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should public execution of males be instated

Question: Back in ancient Rome, criminals(mostly all male) were often fed to lions in the arena as punishment. Should the USA institute this policy for criminal males as well?
Created by: castratrix17 at 10:16:40 PM, Sunday, October 16, 2005 PDT



AnonymousOct 17 2005 12:31pm

Yes! feed them to the would be most entertaining to watch the naked male being pulled apart. Women should be the only ones allowed in the stadium

CindyOct 25 2005 9:18pm
Like the idea of a female only audience Cindy, but what about having the men put to death by women prisoners specially trained for the job.

Cindy supporterOct 30 2005 6:14am
There are some nice healthy talibanesque mentalities being expressed here. If you'd actually enjoy watching your fellow human beings being torn to peices and eaten, I recommend you find help in a hurry.

iskoNov 21 2005 8:50pm
I would enjoy seeing rapists and murderers getting their just due. I think being fed to lions is just about as natural a punishment as one could think of for these bastards

MichelleNov 26 2005 5:19am
That is the hottest idea I have heard in a long time. Feed rapists to lions in a public arena. I love it!

KarenDec 01 2005 6:16am
What the hell is wrong with you people?! I don't care how heinous a crime is somebody committed, it would not be pleasant watching anybody being torn to shreds and eaten. Capital punishment is one thing, even wanting somebody to suffer an agonizing death can be understandable. But wanting to witness something as gruesome as being eaten indicates that your bloodlust is about equal to the criminal. You're not enlightened, you're barbaric!

AnonymousDec 02 2005 2:59pm
In Saudi, a rapist can have his dick chopped off publicly. Obviously, it's extremely rare to hand down a conviction in that country but it's a disturbing event. Does he deserve it? Sure. Is it healthy for people to watch? I don't think it is.

AnonymousDec 02 2005 3:06pm
The criminals you speak of were mostly christian of either sex.

AnonymousDec 02 2005 3:07pm
Not true. Christians were eaten but by far the most common fodder for the lions were slaves, thieves or men convicted of treason. Many of the slaves were men who were caught making love to their mistress, she wasn't punished, but he would be fed to the lions while she watched.

CindyDec 03 2005 1:16pm
Why barbaric anonymous? Lions are quick killers. It is Mother Natures way and a most natural way to die. Indeed, at least the criminal's death has meaning since he will feed the lion. I don't see it as barbaric but a sort of poetic justice that complies with the laws of nature.

MichelleDec 03 2005 1:18pm
And I still think it would be hot to see a rapist get his. Watching the lion eat his genitals would be hilarious!

KarenDec 03 2005 1:20pm
Why barbaric anonymous? Lions are quick killers. It is Mother Natures way and a most natural way to die. Indeed, at least the criminal's death has meaning since he will feed the lion. I don't see it as barbaric but a sort of poetic justice that complies with the laws of nature.

MichelleDec 03 2005 1:20pm
Not true. Christians were eaten but by far the most common fodder for the lions were slaves, thieves or men convicted of treason. Many of the slaves were men who were caught making love to their mistress, she wasn't punished, but he would be fed to the lions while she watched.

CindyDec 03 2005 1:20pm
It is barbaric to want to watch somebody, even a heinous criminal be mauled to death. How quickly he or she dies is somewhat irrelevant, the fact is you actually think you'd enjoy witnessing a human being being eaten is the point. There is also such a thing as wrongful conviction and propogating this sort of perverse entertainment would recreate less judicial societies. Do you admire the Taliban for forcing people to attend the public amputation of convicted thieves? Has it not occurred to you that the reason they had to force attendance was because it wasn't pleasant to watch. That all they were really doing was reinforcing their reign of fear? I wonder if your only experience with violent death is through film or video games.

AnonymousDec 05 2005 3:08pm
To want to see justice done in a perfectly natural way is barbaric? In which way? I would indeed be happy to see justice done, in a manner such as this and i am not ashamed to say so. Comparing such an event to the taliban is not a relevant. The taliban were an extremely repressive regime, not just in their criminal justice system but in all aspects. Our gov't is quite different, but criminal justice is criminal justice no matter what type of gov't is involved. We DO have the death penaltly here, and it is here to stay even though in it's present form it is quite useless. Why not use our death penalty as a deterrent to those who would rape or murder? Certainly, being thrown in an arena to be eaten by lions with thousands watching would indeed be such a deterrent. And please don't delude yourself by thinking people would not attend. The state could sell tickets costing hundreds of dollars apiece and I assure you, human nature what it is, even the largest stadium would sell out in a hurry to see such an event. Finally, I only watch G and PG rated movies and I don't play video games. I simply don't repress my feelings as to what is right and just, even if it involves bloodshed.

MichelleDec 07 2005 4:15am
Well Fortunately Michelle, this sick and twisted fantasy is never going to happen and believing that having people witness it has absolutely nothing to do with justice. My guess is that you are probably very young and you haven't witnessed an extremely gruesome death. With any luck, you never will because it is bewildering and it makes you puke. I also think it's probable that you're just yanking my chain. Incidentally, I support capital punishment but not as a deterrent because study after study has shown that is is not a deterrent. I support it because I feel that our tax dollars can be better spent on something other than keeping certain criminals alive. Why don't you bring this topic up in class and gauge what kind of support it gets from your teachers and classmates. Stand up and earnestly argue that male criminals should be eaten by lions in a stadium filled to capacity. If nothing else, I'm sure everybody will get a good laugh out of it.

AnonymousDec 08 2005 6:51pm
There is nothing natural in keeping an animal in captivity solely to eat people. Let the animals roam free!

AnonymousDec 21 2005 9:30pm

AnonymousMay 26 2006 2:27pm
I think anyone with a propensity to allow capital punishment more likely to commit murder let alone some of these sick people who want to watch people torn apart.What if the person is innocent.A person who would not kill another even if that person was a murderer is far less likely to coomit such a crime themselves.

Lou RollsMay 28 2006 2:47pm
Your argument is ridiculous lou rolls. Where are your facts to support this? Your saying that a persons view on capital punishment is linked to their likeliness to commit murder? please. You mention innocent men. I believe the idea behind the lion thing is to reserve it for only the most heinous of murderers just as the death penalty is reserved for those as well. The chances are completely remote that an innocent man will end up on death row or in this case as kitty chow. Finally, I believe Michelle makes a good point in that the stadium _would_ fill up to capacity to see such an event. It would probably be a grand money maker for the state as well. When romans did it, history states that it was a standing room only affair and basic desires and needs in people haven't changed all that much in 2000 years.

MarkJun 29 2006 6:35am
I strongly suspect that this poll was created by Big Brenda, who dominates this web site along with her friends Lou Rolls and STTG.

AnonymousAug 05 2006 10:24pm
Execution too harsh, but public castrations for rapists certainly. Public floggings for disobediance to your wife, disrespect to women, lazyness etc.

MikeAug 13 2006 8:26am
i have not and would not have created this poll.Read my comments above public executuions are sick for sick people.

Lou RollsSep 17 2006 6:21am
When Romans did it there wasn't much else in the way of entertainment, the gladiators were basically slaves, and slaves in those days were largely comprised of POW's. That's essentially what they were. They included re-enactments of battles which was the equivalent of "Saving Private Ryan" or what not. Also, you better not piss off Caesar when he throws you a party. Before you conclude that these would be popular, ask yourself "Do I want to watch people being eaten by lions." I know I wouldn't.

AnonymousSep 17 2006 9:51am
I favor public floggings for wives who insult their husbands. Wives who lift weights make their muscles bigger than the muscles of their husbands would have to be executed, since that is the ultimate insult from wife to husband.

Male ManOct 10 2006 11:43am
I agree Mike. And public slappings/whippings for any man who dares answer back to his wife/girlfriend.

SarahNov 06 2006 3:51am
Sarah who do you envisage handing out this correct treatment for recalcitrant males.

Lou RollsNov 20 2006 11:09pm
As a former british soldier,who did a few tours in N.ireland the comments on here from people really makes me both laugh and scream.Most people have only ever seen a person killed on tv,lots of fake blood and dodgy acting,with lots of final words.I have seen people ripped apart by bombs,and my mates shot through the head and seen there friends covered with there brains.Not nice,or exciting like idiots on here seem to think.I use to want all killers hanged,but lions eating people for f*cks sake is crazy.I would also say most of you would pass out ,and runa away screaming to see someone die like that,ive heard hard as nails soldiers coughing up there guts desperate to hang on to life,as there bodys lay shattered by bomb blasts,and i can tell you i threw up and never would want to see someone die again no mater what they did.They should be jailed for life,and that should mean life,till they die,that would be far worse i reckon.

jakeDec 08 2006 6:19pm
I don't see anything wrong with this idea. Animals get eaten all the time. Male criminals who act like animals by murdering or raping (raping is worse in my opinion) and even those that hit women in domestic abuse cases deserve this type of punishment. I would bet that if they knew there was a big lion out there waiting to eat them if they did these things, they'd think twice about it and not do it! I'm sure there would still be some though. At least enough to keep the lion fat and happy!

TinaJan 18 2007 6:45am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 1:33pm

#Feb 05 2007 10:47pm
Tina, not sure we should go as far as execution for rape but public castration certainly. Ideally this would be carried out by the victim and she would be allowed to keep her attaker's testicles.

SueMar 01 2007 8:27am
Sorry Sue but If I had the opportunity of castrating my own rapist I'm not sure keeping my attackers testicles would be high on my list of priorities. Shoving them down his throat and chocking him on them yes, but them I'm just an old fashioned girl at heart.

KatieMar 01 2007 1:58pm
#035 Sun. 3/4/07

UpdateMar 04 2007 1:51pm
"cruel and unususual" has nothing to do with this type of punishment. What is so unusual about being eaten? It happens everyday in the wild and is a most natural way to die. I say let the lions eat!

