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When will men kneel down (on one knee) before women as a sign of respect (in public).

Question: Now that women have been clearly established as vastly superior (and soon this truth will be accepted by every woman, man and child), how long before men kneel in the presence of a woman as a sign of respect and acknowledgement their superority? (This could be voluntary, not necessarily a legal requirement imposed by the ruling Matriarchal government).
Created by: research03 at 05:32:46 AM, Friday, April 29, 2005 PDT


This cannot happen soon enough! Men will kneel whenever they ask a woman for something. With women's superior sexual power, it will not be long before men will be reduced to a status of beggars, kneeling in front of their wife/girlfriend and asking extremely politley

Reality manApr 30 2005 1:00am

"It can not happen soon enough to suit a large number of women and men who realize that women are the superior sex. It may take some conditioning, but, men will learn to respond. It will be a great day when we see men kneeling before all women to beg for something. I hope the reward for a positive answer will be the woman etending her foot so that the man can bestow a kiss of hommage on her foot and proclaim her superiority. When in a more private place, the man could kneel and kiss her sexual parts and her ass as his token of esteem. What do you think? It is about time.

Mr. AlexandraApr 30 2005 4:45pm
As soon as males become economically dependant on women. At the rate that women are gaining control of the economy through educational advancements, it could be sooner than most could imagine.

DawnMay 01 2005 5:44pm
I agree with dawn, it will be sooner this most think. Hopefully women will demand this type of respect from their males. We are only mere knights of our superior queens. They have ran things behind the scenes too long, it is time for true leadership the feme way

Submissive husbandMay 09 2005 8:26am
Interesting... I certainly would not object to paying such tribute of respect.

STTGMay 12 2005 3:27pm
Men should kiss the Women's ass. At all times in anyway the Women desires!

slaveToWOMENJun 26 2005 12:00pm
Do it now, why wait for it to be "the norm". Kneel in public before your wife or girlfriend, or female friend.

SamJul 22 2005 11:17am
How do you know that we don't? Yes, I for one would like to see men kneel before Women in public.

onallfoursSep 03 2005 10:25pm
I've done my share of groveling for the women that have been in my life. I'll probably do it again.

billNov 30 2005 9:12am
I don't think things will continue on the pace they have been. If it does, men would bow to women to show repect. But, I thing things will slow down then reverse.

MichaelFeb 01 2006 10:10pm
yeah michael i can just see all those independent and highly educated women wanting to give it all up,to become housewifes,while there husbands goes of to work.Sorry i think its far to late for that,women have so much chance now to become what ever the hell they want to be,and men are being overtaking in all walks of life.

billy boyFeb 14 2006 5:38pm
give it 10-20 years, (once the Matriarchal government is in place) males will be brainwashed/genetically engineered to kneel before women's feet and worship them.

AnonymousFeb 22 2006 11:28am
On only one knee? Surely 2 or grovelling on my belly at the feet of my superior be she my Mothe,Aunt,Sister,Preiestess,Boss,Teacher,Police Woman,Traffic Warden,Wife etc.This would be the polite way in public but in private a pair of lips or a tongue in a ladies anus or vagina would be thought more appropriate.

AnonymousApr 28 2006 10:04pm
I can't wait for the day when it is common courtesy (or law) for a male to greet a girl by kissing her feet.

AnonymousMay 10 2006 4:34pm
Hear hear anonymous. As part of the greeting males should also be made to lick the dirt off shoes or feet if the female so requires.

daveMay 24 2006 3:31pm
What good boys dave and anonymous are.They have the right attitude to Female Supremacy and the coming Matriarchy.Kissing my feet shoes or boots is perfectly acceptable as a greeting to acknowledge a males inferiority.In private though between males and females who know each other males should at the very least kiss my arse if not tongue my anus.

Big BrendaMay 28 2006 2:23pm
I agree with Brenda, that is a major yet humbling way to show respect.

manoMay 29 2006 4:34pm
I agree totally. I also encourage more women to take control and demand such acts of respect to the superior gender. Besides being superior, you have the sexual power to get what you what, when you want and how you want.

STTGMay 29 2006 4:59pm
It would be my pleasure, Brenda... I am, (and every other male should be) your humble foot-kisser/shoe-licker

AnonymousMay 30 2006 12:02pm
The comment of the last guy is incomplete.If you were to have the plesure of being in my company and we knew each other well you would have the pleasure of tonguing my anus. STTG you are as ever a joy I feel sure many a Womyn would have the benefit of your lithe tongue in their bottom. One of my previous boyfreinds used to get his thinking muddled more than is usual for a male.He would try to kiss me after his tongue had been licking my dirty shoes or my anus.A goodly number of very hard slaps to his face soon sorted out his thinking on this matter. Males should always be careful and only tongue their superiors anus after cunnilingus and never before as they could damage the health of their superior.I my self enjoy nothing so much as winding down from a series of orgasms induced by my boys tongue and fingers than a slavish tongue in my bottom as I queen him.

Big BrendaJun 06 2006 5:58pm

AnonymousJun 07 2006 12:58pm
Big Brenda: what about the health of the man?

JJ2Jun 15 2006 3:22pm
The health of the man will not be affected.However transfering germs from the anus to the vagina is a very real possibility.The males health would improve as his jaw and tongue wouuld become stronger.

Big BrendaJun 19 2006 1:39pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:40am
I hope that one day Women will be able to keep their men on leashes and walk them down the street this way. And Miss Brenda, I'd be honored to kiss your feet, ahoes, arse and tongue your anus. Hats off to the Women! They truly are the superior gender!

benJul 15 2006 12:46am
Indeed you would ben you are a very worthy and sensible male as is the incomparable STTG.

Big BrendaJul 17 2006 12:39am
Ben and Big Brenda, both of you are SICK!!

AnonymousJul 30 2006 4:15pm
Males will kneel only when told to do so. It will likely not happen too often, as they would fear running their stockings in the act!

AnonymousAug 16 2006 12:41pm
Thanks Miss Brenda.

benAug 19 2006 4:43pm
Oh, and thanks for referring to us men as boys Miss Brenda.

benSep 04 2006 2:25pm
I've kissed a Women's ass many times. Both literally and figuratively. In fact, I don't know which one I like better. I'll do it again, and again, and again. I love doing it. I sure hope it makes you Ladies feel good. That's what I'm all about.

