erected

AmitApr 10 2009 9:16am
Hi Sumit, u r a very lucky guy to be lifted by a woman. Had she ever lifted you naked? Do u had sex with her?

anonymousApr 10 2009 11:36am
To anonymous,when she lifts me I feel erotic in her hands, she can keep me lifted for almost 5 minutes. Actually once I told her to lift me naked, but she refused as I always ejaculate when she lifts me and she fears that her dress (salwar kameej) will get wet . Mostly she lifts me from front and sometimes like bearhug front lift. Her bearhug hold is very strong. I just screamed when she do this. We never had sex.

SumitApr 14 2009 11:09am
amit,you are lucky to be lifted by friend's wife,tell us more about this incident.

AnonymousApr 15 2009 9:10am
To anonymous, actually it happened on last 31st night party. We had a lottery system in which the ladies choose their dancing partner. Me and my friend?s wife were partner. She is of my height but heavier than me as she is stockily built. There was an announcement in which we were told that all lights will be put off for 2 minutes from 11.58 pm to 12.00 and the partners can do anything in the dark for those 2 minutes. I casually told her that I am going to lift u in my arms and she agreed. When the lights had been put off, I front lifted her but unable to hold her for 5 seconds, she laughed and asked me to try again, this time I kept her lifted for 8 to 10 seconds, I was very embarrassed. But suddenly she grabbed me tightly and lifted me off the ground. She was holding me so firmly around my buttocks that my erected penis was between her breasts. I was just blacked out at that moment. She kept me lifted for almost a minute Later I found that I had wetted my underwear. After that incident I started to fantasize her strength.

AmitApr 15 2009 11:48am
amit,do you feel embarrased in front of her after this incident and did you ever ask her to lift you again

AnonymousApr 16 2009 10:00am
To anonymous, actually now i have started to fantasize about her lifting me, we regularly chat over phone and few days ago i had told her about my fantasies. She told that she founds me very light weight and can even lift me on her shoulder.

AmitApr 16 2009 11:49am
To Sumit, i wish i have such a strong house maid to lift me. Please share some more happenings with her as it happens.

anonymousApr 16 2009 12:13pm
yes a woman can lift man.i am 5'7" and weigh 54 kgs my wife is 5'2" and weighs 53 lifts me eaasily

sriramApr 17 2009 1:43am
Hi Sriram, don't u feel embarassed or ashamed when your wife lifts u? what was her feeling?

anonymousApr 17 2009 8:39am
why should i feel ashamed she is stronger than me

sriramApr 17 2009 10:52am
To Sriram, did your wife lifts you on her shoulder? did you also lift and carry your wife?

PreetiApr 18 2009 3:52am
Hey sriram, your wife seems quite strong, how do u feel when she lifts u? what was her feeling?

AmitApr 18 2009 4:04am
Amit, i want your frined's wife to lift me also... are you and she stays in Mumbai? if yes, pls request her to lift me. I am 64 kgs, 35 yrs 5'4" man

AnonymousApr 18 2009 11:18pm
To anonymous, We are in Kolkata, regularly we chat over phone and we share our fantasies, she is indeed a strong woman.

AmitApr 19 2009 12:03am
i also want to be lifted by a women

Apoorva ChoureyApr 19 2009 12:57am
Can any girl lift me my no is 9617016060

Apoorva ChoureyApr 19 2009 12:59am
Hi apoorva, whats your age, weight and height?

anonymousApr 19 2009 10:37am
amit, thanks for your reply. if she happens to come to mumbai for a sometime, pls let me know... let's see if she can lift me also.

AnonymousApr 19 2009 5:25pm
is there any strong young woman who want to lift me ? i am in mumbai. 34 yrs 65 kgs 5'4"... respond asap

AnonymousApr 19 2009 5:28pm
I can lift my husband easily, once during foreplay i lifted him on my shoulder, unable to bear he urinate on me.

anonymousApr 20 2009 9:57am
Hi i am 26 yrs 68 kgs 5feet 6 inches please lift me i will be very happy to be lifted by a women

Apoorva ChoureyApr 20 2009 1:07pm
I am 5'4" and weighs 56 kgs, my GF loves to lift and carry me, at first i felt embarrassed but now i get huge turn on when she lifts me.