MichelleMar 06 2007 5:21am
Let the Lions roam free, if the woman hasn't got guts enough to do the job themselves, then they can piss off. if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the furnace room. That the problem with woman they are alway trying to get someone else do do there dirty work for them, so now they propose to cage wild animals, such as lions which is inhumane an unjust treatment, at best...because they are to spinless to do the job themselves. Even today, look who has to go and get the spiders out of the bathtub and mice that might have come into the house. (And they want them dead, they don't want then risk coming back.) They are right thou, their would be no wars, if the middle east threaten them, they would surrender then turn there asses around and run like hell. (if you don't stand for anything then you can't stand for anything at all.) But look on the bright side, isn't having no war wonderful?

AnonymousMar 07 2007 11:26am
Oh Please. No one said it had to be wild lions....zoo lions would do just fine. If a lion is hungry it will eat....doesn't matter if it's a wild lion or a zoo lion. But your right, leave the wild lions alone, just give the ones that are already caged some fun. Eventually, when they eat enough males, they will get it right and off them right quick. It's the first few ones that will probably suffer and get eaten while they are still alive. Why _should_ we do the dirty work anyway? Never did it before and we're not starting now

MichelleMar 08 2007 7:19pm
What a shame, I would want the lions to be trained to play with there food for as long as possible. (Eating them alive won't hurt me any.)

CathyMar 12 2007 9:59am
I'm also a little disappointed, kinda sounds like Michelle is getting lazy & wimpy on us? in her old age, worrying about her poor old males comfort.

disappointedMar 12 2007 3:48pm
#041 - (Mon.) 3/12/07

UpdateMar 12 2007 3:50pm
If we are to have the death penalty for what some women class as rape what about death by poisoning for false accusers.After all it's running about 50-50

mike sMar 14 2007 9:59am
False accusations aren't important. If a few males end up in the arena with lions, it's a fair price to keep rape to a minimum.

MichelleMar 14 2007 3:15pm
A few inncent males I meant to say

MichelleMar 14 2007 3:16pm
Now we got our old Michelle back, who care if they might be innocent, that better than letting them go...and there guilty, besides more than likely they have thought about it. We girls just crush the seed before it happened, and saved a young woman from the trauma that would or could mess her up for the rest of her life, and we would lose a productive member of the female race, and all for a useless male who might be inocent? there is no question as to who must go one way or the other.

AnonymousMar 18 2007 11:44am
According to one of the poll question of the future, in the section that branches out into a section called (Society and Culture) men are only suppose to castrated for raping a woman, not VIOLENTLY KILLED?

AnonymousMar 21 2007 10:20pm
For rape the only permanent solution is to dispose of the male completely. Not just his genitals.

MichelleMar 23 2007 1:01pm
This is why woman will never be a good leaded or law maker, they can't think pass there nose. So ladys, your saying to a sick power hunger rapest, if you rape a woman you should also kill her and bury her no witness, no body, your less likly to get caught. If you let her live, she could pick you out in a line up? And since the punishment seem to be the same, what have got to lose? RIGHT?

someonenottobrightMar 24 2007 7:27am fits. Your saying if the death penalty were applied to rape women would be killed as well as raped so we better not do it? Women get killed NOW during rapes. So by your way of thinking perhaps the penalty for rape should be something akin to a traffic ticket. Then less women would be killed during rapes because the rapist would have less to lose by letting her live. Idiot! I'll take the lions anyday as punishment for those bastards, thank you very much.

MichelleMar 25 2007 7:32pm
#0050 - (Mon.) 3/26/07

UpdateMar 25 2007 9:45pm
Michelle, About 15 years ago,there was a high profile case, were a couple met at a party, and had way to much to drink. After the party they went back to her place, and they end up in bed together, and they where about do the evil deed. Just as he started to cum in her, she started feeling guilty about cheating on her out of town, (business trip) husband. So at the last second she started yelling rape and stop real loud and the neighbors called the police, and he went to jail, and then he went on trial for rape. Well after a few lies from her, the truth came out. But then her lawyer started claiming that even if she changed her mine at the last second, this could still be considered rape. So a jury of 8 women and 4 men found him guilty of rape. If you were a judge what kind of sentence would you have handed down? If this were, say the year 2092?

BenMar 28 2007 11:13pm
Well first off, her out of town husband should be punished. A woman should never, never be made to feel guilty for having a lover while her husband is unavailable (though the reverse should not be tolerated). If she started yelling rape there was probably good reason. Perhaps he was an inconsiderate lover. You mention he was about to cum. Was SHE ready to cum yet? Having the male cum too soon and disregarding the females pleasure is a form of rape, probably the most common type. Men need to be taught that sex is first and foremost for HER pleasure, his is secondary if a consideration at all. In this case, if I were the judge I would find out all the particulars from her. If she was not satisfied with his performance. If she felt cheated or used in any manner. If the encounter was at all demeaning to her in any way as a result of his inconsiderate behavior, it would be off to the lions with him. Remember that males in society these days are rather disposable and their stock continues to decline. By 2092 kitty food will probably be one of the more common uses for males.

MichelleMar 29 2007 5:51pm
Well Michelle, I not sure I understand why you would have to talk to the rape victim? If she is accusing him of a crime as serious as rape, it stands to reason she didn't like something about him? as a male, I realize I have a pea brain, according to you women. But it seem like you would be wasting your valuable time for a...what you woman like to call, a useless male? And what about the husband who left her vulnerable to be rape in the first place?.

Ben 3-30-07Mar 30 2007 9:13pm
P.S. I almost forgot. If you women can't stomach males and they leave a real bad after taste in your mouth, and our Gean makeup is so poor and inferior? It seem you would be feeding your pet very low quality meat what would taste bad and smell bad (Like S.h.i.t) with no food value what so ever, leaving your pets in really poor health? (You know what they say, you are what you eat) What do you have against the Animal Kingdom? You woman must really hate having pets around.

BenMar 30 2007 9:56pm
A useless male, yes that is correct. It doesn't mean he should be executed out of hand. At least talk to the woman accusing him first. It's the least women can do for you males when we have the power. As far as the meat quality of the males, this is just silly. If nothing else, we could put him on a well balanced diet for a few weeks before the lions feed, just as we do with steers (that's a castrated male bull. They taste better castrated) before slaughter. Wouldn't want to give the cats indigestion or anything.

MichelleApr 05 2007 4:06pm
Ben, I kind of agree with you. A man who rapes a woman but does not kill her shouldn't get the same sentences as a man that rapes and then kills his victim. That a very good point. I personal believe it will happen something like this way. If a man rape a woman and does not kill her, and is found guilty of that rape. All it will take is a woman pointing her finger at the man and accusing him and he will be found guilty as charge, if no other woman will clam him as her property and vouches for him, if one does, he will go to trial. If found guilty, his sentence would be to have him destroyed by placing him in the lioness cage. This would be a quick death, because the female doesn't play with there food as much as a male. That the one point me and Michelle disagree on. If the human male treated his lady as bad as the male lion treats his female lioness and family, we would have dumped you bastards 200 years ago or more, and you would have been wiped from the pages of our history books a long time ago. Now what happen to the rapest who kills his victim? Well when we find him. And with the technology of tomorrow, like Tracking and Indentification device place deep in the body of all male pets and advance DNA testing and H.D. 3-D Video camera everywhere, need I say more?) 50% of his estate will go to the victim family, up to 6 of the victim closest girlfriends (Volunteers) will divide up the remaining 50%. They will be put in a large cage along with the rapist and her friends will be told to have lots fun with him, but instructed not to poke his eyes out, as to let him see everything that he coming to him and not to kill him for 12 days...and to proceed with vigorous torture. There would be a doctor on hand to preside over the execution paid for by the state, to keep the rapist alive for the next 12 days. He would inform the ladys when the rapist had all he could take for one day, and give the girls the rest of the day off and send them back to there mansion provided by the state for as long as it would take for them to do there job. Where they could party all night long at the mansion if they wish or jump into a chauffeur driven limousine and visit one of the many night culbs through out Las Vegas and party as long as they wish at state expense. They set there on hours for going to work the next morning. They would bo chauffeur around and could buy at the best stores in town for the clothes and shoes they would need for the job. And after the execution was over they could keep there collection of all item purchased and would shipped to there home.

CathyApr 08 2007 4:02pm
#0057 - (Wed.) 4/11/07

UpdateApr 10 2007 11:17pm
Dear Cathy, I realize I have been posting quite a bit lately. But with that being said, it time for a REALITY CHECK the posted comment that you are referring to does not have my name on it anywhere, period end of story. although I do agree with some of the points that were made, still I can't lay clam to it as my own. Your letter was very detailed and thoroughly thought out. (Girl you've got way to much time on your hands) I sure hope you hate voting and think it's a waste of time. And please don't every get interested in politic or become a politician. We don't need you becoming a high government official with lots of power and a law maker, oh God forbid Although I doubt very much whether you could even get voted in as a dog catcher, I know I wouldn't vote for you.

BenApr 11 2007 11:40pm
Cathy, your ideas for dealing with rapists sound perfect. Men should definitely be found guilty until proven innocent, as far as any accusations made by women are concerned.

NickyApr 12 2007 2:18pm
Cathy, your idea was 99% perfect. The only problem I found with your look into the future was, you had a male doctor? Will Woman allow education moneys to be wasted on male educations? What gives?

LucyApr 12 2007 6:42pm
Ben, you seem conflicted on this whole issue. Either you are with women and accept your inferior and submissivie role, or you are against us. Cathy made some very good points in her argument. Is it just that you have something to hide? Are you afraid you will end up in the arena with the female kitties?

MichelleApr 13 2007 7:08am
My God, I know we are heading towards a world organised, controlled and run solely by women, but if you three are examples of what is to come then men had seriously better start behaving themselves or face certain execution. Sounds about right though, it's nothing less than us useless, inferior males deserve.

