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Women: Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls?

Question: Describe why and what happened to him. Did you enjoy it?
Created by: skydog at 10:49:28 AM, Sunday, October 02, 2005 PDT


I kicked my boyfriend now husband so hard in the balls one day. I did this because he pissed me off. He fell to the ground in pain and I just laughed and laughed. Did it again too. Now he waits on me hand and foot. Does everything I say so he won't have to go through that again. But I still do it.

jennOct 03 2005 7:14am

ughh...this girl did that to me one time...I couldn't do anything but cough and roll up into a fetal position. Her and friend laughed at me. It was so humiliatiing.

AnonymousOct 03 2005 11:11am
That is unfair!!

skydogOct 03 2005 5:08pm
For practical reasons (i.e. it is easier), I suspect more women have used a knee-to-the-groin strike to free themselves from unpleasant situations, rather than a full blown kick. And so, logically, more men have probably been kneed in the groin by a woman rather than kicked.

MikeOct 11 2005 9:42am
Jenn, kicking your husband in the balls could do him serious permenant damage. If you wish to inflict pain and humiliation on him your knee is just as effective and does not carry the same risk of injury. Do not forget the male is after all the weaker sex. Enjoy

KarenOct 18 2005 2:50am
So, Karen, have you used the knee-to-the-groin strike a lot? Do you have many stories to tell?

MikeOct 19 2005 10:04am
I agree with Karen 100%, men are the weaker sex.

subordinatemaleOct 23 2005 11:11am
I would like to get a woman kick my balls. I think all men should take a kick to the balls at least once a year to remind them that the ladies are in control.

EdNov 06 2005 7:34pm
I would like to get a woman kick my balls. I think all men should take a kick to the balls at least once a year to remind them that the ladies are in control.

EdNov 06 2005 7:35pm
Ed, is that a joke or a serious remark? If you really want this experience, just visit your local ladies self defence classes and ask if you can play the part of the attacker in the lesson where the ladies are taught the 'knee to the groin' strike. If you don't wear any protective padding for your private parts, you could either be badly winded or even knocked out! Do you really think that's fun?

BarryNov 07 2005 5:12pm
Ed the only thing you need to remind you that women are in control is to understand and accept the supreiority of the female gender. Being kicked between the legs by a woman, as I have already stated, can seriously and permanently damage the male and I should know I have ruined a few in my time in exactly that way. If violent abuse of your genitals by the female is essential to your accepting her dominace and superiority I suggest you settle for her using her knee, or if she is willing and has a good grip squeezing and twisting is also very effective. Good grovelling.

KarenNov 10 2005 9:15am
Wow Karen, you are one together Woman!

herslaveNov 11 2005 9:07am
Karen, you say you have 'ruined a few (groins) in my time' with a kick to the groin. Why did you do this? Was it necessary as an act of self defence?

MikeNov 16 2005 7:48am
Karen can I be your slave?

benNov 19 2005 8:16pm
Karen, you sound like the ball slayer I've been looking for.

EdNov 28 2005 7:30pm
All woman should think like Karen!

submaleDec 17 2005 4:30pm
Karen, i think Your wonderful; You understand and accept Your role as a leader and don't hesitate to use any means necessary to establish and maintain Your authority. Any male who is lucky enough to meet You should be grateful.

edwinDec 22 2005 7:56am
I must say I am flattered by the effect my few simple words have had on you all and so as my final submission on the subject I will answer your comments in order. Herslave, yes I am! Mike, no I just enjoyed it! Ben, you already are my dear! Ed, no dear you would never survive! Submale, no all men should think like you, the reverse is already largely true. Last but not least if edwin is different to Ed, Thank you for the compliment.

KarenDec 29 2005 9:59am
I would love to bend Karen over and spank her while I pull her hair and she squeezes my balls!

EdJan 04 2006 7:26pm
Thanks Karen, I would gladly submit to you.

submaleJan 15 2006 7:43am
Karen, you are our Queen!

benJan 15 2006 11:42am
Ed you do not spank your superiors. As a male you should know your place and keep to it.

KarenFeb 17 2006 2:00pm
Karen, you can bend me over and spank me. Then,you can squeeze my balls. Only of course if you want to. After all, you're the boss.

submaleFeb 18 2006 5:13pm
Can I kiss your butt Karen?

benFeb 18 2006 5:15pm
Karen, you can bend me over and spank me. Then,you can squeeze my balls. Only of course if you want to. After all, you're the boss.

submaleFeb 18 2006 5:16pm
Karen, I think ben, submale and I would like you to show us where our place is...

EdFeb 21 2006 10:48am
Boys if as you say you really believe I am the boss then why do you fantasise about me squeezing your balls. A woman such as me does not lower herself to gratifying male submissive fantasy. My mission is to educate the male in the acceptance of female superiority and dominance to which end the testicles of the student have to be crushed not squeezed. A subtle but agonisingly necessary difference achieved by use of the knee not the hand.

KarenMar 02 2006 1:03am
Ouch! Yes Karen. Whatever you say.

submaleMar 05 2006 11:42am
My balls are waiting for your knee Karen.

EdMar 15 2006 5:20am
If you want to knee me in the balls thats ok, because I still want to be your slave Karen

benMar 18 2006 3:05pm
What alot of poo you speak

Freak_HunterMar 24 2006 11:57am
Lets face it boys you ain't gonna get your nuts busted by me are you? So however much it turns you on to imagine my knee smashing into your thought centres and reducing you to a writhing heap of submission at my feet, forget it! After all other women have knees don't they? and take it from me they'll be more than happy to use them. Trust me you all have able and willing castratrices much nearer to home, they're called wives and girlfriends! You only have to ask. I would suggest on your knees and Nicely!!!

Love KarenMar 31 2006 4:42am
Face it Karen you want to do it and it would give you great pleasure to kick us in the balls and make us cry for more!

EdApr 11 2006 4:46am
Oh Ed!! If I were to kick you in the balls it'd make you cry alright but not for more I assure you. As for me getting pleasure from it, I think we all know who's getting their rocks off to this fantasy the most. Don't we boys.

KarenApr 13 2006 6:25am
I'm sorry Karen I didn't mean to offend you. You're right, we will probably never get our nuts busted by you, I just thought that maybe from time to time you would be willing to verbally castrate us. Again, my apologies.

submaleApr 14 2006 10:20am
I completely agree with submale. But I would like to hear from Karen what she would do to us if she could.

EdApr 19 2006 7:52am
Boys, by now you really should know that I am not willing to do anything other than that which I as a woman and therefore your superior chooses to do. If I were to decide that it would please me to castrate you or any other male it would certainly not be verbally, after all they do say actions speak louder than words!

