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girls' biceps

Question: What size is a feminine teenage girl's flexing biceps? (Don't wrote about bodybuilders!)
Created by: molnargyula at 05:02:51 AM, Saturday, February 18, 2006 PST


If a girl's flexing biceps are below about 12 inches she doesn't look feminine-she looks like a stick figure. A peaked 14 inch biceps provides the kind of feminine curves that are incredibly sexy.

AnonymousMar 26 2006 10:13am

In the 1980s, world-champion female bodybuilders had 14 inch biceps, so how can 12 inches look like a stick figure? Previous comment makes no sense.

AnonymousMar 27 2006 9:10pm

AnonymousMay 31 2006 11:48am

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:09pm
My sister has 14 1/2 inch biceps just from sports and they are rock hard and bigger than mine.

RickJun 02 2007 12:00pm
In less than a year my girlfriend's biceps have grown over 1 inch. She's been strength training with weights and now has 14 inch upper arms. Mine are only a quarter inch larger and I workout too!

AnonymousJun 07 2007 6:14pm
young girls are alot more muscular than girls 10 or 20yrs ago.boys havnt changed.i saw young girls beat boys in armwrestling'running'and fighting.women are inspiring these girls to get stronger.the myth that women are weaker than men is gone.i know women who are stronger than men wake up and accept that girls or women can be more muscular than boys or men and stronger.

AnonymousJul 19 2007 5:39pm
girls are more muscular.i saw yung girls and boys comparing biceps the girls were bigger.they are the future of women.i know women who do farm work and throw 70 pd bales of hay.that takes strong muscle and women have it.

AnonymousJul 25 2007 6:23pm
In Belgium, all this seems not happening.

AnonymousAug 20 2007 12:07pm
you need to travel other parts of the world.women out number men and they are becomming stronger.

AnonymousSep 03 2007 6:39pm
yes u do need to to women alot stronger and more muscular than you think.once you take both hands and squeeze a 15 inch female bicep a be amazed how hard and strong she is you will fall in love.

AnonymousSep 10 2007 5:03pm
I'm a 22y old girl from sweden, and it have been interesting to read all the stories here. I think here is sweden it's heading the same trend as in Japan, the girl ideal is sporty, strong and incharge and the girls wants the guys to be slim, cute and not having too much muscles. I remebered when the swedish gladiators show was on, everybody on my school thought the male gladiators was gross and having too much muscles, but it was cool with the female gladiators muscle. I know everyone in our little "girlgang" prefer slim bodies on guys and not the buff gymguys. Nowdays when we go out on nighclubs we always chase the cute and "weak" guys, i think they are sexier somehow. The last two guys i had been to bed with, have been slim musician in my age, with slim arms and legs. I was clearly stronger phyicly than both of them, and i could easily take control of them and be in "charge", and i think both me and them loved it. I talked to my best frinds about it, and they thinks it cool and also prefer their guys to be weaker, or at least not much stronger then themself. They say it's both safer and you can have more fun with them (i'm not telling what they like to do to cute guys ;-0 ) I also notice that the guys with big muscles are getting jelous at smaller guys, since they seems to get girls much easier. I talked to an ex. classfriend of mine, and he said he had stopped training at gym a year ago, since girls had told him he had too much muscle. I told him of course he looked better now then he was smaller (of course ;-) ). I dont say everyone in sweden prefer smaller guys, but it's definatly an big trend among girls in my age. And then i get a serious boyfriend, i'm pretty sure he will be weaker than me. PS. I lift more than 2 of three guys in my bodypump-class, and they are around 30 years. Not bad, huh? (if they wasn't engaged both of them (grrr), i would invite them home, hehe ;-) )

/kattisMay 30 2008 4:44am
One thing is for sure. Girls (and women's)biceps are bigger and bigger. I have been working out at the same gym for 15 years. The first years we were about 75% men and the few women that worked out wanted to become lean and to firm up their legs and bums. You never saw any of these ladies flexing their biceps. Today we have 65% women at our gym. Many of the women, no matter what age, work out for strength and like to become more muscular. And many of them are flexing rather impressive biceps. I have been working out with light weights all the time to stay away from back problems. Many of the women that work out beside me today are more muscular than me. I like the new strong woman, that show pride in being strong. One teenage girl, about 17-18 years old, have very impressive biceps, I would say around 14 inches. It is nice to see her help some men with the weights, and they seem to think it is OK to have a much younger woman showing them how to lift, and not lift too much. What Kattis writes is kind of funny, that the strong girls go for smaller weaker guys. But why not? I am very slim man and have been dating women that was heavier than me and sometims taller as well. My woman today is almost 20 kgs heavier than me.

Run for funSep 01 2008 1:16am
I am a teacher .there is a lot of girl in my class do workout . one of girl is so huge with 320lb body she has big arms . I think her arm is 20" or greater .

lilteacherDec 16 2008 6:39am
I am a teacher .there is a lot of girl in my class do workout . one of girl is so huge with 320lb body she has big arms . I think her arm is 20" or greater .

lilteacherDec 16 2008 6:39am
Well I'm a skinny guy who hasn't worked out much in life and each of my biceps flexed are 12.25" and 11.5" (I just measured them). I'd say they are about the same size as an average girl. Skinnier girls won't have arms as thick as mine, but medium build girls and upwards will have biceps that are just as thick and probably much thicker.

JasonDec 21 2008 5:06pm
my mother is over 45 but her biceps is extremly huge,almost twice bigger than my fathers and rock hard,when she brush her hair in the evening,huge sturdy muscles bounce up and down on her arms in short sleevs,its good 17-18inches.

AnonymousJan 28 2009 4:48am
As a thin guy who has had many short heavyset girlfriends, take it from me: Many short heavyset girls have HUGE, ROCK-HARD BICEPS!!!

A guy who knowsMar 05 2009 2:55pm
I dated a 5-foot-1, 190-pound girl who has 15-inch biceps. I am a 6-foot-1, 130-pound guy (I am sixty pounds lighter but a whole foot taller than she is!!!) and I have 10-inch biceps. Right after she outlifted me, I GOT A HUGE ERECTION!!!

I'd like to meet some girls like that!

DennisMay 27 2009 7:43pm
vorrei conoscere kattis

mikSep 26 2009 10:57am
uhmmm where are these buff girls? check an almanac or guiness it's 12'

bollOct 11 2009 2:20am
wow I will like to meet are that mom that is 45, and her bicep when she brush thehairs her bices get 17-18 " That will be awezome.

disyokerrJan 24 2010 12:16pm
I like better skini girls with big biceps, they look more sexey than the big ones, exept for Michelle Maroldo, tha woman, is expetional incredible.

GeorgeJan 24 2010 12:19pm
If a saw a group of girls flexing their biceps how would he feel. That would be all according to whether he was a strong, average or a weak man himself. If he was the former then he would probably not take to much notice, but if he was the latter then he would take it more as a challenge to his position as a member of the presumed dominant sex.

hymatFeb 04 2010 6:29am
The smallest arms I've seen on a healthy teenage girl must have been as small as 7 inches, though I have seen girls with arms twice that size. When I was a teenage boy, my arms were only 8 or 9 inches, and my biceps 10 or 11 inches.