AnonymousApr 13 2007 12:00pm
Thanks, Anonymous your a lot of help LIKE NNNNOOOOOTTTT

Ben 4-13-07Apr 13 2007 12:43pm
Michelle, You say good points? Maybe if your Female, but if your male, (NOT SO MUCH) What were the good points that Cathy made? (Remember your talking to a male, and were a little thick headed.)

Ben still Fri. the 13th. as aboveApr 13 2007 1:13pm
A little thick headed, if you were any denser you could bend light.

AnonymousApr 15 2007 10:57am
I think execution for anything other than murder would be a little harsh but males who disobey Women should definitely be subject to public floggings on bare behinds. As for rapists they should be bent over in a public square with their butt cracks exposed and there should be a stand nearby with strap-ons available. The male would have to accept penetration by any Female who wished to use him.

obedient husbandApr 15 2007 2:10pm
Boy you wait till Thursday night your going to get a real verbal public flogging. (Maybe someone else will get you even sooner?)

BenApr 15 2007 11:09pm
If the flogging is by a strong powerful Woman I would be honored to bend over and take it.

obedient husbandApr 16 2007 7:55pm
#0069 - (Mon.) 4/16/07

UpdateApr 16 2007 9:31pm
anything less than the death penalty for rape is not acceptable obedient husband. Your silly "punishment" of public flogging and "penetration by Females" is just a way for you to express your own fantasies (hidden gay fantasies IMO) You rape women and you get fed to lions....simple. Why would us woman accept anything less?

MichelleApr 17 2007 3:59am
I stand corrected, obedient husband, she pounced on you even sooner than I thought she would.

Ben 4-17-07Apr 17 2007 10:12am
Ma'am I would never rape a Woman so I hope You meant "you" in the general sense. I suggested the floggings for disobedient males. Males are slow learners and if everytime a male disobeyed he was fed to the lions the Matriarchy would be out of slaves. However, most respectfully Ma'am if a male was going to be fed to a Big Cat, should it not be to a "Lioness". If I were your property how would you punish me for my post?

obedient husbandApr 18 2007 8:21pm
Postscript-I must agree Ma'am that most males who are Matriarchially oriented dream of being taken in the behind by a strong Woman. It's just that I cannot imagine rapists feeling that way. However, perhaps the appropriate punishment would be for the male to be taken by another male slave under a Woman's direction.

obedient husbandApr 18 2007 8:29pm
Lucy, It time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Today if you take your family pet to your family M.D. for a check-up. You & your pet would be escorted out of there office at once. Well in a 100 years + or -, males will be more like pets, than a women life partner. We tried the slave thing, but it didn't workout... those males, there so damMn lazy, all they wanted to do is lay around and dribble & drool all over our feet, and make the floor all wet & slippery. And they were always in our way... hell we kept falling over the fools. And they were always tring to tell us how they thought thing should be done, kinda like like "obedient husband" did... he comes in after all our posts & tells us what he think's should be done. (I use the word THINK'S loosely... by the way) Anyway back to the subject at hand. No self-respecting M.D. (all Female in a 100 years from now) would treat a male patient. So we'll need male medic which we'll call a doctor. (this helps to stroke there egos & causing them to fell good about themselves) To treat the few males that are still around. Also understand if we used a female M.D. to monitor the the rapist/murder execution, she might let the rape victims friends go, a little to far & we wouldn't get in our 12 days of torture, which is required by law, for the rapist found guilty of rape & murder.

CathyApr 18 2007 11:10pm
#0075 - (Wed.) 4/18/07

UpdateApr 18 2007 11:14pm
Ms. Cathy, if anything I said offended you I am prepared to be punished. If a male voices an opinion that displeases a Woman he should accept the consequences.

obedient husbandApr 21 2007 6:17pm
obedient husband, I don't think your really ready or prepared to be properly punished, and take it like a man, now are you. Talk is cheap & tends to get most male in trouble, so I'd be carful with what I wish for. It might snowball in on you.

CathyApr 24 2007 1:56pm
Cathy, Sounds really good to me. Why didn't I think of that, It's really is 100% perfect.

LucyApr 24 2007 2:13pm
Ms. Cathy, most respectfully Ma'am, what is proper punishment. If it were up to You how would I be punished?

obedient husbandApr 25 2007 7:29pm
I know how I'd punish you.

MichelleApr 25 2007 8:25pm
#0081 - (Thu.) 4/26/07

UpdateApr 26 2007 12:22am

BenApr 26 2007 12:24am
obedient husband, In comment #76 you said "I am prepared to be punished" Now we come down to comment #79 and your only wanting to know now it might happen so you say "What is a proper punishment. If it were up to you how would I be punished?" I take it your Mistress # 1 has to run it past you, before you will give her permission to do her punishment thing to you? I think we're beginning to understand how this thing works for you boys? RIGHT GIRLS?

CathyApr 27 2007 12:25am
On the contrary Ms. Cathy, Wife punishes me however,and whenever She wishes. I was simply wondering how You would punish me if You owned me. Ms. Michelle states She knows how I would be punished. I am simply wondering how that would be.

obedient husbandApr 29 2007 5:39pm
#0085 - (Sun.) 4/29/07

UpdateApr 29 2007 10:08pm
What happened to this poles posts, from about 3-4-07 to 4-29-07 this poll was really interesting, I mean it really ROCKED, from #35 to the mid eighties in the # of posts. What almost 50 post, & most of them were really good. Then all of a sudden they stop, what happen????

THE END........May 06, 2007May 06 2007 2:08pm
This poll is pore poo, there is no court gona waste no brother for poping some b or witch..that how life gos, SEE

way it isMay 08 2007 1:45pm
Way it turning into the _way it was_. wait a few years, you'll see the change and as a male your not gonna like it.

MichelleMay 08 2007 3:00pm
Ms. Michelle, my fantasy is that my Wife loans me to you for a weekend. I would serve as your naked slave and offer my behind for your punishments.

obedient husbandMay 08 2007 8:26pm
#0090 - (Tue.) 5/8/07

UpdateMay 08 2007 9:55pm
Obedient husband, while it is a flattering offer, this is a poll about capital punishment, please stay on subject.

MichelleMay 10 2007 1:57pm
Thank you Michelle, This poll was begining to go down the road of pansy ass hell. I mean really sick.

BenMay 10 2007 2:16pm
Ben, I think obedient husband was doing a fine job with his questions. You were the one with dumb questions they really suck pestering us womyn on this site, you should be ashamed of yourself, for wasting our time.

AnonymousMay 10 2007 5:43pm
Let's see if we can get back on subject a little. My position is that murderers, rapists and pedophiles should be executed publicly. My idea of using lions comes straight from Rome, which used this method successfully for over 1500 years. I contend that a public execution in this manner will act as a great deterrent to abhorrent crimes, and would also benefit states monetarily. I really do believe such an event would attract a capacity crowd of 70,000 or more to see such an event. If 70,0000 people paid $100 each thats $7 million per execution for the state. 10 executions per year would be 70 mil. Your taxes would drop _significantly_ in such a world. Would you put up with public executions (even if you find them distasteful) if it meant less tax burden to you? Add your comments on this weather you agree or disagree (please refrain from personal attacks to make your point. If all you can add is "your nuts" or "Your a sick bastard" than don't bother)

MichelleMay 11 2007 2:52pm
To Ms. Michelle, Yes Ma'am I stand corrected. To anonymous, thank you for your reply to Ben. Ms. Michelle I would not use capital punishment for sex offenders as I stated originally. However, you are a Woman and in a properly ordered society your view should count for more than mine. Thank you Ma'am.

obedient husbandMay 11 2007 6:41pm
#0096 - (Fri.) 5/11/07

UpdateMay 11 2007 9:17pm
I love these anonymous, they always leave you wondering who wrote them?

Ben 5-12-07May 11 2007 9:25pm
I iove these anonymities, (I meant to type) Sorry about what.

BenMay 11 2007 9:41pm
(LOVE)...S.H.I.T this a bad night for me, and it late, so I'm out of here.

Ben (I think?)May 11 2007 9:54pm
#0100 - (Sun.) 5/13/07

UpdateMay 12 2007 2:03pm
The poll called "Male Castration" has a little more action going on than this poll, this poll seem to be dead.

AnonymousMay 30 2007 9:59pm
It's dead at the moment. Perhaps if you add something we can revive it? I don't want the cats to starve or anything....

MichelleMay 31 2007 3:29pm
#0103 - (Fri.) 6/1/07

UpdateJun 01 2007 1:24pm
Nope, One guy ask question on this poll and he got ridiculed and called dense & dumb by other males. I'll take what from a Woman.. but not a male. Altho he was kinda wimpy, cause he didn't defend himself against those fools.

AnonymousJun 02 2007 10:23am
Perhaps Michelle can expand the poll to talk about other punishments for other offenses. What should be done to husbands who are disrespectful or disobedient.

obedient husbandJun 03 2007 3:42pm
The lions are obviously my favorite. It is a just and fair punishment. By far a most _natural_ way for a male to meet his end. As far as other punishments, smaller crimes such as being disrespectful or disobedient should still be public, and should be humiliating for him. A public flogging perhaps? Being put in stocks nude and being verbally and physically harassed by other dominant females would certainly make him think twice about being disobidient again. If his behavior continues to erode then the disrespected wife needs to have full say in future, more forceful punishments. If he continues to be obstiate, then she can decide if he should simply be disposed my favorite manner of course.

MichelleJun 03 2007 8:24pm
#0107 - (Sun.) 6/3/07

UpdateJun 03 2007 10:45pm
It Dinner times for the Kitties.

AnonymousJun 03 2007 11:14pm
I would like to invite a new argument for or against. What is so _cruel and unusual_ about being fed to cats as a method of execution? Let me hear your ideas either for or against and let's see what comes up.

