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Can a women over 50 being more muscular than a young men?

Question: The question,is can a women over 50 being more muscular than a younger men?
Created by: raderack at 11:08:35 AM, Saturday, August 13, 2005 PDT


Yes, absolutely, and how sexy that would be.

DennisAug 16 2005 7:06am

but that is still preety rare isnt unfurtunally, 0,1% of women over 50 have some decent muscle

kentAug 20 2005 9:22pm
I saw a woman of about 50 at an ice cream place with her "girl jock" daughter this summer. The mother had big vascular forearms and a fat biceps that bounced and danced as she ate her ice cream cone. Her t-shirt was stretched tightly over small, but firm looking breasts and a flat stomach. The teenaged boys at the place were soft and weak by comparison. She wasn't more than 5'4" tall but she would put to shame most guys in her height/weight class.

AnonymousAug 21 2005 10:04am
Betty Pariso is incredible.

DennisAug 23 2005 6:58am
My wife is 54 and has been a gym rat most of her life after being a swimmer in her youth. At the gym we are going to she is one of the strongest and most muscular. There are a few bigger men with big biceps but when it comes to thighs and calves none of the younger men have bigger muscles. I am muscular but in a leaner way than my wife. She can outlift me in all ways but it's not strange at all since I have been going to the gym for a few years only. I think people nowadays shouldn't be surprised about women becoming muscular. It is no more considered ugly with muscles on a woman and women are working as hard as men. Many researches show that that the female muscle pound for pound both is stronger and has more endurance than the male. If a man and woman of similar bodytypes work out the same way, you can't be sure that the man will be stronger.

Strong but not the strongestAug 26 2005 4:13am
she have some real muscle?(not the small ones) for me women over 40,have problems in getting muscle mass,true or legend?

kenSep 05 2005 11:17pm
I've seen pictures of dozens of women over 40 who have noticible muscle mass. I'll bet the reason we don't see more is not because of physiology, but because most women that age don't have alot of time or desire to work out

AnonymousSep 08 2005 10:50am
I work in the accounts department at a rather big company. I work out several times a week at the company gym. I am 54 years old and have been working out for many years, the last 5-6 years to build strength more than endurance. In the gym you generally see more women than men. I work out together with 3 good friends, we are all around 50. I can assure you that we are stronger than many of the younger men. The head of my department, a man in his early 30's got a shock when he realized that he used half the weights that I use but he was a good sport about it and congratulated me for being so strong. Some other young men have been very embarrassed seeing that us "old" ladies can outlift them. When it comes to leg strength I would say that only a few of the younger men can match our strength. I am 5'9 and 161 pounds. My best benchpress for 3 reps is 160 pounds. I can probably lift more but can't see the point. I hope to be able to do 10 reps with my own bodyweight. That is rather good for an "old" lady.

SarahOct 16 2005 10:37pm
sarah,you is all ripped? muscles all around?

kentOct 17 2005 5:59pm
My wife is 48 and has bigger muscles than our son. She is still able to beat him and me at armwrestling. She has exercised as long as I can remember and still works with weights. I golf and walk and she swims and weight lifts.

VernOct 29 2005 10:09pm
Vern tell us more!

AnonymousNov 07 2005 7:43am
I am so glad I found this site! Can older women be more muscular than men? You bet!!! I work at a specialty fabricating company in Glendale, CA. We are a fully equipped machine shop with 26 employees. We have a lady that is now 56 years old. For the last fifteen years, she has run the drill press, boring out 3-7" holes in 3/8" steel sheeting. First she must pick up the 4'x4' square sheets and maneuver it thru the drill press. She spends 8 hours a day pulling down on the handle, as hard as she can. She switches hands about every ten pulls. After all these years, she is easily the most muscular person in the building! During Summer, she comes in wearing short sleeve T shirts, or a tank top. All the guys are shocked when they first see her arms. She has 17" biceps, and tons of huge veins all over her arms. On dozens of occasions, she has arm wrestled guys half her age, and she has never lost! Not Once. She loves having big muscles, and will flex any time someone asks. I just have to be careful not to ask too often, I'd hate for her to think I am obsessed with her arms (I am!). About once a month I get her to flex one, or both arms, and she is very willing. She is proof that women that work out can be a lot more muscular than men...

Michael GaryNov 09 2005 9:41pm
Michael, is this lady married? you need to find out what kind of relationship she has with her husband/boy friend and how he feels about her muscles. If I were in your shoes, I couldn't help but tell her how much her muscles turn me on.

RobNov 28 2005 1:32pm
Rob, She is divorced for many years. She is pretty sure every guy around here is secretly hot for her, and her muscles. Way too many guys ask her to flex and armwrestle for her not to know how much guys like this look! The day she armwrestled me, it was over in two seconds, and she smiled the whole time. She did not show any signs of straining like I did... She did say she gets asked to flex and arm wrestle everywhere she goes. She is so much older than me, it would be tough to tell her how I feel about her. She might not like a guy 20 yrs younger than her getting too forward at work. It's a tough call, I don't know what I can do..

Michael GaryDec 13 2005 12:11am
Thanks Michael, I understand the workplace situation, but I think she already knows you like the muscles.

RobDec 13 2005 8:30am
Michael, I certainly cannot imagine any older woman not appreciating the interest of a guy 20 years younger for ANY reason. I say, let her know and see what happens.

WowserJan 06 2006 9:08pm
My mother-in-law is 63 and she is very strong. She has been a health nut all her life, she runs, do aerobics, aikido and work out with heavy weights at home. She is more than twice as strong as her 70 year old husband (nothing strange with that) but she is quite a lot bigger and stronger than me, a 39 year old man. I haven't tested the strength of my wife but she is built very much like her mother. I think it is rather cool with a woman more than 60 with big muscles (you should see her calves!)

LeninApr 01 2006 4:59am
Yeah, Lenin, that sounds pretty cool. When I was a bodybuilder a few years back I entered a small outdoor contest located in the pool area of a large retirement condo-plex in Florida. I'd never seen so many fit, i/c majorly muscular, older women in my life. A lot of them were bodybuilders, some over 70, and they enjoyed parading around the pool in really teeny bikinis, showing off their big muscles. I checked out their workout facility and it was like a mini-Gold's gym, with several muscle grannies pumping some serious iron. I'd guess about 6 or 7 of these gals sported so much muscle they rivalled men in their weight class. One of them, who must have been in her seventies, insisted I oil her up w/posing oil before she competed. It was quite an experience.

beachmanApr 01 2006 8:27am
My wife is 52 and has me by three inches in her calves, five inches in her thighs, and over an inch in biceps. She is physically stronger than me and has beat a few young men at armwrestling. We have worked out for many years and she has been able to continue to build hard muscle while I have actually lost some. Younger guys always ask her "how much can you leg press?" when she wears shorts.

AnonymousApr 01 2006 9:04am
Great pics. Peggy Hilbert is almost 60, I think. On of the first posts mentioned Betty Pariso. A guy I know was a contestant at a contest where she was the guest poser. He said that she was bigger and more muscular than all of the male bodybuilders except the heavyweights. He also said that a couple of the male bb's jokingly challenged Betty to armwrestle when they were all backstage in the pumproom. She surprised them by accepting and put 'em both down with no trouble with the other bb's looking on. They were pretty embarrassed, especially when one of the female bb's told them Betty had kids about their age!

beachmanApr 02 2006 5:38pm
Women being stronger than men is evil.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 11:09pm
Proverbs 31:17 She girds her loins with strength, And makes her arms strong. ... DON'T BLAME SATAN.

AnonymousApr 04 2006 8:29pm
I am making an open invitation to strong wives/girlfriends to tell their stories and for the husbands/boyfriends to respond. I am researching for a possible feature documentary on the way women are becoming physically stronger and fitter and being more the dominant partner. I need couples or singles to be honest and open about their relationships and possibly appear on film recounting their stories. Would be nice to hear from any interested parties. I and the film company are based in the UK but will look to source any stories or experiences in Europe, USA or elsewhere. My email address is - look forward to hearing from anyone with an interesting story. Thank you for your attention.

Daniel uk (21/04/06)Apr 22 2006 12:13am
I'm a 39yr old male bodybuilder(non-competitive) and I can tell you from personal experience that nowadays even women in their mid 70's and older are building heavy muscles that rival many men, even bodybuilders. A couple of months ago I entered the coed steamroom at my health club to relax after a good workout. I was in my speedo and expecting to show off a bit to the ladies like I usually do, but the steamroom was empty. Then, in walks a MASSIVELY muscled white haired old lady in a truly tiny bikini, her boobs trying to escape from her too small top. I couldn't believe my eyes. She must have been twice my age, but what a physique! Muscles, muscles everywhere! Huge, slanted triceps. Biceps bigger than mine! But also very curvy and feminine and, I have to admit, sexy. She came right up to where I was standing and complimented me on MY physique, adding, "I like your suit!" She told me her name, Claire, and explained she had broken her leg ten years ago, started lifting weights as part of her therapy, and fell in love with it. She had never played sports in her life but enjoyed pumping iron so much she decided to become a competitive bodybuilder and now, at age 76 was entering several contests a year. Claire could tell I was affected by her raw physicality and even a little intimidated(because she was actually bigger and more muscular than I was) and told me to check out her muscles. As I felt and squeezed her shoulders and biceps our sweat slick legs and torsos brushed together, which she seem to enjoy. Before too long we were flirting and then sat down to exchange massages. When I sat behind her on the steamroom benches with my legs pressed against her thighs and kneading her back with my hands, I could barely make an indention w/my fingers, her muscles were so hard. She told me her next goal was to compete against men in bodybuilding. When I chuckled she got "fake" mad, saying, "NO! I mean it! I'm already bigger than you! I want to go out on stage and beat the macho-men at their own game!" The thought of this sweet old lady with her monster muscles out on stage in a scandalously teeny bikini, posing down against a young male bodybuilder half her age or less...was mind boggling. But she was already brawnier than a number of competitive male bb's I knew. She told me she was currently at 190 but was going to beef up to at least 210 pounds. Well, to make a long story short, we ended up in the pool and she insisted on demonstrating the strength of her heavily muscled legs by tightly wrapping them around my waist and squeezing. In less than a minute I was out of breath, slapping her thigh in submission and gasping, "Stop! I give! I can't breathe!" She immediately relaxed her scissors, but we remained "coupled" for awhile, doing a kind of lambada and nuzzling and kissing. I'm sure the other people in the pool had a good laugh our expense, but I must say we both enjoyed ourselves. Anyhow, I'll be seeing Claire on-stage at a bodybuilding contest pretty soon. I can't wait to see her in a pose-down against a male!

hakluytMay 15 2006 5:05pm
I was on a boat trip recently, with my boyfriend. Now he's an athletic guy, but merely a runner. I am the gym nut: I work out almost daily and do a lot of lifting. And yes, I am stronger than my boyfriend, I can beat him at any strength related contest. Frankly, I am not only stronger than him, but I think I am stronger than most men. So we were sitting on the boat, at a table for four (the smallest), and an older woman asked to sit next to me. No problem. I was talking with my guy about the lack of workout possibilities on the boat (it was just for a couple of days, but hey I work out almost daily!). The woman told us she had the same problem. Yeah right. But I stayed polite, more or less, and asked her if she worked out. Oh yes she did, she told us. And she suggested Why don't we armwrestle and see if we can have our workout that way? I told her she could try my guy, but that I, the gym rat, still wouldn't have any test. She just laughed and took my guy's hand. "Any time" she said. She just waited politely and still laughed. I chatted a little with her - and then I heard my guy grunting and saw him pushing..! He just couldn't make any progress! She pushed his arm down and asked "Maybe you can give me any workout?" Now I'm not impressed with my boyfriend losing at armwrestling, but this was pretty convincing... So I changed position and took up the challange. And seriously. She was still easy going, and chatting now with my boyfriend. And I was pushing! And pushing... I gave it everything - but nothing happened to her arm... After a minute or so of the most serious armwrestling I've ever had, she gently pushed my arm down, all the time looking into my boyfriend's eyes. Now I not only was impressed (I was), but also angered. That older musclewoman wasn't to take me down at armwrestling, and certainly not to flirt with my boyfriend! "Hey you old woman, leavy my boyfriend alone! And loosen my hand. Please.." (her grip was really hurting). "Hmm, you can't stand losing to an older woman huh. Well, young lady, face the fact: here you are, the two of you, a healthy young couple - and easily losing to a woman of your combined ages!" That couldn't be true, she can't be, what, almost sixty..! "You're, you're, you're not over fifty..?" "Oh yes I am: nearly sixty!" God. "Twice as old, and twice as strong, I bet." I sat, completely in awe. Maybe she really was twice as strong...

GymdaisyMay 16 2006 7:46am

AnonymousJun 07 2006 6:55pm
Can a women over 50 being more muscular than a young man? Yes they can. Here's just one of several reasons. WOMEN live longer than men. A group of researchers at John Moores University, in Liverpool, England, has just come up with a medically useful answer. It is that while 70-year-old men have the hearts of 70-year-olds, those of their female peers resemble the hearts of 20-year-olds. David Goldspink, who revels in the title of Professor of Cell and Molecular Sports Science at John Moores, and his colleagues looked at 250 volunteers aged between 18 and 80 over the course of two years. All the volunteers were healthy but physically inactive. The team's principal finding was that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25% between the ages of 18 and 70, while that of the female heart remains undiminished. Each volunteer's heart function was measured before exercise and at peak exertion on a treadmill. In particular, the researchers measured blood flow and blood pressure. Their subjects were also given an ultrasonic scan to measure the size of the chambers of their hearts, the thickness of the heart's muscular wall, and its filling and emptying actions. The researchers found that between the ages of 20 and 70, men lose one-third of the contractile muscle cells in the walls of their hearts. Over the same period, women lose hardly any contractile cells. There is a strong link between the number of these cells and the function of the heart. What remains a mystery is why men lose these cells and women do not. A previous theory of why women outlive men suggested that the female sex hormone, oestrogen, could have a protective effect on the heart. But Dr Goldspink dismisses this idea, saying that there is no discernible drop-off in female heart function after menopause, when oestrogen levels decrease dramatically. However, oestrogen does have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. The study found that blood flow to the muscles and skin of the limbs decreases with age in both sexes. The changes in the structure of the blood vessels occur earlier in men, but women catch up soon after menopause. Surveys show that women out number men in gyms now and that women are weight training in higher numbers. There are women now at 50 who are bulding muscle better than when they were young. The reason is that they have lower estrogen levels and the heart of a teenager pumping blood into the muscles as they workout. Most of the women bodybuilders over 40 years have bigger muscles.

AnonymousJul 01 2006 9:39am
the other night at this bar, i was talking to two cute twenty-somethings, when i noticed this lady to my left. she was in town from somewhere in pennsylvania. as the conversation cont. she was talking about being a nurse and her duties. she said she had to carry patients weighing over 200lb's. very impessed i said she must be rathher strong. later on after a couple more the topic of strenght came up. since i was standing up, she noticed i was rather slim, and she weighs much more than i. she took off her sweater and showed the impressive biceps. i flexed my arm next to hers, and her arm was much bigger. a bit chunky underneath but a hard solid muscle. she changelled me armwrestle, and said 'are you afraid of a 52 yr. old woman. we locked hands and she teasingly only went 1/2 strength and told me 'i can not believe how weak you r' and slammed my arm down. man was she hot

more 50 plus muscleAug 18 2006 3:41pm
My wife and I are both 50 now. We have worked out to stay in shape through the years as much as possible. During the last ten years she has developed much bigger muscles than the years earlier. At the same time I have lost muscle size and strength to the point that now she is physically stronger and more muscular than me. There are many young men that do not have as much muscle as she does. She's actually a little bigger in muscle than I have ever been.

AnonymousAug 20 2006 2:06am
I am a 34 year old man, working for a big company as an executive (in charge of a department). We have a big and nice company gym where I work out 2 times a week. I used to work out with my male friends in the company just after work but needed to change my workouts to Sundays and late Wednesday nights. I was surprised to see that almost all the people that worked out this days were women. The first Sunday I was there I saw two of the ladies in my team working out, they are both in their 50s. They waved at me and looked me up closely as you perhaps do when you see somebody you know for the first time with very little clothes on. I am 176 cm and only 65 kgs, slim and in good shape but with a body that just can't pack any muscle. I checked these ladies out as well. I could see that they were very fit, not only for their age but strong looking. I could also see that both of them outlifted me on every single machine. For instance the bench press machine. I use 35 kgs 3 times 12 reps. They used 60 and 70. They also did 3 reps with 80 kgs, a weight I can't move at all. I looked more close at their bodies. They had bigger muscles than me both in their upper and lower bodies. The difference in strenght was even bigger when it came to legs. They of course noticed that they were stronger than their boss. I complemented them for being so fit and strong and we actually got on very well. They now sometimes tease me at the office, asking me if I need any help to lift heavy stuff etc. It doesn't bother me at all since I know that this 52 and 54 year olds are stronger than most men at our company, even the younger ones. I have armwrestled both of them at a office party and lost big time (and so did several other guys). These ladies both have athletic backgrounds and have continued to work out all their lives.

not so BIG BOSSNov 08 2006 3:12am
November 27, 2006

AnonymousNov 27 2006 11:08am
My mother-in-law is 53 (I am 33) and she is 50 lbs heavier and a lot stronger than me. My wife to be is strong as well but not as her mother. The first time I armwrestled my mother-in-law I was totally shocked since she could slam my both my left and right arm to the table. We have also played mercy and I am quickly down on my knees in front of her. My gf could be stronger than me but she doesn't want to go 100% when we armwrestle, I think she wants me to be the stronger one in our relationship or she is afraid to embarras me. Many men and women over 50 are very strong and fit.

KevJan 06 2007 11:38am
My wife is now 50 and has worked out for may years. In the last 5 years or so she's put on more muscle than ever before. She actually has bigger muscles than I do now and I can say that she out muscles many young men and is physically stronger too. Not that she goes around proving it, it just seems obvious though.

AnonymousJan 07 2007 9:55am
I'm a physical trainer and I recently witnessed a demonstration of how some older women are becoming extremely muscular, to the point where they rival much younger male bodybuilders. A buddy of mine who is also a trainer at a different health club invited me there to watch a wrestling match: between a 25yr old man and a 67yr old woman! When I told him that sounded completely ridiculous he said I should wait till I saw the woman. She had been a club member for 15yrs and supposedly had started off just wanting to use "ladylike" weights for muscletone but had fallen in love with pumping iron, lifting heavier and heavier weights, until she decided to become a heavyweight bodybuilder. She had competed in several contests but quit because she thought the judges were prejudiced against her because of her age. Anyhow, my friend said she and a newly hired male trainer, a macho young competitive bodybuilder, had "had words" after he made fun of female bodybuilders in general, saying they didn't belong on-stage with the men. Velma(the older musclelady)had challenged him to a submissions only wrestling match in front of the entire club membership. He had accepted and promised to show her "who's boss." Over a hundred spectators showed up to watch this gender bending competition a few days later in the main aerobics room of the club, where some wrestling mats had been unrolled for the "ring." The guy came out first. A typical bodybuilder type, dripping machismo and arrogance, he was wearing a very revealing purple posing bikini (which the women in the audience vocally appreciated, some giving loud wolf whistles). He paraded around the mat flexing his muscles and showing off for the ladies with a big sneer on his face. Then Velma appeared, wearing a short cotton robe. She was pretty(in a grandmotherly sort of way)though definitely older looking, with silver hair done up in a short stylish "do." I didn't see how she had a chance against Brad(the guy). She was only about 5'5" vs Brad's 5'10". But then she slowly disrobed and everybody in the room, even Brad, gasped out loud. Velma was MASSIVELY muscled! Thick, powerful neck; huge, broad shoulders; cannon ball delts; thhick, barrel chest and torso; and freaky looking legs that looked like gnarled oak trees. And she wasn't modest about her physique at all: she was topless(she'd obviously had a very skillful boob job)and wearing only a teeny white bikini that showed off her darkly tanned skin and truly monster thighs. She flexed up a pair of mountainous biceps that were actually bigger than Brad's. Weightwise she was also heavier, probably in the mid 190's, while Brad was about 10 pounds lighter. What impressed me as much as her heavyweight physique was her attitude: completely confident, wearing a big smile; she stepped onto the mat as an equal to the c*cky male as they stared each other down, inches apart, flexing their huge muscles. I had to admit that, standing face to face, Velma's physique was even more muscular and ripped than the musclestud's. But I still figured he would easily take her in the match; my friend said he had wrestled in college. And, when the match began, it looked like Velma was totally outclassed. Brad kicked her legs out from under her, clamped on a savage arm bar, and threatened to break her arm if she didn't submit. But I (and he)had underestimated this elderly musclelady. Velma refused to submit and using her tree-trunk legs, gradually muscled her way to her feet. Soon she had broken Brad's hold and the two wrestlers fell to the mat fighting furiously. The crowd was cheering noisily by now. No one had thought Velma had a chance, but she was wrestling equally with the male, both gladiators grunting as their sweat-slick bodies grappled on the mat. Brad tried his best holds on the powerful grandmother, but she broke them all, and after about 15 minutes, when Brad was visibly tiring, she caught him in a neck-scissors, jammming his head up against the front of her bikini and trapping one of his arms, pouring on the pressure. Brad fought back wildly, kicking and twisting, trying to escape, and the two wrestlers struggled back and forth all over the mat, but Velma was too strong; he couldn't break her scissors. After that, Velma took complete charge of the match. Maneuvering Brad at will, she put him into a variety of punishing holds, giving him a wrestling lesson I'm sure he'll never forget and wearing him out completely. At one point she pulled him up by his hair and loaded him onto her brawny shoulders for an airplane spin which left him totally dazed and barely conscious. At another she had him tied up and stretched out on the mat in a ferocious bodyscissors, her huge crushing thighs wrapped around his torso like giant snakes, squeezing him unmercifully while her powerful arms pulled his head and neck back to the breaking point. Brad had had it! It was clear the massively muscled grandmother was demonstrating not only that she could outwrestle a much younger male opponent, but outmuscle and overpower him as well, establishing complete physical superiority. The audience was now totally on Velma's side and was yelling, "Finish him! Finish him!" as the match reached the 30 minute mark. Velma again grabbed a fistful of Brad's hair, pulling him into a brutal camel-clutch submission hold, his legs weakly kicking the mat as the big lady wrestler squatted over his back and pulled back savagely on his head and neck with her huge forearms. Brad was a wreck, battered and bruised, a trickle of blood dribbled down his chin from his mouth and he looked like he'd been run over by a Abrams tank. He looked terrified, with his eyes bulging and his face distorted by Velma's relentless pulling of his hair. He knew he was beaten and tried to surrender, but Velma wanted everyone to hear him clearly. "SAY IT AGAIN SONNY!! LOUDER!!" "OK,OK!! I submit! I SUBMIT!!" "PLEASE!! LET ME GO!!" "YOU'RE THE BOSS!!" "YOU'RE THE BOSS!!" Velma let Brad's semi-conscious body slip down her slippery muscled body to the mat and awed us with another eye-popping biceps shot before a couple of guys came out to load Brad onto a stretcher and take him to the hospital. Turns out he had three broken ribs. My buddy told me that he never returned to the health club and Velma has taken over his job as a trainer. She has made it her goal to recruit more older women into the club and train them to compete as bodybuilders. And wrestlers too, I'm guessing!

jerry smythJan 14 2007 1:22pm
Jerry's story is great but is it really true? I mean a 67 year old woman dominating a well trained young man? Not that I have difficulties to believe that a woman in her 50's can be very strong and stronger than younger men and women. I have several times witnessed women at the gym where I am working out lifting heavier than many men. I know 3-4 ladies between 50-60 that work out 4-5 times a week with free weights, and they are lifting to become strong, no body builders, just strong women. One of them is 54 years old (just like my mother) and have a great body (if you like women with wide shoulders, big breasts, wide hips, big muscular thighs yet very feminine). When she bench presses she starts with 60 kgs doing 3 sets with 15 reps, later on she is using 70 kgs, 3 sets with 10 reps and then at the end of her routine she is doing 80 kgs 3 sets with 8 reps. Of course many of the men can do the same and better but I would say that 50-60% of the men at my gym could never repeat what this woman can do. She says she is too old to test her max but she claims to have been lifting more than 100 kgs some years ago. She is perhaps 175 cms and I guess about 85 kgs. I am a man, 31 years old, I am 177 cm and weighing in at 70 kgs. I am happy to be able to lift about half the weights that this 54 year old woman can do, although I have never been able to lift 40 kgs more than one set of 8 reps. I have been working out for 5 years 3 times a week and I am of course aware that I have difficulties gaining muscle and that that there are many men that are stronger than me but I can still win over bigger guys than me at armwrestling. The other 50 something ladies I told you about above are also stronger than me, quite a bit. So, yes it is possible for women over 50 to bee more muscular and stronger than younger men.

SlyJan 15 2007 11:43pm
January 17, 2007

AnonymousJan 17 2007 1:51am
My neighbour is a woman of 54. Even if she is older than my mother I have more than once looked at her shapely, muscular legs that she always have covered in black nylon. I am 22. Some weeks ago this lady knocked on my door and asked me if I could help her fixing a lamp that was not possible for her to reach, even standing on a chair. Inside her kitchen we soon realized that it was impossible for me as well to reach the the lamp and change the bulb. I suggested that I could lift her up to be able to reach (yes I wanted to touch those great legs of her). She smiled and said that she was heavier than she looked but of course we could try. I succeded in lifting her 78 kgs (she is 172 cm) but only for a short time. She said she wanted a try to lift me and immidieatly hoisted me high up so I could have my knees on her shoulders. I was able to change the bulb this way.I was amazed at her strength but she just said that my weight (63 kgs and 180 cm)was nothing. She asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. We kept on talking about her strength and she told me she had always been big and strong and that she worked out 5 days a week at a gym. I challenged her to an armwrestling match and of course she won, I am not a very strong man. She then started to remove her clothes one by one and soon stood in front of me only in her shiny tights. She was muscular but in a feminine way. I did not know what to do but obviously she did. She lifted me up in a cradle lift and carried me to the bedroom where I got the best sex so far in my life. Since than we have armwrestled and wrestled several times and I always loose but feel like a winner since our matches always ends with lovely sex. YES, a woman over 50 can be more muscular than a young man.

SkinnyJan 31 2007 11:35am
Sly: I dunno if jerry's story about the wrestling grandmother is true, but the part about how amazingly muscled and self-confident she was sounds about right. I say this because I saw an older woman on a carribean cruise ship two years ago who could match muscles with many younger men, i/c bodybuilders. This lady was probably in her 60's and created a sensation the first day of the cruise when she showed up at the pool attired in a skimpy canary yellow bikini. She had a physique that was just shocking: big bulging muscles combined with feminine curves that really gave her the look of a "sexy beast." And she was not alone. She had a boyfriend (maybe a gigolo) who accompanied her everywhere who also looked like a bodybuilder, and who showed off his bod in a speedo. Thing was, the stud was much younger, maybe half the age of the musclelady. And although he also super-buffed, she matched him muscle for muscle. When they oiled each other up with suntan lotion at poolside just about every pair of eyes in that part of the ship was glued on them. I have to admit I wondered who would win if they wrestled each other; despite her age she looked like she could take him. They also caused a stir in the ship's fitness center, because they lifted free weights together while wearing only their bikinis. Both of them obviously liked to flaunt their "assets." I wished I'd found out more about this couple; I keep thinking I'll see them in a bodybuilding mag, but no luck so far. But it showed me there ARE much older women out there who are building huge muscles that can rival and even surpass many younger males, even bodybuilders.

andrew dJan 31 2007 12:49pm
A friend of mine's mother is 52 and has very big arm muscles. I'm 23 and her biceps are much bigger than mine. She works out at home. I finally had to ask her to flex and I was floored as her bicep expanded to a huge ball! She could brake my arm if she wanted and I know I wouldn't be able to prevent it. I've never arm wrestled her though.

