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Could she be physically stronger than me

Question: This woman in my office is slightly taller, but 45 pounds heavier. She has larger upper torso compared to mine. Bigger arms and bigger legs than mine. Her wrist is larger and her hand is bigger. Oh and she isnt fat -- just stocky. IS it a safe bet that she is physically stronger than me?
Created by: curiousguy2006 at 10:41:27 PM, Wednesday, May 17, 2006 PDT


Curiousguy2006, you made this poll to hear people say she's stronger and/or can beat you up.. You want to hear that, so you can be turned on by it. I'm not going to do that for you. Instead I'll give you facts... Most men are stronger than women, and can beat women in a fight. Also just a tip: don't lose at the game of life, you only get one shot. In case you don't get my meaning, I'm not talking about being stronger or a better fighter than that woman.

Ti Wo FuMay 18 2006 10:07pm

She sounds that she is plenty stronger than you. But unless you are going to engage her in a fight, I wouldnt be that concerned over it. If you are turned on by that fact, get over it. she won`t fight you! It is so true, you can be big and strong, and lose at the game of life. You can be a 98 lb weakling and be a winner. Get your priorities straight.

RalphMay 19 2006 5:36am
A stocky woman that is that much heavier than you is most likely stronger than you. I am 4 inches shorter than my husband but almost 40 lbs heavier and I am much stronger than him, both in my upper and lower body. If you don't have any fighting skills she would crush you in a fight. The only way to find out about her strength is to ask her to lift anything heavy, challange her to an armwrestling match or just ask her if she is strong. Good luck

AnitaMay 19 2006 7:03am
Dude, she is alot stronger than you. Thats not even questionable, its obvious!

AnonymousMay 19 2006 7:23am
Dude, she is alot stronger than you. Thats not even questionable, its obvious!

AnonymousMay 19 2006 7:24am

REALITY FOLKSMay 19 2006 1:45pm
She could kill you bud

AnonymousMay 21 2006 3:21am
This is approximately the 25th poll on this subject. Don't you ever get tired of it? I know that I'm certainly becoming tired of it.

AnonymousMay 21 2006 3:12pm
That's funny, men have bragged about how physically stronger and superior they are to women, for centuries without ever getting tired of it. But now that women have become stronger than some men, the subject is tiresome and they don't like talking about it!

AnonymousMay 21 2006 4:32pm
Well its an old subject there have always been "98 -120 lb male weaklings" who are weaker than some(if not most women). It has always been thay way thru the beginning of time.Nothing is set in stone. Therefore,the subject is obsolete and tiresome

@)@May 21 2006 5:56pm
The most funny thing is people that write comments on boards they think are stupid, why Anonymous and @@ even bother to place comments here since they are tired of these kind of polls is more strange than anything else. If you find a poll uninteresting, just don't look at them. Easy huh? And for the other anonymous (or is it the same) I will say that I don't like to post pictures on the net.

AnitaMay 21 2006 11:25pm
Anita (OP) = Boring

WisdomMay 22 2006 10:43pm
What is your height and weight, Anita?

AnonymousMay 22 2006 11:31pm
I am 172 pounds of rock hard boredom, all on a fram that measures 5'8. Boredom beats wisdom anytime

AnitaMay 23 2006 1:23pm
Ok then, you're very fat Anita. No wonder you like this topic. You need to feel like you have something going for yourself. Wisdom means, knowing when not to eat.

WisdomMay 23 2006 6:45pm
How about your height and weight Wisdom? And how about strength? This boring, fat lady can lift her own body weight and can move mountains with her legs. Wisdom can also mean knowing when to keep quite.

AnitaMay 23 2006 11:03pm
Anita, have you ever lifted anyone ovr your head? If so, who, and please describe it. Thanks. Hey Wisdom take a freakin hike.

AnonymousMay 24 2006 6:28am
Hi Anita, thanks for your efforts. Some people appreciate them. Where are you from?

Daniel uk 24/05/06May 24 2006 10:57am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:45pm
Anita, you sound like a tough lady. I impressed that you can lift your own bodywe?ght at 170 lbs, I am about 160 lbs and can only lift 135 lbs, even if I am working out 2-3 times a week. I am a man of 35, how old are you Anita? There are a few women at my gym that can outlift me when it comes to bench press, they are about the same weight as me, but a majority of the women have stronger legs. I like women to be proud of their strength and not hide it like my ex-girlfriend. I believe she was stronger than me but she didn't want to show it, she always wanted me to pull the corks, carry the heavy stuff etc. where I was sure she could do better than me. I guess that was one of the reasons for her to leave me, that she realised she was stronger physically.

BenMay 30 2006 11:24pm
Unquestionably, she could wipe the floor with you.

AnonymousMay 31 2006 6:06am
I am a Dutch lady with a Moluccan mother and Dutch father. I don't know if you know about Moluccan people but we are rather big boned, and so are the Dutch. I am sure that I had been stronger than the average male even without my many hard hours at the gym, I am just born strong. I will soon be 40 and I think that is the strength peak for a woman. I have never lifted a person over my head, I am sure I could though. I think Ben explains the situation well, he is a man, working out often and he is still weaker than me, just a woman. I agree that this is not the normal situation but life is full of not so normal situations. I think Ben's ex-girlfriend is full of ...Leaving her man because she is stronger. I have always been stronger than my boyfriends and I am now a lot stronger than my husband. No problem for me and not for my husband.

AnitaJun 08 2006 11:49pm
Hi Anita, Thanks for that answer. I might appear ignorant but where do Moluccan people come from as i have not heard of Molucca. Is it Africa?

Daniel uk 16/06/06Jun 16 2006 9:35am
In Indonesia, you should be spanked for not knowing.

Indonesian womanJul 06 2006 4:55am
Anita, I am willing to bet that you will be stronger at 50 than you will at 40.

WowserJul 25 2006 7:27pm
My mother was very strong even when she was over 60 so you might be right Wowser. My father was a big strong man, stronger than my mother but when they were both around 55 my mother became physically stronger, or should I say my father lost much of his strength. I believe that women loose strength more slow than men. Perhaps I will post here again in 10 years time to tell you about my physical status.

AnitaJul 26 2006 12:01am
Anita, you are absolutely right about the male losing strength faster. The interesting thing is that if they both continue to work out, the woman will pull away from the man as they age. I sure hope I am around to read your post in 10 years because if you continue to work out as you are now, I will win my bet.

WowserJul 27 2006 8:36pm
Police Hunt 4 Women In Beating Death Of Bingo Winner April 11, 2006 Police in Toronto are searching for four women suspected of beating a man to death over a $1,000 jackpot he had just won in a bingo hall, according to Local 6 News. Police said Yousif Youkhana, 58, was walking outside the Country Bingo Hall over the weekend with his $1,000 winnings when he was approached by the women. When Youkhana refused to hand over the jackpot, the women kicked and punched him, the report said. Witnesses said the man stumbled back into the bingo hall after the attack and later died from his injuries. The women fled on foot after the beating, according to witnesses.

curious1Jul 28 2006 12:02pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:02pm
I am a 34 year old man, working for a big company as an executive (in charge of a department). We have a big and nice company gym where I work out 2 times a week. I used to work out with my male friends in the company just after work but needed to change my workouts to Sundays and late Wednesday nights. I was surprised to see that almost all the people that worked out this days were women. The first Sunday I was there I saw two of the ladies in my team working out, they are both in their 50s. They waved at me and looked me up closely as you perhaps do when you see somebody you know for the first time with very little clothes on. I am 176 cm and only 65 kgs, slim and in good shape but with a body that just can't pack any muscle. I checked these ladies out as well. I could see that they were very fit, not only for their age but strong looking. I could also see that both of them outlifted me on every single machine. For instance the bench press machine. I use 35 kgs 3 times 12 reps. They used 60 and 70. They also did 3 reps with 80 kgs, a weight I can't move at all. I looked more close at their bodies. They had bigger muscles than me both in their upper and lower bodies. The difference in strenght was even bigger when it came to legs. They of course noticed that they were stronger than their boss. I complemented them for being so fit and strong and we actually got on very well. They now sometimes tease me at the office, asking me if I need any help to lift heavy stuff etc. It doesn't bother me at all since I know that this 52 and 54 year olds are stronger than most men at our company, even the younger ones. I have armwrestled both of them at a office party and lost big time (and so did several other guys). These ladies both have athletic backgrounds and have continued to work out all their lives.

not so BIG BOSSNov 08 2006 3:20am
There is something very very sad about a 52 year old woman being stronger than a 34 year old man. Just reading the story makes me feel bad.