MichelleJun 05 2007 4:57pm
#0110 - (Tue.) 6/5/07

UpdateJun 05 2007 8:37pm
Ms. Michelle, thank you Ma'am. A Wife should be able to feed Her husband to the lions(or perhaps Lionesses) if She desires. I am honored that You take time to respond to the questions of a mere male. Might I ask if You own any males and if you treat them in accord with Your posts. Respectfully,

obedient husbandJun 09 2007 7:27pm
obedient husband, if you wish to talk

MichelleJun 10 2007 5:30am
Unfortunately Ma'am, Wife does not permit me to e-mail people we do not know. However, I am overwhelmed by Your offer which makes the muscles in my butt cheeks clench. Anything You feel you can tell me by posts would be appreciated and I hope you respect me for obeying my Wife. Thank you Ma'am.

obedient husbandJun 10 2007 5:09pm
PS If someone else uses Your address pretending to be me, it is not me. Thank you again Ma'am.

obedient husbandJun 10 2007 5:10pm
#0115 - (Sun.) 6/10/07

UpdateJun 10 2007 10:28pm
Michelle, your methods for punishing, humiliating and destroying disobedient, unwanted males sounds perfectly acceptable in a world soon to be owned and ruled by women.

Only a manJul 24 2007 10:14am
It's a type of punishment with over 1500 years of proven track record. Remember that in ancient Rome women of nobility were able to watch from the coliseum stands as a naked male prisoner was bound to a post and the lions were released to feed. It must have been quite a sight. Surely, knowing this would deter most males from raping and murdering if they knew this was what was in store for them don't you think?

MichelleJul 25 2007 7:52pm
Without a doubt Michelle. This kind of punishment would be ideal, with so many benefits for the women watching. The total humiliation of the man as he is paraded and tied up, naked infront of the cheering and laughing women. The empowerment of the women as the lions feed. And of course the sheer terror felt by any male watching, with the bonus of knowing that the decision to have men publicly ripped to pieces by lions, was made solely by women.

Only a manJul 26 2007 9:14am
Male and female. Right and wrong. Are we all so sure of these catagories ?. One might as well hate gravity based on the fact that it killed a person after they fell off a cliff. Michelle you talk of the female ruled future .I am young and part of that future. And I'm not going anywhere. You want me tortured because of my gender ?, then you will be treated with respect and care as the future democratic society affords you the necessary rights to express you're self and live as you like. But it ends there. All men are murderers and rapers ? , you are WRONG. And you're arguements place you in the same league as those you critisise.

fnolAug 10 2007 4:39am
#0120 - (Fri.) 8/10/07

UpdateAug 10 2007 1:55pm
fnol, I never said ALL men were rapists and murderers. I simply stated that those who are need to have a public and very humiliating end put to their lives. Lions would fit that bill quite nicely I believe.

MichelleAug 11 2007 6:16am
Michelle is a REAL WOMAN, and should always be treated deferentially and with respect. I grovel before Her power.

obedient husbandAug 11 2007 7:11pm
" I never said ALL men". Slip of the keyboard so to speak. Didn't read too carefully and was more reading the general views of this and other polls on this site. My apologies for addressing you directly as the source Michelle. Nevertheless for the general views my points stand.

FNOLAug 13 2007 11:54pm
C'mon you pussy males. Defend yourself! Why should us women put up with you? FEED THE LIONS!!!

MichelleSep 17 2007 10:21pm
#0125 - (Tue.) * 9/18/07

UpdateSep 17 2007 11:15pm
The idea of males being put to death in the lions' arena at women's request is certainly a nightmare for any man/boy. Still, it is interesting to think about how the genders relationships would change as a consequence of such an unlikely regime. Not to mention sexual habits. I especially wonder if males, under certain circumstances, would not only be scared by such a threat, but also oddly thrilled and excited. The option of being disposed as meat for predators, and the naked execution itself, reminds of some wild and ancient urges of the human genre. It is somewhat related to our belonging to the nature's realm. Thinking that a girl might put a man in the lions' jaws, and that womens can even derive excitment from that is surely a wild interesting image for my mind. How would males handle their sexual life? How much more caring would they be? How would they cope with the idea that a girl might simply enjoy seeing the man she'd just make love to, running naked in the arena? :-)

StormySep 19 2007 4:42am
Should be public executions be reinstated for males? Only if I can be the first one to volunteer to die. Death, no matter how painful it might be, is considerably better than living in a world of nagging, domineering shrewish broads who have nothing better to do than bitch, bitch, bitch!

MADOct 18 2007 8:12am
Sure, volunteer! One less male to complain

MichelleOct 25 2007 6:08am
"Sure, volunteer! One less male to complain " . Ahhhh, the irony burns like the devils barbecue with extra chilli in the core of hell. Michelle, have you ever watched a program called : The Chasers War On Everything. If not, you should try it. It should give you one heck of an education.

LFREDOct 27 2007 9:34pm
#0131 - (Sun.) * 10/28/07

UpdateOct 28 2007 9:37pm
Ok, I took your advise and watched it. hmmm, I still say the romans had it right. Fat lions are a wonderful sight to behold

MichelleOct 31 2007 12:57pm
"Ok, I took your advise and watched it." And.... ?, The Chaser team think outside of the square in a flexible balanced manner. There is a lesson in that for you Michelle. I dont care what you are saying, if you are arrogant and think you'reself as superior and hence fit to condemn others to pain and suffering then as long as you stay in that fairyland, it is you're loss not mine. You're opinion should be respected. But what is not tolerable is you're hypocritical approach to discussion. You previously asked us 'pussy males' to defend themselveves. But there is plenty of intelligent discussion, which adresses you directly. You just dont want to hear it. But of course this is because you are right and everyone else is wrong, so you dont have to play by their inferior rules. Of course not. Michelle, you pussy human being, defend you'reself !.

FNOLNov 04 2007 5:44pm
Hey, that telling the old bi*ch...way to go guy. P.S. keep your eyes open, they might coming looking for you, may think that you should be thrown in the lion cage for speaking out against them.? In there world that could be a serious crime against there honor punishable by death while they watch and laugh at your pain and slow agonizing death!

I just love being AnonymousNov 04 2007 10:00pm
#0135 - (Mon.) * 11/5/07

UpdateNov 04 2007 10:04pm
FNOL-You accuse ME of not thinking outside the "square" (it's box you dolt)?? So the idea of feeding Rapist pigs to lions is something of a mainstream idea then I suppose. You say there is plenty of intelligent discussion here on the subject. Your right. By us women. The very idea of males able to engage in intelligent discussion is absurd. Using the word "intelligent" and "male" in the same sentence is an exercise in futility. Give me an argument against a very public death sentence, Roman style involving the kitties for rapists and I'll be all ears. Until then, I still have yet to hear one peep in defence of MALE rapists. Males who _deserve_ such a fate.

MichelleNov 09 2007 5:16pm
Michelle, I think you use way to many big words for most of the males on board to understand that your trying to get across to them. Remember males, there likes Jack as$es, there or as stupid as they are stubborn and way more dangerous. And now this FNOL fool is saying your pole isn't good enough for him, and wants to drag you along to some other sites, that are of his chooseing. If he can't express himself intelligently here, what fool would think he could do it better elsewhere?

SueNov 18 2007 3:33pm
#0140 - (Sun.) * 11/18/07

UpdateNov 18 2007 3:34pm
" now this FNOL fool is saying your pole isn't good enough for him" Have you even read anything , Sue ?. Nothing you have said is true. The site i linked to is a poll debate board, which is timestamped to avoid people moderating others posts. I could knock you for the proverbial six, but I wont even bother laying out the facts to you. Read carefully, before you start trying to score points. You just find it unpleasant that I have upped the ante and you can't deal with real argument . So you have to call my bluff by diverting of on tangents rather than addressing my argument. Very well, I shall split up my argument that i posted on misterpoll into several successive posts. Avoid this !.