HERboySep 04 2006 2:28pm
Many places in the USA have low or very low educational standards. Therefore, outperforming the average is easy, so females who outperform males have little to boast about. I fear that the low academic performance of boys is merely a symptom of a deeper psychological problem: It seems that American males are more depressed, discouraged, aimless and unmotivated than ever before. What is causing this mental fog, and how to escape it?

Samurai PsychiatristSep 10 2006 7:36pm
ben it is the easiest thing in the world to call "men" boys.I never use the term as males and what all so called men really are is boys as they never grow up.

Big BrendaSep 17 2006 6:07am

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:06pm
You are absolutely correct Miss Brenda!

benNov 11 2006 4:33pm
ben you are becoming increasingly submissive.Well done boy.Learn to please Womyn by doing all sorts of things for them and not just sexual.

Big BrendaNov 20 2006 10:59pm
I will Miss Brenda. I don't see why a boy wouldn't want to serve a Woman, it just seems natural to me and I enjoy doing it. Thanks again for the advice and may you Women rule forever!

benNov 23 2006 12:28am
#038 - 2/7/07

Date UpdateFeb 07 2007 5:28pm
Why don't you guys just fall prone on your bellies before the Woman... if she extends her right foot you kiss it lovingly if she extends her left foot you kiss it the same way if she leave both her feet together you should kiss both feet. And remember no part of your body should be above her knees at any time for a mimimum of 4 meters, from her.???

Melinda 2-19-07Feb 19 2007 1:40pm
You are absolutely correct Melinda! Women like you and Ms. Brenda have the right idea!

benMar 10 2007 9:23pm
Female superiority is a fact. Women have intelligence, sensitivity, compassion, and morality that are orders of magnitude above that of men. By accepting Female leadership males free themselves from the foolishness of their own decisions and actions. Through submission to Female rule and meticulous obedience the lives of males can be made productive and meaningful. Therefore, men should fall to their knees to give thanks to the superior gender. Female leadership is a gift for which they are not worthy. When a male kneels before a Woman he should do so not only as a sign of respect for Her, but also as an act of thanks that he offers for his own benefit. When a man kneels before a Woman it is not a burden. Rather it is a precious privilege which male will one day eagerly and thankfully accept.

AnonymousMar 11 2007 8:17am
If a male is property it is up to his Wife to determine how he behaves in public. If She chooses to order him to act in a submissive manner than he should do so. A single male should be respectful to all Women and should initially address a Woman in public as "Ma'am". If he is within a Woman's aura and She commands him to kneel he should do so but he should not invade the personal space of a Woman he does not know by making submissive gestures.

obedient husbandMar 19 2007 5:13pm
#0043 - (Wed.) 3/28/07

UpdateMar 28 2007 1:00pm
ben, Don't compare me with big brenda. I'm 23y.o. 5'-9,1/2" tall 124lb. green eyes long blond hair and all WOMAN. This so call "big brenda" and "lou rolls" poses as MALE and feMALE and I don't believe a word it says. The both of them spell woman (womyn) And their may be more of them. How can they constantly spell the same word wrong and not be one and the same?

Melinda 3-29-07Mar 29 2007 6:30am
Melinda, Womyn is a common alternative spelling for "Woman" and "Wymyn" is often used for "Women". These alternative spellings were developed by Feminists so that the word for the human female was not derived from the word "man" (eg wo-man). These spellings are common in Feminist, Gynosupremacist, and Lesbian circles and the fact that both Brenda and Lou Rolls are both familiar with them does not make them the same person. Furthermore, it is probably wrong to say it is a mis-spelling. It is an alternative spelling adopted to make a political point. As a mere male I am not seeking correct a superior Woman(Womyn) such as yourself but am simply offering this information as a service.

obedient husbandMar 30 2007 4:07pm
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, and I didn't compare you to anyone. I just agree what you say. Again sorry.

benMar 30 2007 7:56pm
obedient husband...Thank You for the explain. Isn't it funny how they are so determine to get away from man, and yet they use a "Y" which stand for man in the X and Y gene symbols and not an X? Are they trying to make us female look as dumb as a box of rocks???

Melinda 4-1-07Mar 31 2007 11:27pm
Melinda,as a male I do not expect thanks from a member of the Superior sex but it is appreciated. It is an honor to be of service. Your comment is unique and I never thought of it that way. I generally do not use the spelling but I do not have an opinion abut those who do. Most respectfully was your 2/19 post said in jest. You seem to be in ideological agreement with Big Brenda at that time and I believe that is what "ben" was reacting to. I have stated my own opinion on the topic of whether males should show physical abasement before Women. I would be interested in knowing what you really think.

obedient husbandApr 04 2007 6:14pm
#49. Obedient husband, When a Woman tells you thanks you will gratefully accept it, and say your welcome and then put a plug in it. More than likely she old enough, to know how she want to carry her self, and act and it not your place to tell her what she should do and what she shouldn't do. Does this make sense to you?

Melinda 4-14-07Apr 14 2007 7:33am
#0050 - (Sat.) 4/14/07

UpdateApr 14 2007 12:10pm
Yes Ma'am. I would never tell a Woman what to do. I am interested in hearing further thoughts that You might have on the matter but I acknowledge that I have no right to expect it. A male has no rights, only privileges which a Female may revoke at any time. I hope my response has pleased You.

obedient husbandApr 15 2007 1:37pm
Obedient husband is correct.The spelling I use is Womyn which is a term used first by Feminists and now by Female Supremacists like myself.It is to obviate the use of "man" in Woman.Why your height or weight are important to your arguement baffles me perhaps it is because you are a man and the description you gave is the type of Womyn you find attractive.The fact that you did not know about the alternative spelling for the superior gender also looks suspsect.

Big BrendaMay 12 2007 8:13pm
The manner in which you speak to obedient husband is good and right.It is up to the Womyn to decide and the males to accept.

Big BrendaMay 12 2007 8:17pm
Big Brenda I am honored by Your comments. All Women are beautiful Goddesses and need not compare themselves to each other. The Goddess has created enough male slaves to go around.

obedient husbandMay 17 2007 7:07pm
#0055 - (Thu.) 7/19/07

UpdateJul 19 2007 11:33am
There can never be too many male slaves.

Big BrnedaSep 13 2007 10:11pm
Most respectfully, do you own others as well as your husband?

obedient husbandSep 15 2007 5:45pm
No I only have a deep relationship with one male the others I may control from time to time.

