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what kinda guy do u like best?

Created by: darthmaul jr at 07:26:36 AM, Sunday, June 04, 2006 PDT


This one Bianca Toyboy

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:27am

So you saying while busy at phone you performed easily a task that two man couldn't do?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:33am
Exactly. Women world 💪🏻

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:34am
Yes, it’s embarrassing if your friend doesn’t know your wife, but don’t worry this friend knows me and my muscles and my feet very much. I spanked him several times 😂🥿💪🏻

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:34am
You sppank also your friends?!!!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:35am
Yes, of course not only my friends my husband friends 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:35am
If you ask me to move away your training weights I would be in serious trouble

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:35am
I know you can’t move it so I will only ask you to embarrass you

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:36am
What if I say I can't before trying

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:37am
I’ll love yo if you said so. Come to me like a little kid ask for my help knowing that you’re so weak for your wife I love men with this attitude 😘

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:38am
I would try to proof you and myself that I can but I'm afraid you will would start with loughing

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:40am
Of course i will laugh. You don’t have to proof anything you’re small weak man and all what you have to do is to ask help from your manly strong muscular tough wife

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:42am
Please Fatima take away those dumbbell on the livinroom I can't do by myself

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:43am
Yes, but Boss Fatima or any other title show my strength and superiority

Fatima Mar 15 2019 4:49am
Please boss help me moving those dumbbell. Is 50 kg. What are you even training training with this weight?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 4:56am
Yes, I love the word boss. 50 kg just my normal training

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:13am
For legs?!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:15am
Legs warm up, probably chest, shoulders

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:18am
Bicep 50kg?!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:19am
Ya, but that’s my deadlift 💪🏻

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:21am
That's your max you mean?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:38am
Yes on biceps

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:39am
Oh my gosh and I can't move what a weak

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:46am
Ya you’re weak honey. Come to your wife to help you

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:50am
I have to because I would break my back trying to lift your stuff

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:55am
Haha, you’re so cute and weak I love that

Fatima Mar 15 2019 5:56am
So you can walk around the house with two 50 kgdumbells

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 5:59am
Ya sure. This one isn’t hard

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:01am
So you can move two at the time no problems while I struggle moving or lifting one?!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:02am
Your hand grip must be dangerous

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:04am
Yez, just moving is so easy. Haha everything around me is dangerous

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:06am
I like it when i put my arm or my thighs next to men arms and thighs. So my arms appear big, hard muscular, while theirs look soft, white weak and thin

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:10am
Want me to flex near your arm?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:13am
Haha that would be so funny. Touch those fluffy weak muscles of yours

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:15am
Even if I flex they're somehow soft opposite of your I think

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:16am
Ya so soft and fluffy

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:23am
Wonna try to squeeze and than I try to squeeze yours?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:25am
Haha, sure why not. I will use two fingers you use tow hands

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:27am
I can't encircle that arm Even with two hands but I'll try to squeeze hard

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:28am
Yes, please I don’t mind. Probably I will be laughing

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:34am
Long time ago i used to play a game take a picture for my biceps for example and the biceps of the man with me in the room and then send the pictures to other people let them guess who’s the man and who’s the woman 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:41am
What people said

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:43am
Of course people thought I’m the man in every single picture even the one where there’s no muscles. Hopefully I have breast because this’s the only area where people said I’m a woman 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:44am
So your arm looked like a well trained bodybuilder and the men arm looked like a girl compared

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 6:51am
Yes, exactly the arm, legs, neck, shoulder everywhere. Especially that I choose my men not hairy at all so it was very confusing for the people

Fatima Mar 15 2019 6:55am
They could almost sit on your flex bicep

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:03am
Haha, ya almost unfortunately not yet.