FNOLNov 18 2007 5:22pm
Right Michelle!. " The very idea of males able to engage in intelligent discussion is absurd. Using the word "intelligent" and "male" in the same sentence is an exercise in futility." Bull. For starters this is not an argument. This is belief. What you are doing is applying you're belief to the world , and shaping things to agree with you're perception. You see all men as dumb and inferior, because you WANT to see them as dumb and inferior. And when life doesn't support these claims, you have developed an lovely network of thoughts that prevent unauthorized intrusion by anything that might disturb the pleasant state of your psyche , and hence nothing can be permitted to alter you're hugely inflated view of you're self worth.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 1)Nov 18 2007 5:23pm
will however work on you're level though and name some intelligent males. Joss Whedon- Creator of series such as Buffy the vampire slayer, firefly , angel, all shows noted for their feminist themes and exploration of complex concepts. Bill gates- went from average young man to billionare, without proficiencies in any major skills. Linus Torvalds- created a world popularised computer operating system. Edward de bono- Philosopher, and known for many interesting concepts James randi- Professional magicial, and debunker. HIghly creative in abstract thinking.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 2)Nov 18 2007 5:23pm
"intelligent discussion here on the subject. Your right. By us women." You are arrogant indeed , if you think you are the only person to define standards of intelligence. Are most people stupid because they do not conform to you ?, you insult you'reself with this statement , more than any of us. "Until then, I still have yet to hear one peep in defence of MALE rapists. Males who _deserve_ such a fate. " Of course you havent. NObody is defending the acts of a rapist, who to do such a thing is evil. Anybody condoning rape is out of their mind. Just because I don't support genocide of males does not implicate me in condoning the rape of every women on earth to the end of time. Surely you can do better that this, no ?.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 3)Nov 18 2007 5:23pm
As for why there is so few of people arguing equality for men and women ?, Have you read the title of likelike ?. It bears relation to the rule 'like attracts like'. Of course you're going to find arrogant female supremacists there. They are drawn to it like you were drawn to it. You are preaching to the converted. And that is not an argument , it is as said before , belief ! "Give me an argument against a very public death sentence, Roman style involving the kitties for rapists and I'll be all ears" Noted. As I've said before, it is not only cruel and an example of arrogance , it is also incredibly stupid and detrimental to society as a whole, and it will inevitable reduce the rights of everyone, male or female.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 4)Nov 18 2007 5:24pm
The rational behind a punishment is simple. A punishment has two purposes, to partially compensate the victim and to protect society at large from a reoccurance. You're punishment does neither. What it does do is perpetrate a worse crime , and a crime is a crime regardless of the victim. And on top of that it also demonstrates that you are as bad as the rapist, and willing to impose cruelty if you believe it is correct. Would you want to live under that, perhaps if society favored you ?, but if it didn't a person like you would be the first to complain. There are other ways of stopping rape that fulfills the conditions above. Even the most terrible of societies has it's basis in efficiency. Dictatorships employ torture and terror only because it is effective in keeping the ENTIRE population in line, and it is a method without finesse. But on a large scale, even they collapse eventually, through self dissent and struggles for power.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 5)Nov 18 2007 5:24pm
I am simply saying, there are non cruel methods for preventing rape and making the world safer for women. Why the hell would you choose the crueler method of crime prevention and punishment if there was absolutely no difference in the outcome to society at large whatsoever ?, Answer : only if you are cruel you're self. At which point you are wrong you're self. For an example of non cruel technology, in addition , of course, to a very healthy jail term and psychological analysis and profiling , a microchip implant hidden within the rapist, that warns all nearby women of who he is , is one such concept.His movements are tracked like this at all times and he might be electronically forbidden from entering anything but a few designated zones. Moving out of this flags him immediately to the police. The idea of any punishment is that women shouldn't have to worry about the threat of rape at any time, and this level of survelliance is at least a step in the right direction.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 6)Nov 18 2007 5:24pm
Nobody is defending the rapist. He is a criminal and wrong. Repeat, nobody is defending the rapist and nobody ever should do. What we are doing is not being 'rapists' ourselves by performing an inhuman act. But I take it of course, you don't want anything resembling this, because crimes like rape are only wrong if you consider them wrong.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 7)Nov 18 2007 5:25pm
"You accuse ME of not thinking outside the "square" (it's box you dolt)?" '...Women's health nurses think outside the square.' - article hosted on Written by Julia bolton ' thinking outside the square and looking back..' Article on country Written by Emma Hutchinson I'll say no more. You wanted an argument ?. There you go! . You're rebuttal Michelle?.

FNOL-(arguement from misterpoll part 8)Nov 18 2007 5:25pm
Michelle, read up a bit to find out what's going on here. As predicted I copped flak from Sue, who unable to argue intelligently, tried to divert off on an irrelevant tangent. So I addressed her argument. Will you do the same. Read on up !.

FNOLNov 18 2007 5:31pm
#0151 - (Sun.) * 11/18/07

UpdateNov 18 2007 9:35pm
Ok, FNOL I read your posts. Give me a few days. Ummm, take cover, cause a storm is a brewin' and your in it's path

MichelleNov 23 2007 10:43pm
I look forward to it. Do yo';reself a favor and dont underestimate me. I never do.

FNOLNov 24 2007 3:04am
Michelle one additional note. I would for my ease of reading , appreciate it if you could email a copy of you're arguement you post here to ''. If you so choose you can also enter it on my misterpoll page as well using the instructions i posted above. I will of course write all my arguements publically here. Again I look forward to you're no holds barred rebuttal. And you certainly have some critical points to answer.....

FNOLNov 24 2007 4:18am
#0155 - (Sat.) * 11/24/07

UpdateNov 24 2007 7:44am
Michelle, you are a real Woman and you are handling FNOL with grace. The problem with your lions scenario is that you cannot feed your males to the lions and have them too but if I were your property and you chose to dispose of me in that way I would have to accept it. There are some people on these sites who just do not seem to get that if they are not in to the topic they can just go to another site. Since I am more into corporal discipline and male slavery I post on sites that have topics closer to my interest. However, I respect your power as a Woman and I do enjoy looking in on your posts and the thought of prostrating myself naked with my behind in the air and begging you not to feed me to the lions is exciting. Keep projecting your awesome Female power toward your feeble antagonists.

obedient husbandNov 25 2007 5:41pm
Feeble ?. Really obedient husband ?. I am the only person here who has presented a detailed case which addresses the issues of male execution. Most if not all others have been irrelevant insults which pick on trivialities such as my spelling, gender, or my choice of word formatting. Before you deny this vehemently , please read Michelle's posts. Statistically the majority of her posts are insults of questionable relevance that do not engage the topic. I hope this changes with her promised rebuttal. But I have my doubts . When it comes down to it, you and the others here are incapable of accepting an abstraction, even for you're own benefit.

FNOLNov 26 2007 2:14am
To obedient husband and FNOL or LFRED (or what ever your calling yourself today) Why are you two so stuck on stupid? Michelle keep telling you it's the kitties for those males who rape a woman, which means I... for one haven't got a worry in the world in this department, so why do keep pretending she wants to eliminate all males, unless your trying say that all real men rape women? if that the case, then you two...are really stuck on stupied. P.S. FNOLFRED, I've never seen anybody type so much, and say so little.

BenNov 26 2007 5:59pm
I am not the one stuck on stupid. I enjoy Michelle's Female power but I am not into Her particular fantasy. Hence, after a little bit of discourse with Her way back in posts 60-80 or thereabouts I stopped posting. The problem with FNOL is that he takes these topics seriously rather than as light hearted fantasy. There are all sorts of serious issues as to whether sexual predators(male or female) should be executed, imprisoned for life, be required to report every new address to the authorities even after they have served their time and so forth. We recently saw a case where a Woman was imprisoned for years because She had sex with a 13 yo and when She got out and the male was now of age, they got married!! It occurred in the western United States for you UK people. From 1876 through 1964 black males in the former Confederacy were routinely executed for alleged rapes of white women. I am sure "Michelle" would not want to go back to those days. But this is hardly the place for such discussions. When I sit down and bring up Michelle's site I am not looking for a serious debate on the issue. There are plenty of political-legal sites run by real world advocates which seriously discuss the social implications of such policy. I wish FNOL would take his debates to those sites where he could talk with sociologists, government workers and others who have some background on the issue.

obedient husbandNov 26 2007 7:26pm
#0160 - (Mon.) * 11/26/07

UpdateNov 26 2007 10:16pm
I rest my case obedient husband, Michelle toys with us and plays our fantasys "within reason". It time we stop stomping all over hers fantasies.

BenNov 26 2007 10:52pm
Ben , thank's for you're opinion. Any input is good input. Obedient husband : thanks as well, its good to know how one stands with others. Now where is Michelle ?, she promised me a rebuttal.....

FNOLNov 26 2007 11:34pm
I agree. That was supposed to be my point but I got carried away. My point was simply that people on likelike polls who talk about slavery are not talking about the type of slavery that Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun debated in the 19th century US Senate. People who discuss how husbands should be disciplined do so within the postulate that the husband voluntarily entered into a relationship where he agreed to accept the primacy of his Wife. People who talk about castrating or executing rapists probably have not done studies of levels of recidivism vis-a-vis possibilities of rehabilitation. And I will restate I love Michelle posts even though Her interests are not necessarily mine.

obedient husbandNov 28 2007 6:11pm
And thats reasonable obedient husband . Perhaps I was a little too quick to judgement. However perhaps you too are mistaken about my seeming vigor on this topic. Lest we forget we all know this is just a bit of anonymous , harmless fun and debate to stretch the mind. And that is why we can really let fly with the insults and far out discussion. Great isn't it ?.

FNOLNov 29 2007 5:30am
#165 - (Thu.) * 11/29/07

UpdateNov 29 2007 10:12pm
This Michelle gal must be one very slow thinker? Or FNOL has WON the war by default, seem she has turn tail and ran.

AnonymousDec 06 2007 10:06pm
I don't think anyone can 'win' anything Anonymous. It's not that sort of discussion. I will not change Michelle's belief and she wont change mine. That is the nature of freedom and it is excellent !.

FNOLDec 08 2007 3:06am
Well, thanks FNOL. Apparently your comments have either chased Michelle away, or she simply found your arguments boring. I don't think she came here to argue. She came here to dictate her ideas on rape. They weren't up for discussion or debate. They were a reflection of what she saw as right and just. I think she see's herself as a supreme female and her dictatorship was not to be questioned! I for one found her comments highly entertaining and I'm gonna miss that. Thanks for killing the party dude!

AnonymousDec 20 2007 2:11pm
Yes, FNOL has finally killed the party. And he killed us all with bore and yawning. Maybe he thinks he's the only rational-educated-balanced individual around, and that his mission is to spread the seed of common sense and democracy over the net. He apparently misses the WHOLE point of playing around in an armless and ironic way with our ideas. Thanks to him, we are all better people now.

StormyDec 20 2007 3:17pm
Or mabye NOT 'Stormy'. For a the few poorly written posts I have made here you seem to have made a very precise analysis of my motivations. But that is irrelevant : I will not post again. That is my choice. Thanks for the talk.

FNOLDec 20 2007 6:40pm
#0171 - (Fri.) * 12/21/07

UpdateDec 21 2007 1:59pm
May Michelle Rest In Peace

THE ENDJan 04 2008 11:56am
I do not think She is dead. She probably keeps three or four naked males at home who are VERY obedient.

obedient husbandFeb 24 2008 6:27pm
I still believe that public whipping of us males would look much better. At least, you can whip the same male plenty of times (my own behind is still quite purple after my Mistress' belting it last Sunday... but I already can sit down without grimacing! :) )

Nick NMay 14 2008 7:16am
#0075 - (Wed.) * 5/28/08

UpdateMay 27 2008 8:57pm
Lion as dad just barely makes the cut. While the lion earns points for being fiercely protective of his family, unfortunately he's also a real snoozer, more often than not sleeping when he should be keeping a closer eye on his kids. But beware, because when this dad is awake, you don't want to mess with him. A lion's eyesight is five times better than a human's, and the king of the jungle can hear prey across the savanna up to two miles away! Also, this is one dad that could use a minivan -- actually, make that a bus. Lions head up large family units called prides that can include up to seven lionesses and 20 cubs!