Big BrendaOct 14 2007 9:37pm
If there was a web site with 50 polls about white people being superior to blacks, that web site would be quickly shut down. I want to see all of permanently shut down and removed from the internet. If that is not possible, then I would like to see all polls on this web site erased and all new polls.

AnonymousOct 21 2007 3:04pm
Big Brenda,thank you Ma'am. As always I appreciate your time.

obedient husbandOct 21 2007 4:47pm
Obedient husband, one can assume you are either slightly odd (not to mention hypocritical, inconsistant and incoherant), or somebody doing a psychology experiment. Are you a student doing a university project. Come on own up, you're among fellow company here!!.

FNOLOct 28 2007 1:08am
I have not been a student in 25 years. I am the marital property of a strong Woman who kept me as a personal servant for a number of years before marrying me. At my ceremony I had to take a vow to "love honor and obey" my future Wife and I received a hard caning on my bare behind on our wedding night. I received an even more severe caning on our first anniversary. After She married me Wife picked out the town where we were to live and purchased a condo for us. Wife loans me out as work slave to a professional Woman in a nearby town and my Female boss deposits my salary directly into Wife's account. Wife is not a great believer in public punishment but She will get cross with me at times. When Wife calls my name in public She expects me to come Her immediately with my head bowed and my hands behind my back. In our home town business people know that all decisions are made by Wife and some of them have told Wife I am well trained and they know She wears the pants in the family. Wife usually beats me several times a month. I may be "slightly odd" by patriarchal standards but if I was a Victorian Wife rather than a Matriarchal husband no one would be surprised by anything I have said. I fail to see how I am hypocritcal or inconsistent. As for incoherent, frankly I think I write much better than most males on this and other sites but I will leave it up to members of the Superior Sex to judge that.

obedient husbandOct 28 2007 4:18pm
Wow !. One hell of an essay you've got there 'Obedient husband'. Hypocracy is a simple definition in this context : to contradict yourself and to expect better of other. Therefore we are all hypocrites, as we attempt to impose our views on others. But there is a difference between insults due to differences in belief and insults of belief. One deserves a place and the other does not. And I don't think people here understand this.I am by no means virtuous, i regularly break these rules to a certain degree, but I will freely admit to doing so. Respect my belief and show it by attacking it with everything you have. But don't expect it from others unless you can show it yourself. Oh and as for the incoherence statement : I am not referring to you;re grammatical skills. Grammar skills have zero relation to the quality of an arguement. Peace.

FNOLOct 28 2007 11:47pm
Dude I think we are on different wavelengths. Have fun!

obedient husbandOct 29 2007 6:19pm
"Dude I think we are on different wavelengths.". We certainly are. And a good society tolerates people on different wavelengths. You're perfect matriarchal society is just an example of this brand of intolerance. But hey I tolerate you're opinion , right ?

FNOLOct 29 2007 7:05pm
As a sign of respect !?!, Respect, beyond the basics of decency, must be earned, it is not something which can be inherent or given. Otherwise we might as well kneel in respect to sany inaminate object. How about a street sign ?, looks pretty superior to me.

FNOLNov 06 2007 2:19am
#0067 - (Thu.) * 12/13/07

UpdateDec 13 2007 1:42pm
If you want to see males behaving respectfully toward their Female owners in public go to the changing room in any men's clothing store. There is one that Wife takes me to where there is a bench outside the changing room. Five or six Wives can sit on it at the same time and as a husband comes out with a new suit on, the Wife will not only comment on the fit and occasionally fondle Her husband's behind in public as She adjusts the suit, She will invite comments from the other Wives and the male is essentially treated as livestock on display before the other Women. The Wives are usually in complete control giving peremptory orders to their men and the men are very compliant. While there are some younger couples the Wives are generally mature Women used to exercising power in this forum and their dominance, and perhaps even more important their public appreciation of the other Women's dominance over their husbands is quite compelling.

obedient husbandJan 27 2008 3:09pm
Jus tell her hyu'd be betta kneelink, 'coz hyu ken sock my deck, beetch!

JagermonsterJun 29 2009 3:52pm
I would kneel down on one knee before a woman, even in public, EVEN ON LIVE TELEVISION, but ONLY ONCE!!! That would be if I were to ask for her Hand in marriage. However, I am in no hurry. Right now, I want to remain A FREE AGENT!!!

A FREE AGENT!!!Jul 17 2009 1:05am
she makes me kneel when Iaddress her or she addresses me. I am scared not to.

doasiamtoldNov 03 2009 3:02pm
Well they are superior When I speak to my colleagues or clients i feel although I am an expert on cosmeticts they deserve respect as they are superior. I dont kneel But I curtsey to them all

male beauticianNov 03 2009 3:08pm
men kneel to men more than women in asia

AnonymousMar 20 2010 7:24pm
Gloria Arroyo and Megwati Sukarno are two Women who headed Asian countries. I suppose Benizar Bhutto should be included but She was a very indecisive leader. If we go way back there was Indira Gandhi and technically Israel is in Asia, although it is more a part of the Mediterranean world so we should include Golda Meir.

obedient husbandApr 06 2010 6:49pm
I would love to bow on my hands and knees before the supperior gender kiss their lovely feet and whorship there beauty

Male_who_bowsJun 25 2010 1:13am
i am a bodybuilder muscleman, i weigh 270lbs of solid muscle. i can bench press 400lbs and do 24 pushups without stopping. i can run a mile in 10 minutes a woman could not compete with my size or strength

muscle power manJun 27 2010 2:54pm
The world is walking to a Matriarchal society where women rule and men obey, Matriarchy is the hope of the humanity for a better live where nations and peoples will be lead by the superior women to a perfect paradise where men know that his place is under their Mistress's boots. Men must be grow up under the authority of their mothers and sisters, in this way men will be perfect husbands who respect, worship and obey their wives as the Goddess's commandment say.