Male Man 222Nov 23 2006 12:40pm
It's not sad for the 52 year old woman, I kind of like the story since I am a 53 year old woman and that I know that I am stronger than several younger men, I can see that at the gym I go to 4 times a week. But most guys in their 30s are stronger than me in their upper bodies I have to admit. But Malen Man 222, I have seen many strong women in their 40s and 50s that I am sure are stronger than many younger men that never work out, nothing strange with that really. I think that the not so BIG BOSS is one hell of a man that can admit that a woman almost old enough to be his mother is stronger. That takes some guts.

VeraNov 25 2006 4:11am
Vera, I'm a 57 year old male, don't workout. My biceps are 15" and mushy, I could probably bench 120 lbs for 1 rep max. I wonder if you're bigger (musclewise) and stronger than I am, and how I compare to other women in our age group. What are your stats? I'll admit I'm one of the guys who is turned on by even hearing about women who are stronger. I seem to be staying the same strength level or losing (NOT "LOOSING", Loose is the opposite of tight, not the opposite of gain or win - this is the most misused word on the internet! But I digress...) some strength,certainly not gaining, and I'm hoping my 50 year old wife will be getting stronger! Let's here more from the women (not guys pretending) who think they're (not their ot there)strong! 12/15/2006

Weak In SoCalifDec 15 2006 7:10am
Sorry for the grammar lesson above, but don't some of the errors we see all the time on the internet just drive you crazy?

Weak in SoCalifDec 15 2006 7:12am
Let's "hear" more, not "here" more! God, even I'm getting dumb when typing on the net.

Weak in SocalDec 17 2006 9:46am
Weak in SoCalif, you are not a very strong man I can see, I can bench 160 lbs for reps (3x7 times). But I have also seen men that bench less than you, some of the new guys that come for the first time to my gym can't even bench 100 lbs for reps on the Nautilus machine! On the machine I think I can max about 185-190 lbs (I very seldom do max lifts) so I am quite a bit stronger than you. I am 5'8 and 168 lbs.

VeraJan 04 2007 4:00am
Vera, you're very impressive, and I love it when a woman sez I'm weak or that she is stronger! How much can you curl? I used to be able to curl a 40 lb dumbbell 2 or 3 reps with one arm, now I'm lucky if I could do 35 lbs once. Are you muscular? Married? Anywhwere near Southern California?

Weak in SoCalifJan 04 2007 7:23am
I curl 40 lbs normally 3x12 reps, I do 3x7 with 45 lbs and a few with 50 lbs. I don't want to lift too heavy. I have rather big muscles for a woman but still look feminine, few people realize how strong I am watching me dressed in trousers and with my arms covered. I live far away from you, in Germany and I am happily married. I don't know if my husband is stronger than me, he is strong but so am I. He is quite a bit bigger so he has an advantage.

VeraJan 06 2007 11:33am
Hi long did it take you to get that strong and are stronger than me and I am taller, younger and heavier than you at 6'1" and 218 lbs.,I am 47 years old and can bench 175 for 2 reps. I can curl 40 lbs for only 3 I am quite surprised, that you are so much stronger than me also. I'm very impressed with your strength!! frank P.S. How big are your biceps??

AnonymousJan 24 2007 8:44pm
Hi Vera, Are there a lot of women like you in Germany?

Daniel uk 06/03/07Mar 06 2007 5:16pm
Vera, If you ever test your husband's strength, be sure and let us all know how it comes out. I'm sure you know that many times, the bigger man turns out not to be as strong as the smaller woman. German women have great genetics for building strength. When I was a lot younger, I spent some time in Germany and met several young ladies that were very strong. I am sure their daughters inherited the same strength genes.

RonMar 08 2007 4:32pm
#0043 - (Fri.) 3/23/07

UpdateMar 22 2007 10:38pm
wow I bench 65 lbs at best for 7 reps. I cant imagine benching 160. yet I like being weak because I have this thing for stronger women. theproblem is most of these women like stronger guys. the question is most of us guys love bigger and stronger women,but where do you find places where big strong women love smaller men? If anyone has answers, please let us know

AnonymousMay 26 2007 6:27am
Well, you have sort of asked the equivalent of where is Shangri-la? If the places you seek, "where big strong women love smaller men," even exist then they are few and VERY far between. The only ones I have found have been session women. Most women are affected by the stereotype of society and the perceived preference of men that tends to prefer being with a woman who is weaker. The women are out there, for sure, but many don't want others to know how strong they are hence you will probably only find them by accident. I would think that the best place to seek strong women who might like us weaker men would be in the Gym. But what do I know since I haven't found one myself.

RonJun 01 2007 3:37pm
50+ women have a different attitude when it comes to who should be stronger in their relationship. At least that is my experince. Me and my wife was at a dinner party about two years ago (we are in our mid 50's). After dinner the four women started to armwrestle. The winner than challanged us men (she was actually close to 60). To our surprise she didn't have any problem beating us men. She was just very strong. And then the next surprise came, none of the women had any problem beating us men! The four women was all working out frequently and we men didn't. I have always thought that I was stronger than my wife but she is actually a lot stronger than me. And she think this is natural! She is working out and I am not. And she think it is cool to be stronger. I have started to work out since I am not as cool about it.

RoyJun 17 2007 4:59am
Try a BBW dating service. These women, more often than not are pretty strong with their size and like it that way. I only encountered a few who were actually obese

AnonymousAug 03 2007 7:53am
I joined a fitness center a few months ago and have come to realize that most women are physically stronger than me. Nearly every time I follow a woman on a weight machine, I have to reduce the weight setting. Some of these women are lifting some hefty weights.

MikeSep 08 2007 11:39am
Are any of the girls who outlift you shorter and heavier than you?

AnonymousOct 11 2007 6:49pm
It could be true that middle aged women retain their strength better than men. I used to be marginally stronger than my wife of 20 years (or at least I think I was unless she wasn't really trying) and was also heavier. In last twenty years she has put on a bit of weight and I have lost weight. I'm 5'9 an inch more than she is but at 195 pounds she now outweighs me by nearly 30 pounds. Last year we took our young son to a museum with a sports section with two strength tests for hand grip strength and leg/body strength and my wife encouraged me to demonstrate to our boy. Later on she had a go and outscored me in both tests by about fifteen percent. I tried again but couldn't get near her and every time I beat my previous best she would have another go and beat her previous best by about the same amount. She didn't think this was surprising as she is heavier and also I have a sedentary office job while she maintains our little farm which involves alot of manual work. The great thing is that this discovery has revitalised our sex life which was flat since birth of our boy. We ply wrestle (and she wins) but our favourite game is she'll wrap her arms around me from behind and I have to pull against her and try to escape but after a few seconds of me straining and making no impact she'll ask me to tell her when I'm ready to begin. I find it sexually arousing.

bolgerJan 10 2008 3:58pm
She can beat you as easy as that, treat her nice or you are in trouble

XXXMar 07 2008 1:49am
duh! she has 45 lbs on you with a stocky build? Dude you get in a fight with her it wont be funny. She could stomp you out of existance in pool of your own blood. At least thats probably what she is capable of

AnonymousMar 14 2008 4:12pm
duh! she has 45 lbs on you with a stocky build? Dude you get in a fight with her it wont be funny. She could stomp you out of existance in pool of your own blood. At least thats probably what she is capable of

AnonymousMar 14 2008 5:40pm
No, I believe that taller and/or larger women are even weaker than medium or even sometimes small females. I have play wrestled with large females and beat them and I have also wrestled with females who are not tall and/or large, but they were very strong contests to deal with and quite a few even managed to beat me, even though I am very strong myself.

zzzApr 08 2008 8:41am
Some women are quite fit and even strong. I don't see any problem with this.

alApr 09 2008 7:04pm
I definately think she is a lot stronger than you. I'm a very little man myself and smaller and weaker than most women. I few years ago I was listed at 4ft10 and about 95 pounds. I may have grown a little since then, but still find myself a little weakling compared to females. I've learned to live with it though. When I meet girls they just look down at me and smile like I'm a little cute boy. As a weak male you just have to live with the fact that a lot of women are much stronger than you. In these days women seem to get taller and a lot stronger and more of them lift heavy weights.. I think they just want to be the dominant sex..and they are well on their way. I've seen many 6 ft+ 250 pound+ bodybuilding women..I just hope they don't do me any harm..haha

man 21Apr 29 2008 1:56am
being as small as you are is probably more safe than to be a big man. You are just too small to beat up. I am a foot taller than you and twice as heavy. I would never hit somebody that much smaller. Have you ever been beaten up by a woman man 21?