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:05am
And because of this game I got the title of manly wife, which I don’t mind but my husband doesn’t like it at all

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:06am
Why unfortunately? Why manly wife

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:10am
Husband come here and feel my muscles. Squeeze! Try that's what I imagine

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:13am
Unfortunately because it would be nice to let a grown up man sit on my biceps. Manly wife, because everytime I played this game everyone believed I’m the man not the man with me. It’s impossible to recognise my body as a woman without my breasts. That’s why now everyone call me manly wife

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:13am
Actually it is Sissy husband come here. Massage my muscles 💪🏻 ohhh I cannot feel a thing you’re so weak and useless I’m upset I beat him that’s exactly what happened if we’re alone. If someone from his friends is around he’ll help him with massage and things might be better

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:16am
You may not feel even if he punches you bicep while you flex

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:18am
No, Usually I need at least 2 or 3 men to feel it.

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:19am
What's beautiful about adult man sit on your big bicep? The short one's they'll soon hang from it if you flex maybe

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:20am
Would it bother you if your friends call your wife, manly wify?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:20am
You saying if I punch your bicep you don't have problems?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:20am
My friends they may call you hulk if they see our relative sizes

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:21am
The beautiful of this feel my big size and great power and muscles compare to small weak scared grown up men and treated them like kids

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:21am
Why llke kids. While you spank them they'll ask mum stop please

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:23am
Sure, I have no problem. Hulk is a nice name, but what do you think about manly wife

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:23am
Compare to me you're bigger and more muscular so is correct to say you're more manly

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:24am
I love to treat grown up men like kids don’t know why. But take care of them protect them lift them spank them etc

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:24am
You're big enough to let an adult like me feel small and weak

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:25am
It’s cool, you’re telling your friends my wife is more manly than I am, and I am much more feminine than she is 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:25am
Ok bet you sometimes stand up and flex and order your husband to try to bring your flexed bicep down or to squeeze it

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:26am
Of course I’m big enough and strong enough women rule 💪🏻

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:26am
I have to admit that to them because my muscles aren't even half as big as yours and much less hard I think

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:27am
Ya he couldn’t squeeze it, not only him and his friends

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:27am
Could he bring it at least down?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:28am
Good boy, when we’re around in a dinner you will say let me introduce my manly muscular wife Boss Fatima

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:28am
Can't I just say wife Fatima?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:29am
No they can’t if I didn’t let them

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:29am
How did thry tried

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:29am
No, you have problem saying manly or muscular or boss?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:29am
In front of my friends?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:30am
They tried many times me infront the mirror snd they’re trying to squeeze

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:30am
Yes, friends and everywhere

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:31am
If I was in your husband position I would grab your bicep with both arms and lift my legs so my weight is on your arm and you'll be forced to put it down

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:32am
Why you ask me to introduce you like that? They can see you're muscular like a bull and they can understand You're stronger

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:32am
I don’t know if this will work but he never tried it

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:33am
There's a chance it'll not working? 😅🤕🤕🤕

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:33am
I love it, especially saying manly wife. What’s your problem with that!!!

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:33am
That would mean that I'm the womanly husband

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:34am
Yez, why you think it should work?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:34am
Maybe too much weight for your arm

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:35am
Yes, don’t you think you’re the woman in the relationship?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:35am
Why I'm the woman

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:35am
Maybe not, he’s only 67 not much

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:35am
I feel more I'm.the kid

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:35am
Can you try this with him?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:36am
You’re the woman because you’re shorter, thinner, softer, less hairy, weaker not muscular. Also, it’s not only about body I make decision i work you study although we’re same age, I have money i run my own company while your duty massage my feet and wash my underwear. Who do u think is the woman?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:38am
Haha, you’re a kid. I’ll try it now i’m on travel when i’M back

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:38am
What do you do when you treat guys like kids

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:41am
You don’t want me to treat like women 😂?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:42am
How do you treat me like woman like

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:43am
Like hey toyboy is bed time go to sleep!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:44am
Haha, if you’re a kid like that. Before tell you about the women let me know are you convinced you’re a woman comparing to me 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 7:46am
I think so your body make me feel like I'm the girl

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:48am
What if I refuse to get to sleep

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 7:48am
If you refuse to go to sleep i will slap you. Nice lovely girl 😂😂. Be submissive to your manly partner 😂😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:01am
I want to watch the end of the movie before bed!! I'm an adult