PatJun 08 2008 11:22pm
Results from address above comment #76 Serious offenders to be fed to lions and tigers 9 September 2008, 09:00 GMT + 2 In its latest effort to combat crime in South Africa, and reduce prison populations, the SAPS has announced that it will start sending serious offenders on trips to the zoo ? to be hunted and eaten. This is what faces serious criminals as from January 1, 2009 The programme, dubbed ?Operation: Hunter Hunted?, is a collaboration between the police and Johannesburg Zoo and will officially begin on January 1st 2009. ?The idea is simple;? said police chief Jackie Selebi, ?serious offenders will be placed into an enclosure with hungry animals, then they will be hunted and eaten alive.? Criminal ?types? who currently qualify to be sent into the enclosures are convicted murderers, rapists and paedophiles. After trial, their names will be placed on a list, and there will be one ?feeding? per week. ?That is, one criminal in the lion enclosure, and one with the Siberian Tigers,? Selebi confirmed. ?So that?s two per week.? The criminals will be fully conscious when placed in the enclosure. ?Initially, we considered anesthetising them first, but it?s too expensive, we can?t afford it,? said Selebi. Janet Fourie, who will head up the operation at Johannesburg Zoo, said the zoo?s executives were delighted when the police approached them with the idea. ?It?s all part of our ethos of providing a public service,? said Fourie. ?I think people have really had enough of crime and, though many want the death penalty reinstated, this is actually a much more resourceful way of going about it. This way, the bodies don?t go to waste and the zoo saves on feeding costs. I reckon an adult male body will provide food for the lions and tigers for three or four days.? Bubu, Leela, Hobbes and Frostie - four of Johannesburg Zoo?s Siberian Tigers - chase and kill calf, Johann, in training for ?Operation: Hunter Hunted?. Rebecca Mhlangu, who heads up a criminal rehabilitation programme for the government, said she thought Operation: Hunter Hunted was a clever way to get the worst criminals to give something back to society. ?In their death, they are providing a service ? sustaining the lives of animals. THAT is their rehabilitation,? she said. To temper reactions from human rights groups, it was decided that feedings would not be done in view of the public. ?But this is temporary,? said Fourie. ?Once people become more used to the idea and see the considerably positive effects this operation has on crime, I am pretty sure we will start having public feeding days, where people can come watch the guy getting hunted down. It will make for a very dramatic spectacle and would be great therapy for the victims and their families.? Public feeding days are already staged in North Korea, for much lesser offences. Public ?feeding days?, such as this one taking place in North Korea, could be introduced at Johannesburg Zoo. This man, a tourist, was caught with a pirated DVD in his luggage at Pyongyang Airport. Selebi validated Fourie?s prediction. ?Yes, these times call for backward measures. People have been publically fed to lions in the past, and it?s going to happen again. It is the only way I can see crime being properly beaten now; we have tried everything else.? * Look like old Michelle, wasn't as dumb as she sounded

Can you believe it?Sep 26 2008 11:18am
I am going to write to the South African Government and ask about tickets....this sounds like a great event to attend!

CathySep 28 2008 7:45am
#0180 - (Sun.) * 9/28/08

UpdateSep 28 2008 1:03pm
I still can't believe it, I guess Michelle was just a little ahead of her times, because it going down more or less the way she imagined it would happen!!!

BenSep 28 2008 1:04pm
Ben, don't get carried away,it looks like it going to turn out to be a load of crap, look at the comment see any names that you've seen before??? that begin with M???

AnonymousOct 24 2008 10:21pm
Nick N. I believe in public whipping of males would be a great idea. Males would be lined up naked, and one at a time would approach the elevated platform. There the list of charges would be read aloud. The male would spread his legs, hold on to his knees and the whipping would begin. After, he would face the group before being dismissed. Male public nudity would be common place. All males subject to a whipping would be given injections to prevent unauthorized erections. They would be impotent. Additional injections could be given inaddition to the punishment. What is more pitful in public. a naked male, with a red ass, and unable to achieve an erection. Let the whippings begin.

Female AnonymousNov 26 2008 5:30pm
Ms. Female Anonymous, most respectfully, is that how You punish Your own slaves?

obedient husbandDec 08 2008 6:28pm
Yes, obedient husband, my husband does not even own clothes any more. I burned them all. He is required to be naked 24 hrs a day. Punishment is applied to his naked backside, when I see he needs it. I insert a catheter into his penis and he is drained in this humilating method. His BM are performed in a small pan. They are closly watched by me. He is not allowed to wipe himself. I have him chemical castrated by medication, that he must inject himself. I prefer these injections to be directly into his balls. No erections have been seen in over two years. His appearence is male but can not function as one.

Female AnonymousDec 12 2008 6:32am
If he is required to be naked 24 hours a day I take it he is a househusband unless you rent him out to another Female Dominant who keeps Her male employees naked. Thank you for responding Ma'am.

obedient husbandDec 12 2008 7:30pm
Yes he is a househusband, he has worked for my mother cleaning at her house. He experiences the same humilation at my mothers hands, as mine. We both enjoy his nudity and have taken him to a nude beach. Of course my mother and I wear bathing suits, as for hubby he is totally shaved of all body hair. He is very uncomfortable being exposed showing his under developed penis and balls. I feel the most humiliating thing we do to him is control his body function performed out in the open.

Female anonymousDec 12 2008 7:55pm
So then Ma'am, You must be powerful successful Woman to keep a househusband.

obedient husbandDec 15 2008 6:08pm
Yes I have my own business and employee 6 other employees, all females. When my househusband is not working at my house he is busy at my mothers. I am very powerful in business and also a leader in my community.

Female AnonymousDec 17 2008 2:42pm
Ms Famale Anonymous, what you did with your hubby is really wonderful! We inferior males surely must be treated in this way and even harsher. Excuse me, Ms Female Anonymous, but i'd like give you an idea (though it may sound quite stupid because i am a fool like most of us males are). So, if You have 6 Female employees, then probably at least some of them share Your views about how we inferior males must be treated. Then You can sometimes lend Your hubby to them to give them some practice of being served by a male and disciplining him harshly. Plus if You take Your hubby to a nude beach soon after a harsh whipping (You can simply whip him right before going to the beach), then welts and bruises on his ass, back and upper legs will multiply his humiliation and subsequent obedience. Please firgive me my boldness of advising You anything...

Nick NDec 21 2008 10:05am
Ms. Female Anonymous, I wonder if You are physically stronger than Your husband. Most respectfully, what is Your height and weight compared to Your husband and is Your Mother powerfully built? Also are Your employees aware that You keep a househusband and do any of Them keep househusbands?

obedient husbandDec 21 2008 6:02pm
#0192 - (Tue.)* 12/23/08

UpdateDec 23 2008 1:35am
To nick n, excellent idea about whipping hubby before a trip to the beach. Yes some of my workers have had hubby over to do housework. They are not so lucky to have slave help. To obedient husband Yes I am physically stronger than my hubby. I work out at the gym 5 days a week. My height is 5ft 10 inches and my weight is 186 lbs. Hubby is 5ft. 7 inches and weighs in at about 175lbs. My mother is quite small in size. Yes some of my employees have used him around the house, and no they do not have a househusband.

Female AnonymousDec 25 2008 5:11am
Dear Ms Female Anonymous, thank You very much for your answer. Your hubby is so lucky that he can serve both You and Your Female employees. I humbly hope that You put a chastity belt on his prick when You lend him to Your employees - You know, we inferior males can hardly be trusted. I've just imagined that my Mistress led me to a nude beach with a chastity belt and a freshly whipped ass and started loudly scolding me and pulling my ear right there - i wouldn't know where to put myself...

Nick NDec 25 2008 11:45am
Ms. Female Anonymous, this mere male grovels before Your powerful physique and thanks You for responding. Wife rents me out to a Female Boss who pays for my services by depositiing money directly into Wife's bank account.

obedient husbandDec 26 2008 6:30pm
obedient husband, I really envy you! Hope that Female Boss doesn't hesitate to whip you pretty regularily and uses some other wats to show you your proper place in this world.

Nick NJan 04 2009 10:54pm
Nick, actually the only way Female Boss could whip me is if She asked Wife's permission which to the best of my knowledge She never has. However, this weekend when I did the wash, Wife was displeased with the way I folded the sheets and She took a wooden spoon to my bare behind with greater force than when She beats me just to put me in my place. As I sit on my rear to type this I am still sore.

obedient husbandJan 05 2009 7:12pm
obedient husband, I'm glad She did it. Surely if I were in your shoes with those sheets, the sore ass would be mine. On the whole, when a Woman punished Her slave/hubby, it's always just and correct. That's why I hope that in the nearest future and in the far one both asses - yours and mine - will be beaten with the same proper regularity.

Nick NJan 16 2009 7:51am
obedient husband, is even more glad She did it, Nick N

AnonymousJan 18 2009 6:27pm
#0200 - (Sun.) - 1/18/09

UpdateJan 18 2009 6:29pm
I think you boys are very rudely disrespect-ing Michelle by being way off topic.

KatieJan 18 2009 6:41pm
I agree with Katie. Last comments are sad, boring and off topic. Nick N, Obedient Husband and Female Anonymous should open a new poll and stop pestering us with their fetishes. I wish that Michelle came back soon.

StormyJan 20 2009 6:32am
Ms. Katie Ma'am, the problem is Michelle has not been around to get us back on track but You seem to be doing a good job of whipping us back into line. Way way back I suggested to Michelle that rather than an execution, an appropriate punishment would be for the male to be bent over naked and chained in that position so any Woman who wished could use a strap on on him. Michelle disagreed with me but at least we were on topic.

obedient husbandJan 20 2009 5:31pm
obedient husband, you prove it ever time you come online: the only good male, is a dead male!!!