LissieMay 09 2008 2:14am
I can remember being beaten by a girl once a few years back. I just teased her a bit and then she knocked me to the ground. I also had a little strength contest with a girl (a friend) who beated me badly. At that time I could only curl a 10 pound dumbel..I guess most girls can do better than that..

man 21May 14 2008 2:09am
Lissie, as a female, why do you think that many girls these days want to be muscular? are you one of them yourself?

weemanMay 26 2008 1:11am
I am 5'10" 150 lbs. and 51 years old my wife is 6'2" 190 lbs. and 56. On my 50th birthday my wife had a big surprise party for me at a restaurant. We had dinner and drank and drank. About 30 friends showed up even her mother who came up from North Carolina. We arrived home around 11:00 and Amanda and I started our own little party. After about a half hour she said that no birthday party is complete without a spanking and before I could react I was over her knee with my head on my pillow when the spanking started. Five minutes into it our bedroom door opened and Susan my mother-in-law was there. She just laughed and said for us kids to have a good night and left. I got up early the next morning, even-though it was Saturday, and took a shower. As I was leaving the bathroom I passed by Susan's room just as the door opened. She asked how everything worked out last night and I told her just fine. She pulled me into her room and closed the door asking me if I was still sore from my spanking. Susan is 75 years old, 6'0" and 225 lbs. and was taken off guard when she pulled my towel off and turned me around wanting to see for herself. Nope she said Amanda missed some spots and proceeded to torn me over her knee for a birthday bare bottomed spanking over her knee. I was so humiliated that I couldn't break her grip as my spanking went on and on. Tears were coming down my face when my wife walked in. She told her mom it looked like she hadn't lost a thing and could still give a great bare bottomed spanking. Laughing said even if the child is 50 years old. Both still tease me about that birthday and my face still turns red.

markieeMay 28 2008 7:57pm
In America, I've noticed that women are slowly feminizing men. In the 1970's it was considered "manly" or "macho" for men to have a hairy chest. Now a hairy chest seems to provoke snickers and sneers and comments like "he needs to get his chest waxed". Manicures, facials, waxing, dieting, all these things that only women used to do, men are now doing at the encouragement of women. The next step is for women to demand and only choose men who are softer and more slender than they are.

AnonymousMay 29 2008 7:06am
lol lissie you must be an awful good person. I am 5`9 and 170. I worked hard to get the body I have.But I would be delighted to apply some "uncomfortable" holds on him :=)

SandraJun 07 2008 8:19am
I think that more and more women like to be strong and muscular, not like a man or female bodybuilder but strong looking. Women with big arm muscles used to hide these under long sleeves, not today. It is not uncommon to see women flexing their muscles for friends, co-workers, boyfriends and husbands, something that would only happen in private let's say 15-20 years ago. So there are big changes. And yes, more and more women like to be stronger than the men they date, it gives us a feeling of being in control, and we don't have to be afraid of being abused, there are plenty of weird men in the world. I would never beat up a small person like the founder of this poll seems to be, but like Sandra says, it is nice to get your man in some holds that he can't get out of. I have on several occasions trapped men between my legs and there is just not any chance that they can get out of my scissors. The same goes for my head locks. The guys seem to like being trapped between my biceps and my rather big breasts at first but once they realize that they can't get loose they get very frustrated. But most guys have been getting used to the fact that I am normally stronger than them, since I go for the smaller and slim guys,

LissieJun 09 2008 11:06pm
Lissie, putting ahold on your smaller weaker partner conveys the ominous message on how much stronger you are.And that you are the one in control. More importantly, when they actually feel my power, they know they better not step out of line or get abusive or they could get the beating of a lifetime. And Im not as nice as you, if man 21 was my partner and treated me with disrespect and abusive, he would get his worst nightmare. I have a big strong body that I have spent yrs to develop. And believe me, I didnt do it for nothing. It gives me security and I will use it if needed.All that being said, I adore smaller men because they are smart and very intelligent. So far, I have never laid a hand in anger on any of them.

SandraJun 10 2008 7:39am
Sandra, if a man would make the misstake to mess with me it could be a disaster for them. I am not an experienced fighter but I am big, muscular and strong. I look a bit like many of the discus throwers you can see for instance during the Olympic games, not as the biggest but big. I think it is great to feel a mans body totally under my control, I like when they fight to get out of my holds and I can feel their power just go away, little by little. At the end they are totally spent and I feel strong,hot and full of love to be honest. I am just turned on being stronger. Have you beaten up any bigger men Sandra?

LissieJun 10 2008 10:56pm
lol this tread taught me womin can get by with rape

geeezerJun 11 2008 6:36am
It is rape when the man says no, the men I have caught in my holds have not said no, so far, and if they did I shoule release them straight away.

LissieJun 11 2008 10:59pm
Lissie, it's actually kind of scary that many women now a capable of beating up us men at the one thing we were supposed to rule in -strength. I admit that you women are mosly smarter than us men, but if you get stronger than us, there's no reason why you should'nt become the dominant sex. that's how it works with animals..but it just should'nt be possible for a female to beat up a male, but you've obviously shown that it is. As you say, you feel in control when you are stronger than the man, and as a man I'd feel very humiliated if a girl could just physically dominated me..

man 21Jun 20 2008 5:02pm
I actually found out that I was a little attracted to strong women not too long ago. I sad in a waiting room at a train station, when a very tall and muscular young woman came in and sad down right next to me. I really felt like a small boy compared to her as she almost seemed twice as big (heavy) as me (i'm a short guy)..She was very concentrated reading a book and smoking a cigarette, so I really got a good chance to look at her mighty body..I just thought she was so pretty with those muscles and still feminine with a cute face..but I'm kind of embarresed that I'm attracted to taller and strong women..

smilyJun 20 2008 5:14pm
man 21, there is a reason you are as small as you are. I have seen men your size and they all end up getting owned by some woman. It could be a wife, boss or a mugger. But some woman is gonna get you, its your fate.

AnonymousJun 21 2008 5:56am
Big and strong steroid women.....hehehehe.

HeheheheJul 04 2008 8:10am
in my life i've experienced a few big and strong girls..when i was in the 10 th grade two girls from my class had grown very tall and had started to do bodybuilding or some extensive strength training. at the sametime i was very very small and thin and hadn't really started growing a lot yet. when i was in school, i some times was teased by the girls even though i hadn't bothered them at all. when we had brake they always stood outside in the school yard and smoked cigarettes and shouted at me when i passed by and no other was around. the girls enjoyed the size difference between them and me and one day one of them caught me as i got too close to her chile she was smoking in the school yard. she grabbed me and lifted me up in her arms like i was her little baby and talked to me like i was her own baby and asked if she and her friend should chance my diaper for me and stuff like that. she was just too strong to fight against and she just held me into her big body for like 2 minutes before she put me down. i can still recall it clearly till this day. i don't know why she did it and don't really care. i guess i was too scared of the two girls to tell my teacher about what happend and it still bothers me today but luckily i don't go to that school anymore so i'm moving on, but i just wanted to share my story with people in here. i don't hope that anyone else will experience something like that

michaelJul 06 2008 2:05pm
a little scary dude..glad I havent been humiliated by some frigan big ass girls like that:-)

dingdangJul 06 2008 2:30pm
Hi Lissie, i like your way of lifting and teasing boys. If you dont mind, we can wrestle friendly and test our power friendly, as i am not too large and strong only 170cm and 62kg. if you like,my email is

JugalAug 26 2008 4:58am
9 - september - 2008 she might win, challenge her to a fight to the death and find out :D:D ,,, or just forget about it, its not important who can beat someone else up, or who can be stronger,

TheOnlyBegottenSonSep 09 2008 1:59pm
A while ago I read on the net that some scienists actually believe that women in a relatively short period of time will greatly outsize us men, become taller and also a whole lot stronger. I kind of believe in that because as some of you in here have pointed out, many women are alredy much taller, bigger and stronger than just a few decades back

jasonnnnSep 23 2008 10:23am
i'm a 12 year old girl and i can 40 lbs my weight is like 50 and my height is 155 cm i can beat all my freinds at arm wrestling and wrestling very easily

noOct 11 2008 1:22am
Who cares! She sounds like she is strong enough to beat you to death. But she is the exception, not the rule.

