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Do husbands of strong women treat them differently?

Question: I would like to ask you women who recently discovered that you are stronger than your husbands, do they now treat you differently?
Created by: mikestarr at 01:46:26 AM, Sunday, February 12, 2006 PST


yes..i show her who is the boss.

red dawgFeb 12 2006 10:18am

My husband bought home workout equipment two years ago. I use it daily when he is at work. Not to long ago I beat him ar arm wrestling and later I wrestled him into a hold. Now I've shown him I'm stronger during a work out. He's changed and is afraid of me being stronger. He treats me in a way as to not make me angry. I just show him some muscles and he backs down if he is upset with me. I do it in a way that is not directly flexing at him. for example he wants to argue with me. I'll make a fist and tense some muscles and he will back off. I don't have to say anything. I do mention my muscles to him almost daily to keep him aware and even flex in a mirror when he can see me. I mention that I feel like wrestling and he tries to change to another subject. He is afraid of me being stronger than he is so he avoids physical challenges. I still have him wrestle me sometimes so I can beat him at something. His mind is defeated anyway, I tell him about my daily workout and if he does workout I join in and show him what I can really do.

ShaylaFeb 12 2006 8:02pm
congratulations Shayla...what is your height and weight and how big are your arms and thighs when flexed???

AnonymousFeb 13 2006 6:08am better becareful. you might anger him and he might beat you up.i work out with wts. and when i play around with my hubby in the bed..i can usually lock him down easily. but when he gets mad..he gets like 3x stronger!

jennifer..from ohioFeb 13 2006 6:19am
Jennifer, I am a man who is married to a woman who is stronger than me. Like Shayla, she intimidates me in small ways. She flexes her muscles, beats me in wrestling, and sometimes she hits me playfully, but very hard. I think she is making sure that I don't forget how strong she is. When I do get angry and feel like hitting her, I remember these things and I stop and back down. Just like Shayla said, I think she has gotten into my head. I used to think that maybe I could beat her in a real punching fight, but I'm afraid to find out and get hurt. One time we were wrestling and she lost her temper. She pinned he and tried to smother me with a pillow. I struggled but couldn't get her off of me. She didn't realize how far she had gone, until I went limp. She apologized and hasn't done anything like that since. But, with that experience and her constant reminders of her strength, I am afraid of her and she really dominates me. I agree with most everything that she wants and she controls our relationship. I guess that I am living the way many women have lived with a stronger husband. And, I guess that explains why women were traditionally the summissive partner in a relationship. In our case, the table is turned. It's ok though. She is really a caring person and I do love her madly.

TimFeb 14 2006 6:27am
tim, you should just show her who is the boss! go for it..she is a will win!

red dawgFeb 15 2006 6:55pm
Red Dawg, You just don't get it. Sometimes women are simply stronger and tougher than their husbands. Why is so hard for you to accept?

TimFeb 18 2006 9:01am
Shayla, You sound so much like my wife. She also reminds me in subtle ways of her superior strength. Sometimes when I disagree with her, she will squeeze my hand very hard or will punch me in the arm, just to say "hey, I'm the boss in this relationship". Since I know from experience that she can kick my ass,I back down. Now, I understand why women have traditionally been submissive to their husbands. It's not just that men used to be stronger, men used their physical strength to dominate women phychologically. But, it seems that with women becoming the physically stronger sex, the tables are turning. Shayla, you and my wife have caught on to this. I'm just glad that I'm married to a good woman who wouldn't use her superior strength to abuse me. She just wants to control our relationship and I can live with that.

MikeFeb 18 2006 9:15am
Do you think women who are stronger than their husbands use their superior strength to dominate the relationship more than men do when they are stronger than their wives? It seems to me that when the husband is stronger, as is or at least used to be the more usual situation, except in cases of an abusive husband little if anything is made of that fact and sometimes the wife may even be the more dominant spouse despite being the physically weaker one. Yet, judging from comments made here, when the wife is stronger, she tends to use that strength to intimidate her husband and assure herself the dominant position in the marriage. Is that because it is still less usuall for the wife to be stronger and so, when it happens, more is made out of it because of its realitive infrequency?

TadMar 10 2006 10:39pm
Another question I have is this. When women like Shayla, Tim's wife and Mike's wife overpower or otherwise remind their husbands of their superior strength, do the husbands become at all excited or in a way enjoy being compelled to be submissive even while they might at the same time feel somewhat humiliated or in some situations in physical distress from being dominated? Shayla, is that the case with your husband? Mike and Tim, how do you enjoy it at all or become excited at all when your wives dominante you?

TadMar 10 2006 10:53pm
Tad, in answer to your question, I used to feel embassassed by my wife's domination of our relationship. I guess that I was humiliated to be physically inferior to a woman. My male ego was bruised. But, over time, I have come to accept a submissive role. I have also learned to appreciate or even enjoy the fact that she controls our relationship. In a way, it is a relief to have her assume that responsibility. It's not such a bad thing to have a dominant wife.

MikeMar 14 2006 5:25pm
Mike, I wish my wife were dominant and could and would kick my butt. If it really happened though, especially if she did it again and again and then really dominated our relationship because of it, I don't know how I would feel.

TadMar 18 2006 3:52am
My marriage has changed dramatically since it became clear that my wife was stronger than me. My wife has always been a rather shy woman, she has always been physically active and I knew that she was strong "for a woman" when we met. We have over the years often playwrestled and even armwrestled and I have always won, even if I had to fight for it. I never realized that my wife let me win, she didn't want to embarras me. This all changed one evening when we had a party. One of the female guests got a bit drunk and started to challenge the men at the table to armwrestle her. She was very strong and beat 3 out of 4 men, me included. She then took on my wife and to everbodys surprise my wife won rather easily. After the guests had left we had another glass of wine and I just had to challenge my wife and put my arm up at the table. She smiled and asked me if I could take having a stronger wife? I told her to prove this before I could answer. I should have guessed that she was stronger after what happened earlier that evening but she totally killed me. She flexed her arms and told me I should be proud of my strong wife. Nothing happened more that evening but the weekend after we started to playwrestle and once again I was surprised, she knew how to put me in holds and I didn't come close to win. Since then her attitude has changed. She never used to wear sleeveless tops, dresses etc. She was suddenly proud to show her muscular arms. She started to say jokingly that if I didn't bahave and did things her way she would wrestle me down in public. These jokes became more and more common and I started to change as well. I didn't want her to show the world around us that I was weaker. We today have a happy marriage but during the years my wife has started to take the lead in our relationship, and it was that armwrestling night many years ago that changed it. Sorry for my long posting.

KwameMar 24 2006 12:38am
absolute bollox you talk

Freak_FinderMar 24 2006 12:01pm
Kwame, has she ever had you do something you didn't want to do by wrestling you and making you do it?

TadMar 25 2006 4:12am
Freak-Finder, thanks for your intelligent comments. For Tad, I answer, yes and no. My wife has made me do a few things against my will but it has mainly been on joking terms, she has never really threatened me. She has made me cook for her girlfriends once, I made a bet that I could beat her strong arm with both mine. I couldn't, it was a draw. I like to cook so it wasn't that bad.

KwameMar 26 2006 6:45am
Kwame,how do you feel about the fact that your wife is stronger than you and could physically make you do what she wants you to do, even if she does it good naturedly? To me, it sounds like you have a truly wonderful wife.I wish so much that my wife were stronger than me and would be able to dominate if she wanted to. I don't know what it would be like in reality, but I sure would love to at least see what it would be like.

TadMar 27 2006 4:40am
I have come to like my relationship with my wife more and more, I have excepted her as the stronger of us two and so far she hasn't been over the top with being dominant. But she takes more and more control of our relationship. When we are out in public she quite often show me women that she says could beat me up, things like "you would never have a chance against that womens beefy arms" or "look at those thighs, she could break you in half". She seem to enjoy pointing out that I am not as strong as her and other women. I am not totally positive with my situation but when we are alone I just adore my strong wife. I can now admit this is a turn on.

KwameMar 29 2006 3:00am
kwame - where are you from?

Daniel (uk) 02/04/06Apr 02 2006 9:04am
I was born in the UK with Nigerian parents. My wife came to the UK as a child, she is also Nigerian.

KwameApr 02 2006 11:36pm
kwame - what are your and your wife's respective sizes?

Daniel (uk) 13/04/06Apr 13 2006 4:39am
Wife 5'9 and 182 lbs, me, Kwame 5'10 1/2 and 167 lbs. She looks like many of the big, strong women you can see in Africa, it is in her genes. To be honest I think many women in the African countries are stronger than their men, they often do all the hard work and before their bodies become worn out they are very strong. I am pretty sure my Mom was stronger than my Dad, she was born in an Nigerian village and worked really hard from an early age while my father was unemployed and most of the time hung out with other men. Not that he was weak, Mom was just bigger and more massively built.

KwameApr 18 2006 11:21pm
kwame - thanks for your answer. So are the women from Nigeria generally stronger than the men?

Daniel (uk) 19/04/06Apr 19 2006 6:40am
kwame - has she ever lifted you up?

Daniel (uk) 19/04/06Apr 19 2006 6:42am
I don't know about women in general but my guesses are that the women in the countryside of Nigeria are very strong, perhaps not stronger than the men when it comes to raw power since men are bigger in general but they have more endurance. Very few men can match women when it comes to carry big loads on thier heads. The neck and back muscles of these women are quite fantastic. Another guess is that if you compare a man and woman of similar size, where the woman is working harder physically the man is much weaker. My wife has lifted me a couple of times when she is hugging me, just to show that she is strong.

KwameApr 19 2006 10:43pm
Kwame - Thanks again for answering questions. I ask for two reasons, 1) is due to the fact i find strong women attractive regardless of size, colour or religion 2) i am in the process of putting a proposal together for a documentary covering these sort of issues. I wouldnt be using your experiences as such but there is a sort of cross over to what we will be dealing with. Would love to chat with you in more detail. If you agree you can email on - thanks anyway.

Daniel (uk) 20/04/06Apr 20 2006 9:06am
I am making an open invitation to strong wives/girlfriends to tell their stories and for the husbands/boyfriends to respond. I am researching for a possible feature documentary on the way women are becoming physically stronger and fitter and being more the dominant partner. I need couples or singles to be honest and open about their relationships and possibly appear on film recounting their stories. Would be nice to hear from any interested parties. I and the film company are based in the UK but will look to source any stories or experiences in Europe, USA or elsewhere. My email address is - look forward to hearing from anyone with an interesting story. Thank you for your attention.

Daniel (21/04/06)Apr 21 2006 11:58pm
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curious1Jul 28 2006 12:00pm
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AnonymousAug 01 2006 6:41pm
If there was a family where the two 90-year-old grandmothers looked prettier than their 18-year-old granddaughters, would that be normal? Would that be comparable to women who are stronger than their husbands, since both situations are reversals of normalcy? Would the granddaughters be humiliated if 18-year-old boys told them that their grandmothers are twice as pretty as they are? And would that humiliation be comparable to men who have half the strength of their wives?

Samurai PsychiatristAug 24 2006 6:48pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:01pm
How many people who anwered this poll are women who recently discovered that they are stronger than their husbands?