Ticklish girly-armsFeb 10 2010 11:47pm
funny,all this talk about yung grls and oldr wmen w/big ang hrd bi's n' tri's,and alot of othr mals don't like them at all, they prefer the "majorly skinny" an, non-mscle built w/only big "boobs"! "major" losers in my book!

annonymousMar 14 2010 8:21am
the 17-18" mom sounds like bullpoo to FBBs aren't that big!

Bullshit DetectorApr 19 2010 1:00pm
I love the comments. I am a guy who is totally turned on by girls with biceps. take a look at my youtube site

fbbfan44May 10 2010 10:58am
I love girls with big biceps! AllI want is to feel their muscles,and veins, and compare mine to theirs. Some girls get turned on when flexing for guys! I then go home and re-live it over and over! "Let me kiss your muscles, please!"

Damon D.Jun 07 2010 5:24pm
Damon, you are a freak! But then so am I! I love girls with veins and muscles too! I knew one that let me b**t o*f while holding her flexed bicep. She dug it seriously. She now does sessions for $$$. All for guys that like muscle like me and you D.

RandJun 07 2010 5:28pm
Poo, how come I can't find a girl like that? Beating off while feeling her arm? Holy poo, my dream exactly!!

AnonymousJun 07 2010 5:30pm
I've felt some flexed girl muscle in my time and can say they are definitely no longer the weaker sex. But then they were'nt in pioneer time either. The weak girl ideal came in the 20th. century. Now in the 21st, strong girls are back in favour!

Chris C.Jul 23 2010 2:38am
the sister of my cousin has very big biceps she wore short sleeve and when she flexed a big hard bicep pop out its was about 17" and very thick

AnonymousAug 04 2010 5:55am
According to the 'Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults: U.S. Population, 1999?2002' (NHANES), the median average upper arm circumference (ie unflexed bicep) for a 15 year old girl is 10.4". Calf circumference 13.9", and mid-thigh 19.2"; height 5'4"and weight 127lbs (median), or 135lbs (mean). Hope that helps.

SteveAug 25 2010 9:46am
I am the mother of two teenage girls and I have to say that things have changed since I was their age. It used to be considered unfeminine to have muscular arms and even to be strong when I was around 18. I was an athletic girl, swimmer and had big muscles that I always tried to hide. I let my boyfriends win when we wrestled for fun and armwrestled, I could have beaten them all but didn't want to scare them away or look unfeminine. My girls today are not at all the same. They are proud of their muscles and strength and I often see them flexing together with their friends. They would never loose on purpose to a boy or man but at the same time they are often talking about finding a boy that is bigger and stronger than them so they still have a wish to be small and weak compared to the male they are dating. I am single today and enjoy being free to work out and develop a muscular body. I am not a body builder at all but I have good muscles and I am strong. I am outlifting many men at the gym and there is nothging strange with that since I have been working out all my life. Have beaten most male friends at armwrestling, I don't feel unfeminine because of that. I have to admit it also gives me a kick of beating men at something that requires strength. They can't believe it when they feel my strength and they almost panic when they realize I am gonna pin their arms when we armwrestle.

MinnaOct 03 2010 11:33pm
I will never understand why men are intimidated by muscular females. It must just be social stigma. There is nothing sexier than Rick hard female muscles and from 51 years of wrestling women there is no better. Way to enjoy women's muscles than to have them wrapped around you. Women enjoy the controland I enjoy feeling all if those muscles squeezing every part of my body. Congratulations to those women who work hard to get those muscles. I will always be appe iative of them.

MikeDec 04 2010 6:58pm
My wife started to work out with our new neighbor last year. Some time ago this lady were at our house for the first time and my wife went on about this lady's big biceps and wanted me to feel them. So I felt the upper arms of this lady and I had to admit they were really rock hard and big. My wife wanted to measure this muscle and we found out that it was almost 14'! Then the lady measured my wife's biceps that to my big surprise looked really big flexed, I hadn't seen my wife flexing in a very long time. Almost 13'! Then these ladies wanted me to flex and we found out that my 12,5' biceps were the smallest. My wife then wanted me to armwrestle her work out friend and I didn't really mind, it was obvious that she was more muscular than me so I didn' fancy my chances. She was very strong and just forced first my right arm and then my left to the kitchen table. Then I lost to my wife with left arms (her strongest) and won after a long struggle with right arms. My wife said that she soon would be stronger than me with her weakest arm. When the neighbour lady had left my wife wanted to have another armwrestling match. She almost slammed my left arm to the table and to my surprise she won with the right as well, she said that she felt sorry for me to be so outclassed by two women in this classical test of strength. We wrestled later that night and I once again found my wife too strong for me. She told me that I ought to start working out since most women at the gym my wife goes to are abiout the same strength or stronger than her. And I have started to lift some weights after that. The neighbor lady is very muscular for a woman in her mid 40's, her legs are huge and shoulders massive. I asked my wife if she wanted to look like her work out partner and she said oh yes, but also that she couldn't become as muscular.

SebDec 10 2010 6:01am
Seb, you need to do something about your situation, women aren't supposed to be stronger huh!

AnonymousJan 13 2011 1:28am
Feel those big,hard muscles. I love to wrestle strong woman, but like most guys I am afraid my wife does not understand. I have to do it secetly. The strange thing is my wife actually has bigger biceps than me even though I work out. I love to watch her comb her hair in summer whilst sleeveless. She has a very oldfashioned view oj strong women, so does not like me to touch her biceps. She does not want to turn me on too much. Sensible, as I come far to quick when I feel them.

MartJan 23 2011 1:38am
My wife and I are in our late forties. Before we started courting twenty years ago (we worked at the same company) she was reputed to be strong for a women and at 5'7 weighed around 155 pounds. She then went through a seperation from her then husband and lost about twenty pounds. When we started dating we used to wrestle. Even though I was about 165 pounds (at 5'9) and she 135 pounds I could hardly move her. She was so strong. Eventually through sheer force I would pin her (after about ten minutes) though I've found out since that she wasn't trying. In the last twenty years her weight has increased to 195 pounds (not all of it is fat) and I'm still at 165. Not surprisingly there is no doubt about who the stronger one now is in our family. She's very big boned, has much bigger biceps, stronger legs and can outlift, outwrestle, armwrestle and beats me in every strength test imaginable. We have a son (15, 5'6 and 120 pounds) and a daughter (11 - 4'8 - 128 pounds)and she can lift us all at once - me on her shoulders, my son standing on her thighs holding my hands to maintain tension and my daughter sitting on her mum's big butt as she leans forward. We've been doing that most days for a few years now but my wife certainly finding it harder as the children get bigger.

AndyJan 28 2011 4:51pm
Andy, which of your children is stronger? Your daughter is heavier even though ten inches shorter and a few year's younger.

RodneyJan 28 2011 4:54pm
To Rodney - Although my son beats my daughter at wrestling and armwrestling they are close to equal in strength. In fact she can lift him on her shoulders and gives him piggybacks almost daily. He can lift her but her weight distribution means he can't for long though she piggy backs him to and fro for a few minutes - even piggybacks him to his room most night when he's ready to go to bed (he goes earlier than her as rises early to catch a bus to school some distance away).

AndyJan 28 2011 4:59pm
At weekends when he has a lie in after my wife has rang the bell for breakfast often my daughter will come through with my son draped over her shoulder saying "look who I've got, I've got a very sleepy boy here". Fortunately my son is relaxed about it (in fact he encourages her) and laughs along with the rest of us. He'll often sit on her lap when we watch TV just like I do sitting on their mum's lap.