AnonymousOct 13 2008 2:39am
my wif is the strongest she is 200 and 5`8 she is judo trainer she lift me easily i love her muscle i am 220 and 6`1 but my strength can not compare with hers

weak husbandNov 05 2008 3:10pm
my wif is the strongest she is 200 and 5`8 she is judo trainer she lift me easily i love her muscle i am 220 and 6`1 but my strength can not compare with hers

weak husbandNov 05 2008 3:13pm
Let's get out of the stone ages people. There are some women stronger than men. However, men have more testerone so GENRALLY speaking men are going to be stronger, but not always. This may be a case where the woman is stronger. If she is, it doesn't make you less of a man to admit you are weaker, it makes you less of a man if your ego can't handle that.

RickNov 09 2008 8:37am
For No, the 12-year-old strong girl. Who is the biggest, heaviest and oldest boy you have beaten in wrestling.

JimNov 14 2008 2:21pm
One hot lazy afternoon after school my younger sister Lena pinned my shoulders to the living room rug. She sat straddled up on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. Her knees pinned my arms solid to the ground. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits heaving from her low cut bra. She told me she was the boss. She repeated this pose for at least ten minutes. I tried to buck out but she was to powerful. I nearly came in my pants. We later wrestled in our parents bed and she spreadeagle body pinned me for nearly a hour wearing only her panties. She humped and pounded me stretching my arms high and wide on the matress. I orgasmed 3 times. True Story ...

Mike G.Dec 05 2008 11:44am
U is cute

My name is fredDec 11 2008 4:48pm

AnonymousDec 23 2008 2:17pm
Seems to have killed this poll>

Big AlJan 03 2009 4:20pm
150lbs and 1.66 height 15 year old in arm wrestlign

NoJan 29 2009 6:36am
My wife beat me and two my male friends in basetball. We outnumbered her 2 to 1 and she still won 11 to 6.

dliteFeb 05 2009 10:08pm
My little sister (13) beats me easily. She is taller and stronger than me and, usually plays with me crushing my head between her powerful tights. (I?m 25 years old, only weight 105 and 5?1") My sister (145 - 5?9") toys with me at home every day, and sometimes she knock me out with her tights and even forces me to kiss her big butt. What can I do?

weak for herFeb 15 2009 1:40pm
one of my girlfriend lift me easily in her one hand.she pulled me towards her holding my trouser.and easily lift me up on her shouldier.she is really strong and beautiful girl with strong muscle.

rameshFeb 24 2009 2:48am
My wife loves to catch me coming out of the shower with my towel still wrapped around me. She is naked and grabs me by my arm dragging me over to our bed. She sits down and unwraps me as she puts me over her knee for a foreplay spanking. When she decides she has warmed me up enough she has me pay homage to her beautiful bottom before she has me on my back as she rides me to our mutual satisfaction.

markieeFeb 26 2009 6:32am
My wife loves to catch me coming out of the shower with my towel still wrapped around me. She is naked and grabs me by my arm dragging me over to our bed. She sits down and unwraps me as she puts me over her knee for a foreplay spanking. When she decides she has warmed me up enough she has me pay homage to her beautiful bottom before she has me on my back as she rides me to our mutual satisfaction.

markieeFeb 26 2009 6:34am
I am a man 28 years old 175cm 95 kg tall I love a woman 22 years 173cm and weight 90 kg (200lb) and engaged her. She surprise me and all our families and freinds and lift me on her shoulders- she lean forward and down and put her head between my thighs and lift me so easily and did some belly dance movies with me sitting on her shoulders like her baby then walk to our guests table by table to welcome them and she put me down after I begged her to do several times. I saw the video tape nest day, I surprised she lift me for 221 seconds. Here in Our oriental citizen (Egypt), this not accepted at all and I was really in shame for long time and my girl apologize a lot for that and told me she did that as she was very happy and love me. and till now she lift me a lot and so easily in different ways but when we are alone.she like to grape my both thighs by one hand and but the other hand around my wist and sometimes include my hands to control my movement if I am refused that and carry me on her hands I feel like the baby on her strong hands. In winter the peach is free from any one she carry me on her back and walk with me for long time. what can I do I love her and she want to do that to feel and to show me her strength, really she enjoyed toying me.

poor manMar 02 2009 5:43am
dear Egyptian man, enjoy your rides on your strong girlfriend, I bet several men envy you. What are the comments from your friends and family? My wife lifted me in her arms after we had our wedding, on the steps down from the church, this happened after I had lifted her (not that easy since she is quite a bit heavier than me). She told everybody that lifting me showed the world the we should have an equal relationship. When we came to our house she was the one to carry me over the threshold, she kept on carrying me to our bedroom. She said that to the world outside we had an equal marriage but she would be the boss in the bedroom. And so it is, and I don't object. Mr Egyptian, be proud of your girlfriend.

Not a poor manApr 27 2009 11:18pm
There is no doubt that women are becoming stronger and stronger. Not only because many of them lift heavy weights, but I think because their natural frame is getting bigger. These days it's commun to see 6ft+ tall women, especially among young girls. I must admid that a lot of the big (not fat) girls are very sexy - those who still look very feminine with long hair, long nails, high heels, makeup and big breasts etc.. However I have a hard time exepting that women are the bigger and stronger sex compared to guys like me because most of them don't respect small men.

markMay 19 2009 3:39pm
I am a 46 yr old male, and have always been fairly frail and weak, 5'2" 125lbs, but skinny fat with 28" chest, 11" arms, 16" legs, but with 44" waist (42% bodyfat). My 44yr old wife is a big curvy hourglass ful figured woman at 5'11", 305lbs fairly solid from working out at our gym (she is only 38% body fat). Her big legs and backside are very strong and she can leg press on the 45deg free weight leg bress 16 x 45lb weights or 720lbs 8 times (I can only do 4 x 45lb weights or 180lbs 3 times). She is more than 4 times stronger than me. We have good relationship as she likes her intelligent, but small 'nerdy' man as he is, calling me her little 'rocket scientist'. She was always athlete in school (basketball center, great in volleyball, home run hitter in softball), while I was not able to compete in any sports and was picked on by girls as the smallest (but smartest)kid by far in the class. Although we play in the bedroom with domination, she easily beating me in wrestling, she respects me for my non-physical talents, and we have mutual partnership, great friendship, and awesome love relationship. She also is extremely passionate and horny often, and I usually cannot keep up with her in bed.

WayneJun 17 2009 9:57am
My wife's measurements are 58" E cup chest, 39" waist, 62" hips, 16" arms, 28" legs. She is also in considerably better cardiovascular condition than me, with her swimming, aerobics, and brazilian jui jitsu (she is purple belt). Yes, she would have to protect me in an attack, but she is gentle and loving woman and would not hurt me (even though she could easily do so without trying hard).

WayneJun 17 2009 10:07am

WEAKER HUSBANDJun 17 2009 8:12pm
I think that the main thing for women these days is to be more in control. Having lived through tough times where the men were in charge, women now not only want to stop male dominance - but turn things around. And now many women have found a way to get physically stronger than us men as more of them lift weights and are naturally stronger. I don't think that women in general are building up big mass in order to be healthy - those girls who I see in the gym doing that are also smokers and probably don't eat well either..they want to be the dominant sex as others in here have said.

OscarJun 27 2009 2:30pm
I just noticed this posting today. I am a 45 year old male. I married my best friend from when we were kids. Turned out as we go older, into our teens I stopped growing and she has ended up being 5' 9" and I am only 5'6". She married me anyway. She was athletic and I am anything but. When we got married she was clearly stronger than me and my friends teased me about it a lot. Over the years she has continued to work out and I have stayed small and thin. I have a really bad temper and I "lose it" sometimes and start hitting her and throwing things. She is calm and gets angry when provoked like that. Luckily she can handled me quite easily and I end up over her knee getting a really hard spanking when I throw a tantrum like that. The first them she did that was extremely embarrassing but not as embarrassing as when she did it in front of her mom some years later. In our case it is fortunate that I am weaker or I would be in jail for wife beating.