AnonymousOct 02 2006 5:43pm
Well, I'm not a woman but have a story to tell nevertheless. Some months ago I had an argument with my wife about money, she thought I spent more money than we could afford and I of course didn't agree. It was a Friday evening and we had been drinking quite a lot of wine and the discussion got more loud and aggressive than ever before. Suddenly my wife told me to shut up or she should beat me up. She stood in front of me and looked really angry at me. I for the first time in our 15 years of marriage gor a bit intimidated by her. She is not a small lady, she is 178 cm and I believe she is around 83-84 kgs. I am her hight but more than 10 kgs lighter. I stood up as well and foolishly said to her, beat me up, you and what army. She pushed me down on the chair again and said that she wasn't only bigger than me but also a lot stronger so I better start behaving and let her be in charge of the economy from that day or... I suddenly didn't know what to do, I didn't want to hit my own wife and to be honest, she is bigger and she might be right that she was stronger as well. I backed off and said that I liked to talk about this when we had both calmed down, and that I should try not to spend so much money in the future. She patted me on the head and said that I behaved as a good boy. The following Friday we had some wine again and my wife suddenly talked about what happened the week before. She said she was very close of beating me up and she also asked me if I thought I could match her strength? I said something stupid as of course I could, I am a man and even if she is bigger she should be weaker. This got her a bit angry again, she told me she was working out hard, several times a week, it was obvious her muscles were bigger than mine and yet I thought I was stronger. She than said, let's settle this once and for all. She put her right (she is left handed and I am righthanded) up at the table and told me to try to beat her weakest arm with my strongest. We had never armwrestled before but I couldn't back out now. I felt her strong hand grip, her hands are bigger than mine. I started out with everything I had and got her arm about an inch towards the table on her side, than stop. She understood that I had given my best and just held my arm. My strength slowly faded away. She started to fix her hair with her left arm and asked me if I was ready? She than slowly pushed my hand to the table. She wanted a match with our left arms as well. This time I was slammed to the table. Well honey, she said. What do you say? I should have admitted she was stronger but of course came up with something like armwrestling is mainly technique. She had expected something like that, she just took my hand and dragged me to our living room where she started to move the furniture from our thick carpet. Let's wrestle! I couldn't believe this, I said that we could do that another time. My wife said that she intended to wrestle me right there and if I didn't defend myself she was in for a very easy victory. She also said that we should do it best out of three so I couldn't talk about luck etc. We wrestled in our underwear. Looked hands and started to push. I could see the muscles in her shoulders and upper arms and also looked at mine, when did she become so much muscular than me I thought when I was going down. She had me pinned in about 45 seconds. Next fall I tried to avoid her arms and rushed at her trying to get her in bearhug. She quickly pushed my head down beteen her big thighs, then she took both of my arms and bent them up my back as easy as that. She asked me who was stronger. I quickly admitted that she was. She released me and than sat on me flexing her biceps. Now you know who is in charge in this family she said. She than made love to me where I for the first time lay on my back passively. She was more turned on than ever before. Since this evening we have wrestled quite a lot. I am doing a bit better and can defend myself for some minutes before I have to give up, either pinned or squeezed between her strong legs. Our sex life is better than ever but I let my wife decide everything when it comes to economy or when she tells me to shut up or...I don't want to see her angry. Never! I think that several men are in my situation but that this is taboo. This episode made me feel embarrassed and I also started to think about leaving my wife but we have two lovely kids and I still love her. She tells me she always wanted to be the dominant partner but she was afraid to scare me off. Most of the time our lives are more or less the same as before the wrestling evening but a couple of times when I have been arguing she flexes her muscles and tells me to shut up or...I let her decide. Should I leave her?

What to do?Nov 27 2006 12:05am
Yes, leave the bitch -- while you still can.

ZaxxonNov 28 2006 8:41pm
What to do? Continue to wrestle her and let nature take it's course. Face her strength and do not run from it! Beat her or be muscled into submission to her physical power over you. If she proves to be stronger again and again, let her lead and you submitt to the truth. Enjoy it as she gets turned on and feel her muscles and tell her what you now admitt. she wants you to tell her she is stronger than you are.

AnonymousDec 16 2006 7:03pm
I watched my husband struggle with the fact that I had become much stronger than him through hard gym workouts. He began to stair at my muscles more often as they developed and feel them more and more in bed. When it became clear that I was more muscular than he was, I began to ask him if he would wrestle with me. He would change the subject as his eyes scanned over my body. I finally started flexing in front of him and could see the fear in his face. I was a lot stronger than him when we finally did wrestle and it changed our relationship completely. I think for the better.

DebDec 16 2006 7:14pm
Deb, in what way have your relationship changed for the better?

What to do?Dec 17 2006 11:25pm
He was argumentative even when I was clearly right about anything and I'm not saying I'm always right. He was c*cky and bull headed and even made jokes about women being weaker or stupid, not any more.

DebDec 18 2006 5:44pm
One more thing. Our sex life has improved by a lot. He is starting to get very exited by my build when in bed and will feel my body in ways he never did and will become turned on. When I talk to him about how strong I've become or muscular, he gets very aroused. I'm liking that. He even gets turned on if I say that I now out muscle him! He has given in to my physical power and changed how he treats me and how he sees women now. I've had him licking my muscles during love making and I didn't ask him to do it but I love it.

DebDec 18 2006 5:59pm
My relationship with my wife has changed as well. Whenever I question her she reminds me of who is stronger. I have to admit that she was right about me spending more money than I should and that her being in charge of our economy has changed things to the better. But she is now in charge of other things as well. If we argue over what programme to watch on tv she just takes the remote from me and switches and there is nothing I can do about it. She has even forced me to watch the same programme as her just by using her greater strength, pinning me or just scissor me with her strong legs. This is very humiliating. She really enjoys the power she has over me, the power is also sexual since our sex life has improved quite a lot, she dominates me in bed as well. I am not confortable with this situation even if I have to admit that I sometimes enjoy being the weaker partner (in bed).

What to do?Dec 19 2006 10:51pm
every second day I think of leaving her and other days when she is not too bossy I feel OK since we also have a "normal" life. When I get irritated at her bossyness I sometimes say something bad to her like bitch, she has warned me and tells me she will beat the crap out of me if this continues. I am afraid this will happen so I am afriad to talk back to her now as well.

What to do?Dec 19 2006 10:55pm
What to do? Get a divorce, then tell me where you live and I'll ask her to marry me.

BobDec 25 2006 11:28pm
What's the big deal if a girl/woman in stronger than her husband/boyfriend? I can understand that some men are turned on by strong women, I guess men also need to feel weak and protected once in a while. But men that have difficulties to believe the a woman can be stronger make me angry. I am a 21 year old woman, I have been a gymnast, swimmer and a good alround athlete since I was a kid. Many peopl don't realize just how strong a gymnast can be. When I was in the age between 10-15 I was stronger than all the boys I knew. They got bigger after 15 and some also got stronger. When I was 14 I could beat grown men at armwrestling. I was a compact strong teenager and the arms and shoulds of gymnasts are super strong. I remember when I pinned the arms of two of my parents male friend rather easily, they got so embarrassed! But why! I was working out hours every week and my muscles were rock hard (they still are). Why should a couch potato of a man be stronger then a extremely fit girl/woman? Some of my girlfriend have hidden their strength not to scare their boyfriends away, I think that's wrong. I am proud of my strength and my current boyfriend is OK with me being stronger than him. I am 170 cm and 72 kgs, very little fat. By boyfriend is 182 cm and 72 kgs, very little fat. You can understand who is more muscular. I think it was about time that a girl could write about this.

SandraJan 05 2007 12:08am

AnonymousJan 23 2007 5:24pm
My wife stood in front of me for the first time and flexed. I was embarrised when I realized that she was more muscular. We had bought some gym equipment only a year and a half ago. I could tell she was building muscle but not until she flexed did I see that her muscles are better developed next to mine. Even her biceps and shoulders. Now I do treat her differently because of her strength. I don't argue with her because I've seen her clench her fists and her arms flex as she becomes angry and believe me it does intimidate me. I back down.

AnonymousFeb 24 2007 11:59am

AnonymousMar 15 2007 6:34pm
My girlfriend is quite strong and I find it very hard to beat her in an armwrestle or occassional wrestle for the remote. On her good days she is able to over-power me in an armwrestle and has done so quite a number of times. I love to feel her strength, especially on the good days, as although her muscles are smaller she is just able to force my arm down despite my full, muscle straining efforts. In our early days together we armwrestled occasionally but she gave in very easily despite holding me. She just did not believe she could be strong despite doing Pump 5-6 times a week. But I encouraged her and showed her that I loved her strength. Looking back we both realise she was probably stronger than me then, as I was not working out at the time (altough had in the past) and she was using heavier weights than she does now. We now both work out together a few times a week and I am usually a bit stronger than her but some days she is just amazing and I cannot budge her powerful arm. She is one of the stronger girls in the Pump class but there are a few that use the same weights as her (we also do gym). We are both in our early 40's, I am 182cm 83kg and she is 161cm 48kg, a slight weight advantage! She is slim, shapely and looks fit but soft, until she flexes her muscles which pop up out of nowhere. She loves being strong now and flexing her muscles for me, which is a great turn-on, but she doesn't like armwrestling as much as I do. It has improved our relationship as we both like exercising but if she got to be stronger than me all the time it would take some adjusting to. I like her to be strong and to win occassionally but would feel wimpy if she could always win (especially as she is so slim and normal looking).

BruceMar 20 2007 7:27pm
i think the men here need to slap around these nutty broads.

jerryMar 21 2007 8:14am
I married a girl from the old country because I wanted a traditional wife. She grew up on farm and performed manual labor from early childhood to help out since her dad had no sons. She is about 7 inches shorter than I at 5?3?, but she is quite stocky and solidly built. Her muscles were somewhat concealed under a layer of fat. Anyhow, early in the marriage she was quite submissive and she depended on me for everything because she did not speak English or drive and knew nothing of the U.S. Fast-forward a couple of years, she turned into a domineering evil woman. We had a couple of altercations, nothing major, just enough for me to know that I do not want to take her on. She was stronger than any dude that I ever crossed fists with and there was a few in my college days. Anyhow, she felt that she should call all the shots and to my surprise I found myself backing down more than I ever thought that I would. In the end, we had a major argument about some stupid poo and out of the blue she socked it to me. I was knocked down and I had to struggle to not lose consciousness. She broke my nose and roughed me up bad (the worst beating of my life) and all she got was a night in jail. I filed for divorce and emptied my bank accounts, cashed in all stocks and savings, hopped a plane to a Rio and left her fat butch ass to get even fatter. I had many feminine young girls and lived it up for some time. My Ex now has a low-paying job in a warehouse where she could work her big muscles as a human mule. No descent man would give her a second look now that her looks went to poos. Nothing is better than a feminine woman who makes you feel better about yourself. Ultra-Masculine domineering women could go to hell along with the emasculated bitches that put up with them.

G. Fadhul.Mar 26 2007 5:41pm
The current wife is a former gymnast/dancer. She took up kickboxing and MMA fighting 5 years ago and she is pretty good now. She won a couple of cage matches against male fighters in her weight class during exhibition fights. Do I fear her? Do I think she would beat me up or dominate me? No on all counts. I know that she can kick my middle aged skinny ass with one hand tied behind her back, but she would not consider it in a million years. Why? Because a real man is a real man even if he is a sack of bones. That is if he has the inner strength and prerequisite maturity to impress his woman. Having some cash to spend on her and having some skill in the bedroom don?t hurt matters any. For crying out loud, only a weirdo dumb ass would challenge his lady to something physical or willingly accepts a challenge.

Italian stallion.Mar 26 2007 6:12pm
#0051 - (Wed.) 3/28/07

UpdateMar 28 2007 12:47pm
G. Fadhul, I agree with you 100%.

reconditeMar 28 2007 12:55pm
G. Fadhul, while I cannot condone what your wife did to you, I just cannot help the thought of experiencing her for myself. But, that's just me.

PhilMay 01 2007 10:31am wife works out..and keeps her if she ever tried to out physical me..i would slap her down

AnonymousMay 21 2007 7:41am

AnonymousMay 27 2007 6:12pm
I have dated many women that were physically strong; there were several that were (much) stronger than me. As our respective relationships progressed, I became more open with these women, letting them know that I was especially attracted to physically strong women, "the stronger the better," I would tell them. Each one of these women welcomed the opportunity to explore her newfound position in our relationship, either subtly or overtly taking charge when she wanted. I was a willing mate, doing as I was told, acknowledging that I was weaker, and she could do with me as she pleased. It was enlightening to the women and a tremendous turn on for me (and them).

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comJun 15 2007 9:14am
My husband got the shock of his life the other day when I armwrestled him and won very easily, with both arms. I then challenged him to a wrestling match that clearly showed that I am superiour. He is taller and heavier than me but I am more muscular. He never works out and I am a gym rat so why should he be stronger? His attitued has changed after that evening when I showed him how strong I was. He is not as c*cky, he is actually more nice to me than ever before. I have never threatened him but I think that men are more concerned about how is stronger and when he realized he was weaker he had to look up to me. I actually feel more for my husband since that evening, I feel almost protective. Yesterday he came to me with a very tough whine bottle, he just couldn't pull the cork. I had no problem at all doing that. I think that was sweat don't you?

Strong wifeJun 17 2007 4:48am
Robin Norwood wrote "Women Who Love Too Much." Someone should write "Women Who Lift Too Much."

AnonymousJun 19 2007 12:31pm
This woman you would treat differently. 6'2" , weighing 340lb and squatting 525lb.