VivekApr 21 2009 2:59am
Hi apoorva, u can ask your GF/Wife to lift you, 68 kgs is not so much, any woman can lift u, infact i lift my husband who is 5'9" and weighs 72 kg.

anonymousApr 21 2009 3:05am
hi actually i dont have any GF and i am unmarried can you lift me i will be very very happy please send me your email ID and phone no my ID is

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 5:23am
Hi apoorva, don't u feel embarassed or ashamed to get lifted and carried by a woman?

anonymousApr 21 2009 8:33am
Once i got lifted and carried by my maid when i slipped in my bathroom and injured myself.

NirmalApr 21 2009 8:42am
Why should i feel ashamed to be lifted and carried by a women i feel very nice to experence the power of the women

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 8:45am
Hi Apoorva, In what way you want to be lifted by a woman? Is it front lift, cradle carry or in any other way?

PayalApr 21 2009 9:59am
Hallo Nirmal, can u explain that incident in detail? I always fantasise to be lifted by my house maid, i told her once to lift me, but she said i am crazy.

PrakashApr 21 2009 10:09am
Hi payal i want to be lifted by a women in cradle carry but if it tuff i will also liked to be frontlifted or lifted on the shoulder will you lift me payal i will be thankful to you

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 11:02am
Hi apoorva, i easily front lift my husband who is heavier and taller than u, he loves to get lifted by me, sometimes he wet his shorts,, where do u live and what u do?

PayalApr 21 2009 11:20am
Hi payal that means you are really powerful and can easily lift me please please lift me payal i live in ujjain i am a lecturer my cell no is 9617016060 and my id is

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 11:42am
My former girlfriend used to lift and carry me, she can easily lift me from front, she is shorter but heavier than me, once she has lifted me naked on her shoulder and carried me to the bathroom.

SunilApr 21 2009 11:44am
Apoorva, i appreciate your fetish to be lifted by a woman, my husband asks me to lift him almost everyday, sometimes in morning he asked me to carry him naked on my shoulder. we live in kolkata.

PayalApr 21 2009 11:53am
Should i come to kolkata payal will you please lift me there please give me your cell no and email ID

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 11:58am
Apoorva, u can ask any of your girl student or female colleague of your college to lift u. you will surely find someone to lift u, Some women likes to lift and carry guys. Many women have this fantasy also to lift a guy. Have u ever lifted any adult woman/girl?

PayalApr 21 2009 12:16pm
No payal i have never lifted any adult women/girl but if we meet will you lift me in your arms like a baby i desprately want these experence

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 12:25pm
Iam really very much impressed by your ability payal that you lift your husband so easily he is really very lucky i will also find a find a wife who can lift me easily and i feel weightless in her arms

Apoorva ChoureyApr 21 2009 6:21pm
Hi payal, i am 28 yr old housewife. Recently my husband shown me video of woman lifting man in youtube. We now enjoying lifting each other. I can lift him even on my shoulder and carry in our entire house. He ended up ejaculate on me.

PoonamApr 22 2009 1:43am
Hy poonam you really have amazing strength please lift me also in any way you want i will be highly thankful to you

Apoorva ChoureyApr 22 2009 5:24am
Poonam, are you in Mumbai, if yes, i want to take an experience of woman lifting me on her shoulder and front lift.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 5:44am
Really i think its impossible for girls to lift a man they are weak creatures and should only cook food i challange any women to lift me if you have the courage accept it i am 50 kgs by weight and 5 feet 6 inches tall

RakeshApr 22 2009 6:41am
Rakesh, any indian woman can lift u easily, u are just 50 kgs, even normal built woman weighs more than you. U can ask any woman in your locality to lift u. Many women have this fetish to lift man on their shoulder. U can try it.

anonymousApr 22 2009 8:35am
Is that so can you give your introduction

RakeshApr 22 2009 9:17am
If you are a women are you confident that you can lift me

RakeshApr 22 2009 9:28am
Once i was alone in the house about one year back one of my female coworker visited me she is 5"7" 80 kgs i am a 28 yr old man 65 kg 5"7" just during our conversation i asked a lift from her she accepted and scooped me her arms like a baby i felt almost weightless in her arms she carried me to the room and put me on bed again she frontlifted me ultimately i ejaculated on her laps seeing that she laughed at me and told me she can whenever i want it is really one of the greatest experence of my life

AadipApr 22 2009 11:36am
Hi Aadip, how did she feel after lifting u? Had she ever lifted u again after that incident?