AnonymousJul 11 2009 3:15pm
If a woman did defeat a man in public that would be quite something. I know that would be offensive to most men, but it would prove that women were at least equal to men. It seems that a lot of the posts feature a great deal about really massive muscular women, about these there is little real doubt. But what about an average sized woman of about 120 to 140 pounds could she hold her own against a similar sized male. The crunch is can she seriously be really equal if she can't, because then this whole question of her superiority or indeed equality is resolved against her. But if she should succeed in this then she wins, and if she can do it in her own feminine attire she also wins a victory not only for herself but for her femininity as well.

hymatJul 23 2009 10:15am
My wife is 5-11(well over 6 feet in heels) and 180-190 pounds 38 years old, and I am 5-8 and 150 pounds. 43 years old We have been married for 12 years. She is is taller, bigger, and physically stronger than me. I cannot beat her whenever we playfully wrestle with each other, and she can pick me up with ease, which amuses her no end. She is a better athlete than me. I am unable to beat her at tennis--it's not even close. She can easily outreach me. I am not some wimp, but a couple of times I have been amazed when she has literally stepped in to protect me during confrontations with bigger and stronger men than me. In each case they backed down from her.

SidAug 07 2009 1:38pm
I think women's strength depends on genetics most of all. In general women now are very gifted with more muscle power than ever before. I've read that women are starting close in on us men in terms of strength and height. Some even expect them grow larger within a relatively short period of time. Already some women (especially the young ones) are like Sid's wife very strong naturally (I suppose)and stronger than the average man. Things have changed. Weightlifting is popular among girls and women and it's not unusual anymore to see 6 ft plus women with arms like men's thighs. I really believe that women one day will be the strongest sex.

ThomasAug 07 2009 4:54pm
i know what you are saying thomas.. i can relate to the genetics influence myself.. i know some girls who only do moderate exercise and have big thighs like big men and raw six packs. i have tried to get a six pack myself by working very hard in the gym, but it just wont happen. it's total waste of time and i've quit..instead i keep my little round stomack that looks more cute than but it's not very cool that girls can get those six packs when i can't :-(

jimmyAug 07 2009 5:38pm
I had one girlfriend in particular forty lbs heavier than me with bigger arms than mine, bigger wrists than mine, bigger legs than mine, in fact, a bigger body than mine except that I stood way taller than her.

A tall slender guySep 17 2009 4:41pm
I'm curious about something. If in the next few decades, women became physically stronger than men, how would society change? On not talking about isolated cases of females being stronger but rather all females being stronger. I'm particular interested in what the women on this forum think. If you have opinions about this, please elaborate.

curiousSep 19 2009 5:12pm
I'll add more to my question above. Many women in todays society (at least western societies) believe, in general, that men are inferior. They say that only men's physical strength keeps them in power. Does that mean that if women had greater physical strength, they would seize all the power?

curiousSep 19 2009 5:16pm
Lastly, I have read several fictional stories about societies where females have become physically stronger and subsequently enslaved the male gender. In many of these stories, the males are forbidden to wear clothing and are treated as sexual property. I realize that most of these fictional works are written by males but there were a few written by (supposed) females. I have actually asked several females about this concept and most of them agreed that in a society in which females hold all the power, males would be naked and considered sexual property. Of course, all the females I asked were younger (in their 20s). Any thoughts?

curiousSep 19 2009 5:57pm
45 lbs heaver, bigger arms and legs, taller. mmm yeah,safe bet she is alot stronger than you!

AnonymousSep 24 2009 7:49am
Wayne says "I am a 46 yr old male, and have always been fairly frail and weak, 5'2" 125lbs, but skinny fat with 28" chest, 11" arms, 16" legs, but with 44" waist (42% bodyfat). " Your obese at 125 lbs, which means you need to get below 90 lbs. LOL you must have bird bones

WoWSep 24 2009 7:53am
I'm a 60 year old male, 5/10" 265 lbs. I just tested myself at the gym, I can chest press (like bench press but seated)90lbs for 9 reps, so a "1 rep max" calculator estimates I can do 116 max for 1 rep. Are there any average (non-athlete) women out there that can do more? Am I normal, or pathetically weak? 10/12/09.

Are you stronger?Oct 12 2009 7:35am
my wife is soon 60, she has been working out with weights for two years. She do 3x7 reps with 125 lbs and can max 175 lbs. She is 5'9 and perhaps 185 lbs. I am 6'0 and I am about the same strenght as you Are you stronger! And that makes us two weaker than many women at the gym we are going to.

NoddieOct 15 2009 6:20am
Hey Noddie, do you and your wife wrestle? How does she feel about being way stronger than you?

Are you stronger?Oct 16 2009 1:56pm
I'm not sure about science and all but I have noticed that men and women don't have any different reactions towards gaining muscle mass. First of all I've been surrounded by strong women all of my life, my mother was much stronger than my father and would do all of the heavy lifting, and I have two older sisters both are extremely athletic and are much stronger than me or my dad. At my gym I can definitely see how women have become stronger as every women who was on a machine, and there were women than men there, were either as strong or stronger than me. And they have better endurance as they stay very long, about 2 hrs. So I think in a decade or so women will start beating men at strength competitions and muscular women would become much more abundant. But from what I gather on the internet, women tend to become stronger then their men in their latter years so maybe they have been stronger all along.

TroyOct 18 2009 12:19pm

AnonymousOct 19 2009 4:52pm
I think oir culture is also accepting stronger woman now, just look at Jessica Biel, And Ciara. Both of these woman are well toned and revered as some of the hottest women alive. Personally I prefer toned women as they have higher libidos and keep me on my toes, because they give back resistance during sex and are unlikley to be as tired as other women. They can also easily overpower you if you happen to be tired and then the evening becomes more fun. In my school there are so many of the girls are muscular and so its basically the norm.

TimOct 19 2009 8:31pm
To "Are you stronger", me and my wife don't really wrestle but we arm wrestle now and then, my wife sometimes locks me up in bed so I can't get out of her grip, and other tests of strength. Even if my wife didn't know anything about arm wrestling I couoldn't beat her, she was too strong and could hold me until I lost all my power. I was stupid enough to show her how she could use her hands, wrists, shoulders and body weight when armwrestling and since that day she can pin my arm in a flash. I kind of like having a strong wife, it certainly has made me more active physically, I work out more often and I am in better shape now than I was some years ago. If my wife had worked out all her life I am sure she could have been a top athlete, she builds muscle and strength so much faster than me it is almost scary.

NoddieOct 20 2009 8:23am
I met my wife in colledge, she was always an athletic woman as she was on the rowing team. Back then she was extremely toned and had lean muscle. We would often wrestle and armwrestle but I would always win. A few years into the marriage I was stuck at the office till very late and had no time to lift weights but I would run in the mornings. My wife however stayed home the entire day and took advantage of it. I has to leave for a business trip ehich lasted about a year during which I never lifted any weights only ran. So I was a bi shocked to come home and find my wife doing bicep curls at 45lbs. She got up and ran over to hug me. He hug almost winded me. I took a look at her and was shocked she looked like a body builder, all of her muscles were extremely large and defined. All I could say was " well youve changed." She giggled and did a spin,"like it?" I just nodded. She then told me to follow her and that sh had a surprise for me. I waited a little and followed her upstairs. I found herblaying on the bed--naked. She came over to me and ripped my clothes up, i think we all know what happened next. She completley dominated, I couldn't move!!! It was the best sex ever. We then later measured her bicep it was 16 1/2 inches 2 more than mine. She had 22 inche calves and her thighs were 27 inches!!!! From then onward we had sex every day. Multiple times on the weekends. We sometimes play wrestle, but all it is is play, because she would kill me if we wrestled for real. All I can say is that i'm one lucky bastard.

DavidOct 21 2009 8:09pm
She curls 45 lb dumbbells? Wow!