AnonymousFeb 18 2009 1:19pm
#0205 - (Wed.) * 2/18/09

UpdateFeb 18 2009 1:21pm
Ancient Rome experienced A HARSH DOWNFALL!!! The fact is, unlike Ancient Rome, WE ARE CIVILIZED!!! Guys have, and will CONTINUE to have, TOTAL FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Guys, especially young guys or guys with ?A$HOLA, have THE PICK OF THE LITTER!!! There are so many women and girls to choose from that if one does not put out for a guy, especially for a guy with ?A$HOLA, there are plenty of others WHO WILL!!! Why? Because MONEY IS TO WOMEN WHAT KRYPTONITE IS TO SUPERMAN. Women are $U?KER$ FOR ?A$HOLA!!! Shuld there be public execution of such women? No. BECAUSE WE ARE A CIVILIZED SOCIETY!!!

Dear Ms Stormy, You are surely right that we inferior males are crazy with our boring fetishes. Alas, we are too stupid to be able to understand our Mistresses' wishes, and unless You tell us what they are, we'll remain unaware of them. Alas, it is the sad reality that without Your, Ladies, strict guidance we males are quite useless creatures.

Nick NApr 02 2009 8:06pm
yes, but only if they are MUSLIM SWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.I.M.May 28 2009 5:47am
This poll and all others like it are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually immature. And not very psychologically normal.

AnonymousSep 12 2009 7:20pm
#0210 - (Wed.) * 9/23/09

UpdateSep 23 2009 10:36am
Where one sex dominates, from that sex will come the majority of criminals.

an intelligent life formFeb 16 2010 4:23pm
Hey, Michelle, how's thisfor an idea? Feed the Taliban and their fellow Muslim swine Jihadi terrorist gangster scum to the Lions/Tigers! I for one would pay good money to see that!

an intelligent life formFeb 16 2010 4:31pm
False accusations aren't important. If a few males end up in the arena with lions, it's a fair price to keep rape to a minimum. Michelle I agree. There is a war on crime and in any war, males are 99% of those killed so if a few thousand innocent males are excuted, so be least they will be males and not women or children. If a woman does accuse someone she knows that did not do it, charge her with false informing and make her spend a year or two in jail

RonApr 12 2010 4:29pm
ONLY males should be executed and always while naked public.

KimberlyApr 13 2010 3:51am
I do not think there should be a girl or woman ANYWERE that does not know what a naked male looks like nor what happens when they get their balls kicked. I would not mind if ALL males had to go naked all of the time (with some leeway for winter but their c ock and balls should still be exposed) On the otherhand, I think it should be very difficult for most males to know what a woman or girl looks like as they should not have the pleasure of seeing undressed women or girls

KathymayApr 14 2010 7:46am
Cindy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is barbaric to want to watch somebody, even a heinous criminal be mauled to death. How quickly he or she dies is somewhat irrelevant Cindy, it should never be a she. This should only happen to MALES

RonApr 14 2010 7:51am
Ron, you are a smart male. I agree strongly that ONLY MALES should be subject to being exectued and I think we should pass laws that state that EVERY person who is exectued has to first have his balls cut off and that would assure that no woman could be exectuted as we do not have balls

AmyApr 14 2010 10:47am
I think we should pass laws that state that EVERY person who is exectued has to first have his balls cut off and that would assure that no woman could be exectuted as we do not have balls I LOVE that idea Amy

KimberlyApr 30 2010 9:43am
Kathymay I would like that too but I think extremities are the first things that fall off in the extreme cold.So no frostbitten willies for me. Like them a little chilled of course so that they need warming with a fondle or a smack. I'm a long time beleiver that its important that we see just who we are going to want to share time with or breed with by seeing them stark bollock naked.Also being able to feel the goods is important and seeing just ow pleasingly they erect.

Big BrendaJun 05 2010 1:00am
What about female rapists and murderers ladies? Should they be executed or just allowed to run around wanton killing and raping anything that moves? Oh, only if it is a male they are raping or killing right? What an idiotic poll but a fine example of "female superiority". Are you ladies truly delusional? It is clear that you are not superior to an amoeba. It is ALMOST logical when women make arguments that the world would be more peaceful with women ruling because of their loving and motherly nature - until you see what women would actually do if given absolute power. Thread after thread talks of genocide, slavery and oppression. This thread has killed any notion female superiority for me.

PatJun 08 2010 8:25am
Ohw finally a smart woman +1 pat.

AnonymousJul 04 2010 7:21am
Ron said: " if a few thousand innocent males are excuted, so be least they will be males and not women or children." Ron, I am surprised a male thinks that way but I full argree with you that it would be better for this to happen for all women and children to be safe but I do ask one question, would only a few thousand males have to be sacrificed or would it be more like say 100,000 since there would a good chance there would be a few million guilty males os even 10% of them being innocent would result in well over 100,000 (still not bad if it made the world safe for everyone and as you said, at least they would be males)

AmyJul 12 2010 9:57am
Amy,Brenda,Kathy,Kimberly. I am 19 years old male and never did something agains a women. More and more people are thinking like you. Please stay off me and let me live in freedom.

Scared manAug 10 2010 12:58pm
I would agree if it were "Should public execution of ALL CRIMINALS be instated"

MasonAug 13 2010 12:18pm
Because, Y'know, there are such things as female rapists and murderers. And before I get the whole tirade about, "It's well within a woman's right to commit crimes against a useless male.", what if a woman were to kill or rape another woman, how should she be punished?

MasonAug 13 2010 12:52pm
Thats intelligent point Mason. Something generally lacking here. While people have their fun discussing such fantasies I dont favour execution for anyone. That includes males that commit murder or rape. I think a societies attitude to capital punishment as an indicatiuon of how evolved it is. On that basis the USA is very far down the league.

SylviaAug 15 2010 9:04am
The best thing that could ever happen to 19 yo male is if Amy,Brenda, Kathy, or Kimberly enslaved him. I was not taken as a slave until I was in my thirties and I spent a long and useless youth.

obedient husbandAug 15 2010 2:58pm
Sylvia is a wise woman and got the point.

MeAug 27 2010 4:15am
I can see how this subject feeds the sexual fantasies of many males. Clearly, some Womyn also gain some entertainment in indulging such notions. In all seriousness though I cannot lend support to capital punishment. If we as Womyn claim to be morally superior we must renounce the methods of societal control associated with patriarchal violence. Capital punishment is a regressive, primitive way of dealing with crime. If killing is wrong how can it be justified for Womyn to support this as state policy? Public execution simply feeds the lowest sadistic side of human nature that provided crowds for the Roman Arena or the French Revolution. Little wonder that democracies in Europe, Canada, Australia etc have abandoned such laws long ago. Sadly the USA lags well behind most other modern democracies in this respect. I would not expect a Gynocracy to apply capital punishment but instead to apply more compassionate methods to correct misbehaviour.

Goddess AmandaAug 30 2010 11:39am
only thing that shoulld be instated is public executions of single mommys

jacobOct 06 2010 11:05pm
to you non sissy wimp guys..i say we round up all the bitches in here..tie them up then violate their holes 1 by 1. no lions needed. vilate their twats till they cant spread open them legs anymore...startin with hows about it..slut

jacobOct 24 2010 10:55pm
Very well put Goddess Amanda I have always wanted to say it like that.

Big BrendaOct 24 2010 11:09pm

NickNov 07 2010 1:02am
USA is destined to fail, just like the Roman Empire did /maybe females need some reading here as they are not interested in history/. If females are superior than why it is mostly men that are interested in serious subjects like history, reading, physics, philosophy, etc?!? Women are just a bunch of scum interested in fashion, feminism, nail polish, hair extensions, stupid American movies, etc.

JimNov 07 2010 1:03am
I don't feel sorry for the fags and prostitutes that died in 9/11, they deserved it because they are f*cking Americans!!!

IanNov 07 2010 1:04am
USA is destined to fail, just like the Roman Empire did /maybe females need some reading here as they are not interested in history/. If females are superior than why it is mostly men that are interested in serious subjects like history, reading, physics, philosophy, etc?!? Women are just a bunch of scum interested in fashion, feminism, nail polish, hair extensions, stupid American movies, etc.

Americans are uselessNov 07 2010 1:04am
Stop this US pathetic crap. Shut up and continue living in you stupid country. If USA is such a good country, why do Americans continue torturing and killing Arabs, Iraqis, etc? Mind your own business, don't mess up with the world. And get your pooty Americans out of Europe pls! Europe is superior than the USA. USA is falling behind China, Russia and India.

AmericansAreGayNov 07 2010 1:05am
In order to prove they are superior I insist on all women cutting their tits. They are some useless cow-like otters.

VickyNov 07 2010 1:05am
Hey, c*nts shut up! Americans are just a bunch of c*nts, fagots, negros, jews and dykes!

NickNov 07 2010 1:05am
Americans are inferior than Europeans.

111Nov 07 2010 1:05am
When the Muslims take over America, Feminism is doomed! :)

9/11Nov 07 2010 1:06am
Maybe we can make human females more docile and less male-bashing by cutting their ovaries off. That's a good idea.

KimNov 07 2010 1:06am
This place is either full of fags or full of 1-2 feminist women pretending to be guys. I would love to be a superior male, however, I am an inferior female. The only thing a female is suppose to do is get pregnant and give birth.

JaneNov 07 2010 1:06am
American people = fagots, negros, jews, ugly feminist pigs and fat people. American women are ugly that's why they hate males. And American men are fags.

IvoryNov 07 2010 1:07am
BLACK PEOPLE AND ASIANS ARE SUPERIOR THAN WHITE TRASH!!! White people and Jews are inferior than Blacks and Asians. Jews and Whites should go working in the toilet-cleaning business. And Jews are liars, they like stealing peoples money, because they are greedy.