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:02am
No, you’re not allowed your wife said so

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:05am
Why no

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:06am
Because your wife said so. Do you want to be spanked

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:17am
You must provide me a reason you cannot decide too send the me to bed randomly and I don't want to be spanked

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:24am
Well, I don’t have to. And you’ll be spanked and your ass willl be as red as tomato

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:42am
Well maybe I wanna have a phone call with one of my males slaves/ boyfriends or toys. And I don’t want my husband to be around 😡😡

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:44am
After spanking you on your ass, I will give you few spanks on your back and chest. So your ass and back and chest are fully red then I will stand on you and give you a stamp of my foot on your chest back and ass. So, everytime you look in the mirror to remember where your place is for your manly wife 🦶

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:48am
No spank please

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:49am
So, listen to your manly wife and go to your bed.

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:50am
Ok but is unfair because you are so much stronger I'm forced to obey

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:51am
I’m thinking since you’re feeling like a girl now, and you’re softer thinner and weaker than me and you’re my woman husband. Probably you should be wearing a silk dress when you sleep

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:52am

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:53am
Of course you’re forced to obey women and muscles 💪🏻 and slippers 🥿 rule 😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:53am
But is unfair

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:54am
To wear a silk dress and me as usual wearing only my underwear or a short. It makes sense

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:54am
Well world is unfair. I’m responsible on you so you obey me.

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:54am
Don’t worry with my men I’m responsible for many things I protect them i give them money it’s not only beating

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:55am
Why should I dress as a girl

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:56am
Why it makes sense to you wearing shorts and me silk

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:57am
You said when you’re next to me you’ll feel like a girl. And you said it’s normal to say for me manly wife and for you wife husband. So, it makes sense to wear women dress

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:57am
No you can't convince me to wear that

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:58am
As I said I’m more manly than you are. It’s normal i’m the man and you’re the woman. Don’t you think me wearing only boxer you a dress

Fatima Mar 15 2019 8:59am
Of course I feel like a girl your biceps is bigger than my legs

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 8:59am
Okay so wear it my wife husband and show me those soft weak fluffy hairless arm 😂😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:00am
They are not weak and u can see some muscle when I flex

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:01am
Okay, you call it muscles. Still look like a woman body. Come the dress will suit you

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:04am
Can't force me to wear it

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:05am
Of course they're muscles how Would you call them

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:05am
Comeon we both now I’m much more masculine and manly than you are

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:05am
How do we know

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:06am
I’ll call it little cute fluffy things male have 😂😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:06am
And how I should call you muscles than

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:07am
How!! Are you really asking? How’s taller? How’s heavier? How’s muscular? How’s more aggressive? How’s working? Who’s more hairy? Answer those questions and tell me who’s more masculine? By the way how is your voice. Is it thick?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:09am
Bull hard huge muscles?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:09am
No is pretty delic

AnonymousMar 15 2019 9:09am
You are taller.heaviier Moore muscular person etc but a lot

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:10am
But still you can not forced me to wear woman cloth

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:11am
Yes, my bully huge wife muscles. Your voice is delic 😂😂😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:11am
Delicate. I told you I was afraid if you spanked too hard that I would scream similar to girl.

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:12am
So, you’re convinced that I’m more masculine and manly? Right. Say it

FatMar 15 2019 9:12am
You have more muscles and buggerr and stronger so therefore sesma like to u are more masculine

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:13am
OMG, your voice is delicate and you scream like a little girl 😂😂😂. Well come on I am sure my voice is way harder and thicker than yours. Probably I have more testrton than you have

FatimaMar 15 2019 9:14am
Yess but don't spankin me just to hear it

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:15am
Sure also My voice is thicker and my hair as well. I work you stay at home who’s the boss who’s masculine who’s more manly? Who should wear a dress

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:16am
Haha it depends how submissive you’re. If you talk with me like really delicate voice I will not spank you to hear it

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:18am
Guess that you are stronger and bosd but you can't force man to wear woman cloth