MarlenJul 01 2010 10:55pm
I tutor at a private after-school learning facility in the western U.S. I try to educate the boys as to the current trends aside from my usual grammar and writing lessons. Because I do not have to adhere to public school guidelines, I educate both the girls AND the boys about the current statistics regarding the "coming matriarchy." Thing is when the boys learn about this in this direct way, their competitiveness is awakened and they begin to try hard to score higher than the girls on tests...and the majority do. On a more macro -level, not sure governments around the world would be willing to give up one half of the tax base just because the ladies...oops, women, want to strut around arms akimbo with male slaves at their feet. That's why they gave women the green light in the first place...for more tax revenue. If the males of the past invented and created so much, then this means that there is a giant within each boy today which just has to shown the way out. I do this every day as a teacher. On a psycho-sexual level, the men on this web page waxing enthusiastically about female superiority likely get off sexually on the idea and were likely touching themselves as they typed away. Finally, on a personal level, I talked about the idea being discussed on this page with my girlfriend and she thinks its just plain weird. To the guys on this page: try talking to and interacting with real women instead of just looking at images on a bdsm website. You'll find that women today, while high achieving and proud of their accomplishments, don't want a man who, as Marlen said on this page, "know that his place is under their Mistress's boots." Try it and might even have actual sexual relations with a woman in the process. Cheers....

rebel male teacherAug 01 2010 8:20pm

^^Aug 02 2010 11:38pm
Big Brenda, you do not deserve to be known as a mistress. You, Ms. Brenda deserve the title of Supreme Goddess Brenda. *bows before Supreme Goddess*. i surender to your divinity and are now your humble property. Please, i beg for your divine command so that i may obey you, O Supreme Goddess Brenda.

AnthonyAug 18 2010 8:21pm
I like your respectful, devoted attitude Anthony. However, what about the other Goddessses out there like myself? We are ALL divine and deserve your worship and obedience.

Goddess AmandaSep 02 2010 1:52pm
If I may be permitted to have an opinion I think each male's Supreme Goddess is the particular Female who owns him. Initially that would be his Mother or perhaps a Sister or Aunt. As an adult when he is transferred to the house of an unrelated Womyn to serve as a household slave and possibly as a sex slave and breeder, that Womyn becomes his Supreme Goddess and determines the nature of his interaction and servitude to other Wymyn. If a male happens to be unowned and is appropriated by a group of Wymyn THEY have to determine the hierarchy of the Gynarchy he must observe. I will state it has been an honor to be permitted to read the postings of both Big Brenda and Goddess Amanda (listed alphabetically so I will not appear to give supremacy to one over the other--I also used their spellings for Women to honor them)and I am sure if a male were to be claimed by Both at the same time the manner in which he would serve Them would be beyond him unless it was determined by Them. Wife has occasionally loaned me to other Wymyn and expects them to respect Her property rights.

obedient husbandSep 05 2010 3:34pm
Bravo, Rebel Male Teacher! I couldn't have said it better myself. Interesting about the boys' competitiveness affecting their test scores. It may say something about the feeling of entitlement of boys, not feeling like they have to try much, until the facts of how they are slipping behind are shown to them. Intense desire often is at least 50% of success in any field. When someone who feels entitled to eat, suddenly realizes they have to compete for their dinner, it's only reasonable to assume that their effort would increase and their results improve. It's the same driving force that was behind women fighting for their rights. I believe that the main reason behind the decline of boys' performance in school has been cultural. Now, if it turned out that women end up holding more higher paying or more prestigious roles in society, due to more of them being qualified, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Let the chips fall where they may. I believe in a meritocracy. But it's quite another thing to tell a boy that he is incapable of succeeding, because he is a boy. It's an altogether different kind of pathology, to actually use this supposed inferiority as a basis to artificially hold boys back. Your comments about the men on the board are insightful. Most have probably never interacted with a real woman. If they're into bdsm, as I am myself, that's fine. But even women who identify as dominants, generally, think the ideology expressed on this site is absurd. As to answer this question - men will never publicly bow down to women as a social custom or sign of respect. It may surprise most of you to know that as fetishists, you are in the minority. Most people, especially women, don't think like this. In fact, they'd find it quite disturbing if you proposed the idea.

PatSep 06 2010 6:20pm
if a woman wants respect..she has to earn getting on her knees

jacobOct 03 2010 10:32pm

aNov 06 2010 7:05pm
men are to stupid to know they should kneel down in respect before the much greater and superior woam

aNov 06 2010 7:07pm
i wish a women would order me to bow down and kiss her feet and ass, she would deserve to be worshiped

aNov 06 2010 7:10pm
Goddess Amanda, I am your servant. HAIL Supreme Goddesses

asdNov 06 2010 7:12pm
In many ways, men in western societies already bow down to women. For example, it is expected in western society that a man will hold open a door for a woman; get down on one knee when proposing; pull a chair out for her in restaurants; open the car door for her and even shut it for her after she gets in and of course pay for dates. A suggestion to the ladies out there is that you should never pick up an item you drop when there are men present! Actually I have intentionally dropped items such as my purse or keys when first meeting a man. A woman should never ever pick up her own dropped items when a man is present. Instead she should immediately look at the man and say "sorry" - presuming he will pick it up for her. This will immediately establish her feminine power over him.

LeslieNov 26 2010 2:19pm
Get a grip, fellas. Most dominant women are overweight, overbearing and usually, overpriced hookers. No less than Xaviera Hollander wrote that professional dominatrixes have the most reliable and steady sources of income in the flesh trades. Yes, there are exceptions, but go to any BDSM party and you'll see that most of the dominatrixes weigh only slightly less than a Toyota. Sure, I like to be submissive sexually, but not to some porker with a grudge against men, and who corrupts the English language with with made-up words such as "womyn." One other thing, girls: You owe me a rib.

TomatoMikeDec 08 2010 7:06am
An alternative to the above is that since in Femdom the male is the sex object the Female has the freedom to project whatever image She likes and does not need to starve Herself to fit into the patriarchy. Dominant Women to tend to be strong and powerfully built and indeed that is often an attraction to a naked male slave. Maybe some husky Amazon will drag TomatoMike off and he will see the light.

obedient husbandDec 11 2010 1:55pm
mmmm i love obay any women orders my name is latroy im from newe orleans louisiana 25 year old i cant find a women that can control me fully and make me her slave for the rest of my life

latroyJan 12 2011 1:43am
Will the sub males please make up their indecisive sissy minds whether they want to kneel , prostate , grovel or bow to kiss the foot , feet , stilleto , slipper , boot ,ass , anus or what ?????? or else we can help your thinking process faster by adminstering a hard no-nonsense macho kick on your pantied , pansied ,delicate , frail darling derrieres !!!!!??????