Mr WeaklingJun 23 2007 3:33pm

AnonymousJul 30 2007 1:48am
I think the key is not so much physical strength but financial and social strength. I loved it when the hotel executive in Cashmere Mafia kicked Her husband out on his butt when his hedge fund tanked.

obedient husbandJan 26 2008 7:57am
To answer the question for this poll. Hell yes, when me and my wife realized she was quite a bit stronger our relatiohship changed. Some years ago we one evening fought for the remote control, I wanted to watch soccer and she ballet. It started as a play wrestling match but when she snapped the remote out of my hands I became angry and started a real wrestling match where I gave everything I had. Now my wife had been working out a lot and I hadn't, it was soon obvious that she was quite a bit stronger. She pinned me and than watched the ballet programme without a word, just had me pinned under her. When she let me up I once again tried to wrestle her down, something that made her very angry. She slapped me around a bit and then pinned me again. She said that things were going to change in our relationship and the only way for me to stop that was to leave her. She said that she really wanted me to stay but she would be the one that made the final decisions since she was the stronger sex. I was confused to say the least. I loved her very much but I really didn't like the way things had changed. But I stayed. When I like to watch football today I need to ask my wife, if I like to go to the pub I need to have her permission. If I come home drunk she has actually put me over her knee and spanked me. Very humiliating even if it just happened twice. I am confused. Most of the time we have a normal and almost equal relationship but that remote control tuzzle changed everything. So if you are not sure that you are stronger than your wife, avoid the play wrestling matches, they can change everything.

M.E. SmithFeb 19 2008 12:24am
M.E. Smith, don't let your wife beat you dude, I mean you are a man and she's just a woman. OK, she is stronger than you but getting spanked as a grown up man is just too much. Hit her or leave her! I don't like the idea of beating women at all but your wife has passed the line. I am not a big guy myself, my ex-wife was a big beatiful woman (not fat), about 40 lbs heavier than me. She beat me up once when I had kissed another woman, I hit her back and it turned into a real fight where I think I probably came out more beaten up than her, but I stood up for myself and then left her. Being into big voluptous women doesn't make you a masochist.

Mr BronxFeb 20 2008 11:13pm
On the contrary Mr. Smith, obey your Wife and accept whatever beatings She chooses to give you. You are fortunate that She cares enough about you to discipline you.

obedient husbandFeb 24 2008 6:09pm
I'm not sure about the discipline part, it is really embarrasing to be spanked like a child, I do love her but feel a big scared of her sometimes.

M.E. SmithFeb 28 2008 12:00am
You are supposed to be scared of Her. That is part of the incentive to give Her obedience.

obedient husbandFeb 28 2008 6:29pm
To live in a relationship where you are scared of your partner doesn't sound good to me at all. M.E. Smith's wife has proved that she can harm her husband. I think it is OK to live with a stronger woman but it's not OK to be threatened.

Mr BronxMar 02 2008 11:44pm
Well obviously one does not want to live in fear of serious injury but knowing your behind will be sore if you are disobedient probably helps keep you in line.

obedient husbandMar 05 2008 5:43pm
Some years ago my husband challenged me to an armwrestling match. Well, I am the one that works out 3-4 times a week and he is not so I wasn't surprised when I won rather easily. But he was devastated! He wanted to wrestle me after that and again I proved that I was indeed stronger than him, quite a bit actually. When I had him pinned under me I felt strong and proud and I could see in his eyes that things had changed. He is treating me with more respect (not that he was a bastard before), he almost asks me for permission to do things like going out with his buddies, before our wrestling match he would just tell me that he was going out to the pub. He lets me have the final decision when we can't agree on things. And I haven't threatened him or anything. I think it comes natural for men to find a new place in a hierarchy, when you find that you are weaker you have a new leader. He is not a wimp or anything, just treats me with a lot more respect. I can't say I mind that.

LauraMar 07 2008 1:44am
Laura, congratulations on taking Your rightful place as head of household. I wonder, what is your height and weight compared to that of your husband?

obedient husbandMar 08 2008 7:06pm

LELGTMar 14 2008 6:09am
if a woman has 40 lbs on her husband,she runs the household. Why? Because instinctively I know she is capable of beating me to death. She is also an attorney, and I stay home and take of our two yr old son.

AnonymousMar 15 2008 6:12am
may I add, it starts whoever is bigger and stronger. Its animal instinct

AnonymousMar 15 2008 6:16am
I dont fear Anne, but i do know what she is capable of. Example:She can carry two milk bottles with one finger, and it takes my entire hand for just one. She is the bigger and stronger in our relationship. She is also the one with the graduate degree and practices law. Whoever has the brawn and brains is who controls the relationship.

AnonymousMar 15 2008 6:38am
I am 5'9 164lbs he is 5'10 147 lbs So I am bigger and stronger and he how accepts me to be #1 in our relationship. Kind of funny how an armwrestling match can change things.

LauraMar 17 2008 3:38am
Anonymous I congratulate you on achieving the perfect lifestyle. I hope you bare your behind for Anne on command and obey her slightest whim. You say She has 40 pounds on you. I would love to know your respective heights and weights if Anne permits you to disclose this. I would also love to know if Anne has male associates under Her at work and how She treats them.

obedient husbandMar 17 2008 4:49pm
Laura, thank you for responding.

obedient husbandMar 17 2008 4:50pm
OH I`m 5`7, and anne is 5`8, but she is alot thicker than me. Whenever we get in an embrace, physically she owns me because I get overhelmed by strength that my own body cant produce.Her frame is so much bigger and thicker, I cant effectively hug her. Yet she can sweep me off my feet. My wife is ruthless and has to be in her job as an attorney. Her imposing presence makes any male back off.

AnonymousMar 20 2008 2:44pm
In any fight I know If I tried to strike her using all of my strength, it wouldnt phase her. And she I know could kill me with one blow. there are plenty of women who are plenty stronger than some men, but its very rare they unite as a couple.But hey we are happy and wouldnt have it any other way.

AnonymousMar 20 2008 2:59pm
Thank you anonymous. Will Anne punish you for failing to capitalize Her name?

obedient husbandMar 20 2008 4:58pm
Is Anne a wicca girl? Strong women who take pleasure in dominating smaller men are commonly known to be wiccan!

hmmmMar 23 2008 2:12pm
To hmmm, there is movie currently running on cable called "The Wicker Man". It is a story about how a community of Wiccans lure a male to their private island and ultimately sacrifice him to the Goddess.

obedient husbandMar 26 2008 4:55pm
OB the wicker man is not all fiction either. Rituals like this do go on. The only difference is that most are more brutal, yet death is mostly avoided.The victim is usually a small dimiuitive male or boy, Not a big strong man like Nick Cage. Remember wiccans are drawn to smaller weaker males.WEaker being not just physical, but personal will.

AnonymousMar 28 2008 6:54am
My Priestess preaches that it is a stronger ritual if Women subjugate a strong male. Priestess is a six foot two hundred pounder and most of it is muscle. She can subjugate fairly strong males.

obedient husbandMar 31 2008 6:19pm
smaller men are used in rituals. However its a little more brutal and involves demeaning sexual acts.

AnonymousApr 05 2008 9:05am
It is not "demeaning" to be a naked sexual slave for use in a ritual by Powerful Women to honor the Goddess. It is an honor!!!

obedient husbandApr 05 2008 5:36pm
the key is to sacrifice your will and individuality and it will be an honor. Otherewise she could kill you. Once you are scarificied in that ritual, she has dominion over you of which you cannot escape. YOur only choice is allow her access to your body or she will sacrifice your soul to the Goddess

AnonymousApr 06 2008 7:01am
It has happened frequently and continues to do so. Why arent they ever caught? The women are not only physically powerful, but they are economically and socially. Theyre in a postion to make the rules, not abide by them. Some of the greatest women in history were wiccan. and rumours are that Hillary Clinton practices the faith. Does it meean she particapates in these rituals, who knows and we will never know.

AnonymousApr 07 2008 6:41am
The reason the Women "are never caught" is because most of these rituals are consensual so there is no victim to file a complaint. I have had the honor of serving as a naked slave for Goddess Worshippers and for any one of us, there are ten men who would eagerly take our places if they were requisitioned. And let's not get fanciful. If Hillary had neopagan sympathies it would have appeared somewhere other than sex fantasy sites and it hasn't.

obedient husbandApr 07 2008 5:48pm
well and the men are weak and low on the economic scale.

AnonymousApr 16 2008 7:25am
My co-worker, a rather small and weak man, is having a tough relationship with his wife. He is quite often bruised and I knot that his wife that is a lot bigger beat him us if he is not obeying him. He is normally doing what he is told but sometimes he just can't take it and get slapped around and sometimes worse. I have encouraged him to leave his wife but he sais that she will take the kids, the money and the house from him and probably also beat him up if he mention divorce. They look quite cute together, she looks like a very nice woman (if you like'em big) but when she raises her voice he is doing what he is told. If it had been a man treating her wife that way he should have been in prison.

WitnessApr 21 2008 5:45am
If he is Her husband it is Her right to beat him for disobedience. You should not come between them.

obedient husbandApr 21 2008 7:25pm
you are an idiot obedian husband, no one has the right to beat up anybody

knock knockMay 09 2008 2:12am
There are plenty of women who are stronger than their husband, hence many men are the victims of physical abuse. But men are ashamed to come out. so they suffer in silence. When a man is beaten to death by the hands of the wife and word gets to the authorities, they get a slap on the wrist by claiming "self defense", even though he is only half her size. A woman in this society can actually get by with murder. Word of advice, dont marry a woman who is bigger than you because if she has a temper, youre owned and your life is over with.

ceaserMay 10 2008 6:32am
My wife is 6'2 and I am 5'6, She is more than 200 lbs and I am about 50 lbs lighter. I would never dream of challange her physically, I mean for real since she could kill me with a slap, we both know that. But we love each other very much, I just have to take that she is physically dominant, lifting heavy things, lifting me, arm wrestling our male friends (and winning). Sometimes I get tired of the reactions we get when we go out, and from men that just can't understand why I married a woman that could kill me with her bare hands. I just tell them that she was the one for me, and that's true. She has actually threatened me a few times, saying that I we don't do it her way she will wrestle me down in public or threw me over her shoulder and carry me around in public. Mainly said in a humorous way but I don't dare to call her on that.

Ron EMay 15 2008 5:17am
I WANT to be owned. I want to bare my behind of Wife's command and accept Her discipline. By caring enough to beat me Wife is telling me that She loves me. Sixteen years ago on our second date, Wife applied a firm hand to my behind. At that time I was underemployed, living in rooms, and scrounging up money to hit the New York clubs on the weekend hoping some Woman would use me in a transitory fashion. After sixteen years of servitude to Wife, my income has quadrupled and I am a respected professional in my field. I own a home. The sexuality of being a 24/7 slave to Wife is so incredible I feel I am living in a continuing mental orgasm and the physical intimacy is out of this world. My family and friends tell me I am much better person since I came under Wife's control. In his post Ron E comes across as basically happy. Sure, when you are in servitude to a Woman you may not get to watch college football from 12 noon on Saturday until the WAC or PAC Ten game ends at 2 am on Sunday morning. So I don't get to watch Brigham Young play Fresno State the way I used to. So what! As for caesar and knock knock, if they choose not to be in a relationship that involves Marital discipline they do not have to do it. But they should not criticize others who choose to embrace it.

obedient husbandMay 15 2008 6:26pm
OB: what is your profession?

AnonymousMay 19 2008 6:32pm
OH I mean

AnonymousMay 19 2008 6:34pm
I am a lawyer. Wife rents me out to a powerful Female attorney in our area. This Woman pays for my services by directly depositing a check every two weeks into Wife's bank account.

OHMay 21 2008 5:19pm
OH But your wife is the real big shot with all the mollah I bet. Man lucky you!

AnonymousMay 22 2008 3:34pm
Any money or property procured by me belongs to Wife. The purpose of my existence is to work my behind off for Her benefit.

OHMay 26 2008 5:43pm
In America, I've noticed that women are slowly feminizing men. In the 1970's it was considered "manly" or "macho" for men to have a hairy chest. Now a hairy chest seems to provoke snickers and sneers and comments like "he needs to get his chest waxed". Manicures, facials, waxing, dieting, all these things that only women used to do, men are now doing at the encouragement of women. The next step is for women to demand and only choose men who are softer and more slender than they are.

AnonymousMay 29 2008 7:06am
The wiccans surely control this site, and soon the country.