KarenApr 21 2006 8:35am
Whatever you want Karen.

benApr 22 2006 3:57pm
Karen, have you ever castrated a male?

submaleApr 22 2006 3:59pm
Whatever you want Karen.

benApr 22 2006 4:01pm
Karen you are so wise after all permanent damage to a boys testicles should only be tolerated if he were attacking you physically.Attacking you verbally quite rightly warrants a swift knee to the balls. Failing this a ruler applied vigourously would be nearly as effective.Yours in admiration

Lou RollsApr 28 2006 11:16pm
Karen, will you please talk with us? Please?

benMay 13 2006 3:53pm
You know the more I post on this site the more I realise just how immeasurably superior to the male we women really are. You know Ben it's really touching to have you grovel for attention like that, it befits you and as you can see it works! But I know that it's submales' question that you all want answered and I am sure you will be delighted to know that the answer is YES I HAVE!! You see as an equine vet slitting open the ball sacs of stallions and discarding their contents is all in a days work for me and before you ask, yes I do enjoy it, I enjoy every "god I wish I was doing this to a human male" moment of it. Wouldn't any woman?

Karen (feeling very superior)May 19 2006 8:52am
Any time Karen, and we do it your way.

benMay 19 2006 6:32pm
I'll grovel for you too Karen.

submaleMay 27 2006 3:17pm
Karen you are gorgeous but why remove a human males balls.Surely it is more fun to let us keep them so you can squeeze,bite,punch,kick,twist and otherwise maltreat them.It must have been a Goddess that made us as why would a male put somethings so vulnerable and fragile on the outside just waiting to be manipulated punished and hurt.

Lou RollsMay 28 2006 12:51pm
Come on then boys let's hear how you'd grovel to really impress me. Oh and don't be shy I'm sure I've heard it all before.

KarenJun 02 2006 2:19am
I would get down on my knees and beg you for your attention. I would beg "pleeease Karen" or however you would like to be addressed. I would then serve you if you should so desire. I would kiss butt both figuratively and literally if thats what you wanted.

benJun 02 2006 5:23pm
I forgot to say that I would kiss your feet, serve as your maid, and I'd be more than happy to be on the end of your leash. If you wanted, you could walk me like you would a dog. I'd be more than happy to strip and masturbate for you.

benJun 03 2006 5:06pm
I'd do everything ben says he'd do, but I would also become your sex slave and when I masturbated for you, I'd lick it up for you too.

submaleJun 03 2006 5:21pm
I'll become your sex slave, and I'll cum on command. Afterwards I'll lick it up too. I'd cook and clean your house and wait on you hand and foot.

benJun 03 2006 5:51pm
Karen would you please grab my c*ck and knee me in the balls as hard and many times as you would like? I would love to have you kneel over my face while you reach forward and punch my balls. You could also place my balls on a leash and drag me around.

EdJun 06 2006 5:11am
Karen I would also be totally naked for you at all times so you could punish my balls anytime you desire.

EdJun 06 2006 5:18am
Karen I would also be totally naked for you at all times so you could punish my balls anytime you desire.

EdJun 06 2006 5:24am
As a supremely intelligent and strong minded Womyn I salute you.My service to you would be as my service to all Womyn.Full and unreserved.The future Matriarchy would demand no less.But as a vanguard of the the future as evidenced by your most sensible and exciting comments ai wouuld be more ecstatic than for many other Womyn to be in your thrall.For such a superior Womyn amongst the superior sex in general I would aspire to be your human toilet.This would be my third most neccesary duty after your cunnilingus slave slavering between your gorgeous thighs and generally making you life easy through hard work for you. You would have complete management of my orgasms should i be allowed the privelage of having any at all.

Lou RollsJun 06 2006 6:44pm
Bah, look what the TV has done to us males :(

The Last True Man.Jun 19 2006 4:40pm
Karen pleeease tell us how we're doing. Pretty Pleeese.

benJun 30 2006 5:46pm
If you wanted Karen, you could screw me in the butt with a dildo. I'd kiss your butt in public too. Please Karen.

benJul 01 2006 2:59pm
Boys, boys you really do need to understand that in order to prove your subservience to the female the desire to fulfil your own sexual needs must be suppressed. Quite honestly to suggest you should ejaculate in front of me wether or not you lick it up afterwards is highly disrespectful and quite distasteful. A truly subservient male should be prepared to castrate himself rather than risk offending his superior by such selfish behaviour.

KarenJul 04 2006 6:19am
Your wellbeing sexual and otherwise Karen would be my highest honour and achievement.

Lou RollsJul 09 2006 8:48am
I'm sorry Karen, I didn't mean to show disrespect to my superior, I guess I just got carried away. You as a woman are superior to me in every way. From now on I will be subservient to you.

benJul 15 2006 12:33am
This poll is filled with sick, sick, sick people!!

Normal PersonJul 21 2006 11:07am
I thought that Lou Rolls is married, so why is he flirting with Karen?

Lou Rolls SucksJul 21 2006 11:09am
Please Karen. Please talk to us. I promise not to offend you anymore. Please verbally castrate us. We'd love that. Please! Pretty please!

benJul 22 2006 5:51pm
All you women who like attacking men especially in the groin area must also be ok with getting your ass beat once in a while too, huh? Don't be a pussy and call the cops, now. Take what you dish out, or keep your punches, kicks and knees to yourself. Now spread em so I can have a clear shot at the clitoris. Would you like that? Didn't think so. You women (or womyn, whatever) are seriously twisted. Go back to therapy. And you seem to have neutered most of the men on this site. Please for dignity's sake hand these guys back their testicles, because this is sickening to listen to.

The Big Bad BundyAug 07 2006 2:26pm
The Big Bad Bundy, I agree with you.

Normal PersonAug 11 2006 10:54am
Please cut their balls off Karen.

benAug 19 2006 4:37pm
If these wonderful Women do give us our balls back it would just illustrate who really has the power. I prefer to be a slave to Women. Karen would you pleease talk to us again? Pleeease?

benSep 04 2006 2:58pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 11:59pm

#Feb 09 2007 12:41am
Hi boys I'm back!

KarenMar 01 2007 2:13pm
You don't have to give me my balls back Karen. I'll happily be your slave.

benMar 04 2007 3:57pm
#0073 - (Sun.) 3/25/07

UpdateMar 24 2007 9:30pm
Ms. Karen, it is Your right to do whatever you wish with Your males, knee them in the groin, force them to grovel naked in front of You, beat them and put them to work at menial tasks, so most respectfully Ma'am, would you indulge your online harem and tell us exactly for what You do use males. I think we would all love to hear the real experiences of such a forceful Woman. It is of course, entirely up to You as to whether You want to tell us.

obedient husbandJun 29 2007 8:08pm
Please Ms.Karen, Please tell us what you would have us to do.

benJul 06 2007 9:50pm
One night on my way home from work,my 14 yo SON thought ie would hide in the bushes and grab me as i was opening the front door. At the time i didnt know hu was him, i delt a mans hand grab me harshly. i spun round and kneed him right in the balls

Embarrassed mumAug 03 2007 9:55pm
Yeah, I see another time how gorgeous and superior women like Karen are and hw weak and inferior we males are. I too would be glad to serve you, Karen.

