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Women Only: Raping men

Question: We always hear of men overpowering women for sexual gratification. But what of women who overpower men for their own sexual gratification? If you are a female and have My Poll simply asks, whether you have ever raped a man. But in the comments section describe how it make you feel. Does give you empowerment to physcally dominate a man against his will? Thanks for dropping by Laura ------------------------------------- Have you ever raped a man?
Created by: Laura2005 at 02:48:56 AM, Saturday, November 05, 2005 EST


It was an enpowering feeling. The highest point in my life. There was not a thing he could do. Jeff, well it was the most humiliating day. Completely emascuating!

MichelleNov 06 2005 6:44am

Michelle, i think i love you.

AnonymousNov 24 2005 9:35pm
I have discovered that through several years of gym workouts I've become much stronger than my husband. Now I've discovered that I can overpower him during sex and pin his legs with mine as well as overpower his upper body. At this point I take control. I've also developed my vaginal muscles to the point that I'm able to squeeze his semen into him when he ejaculates so it doesn't enter me and it's painful for him. I guess I've raped him.

JeanneDec 11 2005 1:34pm
Jeanne, uh, yes, I would say so since if he objected, it didn't seem to have made any difference.

WowserDec 11 2005 2:10pm
WOW Jeanne!!!

AnonymousDec 15 2005 1:47am
Jeanne, My wife pins me and controls the sexual encounter. I don't think that she intentially hurts me, but sometimes she does. But, once she gets going, she doesn't let up, even if I complain. So, I guess I am being raped in a way. Are you concerned that you are hurting him, Jeanne?

AnonymousFeb 12 2006 10:24am
I don't know if you could call it rape, but I have a very high sex drive and always initiate and control the sexual encounters with my husband. But, like I said, I don't know if you can call it rape, because my husband, like most men, is usually a more than willing participant. I think he prefers it this way, because I find it hard to believe that I can just overpower him, and he's never said no.

NormaFeb 20 2006 9:14am
i think the men like this..i know i would.

lelgtMar 23 2006 9:51am
what alot of bollox you all talk... Keep your fetish thoughts to yourselves guy's in future please

Freak_FinderMar 24 2006 11:55am
I hope you've found yourself Freak-Finder, because you sound like the holy grail of freaks.

JeanneMar 25 2006 9:09am
jeanne, can you beat him up? please tell us more..

lelgtMar 25 2006 7:32pm
norma, could you beat up your husband in an actual fight?

lelgtApr 19 2006 8:16am
this board is total fantasy land.

paulApr 28 2006 1:13pm
Then why are you here, Paul? Do you have a fetish or something?

JeanneMay 03 2006 10:11am
my gf always initiates, She likes being on top and really virtually rapes me- she thrusts down hard on my c*ck almost to the point that I feel that she can f*** harder than I can. When I am on top she still is in control, since even though I am thrusting, she has conditioned me to thrust harder when she sucks or pinches my nipples or spanks my ass. It's really weird, there I am on top yet with her mouth and hads she is still controlling me.

JeffMay 31 2006 6:25pm
jeff, can she beat you up in a fight?

lelgtJun 07 2006 1:42pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:43am
25 July 2006

AnonymousJul 25 2006 7:42pm
hahahaha, this is so weird. the weirdest of all would have to be Jeanne. Why don't you just let your vaginal muscles chill a bit & let your husband have a tad bit of fun during sex, eh? aren't you just a greedy little bitch. anyways, some of you people are just WRONG..ew.

you_freaksJul 31 2006 8:45pm
There is rape and "rape". To rape person is a serious crime ( girl or boy ), to "rape" my bf is play and he likes to be "raped", he resists with all his strength ( part of the game ) but he realised some time ago I am stronger ( true is he is smaller in comparition with me ). I do think women are capable of raping men ( we do have physical strenght to perform this crime ), in reality I never did it and I never will, as I mentioned it is a crime but people here probably talk about their sexual phantasies, games or wishes.

SylviaDec 28 2006 10:03pm
Women have the right to force sexual compliance from a male as long as the male does not belong to another Woman. If the male belongs to another Woman the he should be purchased or rented from the other Woman before being used. I wonder if the Michelle who posted up top here is the same Michelle who wants to feed male rapists to the lions. This is not an inconsistency. Michelle is a member of the superior sex and may use any unowned male in any manner She wishes.

obedient husbandApr 30 2007 7:53pm
Just plain. . . fun lol, I was kinda sorta raped. . .and yea I'm a boy I just wanted to come and see what the F*** y'all were talkin about yup I was raped but I didn't complain, didn't say yes didn't say no I just sorta lay there and let it happen. . . but yea Jeanne, tha's just weird. . . hurting your husband during sex . . . and on purpose to I'd run from you lol damn I feel sorry for that guy

Just MeJul 25 2007 4:14pm
"Then why are you here, Paul? Do you have a fetish or something?" Nice one Jeanne. If he's male , then he must be wrong. And if you can't find anything you must try a little harder to find something. Fabrication and provoking him with insults works best I find. But I am teaching the teacher.

FNOLNov 06 2007 2:31am
I was feeling very horny one night but my husband was more interested in the football game on the tube. I am a very fit and strong woman, my husband is no wimp, but I decided that I would just take him. I grabbed him from behind and wrapped my legs around his neck and forced him to the floor. This excited me knowing that I had him in an uncompromising situation. This made him very mad and he attempted to toss me off but my grip was too much. As I applied more pressure to his caroted arteries he began to loose strength and control of his senses. I then rolled over and pinned him down, ripped his pants off and began to stroke his privates, this gave me the response I wanted and began to ride him until we both had an orgasm. Yeah, the first time this could have been rape, now he likes it that way.

DebMay 24 2008 9:49pm
There was an ice storm one night as we were about to leave work, roads were impassible. Fortunately there was a hotel within walking distance of the office. Bill, a co-worker called and got us two rooms for the night. After we settled in, I called his room to see if he wanted to join me for dinner in the lounge. After dinner we went back upstairs to our rooms. I had been sexually attracted to Bill even though he was happily married and not interested in me so I decided to assert myself on him. I went to his room and began to force myself on him. I am a big woman 6'1" 164# and rock solid. I workout and always played sports in school. Bill is about 5'9" and around 160#. I wore him out and forced him to perform oral sex on me and milked him to orgasm several times while holding him between my legs. Yeah I raped him and humliated him. The next day at work he asked for a trasfer out of our office. I haven't seen him since...too bad!

JaniceMay 26 2008 8:10pm
I am an aggressive, strong, "take what I want" woman. While in college I offered a ride to a male student in my biology class. Although I had no attraction to him, nor he to I, there was this overpowering urge to "take" him when we got to his apartment. His roomate was gone for the weekend and this was my opportunity to experiment with my aggressive feelings. I offered to help him up to his room with his books and bags of groceries, and once in the room I became very excited. I grabbed him from behind and threw him onto the bed. He had no clue what was happening and I was bigger and much stronger than him. I held him down between my legs and ripped open his pants. He begged me to stop, but I kept up the assault. after a few minutes of massaging his privates, (the erection must be involuntary), I slid him into my waiting vagina. Although he did not orgasm, he was still under my control. Yes, a woman can rape a man. I have enjoyed this lifestyle for many years now and men are too ashamed to complain or report this abuse.

SherryJun 07 2008 9:39pm
Sherry, I grovel before you. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Do you own any male slaves?

slaveboyJun 12 2008 6:17pm
I am 6'1" 170lbs. I do not own male slaves, I just take what I want when I want it.

SherryJun 15 2008 6:53am
I picked him up in a bar, went to my place, forced his head between my thighs, forced him to pleasure me as I milked his c*ck. I then forced him to lick his own seed from my hand and then sent him home with only his shoes and boxers. He was completely humiliated and "raped".

LisaJul 05 2008 10:32pm
Lisa, Why didn't you just castrate him after you were finished. It sounds as tho he didn't have much of a dick. A mans balls are just hanging there for we females to cut off. Just think with a swift slice you can cut a guys balls off and he will never be worth anything to a women again. What power we females have. Lets castrate all males, start with birth and continue till they all are de-nutted.

SueAug 12 2008 4:34pm
Sue, I am holding on to my balls just reading your comment.

TedAug 12 2008 4:35pm
women are becoming more aggressive and assertive than ever. man-rape? I'm scared, but happy!!

diggy2Aug 12 2008 8:05pm

AnonymousAug 25 2008 9:20am
Some time after I met my wife, years ago, we went to her place after a rather wet evening at the pub. She told me she had a secret wish to be held down and forced to have sex. She also told me that she of course never wanted this to happen for real. Until this evening we hadn't been intimate and I really wanted to get my hands on her full, strong body even if the rape thing really didn't appeal to me at all. I throw myself at her and got her down but then the problem started. I realized that this woman wasn't only heavier than me but a lot stronger. As much as I tried I couldn't pin her to the floor. When she realized that I was giving everything I had she just laughed and said that she had to be the rapist instead. She got me down on my back and despite my struggles could get my shirt and trousers off. She was now really turned on and while she had me locked under her she used her free hand to get me hard. She than took me, there is no other word for it. I really tried to stop her since this wasn't the way I wanted our first night together to be. After the "rape" she asked me if she was to aggressive and then got really nice to me and made love to me again, this time without the aggression. I asked her if she had planned the whole thing, asking me to rape her when she understood that I was weaker than her. She smiled and said of course she didn't plan it. Well, she "raped" me a number of time after that and it still happens after many years, we are married now.