AllenFeb 03 2007 11:43am
Mon. 2-12-07

AnonymousFeb 11 2007 10:02pm
Of course a woman over 50 can be more muscular than a young man. I work with young people and some men (boys)around 20 are really skinny and have no visibal muscles at all. I have a couple of female co-workers with massive shoulders, thighs and hips, with big arms and hands. They are considerably more muscular than some of the young guys, easy to see in the gym we have in our company. Of course the young skinny guys tend to stop working out since they either aren't interested or feel ashamed of their thin bodies. Just a reflection

BobFeb 12 2007 10:51pm
This is a rather stupid question! I am a man of chinese origin, 162 cm and 49 kgs. I have been working many years in West Africa among other things to help villages with their water problems. I can tell you that some African women are really big and strong, even after 50 years old. I have met women that can carry very heavy loads on their heads, more than 50 kgs sometimes and they can also lift these weight with their mighty arms. I once stayed with a almost 60 year old (land)lady for about 2 months, she was almost 180 cm and probably about 90 kgs. We often laughed when we saw how different we looked, this huge black muscular and rather old lady and this small, pale, thin young man. She could have crushed me easily in her arms as well as many other big ladies I met during my African years. I am now living with a 55 year old woman from Ghana (I am the same age) and she is 35 kgs heavier than me, all her muscles are bigger than mine.

JoeFeb 20 2007 12:08am

AnonymousFeb 26 2007 6:13am
I saw an example of an older woman outmuscling a younger guy at a bodybuilding contest, recently. The lady was Betty Pariso, the famous heavyweight female bodybuilder who is 51 years old. She was a presenter at this contest. She was up on stage in a sexy mini-dress handing out trophies to the male competitors in their bikinis and it was clear she was bigger and buffer than many of them. I think Betty, who is a gorgeous blonde, competes at 170 to 180 but here she was off season and must have been well over 190, maybe pushing 200. She had legs like you wouldn't believe, massive shoulders, delts and triceps, a thick, powerful neck. When she's competing her thick torso ripples like the belly of a giant snake. At one point she and Lee Labrada, a recently retired male bodybuilding champion who is at least 10 yrs younger, stood side by side on-stage and she simply blew him away physique-wise. I would love to have seen those two exchange their street clothes for bikinis and face off, first in a pose-down, and then in a no time limit, submissions only wrestling match. Betty is so incredibly muscular I bet she would beat him.

bodybuilding fanFeb 28 2007 7:31am
Roughly a year ago I was researching online for stories about cancer survivors and fitness when I ran across the website of an older lady who described herself as a, "...cancer survivor, successful businesswoman, champion powerlifter and heavyweight bodybuilder." I can't remember her name and I've tried and failed to get back to her site, but anyhow, she was amazingly muscled. And she was 63 years old! Big, buxom and blonde(although she wore a partial turban in all her pics to hide what I guess was hair loss from chemo treatment). She had several galleries, i/c one of her bodybuilding, where she was flexing and posing in a tiny rasberry red bikini at an BB contest on a Florida beach. She was HUGE! Her stats page said she competes at 180 pounds, but she looked even bigger in the photos, at least the high 190's. One of the pics showed her onstage, side by side with the male heavyweight winner who looked around 30 or younger. They were both in bikinis, shoulder to shoulder and holding up each other's arm in victory - and she was clearly BIGGER and MORE MASSIVE than he was! He was no slouch, being very muscular and buff, himself. But practically every part of her physique - neck, traps, delts, biceps, chest, torso, thighs, legs - was bigger, thicker, more defined and powerful looking than the young guy's. It was a very sensual comparison, seeing this heavyweight granny outmuscling a male bodybuilder maybe half her age. I wonder what the people at the contest thought when they realized the 63 year old musclelady had a more powerful physique than the young male champ? So, yeah, I think women over 50, or over 60, for that matter, can be more muscular than younger males, even younger male bodybuilders. This 60+ bodybuilding amazon lady proved it.

WilliamMar 05 2007 9:11am
Wow - I hopw you can find the site again and post the url!

AnonymousMar 13 2007 2:21pm

AnonymousMar 26 2007 7:44am
ah that is interesting,but what can happen if a mom over 50 is more ripped,than the son? lol

AnonymousMar 31 2007 4:43pm
I'm now 39 years old, and I know there are many women 50+ who are stronger than me. I'm slightly over 6ft tall, slim, with a low body strength. My new girlfriend is 17 years older than me, now almost 57 and pretty hard and well built muscles in her arms. I've known her for several years, and we have many times armwrestled. And I've never been even close to beat her. One of the first times we armwrestled she said: "You're just kidding with me. I can't feel you're pushing at all." "I put all my effort to this," I said, and I really did. Then she put my arm down. I asked her if she had to use all her strength. "No, I didn't, because I still think you were kidding." I repeated myself that I'm not so strong, and that she's much stronger, and that convinced her that I really tried my best. She hardly put any effort to it when we armwrestle, and she slowly put my arm down, both left and right. I remember once she put a bit more strength to it, and then she slammed my arms down in less than a second. She has never been into any sports, but she has always worked hard physically since she was a kid. So you can tell she is strong. I've been in love with this woman long before we got together, but I was always too shy to tell her. By the end of last year she told me she was in love with me. And not long after we got together and have a wonderful life together. And there's no problem for her to be with a much weaker man. Another friend of mine through many years is 54 I think. This woman is tall and heavy built. I've always thought she was strong. And she proved it some years ago when I needed to carry a TV, but couldn't lift it. I asked her, and she carried it for me. I asked her if it was heavy, and she said "No, this one is easy". She is helpful by nature, and she knows she's much stronger than me. So she has many times offered her strength to help me carry things that I can't lift. A year ago I asked her to armwrestle. She accepted. We tried right arm first. I put all my strength to it, but couldn't move her arm. She didn't seem to have much problem to beat me. Then we tried left, and then she won with no effort. Many years ago when I was 24-25 years old I remember another woman. I don't remember exactly how old she was, but she looked like she was no less than 50, maybe closer to 55, and a friend of my family. She was always very happy to meet me, and she always wanted to hug me. I remember she used to wrap her arms around me and started to push me against her. I resisted and pushed her against myself. She was always too strong for me and brought me out of balance. So yes, a woman above 50 can definitely be stronger than a younger man.

Weaker boyfriendApr 15 2007 6:37am

AnonymousApr 26 2007 7:58pm
there is any women over 55 with muscles,that can give us her story heare?

just-meMay 09 2007 9:52am
Yes, I can, but I'm a little shy about it... And I'm not exactly over 55 yet, that will be next year! But I do have some muscles, so perhaps I may qualify? Let me introduce myself, I've always been fit and athletic, but not really muscular. That's from the last years, ten or so, when I was injured and couldn't do my normal endurance workouts (running, swimming, sometimes rowing). I still had to work out, being an addict (..), so I started strength training. Did that work out good! It wasn't that I could actually see my muscles growing, but it was close! So by now I have to combine the strength and the endurance training, I've become a true all round athlete - being over 50! O my, what am I bragging... I can't believe myself typing around here... Well, having started, I will continue. All round athlete, I said. I still run (I try to keep the level of being able to run a half marathon yearly), I swim once a week for a few hours (but since I've been swimming all my life, and with my new found confidence, I think I can swim over an hour at a pretty good pace. I can give the best swimmers in my town a run for their money!), and in summer I go rowing with some of my friends. Last summer we did some competitions, we (a team of four old women) against four men in their forties. Guess who won - we did! Frankly, I'm pretty sure we could have beaten them if one or two of us weren't in the boat, it was too easy. So this year we will compete at a different level! And the muscles, well, thats for another day... I still can't believe I'm telling you all this about myself...

Auntie musclesMay 15 2007 1:58am
Oh well, what the hack... I'm gonna tell you some more. I just returned from my work out, I had some strength training, it was pretty hard this time..! I normally work out with three other women, one 'older woman' (also around 50 like me) and two young girls of around 40. One of the 'youngsters' is in my league, strength wise, the other two aren't. One of those can make me have a hard time running, the other, well, has been trying to 'stay in shape' as people call it, but recently she seems to have become more serious about it! So it's certainly her we could have done without in that rowing 'contest' I bragged about earlier, and I really think me with one of the others could have been enough to beat those four guys. Trained men, yes! But you wanted to know what it does to me, being muscular and old, not? Well, it's given me great confidence (even enough to write all about it to you, people I don't know anything about..!). It's the feeling of knowing that I don't need anyone else to do the tasks life wants me to do. My strength gives me confidence yes. And it's more than that, I discovered: not only my own knowing that I can take care of myself, no, also the fact that other people know that I don't need anybody! Just me on my own is enough. And yes, I am divorced, more than 10 years ago (and still single). My training regime helped me a great deal to overcome my new life. And after a year or so, I even went to work less - to spend more time training! I actually want to skip yet another day working at the office, just to be able to do more and more training. It just feels so great (remember, I just returned from some heavy training...)! One story to end: I always go running (or jogging) to the gym, so I am really warmed up when I get there, and my muscles get a good refreshment from jogging home. I'm the only one, the others come by car or bus. Just a few weeks after I started to run to the gym (few years ago), one of the girls called me the day before training and asked if she could come home with me because the buses wouldn't go that day. Fine with me! But, it turned out she didn't know yet that I went running! She thought she could step in my car! So there we stood, with our misunderstanding... Her without running shoes, and me with only one pair of running shoes of course to take me home. "Well you said you would take me home, and here I am, so I hope you will think of something," she said, acting sternly. "Hm, well, you could wait till next week, or call a cab - no I won't pay for it!" I told her. "Or..." I said turning my back to her, "or you could just come with me!" "Ah yes, that's good thinking! Though perhaps not the best suggestion you've ever come up with..." she said laughingly. "Why not? It will be a great work out for me, and we didn't do too much today," I told her. And I was really serious too! Though I wasn't sure at all how far I would be able to take her, she wasn't really heavy but to have to run (or jog) with another women, of say 60 kg, on my back... I hadn't done such a thing before..! So there we went, her on my back and me running. Yes, I actually managed to run with her, which also surprised her for a great deal! Of course I didn't get my normal speed, it took me 30 minutes to get by my house and normally I can do it in 20, but I did the whole way running. And then some 15 more minutes to get to her house. I had so much strength, stamina and confidence from that feat that I took an almost full sprint for the last 5 minutes! She could barely hold on... Poor girl... That was such a great thing to do, it took a really great effort from me (I didn't do my normal training routine for the next week or so) but it was such a big lift to my confidence and my self esteem! Even the writing of it now gets me warmed up..! So thank you all for letting my write about my experiences..!

Auntie musclesMay 15 2007 2:03pm
there is any granny,,or women over 55 with some big muscles around there? bigger than the son,or grandson?

AnonymousMay 18 2007 6:51pm
Auntie muscles, you remind me of my wife. She had to go through therapy after an accident and started to lift weights some years ago. She loved pumping iron and her body changed rather quickly. She has an athletic background and she was soon in teriffic shape. And her muscles grew and grew. First her legs, her thighs got massive with hard pillars of rock hard muscles and her already big calves got huge. The she focused more and more on her upper body. About a year ago when my wife was 53 and I had just turned 50 she showed me how much stronger she was than me. We came home from a party, rather drunk (well I was anyway). We live on the 6th floor and the elevator was out of order. I jokingly told my wife that she had to carry me up. She smiled and told me to hop on. She than carried piggybacked me up all the stairs, but me down and the scooped me up in her strong arms and carried me inside. Strong wife huh, was her only comment. I told her that she was strong but that I was stronger. She laughed and then showed me what she was made of. The rest of that night we armwrestled, wrestled, she lifted me in many ways, I learnt to admire her new muscles. Our relationship changed after that. She is in charge in bed, always, she carries all the heavy stuff, always. And we both love it. I am not a weak man, stronger than many of my male buddies but my wife is a very strong granny (we actually just got our first grand son).

Grand PaMay 21 2007 1:09pm
Grand Pa again... By the way, my wife is 168 cm and 74 kgs while I am 177 cm and 69 kgs. She can bench her own body weight and a couple of kilos more, not bad for a granny. I can bench 45 kgs for two reps. After that evening my wife keep on telling me that I am weaker than the average woman but I think I am probably stronger, like I wrote I can beat some of my male friends at armwrestling. Do you auntie Muscles think I am stronger than the average 50 year old woman?

Grand PaMay 22 2007 12:37pm
ok,so the granny have muscles,but small ones,i bet.

AnonymousMay 23 2007 7:24am
168 cm and 74 kgs, some fat but mainly big muscles, especially in the thighs but also shoulder and arm muscles. Haven't measured my wife's muscles but she is buff I can assure you.

Grand PaMay 25 2007 5:38am

AnonymousMay 27 2007 6:11pm
so there is any another muscle granny that can tell us,about her?

AnonymousMay 30 2007 3:23am
Hello Grand Pa, and others of course! Great to read your experience with a stronger wife. It's just so much the same story as mine, the growing muscles and all! Thanks for reminding me, it was just such a thrill to actually SEE the muscles growing! Well, that's a bit exaggerated, okay, but the gain in strength was there, and was almost extreme, especially in the first year after I started weight training. And you have a strong wife, with her body weight bench press. Your 45 kg's isn't bad either, but, it's just a little more then what I was able to - when I started... So you could say you are perhaps just a little stronger then an athletic, non-weight trained woman..! These days you really are no match for me, if I may say so. Your wife may be able to give me a challange. Your armwrestling reminded me of the matches I did when we started with our weight training. 'We' means the four of us, four women (we like to say: girls..!) of whom I am one. By now I am the strongest of them, ten years ago I wasn't. Of the four, two are athletes (me being one of them) and two are rather small (me not being one of those). When we decided to start weight training, we started of with a little contest, just to 'feel' our comparative strength levels. The biggest of us, Carla, was also the strongest. I, second biggest and first in endurance and such, became second, the other athlete Tina was third. Carla, in her fifties these days, just like I am, is still very strong. Your description of your wive may be appropriate for her - I think she as well as your wife wouldn't bother carrying me, or you, for several stairs. And for several stares as well! The buff older woman. But after those ten years of weight training (I still also do my cardio, running, swimming, rowing), I have overcome her! I'm pretty sure I could carry you all day, stairs or no stairs, I don't care anymore. It still gives such a big thrill to actually perform a feat of strength. Although I mostly like to show off to my friends, I don't mind (any more) other people looking. Great to see their reactions! Some times I even only have to just show my muscular arms or legs to get a reaction. That is just SO great, being a woman in her 50's and getting stares from the guys! And of you people down here...

Auntie musclesMay 31 2007 7:48am
how old are you auntie muscles? biceps size? how much can lift?

AnonymousMay 31 2007 9:41am
How old I am? That's easy: 54. Although I'd rather not speak of 'old', if you don't mind..! I don't feel old, and if I may say so, I also don't look old. Most people who don't care to ask me about my age, or plainly try to make a comment on it, don't name any age over 50 - most stay in the 40's, and some even, perhaps flirtatuously?, won't believe that I'm not in my 30's anymore..! Biceps size is already a more difficult question - flexed or unflexed? Unflexed, my upper arms measure some loose 13 inches (33 cm), and flexed, well, these days I am close to 17 inches! So much for now, back to training!

Auntie musclesJun 01 2007 4:59am
auntie muscles,have 4 pack abs or more? stronger than the sons? try to arm wrestle one of the sons,someday.can be interesting.

AnonymousJun 01 2007 9:13am
My wife is 52 and more muscular than our son who's 26. She has more muscle than I do from years of gym memberships. Hers legs are bigger with 17 inch calves and 24 inch thighs. Her biceps are almost 14 3/4 inches flexed while mine are 13 1/2. inches. She can bench press 180 lbs.

BillJun 02 2007 11:52am
As a typical man would do I just need to find out if there are many women stronger than me. Until that evening when my wife showed me she was a lot stronger I have always thought that I was an average strong man, and that meant a lot stronger than most women, period. And how wrong was I? My wife keep on telling me that there are plenty of women at her gym that are stronger than me, she also told me that one of her friends daughters, a 16 year old girl could beat her at armwrestling, meaning being a lot stronger than me. As I have mentioned I have no problem having a stronger wife but I start to doubt my own strength. I thought that a 45 kg bench was good for an old fart like me, and you Auntie muscles could lift that before you started to work out. I just need to face that women are sometimes very strong and that perhaps more and more women start to work out with heavy weights, gaining strength and muscle. Nothing wrong with that really. I will work out harder, perhaps I will be as strong as a strong women, ha! How are many in general taking it when you and your friends show your strength Auntie Muscles and other strong women?

Grand PaJun 05 2007 8:02am
Men are children, most of them have difficulties accepting that a woman can be stronger than a man. I am quite a big woman myself, bigger than many men being 6'2 and more than 200 lbs. I have been working out all my life and have an athletic background (shotputter). Of course I am stronger than many men. At the gym where I am working out there are several men, most of them a lot younger than me, that are huring themselves trying to lift the same weights as me. I can bench my bodyweight, not bad for a 54 year old broad. I could lift more 20 years ago but today I am lifting between 150-175 lbs for reps. For you Grand Pa I can say that many men can't take seeing a strong woman. Lifting 45 kgs are not too bad for a man 50 something, kind of average I think. I know many women stronger than that, but most of them work out hard. And I think it is proven that the strength gap between men and women is narrowing when we pass 50. Nice to read your experieces Auntie Muscles. It is time for us women to show we can be strong. I have spent some years in Ghana in Africa, I have seen many muscular women there working really hard, many of the men can't work that hard. Sorry if I got carried away but I like being a strong woman and I like other women to be proud of their physical strength. And for the weak woman I will say, get stronger, it is great to know that you can put your man down. I don't feel less for a man that is weaker than me.

BarbaraJun 08 2007 7:03am
Between age 40 & 50 my wife gained more muscle. We have stayed active with bike rides and going to the gym and all until we moved two years ago. After that we bought gym equipment for home use and she uses it daily. She has more physical endurance than I do and it seems as though she hasn't lost any while I have. I can't hold a candle to her now in workouts. She's more muscular than I am at 52 and more muscular than so many younger men. I rarly see men that can match her leg muscles but upper body yes. Still her arms and shoulders are stronger than mine and most average men. She may not be as tall or even as big but her traps and back muscles are very big. Her calves are huge next to mine and only real big men can equal her. It's funny because only when men are about 6 inches taller and in great shape can they match her legs. Don't get me wrong, there are big dudes out there for a fact but in general young guys can't match her legs. They always ask "how much you leg press?" Thing is she doesn't work them real hard, they just get bigger what ever workout she does! Ok, 5'10" thighs at mid 25" and calves 17 1/2". Bigger than mine her hubby! She hides her strength and is a bit shy but every once in a while I see something that reminds me about it.

WillJun 16 2007 8:55pm
Here is a long and true story. I was married for more than 20 years with a very petite woman. Since I am smaller than the average man (and woman since women in Denmark are tall) at 5'5 I was looking for a smaller woman. I am weighing in at 118 lbs so I am a light weight. My wife died tragically some years ago leaving me in a mess. I loved her very much and got depressed, I lost weight (meaning lost the little muscles I had since I never been fat) and got downd to under 100 lbs. One of my colleagues, a woman 10 years older than me (now 54)got really worried about me and did everything to help me. She is (and was) 6'2 and 215 lbs, not my kind of woman at all at that time. But she was nice. She invited me to her home when I broke down. She let me cry like a baby in her strong arms. She had me on her lap, she carried me and she took care of me for a couple of weeks. Without her I had probably killed myself. And the strange thing happened, I got inloved with this big, strong woman. 10 years older and almost twice as big as me (and probably 3 or 4 times stronger). In her arms I stopped crying, I stopped being miserable and I totally let her take the lead in my life. I let her make decisions about important stuff. She took me to a shrink, she took me to a gym to start working out (I actually gained some pound of muscle on my small frame), she took care of my finances and just helped me get back to life again. We got married and I am today so happy being with this big, strong woman. I know it doesn?t sound very manly to many people almost being mothered by a woman when you are 40+ but without her I had been dead. And I am proud of my wife. She is actually very muscular, her legs are bigger and stronger than most men at the gym, she can bench her own body weight but very rarely lift that much since she is working more to get endurance. She can lift me in any way she wants, that means she can lift me easily over her head. I just love being with this strong woman. Do you think I am weird?

Small but happyJun 17 2007 4:20am
anyone else? any other granny with muscles?

AnonymousJul 07 2007 10:31am
Hmm, it's been some time since I kept you informed with my life, or better: with my muscles! Because that's what you are interested in, I suppose - and it interests me too! It's not for nothing that I'm spending so much time developping my body. My 'old' body, considered to my age (54). No, my 'young' body, considered to what it can do! Yes, I am proud of my body, and of what I have developped in the last 10 years. I am proud of who I am! And I've been doing lots of sporting activities, lately. It's not really much of a summer here, so it's a pretty good weather to go out all day and be active! So far I've been cycling (a lot), swimming (not too cold...), rowing (great exercise!), running and, of course, the 'normal' weight lifting. More cardio than strength, for the last months. But o so great! I will tell you more soon. And yes, it will include some defeats - of the men I met! Was great fun, and gave me a great feeling. I hate to stop now, but I'll return!

Auntie musclesJul 31 2007 10:45am
auntie,what are your current stats? how much can you lift?

AnonymousAug 02 2007 2:01pm
After working out for quite some times I am now able to bench 55 kgs, on the nautilus machine, with free weights I can only lift 40 kgs. I just have to face that I have problems getting stronger and build some muscle. My wife can bench twice as much as I! This is something I need to live with and I can do that. Could you tell us more about your experiences Auntie muscles, it sort of comforts me to here about situations where other women are stronger than men. I thought I was alone there for a while. My wife just laughs at my attempts to get stronger than her, the more I work out she is doing the same, and with better results. She just tells me to face it. And after saying that she often scoops me up in her arms to really rub it in.

Grand PaAug 09 2007 3:18am
When I read all this, I can just express my deep WISH to encounter such a tremendous strong woman as a real friend... I am 167cm, weighing something like 58-60kg, so a quite tiny slim-light man as well. It is my dream to find this female friend who could lift and carry me WITHOUT any difficulty, strain or signs of getting tired from it. Such a lovely woman, who perhaps could even carry me balanced on one arm only, like you usually COULD do yourself with some smaller kid. And... then, she would LOVE to do this, she would be proud about her strenght, she would be honestly eager to express friendship or love in this way... THIS IS MY DREAM, MY DESIRE... Then, the reality. Woman with such strenght exist, YES. But why are there so much stories on the internet, and why do I never meet one? Why is there NEVER an answer when I say: any nice woman like that out there?.. who would like to write to me? Who would enjoy to meet me? Who would NOT be afraid to become real, instead of beeing an internet ghost? Let me say this: perhaps, Belgium (where I live) is such a place where this never happens... just because strong woman are scared to death to just ACCEPT beeing so strong. They WANT to be weak, by common taboo on strong woman. They do this to THEMSELVES. All those strong woman are really scared to get involved with a man who is weaker. IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!!!!! It is not men in general, who are scared from strong woman ! Yes, there are many, but there are also many men who really WANT to have friendship with a stronger woman. Its woman who run away in fear ! This is the real world out there. So, WHERE do all these internet stories come from??? Of strong woman who try to tell they love beeing stronger? Stories on th web are so easy. And besides 'real women' depositing stories, I guess a LOT of stories are just fake, probably invented by men who are also dreaming for things that NEVER happen in reality... If I say, HERE in this yellow discussion spot: is there some strong woman posting here who would DARE & WANT to write me to have a correspondence (at least a correspondence... :) and likely the meeting up as well, in future) , then probably NOTTHING will happen al all. This world is fake... not 100% but perhaps at least 90%... So, who proves the opposite could be tru ?????? Greets...

DraagMeAug 20 2007 10:30am
Oh yes, I forgot to mention: I am 50 yo. Seems to be the age category of this topic !! :)

DraagMeAug 20 2007 10:37am
I guess, for instance, that story from Gymdaisy about armwrestling on a boat, is just such a FAKE story from a man... (Typical character & plot writing of those fantasy sites... oh dear...)

DraagMeAug 20 2007 11:05am
I guess, for instance, that story from Gymdaisy about armwrestling on a boat, is just such a FAKE story from a man... (Typical character & plot writing of those fantasy sites... oh dear...)

DraagMeAug 20 2007 11:23am
I guess, for instance, that story from Gymdaisy about armwrestling on a boat, is just such a FAKE story from a man... (Typical character & plot writing of those fantasy sites... oh dear...)

DraagMeAug 20 2007 11:56am

AnonymousSep 07 2007 12:00am
well, you better start believe that strong 50+ women exist. I am married to one so I know for sure. About two years ago we had a dinner party for 3 couples, 8 people all together. One of our female friends talked about how strong she was after increasing her workouts from once a week to 3-4 times. She flexed her really big biceps to show us. I stupidly said something like cheescake arms. After dinner she asked me if I wanted to know what her cheesecake arms could do and challanged me to an armwrestling match. She was then 52 y.o. and I was 47. We started with our right arms, my strongest and her weakest. I realized that this woman was strong already from the start, her handgrip told me that she had done this before. I am a quite slim man that haven't gained any weight since I was 18 and I haven't been to a gym since than either. I gave everything I had and she went 3/4 way down but than it was stop. I could see a smile on her face when she understood that this was my full power. She let me take her down even further, about 2-3 cm from the table. She told me to watch her bicep and then she slammed my arm to the table. Cheesecake huh? She asked me if it was any meaning to try with our left arms and I said no. That means 2-0 to me she said smiling. But things got worse after that. My wife said to the strong woman that she wanted to take her husband on to save the family honour. My wife has been doing aerobics 3 times a week for ages and she is strong (we had never armwrestled). Her oponent is a bit like me, slim and fit after many miles running every week. But when it comes to arm strength my wife should him and the rest around tha table that aerobics beats jogging. This man lost as easy as I just had done. My wife said, it's 4-0 for the women. This of course led to a tournament. I was the youngest and the rest were 50-55 years old. All 4 women worked out regurarely and so did the men. The difference was that the men didn't go to gyms. We were all runners and tennisplayers. I have to say that I lost to all women, except for one match with my right arm against one of the ladies that was a leftie. I won after a long struggle. One of the other men also won against this woman. Apart from that the results was 302-2 to the women! We were all surprised about the result, especially us men. We only had man vs woman matches that night. As you have understood by now I also lost to my then 51 y.o wife, she won rather easily with both arms. When our guests had left she challanged me again and said I could have a handicap. We started with her hand just above the table and from there she could easily force my hand first up and than down. She told me that she had understood a long time ago that she was stronger than me. I foolishly (yes once again) said that armwrestling was mainly technique. We were both a bit drunk and that is perhaps why she suggested a wrestling match, best out of 3 falls. I already knew that my wife's arms were strong but that is nothing compared to her big muscular legs. Her thighs are perhaps 50% bigger than mine, and they are rock hard. She totally outclassed me and within 20-25 minutes she had me to give up first three times but than a few times more since she wanted to go on and on, enjoying the power she had over me. That evening our relationshop chanced, she is a bit more bossy and in bed she is more than that, she is dominant and we are doing it her way. She always takes the lead. Our sex life has actually become a lot better and the wrestling matches we still have almost always leads to sex. The men that were at our dinner party including me started to work out together in our home gym to be able to catch up with the women. But after half a year we mainly spent our time in the sauna, drinking bear and watching football. We still run and play tennis. We had a rematch party earlier this year, the only change was that the women now won 32-0. This is an absolutely true story. Never under estimate to power of a 50+ woman that works out hard. I think that the strength gap between the sexes closes when we reach 50, so watch out you men. I am happy with my strong wife I like to end this story saying.

67 kgs of not so big musclesNov 08 2007 1:12am
Just to clear things, the ladies won 30-2 of course and the home gym was bought just after the armwrestling evening 2 years ago, it was my wife that wanted to add pumping iron to he already intence work out programme. And she has become a lot stronger since that evening. She is almost 80 kgs on her 174 cm frame, I am 67 kgs and 180 cm.

67 kgs againNov 08 2007 1:17am
Well when I was 20, I was almost beaten to death by a 50 yr old woman. I dont know whether it is menopause, but women tend to get stronger with age.