Nick NNov 16 2007 1:13pm
#0078 - (Sun.) * 3/30/08

UpdateMar 30 2008 6:11pm
Karen, after being married for ten years I find the best way of showing my wife's superiority is to lay her clothes out in the morning and make her breakfast before she goes to work.Obviously any sexual activity is her on top and determined by her. what I havent sorted out is whether we should be clear to our children just who wears the pants in the marriage. what do you think?

barryApr 30 2008 4:37pm
woman kick men in the balls because they know their inferior (woman) and the only they can beat a guy by lowering themsleves to kick him in the balls

AnonymousMay 30 2008 4:10pm
Our balls ought to kicked from time by our Superior Ladies to remind us our inferiority. At last, this is surely what for they were created by God or Mother Nature.

Nick NJun 24 2008 11:48am
Karen is an idiot inferior female with a very large ego

I am so much smarter then karenAug 12 2008 9:42am
Karen is an idiot inferior female with a very large ego

I am so much smarter then karenAug 12 2008 9:42am
"I am much smarter then karen" seems to have problems with spelling. Try to guess who of them two is smarter?

Nick NDec 08 2008 10:55am
#0085 - (Fri.) * 1/9/09

UpdateJan 09 2009 1:30pm
i was at a party one time and wearing a leather skirt and pointy toed leather boots. i saw a guy looking at my butt for a second so i turned around and kicked hum full force in the balls as hard as i could. he was sore for hours.

lisaJan 21 2009 1:09pm
i was at a party one time and wearing a leather skirt and pointy toed leather boots. i saw a guy looking at my butt for a second so i turned around and kicked hum full force in the balls as hard as i could. he was sore for hours.

lisaJan 21 2009 1:09pm
It is a great yoy to kick or bite men in their balls. This is why women are superior to men. If I ever catch a man who has abuse a woman I will castrate him with my teeth.

CastratrixJul 27 2009 5:48am
A girl would not like it at all if a guy inflicted pain on HER CLIT!!!

AnonymousNov 17 2009 1:06am
Castratrix, If you would chew up and swollow my balls I might just offer them to you for dinner!

Balls approaching 40Feb 19 2010 3:55pm
When I was in junior high school a Female music teacher felt I had misbehaved and told a muscular athletic Girl to kick me in the crotch. The Girl's name was Lisa. I doubt She is the above poster but the coincidence is interesting.

obedient husbandApr 11 2010 5:26pm
I never kicked a guys balls but a boyfriend got pretty ruff with me one night trying to rape me when we hadn't had sex. I managed to get his balls in my hand and squeeze them! I squeezed very hard as he cried out and started shaking and sweating, begging me to stop but I squeezed much harder until he started barfing and collapsed! He was reduced to nothing just like that! Balls feel real squishy like!

BarbSep 17 2010 9:18pm
When I was a girl I gut in a fight with a boy and my mom told me to hit or kick their balls so I had the boy down and I drop my knee hard on his balls and then punched his balls several times as hard as I could swing. He had swimming trunks on and I could feel my fist hitting his balls! I naturally beat the boy as a result! He was so damaged that I was able to sit on him and punch his head freely!

JanisSep 17 2010 9:23pm
karen is a 6 ft. tranny with hairy balls. btw castratix i jus abused sum you gonna do about it?

jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 7:14pm
i must admit, as a guy, i loved having my exwife dress me up in lingerie, and ballkick me to my knees, then kick me while i was down. there is just something about a lady kicking balls, that i love. sorry macho men.

ford25045Nov 14 2010 11:49am
Karen is my bitch.

JulianNov 19 2010 6:21pm
i voluntered to be the attacker in a womens self defence class.I was wearing a cup for support and protection so the girls didnt have to hold back with their kicks,knees punches squeezes etc.I was shocked at how much the girls really wanted to hurt me.Unfortunately one girl who was only 15 kneed me very had and knocked the cup out of place causing my very large testicles to pop out of the cup leaving them exposed to her second knee.I groaned in agony and fell to the ground.the bitch thought it was funny.Nobody could understand what had happened as I was wearing a cup but my balls had popped out of it.I thought my world was coming to an end.I was taken to hospital to be examined.They was swollen very badly.They were large anyway about the size of eggs but was now even bigger.For weeks i had to wear a suspensory jock for support.I was very lucky not to have ruptured both testes.Now they are extremly sensitive and just the sligtest contact leaves me in agony.I wear a cup all the time now as another blow would ruin them.It hurts when i ejaculate and they need lots of support due to the size and weight ! it really is no joke or laughing matter

SimonNov 22 2010 3:56am
I don't think I'd volunteer to be a live kicking dummy for females who are obviously already afraid of "stranger danger" especially if I had larger than normal balls. They are psyched up and full of adrenaline, I'd expect them to kick and punch harder than normal just from that. If you had had some half drunk barfly put her boot to your groin prior to your ill advised volunteer work, you'd know what the potential pain might be like and would let some other fool be the "nice guy" volunteer. Sometimes nice guys don't finish last they just get finished off.

GeneSimDec 19 2010 11:52am
I was in a club and I started to talk to this girl And the next thing she started playing with my balls and wham she squeezes and pulls them so hard I cryed, all the bitch did was laugh and walk off. To this day my penis and balls have terrible pins and needles so thanks bitch if you read this

SamJan 04 2011 4:09am
I was 19 when a guy walked up to me and grabbed my ass at a bar. I turned and squeeze his right testicle and put enough pressure in one spot to pop it in a matter of seconds. Haha i loved the mushy feeling in his sack. He fell to the ground shaking and convulsing and vomited a few times. I got away with it since im a chick lol!

