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Girls: What Size Dick Do You Like

Question: What Size Dick Do You Like (in inches)
Created by: JasonExE at 09:53:07 AM, Saturday, April 02, 2005 PST


Preferably I like my dicks to be about 4 inches long flacid.This is the condition it should be in whilst tucked into his chastity device for 99% of the time.When it is released it should be 12 inches.

Big BrendaMay 01 2006 6:05am

anyone who's had 8.5" that was used well would never want 6"-7" again!

just tellin it like it isFeb 15 2009 10:51am
your right--my bf now is really thick an about 8.5 inches. the first time i past out. I cum harder and faster with him , totally better.

satisfiedFeb 18 2009 3:23pm
I think a thick 7.5 - 8 incher is perfect. I don't think its really that unusual either, I've been with 5 guys and measured 4. the guy I didn't measure was the first and the smallest-about 6 inches. the other 4 were over 7 and one was almost 9. I think average is really 7 inches or more.

courtneyFeb 21 2009 12:39pm
just big enough that it doesn't hurt -- not small, for me7.5 to 8.5 depending on the thickness

AnonymousFeb 22 2009 10:54am
how big is yours jason?

lisaFeb 28 2009 1:02am
do most of these guys asking dick size questions have small dicks? Well Jason...

8 inch asianApr 21 2009 9:31am
there's no such thing as an 8 inch asian.

AnonymousJun 04 2009 4:35am
10 inches and castrated

cynthiaJul 14 2009 9:32am
My wife likes mine and its only 5 inches.

Big enoughDec 14 2010 12:44am
Size doesn't matter in my opinion but i wouldn't mind an 8 inch one inside me :~)

Lady gagaApr 27 2011 3:55pm
Who wants to see mineXD

AnonymousJun 14 2011 1:45am
Who wants to see mineXD

slim shadyJun 14 2011 1:45am
I feel like a weirdo here but 4 - 6 inches for me, anything more and it kills so all you big huge c*ck guys keep it away from me cause I don't know many girls that can take a 12 inch c*ck all the way into her anyway. As long as the girth is there that's most of the pleasure right there and I admit I'm small even for a girl so as long as they can touch me whent they are all the way in that's a good thing to me.

lil chikaAug 29 2011 5:00am
Eight inches, minimum, and very thick. This is the size of my male partner's penis. We mate every day at least twice. It must also be circumcised tightly. I love the permanently exposed glans

FemSupremeDec 08 2011 3:11pm
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AnonymousFeb 03 2012 4:36pm
Well the question is lady's what is ur fav position? Cause position has an effect doesn't it? An I've never had complaints at 6 but also have girth with.

squishyFeb 10 2012 11:05am
I like 10-11. its not like way long but its also not skimpy.. : ) But I never had like real actual sex. I have had oral... : )

BF ThiefMar 20 2012 10:02am
Guys, Large big dicks hurt when they hit our cervix. Girthy is better!

KimMay 22 2012 5:36pm
iam a 32 y old married guy ,mine near to 6 inch,she told me she like 8 inch dick,and wising.i dont mind

devJul 24 2012 4:21am
i got a 9 inch. my gf did not see it yet. but she felt it with her hands, ass, feet, etc. im not sure if girls like it VERY big. What does my dick's size depend on?? GIRLS can u plz help me out.

zetroOct 19 2012 10:24am
i personally don't like HUGE dicks, but it should at least be 6in, at LEAST

cute kitty*meow*:3Nov 15 2012 4:25pm
Hey im the hot chick ur looking for sext me with 512-294-6388

ur loverFeb 09 2013 4:33am
I was happy with 6" until I met my currant BF & his is 7.75" which I measured myself. He loved it being measured by me too. Sex with his bigger c*ck is totally way better. It feels intense doing it doggy position as he goes in sooo fricken deep.

Marissa AApr 26 2013 4:45am
I went to the nude beach first time last summer when my dad gave me a used car for my birthday. Seeing so many nude guys was amazing. I wore my sun glasses so I could look in secret. Lots of older fat guys seem to have small c*cks. Its the fat making them look so small. But I saw several hot guys & some were so long hanging soft I was surprised. Very sexy. One dad & mom were swinging a jump rope for their 2 little girls. He was really hot & his c*ck was too. The smallest daughter was jumping while the one who looked about 10 was watching. Her eyes were definitely glued to her dads penis. All of a sudden I don't know why but he got a huge erection. Her eyes popped! He had to cover it with one hand & quit doing the rope. He bent over to get a towel & cover up. The mom was laughing. I just wonder what the 10 year old daughter was thinking. I think about that hot daddy often. Lol.

