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Comics-superheroines vs superheroes?super heroines become more popular than mucho superheroes?

Question: The role of women in comic books has greatly improved. The Amazon archetype is a common figure in contemporary culture, and this is especially true of the genre comic books.Those images shape the way people think and the idea of female superiority is being encouraged and imprinted on the minds of children as they grow up. Do you think female super heroines become more popular than old fashioned males mucho heroes?
Created by: whwbtg at 07:12:41 PM, Sunday, June 25, 2006 PDT


Many people think about "comic books," they are reminded of the 1960's Batman TV series, and expect comic books to still be populated by cartoons characters with appeal primarily for children. But comic books have changed. Their audience now primarily consists of teenagers and young adults; the stories and art have likewise matured. The role of women in comic books has greatly improved. The Amazon archetype is a common figure in contemporary culture, and this is especially true of the genre comic books. Female heroines who are physically equal or superior to male opponents are extremely common. Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Huntress, Rogue, Psylocke, Namorita, Warbird, Mantis, Moondragon, Phoenix, Storm, Cheshire, Lady Shiva, Spider Woman, Shadowcat, Elektra, Batgirl, Gamora, She-Hulk, Supergirl, the Black Cat and Big Barda vare all examples of the Amazon archetype. This is not some futuristic science fiction brainwashing camp, but more of a sensitivity training coarse designed to help men understand what behavior is acceptable so they can have a more fulfilling life. Comics,Hollywood and television is celebrating the strong female. These not just included young women dressed as super heroines, but also images and videos of women performing amazing feats of strength and agility against the men they dominated. Comics shows have strong female heroines that regularly beat up their male counterparts. It's some kind of fiction, but these programs are aimed at children and teenagers, young girls and especially boys and these images stick. Usually there is no doubt when we see a female and a male comics fight , who is going to be the winner. Those images shape the way people think and the idea of female superiority is being encouraged and imprinted on the minds of children as they grow up. The younger generation is growing up surrounded by images of female superiority, Add to that the school experience where girls get better marks, participate more, take on leadership roles, and learn self- confidence , the picture of successful dominant mother and unstable, submissive father , the younger ones will have grown up, besides these facts and will be used to seeing women beating men at most things ,so it will not be seen as something strange or weird, like some people seem to today. You only have to look at young girls today and how they act, they have a certain arrogance, they realize they can do what they want, and do it better then boy, while boys realize they are so far behind girls and they are already being conditioned to accept the female as superior.

WWJun 26 2006 6:01pm

Correct me if I'm wrong. But at some point, somewhere in some comic, I've read that the new supergirl is more powerful than superman.

AnthonyJun 27 2006 10:31pm
Based on what DC has currently said, i have no choice but to vote for Supergirl. SHe's stronger, faster, her powers are at higher levels, and she's more ruthless, not having the human compassion Clark grew up with. They've basically stated she could take him in a fight. But i'm sure they'd come up with some lame, silver age reminisciet excuse as to why he could stomp her in a fight if they ever did it.

KATEJun 27 2006 10:34pm
Superman have more experience but experience won't do anything if he can't hurt her, or catch her for that matter. We know for sure she's faster, and they theorize she's far stronger, and that Kryptonite won't effect her as readily as it does him. They've made it into a situation where if they continue ont he course they've started down, a superman win is downright unbelievable. Experience won't let you physicaly beat an opponent, who by all rights, is unstoppable, even to superman.I figured he was just asking aboutt he comics. In the comics, they made it very clear, Supergirl outclasses Superman, and by a lot.But, whatever the reason I'm ok with Supergirl being stronger Superman.

HallJun 27 2006 10:40pm
Yeah, I bet you Kara fanboys like Kara being stronger. Somehow I bet you'd like to see Kara holding a whip, with Superman on his knees, and Kara going, "Speak when spoken too!"

johnJun 27 2006 10:42pm
It bothers me.Its so strange how many female heroines beat heroes not just in comic book but in cartons or movies . Not that I'm sexist, but men physically are much stronger than women. Supergirl looks like a girl, Superman is a full grown man. Even with all the yellow sun explanations and everything, it annoys me. Feminists are so aggressive those days -Has this really got anything to do with sexism?