JessJan 18 2011 3:12pm
I love to be a slave to the superior female sex i please then n do everything they say n if im lucky enough sometimes they beat my balls only when they are fully satisfied first is there any girl here who wants a slave =] i really well behaved is my email =p

True goddess slaveJan 26 2011 4:10pm
I would never kick a man in the balls, they're the best thing that's happened since the toaster lol. Who would kick them if you can suck them? Love Karen

KarenFeb 20 2011 1:48pm
karen come on now.your all talk. no woman can kick me in the balls hard enough to make me fall to my kness. if she can she can casterate me.ill even be naked.... i no you cant. or find someone that can.around my area.

unknown manMay 12 2011 11:50am
Haha this is funny. A bunch of weird fetish-freaks. Everyone knows that a woman stands no chance in a fight with a man. Not even if u do kick the groin. Its sore,ja but not the end. Its rediculous to think that u actually believe that yoy are superior. I have never mistreated a girl or physically hurt her, I would just walk away. But- however, if ever I meet one of you lot, I would probably break your neck with the first blow. Just to put you on my level. Wana dish out? Then receive the same. Respect men, and thy shall be respected. Simples. But anyways, carry on with ur sick twisted fetish blog, if this is what makes you gettin off. Pathetic, rather. And karen, you're the best of them all. Or most pathetic shall I say. 'Running' this blog as the ' lady in piwer'n the divan the 'queen'. Lmao. Untill the next guy knock your teeth out again. As this is what made you so aggressive towards men in the first place. Its called 'penis envy'. Don't worry karen, we understand... Now go back to sleep.

another normal guy.Jun 13 2011 8:21am
yes i allowed a girl 2 hold my feet while i was doing situps and after i finished she said 2 close my eyes and relax and 3 secs. later BAM!! she rammed her fist directly into my jewels i immediately started puking and went temporarily blind while i could hear her laughing and saying how weak i am compared 2 her.

ballz of steellJun 26 2011 12:27pm
This is a load of crap!!! I 'm a fairly violant man but have never laid a finger on a woman, ever. If some female kicked or kneed me in the groin, I would get up off the floor and break her nose with my very large fist. If she kneed or kicked me then laughed about it while I was in agony, I would not only break her nose I would also get a nice new golf ball from my pile, cover it with super glue then shove it up her Vagina. If she loves groin pain then she'll love that.

What the FarkJul 22 2011 6:08am
You people are sick. Flat out plaint sick. Rot in hell you bastards!

societyAug 02 2011 10:10am
You people are sick. Flat out plaint sick. Rot in hell you bastards!

societyAug 02 2011 2:24pm
you are dumb people a man getting kicked in the groin hurts like poo but we can still win a fight

societyAug 20 2011 4:06pm
just shutup you people are so foucking stupid

societyAug 20 2011 4:07pm
Shoot his balls

Cool guyOct 21 2011 11:41pm
Just for fun i have bin grabed and got me off gard, girl take you down!

Cool guyOct 21 2011 11:47pm
this guy tried to rape me, i was leaving my college. He pulled me into some bushes and i could not even see him because it was dark. I finally saw the outline of his legs and i kicked as hard as I could with cowboy boots. I know i got him because he fell immediately and yelled, i ran. I brought back the cops and it took 20 minutes to get to where he was and he was still there curled up. They told me later that I ruptured a testicle completely and drove the other one inside him and he had to get surgery. I have kicked my brother before and he dropped too. Its weird because i have not felt a guy yet. But i did see my big brother walk out of a shower and asked him if they were tender, he said yes. He rolled them through his fingers and showed me how to kick them and the best way to squeeze them. So the only balls i have ever felt was when i kicked him over and over with my bare foot, it felt like kicking a sponge and he bent over each time and i was not even kicking hard.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:01pm
yea you got him. Does he still have one testicle left? Do you know him?

RhondaOct 26 2011 2:05pm

billOct 26 2011 2:06pm
Yes i know who his is, the cops did not charge him because there was no proof he did anything, he said i just kicked him because he talked to me. He did lose a testicle, the other one made it.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:07pm
Good if he ever bothers you again you can get the other one. I don't know what i would do with a guy if he did not have any balls? Its the only way that we even have a chance.

RhondaOct 26 2011 2:08pm
I know, guys are so strong. I am so glad that guys have testicles. It does not take much to drop them.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:09pm
I know. I kicked my dad by accident when i was 12 and he fell and curled up? I did not know that i could do that to a huge man. I have played with balls a lot, some guys are super sensitive and cannot take even moderate ball massage? This guy that i am seeing right now likes to have his squeezed and he likes it during sex too ! So do I.

RhondaOct 26 2011 2:12pm
You squeeze his balls ????? and he likes it? Does he curl up for a long time?

tinaOct 26 2011 2:13pm
He curls up some and he says that it hurts up into his belly real bad but he likes pain. I can paralyze him when i squeeze and he really can't move at all and it affects his breathing too.

RhondaOct 26 2011 2:15pm
I feel sorry for him. I really want to feel a guys balls and experiment to see how sensitive they are and at what point they can't take any more. But i also want them to work right because i want to use what comes out to make some babies, ha ha. Hold on i'm going to get my brother.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:18pm
Hey ... My sister kicked me in the nuts kinda hard and i went down. I tried to stay on my feet but after about 5 kicks i went down. She wanted to see what happens to a guy and how delicate we are.

steveOct 26 2011 2:20pm
damn i want to get into this! I would give anything if you could check out my balls tina.

BillOct 26 2011 2:21pm
you would let me play with your testicles and squeeze them and stuff???

tinaOct 26 2011 2:21pm
Sure are you kidding. I could even show you how much cum comes out. But you would have to jack me off.

BillOct 26 2011 2:23pm
I don't know how to do that so you would have to show me. I want to see where babies come from it would be so cool. If i hurt you enough to ruin your testicles you would tell me wouldnt you? I don't want to rupture you.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:24pm
i want my girl friend to talk to you a minute. She has kicked guys and squeezed testicles really hard before. She has a boy friend that lets her do everything....luckkky.!!!!

tinaOct 26 2011 2:26pm
I brought a boy down that was 18 when I was 14. He grabbed me so I brought my knee up real hard and he went to the ground. It took him about 15 minutes to get up. I felt so sorry for him so I rubbed him through his pants and one thing led to another so he let me put my hand in his pants. Boy were they big and so tender.

ChrisOct 26 2011 2:32pm
wow thats cool, you can knee me any time.

BillOct 26 2011 2:36pm
My brothers were big and they hung down a lot but so beautiful to see on a male body like that !!!

tinaOct 26 2011 2:42pm
you saw your brothers in person??

BillOct 26 2011 2:43pm
Yea he was getting out of the shower and i started asking him questions about guys. he is really cool and I was not lusting after him or anything but its the most wonderful thing i have ever seen, guys look so cool naked.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:45pm
i don't know how big a guys penis gets but he let me bang his balls around some to see how tender they were and his penis got longer and longer as i did it. He said its just something that happens to guys and its not that he is excited about me or anything. I had no idea that it got so big, i don't know if i could handle one like his.

tinaOct 26 2011 2:47pm
If you squeeze a guys nuts real hard he loses his hard on. The pain is so great that he can't keep it or even breathe. You can kill a man by squeezing him real hard for a while i heard. I believe it. When i dig my fingernails into one my boy friend is done for. One time while we were having sex i squeezed one real hard (my hand can't get both, i have small hands) and he went soft and curled up.