AnonymousOct 23 2009 7:51am
I am a tall skinny guy. Whenever a short fat girl physically overpowers me, I GET A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!!

a tall skinny guyNov 02 2009 3:39pm
It all started way back in elementary school when I encountered a short fat girl who was bigger and stronger than I was.

a tall skinny guy (who was a tall skinny boy way back then)Nov 02 2009 4:00pm
I am a tall skinny guy. Whenever a short fat girl physically overpowers me, I GET A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!!

a tall skinny guyNov 02 2009 4:01pm
WoW - Yes, I do have very small frame with 5.5" wrists. I did weigh 85lb at 5'2" in my 20s, and had a body fat of 15%, and 34" waist. However, due to a very sedendary life of working on the computer, no exercise, and eating lots of junk food and sweets, I gained 40lbs over the past 20 years, nearly all of it going to this 44" pot belly I have on a very skinny body. I don't like it, but I have tried several times to build muscle unsuccessfully. I am a very hard muscle gainer and get put to shame by everyone in the gym, young & old, male & female, and I give up trying out of embarrassment & frustration. Especially when I see chubby or fat 300lb+ women who have smaller bellies than mine (but much bigger hips & thighs) who can not only far out lift me, but also do much better in cardio. I see women in the gym in their 70s in much better shape than me, and 12 year old girls much stronger than me!

WayneNov 03 2009 1:21pm
WoW - I am one of those "98-120lb weaklings" that @@ mentioned earlier who is weaker than most (if not nearly all) women. It is more striking then that my wife 5'11" 310lb wife who works out a lot is no doubt stronger than most guys and can pin me easily with one arm (she has beaten me arm wrestlng easily with one arm and me pulling with my whole body: both arms, back, and legs). Our sex life is great and it does turn us both on that she is so much stronger than me and can dominate me so easily like I was a child or baby by comparison.

WayneNov 03 2009 1:32pm
Wayne - you need to watch out for the high amount of body fat you are carrying around your mid-section, especially as a middle aged man. Recent studies have shown that high waist to hip ratios are a better indicator of health problems than just high BMI or being overweight alone. It is called central obesity and is an indication of visceral fat stored around the organs which is metabolically active and greatly increases the risk of early death.

BethNov 03 2009 5:55pm
it sounds like your big wife needs to spank you and put you in diapers, wimpy wayne, lol

SteveNov 03 2009 5:59pm
Well defined muscles are more accepted now and that makes more and more women pump heavy iron. Also the evolution of female frames have resulted in bigger natural bodies. The women of 2010 are already bigger than the men were 100 years ago as scary as that sounds. As far as height is concerned, the females are getting taller and taller and like some in here have mentioned: one day females will be taller than men..

joakimJan 23 2010 2:50pm
Yeah, women are definately getting a lot taller. I've noticed that among the young girls especially. It's very commun now to see young females over 6 feet. Personally I think it's very intimidating, cause I'm only close to 5 feet myself. Being smaller than all the girls is not very cool when you are 15 and is looking for a girl friend. One time I was sitting on a toilet in a public rest room when I saw a freaking tall young woman over the toilet door. (yeah it was a restroom for both men and women). Her entire head towered over the door and she obviously used that to her advantage as she looked over the door and down on me. Of cource she quickly turned her head when I looked back at her, but I still felt very humiliated being desturbed when doing something that private.. I guess toilet doors are like 6 feet tall, so even tall people should not be able to look over them.. but obviously she was with ease..boys, look out next time you go to a public restroom

martinJan 23 2010 3:08pm
She is most likely stronger than you are.

AnonymousFeb 01 2010 10:37am
I know from my own firsthand experiences of male vs female that there are many cases where a female is bigger and stronger than a male even though a male is "supposed" to be bigger and stronger than a female. I learned a long time ago how strong a girl can be vs a guy. It doesn't matter at all that he is the one who has a penis while she is the one who has a vagina. I am a tall and skinny man but even as a boy, I was tall and skinny. One day, as kids, we were all given the task of picking rocks up and carrying them from one spot to another in order to get a particular job done. How much money we got depended on the size of the rock. I knew that even though I was taller than all of the girls and taller than almost all of the boys, I was simply way too skinny to lift and carry large rocks so I knew I would not be getting much money. To my complete surprise, I saw a very short, huge fat girl pick a big heavy rock up. She had no trouble at all carrying it all the way to the assigned spot. I knew that there was no way I could pick up any rock that big. I didn't even try because I already knew I couldn't do it. I was simply way too skinny!!! She (the short huge girl) and I stood next to each other after it was over. There I was, this tall tiny "stringbean" of a boy towering way over that short, gigantic, huge "tree trunk" of a girl who weighed a whole lot more than I did. My arms were like toothpicks compared to her arms. I knew if she wanted to, she could have grabbed me right there and picked me up just as easily as she picked that big heavy rock up which most likely weighed more than I did. I also knew that if I ever picked a fight with her, I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED!!! I knew she got way more money than I did. Those earlier days were the starting point for my intense sexual desire for short big ladies and there was another time back then when I encountered a short, really huge girl my age who lived next door from me. I also towered over her by plenty even though she weighed much more than I did. She bragged to me about all the boys who she could beat so when I told her that I didn't think she could beat me (a big mistake for me!!!), she said "Yeah?" and then she pushed me so hard that I went crashing up against the wall behind me. I knew right then and there that I wouldn't stand a chance if I ever tangled with her so I turned around and then I left with my head down in total defeat. Nowadays, whenever I have a girlfriend who is short, big and strong (and I have already had quite a few), I always let her know how turned on I am as a skinny guy who is way taller than she is and then, as a part of our ongoing relationship, she and I engage in various one-on-one physical tests of strength against each other which I am already used to losing. One thing is certain as far as I am concerned: IT MAKES FOR MUCH BETTER SEX!!!

AnonymousFeb 01 2010 11:58am
Amending the end of my last comment: Nowadays, whenever I have a girlfriend who is short, big and strong (and I have already had quite a few), I always let her know how turned on I am AS A SKINNY GUY WHO IS WAY TALLER THAN SHE IS WHILE SHE WEIGHS A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN I DO and then, as a part of our ongoing relationship, she and I engage in various physical tests of strength against each other which I am already used to losing. One thing is absolutely certain as far as I am concerned: IT MAKES FOR MUCH BETTER SEX (When I slide my huge, long, rock-hard penis deep into her thick, moist, juicy vagina!!!).

AnonymousFeb 01 2010 12:29pm
Whether she is six-foot while you are only five-foot, or whether she is only five-foot while you are six-foot, if she weighs 260 lbs with gigantic muscles while you weigh only 130 lbs with tiny muscles, YOU BETTER RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

AnonymousFeb 04 2010 3:09am
I know firsthand how easily girls can beat guys. When i was 13, i armwrestled this girl. She wasnt strong looking at all, and she was very thin, but extremely good- looking. To my surprise, she beat me easily. After school that day, she confronted me in front of a crowd of people. She proceeded to throw me to the ground, and pin me. She then straddled my chest, with her legs pinning my arms down. She slid up towards my face, until my face was actually inside her very short skirt. My nose was up against her pussy, and as i mentioned she was very hot, so at that point i got rock hard. She noticed, and punched my balls several times until i cried. Then she pulled my face into her pussy, so i couldnt breathe, and she squeezed her thighs together to add to the pain. After i was totally subdued, she got up and presented her ass to me. She said, "if you want me to let you go, then kiss my ass and say that i am your goddess and you are my bitch!" I did, and then she spit in my mouth, and left.

BruceFeb 18 2010 7:15pm
boys in general have stronger arms than girls but girls tend to have stronger legs. i know this because i used to date this girl who i loved to bits and she sugested that we wrestle so i accepted, thoiught it wud be fun. she was an athletic girl, we both enjoyed training etc. anyway at one point during our wrestling match she managed to trap my head between her thighs and she began to squeeze. it was so painful, i cud not beleiev how strong her legs were. i reached up and grab her thhighs and they were just pure muscle, very strong, she began to taunt me and she forced me to submit. 1 - o to her. next round i managed to pin her for 3 so it was 1 - 1. final round we were straddling each other alot than i let my gaurd down for a second and she maaged to get behind me. she grabbed my head and twisted it so i was facing her then she lached on a figure 4 headscissor facesit, i have never been so humiliated in my life. i instantly grabbed her legs and tried to get them off me but she just tensed up both her legs and she knew tht i knew it was all over, her crotch was smothering my nose and mouth so it was either submit or be knocked out. i submitted but she knocked me out anyway lol.

jackMar 08 2010 7:32am
you are all full of $#**! I'm 43,6'2",220lbs and haven't lost a step since my 20's. There exists not a woman who worries me. Granted, illness or injury could render me weak but otherwise, I'll still be going strong for MANY years You guys are pathetic weaklings.Bench 160? i could lay out of the gym and get completely out of shape and bench that. When I see women in the cage taking on heavyweights,or on the gridiron tackling men or when a woman takes the heavyweight title from a man, I'll buy into that garbage. The media always takes exraordinarilly strong women and puts them against weak little men. They do this in attempt to brainwash men. Seems to be working.