TomNov 28 2007 8:58am
About 10 yrs ago, I encountered a very impressive older musclewoman on a beach in Texas. I was in my mid-thirties and into bodybuilding then, including competition, and was walking down the beach in my posing bikini, showing off. Suddenly I heard a female voice behind me call out, "Hi there MUSCLES!" I turned around to see a white haired woman well into her sixties but still fairly pretty, wearing a one piece white swimsuit cut high on her hips and low on her bustline. She was both stunningly muscled and quite curvacious. At about 5'6", she was shorter than me, but really bulging with well-defined, heavyweight muscle. She had obviously spent a lot of time in the gym, pumping serious iron. She also obviously enjoyed showing off her amazingly muscled and sexy bod; her big boobs were almost spilling out of her overstrained suit, and the view of her cleavage was generous, to say the least. She quickly introduced herself as Evelyn, a "beach widow" who owned a nearby condo. She had taken up weightlifting and then bodybuilding to try and stay young and fit. I told her she had succeeded. She slyly informed me she had taken a longer time than necessary catching up to me on her beachwalk because, "I really enjoyed watching your butt move!" I complimented her on her physique, which delighted her and she put up her arms and flexed her biceps and invited, or rather, demanded, that I give them a squeeze. They were huge and rock hard. Before I quite knew what was happening, we were standing so close our bodies were brushing against each other, and we were engaged in some very physical flirting, so much we were both getting aroused, doing a kind of lambada. Our little muscle tete a tete attracted attention, and someone called out, "Get a room!" Another guy yelled, "You two should wrestle!" Evelyn laughed at this and said she'd love to wrestle me and bet she could beat me, but her real passion was boxing! She told me she had started training as a boxer when she began lifting weights and claimed she had actually KO'd a guy half her age in a fight at her sports club. Anyhow, we eventually resumed walking, side by side now, and attracting a lot of long stares because of our revealing suits, massively muscled physiques, and most of all, because of the difference in our ages. Evelyn grabbed my hand and we must have been quite an unusual and suggestive sight. She also reached over and gave my buns a squeeze several times as we made our way down the beach (I returned the favor). I was assuming this thing was leading to a night in bed with Evelyn, but she corrected me when we got to her condo. It turned out that "beach widow" meant that her husband spent a lot of time playing golf or fishing, not that he was dead. And he was inside, waiting for her to join him for lunch. She embraced me in a very powerful and crushing bearhug, gave me a teasingly long French kiss, and left me standing there on the sand. Apparently flirting with younger guys was her answer to her husband's absences. I haven't been back to that beach, but I've always wondered about Evelyn. The image of her as a pugilist, in her sexy suit, punching out a much younger male opponent, is something I wished I had seen in person.

former bodybuilderDec 01 2007 10:45am
any muscle granny can give what is like being stronger than the son or grandson?

AnonymousDec 13 2007 5:17am

AnonymousDec 25 2007 10:00pm
My wife joined a gym together with two friends when she turned 50 three years ago. She never lifted a weight in her life before that even if she was rather fit after several years of aerobics and yoga. The change in her body was dramatic, from quite a soft (but good looking) woman to a rather muscular one in only a couple of years. And she is very strong! She told me some time ago that she can lift more than many younger men, the same goes for her friends. These three ladies are going to the gym every second day. Some months ago my wife surprised me by lifting my 145 lbs body in her arms, easily. She carried ma around our flat for a long time and told me that I was her weak little baby. This of course offended me and this lead to a series of armwrestling and wrestling matches. She proved herself a lot stronger than me. Whenever she comes back from the gym she likes to tell me how she and her 50+ lady friends embarrass younger men being stronger. And I like to hear these stories since I have had a tough time to accept the fact that my wife is a lot stronger than me.

RobJan 15 2008 10:58pm
Rob, my wife is both stronger and more musclular. We are both 52 and over time my muscles have lost size and strength while her's have done quite the opposite. Her muscles are hard and thick most of all in her legs but her arms are stronger too. I've given inn and just enjoy my hands on them. I no longer question why, just enjoy her build. I can't build muscle like that any more but she sure can and in the last year she's added muscle and hardness that blows my mind! A woman can do this at 50, she's harder than I was years ago and just as much muscle as I had. Go figure that out?

TimJan 19 2008 4:52pm

AnonymousJan 21 2008 10:02pm
I started to work out in a gym when I was 45 years old, 9 years ago. I started with light weights and many reps like a lot of women but my body didn't respond that much, even if I was at the gym 2-3 times a week. A personal trainer adviced me to go for heavier weights and made a training programme for me. And the result was amazing, my body changed week after week, a lot of the typical fat you get when you get older vanished and my muscles started to groove. This was about 6 years ago now. Today I have a body that is a lot stroner than ever before in my life, I am not a bodybuilder but underneath a layer of fat you can feel big, hard and very strong muscles. My husband didn't know what to think when he could see my biceps groove bigger than his but he got used to it and today has no problem at all with his muscular wife, even if I can beat him at armwrestling and wrestling. I also have to admit that I enjoy seeing younger men at my gym trying to lift the same weights as me, of course many of them can but quite a few are considerably weaker than me. So yes, a 50+ woman can be not only stronger than a younger man, but a lot stronger AND more muscular.

Brigitte BJan 23 2008 11:54pm
Brigitte, your gym must be full of weak faggots, no way a 50+ lady can be stronger than a young man. I am 5'10 and 137 lbs and never met a woman that is stronger than me. I'm 28 years old.

RockyJan 24 2008 11:32pm
137 lbs???!!! I can bench that weight for many many reps, I am about 40 lbs heavier than you. I can mop the floor with small kids like you, I could probably beat you up with one hand behind my back and than put you over my knee and spank you. Rocky, realize you're a puny male.

Brigitte BJan 24 2008 11:35pm
brigitte ,my arms are 15" flexed..and yours must be 13",or 12" right? :)

EzardJan 25 2008 7:04am
My arm are 13,5", not as big as yours than Ezard but very strong

Brigitte BFeb 02 2008 5:16am
i bet that you still lift less than your son,right brigitte?

EzardFeb 02 2008 6:03am
Hi all! And good to see there are so many more stronger 'older' women out there! Although I can enjoy myself with the feelings of power I get when I (accidentily) show off, it's also very nice to tell you about it! Nowadays, in winter time, there are less moments of show time. And it's not that I am some kind of a show off type, or better: I didn't know myself that way, because since last summer I can really enjoy those moments when people who don't know me, stare at me when I perform some feat they never though possible for an 'old lady'. Let me tell you about last new year's party. I was at a friends house, and yes my three training friends whom I've told you about before, were there as well. Also some guys were there. One of my friends at one time pointed at me while talking to some guy. Apparantly they were chatting about working out or so. I know my friends. I smiled at them, and went on with my own conversation. But I felt that they were still talking about and looking at me. And with my new found 'show off ability', I went to sit at such a way that my legs were more visible, and I was looking for a chance to get one of my arms in view as well. I then got the idea for a great show. You might have figured out I, and the others too, had had some glasses of alcohol. I was sitting on a chair, at a diner table. Beside me was one of my friends sitting, someone who wouldn't be surprised (any more) if she saw me acting not quite normal for a 54 years old woman. I placed my hands on the chair, next to my hips, and pushed up. Meanwhile, I tried to raise my legs to a full horizontal position. While continuing the conversation I was having with the woman opposite. So it wasn't too easy to find room for my legs... But I did. And I really think she didn't notice! At least, not for the first minutes... I felt so strong! I really felt like I could have someone sitting on my lap! The only problem was that I didn't know who exactly I liked the most to carry close to me... I tried to glance to the other side of the room, where my other friend was talking to that guy, the couple who made me think of showing off. I was pretty sure they were watching. And before I had to collapse (I wouldn't want them to see I would reach a limit) I winked at them and went back to just sit on the chair. The legs still horizontal, under the table. The friend sitting next to me now tried to play along, and placed her legs on top of mine. So I still had to work out... Now the guy came to our table, and told me something like "I don't know what you think you are proving, and you actually look quite strong for a lady who is quite a bit older then I am - your friend told me, otherwise I wouldn't have said such a thing - but it's a bit strange for you to challange me, because that's what it looks like you are doing." So nice and friendly. But, it worked..! "Hmm, so you feel like being challanged, my friend. Well, if that's what you want, of course you can get it. Not that you might have a chance, but ..." Was I taking it too far? Perhaps. And I can't blame the alcohol, I think. Or can I? "I don't know what you think you can prove" he was repeating himself, not knowing what to say any more, I assume, "but it's quite ridiculous of you, an over 50 woman, to challange a men who is still in his 30's. What type of sport did you have in mind anyway?" This really was going nicely! And he wasn't even 40! Great! "O I don't care what sport, you can choose, as long as it is strength or endurance related." I hadn't played chess for a long time. And didn't feel too confident at ball games. "Haha. You are funny. For a moment I thought you really meant it, and wanted to go for a cycling race or so, or weight lifting, haha." "O but I AM serious, you know. Not that I think you might have a chance, but if you insist..." "What? You really want to test yourself against me? Haha! The joke of the year!" Which was only a few hours old... At that moment, my legs were feeling so pumped from the effort of keeping them uplifted for some ten minutes or so, with some five minuted of having to carry also my friends legs. And that pumped feeling gave me so much confidence! Unreal! "Why don't we just settle for a bigger competition by having a simple armwrestling match right now?" I suggested. He wouldn't let that go. "I can't armwrestle you," he said. "No? Why not? Affraid to lose to a 54 year old woman?" "That's just rediculous. Of course I'm not affraid - it's just, it's just absurd! And I don't want to harm you." Ow, how nice! "O but you don't have to worry about that, I can stand my own, and I have no problem of taking the consequences of my stupid acts." With that, I put up my right arm, while my conversation partner stood up to let the friendly guy take place opposite of me. My friend next to me took her legs off of mine and I let my feet touch the floor again. "Come on. I won't hurt you. Well, perhaps your pride..." "Well okay than, to just get over with it." I saw my friends looking with a combination of fun and some irritation (here she goes again...). But I was really liking it right now! And I was so certain I would beat this guy. "Are you right handed?" I asked. "Yeah," he said while taking my hand. I gave him a little squeeze. He took it, and squeezed back. I smiled. "On the count of three," one of my friends said. He looked me in the eyes. "One." I smiled at him. "Two." He looked a little angry at me. I winked. "Three!" and we started. Which was mostly visible from the look on his face, that was the only thing that changed. I kept smiling at him, looking him in the eyes. He concentrated on his arm, on his hand, on my hand. On my arm. I tried to keep my composure and to not let him see any effort. Which wasn't too difficult since I could hold him without much trouble. I didn't want to play with him, although I had the thought that I could try it. I just kept him at the starting position. "Perhaps it isn't too fair, this match, since I probably have been training more then you have. Hey, I'm a lot older, so I had way more time to build my strength. If you want to make it a handicap match for that reason, it's okay with me," I heard myself say. One of my friends was laughing at this moment, the other was looking in a more concerned way, like she wanted me to keep it more polite or so. Maybe she was right... I had taken some of his concentration from his hands. He looked at my face now. "Hey! What..? Aw!" I had squeezed him some more. " You need a handicap?" "No of course not!" And he started pushing harder. Or so he tried. I could see it from his face. And I could feel it from his arm. A little bit. "What ... are ... you ... doing?" he asked. "We are armwrestling, young man," I anwered. "And I am winning" and I pushed his tired arm to the table. "Wow, that was fun!" I said. "And what will our contest look like?" "What do you mean," he asked trying to look up - his mind was more with his sore arm... "We only had this match to decide whether or not we would have a strength an/or endurance competition, remember? And I won the match, so it will be a competition. And I'm letting you decide what we will start with. Just to comfort you, we don't have to begin this night." "Huh? What?" "Or do I have to prove you some more what an older woman can do to a young man?" With that, I put my right foot under his chair and managed to lift it! I had him flabbergasted. Again! At first he didn't know what happened, and when he felt the front part of his chair coming up, he looked down and saw my leg. And grabbed it! Which felt great! I let him push my leg down, the chair came down again and he knew he had really been beaten. And couldn't back down from the challange! On which I'll keep you informed! I am so happy with my strength. I even have found ways to really show off. To play with it. And I don't know if that's so nice. I will keep you informed on the mental part as well, okay.

Auntie musclesFeb 04 2008 2:29pm
Any other muscle granny? auntie,you can beat your son in a wrestle?

EzardFeb 10 2008 4:40am
eh, I don't wrestle, Ezard, and I certainly wouldn't wrestle my son!

Auntie musclesFeb 11 2008 6:57am
auntie what are your muscle stats?

EzardFeb 11 2008 4:12pm
You should wrestle Auntie muscles, it's a lot of fun. Great foreplay or just a good work out (with my husband it's not a very good work out for me but for him).

Brigitte BFeb 15 2008 5:40am
Maybe you have heard of the female belgian gym teacher who had an interesting way of building up her young male students stamina?! Its unusual to find a female teaching young men at school but not unique - i saw a photo of her in the paper and she had indeed an amazing physique. 58 years old, muscular and cut but obviously not a pro fbb's physique. A densely muscled package though - but only 1.65m tall. She would select one of the boys she liked, then invite him after class for extra sessions, then arm wrestle (and of course always beat him) which intimidated him. She was of course always more muscular and powerful than the young men. Then it led to things you can all work out for yourself. Having close personal experience of the situation - though not her - I can say plenty more ...but maybe not !

bruggesFeb 17 2008 8:11am
Say more, please!!! When I was at school one of the teachers took on the problem boys in a special way. She invied them home where she showed how physical superior she was, she was about 50 and very muscular for a woman (this was in the 60's in muscles on women where not really accepted). She beat them at table tennis, armwrestling, push up contests etc. This was a way that the guys understood, you have to respect a strong person, even if it is a woman. And the boys changed, they asked the teacher if it could be a secret that she was stronger and she said as long as they behaved it was a secret. Since I never had the chance to visit her, I was a good student, I found out talking to some of the guys. Even the male teachers treated this female muscular teacher with a lot of respect, perhaps she had invited them to her house as well.

HasseFeb 19 2008 12:42am

AnonymousFeb 24 2008 10:38pm
Brugges and Hasse, do you have more stories about these amazing women? I am a 19 year old man (or is it boy?) that recently discovered that I really like older women with a strong build. I have no idea why I like them but when I see a woman in her 40's or 50's that looks strong and muscular I get totally weak in my legs. One idea I have is that I was brought up without a father and my mother had to be both mother and father. We have wrestled and armwrestled and played basket etc. She has always been fit and strong. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a thing for my mother. I would love to hear more stories about older stronger women since I don't have any myself. Nobody knows about my secret, my buddies would think I was totally weird if I said I prefered women my mother's age before young girls my own age. The only girl I have fancied that is about my age is the female shot putter champion in my school, she looks a lot older than her 18 years and she is strong as hell.

BerraFeb 24 2008 11:16pm
If I go down memory lane another time I remember that one of the male teachers at the school, a small mousy man, often came to school in the muscular ladies car, there were rumours that they had an affair. It would have been fun to see this muscular woman being together with this small, skinny man.

HasseFeb 25 2008 11:35pm
Berra, I think you should try to date the shot putter or another big strong girl closer to your own age. A few small affairs with older women will probably be nice for you and them but in the long run a 20-30 year age gap will be a problem. Good luck!

Old enough to know betterMar 17 2008 4:39am
I danced with the shotputter the other night and we might start dating. She is probably 25 kgs heavier than me, she looks more like 30 than 18 and she is mature for her age. She said that she has not problems dating a smaller and weaker guy, she even joked about it and said that there would only be one guy in school that she could date if she wanted somebody stronger and this guy is a complete ass. I still would prefer to have an affair with an older woman but we'll see.

BerraMar 27 2008 2:31am
Go for the shotputter Berra.

AnonymousApr 02 2008 5:45am
I am a 60 year old woman that has been physically very active all my life. I was into track and fiels as a teenager and also been riding and working with horses all my life. Since I was a kid I have been doing daily pushups and situps. When I was 35 years old I joined a aerobics class and has been doing that 3 times a week since than. I am 178 cm and 78 kgs. Of course my body is different from when I was 25 but I am proud of my muscular physique. When I was about 50 I started to work out with weights as well. The other night my son, almost 40 years old, came home with his new wife. This very nice woman complemented me on my muscular arms and joked that it was a pity that my son didn't have the same muscular body as me. I told my new daughter-in-law to be that my son never had been able to win an armwrestling match against his mother. My son said that this was a long time ago and now when I was 60 he shouldn't have any problem. Now, my son is about the same height as me but considerably lighter. When we put our elbows at the table to see who was stronger you could easily see that my muscles were way bigger than his. And I won rather easily. I than defeated my son's girlfriend as well but actually had bigger problems beating her. Both my son and his woman noticed that and she smiled and said to him, just wait until we come home honey. Even if my son probably is below the average strength for a man I was so much stronger than him that I believe that I am probably quite a bit stronger than the average man. SO, you can be as old as me, and be strong, even if you are just a woman.

60 and strongApr 18 2008 1:30am
My wife and I used to work out for about 2 years and she is very muscular. She has 20" biceps(mine are 16") and she has a very muscular chest,52" and she is 6' tall I am 5'9" Her arms are massive and she can build muscle like I never saw a women and takes no substances. She is so sexy. I just wish she would continue to go to the gym and get packed and peaked. I love muscular women. Genetics are on her side for sure.

edApr 26 2008 12:07pm
It may sound strange, and unrealistic. But when I went to high school, some 40 years ago, there were two girls who were the best athletes around. Easily. Boys or girls, nobody could beat them. Men or women, same result. Wether it was in athletics, swimming, strength sports, ball games - they were simply the best. They would only loose against the other. Combined, it was impossible to beat that team. We played football against them, we being a normal all guys team, those super girls had some other girls in their team. We had no chance. We couldn't get them down. We couldn't hope to outrun one of them. We played baseball - same result. The two of them would hit almost every ball way out of the field. You name it, they won it. That's all a very long time ago. And perhaps I have let time go away a bit with my memory, but that won't be far! Recently, there was a reunion of the school. I've never gone to those, but this time I did. After all those years! And it's true what people always say in those circumstances, nobody really changes a lot. Really true! And: the same goes for those two 'super girls' from long time ago. Easily recognizable as the big athletic and georgeous women they were. Have always been, I suppose. Still looking strong and athletic. Still I didn't want to be in an opposite team, would there be any kind of contest. They were wearing dresses, high heels, and although the dresses were covering up most parts of the body (only the calves and the under arms were free, with both ladies), one could easily identify the muscular body underneath. What sights! Both were easily part of the most attractive ladies around, although also quite some girls in their 30's (or perhaps even 20's?) were walking around. I managed to have some small talk to them, it did cost me quite some time to make myself known, by the way, and one of the ladies (I won't tell you her name) informed me she was still very active, running, swimming, rowing. "Still no problem beating you, old fellow!" she told me. Being already a bit, well not drunk but I had had some beers, I playfully grabbed her bicep and squeezed a little. She smiled. I squeezed some more, not a bit more but a lot more. She still smiled. "Pretty big huh, for an old lady," she said laughingly. I think I blushed and could only stammer something like "Wow...". "I don't think our school has had better athletes then the two of us." "Well," I said, "you are still very amazing, but in all those years there might have been a guy or two who could beat you somewhere." "You think so?" she answered, while giving a big flex to her arm - which grew BIG under that dress! "Okay you are still strong, and gourgeous of course, but there might be some people around who can beat your old records - you aren't the youngest here..." "Ah, being smart huh - well I think I can still beat most of the guys around. Pick a sport and I will beat you!" She said smiling. "Uhm, well, no, I didn't mean myself being able to beat you, but some of the younger guys will prove my point, I'm sure of that." She just repeated her statement "Pick a sport and I will beat them." "You can still outrun, outswim, out-armwrestle anyone around here? Come on, don't fool me." "Well, not at the same time of course, but when done in a proper order, yes." You know, that already aroused me to quite a big level... And I'll tell you soon what happened further

oldfellaMay 02 2008 10:28am
Women have greater muscle endurance and later in life their hearts put out full strength while men's hearts drop way off in pumping strength. My wife has built the most muscle mass ever while in her late fourties and is stronger than me. While her muscles are developing very well mine are no longer gaining and in fact I've lost some and aren't nearly as hard as her's. She has me by several inches in the legs and about three inches around the shoulders and a half inch in arms. She's very musclular and this is in our fourties! How can a woman build bigger and bigger muscles at that age? I can't and I don't know how she can. It seems easy for her now and not so much years ago.

BobMay 09 2008 1:37pm
Research proves that women maintian muscle mass much better than men over time. Not only that but because women do not lose the muscles when aging like men do, they often have the advantage when building muscles up while in their fourties or fifties. I read on another blog about a web-md article stating women do not lose muscle like men as they get older and read it myself. My own experiance with my wife is that when it comes to weight lifting, she's now stronger than me, her legs are much more muscular and her upper body is more muscular. We workout in our fifties together at home. She is building muscle, I'm not. I've lost muscle but maintaining somewhat, she's gaining muscle size with no problems. as a matter of fact most of her muscles are bigger now than ever before and hard as rock.

AnonymousMay 10 2008 11:37am
I'm 48 years old and armwrestled my wife's sister who is 62! She lives on a ranch and works hard. Her bicep is HUGE! When I put my hand on it and she flexed, it spread my hand so far out that her muscle was massive compared to mine and hard as iron. Yes she beat me easy.

StanMay 10 2008 11:47am

AnonymousMay 21 2008 10:53pm
I have to agree with the above post as my wife and I are 52 and work out together. She is adding muscle size quite easy while I've lost muscle in the last several years. Her muscles are harder and bigger than mine. I get sore easy from weight lifting and she doesn't. What I find amazing is that she's building more muscle at her age.

AnonymousJul 12 2008 6:38am
My wife was a goddess. She was 5'2" of pure sexy muscle. She pretended to be much weaker than she actually was, but I knew when we embraced tightly that her strength was incredible. I am twice her size and weight but she could easily control me when we wrestled in bed. When we worked at our home in the garden, she could lift huge rocks and boulders that our 22 year old nephew could not budge. One time, there was a family argument in which she pressed a much younger male member of the family against a wall and held him motionless until she could get get point across verbally. Her slender, vascular arms are quite sexy, and when she flexes, her biceps become incredibly defined balls of steel. Her legs were always her most impressive physical assets. She used to tell me about how she could out do all the boys of her high school football and soccer teams in the leg press. Throughout the years her legs only became more muscular and defined. The striations in her thigh muscles and definition in her calves were marvelous. I was in a constant state of turn on. She is over 50 years old and she is still the most incredible combination of brains, brawn and beauty I have ever seen. She never flaunted her strength publicly, but she wore clothing (high heels, short skirts and sleeveless tops) that tastefully displayed the muscles in her legs and arms. Frequently, admirers would ask her to flex her biceps and legs. She would always oblige, and say "Not bad for an old chick. Huh?" as their eyes popped out of their heads in disbelief. She still wakes up early every morning to exercise. She does weights, aerobics and stretching, and is in better shape than she's ever been. Unfortunately, she is no longer with me, and men 20 to 25 years younger than her flirt with her and ask her for dates. I would love to find another woman over 50 with great physical strength and intelligence (a little beauty would be great too). I know such women are out there. I've seen them, but have never had the opportunity to meet one.

RobertJul 23 2008 7:25pm
I helped the lady next door move a heavy wooden patio bench not long ago. She's in her fifties and works out. I was blown away by her biceps when we lifted the bench, her's were bigger than mine and her delts rippled with muscles. After lifting the bench higher to clear some flowers her biceps had veins all over and grew so big like I said I was really surprised. I've never had muscles like hers.

Dude next doorAug 09 2008 1:21pm
Dude Did you talk to her about her muscular arms and shoulders?

AnonymousAug 12 2008 11:15pm
hello everybody,i think that woman-especially older can have amazing power and strenght in their body.i live in apartment tower of twelve floor building,where situation happend that my neighbour from upper apartment-lady just about 50y old encountered three burglars in her apartment during we live in very busy estate people dont pay much attention to noise,or banging walls afternoon i was just listening to music but i heard massive strokes and banging noises coming through walls that was so intensive that walls were vibrating from upper seemed to me that somebody upstairs is moving furniture all over apartment.i got the point when about after 15minutes i heared woman voice screaming in unbelieveble tone.i lock my door and quick as i could run up the stairs,there was couple of other neighbours who heared the screams of woman and we meet right at front of her doors,we heard the woman inside is fighting and struggling,so we kick-out the door imidiately and there was lady on the floor in living room bouncing with three guys on top of her,obviousli trying to restrain her legs and we beat the sh..t out of them,and hold them still untill the cops moved in.woman ended up very badly bruised but brave and strong enough to fight three criminals-guys all aged between 25-30,for more than a quarter of hour!-they ended up very badly bruised,one has broken ribs after her kicks.her living room and bedroom was literally smashed,doors broken and wardrobes flipped all over place as she put up brutal force to battle away of these creatures.she is ok now,we became friends and she prefers the company all the time since then.i was terrified how she could put up fight like this with three man on top of her,she said she never work-out but she have unbelieveble strong legs even she is smaller than me-i m 6.2",she is 5.3"only,but her muscles on thighs are twice as big as mine and calves naturall but ripped and huge.she always use to say she wiped the floor with them only thanks to her extraordinary powerfull legs,which saved her.

john.Aug 19 2008 4:42pm
i think its time that we-man,must get over it,thah woman have and always has a stronger lower body-that means in avarage woman have much more power in their legs than avarage man.its easy-just look on the huge womans muscle mass on their thighs,or their bulging calves on high heels shoes?!woman must cope with (for us-man)- unbearable pressure and pain contractions of their body during childbirth,which requaires endurance of muscles that only womans body is able to withstand.of course our domain is upper body,but we can never be compared with endurance of woman muscles.thats why they might look small or tiny,but deep in their body they are extremly strong and they show it only when they must to do so.woman are much stronger when they get older 40-50years,thats why their husbands are very often physically outmuscled and easy overpowered by them.these woman compared to young chicks have trained muscles all these years in work,home,walking,etc.its easy to see that daily on the streets-see older womans ripped calves,flexing thighs,biceps even on ordinary non-work out woman.or weights of groceries they are capable to carry for miles!!!thats real woman power.

peteAug 19 2008 5:54pm
thats 51 and my husband is 47 and he is not capable to carry few yards half of the shopping that i carry for long distances.we are big family and all girls and woman have a way much stronger legs than all man in our thighs is 29"rock hard muscles and my husbands-24" lean weak mass,my calves is 18"ripped diamond muscles,and my husbands-only 14"calves flat lean mass.but he is much taller than me.his arms are stronger only a bit but my legs is four times-stronger than his!!!and im only 5.4"he is over6.1"

eveAug 19 2008 6:30pm
Eve, when me and my husband are trekking in the mountains I always carry twice as much as him, that is the only way for us to walk long distances since he is getting tired very quickly with a heavy load on his back. He has accepted this fact a long time ago but from the start he tried to carry the same load as me and the result was that we didn't reach the places we were aiming for in time. When we are shopping I always take the heavier bags. He used to be stronger than me in his arms when we were younger, he easily beat me when we armwrestled right handed but had a tougher time with the left arm. Now I can beat him rather easy with both arms, we are soon 60 years old and he has lost strength much quicker than me. He is not an out of shape couch potatoe but nevertheless I have kept my strength (and actually gained upper body strenght when I got 50 and started to work out with free weights). My legs have always been a lot stronger than his. When we are walking in the mountains we sometimes get funny looks from people we meet, I carry a big back pack and my husband a much smaller. But when they look at us more closely it is more obvious who is stronger. My thighs are much bigger and muscular than his, my back is wider and my arms are bigger. Are closest friends are the same age and the situation with them is exactly the same, the woman has become stronger than her husband in a similar way as ours.

EvaAug 21 2008 11:44pm
hello Eva,you are probably naturally strong woman and if you can carry twice of weight that your husband is capable up the hills you must be really o lot stronger than him,especially your are soon 60 that means older than me and still capable of carrying that weights up the hill i dont know how heavy is your stuff but you must be very strong woman.that only proves that our muscle endurance is hell lot bigger.for example me and my husband use to play wrestled against each other.not very often but for fun,since we were at age in about 25-29y.i mentioned that my legs are very very strong compared to most man.that fact always gives me advantage over him so he wasnt actually never-ever capable to over-wrestle me thanks to huge power of my thighs and calves,even in the young age.i always wiped the floor with him laying on top of me,struggling to hold me still-and he is much taller than me.he get tired very soon and i was still able to strike with massive movements even with his weight on top of my body.even i felt like i could lift with massive strikes easy another man and wrestled both in same time.legs and endurance is definitelly on our side.

eveSep 01 2008 5:21pm
Hhi eve, you are so right, I guess that if you compare a normal man with a normal woman the strenght advantage in the upper body is in the men's favour, that is if you compare people of similar size. If you have a man and woman with the same body type I am quite sure that the woman's legs are stronger and that she has better endurance than the man. That is if both have similar physical activities. You have proven that a smaller woman can be stronger than a big man. Our closest friends have a similar story. The man has always been stronger than his wife until they reached 50, the woman started to work out and it took her about 4 months to become stronger than her husband, her legs had always been stronger. And she is a lot shorter than him (but not a lot lighter though). You are right, I am a naturally strong woman, born with a strong body. I never worked out with weights until I got 50 but have always been very active, enjoying physical challenges. Did you ever wrestle two men at the same time? If I had been younger I would try to wrestle two smaller men at the same time, it would be possible to get one in a head lock and the other in a body scissors. Well, that is nothing for a soon 60 year old. I am happy to wip my husbands but once in a while.