Raping gone wrongOct 13 2008 2:23pm

AnonymousNov 02 2008 8:31am
Lisa, what kind of man would let a weak woman like you do that to him? Was he a 5'2 98 lbs man or? And to you Sue, the attitude you have is worse than the men you seem to hate. Raping is wrong but no real man should either rape or allow woman to do that to him.

BranNov 07 2008 5:40am
I don't know if this counts as rape but when I was 16 years old, my mom and dad had a party. One of the female guests, a powerfully built 45 year old, came alone, a single woman. I came home around 11pm and the adults were rather drunk, this woman was a bit bored since she was the only single woman. She chatted me up quite a bit and touched me here and there and I wasn't comfortable at all with this lady. When she went for a drink I walked upstairs to my room. When I watched tv this lady entered my room, locked the door and said that it was bad of me to dissappear from her and that I should be punished. I told her that I wanted to be alone but she only replied, throw me out if you can. She took of her dress and stood there in bra and pantyhose. She was very powerfully built with wide shoulders, big arms with noticable biceps and big hips and thighs. Scary and beutiful at the same time. She flexed her impressive biceps and asked me if I was scared to have wrestle her. Of course I was, it was scary enough with a woman that was my mother's friend standing almost naked in my room and in addition a very strong looking woman. She pushed me on my bed and straddled me quickly. Despite my struggles she undressed me, showing that she was stronger than me. When she tried to get my underwear off I really started to struggle and even slapped her, I really didn't like this at all. She slapped me back and suddenly looked very dangerous. She told me to shut up or I should be very sad. She then pinned one arm above my head and one under her body, she scissored my legs making it almost impossible for me to move. And she had one arm free. She ripped my underwear off me and then started to stroke my penis. I fought until I didn't have any power less. I then tried to focus on something else not to become hard but as a 16 year old you get hard just when someone say stocking. She mounted me and rode me, not only once but three or foud times, she made me eat her etc. Of course this was rape. The sad thing is that I haven't been able to have a normal relationship with a woman since. I have been looking for one night stands, only women that looked like this woman and then tried to wrestle them down to get even. Unfortunately I am not that strong even if I work out so I have been beaten up several times. I see a shrink of course and have stopped recently to look for strong looking woman that I can beat up.

Raped?Nov 21 2008 6:51am
It sure was rape, nothing else...

AnonymousNov 25 2008 1:31am
One hot lazy afternoon after school my younger sister Lena (14) pinned my shoulders (16) to the living room rug. She sat straddled up on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. Her knees pinned my arms solid to the ground. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits (36C) heaving from her low cut bra. She told me she was the boss. She repeated this pose for at least ten minutes. I tried to buck out but she was to powerful. I nearly came in my pants. We later wrestled in our parents bed, I was bare chested and so was she, and she spreadeagle body pinned me for nearly a hour wearing only her panties. She humped and pounded me stretching my arms high and wide on the mattress. She moaned and grunted softly now and then. We didn't have intercourse that time but came very close. I orgasmed 3 times in my jeans. Finally she moaned loudly and pressed her panties hard and heavy against my rock hard member. She held her crotch against mine for serveral minutes then layed limp still on top of me. I don't know if she came but her face was red as a tomato when she finally got off me. She told me anytime I wanted a rematch I knew where to find her. True Story

Pinned and PoundedDec 05 2008 12:29pm hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

efua_wanita2@yahoo.comDec 07 2008 5:48pm
This poll is directed to women, however as a male victim, I would like to relate my story. My wife and I were separated and getting a divorce. I went to her house to get some of my things, not knowing she would be there. I went in the back door and heard noise from the basement and opened the door to see what it was. My wife was there working out on her new "soloflex". I had not seen her in weeks and did not know of her new past time. She told me to come down stairs, she had my things boxed up. I made a few off color remarks about her working out to "attract a new guy" when she excused herself to get a drink. When she went upstairs, I sat on her machine and started to lift, but to my amazement, I could hardly move the bars with the weight bands she had been working out with. When she came back down stairs, she was sipping on a bottle of water and handed me my favorite manhattan, little did I know at the time that she had spiked it with a 100mg viagara. After I finished my drink, I began to load my boxes into my van. I began to feel a little odd, just the drink and the heat, I thought, so I finished my job and went back down to say goodbye. When I got to the basement, the soloflex had been moved over next to the wall and in the middle of the floor was a blue, padded workout mat. When I stepped into the room, "Debbie" stepped out from behind the door grabbed me from behind and threw me to the mat. She sat on my back and I was stunned, I couldn't throw her off. She began to feel me up, and with the viagra in my system, I began to get a quick erection. As she squeezed and massaged my balls, I began to get worried. I did not have feelings for her anymore and did not want sex, but I had no choice. Her body had become very strong and I was under her control. The viagra had weakened my ability to control an erection and I was a little scared. She then told me about the viagra and how she was going to force me to have sex with her. As I struggled to get away, she ripped off my shorts and pulled my penis out of my briefs. She then rolled me over and straddled me sitting on my crotch with my hands and arms pinned to my side with her legs. I could not believe how strong and quick she was. At this point I was unable to do anything except beg her to stop, which she just laughed me and then began to insert me into her vagina. Even though I could not control my erection, I was able to withold ejaculation. After she was tired of riding me, she eased up on my face and smothered me with her ass. I was weak from struggling against her and begged her to let me up. After about 15 minutes of this abuse, She got up and told me to get out that she was now ready for "a real man". Our divorce is final in two weeks and I haven't seen her since that day when I was humiliated and "raped" by my wife.

JoshApr 21 2009 10:00pm

LELGTApr 29 2009 9:37am
One night my wife and I were watching TV and she exclaimed she was really excited and she needed me "now!!". I had a really hard day at work and asked if she could hold off until the next night when I had a little energy. This annoyed her she got off the couch and went upstairs, I didn't think much of it so I continued to watch TV. About ten minutes later she came back to the living room wearing a tank top and a thong. She said she wasn't going to take No for an answer. I didn't know how to react and she looked really hot, she approached me and pulled me into a standing position off the couch. She said I know you don't want to but you have no choice. The next thing I new I was over her shoulder in a firemans carry and being carried up the stairs with her spanking me as we went up the stairs! She walked into the bedroom with me dangling over her shoulders and grabbed a toy she had purchased with out me knowing. Threw me on the bed and had her way with me. I was still shocked by this whole episode I couldn't speak and fell asleep after the best orgasm I had ever had. The next morning she apoligsed and said she didn't know what came over her. I replied I didn't either but when could we do it again!!!

AnonymousApr 30 2009 9:37am
lelgt, yes my ex is attractive. she is 5'9", brown shoulder length hair, dark green eyes, and with her workout routine, i would guess her at 150lbs. with the change in her body, i couldn't give her measurments now but she used to be 36c 27 37 and in school she played basketball and softball, but had just recently gotten back into working out. you're right, if i hadn't been so pissed off i probably would have enjoyed it too.

joshMay 02 2009 10:14pm
I am a 43 yr old, 5'8, 185 lb man, in good shape, with a 225 bench. How do I find a woman who can take me, force me, rape me. That is so sexy. My current girlfriend is strong, but not that strong. Wow - hot.

DennisJun 04 2009 6:58am
To obedient husband (and especially his tyrannical wife), NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT!

AnonymousJul 09 2009 2:05pm
Janice, if that were me you did that to, you would have soon found a bullet between your eyes, you debased, perverted sow-bitch!

Justice 4 AllJul 09 2009 2:13pm
Janice, if that were me you did that to, you would have soon found a bullet between your eyes, you debased, perverted sow-bitch!

Justice 4 AllJul 09 2009 2:34pm
Janice, don't pay him a moment's thought

DennisJul 17 2009 10:18am
I idolize women who are stronger than I am!!!

A weak manJul 18 2009 3:14am sound like a very fun lady. i bet your husband thinks the world of you.

legltAug 01 2009 9:51am
Justice 4 All, what a pussy man you must be! A gun vs.a poor little ole girl? I would make you my bitch and you would beg me to shoot you...

JaniceAug 12 2009 8:17pm

RedneckAug 17 2009 4:17pm
LOL...nice one Janice

DennisSep 02 2009 8:09am
Hey Janice you told us all about how big and strong you are and then you hide behind that "poor little girl" crap. You try to make it like any smaller weaker man who a bully bitch like you, would LOOK for to rape, would be 'evil' for defending himself against you. You are nothing but a cowardly hypocrite and if that guy you had done that to, had brought a gun to work the next day and shot you by surprise there would not be anything you could do about it. You would have been shot dead before you even KNEW he had the gun. Then of course there are those like the Pagans (or Outlaws, just to name a couple) Motorcycle gang which could be hired to track down a male hating male abusing bitch like you and permanently ruin YOUR life, the way you did to him.

Revenge RulesSep 06 2009 4:43am
I think not, Janice, for the weapon would be of my own design, and two of them to boot!!!

J4ASep 08 2009 12:21pm
Do women with karate or other martial arts skills rape men?

IndonymousJan 13 2010 8:28am
hi sherry, i cant believe, that a girl can override a boy or a HUNK like me (5'8, 70kg). r u kidding here? Taran ( delhi, india.

taranFeb 13 2010 6:36am
I wore him out and forced him to perform oral sex on me and milked him to orgasm several times while holding him between my legs. Yeah I raped him and humliated him. The next day at work he asked for a trasfer out of our office. ...too bad!

RigelApr 29 2010 1:04am
wow. wow wow.

DennisMay 13 2010 9:05pm
i raped my daddy one night when mommy was out, i sucked and rode his penis.