UNBELIEVABLEJun 07 2008 6:28am
It would be wonderful if the entire country was like Summersisle in The Wicker Man and we were kept as slaves, not just to our Wives but to the Matriarchy.

obedient husbandJun 08 2008 2:46pm
To answer the question of this poll, my husband sure treats me differently! Some years ago he challenged me to a wrestling match, for fun at start but the more he realized that I was the one with the muscle he got very frustrated and agressive. We almost got into a real fight. But I showed him that I was not only stronger but had a lot more endurance. After about 20 minutes of wrestling he was weak as a kitten while I was even stronger than when I started. I made him say I was the stronger dominant partner and that he was weak. I have always been working out and I have a very robust physique while he is couch potato, not fat but weak. After this wrestling match he has behaved differently, first he was like a kid, he almost didn't talk to me for a week. I had to wrestle him down and tell him if he should behave like this I wouls put him over my knee and spank him! I really didn't plan to do that but he got very scared and surprised me and started to cry like a baby. He said that it was so embarrasing to be so much weaker than his wife and that he lost his self esteem. I comforted him and said he just needed to work out more than me to become stronger and I also told him I probably was stronger than most of his male friend as well (it later showed I was right). He has changed and is the nicest of persons and if we have an argument, I always end up as the winner, even verbally. So if you are not sure to be stronger than your wife/girl friend, just don't challenge her to a wrestling match.

BirgittaJul 04 2008 12:20am
I estimate that over the past two years, 90% of the new polls on this web site,, have been about women who are strong, muscular, dominant or superior. Also, this web site seems to be one of the biggest meccas on the internet for those topics.

STNG FanAug 03 2008 8:03pm
I have thought for quite some time to challenge my husband to see who is stronger. Even though I love him very much he is sometimes behaving like a kid, still out drinking with his buddies and sometimes come home bruised from fights. He never helps out when it comes to cleaning up. I don't want to leave him but to change him and I thought that the only language he could understand is to be physical. After reading your posting Birgitta some weeks ago I challenges my husband to an armwrestling match after having some wine. Now I am a rather big lady, almost 6 feet and pretty heavy at 188 lbs, my husband is 6'1 but considerably lighter than me. I have been doing 3x25 pushups every morning and 3x30 every evening for more than 25 years, I have been goint to the company gym 3 times a week for more than 10 years. The last 2 years I have taking self defense classes once a month so I am once strong lady. I know I am stronger than several of my male collegues that are working out at the same time as me. But I was still not sure to be able to beat my husband. Already after a few seconds I know that I was in for an easy victory. He had decided to give everything to show me who was the boss. He was very surprised when my arm didn't budge at all. He got beet root red and put his body weight behind and tried to twist my wrist but nothing helped. I just held him, looked him in the eyes and smiled. After about 2 minutes his arm started to shake and he asked me for a draw. I then slammed his arm down put my other arm up and said he could have another try. This time I was very confident so I just put him down very quickly. I said that he had to do the washing up, something that got him really upset. I told him that we could wrestle for who would do the cleaning up and washing up for the next week. He looked shocked, what had happened to his wife of 20 years? But he had to take the challenge or he would look like a coward. We made some space in the living room and stripped to our underwear. He looked at my strong body in a different way than ever before, normally he gets turned on but now he looked almost scared. And I looked at his attractive but very slim body and realized that I had him outclassed. My muscles are bigger than his all over. He was once again very aggressive and jumped at me to get it over with. He tried to take me down with a head look but I could easily get out of it and apply a similar one to him. I just forced him down and quickly pinned him. I told him that we could do it best out of 3. He was in shock and didn't say a word when I pinned him the second time after playing with him putting him in different kinds of holds and tiring him out completely. When I sat on him I told him that things would change from now on. He should stop drinking too much, he should help me cleaning up, he should spend more time with me and less with his buddies or I should wrestle him down in public or even worse, I should spank him like the child he was. Like your husband Birgitta he didn't speak to me for a couple of days. When I was on his way out to the pub a few days after I just stood in front of the door and flexed my arms. He just turned around and sat down in front of the tv. Since than he has changed, we are doing more things together, we are cleaning up together, he is not drinking as much as before (he is allowed to go to the pub once a week). And we are making love more than ever! And I am in charge! I have to thank this board for pushing me to do this and especially you Birgitta, your posting pushed me that extra inch.

SallyAug 04 2008 12:21am
Sally, I really enjoyed reading about your victory and how this changed your husband. I think that men are more used to pecking order than women, so once you have proven that you are stronger they will accept your authority as the physically stronger. Me and my husband most of the time have an equal relationship but I am more often the boss in the bedroom and if we have different opinions about for instance where to go on our holidays I just make it clear that I will decide making my voice more stern. If I like to go home earlier than him from a party and he refuses at first I quite often flex my arm and feel my bicep so he can see it, his is very nervous I will tell others about who is stronger in our relationship so he just comes along. Our sexlife has actually become better since I took charge, something that I think make it easier for my husband to take my new leading role. I am happy that I could help you Sally.

BirgittaAug 04 2008 11:39pm
I found my wife way stronger than me with about 60 pounds on me but it hasn't changed our relationship much. although she is a very big woman, more than 220 pounds- all muscle, she is very nice and almost never gets angry she know I have a higher education than her so I handle our taxes and money, I own a business and make more than $10 million a year and she is a professional FBB and has about 4 inches on me at 6'4" but were equal in this relationship as I'v said but on arguments we usually go with her but we rarely argue

rich, happy manAug 12 2008 8:01pm
still not that good of a typer

rich, happy manAug 12 2008 8:02pm
Of course my husband treats me differently since he understood that I am stronger than him. He used to be the one that wanted to decide everything (he wasn't a dictator but anyway a bit bossy). I showed him one night that I was stronger when we first armwrestled and then wrestled. I am quite a lot stronger and he changed from being bossy to a man that asked his wife permission to go to the pub, if he could buy new clothes etc. I like the way he treats me now, I am not a dictator but a bit bossy, huh!

Wearing the trousersAug 13 2008 11:37pm
Athlete says sports steroids changed him from woman to man:

AnonymousAug 14 2008 8:01pm
My wife came home one night, very pissed off and drunk, she had an argument with her boss and went to the pub where some of the men had commented her body in a bad way (she is a big woman with a big butt and very big tits), she had been drinking more than usual. When she came home I joked a bit to get her in a better mode but she got furious with me and slapped me. I told her to stop that or I should slap her back. She slapped me again very hard so I fell to the ground. A bit dizzy I got up and slapped her. This was more than she could take. She i 5'11 and more than 200 lbs, beyond the fat she has big strong muscles and she used her big strong body to beat me up. I am 6'1 but about 60 lbs lighter than her. She threw me around, sat on me, ripped my clothes off and there was just nothing I could do about it. She put mer over her lap and spanked me, she forced me to go down on her. I ended up in tears, totally humiliated. I didn't understand a thing, she never behaved this way before. When she saw me crying she started to cry as well and screamed what have I done. I told her that I wanted to leave her but she promised never to beat me up again. This was more than a year ago. I still love my wife but I am very careful not to anger her again. She has never beaten me up again but when she is drunk she is very physical and likes to wrestle and show me she is stronger. That evening when she showed me how much stronger she is changed our relationship.

Once abusedSep 29 2008 5:03am
Once abused you are fortunate. Most of the Women I have served would have thrown a male out on his butt if he tried to manipulate them in that way. If your Wife needs to beat you periodically you should feel honored to bare behind and take it.

obedient husbandSep 29 2008 6:00pm
I can't say I feel fortunate, if she beat me up again I will leave her for sure. She doesn't drink too much so often but when she does I am honestly scared every time. She is very forceful, likes to wrestle me down, she wants me to say that I am weaker than her, something that is not too hard since it is the truth.

Once abusedSep 29 2008 11:05pm
I agree She should not be causing you permanent damage but if She is displeased with you and wishes to raise welts on your behind periodically that should be Her right as the Wife.

obedient husbandOct 01 2008 3:46pm
I am not into this at all obedient husband. I am not sure I can live with a woman that I am scared of sometimes. I love her and admire her big strong body but I don't want to be beaten up again, ever. I have thought about starting to work out but the strength and size difference is just too big. I never thought that I would be in this situation when I met her, even if I understood that she was stronger than me. Women are not supposed to be this aggressive. Without alcohol it would never happen, so I try to get her to drink less. She listens to me when she is sober but after a couple of drings she gets mad if I tell her to stop and then I don't dare to say anything more.

Once abusedOct 01 2008 11:55pm
Then find someone else.

obedient husbandOct 03 2008 8:19pm
the problem is that I still love her

once abusedOct 04 2008 2:20am
I found this poll just recently. My husband never really been bad, lazy perhaps but over all a nice man that I love. After 25 years of marriage we started to drift apart though. Kids were gone and our sex life was not good. I started to work out 3-4 times a week, never been a couch potato and used to be athletic as a young woman, my body responded quickly and I got stronger and stronger. My husband noticed the changes in my body and liked it. One night when he was on his way out with some of his friends I told him that I wanted him to stay home and that we could do something together. He looked at me and asked what I had in mind. Wrestling I suggested and throw myself at him taking him to the floor. He was really shocked and it was easy to pin him. He laughed a bit unsure and said OK let's do this but he wanted to be prepared. We stripped down to our underwear and now I could see that he looked at my buff body, not so sure about himself. I am heavier than him. We started off testing who's arms and hands were stronger, I slowly bent his wrists down and he got to his knees. I really felt that I was stronger. After this show of strength I pinned him 6-7 times before he admitted that I was stronger. And he has really changed after that, he has stayed home with me, we fool around, wrestling, armrestling and make love. He admires my muscular body and we are more in loved than ever before. I just wished I had taken physical control at an earlier stage. We will be 50 soon and since it seems to be important, I am 176 cm 84 kgs and my husband 179 cm 72 kgs.

Amazon wifeOct 26 2008 6:45am
I can just say one thing, way to go Amazon wife! I will try to do the same with my lazy, beer drinking man, he is out of shape and I am fit, he is bigger though.

Mary maryNov 09 2008 11:31pm
I surprised my husband a few days ago. When he refused to take away the beer cans, ash trays etc after him having his friends over for the football game I threw him down on the sofa, and pinned him, pressing him down with all my weight and power. He couldn't get loose as hard as he tried. I told him to clean up or he should be in even bigger trouble. He was almost shocked, I had never done anything like that before. I stood up and left the house. When I came back he had cleaned everything up. Later that evening after drinking some wine I told him that I wasn't joking when I had pinned him earlier. I would not accept him being lazy and let me take care of everything and if he didn't do as he was told I would pin him again and perhaps beat him up. I told him that I had the muscle to do it. I put my arm up at the table. To be honest I wasn't at all sure about this put the alcohol had made me brave. I work out frequently and I know I am strong. My husband hasn't done anything physically more than playing badminton once a week the last 25 years. He looked shocked again and slowly accepted my challenge. I felt directly that this could go my way. We started with our right arms and I am left handed. He looked more and more read in his face and I understood he was struggling. I slowly pressed his hand to the table. With the left arms I could slam him to the table. I looked at him and then said, now you know I am not joking. After this show of strength I dragged him along to bed where I pinned him and then I was actually very nice to him but this is a completely different story. I am in charge and I love it! In case you want to know my husband is about 30 lbs heavier than me at about 180 lbs on a 5'10 frame, I am 5'7

bethNov 18 2008 12:44am
beth, you have convinced me, I will teach my husband to respect me the way you did, I will increase my work outs for a while, take a few classes of self defense and than take him down. I think I can take him today even if he is bigger than me but I really want to be sure to get the upper hand, if he wins he would become even worse.

Mary maryNov 25 2008 1:16am
Started to work out 4 times a week, once a week one hour or work outs combined with a self defense class. 3 times a week 1,5 hours of pumping weights. I am on my way to become a very strong woman, I will show my husband what that means in a couple of months.

Mary maryDec 03 2008 11:17pm
Mary Mary, your desire to be stronger is quite contrary... to normal standards, at least...and it makes me wonder how many women are there that really wish they were the stronger spouse, and how many women wish to be the weaker? If all women had one pill they could take or one wish they could make that would result in them being the physically stronger spouse, how many would take it? By my calculations, probably no more than 23.14%. What do you think?

Leonard SheldonDec 05 2008 8:38am
I am sure that many women like to be strong, many don't want to be bigger and more muscular then their men, they are raised to believe that women should be protected and weaker. But there is a huge difference in attituted among women today. Many really like to be strong and if we could have the chance to have a pill that just affected your strength I would say that a big majority would take the strength pill and very few should touch the weak wone. No woman likes to be weaker. Perhaps smaller if you are very big in a world where women are supposed to be on the skinny side. But nowadays you even see models with muscles and many of the bigger models are very well paid. I love your 23,14%, my idea of women that would take the strength pill is 79,9% and only 1,23% would like to be weaker. The rest would like to stay the same. Leonard, have you ever been to a gym? Im many gyms today women are outnumbering men. Many of the women work out to become slimmer and more toned but they use heavier weights today than let's say 10 years ago. And the number of women that work out for both strenght and to become bigger, more muscular grows all the time. Most women don't get too beefy even if they work out hard, with clothes on they don't look to be strong enough to bench their own body weight for reps so many guys are in for a big surprise.