EvaSep 05 2008 5:17am
My wife is now 52 and has been working out with weights for over 25 years. She was a successful competitive natural bodybuilder for many years. We would often wrestle for training and fun and still do today. At 5'3" an 120lbs, which is 60lbs lighter the I am, she has developed significant strength and skill and frequently out wrestles me. Her physique is that of a fitness female in her 30's with strong quads, shapely glutes and attractively muscled arms with powerful biceps. During our recent wrestling encounter, she forced me to submit twice, once with her on top performing a grapevine/headlock pin and then from behind with a body scissors and rear naked choke hold. I think that she has got stronger with age and actually benches 135lbs today and is just as sexy as ever...

ZippySep 05 2008 5:58am
hi eva,you asked me if i ever wrestled two man in one sure that out there are many woman who wretled two man on the mat or in bed for fun or physicall prove to be stronger than happen to me on the beach when my husband tried to throw me into the water,he wasnt capable to do it on his own so his younger brother comes along to help him out,but my resistance was so strong i brought both of them down-we all fell on the sandy ground where they both battled against me to get me into water,finaly they lifted me only thanks to third man-our friend who jumps in and help them to hold my powerfull legs.after all this they finally get me where they wanted-into cold water.all of them were amazed of how strong woman can be,and were making jokes on that the rest of the weekend.i would classified this as a wrestling but not on the mat.another similar physical test against two man i remember was leg-wrestling against my husband and his brother.we leg-wrestled with husband many times,because he coldnt bear the fact that my legs are much stronger and he is much taller than me.i over wrestled his two legs against only one my leg.we use to sit on sofa or bed and pushed hard feets against each other.we put piece of wooden bench between our feets his two against my one leg.i pushed so hard that his knees almost hit his nose.his brother was so excited of my power that had an idea they will push together from one side against my both legs on the we put wooden piece between feets and result was they loose after couple of minutes sweating and shouting,i was surprised myself and i couldnt beliewe i just overpowered two tall man in leg wrestling.have you ever tried to leg wrestle your husband eva?

AnonymousSep 07 2008 11:11am
last comment-eve

eveSep 07 2008 11:17am
You seem to be a very strong woman eve, I think I could be a problem for two men my husband's size and strength to handle but I don't think I can get my husband and his brother (that is weaker than my husband) to wrestle me. Perhaps when we are on the beach together next year. I have never leg wrestled the way you explain, it seems that your legs are very strong. And so are mine. I have leg wrestled (or thighs wrestled) many men in another way. You sit opposite each other, one person with his/her legs outside the opponents and then try to press the other persons legs together. I can smash my husbands legs together in a flash. When he tries to do the same to me my thighs won't budge. I have never lost to a man in this game. You can also start with your thighs together and the other persons knees outside your knees. You should then try to pry your opponents legs out. This is also no match for me against my husband. I will try to armwrestle my husband and his brother at the same time, I am sure to win that, one with each arm at the same time. It is good fun to show your strength even if you are not young anymore like me. I wish I had started earlier to build my strength but I am not sure that my husband could have taken loosing a test of strength to his wife when we were young.

EvaSep 08 2008 7:54am
It seems that Eves and Evas are strong ladies, being named after the first woman on earth perhaps make you strong. I know a woman named Eva as well, Danish woman. I have never armwrestling her or anything like that but she appears to be very strong, about 175 cm and probably more than 80 kgs. Very solid looking woman. I have seen her lifting loads in the garden that I know that I could never move, I am about her hight but at least 10-15 kgs ligther. What do you think eve and Eva, could being named after the first woman in the Bible have anything to do with your above average strength? Weird theory I know.

AdamSep 09 2008 4:49am
I was born strong for sure Adam (is that your real name?). When I grew up I was stronger than many guys older than me. I don't have to show off, strenght has been a natural part of my life. Your theory is weird I agree, but I think my parents named me Eva after another strong woman, my grand ma.

EvaSep 09 2008 4:52am
My name is not Adam, but I sure would be an Adam with an Eva or eve like you ladies. I have always had a thing for strong women and even more so when I see a strong woman in her 50's. You are great, both of you.

AdamSep 10 2008 7:51am
My wife has gained more than 10 kgs of muscle the last 8 years, she started to work out with weights when she was 50. She was in very good shape before that, with an athletic background (swimmer) and doing aerobics, swimming, powerwalking etc. several times a week. But age is difficult to fight and gravity even worse. Both me and my wife lost our firmness as people do our age and we both started to do something about that. Since my wife used to work out with weights as a young swimmer she joined a gym and since I have been playing tennis and jogging a lot of years ago I started to run almost every day and playing tennis once a week. Now my wife's body changed very quickly, first firming up and loosing weight. She was 172 cm and 75 kgs and I was 179 cm and the same weight when we started. After about one year of working out my wife lost about 8 kgs, after the second year she had gained 2 kgs, the third another 2 kgs etc. She is now 79 kgs and quite muscular. I occationally join her to the gym to work out a bit and notice that she is stronger and more muscular than many younger women AND men. When she almost hit 80 kgs she stopped adding more weights to her work outs and went for more reps instead. She doesn't want to become too muscular she says. She can bench her own body weight (free weights). I am 67 kgs today, very fit but not very muscular as you can understand. My wife says that I don't need any big muscles since she is so strong. I am proud of my muscular wife and would like to post pictures of her but that would probably end my relationship with her. Nice to read some of the comments here. Many people in their 50's are in very good shape. We are almost 60 and in better shape than in many many years.

Married to muscleSep 10 2008 11:21pm
hello eva and everybody,eva i bet you get them both down in the same time in arm-leg wrestling.i think your body strenght is about twice of your husbands and your legs especialy thighs even more so my bet is that you will win definitely!story of my beach wrestling against more man(you should try that as well) is very funny and must have been big comedy for all people around,but at least prove that we are not the weak sex as man-kind thought.woman can be extremly strong even after 50years.and that is not rare,but very very often!

eveSep 14 2008 7:16pm
my wife have realy tiny weak upper body but her legs-thighs and calves are UNREAL MUSCLES and FREAKISHLY STRONG!she never weightlifted or so.she has always huge leg muscles and she soon will be 56y.she still wears a skirts and high heels.when she walks up the stairs her calves are bulging so much and turns on all man around even youngsters in 20s

robSep 14 2008 7:50pm
My wife had a similar body to yours rob. It was her muscular legs, especially her big, firm thighs, that first got me interested in her more than 30 years ago. I couldn't keep my eyes off her beutiful muscular legs, always in short skirts and in shiny tights. We became a couple and one thing I soon found out was that I couldn't beat her when we wrestled for fun. Armwrestling was no problem for me, I won easily but when it came to wrestling her strong legs just made it impossible for me to pin her and she won quite often squeezing me with her strong legs. Her legs kept on growing, not only muscle but she still hade these thunder thighs and real muscular calves. About 10 years ago (she is now 54 years old) she decided to develop her upper body and started to work out for size and strength several days a week. And her body responded real well, she got bigger and looked fantastic. And she got stronger! Within a year she had bigger muscles than me and I suspected that she was stronger than me as well. When she got 50 we armwrestled for the first time in many many years and we were both a bit shocked how much stronger she was than me. Today she is more muscular than many younger men and women, and I just have to realize that I will be the second strongest in our relationship. I have realized that several women in their 50's look strong.

MannieSep 15 2008 12:12am
eve, have you tried the type of leg wrestling I wrote about some postings ago? Anybody else tried that?

EvaSep 15 2008 11:31pm
Or you kidding Eva. I can't even press my wife's legs together using both my legs and arms. My wife's legs still make people stop and stare, some are attracted like me and some I think are intimidated seeing bulging muscles on a 50+ woman. Some even think that her legs are dead ugly, women shouldn't have more muscular legs than a man. Well, I'm not one of these men or women.

MannieSep 15 2008 11:33pm
mannie,i got the same problem with my wife we wrestled for fun armwrestling was never prodlem to over power her,but in wrestling i was never able to pin her down thanks to her muscular massive legs.she flips me or anything else easy.during wrestling her endurance and power was always was like sitting on wild horse and trying to restrain her.she throw me into the air with her hips back and forward easy and my weight is almost twice of her!now when she is older she have still so strong or even stronger lower body than before and i always like powerful woman especially her muscle legs.all people is staring at her thighs and calves wherever we go and she like them showing on high heels and skirts,she enjoys that much and im happy for her.did you encountered on other ways to strenght of your wifes legs,body or her endurance mannie?

robSep 17 2008 7:49pm
hello eva yes i tried to leg wrestling my husband the way you said pressing out and inn opponents thighs,both ways.he is taller than me so his legs longer he wasnt capable to overpower my huge bulging thighs even once.he was not able to even move with my thighs an inch!in or out,i smash his legs together in 1-2 sekundes,or pry them out in 3-4 sekundes,he couldnt bear the pressure of my legs any longer than that.did you tried wrestle and armwrestle two man in one time yet-eva?

eveSep 17 2008 8:06pm
my name is brian im 54y, my wife lisa is 52y.we have two daughters sharon she is 23y and amy thing i found out to be not true is the rumours about man being stronger than woman in general.about woman over 50 all i can say is that they gain physicall power with age as we-(man)are loosing it.i have always been very muscular type of man especialy my arms and legs were very strong and muscular thanks to weightlifting since young age but it was breathtaking for me to find that after my daughters reach the age of 18,20y i has the weakest legs in our wife lisa never weightlifted but she always get me in legwrestling and wins all matches,so as daughters did in their young age.armwrestling was my domain but wife starts to gain a lot of strenght after getting older in upper body.her muscle mass in biceps is amazing compared to me and she can lift and carry a lot of weight with her arms.she has always geneticaly strong legs,so as my daughters.their thighs are very muscular and big compared to mine even im the tallest person in our family strenght of my legs is no match to neither of them lisa,sharon or amy.

BRIANSep 21 2008 4:57am
eve, I think most women will find that they can beat their husbands leg wrestling the way we have done with ours. I have read other postings on other boards with similar experiences. It gives me quite a bit of pleasure to feel my stronger legs press my husbands skinny ones together or the other way around. No, I haven't armwrestled the two brothers at the same time yet, I think they would hesitate to do this since they know how strong I am. I will see, there are a couple of family dinners coming up soon. And for you Brian, be proud of the strong females in your family. Women loose strength slower than men and many young girls today work out really hard, as hard as guys. With good genetics this creates strong women with good self esteem.

EvaSep 23 2008 12:56am
Can a woman over 50 be more muscular than a young man? You bet she can! And a whole lot stronger too! I am talking about my neighbour, apart from nice and easy, she's also very active and strong. And, yes, attractive too... The strange thing is, in my view she got attractive because of her muscles. The day I noticed her muscles and her strength, I became aware of her attractiveness. Before I had seen her as a 'normal' woman of around 50, nice and all but not much more. Now she simply is Amazing! I'll tell you about the day I found out about her strength (and my admiration for it..!). I am a runner, long distances. She happened to run too, which I found out on one of my spare free days (I usually run in the evening). We came out of our houses at the same time, started talking about our runs and decided to run together for a while. A little while, from my point - I didn't want to disturb my training by having to jog slowly. But she kept along with me quite nicely, which surprised me a bit. I told her how well she kept going. She smiled back and told me she had been not only running but doing all sorts of sports for her whole life. And not only cardio things, she said when we halted. She jumped on the ground and began to do push ups! "It's good for my all round fitness," she said. I only stretched my legs a bit. "You should do it too!" I decided to give it a try. Plus, I didn't want this older woman to outdo me, in a sport. In any sport, no matter that I wasn't used to doing pushups or things like that. I went along with her. After some ten, I had to work harder. She noticed and encouraged me! "Come on, you can do more than that!" By this time she must have done some thirty or forty or so... I managed another ten, not too well, and then I saw her stop. I did the same. "Well, you're a good runner, but I guess the strength department is mine!" she said laughingly. "I'm just not used to this," I lamely commented, "and I am amazed at the ease you did them, I really am. You must be very strong for a woman." It was meant as a compliment. She took it differently though. "For a woman? Ha ha. You don't think you yourself are stronger than I am? I can do twice as many pushups, easily. And I think that means something about strength, young man." "Uh, you mean you are stronger than me?" "Of course I am, I wonder why you ask! I thought I just showed you," she answered. "But if you want more prove, we can armwrestle?" and she laid back on the grass again, one arm up, looking at me with an anticipating smile. "What? O what the hack, haha, okay with me, let's do it," I said, quite surprised and not really knowing what to do. But I went with her, took her hand, squeezed it, got no other reaction than a smile back. "You ready?" she asked. I nodded. "Three, two, one!" she said. I was quite determined. I had found myself back and wanted to end this stupid thing. What did this woman think? Yeah, she could run at a decent speed, for a few miles (we hadn't gone far yet), she could do quite some pushups - but she had done them for a long time - and, most important, she was an older woman. And I was (still am!) a young man. So with that determination I didn't want to play, I just wanted to end it. I pushed hard from the start. Apparently she did the same. I pushed harder and squeezed some more. It worked. Fortunately... Her arm went down, slowly (so she was quite strong indeed) but steadily. Until... my progress stopped... I tried to squeeze and push harder, but gained no more. "I told you," she said, smiling to me (I only looked at her when she started talking, before I just watched our hands, only the hands). "I am a lot stronger than you, young man. But go ahead and try some more, I love a decent workout for the arms." What was she telling me? And why could she be talking so easily - I had to work and strain and breathe very hard..! "Well, it's not much of a real workout," she said and pushed our arms up to neutral. "I didn't think you were that weak though. I bet you only run for sports. You should try some strength training too, it's good for you." I could only strain... Or, perhaps I could stare too, now... "What... How..." "O, just like this," she 'answered' and put our arms down to the grass. "Train, young man, and one day you might become strong too," she winked. "As strong as a woman." I could only stay down on the grass. "Come on, we have to continue our run," she said. "Or do I have to carry you?" She helped me up, and by the way she looked at me I got the feeling she was serious with that joke. "Uhm, no, thanks," I said. It was a strange rest of the run. I guess I talked back a bit, but I don't know what, I was too distracted.

runnerSep 26 2008 10:19am
Michelle. That's my neighbours name. Well, not really, I don't want to disclose anything about her (and mine!) real life, but I guess it's easier when I am telling about her to you. Because that's what I like to do... When we arrived at our houses after that legendary run, she told me "you really need to work on your strength, the stamina might be okay but the muscles aren't much - at least no match for mine!" she winked and went into her house. I costed me some days, perhaps a week or so, to understand what happened. By then, I slowly found out that I, yes, might actually love strong older women... At least Michelle! She still is the only one I know, for real - I've seen there's a lot of (and about!) them on the internet... And I guess she likes me to, at least, to have someone to 'admire' her, cause that's what I am doing, or so I think. I hope it's not too obvious... But she changed her running schedule a bit and now joins me some times to run in the evening. It's not a big problem for me to outrun her, I have more speed. But she insisted to add some strength training to it - in her way..! So we run, then do some pushups (she still easily does twice at much!) and then we run some more. At one time she suggested, to improve the leg strength, to do piggy back running. What? She is a bit smaller than me, but still - to piggy back your older neighbour woman? Come on. So she had me surprised again. "Come on, jump on, it's no big deal," she told me. And - I did..! It was easy for her to carry me. And, I don't dare to admit to you, it felt great! She just ran, with me on her back! "And now it's your turn," she said after a couple of minutes, during which I could adjust to the idea. I hadn't fully... She jumped on my back, I had trouble holding her, finding the right technique and all, but when I found, I could carry her. And walk. Running, well, was too much of a task... "We really need to train your strength - not only do you have weak arms, also your legs and back aren't too muscular, hihi," she smiled. "Let me show you what I mean," and she turned her back to me, inviting me to join her again. I didn't know anything better then to just jump on. She just jogged for a couple more minutes. I was astonished. How strong was this woman? She had carried me for a long time - and jogging! She should be tired now, she has to be. Her smile must be a fake one. I got an idea: since she had carried me for a long time, a lot of it by her arms, I thought - she had to be tired there! "Shall we do the armwrestling again?" I suggested, hoping to be able to beat her (tired) arm. "Fine," she answered. "Or do you want another pushup contest?" "No, armwrestling will be fine," I said. But she was on the grass again and pushing up and down..! "Only ten to loosen the arms a bit," she said. "Well, let's go." I joined her, grabbed her right arm, didn't squeeze too much (I wouldn't win it there) and we started. Or, I just started pushing, and she pushed back. This time I didn't start all out, she had the tired arm so time would be on my side. "So you think you can tire me out huh," she said, with that smile I already knew. "But that's okay with me," she added. I watched her arm, halfway down to the grass. It was a thick arm, with a lot of vains. "That's what muscles look like. You like them?" she asked. "I can show them some more - if only you pushed a bit harder..!" I kept on pushing, not letting her get away with some jokes or small talk, she wouldn't get me distracted. "Look, it's kind of boring this way, don't you think?" And she push our arms to the other side, also half way down. "I am going home." She pushed our hands to the grass and got up. "You follow me? Or do I have to carry you again," she winked. Again, she had me completely beat. So now I am completely in awe of this woman. This superwoman. My neighbour Michelle. Can't get her out of my mind any more. Not that I want to, to be honest.

runnerSep 26 2008 11:21am
I think it is great that more and more men can admit that women can be physically stronger than a man, and that even women thas has passed 50 can be muscular and strong. I have always been physically active, keeping myself in rather good shape with work outs (not with weights), jogging, biking etc. But when you get to 50 it is tougher and tougher to stay in shape so I joined a gym and added weights to my programme. And I just loved it! Me and my collegue (she is my age, 50+) soon worked out 3-4 times a week. And our bodies changed, we both had good genes for building muscle. We noticed after about a year that we could outlift several of the younger people at the gym, men included. After working out for a bit more than 2 years my friend told me that she had challenged her husband to an armwrestling match the night before and she easily won. They had also wrestled in bed and she was able to pin him again and again. Her husband was so embarrassed. I thought about my own husband, could I take him? I mean I could lift more than several men younger (and in better shape)than my husband so why not. My husband is 8 cm taller than me at 178 but a few kilos lighter than my 73 kgs. I actually had gained some kilos of muscle by then. The thought of challenging my husband in a similar way as my friend's thrilled me. The same night I told my husband about what my friend had said, that she was quite a bit stronger than her husband. My husband said something about this man being unusually weak. I put my arm on the kitchen table and asked if he thought he could beat his own wife. I had a sleeveless top on and he looked at my arm like and suddenly looked a bit unsure. Of course he said but when he saw me flexing my rathre big bicep he said, oh my God, you have been working out haven't you? I really enjoyed showing him my strength that evening. I slowly put his arms down, first his right than his left. We than ended up in some kind of wrestling match, my body was stronger all over so I could pin him or make him give up rather easily, he also lost his steam a lot quicker than me. I loved every minute of it, as a young woman I don't think I would have liked to be stronger than him but now it was a real kick to my ego. His reaction was to start working out, he hired a personal trainer and went to the gym twice a week. After about 3-4 months he was skipping more and more of this work outs and some months later he had lost interest in working out, he just kept on running now and then. Me and my collegue now work out almost every working day and I can honestly say that there are plenty of men 20 years younger than us that have difficulties keeping up with us, in some cases, especially leg strength, they are outclassed. And our husbands have accepted being weaker than their wives.

JoanSep 29 2008 4:28am
Joan, I do know that women like you exist, but I still am amazed when I read your stories. And even more amazed when I actually see women like you, older and stronger. Until now I only see my neighbour Michelle, and she's quite something and extremely amazing to me, but the thought that several other older women are so much stronger than me is, well, perhaps a bit too much for me, now... The thing is, with Michelle, I think she now likes to show me that she's the strong one. I see her looking at me in a different way. Not only when we run together, no also at other times. And, I don't want to armwrestle her any more. It's no use, and no fun at all. The piggy back runs though, I am liking them more and more. I still hardly manage to walk with her on my back, well I can manage to walk but not for a long time. While she, well she 'just' runs around with me holding on. It's a good training for her. She still wants me to armwrestle her - me using two arms, that is..! She really thinks she's twice as strong! I'm not taking that. I don't believe it, but I also don't dare to prove her wrong. Imagine - a 33 year old guy, using two arms and loosing an armwrestling match to a woman over 50 who only uses one arm..! That can't be true. That may just not be true. But I don't dare to prove her wrong... I know she is strong. But I am not weak, just normal. Perhaps a bit weaker than a normal guy, a bit. And she keeps teasing me. I don't know what to do with it, the thought of loosing is stuck in my mind but can only be replaced by the thought of knowing she's twice as strong... Cause the thought of me winning that match won't come up...

runnerSep 30 2008 10:44am
enjoy it runner, it seems that you really like being with a stronger woman, and you say that you are a bit weaker than the average man meaning many men would have even bigger problems to match your neighbour's strength. Why not challenge her to a real wrestling match, that might be fun? You don't have to be so surprised, the world is full of strong women, men just haven't realized that before and women have done a good job hiding their strength because of the problems you men have being weaker than a woman. Have fun and play with this lady.

JoanSep 30 2008 10:49pm
Two days ago I saw a woman in her 60's on the bus. She sat opposite me and her face looked old, but I couldn't help looking at her legs. She had a rather short skirt on and her legs were very very muscular in shiny tights. Her thighs were huge, when she uncrossed and crossed them again I could see how muscular they were. And her calf muscles were just out of this world, extremely big. Really odd to see a woman that looked old being so muscular. I couldn't see much of her upper body but her shoulders seem to be very wide. I have to admit that I stared at her legs the whole bus ride, she was reading a paper so she couldn't see me staring. Then I watched the man beside me and he couldn't helt staring at her legs either. I am sure he had similar thoughts as me, how can an old woman like this lady be so muscular and perhaps also thinking about what could happen if you ended up between this muscle legs. This is the first time that an older woman turn me on, I feel a bit ashamed of these thoughts since this woman could have been my grand ma. I am 26 years old and my legs would look like toth picks beside the bus woman's. I found this poll just now and have read all the stories. I now know that I am turned on by older, muscular and strong ladies. Weird as hell I have to admit. I don't know what to do with this to be honest. I will go with the same bus for a while to see if I can get a glimpse of those legs again, they have been in my mind all the time since that day.

Young, skinny and weird?Oct 02 2008 12:07am
Will try to armwrestle my husband and his brother this weekend, we will have a family party and I will challenge them in front of the others, then they have difficulties to back out.

EvaOct 02 2008 12:14am
Young man, if you are brave you could approach this bus lady and complement her on her great legs. The worst thing that could happen is that she gets a bit upset but having a young man admiring your legs when you have passed 60 sound great to me.

60 and strongOct 02 2008 12:16am
Joan, I will definately not wrestle my neighbour... That's absolutely not what's on my mind. No way. But yes, I am intrigued by her strength, and I don't dare to armwrestle her any more - she wants to againt two arms of mine - but wrestling is something completely different. It's not that I don't dare to go against her - it's just that I won't do it. Simple as that. And, she never asked me to, so it's no issue. The armwrestling is, though... At least in my mind it's an issue. Perhaps I just have to go and do it, armwrestle her, and loose; perhaps it will help me to get it (her being so much stronger then me, while she's a woman in her fifties..!) out of my system. Perhaps. The thing is, I don't get that guaranteed. So there still is a chance that I will get even more intrigued, or frustrated, by her power. It's difficult, Joan.

runnerOct 02 2008 10:43am
To young skinny and weird: I just think I know what you're going through... So don't come to me for advice..! Just keep staring, she might notice and that may help you, who knows. Good luck!

runnerOct 02 2008 10:45am
I think you should stay away from a woman that could be your grand ma, even if her legs turn you on. There must be girls closer to your age that could do the trick for you don't you think so? But there is nothing wrong in looking, as a woman close to this ladies age I can say that a "dirty" look from a young guy like you could be good for you ego but let it stay with looks.

EvaOct 03 2008 3:14am
hi eva,show them we are not the weak sex,i think with your muscles you get them both down even in one time.i think they wouldnt be able to pin you down-even both in one time.!

eveOct 04 2008 10:48pm
runner, If wrestling is not an issue, armwrestle her best out or 10 matches or something, then I think you understand that she is stronger than you and that she is a unusually strong woman that could beat a lot of other men as well.

JoanOct 05 2008 5:32am
Today is Sunday and my husband and my brother-in-law has woken up with sore arms. I had my show last night when I challenged them both to an armwrestling match, my husband with my right and his brother with my left, at the same time! We were on the floor and the whole family was watching me take them down, it wasn't too hard to pin them. The wanted rematch after rematch and the outcome was the same, me as the winner. I felt big, strong and proud of myself and the family congratulated me for being so strong.

EvaOct 05 2008 5:35am
Joan, wrestling is certainly not an issue! And the thing is not that I don't understand that she is stronger than me - it's just very difficult to, well, come to terms with. To get to live with it. To understand it, yes... Last week when we were running together (more to her than to my joy), she even almost teased me with 'my lack of strength'. She said that I really had to work my arms and legs, because, to her, it's just no fun anymore to even try to compare. Let alone to test our comparative strengths... Now was that insulting to me? Don't know. Perhaps a bit. Although I know she didn't mean it that way, and there really is some truth in it (a lot, perhaps), but still I'm not really at ease with this situation, to put it mildly. Later on, she wanted to show me something. What? "O, just my strength. Don't move." With that she grabbed me in her arms and held me there! "You see. This is very easy for me. I can hold you all day long, if I wanted to, I guess. And I bet you can't do that to me," she winked. Now I really wasn't at ease at all, being held in her arms, so close to her body. But, the strange thing was, it also felt nice..! When I noticed how easy it really was for her, I just felt comfortable! Well, almost, since I still mostly felt surprised. "No I don't think I can hold you all day," I answered, "but that's also way to much for you." "O you doubt me, young man? I just thought you knew better than that." And she held me a bit tighter and started walking. Could she even run with me, or jog? She wasn't going to, was she? Yes, she was. She just went jogging with me in her arms. Now that didn't make me feel more comfortable..! After a few protests she stopped jogging and 'just' went along walking. And talking. "I really do think I can hold you all day long..." she said. "But since it's also your running practise, I'll let you go. Although I really do want to try it." Was she serious? Perhaps, I'm not sure about it. What I am sure about, is her strength. And her confidence. "You really need to improve your strength if you want to keep up with me," she said, "or do you actually like an over 50 woman being stronger than a guy like you?" (I am 38.) She again had me confused. Even more than I already was. But I do know, and for sure, that she's a lot stronger than I am. I don't need more prove for that. Let alone 10 defeats in a row in armwrestling..! I really don't need that... But thanks for trying to help me ;)

runnerOct 06 2008 8:50am
Runner, just enjoy being with a strong woman, it sure seems that you like it even if you get embarrassed since you are the man and on top of that a man who is younger and that is supposed to be stronger. Well, life doesn't look like that. Of course there are strong women and women that are stronger than younger men, why not? I think she is teasing you to get closer to you, that you should challenge her and this would give her the chance to get more intimate with you. It least this is my guess. Lifting somebody in your arms is quite initimate I think. Enjoy the ride.