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:18am
I'm afraid about the strength of your spank so I guess I don't want to try

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:19am
I'm pretty sure only one spank may let me cry

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:20am
Well first I can force you easily. Second it makes sense for you. It would be nice a partner with soft and weak body wearing dress make sense

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:20am
Is not weak body. And you are the woman so you should wear and how you think you can force me easy?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:21am
I can lift you naked you and makes you wear it. Yes, but I’m manly wife and you’re woman husband

Fatima Mar 15 2019 9:52am
How would you

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 9:57am
Lift you hold your hands in one from you. Taking off your client easy

Fatima Mar 15 2019 10:00am
I will be holding on the hand and my feet off the ground?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:07am
Your feet is off the ground and IM holding you from your back. Bottom line you will wear the dress your friends as well

Fatima Mar 15 2019 10:09am
O can talk it off!!!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:10am
Take it off you mean. Of course

Fatima Mar 15 2019 10:11am
Guys my wife forces me to wear as a lady 😳😳😳😱

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:12am
I mean if you lift me and force to put it on I can't stip you but I can take it off

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:13am
Ya and your wife probably will force your guys to wear like you. Well you will be spanked, you will take it off and ne naked

Fatima Mar 15 2019 10:14am
Ok I'll keep it than 😒

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:15am
Good boy wife husband

Fatima Mar 15 2019 10:15am
But only in private not in front of friends

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 10:16am
No, I’m planning on make your friends wearing it too

Fatima Mar 15 2019 11:24am
3adult dress as women?!

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 11:39am
Yes, either naked or dressed as women you choose

Fatima Mar 15 2019 12:08pm
And you?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 12:22pm
As usual underwear. Why what do you prefer?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 12:24pm
So my choice is being depressed or being spanked and dressed anyway?

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 12:26pm
No you and your friends can be totally naked or dressed like a woman

Fatima Mar 15 2019 12:34pm

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 12:47pm
Really!! Okay fine by me

Fatima Mar 15 2019 12:52pm
But no spank

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 1:47pm
Ya no spank for the clothes if you’re naked. Do you think your friends will be okay to be naked infront of Woman?

Fatima Mar 15 2019 1:53pm
Once they see how big and strong you are maybe yes or it'll be sufficient spank one and the other would be conviced I think

TopicmasterMar 15 2019 2:25pm
Okay, I like that. Muscular women 💪🏻naked helpless men

Fatima Mar 15 2019 2:26pm
I love seeing too many naked men in my house it’s so much fun 😂😂😂

Fatima Mar 15 2019 2:42pm
What's funny about us mistreated and scared

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 2:23am
How making men naked is mistreated?

Fatima Mar 16 2019 9:01am
Force giys to be naked for your amusement and dress like woman because they're smaller and weaker

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 9:06am
You order something and if we don't do it immediately you grab one of us spank for 5 min until he begs and cry than all 3 Will obey because they're scared

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 9:14am
Ya that looks nice to me, this’s how I order men to obey me. You’re guys you shouldn’t be ashamed to be naked, I’m a woman and I don’t have problem with it.

Fatima Mar 16 2019 1:19pm
Yes but we would see tue guy spanked and we will be scared for him

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 1:51pm
So, that’s the point i’m the boss and I should be respected

Fatima Mar 16 2019 2:38pm
Will you take me in front of them for the demonstration?

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 2:43pm
What will you do to me in front of one of my friends that Never saw you for example

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 2:47pm
Of course you’re my wife husband you should be the demonstration 😂. First I will explain for the friends about our relationship then I will start by comparing, then wrestling if you resist i will spank you. Then I will force you to kiss my feet

Fatima Mar 16 2019 3:30pm
What will you explain

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 3:31pm
Resist how... I can't resist if we wrestling you can probably make my head touch my knees or feet without problems.