Ashesh GhoseJan 26 2011 5:22am
Yesterday in a state here in India a male police officer servilely bent down & cleaned the shoe of a powerful lady politician who is ruling that particular state ----she is the corrupt leader of the most oppressed caste [in India Caste is a more divisive/unifying factor than Gender]. The opposition media & parties have slammed her for having a "feudal"mindset ,her party spokesmen & leaders find justice & irony in the upper castes genuflecting at the feet of the erstwhile oppressed caste & feminists have NOT entered the debate at all [there are no Radical Feminazis in India except Renuka Chowdhury the deposed Union Minister for Women's affairs] Remember Indira Gandhi was more popular with upper-caste men than lower-caste male politicians because here everything hinges on caste Not Gender !

Ashesh GhoseFeb 09 2011 10:59am
Woman don't deserve rights. They should be bowing before me.

BretFeb 20 2011 5:52pm
As a Woody Alen character once said to exit a conversation, :sorry but I'm due back on the planet Earth."

RickMar 20 2011 1:08pm
As a Woody Alen character once said to exit a conversation, :sorry but I'm due back on the planet Earth."

RickMar 20 2011 1:09pm
you guys are some funny f*ckers

mikecooolMar 22 2011 4:28am
Thank you Big Brenda for saying, "males should at the very least kiss my arse if not tongue my anus." I can think of no grater honour than to kiss, lick, and suck your anus, for as long as you would allow me to do so, and if you felt that I had done a good job, you would be kind enough to reward me by transferring the entire contents of your full rectum directly into my wide open eager waiting mouth, thereby allowing me the privilege of eating the very same food that you had previously eaten, although now in a somewhat modified form, as most of, if not all of the nutrient had been removed. Faceunder1, a Woman's toilet.

Faceunder1Apr 18 2011 12:59pm
Hello Big Brenda, you said, "males should at the very least kiss my arse if not tongue my anus." I agree with you, I often ask my partner before she fall a sleep if I may tongue her anus, something that I do with pleasure

sub foxApr 19 2011 6:58pm
Ok so here are my 2 cents, a lot of people here are fetishists and bdsm favourites but on a personal not sexually related note i do feel that men should kneel. The power of matriarchy is one that surpasses all other and many men do not realice this simply because they havent experienced it. I myself only felt this power 2 days ago and i feel once men feel this power they will submit. 2 days ago i needed help from my lady boss and i went to the point where i was on my stomach grovelling for her help. The relief i felt when she consoled me, by planting the sole of her foot gently on my cheek, was unbelievable and there and then i acknowledged my position in society. Continuing on, everyday after that i would enter her office, and show a small token of gratitude- get her coffee, deliver her mail physically or anything of such and after a month i felt so good (not sexually but just a sense of tranquility in my mind) that i knelt before her and licked her slippers. She acknowledged my response by wearing her slippers, planting her slipper clad foot on my face and exerting just a little pressure, to show her authority. We have an amazing work relationship now and everything is perfect. Men, give in to women-oin the bigger picture, it is best for all and it is the way the world should work. To finish, i just wanted to ask the goddesses here, do you think i showed enough respect to my lady boss for giving me a promotion, or should i have done more?

thewayitshouldbeAug 08 2011 10:54am
I am very respectful of the superior sex. I have always known that I am inferior to women. I am certainly not the egotistical alpha male type, I?m quite the opposite, I only have a small penis, undersized testicles and am unable to ejaculate more than a little dribble. I would be thrilled to be permitted to kneel in naked obedient at the feet of a godess.

Sub-BoySep 12 2011 1:26pm
hey girls,i was pinned down by 2 girls,last month,we had a bet,who is the better sex..n certainly they won..women rule..

slaveboy92Nov 16 2011 1:32am
I don't know how i came across this... Anyways, i am going to do this today when i see my ex, we didn't end on a good note and i just want to say how sorry i am for everything bad ever happened. It's a sign of respect, and not a lot of men will do it but i'm taking my step and will do and will definitely post back once done.

StephenNov 16 2011 3:49pm
I wont lie i am a male and i know women are the supperior sex, i have kneeled down and beged, my answer was haveing to kiss her feet, i hate it when i lose a bet lol

submisive ladNov 19 2011 10:56am
I am a man who serves the female race and would be a HONOR to serve and worship the most superior and dominate beings in all there is.I will never be worthy but I will show my respect in any way.

serventNov 25 2011 11:30pm

AnonymousNov 29 2011 5:31pm
I'm a 13 year old boy if I did not kneel to a women like for example my girlfriend in this new world would I be spanked.

AnonymousNov 29 2011 5:34pm
certainly i was

slaveboy92Dec 03 2011 9:41pm
So who would spank me and how. Also will men be naked or in underwear. Also I was readin that we will be killed at age 30 why. I don't want to die I will do anything please just don't kill me.

AnonymousDec 13 2011 1:34pm
You are all stupid I'm 12 and I know more then you. Let me ask you somthing did a women ever run the country NO. Did a man yes. Men have started most importent things like Apple Microsoft. I believe we are the same. Women see detail more then men but to much to the point where if they were desining a building they would think about the the color befor the structure. But men never look at detail so we at the same. THE END.

AnonymousDec 13 2011 1:45pm
hey,everybody...last year was women year.. and this year will be too,it seems that this century is for female,the era of males is gone..we are becoming slaves of females..

slaveboy92Jan 01 2012 4:39am
Oh really is that why a women was never presedent ever and this country is a republic slavery is not happening at all.

AnonymousJan 04 2012 1:07pm
submissive yes,slave ? who knows. She enjoys my giving her a foot massage and a parting foot kiss but not a toe suck. She wants my lips moving up her theigs, around her shanks and over her cheeks before she guides my face between her legs.

anonymous office boyJan 25 2012 2:49pm
I've found myself knealing at the feet of two women begging them to take me as their personal lover and companion and it just happens naturally. One moment your on your feet and the next you find your self knealinag and begging her to beggeing her to be what you desire.

tom_jay10Jan 26 2012 4:56am
As women exercise more power and authority, it is natural that men will become more deferential to them in private and in public. This is already happening to some extent. I don't know if it would ever come to the point where all men would be expected to kneel before all women, but certainly men will have to pay appropriate respect and homage to women in general and certain women in particular. This might mean, for instance, that in public a man would lower his eyes in the presence of a woman or women, speak only when spoken to, and address any woman, even many years younger than him, as "ma'am" or "mistress". To a woman with direct authority over him, such as his boss or wife, a man might be expected to go further by kneeling in her presence, kissing her feet and so on. And this type of open homage might especially be demanded at public ceremonies such as weddings. Imagine if a groom, when instructed he "may now kiss the bride," fell to his knees and kissed his bride's feet: it would show the world that he psys appropriate homage to his wife and accepts her authority over him.