JoanOct 06 2008 11:59pm
To see my wife's muscls grow month after month is quite interesting. Until her 50th birthday she had never shown any interesting in lifting weights. She kept in shape mainly by bicycling and some pushups and situps in the mornings and evenings. When she got 50 her friends at work gave her a gym membership with a personal trainer for one year, twice a week. A very expensive present indeed and because of that she really got started. And already from day one she loved to hit the weights. Within a month I could already see changes in her body, she was firming up and loosing weight. After 3 months she had defined muscles in her arms and legs, and she felt harder. She added one more work out pass every week so she was now training 3 times a week. And she kept on doing her pushups and situps. After 6 months she started to gain weight, mer muscles grew. Her shoulder muscles and thighs became really big, and I had to admit, quite a bit bigger than mine. After a year, that was a few months ago she had gained 5 kgs since she started to work out. She isn't ripped like a body builder. When she is relaxed you can't really see how muscular she is. But when she combes her hair a big sturdy bicep bounce up and down, when she is walking in stairs her calf and thigh muscles really flex and look awesome. She likes to tell me about how she outlift younger people at her gym, that young men get very embarrassed to see a woman old enough to be their mother lift considerably more than they do. And yes, I have been challenged to tests of strength, already after two months of working out she was stronger than me, not so strange since I have tried to lift weights only once but hated it straight away.I have to say I admire my wifes new muscular body, 5'9 and 174 lbs, not all of it muscle, she still looks very feminine. She is proud to be strong. The last time she challenged me to something physical I tied her hands behind her back and then we had a wrestling match. I couldn't get her down until she decided to follow me down to the floor when I had her in a head lock. She fooled me and wrapped her legs around my body and squeezed a submission out of me in a few seconds. It was good fun though, before she started to work out we hadn't really playwrestled since we were in our 20's. 50 year old women can kick ass.

BertOct 09 2008 12:17am
bert your wife have to be extremly strong if you couldnt get her down with her arms tied behind her back!she have to have a very powerful legs probably.did you get her easy when you were both younger?

NatashaOct 10 2008 5:54pm
respond to eva-congratulation to you eva,i knew you will get them down both in one time.isnt it great to know for woman like you that your body is actually stronger than two man's in that moment and actually prove that as a fact?i think your husband and his brother must have been very surprised with your strenght,as well everybody else in that moment when they both couldnt defeat against one woman's strenght in one time!maybe you could try playwrestle them next.

eveOct 10 2008 6:11pm
My wife's legs are extremely strong and the rest of her body as well. Her back muscles are impressive. When we were younger I used to win our play wrestling matches, I am not sure she gave everything though but neiter did I. I am quite a bit weaker now than I was 25 years ago, my wife has never been stronger.

BertOct 12 2008 2:31am
eve, thank you. My husband and his brother avoid challenging my to any tests of strength now. I really felt very powerful controlling two mens arms at the same time. We will see about the play wrestling. I don't think they like to try that after loosing the armwrestling match.

EvaOct 12 2008 2:33am
Hi everybody,my name is 53 and my wife is 50.i dont know if this is real true but i have read some articles about womans muscles beeing more efective and poverfull than a man's.its actually latest news from the science research,what was'nt known before.scientists even found out that woman's body strenght can be multiplied couple of times under stress,fear or life threating situations-and they can produce x-times more strenght than a man's body in the same situation,under same circumstances.that would probably explain johns story about her neighbour woman who defeated three burglars wanted to restrain her on the floor,or some others like eve defeated more man wrestle her on the beach even only for fun to throw her into the cold water.however,all these woman can be naturaly strong like eva who overpovered two man in the same time even in man's domain-arm strengh,but even average woman can prove to be stronger than average or much bigger man,like my wife did it.she is realy physicaly average woman and im a lot bigger than day we moved from one to other house,so we had a lot of furniture,wardrobes etc to be carryed up the stairs to the upper floor.some wardrobes were too heavy for me to carry them up so i decided to wait for the next day to hire friends help with the heavy stuff.i left the home for the night shift in my job.morning i return home,i couldnt believe all that stuff and big wardrobes were already on the top floor,only one was left down wife smiled at me and said she left one down for me.i said to her i dont believe she did it on her own,somebody must have been there to help her out to move furniture upstairs.i phone my friend to find out if he was there,and he said he will be just on his way so i said its all upstairs ok to save his trip.i said to my wife its not possible for her to lift and even carry these monster big wardrobes up on her own,she just smiled and said to me to carry the last i grab that and put all my arms and legs strenght into that but i couldnt simply walk up with that much weight,my legs were shaking too much under that heavy pressure and i was about to fall every arms could barrely withstand as i wasnt able to even step on the stairs and i put that down-sweating after my hard trying for the best.she was hiding her smile,comes to that huge thing and grabs it very tight,she lift that wardrobe and helps herself to top it on her thighs and she walks with that actually up the stairs-slowly but her steps were very firm and sure.i could'nt believe to my eyes,i was literally shocked!!!i have never realised in my life before how big muscles have my wife untill then as they pop out of her legs-she wears very short pyjama dress so i could see her naked legs all the way from my position downstairs.i was amazed of her leg's muscles poping out especialy on her calves.they were huge,very firm bulging and ripped.her legs was'nt shaking at all,unlike mine.i never seen her like this before.she carryed it all the way up and long time before she put it on the floor because i was coming up to open the door on the room where it belongs.since then,we compared our strenght and body.even my wife is smaller than me she have slightly bigger,but a lot stronger thighs than me,and her calves are a bit thicker but her muscles in this part can pop out extremly big and much more ripped.we assume she could carry much heavyer stuff than me because of her advantage in her leg strenght.

DAVIDOct 12 2008 6:57am
Never under estimate the strength of a woman, women might have weaker biceps than men but the overall strength, to combine the strength of the smaller muscles together with good coordination and the strong legs you are talking about can make us women really strong.

EvaOct 14 2008 1:38pm
my wife is smaller than me,but stronger,so i think there could be something about woman's muscles being pound for pound stronger.she is not very big even her arms muscles are smaller but she can withstand much more physical activity,and is able to lift more weight than me!she is 49years and im 47.

rogerOct 19 2008 1:01pm
Look on youtube. There are older women there who could kick the ass of most men aged 16-36

observerOct 20 2008 2:04pm
i think there are woman which is over 50years old and can be due to hard physical work more muscular than some younger man,however it is still very rare and it can't be seen very often.some young man are build very weak and tiny,so they can be actualy weaker than younger either older woman.however most man are build much more muscular than most woman around and their upper and lower part of body is way stronger than any normal woman.i would say that 90percent of man are much stronger and muscular than their womam's counterparts.thats the way it always was and will always be.however there can be some minor exceptions.

danielOct 22 2008 1:25am
Since quite some years I have been fascinated by strong, muscular girls. Girls my age, or a few years older. Later on, I could also get some thrills from younger girls who look athletic and muscular and seem to be strong. Stronger then me, at least. For the last years, I have 'discovered' the older muscular ladies. There seem to be quite a lot of them, many 'older' women who not only have big muscles, but also like to show their muscles and their strenght. Even in the top bodybuilding world, there are several women over 50 who can easily challenge the younger girls. In bodybuilding, yes - and certainly in the strength department. And I wondered why these women still want to show off, still want to compare their (awesome!) bodies to younger ones. Is it just because they can? And that in other physical sports they can not? At a lower level, I think it's the same question: why do the women who write under this topic, like to share their stories on and feelings about being strong / stronger?

admirerOct 24 2008 5:11am
Perhaps I can help you a bit, 'admirer'. Do I guess it rightly that you are a young man, of let's say some 30 years old? It's just a guess, coming from my own experience with my neighbour, who is a guy of 30. And I am a woman of, well, a bit over 50. Around here, for ladies it is like the older the better! Being old and strong - when you read around here, it's like the ultimate combination! But to get back to your question: I really enjoy being a woman of 54 and strong. I enjoy it when I confront a man with my superior strength. I can also enjoy to show off my muscles. To make a man jealous, by 'casually' flexing a bicep. Or by tensing a forearm. I do not do those things too often, don't get the wrong impression, but when I do, I really can enjoy it! My neighbour also can..! I think he became a fan of me... He even asked me to feel my biceps..! Of course I let him. First without flexing, just pulling the thing up, and already my arm got big. He felt it, with two hands, and got such a cute expression on his face, I still love the memory of his face! It was awe, pure awe. And than I flexed. He just didn't know what to do, he lost his grip, than tried to get it back, tried to squeeze my bicep... Well, he didn't succeed, but he tried. The cute guy very much tried to squeeze my arm. And I felt so great! So strong! He could only stammer, words like Wow..! I than asked him if he would like to armwrestle me. Apparently that's what you do when you're in that position. It's a way of continuing that great feeling of power. It worked! He stammered Yes, we went to the table, put our arms up, his was a bit shaky but when I gripped him a bit better, he concentrated on the 'match'. He tried to, at least. He tried to squeeze back, I felt that, but not really. "Whenever you're ready," I suggested. He just started pushing right away. I felt that, but let nothing happen. I suggested again to start when he was ready... Not really nice perhaps, but, again, I felt like it... And I could see him trying to push harder. And I felt like playing some more and started to look away, to talk about nothing, to watch my other arm, even to yawn... "When you are ready to put on two arms, you can do that, no problem," I told him. At that point I think (afterwards) that I couln't hold back any more. I just needed to show off my strength, to show him the big difference in strength. There was that cute look of awe on his face again. And... he put his other arm to it! Wow..! But I still could hold him. After a half minute or so of this (I guess, afterwards) I got my composure back and ended the 'match'. "I really think you should go to a gym and start working out," I told him. He just nodded, or stammered a bit, and flushed, and didn't know what to say or do. That was such a great moment! And I still get a nice feeling when I think back of it. Not that it's been the only moment of victory for me..! Perhaps I tell you a bit more soon. And thanks for telling your stories, people around here, wether you're admirers of strong old ladies or 'colleagues' of me!

TrudyOct 24 2008 5:40am
Wow Trudy, how great of you to come up with your story! I mean, your experiences - I have no problem believing you, don't get me wrong... So for an answer, I take that it merely just is a big thrill for you to feel the difference in strength with a (younger) guy. I think also the social 'fact' that women are the weaker sex does play an important role in it - you are not supposed to be the strong one but you surely are. For me, I think I might react in more or less the same way to you as your neighbour did, but in fact I don't know because I never had the chance to meet someone like you (or the other strong women around here). I do have the sense that there might be a 'sexual' component in it as well, not only a matter of surprise or not being able yet to understand what's happening. I am not sure if I would sit down opposite you and try to armwrestle, certainly if I'd know I would be beaten. Let alone to put up two arms against one of yours. I think that would be too much for me. Honestly, I'm not really sure yet if I should believe you being so much stronger than a 30 year old guy. Well, he can be a weak one of course. And you can be a large, big (and strong) woman. But thanks for reacting!

admirerOct 24 2008 7:30am
Hi Trudy,i just read here about your impresive strong arms,what would you say about your legs,i mean shape,volume of muscles and strenght compared to ordinary man's legs?

rogerOct 24 2008 5:42pm
Trudy, at my office there is a woman your age. She is big and looks very strong, everybody knows she works out like a maniac and you can see that she has big muscles everywhere. She has more than once challenged us younger men to armwrestling matches but we have chickened out, we don't want to loose in front of the younger ladies. We know that she has beaten a few men at a company party some years ago. She can be very provocative, she flexed her biceps when she is fixing her hair, she flashes her big muscular thighs when she is taking off her boots etc. I can understand admirers interest in older stronger women. I think I will try to armwrestle this woman if she challenges me in the future.

BenjaminOct 26 2008 6:54am
Trudy, I am a young man at 29, since I was aroudn 17-18 years old, I have been looking for strong, mature ladies that have the same attitude as you have. And I have found more than I thought I would! Since I am not a big and strong man, 172 cm and 59 kgs, there are plenty of ladies bigger than me, especially heavier. And stronger. I think my aunt started it all. She is bigger than my mom and has always been very sporty. She has beaten several of the man in our family armwrestling so it was no surprise she could pin my arms to the table when we first armwrestled when I was 16. Now 13 years later I still can't beat her and she is 51. My last girlfriend actually left me when her mother of 52 could beat me at armwrestling. She thought I was a joke being beaten by an older lady but perhaps she could also see that I enjoyed the match a bit too much. Thanks for sharing Trudy, it would be great to hear some more.

Skinny AlexOct 26 2008 11:17pm
Benjamin, I think you will do this lady a great pleasure when you ask her to armwrestle! So don't hesitate, just ask! If she really like to show off (which apparently she does), and every one of you just chickens away - that's perhaps not the way she likes it. And it might only get worse. So just go to her, perhaps even tell her that you admire her, or just compliment her on her work outs and her body, and that may lead to the match. Or, like I said, just ask her to armwrestle. I'm pretty sure she'll like that, and both of you may get the better out of it! Just don't be shy around stronger older women!

TrudyOct 27 2008 2:49am
Hi skinny Alex, don't be bothered by older women being stronger then you are. Since you are not exactly a big guy, it's normal that women can beat you. Certainly strong women, and it doesn't make a difference if they are older or not..! In fact, I've only become stronger by getting older! You are a little smaller then my neighbour guy, so I guess also I won't have any trouble beating you. Just like your aunt. But, like I said: don't be bothered with that! Just enjoy it, since you seem to like 'us'. But don't let it get too far, don't fall in love or so with those older women. I tell you that because I don't really know all too well how my neighbour is doing... It seems he just loves to look at me... And, yes, I love to give him opportunities, but since I noticed the danger of that, relation wise, I try to stop showing off. When he is around. Because he's a nice guy and a good neighbour. I don't go sleeveless too often when in my garden, but the show off girl I am, the sleeves I'm wearing don't hide my biceps too well... Oh I just love to flex..! Guys, it's so nice to read your responses! Makes me feel so great! Bye for now

TrudyOct 27 2008 9:06am
Thanks for you comments Trudy. I guess I understand what you mean, I really should look for younger women more my own age. I really liked my last girlfriend, I am quite sure she left me because she could sense my fetish for strong women and when her mother could turned out to be stronger than me she couldn't take that. I hope to meet a woman not that much older than me that doesn't mind being stronger than me. Of course this is not the main issue, my latest girlfriend had a great personality and I think we could have develop something great together. I am quite sure she was stronger than me as well but she really didn't like that at all so she pretended to be weaker than she really was. Too bad. I would love to meet a woman like you Trudy, I just love your attitude.

Skinny AlexOct 27 2008 2:37pm
Trudy, you really seem one remarkable woman! And thanks for letting me know a little more about what makes the older musclewoman go around. Since I've never met someone like you, in real life, I still don't know how I would react, but it could well be just like your neighbour... Don't know if I would be spying on you, but I can imagine he's come to that point. Please keep telling us about your life as an 'older' but surely stronger woman!

admirerOct 27 2008 3:37pm
Trudy, I think I understand the woman at my office better after your comments. She really likes the way us younger (and older) men look at her, we both admire her and are a bit scared of her. Deep inside we think she is stronger than us and that everbody would laugh if she beat as at armwrestling yet we think she is a beatiful woman, strong and still very feminine. She keeps on taking off her boots very close to where I have my desk and as hard as I try I can't resist looking at her very strong looking legs. She has caught me staring several times. I feel really bad about this. I think you are right again Trudy, the best thing I could do is the play along, challenge her to an armwrestling match and see what happens. But I am very shy when it comes to this woman.

BenjaminOct 28 2008 4:23am
And, Benjamin - have you armwrestled your colleague yet..? I am not so much interested in the outcome, but more in your reaction and feelings afterwards... Hers I can imagine, I guess..! So please keep us informed.

TrudyOct 30 2008 4:26am
Can be woman over 50 being more muscular than young man?of course they can be!i work in the gym full time,and i can say that a lot of older woman are far way more muscular than some younger man.what i found out to be true is that womans or girls in general have realy stronger,better developed and more muscular legs than mans or boys.their ability to lift or squat very heavy weights are much,much better.we have young girls looking very tiny and weak who overpowers most much bigger guys on heavy legs exercises/squating/legpress etc.girls use to have very firm and huge thighs muscles compared to boys and even if they just starting with training,they legpress more than guys who trains in the gym years.older woman are different only in upper body compared to younger girls and that is their much bigger and developed biceps muscles,which they have very often much stronger and bigger than even some mans,boys who workout regularly.generaly we have lot of our woman customers very strong especialy in their legs which can't be even compared to strenght abilities of our male a man in late 30s but i have to say that as fact.

gymratNov 03 2008 6:09pm
That comment don't surprise me.My husbands legs are very weak if i look at mine,we have two daughters,two sons and me and our daughters have all athletic husband and both sons are bigger,taller than us-me and girls,but nor of us was never beaten in legs strenght by neither guy in our family.youngest daughter have much more stronger legs than my husband and both sons.they never beat her in legwrestling or squating.most poverful legs in our family is mine,and i overpressed with my legs both my sons in the same time!both mine legs against their four in one move.i can be proud of me,because each of my sons are mucg stronger than my husband and i never exercised!!!

olinaNov 03 2008 6:35pm
It happened when I was about to make a lot of copies, the strong woman (I now know she is 53) was copying quite a lot and I didn't want to wait. I asked if I could make my copies before her if I could beat her in an armwrestling match. She smiled and told me that was a good way for me to wait even longer since she would beat me and then continue to make the copies. She had a short sleeve that only covered a part of her strong looking shoulders and arms and I started to regret the whole thing. I asked her if we could do it so nobody else could see us and she said yes. I could see that she enjoyed the whole thing, she looked like a cat that is about to play with the mouse. We went into the kitchen that was empty and soon I could feel her strong and big hand. Her hand is bigger than mine and stronger for sure. Now she counted to three and then let me push. I could see her right (her weakest)arm swell and the biceps started to grow. I was soon pressing with everything I had. She patted me on the head with the other hand and said that I sure needed to work out and that I was lucky that nobody could see us, a second later she had pushed my arm to the table. She told me that her left hand was even stronger so she could give me a handicap, we started with her hand only 2-3 inches from the table and mine on top. I put my weight on but she told me to look at her left bicep that swelled and then she slammed my arm down. She told me I looked sweet when I was totally read and also thanked me for taking her on. She admitted she is quite an experienced armwrestler and then I told her that perhaps she wasn't stronger than me after all. This lead to another type of armwrestling where she didn't use her body and shoulder, she only held first my left arm with her biceps only and then won, same thing with the right. I now know she is quite a bit stronger. I am happy I did armwrestle her but also confused with my feelings towards this woman. And I am happy that nobody could see us at the office. The last days she has flexed her arms a bit extra, pointing at her biceps with a smile but so this could only be seen by me.

BenjaminNov 04 2008 12:08pm
You should be ashamed of yourself Benjamin, a young man loosing to a woman old enough to be your mother (or how old are you?). Start working out, and take you male coworkers with you. A woman of 50 can of course be strong but you should be stronger.

Rocky SNov 04 2008 11:17pm
Should I really be ashamed? I am young enough to be the strong ladies son but why should I be ashamed being weaker than a strong person, no matter if it is a she or he? I am not a big strong athletic guy, being weaker than somebody built strong and on top of that is working out regularely isn't that strange is it? Help me here!

BenjaminNov 05 2008 2:02am
Olina, my husband was saying to me that I had to do something about my big thighs. I told him that most of the size still is muscle and that he shouldn't say anything since he has chicken legs and that mine was a lot stronger than his. We never have compared our strength before but suddenly we were there on the floor to do some indian wrestling. I flipped him over so easy I didn't have to use much of my muscle power. He wanted to try again and again but he was chance less. Next was sitting opposite each other trying to press first my legs with his outside my knees together and then the other way around. Again no competition. To be honest I thought he could match my strength being a man and all but my legs really are a lot stronger. I then tricked him in a leg scissors and told him to escape. I sweezed out a submition out of him when I really put on pressure. I then asked him to try to do the same to me. He hooked his legs around my midriff and squeezed with everything he had, it wasn't tough at all to take. I have to give to him that he could make me give when I let him put me into a head scissors. He finally admitted that my legs were strong and stronger than his. But I didn't let him off that easy. How about the arms? He is right handed and wanted to start an armwrestling match straight away. He got bigger muscles than me but really had to struggle to win, it took him about 3 minutes of hard work. I won with the left arm in about 20-30 seconds. I told him that this made me stronger all over. This lead to a real wrestling match but I can tell you more about that later. And Benjamin! You seem to be one hell of a young man to be able to accept an older woman being stronger. You will probably find a strong a nice younger woman I hope.

UllaNov 05 2008 7:27am
I m responding to you Ulla.I have the same experience as you with my thighs.Compared to my upper body they are really very bulky,sturdy and i have very wide hips as well.Ashamed of that i use to always hiding them under long skirts or so,thought i m fat.One night out i lost my patience for this clothes and dressed into short skirt and high heels shoes.A lot people was staring at my legs that night out with my husband.his colegues from his job were asking him if im lifting weights or do some kind of powerlifting and that my legs are looking insane strong and muscular.A lot of much younger guys on that party could'nt just get their sights out of my legs and kept talking about them.that time i felt very sexy and even with mine big naturaly muscular thighs and calves poping out like rocks.our daughters have geneticaly very muscular legs-i passed that on them and their boy friends found it very atractive and i would say most of man does.the funny thing is that a lot of man feel ashamed to admitt our legs to be a way stronger.before i found this site i didnt realize how many couples use to compare their strenght in wrestling or so called home play-wrestling.Because my husband and me,included daughters and sons have a lot of matches behind for the same reason.what was your personal experience Ulla against mans,boys or husband?

olinaNov 06 2008 4:30pm
Olina, I really like the changes around us that makes it possible for women to show we are strong and have muscles. Some men are really intimidated when they see my big muscular legs, you can almost see what they think, looking scared almost, what could happen if they ended up between these big thighs? Well my husband now know a lot more about that. He really was embarrassed that I was stronger than him, even if he barely won one armwrestling match. We made room for a wrestling match after the strength tests. I now felt very confident that I could take him since I was of similar strength in my upper body and a lot stronger in the lower. Best of five falls, submission type. The first fall was close, he understood that he had to do his best so he really tried to get me down quickly. My big strong legs kept me standing and my husband was soon sweating. I understood that he was loosing steam quicker than me so I just locked him in different ways. When I felt he was weakening I got him in a headlock and was surprised how easy I could take him down. I never let go of this lock so he had to give in. The next two falls were a peace of cake. I could almost play with him looking him up in different ways, scissor him and have him give up. When I was 3-0 I told him he could get even if he could keep me down for the count of 10 whith him starting on top of me in a schoolboy pin. He was sitting on me with my arms pressed down with his. When he started to count I forces his arms straight out to the sides making him collapse with his head on my boobs, I could then start to force his arms behind his back and at the same time looking my legs around his body in a body scissors. When I started to squeeze he screamed out that he was giving, I remembered him that he still was on top and was close to the count of 10. When he was about to say 10 I turned us around and I ended up on top. As you can understand I enjoyed my physical dominance. After this match my husband couldn't move. I started to caress him and than made love to him, at the same time saying that things would be different after this evening. And so it is. And the change is for the better, for both of us. I have after this night joined a gym and noticed that I have genes for gaining muscle very quickly. I am stronger than many men at the gym, and I would say few man can match my leg power.

UllaNov 06 2008 11:42pm
And for Rocky S I can say that if he is not a very big and very muscular man there are plenty of women that could show him that female muscles are strong.

UllaNov 06 2008 11:43pm
i think that mans legs are in general weaker than womans legs.woman have usually very well build legs-no matter if they are old over 50 years or young girls in 18 y.of age.if you see the way the muscles are build on their thighs and calves,its clear there is big power.i remember school competitions in rope pulling in teams girls against us-boys,girls were on top almost every match.some of our girl-schoolmates were so strong legs they were four of them pulling against eight boys and these four girls won anyway.there was no way we could match the strenght of their legs.girls already have big bulging muscles on their thighs and rock hard calves,but most of us boys had realy tiny chicken legs compared to those of girls sturdy bouncing musclular legs.

mannNov 09 2008 5:26pm
Rmann, rope pulling makes me remember when I was about 18 years old. We were celebrating midsummer in the countryside as always. We were 6 skinny 17-19 year old boys that was challenged to a tug-of-war match by our mothers, 4 sturdy women in their 40's (I know, the wrong age group for this poll, sorry). Like you say mann many women have very strong legs, especially thighs and these 4 ladies had really strong looking legs with bulging thighs. Us boys were a bit upset that these 4 women, our mothers, thought they could match the strength of 6 young boys, soon to be men. It was best out of three matches. The first match started off rather easy where the competitors tried to figure out a strategi. What we didn't know was that the mothers had a strategi, just to hold us and then with all the force from their sturdy thighs pull us with them. And it worked, when they shouted now all 6 of us boys flied over the line as easy as that, despite us being 6. How embarrasing! The next match we had a strategi, we should give everything we had straight away. But nothing happened, our combined strength was nothing for these women to our big dissappointment. And when we had spent our power to no avail they could once again drag us with them over the line easily. Our mothers tried to comfort us that we should grow more and in the future we might be stronger than the four of them but never six agains six since they should always have stronger legs. Our fathers had watched our matches so they gathered 6 men against the 4 mothers and 2 teenage girls to revange the male sex. Six against six. We cheered at our fathers, we needed revange from our defeat. The problem was that the fathers had the same problem, they just couldn't match the strength from these ladies. Slowly they just pulled the men over the line twice in a row. After this midsummer we have always tried to beat the women and a few times the men has actually won 6 against 6 but for many years the women were the strongest. Indian wrestling and arm wrestling were other competitions where men and women, girls and boys competed. Women won the majority of the leg wrestling matches while the men won perhaps 60-70 % of the armwrestling matches. That first summer all 6 of us boys lost to our mothers at armwrestling as well and to some of the gilrs the same age. Since that summer many years ago the subject of male and female strenght has interested me.

LarsaNov 10 2008 6:22am
Men have stonger muscles both in the upper and the lower body although the difference is bigger when it comes to upper body strength. The main reason for this is size, men are just bigger than women as we all know. If you compare a similar sized man and woman the difference is of course smaller, but the man is probably stronger in the upper body, perhpas because boys are doint more physical things when they play, because they work their upper body more when they have physical education. But more and more girls are very active in sports and they work out more than ever at gyms, more and more women don't care if they get muscular arms, something that was a no no before. Leg muscles on women have alwasy been more accepted, a muscular female leg is considered attractive while a big bicep still can be regarded as butch, unfeminine etc. I have always been attracted to muscular legs but in the past thought that women should have firm but not muscular arms. I am today 42 years old and met the woman of my life very late, just 3 years ago. She is 10 years older than me and I met her at the gym I frequented very seldom. She interfered when I was doing something wrong on one of the machines and told me how to do the lifting properly. She had a fantastic body for a soon 50 year old woman. What struck me was her muscular upper body, well her lower body was muscular as well with big muscular thighs, wide hips and big calves, but her shoulder and arm muscles were amazing. I couldn't stop watching her when she worked out. I started to go more often to the gym, I asked her more and more how to use the machines and we soon started to have coffes and from there we became a couple. This 50 year old has a body that any of the girls much younger could die for. She dousn't work out for max strength anymore but she is very strong. 5'9 and 167 lbs. She's doing 3 x 8 reps with 170 lbs, I am 5'10 and 147 lbs and can lift 100 lbs 3 x 5 reps. When my now wife is wearing a sleeveless top and a short skirt she get a lot of reactions, the strange thing is that men complement her on her muscular arms while many women give her very negative comments. I guess men like strong women more than they will admit. Our relationship is a bit different, a 10 year older wife, she is heavier, stronger and also have a better paid job than me. We have a very equal relationship except for the games in the bedroom where I have to admit I am dominated physically, never been close to beat her at antything strength oriented. I think that women loose their strength slower than men,

Bill ENov 10 2008 11:03pm
Mann and Larsa you was talking about rope pulling competitions.I have witnessed one woman close to 47age pulling rope against three men in early 40's of age.that was the best match of strenght between sexes i have ever seen!that woman was my teacher in the high school.she was well known because of her huge and ripped calves and huge massive thighs.she use to dress up into short skirts,she probably enjoyed as we{all guys}in the class were staring all day long at her strong legs and were excited about day we ask her to challenge our sports teacher-{he was pretty big and strong guy}for rope they agreed and we set up all the rest.after match started we could'nt believe as she drag him easily across the pitch and he was heavier,taller as well.but her legs were still better developed and matter of seconds she draged him across the line,so another male teacher took his part and joined men-side of rope along our sport teacher who was really embarased.match started,now only one woman against two men!we all thought this is gona be end for our lady-math teacher,but she has shown extremly powerful legs dragging both of male opponents slowly across the line again this time two men!unbelievable-everybody screamed,we all wanted to know how far she will withstand against three men pulling rope,-if there will be three men-they must drag her in the seconds-thats what everybody was saying!third match started after third male teacher joined the previous other two.our lady teacher looks a bit tired but not exhousted yet.all three men starts pulling against her with all they had.all of competitors starts screaming due to enormous strenght they put up into that fight,our lady was insane how strong legs she has,three men couldnt drag her across-they almost get her close to the line but endurance of her legs was tremendous.huge muscles was poping out of her thighs and calves,compared to those of men teachers whos legs looks funny next to hers.after unbelievable battle men-team lost endurance against one woman and she finaly drag them all exhousted to the line!!!all of them fell to the floor and was embarased after match.since that time i admit woman are strong-very strong.

