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Do you go to oakville washington.

Question: If you do whose hottest
Created by: tree falling at 04:15:45 PM, Tuesday, May 30, 2006 EDT



JaiJan 22 2015 10:19pm

Sir. *curtsies*

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:23pm
Haha. Tell me why you decided to be under me?

JaiJan 22 2015 10:25pm
Oh *blushes* that was not done on purpose c; but I'll do what you'll have me do sir

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:30pm
Haha. I meant why did you want to be "my" slave out of all these other masters?

JaiJan 22 2015 10:35pm
Oh that is what I at first thought you meant but...I like you because you stood out. You gave a no nonsense attitude. I could have gone to MasterTS, but I'd have prefered not too....

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:42pm
Is there a reason for not going to him?

JaiJan 22 2015 10:44pm
Not in particularly, I just didn't seem as drawn to him as you...

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:47pm
Aahh. I see.

JaiJan 22 2015 10:47pm
So do you have any sexual experiences?

JaiJan 22 2015 10:48pm
No sir, I have not.

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:50pm
Not even masturbating?

JaiJan 22 2015 10:51pm
I've never had uh penetration but I may have touched my cl*t before sir.....

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:54pm
Mhmm. Alright. Anyways, I must go. Check back her tomorrow alright?

Jai say Good-NightJan 22 2015 10:56pm
Yes sir, goodnight.

ClarityJan 22 2015 10:59pm

JaiJan 23 2015 2:50pm
Hello sir. *curtsies* I am very brokenhearted and shamed to tell you I will not be returning to likelike ever. My apologies for wasting your time.

ClarityJan 23 2015 2:58pm
It would have been nice of you to tell me why but alright.

JaiJan 23 2015 4:06pm

MasterTSJun 04 2015 5:27pm
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