11yo. incest slutMay 16 2010 9:15am
06/08/2010. I am slowly discovering the many and varied, but always perverse, posts here at LikeLike! I keep coming back so they must speak to a part of me that is in deep denial! I must relate my experiences in a local gender study in which I have participated since 2000. In the post from Jeanne (3rd from the top), I found my self in a deja vu moment. As a part of the Study my Control Partner, Lara (study mate and person of the opposite gender that I test with) and I are required to complete 12 Sex Tests per study year. (after 10 years we just completed #120!) Wireless sensors are affixed to our naked bodies and we copulate in a lab with 12 cameras aimed at us. There is even a tiny Vag Cam inserted inside Lara's vagina to record and display her vaginal contractions and my ejaculation on a huge overhead monitor. Very scientific stuff and not at all as erotic as you might be thinking. Lara is lesbian and I am gay, which adds another weird dimension to these tests. To make this long story short, during these tests, Lara's vagina routinely milks my penis into ejaculation, usually in less than a minute after I penetrate her, always doggy style (her choice). On seven seperate occasions, as I used rapid thrusting in an effort to keep my penis a moving target, her vaginal muscles simply squeezed me so hard that upon ejaculation a portion of the semen I was squirting was cut off from spewing out of my urethra. Instead it flowed backward in what I learned is a retrograde ejaculation. While not painful as Jeanne's husband reported, the reverse flow was highly uncomfortable, rendering my already typically brief male orgasm a nonexistent no-show and ended all further sexual pleasure for me by forcibly squeezing the tardy semen into my bladder where it was later passed out with my urine. I found it to psychologically debilitating more than physically. Too look up at the Vag Cam monitor, where I had grown accustom to seeing my swollen penis head spewing sperm out above her pinkish-blue cervix at point-blank range and to instead see my normally forceful squirts reduced to dribbles or nothing at all, was a man's worst nightmare. The lab always had a few dozen spectators - other Study mates, usually Lara's dyke friends. It was always mortifying even after successful copious ejaculations, which they all could see on the huge screen above, to withdraw my penis and have a room full of women stare at my boner as it shriveled and went limp! To suffer that after you have such a no-show, or more precisely, a low-flow ejaculation, actually gave me bad dreams a few times. Women are so lucky sexually in so many ways but most of all because their ego's are not tied to sexual performance as men's are. Luckily, Lara-induced retrograde ejaculations are rare and usually only occur when I have the, even more rare, stamina to last longer than a minute inside her pressure cooker vagina. As I have always been a prolific producer of semen, even those seven impaired ejaculations shot some semen. Did I feel raped? No. I wasn't forced in to sex. I walk into the lab with a hard-on every time, no gun to my head. But I did get a taste of my own medicine. I found out how Lara feels when I nut in 60 seconds or less and she has to masturbate for the sensors as I limp my shamed ass past her friends and their smirks, with my very unsatisfied, shrunken wiener flopping around like a fish out of water.

Mr. MikeJun 08 2010 8:26pm
06/08/2010. I am slowly discovering the many and varied, but always perverse, posts here at LikeLike! I keep coming back so they must speak to a part of me that is in deep denial! I must relate my experiences in a local gender study in which I have participated since 2000. In the post from Jeanne (3rd from the top), I found my self in a deja vu moment. As a part of the Study my Control Partner, Lara (study mate and person of the opposite gender that I test with) and I are required to complete 12 Sex Tests per study year. (after 10 years we just completed #120!) Wireless sensors are affixed to our naked bodies and we copulate in a lab with 12 cameras aimed at us. There is even a tiny Vag Cam inserted inside Lara's vagina to record and display her vaginal contractions and my ejaculation on a huge overhead monitor. Very scientific stuff and not at all as erotic as you might be thinking. Lara is lesbian and I am gay, which adds another weird dimension to these tests. To make this long story short, during these tests, Lara's vagina routinely milks my penis into ejaculation, usually in less than a minute after I penetrate her, always doggy style (her choice). On seven seperate occasions, as I used rapid thrusting in an effort to keep my penis a moving target, her vaginal muscles simply squeezed me so hard that upon ejaculation a portion of the semen I was squirting was cut off from spewing out of my urethra. Instead it flowed backward in what I learned is a retrograde ejaculation. While not painful as Jeanne's husband reported, the reverse flow was highly uncomfortable, rendering my already typically brief male orgasm a nonexistent no-show and ended all further sexual pleasure for me by forcibly squeezing the tardy semen into my bladder where it was later passed out with my urine. I found it to psychologically debilitating more than physically. Too look up at the Vag Cam monitor, where I had grown accustom to seeing my swollen penis head spewing sperm out above her pinkish-blue cervix at point-blank range and to instead see my normally forceful squirts reduced to dribbles or nothing at all, was a man's worst nightmare. The lab always had a few dozen spectators - other Study mates, usually Lara's dyke friends. It was always mortifying even after successful copious ejaculations, which they all could see on the huge screen above, to withdraw my penis and have a room full of women stare at my boner as it shriveled and went limp! To suffer that after you have such a no-show, or more precisely, a low-flow ejaculation, actually gave me bad dreams a few times. Women are so lucky sexually in so many ways but most of all because their ego's are not tied to sexual performance as men's are. Luckily, Lara-induced retrograde ejaculations are rare and usually only occur when I have the, even more rare, stamina to last longer than a minute inside her pressure cooker vagina. As I have always been a prolific producer of semen, even those seven impaired ejaculations shot some semen. Did I feel raped? No. I wasn't forced in to sex. I walk into the lab with a hard-on every time, no gun to my head. But I did get a taste of my own medicine. I found out how Lara feels when I nut in 60 seconds or less and she has to masturbate for the sensors as I limp my shamed ass past her friends and their smirks, with my very unsatisfied, shrunken wiener flopping around like a fish out of water.

Mr. MikeJun 08 2010 8:30pm
Mr. Mike you sound like all men. You idiots blame all of your sex failures on women when it's your pathetic penis that's to blame. You know the old saying: If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Well in your case maybe you should leave the women alone. I'm sure Lara would agree!

A Lesbian AvengerJun 14 2010 3:16pm
WELL!!! It's like you didn't read my post at all. The Sex Tests were a requirement of the Gender Study. I didn't go looking for a woman. I never said my penis was perfect. It did what it was designed to do - rapidly inseminate the female of our species on the other end of it. Wow, you pour your heart out and this is what it get's you!

Mr. MikeJun 14 2010 5:00pm
More Mr. Mike belly aching! What really is so upsetting to you is that on a mere 7 out of 120 sex tests a woman stopped you from "pouring out" your sperm in to her. She took control of your penis and stopped you from controlling her! That must have bruised those balls of yours. You were raped, stupid! How does it feel? Yeah no crime was committed but your male ego took a beating. I would seriously love to hear more about how this wonderful Lara had you by the balls. I can't tell you how much me and my friends have laughed reading the first installment. Plus it makes for great clit rubbing inspiration on those nights when my girlfriend is at work!

A Lesbian AvengerJun 14 2010 5:12pm
So? Where is the Great Mr. Mike now? Gone all stupid and shy on us, have you? Oops, my bad - you were already stupid.

A Lesbian AvengerJun 15 2010 11:44am
06/15/2010. Um, hello! Some of us have a life. You remember that - work, a boyfriend, sex? Your surly attitude certainly is an odd way of encouraging me to divulge more of my Gender Study experiences. I am not even sure whom I am dealing with - a man or a woman or both. Quite disconcerting. Judging by your confrontational style I'd say you're either a bull dyke or idiot straight man (interchangeable in my view!) Sorry for the reactionary tone, but the Lara element of the Study was quite disagreeable. I am still processing years of, what felt like being under her boot. She was always ahead of me, be it in orgasms or test scores. So your tone is a bit reminiscent of a phase of my life that I will be sorting through for years to come. I am sure you will have an opinion to share, but please remember that this is a post open to all and should not be monopolized by what are two strong personalities.

Mr. MikeJun 15 2010 4:56pm
I'm a woman, Mr.Mike. But I'll give you this one. I know there are a lot of people who masquerade behind fictitious names and titles on these things.

A Lesbian AvengerJun 15 2010 5:54pm
Wow! You must sit and wait for my posts to come through! I barely put up my last response two hours ago and here you are ready to pounce. I'm scared of you ALA! Let's hope you never find a way to get a hold of Lara - or my goose will really be in a noose!

Mr. MikeJun 15 2010 6:00pm
Interesting exchange you two are having

DennisJun 17 2010 8:07pm
06/18/2010. Dennis, You can have her! Please take ALA off my hands.

Mr. MikeJun 18 2010 4:02pm

sdsdJul 07 2010 1:29am
Would that I could Mike

DennisJul 11 2010 9:52pm
7/11/10. Dennis am I to believe that you are voluntarily in to dominant bitch dykes? A brave man indeed and woefully scarce in these here parts. I don't have the balls to spare but you go boy!!!

Mr. MikeJul 11 2010 10:10pm
There's a compliment in there somewhere Mike, so I'll take it and thank you.

DennisJul 16 2010 8:17pm
Okay, where do I sign up to get raped?

Bad BastardJul 24 2010 1:17pm
Ladies feel free to email me!! tall white slim guy 65kg ready to resist!

Slim ChanceOct 18 2010 7:07am
Ladies feel free to email me!! tall white slim guy 65kg ready to resist!