KENNov 11 2008 6:39pm
jesus don't tell me about womans legs wife is 125lbs weight,during complicated childbirth of our son i had to hold her right leg tight and still along with other two woman.she kicks the hell out of us!there was six people four strong men included me plus two woman bouncing on top of her legs,and we were all over the room trying to hold her legs.

AnonymousNov 11 2008 7:11pm
KEN, your math teacher must have been pretty strong in her upper body as well, that was awesome. The men must have been feeling really embarrassed. I know that they say men have stronger legs then women but if that is true women know better how to use their muscles. Since that summer that us teen age boys realized that 40 year old mothers could be very strong I have come across many strong women with extremely powerful legs. And women that are giving birth are extra powerful I know. When my wife got pregnant she started not only to become heaveier her strength increased dramatically, after giving birth to the third child her body had changed, she had become bulkier and more powerful, her muscles had grown and they stayed that way. I have read about sports women that have only a short time after giving birth been stronger and better than ever.

LarsaNov 11 2008 11:05pm
KEN, I really can see this math teachers legs swell when she outmuscles three men, really awesome! We had a female PE teacher thad had the most awesome calves you can think of. She had a very compact body and she challanged us 14-15 year olds to try to take her down, the thing was that she had her arm behind her back. It was just impossible to get her off balance, she was all muscle. It was quite exciting for us boys to tangle with this lady but unfortunately we never could take her down for even closer body contact. She dressed in short skirts that made all the boys and male teachers drool, again it seems like men like muscular legs. She always covered her arms up, just like Larsa writes.

CurtNov 12 2008 5:05am
The question for this poll is kind of stupid! You just have to watch some of the skinny young men around you, look at some of the computer nerds that never touched a weight in their life, look at some of the musicians on MTV-videos, arms with no visible muscle at all. And then look at some of us women that work out regularly. I have been working out for many years doing aerobics, body pump, boxercise and since 10 years working out with weights. I work out together with three friends, we are 52-56 years old. We can all lift more than 50 kgs for reps bench pressing with free weights and max more than 70 kgs on one lift in the bench press machine. Several younger men at the gym can't do that, not even close. And these men are working out, think about those that never work out! Us four ladies are stronger than our husbands, nothing strange since they don't work out like we do and the difference in strength is getting smaller and smaller the older you get. If you look at me with clothes, trousers and covered arms, you wouldn't think I am a muscular woman but when I have a short skirt and a sleeveless top people look at my muscular arms and legs. I am proud of the way I look and proud that I could put a lot young people to shame when it comes to strength and muscle.

RuthNov 16 2008 11:48pm
Ruth,i dont exercise like you but im with you in this.I m naturally muscular especially my legs,everybody just keep staring at them wherever i go.I got a lot of comments if i work out when i walk up the stairs in high heel shoes,there is always crowd who has eyes at my calves,but sometimes people says my legs are too muscular for a woman.its even hard to find a men who would match muscles on my legs.all i can say is that i have it in my genes from my mother,but im proud of that.

eveNov 17 2008 4:28pm
Larsa,im a men but anyway i dont think that woman-especialy older have weaker body in any ways.And in particullar definitely not legs,which are theirs oldest deadly weapons and works well.Average woman in most of cases have a way stronger legs than the same weight men.Men who have stronger legs compared to woman usually outweights her quiet much-even twice or so,i must admit.Not because of my high school experience from my younger age with my sexy math teacher,but from life.By the way,her upper body was really pretty strong and vascular,that time of match her veins were bulging huge all over her arms but most all over her neck.It was very crazy to see her like this under so much physical presure.She has a very firm but huge breasts so there could be pretty big muscle strenght as well,not only her legs.

KENNov 17 2008 5:23pm
Somebody mention here childbirth of his son during which,there was more people trying to hold the womans legs.Let me tell you that when i was giving birth to my child,i felt so powerful that i could realy lift up the whole building with my legs!Im the woman from the country side so i use to work with heavy stuff,on the legs and arms are realy strong,but i have never felt in my body such a power as the night of my labor.It was complicated childbirth,things went wrong and whole crowd of people were trying to restrain my arms,as they couldnt handle says to me afterwards that he have never seen such a huge biceps muscles,unusuall even on the men as they were bouncing up and down on my strong arms,and i almost tear the restrains of the table.You can only imagine how looks like my husband trying power in one of my legs along with others!

LISANov 17 2008 6:09pm
LISA, after giving birth to two children my body changed dramatically, suddenly I had big muscles, even in my upper body. The work outs I did to get back in shape really payed off in a way that I had never experienced before. My shoulders grew, my biceps and back muscles as well. Before we had children my husband used to be quite a bit stronger than me in his arms, legs was something else though, mine has always been bigger and stronger than his. But about a year after our second child was born I could see that my body was more muscular than my husbands. He had to admit it and we then armwrestled. We were both surprised how much stronger I was! We had a few wrestling matches and it was like wrestling a child. He couldn't even win if we started with him on top of me. I just loved the way my body had changed. Now 12 years after this I am a strong, rather muscular 52 year old woman with a husband that is slim and nice looking but a lot weaker than me. Childbirth changed my body I am sure. Somebody else with similar experience?

AnneNov 18 2008 12:17am
eve, I wonder just how strong you would get if you started to work out? It sounds that you were born with good genetics to become strong. Why not start working out to see just how strong you can get?

AnneNov 18 2008 12:23am
ANNE,i m 51y old,i was wondering how would i look and feel after start regular work outs.considering that my legs are extremly powerful(i can lift up back of the small car of the floor about couple of inches easyli and for reps,my husband couldnt lift it even only once) and muscles i have there are huge,rock hard.Maybe my uper body could improve and be stronger and more compatibile to my wide hips and huge thighs.During my lifetime men use to always challenge me to compare their strenght after they spot my legs.i turn out to be always too strong for them to handle,my husband is much taller but he is no match to me either.and you ANNE and LISA are right with childbirth is making our body stronger than before.Its true,i could feel the same after i give births to my kids.And during childbirth labor i felt very strong,stronger than ever,if i could grap my husband that time i would probably tear him apart with my bare hands-he was lucky not to be there!

eveNov 19 2008 6:09pm
Anne you must be pretty stronger than your husband if he loses to you in wrestling match starting with him on top of you,did you flip him or so?is he bigger than you?

LISANov 19 2008 6:21pm
My husband is probably below average strength for a man and he is about 25 lbs lighter than me today. I love the wrestling matches when we start with him on top. He is sitting on me, holding my hands pinned above my head with his arms and then I ask him if he is ready. I then force his arms to the sides so his body falls down on me. From there I pretty match have him since he cant move his arms. I then continue to force on of his arms behind his back and then the other. This way he is laying on me totally at my mercy. I know move my stronge legs and wrap them around him in a body scissors. I can from there squeeze a submission out of him easily but normally I slowly roll both of us to end up on top of him. I can do this without using more than lets say 60-70% of my strenght while he is using everything he has to try to stop me. The reason for him to wrestle me is that we most of the time finish our wrestling matches in bed. When we start our wrestling matches standing up I normally let him try to get me down before I just threw him down and then pin him. It is strange how much stronger I have become, at the same time he has lost a lot of his strength. I tell him to start working out to have a chance but we both know that this will never happen.

AnneNov 19 2008 11:11pm
LISA, do you wrestle your husband? eve, you sound awesome, your legs must be something extra. Have you armwrestled any men? Since you could take your husband and his brother in a wrestlint match you must be pretty strong in your arms as well.

LISANov 19 2008 11:17pm
Sorry, I made an error, the last comment was from Anne

AnneNov 19 2008 11:17pm
As a young man that has always been fascinated by older, powerfully built women this poll was great to find. I am now 26 years old and I am working out 3 times a week at a rather big gym. All sorts of people work out here but one thing is for sure, there is a majority of women, 65% to 35% men. Since I am working out day time there aren't the gym is not so crowded and you get to know people. There are three ladies that always work out the same days as me (and another 2 days making them working out 5 days a week). The are in their mid 50's. They had been working out for almost 10 years when I joined the gym 2 years ago. They are in a fantastic shape. Of course you can see that they aren't young but all three of them have muscular bodies, not as body builders, more like healthy people with a tough physical work. I am very slim, and working out has made me even slimmer. Harder, stronger but very slim. I am 174 cm and the scale stops at 60-61 kgs. These ladies are between 168-170 cm but I would guess their weight to at least 10 kgs more than mine. And all three of them are considerably stronger than me. They don't lift for max weight since they are afraid to get injured. I am rather proud to be able to do reps with 40 kgs on the Nautilus benchmachine but this ladies do the same amount of reps with 70 kgs. And with the legs they can move the whole rack on some machines. My thighs look like sticks compared to their muscular yet very beautiful thighs. They always have shiney pantyhose on and many men of different ages have difficulties to avoid looking at their thighs. Yes, women in their 50's can be more muscular then young men, I am not at all the weakest of us younger men, several guys do reps with 20-30 kgs wher I do 40. It is quite funnyt to see the look in their faces when they discover that these ladies lift almost three times more than they can do. I often have coffy with these women, always complenting them on their strong bodies, something they seem to like. I know they are too old for me but I enjoy working out with them. I know have a girlfriend that is working out together with me, these ladies just love to see me with a girlfriend. She is by the way 10 kgs heavier than me and almost as strong as me on all machines already after a few months of working out. I am happy that I like stronger women and since I have such difficulties to get any muscle on my body, many women are stronger than me. Thanks.

Rob E RobNov 21 2008 7:17am
Anne,yes we already make comparison of our strenght abilities and we wrestled against each other.match starts in bed,with my taller and bigger husband on top of me and we end up on the floor in the next room-me on top of him!he can't pin me because of my poverful legs.when he is on top of me,i pry legs and bounce his body(which is about 240 lbs) straight into the air with my hips easy,he is never able to hold me down for long time because of my legs,and my body is smaller than his but very muscular all over.he have big arms,but my biceps muscles are bigger and rock solid compared to thighs and calves are bigger too,so its always very hard and noisy wrestling match,most of time i end up on top of him with my legs wrapped arround his body.i have much more endurance,i would withstand hours of wrestling,he just minutes.

LISANov 22 2008 11:45pm
No ANNE,i never armwrestled a man,but i may try arms are very vascular,i have i would say big sturdy biceps muscles.since i over-wrestled two mam in the same time i think will be ok

eveNov 22 2008 11:54pm
My bet is on you eve, armwrestle the guys, it is good fun to win and as a woman you don't have to be scared loosing to a man since most people consider this as "normal". You rock LISA,winning over such a big man is fantastic.

AnneNov 23 2008 2:16am
thank you ANNE for trust in me,i will challenge some guys to armwrestle me,maybe husbands and his friends.there was in this poll woman her name is EVA,she won armwrestling matches against two man in the same time,each of her hand pushing down two different man,her husband and his brother!i would say she must be very muscular and extremely strong lady too.

eveNov 23 2008 5:21pm
being close to 60 I am not a body builder eve but when I flex my muscles they are rock hard beneath a layer of fat that I cannot get rid of anymore. Unflexed my arms look just like big and rather firm arms but flex a big biceps jumps up something the surprises people that doesn't know me. When I brush my hair the biceps jump up and down and if I may say so look rather impressive. My husband looks rather puny beside me when we look into the mirror, that is his words not mine since I like his slim look and I really like to be the strong one in our relationship.LISA you are another example of that women can be stronger. And as you say, we normally have better endurance so you can win a long struggle even if you can't overpower the man straight away.

EvaNov 25 2008 12:50am
I think our endurance is a way ahead of that man's one.And you are right Eva,my husband never withstand long struggle against me.He is getting tired too soon,so even his body is bigger,i can bounce him off me thanks to my rock solid and poverfull muscles on my arms and legs after long struggle easyli.Your biceps must be pretty impresive Eva!

LISANov 27 2008 9:05pm
My ex-husband was alcoholic,his body was similar to me,but his arms was bigger than mine and my legs was bigger,more muscular than his.I can tell you he was very good fighter,had a very fast and hard punch or kicks,he was well known for this,but when it comes to struggle and him trying to force me to do things against my will,i was able to bounce him off me from any position!he never had a real chance against me in real struggle,since i discover strenght in my body,arms and especially my legs.My endurance seems to be couple od times better than his as well,even his body was almost the same like mine.He never made me lose in struggle,i beat him in the bed or on the kitchen floor,anytime.I think woman are stronger pound for pound.Does anyone have similar experience?

mary oNov 27 2008 9:38pm
As a man married to a strong woman I have to admit of most things written here. Men seem to loose their strength quicker than women, women's endurance is better than ours and pound for pound women are stronger if you match a man and a woman of similar body type and physical abilities. I am today 56 years old and my wife 58. She is 166 cm and 72 kgs and I am 179 cm and 70 kgs. When we met ages ago, before we had our three kids that are now grown up, I used to be stronger than my wife in my arms. I lifted the heavy stuff and pulled the corks etc. Her legs has always been a lot stronger than mine, something that made it difficult for me when we wrestled for fun as young couples do. I won more than I lost though. When we reached 50 we both started to work out as many people do when ageing is starting to become a real issue. My wife loved the gym and I hated it. I spent most of the time running and bicycling while my wife hit the weights. After a year of working out my wife one night asked me if I remembered our playful wrestling matches when we were younger. I said yes and then we started to wrestle. I was in for a big surprise. We started to test the strenght in our arms and hands and within seconds my wife forced me to my knees with her wrist power only. She then continued to force me on my back and then straddled me. I was pinned and couldn't get out, and it took seconds! I wanted a rematch straight awya, this was embarrassing. She now quickly got me in a head lock and took me down again. I couldn't get out of her grip and had to surrender. Her arm strength was amazing. She said that bringing up three kids, taking care of the house and me and on top of that a year of heavy work outs had made her stronger than ever. I had to agree. Unfortunately I had gotten weaker so the difference between us in strenght was quite big. We armwrestled and even if my wife's technique was really poor she could pin both my arms without breaking sweat. From that day we have wrestled a lot and even if I haven't been close to win once we have a good time rolling around as kids even if we are getting closer to 60. My wife is stronger than many younger men we can see at our gym. I am proud of her and have no problem with being weaker. And the best thing is that our sex life is better than ever, wrestling is great. To mary o, LISA, Eva, eve and other strong women here I can say you are right about what you write.

Bono SrNov 27 2008 11:20pm
My mother-in-law is 63, 188 cm tall and 94 kgs. She has been a competitive shot putter until the age of 45 and then she has been working out with weights ever since she left track and fields. She is not lifting as heavy as she used to but I can still see her at their home benchpressign 70-80 kgs for reps. I have never been close to beat her at armwrestling, the grandma of my children. My wife is not as strong as her mother but at 190 cm and 90 kgs to my 184 cm and 78 kgs she is also too tough for me to beat at anything that requires strength. I can run longer and faster though and beat my wife at tennis. I am 38 years old and a woman 25 years my senior is still stronger than me. I am proud of these strong women.

AnonymousDec 01 2008 10:58pm
I read all comments,and i must admit woman can be more muscular,or stronger pound for pound than us-man.As im looking at woman in general,they have definitely more muscular legs.Especialy older woman over 35years of age have realy powerful legs,but i must say that their upper body seems to be still less muscular than man's in general-no matter who disagree.My wife is older than me,she is over 40 but her legs are being always very massive,compared to her body and my legs.I dont mean fat,but rather muscular and strong.She never work out and she is still able to carry much more weight than me-for example shopping bags.She is able to carry them for very long time and distances.My hands would fall of me with the weight she normaly comes home from shopping when im in work.And my arms and all upper body is bigger and more muscular then her's but still-she withstand to carry more weight than me for a long distance.

joeDec 09 2008 2:21am
A well known fact of life, don't want to say that women are more suitable for housework, but women can do things that I could never do, carry a 15 kg child on her arm for ages while doing a few other things at the same time, carrying groceries for miles, whipping cream for ever withou stopping, whip carpets with full power for half an hour. I am a bit stronger than my wife in my arms but she has more endurance and is quite a lot stronger than me in her legs, back and shoulders. If we should wrestle my money is on her. I can beat her in an armwrestling match but my money is again on my wife if we should have a series of armwrestling matches. My wife never touched a weight, she has been home taking care of 4 kids, the house and garden (and me) for many years. She has done her excersize every morning and aerobics once a week. If she had been working out I am sure she had been a lot stronger and muscular than me, she is a natural powerhouse.

KenDec 09 2008 11:06pm
Ken-How or where did you found out about your wife's endurance,or her legs being stronger?

mary oDec 15 2008 2:58pm
I have found out over the years about my wife's strength and endurance. For instance when our children were small. My wife had a child on her arm often for a very long time, while she was cooking, while she was cleaning up, when we were out walking. I carried our children as well but got tired long before my wife. Whipping cream was another thing, she whipped the cream (manually when we were at our summer house without electricity) until it was ready while I had to rest a couple of times. The carpets I mentioned, she whipped the carpets real hard and kept on with the same force for ages, again while I got tired after a couple of minutes. When we were trekking in the mountains before our children were born she could walk with her back pack, as heavy as mine, for a very long time before she got tired. We always stopped for the day because I was tired, not her. The same when we were bicycling for a week. She had to stop to wait for me when we went uphill, her thighs are very strong and muscular and a lot stronger then mine. I can go on like this with a lot of examples. I have beaten her in armwrestling matches. I am not totally sure she had given her best though. Left arm I have almost given up just before she has done the same. Yes another thing, we were fixing the garden a couple of years ago, we had a pile of rather big rocks that should be moved. These rocks were rather heavy and I got tired after about 15 minutes of carrying. My wife kept on another 15 before she took a break, but she only rested for a few minutes before she carried on for another half an hour. We have playwrestled in bed, but never really competitive. My wife has scissored me for fun but only squeezed me for a short time, enough to feel her impressive strength. I don't dare to challenge her to a real match since I am rather sure she will win. Do you have similar experiences mary o?

KenDec 15 2008 10:58pm
No Ken i used to wrestle my ex-husband in real struggles only to defend myself against him,but sure-he was'nt able to keep up with physical endurance of my body.Very often i end up on top of him after long struggle trying to pin me down.He has very strong hands and upper body stronger then me,but my lower part of body is very powerfull and well build-too strong for him to handle physicaly.

mary oDec 24 2008 6:43pm
My wife got dumb bells as a christmas present from her sister. 5 kgs each. When she unwrapped the box she wanted to show her strength, she has been working out 3-4 times a week the last 2 years. She started to lift the dumb bells straight out from the sides to a 90 degree angle from the body and did 25 reps! I haven't lifted a weight since I was 20 but I had to try. I could do 7 and after that my arms were like noodles. My sister-in-law is 54 years old, 2 years older than my wife. She is alos working out frequently. She did 3 x 15 reps. Now the other two men, my wife's brother and brother-in-law, started to get worried, could these women be stronger than the men? My wife's brother could lift the dumb bells 3 x 10 reps, the brother-in-law 2 x 15 and 1 x 10, almost the same as his wife. I could do 1 x 7, 1 x 3 and not even one single rep the last time. My wife pumped out 2 x 25 more after her first try. My sister-in-law had 7 kgs dumb bells in the garage. My wife wanted to have a go at these, she could lift them 12 times after the work out she had with the 5 kgs. My sister-in-law did 8 reps but none of the men could lift these from their sides and straight out one single time! By the way my wif?'s sister-in-law was not taking part in these tests of strength.

H HDec 28 2008 5:35am
h h-thats pretty impresive!how about their legs?whats your opinion h h would be woman more muscular in their legs-more than men in your family?

AnonymousDec 28 2008 8:30pm
My guess is that the difference in leg strength is even bigger. Women seem to work out harder with their legs and I would say that women have stronger legs than men if you compare similar sized persons. I know that my wife's legs are way stronger than mine, we have been bicycling together for years and she never seems to get tired. My sister-in-law is bigger than my wife and her thighs are huge, my wife's legs are also powerfully built so I think that us men in the family will avoid matching leg strength.

H HDec 29 2008 4:33am
I am running a rather successfull but small company with only 3 employees. My assistant, a woman of 30 (just like me) had to quit and I was looking for a new equally qualified woman. I intervied this woman, 55 years old, very good looking for her age, obiously taking care of her body. I told her that the work that had to be done included both desk work and sometimes heavy lifting when we got shipments that had to be unloaded and stored. She said she was very strong and that she liked to lift things once in a while. She asked me if she could show me. I didn't know what to expect so I said yes. She just walked up to me and scooped me up in her arms in a cradle carry. She told me I was light as a baby. She then put me down and told me to stand very straight with my elbows pointing down, arms close to my body. She then took hold of my elbows and lifted me straight up. I am about 140 lbs so this really meant she was strong as a horse. I hired her. The thing is that I got turned on being lifted like this and seeing a older woman being so strong. We have armwrestled and I don't have a chance. I love looking at her muscular legs and arms. But hey, I am her boss and can't have an affair with my assistant can I? She seem to be happy to show me her strength as often as possible, teasing me I guess. I have now started to look for athletic strong women my age, never had a thing for bigger stronger women before.

BossDec 29 2008 4:59am
I read most comments and it seems a lot of guys-included me starts to admit there is something about strenght in woman and that the wife is actualy a lot stronger then her husband in numerous occasions and very often!What about my marriage?I can say that my wife's body is a lot more muscular in her lower parts compared to me,while im still more muscular and stronger in my upper body.The question is-does it helps me to pin her body and win against her during our playwrestling?Answer is no it does'nt.Even my arms are stronger-her legs and hips are so strong and powerfull its almost impossible for one man like me to pin her down and stay in control for more than couple of seconds,she always somehow flips me around the place in very short time with her powerfull hips and muscular legs.Our daughter is only 13age yet her power in her legs can match me,its hard for me to beat her in legwrestling she already won many times over me!Once we was chasing each other with my son across the living room and daughter-for fun kicks to the sofa we was siting on with only one of her legs-the sofa with me and my son was flying across half of the living room!We never realised until then the strenght in her legs.

dave t.Dec 30 2008 6:05am
i agree that woman can be more muscular especialy their lower body-its actualy fact on average we are more muscular down there and its pretty obvious why!childbearing and childbirth.we have to handle much bigger weight on our legs during pregnancy,and finaly to push the baby out thanks to massive muscles of our lower body.its simple as i read somewhere we can even withstand about 9 times more pain than man would be able to(i dont know if this can be for real but seems to be kind of fact).that makes us woman kind of stronger sex in biology and my husband use to own an old car on which engine was constantly going needs to be pushed for good distance to get it going,we found out that i can push that car with much bigger force for and for much longer distance than my husband was able to,so he was the one behind steering wheel and me pushing the car from the back forwards.however his body is taller than mine,my legs calves and thighs are pretty more bulky and stronger than his.both of us are going to be in our mid 40s and he is younger than me!

BriggiteJan 08 2009 7:04am
respond to dave mention your daughter there dave.i have three kids youngest is daughter only 14 other two sons 15 and 16 of age.she beat both of them easily in the legs strenght,lewrestling etc.and that includes me.only my wife can beat and match the power in her legs which is tremendous!she never work out much only cycling but her muscles are going to be bigger than those of my wife's legs!me and our sons legs look like chickens compared to young daughter and wife.

ciaranJan 08 2009 7:28am
I was on a rehab program to recover from a car accident. Nothing wrong with my legs though. We were 25 people in the rehab group. My legs were by far the strongest of the group, stronger than all the men. The three strongest in the legs were women. The men were stronger in their upper bodies but the third strongest was a woman (not me). I am 47 years old and my legs are stronger than many younger men's. I am proud of that.

LusseJan 11 2009 8:29am
Lusse-is yor legs naturally so strong or you work out for that?If you are married,is your husband stronger in legs-?if not how does he accept it?

BriggiteJan 11 2009 9:13am
I was born with a strong body, especially my lower body. Strong hips, thighs, calves. When I was young I was skating a lot and I have always bicycled to school and work. The last years I have been doing aerobics. After my rehab I have been going to a gym and my legs are stronger than ever. My husband's legs are much thinner than mine, his thighs looks like a kid's compared to my full, muscular ones. When we were younger we play wrestled and I won when I had him scissored between my legs. I think he was stronger in his arms back then. Now I don't know, we haven't tried armwrestling or wrestling in a very long time.

LusseJan 11 2009 11:33pm
lusse-im pretty the same like you and your husband,his legs looks like chicken's KFC compared to my massive thighs and calves,but however im woman i always like to look at another well build woman's legs if she got them strong and muscular-it kind of turn me on and it exciting me,dont you feel sometimes the same lusse?

BriggiteJan 14 2009 8:12pm
Yes Briggite, I agree. It is a turn on for me to see some of muscular women at my gym showing that their legs are stronger then many men's. I am not into women at all but the turn on is to see that women can be the stronger sex, especially with greater leg strength. But I am more and more into building up my upper body and I am doing fine. I work out at the same time as a few men my age and I am as strong as they are already and I can do more reps then they can so I am in fact stronger. If I compare legs I would say my legs are at least 50% stronger then theirs. It is rather funny, many men have muscular upper bodies and under developed legs and women are the opposite.

LusseJan 15 2009 4:22am
Lusse i dont use to work out in the gym as much,but me and my husband were in the gym good few times,and for first time in our 30's age.he was a bid stronger than me in his arms-did more reps with bigger weight,but on the legpress i was winner-he legpressed his max.280 lbs for only two reps while i was trying my max.weight and surprise for me and him was that i was able to push with my legs everything he loads on the machine and i end up on the final weight of 760 lbs!which i was able to handle push up for 10 reps!that was almost triple weight he was able to press only two times.afterwards he was very jealous of my power and was still unable to bear that fact that im smaller than him and yet can handle weight he wouldnt move by inch 10 times into the air!it took very long time untill he stops being wory about my love to him as he was depressed about me being more stronger that much over him.he thought im going to be atracted to only man physically stronger more muscular than me,it took me good few months to build up trust and deny every that nonsense.nowadays im able to legpress over 900 lbs easy for 4 series of 12 reps,while he is struggling with 340 lbs for 10 reps but thats the woman's legs are build-very tuff!

BriggiteJan 18 2009 6:38pm
thats amazing strenght brigitte,your legs must be realy tuff-made of steel!i bet you would win the legwrestling against most guys!my wife doesnt lift that much but still overpower me in the legwrestling i never won and im very strong man.

AnonymousJan 23 2009 6:05am
You are very very strong Briggite. I you have legs that strong I bet you can be very strong in your upper body as well, you seem to have the genes to become a very strong person. I am getting stronger and stronger in my upper body, I can now lift as much as many men at the gym, men that are younger. I am focusing on my upper body since my legs are so well developed. I am not as strong as you though Briggite. Having so much stronger legs than your husband would make it difficult for him to win over you in a wrestling match.

LusseJan 24 2009 4:41am
You are very very strong Briggite. I you have legs that strong I bet you can be very strong in your upper body as well, you seem to have the genes to become a very strong person. I am getting stronger and stronger in my upper body, I can now lift as much as many men at the gym, men that are younger. I am focusing on my upper body since my legs are so well developed. I am not as strong as you though Briggite. Having so much stronger legs than your husband would make it difficult for him to win over you in a wrestling match.

LusseJan 24 2009 4:41am
I am 21 years old and still live with my mother. One of my mother's oldest friend visited us about two weeks ago. I have since the age of 12-13 a thing for girls/women with a strong build. I don't like the ripped body builders but for instance a javelin thrower or shot putter made me weak in my knees watching the olympic games as a kid. Well this friend of my mother's turned out to be a 50 year old knock out. She locked really well for a woman her age. I couldn't stop looking at her muscular thighs the minute she sat down in our house. When she later took of her sweater she revealed very strong looking and muscular arms. My mother complemented her on her firm body and then this women flexed her arms, and two really big biceps jumped up! I had a hard on straight away. When my mother felt her friends muscles she wanted me to feel them as well. This was almost too much for me. Her biceps were really rock hard. Later on that day after dinner my mother wanted to arm wrestled her friend. She slammed my mother's arms down in a flash. My mother is not a frail little woman, I had beaten her for the first time about a year ago when we armwrestled. Of course I had to try this muscular woman as well. She played with me and just told me to go to the gym with a smile. It took her seconds to beat me. Unfortunatley this woman went back home yesterday but I have had a great time watching this muscular lady. I had the chance to feel her muscled more than once. I even felt her rock hard thighs and calves, she was very proud of her legs and they could be the envy of woman 30 years younger. I need to find a woman like that. I am rather skinny so I think women with a body like my mother's friend like a bigger guy then me but I will keep on looking.

