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Why do women live longer than men?

Question: It is a fact that women outlive men by several years. Why?
Created by: brown at 08:48:30 AM, Tuesday, June 27, 2006 PDT


Women are superior and as a rule they do take better care of themselves.

STTGJun 28 2006 9:07am

Women are biologically stronger than men. Also Women are naturally more in touch with Their health because Women are more perceptive and in tune with Their environment and the way Their bodies react to everyday life. Because Women live in a richer sensory world than males, they know when and how to deal with problems that men just ignore. It may be true that Women seem to have more health problems because They visit the doctor more often than men, but the truth is that males are simply ignoring their problems. But the main reason Women live longer is that the Female body is better constructed than the male. Males have only one X chromosome and are much more likely to have defective genes which cause a shorter life.

AnonymousJun 28 2006 10:58am
You guys are sad. Really. Makes me want to puke.

LisaJun 29 2006 8:40pm
Males in the future will I think continue to live several years less than Womyn.In future males will increasingly come under the control of Womyn in the home,the workplace,school and society in general.This is a good thing.Womyn will be able to prohibit males from partaking in bad habits like smoking and drinking to excess thus prolonging their lives.Males in marriages and long term relationships tend to live longer because they to some extent are under a benevolent control.They also receive care and loving attention from their Womyn folk who look out for their health.After all a healthy male is a good worker to be used to better his and his owners life. Males will however be worked harder and will receive less resources whether they be medical,financial or edible.They will be subject to physical punishment if they do wrong and as such things as petrol run out put to hard labour whether pulling a rickshaw or doing some of the heavy labour they are so manifestly designed to do.Because of this they will loose some years of their lives so I think things will balance themselves out.Womyn however will have increased access to food,water,finances,less physically tiring jobs etc and will thrive.The species continues to get bigger and stronger(and Womynkind including males has got bigger over the milenia)it will be destiny.And at the top of that destiny will be the big fat Womyn who have strength and health from their position as leaders able to have a greater portion of the intake of food. Womyn for too long have been starved by stupid diets that are aimed at weakening us as a sex.I make damn sure that my male is kept as skinny as a rake and my already physically superior body is even more at an advantage to my weakened mates.Don't get me wrong I don't starve him (well not often and usually by the restriction of orgasms he has as well as food)but he is now very thin.Good behaviour leads to special food treats and bad behaviour to the restriction of his diet.I was once only six stones heavier than him but although I have gained only a few pounds recently he has lost 1 whole stone. I will be beating him for some infractions over the past week fairly harshly which may shorten his life but the caring cuddles and soothing ointment I rub on his hot stinging backside will probably lengthen it.

Big BrendaJun 30 2006 3:40pm
I work out with weights every day and next to my husband I'm starting to make him look scrawny. I'm more muscular and stronger. We as women already have more physical endurance but It hasn't been that difficult to become physically stronger too! My husband just marvels at my body now and is amazed at my muscles.

DebraJun 30 2006 5:30pm
debra, he is just horny. he is still stronger than you are.

paulJul 02 2006 7:27am
Paul: most men are stronger than most women... but when a woman works out, she CAN overtake her husband's strength unless he also works out. So, I tend to believe Ms. Debra's statement as I know several women in similar circumstances.

STTGJul 02 2006 9:01am
Contrary to what feminists teach, being a man is not easy. A few men become highly succe$$ful at the cost of their health, while the le$$ succe$$ful men feel defeated and humiliated. If a woman gets beated by her husband, people feel sorry for her. An unsuccessful man is not pitied, just hated and ridiculed, even by the members of his own family.