Slim ChanceOct 18 2010 7:30am
I AM a former Female police officer and I have often debated this issue with me live in boyfriend.I train in judo and mixed martial arts and I know most of the submission holds.My legs are exceptional strong any I am a very big boned girl with very muscular legs and calves.I go 5ft6 and 180 lbs. my boyfriend is 5ft10 and 160 lbs he has chicken legs and is small boned with below average strength and wrestling technique for a male his age 26. Although I am a little older at 31 I am much stronger and way more flexible in the legs than him. I just can totally dominate him when we wrestle with my strength and superior technique.I can wip him 99% of the time when we wrestle.But it is still very hard to rape him becouse it can only be done 1 or 2 ways.I tried to do it to him in a competitive wrestling situation at least 8 times becouse he said he would enjoy it if I could competitively pull it off. After various attempts I finally did succeed when I put on my winter hiking boots and I agressively waited for him to come out of the shower without cloths. I was naked also but my major advantage was my winter hiking boots which made my leg scissors and grapevines almost double in strength. I lined up our temper pedic matress and we wrestled for about a minuite before I caught him in the most dominant move I could ever catch him in a double leg grapevine with my boots on. I have never caught him so tight in this move before and he was totally helpless trying to fight out of it for at least 5 minuites.I split my legs out and put him in a split so he could not escape.I arched my back and centered my chest over his face in a smother.He got really hard and I was finally able to make him penetrate me after 4 or 5 attempts with my hand.We both very much enjoyed the experience sexually and I finally had him convinced that a strong women could do this to a weaker man but it is still very hard to pull off on a man even if you are much stronger.

KIMOct 24 2010 2:37pm
Kim, thats a great story! your husband is a very lucky guy..though he better not ever try to get rough with you..

lanceOct 26 2010 11:47am
I read what was written above by Kim and agree.It is still very difficult for a women to rape a man even if you overpower him and he must be naked as well.I teach self defense for Women and have a background in MMA and I can tell you the easiest way to do this for a women to a man is to catch the man in a front headscissor and stick a dildoe up his ass.You must first have it seccured around your waist.But most men can not excape a tightly executed front head scissor just sqweese his head really hard and don t let go you can really dominate most men this way.HAVE FUN GIRLS!

JILLOct 27 2010 2:39pm
Any man who gets physically overpowered and raped by a women is a total male pussy. If this truely happened to these sissy boys they should be required to wear Pink Dresses around town with a dilldoe up their sorry asses with a sign stating I just lossed to a women in submission wrestling and I am a disgrace to the male population. Where are all the real men these days or are they all turning in to wussies.

LISA D.Nov 14 2010 11:31am

AnonymousJan 25 2011 11:23am
I am 30 year old 140 lb and 5 ft 7inch man,Can girls over power me?

servo900c@gmail.comFeb 01 2011 8:16pm
This is a true story ---it happened in India ---a semi-naked Yogi used to stay @ a Hanuman Mandir ---[temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman the Hindu Monkey God & Master of Chastity & wrestling ] . A local rich man-cum-landlord & bully once challenged him to awrestling match ---the strong bully tried & tried & tried but could NOT budge him a single inch !!! In sheer humiliation at last he fell @ the Yogi's feet & became his disciple . Sometime later his 4 brothers who were bigger & stronger bullies attacked the Yogi with sticks of Sugar-canes ----the Yogi sat placidly in peace smiling ---NOt a single mark on his body miraculously ---the bullies sank to the ground in sheer exhaustion at length & submitted to him !!!----He was none other than Swami Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon whom even the global CEO of Citibank Mr.Vikram Pandit worships [you don't have to take my word for it please e-mail Mr. Pandit !] Yogic strength is stronger than muscles & mere muscular strength ! To drive home this point Gajanan Maharaj picked up the fallen Sugar cane sticks Squeezed same with his bare hands made refreshing juice & offered the same to his humbled oppressors with awry smile & tongue in cheek humour ---my boy's you must be tired after your muscular exertions --please refresh yourselves with this ----they shamed-facedly drank up the juice ! wonder what Janice , Lisa D , Jill , Emma etc. would do faced with apowerful , true yogi's yogic superiorty over their humbled muscles !!!

Ashesh GhoseFeb 03 2011 9:34am
BTW Pres. Barack Obama also acknowledges Lord Hanuman[*above posting] from his Indonesian days !

Ashesh GhoseFeb 03 2011 9:36am
What the hell has happened to men? There is no way in hell a woman is gonna be able to rape me without having a gun and someone else there to keep it held on me. My ex girlfriend was a strong 190 pounds and couldn't come close to over powering me. If a woman who I don't want grabbing me does she's gonna get picked up and tossed accross the room. There just isn't no way in hell a womans gonna over power a man unless he's a complete limp wristed weakling. Maybe it's this new generation of men sitting at a computer all day. Beyond the physical aspect of it, what woman needs to rape a man? If the woman is good looking at all any real man is gonna be more than willing no force needed. It seems alot of men who are just a disgrace and need to smoke a gun as their just wasting oxygen.

real manFeb 08 2011 9:39pm
if eny of this is true then please email me,I would love to see if a women can realy overpower me much less rape me.I live in arizona,if there is a women that would want to give it a go then please call or text me at(480)766 to see if it is possable.or email me at waiting to hear from a women that thinks she can.if a women can I would be her property for life.but not ment one yet.I am 5'9"/165lbs not very strong,and could never fight at if you can't beat me women can't ever rape a male.

just want to see,if true.Feb 14 2011 5:19pm
come on sisters out west beat this mouthy peace of crap to a pulp&use his body for your plasure.if I did not live so far,by now I would have beat his butt&made him sqeel like the male piglet he is.for all us women someone in arizona teach this fool who realy is in charge.for all womenhood.and then make this worthless male a toilet for us he&all males where born for.

colleen/butt kicker of malesFeb 15 2011 5:09pm

AnonymousFeb 21 2011 10:45am
just what I thout,no women will go aginst me.I bet all these storys are made up.its easy to talk all this stuff.mainly if most all of these so cald women are realy sub males writeing them.if these where women&are as strong as thay say,I would have had a women get in tuch with me by now.still waiting?wheres all the women that are takeing over&are supost to be so tuff&strong?.

want to now the truth?Feb 21 2011 11:53pm
What a wonderful exchange of infantile assertions by both males and females. Added all up. the above comments are authored by less than room temperature I.Q.s. Great going. keep us the good work and dream on!

geocal1Feb 23 2011 8:36am
your right,I am proveing these polls are bull.

wanted to know.Feb 23 2011 3:40pm
My best friend is a girl I've been friends with since we were in first grade and now we are juniors in high school. She is a stunning beauty and exceptionally developed both sexually and in a physical (size) way. She is more of what is referred to as a lipstick lesbian and at 6'5" and more than 200lbs and most of that solid muscle she doesn't ask a girl for a date, she just takes her for her personal pleasure. She has had her way with most of our school's best looking cheerleaders and at least three of the young teachers and what can best be determined is that they were all "straight" until she has her way with them. She likes to dress in silky pantyhose, panty girdles or briefs with a shiny crotch and silky tight fitting full length silk slips under her tight skirts. What she loves doing is getting some attractive female (like a female military recruiter, saleswoman, etc.) to make a house call and when they arrive I answer the door and cordially invite the woman upstairs telling her that my friend's waiting for them in the den. When they walk into the room the door shuts behind them and they usually gasp in disbelief at the sheer size of her and her muscular and shapely frame dressed in skin tight clothes and wearing 6" heels. A common reaction is for the woman to simply stand "frozen" in place as my friend slowly approaches them. Most slowly step backwards as she approaches with their hands on the sides of their thighs as if in a defensive mode. But space in the room quickly runs out and she is then in a position to have her way with them. More often than not she will grap their heads with her two huge hands and bend over to kiss their foreheads and lips and while most first resist, it only seems for but a few brief seconds before willingly realizing what she has in mind for them as they seem to simply offer little or no resistance to her sexual advances. More often than not she'll force the woman to her knees and direct her to lift my friends tight skirt and slip to the top of her thighs. As they struggle to do so usually another gasp is released as they see for the first time, even behind pantyhose and panty tight panty brief that my friend has an unusually large clitoris that pulsates and enlarges quite noticeably to the woman whose head my friend now directs to her crotch. She usually diects the woman to like her inner thighs and then her clit right through the fabric of her garments. As my friend gets more excited she almost always brings down the lacy silk slip and then the skirt over the woman's head. Sometimes she grinds her crotch against the womans head at a faster and faster rate until she explodes in orgasm. All the time the woman are frantically struggling to free themselves but to no availe. Often my friend will start this process with her back to a bed whereby she can simply sit at its edge while holding the head of the woman in a scissor grip against her upper thighs and with the womans face against her crotch. The humping takes place as before and more often than not her female slave for that moment simply faints from the experience while being ejaculated on her face, hair, etc. by my friends G-spot ejaculation which seems to be hightened by the tight clothing around her crotch. The experience is no doubt humiliating to her sex partner for the moment but more often than not my friend eventually uses her greatly enlarged clitoris to bring each girl to the orgasm of her life.

CindyMar 24 2011 11:21pm
My ex gf Mariska raped me once when she became angry, she was a strong and heavy woman, i did not have any chance to stop her, i begged her to stop but she only more agressive, f*cked me even more harder.