anonymousApr 22 2009 12:10pm
Hi Prakash, actually it happened that day I did not went to college as I was not feeling well. Both my parents went to work. I entered my bathroom and slipped there and injured my back and leg. By hearing that sound our maid who was cooking my food rushed to the bathroom ..She told me to open the door.. but I was reluctant as I was just wearing an underwear and hardly able to stand..Somehow I opened the door,, she then tried to support me so that I can atleast walk upto my room? but I cannot do so and sat on the floor?she then wanted to carry me but I did not agree as I was bit embarrassed to be lifted by a woman of my age, though she was bit taller and of solid built? I again tried to walk with her support but finding it very difficult,,,then she suddenly holds me and lifted me up and carried me over her shoulder to the bed?I was amazed how easily she had lifted and carried me on her shoulder?that was the first time I had experienced to be carried by a female of my age and that too just in my underwear, ,when she puts me in the bed she noticed my full erection through my underwear and smiled a bit.,, after that day I feel attracted to her strength?she told me that I am even lighter than her sister.. I remember the day when I was 22 yr of age, that day I did not went to college as I was not feeling well. Both my parents went to work. I entered my bathroom and slipped there and injured my back and leg. By hearing that sound our maid who was cooking my food rushed to the bathroom ..She told me to open the door.. but I was reluctant as I was just wearing an underwear and hardly able to stand..Somehow I opened the door,, she then tried to support me so that I can atleast walk upto my room? but I cannot do so and sat on the floor?she then wanted to carry me but I did not agree as I was bit embarrassed to be lifted by a woman of my age, though she was bit taller and of solid built? I again tried to walk with her support but finding it very difficult,,,then she suddenly holds me and lifted me up and carried me over her shoulder to the bed?I was amazed how easily she had lifted and carried me on her shoulder?that was the first time I had experienced to be carried by a female of my age and that too just in my underwear, ,when she puts me in the bed she noticed my full erection through my underwear and smiled a bit.,, after that day I feel attracted to her strength?she told me that I am even lighter than her sister..

NirmalApr 22 2009 12:21pm
Hi anonynamus she felt really nice lifting me and laughed at me when i ejaculated at her she dint lifted me after that

AadipApr 22 2009 12:42pm
Aadip, you are right, its a very nice and erotic feeling to be lifted by a woman. I frequently lifted and carried by my house maid who is bit taller and stronger than me. I always ended up orgasmed in my shorts.

SumitApr 23 2009 2:07am
Hi sumit you are really guy to be carried by your house maid will she carry me also i am 65 kgs by weight

AadipApr 23 2009 5:20am
One day i went to my girl friend's home.There was nobody at the home.i m 5 "6and 55kg only.She is 5'4and 65Kg.I proposed to lift her,but could't carry her mor than few second.Then i told her to lift me.At first she was not ready,but after some time she lift me easily.During then i felt her very very big breasts.After sometime she got cofidence and lift me on her soldier with one hand for atleast 10 munites.It was like haeven for me.

singApr 23 2009 11:24pm
Sing, don't u feel embarrased or ashamed to be lifted by your GF? what was her feeling after lifting u?

anonymousApr 24 2009 1:35am
No,i love to be lifted by women and now she lovheades to lift me.Now she is getting overconfidence,she wants to lift me over her head but now i m not ready to take that kind of risk

AnonymousApr 24 2009 5:40am
No,i love to be lifted by women and now she is getting overconfidence.Now she wants to lift me over her head but i am not ready to take that kind of risk.

singApr 24 2009 5:49am
Sing can she lift me also iam 65 kgs 5feet 7 inches

AadipApr 24 2009 6:16am
Hy payal please lift me once in a cradle carry only once it will be a great favour of yours to me please reply me payal

Apoorva ChoureyApr 24 2009 9:52am
Apoorva, u can ask any woman in your locality or in your college to lift u, most women likes to lift men, yesterday morning i lifted my husband and carried to the bathroom, after shower i again lifted him naked on my shoulder and carried to our entire house.