Victim of FeminismJul 02 2006 2:13pm
Feminism doesn't victimize men. Take care of your health, do the best you can in your job and strive to improve throughout your life. You don't have to be rich to be successful, nor does it matter what job you do... just do your best and be good to people. Your "succe$$" will be the reward of loyal friend$ and re$pect from others. Be happy, force a $mile on your face and you WILL feel better. All the best,

STTGJul 04 2006 8:34am
Why do women live longer than men? A group of researchers at John Moores University, in Liverpool, England, has just come up with a medically useful answer. It is that while 70-year-old men have the hearts of 70-year-olds, those of their female peers resemble the hearts of 20-year-olds. David Goldspink, who revels in the title of Professor of Cell and Molecular Sports Science at John Moores, and his colleagues looked at 250 volunteers aged between 18 and 80 over the course of two years. All the volunteers were healthy but physically inactive. The team's principal finding was that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25% between the ages of 18 and 70, while that of the female heart remains undiminished. Each volunteer's heart function was measured before exercise and at peak exertion on a treadmill. In particular, the researchers measured blood flow and blood pressure. Their subjects were also given an ultrasonic scan to measure the size of the chambers of their hearts, the thickness of the heart's muscular wall, and its filling and emptying actions. The researchers found that between the ages of 20 and 70, men lose one-third of the contractile muscle cells in the walls of their hearts. Over the same period, women lose hardly any contractile cells. There is a strong link between the number of these cells and the function of the heart. What remains a mystery is why men lose these cells and women do not. A previous theory of why women outlive men suggested that the female sex hormone, oestrogen, could have a protective effect on the heart. But Dr Goldspink dismisses this idea, saying that there is no discernible drop-off in female heart function after menopause, when oestrogen levels decrease dramatically. However, oestrogen does have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. The study found that blood flow to the muscles and skin of the limbs decreases with age in both sexes. The changes in the structure of the blood vessels occur earlier in men. (Little wonder we are reading more & more about older women out-muscling their husbands as women out number men in gyms now)

AnonymousJul 04 2006 5:12pm
Debra, according to the research, if you are forty or fifty, your heart is pumping blood into your muscles at a far greater efficiency than a man's yor age. It seems resonable that you are building muscles and more strength. It's true the both would benefit but this is a clear cut advantage in building more strength in the gym.

CathyJul 04 2006 5:20pm
You are not a victim of feminism, you are a victim of testosterone.

MarshaJul 14 2006 11:58pm
We are all victims of testosterone and the sooner it and the creatures who produce it in abundance are controlled the better.

Big BrendaJul 16 2006 4:51pm
Big Brenda is the same person as Lou Rolls.

Lou Rolls is InsaneJul 21 2006 11:12am
#0015 - (Sun.) 4/1/07

UpdateMar 31 2007 10:32pm
Oh yaw!! So is Big Brenda, so there.

Lou RollsMar 31 2007 10:35pm
What is oh yaw.Perhaps the idiot who used it can tell me what it means.

Lou RollsMay 12 2007 9:06pm
Most respectfully Big Brenda, what is a "stone", ten pounds? And yes, Women should put on weight so they can control their male more efficiently.

obedient husbandJul 08 2007 10:45am
Because of the constant nagging and harranging that the shrewish woman pounds on men all the time, eventually the man's will to live passes away, and mercifully death comes along at the right time. Woman inspires depression, and death cures that depression. Feminism is like a parasite, once it finishes off the male, it will have only one place to go and it will then destroy the almighty f*cking female.

Grim ReaperNov 13 2007 7:09pm
That is why women live longer than men. At a certain point, the man wants to die, even begs for it. It is such a relief from the evil female.

Grim ReaperNov 13 2007 7:10pm
Excuse me Ms. Marsha, but there is testosterone in women as well. But, I guess you're under the impression that woman testosterone good, man testosterone bad, otherwise you would have to admit that testerone is not the reason that men are more violent than women, and that is strictly from environmental reasons. You know, the excuse that women give each other whenever they do something bad.

Grim ReaperNov 13 2007 7:13pm
You know what I a mean. Blame men for what we do because we can't be held accountable for men having always had the power that women never had

Grim ReaperNov 13 2007 7:14pm
Big Brenda, men are born of women and women produce the testosterone. Can't you even try to be fair at all?