ChrisOct 26 2011 2:51pm
Bill would you really let me experiment on your testicles?? By the way how big does yours get?

tinaOct 26 2011 2:52pm
Its average I guess. Not small but not huge. Why do you ask

BillOct 26 2011 2:53pm
just in case something happens, you know. I gotta do it sometime so I might as well do it while something is ready for me. ha ha

tinaOct 26 2011 2:54pm
Ha Ha Ha If you need to borrow mine you can.

BillOct 26 2011 2:54pm
Will you show me what to do?? Also I need some help on how to squeeze the testicles without messing up your sperm cords, nerves and muscles. I did study it in high school so i know how you are put together and i have seen them. Do guys like to have them played with ?

tinaOct 26 2011 2:56pm
You just roll them through your fingers real fast and guys love it. I think when you give a squeeze now and then just hard enough to make them breathe in and bend over a little it makes them hot for you. It turns me on too to know that I am in control of their life at that point. I mean i could kill them if I wanted too and they know it. Don't pull them away from the body hard because it will mess them up.

ChrisOct 26 2011 2:59pm
ok Bill I want to check you out so bad. Will you let me kick you in the balls once real hard barefoot? Ha Ha

tinaOct 26 2011 3:01pm
Nooooooooooooooooooooo Not real hard, you will mess me up.

BillOct 26 2011 3:02pm
I saw these two guys fighting and one guy kicked the other guy in the testicles with the top of his foot. The other guy fought for about 30 more seconds then said he wanted to stop. he went over to sit down by a building then a few minutes later he curled up on the ground. Why was there a delay in putting him down like that???

tinaOct 26 2011 3:04pm
Sometimes there is a delay. But if you score on the balls they eventually go down. Maybe he was drunk. Balls can't take a kick like that, they are to soft. It hurts a guy so bad when you score on his balls, they can't stand up or even move. They just freeze up completely, its weird. Trust in a shot to the balls it works on every man every time.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:08pm
I agree. I have been hit hard in the balls by kicks and I can't move at all. This girl kicked me in Jr. High just to see what would happen. I passed out from the kick then woke up in complete pain with everyone laughing at me. The nurse checked me out and said I was swollen pretty bad so she gave me ice. I did not tell my parents because I was so embarrassed. The girl apologized and went on a date with me. She offered to massage me to make me feel better. It was pure magic because I was sensitive from the kick and after I showed her how to play with them, it was great. We eventually had sex and everything. Every time before we had sex she said she was so sorry for kicking me in the balls like that.

BillOct 26 2011 3:13pm
That is so sweet. Are your testicles ok after a kick like that? When you get kicked does it hurt your penis too??

tinaOct 26 2011 3:15pm
Guys get hurt there to but its mostly the nuts that hurt so bad. I sak tapped this guy that I barely knew while I was walking down the hall at school and he fell and could not get up at all. He was there for a long time. I just hit him with the back of my hand like a slap real fast. I can not believe how easy it is to drop a guy.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:17pm
Oh i thought that you had to crush them to get the guy to go down?

tinaOct 26 2011 3:18pm
No, you can barely flick your fingers off them real fast and any man will drop like a rock. It does something to their legs and stomach too. They can't stand up at all. Sometimes they throw up??? I slapped my little brother (age 8) in the sak and he went down, and his balls aren't even developed yet, they are the size of pea's.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:21pm
Be careful not to hit the balls too hard because its easy to mess them up.

BillOct 26 2011 3:22pm
If you want to mess them up then squeeze one real hard and dig your fingers into it. But trap it because it will slip out of your grip, they are slippery in that bag. If you squeeze them then you win, they can't get away like they might in a kick.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:24pm

tinaOct 26 2011 3:24pm
You will find out when you play with them. But take the time to squeeze one hard without warning him. You will see what happens its funny.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:26pm
I will ask my brother if he will let me squeeze one of his. He is right here.

tinaOct 26 2011 3:27pm
Ask him if he does not mind getting naked first? put him on the computer i'll talk to him for you.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:29pm
holy poo dude don't do it

BillOct 26 2011 3:29pm
who wants to talk to me?

JeffOct 26 2011 3:30pm
Your sister wants to see what balls feel like and especially how sensitive they are when they get squeezed. She said she saw you naked in the shower and has kicked you some to learn how?

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:31pm
He said he will let me. Too cool..he will be right back. Chris tell me what to do!

tinaOct 26 2011 3:33pm
Ok, just very lightly juggle them real fast under your fingers. He is gonna get real hard when you do this. Then learn how to trap one without it slipping out of your grip. Do this a lot then when you are sure you have it trapped real good then squeeze hard and watch him go down. Keep a hold of it and go down with him, just keep squeezing until he begs you to stop and can't get any air. Watch how it paralyzes him.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:35pm
this is too cool, holy crap

BillOct 26 2011 3:36pm
Chris i am in love with you

BillOct 26 2011 3:36pm
Ok hold on, here goes. He is standing right here, i am gonna try it.

tinaOct 26 2011 3:37pm
Bill how old are you?

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:38pm
I am 25, how old are you?

BillOct 26 2011 3:38pm
I'm 19 But I can drop your ass. I have laid out a bunch of guys by nailin em in the baby makers.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:40pm
WOW, this is too cool. My brother is really built. You were right about them being slippery and also about him getting hard right away. Its so big. His balls are big too but super tender. I hurt him by accident already just rolling them around. I am going to sneak in the big squeeze now?? Ok

tinaOct 26 2011 3:42pm
Remember to practice trapping them first and get real good at it.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:43pm
I squeezed one real hard and then it slipped out real fast. He went down and is on the ground just like if i kicked him. He is moaning and acting like a baby, he is hurting real bad. But he laughed a little as he went down???

tinaOct 26 2011 3:45pm
Now what, he is still down.

tinaOct 26 2011 3:45pm
Just go down on the ground and gently massage them until they stop hurting, he needs help so go help him. Oh and you can also massage his dick and see if his balls still work or not.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:47pm
Rub up and down real fast on his dick and play with his balls while you do it. He will lose his juice real fast.

BillOct 26 2011 3:48pm
He said it helps a lot and wants me to keep doing it. This is weird but if he does not mind i don't mind seeing how his stuff operates. I will do what you said and see if anything happens. I don't think it will take very long the way he is right now.

tinaOct 26 2011 3:50pm
Bill he's my step brother. My mom married his dad a few years ago. If he was not my step brother I would definitely go out with him. I am a few years younger so I don't know if he would.

tinaOct 26 2011 3:52pm
Relieve the pressure by getting him off it will help his balls to stop hurting. Did you just hurt one ball??