ZicoJun 24 2011 1:26pm
I can vouche for that it is possible for a woman to rape a man since it happened to me. I need to get this out and this poll was the only one I found that dealt with this. I am a thin man, clearly below the average strength for a man and probably also below everage strength for a woman. I am 172 cm and weighing in at 56 kgs. My best bench a few years ago was 35 kgs (free weights) and 40 kgs on a nautilus machine. I am weaker than that today since I haven't been to the gym since. My wife is good friends with our neighbor woman. This woman is a gian, 192 cm and 120 kgs about. Very big and very strong. She has always been flirting with me and been very physical. My wife has joked several times that I better watch out or our neighbor will threw me over her shoulder and take advantage of me. This happened two years ago. My wife was away on a business trip for 10 days. Our neighbor, lets call her Olga, promised to cook for me now and then. She came over already the first night my wife was away and told me dinner was ready. She was dressed to kill with a short skirt and sleeveless top showing off her big strong body. We drank quite a lot of wine and had a tood time until she suddenly changed. She looked sternly at me and said that I was now her's to do with what she wanted. She ordered me to take off my clothes. I of course refused, she was on me in a flash, just lifted me up and while lifting me took of my clothes. I struggled but she is more than twice as strong and big as me so what could I do? She then took off her clothes and flexed her big muscles and told me to lick her body. I tried to run away but she was far to quick and had me soon over one of her big thighs while standing with this leg on her bed. She spanked me until I cried and then ordered me to go down on her. After her climax she wanted more and while I controlled my body with her legs and one arm, the other hand stroked my penis. She had some oil on. I really tried to avoid being hard but her experienced hand soon won over my member. When I was hard she rode me. her weight alone kept me in place. She then took me several timed until the morning after. She didn't let me out of the apartment until the night after. She told me she would beat me to death if I told anyone and if I didn't turn up at her place the day after again. She raped me for one week. I haven't told my wife but have conviced her that we need to move away to another city. So I am now free from Olga. Yes, a woman can rape a man. I didn't like it one bit that she could ge me hard against my will. I have had difficulties getting hard after that, my wife is not as big as Olga but still stronger than me. I used to thin that was kind of sexy with her strong body but nowadays Olga comes in mind too often when I am lying under my wife. Stay away from abusive women.

RickySep 18 2011 5:13am
Any girls in london want to wrestle? Drop me a mail

SlimguyNov 20 2011 2:30pm
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:27am
Hey, A Lesbian Defender, if penises are so pathetic, you are too because a penis made you.

LAJan 08 2012 2:28pm
Not every guy fantasizes about sex around the clock the way people think and the girl who tries it with me better kill me in the process or it's on as soon as I get a hand free, wife or not. All these woman who call this ridiculous act empowering would be screaming for the death sentence if it happened to them. Rape is violence, not sex and definitely not love. I work with law enforcement. It's not fun having people crying in your office, telling you how they were violated by someone they trusted.

3 cents worthJan 14 2012 11:53pm
Hey 3cents worth i used to as well but how often did men come to us and complain? And if they did we would of laughed at least inwardly anyway. Hey zico as an Italian/German american male i tell you in all honesty i would NOT be complaining if i were you. I would love a tall big strong heavey russian chick to overpower me hard! Yes i like a woman that gives it hard!

Semi PreppyJan 17 2012 10:43am
Was'nt actually raped but many years ago when i was 18 i worked at a factory where the women out numbered the men by about 5 to 1. On my birthday just before home time one of the women asked me to help her in the office. When i walked in she locked the door behind us. 5 other women, from 41 to 54 years old were waiting to give me my 'present'. There was a large table in the middle of the room and all 6 women picked me up and laid me on it. I couldnt believe what was happening and was only 5'6" and 9.5 stone back then. As much as i struggled and protested, these women began to undress me. I was horrified and put up a fight but after about 5mins i was exhausted. They pinned me on my back to the table top. 4 women holding my arms and another holding my ankles. The other woman started to remove my underpants and they all cheered when they were finally taken off. I thought that would be the end of it but one of them started to tease my c*ck with a feather. I was close to tears. The room was silent at this point and i tried not to get an erection. No woman had seen me naked since i was a toddler and i was being humiliated. The woman kept on and on teasing my c*ck with the feather until i just couldnt help but get hard. She then threw the feather away and started to wank me. She was an expert at it. Looking back i now know why she did it so slowly and deliberately took so long (about 20mins) She wanted to make me shoot as much seman as possible. When i reached the point of no return she said 'hes gonna come' and again the others cheered loudly. She milked me till i came all over my chest. They left me there and told me not to tell anyone. I cried when they had gone. Left the factory a week later.

David AJan 23 2012 8:31pm
Dude i wish that happened to me at 18 wow. Id still be there.

SEMI PREPPYFeb 17 2012 10:07am
The word "RAPE" comes from the ancient Greek word meaning "to seize/take". Its easy to take sex from a man. Just get him while he's drunk or asleep and then massage his member until he's erect. Then ride him till you cum! Its easy and can be done. Just slip a condom on him first, then use him.

SUPERCUNTFeb 21 2012 8:02pm
Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention to tie him up first while he's asleep or drunk. That way, he can't move or get away. Let him protest all he wants. f*ck him. For more on this subject, goto GOOGLE and type this in quotes: "How to Rape a Man." Have fun. Protect yourselves with a condom :)

SUPERCUNTFeb 21 2012 8:05pm
When I was I was about 32, I met this stunning amazon babe through the want ads. She was about 6'5" and weighted about 240 fabulously sexy pounds, and I quickly found out that she enjoyed dominating men. When I first met her, I was so excited that I started to get a hard-on! I am only about 6'1" and slender at about 170, so she was definately stronger. She towered over me and was absolutley stunning, with large, well formed breats, a beautiful face, long blonde hair, killer thighs, and great gams. We wewnt out for drinks and she invited me back to her aprtment. She began to tease me a bit and then asked me point black: "Have y ou ever been tied up before dear?" I said that I hadn't and she laughed devilishly and then said: "Well tonight';s your lucky night handsome!" And before I could get out of her apartment, she quickly sprang upon me, overpowering me by pulling me tighly into her arms from behind while cupping a firm hand over my mouth. "MMMPPPPHHH!" I mumbled in vain into her hand and she laughed and said: "Don't worry baby,. I'm going to find plenty to keep you quiet." Then she quickly undressed me, and expertly tied me hand and foot with silk scarves, sat me in her lap and began kissing me passionately. I tired to speak, but my efforts were muffled by long, passionate deep french kisses as she moaned loudly into my mouth and undulated fiercely against me! She then pulled back, smiled and saisd inb a soft and sexy voice: "I like my men gagged so I can have compelte control," and she quickly stuffed a silken ball gag into my mouth and tied it tightly around my head. I was dizzy with excitement and anticipation, and she then picked me up and carried me back into her room and fondled me for awhile, removing the gag so we could kiss some more, but keeping any calls for help I might make mute with long deep passionate kisses as she moaned again loudly, into my mouth. Then she tied me to the bed and began to slowly remove her clothes. I called out muffled groans of excitment behind my gag as she smiled down at me and said: "If you're a good boy, perhaps I'll untie you before morning! But if not, I'll have to keep you tied up all night! In any case, babycakes, you're mind for the weekend. I"m keeping you as my boy-toy!" She then crushed down into me, wrapping her arms and legs tight;y around me while pushing me slowly into her wet and waiting vagina. She then began to bump and brind into me, kissing my neck shoulders and cheeks while I moaned loudly into my gag! Finally, she stopped, looked down at me and smiled with her stunningly gorgeous face framed by her cascading lovely blonde hair and she said: "Now I want to kiss while we come! And she removed the gag and then began to give me an incredibly deep series of long passionate french kisses while she undulated more fiercely on top of me. I finally exploded inside of her in gratitude, and she did as she promised, keeping me her 'boy-toy' for the weekend. We'd stop once in awhile to have a meal or just relax, and then she would overpower me again, tie me up, carry me back to her bedroom and have her way with me some more! it was an incredible weekend and I'vbe always wondered what became of her. Her name was Michelle.

Boy ToyMar 13 2012 1:08pm
For all you posters &readers a rape fantasy is top of the charts for women's masturbations !!

Ash-X9Mar 24 2012 1:48pm
I am a registered nurse and I 5' 9" and 200 pounds. I recently went on a date with my neighbor Donnie who is a librarian's assistant who is 5' 7" and about 165 pounds. I wore a low cut dress and we were having our first long kiss on our couch in my apartment. He had several beers, which diminished his hand eye coordination and made him easy to push around. He tried to put his hand in the top of my dress, and I quickly pinched the head of his penis, causing him to remove his hand from my blouse to protect his crotch. This pattern happened twice more. The third time I pinched his weenie he looked really angry and I thought he might hit me - but didn't have the balls to do anything about it. I jokingly asked him "has it been that long since you've been with a woman." I played with his nipples and could see his confusion as I was doing to him what I had prevented him from doing to me. I slowly worked my way down his chest and rubbed his belly and slowly move down to his lap and caressed his erect penis. I played with his mind, his nipples, and now I was feeling up Donnie's weiner. He wasn't putting up any resistance - so, I thought I could get him to do anything, and I was right. I told him to stand up and undress for me - he hesitated and looked at me questioningly, as if he were wondering if I was serious. But I also saw a look of fear in his eyes so I lowered the pitch of my voice (this almost never fails, girls) and angrily ordered him to "lose the pants!" He obediently pulled off his pants - his fingers were trembling. I told him to remove his jockey shorts very slowly and ogled his gorgeous and generous love muscle. He looked so vulnerable and helpless that became very aroused. I grabbed it firmly and pulled him (Donnie the pull toy!) I controlled everything - riding his mouth and erect c*ck multiple times to several orgasms. Hours earlier on my couch I pinched his c*ck a few times to show him I wasn't going to take any poo off of him, he was intimidated by my balls and he was afraid to say no to me. I am a little bigger, and possibly even a little stronger than Donnie, and most important I have more balls than he will ever have - I asserted myself and had my way with him. Men do this to women all the time. I never actually raped him but I intimidated him, dictated when and how we made love. I fantasize about ordering him to make love when he isn't interested and surprising him with a strapon. I fantasize about the look of fear in his eyes and his feeble objections and staring him down, lowering my voice an octave and ordering him to undress and lay across my ottoman. I crave the feeling of power and total sexual dominance over Donnie - he once thought he could use me, but now I've tamed him and made him my boytoy.