PrognosticatorJan 28 2012 10:02am
very true....

slaveboy92Feb 02 2012 11:18pm
this generation is of females,i have to kneel before my gf,before asking to anything..i kiss her feet too....

slaveboy92Feb 02 2012 11:19pm
This appears to be a dead thread... anyone reading still?

m2sub4u@yahoo.comFeb 11 2012 11:46am
This thread is exciting for a large number of submissive males but as to the value other than mass submissive masturbation to the world in terms of improvement this thread has questionable significance even though my good friend OH will beg to demur !!

Ash-9Mar 11 2012 1:20pm
It is great to be at the feet of a girl and kiss her feet in public!

NewComerMar 14 2012 3:29am
NewComer & would you Come in great gushes if she strips you &whips you in Public ?? Is that the New Coming ??!

Ash-x9Mar 24 2012 1:38pm
Well I agree with anonymous men like me will end up more or less foot kissers better practice my knees.

jackthesubMay 09 2012 9:05pm
Even tho I cant wait finally I can be in public kissing feet without looking like a public spectical

jackthesubMay 09 2012 9:07pm
Even tho I cant wait finally I can be in public kissing feet without looking like a public spectical

jackthesubMay 09 2012 9:07pm
there be a time, there also be a time when we'll be forced to kiss the arses of women

meMay 12 2012 5:04pm
its boung to happen, our superior female overladies will eventually dominate us, we're already ruled by a woman, women are alot more intelligent than men, there experts at manipulation and invisible mind-control, its not hard for them to control our little male minds

me2May 12 2012 5:08pm
I don't think this will happen because men are the ones who work and make money for the family so the females need the males alot.

AnonymousJun 10 2012 2:16pm
If this does happen then it will become worse. Woman will beet men with whips and canes. Causing men to revolt and men are the military and the scientists so guys will take over and everything will restart.

No wayJun 10 2012 2:19pm
This poll was creat at 2005 now we are at 2012 and your excprctation is so right today my wife makes me kiss her feet in publick place and she said we will do it more and more i can not refuse she is stronger smarter make more money than me and i work to her friend so i hate my life

UfffffffffAug 03 2012 8:58pm
Lol most of those comments were just normal men, cause lets face it who doesn't like to mot? Or want a bit of clunge?? Men are men and they will always be horny little f*ckers cause of their massive sex drives! Kneeling before a woman and having some sort of oral sexual intercourse is just what all men want hahahahaha they don't give a poo about women ruling! They just want sex! Simple!?? :D

An ordinary man?Aug 06 2012 3:57pm
Wtf!? Hahaha it changes sh*t to poo hahahahaha?????

An ordinary man?Aug 06 2012 3:59pm
Yes you are right things change but this what we do to our self

UfffffffffAug 07 2012 1:40pm
Respect that: Not all men are submissive. Many men are dominant. They are also very submissive women who desire she to kneel before her man. If you want a matriarchy, keep it to yourself at home in private.

MarSep 14 2012 2:29am
And most women do not want a submissive man. Most women want a proud and dignified man. Submissive behavior in a man looks ridiculous and embarrassing. m.

mSep 14 2012 3:11am
I will kneel before a woman if she doesn't trample me (metaphorically), leave me for another guy that doesn't treat her well, stands by my side, respects me. I can say that women might not rule the world because they don't take risks. Also, most men have either above average or below average IQ. Few men have an average IQ. The number of women with above average IQ is not that far from average or below average. In other words, while men are at the extremes women are more equally spread. These are the reasons why women don't control the world and why most inventors and pioneers are men. @m I wouldn't kneel before a woman if she didn't deserve it. @A FREE AGENT!!! You might have to kneel more than once. If you screw up and she wants to leave you kneel if she is worth it and you love her. @Leslie: Sweety, don't start to be horny when a guy will put you in your place. We will treat you well, open all doors for you, pull the chair for you in a restaurant and kneel before you more than once in your life AS LONG AS you treat us well, keep us on the right track, don't consider your relatives more important than your marriage or relationship, make us feel strong, stay in shape and encourage us to become stronger so we can protect @Mar: Yes, there are women that consider kneeling before their man a way to show them their love (most of the women that kneel before their man will give him oral sex). Well I think that a man that has a woman that enjoys to kneel before him not just to give them oral sex and/or (even better) a deept***at, to let themselves be mounted when they lay down on their backs or stomachs and being f***ed in that posiion even anally no matter now matter how she feels, to take anything that her husband gives her and to put his satisfaction above anything else, if you have a a woman that does at least some of these things for you, the best (and also one of the best ways to show your power over her) is to be generous, not necessarily material or financially, but in the bed and in the relationship. That man should f**k the woman until he gives her the best orgasm that he can, he sould caress her and be gentle and give her as much pleasure as he can. He sould open the doors for her and pull a chair out for her in a restaurant since she will kneel down before him, be submissive and do whatever he likes. @thewayitshouldbe You are a bdsm fan and a fetishist!

SackdNov 25 2012 3:59pm
Men should grovel by women's feet

AnonymousNov 29 2012 6:48pm
This can't happen soon enough I for one will now down before women in public and kiss their feet they are obviously the superior sex girls are queens boys are slaves I will worship the ground girls walk on like a peasant

AnonymousDec 13 2012 8:01am
Well seriously guys you are weird why you want to be so submissive to us my bf ask me if he can kiss worship my feet? And I'm ok with that but after i read this i think I'm going to make him kneel before me and kiss my feet in public P.s this is the best thing that could ever happened for girls

TimaJan 04 2013 6:42am
Thankfully the trend is against this degeneracy. Generally the female may be more intelligent, due to a more focused attitude, but at the top, at the very top, the male out-performs the female in terms of academia. All in all, it's therefore a pretty level playing field.