AnonymousApr 09 2010 11:08am
I am a weak man who is tall (6-ft-1). I am weak because I am amazingly skinny. I am always in the 125-135 lb range with my all-time low weight (for my current height) at a PUNY 123 lbs!!! I know from my own one-on-one experiences of having engaged in physical tests of strength against big strong females that not all big strong females are tall and stocky like Amazons. Plenty of big strong ladies (women and girls alike) are short and fat. They have big strong muscles underneath all of their fat. As a tall skinny guy, I admit to having lost physical tests of strength, in weightlifting as well as in wrestling, against short fat girls (some REALLY SHORT and REALLY FAT!!!), each of whom I tower over (some I tower over by more than a foot!!!) but each of whom weigh much more than I do and each of whom have much bigger muscles overall than I have. I saw my friend's big strong 4-ft-11, 190-lb short fat sister easily lift a fully-loaded heavy barbell over her head. I could almost swear that barbell weighed considerably more than I weighed (and currently weigh). I tried to lift that same fully-loaded heavy barbell over my head that she easily lifted over her head (because she is so big and so strong!!!) but to my utter shame and embarrassment (a tall small male like me vs a short large female like her), I failed miserably. I couldn't even get it above my thighs!!! I was almost in disbelief afterward while she and I were standing in front of each other as I was timidly looking way down at her upon my defeat as she was boldly looking way up at me upon her victory. Realizing that a tall skinny guy like me was so easily outlifted by a short fat girl like her, I became so sexually aroused that I could no longer control MY HUGE ERECTION!!!

AnonymousApr 28 2010 3:48pm
Wait does this woman at the office live in molluca? Because I live in america and I have yet to see a 50 yr old woman packing muscle like some people have described. I run in the mornings and lift weights in the afternoon, making myself one of the top ten strongest in my class. You wouldn't believe the number one holder who can bench 180+ pounds in the 8th grade as of now.

RyanMay 01 2010 11:45am
Wait, what the hell? I skipped down to the bottom to add a comment and then I read this crap. You're just a bunch of people with fetishes, and more than half of you can't spell right. I'll bet none of you speak the truth about your experiences and your own bodies. I think I'll go ahead and live my life now. Ti Wo Fu,(top of page) you took the words out of my mouth.

Dissapointed RyanMay 01 2010 12:12pm
men have 20 percent more muscle mass than women and are ofcourse superior in means of strenght even if a man dont train he can be stronger than a woman that trains[not very harcore].and also stfu with your gay dominant fetish!@

anonymousMay 07 2010 12:00pm
Anonymous who 43 is right. Men have testoserone which makes them stronger chances are these men who got beat by women are some girls who want to be stronger than guys.

jimmyMay 23 2010 8:01am
She is stronger, but men have testosterone and will always win the fight.YOure stronger wife may hold you on her lap with ease. But in a fight, you will win

AnonymousSep 27 2010 8:13am
why all girls are stronger than me but i am stronger than all boys. this means the girls are stronger than boys

AnonymousSep 27 2010 11:14pm
i wnt to be a girl

AnonymousSep 27 2010 11:15pm
Your all morons!

psych 101Oct 27 2010 7:57pm
lol @ OP. SHE IS BIGGER AND STRONGER!!! Some women are stronger than some men, some men are weaker than some women. Its no big deal!!

AnonymousNov 10 2010 1:42pm
i became attracted to strong female when i was around 15. at that time i was an extremely tiny boy, standing only around 4 ft 4, yes that's right. i have a deciese that slows my body age down so that i at that time looked more like a5 year old than 15 year old. the girl was my nanny/or babysitter, cause i literally was still a baby back then. i wore small boy diapers cause i could stay dry. one time i was sick and could go on vacation with my parents, so they contacted that girl, who i didn't knew at that time. she was told to take care of me all the time for 3 days. when i saw her for the first time, my eyes nearly popped out. she looked incredible. she was extremely tall..probably over 7 ft with high heels included, had a pair of the largest boobs i'd ever seen, a really beautiful face, feminine dress and big muscles. especially her thighs were just gigantic and much bigger than most mens. she wasn't told how old i was, but my parents and i had the deal that if she asked, i was 7 years old and not 15 as i really was. she probably believed that i was closer to 3, cause she just taled to me in a way that women talk to big babies.. it was extremely humiliating and frustrating at first, but when she pickedmy up from my high bed and laid me on the changing table, my penis got rock hard. when she stripped me, she noticed of cource, but said that it was okay, and that she had seen that happen with small boys before. she proceeded and started spreading baby powder around my penis with her hands and then lifted my legs up and slid a diaper underneath my ass. i tried to fight against her because i was afraid of cumming over her hands, but she was way too strong as she just pinned both my hands with one of her big hands. she then rolled the diaper's front end over my stomac and taped it on both sides and gave me a kiss on my forehead and on my stomac. then she graped my weak body and lifted me up in her arms and pinned me into her breast. i never thought that a youn sexy girl would force my entire body into her boobs! she then held me in that position with just one hand and walkeed over to another high table where her bag was. out of it she pulled a pack of cigarettes. i thought it wasn't possible - that a young, tall, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and super sexy girl would be a smoker! she pulled up a cool filter king menthol cigarette and brought it way up in the air up to her lips. her cigarette hunger showed as she quickly graped a lighter and brought a flame to the end of the cigarette and lit it up. she sucked in powerfully and inhaled all the thick smoke deeply. that just became too much for my little penis a i got my lifes secound orgasm right in the diaper, right up next to one of her giant boobs! amazingly she didn't notice and continued to carry me around and smoke. Ever since that experience, i have been attracted to powerfull women..

frankDec 14 2010 3:01am
no doubt women can be stronger. I have a women friend at work who has a very stron grip. We havn't armed wrestled yet but im sure she will win

RobFeb 09 2011 3:36am
in my opinon biys have stronge arms girls have stronger bodies and legs because i arm wresled a girl and won but when we wrestled she kicked my ass and she can carry me in almosh every way she is 20lbs heavier but is alot stonger i went round her too " look after her" he is 12 nearly 13 i am 14 so 1 yer and a half older she is taller by 3 inches anyway her lil brother threw a frisbee in the tree he had gone to bed at 7.30 he is only 7 and i said sit on my shoulder o she did but i couldnt stand up let alone walk so i at on her and she did it with ease . Althouth she embareseed me by doing quats after i have to admite i was attracted to that

jak3May 09 2011 12:42pm
Stupid question, that girl will beat you badly, you cannot have any change....but what's the matter? I was taller then my last girlfriend but she was heavier, more solide build and had bigger muscles so she was a lot of stronger then me.

SikMay 28 2011 12:52am
lMAO she is 45 lbs heavier dude~~~!!!!, bigger arms wrist. I mean...she could eat you alive many times over.