Mary MaryDec 08 2008 11:00pm
Mary Mary, can you bench your weight for reps? How many? The last and only time I benched my weight was in 1976, when I weighed 140 and benched 140 one rep on a machine. Now I weigh over 250 lbs, and probably would have trouble benching 120 lbs once. I haven't been to a gym in a long time, but I'd love to see lots of women outlifting me.

Leonard SheldonDec 09 2008 9:07am
I can't bench mu own body weight, at 178 lbs it is difficult. I can bench 140 lbs for reps though, 3 x 7 on the machine. I have been lifting as much as 160 lbs once so I am not far from lifting my own body weight. The problem is that the heavier I lift the more weight I put on since muscle comes naturally to me. If you lift only 120 lbs at the most, I think you will see at leats 10-15% of the women at any gym outlift you, if we talk about lifts on the machine. For free weights it is another thing.

Mary MaryDec 17 2008 11:16pm
Mary Mary, let's pretend I'm at the gym and you see me struggling with 120 lbs on the bench press machine, trying to finish one rep. Also pretend I've lost a lot of weight and I'm back to my slender 140 lbs. With you being nearly 40 lbs heavier and at least one third stronger, what would be your reaction to my struggles? Would you feel superior? Laugh at me? Would you be turned on by the thought that you could easily overpower me at have your way with me if you so wished? What would be the most humiliating thing for me that you might realistically feel? (Gosh, that sounds as if I want to be humiliated by a stronger woman, doesn't it. So I guess I've made my point.)

Leonard SheldonDec 18 2008 7:36am
I am not new to the situation you describe Leonard. I don't laugh at men or women that are weaker than me. I can feel superiour sometimes watching men that are both bigger and younger than me struggling with a weight I can easily lift. I can sometimes feel that I want to help the poor guys that try to lift weights that are too heavy for them. At my gym I have felt an almost sadistic pleasure seeing one of my male bosses (that I really don't like) not been able to move the weight I was benching. I just gave him a smile, a smile to let him know that he was physically inferiour to me and that I could kick hiss ass if I wanted to. It sometimes turn me on to be stronger than men but I normally don't think that much about it when I work out. I think I will be really turned on the day I will show my husband who is stronger.

Mary MaryDec 21 2008 11:54pm

AnonymousDec 23 2008 2:17pm
When are you planning to show your husband who is stronger,Mary Mary. My wife Tori challenged me to a wrestling match over Christmas to try to make the same point...

barryJan 02 2009 9:57am

Mary MaryJan 04 2009 3:16am
Mary Mary if you want some encouragement ,check out the poll that begins "how embrassed would you be". Reading it has changed my wife Tori's life !!

barryJan 04 2009 8:33am
I think couples should arm wrestle each other each year similar to a coin toss before a football game. If she wins, she runs the household for the year. If she wins, he is in chaarge for a year. Rmember, we are just animals, therefore the laws of the jungle, which dictate that the bigger dog wins always rules

AnonymousJan 07 2009 3:24pm
My husband was misarable yesterday morning. The night before I had suggested a playwrestling match, just for fun. I think he knew this was coming since I have been working out a lot and been rather challenging taking heavy objects from him saying that he shouldn't hurt himself, etc. My husband really has become soft the last years, coming home after work, drinking bear and never help me out. This has angered me more and more and when we started the playful wrestling match the other night it became more and more important for me to show my husband that I could whip his ass. He was surprised at my strength and got really upset when he realized I could do what I wanted with him. I didnt' use 100% of my strength, instead I wanted to make him spend all his energy and power to make him helpless as a child. And it worked. My husband was once a strong man, he still has bigger muscles than me in his arms but they are soft while mine are very hard after hours of work outs. My self defence classes also payed off. I could look him in different positions only using a small part of my strength while he had to use everything he had. When we had wrestled for about 30 minutes he was soooo tired he couldn't get up. I sat on him and explained that he had to help me out more at home, that he had to get in shape and that we should do more things together. He protested but I started to use my knees to press down his soft biceps and that hurts. He had some power left and tried one last time to get me off him. I then lay down on top of him and grapevined his legs and he screamed since he is not very limber. I once again sat on him and asked him if he accepted what I said. He suprised me when he started to cry. He said he should be a better husband and that he was rather miserable since he thought I had an affair. Well, we have cleared things out now. He was very sore yesterday and couldn't hardly move. His arms were bruised and I feel a bit bad about that but I think that my new strength probably have saved our marriage. We'll see.

Mary MaryJan 15 2009 10:56pm
Mary Mary, you are inspiring. You go girl! how is your hubby's reaction today?

ToriJan 18 2009 12:06am
My husband has been very silent after I showed him who was stronger. To make him understand that I can whip his ass whenever I want I wrestled him two nights ago again, he didn't want to but he had to defend himself when I started to throw him around. I once agian let him use all his power, almost letting him get the upper hand. He opnce again fell in my trap. I let him pin me once, I could see he got some fight in him when he realized he was on top but then I forced his weakened arms up and threw him off me, then I pinned him. This was the end of the fight, he wanted me to stop and admitted I was stronger, he said he would to things my way and started to cry again. Now I really felt bad, was I about to become a abuser? I then said that the wrestling match was only a foreplay and then I showed him that loosing to me wasn't that bad after all. I feel so much better after taking control of my marriage. I can feel that my husband will accept the change, even if he probably will be sulking for a while more. He is dead afraid I will tell everybody about our wrestling matches. I write about it here but will not tell anybody that we know, that is if he doesn't misbehave.

Mary MaryJan 22 2009 11:31pm
What is happening? Women are getting more aggressive? And men are getting weaker? I have felt very insecure in my relationship. I met my girlfriend about a year ago, a very good looking, athletic girl. She early in our relationship showed me that she was for eqaulity but what really happened was that she took the lead. She liked to decide things and lets me know that she can be really upset if we don't do things her way. The other thing is that I know that she can kick my ass, she is more muscular than me. She knows that she is stronger and I know it to. We have so far never had a physical test like arm wrestling but when we are intimate she dominates me moving me around like I weighed nothing. She always want to be on top. One part of me likes the strong, physical girlfriend and one is irritated that she talks about equality but really wants to dominate and decide. Reading all these stories makes me even more unsure. Will a wrestling match make her a monster than abuses me. I could take a friendly wrestling match and even like it but I don't think it is a good idea to challenge her. I would love to show her I am stronger but doubt I could do it.

Born 1984Jan 22 2009 11:43pm
Mary Mary, you are a cruel woman

AnonymousJan 30 2009 12:33am
The other night my husband suddenly wanted to armwrestle, he thought that my strong legs made me win the wrestling matches. I used the same technique as when we wrestled. I just held him until he lost his power than just pressed first his right than his left arm to the table. Once again he looked miserable. I told him to come over it, we weren't the only couple wher the woman was physically stronger. He said that being weaker than me was really hurting his ego. I told him to start to work out and maby he would have a chance, but that he had to work out hard since I intended to work out a lot in the future. He asked me why I wanted to be stronger than him. I told him that being strong was a kick to my ego. He then wanted another arm wrestling match. Again he lost badly. He will probably keep on challenging me like this for a while. Like a boy that can't cope that his mother is stronger.

Mary MaryFeb 04 2009 4:55am
Mary Mary, why don't you lose that loser and find a real man like me, one who is self-confident enough to be puny and weaker than you and enjoy it!

Leonard SheldonFeb 04 2009 8:28am
You love the one you love, I am on my way to get the man I want, it just takes some female muscle to change things. Leonard, you will probably find another strong woman to pin you down.

Mary MaryFeb 09 2009 10:48pm
Mary Mary, you sound like a really nice lady. I hope you know I'm just funnin' witcha. By the way, Leonard and Sheldon are the two main geek characters on "The Big Bang Theory", the funniest show on TV. They're named after actor and sitcom creator Sheldon Leonard. OK, I explained my alias, anyone else want to let us know the orgin of your secret identities?

Leonard SheldonFeb 16 2009 9:53am
The answer of this poll is YES. This husband treats his wife differently after knowing who was stronger! I am a man 42 years old. Married young at 22 with a woman 2 years older. The first years were great but we couldn't get any kids and we alos had a lot of work both of us so we drifted apart, slowly but anyway it happened. About 6-7 years ago everything changed. I had started to hang out more and more with my working buddies after work, drinking. I actually drank every day after work. The my company folded the business and I was unemployed for the first time in my life. I was in bad shape mentally and physically after a life with too much work and for some years too much booze. My wife wanted me to take more care about our house since I didn't have any work and she worked a lot. I tried but after a while I just didn't care. One evening my wife confronted me. She is a big lady, my height at 5'11 but heavier. She has always been working out and was (and is) in excellent shape. She told me to get my act together, stop drinking and look for a new job as well as cleaning up in the house. This was too much for me and I called her names that I had never before said to her. The fight got louder and louder and suddenly she slapped me. I slapped her back instinctly, first she was surprised that I had hit her but then she just cooled down, took off her jacket, blouse, skirt and stood in front of me only in her pantyhose and bra. If it's a fight you want you will have it she said. She was then on my like a tigress. I tried to defend myself but I soon realized she was much stronger and in better shape. She beat me up and took me down, she ended the whole thing spanking me like a child and I was in tears! I was just so miserable. The day after I realized I had to make a choice, leave her after the humiliation or start behaving and shape up. We talked that evening and I promised to do what she told me, I started to look for jobs more actively, I stopped drinking, I started to clean the house and I started to jog to get in shape. This was the best thing I have ever done. She took the lead in our marriage and I liked it. I am back having a well paid job and we have a great marriage, great sex life. So having a stronger wife really changed my life - to the better. Great to share this for the first time. None of our relatives or friends know what happened, they could just see that I changed dramatically from one week to another.

HusbandFeb 18 2009 11:13pm
Mary Mary - I had no idea about that music group - see - isn't this interesting?

Leonard SheldonFeb 24 2009 8:57am
If you had a wife that gained more than 30 lbs of muscle in a few years and that now outweighs you 45 lbs, would you treat her the same way as before? If this wife also takes self defense courses year after year and is aware that she can kick your butt, would you treat her in any other way than with respect and fear. My wife was almost as strong as me when she started to lift weights some years ago, she soon become a lot stronger, when she added the self defense program she could throw me around as she wanted. She enjoyed being stronger and enjoyed beating me up. I threatened to leave her and she started to get better again but soon was back to being abusive when she drank too much. I have left her but she looked me up and threatened to kill me if I didn't move back home again. So here I am, with a strong, muscular wife that most of the time is OK but that is also a ticking bomb.

AnonymousApr 06 2009 4:48am
I would be scared of a wife like yours Anonymous. Leave her...Not all of us guys are bigger and stronger than our wives/girlfriends and not all females are nice and non-violent, several of us me know that but we very seldom talk about it.

Another AnonymousApr 27 2009 11:10pm
I have a story in my head and I need you all to be free Technical Advisors to help me make it scientifically realistic. I dont want to resort to sci-fi or magic, I want this to be scientifically accurate. The premise is that a man wants to begin a program to get into better shape, but the person he asks for help wants to sabotage his efforts at getting stronger and more muscular. Im looking for diet/exercise/supplement advice that sounds good, but would actually have the opposite effect from that intended. It should sound like it might work, but wont. For example, is over-training real? If the man was encouraged to work the same muscles (biceps/arms) to exhaustion every day, or twice a day, that sounds like it should make one stronger, but would it? Or perhaps youve heard locker-room stories about how some guy psyched out some other guy and ruined his contest preparations. What are some training myths that would actually weaken someone?

Anon 909Jun 01 2009 8:33am
OK anon909, try this: a wife is working out because she wants to be stronger than her husband. she tells him he is soft and fat and buys P90X DVDs for him and convinces him to do it every day, while discouraging him from following the diet, which is high protein. He works out an hour or more per day and starts losing weight, so she convinces him to do the 2x or two workouts per day version, while switching him to a low cal, low protein diet. now he really loses weight, not realizing he's really burning up his muscle tissue. Meanwhile, she is doing exactly the optimum amount of heavy lifting exercises and diet, packing on the muscle and losing fat. Within a year she is stronger than he is, with bigger muscles and less fat than him. he has lost a ton of weight, but a lot of it is muscle. now he is slender and weaker than her, but because of the "supplements' she gives him, he now also has larger breasts than she does. hilarity ensues.