PayalApr 27 2009 1:33am
Payal i only think that my weight should not create a problem for the women to lift me sice i weigh 68 kgs please mail me your email id i desperately want to chat with you my email id is please please mail me yor id payal

Apoorva ChoureyApr 27 2009 2:24am
i am really depressed yaar will i be able to find a women who can lift and carry me i am 25 yrs old man my height is 5"5 and weight is 67 kgs if any women is there who can lift and carry me please contact to me i will do anything for that women please lift and carry me

GauravApr 27 2009 8:47am
monica can u cradle carry me? do u like it?

luckyboyApr 28 2009 6:41am
i like to lift my boyfriend daily. specially in cradle style . he looks so cute at that time when he was in my arms. looks like my little baby.

priyaApr 28 2009 6:44am
i m 20years old n my boyfriend is 23 yrs old

priyaApr 28 2009 6:45am
Hy priya please please will you cradle carry me also in your arms i will be really thankful to you i am 25 yr old man weigh 67 kgs and height is 5"5" plese plese reply me priya desperately waiting for your reply

GauravApr 28 2009 7:09am
Hi Priya, i am 5'3" and weighs 57 kg, can you front lift me and carry me on your shoulder?

anonymousApr 28 2009 11:18am
To Priya, don't your BF feel embarrased? how do u feel?

anonymousApr 28 2009 11:26am
Hi Priya, whats the height and weight of u both

AjayApr 28 2009 11:30am
Ajay so you want to be lifted by me? I will lift you in cradle style . i like it.

priyaApr 30 2009 4:52am
Hello priya please lift me also in a cradle carry iam 25 yrs old weigh 67 kgs can you lift me please reply i desperately want to be lifted by a women i will do anything for you please please reply

GauravApr 30 2009 4:58am
ya gaurav me tumhe cradle carry karungi. tumhari lift carry me kya fantacy hai mujhe reply karo me tumhe waise hi apni god me lungi

PriyaApr 30 2009 5:08am
Priya muje cradle lift sabse jyada achi lagti hae hum kab aur kaha mil sakte hae priya i live in ujjain where do you live my id is and my number is 9226800716 plese reply priya i am desperately witing for your reply

GauravApr 30 2009 5:14am
to me tumhe goodi me utha k kaha le jau Gaurav

PriyaApr 30 2009 5:51am
muje mere bed tak le jana priya i want a wife who can easily lift and carry me

GauravApr 30 2009 5:57am
Muje aise wife mil jayege na priya

GauravApr 30 2009 5:59am
Hi Priya, can u lift me on your shoulder?

AjayApr 30 2009 6:18am
Gaurav,theek hai me tumhe apni godi me uthakar bed tak le jaungi.par me jab tumhe apni godi me uthau tab tum kya karoge us waqt tum kya feel karoge?

PriyaApr 30 2009 6:29am
Gaurav tum kya imagine karte ho lift carry k bare me detail me plz batao na

PriyaApr 30 2009 6:31am
Priya lift and carry mae samnewala aapko overpower karta hae mae yahe power feel karna chahata hue it is a very erotic experence and a very very nice feeling for me it also gives a sexual satisfaction to both men and women i really really want to take this experence

GauravApr 30 2009 6:35am
Gaurav,to tom mera power feel karna chahte ho achha jab me tumhe ek baby ki tarah apni godi me lungi to sexsually tumhe kya feel hoga? tell me in detail

PriyaApr 30 2009 6:50am
hi priya kya tum mujhe bhi apni godi me logi? plz

ManishApr 30 2009 6:58am
Sexually my penis will be erected and if i become tuned very much in it priys my semen may gush out and i may wet my underwear its really an erotic experence

GauravApr 30 2009 7:06am
gaurav so will u eject on my lap itself?

priyaApr 30 2009 7:41am
parul patel pls you send me phots of you lifting your husband pls my id is perfectchat1@YAHOO.CO.IN.

perfectchat1Apr 30 2009 7:42am
gaurav so will u wear only underwear when i lift u in cradle carry? tell me

PriyaApr 30 2009 7:46am
No no i will wear the paint par priya mera 67 kgs weight hae muje lift karne mae tumhe problem to nahe hogi tumhara weight kitna hae

GauravApr 30 2009 7:55am
Apoorva Chourey yes i can lift you what is your weight tell pls don't tell height i can lift height person also.

perfectchat1Apr 30 2009 7:59am
My weight is 68 kgs iam 26 yrs old man

Apoorva ChoureyApr 30 2009 8:01am
Gaurav so can i see ur erection in penis while holding u in my arms?

PriyaApr 30 2009 8:12am
how will you feel after seeing my erection and my semen gushed out

GauravApr 30 2009 8:40am
hi gaurav lift

PriyaApr 30 2009 8:57am
perfectchat kya tum mujhe apni godi me uthaogi please

AshuApr 30 2009 8:58am
Priya mae chahta hue meri wife muje honey moon par be apni godi mae utakar apne bed tak le jaye

GauravApr 30 2009 9:08am
Gaurav tum nahane jao tab bhi tumhari wife tumhe godi me uthakar tumhe nahane le jaye kya ye tum chahte ho?