AndyJan 28 2011 5:05pm
My biceps is 12 inches man,If i wrestle with sturdy women I win or lost?

servo900c@gmail.comFeb 01 2011 8:09pm
My girlfriend's biceps are 13 inches woooo! What do I win?

AnonymousFeb 06 2011 11:25am
Some girls are extremly strong one girl picked me up and lifted me completely over her head i saw her legs and bare feet how powerful they were my body was just weak and limp up in the air over her head.Then another time this let me feel her arm muscles and back muscles her arm muscles were huge for a girl around 130 pounds and her back muscles were so strong she said this going to be fun for me your a little weakling she then dominated me and slammed me on the ground i layed there so hurt i couldnt move she just beat me up.Then i wrestled a girl who was a wrestler and she was so strong i was dominated and on the floor so hurt in pain she said i won easy i said i let you win i had to try to save my pride we should wresle again she said if you want to get hurt ok.Then i meet this girl she was bigger than i said we should wrestle we went to this house and she had me pined on the bed so fast her body was so strong then i have wrestled ex girlfriends and other girls i have only won a couple times girls are stronger from the ones i have wrestled with and have been dominated and beatin up by many of them who are alot stronger.

AnonymousMar 26 2011 7:27am
My step mom had huge biceps! She was a former circus woman that settled down as PE teacher at a school. My father married her and I suddenly had a mother, stronger than any father that I knew, mine included. She had biceps that muse have been more than 14 inches. She is dead today but when she was 65 she could still beat men at armwrestling half her age. I have to admit I had erotic dreams about my step mom, she had a fantastic body from years of training at the circus, she was very physical and I wrestled her a lot more than I did my father. She was a very loving person but I could never stop looking at her biceps that jumped up and down her arms all the time. I married a muscular athletic woman, with biceps perhaps 13 inches so I got myself a muscular woman at the end.

AnonymousMay 09 2011 11:37pm
I once dated a woman who was 5'0" 240 lbs. and she was all muscle no fat. One day she brought me to the gym to work out with her and as we walked by the regular small weight sets that I usually use everyone in the gym knew my girlfriends name. When we got to the back there was a bench press machine that had about 100lbs of weight on it and she told me to try it and she walked away. I needed someone to spot me incase I dropped it so I waited for her to come back she came back carrying two big heavy dumbbells and said go head try I'm watching and I pushed and pushed but couldn't lift this weight. My girlfriend said that each of the two dumbbells in her hands were the same weight and she started to lift each of them with one hand with ease. She then picked my up over her head and put me down next to the bench press table. She added 200 lbs to each side (500 lbs in total) then she lifted it up and down atleast twenty times non-stop. She brought me over to the onehanded dumbbells and she held me in one hand like a baby while she lifted 150 lbs on each of her other hands I was amazed. We went home later that night and she started flexing her huge biceps and I felt these two balls of rock hard as diamonds. We measured them (16.5") then we measured mine (11.5"). She said I was going to feel her quads and calves with something other than my hands, you guessed it my head and neck. Then I felt her pecs with my face while she bounced them up and down (she was no boobless wonder either she had beautiful soft firm breasts but the pecs above em were rock hard, up against a muscular firm rock hard woman's chest is the best place in the world were you can't breathe) it was awesome. She then offered wrestling and I thought we were already wrestling but with a five inch difference in bicep size and atleast five times strength difference and I was ready to get dominated and just looking at her flex her giant muscles got my a huge boner she literally ripped my clothes off and put her left hand on my chested then grabbed my hard-on and lifted me over her head and said wow you are one light horny little guy. She brought me down and tried a series of takedowns all successful to no surprised and then put every inch of my body in all the holds and legscissors imaginable. She was so hot and after, she did different kinds of holds on me in bed. I sat in that bed until 7 o'clock at night the next day, but I never heard from her again, I think I'm in love.

AnonymousMay 27 2011 2:12pm
The guy who said his girlfriend benched 500 is a liar. Every thing in that entry is crap except for the part about him being horny.

AnonymousMay 28 2011 6:12am
My 8 year old daughter is 4' 5" and has has 9 inch biceps & can do atleast 30 usmc grade push ups

vicnwalkerMay 29 2011 11:52am
Http:// A poll for all of you strong women ;-)

AnonymousMay 31 2011 9:04pm
i would love to meet one of this huge muscular girls, or a strong girl quite frankly i have never met a girl who has outmatched me in strength. they have in size or weight but never in strength, and i wish to someday meet a girl who can be as strong as myself to find a good contest most people on this site seem to think weight or size equals strength. i ahve wrestled 3 guys, all bigger than me at once and it was an easy win. i wrestled a guy who was shorter than me and the man won against me so far no girl has won against me, neither at armwrestling nor wrestling, only when i was 14

sixpackmadnessJun 18 2011 1:28pm
I think that, as long as she has a cute face and stays healthy, The bigger the muscles the better.

Hey MeJul 17 2011 5:44pm
heya im one of these muscular females - retired level 8 gymnast and im 17years old. Im not huge or anything but you can see obvious muscles in my arms, legs, back and tummy when im wearing a bikini etc. I didnt deliberately seek to build the muscles i have either and it wasnt until i was 13 when i noticed i was actually stronger than alot of boys, even lots older than me. The strength and gym training we went through was intense, at competitive level i didnt have a life, i got up, hit the gym, school, training, homework, sleep and repeat cycle for years. Not a whole lotta variation to that lol. I still have my steel biceps and quads and my 6pack, i keep up the work outs but have alot more freedom and i can flex and make guys hard - i'll never get how the muscles of a girl make alot of guys erect lol but i love it, it turns me on and its gotten me very lovely and open minded boyfriends (not all at the same time ofcourse lol). Thing is i dunno how i'd cope in an era where it wasnt accepted. I love it how its accepted now and the weird ones are the jerks who cant accept us for who we are. We're strong and sexy and we rule! Lol. Anyone who wants to challenge me on this or wants to chat more about gymnastics or female muscle, email me at, i'd love to talk more with you : )

KieraJul 27 2011 8:58pm
heya im one of these muscular females - retired level 8 gymnast and im 17years old. Im not huge or anything but you can see obvious muscles in my arms, legs, back and tummy when im wearing a bikini etc. I didnt deliberately seek to build the muscles i have either and it wasnt until i was 13 when i noticed i was actually stronger than alot of boys, even lots older than me. The strength and gym training we went through was intense, at competitive level i didnt have a life, i got up, hit the gym, school, training, homework, sleep and repeat cycle for years. Not a whole lotta variation to that lol. I still have my steel biceps and quads and my 6pack, i keep up the work outs but have alot more freedom and i can flex and make guys hard - i'll never get how the muscles of a girl make alot of guys erect lol but i love it, it turns me on and its gotten me very lovely and open minded boyfriends (not all at the same time ofcourse lol). Thing is i dunno how i'd cope in an era where it wasnt accepted. I love it how its accepted now and the weird ones are the jerks who cant accept us for who we are. We're strong and sexy and we rule! Lol. Anyone who wants to challenge me on this or wants to chat more about gymnastics or female muscle, email me at, i'd love to talk more with you : )

KieraJul 27 2011 9:02pm
I am 15 year old girl, and my biceps 14 inches, and very hard.