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 3:33pm
Explain our life style how I’m much stronger and muscular and more manly than you. Simply how I’m manly wife and you’re wife husband. That’s my boy I don’t like any resistance just total surrender

Fatima Mar 16 2019 4:58pm
I will ask not to wrestle me what will happen

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 4:59pm
Well maybe I will be already board from wrestling you, like my husband now. So just a quick demo and then move to your friends. However kissing my feet is a must

Fatima Mar 16 2019 5:04pm
You still haven’t explained to me how naked guys in front of a woman is mistreating, I thought it should be the other way around but apparently life is changing in everything 😂

Fatima Mar 16 2019 5:10pm
Is humiliating

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 5:18pm
You want to wrestle me while I'm dress as a woman?

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 5:18pm
What do you mean quick demo?!

TopicmasterMar 16 2019 5:19pm
It’s humiliating for 3 men to be naked infront 1 woman!!! You men are so weird I don’t feel humiliated when i take off my clothes in front 10 men. Yes, of course I will wrestle while you are wearing a dress or while you’re naked. The Quick demo will be for example lifting you and throwing you, making you submit and tab quickly and maybe few spanks to show them how I run my house

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:05am
you think I will cry in front of them because of your spanks?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:19am
It depends how long you can take it. But don’t worry if you cry infront of them i will make them cry as well. So, no one make fun of anyone

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:22am
so you simply take on your knees , while I ask you to stop, lift my woman dress, easily, while I try to stop you and you sloowly spank me once, hard, and i cry immediately?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:25am
Yes, but not once couple of times of course i will lift your address so I can reach your ass easily

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:27am
well if you use 50% of your strenght how many you think I can stand before cry

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:28am
Maybe you can stand up to 30 or 40. Do u prefer to be in a dress or naked

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:29am
30\40 without crying well so is not so hard spank , thankfoully! dress i prefer

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:30am
Really why you pefee dress??

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:32am
at least I am partially covered, I thought that with half your strenght was enough to make adult cry a lot

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:33am
why do you wand guys to be dressed as girls

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:35am
Ya half my strength is more than enough. Men with women dresses make more sense for me that I look like a man. Or naked so I can play with their thing

Fatima Mar 17 2019 3:56am
i think some of us they shoud be dressed ad baby girls more than woman becauses trenght difference is so big, what i meant is that i thought with half your strenght just one spank would have been enough to make people cry

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 3:58am
Haha, good point but still I prefer to make you dress like a woman that excited me. Yes, I know but honestly it depends on the man usually men cry from the third spank

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:04am
Are you shy? And you don’t want me to see yout thing all the time

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:04am
yes i am shy, so after 3 spank i cry? what if u use full strength?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:07am
Yes you will cry from full strength from the first spank you will be screaming and crying. Really little shy guy. I don’t have problem show my thing to 20 men in my living room

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:12am
because you have superior body to probably all 20 guys i have nothing better than your body, maybe your arm is stronger than my entire body

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:28am
so one single spank and you can make me your husband scream and cry? that must be painful

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:30am
Haha, so still you think only because I’m stronger i can take off my clothes infront 20 men in my living room? It takes confidence to take off your clothes and underwear infront of those men

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:33am
what if my friends after few seconds of spanking they will be worried for me and ask please to stop spanking me because they see I am getting hurt?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:33am
Yes, one spank is enough for my husband and his friends

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:33am
I will not listen you’re my wife husband and I own you

Fatima Mar 17 2019 4:34am
well at least we can resist few spanks at 50% without crying

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:34am
I will not listen you’re my wife husband and I own will keep for how long than? anyone ever fainted for ass pain from your spanks?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:35am
what if my friends will grab the hand thats spanking me, will it be able to stop you at least?

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:37am
yes is confidence, but confidence given from your body superiority

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 4:42am
No one was faint from the spanking but lots of men have fainted from ass and boobs smoother. If your friends try to help you I will be so angry and serious and beat you all. You know my body is superior but I’m not talking only about showing off my body but I’m talking about full nudity, that means my pussy is superior to 20 dicks 😂😉

Fatima Mar 17 2019 6:42am
i dont think youre stronger than 20 man but for sure more than 4/5 average like me for sure

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 10:45am
I didn’t mean that I’m stronger than 20 men. I was just wondering why I’m to show off my pussy infront 20 men while they have problem showing their dicks to me

Fatima Mar 17 2019 12:18pm
because you are so much bigger is hard for a man thinking a woman has bigger muscles

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 12:22pm
soon you will be able to use my weight as a training weight an i will be so light to be lifted

TopicmasterMar 17 2019 12:23pm
I still can't believe that you want to use me for a demo!!!