Hillary SueAug 13 2009 2:03pm
you are sick Hillary, why do this to somebody you love?

AnonymousAug 18 2009 12:18am
"you are sick Hillary, why do this to somebody you love?" It's for a story, not real life. And I'm not really Hillary Sue, that's just a play on "hilarity ensues", which was just to indicate that funny stuff happens after she makes him feminine and their roles reverse.

AnonymousAug 19 2009 8:40am
As a husband of a strong woman I have to admit that I do treat her differently than if she were not strong. If she were not strong I would probably be more dominant in the relationship, I would just assume I was the more important partner because I was a lot bigger and stronger. But since she is strong (I don't know who is stronger, in some ways I probably am and in other ways she is)I regard her as an equal and occasionally defer to her.

MetroManSep 10 2009 7:26am

AnonymousSep 10 2009 11:30pm
When I showed my husband that I was stronger than him he changed his attitude towards me, not that he behaved badly before, but suddenly he listened to me more, he asked me about my opinion more, he let me take the lead in bed. I also changed, it suddenly was natural for me to take the heavy stuff when had been shopping, the heavier suitcases etc. Over all our marriage is better since that night when I bested my husband first in armwrestling and then in wrestling.

SandraSep 14 2009 12:02am
Ma'am,do you spank him when he gets out of line?

obedient husbandSep 15 2009 6:37pm
of course not obedient husband, would never do that.

SandraSep 28 2009 1:32am
Thank you for responding Ma'am. Wife paddles me from time to time and it makes me a better husband but each Woman has to use Her own method.

obedient husbandSep 28 2009 5:12pm
to answer this poll, even if I am a man. Of course I treat my wife in a different way. She showed me about two years ago what her gym trained muscles could do with my couch potatoe ones, she pinned me, spanked me and started to take control of me. Since I still loved her I stayed and am now obeying her. I know she can beat me up with one arm behind her back, that is enough for me to obey her. She is most of the time non violent but if I am doing things wrong I am in trouble.

AnonymousOct 25 2009 11:52pm
I made a big mistake bookmarking the different polls here. My girlfriend found out. One evening she asked me if I liked dominant women, stronger than me. I stammered and asked what she meant. She looked at me sternly and said that I knew exactly what she meant. My girlfriend is a big girl, 6 feet and perhaps 190 lbs. I am 5'10 and 30 lbs lighther. To be honest I first got interested in her because of her size but after a while fell inlove with her. She walked over to me where I sat in the sofa and dragged me to the floor. She said it was time for her to show me how strong she was and challenged me to wrestle her, best of three falls. She surprised me with her speed and soon had me in a head lock. She easily dragged me down to the floor where she quickly had me pinned under her. It took her seconds to control me. I couldn't get her off me. I stammered that I wasn't prepared so we had another go. Now hand to hand, arm to arm. She laughed at my attempts to outmuscle her, her shoulder muscles were simply huge and her biceps showed in a way that I had never seen before. She then threw me to the floor again. But didn't pin me, she was enjoying this too much so she started to put me into a series of leg scissors, grapevines etc. When she had me under her again she lifted me up in a cradle and sat down on our bed with me in her lap, she just turned me around so I was face down over her lap, she took off my briefs so my butt was naked and started to spank me. She said that this was the best way to show who was the boss. She had me admit that she was the head of our relationship. I was in shock. First because she had proven herself to be so much stronger but also the dominance she showed. it was a dream come true in a way but I also feel embarrassed being so much weaker and so dominated.

DietmarDec 14 2009 2:00am
Dietmar- If you don't want her, she can dominate me any time she wants!

LSDec 14 2009 7:22am
Lots of women these days know karate. Some of them are black belt, too. Do these karatewomen dominate their men during lovemaking. Can they or do they literally rape men?

IndonymousDec 31 2009 6:36am
Dietmar, I have similar story to yours. I have always liked big (not fat) women. I married my wife 20 years ago, we were the same height 182 cm but she weighed almost 80 kgs then and I was 65 kgs. The difference today is bigger in weight since wife now is 90 kgs and I am almost 70. About 6-7 years ago we went to a party. The hostess was a big woman and bragged about hos strong she was. She challenged us men to armwrestle her. The hostess won against 4 out of 5 men. I was one of the loosers, she actually destroyed me. My wife then surprised everybody challanging the hostess. After a tough match my wife was the winner. I was very silent when we went back home, both me and my wife realized that the man of the house wasn't the strongest. When we came home I said that armwrestling was a lot about technique and less about strength. My wife smiled at me and asked me if I honestly thought I was stronger than her. She said that she was sure she had always been quite a bit stronger than me, you just had to look at us. And of course she was right, she had wider, sturdier shoulders, bigger upper arms, bigger hands, wider hips, bigger more muscular thighs and calves. But I had alwayt thought I was stronger since I was the man. She said that we could armwrestle to see, she promised only to use her armstrength and I could use shoulders and my body in the match. Her grip was very strong, she never squeezed my hand before and it hurt. I started to press with everything I had, I put my full body weight behind the arm, but she just held me still. She was now sleeveless and I could see her impressive shoulder muscles but her biceps wasn't fully flexed. She then told me to look at her upper arms. I could see the bicep grow and than she just slammed my arm to the table, the same happened with the other arm. She then told me that we better wrestle as well since she really wanted to show me how much stronger she was. The party that night had created a monster out of my wife. She almost scared me when she came at me just picking my up and slammed me in our big couch. She picked me up again as if I weighed nothing and threw me on the floor. I was totally winded and she could pin me easily. She than wanted me to say that men was weaker than women, that I was weaker than her and that she should be the boss in our relationship from now on. I hesitated to say things like that and then she started to squeeze me with her strong legs, I coulnd't breathe and it hurt like hell so after only some minutes of her leg torture I said everything she wanted me to. After this evening she has taken the lead in our relationship. She always has her way if she wants it. She has actually beaten me once, I came home after a wet evening and had enough of her being so bossy. I called her big, fat cow and then she slapped me so I fell to the floor. She wanted me to kiss her feet but I refused, she then dragged me to our bed where she put me over her lap and she spanked me until I cried. Since then I do pretty much what she wants. It is not a big deal anymore since we most of the time have a rather good and equal relationship. But if I do something that she dislike she flexes her muscles and look sternly at me, I don't want to be spanked again - ever

FiddlerJan 01 2010 7:39am
Lots of women these days know karate. Some of them are black belt, too. Do these karatewomen dominate their men during lovemaking. Can they or do they literally rape men?

IndonymousJan 05 2010 7:25am
My wife and I have been married 6 years. I have always been very weak and skinny, and had a hard time dating. I liked big women, but was afraid to ask them out. I decided to make a change finally when I was 29 and got a gym membership, a personal trainer, and started eating tons of protein and working out as heavy as I could. My genetics for muscles though are very poor, and it took me a long time to make the slightest change ( I would see others improve very quickly, men and women, which was very discouraging). I gave up the trainer, embarrased by my progress after 2 years of working out 1 1/2 hr day 5 days a week. I started taking steroids and finally made some progress. I went from 5'2" 85lb up to 115lb, but probably half of this was fat. I started wearing 2" lifts on special shoes with hidden 2" heels, making me 5'6" so I could be taller than the average woman at 5'5". I advertised myself at 5'7" on the dating sites and 155lbs (adding 30lbs for the perceived 5" extra height). I got rid of my glasses for contacts (the glasses made me look nerdy), and even got a fake tan and colored my red hair dark brown to get rid of the very white skin I had tha made me look effeminate and baby faced. I found a lovely on a BBW dating site who was voluptuous and full figured, at 5'10", 215lbs. We dated and really liked each other, falling in love. I did'nt know though how she would take it wehn she found out that I was smaller than I said I was. However, she took it much better than I thought, and she told me also that she was actually 5'11", but understated her height to avoid scaring guys off. So, I got rid of my lifts and heels, and she went back to the 2 to 4" heels she enjoyed wearing, making her a foot taller than me in heels. I also got rid of the steroids that were making me feel rotten, and put myself in to the relationship and pleasing her and stopped working out. I quickly got way out of shape, losing all the 10lbs of muscle and more that I had gained over 4 years and more. She liked my red hair and fair skin and thought my glasses were cute and made me look intellectual. After we got married and my wife relocated, her new job had a well stocked gym and she started working out with some friends at work. My wife was very athletic in high school, playing basketball center, softball (good first base and hitter), and volleyball. I was never good at sports and was always picked last. Well, she apparently has great genes in her family for strength and muscle as she grew rapidly. In the 6 years we have been married, she has gained 75lbs, a fair amount of it fat in her hips and thighs, but probably half of that in muscle, and she now weighs 290. Her measurements are 58"-36"-65", and she has 17" arms and 32" thighs. In the same time, leading a very sedinterary life of office work as software engineer, working late and traveling and eating junk food and sweets a lot. I have lost a lot of muscle while gaining a lot of fat in my mid-section. I am now 130lbs at 5'2" with 28" chest, 42" waist, and 32" hips. I have 9" arms, and 17" thighs (the same size as my wifes arms. She has a distinctive hourglass figure, strong, with broad shoulders, and V shaped back, and powerful amazon tree trunk thighs (she squats 410lbs 6 times) and can bench press 290lbs 4 times. I can only squat 120lbs 5 times, and can bench press 75lbs 3 times, making my wife nearly 4 times my strength. I have finally accepted my place in life as a very weak man and have learned to enjoy being physically inferior to nearly all men and women (and most adolescents, boys or girls), and my wife enjoys being strong and dominant. My wife actually likes me being so weak and skinny and soft (she likes playing with my little pot belly and squeezing my slender chest between her thighs). When she hugs me in her heels, I get my face pressed into her large breasts, and she lifts me easily off my feet to kiss me. She likes to strip my clothes off and sling me over her shoulder and carry me to the bed adn throw me down on it. Then she pins me down and smiles and challenges me to try to mover her off me. When I can't budge her, she takes me and we both are exhilarated and excited by the opposite roles we play, as the big strong wife, and the little weak husband.

WayneJan 19 2010 10:32am
OK, this is my last resort! I haven?t been able to meet my strong muscle goddess in the gym because she, wherever she is, apparently goes to different gyms! Lol I haven?t been able to meet her online at dating sites. Clubs, bars, supermarkets, forget it. So I?m sending out my message in a bottle here! My name is Mike, 40, single, attractive (adorable I been told) and quite gainfully employed. I?m 5?6? 170 and I work out at lot so I?m built pretty well but I?m not a bodybuilder. But I DO love big strong, muscular curves on a woman who is also feminine and womanly! And I would love to meet one who is stronger than I am and loves to show it off to me. It?s not easy to find a woman, big and built who is flat out stronger than me, who loves guys who are not as strong as she is. But I know she?s out there! And if you are, contact me because you won?t regret it. I?m probably the kinkiest, most fun, yet well balanced guy you can expect to meet. And I?m cute to boot! I can be your man or I can be your little boy and anywhere in between. And roleplaying, if you?re into that, trust me will be mind-bendingly fun! So ?if you?re out there, toss your message into the bottle and send it out back to me at!

mike_14856Feb 05 2010 6:32pm
About a year ago I one evening pushed my wife on the bed and went after her for a pin. She surprised me by taking hold of my hands and then caught me between her thighs. There I was hanging between her thighs while she easily was holding my hands off the bed, I just couldn't pin her. She started to squeeze me between her big and strong thighs. She smiled. I knew that my wife's thighs were strong ofter a number of bicycle holidays where she was always stronger than me uphill and had far better endurance. I also knew that she had been going to the gym quite often for some years and that her upper body had grown. I could now see her muscular shoulders and arms easily holding mine. I had to give up. I told her that the leg scissors had taken me by surprise and that I wanted a rematch. She said that she didn't intend to go easy on my like she had always done in the past when we were playwrestling. I didn't have an idea that she didn't do her best. We cleared space in the living room on the thick carpet. She was on my like a tigress, had me in a head lock before and took me down, she quickly straddled me and there I was pinned within seconds. I couldn't get her off me. She really enjoyed this now. Your wife is stronger than you she said, not only a little stronger but a lot! She said we could have as many falls as I wanted. We started again, now hand to hand in a classical who is stronger battle. I now realized that I was totally outclassed. Her shoulders were wider than mine and more massive, her big tits and muscular upper arms were impressive when she suddenly let my hands loose and had me in a bear hug. She lifted me off the floor and squeezed me until I had to give up. She made me say a number of times that I was weaker than her. After this evening she is more dominant and I am a big scared of her, not that she is abusive but she often threatens me that she will wrestle me down in public if we don't do things her way. She has told her girl friends about our wrestling matches, she has forced me to armwrestle her best friend, a woman that is even stronger than my wife and of course I have lost. This has made me a different man to be honest, I am most of the time happy with my wife but she can be too tough for me. I sometimes regret that evening when I tried to wrestle her down on the bed.