CallieApr 06 2012 10:24pm
I am attracted to and love women who like being stronger than men, espcially their men. If you are a stronger women like this, email me at

ChrisApr 27 2012 12:59pm

Cunt SmearMay 07 2012 12:07am
Callie Could you take him in a 1-on-one fight?

ghostMay 07 2012 12:13am
lol you all sick bastards

OpisafaggotMay 07 2012 12:26am
Callie Could you take him in a 1-on-one fight?

ghostMay 07 2012 12:27am
Rape is a serious issue, please don't joke about it

poopfeast420May 10 2012 6:37pm
Its easy to take the sex act from your man ladies. Just wait till he goes to sleep. Tie his hands to the bed posts then give him head until he's fully erect. If he complains just gag him or tell him to shut the f*ck up while you ride him.

SUPER CUNTMay 12 2012 9:58pm
I think i raped my sweet hubby against his will.It all happened after he challenged me that he is stronger than me in sex during workout at gym. i simply replied we can wrestle,and if i win i will do whatever i want with you. We began wrestling,, my husband didn't knew of my massive thighs and upperbody.i am 5' 7" 185lbs my husband 5' 8" 165lbs .he initially dominated me.he said,"babe iam going to f*ck you" but within 15 mins i scissored him in my massive thighs. i told him "baby i love you i donot want to do this to you "but he struggled & resisted me choking me. he was nearly exhausted after 30 mins.i mounted him and applied grapevine to his legs and spread it split.he began to moan loudly,i knew it was quite painful for him but i smothered his face with my breasts. he was helpless, i increased his pain by applying another grapevine to his calves. he was senseless, i said him "i love you baby,please accept your defeat" but he said,"i am going to f*ck you,b***". i told him "baby,what should i do with you? rape you,take your manhood,ride your c*ck to death or sodomy?" and i just took his briefs off. he was completely helpless and naked, i mounted him with my legs wraped around his calves stretching it wide split with his penis inside my vagina. he moaned in pain,tears began rolling his eyes.i squeezed his penis inside my vagina made him cum almost for 1 hour.,smothered his face in my breasts. i continued applying vaginal squeeze with my vagina pulling him inside making it painful for him to cum. he begged to stop,he accepted his defeat but his penis was swollen. Finally he was gasping deeply lying beside me naked.i just told "babe i did not want to hurt you, i cannot live without you" and i kissed him.we then slept together naked and went to pool together in morning. i just told him "baby pls forgive me for hurting you ",he told darling you were deadly last night that grapevine and vaginal squeeze nearly incapacitated my manhood. I would love you if you milk me with vaginal squeeze. it was pure ecstasy to hear such a reply, i kissed him in pool. Since then he acknowledges my sexual strength and power over him. I really love him infact every husband & wife should have a healthy sex. but i felt him respectful to me after such act during our lovemaking. i wonder i should not have raped my husband. we usually make love during gym workouts.

Annie AndersonMay 18 2012 1:39pm
I'm a 56yo woman 5'5 a little overweight at nearly 12 stone. I live on the top floor of a small block of flats. Recently a new neighbour moved in. I'll call him Paul. He's 28, a little small at about 5'6 and approx 10 stone. Nice looking though. I've found myself day dreaming of what i could do with him if i got him alone with me. Last week i had the perfect opportunity. My TV failed to turn on one evening so i knocked on Pauls door to see if he could help. I led him through to the living room and while he was looking at it i made us a drink. I spiked his one with a drug that i knew would knock him out within 15mins. Sure enough as he began to feel drowsy i led him to the bedroom telling him he could sleep it off there. He was out for the count for an hour. When he woke up he found himself naked with me (also naked) astride his waist. I knew it would go one of two ways. Unfortunately for me he didnt like what was happening and tried to push me off. Poor little love. I took his right hand and pinned it above his head while i trapped his left arm against his body with my leg. With my right hand i started to massage his c*ck. He struggled for a while and called me a few names but when he was worn out i brought him to full erection. As i positioned myself above his c*ck he tried to push me off again. I quickly took both his hands and using my superior weight, pinned them above his head. He tried to buck me off him but i knew he would tire quickly from doin this. Sure enough, when he was exhausted i managed to slide my pussy down onto his lovely hard c*ck. I rode this young man for a good half hour (and had three orgasms myself) and all credit to him, he tried his hardest not to come. Eventually my pussy got the better of him and i milked the spunk out of young Paul. Hes been avoiding me since but this hot weather is making me very horny again.

SusanJun 06 2012 6:33pm
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 10 2012 5:44pm
I'm a 48yo manageress of a smallish store with 12 workers. Mainly middle aged women. At Christmas time we always take on casual staff. Last year we had a 20yo called Mike join us for 3 weeks. He was a bit shy so of course was easy to tease. One lunch break Mike was the only male eating with 5 of us women. The subject got round to sex and we asked Mike what kind of girls he fancied. He blushed when he admitted he prefered 'curvy' girls. Angela, the bustiest one of us winked at me and asked him if he thought she was attractive. Mike looked at the ground, clearly uncomfortable, but didnt reply. 'bet you like her boobs' Brenda said quickly. We all laughed but poor young Mike couldnt look us in the eyes. 'you ever had a tit wank' asked Carol. Mike didnt answer. 'she asked you a question boy' said Julie. 'no' replied Mike quietly, while still looking at the ground. 'well its about time u did young man' said Angela rather sternly. With that we all surrounded Mike. He looked like a rabbit caught in the head lights. We grabbed his arms and held them behind the chair he was sitting on. Julie began to undo his trousers. Mike really started to struggle now but he was out numbered so it was easy for us to watch him wear himself out. Once we had his trousers and pants down poor Mike was bright red and sweating from all his struggling. We tied his arms behind the chair and his ankles to the the legs. I for one was moist at the sight of this helpless young man. 'go on Angela, get ya boobs out' said Christine. Angela stood in front of him and slowly unbuttoned her top. He wouldnt look at her even when she took it off! She reached round behind her and unclipped her black bra. 'ever seen a pair of F cups before Mike' she asked as she threw off the bra. Mike looked at her when she said that and we all looked at his dick. Sure enough, it started to harden. Angela wobbled them at him and he squirmed in his seat. 10 seconds later he was fully hard! Angela knelt down in front of him, wrapped her tits round his dick and proceeded to tit wank him real slow. I was now wet at this point and felt like taking my knickers off and doing him properly. Mike pleaded with her to stop but the women started to shout 'finish him off' and 'make him cum'. So Angela went faster. Mike stood no chance at this onslaught and within 30 seconds he started to cum all over Angela's boobs while we all cheered and clapped. He didnt come into work the next day and we havent seen him since.

Wendy MJun 10 2012 6:49pm
I love to prove my strength to my husband. I work out 3 times a week and am an inch taller and weigh 25 more lbs than him. At first he was not too sure about how to deal with a wife that was stronger than him. I would hug him and lift him and hold him for a few seconds when he got home from work. I knew after a while it was OK. One night he kissed me and I held him and he wrapped his legs around my waist. Something he had never done before and said you know I think I am really liking having a strong wife! I knew then that I had nothing to worry about. I began to playfully lift him once and awhile. He would jump on my back for piggy back rides. He watched me work out and loved to rub me down and tell me that I was getting buff. He loved to wrestle me and I loved doing what I wanted to with him. I would wrestle him till he just lay on the mat exhausted. I help him up and usually end up just lifting him across my shoulders in a fireman carry. Our last match ended like this. He had been asking me about a certain fantasy he hsd for awhile. It was his birthday so I had planned this as a surprise for him. I gave him an extra special wrestling session complete with a birthday spanking. I left him lying on the mat and said I would be back in a minute to continue things upstairs. I came back in wearing a short robe. I stood over him and dropped it to the floor reveal me naked except for a strap on. I helped him to his feet. Over one shoulder I carried him to the room. The rest of the night was amazing. He took my strap on and loved it. He made me do him again in the morning! He had me lift and carry him and make love our usual way too. He loves my muscles and craves the strap ontoo. I am in heaven!

gwenJun 13 2012 4:09pm
Remember ladies. There is nothing wrong with "seizing sex" from a man. Just slip on the condom first and then use him to your satisfaction. Be safe about it. AIDS, Syphilice, and other venereal diseases dont give a damn about who is on top or who is raping who. BE SAFE. Slip a condom on the prick and have fun :)

SUPERCUNTJun 15 2012 10:34pm
I work as bartender in a hotel lounge with a dance floor. I'm a good looking woman and in the day time I also work as a personal trainer in a local gym. Sometimes these men who are cute will come in and act like they think they can pick me up with the corniest lines, and they don't work out and some of them are short and I think "if we made love I would break him". One of these guys came in recently and brought me flowers and this might sound mean, but it ticked me off. We have a room at the hotel where staff volunteer to sleep overnight and be on call in case there is an emergency. The hotel manager, Caroline, and I are best friends and I told her that this arragant wimp was trying to pick me up like he was some sort of prize and I should fall at his feet. He was cute as hell but this made me angrier because he knew it - I don't remember his name, but let's call him Romeo. I asked Caroline to schedule me for the staff room to be on-call and that Romeo didn't know it but he was about to feel sick and need a oom. Caroline laughed her ass off, and said that she would but only if she could join in the fun. I said it would be fine. When Caroline sat at the bar and ordered diet coke it was all I could do to keep from losing it. Romeo ordered a Michelob light and I slipped him a prescription sleeping pill which I had crushed into a powder and stirred into his drink. I pretended not to notice as he drank his beer much too fast and nearly fell on his ass. Caroline asked Romeo if he was okay and she and I helped him to the staff room where he could lay down until he felt better. By the time I finished my work as bartenr and joined Romeo, Caroline had stripped him down to his birthday suit and was pretending to lecture him on the evils of exsessive drinking while also slapping his ass as if he were being disciplined. We both laughed ourselve sick over the sight of this pompous jerk passed out and getting his ass popped. Still feeling pissed off that this little twerp thought he could pick me up, I strapped on a good size dildo and after lubing him up real good, I gave him a vigerous Irish spanking. Poor Romeo, getting bent over by Juliet f*cked like a rag doll. After a few minutes, Caroline begged for a turn and I let her wear the strapon and she pegged him for all she was worth. I thought she was going to break the bed. When he awoke in the morning he didn't know what had happened and even offered to pay for use of the room. I'm sure it hurt like hell to sit down. We call it "playing the squares" and we've only done a couple of times.