BudJan 25 2009 10:48pm
And how does your husband react to that fact that you are getting muscular and probably stronger(i bet you are)than him even in your upper body,isnt he a bit ashamed or does he have any comments about it Lusse?You asked about me wrestling my husband,as many couples try to wrestling we did so as well and few times.most of times in our bedroom in the bed.very often we end up on the floor,and i toss my husband across whole bedroom,to the living room,him on top of me trying to pin me down.i can be on top of him anytime i wish because thanks to my legs i can flip him off me easily like a child,even he is taller.but for me is more fun to leave him struggling on top of my bouncing hips and thighs and to see how angry he gets.i dont have to use even half of my strenght for wrestling him and i realy feel that i could clash with him-multiplied by three in the same time.last time i told my husband this fact and he gets very upset of this and the next day he told me sorry for him being so upset,but he admit he feels during our playing like trying to restrain a thing he bet that i will call off what i says if he invited one of his friend for me play-wrestling against them husband bet that i won't be able to resist for long,as his friend is very muscular and strong man.but i says to my husband i would be ashamed to accept stuff like this,even its only for fun.

briggiteJan 28 2009 4:12am
i read your comments briggite,i think you should accept your husbands offer,i cant wait for the result!!!!!

AnonymousJan 28 2009 4:20am
To briggite-GO FOR THAT!To Bud,-you should see my mothers thighs,when she wears a short skirt sitting in the living room next to my father and cross her legs,the muscles hanging from the back of her thighs are tremendous huge.its like three times bigger than my fathers tiny thighs!and you should see her calves in the kitchen when she try to reach something very high,its like rocks bulging under her skin.when father stands next to her its very funny to see that difference...

draggyJan 28 2009 4:38am
I think my husband knows that I am stronger than him, he has always had respect for my strong legs, one part of him admires them another fears them. He can now see my upper body develop. When we were younger he was stronger but not by much, since my accident I have worked my upper body a lot and I am now stronger than ever before. I can understand your husbands frustration briggite, not being able to pin your wife must be hard for a man. If two strong men can't beat you in a wrestling match you are just really very strong. But your legs seem to be out of this world. I think I will go to the gym and work out after this.

LusseJan 28 2009 11:08pm
draggy, how old is your mother? Is your mother stronger than your father in her upper body as well? My mother's friend had muscles that bulged as pillars from her thighs. I can't see that I even have that muscle in my leg. It seems many men and women are fascinated about women's strong legs.

BudJan 28 2009 11:11pm
hi Bud,she is 47,and father is 43.i don't think that my mum is stronger in her upper body,but she have very firm biceps muscles jumping up and down anytime she rise her arms,or brushing her hair,but still fathers upper body is way more muscular,but i hear the story she overpowered him once in the past during armwrestling with her right hand.father is taller than her,he is about 185cm,mum is about 170cm tall,but they weight almost the same.i think most of my mum's weight is in her thighs,fathers in upper body.but she is more physical than my father,she have obviously more endurance for heavy work around house,father gets tired very quick while she keeps going on and on until work is done even until 4a.m.and still is able to wake up before him,even he sleeps 4,5 hours more and is tired,she is steaming with energi.but i think if that would be real struggle,she would definitely wipe the floor with my father.she is not ripped or anything like that,but her hips and legs are just huge muscles,she would be able to move the whole mountains on top of her thanks to them.

draggyJan 29 2009 2:21am
I never been in the wrestling match against two men,i just felt like i could handle much more to wrestle against than only my husband.i always felt that way because i can literaly bounce him off me in the second,without use a any bit of my leg's strenght.what exercise do you prefer for your legs-lusse,did you ever try your max.weight,reps,on legpress etc,do you benchpress?

BriggiteJan 29 2009 2:37am
I am not close to your leg press of 900 lbs Briggite, 500 lbs I can do for reps. Bench pressing is getting better and better. I started with (this will be in kilos since I am living in Sweden)30 kgs for reps when I was on rehab. I could soon do 3x15 with that weight. I can now lift 80 kgs for 3 reps, 3x7 with 70 kgs and 3x15 with 60, this is on a machine, not free weights. That means I am probably stronger than the average man. Adding the leg strength I consider myself a very strong woman. Your leg strength is almost scary Brigitte. I have never seen anybody move that much weight where I am working out. If you can so easily win against your husband in a wrestling match two average sized men would have problem restraining your strong legs. Female power!!!

LusseJan 30 2009 1:13am
jeeez,where you woman get this strenght!my wife can legpress 400lbs for few reps and im not even anywhere close to her,i can barrely do 320lbs i cant imagine you briggite and lusse!tremendous legs you got there!

fredJan 31 2009 10:08am
thats a woman's STAMINA fred!come on briggite accept that test of strenght,dont be shy,show them what a real woman are made off!

tracyFeb 01 2009 6:40pm
I 38 years old, in decent shape from playing squash twice a week. Never been to a gym until I for the first time went to the company gym some months ago. I am 174 cm and a slim 63 kgs. I started off with the bench machine. The man that just used it had 50 kgs on. I thought that might be a bit too much for the first time. I lowered the weight to 30 and could do 3 reps before my arms started to shake. I unterstood that I wasn't exactly strong. Then one of the older ladies at my department took over after me. She put 60 kgs on and started to do rep after rep. I could see big muscles play in her arms and shoulders. I didn't have a clue that this woman was this muscular and strong. After doing 3 x 12 reps she put on 10 kgs more and did 3 reps with 70 kgs. I was looking at her from the leg machine I was using. I saw her thighs for the first time, my good her legs were muscular. I always have been interested in strong women and met a few that have been stronger than me. This 50+ woman sure was a lot stronger than me (and many other men at the gym). I talked to her and asked her for help, how to use all the machines. She was happy to show me and we worked out together. She used about twice the amount of weights as me but she told me she usually had higher resistance but she was sore from working out really hard the day before. We have been working out several times together after that. Even if she is 14 years older than me she is a lot more muscular and stronger. And I have to admit, very attractive. I might ask her out. And I am getting stronger but not nearly as strong as this lady.

C RFeb 02 2009 7:42am
To be honest, the question of this poll is quite stupid. Almost insulting. Look at all the skinny kids, for instance emo kids, with no muscletone at all. Many 50+ women that never been to a gym but lived a life with physical labour could whip their asses as easy as that. Many women peak physically when they are about 40 men several years younger. Women like Lusse and Briggite are more and more common. Very strong and proud of it, not afraid of showing themselves stronger than the men around them. I am not 50 yet but at 44 stronger than ever in my life. I love to use heavy weights at the gym, holidays that are physically challenging, like hiking, canoing, bicycling etc. Few men my age can keep up with me. I work out 5 days a week. Men at my work keep on looking at my muscular arms and legs, some with awe, some are probably disgusted since they cannot tolerate muscles on a woman. Some are brave and complement me on my muscular physique and even want to feel my biceps. I am single mom right now but I hope to snare one of my male collegues, he is a slim 38 year old, with muscles that are smaller than mine all over his body. That is the way I like it. Strong women rock!

44 muscle momFeb 02 2009 11:02pm
muscle mum,you are right at this stage,but are you realy atracted to a men who you can probably choke to death with your bare hands or legs?men is very protective to his woman,but how would you feel to find yourself in the situation where physicaly you will be the stronger sex and will have to defend your partner for example during street fight,or lift/carry most heavy stuff arround the house or shopping bags?9would you be still atracted to him,or there(in you secret dreams) would be sometimes more powerful,better build men who will be physicaly way stronger than you???

martinFeb 03 2009 6:48pm
I am strong enough to carry heavy stuff and men in general aren't good fighters either, I could probably do better in a street fight than many men. If somebody attacks the people I love they will deal with a lioness I can tell you. I am not attracted to big muscular men, I love slim, sinewy men and I like to be stronger. The father of my children was a slim man, clearly weaker than me physically. He had a bit of a problem with that, perhaps one of the reasons he left me for a younger, skinny bimbo. The man I am looking for now is handsome, slim and not the macho type at all. If we can be a couple I would be happy to carry the heavy stuff and protect him if we were attacked.

44 muscle momFeb 03 2009 11:05pm
Thats normal that many woman over 50 is more muscular especially than younger men.I agree with you muscle mum,in matter of real fight for survival,woman pull out much more strenght than men because of their natural instinct for survival is just much greater and their body better equipped,higher pain resistance,greater endurance.look at the statistics for carcrash for example-one who almost always survive is woman,no matter where she seats if its right left front or back,woman comes alive from most of deadly accidents,men normally not.and in real fight,men technicue is better so they can smash the scull to a bits with a single punch,what woman cant,woman is too soft to attack and their coordination is greater in defence,but i have seen a jealous woman in a catfight in the nightclub-she took the whole army of bouncers down to the floor with her,it took crowd of people to restrain this woman during what she almost flip the barpult as she kicks down on the floor with crazy power.there was blood all over and broken glass everywhere,some bouncers end up badly bruised,with marks from her nails all over their faces.This woman was very normally build,weak upper but sturdy thighs in miniskirt and weight about 60kg,165cm tall.

nn.manFeb 05 2009 2:22am
I saw one woman standing outside a club that slapped a man that tried to get in before her. He turned around and slapped her back. Big mistake! She landed a punch with her (I guess) 180 lbs behind he went down like a clubbed ox. He tried to stand up again and she punched him again, he was out cold after two punches. The bouncers hade seen her fighting and wanted her to leave. She was totally wild and started to attack the two big 200+ lbs guys. She wrestled one down and the other jumped on her back and tried to get her off his collegue. The fought for several minutes before this big guys could restrain the woman. She was bit but nobody could have guessed that she would be a match for two big muscular men. And the guy that she knocked out had to go to hospital. I have also seen some cat fights, I would never like to meet a woman that fight with everything they have, nails, hairpulling, kicks. I used to wrestle my wife when we were younger, for fun you know. And I ended up on top most of the time. But if she was upset or angry I didn't stand a chance. She suddenly became legs, knees, elbows and terrible strength. If she was really mad at me she pinned me and slapped me until I told her I was sorry for my behaviour. This happened perhaps 4-5 times. Never anymore. I am sure she could take me in a real fight. I might be stronger than her when it comes to arm strength but that wouldn't help me if she is angry.

50+ husbandFeb 05 2009 8:40am
I?m 51, my wife is 54. When she became 50 she got tired of what gravity did to her body. She was a rather strong woman before and not out of shape but I think most 50 year olds will agree that our bodies change and not for the better. I haven't got an ounce of fat on my body for two reasons. I jog almost every day and have done so most of my adult life, and I have a body type that don't get fat nor muscular. 175 cm and perhaps 60 kgs today and the same 30 years ago. My wife was around 85 kgs 172 cm when she got 50. She decided to hire a Personal trainer, and started to work out at a gym three times a week. And my good she changed. She first firmed up radically and then started to show some real muscularity. She lost about 10 kgs in a year and then started to gain weight again. She is now around 80 kgs and most of that is muscle. She has always been stronger than me, bigger and stronger, but when we wrestled for the first time about two years ago I was shocked how strong she was. She could throw me around like I weighed nothing (not far from the truth), she took a liking in lifting me and carrying me at our house. I must say I enjoyed the new woman, she wanted sex more than ever. When we are at the beach people look at us, a skinny but well kept man and a muscular 50 year old woman. She is for sure more muscular then many young men. I am very proud of her. We have enjoyed reading some of the postings here.

R EFeb 10 2009 11:06pm
R E you mentioned increase of sex activity of your wife,my wife is over 50y,im taller than her but she have very sturdy and strong body compare to me.if you mention sex in this poll im gona to do so,hope nobody would feel offended,because right during peak time of our sex together i have found out and i was realy stunned how muscular and amazingly strong arms my wife have,as she during her orgasm grab the steel bars on the top of our master bed and she literally bend them over-as her huge bulging muscles of her biceps pop out!i was stunned,first of all i never reecognized how big and rock hard biceps she realy have and than,those bars are very thick,afterwards i was trying to bend them too but simply i was'nt capable to do so at all!and my arm muscles are even bigger than my wife's but she have them realy like rock and ripped,unlike me.she always work out in recent 2years,however her upper body is rather very thin only her biceps are outstanding,her legs can match mine in matter of strenght easy,she was always capable to move bigger and heavier stuff with her legs than me,its her hips are wider and thighs more thick, firm than mine.

carlFeb 14 2009 6:25pm
Good fun to read the postings here. I am a woman, 52 years old. I am 171 cm and weighing in at 75 kgs. I can assure you that most of that weight is muscle but I have a layer of fat over to make my body round and feminine. Many of my male friends have been shocked at my strength. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I lift heavy. I love to be strong and stronger than men around me, it gives me pleasure to see a man getting red in his face trying to pin me in a wrestling or arm wrestling match. I divorced about a year ago, my ex husband was very frustrated to be weaker than me. My new boyfriend is more the kind you can read about here, he appreciates strong women. He caresses my muscles and complement me on my strength daily. I don't know how much I can bench press since I am mainly working out with weights I can lift for 7-8 reps. Right now I am working out with 70 to 75 kgs for reps. I have lifted 80 kgs free weights and I think I can lift more if I really try but my goal is to be able to lift 75 kgs, my body weight, for 3 x 15 reps. I am not far from reaching ghis goal. Not bad for a 50+ woman.

RuthFeb 15 2009 11:27pm
Funny how many similar stories there are to mine after getting through the postings here at like like. Me and my wife met years ago when she was 25 and I was 19. We are of similar height, she 177 and me 178 (important centimeter to me). She was then about 67 kgs and I 3-4 kgs lighter, both rather skinny. 10 years and 3 kids later my wife was almost 20 kgs heavier and I was perhaps 10 kgs plus, none of it muscle unfortunately. My wife's body changed dramatically, she got more massive, her muscles grew and she became a lot stronger. Of course quite a lot of the 20 kgs were fat but she really got heavy in a firm way. We never really tester who was stronger but I guess it was rather obvious already then. She was more than 10 kgs heavier than me. In her mid 30's she started to take aerobic classes, first once a week and then twice. She lost weight and got down to 80 kgs. I also started to do something about my flabby body and lost weight mainly from running and yoga. When my wife reached 50 two years ago she started to lift weights for the first time in her life. She really liked it from the start. She lost weight and got down to about 75 kgs and she got muscular. I increased my jogging and also went to the gym once a week. Last year I was standing beside my wife in front of the bedroom window. She looked at her body, flexed her shockingly big muscles and said "look how much stronger I look then you". She really looked a hell of a lot stronger being perhaps 82 kgs on her 177 cm fram while I was around 70 kgs, slim but not muscular. I jokingly said she looked strong "for a woman" but after all I was the man. She jumped me straight away, took me down and pinned me on our bed. The first time we play wrestled since we were kids. She then moved me around the bed as if I had weighed nothing. We decided to wrestle for real on our thick bedroom carpet. Her arms are so strong that she almost cracked my ribs when she had me in a bear hug. She then showed me how much stronger she was for about 30-40 minutes. She had me pinned a number of times and also had me giving up when she had me in leg scissors. We also arm wrestled, not a chance. I have always loved my wife's strong body and I actually enjoyed this wrestling match, even if I didn't have a chance. Of course it was embarrasing to loose to your wife and I was teased being weaker but this evening really spiced up our sex life dramatically. We have wrestled many times since this evening. And my beutiful wife is more muscular than me and many younger men.

T T TFeb 17 2009 11:43pm
i read all the post here and i want to add my comment too.its clear that a lot of guys are wondering how its possible that most older woman have stronger and more muscular legs-and i think it's caused by ALL THOSE YEARS OF HOOVERING OVER PUBLIC TOILET SEATS.

kristianFeb 19 2009 5:15am
what a conclusion kristian

AnonymousFeb 19 2009 6:38am
It's clearly proved that most of this kind of polls about admiting woman are stronger are created in most cases by men-muscle fetishists who don't really believe in what they like to read or hear and what in their fantasy make them rock hard down there and turn them on!-or the same's clear that men are stronger sex in any way and human kind history only prove this fact-nobody can deny this on reasonable solid are stronger,faster,more clever-psychological profile and it's goals being achieved during history of human kind clearly speak for it's self and says which gender is more clever and smart,just look in the science-how many woman scientists discovers something new,or usefull to all human kind-compared to men scientists in any way??the answer is simple almost none!any woman would quickly point at Marie Curie Sklodowski-ONE of it's kind-compared to whole crowds of men scientists.the truth is woman that woman as weaker sex is talking always about childbirth-which is probably only reasonable thing why woman is down here on the every single sport woman skills are far behind,warfare is simple no entry for the combat they are useless-because only thing they really care is to survive-as their natural survival instinct won't let them go really into the fight for anything/anybody else just for themself,so they actualy in combat are selfish too.they can be good however they use to claim-being better than boys during school,college period,but in the end of the day-this clearly does'nt help them much in the real life anyway,as i already that means woman are far behind the men-kind in any possible way!average men is,and always will be stronger,better build than any woman,most important is im talking about real men-not a wimpy-pussycat who was born too early,or computer nor drug addict!

STANFeb 19 2009 6:57pm
So, Stan, you don't think that a woman could first beat the world top ten chess players in a simultaneous match, then run a world record marathon, and at the end of the day beat the two best wrestlers together at one time? You really think that's not possible? Dream on...

I've seen it allFeb 20 2009 10:04am
i must agree with all you say stan,more muscular or stronger woman is only an exception of most,well 99percent of cases.every world record of strenght,durability,and endurance is achieved by men,not seems woman will never be able to beat men in any physical contests.with all respect to woman,they always was,are,and 100percent will stay behind the are simply much stronger,we have seen it all.

RadkoFeb 21 2009 6:06am
this poll is asking, can a woman of 50 be more muscular than a younger man. And of course she can, nobody doubt that men are stronger, this is mainly because of them being bigger. Women that work out hard will be stronger and more muscular then men that never work out, some women are bigger and because of that stronger than many men but in general men are stronger-

factFeb 21 2009 9:03am
Woman being stronger is only illusion that's a fact.I mean in general.By the way all Sport records are held by men-included marathon,wrestling wrestling woman wouldnt stand a chance against men wrestler even half of her size.but over wimpy pussy-gayboy,whos body is very damaged or is kind of handicaped-yes woman can have the upper hand of course!but not over real as 50years old woman can be more muscular than rare wimp like this.

STANFeb 21 2009 4:47pm
I thought the dinosaurs died a long time ago but they seem to pop up here

AnonymousFeb 22 2009 2:15am
I was on a train in former Yugoslavia ages ago. Being 20 years old, very slim, rather small and innocent looking many people, especially women, took care of me. Gave me food and drinks. They all thought I was younger. The train reached Yugoslavia in the middle of the night, I had quite a lot of wine to drink and fell asleep. I woke up with my head in a woman's lap, a woman I had never seen before. It felt wonderful resting my hangover head on a big and powerful thigh that I soon discovered was attached to the body of a big, strong looking woman of about 45. She was asleep. I moved my head up a bit further so a bigger part of my body was in her lap, I was surprised of the firmness under me, she had some serious leg muscles for sure. She didn't wake up. We were alone in the compartment. When she woke up I apoligized for falling asleep in her lap. She was a German woman but knew some English (not my mother tongue either) and she told me that I looked so cute so she took my head in her lap so I could sleep better, she also told me that I was stupid to get drunk and fall asleep alone so anybody could rob me, she just had to take care of me she said. I felt very attracted to this big woman, wide shoulders, big breasts, wide hips and as I already knew big strong thighs. We started to talk and she told me that she had been an ex-discus thrower and was not a PE teacher in Germany but on her way on a holiday. It got warmer so she went to change clothes. I almost got a chock when she came back, with a rather short skirt, a sleeveless top, revealing a very muscular body, yet very feminine. I couldn't help watching her biceps, I had never in my life been attracted to a woman's bicep before. We chatted and drank some wine until I felt sleepy again. She now wanted me to sleep with my head on her shoulder, something I gladly wanted. I felt her arm and she flexed a bit for me smiling. We travelled together to Thesaloniki in Greece where we had a hotel room, mother and son! She changed my preferance for women for the rest of my life. I was together with this woman for a week, we made love, wrestled, played like we were the same age (she was actually 48 years old, older than my mother). The women I have met after this German woman have all been big and voluptous and strong. I have neved had any problem picking up these ladies (I have often been picked up as well). I am today almost 60 years old and have been living with the same big and wonderful woman for 25 years. But I will never forget the woman that changed me on a train in Yugoslavia.

AnonymousMar 03 2009 8:28am
my wife is definitely much more muscular,especialy her lower body,legs calves.she is capable to lift up tremendously heavy stuff around the house,the stuff im not able to move with,she is capable to move,even lift up and carry.once we moved from house to house,our son was in age of his 25years,he is very strong and muscular but wasnt able to lift and carry some boxes etc upstairs,so my wife had to carry most heavy stuff upstairs.she have a lot,and i mean a lot of steam.she have always been the strongest person in the house,when it comes to physical strenght.she was born with very strong body,no fat but solid muscles,her thighs and calves are twice of mmine even taller as mine son is than her.i work in office,while her job is very hard in factory,so in our relationship was always common she was the strongest most muscular person in the family.and she likes to show that everywhere we go.she like to dress up into miniskirt and short sleevs,and walking on high heels,because all youngsters are always starring at her legs and she enjoys feeling beeing atractive to young men,it gives her confidence.sometimes i feel i cant keep up with her physiology,i think she would need a very very strong muscular young men to keep up with her in the sex,but sure she always deny that,to make me feel better,but i know she would physicaly destroy me if she wanted.sometimes she goes to the local gym,where she have a lot of young friends,some of them very muscular fit and strong guys and comes home very late night,and her clothes are wet from sweating.she says she is able to overwrestle some of those guys,what she does sometimes evening in the gym,but if it goes further i dont want to know,because i cant keep up with her anyway during sex.

karlMar 09 2009 5:44am
I am now a believer in the strngth of older women. I have been married for thirty eight years. We had five children who are now all grown. My wife decided when she turned 50 it was time to get her youthful shape back and joined a gym. I, like some of you, went with her on occasion, but I never really paid much attention to her work-outs. After about a year, my gym time diminished and I was busy with work, golf and drinking beer with friends. Over the next year or so, I really started to notice a change in my wife's body. Her legs looked shapely and strong, her upper body was very strong and I began to notice her biceps were bigger than mine. As time went on we playfully would wrestle and I would almost always lose. I just thought it was because I wasn't really trying. That all changed one day when we had an argument. She pulled on my shirt during the heated discussion and tore it. This made me quite angry and I pushed her down on the bed. She came up off the bed, wrestled me to the ground and somehow had me pinned in a way I could not move. She told me she would hold me there until I apologized for pushing her to the bed. I told her i did apologize, because I really did feel bad and then laughed and told her there was no way she could keep me down. She said OK, try to get up. I fought and squirmed and tried everything to get up but was unable. She finally let me up and told me she could do this to me whenever she pleased. I said OK, let's wrestle. As the afternoon proceeded, she pinned my shoulders to the floor 3 times and had me in holds which I submitted to many times. She was 54 years old at the time and I was 53. She is noe 56, bench presses 160 lbs for reps, leg presses over 400 lbs and jogs 5 miles daily. She is far stronger than I am and it has created a new and very gratifying life style for both of us. I know she is stronger and has more endurance. Our sex life is amzing now and I would not change a thing. She is so strong, I love watching her flex and show off not only for me but for all the people in the Gym.

A BelieverMar 17 2009 11:07am
how is her legs compared to yours look like?does she have bulging calves too?did you try to legwrestle her?

karlMar 17 2009 7:22pm
It seems many men have the same experience with women in their 50's. I am a 52 year old women, 178 cm and 82 kgs, a bit on the heavy side I know but I am as a matter of fact stronger than ever before in my life. Like many other women described here I started to get back in shape after having kids, I have always been kind of strong and big but when I was about 90 kgs it was time to do something about it. I have been working out 3-4 times a week for 4 years now, I am stronger than many men my age but also stronger than younger men and women where I am working out. And my husband has realized many times that he is not the strongest of us. He is 188 cm and 84 kgs but I have the muscle in the family. I think that women has an advantage when we reach our 50's, our endurance is still good and women's muscles loose the strength slower than men's I am sure. As A Believer writes me being stronger than my husband has spiced up our sex life quite a bit. He was really ashamed the first time I pinned him in wrestling and arm wrestling but almost every time he lost he was awarded with sex. After a while he wanted to wrestle me even if he knew he would loose. We have matched strenght in many ways and I always come out the winner, even if he is bigger than me. My body is better today than when I was in my mid thirties, my shoulder and arm muscles are big, my thighs bulging with power and my calves big and cut. To joing a gym was the best thing I have ever done.

Lis BMar 17 2009 11:17pm
Karl, her legs are strong, she has 25 inch thighs and her calves measure 16 1/2 inch. She is 5'9" tall and when she wears heels, I am in heaven and she knows it. I have not tried to leg wrestle her yet, but tonight might be the night.

A BelieverMar 18 2009 4:29pm
Yes a woman can and I have evidence of it. My grandmom had a house cleaner who ironed, cleaned and looked after her house. When my grandmom passed away this lady came to work for my folks. She'd known us all a long time. Not tall - 5'3 but with big shoulders. She'd been a national swimming competitor when she was young, she was German, and still swam and exercised. She was not cut like a bodybuilder but she was incredibly strong. I was 17 when she came to work for us and was amazed by the way her muscles moved under her skin when she ironed or lifted stuff and would deliberately stay off school if I could to watch her, knowing my folks would be out. She had thick flaring thighs and well shaped calves, big breasts, white haired. Her age? 61. I guess she liked the attention because she saw me looking one time and asked if I liked her arms..well what could I say, I mean I was 17 and she was 61, it was really kind of weird, but I said yes I did. She let me feel them and I am here to say they were like oak. I won't say what happened next but - this is true - I'm glad I lost it to her! Never regretted it, though never found a woman as strong again.

SwimfanMar 18 2009 6:08pm
I have been doing pushups and situps every morning since I was 5 or 6 years old. Every morning I do 3 x 50 pushups and 3 x 100 situps, quite good for a 56 year old woman. Together with a lot of bicycling and walking I have kept myself in decent shape. A year ago I started to go to the new company gym and found that I loved to work out with weights. I soon worked out 3 times a week and the change in my body was very noticable. My husband looked at my new muscles and askes me if I took hormones, I had really becoma a lot bigger. My shoulder muscles grew a lot and I now had biceps jumping up and down when I moved my arms. And my already muscular legs got even bigger. My husband got a bit intimidated by my new physique and wanted to arm wrestle me. I didn't want to since I kind of knew he would have problems loosing to his wife. One night after a dinner party and the guest had gone home I suddenly challenged him to a match. We were a bit drunk. We were both a bit shocked about the outcome. It took me a few seconds to pin first his right arm and then his left to the kitchen table. He wanted rematch after rematch but I won easier each time. I then dragged him to bed and pinned him. We had a few wrestling matches and I enjoyed being able to do what I wanted with him. He was no match at all for my strong body. The sex after these matches was the best we had since we were young. I have after this wrestled him down many times, he really tries his best, he is beet root red from trying to stop me from pinning him but I win very easily. And the good thing is that he enjoys these tussles, I was afraid he would hate to loose so he would never wrestle again. A woman 50+ can be strong, muscular and enjoy being stronger than her man.

SarahMar 19 2009 11:27pm
Good stories to warm up ure sexual instincts but medical science wont accept this as medicall it is not possible to grow muscles stronger than men even after passing through the ages of 50 or 60 .for details kindly proceed to female body in case of having any doubt or kindly consult to ure nearest MD.thanks

ArmstrongMar 23 2009 2:47am
My wife is 39 years of age and together we both have passed some good time in body building but never theless we are still normal human beings specially my wife Lydia as she has fine body but not she turned into some freak in some unexpalined way unlike the baseless stories being shared here by fellow users, which cannot be justified in terms of real examination.