RobboJan 27 2013 3:05pm

TRUTHFeb 03 2013 3:15am
It is becoming clearer and clearer that women are superior to men soon men will have to get on their knees and kiss women's feet in public

AnonymousMar 07 2013 9:08am

dykeMar 19 2013 5:33pm
You're all sick. Have some self respect.

AnonymousApr 14 2013 4:44pm
this site's a joke right?

AnonymousMay 24 2013 11:48pm
This stuff is ridiculous, seriously. Everyone should treated as equal, not all this superiority crap.

JrJohnJun 13 2013 4:26am
wow...this has been going on for what 10 f*ckN YEARS?!

UnknownJun 16 2013 9:26pm
a mans place is at his woman's nylon feet always, kissing them

???Jul 05 2013 3:46am
Wome are definitely the superior dominant gender.A man should always learn to obey his mistress.

???Jul 05 2013 3:47am
the reverse pattern is oftenly can be seen in Srilanka and south asian teritory. where women everyday worship their husbonds . isn't it very wonderful that the culture differs two places in a sole earth

rahulaJul 18 2013 9:34pm
I would bow for a hot chick but only becoues im l Like girl being donamnt in bed

Convict from down underAug 04 2013 10:58pm
When the matriarchy finally comes it will be the end of man, as a gender and a species.

ThatoneguyAug 22 2013 5:53pm
I would kilss a womens ass when and how she disires

AnonymousSep 11 2013 11:05am
this will happen soon in future matriarchal government and the male slaves should sirve us and live obediant tu the females.

Divya, IndiaSep 20 2013 12:47am
yes. The males will lick our feet. there is no rights and money handling rights for the males.They will be our sex toys and sperm feeders to us.

Durga raniSep 20 2013 12:50am
Never. Just like man knelt before women when it was a patriarchy and women were objects and oppressed and men were the dominant providers, it will now fall to the women to beg for a man's hand. She'll also has to prove to him and his parents that she earns enough to provide for him and shower him with gifts and attention. There will be a massive role reversal and men will love it. Women, not so much, but well, they have to adapt to the new times, or they will end up with a nagging husband that will make her life a living hell, or will never find someone who wants to marry her and will die alone as a pathetic old virgin.

The FutureSep 23 2013 5:50pm
Public i dont think so in privet they already do it.

Saso Oct 15 2013 7:09pm
Never...i kneel before no one.I'm my own God.

HI TECH DEATHOct 17 2013 4:16pm
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ihpyDaLeJrKsxIUiOWmOct 25 2013 4:08pm
My wife always makes me massage her feet even in front of other people but the weird thing now she brings her friend and told me to give her also a foot massage is not this a every weird thing shouldn't my wife be jealous from this!!!

Muhara Oct 25 2013 5:02pm
Thank you Big Brenda for your post above in which you say--"In private though between males and females who know each other males should at the very least kiss my arse if not tongue my anus."--For me I can think of no greater privilege than to be allowed to both kiss your arse, and tongue your anus, after you have defecated, and thereby realise you from having to use toilet paper.--Yourstouse.

faceunder1Nov 01 2013 10:52am
I, humbly,bow down at the supreme feet of Ma'am Brenda and Ma'am Amanda for indicating men's proper place i.e. under the DAINTY FEET of their SUPERIOR LADY...! I also salute most humbly to Ma'am Divya , as well as Ma'am Durga Rani for showing the their strength to make men kneel down to kiss GODDESS FEET...!! Men always think and talk about heaven but men could never understand that their heaven is hidden under the LOTUS FEET of women those who rule them and their lives...!!!

Nishabd Aatur--the most humble...Nov 20 2013 9:27pm
Amusing really, how some of these women believe this is the answer to the future. A selfish attempt at revenge that will make them no more rightous than anyone else. To the men, pathetic for throwing away life. To those who believe of solving problems, go dream. Problems always surface from other problems. Its a hopeless cycle. There will always be suffering, no matter what gender you are. If you women oh so desire respect, and you men wish to fuffill childish sexual pleasures, go and do so. All of it will become pointless one day, and you too will become pointless. Realize that all you are is human, as am I, a simple concotion conceived by cell division, fated to die. Post your beliefs, they mean nothing. Cry for attention, but be a faint whisper in the crowd of a million screams. You deserve nothing. You are nothing. Life was your supposed gift, and you took it for granted. Matriarchy, patriarchy, democracy, dictatorship, meaningless concepts made by meaningless beings. You may comment on my statements and attempt to harass with your words, but I wont bother to care. You could even choose to stop reading now, be my guest. This is in no way a threat, an individual hatred, nor is this a fact at all. Its a simple reminder that you are a human. Because you are human, you will think for yourself. Because you are human, you will take action. Because you are human, you will burn.

A Simple HumanNov 29 2013 1:00am
I would kneel before carrie underwood

AnonymousDec 07 2013 5:06am
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oRedaEaGMjdVOUuuoiUFeb 28 2014 7:00am
I believe that men should be called men. Boys should be called boys, I myself am submissive but a boy licking a woman's ass sounds like pedophilia. We don't want that. Males should submit to females starting at certain ages and for females of certain ages. I hope it happens in my life time.

HarrisonMar 04 2014 10:16pm
I posted above, I meant to type Garrison. I personally believe that the only way for this to happen is to have females in power. In the United states we would need a female president to start, and a primarily female congress. Then after that happens women need to try and change things from there. I can't wait to be on one knee ready to kiss females feet, anus, and vagina.

GarrisonMar 05 2014 12:05pm

1Mar 15 2014 8:05am

-1'Mar 15 2014 8:06am
This poll is so sexist

AnonymousMar 15 2014 12:47pm
I want to worship a womens feet. Any lady who wants there feet worshipped reply to this comment and we can get in touch.

Marley Mar 17 2014 10:24am
Why would anyone want to worship smelly Feet?

AnonymousMar 17 2014 10:25am
YUr5Pw Thanks for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

RacQhYomwwApr 01 2014 7:17am
I don't know about public but every now and then, my wife asks me to undress and lie down and she uses my face as a footrest. Its hard for me but its my way of paying her respect.

WilliamApr 12 2014 10:04am
y4tjxZ I really enjoy the blog. Really Cool.

JtBNbgIsmeiZpGLsaGTApr 17 2014 4:10pm
Ahhh. What more pure than your ridicoulous self-demeaning fanatasies than a strongly required fine visit to a cycologist or perhaps an assylum. Marvelous analysis by "A simple human" of how this bemusing community has no place in the world.