PriyaApr 30 2009 9:11am
Ha mae ye be chahta hue kya tum meri wife bankar ye karogi will you marry me

GauravApr 30 2009 9:18am
Gaurav sorry but me but me apni godi me tumhe le sakti hu

PriyaApr 30 2009 9:26am
Priya where do you live where i can come to meet you

GauravApr 30 2009 9:39am
Gaurav me Ahmdabad me hu

PriyaApr 30 2009 9:30pm
Priya mere 67 kgs weight ke wajah se tumhe muje utane mae problem to nahe hogi

GauravMay 01 2009 5:22am
Priya, kya tum mujhe apne godi me utha sakti ho? mera weight 56 kg and ht 5'3" hai

SanjayMay 02 2009 11:20am
ha sanjay tumhe to me aaram se bachhe ki tarah godi me utha sakti hu

PriyaMay 03 2009 7:27am
mera weight 52 kg hai aur height 5' 1" hai .

PriyaMay 03 2009 7:28am
Priya, mujhe godi me uthakar tumhe kaisa feel hoga? tumhara age kitna hai aur tum kya karti ho?

SanjayMay 03 2009 7:43am
mujhe achha lagega meri age 22 hai aur tumhari age height , weight kya hai?

PriyaMay 03 2009 7:48am
mujhe achha lagega meri age 22 hai aur tumhari age height , weight kya hai?

PriyaMay 03 2009 7:48am
Sanjay online?

priyaMay 03 2009 7:51am
Ya i am online, main 31 yrs, 5'3" and weight 57 kg hai. kya tum mujhe utha paogi?

SanjayMay 03 2009 8:47am
I was lifted several times by different women in my life.

KailashMay 03 2009 11:29am
is there any girl in mumbai to lift me? i am 67 kgs 5'3" man

AnonymousMay 04 2009 4:56am
Amit, you said that on 31st party your friend's wife has lifted you. which city is she? can she lift me? i am in Mumbai. My height is 5'3" and weight is 65 kgs. I am 34 yrs old man.

AnonymousMay 07 2009 2:50am
To anonymous, we stay in kolkata, my friend's wife is indeed very strong woman, she is stockily built. Few days ago, i went to their place, my friend has gone for some marketing. I just told her to lift me again and she agreed. After that she kept front lifted me for almost 5 minutes. I wetted my underwear. she grounded me and again lifted me in bearhug. This time i got so turned on that i holded her tight and again ejaculate. she kept laughing at me.

AmitMay 07 2009 10:39am
Amit, very lucky guy you are? i am searching a woman who wish to lift me. I stay in Mumbai.

AnonymousMay 07 2009 10:05pm
Is there anyone in Mumbai who can do it for me

SandyMay 12 2009 11:15pm
We can also form a group who likes these , if so would be interesting to share real life experiences and share

SandyMay 12 2009 11:44pm
sandy, r u a girl? what's ur age? do u want to lift a man? I stay in mumbai pd

AnonymousMay 13 2009 8:00am
I am a guy and am also fond of this . Somehow , have never been able to experience something llike this in India but would love to meet someone in Mumbai who can do it. I am a guy and like strong women. Abroad it is pretty open and women are ready to do it but in India , it is very rare

sandyMay 16 2009 11:21pm
Hey anyone has been able to find someone then they can very well refer or are all these fantasies. We can also try at the massage parlors in mumbai

sandeepMay 20 2009 2:48am
Anyone there please tell me will i be able to find such a wife who can easily lift and carry me who can carry me to the honeymoon bed i am a 26 yr old man i weigh 62kgs and my height is 5"6"

ArunMay 20 2009 8:54am
Hey Arun , indian women are not very comnfortable doing this because of a conservative background. You would need to look at some other options. For me , i have had the pleasure in Germany where the women are big and strong . At least two women cradled me and i was out of this world. However , to be lifted and carried by an Indian woman will be the ultimate high.

sandyMay 20 2009 10:32pm
Amit, would your friends wife be open to lift some one else. I think women from Bengal are quite strong.