NickNov 07 2010 1:07am
Now I know why fellow Europeans (like Asians and Latin Americans) say that USA is evil. It's full of sissy males, fagots, feminazi, dykes. Acrually I've never seen a beautiful American women, they look like horses. I'm from Europe and here we still have women that think for themselves and ignore the lunatic feminist movement, which consumes a large amount of tax resources. Feminism is the way to destroy Western Societies and turn them into Socialistic ones. --------------------------------------- Let's hope that there will be some more TERRORIST attacks in America. Even the Roman Empire fell, what about that stupid USA, that the whole world truly hates. The insults in my country are: "As dumb as an American", "As gay as an American", "As ugly as an American woman". Hahaha Take that!

USA_sucksNov 07 2010 1:08am
9/11 was the best day in history. The day stupid Americans were bombed. However, it seems they still don't get it - the whole world hates America, because it's a brain-washed country full of male-hating frigid females that must have their ovaries removed, because they are incapable of being good and nurturing mothers. The USA is full of fagots and ugly feminazis. Oh and the stupid Americans they think they are cool hahaha. Thank god that in my country there are still real, feminine women, not ugly horses like the women of the USA. The reason Us women hate men is that they are ugly as cows. Everyone knows that Americans are ignorant, stupid, fat and pathetic. And everyone knows that American women are as ugly as poo.

NickNov 07 2010 1:08am
American people are descendants of prostitutes, killers, slaves and criminals, that's why there's so much hatred in Stupid America. You Americans like to forget that your predecessors were enslaving, raping and kidnapping African children for slaves, and killing Native Americans (Indians). American women are descended from English prostitutes. USA is just a post colony and a doomed country.

NickNov 07 2010 1:11am
I hope that the USA will be wiped out. European people are superior, more intelligent and beautiful than dumb and ugly Americans. That's why many American men marry abroad - because women outside the USA are not full of hatred. They are dog ugly.

EuropeanNov 07 2010 1:13am
Arabs and North Koreans, are you listening? European man speaking! I wonder when will you bomb the USA?! Come on, 9/11 was such a good day in history - everyone in Europe was content and it was so exciting watching the Twin towers fall. They surely deserve it, because they have no morals. They're just a bunch of schizophrenic psychos.

NickNov 07 2010 1:15am
I want all Native Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, African Americans to make a civil war and maul White (trash) Americans to death. And no, I'm not Black - I'm white, but from Europe. Europe, Africa, Asia and South America will have a party if white people (both men and females) are wiped out of this world. They don't deserve their life. If you're white and born in the USA you're useless.

NickNov 07 2010 1:19am
I would like that all human kind dies (yeah, c*nts/women included), because animals are superior to people. Males are superior to females in nature.

hahahaNov 07 2010 1:21am
Black people and Latinos should give White Americans to the lions. After all they're just a bunch of White trash.

EuropeIsBetterNov 07 2010 1:22am

SouthEuropeanNov 07 2010 1:23am
Although I'm against terrorism, I think that Americans got what they deserved in 9/11. What comes around, goes around. And stop messing in European and Asian affairs please!

NickNov 07 2010 1:25am
BOMB THE MOSQUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.I.M. (Anti Islam Movement)Nov 26 2010 3:44pm

EuropeHatesAmericaDec 01 2010 7:09am
It's hard not to agree with EuropeHatesAmerica....

MeDec 02 2010 4:01pm
President Sarah Palin will have all you Euro-trash males harnessed to Her dog sled and pulling it across the tundra in 2013.

obedient husbandDec 11 2010 1:50pm
I live in Europe too, but I believe that only a crazy man can applaud 9/11 (or he must be a Muslim who supports al Qaeda). Second, to blame an ordianry American is worth omly if he/she openly supports US actions (like invasion of Iraq or bombing Belgrade). Third, Britishwomen are quite ugly, too.

Nck NixonDec 27 2010 4:58am
Sarah Palin is a sexy MILF so if she want that I do it.

AnonymousJan 07 2011 9:28am
Please - there should be measure of responsibility for putting out polls like this, and for some of the responses. Let's all be a little more mature, shall we?

David2Jun 02 2011 1:59pm
Why? If this is used as a vehicle for people to irresponsibly explore their fantasies in an immature way, who are they hurting? If you don't like someone's post go on to the next one.

obedient husbandJun 11 2011 7:36pm
I agree with Karen. This would be hot! I'd go to watch that for sure! I'd like it to take a while, with the lioness mauling and scratching the naked male. Then she would of course start her meal between his legs, biting his dirty wiener and nuts off!

MeganFeb 20 2012 11:24am
Mmmm! That would be great! I'd watch that for sure, and from the front row. I'd be laughing and cheering, watching naked men and boys being eaten alive. I would also love to see the lioness start her meal between the male's legs. Would be amusing and hot!

JessicaFeb 22 2012 4:29pm
Listen up all you spupid bitches ok I'm so tired of your bull poo ok. If you really have to know why no males are defending themselves then you really are retarted because no males go on this site!!! So stop your bitching ok. and look aroids you must be blind enything that was important that was invented was invented by a male. Apple was started by males all the computers yor typing on were created by males ok the country you live in is created by males. There is no way your going to inslave and murder all of us ok. I love my girlfriend because she is not invoved in any of this stupid poo. Your all retarted ok I'm a lot smarter then you are I'm a lot stronger then you are but I had to come in here and end your stupid fairyland your living in and bring back to the real world. I thought it was pretty funny I came on this site to tell you what the rest of the world thinks about your online club of 30 people so have fun being crazy people and I'm going to go do something productive unlike you bye.

AnonymousFeb 29 2012 3:00pm
Oh by the way in sorry I had to come in here being the mean guy but someone needed to get under controll the truth is I feel sorry for you I mean you want to see men get eaten by animals so I hope you all get better and see a doctor.

AnonymousFeb 29 2012 3:05pm
Oh by the way in sorry I had to come in here being the mean guy but someone needed to get under controll the truth is I feel sorry for you I mean you want to see men get eaten by animals so I hope you all get better and see a doctor.

AnonymousFeb 29 2012 3:17pm
I would love that! Would be best if the lions were female. Some of the men could be tied naked and spread eagle to the ground, while others were free to run around. The lionesses would chase some, while others would take the easy way and eat the bound males. Maybe some blood or something could be smeared on the male's genitals so the cats begin their meal between the legs. Only women and girls would be permitted to watch, and we'd all be cheering and laughing as the humiliated and horrified males were slowly eaten alive!

LizMar 14 2012 6:41am
I think this is a fantastic idea! Not only would it be an efficient and economical way of disposing of violent male criminals, but it would also be very entertaining, and ... also arousing. Like others, I think only women and girls should be able to watch such an event. I know I'd be there!

TammyApr 22 2012 2:32pm
Are you all f*cking crazy? Do you understand how many of you belong in a mental asylum? Look, I'm a guy, and I'm all for females being treated equally to males (I personally believe in treating girls like princesses), but do you realize how inhumane you would have to be to want a person ripped to pieces based on GENDER? What happened to equal treatment?

GaryMay 08 2012 4:18pm
here is a little bit about feminism from a 12 year old. you feminists say you want equal rights but then you also want the standard set lower for you, for everything that doesn't make any sense. its like what you do to a little kid when they cry they didn't win, they set the bar lower for them. like how businesses are forced to hire women employes even if they can't do the job. so let me get this straight. you can't be successful in life so you want males to put you on the easy rout and then say you did it on your own so you can pat yourselves on the back. but honey in reality when things are serious there are no women behind those closed doors. you can spew all you BS because men that believed in something a while back created this great country. and you know what if you what to really be independent then lets level the playing field. but wait you only want to do that when its easy. but when you want something like contraceptives you expect us men to pay for it. what? oh well don't women miss the days when men would hold open doors for them because they were ladies about it and didn't get mad at you for it. well because the truth is we need each other and we can both do different things but you need both of them to keep society together women taking care of the children is just as important as men going to work. now do you see that is the real world solution.

AnonymousJul 29 2012 10:43pm
This should definitely happen! All men should have their disgusting genitals mauled, and then be slowly eaten alive by female animals.

JessApr 18 2013 10:56am
SbxhGk Say, you got a nice article post. Fantastic.

jUdomDMrnqiUihKRtOSep 13 2013 12:02am
Z9GOTN Fantastic post.Really thank you! Awesome.

giEjDBCkklVekYAriGOct 26 2013 5:54am
Let the fantasizing zealots have somewhere to vent, much better they have their little club on here than somewhere relevant in the real world. Replying to people like "big Brenda" and whoever the hell else puts these up just gives them ammunition to build straw men for their fantasy world. They don't use actual logic and their rhetoric on here hardly occupies any space in the real world.

EdApr 28 2014 12:26pm
rdwBvT Very good post.Really thank you! Great.

VAtOzyKrwAug 04 2014 1:20am
FrqWk1 Muchos Gracias for your article post. Awesome.

NXAuXlsPGkuAug 05 2014 2:52am

ALWAYS ANGRY!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!! FAGGOTS!!!!!!!Oct 04 2014 10:28am

AnonymousOct 04 2014 10:30am
A very good idea for men at the age oft 18+. The men should be stark naked.

TinaOct 24 2014 11:40am
Just kidding. I NEVER wanted this to happen.

TinaOct 29 2014 11:45pm
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dYwJPMhqDec 21 2014 12:44pm
The Romans may have had public execution and the like for men, but women that committed crime were raped and beaten to death or sold into slavery. Ya lets all fallow Rome to Our doom. Theft males lost a hand. Adultery woman were raped and stoned. nearly all died, so perfect.

AnonymousMar 18 2015 12:23pm

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Your account's overdrawn order motilium online She said she had "always intended" to give the charity "a donation out of Robert's royalties" but "had not anticipated him making the bestseller list a mere three months after publication".

zCzWODncOAug 20 2015 8:50pm
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