Grim ReaperNov 13 2007 7:20pm
Back in the days when men were generally breadwinners and Women were homemakers, the theory was that Women lived longer because the homemaker lifestyle was less stressful. We are gradually beginning to see the development of an Alpha Female breadwinner, beta male homemaker subculture. In the next few generations, if Alpha Females start to predecease their spouses we will know that lifestyle has a major affect on lifespan. If on the other hand, Alpha Females outlive their male property, then one can conclude that maybe it is all biological.

obedient husbandJan 13 2008 5:53pm
women live longer because we tell them to.

big brenda's boss!!!!!!!!!Feb 03 2008 10:40pm
#0026 - (fri.) * 9/19/08

UpdateSep 19 2008 9:36am
I like that very amusing big brendas boss!!!!!!!!

Big BrendaNov 09 2008 7:39pm
THE GAP IS NARROWING!!! Because more and more women are CHOOSING to fill high-stress positions, more and more women are DYING OF HEART DISEASE!!! Because more and more women are CHOOSING to smoke like chimneys, more and more women are DYING OF LUNG CANCER!!!

A man who knows that THE GAP IS NARROWING!!!Sep 01 2009 12:40am
Indeed. Be careful what you wish for!

an intelligent life formSep 08 2009 4:08pm
Very good and very true I'm afraid A man who knows best.With the ability to chiose comes the ability to chose unwisely.More freedom means you can be more free to do wrong

Big BrendaJan 31 2010 2:57pm
"At a certain point, the man wants to die, even begs for it. It is such a relief from the evil female." Ahh proof that males are the weaker sex!

RonApr 13 2010 4:51am
As soon as women become the dominant sex, they will become the ones dropping dead sooner. It's the stress of being in charge, do'nt you know?

: )May 19 2010 4:29pm
Anything "male" is weaker and more fragil then anything female. That is why there are several times the number of make chromosomens (that weak Y) so that 150 males are started for every 100 girls. 45 males die before birth for every 100 girls which shows males are weaker before birth as well as throughout life. More males die at every age than do girls and women so it is not just stress. It is that being male is a weakness and being female is being superior.

KathymayMay 21 2010 7:02am
Excellent point Kathymay.Physical strength is no good if the male can't even make it to adulthood in the same numbers.

Lou RollsOct 07 2010 10:36pm
The female may be superior on paper, but the reality does not quite measure up to the theory.

an intelligent life formDec 07 2010 3:14pm
The female sex lives longer because she is endowed with extra micronutrient absorption capacity to sustain two lives - her own and that of her offspring (both as a fetus and as a nursing infant). As both sexes age they loose some of their micronutrient absorption ability but the female has more to start with so she has more to sustain her as she ages.

Greg MarlowApr 22 2013 2:40am
It just seems longer because we have to put up with men!

tweakOct 19 2013 12:01am
Do women constantly feel that they have to prove themselves, and justify themselves? Are women socioculturally pressured to slog for many hours a day to earn money and generally acquire resources? Are women expected to thow themselves in the proverbial meat grinder at a moment's notice? Are men pressured into suppressing all emotions except !!!!!ANGER!!!!!? Do women constantly have to 'suck it up'? Do women have to 'woman up', be 'a woman about 5h1t', or'do the woman thing'? Does a woman have to inconvenience herself or get herself hurt for the sake of a man every waking mofoing second, of every waking mofoing minute, of every waking hour, of every waking mofoing day? When an unexpected noise is heard in the home, does the woman have to get up and investigate, possibly putting life and limb in danger? NO! It is the MAN! Always the MAN! the stress, the pressure, all accumulate negatively in the form of elevated cortisol levels, not to mention all the other health reducing effects that occur over time. Is it any wonder that men die sooner?

a.i.l.f.Feb 06 2020 10:01am
Correction to above; Are women pressured into suppressing all emotions except !!!!!ANGER!!!!!?

a.i.l.f.Feb 06 2020 10:04am
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