Josh.WellsMar 23 2009 2:52am
Female body builders cannot produce bigger muscles in reality unlike the erotic bed time stories and here is the significant evidence...kindly read this before befooling the readers... As the crucial disparity between a man and a woman are the hormones they produce. Specifically, men produce testosterone during the time that women cannot. Testosterone is an important hormone used to increase the size of your muscles. This is the reason why men bear bigger muscles than women. Women who undergo gravity training to this degree cannot become bulky. What a lot of female body builders do is that they take steroids, that have synthetic testosterone, together with their female body building fare. This is what makes these women muscular. To be able to honor yourself fit, you also have to promise in an competent conceiving body building training program. Your training program should be suited to your body building goals. Now thats how all the fake baseless stories of old wife and Godzilla looking granny fell down just like sand castles!

ArmstrongMar 23 2009 2:57am
Women of 50 plus age cannot get better muscular physique at all as it is the time of body to decline not getting nourished and each and evey body mechanism is on its way to decline. The differences between male and female bodybuilding is evident at all levels of participation. It is important to make this distinction, as bodybuilding is enjoyed at all levels and encompasses the recreational, amateur and professional/competitive level bodybuilder. Certainly there are far more recreational bodybuilders than professional. At the competitive level, females are at a disadvantage in a direct comparison physiologically for the purposes of bodybuilding as it currently judges its competitors. Bodybuilding at the competitive level is judged by primarily by the competitors mass, definition, proportion, symmetry, stage presence and posing routine among other things. Females can compete through the same hard work to obtain all of the ingredients that a great bodybuilder is judged by except in the area of muscle mass. Testosterone levels and fat metabolism mechanism are the major difference in the physique differences. Women do not have nearly the same amount of testosterone as males and this translates into the finished product that one sees onstage with far less mass. All things being equal, a female will have significantly less muscle mass than the male. Furthermore, the manner in which the female body metabolizes differs from the manner in which males do. Females generally have higher fat percentages than males, and they store it in different areas of the body, (hips and thighs, rather then the abdomen as males do). The body can more easily metabolize fat in the abdomen area then it can the thigh and hips. A further difference is that in many female bodybuilding competitions there are contests with titles that include words such as "fitness" in them. These contests seem to cater to the more accepted stereotype of the beauty and agility of the female body, rather than the muscular. These contests do not exist for male competitors. Both females and males need to increase their weight poundages, intensity and/or reps to break down muscle. This is because muscles in both sexes adapt to the work done in the past so a progressive workload is needed to force the body to grow and compensate for the increase in demands. Of course, due to males having a higher level of testosterone in the body, their bodies generally respond more dramatically to the increase in the workload, especially in the upper body where men enjoy an advantage in shoulder strength, though this same advantage does not exist proportionally in the lower body region. In regards to losing weight by training methods, both sexes follow the same approach. The theory of being calorie deficient suggests that one exerts, burns or puts out more energy (in calories) than one takes in. In contrast, having a calorie surplus; or taking in more calories than one burns, is needed to increase mass and size. This training approach goes hand in hand with ones diet as it will determine the amount of work done in the gym depending on one's goals. Women bodybuilders at the competitive level tend to include more cardio and high rep training to aid them in tightening up certain areas of the body, this is more easily achieved by their male counterparts who burn the excess fat more efficiently. Among recreational bodybuilders, there is a tendency for females to focus more on "toning" and shaping their bodies. This generally includes a lot more cardio with their bodybuilding to decrease their body fat composition Whereas male recreational bodybuilders tend to take an approach similar to professional bodybuilders in that they increase their weights and resistance but without the genetic advantages and dietary discipline that competitive bodybuilders enjoy and adhere to. Supplementation between both males and females differs depending on their bodybuilding goals. Women do tend to use more fat burning products due to their disadvantage in fat metabolizing, and along with diet, they adjust their requirements to meet their goals. Both men and women will gain the same benefits with increased protein, ATP replenishing effects in creatine, the same calories in mass gain formulas and such. There are numerous supplements marketed exclusively to females to try and overcome the physical differences, but these products are only marginally different. Steroids is a different issue to address, there are differences in the anabolic and androgenic effects on males versus females. In males, they generally suffer from a various degree of side effects as: breast development, shrinking of the testicles and many others. In females, the more common side effects include: enlargement of the clitoris, excessive growth of body hair and several others. Finally, since bodybuilding is about size, mass and quality, and males have the obvious advantage, the common perception is that male bodybuilding is superior to female bodybuilding. Both require the same dedication and hard work, but due to the physical nature of the sport, females as a whole will never achieve what a male will.

ArmstrongMar 23 2009 3:25am
While understanding the differences between male and female bodybuilding it is quite necessary to understand the difference in hormones that are naturally produced in the bodies of both males and females. The main differences being the natural production of testosterone in men while a very low production of the same hormone in the opposite gender. Testosterone being androgenic is the hormone that leads to natural muscle growth in men at puberty while estrogens in the female body lead to what we call a feminine body. So it is quite natural that women cannot naturally build a huge amount of muscle. The ratios of gains that come in naturally are at the ratio of about 1:10 with females not being able to gain anything close to what men can. With lower amounts of muscle and gains it becomes even harder to be a female bodybuilder. Moreover when it comes to male bodybuilding affects such as hair loss, body hair and deepening of the voice even come naturally but when it comes to women these affects of steroids can cause serious problems. Women at times even lose their monthly cycle and get stretch marks on their skin so the sport becomes a bit more complex for them. Even when it comes to natural (dope tested) competitions, women aren't able to do much as men with their natural hormones - men can build quite a lot of muscle while women, without the use of testosterone based steroids, are only able to build a very small amount of muscle. So men still can build a noticeable amount of muscle without the use of steroids while women cannot. These steroids also have to be restricted as they harm estrogens which are in a large amount in the female body and this leads to complications. Women have an extra water retention and fat problem due to natural estrogens in the body and body fat levels are not as low as in male competitive bodybuilding and so it becomes more difficult for women to lose fat and come more muscular on stage. Women tend to gain fat a lot more quickly and it is a lot more difficult for them to lose this fat due to low testosterone levels. Though this fat is a real nuisance when it comes to bodybuilding it does help in child birth. Talking about diet, it almost remains the same. Female bodybuilders have to be even stricter because of their higher levels of fat and it is an equally strict and tough routine as for male bodybuilders. It is the same for female bodybuilders when it comes to calorie consumption and muscle growth and when close to competition it is the same kind of hardcore dieting with as minimal cheating as possible. The recommended intake is almost the same with 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to promote muscle growth and stay in an anabolic state. The same proportion also goes for the carbohydrate and fat intake but some female bodybuilders keep a lower fat intake depending on how they are able to control their body fat. Male and female bodies do not react in the same way to training and nutrition and the female body produces a lower amount of energy surge. Metabolism of the female body is a lot slower than the male body which means nutrients will not convert as fast into muscle. The diet also needs to be a lot lower as women weigh a lot less than men. And with their weight being lower, women need less calories than men in the sport. With a lower amount of muscle mass women in the sport are unable to lift as heavy as men and so their training is a little different from men. Women need more time in recovery and need more cardio in order to maintain their specific desirable fat levels. More rest is required as the metabolism is slower and so women are unable to be as frequent with their workouts. The monthly cycle is another hindrance to the training program and disrupts the process. Women have to workout with a lot of intensity to make up their inability to lift very heavy and this makes workouts almost as difficult as men. The main reason still being the hormones, with men having more testosterone, which helps in burning fat and building muscle while women having estrogen, does almost the opposite. So for women circuit training which can burn more calories is better and some extra cardio has to be incorporated in the routine to help in keeping the fat down. Men Have More Testosterone, Which Helps Build Muscle, While Women Have Estrogen, Which Does Almost The Opposite. Again it is important to understand that women have a different hormonal composition and carry more fat and have a lower metabolism so training regimes should be constructed accordingly. Testosterone is what makes men aggressive so another drawback for women due to lower testosterone is the lack of aggression when it comes to workouts so this makes it a lot more difficult for female bodybuilders to keep their concentration on what they are doing. Women are naturally more flexible than men and so can perform some movements with much more ease than men without putting much pressure on the joints. The main difference is again hormonal. Natural testosterone boosters are not made for the female body and so are not taken by female athletes. Creatine requirements are lower and the same goes for protein shakes which makes the cost a little lower for women but they still have to and do train as hard as men. There are even separate vitamins and whey supplements for women such as Women's Whey and Optimum's Opti-Women, etc., and these are specially formulated according to the requirements of female bodybuilders. Female fat burners are even different at times as women carry more fat than men. Now its upto every learned and realistic reader as how he or she likes to make his or her opinion about the myth of 50 year old mother turned out to be a Godzilla or Rhinoceros.Thanks.

ArmstrongMar 23 2009 3:37am
Armstrong, long and very interesting answers but to what Question? The poll asks if a 50+woman can be more muscular than a younger man? Of course she can! You just have to look around in the gyms. You are probably right about what you write above, but you have to realize that there are plenty of strong women around the world that never even heard about hormones. Look at women that have to work hard around the world. I have seen women in West africa far more muscular than the men around them, and than many men here in Europe. I have seen big strong women at the gym where I am working out that can outlift younger skinnier men. If you talk average men are bigger and stronger, but there are servays saying that female muscle are of better quality than male. You talk about body builders, most of us aren't body builders that go for maximum size but that doesnt't change the fact that there are many strong and fit 50+ women. More and more of us work out harder and harder, compare us to nerdy skinny men and you will for sure see the difference, both in size and strength.

BetsieMar 23 2009 10:49pm
I am by the way 52 years old, 178 cm tall, 84 kgs (not all of it muscle I have to admit). I can bench 70 kgs for reps. I know there are many many men than can lift more than that but I also know that there are men 25 years younger than me where I am working out that struggles with 40-50 kgs. And they have been working out for a while. The thing is that I am bigger than them and that makes me stronger.

BetsieMar 23 2009 10:52pm
Armstrong, I think those of us who have experienced this first hand may disagree with you. Probably all the intellectual discussion helps us understand certain aspects of the topic, but this does occur on a more regular basis than even I realized. My wife and I work out in a gym which tracks our weights, cardio, etc. Of the approximately 1000 members, both male and female of all ages, participating in this system, she is rated 44th in weight lifting. As a female, in her age class she is rated 3rd in weight lifting. I asked at the gym if they knew the percentages of males and females participating in the tracking. I was told it was approximately 60% female and 40% males. I agree with all you say, but there are many women which rise above your theories.

A BelieverMar 24 2009 8:31am
She says she's not working out that much, swimming and bicycling but she really looks like she is moving weights with her strong body.

Another fanMar 31 2009 4:48am
apart from the multi posting the clips are great, yes, I would like to see the guys at the puniverse contest getting physical with Grace. She looks like she could take on two of the at the same time.

mr JonesApr 01 2009 10:50pm
My wife and I are in our early fifties. She has continued to workout with girlfriends. She got bigger during child baring, alot bigger. After that she worked off the fat and revieled plenty of hard muscle. Her leg muscles sre so much bigger than before children and her upper body matches her legs. One thing interesting is how her ribcage grew! Before children I could put my arms around her and knew where my hands would be, now her back is so broad and front ribcage, it's so wide that my hands now touch my wrists and used to be up my forearm almost at the elbo. My wife's bigger than me and was smaller than me when we met. She is not fat but very solid. She's much stronger than me and probably stronger than I was at any age. She has bigger muscles than I ever had. I would guess that she is stronger than half of the men her size at any age. Maybe more.

AnonymousApr 09 2009 11:57am
My wife is a big woman a little over weight. Her biceps look fat but it isn't fat. Her arms are harder than mine. her bicep muscle itself is larger than most men and mine for sure. She's 56. Her biceps aren't well defined but are very thick. When she flexes like I said it's hard but so big as to not show much separation of where the muscle starts and ends. When I put my hand on her muscles it's big like a softball. Most of my hand is almost flat across the muscle and my thumb and fingers barely come around the sides of the bicep. Only a musclular young man would match her strength. She's 5'10" and about 220 lbs.

DenyApr 09 2009 12:09pm
my wife is 54, 5'10 and around 200 lbs, she used to be very strong as a 20-30 year old, stopped working out during her 40's and then when she was 50 decided to do something about her then 250 lbs body. 4 years of hard work outs at a gym has chanced her body to a very muscular woman. Since she has always been big and muscular it didn't take that long for her to become a hard body. I have never been close to beat my wife at anything physical, she is a lot stronger and more fit than me. But she is also a lot stroner and more muscular than many younger men. So there are strong, 50+ women that are stronger than younger men.

TedApr 13 2009 5:30am
My wife is 39 and had started worrying about her shape. She wasn't fat by any means and if anything she just needed to firm up. My job is such that I work long hours and don't have a lot of free time to work out, but I thought I would just purchase a weight bench and some weights to use when I had the energy. My wife took to the bench and began working out. A few months later I noticed while she was brushing her hair that she had developed a little muscle. I commented that she was looking nice and left it at that. One night after working a long day I was on the couch almost asleep when she walked in and turned out the light and said i guess you are ready to go to bed. I mumbled something and I felt her pull me off the couch< I leaned against her and felt her support my weight as she guided me to bed. Have asleep I watched her undress and notice that she had some really nice biceps developed. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and thanked her for helping me to bed. She said no problem, I was going to carry you but I didn't think you would like it. I chuckled and said well as big as your arms are getting it probably wouldn't have been a problem for you!! She laughed and didn't really go into it. About a month later I was again on the couch and she was with me watching a movie when I dosed off again. She finished watching the movie, turned off the TV and shook me awake. I said OK time to go to bed. She asked would you like me to take you in? I said sure, so she put her arm on my back and under my legs and lifted me in a cradle carry! I said please don't hurt yourself, she repied thta I was light and it was no problem, I was so tired I just lay in her arms as she carried me to the bedroom. The next morning I asked did you really carry me to bed last night? She chuckled and said sure did! She then flexed her arms and showed me that her muscles were large and firm, I got up and kissed her biceps saying they were awesome. She said that she was glad I liked them and she would like to show me how strong she had gotten. But later she said. I went to work and got home fairly late, I came in a she was in her workout clothes looking very sexy. I had a bite to eat and sat down and she said that she had some surprises for me tonight was I up for it? For sure I said you look fantastic. She said first take off you clothes cause I am gonna wrestle you!! Wow. I wasn't expecting that but I was game. She controlled me from the start and I wasn't able to do much other than avoid being pinned, she got stronger as I got weaker. I was about exhausted when I finally had to give and admit she was the winner. She laughed how's it feel to have a wife that is stronger. No problem, I replied it's awesome and your sexier than ever!! She helped me to my feet, I was very wobbly and fell into her arms. See if you like this she said and picked me up in a firemans carry. Laying across her shoulders was a fantastic feeling and I told her so. What should we do next she asked? she felt something throbbing on her shoulder and said well I think I know what you have in mind!! She carried me into the kitchen and into the living room. I said I could get used to this. She said you will believe me. Lying across her shoulders I carressed her arms and told her how much I loved her. She said one more surprise for you, I lay helplessly across her shoulders as she went to the closet and grabbed something from the shelf, it was a toy she had recently purchased that I had no knowledge of. I was confused but she assured me that I would love it. She threw me on the bed and flexed again, I was so excited I nearly lost it, but calmed down as she took me somewhere where I have never been before. It was the most fantastic night of my life and we repeat it frequently. She and her muscles have taken control and I am one lucky husband.

AnonymousApr 30 2009 3:55pm
Your story reminds me of an incident that changed my relationship with my wife, many years ago. We were at a masquerade party, my wife dressed up as super woman and I was a cave man. My wife looked great in her costume. Her wide shoulders, big breasts filled her costume up well and her big thighs looked fantastic in the fishnet tights. This evening I unfortunately had too much to drink and could hardly walk. I fell asleep in a sofa. My wife was sober since she was driving. She was really upset with me for being so drunk. When we were about to leave she realized I couldn't walk. She asked somebody to take her bag and then just lifted me up in her arms and carried me to the car in front of everybody. Quite a sight seeing super woman carry this (well rather slim and not too big) caveman. My wife told me the day after that I needed to change. I asked her how I got home and she told me she had to carry me to the car and that a few people took photos of us. I really felt bad about this and promised to behave. I have never been that drunk since. A few weeks later I was exhausted from a very hard week at the office. I had a couple of glasses of wine and fell asleep. The next day I woke up in our bed. I asked my wife how I ended up in our bed and she told me that she carried me. She also told me she kind of liked carry her slim man around. I said that so far I couldn't tell if I liked it or not since I was totally drunk the first time and asleep the second. She then lifted me up and carried me with ease. She is very strong I knew that but if really felt strange to be in my wife's arms like a baby. This lead to more carrying, to arm wrestling to wrestling. She loved to prove herself stronger and I also got to love it. Sadly it all stopped when she died a few years ago.

Ex-carriedMay 04 2009 12:07am
What a nice and sad story Ex-carried. I can't see whats wrong with a relationship where the women is stronger. I am a above average strong woman, I know I can outlift many men at the gym I am frequenting. So far I have been unlucky with the men I have met, they are not comfortable at all when I prove that I am stronger than them or when I lift them in my arms. I am now together with a good looking slim man that I am sure I could beat at anything physical. So far I have not tested my strength against his since I don't want to scare him away.I am 52 today and my new man is 46. He seems to be a man that could accept having a woman that is physically stronger than him but right now I will wait to show him (he really should understand that I am stronger since I am heavier and more muscular than him).

BitteMay 06 2009 11:15pm
It's kind of sexy, a strong, 50+ woman. An experienced woman with strength that is hard for men to match. I have been divorces for some years and I am today 54 years old. I am in a great shape since I have been working out most of my life and since I was 50 added lifting heavy to my routines. My body has responded in the best of ways and I have today a muscular yet feminine body. I am a tease at the gym. I like to show some men, espcially younger men, that I am stronger. And I am in fact stronger than a lot of the men. This is a gym in the business area of the city and the men are there to trim themselves more than work out for weight lifting our to get beefy. I noticed already from the start that many men watched me with awe and that it was rather easy to talk to these guys. I have had quite a few dates with guys 15-20 years younger than me. I enjoy the attention I get and I really enjoy being stronger. The bigger stronger men are of no interest for me. I am now looking for a man about 10 years younger, slimmer and WEAKER than me, I know who I want, the thing is that he is not aware of this YET.

Strong 50+May 14 2009 10:53pm
Last autumn a woman moved into the small house beside ours (me and my wife's). We are in our mid 30's, no kids. Our new neighbour was a woman in her 50's (we found out after a while, she looked much younger). About a month ago when the weather started to be nice and warm I walked over to our neighbour to invite her for dinner and to get to know her better. When she opened the door I got quite shocked. She had a sleeveless workout top on and lycra bicycle shorts. What shocked me was her muscular physique. She had very wide muscular shoulders, big biceps and triceps, together with her big breasts I had problem to know where to look. I stammered that we wanted to invite her for a bbq that evening. She asked me to come in and I could now see her muscular legs. Huge thighs with muscles as pillows on the side of her thighs, huge calves. She could see that I was embarrassed and that I didn't know where to look. She said that she just finished her daily work out. I said something about that she looked fantastic and very strong. She flexed a really big biceps for me and asked me to feel it. Rock hard and a lot bigger than mine. She said she was happy to come over to us. My wife asked me what was wrong when I came back. I told her about our muscular neighbour. I know said my wife, we work out at the same gym, she has a fantastic physique and is really strong. Our neighbour showed up wearing a plain, wide, rather short skirt and a sleeveless shirt. I couldn't take my eyes off her muscles. I had never before seen muscles like her's on a woman and being so close to this lady was kind of threatening. After a few glasses of wine my wife told our neighbour that I was impressed with her muscles and said, why don't you armwrestle my husband? How could she say a thing like that? We cleared the table and I was soon to find out that this woman was very very strong. She is exactly 20 years older than me and loosing to this woman was embarrassing as hell. My wife laughed and wanted to have a go as well. She was equally conquered and owned. Our neighbour wanted me and my wife to have a match. We hadn't armwrestled in years and back then I had won comfortably. My wife have the last years been more to the gym than me and I actually lost to her as well, not by much but anyway. This evening changed a lot for me. I discovered that strong women could be a turn on, I haven't told my wife about it but I actually enjoyed loosing to these women. I was embarrassed as hell but I soon understood that being weaker turned mo on. My wife also got a kick of being stronger and works out more than before, she often goes over to our neighbour and work out. Our neighbour is flexing for me all the time and laugh. Does she understand that this turns me on? Sorry for the long posting but this confuses me a lot.

What to do?May 18 2009 7:13am
Dear 50+ strong woman...I am 44, and work out, and wish I could meet a woman just like you....much, much stronger and muscular than me.

DennisMay 27 2009 7:46pm
Dear 50+ strong woman...I am 44, and work out, and wish I could meet a woman just like you....much, much stronger and muscular than me.

DennisMay 27 2009 7:47pm

DennisMay 28 2009 1:01pm
Lets get this forum started up again. About ten years ago, I had to go to the market and get a couple of items. I was in an aisle looking for a item, when I turned around and saw the most amazing calves I ever seen in my life. This women had black hair, and looked to be in her 40's, and was about 5'-5" in height. She had by far, the most muscular calves I've ever seen on anybody, man or women. They looked to be over 20" around, with vary deep diamond shapes, and harder then steel as they were also vary vascular. She was wearing 6" high wedgie sandals, and when she got way up on her toes (and by the way her feet also looked vary thick, well built, and vary muscular), Her calves turned to a huge, thick muscular steel ball. The diamond muscle must have stuck out at least 2-1/2", and looked like it came to a sharp point. As it looked like her lower leg from her ankle to the bulge of her calve almost looked like a 45 degree angle. The mightiest calves I've ever seen on anyone. I almost came then and their. She must have noticed me staring at her, as she had a slight smile on her face, which was a little on the tough side. She had on a trench coat which came down just below her knees, as it was a col day. I took a good look and noticed that her coat was really filled out, and was really tight fitting. I though to myself, could she actually be all thick muscle, just like her calves. So I figured that I better go over and talk to her. I introduced myself, and told her that she had the most muscular and strongest calves, I've ever seen on anybody. She told me her name was Eva. She said that she knows her calves are vary strong and muscular, And she is vary proud of them, as she is vary proud of every muscle in her body. She said that she always was vary strong and muscular, even as a child, and her mother said that she even had muscles as a baby. Then she blew my mind, when she said that she is even more muscular then most male bodybuilders, and much stronger. She came here from Russia about fifteen years ago. She had a heavy accent. She also blew my mind when she said that she was 57 years old, and that she worked in a rock quarry from age 20 to 40 (20 years). She said that she lifted allot of rocks that weighed over 200#s, and walked to a truck 50 ft. away, and put it in the bin. She said being already muscular, and doing this vary hard work, made her whole body vary strong, and vary muscular all over. I asked her what she weighed, and she blew my mind again by saying a rock-hard 250#s (at a 5'-5" height). She said again, that she is vary proud of her vary muscular and powerful build. She said that she was much stronger, and much more muscular then the men she was working with. She said that sometime some of the men would challenge her in arm-wrestling, and she would always easily win. Sometime she even beat them by letting them use two arms, against one of hers. She mentioned that a few big men hated her, because she was much stronger then them, and even much more muscular.On two occasions, she was attacked by a big man who tried to either bring harm to her, or do her in, but she put both men in the hospital with vary serious injuries. She said that she never married, because no man is man enough for her. In my mind while talking to Eva, I though to myself that I just had to see what the rest of that body looked like, just seeing her mighty calves. She ask me if I wanted to feel her huge calves, and of course I said yes. she faced away from me and got way up on her toes. I have big hands, and got them around her calves, and still their was still at least 4" of space between them. I figured that they must be at least 22". And they were harder then steel as I could not even dent them a 1/16". She said that they were 22-1/2". She said that all of her other measurements were just as impressive. At this point, I literally came in my pants, as I was so excited. I asked Eva if it was possible, that I would love to see what the rest of her mighty muscular build looked like. She gave me a tough smile, and said certainly. She had her own home, and said why don't you come over for dinner sunday at eight. I told her that I could hardly wait. If I thought my mind could not get blown any more, then it did in the market, I was wrong. When I showed up at her door at eight, Eva opened up the door, wearing a long robe, and another pair of 6" wedgie sandals. She let me in. That robe looked vary tight fitting on her, and looking at the arms, they looked huge, her shoulders vary wide, her back had to be huge, and her thighs enormous. She then said that she like to be comfortable, what do you think? And I said go ahead make yourself comfortable. Eva, then unbuttoned and pulled off the robe that she was wearing, and I almost fainted, as I got weak in the knees. Standing before me was the most muscular human being I have ever witnessed (man or women). Here was a Women 57 years old, 5'-5", 250#s of the thickest, hardest, powerful muscles, from head to toe. She was tanned, and only wearing a G-string. And I had no doubt that what that was covering was all muscle also. She said that we should get warmed up before dinner, and I fully agreed. She said lets start by flexing a measuring all of my huge hard muscles. She did a posing routine of flexing all of her muscles as big and hard as she could get them. I was so excited and shaking, that I must have come a couple of times. She ended her routine by doing one of the mightiest most-muscular's I have ever seen, as every one of her muscles just exploded. Huge thick high traps, Her pecs looked like boobs that stuck out about 6, and were all steelhard powerful muscle, Her abs were 6 thick bricks. Her arms were huge, with 22-1/2"biceps, and forearms 20" of muscle. Her back and pec 58". Her waist 30". Her enormous thighs were 34"of cut steelhard muscle, and mighty calves were 22-1/2". And Eva, made dammed sure that I felt all of her mighty muscles, as she flexed them. She even had me punching all of her thick hard muscles as hard as I could, to show me that she could not be hurt (she said that even a hammer could not hurt her, as we did that another time and she was right). When Eva did a lat spread, her back was wider and thicker with cut muscle then I have ever seen on anybody (her lats looked like they were going from her waist at a 45o angle, and literally looked like they were fighting with her mighty arms, as their was no space, between her arms and lats. Almost all of the time while Eva was flexing, and I was Measuring and feeling, and punching all of her mighty muscles, she had a tough proud smile on her face. She showed me her weight room in her basement. It was full of huge vary heavy weights. When we had dinner, the conversation was strictly on her. She told me that she had great genetics, as both her mother and father were big strong muscular people. She said that she loves being vary muscular, and powerful. She said that she easily benches 600#s for 12 reps, squats & dead lifts 800#s for 12 reps. Eva said that she would be way to muscular to get into any women's bodybuilding contest, but would love to get into a men's contest, as she thinks she would win it, if it were a fare contest. She thinks she could out muscle any man alive, and out lift them also. To wrap this up, I see her at least three times a month. every time is a mind-blowing experience. Eva, is the most exciting I know, by far.

SamAug 21 2009 4:32pm
nice fantasy. I believe that the bench record for women is 600 lbs right now. I am not sure I would like to be with a woman that big and strong

AnonymousAug 31 2009 12:12am
This board seems to be dead. I like the question since I am a 50+ woman. I am (sorry this has to be the metric system), 188 cm and 95 kgs. Have been an athlete when I was younger but kept on working out almost every day since my active days as a basket ball player. I don't work out to become more muscular but I can bench 85 kgs for reps. I know I can lift more than that but have stopped lifting heavy since I passed 50. Many younger guys at my gym are totally in awe when they see me work out. Since this is not a "beef gym" rather a gym with 60-65% women, most of the guys that work out here are weaker than me. I kind of like sitting beside a young man that is the same age as my kids and see that he is using most of his power to lift a lot lighter weights than me. I never tease these guys verbally but they can see in my eyes that I enjoy being stronger.

OlgaJan 05 2010 1:06am
so very awesome :-) I am only 48 and ready to get back to the gym ... I am heartened to know that in 10 years I can be in the best shape of my life.

EvieJan 31 2010 5:36pm
On my 50th b'day my mother-in-law walked in on my wife giving me my b'day spanking in my birthday suit. I tried getting up but my wife held me down saying the cat is out of the bag as my mom has already seen me spanking you. My mother-in-law started laughing at me and egged my wife on then told her that she wanted to wish me a happy b'day too. When my wife finished it was over her mom's knee for the most embarrassing spanking ever as a 75 year old woman was able to hold me down and hand spank me to tears.

markieeMay 16 2010 8:25pm
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