NinaSep 12 2011 10:52am
I am 15 year old girl, and my biceps 14 inches, and very hard.

NinaSep 12 2011 10:52am
I am 15 year old girl, and my biceps 14 inches, and very hard.

NinaSep 12 2011 10:52am
im a 15 year old boy with 9.5 inch biceps is that bigger than most girls my age?

TazSep 26 2011 8:25am
I love muscular women, no matter the age. NOt bulgar muscles, but nice define muscles, biceos abs and legs are my favorite, is a dream sine child

Boy manOct 29 2011 11:09am
i am 6ft tall and have 14 inch biceps. i love women who are stronger than me.

michaelNov 02 2011 9:48am
i am 15 and i'm fairly active but not a body freak. my girlfriend isn't either but she's a hardcore tennis player and since freshman year she has grown significantly. She told me the team goes to the gym almost everyday. I was at her house one day and somehow talk of strength came up and after watching her parents armwrestle i felt less confident going in to our match because her dad seemed helpless to the strength of her mom. she beat me handily. After that expierience i thought it was decidedd that she was a little stronger, but just a week after we were alone at my house and somehow a wrestling match ensued. She pinned me down easily and laughed playfully on top of me. I struggled but mannaged to get up. once i did i was exhausted and she knew it. This time she instead of just a takedown she picked me up into her arms and squeezed my mid section. I was in total shock that not only was she stronger and more endurant but she could lift me for an extended period of time. The pain was unbearable as i almost screamed for mercy before she through me to the ground, jumped on my back, and put me in a headlock. of course due to brute strength it hurt but it was less effective due to lack of expierience. it may not have hurt as much but it disabled any movement whatsoever. she just laughed and let me go after like a minute. For stat geeks she has 15 inch arms she's 5-8 145 lbs.

stevenNov 10 2011 2:13pm
Hi, i am the father of two girls, one 17 and one 14. my 14 year old has been a gymnast since she was 4 and it shows. She's big in almost every area and she loves to show it, especially her abs. However Jenna (my 17 year old) is more reserved especially about her body. for instance at the beach she stays in her chair and reads while Melissa (my youngest daughter of course) is strutting her bikini around in and out of the water entertaining the boys with her muscles and some sun block. my wife measured Melissa's arms to be 15 inches, mine weren't that big as a freshman.

DonNov 10 2011 2:31pm
Don can i do/date your daughter, please?

harryNov 11 2011 1:53pm
Which one?

DonNov 11 2011 1:53pm
Melissa the muscled one!

harryNov 11 2011 1:53pm
I don't think you'd like the job. She would probably kick your ass. She's done it to some of her boyfriends right in front of me.

DonNov 11 2011 1:54pm
Couldn't hurt that bad right?

harryNov 11 2011 1:55pm
give it up harry. She's had guys leave the house crying. some to go home and never back and some straight to the hospital.

DonNov 11 2011 1:57pm
sounds illegal. option A: you set me up with your daughter. option B: I put you both under arrest

harryNov 11 2011 1:59pm
I'll take B

DonNov 11 2011 1:59pm
damn you muscular women you always seem to escape me

harryNov 11 2011 2:00pm
ronnie married

amandaNov 22 2011 11:34am
My arms are 8 inches around when I flex them, and my younger sister already has 13 inch biceps and she is only 12.

Pixie-girlDec 03 2011 3:13am
my arms are 13 inches big and im 16, but its not muscular at all, only when i lift them up. i come from singapore and there it is like above average size.

Lee JinDec 03 2011 8:01am
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lee jinDec 13 2011 8:33am
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TrgntLHPApr 01 2012 8:01pm
anyone know of a girl 8 thru 12 yrs.old and has biceps bigger than her age,and can punch boys really hard in their stomachs with her(the girls) biceps?

musclgirl dreamerJul 19 2012 4:11pm
umm,ignore thst last part: (the girls) - just read as...with her biceps?. thanks!

musclgirl dreamerJul 19 2012 4:18pm
i'm also wandering if their is a girl also between those same ages(8-12)who likes to punch boys and maybe older young guys really hard in their stomachs with her biceps?

musclgirl dreamerJul 19 2012 4:26pm
I want meet personally a biceps women of about 45 -55 years at Basel in Switzerland. Paul.-When she allows that I touch her biceps, I will pay her perhaps 100 Swiss francs.

paul.handschin@yahoo.deJul 21 2012 3:04am
that doesn't sound like much fun,unless she has a 12 or 13 year old muscle daughter with bi's that matches her moms arms....then we'd have somthin' to talk about...

anonymooseJul 30 2012 12:15am
that doesn't sound like much fun,unless she has a 12 or 13 year old muscle daughter with bi's that matches her moms arms....then we'd have somthin' to talk about...

anonymooseJul 30 2012 12:15am
that doesn't sound like much fun,unless she has a 12 or 13 year old muscle daughter with bi's that matches her moms arms....then we'd have somthin' to talk about...

anonymooseJul 30 2012 12:15am
hey vicnwalker did your litle girl ever like showing her biceps to others, and punching older boys hard in their guts?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:32am
alot of bullpoo here

bullAug 04 2012 10:10am
I am a 14 year old girl and have 21'' bicep

AnonymousAug 26 2012 4:44am
Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

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bull, i think yur alot of poo!

musclgirl dreamerAug 28 2012 11:23am
Hey Nina,i'd like to get a real good and long feel of those biceps!!! I bet you could majorly stomach punch boys very hard,with those rocks on your arms,and make them lose their breath for quite a few minutes! unnngh!

musclgirl dreamerAug 28 2012 11:39am
Pixie-girl Did your sister ever make alot of boys "get hard" by the site of her biceps? And,could she gutpunch boys pretty hard with her bi'S?

bicepsgirl searcherAug 28 2012 11:48am
Rand,how old was that girl at the time she let you b***O** while holding her bicep? And,how did she even let you in do that in the first place? - you "lucky dog" you...

musclgirl dreamerAug 30 2012 2:23am
Rand,that "O" in my question is supposed to be lower cased! sorry!

musclgirl dreamerAug 30 2012 2:26am
Rand,still need that answer though!

m dAug 30 2012 2:28am
Pixie-girl That S at the end of my ?'n should be a lower case one. Still need your ans. tho!

bicepsgirl searcherAug 30 2012 2:34am
Besides very young girls with bigger biceps,I have the same thing in common with musclgirl d. I accidently make uppercase letters where there shouln't be - just a small note in case for those who wonder!

bicepsgirl searcherAug 30 2012 2:41am
Ha ha ha....i can't initial my name like musclgirl d's. because that's what everyone else on here will think" i'm "full of!" Take a close look at the first letters of my first and last name,and you'll c why!!

bicepsgirl searcherAug 30 2012 3:02am
Hey vicnwal. it's really me,musclgirl dreamer with that one question for you. I have no idea why i put my name as what i did! Guess i was just tryin' to mess with peeps minds,to see if they would recognize me as really...musclgirl dreamer! Sorry about that,and sorry evry1 els. I shortn alot o' wrds don't i! ha ha ha ha!

you know who...m dAug 30 2012 3:20am
I still need your ans.(ya ya i know)though....