BillOct 26 2011 3:53pm
When he leasts expects it hit his balls as hard as you can. He will love it....

BillOct 26 2011 3:54pm
No, Bill don't tell her to mess him up like that! But I agree go ahead and get him off it might help him to forget the pain.

ChrisOct 26 2011 3:55pm
Oh wow, that was so cool. He said I did it great. It was easier and faster than I thought it would be. He said it happened fast because I was hot. I had no idea that so much came out, it shot straight up about four times and he could get up to go get it off him. It worked. How many times can i do this to him today?

tinaOct 26 2011 3:58pm
Only once every half hour or so. I got my boy friend off four times in about 2 hours and he finally made me stop because he said his balls hurt were starting to ache? I guess he ran dry. So don't give him 1/2 hour to charge back up. If you play do the same thing you already did you can get him charged up faster. But do the other ball, give the other one a chance to recover.

ChrisOct 26 2011 4:01pm
You two are unbelievable !!

BillOct 26 2011 4:02pm
oh thanks a lot chris, she nearly ruptured my nut. But her first aide was something else. She got super wet and is begging for it.

JeffOct 26 2011 4:03pm
Jeff I would do you right now if i was there because you sound perfect. But I would show you a much better time, i know exactly how to take care of you.

ChrisOct 26 2011 4:05pm
oh yeah

jeffOct 26 2011 4:05pm
Well you created a monster i think, and i thank you for that. Tina has a smokin hot body and I have been wanting her since she watched me get out of the shower. She was shaking because it was so hot for her.

jeffOct 26 2011 4:07pm
I got business so i gotta go, tina just walked out of the bath room naked. She looks better than I imagined. What a smokin hot body. I am gonna wear it out. Thanks chris

jeffOct 26 2011 4:08pm
Oh nothing for me huh. I hope she wears you out, i know i would. later bill

AnonymousOct 26 2011 4:10pm
When I was younger I punched my older brother in the balls. He was saying stuff like girls are weak, and did a flex. His arms were up and I just punched him hard right in that bulge inside his gym shorts. It felt so good and so soft on my fist. He quickly grabbed them, his legs closed inward, which looked funny. and he made a really cute sound I never heard before. He stood like that for ten seconds, then dropped hard on the floor cupping his balls. I was laughing as he just curled into a tight little ball. I was so happy to prove him wrong, and let him know he is the weaker sex, all because of his balls, and it just took one hit to prove it.

cutegirlNov 13 2011 3:25pm
When my wife and I were first married she used to beg me to let her give me a playful kick occasionally, which she used to say that she wanted to "make scrambled eggs." I guess it was a turn on for her at some level, but she only lightly kicked me and she never did it to truly hurt me. She was attractive girl, and still is an attractive woman at 40...I couldn't say no. But for fun she sometimes mentions it and asks me if I remember, and I always tell her I'll never forget it. Being a few years older and wiser now, we both know better. Even a light kick or two can be painful. It isn't good to do.

AnonymousJan 19 2012 4:50pm
tina where cld i meet a grl like u

AnonymousJan 26 2012 6:45pm
id let u do what eva u wanted 2 my balls

AnonymousJan 26 2012 6:48pm
any grls on here

AnonymousJan 26 2012 6:49pm
You people are retarded I saw a girl one time who actually was dumb enough to hit a guy in the balls when he was angry. Turned out he was a thug, it hurt him but he then went over to the girl and choked her to death. So don't be stupid girls it hurts guys but if they really want to they can fight the pain

A womanFeb 11 2012 3:54pm
U guys r really really sick!!!

Common personMar 22 2012 4:30am
I have a 12 year old son and have used testicle punshment on him several times. The humiliation combined with the pain does wonders to keep boys in line. One time, I had some friends over and my son was acting up with his sister. I brought him in the kitchen and right in front of all the ladies and his sister, I had him take his pants down and bend over the table. I gave his butt a smack, spread his legs, reached in and grabbed his little balls and gave them just a couple of little swats. That's all it took. He bent over and I sent him to his room to lay down. All the ladies applauded me and told me they never thought this would be so effective. Of course, I went to his room to check him out. The pain went away and he was a well behaved little man for the rest of the day. Now when he misbehaves, all I need to do is remind him of that day and he immediately behaves himself. Even his sister has used this to her advantage. One time I heard them arguing over something and she said to him "Stop it or I'll punish your ballies like Mom did." He stopped arguing with her and went outside to play. Both my daughter and I have learned that a lady or a girl can easily use a boy's balls to our advantage. I encourage other women to try this.

LauraMar 24 2012 9:46am
cmon Karen plz talk to us- I would be nude all times and u can put my balls on the leash and knee me all the time. will kiss ur butt and serve as a personal toilet id u allow

AnonymousMar 25 2012 5:17am
its' women like karen and laura that are most fun to "defy" and make them "work" for their advantages...a male that's well disguised as weak like others often makes the most formidable of challenges. long cigarettes and leather play with ball busting kicks and crushed with stiletto high heels and being a womans ashtray and thats passion..

smoking-leather-xtreme xfactorApr 02 2012 6:31pm
I have never been kicked in the balls by anyone. I can tell you that after I recovered, I would the beat the poo out of whoever (male of female) did it. So much for your "women are superior" bullpoo. Neither sex is superior. They ARE different, but equal.

TimMay 27 2012 1:00pm
wow just read the comments, and i want to share my experience. i once met a thai woman in bangkok, and after we got drunk in the bar, we watched a woman knee a man in the balls outside the bar. i laughed and called him a wimp, then she looked at me and said do you think you could take that?..without thinking i stupidly laughed at her and told her i could take 10 of those holding a glass of wine, so she told me to prove it back at my hotel. After we got there she didnt waste any time ramming her left knee in to my balls!! as i lay there in a bit of pain she took my pants off, and pulled me back on to my feet and pushed me against the wall. She laughed as she kneed me again slightly harder, then repeated that several more times until she let me fall to the ground. Its weird because at the time you certainly dont enjoy it, but after a few weeks i started to fantasize about it every day...LOL...

jeffJun 08 2012 7:35am
This is never done forth and beyond hand. All man are created equal and thus that is how it will always be there is no superior sex you lead yourself to impossiblilty. Do try to calm yourselves. The Future shall change.