JasonMar 14 2010 11:30pm
Just like your wife Jason I have hidden my strength for my husband. I knew I was stronger already when we met 25 years ago but when we wrestled for fun I always let him pin me at the end even if he had to fight hard to win. I used perhaps half my strength. Now 25 years later my husband knows who is stronger. About 5 years ago I one evening told him that I had let him win our small tussles. He didn't believe me so I challenged him to a number of strength tests, armwrestling, leg wrestling, mercy game and wrestling. I totally dominated him. I enjoyed it very much. My husband was very much ashamed of being weaker than his wife, it hasn't been any better for him since he also knows that both my sisters are stronger than me and two of my female friends. But he has also been more considerate, more humble since that night that I showed him that women can be strong.

LizMar 14 2010 11:37pm
Me and my wife was at a party some weeks ago. Late at night I found my wife armwrestling this big, strong looking woman. I was surprised to see my wife in this classical test of strength. I was also surprised to see my wife doing really well. Her opponent showed some big biceps and shoulder muscles, a woman I really thought that I would have problem to beat in an armwrestling match. After a very long struggle the bigger lady slowly put my wife's arm to the table. She complimented my wife on her strength and said that she hade beaten many men and very few had put up a better fight than my wife. She then asked me if I would have a chance against my wife. My wife looked at me and said, yes honey, why don't we see who is stronger. My wife put up her tired arm and said that even if she was tired from the long match she just lost she would win. What could I say, I had to take the challenge. My wife had decided to stop me from taking her down and tire me out. As hard as I tried I couldn't get her down, after a bout 2 minutes my arm started to shake and my wife could pin my arm. With our left arms she actually could slam my arm to the table. I was very surprised at her strength, I knew she wasn't a weak woman at all but that she was this strong was surprising. I am not a small weak man, consider myself at least of average strength for a man. The big lady also challenged me, she could slam both my arms. Other men followed to try to beat this woman but no man this evening could beat her. My wife lost to one man but won against 4. I must say that I look at my wife with different eyes after this and she is a bit different as well, more sure of herself.

AndyMar 18 2010 11:25pm
A strong wife weak husband relationship may sound new but it should really be cool. I am a male and am not into this. But logically there is no reason why a wife cannot be stronger than her husband, why she cannot show that superiority and why she cannot be the boss in bed. The cardinal rule is that the stronger spouse should protect, care and caress the weaker one. And this stronger spouse may well be the female. The like like polls show one thing for clear. Many men are or will be perfectly comfortable with a stronger female spouse if she doiminates him bed but in every respect is no less than a woman. Who will love her husband and be loved by him, who will control him in lovemaking but while doing that will show how much she loves him and cares for him. Such relationships may certainly be very longlasting and enriching ones.

IndonymousApr 26 2010 11:01am
My wife has always been physically stronger than me but she never wants to match strength. We armwrestled and wrestled a few times when we were younger, she was just too strong and the fights ended pretty quickly and she got bored of it all. The thing is that I was very much turned on being dominated the way I was. Over the years I have started to look different sites up where you can read about and watch women that beats men in different ways, I have hidden these sites in our computer. I was careless one day and left the computer on with the site open. When I came home late in the evening I rememebred that I had forgotten and was very nervous that my wife had seen my favourite sites. She didn't say anything over dinner, she looked a bit different and had a small smile on her face. She had a sleeveless shirt on and a short skirt, clothes she normally could wear when we were going out. I couldn't help watching her muscles, her arms and legs are muscular for a woman (even men would be envious of her biceps)When we were about to go to bed she started to brush her hair making her bicep jump up and down. I couldn't take my eyes off her muscles. Was she teasing me? When I was taking off my clothes she suddenly pushed me to the bed and finished the job for me, I started to fight to get free but she smiled and pressed me to the bed. She then looked more seriously at me, almost stern and told me that I had to stop watching all the dirt on the net, if I needed a strong woman I only had to come to her. What a relief! We wrestled around almost all night and she showed me how strong she was, I was totally outclassed and loved every minute of it. Now she seems to like it too. Happy ending.

ByronMay 06 2010 7:37am
The other night me and my wife were sitting in front of the tv, as usual my wife had her legs in my leg and I was feeling them, as every night always. She is a very fit woman, her legs beutifully muscled from years of bicycling and aerobics and from the last years also gym trained. My wife was reading and I watched the tv. I suddenly started to lift her left leg up with my right arm, she instinctively started to stop the movement, I pressed some more but it was stop, then I used all my strenght in my right arm but she was still reading and pressing back. I started to use both arms and was soon trying with all the power in my arms to lift he leg up, but to no avail. She asked me quitely what I was up to, I told her I was fighting her left leg. She lay her book aside and said, how interesting. I was by now using my whole upper body agains her leg. But she could still hold the leg down, suddenly she let the leg up so I came along and fell between her legs. She straight away closed them so I was trapped in a body scissors. I started to fight to get out but I was stuck. She took her book up again and kept on reading while I was fighting. She said that I wasn't strong enough to fight her strong lower body. I told her that if I could use my (much thinner) lower body as well it would be more of a match. Do you suggest we'll wrestle was her surprised queistion. We had never tested strength before in our 15 year's marriage. I suppose I do I said. We cleared space and decided to wrestle on our thick carpet. I took my clothes of and wrestled in my underwear, my wife didn't take her pantyhose and bra off. We started hand to hand, arm to arm. My wife is sturdier built than me, always has, but I am taller so and a man so I thought I could take her despite the struggle I had with one of her legs earlier. To my surprise she was very strong in her arms, hands and shoulders and she easily took me down to the floor where she pinned me in a flash. I couldn't get loose. She was smiling and said that she always knew she was stronger than me but never wanted to show me to avoid embarrassing me. I was totally surprised about what she said. We wrestled for about an hour more I lost every fall, either pinned or had to give up to her lethal leg scissors. We both got quite excited from the physical contact, I was felt embarrassed at first but the way she wrestled was very feminine, she was so much stronger that she just locked me up in different ways and I couldn't get loose, every time she caressed me here and ther and I couldn't stop her, not that I wanted. We have wrestled many times since and I never win, but feel like a winner anyway since we have sex a lot more. Her legs drices me crazy, of lust and sometimes fear since they could do some damage to me if she lost control.

RayJul 16 2010 12:05am
When my wife realized I was turned on by female muscle she accommodated me by showing me hers. It started out by touching and squeezing then professed to her tightening her arms and legs on my body. When she saw the swelling of my penis when she wrapped her thighs around my head she got excited. We experimented with various wrestling holds and both if us quickly realized she got turned in by making me submit or placing me in holds where I was helpless. We wrestle all out and she wins. I lie to think I taught her to well but who am I kidding? Sometimes she just invites me into one of her or my favorite hold. The new found wrestling has been an explosion for our sex life but we remain equals in all else.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 3:27pm
A woman who uses her strength to intimidate rather than sexually arouse should be promptly kicked to the curb. Most women on these sites realize that. The other few are man hatred just looking to bust balls.

WrestleDadNov 15 2010 11:09pm
Me and my mrs has been wrestling since we met 37 years ago. We are today close to 60 and still wrestle. When we were young it was always very close matches where I won perhaps 40%. The reason for my wife to win more than me then was her greater endurance and that she could win by using her very strong legs. After the age of 40 I have never been close to win against her, she is far stronger than me all over and is today a very fit 59 year old woman that can bench her body weight, 75 kgs. My best bench today is 50 kgs (well perhaps that was some years ago so let's say 45). Legs, she kills me, her thighs are very big and muscular and calves the same. And why be ashamed of loosing? She is very strong and our matches almost always leads to great sex.

pinned and happyNov 15 2010 11:14pm
Pinned and happy, You and I are of like mind. While I am now 61 a d my wife is 45 it still remains as it has for 20 years now that her stamina is so much better than mine tha while I will win a few falls early o. She always wins in the end as she just keeps getting stronger as the match goes on. Since wrestling is foreplay for us. Sometimes we just skip to the inevitable and she picks one of her. Favorite submission holds and we start ther. We both know she loves to submit me and I enjoy the helpless feeling of submittion. Then as you know the sex is great.

WrestleDadNov 16 2010 3:44pm
How about a tall stocky man against a short thin woman? Here is my story and I am 6'4" 220 lbs. I love the hard bodies like my wife. 5'6" 140 lbs. Runs 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week. (benches reps at 150 lbs) and can do 50 pull ups. She has a six pack stomach and is visually muscular. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and in pretty good shape but nothing like her. Her stamina leads to wins always in the final 40 minutes of our hour wrestling foreplay. Here is what happened last week. I experienced a hold which I have never seen discussed on any forum I have ever been on and it was inescapable. My wife and I were wrestling and I had her in a pretty good position moving toward a submission. She was on her back and I was across her torso at a right angle with my back to her chest. I had a hold of one of her legs and was going for a headlock for a reverse body pin. She quickly pulled her head away and wrapped her right arm over the top of my right arm and back under my back. She then Scissored my left arm in a figure four tight tro my shoulder and pulled both arms down to the floor. She was on her back with total control of both if my arms with my back across her torso. I could not move. To sit up I would have to bring her entire weight with me. I could not roll out as she controlled both of my arms out to the sides of my body. Her left arm was free and she started to play with my nipples which she knows I like. She then said I know you like that but how do you like this. She threw her pelvis up and pulled down with her legs and her right arm. I was stretched so far I had to tap immediately. She of course did not release me for several more minutes and several submissions. She also made me beg to let me go. It was a completely dominating hold. Congrats to my wife for teaching an old diog a new trick

AnonymousDec 09 2010 8:44pm
My husband certainly changed when he realized that I was stronger than him. We had ordered tons of stones and soil to do some big changes in the garden. We had to carry many of the big stones, and some of them were really heavy. My husband started to think how you should move the bigger stones when you couldn't use the wheelbarrow. While he was thinking I started to carry the biggest of the stones. Heavy but not too heavy. I am a compact woman, 5'8 and 165 lbs, very strong with an athletic background and from working out 3 times a week for years. I liked the physical challenge. When my husband could see that I could carry the stones or rather rocks he started to do the same. He could could carry them but only just and after carrying a few he had to rest while I could carry on. He is the typical office man, keeps himself in shape playing boll sports and gold and jogging. I don't thing he has ever lifted a weight. He has a nice, slim body but I have never thought he could be stronger than me. Now when he could see me carry those big rocks he started to realize that I had much better endurance than him. I have to give to him that he really tried to keep up with me but he just couldn't. At the end of the day we had moved the rocks and wheelbarrowed the earth, quite heavy work as well. I kept on one hour more than my husband, he almost collapsed after 5 hours of hard work. He was very silent after dinner, just too tired to talk but he also looked at me in a different way. I could see him looking at my bare arms, like he never had seen that I have rather muscular arms, bigger than his. I teased him a bit fixing my hair so my biceps jumped up and down. He suddenly said, you're quite strong...for a woman! I looked sternly at him, for a woman? It certainly looked out there like I was stronger than you, I said. He told me that he was impressed by my endurance. I than did something that I had wanted to do for many years, I challenged him to an armwrestling match. It was like I had hit him. No, I am far too tired was his excuse. I just told him that I had carried perhaps 75% of the rocks and wheeled most of the soil so I should be more tired. He realized he couldn't back out. This was the first time we had ever matched strength. I deliberately squeezed his hand with most of my power, something that made him cry out, his soft hands were smaller than mine, longer fingers but smaller and weaker. I let him start, he pushed with his body behind, he had obviously learnt a bit about armwrestling. I felt that I could hold him with my armstrength alone. He was weaker than I thought. He used all his power, he got redder and redder in his face. I just wanted him to use everything and the put him down. After perhaps 5 minutes he had absolutely no power left in his arm and I could just push a little bit and his hand touched the kitchen table. Shiiit was his comment. When I put my left arm on the table he said, no no, I give up, you are much stronger than me, I was dissappointed. I had wanted to slam his arm down. He surprised me when he asked me to flex my biceps. He had never done that before. He felt my big muscles and told me he was impressed, that he had never understood how strong I was. He wanted to feel my leg muscles as well and soon he was carressing me all over. It was like he was the woman and I was the man. He realized that after a while and tried to lift me up in his arms to regains some of his male pride. He got me up in his arms but collapsed on the floor, his arms were tired from the tough day and from armwrestling. I then lifted him from the floor up in my arms and carried him to our bedroom upstairs. From that evening he has changed. He loves feeling my muscles, he often tries to wrestle me down only to find that I can pin him in seconds. He most of the evenings fall asleep on with his head on my shoulder. He listens to me more, he shows me more respect and is more considerate. It was like he almost straight away took place number two when he found out that I was much stronger than him. People around us have not noticed the big changes, perhaps our closest friends, but between the two of us things have change. He stays home more, we do more things together, going to cinemas, plays etc. I am happy to be the strong one, and I like my new changed husband better than before.