AnonymousMar 17 2019 1:14pm
I‘m afraid that women can use us men for what ever they want 😰.

Henni Mar 18 2019 4:13pm
yes but you don t trained and yur wife passed you and now is a bit embarassing for you i think

TopicmasterMar 18 2019 11:53pm
You are right Topicmaster, my girlfriend passed me but the bad thing is that I’m train too. Not so much but i‘m trained and nevertheless she is stronger than me.

Henni Mar 19 2019 12:08am
and bigger?

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 1:56am
Yes, she’s bigger too. My arms are nearly 15“. Her arms are more than 16“.

HenniMar 19 2019 10:30am
she said she is 17+ inches and yours are bigger tahn mine I have 14 max. and you cannot beat her armwwrestling with both arms?!

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 1:20pm
No, she’s much stronger than me! It’s true i adk her and she show it to me! Her biceps are 17.3“, 2.5“ bigger than mine!

Henni Mar 19 2019 1:28pm
how did you felt when you started to realize your wife was getting buffer and stronger

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 1:31pm
It was exciting and humiliating at the same time because she is 5 years younger than me. When she start training she made progress much faster than me.

Henni Mar 19 2019 1:59pm
Sonher arms and legs were smaller and weaker than she progressed to your size and strength than passed your level? How long it took?

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 2:00pm
She needs 6 months to keep up with me and after one year she was stronger. First time a little stronger but she made further progress very fast. I can’t keep up with her. To made the same process I need mor than 8 years.

Henni Mar 19 2019 2:05pm
She shows her muscles often? She asked also to compare?

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 2:07pm
After she noticed that me looks small next to her she love to compare. Later i asked her to prevent to compare our muscles. It was humiliating for me that my muscles look much smaller than hers.

Henni Mar 19 2019 2:31pm
And what did she said

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 2:32pm

TopicmasterMar 19 2019 3:29pm
She was amused when she noticed that her muscles become bigger and stronger than mine. Later when she realized that her muscles become bigger than most other guys have we know she was excited.

Henni Mar 19 2019 11:24pm
And now she can lift you ?!

TopicmasterMar 20 2019 1:12am
Yes, i think so!

Henni Mar 20 2019 1:51pm
She said she lifted up above hre head it's true?

TopicmasterMar 20 2019 4:49pm
She doesn’t lift me over her head but she can lift wights over her head heavyer than me!

HenniMar 20 2019 6:17pm
she become a beast and now youre the weakest in the couple and she actually likes, is she more bossy now?

TopicmasterMar 21 2019 12:45am
Yes, much more bossy! She decide most things! Sometimes she prohibits or permitted to me to do something! Or she ordered me to do things she know i don’t want it or i can’t do it!

HenniMar 21 2019 3:14pm
What are things you don't want or you can't. Can you tell me about it?

TopicmasterMar 21 2019 3:54pm
Sometimes if she wants to annoying me, she say, i have to help her with training. I should prepare her dumbels wit heavy wight or submit the dumbells i can‘t almost not move!

HenniMar 21 2019 9:51pm
Toyboy, do you have any experience, things you can‘t do because you are to weak but a strong girl can do?

BiancaMar 28 2019 11:41pm
no I never had some problem ifI need to lift a sofa I ask a friend to help me for example same for moving forniture and no girl was ever strong enough to lift me from the ground

TopicmasterMar 29 2019 12:31pm
You mean you never ask a girl she could help you? Are you a member in a sport club or gym?

BiancaMar 29 2019 12:51pm
i used to go gym some years ago, why should I ask a girl?

TopicmasterMar 29 2019 3:18pm
what things I may need to ask you for example?