Z-oneJun 21 2012 1:14pm
I was kicked by a horse in my balls both had ruptured now they are huge as base balls so be careful and don't get them ruptured

jason aJun 29 2012 10:56am
to jason a that happend to me also both ruptured now have to wear a jock strap because how big and low they now hang

carl bJun 29 2012 11:01am
I read all this and asked my brother if i could feel his nuts, he let me. I had no idea that they were so soft and tender, now i feel so bad about kicking him so much when we were growing up. I don't know how he survived. They are so slippery and soft !!! He liked it a lot when i rolled them around. He got a boner right away, ha ha. Anyway i snuck in a few squeezes and he bent over and stopped breathing until i let off. The first time i squeezed one it slipped out of my grip and he jerked real fast, it hurt him a lot. He showed me how to get the sperm out, it was really neat. I plan on doing it often now, he can't get a girlfriend because he acts weird.

janieJul 04 2012 7:28am
you all guys are jerks here,i am male n proud to be n i am in my limits n personality. i remember there is a girl in my college she kicked my balls whn i fall down n i was in pain she was enjoying very much bt the time i stood up i spoiled her face,since than whn she sees me she respects me. To all girls here all man nt same if u try me u will face the consequences.

the rattle snakeAug 23 2012 4:40pm

1Aug 28 2012 1:07am

-1'Aug 28 2012 1:07am
You boys here asking to be a slave are pathetic. Women are not superior, nor are men. You guys are pathetic.

JRAug 31 2012 2:01pm
Ill break a womans face if she ever kicked me in the valla

kingofwomenAug 31 2012 10:26pm
a girl in my collage kicked me on my balls and i could'nt get up until one of the boys helped me,till now i respect her

lol itSep 12 2012 2:57am
one fine day i had a big fight with my sister i pushed her slowly but she kicked me in my balls watched me fall down and laughed

gon8Sep 14 2012 12:35am
one day my girlfriend (now my ex- girlfriend) and i went for a date, then she suddenly started to ask to have sev with her, i refused, she kicked me in my balls, i fell unconcious, she sat on me and o! mine she burped, and ran away until a old man woke me up

hi67Sep 14 2012 12:56am
hi67 u are lucky that dshe did''nt fart on your my girlfriend did to me,we just had a fight for fun, she took it seriously, kicked me in the balls,sat on my face farted (please don't laugh)and punched me

jake redSep 17 2012 12:35am
a Couple of years ago, One of my sisters and my wife were talking about our childhood and she told my wife about how she would crack me in the balls if we were arguing. My wife loved hearing it and started to use that as well. Most times its a grab and squeeze, sometimes a flick of her finger and sometimes a slap, knee or foot. It definately shaped our marriage and i have to admit, for the better. My wife as not happy with how things were going when i was the more dominant figure, that has all changed now that she has taken over as the dominant and she did that by abusing my balls and putting fear in me.

DaveSep 17 2012 5:51am
my cousin let me feel his balls when I was 10 (he was 16). I was facinated and he let me find out how tender they are. We were swimming in a pond and did not have swimming suits so we went nude. I asked him about his stuff and why it was all so big and he said it was for sex. Anyway I started off just touching his dick and then he let me feel the shape of his balls. He let me kick him and then squeeze them. I was facinated how I could drop him to his knees when I kicked his loose sack of balls. I could control him completely when i got a ball in each hand and squeezed them firmly. I tried but could not rupture one even though he asked me to try.

SandySep 17 2012 10:11am
I did the same thing with my brothers friend and he was much older than me. He let me feel them and squeeze them hard but no kicks. I slapped them and rolled them around then he showed me how to stroke his sperm out and that was amazing. He was large too and a lot came out.

judySep 17 2012 10:14am
Ha Ha Ha Ok I did that too but he had me squeeze his balls while I pumped the juice out of his dick.

SandySep 17 2012 10:16am

AwsomeSep 17 2012 11:10am
well dave your wife has got better of u

women the greater of the sexSep 18 2012 2:01am
after returning from the pub a little drunk my g/f and sum of her friends were at home drinking wine i came into the room and started to fool around with them one of them took offence and kneed me hard in the sack they all were laughing at me on the floor and noticed that my c*ck was hard they then took turns in wanking me and squeezing my balls til i came after they called me name and thetened to cut them off

AnonymousSep 19 2012 8:34am
some years ago i and my girlfriend went for a date, i started chatting with her, which one of the comments she took offence.she kicked me in the balls, sat on my face till i did not getany more air to breathe.

AnonymousOct 26 2012 2:12am
Ive never been kicked in the nuts but id love to have mine crushed buy one of you ladies

anonymousNov 16 2012 3:32pm
it would be a nightmare for me to have my nuts attacked. Guys asking for this are sick and some women is going to hurt you far more than what you bargained for

AnonymousDec 07 2012 8:20am
I have a 12 year old son and have used testicle punshment on him several times. The humiliation combined with the pain does wonders to keep boys in line. One time, I had some friends over and my son was acting up with his sister. I brought him in the kitchen and right in front of all the ladies and his sister, I had him take his pants down and bend over the table. I gave his butt a smack, spread his legs, reached in and grabbed his little balls and gave them just a couple of little swats. That's all it took. He bent over and I sent him to his room to lay down. All the ladies applauded me and told me they never thought this would be so effective. Of course, I went to his room to check him out. The pain went away and he was a well behaved little man for the rest of the day. Now when he misbehaves, all I need to do is remind him of that day and he immediately behaves himself. Even his sister has used this to her advantage. One time I heard them arguing over something and she said to him "Stop it or I'll punish your ballies like Mom did." He stopped arguing with her and went outside to play. Both my daughter and I have learned that a lady or a girl can easily use a boy's balls to our advantage. I encourage other women to try this. This is sick people. What gives you the right to do this? Nothing. It hurts like hell so don't ever do this especially to hard for his balls to handle.

someoneMar 03 2013 7:49pm
Are you guys nuts, I kicked my X boyfriend in the balls after he asked me about 100 times. I didn't use full force and he still had to go to the hospital. The fixed his ruptured testicle but the pain he went through was un believeable

LindaMar 22 2013 10:38pm
After reading the comments of "someone" punishing her son like that all I can say is you should be locked up for child abuse, what the hell is wrong with you. You are a mothe not some S&M freak. My God you should be ashamed at yourself.

AnonymousMar 22 2013 10:42pm
my wife and i have taken on a new sexual adventure-she is the master and for me to get off-she allows me to masturbate for her while she uses alarge shoe horn slapping my balls-the pain is so stingy and hurts -but gets me so excited that I cum on her command-I also lke her to punch them or grab -pull and try to rip tham off- this makes her feelin charge and blows my mind as well as my dick-

richApr 14 2013 9:16am

tMWyLaBeqRZQUYApr 18 2013 3:54am
I think most women online are just saying things about their kicking experiences. I, for one, is very serious about a woman stepping on my balls. Problem is... women are not as serious as they thought.