beccaJun 24 2012 10:55am
Nice story becca, I love pegging my husband when he least expects it. The other night we both fell asleep watching a movie. I woke up and saw him sleeping in the chair. I went upstairs and got my strap on and came back. I pulled him up and stood him up. He was still half asleep as I bend down and draped him over my shoulders in a fireman carry. I held him there for a few seconds. He just sighed and smiled. I easily carried him to the bedroom and to the mirror. I said open your eyes! He did and he saw the strap on and he almost lost it right there! I dropped him on the bed and pegged him for my pleasure.

gwenJun 27 2012 3:37pm
I can relate to Wendy M story above. Back in 1998 during a Christmas works party a few of us girls (we were all 40's and 50's really) decided we would give Trevor from the packing department a present he would never forget. Trev was only 17 but he was gorgeous. Nearly 6ft slim long legs and blonde hair. He was the subject of many a conversation at lunch times. We set up an ambush so that when Trevor came back from the toilet we would grab him and pull him into the ladies loos. We had to wait 45 minutes but wen we followed him to the gents we then waited outside. When he came out 2 of us grabbed his arms and marched him into the ladies. He started to try and break free from us but eventually the 5 of us girls soon had him under our control. We bound his wrists behind his back then, with 2 of us holding him up, we unbuckled his belt then unzipped his jeans. Trevor pleaded with us not to take them off but it had gone too far now. We took his boxers off too and led him into a cubicle. Sat him down on the seat and tied his hands to a toilet pipe. He worked out what was about to happen to him and started to shout for help. Sarah slapped him across the face and told him to shut up. He did as he was told. We then gagged and blind folded him so he couldnt see who was doing what to him. We all took turns with Trevor over the next 1.5 hours and boy, could that kid come! After every time he came it was easy to wank him to full erection again. 2 of us girls even f*cked him twice! He was a bit of a physical wreck at the end when we untied him but us girls were happy! Sadly Trevor wasnt around much longer after that.

Cath BJun 27 2012 6:18pm
Oh, this is really so amazing. When I was in college my friend, Suzanne both liked to sunbathe topless in her fenced in yard. And we knew that some of the younger guys - high school seniors - would try to get a look at us. We pretended not to notice, but one guy named Phil was so cute and had a really hot ass. One afternoon invite him over to Suzanne's backyard for a beer and we were wearing our bathing suits. We really wanted to see if we could make him get a hard on. So we flirted with him and Suzanne bent over to pick up a pine cone for know reason other than to show her ample cleavage. Phil got a huge erection and we pretended not to look while he did everything he could to cover. We were terrible we encouraged him to drink another beer and then to try some vodka which he's never had. And we decided to get him to rub sun tan lotion on our backs. We didn't rape him, but it's hilarious because I think it would have been easy. Suzanne pulled down his gym shorts - it was so easy. And then we pulled down his tidy whiteys - there were 2 of us hanging on his waistband and he was tipsy. Add to that his hands were slippery from the sun tan lotion he'd been rubbing on us. He put up surprising good fight against us, but we'd both gained about 10 pounds - the freshman 10 they call it - and Phil was a real slim guy. He was really strong but Suzanne kept shouting, 'We're gonna win!" We got his undershorts down below his knees and he had a big dick - it was semi-hard. We both touched it and then we let him go. We never even thought about raping him, but we held him down and played with his dick because we could and when I think about it now I get really wet. I've told several of my girlfriends and it's a great story to relive over and over again.

TinaJun 30 2012 9:19pm
My GF is a female body builder and is extremely strong and the most sexually aggressive woman i have ever met! And very capable of raping me. She is 5'8 170 pounds of raw muscle, and i'm only 5'6 130 lbs. She is very rough and forceful during sex, her favorite position is when she mounts me and gets me in a bear hug and thrusts away, and when ever she feels me on the verge of cumming, she crushes me in her arms so hard that i can feel my ribs bending and getting bruised, and at the same time she constricts my c*ck in her vagina so hard that she stops me from cumming. She doesn't stop squeezing me like that until she feels me need to cum goes away even if i beg her to stop, then she starts thrusting again. She usually brings me to 5-8 cycles of this, which is about 40 minutes. If she doesn't feel like i "deserve" to cum, at the end of our love making sessions she would just f*ck me to full orgasm but constrict my c*ck so hard in her vagina that my cum wouldn't be able to squirt out and gets forced back into my balls, its very painful. Sometimes it could get overwhelming, but she is the love of my life, and I love how forceful she is!

I love my girlfriend!Jul 18 2012 5:46pm
My GF is a female body builder and is extremely strong and the most sexually aggressive woman i have ever met! And very capable of raping me. She is 5'8 170 pounds of raw muscle, and i'm only 5'6 130 lbs. She is very rough and forceful during sex, her favorite position is when she mounts me and gets me in a bear hug and thrusts away, and when ever she feels me on the verge of cumming, she crushes me in her arms so hard that i can feel my ribs bending and getting bruised, and at the same time she constricts my c*ck in her vagina so hard that she stops me from cumming. She doesn't stop squeezing me like that until she feels me need to cum goes away even if i beg her to stop, then she starts thrusting again. She usually brings me to 5-8 cycles of this, which is about 40 minutes. If she doesn't feel like i "deserve" to cum, at the end of our love making sessions she would just f*ck me to full orgasm but constrict my c*ck so hard in her vagina that my cum wouldn't be able to squirt out and gets forced back into my balls, its very painful. Sometimes it could get overwhelming, but she is the love of my life, and I love how forceful she is!

I love my girlfriend!Jul 18 2012 5:56pm
My girlfriend is very strong. Shes been body building for 3 years now. When we met she was 5'4 and about 9.5 stone and i was stronger than her at 5'6 and 10.5 stone. I'm 48 she is 46. Now shes the same weight as me but much stronger. She loves to take control of our love making every time. Even if i start on top of her she will roll me over so that shes on top, hold my hands above my head and ride me. She can squeeze her vagina muscles on my penis and literally milk the sperm out of me no matter how much i try to resist. My orgasms are extremely powerful but afterwards i dont feel like much of a man. She also likes to overpower me when i try and get out of bed. Shes gets behind me, wraps her legs around mine and holds both my arms behind my back. She still has one hand free and wanks me till i'm hard. She can feel my orgasm building and squeezes the base of my penis hard to stop me coming. This is exhausting as she takes me to the edge 5 or 6 times. When she finally lets me ejaculate i come so hard it hurts. Being forced to come this way is very humiliating. I cant stop her doing it and she says i must enjoy it because i always ejaculate. Its a bit confusing to be honest.

Kevin WJul 20 2012 7:08pm
Confusing, but wow...sounds incredibly erotic.

DennisJul 28 2012 11:25am
Kevin W, I would enjoy that!!

A woman lookin for some cumSep 13 2012 5:00pm
What rape ? A woman and man having sex as the normally do does not make rape, NOW, if she wears a strapon then makes him get on all fours get behind him,sticks it in and starts pumping away then that's rape. I've had sex with women so does that mean each time I was raped. I don't think the people here know what the word means as the women don't know how to rape a guy. Try a dildo next time

tucsonAZSep 23 2012 12:45pm
my girlfriend pretty much went from being very dominant in bed to completely physically controlling me and without my permission or knowledge she completely raped me when she used a huge strap on with me. I was not a willing participant as some of these posts have stated. She could physically handle me as she stood 6'4-1/2" tall and I was only 5'3" tall. She had kept working out, but never showing me her max strength. She always dominanted me in bed and was on top most of the time, but she kept asking me could I handle her taking on more of the guy's role. After about 3 straight weeks of intense training she had me over and of course easily pinned me in bed and then she whispered in my ear that she was going to have her way with me and there was nothing I could do. She then held me down with one arm and her legs on top of me. She spread my butt cheeks with one hand and I could feel her long fingers trying to probe my rear end! She told me to relax if I wanted to but there was nothing I could to stop her. It was sort of a turn on for me. She then got one finger inside of me and kept going deeper. She then told me to hang on and then grabbed me with both hands and lifted me up int he air and in front of the mirror I saw a huge strap on! It had to be at least 9-10 or more inches long!! She then started placing it inside of me and I could tell it had a ton of lube on it. SHe lifted me like a rag doll and was pushing more and more of it inside me. I was trying to stop her but her grip on me was tight and no way I could break free of it! My legs were flailing around trying to stop her. She then reached down and grabbed my thigh and squeezed it so hard that I screamed out and was in brutal pain. I was practically mounted on her and I looked so small to her and weak. She then continued and grabbed a bottle of lube and put a ton of it on her hand while she was holding me with the other arm. She rubbed more of it on the massive shaft and then told me it was time for me to take all of it! She kept lifting me up and down until she forced all of it inside me. I could feel like my insides ripping practically! She had then entire strap on inside me. I was in such pain that I started to tear up. She then let go of my arms and I was completely mounted on her with all of it holding me up. She told me that for now on she didn't care if I wanted to have sex or not that she would f*ck my brains out any time she wanted. She told me that I better get used to her having all the control

powerful girlfriendSep 30 2012 9:25pm
@Powerful girlfriend: sounds like you have to start working out to pay her back the same way or kneel before her and beg for mercy.