CompactJan 19 2011 4:35am
isn't it great being stronger than your husband? I get a kick reading about it, have always been a tomboy and have beaten many boy and man in different physical challanges. It is still something extra seeing the panic in a man's eyes when he realize that he is about to loose an armwrestling match against me, a woman.

CathyJan 30 2011 11:09pm
it is great Cathy

AnonymousFeb 23 2011 5:34am
I can?t believe it, so many wimps here. No real men lose a fight between a man and woman.

AnonymousMar 18 2011 11:07am
I wrestle with my wife regularly and she always wins.

fredJun 28 2011 8:40am
I love having a strong wife. It began with an innocent arm wrestling match. She had been working out at home for a while . I had gotten her a weight bench and weights and she had been using them during the day while I worked. After a year or so I had noticed she had put on some muscle especially her upper body. Her arms were firm and her shoulders looked strong. I looked small next to her but she never really commented on it. One night Ishe asked me to change a light bulb that had blown out in the kitchen. I went to get the step stool and came back into the kitchen. She laughed and said we dont need that. She handed me the bulb and bent down with her shoulders between my legs and lifted me easily onto to them and held me there while I changed the bulb. How was that she asked. all I could do was to stammer that was interesting! Do you like having a strong wife she asked. Yeah I said I never knew how strong though! She flexed and asked if I wanted to arm wrestle. OK I will try it. We got ready and within a minute or so my arm was down. the other arm was the same story. I said well we know now who the stronger spouse is. She asked does it bother you? I walked over to her and sat on her lap and kissed her. I said I have thought for a while you were stronger and no it doesnt bother me at all. We made out for awhile I had her make a muscle and I kissed her bicep which she really seemed to like. I got up and she said you wanna wrestle? OK but dont hurt me! We moved the furniture and stripped down to our underclothes she looked really strong. We wrestled for about a half hour she really kind of toyed with me. Me being not in really great shape she wrestled me until I could offer no resistance. She sat on me and did a double bicep pose and said she was the winner. I noodded my head and said I am worn out but that was fun. I lay there for a few minutes and he came offer and offered her hand. She pulled me up and I fell into her arms and she kissed me again. She said I am so turned on right now lets go to bed! Before I knew it she had lifted me across her shoulder easily. I said this is great. No problem you are light, holding me with one arm she carried me up the stairs and to the bed room. Can you lift and carry me more I asked. Do you like it? I love it I replied. She put me down and said I will call you in a few minutes but close you eyes when you come into the bathroom. She called me in and I did as she said. I felt her shoulder in my stomach and again she hoisted me across her shoulders this time in a firemans carry. She held me and then began to carry me back to the bedroom. She said there is something else I need to do and from now on this will be a large part of our sex life. She said you can take the blind fold off now. As I did she had me in front of the mirror I looked down and around her waist was a harness with a strap on. I grabbed the lube from her and still over her shoulders I lubed it up. She tossed me on he bed and did me the rest of the night and in between lifted and carried me. It was only the beginning!

johhnyJun 28 2011 9:35am
johnny, what are your respective heights and weights? Also, how big was the strap on?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comAug 12 2011 1:15pm

1Feb 22 2012 5:26am

1Feb 22 2012 5:26am

-1'Feb 22 2012 5:26am
I can relate to what you write Compact. My wife since many years is also a compact woman. I knew she was strong but never thought she could be stronger than me. One evening we started to playwrestle and push each other. My wife pushed me agains a wall and pinned my arms to it and I couldn't get free. She smiled and let me loose saying that I shouldn't take on the big ladies. I then jumped on her back to try to take her down. She easily held my weight carried me to our living room where she threw me on the floor. She took off her skirt and bloues and was now standing in pantyhose and bra, flexing her muscles. She really looked strong, she is like I said a compact woman, wide almost massive shoulders, big breasts, wife hips and big thighs. Strip, she said, lets settle this with a wrestling match. I stripped to my briefs, I actually felt small compared to my wife, I am taller but she weighs more than me. She was on my and knocked the air out of me and took me down to the floor where she pinned me in a flash. It took seconds only and I was defeated. I couldn't get up. I was very embarrassed but liked to body contact. My wife really enjoyed this so she let me up and we started again. This time hand to hand, something that she had already proven to be stronger at pushing me to the wall. She dragged me down to the floor and this time threw one of her sturdy legs over me and trapped me in a body scissors. She squeezed me harder and harder and my slim rib cage couldn't take more pressure and I had to give up. We wrestled for perhaps an hour and at the end I was totally exhausted while my wife was still fresh. She won 12-0! We had great sex after and our relationship changed after that. I became more submissive, I did what she told me most of the time, she had proven herself a lot stronger and she was the boss. We actually got a better relationship that way. We very seldom argued and we had sex a lot more. My wife really enjoyed being physically stronger and only regretted that she had waited so long before she had shown me that she was the one with the muscles in the family.

TommyMar 09 2012 2:02am

1Mar 15 2012 12:50am

1Mar 15 2012 12:50am

-1'Mar 15 2012 12:50am

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1Mar 15 2012 5:54am

-1'Mar 15 2012 5:54am

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1Mar 17 2012 12:19pm

-1'Mar 17 2012 12:19pm

1Mar 19 2012 2:34am

1Mar 19 2012 2:34am

-1'Mar 19 2012 2:34am
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrrstle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her as she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pin me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrrstling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and has got a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like her playingtime even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 10 2012 4:31pm

1Jul 18 2012 9:55pm

1Jul 18 2012 9:55pm

-1'Jul 18 2012 9:56pm

1Aug 08 2012 12:19pm

1Aug 08 2012 12:19pm

-1'Aug 08 2012 12:19pm
My wife is 5 9. I am 5 8. She weighs 165 and I weigh 150. She had a smaller strap on, although we got a larger one. I like her to wear it during lift and carry foreplay. The other morning she had me sit on the kitchen counter, took off her robe and had her toy on. I got pulled off the counter and into a front straddle she held me up as she did me it was incredible. For twenty minutes she had me in the air. We were both satisfied and i lay there hanging on her. She manuvered me unto one shoulder and pulled me off her toy. She carried me to the shower. She is strong and sexy and I really lucky!

johnnyMar 13 2013 4:07pm
Changes come with time. Once my wife was lighter than me with thinner biceps but we could lift each other in the air when we wanted. Now her biceps are bigger than mine, she is heavier than me, but I could lift her up and drop her on the floor if I wanted. But why should I? We depend on each other, helping each other, loving each other, though she probably initiates sex more than me.

AnonApr 07 2013 11:11am
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VbtLIXSfgqICOct 24 2013 6:06pm
Is any women are there in India who can fight and defate me. My Height 147 CM and weight 51 KGS. I never fighted with women before. I challenge all strong women who have dare to fight with me send details to my mail ID

ShashiOct 30 2013 5:52am
The point is husbands are not going to treat their wives differently until the wife proves to him she needs to be treated with respect. Take the following scenario. The downtrodden wife finally decides to stand up to her arrogant husband. She take advice from her friend. You can see a good illustration of what the two women would look like at the blonde girl in blue teaches the inexperianced dark haired girl in the silver bikini how to fight and look after herself. Of course the inexperianced girl gets the worse of it until she learns. But when she does and is fully prepared she can now go up against her husband. If this was a spontaneous fight then she would naturally have to fight in whatever she she was wearing at the time. But being prepared for such a conflict she could really choice what to wear and what better than the silver bikini she is wearing in the illustrations This is because one she would not wish to have her normal clothing which by its very nature is more delicate than a man's damaged and two by being sexually alluring she puts the man off his guard and by being naturally arrogant he thinks shes easy to beat and have his way with her all this gives her the advantage. Also she would be the one who choose the time and place and so prepared him secretly by giving him meals that made lighter at the same time practicing with her friend and getting generally fitter. So when she at last choose to challenge him she was fully ready. But also she has further advantages as a woman she could think multifunctimaly so whilst his whole attention is concentrated on delivering that one punch she is dodging that whilst also hitting him and planning her next move. She as well has a greater endurance and imperviousness to pain than he has. Ss taking all this into consideration it would not be long before he has substained multiple hits all from a person who was now as heavy as him and he had not managed one hit on her so soon he would be left either knocked clean out or in so dazed condition she could now do what she liked with him including doing to him what her friend had shown her in their pratice fight. But with the one new condition he was not just another woman attired the same as herself in a bikini he was a fully dressed man and so this was a much greater achievement in reducing him to this state. All she has to do now is deliver the final coup de grace is to hoist him over her shoulder and phone her friend up to tell her what she has done. Also unlike any other kind of fight where a woman loses to a man or woman or a man loses to another man this type of defeat is final there are no other chances for him his selfesteem is gone and she can now do with him whatever she likes and when she likes.

hymatFeb 16 2014 7:21am
I met wife at the gym. She was a little over weight and had been going there about six months when I started. I was thin and liked to cycle, so I started working out a bit to keep me from gaining any excess weight. She was trying to firm up and lose about 20 lbs. We saw each other regularly because we both had the same work out days. We started talking and really seemed to hit it off. She asked if I wanted to train with her. I said sure and we began to do cardio and weights. We started out lifting about the same weight but pretty son she was lifting heavier than me. We really got to know one another after awhile. She told me she had divorced about three years prior and I had too, so we had that in common. I had an office job and she worked in a shipping dept. She confided that she liked men that were on the slim side and I told her that I liked the look of a strong woman. She giggled and said I think we should go out on a date. I was surprised but I said how about this weekend? She said I would love to but I will be out of town. So we set up a date for a few weeks from then, although we did continue to go to the gym and meet. I started to notice her arms had biceps now and the cardio had really helped her get down to close to her target weight. I remained thin and I could tell by her glances that she liked that I was. We went out on that first date and had a great time, after a few more she asked if we could become a couple, I thought it was a great idea. Because of our passed histories we took it slow and outside of making out and me sneaking a feel of her muscles now and then we took our time. We liked to horse around and we would play wrestle and she totally owned me and it turned us both on. I would jump on her back for a piggyback now and then and she didn't seem to mind carrying me around the house. When we finally did make love it was mind blowing and well worth the wait. It was obvious we had both found our soul mates. She had found her slim guy and I had found my strong girl. We took some photos and it was kind of a role reversal with the woman being muscular and the man not. We were married and the honeymoon was beyond anything we imagined. When we got home, she scooped me up in a cradle carry something she had never done before. She easily carried me in the house in her arms and kissed me and smiled as she carried me up the stairs. She tossed me on the bed and went to the bathroom and told me to get undressed. She came back in in a muscle shirt and wearing a strap on. I smiled as she did a double bicep pose. With out a word she got on the bed and pinned me. She had full control as she began to make love to me. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but she knew what she was doing and it became pleasurable. She asked if I liked it and I nodded yes, she said she would be doing it as much as I wanted. She took both my arms in one hand a flexed and it was the best orgasm we had ever had. She pulled me from the bed and over her shoulders. I lay across her shoulders exhausted as she carried me back downstairs. She had set up a camera and took a few photos. She took me to the couch and she bent me over the arm and she took me again. My amazon wife is a dream come true.

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AnonymousNov 13 2015 3:35pm
Als ich etwa 12 Jahre alt war hatte ich meiner Klasse ein Mädchen, dass zu Hause viel mit Gewichten trainiert hat. Sie hat öfter mal Jungs und Mädchen hochgehoben und durch die Gegend getragen. Sie war total stolz auf ihre Muskeln und hat sie auch immer präsentiert. Sie war zu der Zeit bedeutend stärker als ich.

axDec 03 2015 10:14am

AnonymousFeb 15 2016 10:16am
I love Amazons

FrancisMar 06 2016 9:42am
Cool idea, but sadly you can't believe a word of this.

XXXApr 09 2016 4:36pm
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bizeps. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf ließ sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte dass wir das hier ausprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. 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GeorgMay 02 2016 12:35pm
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SuganJun 26 2016 9:48pm
My wife is strong and dominating, I love it

FrankNov 10 2016 7:19pm
Frank do you sit on her lap?

SuganNov 29 2016 12:56pm

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