musclgirl dreamerAug 30 2012 3:23am
Hey,here's a question i have to ask'while waiting to be ans'd. This is for any1 concernin' Rands comment,and would love to have happen for themselves.... Would any1 here "young guy" of course - doyyyy!!! like to have a muscular girl anywhere from 9 to 15yrs.old,flex a big bicep for you,and let you feel it all day long with your four fingers on the bicep rubbing it,and b***ing o** like mad at the same time,and also while looking back and 4th from her muscle to her smiling face and back to her muscle again to "heighten" the experience,then to her face again to make you go faster,then to her cep again and so forth,until your "mt" and you need time to recover bcause she wants this more then you do? And,she is home ALL DAY and NIGHT by herself until the next day. Her parents were invited to their frieds home get2gether overnight party...oh lucky her and you! Then,bcause the girl loved it so much,what you were doing with her big and hard bicep,and "got off" by letting your fantasy come true,after she let you get enough rest and enough time to let your body remake more of your "juice",she made you get that rest and "re-juicing" without your pants and undershorts on,so she don't have to mess with them at all,and she went to do her daily bicep curls the whole time you were r-n-j'cing",then she decides to take you to her bedroom and shows you her wall-to-wall pictures she's collected from special magazines,a few old books,and the net from her own pc,of girls from her with her 7 1/2yr.old friends when she was 8yrs.old all w/big biceps including her,to her age now with bigger biceps as big as hers,and of older preteen to teen girls with even bigger bi's than her and her friends,and all the other pictures of young and pretty faced girls with real impossibly big biceps for their ages,that this girl ("yours - "now")found in the old books and spec. mags which she neatly cut out and hung,and of the ones she found looking around on the net! Also,of a few female bodybuilders the girl likes. Her parents didn't mind all the pictures she put on heer walls,because they started out as bodybuilders in thier early teens anyway,and they told her any kind of pictures of girls with big muscles(including bi's)of ANY ages,including her friends pics,she could find anywhere,she could put up on her walls,if the musclegirl pics further encouraged her to workout with weights everyday more than her parents could! And obviously by this girls sized biceps,the pictures certainly very much helped! Anyway,since it is now getting dark,this girl grabs you by your shoulders,from your back,and pulls you a bit roughly down on her floor,on your back. ONLY because she is obviously STRONG enough to do it,and the floor gives no slight up and down boucing at all,because she likes it a whole lot when the boy or male is bouncing his hips up and down like crazy at her mercy! Next,she has your arms down by your sides and each of your hands tied to the front legs of her very heavy dresser with your feet facing it,by real long strings. Then she proceeds to straddle on your thighs,her face facing yours,so then she grabs your big and stiff hard-on with her stronger armed right hand,and starts to squeeze and j**k(this word-j**k w/an r in it)the ever loving(on her part)s**t out of it as hard and fast as she wants to,and she she is flexing her bicep on her left arm,to it's fullest size possible at the whole same time she's j**king you very hard and fast with her right hand,and using all of her right bicep strength and force down through her arm to hand to do so,and the girl makes you look straight at her full flexed left bicep the whole time she's j**king you real hard and fast with her right,and because of this,you start sq**ting real quick all over again,plus the girl is really enjoying this moment as much as possible. She don't even care at all that you sq**rted already b-cuz that's what she wanted exactly!? More to this part later.

musclgirl dreamerAug 30 2012 6:59am
What can you say about this?

JohnSep 04 2012 2:21am
John stop saying that fu•king thing on every site

ColbySep 22 2012 7:25am
Agreed stop $hitting

JebediahSep 22 2012 7:26am
All CRAP this is

ZackSep 22 2012 7:27am
i know a woman who has 24 inches biceps..thats over twice my arms..and im 5.11 and 160 lbs.with allmost 12 inches arms...some woman are so big and strong..she can lift me up in the air with just one of her arm...allways get scarred when she does that..

gunnarOct 04 2012 4:46pm
It depends on the girl. I went out with a really fit girl who was about 5'5". I asked to measure her arms one night and I was surprised to find out they were only 12 inches, even though they looked so big.

RickOct 22 2012 7:43am
Nina,have you ever punched a guy in his stomach with those biceps before?

bicepsgirl searcherOct 24 2012 7:36am
I forgot to add,...if you have,how many times did you punch him and what was his reaction?

bicepsgirl searcherOct 24 2012 7:39am
My girl friend has 14 inch biceps when flexed she has bigger muscles than me.

Dazza.Nov 07 2012 5:04pm
any1 here ever have an experiance with a muscle girls who was 11yrs. old,and you were 13yrs. old or older?

musclgirl dreamerDec 06 2012 2:41am
Hi Nina 14 " is very big biceps for a 15 year old girl . i would love to watching you armwrestle my 22year ols girlfriend her biceps is 12 " and she work out a lot but i bet you could overpower her with your hard muscles

MattDec 12 2012 12:01pm

1Dec 21 2012 12:01pm

-1'Dec 21 2012 12:01pm
Hey are there any girls out there looking at this that are muscular!

ADec 22 2012 11:17am
I have 8" muscle and im 12 i am stronger than my boyfriend and most of the guys In my class

?Dec 29 2012 7:40pm
DATE 2012-12-31

DATE 2012-12-31Dec 31 2012 7:05pm
I don't believe most girls on here who says they have 14"+ biceps. Without proof anyway. If you actually do, email me a picture at I'll believe it when I see it ;) And if I see it, I'll be very impressed ;)

Mackenzie Jan 01 2013 6:00pm
this is all crap!! im 15 (male) and i got 10.6" flexed, and 9.6" unflexed. I really doubt that all of these woman are 14"...

mikeJan 16 2013 2:01pm
Nothing is sexier than a perfect peaked female bicep and a woman that knows how to flex it

LpcJan 21 2013 11:48am
this is a load of BS. Georgina is a young bodybuilder, and she has been celebrated for her muscles since she was 17 when she was 14.5''. if any of this stories were true im sure this bunch of 15 year olds would be getting more publicity than Georgina. it doesnt take much common sense to realize half this stories are frustrated fetishists hoping to trigger others to write similar stories to please themselves

AnonymousFeb 02 2013 4:31pm
Largely true, I am sure, but there are plenty of girls that age with arms that big- it's just not all muscle. My niece is 13 and has arms that are about 13" (naturally I have never measured). Some of it is fat; some muscle. She is also very strong, as she trains for basketball. I know this because we have play wrestled. This is not made up. There's no fetish element to it. It is just a fact.

AnonymousFeb 11 2013 1:02am
None of these are true my sister has been working out for 9 years and she has 12 inch buceps all of those stories were a girl gets 15 inch biceps in a year is BS

AnonymousFeb 14 2013 8:38pm
Now the rest of that somewhat long and boner causing question. Then when this girl was done doing that tied down thing with you,would you then love for her to just punch you as hard as she wanted in your stomach the rest of the night til 4 in the morning?

m.d.Feb 16 2013 8:30pm
Teen girls generally have 10'' biceps, or 11''. there are some exceptions of course. a friend of mine has arms as big as mine, she has 15'' too, it doesn't look out of place because she's muscular all over. but she's no teen. she lifts since she was 14, takes creatine and tonnes of protein and she's currently in her 20's. all the guys saying girls get 14'' all of a sudden at the age of 15 are bullsh*ting. to get that a girl needs years lifting and a diet oriented towards that. no girl nextdoor eating macdonalds and sitting on her couch will get biceps by divine grace!