TopicmasterMar 29 2019 3:50pm

TopicmasterApr 01 2019 4:31am
Do you know no girl in your circle?

BiancaApr 01 2019 2:47pm
No muscles girl

TopicmasterApr 01 2019 10:11pm
And in your gym? No girl with muscles? I can’t believe! I have some friends who are trained and some of them have bigger muscles than males.

BiancaApr 01 2019 10:15pm
How big muscles?

TopicmasterApr 01 2019 11:15pm
But I never saw a woman like you and Fatima that can beat and lift a guy

TopicmasterApr 01 2019 11:40pm
That’s very different, some girls have no visible muscles, some have visible muscles. Some have small but sinewy arms, other have very big muscles.

BiancaApr 02 2019 2:18pm
Yes but you have but bigger than me and you can lift me around the house Loughing

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 12:36am
Fatima said she could lift me over her head and hold me up there for long time using me as a training weight like I was a kid. Her arms are like iron compared to my muscles hardness. I never saw any woman like this.

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 4:45am
And I'm almost sure that your husband hanni isn't able to win at any strength competition now

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 5:17am
You are right toy boy! Henni is much to weak to have a chance! His arms look like sticks compared to mine and because i love to wear high heels, in them i‘m taller than him. This is the reason because i call him „little weakling“!

BiancaApr 03 2019 11:56am
They look like sticks? Explain please

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 12:06pm
His arms are so small, his muscles are really tiny! Only 37.5cm.

BiancaApr 03 2019 12:44pm
Well they're more or less like mines....whats wrong with it? How big are yours?

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 12:46pm
Do you now ask your husband to measure both of you to make him suffer?

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 1:47pm
My arms are 44cm. Sometimes we compare. It‘s exciting for us both but i never force him except it‘s really necessary!

BiancaApr 03 2019 3:12pm
What can be an example of really necessary

TopicmasterApr 03 2019 11:24pm
If he tease me or he do anything, i have forbidden!

BiancaApr 04 2019 2:56pm
What have you forbidding?

TopicmasterApr 04 2019 3:57pm
For example if he tease me! Then he get the chance that i beating up him.

BiancaApr 05 2019 8:08am
Tease you in what way... Beautng how

TopicmasterApr 05 2019 9:22am
And why you beat him up. What a wife has to think to make his husband take a beat?

TopicmasterApr 07 2019 7:53am
I don’t want to accept that he tease me or he doesn‘t obey. In this case i will punishing him. He‘s a toyboy like you!

BiancaApr 08 2019 6:56am
So if I'm your husband and I call you gym rat what you would do?

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:00am
What punishment he gets

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:01am
Gym rat? I think it’s right or is gym rat meant not kind? I train often in the gym or do you think i get muscles and strength without doing anything for it?

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:08am
I will say hey wife your arms are getting too big also for my shirt! That's not teasing?

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:09am
Howedo u tease me?

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:20am
No, it’s true! I can rip your shirt of with my flexed biceps. Your muscles are much to small to strech the sleeves of your shirt!

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:23am
They're almost 10 centimetres smaller... what is teasing you than. When I try tease your strength and muscles you take it as complement

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:26am
How tall are you toyboy?

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:27am
178 cm and 80 kg

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:28am

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:28am
Oh! Than you‘re already smaller than me. If i want to tease you i would like to go to public place and i would wear high heels. Than you’re will be even smaller than me and because i wear a sleeveless shirt, everybody will see that my muscles are bigger and stronger than your tiny and weak muscles. I would show you how strong i am and how weak you are compared to me.

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:35am
I‘m 179cm and 86kg.

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:36am
How would you show public?

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:37am
That’s easy. I can hold you down if i want or tease you. Next poll if this closed:

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:39am
Hold me down how? Easy?!!

TopicmasterApr 08 2019 7:42am
Yes, i can fix your arm with my hand. If i talk to you i stand next to you and you have to look up to me!

BiancaApr 08 2019 7:48am
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QlbEsBfpAaTTOct 18 10:47am
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