TomJun 27 2006 10:48pm
It?s a social trend -The girls are driven; the boys have no direction- We tend to think of the early decades of 20th century as an unenlightened time when women were only portrayed as subordinate to men.But the new trend I see today towards more and better portrayals of strong women in the comics, specifically the portrayal of strong women, women in the roles more often filled by men Young girls will pay good money to watch women beat down male oppressors. The commercial embrace of kick-butt girls breeds a less obvious threat to women?s struggle for equality We could start exploring the many faces of Sally Hero with the animated superheroes and supervillains from the 1940s: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. The heroic girls could keep up with the boys any day, and the supervillains made the boys work for their living. Girls found even more heroines in literature at this time, from Nancy Drew, girl detective, in Carolyn Keene?s Nancy Drew series to the irrepressible Anne in L.M. Montgomery?s Anne of Green Gables. Young women could only imagine real, strong girls because they had few physical role models to admire in the entertainment world. Books emphasized the mental heroism of women, while in comic books superheroines proved their worth with tight biceps and fast moves.

WWJun 27 2006 11:05pm
Of course Supergirl is stronger, She's a Female!

wmnpwrJun 28 2006 2:28am
The Amazon archetype is a common figure in contemporary culture, and this is especially true of the genre comic books. Girl power is the most visible incorporation of third wave feminism into popular media Female heroines who are physically equal or superior to male opponents are extremely common. Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Huntress, Rogue, Psylocke, Namorita, Warbird, Mantis, Moondragon, Phoenix, Storm, Cheshire, Lady Shiva, Spider Woman, Shadowcat, Elektra, Batgirl, Gamora, She-Hulk, Supergirl, the Black Cat and Big Barda vare all examples of the Amazon archetype. This represent the rising of woman power in modern society. Superman wakes up in the with no recollection of what just happened. It's not a good day to be the Man of Steel, and once a certain Amazon Princess catches up with him-Wonder woman-, it's about to get a whole lot worse. Superman was beaten by Wonderwoman , Supergirl consistently beat her old cousin Superman in the test of strength speed and agility ,Daredevil gets beat up twice by his girlfriend Electra , Spider-Man is outclassed by Spiderwoman and he always run away when he fight against Man ?killer finally he was beaten by his ex girlfriend Black cat , Andromeda beat the living crap out of him her team mate Roxxas, Batgirl is stronger than Robin ,Batman was beaten by Wonderwoman, Catwoman , and outclassed by Batwoman , Big Barda was more physically powerful then her husband, Knockout beat the stuffing out of Superboy ,Libertybelle beat her housband speedster Johnny Quick, Marrow beat Wolverine, Miss Victory -she was equal at first ,now she is more powerfull than Captain Freedom, Plastic_Kitty beat Elastic man, Powergirl outclassed many of them, Psylocke, Rougehas beat Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Thor, and heroines like Carol Danvers , Powergirl, Donna Troy, Fairchild, Fem-paragon, Firestar,Flamenbird, Kismet , Shulk, Valkyrie, and many others are superior to their male opponents . This is just one of the signs of the prospect of female supremacy in modern society.

HallJun 28 2006 4:24am
WW said: "The girls are driven; the boys have no direction." That seems to be true, and that is probably the reason that men are falling behind. ========= Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me that never before have men been so depressed, so defeated, so purposeless, so weak, so apathetic, so lost.

2006/07/02Jul 02 2006 2:07pm
yea, I think so too. Maybe just reflecting what is going on these days?

WonderingJul 03 2006 10:16am
Superheroines always triumph against their male opponents for one very simple reason. Superior female wit, cunning, intelligence and skill combined with equality of physical strength leaves their male opponents reeling. Of course a healthy disregard for modesty in their attire also helps. I mean how good a fight could any superhero put up with supergirl straddling him in that skirt?

coolJul 04 2006 7:56am
Dear Wondering, I think this reflects the results of the feminist movement and the overall decline of American society. In the past 50 years, women have changed into totally different people, and not all men can change quickly enough to keep up. Feminism leaves men intimidated and emasculated and hollow.

