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Ladies how much do you weigh?

Question: Now that we are all anonymous,we can all be honest with each other. Im curious about our true weight LOL. I`m 150 on a 5`5 frame and fit, but on my drivers licence I have 130 lbs . So what is your true weight??? And if you like tell me whether you are fit or fat. Don`t be afraid you are completely anonymous here.
Created by: KarenH at 10:15:30 PM, Sunday, November 06, 2005 PST


Tall thin girls of the model type are not the only type of girls a guy likes. I am a very tall, very thin guy who likes short large ladies who are much shorter than I am and who weigh more than I do and who are also physically stronger than I am. It is perfectly o.k. for a girl, even a short girl, to be physically larger and stronger than a guy is, even if that guy is way taller than she is. Many other tall thin guys will not admit that they go for the same type of ladies for the same reason.

A tall thin guy who goes for short large ladies.Mar 05 2009 1:11pm

I am a guy who is VERY TALL. I am slightly over six feet tall but I am EXTREMELY SKINNY!!! I weigh only 125 pounds. Sometimes I weigh EVEN LESS THAN THAT!!! There is no way that I would ever be foolish enough to pick a fight with even a short woman or girl (4-foot-11 or under) who weighs 190 lbs or more because I know she is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am even though I am a whole lot taller than she is. If I ever messed with her, I KNOW I WOULD QUICKLY END UP ON THE FLOOR!!! Now, if that lady who is 4-foot-11 or under and who weighs 190 pounds or more prefers to make love instead of beating an extremely skinny guy like me to a pulp, I would be more than willing because I already know how to caress a woman's clitoris and, even though I am an extremely skinny guy, I am, nevertheless, very well-endowed (VERY LARGE) down there!!!

A guy very tall and extremely skinny (BUT WELL-ENDOWED!!!)Sep 15 2009 4:47pm
sue... 5'11",243#s,size 11 feet!!!!!

AnonymousNov 17 2018 4:43pm
By body mass there are a lot of women who are bigger than men. Nowadays more and more of them are also fit, musular and strong because it‘s not frownd upon anymore for a women to have muscles. As man i‘m average and therefore i’m smaller and not so strong like many women around me.

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