AnonymousMar 27 2013 11:43pm
You guys seriously need to pull out a tape measure .... a 14" bicep on a teen gurl of avg size is huge

meApr 02 2013 1:15pm
when i asked about girls gutpunching with their(or her)biceps,i meant as in...."using" their(or her) biceps to punch along with their-her fists....and not using their-her biceps on the males stomachs! just clearing up my point.

m.d.Apr 10 2013 2:01pm
when i asked about girls gutpunching with their(or her)biceps,i meant as in...."using" their(or her) biceps to punch along with their-her fists....and not using their-her biceps directly on the males stomachs! just clearing up my point.

m.d.Apr 10 2013 2:04pm
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male strength 3Apr 17 2013 3:34pm
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male strength 10Apr 17 2013 3:45pm
anybody know or seen girls ages 7-11 years old with big biceps for their ages? and,did you get to feel the biceps at all? let me know please,and maybe a little story with that.

m.d. musclegirl dreamerMay 20 2013 7:11pm
i'd also like to know about any girled biceps around those same ages and up to 14yrs. seen in public places like restaurants,clothing shops,grocery shops,and the like...especially maybe seen in any sports academy stores at the weights and fitness machines sections.

m.d. musclegirl dreamerMay 26 2013 1:42am
There are lots of strong females and some are way stronger than skinny wimp guys a swimmer or gymnastics girl would kill a sissy in fighting or kill a older out of shape guy.Most females if there real strong are mostly nice they dont want to hurt anyone but know they could if they wanted to if they were in a situation that they had to defend themselves they can kick ass.

anonymousJun 08 2013 12:15pm
Im 17, my biceps are 10inch unflex and nearly 12.5 flexed. They have great definition from weight training and theyre very strong and very very hard!

elenaliciouswrestlebabe@gmail.comJun 16 2013 4:11pm
My unflexed biceps are 11.5" and flexed at 12.25" and girlfriends are 13.5" unflexed and 15" flexed. Her unflexed biceps are even bigger than my flexed. She is a lot stronger than me and whenever we armwrestle she can pin me in a matter or seconds or just play around with me; like she lets me push her about half way then stops and slowly pushes it back up to the middle. She never seems to show any signs of stress and she loves that she's stronger than me.

BF weaker than GFJun 26 2013 11:25am
anyone ever at all anywhere from preschool all the way to highschool seen any or remember girls with insane biceps for their ages?

musclegirl dreamerJul 05 2013 6:40pm
From what I've observed, and felt, Steve's comments sound about right. "According to the 'Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults: U.S. Population, 1999?2002' (NHANES), the median average upper arm circumference (ie unflexed bicep) for a 15 year old girl is 10.4". Calf circumference 13.9", and mid-thigh 19.2"; height 5'4" and weight 127lbs (median), or 135lbs (mean). Hope that helps" ....... The UPPER thigh is probably more like 22 inches. That's where all the power is. The upper-arm measurement might be off, as well. That sounds big. Measurement of the mid, unflexed bicep probably would be smaller ...... The last really savage armwrestling thing I did (for money) was against a 5'10 blonde, maybe 35, who had a softish (but biggish) 12 1/8 bicep, only 12 1/4 flexed. I beat her, but she was a beast for about 30 seconds until she faded ....... At LEGwrestling she dropped me in a swift two or three seconds. 22 1/4 inch thighs, and broad. She jumped around the room yelling "The leg-wrestling champion! Allright!", with her little friend-companion watching. If "Bonnie" ever toned up those big but soft arms in some fashion, she would win a few bar struggles. Including against me.

WaynieDJul 27 2013 5:03pm
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mathhijs,have any good pics of them anywhere?

anon.Sep 29 2013 1:53am
im a boy,m 17yo, and have been friends with this girl since we were very little. And i can't believe i could be so close to someone like her, she has always been literally a goddess. Ever since she was very young she'd get the best marks, and she could destroy everyone in sports. She'd always stretch the uniform to its limits,it wasn't rare to hear rips in the middle of class. ANd this was many years ago, now she is just insanely huge, She makes the biggest uniforms look several sizes too small, and i swear everyday i see her, her arms look bigger. Its incredible

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I thick joanna thomas 16 inch biceps 5feet 1 tall uk bodybuilder and black belts in judo and karate

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When I was 20 years old there was this barmaid I knew.she had big biceps & used to flex them for me.They were a lot bigger than mine when flexed over 14 inches easy.She let me touch them somtimes & they were as big & hard like a cricket ball,she was from Turkey a very strong girl indeed.

DarrenFeb 07 2014 1:56pm
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fTqBdjzznFeb 28 2014 2:56am
I have 9 inch biceps fully flexed and I'm a grown male. I can't believe all you girls have such large biceps.. I admit I'm v. skinny and have no arm strength but am embarassed by how much smaller mine are than most of you. Gulp.

JusMar 15 2014 6:03pm
Has any girl out there got smaller biceps than me?? SUrely??

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The days when women want to be just mothers and just do cooking and domestic work are over.Many go to gyms or work out at home and could not care less if muscle bulk develops especially their biceps and shoulders many have told me their husbands or boy friends love having sex with them. without training the most muscular girls are those who worked on a farm all their lives manhandling large hay bales and driving large vehicles. Their biceps are big and like iron and could easily beat at arm wrestling or wrestling a man of same weight who has worked out.

Not a male weakling,Sep 20 2014 3:01am
When I was in the forces their was a barmaid in the camp canteen whose biceps attracted all the male attention . I am sure extra pints were ordered just to see those biceps bulge . Non of us could get her to arm wrestle any of us. Servicemen ,one of her friends told me she did not want to show us up as she was very strong.barmaid work can build muscle.

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I'll send you a text where to buy generic bimatoprost online without a rx So the software is generally the same that comes on Google’s Nexus devices and Experience phones. Because the phone is sold through carriers for now, there can be some carrier apps installed. I have an AT&T model Moto X and there is barely a hint of AT&T on the phone. I found three pre-installed apps: myAT&T for account management and AT&T Address Book, which I simply ignored and Visual Voicemail. The Quickoffice app is also pre-installed but I suspect that’s a Motorola decision because it’s also present on the Verizon Moto X.

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My 10 year old sister had size 10 biceps then she trained and hit pubety and now at 14 she has size 17 and a half arms and 26 inch thighs

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Not available at the moment bimatoprost no script "Count the head of the IRS among the growing list of folks that includes Big Labor and the law's chief architect who are deeply skeptical of the president's signature achievement and don't want any part of it," Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said in a statement. "No American -- even the head of the IRS -- should be subjected to ObamaCare." 

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Would you like to leave a message? buy bimatoprost eye drops Fruit and wine are some of Chile's largest industries after copper. Fruit exports were worth $4.3 billion in 2012 and wine exports were valued at $1.8 billion, according to government figures. Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol said 30 percent of the fruit that Chile exports has been affected and pledged aid for farmers.

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We used to work together red nizagara Lerner noted that Cuomo and Schneiderman promised the commission would be independent and allowed to “follow the money, wherever the trail led, even if it meant investigating either of your campaigns.”

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The manager nizagara sildenafil “The President directed his team to stay in touch with our federal partners, including the Navy and FBI, as well as the local officials,” a White House official said. “We urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site.”