SandyMay 20 2009 10:34pm
Debraj , where in Sonagachi dude

SandyMay 20 2009 10:35pm
mene ekbar apne boyfriend ko apni godi me uthakar bed me leke gayi thi .wo ekdam bachha lag raha tha meri godi me

manishaMay 22 2009 7:25am
Kya tum muje be apni godi mae utakar bed tak le jaoge manisha plese lift me i will be very much thankful to you i am 26 yrs male weigh 64 kgs and my height is 5"6" plese plese reply me manisha

ArunMay 22 2009 7:43am
manisha, r u in Mumbai? i am 34 yrs 68 kgs pls lift me.

pdMay 22 2009 9:26am
hey Manisha , you are a strong girl but how heavy was he ? How tall and big are you and where are you from

SandyMay 23 2009 1:08am
my cousin who is younger to me used to come home regularly. we were in day i sat on her lap and casually gave her a kiss.she asked what i wanted in return.i asked a lift,though i never expected her to be so my amazement she easily lifted me from her lap. she held me up while i fondled her boobs and kissed erection was also visible and i ejaculated. even though we have different partners we meet alone and i will get lifted

suruMay 23 2009 5:13pm
Lucky guy suru

sandyMay 24 2009 12:02am
guys how u people mastributes yaaaaaaaaaaaaar juz want to knw tht

AnonymousMay 24 2009 7:51pm
guys how u people mastributes yaaaaaaaaaaaaar juz want to knw tht

AnonymousMay 24 2009 8:20pm
what is ur email emma and ur height and weight?

AnonymousMay 26 2009 2:37pm
I frequently used to visit a call girl. She is a bit taller than me and is of solid built. One day we are kissing each other in a standing position when she took off my clothes. Just before I could think anything she lifted me up from front and kept me off the ground for almost 2 to 3 minutes until I ejaculated on her. That day she gave me the ultimate erotic experience of my life.

SunilMay 28 2009 1:35am
I was lifted many times by girl, my first experience when i was in 11th standard one day my landlord 14yr old 5.6 ft taller daughter cleaning the stairs i am in hurry and slip on the stairs my knee and ankle hurt badly at that time no one is in home except us, I am not able to stand properly she help me to stand but not in position to walk on stairs. She want to lift me but i appose and walk two stairs then she pick me up on her shoulder and take to me my room i am amazed by her strength because she is 3yr younger then me.

AnonymousMay 29 2009 3:49am
To anonymous, what is the weight and height of u both? Does she ever lifted u again after that incident?

RakeshMay 29 2009 8:00am
Hey sunil would you mind sharing the details of that call girl . If it does not affect you

sandeepMay 29 2009 8:46am
Sandeep, she is 27 yrs of age, 2 inches taller than me and weighs 68 kg. She is a bit dark complexioned and of solid built. she is much stronger than me. Actually after that day she had lifted me almost every time i visited her. Once during foreplay she lifted me naked on her shoulder and carried me to the entire room. I feel erotic to be lifted by her.

SunilMay 29 2009 10:22am
Really it?s a great feeling to be lifted by a woman. I used to fantasise about our house maid lifting me. Last month during our college vacation, when both my parents went to work, I told her to watched the video of a woman lifting a man in you tube on my PC. She watched the video and laughed. I asked her to lift me but she laughed at me and said I am crazy. Next day again I asked her and she agreed. She firmly grabbed my buttocks and lifted me up for almost 20 to 30 seconds. I instantly ejaculated. I was amazed at her strength. After that she had lifted and carried me almost every day during my vacations.

AbhishekMay 29 2009 11:29am
Rakesh, she is 5ft 6inches tall and weighs 55 at that time i am 5ft 7inches tall and 57 kg.

AnonymousMay 30 2009 12:04am
After that incident she become good friend of mine as we both have same height and weight. She lift me many time but I remember one incident when I am in 12th within a year she gain 3 inches and now she is 5ft9 inches tall and I am only 5ft8 inches tall one day no one in home she call me in her room to show me something, when I reach she is sitting on chair and I ask what you want to show me? she stand up and point her finger to her high heel sandal which she wear at that time now she is 4 inch taller then me. when we stand closely I am hardly to reach her nose then she ask me how I am looking I said sexy and hot, the way she smiling I am not able to control myself and jump over her back as she used to give me piggyback ride she easily carry me in high heel, first time I squeeze her breast it is firm and big then she carry me in her pouch like a small baby and said baby want to suck momma breast and I reply yes like a baby then she remove her top and I start sucking her boobs for more then 20 minutes in same standing position.

AnonymousMay 30 2009 12:44am
Sunil, which city was this in? Was she pretty?

vIKMay 30 2009 8:41am
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