2006/07/09Jul 09 2006 1:59pm
Gee... 'SUPER' and 'man'.... in this coming new hierarchy of the sexes.... these two words combined would only make an oxymoron. In the world of the future there shall ONLY be SUPERHEROINES!!

AnonymousAug 16 2006 12:13pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:09pm
First, read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS. Then visit the poll by that name.

AnonymousSep 26 2006 8:42pm
I have to comment on something Kate said. That Supergirl was not born with the compassion that Superboy was. Amazing, only a woman can think that way. If a man is considered "without compassion" he's a monster. A woman "without compassion" is liberated. Feminism is ruining the American family.

Super Man Would kick her assNov 03 2006 5:27pm
I think we are forgetting that these characters are ficticious. Bearing in mind that this type of literature is mainly written by men, and that a substantional number of men are turned on by the thought of female superiority, is it any wonder that there is a trend for the modern day superheroine to be less the scantily clad male dependant sex siren of the past and much, much more the fiercely independant and predatory castratrix that fits so much better with our more modern and enlightened view of the female.

SteveJan 28 2007 4:44am
What's with all the "ess"ing, "tress"ing, "ix"ing, "trix"ing, "ette"ing and "ine"ing? Is it not high time showed females some "eff"ing RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!

an intelligent life formSep 08 2009 11:32am
Men mature later than women physically and emotionally. The 'directionless' phenomenon ceases to apply and we see a level playing field by the time children start work or university, (early to mid 20s).

Gender is a useless hangup.May 14 2010 9:08pm
Female power is highly erotic for the average healthy male. I get A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION whenever I spot a big lady who I realize is obviously bigger and stronger than I am while at the same time, it is every bit as obvious that I have A PENIS AND TESTICLES while she has A CLITORIS AND A VAGINA. Just the mere thought of that REALLY TURNS ME ON!!! There is simply no way around it (THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!).

AnonymousJun 22 2010 12:39am
Feminists really want women to be superior to men both physically and mentally; however it can't be so because in average men are born physically stronger than women. That fact ca't be changed

AnonymousJul 22 2010 2:52pm
All that female superiority jazz didn't help the Empress of the Racnoss one bit against the Doctor! He's defeated villains of many species and all sexes throughout time and space. I would love to see how comic book female heroes would fare against the likes of the wicked Daleks, and the terrible Cybermen.

an intelligent life formOct 01 2011 5:14pm
My favorite was Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Edgar Rice Buroughs really knew how to draw a strong and muscular woman

Old TimerDec 15 2012 2:48am
I have my own super hero story. When I was in my mid 20's I went to a masquerade, being skinny I thought it could be kind of funny to dress as Superman so I did. I really looked extra skinny in my costume. At the party this buxom girl shows up, dresses as super woman. She was really powerfully built, wide shoulders, big biceps, bit tits, wide hips and very powerfully built legs wide big muscular thighs in black pantyhose. Everbody at the party thought this was very funny, this skinny superman and strong looking superwoman. They even forced us to armwrestle (I lost big time) and wanted this big chick to lift me in different ways. We left the party together after some hours being tired of being compared, both rather emabarressed after being so much in the focus of the party. We went to her place and had a great night, opposite attracts they say. She was strong but gentle with me :-) We were a couple for several years. After her I was looking for another superwoman, I really got into strong girls after her.

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A super hero would never hurt a fellow super hero. Cartoon law.

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NhfpRlcGNov 28 2015 12:41pm
Many females have beaten up Superman.

Men are now the Weaker SexSep 24 2016 4:08pm
Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Powergirl, and Mary Marvel, have all either beaten up Superman or at least have overwhelmed him.

And It Made Me HardOct 01 2016 6:14pm
Mary Marvel has been able to have her way with Superman before. She has the strength of Hippolyta, the woman who overpowered Hercules . . .

Super Women Are StrongerOct 02 2016 3:51pm
Shazam! Mary Marvel is considered to be Stronger than Powergirl!

Now *that* is Power !Oct 30 2016 5:55pm
Wondergirl is strong enough to rape Superman.

Girl Power!Nov 06 2016 12:31pm
A Karate Trained woman with Kryptonite Nipple rings could beat up superman

Yes, It's True.Nov 11 2016 11:18am
She-Ra is stronger than Superman.

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