LaurieApr 28 2013 7:10am
Mine is 4.5 inches, my girlfriend is Asian, and I don't know if she is faking it or could possibly handle a much bigger c*ck

Tim 18years oldMay 02 2013 7:25am
Would any one want to f*ck me at a hotel I have a very big dick I even suck it myself

BobJun 13 2013 7:13pm
Well dick issues....Got 9"lng & 2"wide....

gizkid 4 sexJul 31 2013 8:51am
My husband is a 7/12

MamazAug 05 2013 8:09pm
My asian wife can barely handle my 5.5 incher.

AnonymousAug 08 2013 7:28am
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Mine is 6

AnonymousSep 28 2013 10:18am
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dRfwFBcNZOct 16 2013 9:45am
i like 7 inches. It will crush my *

marieOct 19 2013 12:34pm
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AnonymousDec 02 2013 7:01pm
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xWSUeYzRnDec 14 2013 1:01pm
I'm 16yo with a 7 inch c*ck thats 6 inches in girth (1.5 to 2 inches diameter). It has a 2.5 inch diameter bellend/glands. I can prove it. Kik me @ JamesDavies64

James DaviesDec 25 2013 5:48am
In my experience, girth definitely feel better, because it hits the sensitive walls of my vagina, but the depth doesn't matter

KatyJan 03 2014 1:47pm
f*ck all you i got a tiny dick 1 inch flaccid super thin too looks like an 8 year old..and 4 inches hard 4 inches girth i hate my life

robertJan 06 2014 8:41am
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hiqSvGUurkQiWiJan 09 2014 12:22am
i belong to kashmir and am 22. my penis size is 6 inch.i wanna sex with an amarican girl

ziaJan 11 2014 10:32pm
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knxBHGdsLxFeb 04 6:00am
am an african with 7 inch n i wnt to av sex wit a white lady.... hit me on

corneliusFeb 05 12:10pm
Mine is 4 inches when fully erect.I'm 35 now & my penis is still the same size as it was when I was aged 12.

DazFeb 21 3:50pm
Guys don't feel so bad, lots of girls talk poo , I know to many women would run from 9 inches and if that's all she wants is long c*ck , she no good she will never be satisfied I know mine is 8

Rguy4842 Mar 10 7:28pm
Also I know a woman that's had all sizes long and Thick , she settled down got married to a guy with 5 inch says she happy, he knows how to please her she said not many men know how to please.

AnonymousMar 10 7:44pm
To the short size folks, don't be worried get in there and do your best, if it's not enough get another one if you have to go through 200 girls you will find one that's right for you .

Rguy4842 Mar 10 7:55pm
Runnin that 9. File to large to send. #Wontfit. Lmfao.

JeremyMar 11 8:49pm
My husband is 7 inches and I really love it that he is not circumcised.

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lMasczGWFgQQlsidKsApr 01 7:19am
Hey ladies mine is 7.5inch in length and 2 wide. Is anybody interested with me?

sexy Apr 17 3:05pm
I have a 6 and I'm 14 is that good?

just wonderingApr 25 8:31pm
I have an 7.5 inch c*ck and my ex gf totally loved it. Still calls me for that...sure left a mark in there. Thanks for the post

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WZkXhUktRJun 04 10:47am
I'm almost 16 and mine is 7 inch long and 5.7 inch girth (I'm Turkish)

AnonymousJun 29 10:35pm
I'm 14 and my dick is 5 inches is that a good size for my age bc their this girl I really want to f*ck but I don't want it to be to small

AnonymousJul 02 7:29pm
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doGaCucgLKJul 03 9:18am
i hav 8.5 inchs anyone want so call me at 9891379688

Vj singhJul 11 9:44am
I'm 15 and mine is 5 long and 4 wide

mellowzJul 11 10:50pm
My size is 6" and been doing jelquing massage and my wife love because is hard

JcJul 16 7:55pm
Size doesn't matter if you love someone 6.5 I been in love for 11years sex it's been fantastic I had big before

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