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How many are there in a book? buying bimatoprost without a prescription Company executives and lawyers say there is no reasoning with him. "Some of his proposalsare good, but you can never talk to him about his positions or his supporting statement. Hewouldn't change them voluntarily," says Gregory Lau, General Motors' retired director ofcorporate governance, who was on the receiving end of many of Chevedden's proposals.

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How much is a Second Class stamp? bimatoprost no doctor prescription Dhia Jafar and Omar Nabulsi said the lawsuit should bedismissed, and a court-ordered freeze should be lifted on the$2.53 million profit that they made lawfully from buying Onyx call options in the last week of June, according tofilings late Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

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What do you study? bimatoprost fast delivery no doctors Cumberbatch rejected Assange's comment, saying: "He accuses me of being a 'hired gun' as if I am an easily bought cypher for right-wing propaganda. Not only do I NOT operate in a moral vacuum but this was not a pay day for me at all."

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I can't get through at the moment price bimatoprost side effects succession powers The chief concern is that reform legislation would cut thevalue of tax breaks for high earners to 28 percent from thecurrent 35 percent. That could drive down the appeal ofmunicipal bonds, which are often sold to wealthy investorswilling to accept lower interest rates because of the exemption.

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Accountant supermarket manager obliged buy bimatoprost pro school radiator But with two saves in as many chances, the 40-year-old righty has seamlessly stepped into the closer role after Bobby Parnell was placed on the disabled list earlier this week. “It’s definitely a lot more adrenaline, that’s for sure,” Hawkins said after sealing the Mets’ 2-1 win over Colorado on Thursday. “You try to condense it down and try to keep the mind-set as if you were pitching in the seventh or eighth inning.”

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How much notice do you have to give? eriacta 100 online BB&T, in a statement late Friday, said it was reviewing the court decision and evaluating its legal options. The firm expects to book an after-tax, related charge of about $250 million in the current quarter, but remain profitable for the quarter.

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A jiffy bag duloxetine online He now faces questions about how the Syrian diplomatic deal will be enforced. Senior administration officials said on Friday the United States will not insist that the use of military force be included among the consequences Syria would face in a U.N. Security Council resolution being negotiated, in order to avoid a Russian veto.

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I'm on work experience cymbalta online no prescription Gaskins faces a charge of second-degree sodomy. An adult can be charged with second-degree sodomy for any sexual contact other than intercourse with someone between 12 and 16 . Taken to Shelby County Jail, she was later released on $30,000 bond.

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Excellent work, Nice Design clomid prescription australia Although we definitely might have preferred this look if there was just a little more of it, we admire Jasmin Walia for trying something new. From one city to another, and in a departure from her usual uber Essex style, the TOWIE star stepped out in Liverpool wearing this men's basketball jersey vest as a dress.

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Languages cvs motrin Where is the mainstream media during this August as the government tries, as it does at the end of every fiscal year to spend the excess cash on hand? The SOP in August is ” Use it or Lose It”. The president has succeeded in creating a big fat pig of a government that is frankly in every taxpayers’ way. If children are staving, it’s because HHS has its head up in its nether regions. The hunger funk has nothing to do with Republicans. They aren’t running the government and they didn’t come up with the idea of sequestration.

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I'm doing a phd in chemistry bimatoprost ophthalmic solution careprost uk Still, the conspiracy theorists will have more fodder over the coming year, as U.N. officials work toward forging a historic, legally binding global-warming treaty in Paris in 2015. Next fall in New York, on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, world leaders will offer up their terms for the treaty: taxes and regulations on the fossil-fuel industries, paired with fresh spending on green technologies and adaptation to the new climate reality. Those proposals will then go into a draft treaty, to be written in Lima, Peru, at a U.N. summit in late 2014.

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I'd like to pay this in, please misoprostol tablets The cases are In re: Standard & Poor's Rating Agency Litigation, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 13-md-02446; and U.S. v. McGraw-Hill Cos et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 13-00779.

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I'd like , please 150 diflucan InvenSense, which makes gyroscopes and other motion sensors and competes against STMicro, plans to sell chips within a couple of years that can detect changes in altitude as small as riding an elevator in an office building and help navigate downtown corridors where skyscrapers block GPS satellites.

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I've been made redundant diflucan quickly “The first thing that I thought was like, ‘Wow, Ray got killed for leaving Boston, and now these guys are leaving Boston,’ ” James said. “I think it’s OK. I don’t mind it, but there were a couple guys that basically [criticized] Ray for leaving and everybody else is leaving.”

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Where do you come from? motrin cost Central bankers everywhere else are watching these experiments closely, among them Ben Bernanke, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve. He and his counterparts around the world, seared by the worst financial crisis in 75 years, are searching for ways to halt borrowing binges before they morph into bubbles, and to push lenders to shore up their defenses before the next crisis arrives.

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A Second Class stamp ibuprofen acetaminophen Your home may just be the answer. If you have a home with some equity, you may be able to use it to boost your retirement income. Even if you have enough in savings and Social Security to fund retirement, it never hurts to diversify income streams. Here are five options for using your home to generate retirement income:

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magic story very thanks cytotec 200 mcg * Anham FZCO, which holds the multibillion-dollar Pentagoncontract to supply U.S. forces in Afghanistan with food andwater brought in supplies to build an Afghan warehouse throughIran, is in a possible violation of U.S. sanctions. ()

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I quite like cooking adult motrin Budapest may be just about the farthest European Union capital from the sea, but its inhabitants have more options than most to take the waters. The beaches of Lake Balaton — Central Europe's largest — are just an hour away to the west. Within the city limits, the Hungarian capital boasts the continent's greatest selection of swimming pools. The city sits on dozens of thermal springs that supply watering holes ranging from atmospheric bathhouses dating to the time of the Turkish occupation — such as the Rudas baths built in the 1560s — to the splendid Art Nouveau spa and pools of Hotel Gellert and the vast Palatinus pool complex on Margit island in the middle of the Danube. A particular favorite is the Szechenyi baths constructed in 1913 with Hapsburg grandeur. It contains vast outdoor pools of varying temperatures, saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools. If swimming is too energetic, the chessboards set up in the thermal pools are popular in summer and winter. For the peckish, it's a short stroll through the park from the pool to the iconic Gundel restaurant, which has been serving up fine Hungarian cuisine since 1910. 

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Lost credit card flagyl 500 mg tablet online without rx Newspaper and magazine editors are calling out deniers – including members of Congress – who ignore scientifically and economically accurate facts when it's convenient to do so. And they're refusing to print pieces, including letters to the editor, based on falsehoods. It's about time.

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Please call back later cheap metformin “San Diego deserves to have a leader with honor, integrity and respect for all people," said march organizer and attorney Kathryn Vaughn. "Bob Filner’s appalling behavior will not be tolerated and is unacceptable for our city’s leader.”

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Could I ask who's calling? where to buy flomax The fuel assemblies have to be first pulled from the racks they are stored in, then inserted into a heavy steel chamber. This operation takes place under water before the chamber, which shields the radiation pulsating from the rods, can be removed from the pool and lowered to ground level.