BrianMay 22 2013 10:33pm
Guys are pathetic one of these women will hurt you more than you bargained for

rudyMay 28 2013 2:17pm
Regarding the comment by the mother punishing her son's testicles, as weird as it may sound, it seems to work to keep boys in line. My friend told me she uses similar punishments on her step son. If he misbehaves, she takes his shorts down, gives them a flick of the finger, and after that, he becomes a docile boy, doing whatever she tells him to do. The boy is 14, and she said she has been doing this for the past 3 years. She makes sure she doesn't hit him too hard; just enough to remind him she is in charge. She said she hasn't had to do this more than a handful of times. Ladies, we might as well use a boy's balls to our advantage.

AudreyJun 08 2013 4:18pm
I wish somebody would kick/knee my nuts. Or squeeze, punch, etc. even my mother ir sister? Any suggestions on how I can get somebody to hit my nuts?

RyanJun 13 2013 9:36pm
@Audrey. I comepletely agree with you. Im a teenage boy and if my mom wants to hit my balls, I'll let her. I'll let anyone do it if they can

RyanJun 13 2013 9:37pm
When I was a teen it seemed like every girl in the neighborhood had a fetish for kicking a guy in the balls. Talk to a gal better watch out because her friend was behind you and wham hard kick from behind in the balls. not looking and fist to the nuts. guess I got hit dozen times a week in the nuts by some gal or other. Talked to my mom about it and she laughed and said that nuts were the great equalizer for girls and yea expected between now and my thirties expect to get hit or kicked a lot there. Last time I had a knee or foot in the nuts was last week by a 35 year old woman at the bar that just thought is was funny to smash my nuts into my throat and watch me go to the floor.

donhirollerJun 16 2013 2:40am
I never been droped by a girl with one kickany virls who want to try email

AnonymousJul 09 2013 12:48am
you guys are gay shut down this blog I am a police officer I make sure no one is gay you guys are except the people who say you guys are sick

policeJul 09 2013 8:30pm
I kick a girls balls she went down like a submarine literally she fell down cause I kicked her hoohoo so hard

8 year oldJul 09 2013 8:33pm
Contrary... I think women are the weaker sex. After being kicked in the balls and having my balls stepped on very hard, and for a woman to see it does NOT hurt me one bit, It is a priceless look upon their face

BrianJul 12 2013 4:53pm
Daf*ck is wrong wit you people

ericJul 31 2013 2:57am
A Kick in the C*nt makes the world go round.

Kick Her CrutchAug 13 2013 4:47am
hey, i need a gurl who would kick me in de balls very hard nd squeeze my balls for pleasure?

stephenSep 10 2013 2:35am
A friend of mine had a gf who claims she was f*cking a guy on a boat. Well, the boat pitched by the waves sent her flying up off the guys c*ck. When she came down, her knee thumbed the wooden becnch with a knock. She said her knee really hurt her, but luckily the guy she was f*cking had big balls, and his testicles acted like a cushion for her knee on the hard bench. She smiled when she said it. I guess her friends were all concerned about her knee, while this guy was suffering extreme ball agony. She didn't rupture his nuts, but, instead, crushed them and the vessels holding his balls to his body. She said it was as if I used a buzzdillo on him. The is a tool for castrating farm animals. It crushes the tubes and vessels that attach the testicles to their body, then the shrink and die. However, this guy had to be taken to the hospital, where the removed his already dying balls. The nurses were all consoling her because they thought she had castrated her boyfriend on accident. She said it was no biggie, she was just f*cking him. She asked the nurses if she could keep his balls in a jar of formaldehyde for her bookshelf and the nurses threw her out of the hospital. She had complete disregard about castrating the guy she was with. She said she heard he became gay. Her only regret was not getting to keep his testicles as a trophy. Her friends call her the testicle taker, but she likes ball queen because balls must be ruled by her. I guess she also works as a pro ballbuster. She gets a thrill out of kicking balls.

JohnySep 14 2013 12:45pm
girl grabbed my nuts once as hard as she could... mad me so mad i jammed my thumb in her eyed she let go real quick and hit the floor screaming.I told her she ever touched me again i would tear it out her f*ckinghead

JJSep 15 2013 2:05pm
I've never been kicked in the balls

MartySep 25 2013 10:56am
o love woman kickin in the balls ju

AnonymousOct 16 2013 1:26pm
clrQzw Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

aoHsNApcOct 26 2013 1:09pm
Thats what balls are for. My gf just gave mine a good hard squeezing twice yesterday and she says she wants to kick them tomorrow. Of course I will let her like a guy should.

A guyNov 02 2013 6:52am
10vxvd Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog.Really thank you! Awesome.

zCqBOLbFTNov 18 2013 9:10pm
anyone want to kick me in the nuts

AnonymousDec 01 2013 5:31am
My older sister does it to me sometimes and it really hurts. She's way bigger and stronger and faster than me so I can't do anything about it, I'm 13 and scrawny.

bbbbobDec 11 2013 11:09pm
I'm a guy and I've done this to other guys. I'm also very protective of my groin and make sure I don't get hit there, and I never have. Men are stronger than women on average but have to deal with having that weak spot.

ArnDec 11 2013 11:11pm
YRNWpO Major thanks for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

dzIdnYXKKFiQMYDec 14 2013 4:53pm
I was kicked in there so hard that it made the purple

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:24pm
AdmqHZ I really like and appreciate your blog post.Really thank you! Want more.

ZrZSFGeGXbJan 07 2014 3:36pm
q5GWt7 I really enjoy the post.Really thank you! Cool.

SljuXKsoEuXyqwJan 16 2014 3:56pm
Why are we so horrible to men? They rant horrible to us so why do we have to just hurt them badly?

Anne onymousJan 27 2014 2:22pm
QIduAM I really like and appreciate your article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

ABrLFVaQDrCUIiRodvEJan 31 2014 1:00pm
I think if a guy asks o woman to kick him in the balls and she does, she is a sweetheart to jack in boston 617 637 7725

johncarty120@gmail.comFeb 15 2014 11:32am
these guys that are ridiculing these woman, are way off they should be thanking them instead. I would be honored if any woman would kick me in the balls.jack6173904907-6176377725

johncarty120@gmail.comFeb 15 2014 9:25pm
these woman are the greatest you guys are the only ones with the problem

AnonymousFeb 16 2014 6:49pm
This page is totally full of bullpoo!

👲Mar 21 2014 4:44am
Women are always such *ssholes when they kick a guy randomly whiteout a good reason, I was at a party once, and a boy called Blake gave a love letter to a girl called Milla and he said it was from his friend Tarn, and then she kicked his balls. Very, very hard! Ps, I will not be posting anymore on this page so don't comment.

CelinaMar 21 2014 4:50am
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vXazHnsQiCkyNUrjApr 01 2014 6:20am
I hate when my sister does that to me it realy hurts but I cant do anything back.

braxton Apr 03 2014 8:54pm
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AnonymousApr 16 2014 6:32pm
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