Self respectApr 18 2014 10:36pm
This is disgusting god made men and women equal.

A child of god Apr 25 2014 12:42pm
This could work over time. Girls outperform boys at every stage of education, they mature earlier and it has been proven that they live longer than us. Not to mention that boys are suffering a crisis of masculinity. Things are slowly changing think about how far women have come and they're only going to continue to come further and further. Soon women will take charge and it will be a welcome change for society as a whole; I can only hope that I'm fortunate enough for it to happen in my lifetime. (Male)

AnonymousMay 10 2014 4:34am
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wMxwgFPpMoushcEJun 04 2014 11:37am
This is terrible! I'm a woman and think all people should be treated equally, in fact I think men should rule us! They fought the wars, they make the most money and finally, they are just overall the better sex!

Anonymous Jun 11 2014 3:32pm
James bow to policewoman at wrestling or judo and submit the bitch

JamesJun 14 2014 2:30pm
James bow w.p.c or amazon wrestlng i will beat any policewoman or mistress at wrestling craire crank Vs master

MasterJun 14 2014 2:36pm
Stoke policelady submit to james come wrestle with me

JamesJun 14 2014 2:39pm
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mWfCzwqCYwbVJjMNJul 18 2014 3:34pm
What famous woman would you all like to be a slave to and why?

AnonymousJul 24 2014 9:38am
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eZAJhdxzmsjbeHaTAug 05 2014 6:06am
I like the idea of men kneeling when they meet a woman. As women take control, men's subordinate should be reinforced by requirements for dress and open gestures of submission.

sarahAug 29 2014 1:55am
I kneel to my younger girlfriend for half an hour when she comes around and kiss her feet while she tells me about her day. When she's not here I kneel for half an hour facing where she lives looking at a picture of her and kissing a pair of her shoes she leaves for me. I have kissed her feet in public many times before too

DfAug 31 2014 7:08pm
I will gladly kneel before any woman. They are superior to me and I acknowledge it. I will kiss their ass or anything else they want me to do. A woman's wish is my command. Women are superior and other men who deny it should be excecuted. One day the rest if my gender will bow before women.

AnonymousNov 13 2014 8:34pm
It'll be the end of us all

worthlessDec 09 2014 8:06pm
If the women are so great let her buy her own damn ring!!

AnonymousDec 12 2014 11:31pm
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JlJbSzihXDec 17 2014 9:03am
When does everyone expect women can take over realistically?

AnonymousDec 20 2014 4:57pm
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WwDwCCxJNGYphAyIRDec 21 2014 8:33am
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iZiGfhGktLibDDec 21 2014 12:40pm
The world will end before women will come to power Clearly men are superior to women. Physiologically and intellectually. Any argument to the the contrary is unintelligible. I'm not saying that women don't contribute to society. Women offer men pleasure. Women carry our children. Women's greatest purpose is to give support to a man so that he may better carry out his work. In this way, women contribute to society immeasurably. This might be difficult for some of you to understand, however this is simply evolution. Men have created a system that stresses these concepts, and have done so with logical reasoning. This is merely the system by which humanity will best achieve greatness. We have recognized this since the beginning of time. Your feelings are of little significance. Open your eyes and consider how humanity as a whole operates. There are things of greater import to humanity. How will we ensure the survival of our race? How will we become a player on the intergalactic stage? Are we too late? These are questions that for the most part, only men possess the intellectual capacity to consider. If and until women develop said intellectual capability, you will serve in whatever capacity we deem is best fit for the continuance of humanity. For the time being you will serve in the purpose you have been evolutionarily designed for; you will bear our children and provide comfort while we seek the answers to these questions.

AnonymousDec 23 2014 11:27am
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uIAUwhMWnyxEUfOBOApr 07 2015 11:30am
I'm trying to find The woman that will allow me the honor of submitting to her will.

LightApr 13 2015 2:48pm
Men and boys should kneel before women and girls regardless of whether the males are adults or children and whether the females are adults or children. I myself must kneel before my wife and daughters and my sister has her husband and sons kneel before her. I don't know when this will become law but I know that it's a rule in many households and schools.

slave to my daughtersApr 18 2015 1:11pm
slave to my daughters - interesting, I didn't realise it happened in schools as well. I'm a teacher but it doesn't occur in our school (at least not yet anyway). How would this take place in schools exactly? Are the male teachers expected to kneel before the girls? If they are, does this depend on the age of the girls?

RogerApr 20 2015 3:59am
Any male must kneel before any female. So this includes male teachers kneeling before girls. It doesn't make any difference how old the girls are. If they're female then they're superior so you must kneel before them. My daughters are 13, 11, 9 and 6. I have to kneel before them every day.

slave to my daughtersApr 27 2015 9:25am
wen my wife clicks her fingers I get on my knees and kiss her feet in front of her work mates thay all know when she says jump I say how high

wimp hubbyMay 01 2015 2:44am
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qmsIfDavQloDxNMfqdMay 05 2015 9:42am
when the day comes men will knell respectively to women they don't know but kiss the feet of their female friends and relatives and to kiss and lick the vagina/ass of the women who owns him (wife/gf) also men who don't submit to female rule will be seen as defective and killed plus you inferior animals known as men should have no greater desire then to serve us my husband does that for me and my 18 year old daughter has already made her boyfriend her obedient foot kissing slave

mankinds new mistressMay 23 2015 10:00am
Lol. Could you demonstrate your bedrock assumption that 'women are vastly superior'? (And when I say demonstrate I'm talking about obective evidence, not shady rhetorics and I-know-a-guy-who-stories.) That seems quite necessary and until you have done so, why should anyone take your claim more seriously than the following: 'Men are vastly superior to women, and therefore every woman should spend an hour a day kissing male feet'? I'm sure you disagree with this statement (and so do I), but the point about this is that strongly asserting things is very easy and everybody can do it, while actually demonstrating that an assertion is correct actually requires a connection to reality, which some people appear to lack.

ResearchReaderMay 27 2015 3:24am
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laLoQBzAMLfnvvJul 01 2015 11:14am
Yall are a bunch of sickos

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I'm sorry if it doesn't please you mistress

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Mistress, I will be back in 20-30 minutes.

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Mistress, are you their?

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