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Have you got a current driving licence? imovane 7.5mg tabletta Oh, and if you wanna be one of those cynical people who looks at the business side of things, Slate waited to take this stance until after its parent company sold a publication that had to rely on access with the team. But who wants to be cynical when there’s overwhelming bravery by Slate staff to salute? Not me!

ssTKkWOJMaZgNov 12 2014 5:53am
Will I get travelling expenses? flomax 0 2 mg Tepco has been widely castigated for its failure to prepare for the massive 2011 tsunami and earthquake that devastated its Fukushima plant and lambasted for its inept response to the reactor meltdowns. It has also been accused of covering up shortcomings.

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Have you got any ? iv flagyl costs Bullock continued, "However, as a lawyer that understands the separation of powers, I recognize that concerns and complaints about any judge's actions are handled by the Judicial Standards Commission, not by me."

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On another call 7.5 mg imovane - Ask questions. You may not want to hold up the line at theregister while you question the cashier, but you can check thewebsites of companies selling the pink things you areconsidering purchasing to see how their programs work. Jaggar'sgroup runs a "Think before you pink" campaign that offerssuggested questions on its site (). For example, is there a cap on the amount the company willdonate this year? Has it met its cap? Obviously, there's noreason to buy one more T-shirt if the T-shirt company hasalready maxed out its annual contribution. Don't forget the evenmore obvious question: What percentage of this purchase will goto a breast cancer charity?

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Until August lasix furosemide 40 mg Peyton has 16 TDs, 0 INTs, a QB rating of 138.0 and the Broncos are averaging 45 points per game — they will shatter the league scoring record by 127 points if they keep up this pace — and at the age of 37, he is playing at the highest level of his career. Projected over 16 games, Manning will finish with 64 TDs and no INTs. I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that is not going to happen.

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Nilahart measures her biceps, that's what 14 inches look like

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Please wait bimatoprost price compare It appears to be working. But now comes the hard part. To keep Japan growing Mr Abe must implement painful and unpopular structural reforms, raise taxes and open Japan's economy to more competition.

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I can't get through at the moment combivent dosage Rousseff has made the new Internet regulatory framework a top priority, meaning the lower chamber of Congress could vote on it as soon as the end of October. As for the data localization rule, congressman Molon sounds determined.

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Where's the postbox? where to buy clomipramine “I think you have reality TV and then you have real,” says Jarvis. “What we do is real. We had the same clothes, the same equipment, the same traditional navigation, the same, frankly, fairly unseaworthy boat, with no keel.”

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I'm at Liverpool University buy stendra The Saône also ties together the city at its most diverse. After Vieux Lyon with its secret traboule passageways and traditional bouchon restaurants, and the classical facades and grand squares of the Presqu’île – where a series of wooden ramps by Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata that were still being constructed on my visit will allow you to meander between upper quays and river level, the Confluence district that has been taking shape over the past decade has an entirely different feel. Modern architectural statements, including a bright orange building that looks like a holey gruyère cheese, mix with rehabilitated industrial warehouses, including La Sucriére, Thirties concrete sugar warehouses used for the Biennale d’art contemporain, and Les Salins salt warehouses turned into restaurant, bakery and wine bar. Apartments overlook a marina, and ducks dabble in marshy floating gardens amid giant bulrushes, in a suitably watery end for the promenade at the very tip of the city.

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I can't get a signal propecia discount pharmacy A rule change in June 2012 was designed to stimulate innovation and make the challenge more relevant to the automotive industry. Only four-wheel vehicles are allowed, with each wheel at the corner of a rectangle, this change has meant many teams were sent back to the drawing board and has opened up the competition for those agile enough to respond.

vfvhULBSnVAXNov 16 2014 1:52am
Have you got a telephone directory? combivent inhaler price More recently Oasis's sneery posturing was perfected in Burnage, an example of a local-authority built suburb some distance from Manchester city centre once seen as highly desirable for its individual houses with neat front and back gardens. Today "urban" genre dubstep is actually straight outta Croydon.

vfvhULBSnVAXNov 16 2014 1:52am
US dollars ins payday loan The Supreme Court has been the arbiter of disputes over universities' consideration of applicants' race since the groundbreaking Bakke case in 1978, when it forbade quotas but said schools could weigh race with other factors.

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We used to work together Order Serevent Boeing Co is competing with its F/A-18 Super Hornetagainst France's Rafale made by Dassault Aviation andSweden's Gripen made by Saab to win a contract worthat least $4 billion, with probable follow-up orders that wouldgreatly increase the value of the contract over time.

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I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name Megalis 10 Michael Brooks asks if there is any way he can stop his sweet peas going downhill every August, despite all his efforts: the prompt removal of seed pods of those he misses in flower, diligent watering and feeding. They always become short stalked and unsightly with mildew. I am afraid that is just what happens. These poor annuals are coaxed and fed and pampered and crowded together in order to provide us with a non-stop supply of flowers for weeks on end, and finally they just can’t do it anymore – and they really don’t like hot spells of weather at all. Michael could try staggering his crop by pushing a few seeds into the ground at the same time as he plants out his autumn-sown plants in spring. But sweet peas – like strawberries – are one of life’s fleeting pleasures, and somehow are all the more fabulous because of it.

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I'm not sure Clomipramine 25mg "We're very encouraged. We really appreciate the fact that the president is highlighting the high rate," says Elaine Kamarck, co-chair of the RATE Coalition, a group of big businesses who advocate for tax reform.

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I want to report a Purchase Griseofulvin * Greece's second-biggest bank, Piraeus, haslaunched a voluntary redundancy scheme aimed at cutting around1,500 jobs in a drive to cut costs after taking over assets fromsmaller rivals, a source at the bank told Reuters onFriday.

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I really like swimming Megalis 10 Mg McCormack, as she is known professionally, said at a news conference that she took a $50,000-a-year pay cut while accepting the job in January — two months after Filner was elected to a four-year term as the city's first Democratic leader in 20 years after he spent 10 terms in Congress.

WCgpGWnUpkxiVgODjSNov 16 2014 10:56pm
What university do you go to? Buy Vpxl However, one Labour source admitted: “There was a big internal wobble after what Ed said on Tuesday. That led to quite a dramatic change of tone and a more aggressive stance.” Douglas Alexander, the shadow Foreign Secretary, is said to have played a key role. The discussions also included Tim Livesey, Mr Miliband's chief of staff, and Lord (Stewart) Wood, the shadow Minister Without Portfolio.

WCgpGWnUpkxiVgODjSNov 16 2014 10:56pm
A law firm Buy Salmeterol Today, there are ongoing struggles for human rights in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and every corner of the world. When we talk about rights today, we rarely think of just how many there are, and how often they’re infringed upon or taken away. It’s easy to forget that the rights many take for granted are the very same others die fighting for.

WCgpGWnUpkxiVgODjSNov 16 2014 10:56pm
How do you spell that? Lovegra 100mg In a medium saucepan, bring the sugar and water to a rapid boil. When the boiling sugar thickens, fold in the blueberries and stir. Deglaze with the lemon juice and pour onto a small sheet pan or plate to cool.

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We need someone with qualifications buy prednisone The film — which is headed for showings at film festivals in Colombia and Venice, Italy, later this month — centers around Garifuna peoples, their Caribbean origins and their steadfast determination to hold onto their culture. Descended from enslaved West Africans on St. Vincent in the Caribbean and Indians from the Carib and Arawak tribes, the Garifuna were exiled to Central America by British in the 1700s. Living today in Central American nations such as Honduras and Belize, and in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, the Garifuna proudly maintain their centuries-old culture, language and music.

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