AnonymousAug 21 2011 10:52am

JMAug 22 2011 10:13am

JMAug 22 2011 10:15am
have made the misstake a few times, underestimating the strength of powerfully built women. The first time was when I was 17 or 18. Went to this party where this 15 year old girl was, she was big, with wide shoulders, big arms, wide hips and huge powerful thighs. She was quite aggressive and it seemed that many were afraid of her. I was older, almost three years but a lot lighter. I challenged her to an armwrestling match followed by a leg wrestling match. She absolutely killed me in both making everybody laugh at me. I was stupid enough to say that a real wrestling match was the only way to decide who was stronger. She played with me and pinned me and just embarrassed me, forced me to say girls wers tronger than boys etc. After this incident I dated only smaller girls. Until I met my current wife, about 15 years after my embarrassing loss to the "weaker sex". My wife was working at the same office. I liked her personality, she was always happy and positive. She was bigger than the normal woman I would like but I couldn't help enjoying watching her fantastic legs, big but very attractive, her great breasts and the way she moved her rather big body. She was sexy. But when I checked her out, like I often did, I started to remember what the 15 year old girl had done to me. I was still rather slim and this woman was heavier than me, no doubt about it. We started to date, movies, restaurants etc. but I avoided the night when we should be more intimate until she took the initiative and almost dragged me to her aparment. She asked me if I was afraid of women that was physically stronger than me, a question that shocked me totally. I stammered something like how did she know she was stronger. She then just pressed me to one of the walls and started to kiss me, she laughed and urged me to stop her. I started to fight back but she was right, she didn't have any problems pressing me to the wall and also started to undress me. The rest is history as they say, she had undersstood that I was shy, and probably shy since I was thinner and lighther than her. A very cleaver and sensitive woman that I am now married to. And happy, even if I am thinner and weaker.

GregorySep 27 2011 7:57am
What are your respective heights and weights, Gregory?

AnonymousOct 01 2011 7:16pm
What were the respective heights and weights of you and the 15 year old girl?

AnonymousOct 01 2011 7:21pm
I am a 60 year old male with thin weak arms and legs. at 163 pounds. A lot of girls are strong then me and very pretty I feel so weak around most of them My pretty girl friend is thin too but much stronger then me. She makes me dress in pretty dresses too and makeup wigs ect I am 5.9 she is 5.6

miOct 06 2011 5:25pm
I was never into bigger, stronger women. My typical girlfriend was a head shorter and lighter than me. Kind of difficult since I am not that big being 172 cm and 61 kgs. A new woman started at our office and she almost straight away started to flirt with me. She was always wearing high heels and stood 184 cm in her bare feet so she towered over me. She had decided that I was the guy she wanted she said and it was just a matter of time before I was hers. I thought she was joking but I would soon realize that she meant what she said. We went for a business trip together, worked real hard for a couple of days and ended it all with a day off. The last evening she called me on the phone and asked me if I could help her with her TV. I got into her room and she straight away took her bathrobe off. She had a bra and pantyhose on, her size scared me to be honest. Her wide shoulders, beefy arms, wide hips and muscular legs looked awesome. She just walked straight up to me and took hold of my hands, dragging me to her bed. I started to struggle but she was far too strong for me. She threw me on the bed and pinned me. Smiling all the time but didn't say a word. She started to undress me, I still struggled but she knew exactly how to control me. I was soon naked under her. She sat on me with her powerful thighs around my head and flexed her muscles. She said that she was strong enough to take on at least two men my size and I believed her. She then moved down laying on top of me whispering in my ear that I now as hers, just like she had said earlier. I started to struggle again but of course this was of no use. She had still her shiny tights on so I wondered how she would take me without taking them off, just when I had though this I saw that they her tights were open at her crotch. She started to caress my member and she got me hard, all these female flesh aroound me, being helpless in her strong arms actually turned me on to my big surprise. She rode me slowly hugging me to her strong body and I was hers, I felt that I belonged to this big woman. I felt like I had come home after many years. She made love to me the whole night and I almost fainted in her embrace at the end. I woke up in her arms, she had one big leg over me and I tried to get up. In her sleep she tightened her grip on me and I actually couldn't get loose even if she was asleep! I have been her's ever since. We have a rather equal relationship but sometimes she just tells me what to do in a stern voice and I don't want to anger this big woman. When we got married she carried me over the threshold, on the wedding photo in the paper she cradled carried me. I didn't like that to be honest but she insisted and threatened me to put me over her lap if I said no. I don't know if she was joking or not and didn't want to risk being spanked.

RickardNov 04 2011 3:40am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 10:43am
"This woman in my office is slightly taller, but 45 pounds heavier. She has larger upper torso compared to mine. Bigger arms and bigger legs than mine. Her wrist is larger and her hand is bigger. Oh and she isnt fat -- just stocky. IS it a safe bet that she is physically stronger than me?" <<< Yes she is kiddo! and she ought to use that superior strength to put you out of your misery forever. If your life is so dependent on how strong you are, you have nothing. You might try and get a better job. If you are a man making good money, it wont matter how physically weak he might be. WOMEN ADMIRE BRAINS, NOT BRAWN

asdfDec 17 2011 8:26am
DATE 2011-12-31

DATE 2011-12-31Dec 31 2011 4:41pm
my wife is 22 kg heavier than me.

pintoMay 24 2012 2:56am
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 10 2012 6:32pm
My ex girlfriend was always much stronger than me. We are both the same height at 6 ft but I sat at a desk all day while she lifted heavy boxes in her job. Her legs were also much stronger than mine as she did squats. I didnt notice until the first time we slept together. I was a virgin and she wasnt. we rolled around in bed for a bit and she pinned me down. and straddled me. I couldnt believe how easily she overpowered me. I told her I was a virgin so would she be gentle with me. TBH she rode me pretty hard then held me afterwards. I love awoman to be stronger ever since.

nigelNov 04 2012 2:25am
My old boss was this tall skinny white guy. He couldn't have weighed more than 150 and he was 6'5'' I had never seen a skinnier man in my life. I had just moved in from Canada, im persian, originally from when I got the job and ofcourse I end up on the elevator alone w the boss, now I'm about 5'3'' and I weigh 200 pounds but a lot of the weight is in my boobs, huge behind thick legs and arms. This tall lanky guy in an oversized shirt is standing next to me and I'm triple his size. I kind of caught him staring at my butt. I noticed him doing that quite often which made me want to barricade him in a room and kiss the life out of him. But after all he is my boss. So I started wearing seductive outfits like tight shirts and skin tight pants showing off my huge curves and thickness. One time I purposefully bumped into him and knocked him flat on his back. I made it seem like an accident. I helped him up but then he said he needed a hug so I wrapped him in an over zealous bear hug I could feel his erection. A few weeks later he called me into his office and said he had a crush on me. At which point I pulled him in and wrapped him in a passionate kiss. I then leaned him back on his desk and kissed him some more. When I was done I helped him up. He walked me to the door and went in for another kiss but I just shoved him to the floor. And blew him a kiss. He was now my boy toy. The next day I barged into his office and locked the door, I wrestled him to the floor and easily pinned him down I then screwed him silly. We kept this going for a while one time I had him leaned back on the desk when the phone rang I held him down and hung up the phone. He tried to get to the phone but I told him "you're mine now" I then tossed him on his couch and took off all his clothes and screwed him . He could not stop me. We once stood side by side in the mirror, the difference between us was amazing, he was in boxers tall rail thin and white, me in a white bra and panties, short dark skin, triple his size busting out in front and back. He actually tried to take me down at which point I smiled and easily pinned him down, his arms flailed in the air as I told him I had him pinned and he was mine. Another time I came up beside him swung my massive hips and and he went flying into the elevator. I then stalled the elevator. He said he really had to go, but I told him that "you're not going anywhere" I grabbed him and leaned him back smooched him and had my way with him. He just screamed in vain. The next day when we were both undressed he tried to tie me up to get the upper hand. i just bounced him back with mu butt leaned him on his desk and tied him up the the four posts standing up. We eventually got caught. I had his tall lanky frame pinned underneath me on his couch screwing him when someone barged in. They were confused bc they could only see his skinny arms and legs flailing the air, my body had totally engulfed his. I finished screwing him but We were fired immediately ofcourse. He had gone back a few days later to get his things. I needed to say the appropriate goodbye so I pulled up in a car service and waited for him. When he walked by I grabbed from behind wrapped with my left arm and covered his mouth w my right hand. He tried to break free arms flailing but didn't stand a chance. I tossed him in the car. He begged me to let him go but I said I had to give him the proper goodbye. I saw him gulp. I then faced him with my tight green shirt and massive tits facing him. I saw him get aroused and then leaned him back and smooched him he just screamed "aaaaah" I let him out of the car and then walked him back to the office, when he was about to go in I stood in front of him. He tried to get by but with a tear rolling down my eye I shoved his tall skinny body to the floor and blew him a kiss. As my car drove away I saw him lay there. It was fun while it lasted.

FarziMar 20 2013 10:45am
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