PaulNov 01 2012 5:44am
When I and my twin brother entered collage at 15 we had to room with an older 18 year old girl, Patty and I started a lesbian relationship together. In our second year we were talking when my brother Dusty started kidding us saying that he knew that men could have anal sex but that there was no way that women could have sex together. Patty and I jumped Dusty later that night and after tying him up we put on our dildo's and took his virgin ass hole, after he got an erection we road it till it went soft and then shoved a pencil down his penis till he became hard again. So I have raped just not a man but my twin brother.

Debbie CookNov 14 2012 10:37am
I invited an older woman to my apartment to smoke a little pot. I was attracted to her and she knew it. She was pretty, slender and had loose curly hair. She was wearing pink nylon shorts and a halter top. While we watched MTV, she got down on the carpet, kneeling and looking up at me. "What are you doing?" I asked. She said, "Why don't you get down here and find out?" I did, and she began to kiss, grab, and tickle me. It became a wrestling match, and I got on top. She would not stop struggling, though, and refused to give up. I understood that she was enjoying it. I was getting turned on, but a little uncomfortable about forcing her. Her body kept bucking beneath me, and it was an effort to keep her hands down. I eased up on a thought to let her up. She instantly swarmed on top of me, sat astride and after a struggle pinned my arms down. "See, baby? Girls can be strong too." Now it was my turn to buck and struggle, but she rode me until I was exhausted. She began asking if I gave up. I knew that I could get her off with a burst of strength. But with her soft weight on me, her hands holding down my wrists, her face with it's cloud of hair looking down into mine, a thing happened. My erection became enormous. She felt it and crowed in victory. Her thighs tightened around my chest. "Give up now?" she asked. And I did. "This would be more fun if we were naked" she said. "Promise me, you will let me get on top again, just like now." I promised, and then she let me up. In bed I let her, and she rode me. "Im raping you now, Billy," she cried, bouncing and grinding. At the last, feeling my orgasm coming, she grabbed my wrists again and leaned forward into my face. "Got you now, Billy. Got you good!" When she let me up, I was a little ashamed but not a lot. One of the most satisfying sexual experiences of my life.

WilliamNov 17 2012 10:23pm
Man you people are sick

unknownNov 28 2012 11:05pm
I am a nursing instructor a community college and I played volleyball in college. I'm 6' 2 inches and I am not a bodybuilder, just a naturally strong girl. I recently met a young man who is a temp employee in another department and I was very attracted to him. He's about 5' 9'' and when I met him I shook his hand - I shook it forcefully and I was able to control our handshake moving his arm up and down and shaking the whole right side of his body. I do it every time I see him and secretly get a kick out of it. He has a perky butt and I enjoy undressing him with my eyes. I saw him walking down the hall ahead of me one morning and I decided to have some fun. I walked up behind him as if I were in a hurry and 'accidentally' my hand pressed up against his bottom. I apologized for my clumsiness and he was flustered and red-faced, but he bought my apology and is none the wiser that I felt him up on purpose. I invited him to a party at my house which about an hour's drive from his home. I told him that he could spend the night if he got tired and couldn't make the drive home late a night. He accepted the invitation and I made sure that he had enough to drink, not too much, that he needed to sleep over. Just as the party was winding down, and the my neighbor Cindy was leaving the party, she began to flirt, but he was a good boy and didn't reciprocate. We sat on the couch and I wore a low cut shirt that was loose enough that I could lean a little forward and give him a show. His eyes were drawn to my cleavage, but then he averted his gaze and forced himself to make contact with my eyes. Such a good boy! So, I even leaned forward a little more, I wasn't wearing a bra, so I knew he could look down and see my nipples. About a second passed and I saw that he had glimpsed my exposed, and averted his gaze quickly. I initiated our first kiss, and was delighted to see he had a raging tent pole that threatened to poke a hole in his khakis. I lifted my shirt and instructed him to kiss my breast, lifting my right breast upward in my hand. He leaned forward and eagerly kissed my breast, licking and sucking my nipple. I said, "let's go in the bedroom." He said he wasn't sure if he wanted to. I said, "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you - march your butt into that bedroom." He obeyed. I ordered him to undress and he was hesitant. I slapped him hard across the face. He was obviously angry and he made a move for the door. I grabbed his wrist and he was unable to break free; I gave him a mighty slap across the face. "Now do what I say, and get undressed." I was able to make him do what I wanted and I f*cked him with my stapon.

CandaceNov 29 2012 6:48am
I love women like all of you. Thank you.

make me submitNov 29 2012 7:03pm
Norma said : <i>" I don't know if you could call it rape, but I have a very high sex drive and always initiate and control the sexual encounters with my husband. But, like I said, I don't know if you can call it rape, because my husband, like most men, is usually a more than willing participant. I think he prefers it this way, because I find it hard to believe that I can just overpower him, and he's never said no. "</i> I want to correct her opinion by reminding that even the feeling of enjoyment itself of the raped doesn't prevent naming the act as 'Rape'. Medically, legally and socially, it is still a 'bilaterally-enjoyed rape'.

Prefarer_of_300_poundersDec 05 2012 7:11pm
I want to add that when the differences are even much greater than usual between the thin short light weak husband and the fat tall strong wife, the mutual pleasure may become very high for them both. This doesn't mean At All that the totally-overpowering wife has to humiliate her totally-overpowered husband in any way. Any way, I advice this type of man to try to choose from Only the somewhat decent kind of this type of woman, who would not hurt him even when she is really angry or over excited.

Preferer_of_300_poundersDec 05 2012 7:41pm
iam telling story of my aunt at that time i was 24 year old young and strong with height 5feet 7 inches 72 kg in weight i was very proud of my muscles and power and doing gym.i went to my village to spend vaccation,my aunt lived their alone she was 45 years in age and she was very beautiful,one day we have some bear in the night,we were sitting together,she said to me that i have built a good physique,she said she wants to check my power,she invite me to wrestle with her but i ignore by saying that one she is a women and and second she is very old and weak she said losser will lick ass hole of other,we start wrestling in few seconds i was inside her huge legs and in few seconds i give up then lick her ass hole not only once but whenever she commands.

sammyDec 12 2012 8:57am
Several years ago I was the manager of a community pool in college town. I was also a life guard in my early 30's at the time. I supervised the life guards for the pool who were current or former competitive swimmers for the university. We had about 5 girls and myself working as lifeguards. We were all very fit and strong as result of years of training and competing. One day this wimpy college guy applied for one of our life guard positions. I asked him to come back after hours and so that three of my best lifeguards and I could evaluate his fitness. I had him swim to exhaustion. Then we did a role play where a lifeguard named Augusta was running and his job was to tell her to stop. Augusta was 5' 11" with great muscle tone. Instead of stopping, Augusta walked up to him and slapped him. He was humiliated. I put my arm around his shoulders as if to console him and told him he'd have to be able to be able to enforce the pool rules if he was going to be hired. I gave him a chance to correct August again, but this time she pushed him hard and fell on his pretty little ass. I lied and told him that he had potential and I'd like to see him start the next week, and to go get dressed and meet me in the office. When he went to the men's locker area Augusta, Cathy, Kelly and I went in a little after. He appeared to have just changed into his jockeys and was about to put on his jeans. The 4 of us had other ideas. The other three pushed him to the floor, two holding his wrists while Augusta sat on his chest. "You can't work here without our intitiation!" He bucked his hips. I removed my swimsuit bottoms. He continued to buck a little - he had been swimming laps and it was amazing to see that he sill had the energy - but it didn't stop me from peeling his jockeys down past his pork tenderloin. I gave it several pumps with my fist and Kelly picked up my swim suit bottom and stuffed in his mouth because he was yelling like a little bitch. I realized that he was pinned and we were in control, I lightly grazed the underside of his stiffening pork sword with one of my finger nails reveling in the contrast between my hot pink nail polish and his brownish pink prize. He grew at least an inch and a half. and I have never been so wet before or since. It was wonderful! Jutting straight up from this weenies pelvis was a raging pork kebob that left all four of wet with desire. I wasted no time in mounting and riding our stringbean Adonis's love muscle. Because subduing and hogtying him was team effort, and we're all about team, so we each took a turn straddle f*cking our well-endowed pony. He did not return for work the next week, so I guess he was smarter than he looked - lol!

AnonymousDec 15 2012 10:44am
Sammy - you're a good boy. Your aunt did the right thing when she broke you in for other gals to use anb abuse. Where is your village? I have some vacation days coming up - and my *sshole hasn't had any good tongue worship lately. Men who live in villages are fun bottom - I'd love to saddle up and ride your face Sammy.

Arlene HBICDec 15 2012 4:11pm
my sister when she was 16 was able to beat me at basket ball and all i could notice was how thigh her calves where, than i relized that she might be stronger then me so i was really nice to her for a few days and then she said with a grin lets arm wrestle, and i said can i see your bicep? it was about 3 inches bigger then mine and i said plz dont embarres me in front of anyone because i think you are stronger then me, she said wrap your hands around thiss! i did and her bicep parted my fingers then she flexed it, she then gave me a hug and i could feel her ferm stomach muscles to the point wher i was in awe!

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